35 Best Ways To Make Your Crush Like You Quickly

How to make your crush like you?

Do you have a crush? Do you know how to make your crush like you? Hi, I am Dr. Patricia Lyson, your relationship coach, and consultant. Today, I will do a simple love and attraction spell with ingredients. You have someone specific in mind, and you want them to notice you text you or give you time.

It’s going to force you outside of your comfort zone to engage and talk with people. You might not usually speak to the whole reason. This is incredibly powerful and effective because I’m trying to build your self-esteem. I am also simultaneously increasing your people skills. Now I am going to help you look like a sexy ninja. It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone.

It will only give them that push to talk to you and start noticing you. This will not make them fall in love with you. You shouldn’t try to make anyone fall in love with you, but at least this spell will give you the chance to charm whoever it is you have in mind. I’m going to show you guys how to do it all.

How Law Of Attraction Works On Your Crush?

I will let you in on a little secret that manifests your crush. It has everything to do with you and how you perceive yourself as capable and worthy of love. What you are doing and manifesting your crush to like you are shifting your vibration, turning what you are putting out so that your crush reacts to that.

The law of attraction means a trap that internally feels like you are attractive and worthy of love. Also, who is worthy of self-love, which is worthy of self-confidence. If you think all of that internally, inevitably, and externally, you’re going to have people react to that vibration.

It’s much easier for your crush to like you back because you already like and love yourself. You already know the benefits of liking you and being with you. Because you’re a fantastic person, that’s the type of person that attracts people to other people. So it’s best to use your mind and heart to craft a vibration of someone who loves and respects themselves.

35 Ways To Make Your Crush Like You Quickly

You are going to make your crush notice you or love you. It’s not hard work or any assignment that you feel tense about. It’s effortless and formula-based work that you need to follow with patience.

A study says that anybody falls in love within a month by others’ caring or following formula. We are very emotional, and we want someone who can keep us happy. Now, I’m explaining the psychological effects of love and ways to make your crush love you or notice you. Let’s start!

1. Stay Clean & Fresh

When dealing with the first impression, the way they look, smell, carry themselves, and all these different things play a part. What is that person going to see in you? The first thing to get your crush to follow you is to either smell good or try to look a certain way.

When that person sees you, they’re going to remember seeing you. Don’t change what you look like for another person to like you. But if you’re trying to catch a crush’s eye, you’re trying to get somebody to love you.

2. Love Yourself Confidently

You need to act accordingly to get your crush’s attention, and one of those ways is to act confidently in yourself. If you have no confidence in yourself, you don’t like yourself. You don’t want anything about yourself. That gives off negative vibes to crush and for us to be hanging around negative people. People who don’t like themselves feel sad all the time and all these kinds of things.

Those are not people that you’re attracted to. You need to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘You’re happy with who you are’ Whatever comes of the situation if you talk to that person and don’t give off vibes that they like you or whatever. At least you did that instead of not doing anything. Look yourself in the face and tell yourself that you are good enough to be around whoever it is!

3. Apply Eye Contact Trick

It’s essential to make eye contact with that person. If they walk past you and you don’t look at them, you’re never going to get that sense of how that person might feel about you. You’re not even going to know if that person is noticing you.

If you’re sitting down in the hallway and the guy you like is walking down the hallway towards you, there are specific ways to tell if you like you. They look at you if you look at them. They hold eye contact with you. If you look at them, they smile a little bit. You guys have that eye contact, and you can feel something. When you guys look at each other, that’s a way that that person will like you.

4. Learn More About Your Crush

The real key to impressing them is to learn more about them. What do they enjoy doing every day? What are their hobbies and their interests? What could they spend hours talking about? The more you learn about shaping your crush’s interests, the easier it’ll be for you to launch into a conversation with them that’ll take them back and make them super interested in learning about you.

Now, that doesn’t mean you need to do what they like. For example, if they’re obsessed with Justin Bieber, you don’t have to go out and get tattoos, cut your hair like him, and start acting and talking. Instead, try to understand the appeal surrounding him.

Is it how he talks, how he acts, how he thinks, what he does? What is it that attracts your crush to that person? You can maybe start to consider how you can emulate those behaviors more so in how you interact with them.

Maybe that’s something you can start to incorporate into your behavior. You’re only going to begin to learn about these things. Once you start talking to your crush, ask more profound questions about why they like things and dig into that foundation.

You have to keep trying to figure out what that person is interested in. The closer you can develop that connection with them, the easier it’ll become to impress them eventually. What do you think, though? Is there someone that you like that you want to impress?

5. Show Your Talent

Your crush may develop some image of who you are. They may think that they know you in every capacity. But if you’re able to whip out some skill or talent that they had no clue you had, that could be something that gains their interest instantly.

For example, you play an instrument, or you make YouTube videos, or you can speed-run through a Rubik’s cube. Any of those talents may not be things that you openly talk about and share, but when you’re talking to the girl you like, you want to impress your crush. Maybe slipping those into the conversation might be things that they never knew that you did. It can generate their interest in talking to you.

No matter who you are, when you encounter someone mysterious, someone you don’t know much about, but you’re intrigued to learn more, you’re going to be impressed as you unfold each of those layers. Because
you’re going to discover things that you never knew were there.

That’s why you must find a hobby that’s worth talking about. For example, whenever I talk to people and bring up that I make YouTube videos, they’re always impressed by it. I don’t need to mention how many people watch it or how much engagement I get. The simple fact that I’m doing YouTube and doing something that I love is impressive.

6. Develop Your Sense Of Humor

When I was in school, I never wanted to put my hand up to answer questions. There are probably a lot of you guys out who let a shot. But if you’re trying to get a crush to like you, an excellent way to get that person if they’re in your class to answer some of the questions.

It’s not necessarily to say that you answer the question. It is not like everything about the question. Based on your answer, they’ll be able to see if you have a sense of humor, if you know what you’re talking about, or if you’re somebody that’s trying hard. They’re confident in themselves. If you put your hand up and answer at least some questions, your crush is in that class eventually will start to like you.

7. Follow On Social Media

Make sure that you follow them on social media. Make sure that you like some of the things or comment on some of them. Bring up some of the things you saw on their social media while at school. It’s an efficient way to get that other person to notice you all the time.

You want to make that connection stronger. It’s essential to create a situation where you guys can get to know each other a little bit better. This is where you would either send them a text or send them a DM, having that person come and be with you so that you can talk to them. It is a very crucial thing.

When you’re with that person, start to show them things that you’re good at. Start talking about stuff or show them an exceptional talent that makes you unique from anybody else. Let them know what you like and what you don’t like.

8. Imagine Your Crush

I talked about how important stimulating the other person’s imagination is. It is because vision is always better than reality. What you need to do is to create some distance between two things. You shouldn’t mix them all the time. Don’t see them every day, all day long. Because otherwise, they always see you. How can they imagine something about you?

There’s no space for them to think about you and imagine things in scenarios if you’re gone. Those will probably be good scenarios if you’ve had good experiences with them. They imagine things well. They will predict all their desires. They will see you in a different light. That’s is when they start missing me. They start craving that feeling that they are imagining.

9. Don’t Tell Your Secret

Don’t tell them about everything, every single detail that happened to you on the day. Be vague about it. If they ask you what you did, then tell them. I went to dinner with someone. Don’t tell them I went to dinner with my parents because it’s okay, cool, whatever.

If you tell them I went to dinner with someone, they will start wondering who it was. Was it a guy or a girl? Who was it? If they ask you who you went to dinner with, answer after a while so that they’re craving the answer.

Then you tell them, ‘Oh! it’s with my parents’ They’re going to be like, ‘Thank God!’ I saw this tip on Quora. By the way, I forgot who it was. It is also a form of creating distance to predict an imaginary scenario again and wonder about you.

If you’re thinking about them and disclosing too much information about yourself, it will make them know everything about you. There’s nothing to discover anymore. There’s nothing mysterious that they will want to seek. Everything’s there, and there’s nothing exciting left.

10. Be Funny With Your Crush

A lot of people can make them laugh. Many people can have a good time, but not many people can have a good time plus have a deep, meaningful connection. You add value to their life by giving them knowledge. You are making new experiences with them, teaching them something, having an in-depth talk with them. Or you are supporting their dreams and keeping them, talking about it with them, and giving them useful tips.

It will make them feel cherished and honored that someone would do this to make them feel special. I’m not going to tell you how exactly you should connect on a deep level with them. Everyone does it differently. I hope you’ve got the gist. It’s about having an exciting life they want to be a part of.

You need to have an exciting life. If you have an exciting life, they’re going to be like, ‘I want to have fun too. I’m going to hang out with that person’ They have energy. It is an exciting vibe. I want to be a part of this. It’s exciting they want to do this with you. That’s why it’s a win-win situation. You’re leading a happy life, and people want to be a part of it. You’re happy. Everyone’s happy. It’s exciting.

11. Make Your Life Meaningful

It is in your hands to make your life exciting and meaningful, and the rest will come naturally. Let’s do a short recap on ways to mix along with you. First of all, create some distance to start imagining more. No imagination is not fun.

Secondly, vagueness lets them wonder about you, and don’t tell them everything you did on that day to create a deep, meaningful connection with them. Add value to their life. It is super important. You need to add value to their life.

Having a fun time is cool, but adding values makes you stand out, making you unique. If you have a boring life, you don’t do anything. You think like, ‘Oh! My life is worrying’ It’s in your hands to make your life exciting so that they want to be a part of it as well.

12. Show Your Interest

It’s interesting, and it suggests wearing the color red. A study showed that people who wear red in their online dating profiles also get more messages than other people who wear different colors. Coincidentally, the same thing goes with the dog. If you have a dog in your profile picture, you’re more likely to get messages. I wear red in my online dating profile picture and feature my dog.

That is a way to show people that you’re genuinely interested in what they have to say. Suppose you’re allowing the time for someone to talk about themselves. It will enable them to feel a little bit more connected to you. They’re sharing the part of who they are with you. Don’t concern yourself about talking too much. Ask a lot of questions.

13. Build A Psychological Bridge

It is an interesting one and based on psychology, and it’s to mirror everything. The other person is maybe not everything. You imagine like you go to wipe their nose. They burp you. Afterward, it may be mirroring their general disposition or their posture or something like that.

According to psychology, when you mirror someone’s posture, movements, and speech, it’s like you are saying I am like you. I feel the same. This thing builds like a psychological bridge between you and the person you’re talking to, making them more likely to accept and respect what you’re saying and ultimately create a better connection with them.

14. Ask Your Crush For Favor

It’s cool to get the person you’re interested in to do a favor for you, not for them. Get them to do a favor for you. Do a bunch of favors for me. It’s cool too. We can make all dates. Coming from psychology, we tend to think that if we do a lot of favors for others, they will see us as likable.

Psychologists suggest you get them to like you by asking them to do a favor for you. Ask for a small favor, and they will like you more. If you think about it, it makes sense. You’re entrusting somebody to do something for you.

15. Play A Kinesthetic Game

You got to play a kinesthetic game like, twister and we took a game that involves hand touch. Some touch, in general, is suitable for sparking chemistry between you and your crush. There’s no guarantee that chemistry will be there, but if there is some chemistry, it’s going to be very obvious. If you’re having a party pulling out that game of twister is not a bad idea. Engage in a little kinesthetic game. You might like your crush.

Make sure that other people brag for you instead of bragging about yourself. ‘Hey, guys! How’s it going? Do you guys know she went to Harvard? Did she has a Ph.D.? Did she can sing? It’s going to look much cooler because not only is it unique, but someone else brought it up like you were humble. You weren’t bragging about yourself, but it gives you that mysterious cold air.

16. Be An Attention Seeker

I want to do slime videos because It’d be so fun. It’s like anything you can touch or hold and bring with you into a social environment that makes somebody else want to touch or hold that thing. Holding something that other people would want to hold or touch like a Rubik’s Cube or a silly putty a slinky.

These are trendy cool things that people want to try out with their hands. This one is especially good. If you don’t talk to your crush, maybe they’re involved in your social group. You don’t have a talking relationship. With something like crowd-drawing and people-pleasing, it can make you the center of attention. It can make them come over and talk to you. It can be like a conversation starter.

17. Do Compliment

The next one is to compliment other people that you want people to think about you. For example, if I say something like I have a major girl crush on Reese Witherspoon because she’s so pretty and lovely, she’s so cool, which tends to make other people see you as those same things.

It’s a psychological trick. That person’s going to go home and say, ‘Wow! Kim is pretty!’ They’re not going to know why they think these things if it’s going to be subconscious, but it’s because you’ve planted those words in the head already.

It’s good to say positive things about other people. Do not say negative things about people. People will see you in the same way. They won’t know why they’re thinking this about you. But it’s because you then planted that topic in their head, and now they subconsciously associate you with these words. So, you want to steer clear of that.

18. Keep Your Passion Alive

The more your crush sees you as somebody who’s like their own character, the better this is for your overall impression. It impresses them. If you analyze who loves unicorns and plays the clarinet, this can leave a good impression on someone better if you hadn’t shared any of the things you love.

When I was in high school, this guy named Kevin, and everybody knew that he was obsessed with a John Deere. It was hilarious. This guy had a John Deere hat and a John Deere shirt, and everybody knew who was like Kevin. One of his quotes is that he was obsessed with John Deere. Having a passion for something quirky and fun can make a lasting impression and make people remember you.

People expect you to be super agreeable when they’re getting to know someone. But if you said to me, ‘Hey Kim! I love dogs. Do you like dogs too?’ I have the guts to say I’m more of a cat person. That willingness to break the report shows a lot of confidence, and your conversations are going to be a lot more interesting. If you want to catch your crush, this is a technique to use when talking to them the first couple of times.

19. Be A Natural Person

Suppose you want a way to convince your crush, like do something where you’re entirely makeup-free. Also, it doesn’t have to be all the time. But it’s impressive to have moments where you’re super vulnerable. You’re not afraid to like show who you are and something natural casual like you playing with a dog.

We all love a little earth-tone. Once in a while, you want to make an impression, so earth tones tend to look slightly more dated if you’re going to do that. I can wash you out and make you blend in with the crowd.

I even think like choosing one color and sticking to it to make an impression because they see something pink walking down the hall. They know it’s you. It’s excellent to choose the color and stick with this. This is tied into your branding a bit.

20. Follow Verification Theory

A great way to attract people is to confirm some of the theories. They think about themselves by the way you treat them. For example, if the person identifies as a bookworm or somebody who loves college, you’re going to want to make sure you repeat those used to them the next time you hang out.

So you could tease them maybe a little, call them a bookworm, or emphasize how great they are at college. When you feel like the people around you appreciate the same things you understand, they ultimately understand you.

It is almost like looking for clues about how somebody identifies themselves, like what niche they see themselves as. If they don’t get that information, you can always ask about themselves.

21. Follow Your Crush Habit

Make sure that you are in the same area as your crush. You have to know how to play your cards. For example, you are in high school or college, whatever it is, and your crush likes to eat lunch at a specific time. Make sure you eat lunch. If you have a different lunch period, go to the bathroom and make your way into the area. So your crush could see you and notice you.

If you are in the same place as your crush, eventually, they’re going to start realizing who this person is. Your crush smells are noticing you, and your crush will be like this person, which seems to like the same things that I like or do the same things that I do. It’s like an unconscious thing that they do not even realize that they are starting to notice room.

So if you want to be in the same areas as you’re crushed is okay. I’m sure it’s one of their friends, or you notice something they always like to do. Ensure that you figure out the little things they want to do and place yourself in that area.

22. Make Friendship With Crush’s Friend

If you want your question, you need to have some common connection with them. A friend is an excellent place to start. Now don’t be friends with any and everybody you see that you crush friends with; you want to have a real friendship with this person. You don’t want your friends to feel like they’re being used. Find a cool friend with your crush who hangs out or does something in the class.

If they ride the same bus or train to school or work with your crush, you can call your friend. You can say – Hey girl, how you are doing today and might have a conversation with them. So that way, you could be in the same area as your crush.

If you are friends with a friend of your crush, your crush will notice you, and I’m going to have an exchange. He’s going to have to say something to you, or she’s going to have to say something to you at some point if you are shy like that. This is an excellent way for your crush to have to say something to you first.

23. Keep Smiley Face

Suppose you happen to look in their direction, which you probably will be looking in the direction because you got a crush on them and them cute or whatever. So if you are looking in their direction and they happen to glance your way or notice that you’re looking at them. It’s difficult, and it’s super easy to be shy but try not to be so nervous. Try to make eye contact with them and smile.

For example, if you’re like doing this, you happen to look over, and they look at you like that, so comfortable was like two seconds, got it one two three, and then keep going about your day. They’re going to realize that you smile. They’re going to say like, oh, maybe this person has a little bit of interest in me. They’re going to see your pearly whites. They are going to know that you’re a happy person.

They’re going to know that you are confident. Okay, even though you’re not talking to them, the fact that you smiled at them. You will connect it to eye contact, and you didn’t like to shy away. They’re going to be like, oh my god, and this person has confidence. Don’t keep staring at them. Do not continuously stare at them and keep smiling because that could get weird.

24. Send Wish Card

Send them a card or give them something like that. You can put a card if you want. You can send it anonymously. If you wish to, it was all good, and it was super cute. So if you have that in your school, take advantage of that.

You can talk to your crush without talking to them. They’re going to like you for this. They will appreciate that, and they’re going to be like, wow, this person sent me candy, or this person thought of me.

It is the bris guys that were special. So take this opportunity to get your card, put it on their desk, put it in their cult, give it to them. You don’t even have to say anything to them. You’re still making the first step, and they’re still going to like you for that because it is super sweet and super friendly. They have to come over now to say thank you.

I’m trying to think of other ways to have a crush, like maybe you can do the same thing at the gym. Give the person a card if their birthday. You can give them a carpeted birthday.

25. Focus On Yourself

One of the biggest things people miss out on when trying to pursue someone is that they forget to focus on themselves. They start getting so clingy and needy for this person. It is uncomfortable, like the energy they have that desperate soul, which is not attractive.

You guys have all experienced someone who’s been insane of steps with you. If you text back within like five seconds, they like freaked out. That energy is super annoying, and I don’t like it. So many people don’t realize that they’re putting out this needy energy.

So make sure you’re taking care of yourself. I would say it’s the most important thing to make yourself very happy, and ways you can do that by following your goals.

You have an entirely different vibe. You’re not so needy anything like you guys. Many people have one person set in their mind who they think they have to be with that person. Their life is going to like fall apart.

If they’re not with that person and think one thing you want to do is start thinking about what I wish, that would make me happy. Try to find that in another person instead of looks, money, or whatever. You need to focus on how you want to feel in the relationship, and then from there, that will like to make things a
lot easier.

26. Keep Your Alpha Position

You don’t need some intricate line or a pickup line. The way you introduce yourself and your suave are way more important than the actual words you say. So don’t rehearse anything. Go in there with the hey and introduce yourself. Once you do that, you are now in the Alpha position. You’re directing the conversation. They love to acknowledge the time limit right away.

You should never linger around them when you first approach. It seems like you’re needy and have all the time in the world. So when you come, always have some sense of urgency got someplace to be or meet up with somebody. It makes you seem more important, plus you already know you only got three seconds to impress. So you aren’t lying, so as soon as you start talking.

27. Use Visual Cue

Use visual cues, and this is the easiest way to impress anyone. Keep in mind that you got three seconds. There’s not enough time to even say hi, but it is enough time to send a visual message.

You’re an essential individual, somebody of high status, and valued worth for talk. This is why it’s necessary to dress well when you put effort into your appearance outside to make sure you look polished.

You put effort into clothes in your style. It’s going to make it seem like she’s talking to a Ferrari and not a Honda City. Don’t get me wrong, which doesn’t mean the prices don’t mean you have to wear designer brands.

It means that you’re putting a high-end value on yourself. When you invest in clothing and in the time to look good, this is something your crush noticed within those three seconds and, therefore, will stop and talk to you. Because they are going to think you’re a high-value person.

28. Give Your Crush Personal Space

You never want to come across as too aggressive, so to be sure, you got to move with them. How the occasion feels, so in other words, you got to keep in mind that personal space and the boundaries.

You want to move as your crush moves if you don’t know that. If they lean in, you lean in and increase that sexual tension. If your crush steps back, you step back and then show that you respect that personal space.

You aren’t some needy. This will impress anyone because they will know how to read them. It is hard to do, and it only works once you’re in mid-conversation. If you do it right, it’ll look like admiration, as an achievement, like motivation. If you do it wrong, you’ll look like a bragging douchebag that ain’t nobody going to want to talk.

29. Stop Negative Reaction

You got to neutralize that fight-or-flight response. This is innate in all of us when the adrenaline kicks in, and those first few milliseconds of an interaction, that’s when our adrenaline is jumping out the sky. This is why we get nervous.

These nervous interactions are guided by our negative reactions like flinch switching or walking away, all of which leave a wrong impression. You need to try to fight those natural fight-or-flight responses and neutralize them. So when you approach them, nothing is going to turn them off.

30. Avoid The Friendzone

The important thing you need to do is to avoid the friendzone. When you have a crush on someone, you ought to spend as much time with them as humanly possible, but you make the mistake of being too friendly. They don’t think you’re friends and see any potential for romance. Then you never get to kiss them or anything else intercourse in avoiding the friend zone.

Many people then decide they want to be the bad guy or the bad girl, act downright foolish, and then wonder why they’re not in a long-term committed relationship with the person they love. Because no one wants to go out with a foolish, you don’t get brownie points for being a nice guy.

Being a nice person should be your default. You don’t want to take it to the next level where you become friends. Be pleasant but don’t be with them all the time. You do need to find some common ground and the best way to do that is to stalk them. Now I use the term stork very loosely, and I’m sticking to the legal sense. So if you are particularly good at something, drop it in subtly.

31. Improve Your Mental Power

Write down your intentions, goals, and dreams outside of the relationship. In other words, don’t even consider the relationship. Write down what’s important to you. In addition to your relationship because it strengthens who you are.

It boosts your self-confidence and personal power. That’s essential to attract your crush, to drive someone crazy. I mean, they’re going to want you because you are strong in yourself. What you’re doing is you are expanding your aura. You’re expanding your energy field, and you’re increasing your magnetism, high fliers, beautiful souls. This one is essential.

32. Visualize Yourself

Every night before you fall asleep, participate in some clear visualization. Visualize maybe things you haven’t done with this person. Visualize the two of you doing things together. But here’s the important thing. Always leave room for something better because the universe is vast. If you’re visualizing, you’re telling the universe, this is the vibrational energy I want in my life.

They may say, wait a minute, you think it’s this person, but it’s this person. So leave yourself open to that and visualize in the present tense as if it’s already happening, as if you’re right in the middle of it. Then let it go, go to sleep.

You are special because you are busy. You have a busy life. As a result, Your life is engaged in many different activities. You’re going to limit the times that the two of you meet to maybe one time or two times a week. Listen to me; these are actual dates. These do not house calls. Be exciting; have a great time.

33. Show Your Personality

Always be the first to end the conversation. Now three-hour phone calls three-hour tech sessions will not help you get the other person to miss you like crazy. You’re better off limiting your tech sessions or your phone calls to about five minutes and then being the first to end the conversation.

Hey, I’d like to talk to you more, but I got to go, get up early in the morning, study for a test, whatever it is that you’re doing with your life. Okay? Because you’re busy, your life is involved, and you’re in demand. That will increase that person’s desire to spend more time with you. They’re going to miss you like crazy.

34. Be Inspired

If you want to raise your vibration, I need to present it to the other person is like, I am magnetized toward you. I miss you like crazy. If that’s what you want to do, gratitude is the key every day. That gratitude journal writes down about all the things you’re grateful for in your life.

All the things that are happening in your life that you’re also grateful for. You see, when you’re filled with gratitude, your energy field is expansive. It’s magnetic, and it’s potent.

35. Sweet Looking Theory

Make sure that they catch you looking at them, looking at you, and looking at them. Yeah, that’s it! I’m looking at you looking at me. It’s like we are looking at each other and talking by body language. Make sure to ask questions about them to show that you’re interested in what they have. How many heartbreaks you all go through a life bag, your crush.

If they don’t want you and approach your crush, make sure you like your breath fresh. Please make sure that your look is natural and innocent. Don’t indicate any bad sign or show any ego. Don’t look at your crush continuously because it seems awkward.


You deserve a gold medal and a boyfriend or girlfriend if you can follow all these tips. Don’t be hopeless in a middle way because you are very close to success. You can win your crush’s heart and make them fall for you.

All these ways are on a very technical and regular basis. So try these regularly and keep doing these. Remember that the more you spend time convincing your crush, the more you get strong love.

In conclusion, If you have any ideas or tips, please let me know about them and comment on them. I want you to know that if you’re going to talk about something you don’t feel too comfortable exposing down in the comments. If you have any questions about a personal problem, then contact me. I’m here to listen to you and give you a healthy relationship.

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