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Hi, I am Dr. Patricia, your relationship coach, and marriage advisor. Today we will learn about 35 signs he wants to marry you surely. I will be writing about an essential tool because of something necessary and crucial to all the single ladies.

I’ve received many emails from young women and single girls about this day. It’s knives time for me to come and talk about it. They have a size that you would know your man would take your relationship to the next level: marriage.

We all know a relationship starts, and it leads to something serious. I can only talk from experience, what I’ve seen, and heard. So this is my little way, and what I’ve linked over the years, and today I would give you sure signs that you would know if your man will marry you.

35 Signs He Wants To Marry You In Future

Guys may be more emotional than women, and they aren’t definitive about it when a guy wants to marry you. You don’t have to play games. Does he think you’re marriage material? Have you met his mom? If you met his mom, you’re in. If you haven’t, you’re out.

So have you met anyone in the family and best friend? If you haven’t met any of these people, it’s no sense worrying whether he’s marriage material or not. Because he doesn’t think you’re marriage material. Today, I’m giving you the top 35 signs that your partner is seriously thinking about putting a ring on it.

1. He Uses The Words “We & Us”

He uses the words we and us all the time. When men are into you, they see you and get married to you for the long run.

  • They see you as a team. It can’t help even from an unconscious level to speak from that language. So, pay attention.

Let’s go to the grocery store. We belong together. We are going to a concert today. I have those different opinions, or you and I are a good fit together. A lot of things are communicated on an unconscious level.

2. You Know His Emotions

A secret tip is that he wants to marry you. He shares all of his emotions with you. He wants you to know the inner world.

  • Also, He wants you to be part of his life, and interestingly, space has been created where he wants to share everything with you.

You don’t even have to ask him. He wants to make sure that how he feels. He doesn’t want to leave that uncertain signal, and that’s very clear.

3. He Treats As A Partner

He wants to move in together. It’s a natural progression and graduation when you’re in a relationship. Moving closer, moving in together is such a high sign of commitment because you share. You share a living space. You share air. It’s the most intimate he can do before you get married.

  • When he wants to spend most of his time with you and ask you for suggestions, he must want to make you a team.

He loves you genuinely and gives you priority in his life.

4. He’ll Ask Your Ring Size

He asked you for your ring size. That’s what my husband did on Valentine’s Day. Surely, he wants to propose to you. He plans that anytime soon.

  • However, if he doesn’t ask, he might have also found it out himself. So, don’t freak out if he doesn’t ask you for your ring size.

Some men are savvier than others and find that out more secretly through a girlfriend or looking at your ring. It’s a fun one. You can play a ring game with him like, hey, look at my finger; it’s an engagement ring. Then you observe his facial reaction and voice tone. You can easily understand whether he loves you or not.

5. He Is Fully Committed

He gives his time, which means when you’re sad. He should be there for you. When you’re happy, he should be there for you. It should always be that shoulder when you call him and stay home. It is what I’m going through right now. He shouldn’t tell you, ‘I hope you get well.

I hope you solve it’ You should say I hope we get some fights, but we’ll find the way out of this.

  • He should be a part of your life and your issues. He should act as if he is already a member of your family.

That’s how he is committed to you. He is a part of your problems, and he is always a part of you. You’re glad tidings like he is still there for you.

6. He Talks About Future

He talks to you about his future. Not only that, but also you are always in that future. He doesn’t say I want to have these things in the next two years, and your name is not there when you look at the whole list. When you ask him what you aim to be in the next two years, he would reply, ‘I would have my degree.

Then, of course, marry you. You should be mine in the next two years.

  • He shouldn’t talk about all his plans without mentioning your name. You should be his priority. If you are his priority, you should be the impact of his future discussion.

If you find yourself in his plans, that’s the sign he wants to marry you. So, he should talk about you when he talks about his future. There is no way the man can be talking about how successful he wants to be in the future, and you’re no way around that. You are in no way in that, and then you think something is going on.

7. He Introduces You With His Family

You’re always an expected guest in his family event. As a result of the review, he gives his family members. He tells them I love this girl. I want her to be my wife in the future. I love her, and I want her to be a part of my life. Then, whenever they have future events, you will be a part of it whenever they have events. They expect you to be there.

  • You don’t need to force your way through and don’t need to ask for permission to come. If you are a part of his decisions, you’re a part of everything he does.

You don’t need to ask for permission to go to his family events. You’re always expected to be there. The family members want to see you. He wants to see you. He wants you to be with him. That’s when he is thinking about getting you hitched.

8. He Inspires You

He cares about your future. You talk to him about what you want to become in the future and your study. Things that will make you successful. He is always there to give you that push.

Your man should be your number one fan. If that man wants to marry you, you will be a part of his future. So, he always showed that concern when you want to study something. He will guide you through. This course is okay or not OK.

  • He gives you that extra push. Your man should be your number one motivation. He should be so involved because he knows he wants to marry you in the future. If you’re going to be his wife, he wants someone that shares their lives.

They can sit down and talk. He wants someone that will be successful in the future like he wants to be successful. He seeks your interests. That’s a sign he wants to marry you because he wants you to be someone successful.

  • Success is not money. Let’s make that clear. He wants you to be confident in your skin. They wouldn’t call him tomorrow as this bank manager, and then when they look at his wife. She is down.

So, he wants you to be successful. You guys can operate at the path when they say, ‘This is Mr. George’s wife’ He guides you through so, you upgrade in the same. If he doesn’t care about your studies as you talk to him, he doesn’t want to know. It’s not a good sign.

9. You Are Decision Maker

He involves you in his decision-making. When he thinks about investing in things, he asks for your opinion when deciding on something. You don’t only talk unnecessarily.

  • He listens to your opinion because, in his heart, he’s saying this is my life partner. I need to open up.

I need to tell her because I need to see this, and then I need to take whatever she is saying. It means he sees you or somebody worried enough to be his wife. He is comfortable talking to you about issues. He’s comfortable asking for your opinion. Because you look to him, he feels comfortable.

10. He Proposes You

He finally pops the question, ‘Will you be my wife?’ If you see all the previous times and don’t see this last one when we ask, ‘Will you marry me?’ If you don’t see that last time, you’re not getting anywhere.

Because no matter what happens, if everything happens, all the other signs are visible, then he did come out and say, ‘Will you marry me?’ then there’s no way you’re going to feel comfortable. There’s no way you should feel relaxed because he pops that question. You’re not getting anywhere.

11. He Gives You Commitment

Even your man wants to marry you, and I’m talking about the extra commitment. It would be committed to you all the time. You would want to be around you. I would use myself as an example. When I was single, we tried two or three hours after his work to come and see me.

Some of those days, I tell him why he does have to come. He’ll be like, ‘I need to come and see you that is the additional commitment you want to see. You want to spend time with yourself because a man cannot be committed to two women at once.

I’m not talking about the random commitment when he takes you out to eat and all that. I’m talking about a serious commitment. If you’re in a relationship, you have to check that and see if he is committed to you.

12. He Doesn’t Hide You

He would want you to be around the people from his friends and family. It was stuff from his friend. You want you guys to roll together, have an excellent time together, and you’ll get to meet his parents and his siblings or anyone very close to you.

  • He would want you to meet them, and if we’re going to take it to the next level, you would want to meet all the essential people in his life.

You want it to be like the ground, and this time you would know you want to take yourself seriously. You want to take this relationship to the next level. It is a good sign he wants to marry you.

13. He Shares His Dreams

He shares his dreams with you. He would tell you about his plans.

  • He will tell you there’s a business he wants to do. You guys will share things. What would we do in five-ten years? It’s a long-term goal shot, and if it doesn’t want to be with you, it’s not going to share that with you.

It’s not going to do that. It’s not going to tell its plan. It’s not going to ease ambition. You would know he’s sharing his future life with you. You will only want to take yourself to the next level.

14. He Is Emotional With You

The next thing is a guy who’s planning to be with you owns his part of an argument. He doesn’t blame you.

  • He doesn’t get defensive. If he doesn’t stonewall, he’s emotionally mature. He’s able to handle conflicts and listen to you and work to resolve whatever is going on.

When you are sad, he will impress you or make you feel happy. He understands your pain and does not take your mistakes seriously. He always tries to be cool with you and make you satisfied.

15. He Text You Regularly

The vital sign a guy would marry you is consistent with his phone messages. He’s not playing games. He’s not hot and cold. One time he leaves you a text, and the next time he’s tired and cold. It is not a person who will marry you, and it doesn’t sound like a very healthy person either.

  • You don’t have to play a game with him. He is alright with it. He can say it. He’s mature and able to say, ‘I want to marry. You make me so happy.’ That’s the guy to wait for.

That’s the guy to fly across the country for. That’s the guy to move in with after you’re engaged.

16. He Is Not A Needy Person

He understands that the most critical person to enjoy sex with is his partner, which is you. Also, he wants you to be so happy with him that he will be willing to delay his gratification for you. He will do what will work best for the relationship in the long term because he wants to marry you.

  • A guy who’s going to marry you understands that mistakes are part of his past. He doesn’t continually berate himself. But for mistakes, he owns them. He accepts them. He repents for them.

Therefore, He may regret them, but he moves on from them after understanding their learning steps. He doesn’t repeat them.

17. He Introduces You With His Friend zone

The next thing, a guy who’s going to marry you, is intent on marrying you. He wants his buddies to meet you.

  • He wants his buddies to meet you because he knows his buddies will fall in love with you. They are going to see why this woman made their friend so happy, which is him. They’re going to want to be part of that so, if he always says, ‘I want you to meet my buddies.’ It means the guy is going to marry you. He wants you.

A fake lover always wants to hide you from a friend circle. But a real man does not hide anything. He wants to introduce you to his friendzone and announce that you are his life partner.

He can’t wait to show you off. He wants to present to you because those are the most important people in his life. Since you are now one of the most influential people in his life, he wants to connect it to all of the other people in his life.

18. He Gives You Attention & Freedom

He isn’t trying to sell you a bill of goods. He’s honest about what he offers, what he has, and what he wants. He wants you to be authentic.

  • He doesn’t insist you look a certain way or wear a specific makeup or a particular hairstyle. Also, He wants you and thinks you’re the most beautiful thing he has ever met in his life.

You can feel his care and love without any doubt. He gives you freedom and space that you can enjoy your personal life. Also, he gives you the attention and value that you always want from a guy. So there is no doubt if any guy does these things, he must be in love with you and want to marry you.

19. He Includes You In His Plans

That includes whether you’re going off to university in your future careers, whether it has children, getting married, or even travel in the world. His plans show you that he’s planning a life with you.

  • He visualizes you as part of his future. Trust me, ladies, guys don’t ever include you in their plans.

A guy shares his whole plan when he likes you or feels secure with you. He thinks that you are a part of his life, and you can feel an outstanding value.

  • Sometimes he wants a suggestion for his plan and gives you the supreme power to edit his plan. If you get this chance, do not forget to make his plan more prosperous and powerful.

20. He Wants You As A Fun Partner

He enjoys staying in with you, maybe watching tv shows and movies. The key here is that he beloved spending time with you, getting to know you, being intellectually stimulated, and he finds you generally comfortable to be around.

  • He doesn’t need to make a big production out of every single time you hang out. Moreover, He doesn’t need it to be an event, and he doesn’t need to show you off.
  • He supports you when the going gets tough. It is the guy who stuck with you through rough times. He has always been there to hold your hand, and that’s never run away at the sign of something challenging.
  • A guy who doesn’t like you isn’t enough to spend time with you. When you aren’t as much fun, he’d rather hang out with someone fun and carefree. It easy to be around for the time being.

If he offers you to go to the cinema hall to watch a romantic movie, it is a good sign that he loves you. If he spends his leisure time or weekend with you, he wants you as his future partner. My dear ladies, don’t forget to enjoy this time with you. Because before getting married, you can know about him deeply.

21. He Likes Your Family

He makes an effort around your family and friends. He wants to get to know your parents and talk to your relatives.

  • Also, He wants to spend quality time with your brothers and sisters. It is the sign of a guy who’s in it for the long haul and wants to foster those relationships so that it will be great in the future.

When you talk or chat with him, he asks about your family and wants to know how they are? He wants to know about your full family and wants to become your family member.

  • If he wants to talk with your parents over the phone or face-to-face, then it’s a clear sign that he will marry you. Guys show this eagerness when they feel very close.

22. He Never Compares You With Others

You never hear him comparing you to his ex-girlfriends, and that’s because, in his eyes, there’s no comparison.

  • You are the only one that has met his standards in specific ways. For him to compare you to his exes makes no sense because you’re in a hole underneath than they are.

It reassures you that it’s not even worth it to be comparing yourself to his ex-girlfriend. Maybe their physical or mental or emotional traits. You’re not even in the same league. It is true love, and you’re the wife in his eyes.

23. He Loves You Mentally

He is going to pace the relationship. It’s going to feel to you like he’s controlling the pace. It’s not going to be too fast. Also, It’s not going to be dragging on like whatever he will be pacing the relationship. He will pace the relationship sexually. He won’t want to rush into having sex.

  • A man that is looking for long-term commitment is going to know that a woman who has virtue. The men marry women that have virtue is not going to want to jump into the sack with him.
  • He’s already done the math and realized that she’s not going to want to jump into the gear. He’s going to be patient, and he’s not going to lead with her sex.
  • Also, He’s going to be a gentleman. He’s going to pull back, and you might even think yourself, ‘Does he even fancy me?’ Because he’s going to want to stay away from that sex talk or he’s going be respectful. But you’re not going to feel like he’s pressing in on you sexually.

Some guys would be serious but are immature, and they haven’t quite learned or come to understand the way women are stood. They would muddle through, but by and large, a man that season high-quality, high-value powerful man will know that woman with virtue. He’s not going to want to jump in bed with her.

24. He Talks About Future Plans

He will speak in future tense and tense to talk about marriage more. When I marry, this is what I would like, and when I have kids, that’s what I would like.

  • You will see that he will start to approach that subject without necessarily going there and speaking of future things over the house.

I want to buy things that big of stability, something that speaks of a future. Let’s have a good time. Now he will start to share with you his plans. He creates sweet dreams that you feel convinced and ready to marry him.

25. He Reveals His Secrets

If he didn’t think you would have a future together, he wouldn’t give you the name of his doctor, advisor, and lawyer. Because one day he’s going to go to the doctor’s office if you have broken up. You’ll be sitting in the waiting room.

So he’s going to be sure who he gives the information about his personal.

  • If he gave you that information, then he’s thinking about you as a future wife.

He starts talking, and we like- We should go on vacation. What are we going to do this Christmas? I was invited to a dinner party, and I told them we would come. So it’s we, you’re a team, and you’re a couple that’s also important.

26. He Starts Acting Like A Husband

He talks about marriage. Also, He doesn’t cringe when you mention it. If you’re watching a film and there’s a marriage scene, he doesn’t look away or not comment.

  • He also talks about his friends or family who has gotten married or will be getting married. Married to him is something positive the thing that he wants to do.
  • He starts acting like a husband and becomes part of your life.

So he already knows the day you go grocery shopping, and he wants to go grocery shopping with you. he wants to be a part of that. Your boyfriend wants to push the cart together and wants to get some of his favorite things.

27. He Helps You All Time

He helps you economically. You don’t even have to ask him because he knows you need money. He knows that your paycheck arrived late and knows that bank statement. You thought you were going to have more money there.

  • He knows that you have to pay something, and you don’t have enough liquid right now. Also, he helps you economically.

Also, He’s already acting like a husband and acting like your part of his life. So that’s how you can understand if a man wants to marry you. If he’s marriage material, so first, remember is he thinking of you as marriage material.

28. Sign Of Love Languages

Passion spikes again after two or more years together. So you’ve been together a while, and you’ve gotten into a pattern of how you interact. Then suddenly, he’s getting a bit cutesy and nervous around you again. He’s performing random acts in his love language. Or if he’s attentive in your love language.

  • He’s more compassionate or more careful, or he’s giving random gifts or acts of service or touching you more, whatever it is.

There’s a cute nervousness to him and a second passion spike. This can be a serious sign. He’s getting ready to pop the question.

29. He Is A Super Hero

So I deal with many men, or many women dealing with a lot of men who don’t have their ducks in order, whether it’s work stress or job stress or financial stress, some stress that’s making them pull away. Because part of their life isn’t where they want it to be. Well, the opposite is true too.

  • If your man’s got the job that he wants, he’s on the right track. If other things are going well in his life, if all the other boxes are ticked, it’s a strong sign that he’s ready to take the next step in his relationship.

30. You Are In A Stable Foundation

I mean, the solid foundation underneath the relationship is excellent. You never find yourself searching videos like telling if he still likes me, how to keep him, or even what to do when he pulls away. The idea of breaking up, the concept of breaking up between the two of you, seems silly.

  • You’ve got a mutual, stable relationship based on great understanding and even if you fight.

Even if you have to sometimes talk about how annoying he is, the necessary foundation is rock solid.

31. He Treats You Like A Queen

You are his real queen. He includes you in big decisions, so it’s one thing for him to ask your opinion. It’s another for him to take it in, take it seriously, and act on it, whether it’s family stress or health stress or a significant financial decision, a career decision.

  • When he’s asking your opinion, listening to it, and including you in the decision. It’s a sign that he’s serious about you, sees you in his future for a long time to come, and could well be thinking about popping the question soon.

32. He Feels Qualified By You

He knows you want to marry him rather than be married. Okay, so every man is aware of the woman who wants to use him to be married and has a family essentially.

  • Men don’t want that. Men want to feel like you sold yourself on the idea when you met him.

Also, Men want to feel like they were the ones that won you over like you were 50-50 on marriage or you were 50-50 even on commitment with him.

Then, once you met him, that was what spurred your decision. That was what you said, “Yeah, okay, this guy is marriage material. Now, I want to be married.” If he feels like that, he feels incredibly qualified by you. That is a strong sign that you’d be the one he’d choose to marry.

33. He Is A Trusted Man

There’s natural sync to your relationship. So communication and understanding are flowing. There’s a connection. There’s like a second level of connection. You only get each other.

  • If you ever don’t, if there’s ever a misunderstanding, you’re able to resolve it quickly in super respectful ways.
  • You operate your own lives within each other’s, and trust levels are at an all-time high. You could be hanging out with guys, he could be hanging out with women, and they’d be.

There’s this understanding. There’s this mutual trust, understanding you get each other in a way most couples don’t. When you’re in that position, it is a strong sign that marriage is on the way.

34. He Is With You Any Situation

He’s stuck with you through the tough times. So when a guy has been there for the hard times, when you haven’t been available all the time for him that he’s not there for the fun and games.

  • If this has continued for an extended period and he’s been through the highs and the lows with you. He has to be considering being through the highs and the lows with you for the rest of his life.

35. He Loves You Purely

You’re an expected guest at all family events. It’s simple. If his family has got to the position, assuming you are an attendee at all of his family events. He is strongly considering you for marriage material. He projects years in advance after a year or more together.

  • So when a guy projecting years in advance with you talking about things to do, three, five, even ten years from now. He has to be considering you seriously for marriage and kids.

The only caveat with this one is that a year or more has passed in your relationship. If a guy’s doing this right off the bat, it can be a sign of a toxic male dating personality like a Romeo or even a narcissist love bombing, and you want to be a bit careful of that.

Bonus Tip – He Talks About Marriage

He will ask you questions that indicate that he is thinking of you as his future wife. Or he will talk about life in a way that shows that he assumes that the two of you will be a fixture in the future.

For example, he will ask you how many children you want. Or he will say things like, “When we get married, I want us to live in California. What do you think about that?” Those are a few examples, but you get the idea.

  • He will say clearly that he wants to marry you. Also, He will be direct about it, and he will use the word ‘marry.’ He won’t beat around the bush and say things like, “I see us being together for a long time” or “I see you in my future.” No. If a man marries you, he will use the word ‘marry.’
  • He will say, “I will marry you.” The thing is that men don’t throw the word ‘marry’ up and down. I mean, they’re a little afraid of it, so they don’t throw it around unless the guy is a con artist or something. So seriously, if a man wants to marry you, he will say it directly.

He’s getting it in his head that you are the only one for him. he mentions marriage or kids without prompting. Men are pretty aware that mentioning marriage or kids will trigger words that likely see you projecting into the future to having those things with him.

If he is bringing those things up without your prompting, he is happy to have you imagining those things with him.


So if none of these things have taken place, then this person is not serious. It doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you doesn’t mean their feelings are genuine. But they’re not serious about the future with you. So I hope this helped you get to the grips of what you need. If you need anything else from me, I can help you with it again.

So these are the signs. I hope you enjoyed this article. Please let me know about your problems or confusion and comment if you have any questions. Your boyfriend will marry you soon.

Before marrying him, please make sure he is suitable for you. If you want to know about a perfect boyfriend or good husband qualities, please check previous articles.

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