30 Dating Mistakes Women Make In Relationship

Dating Mistakes Women Do

Today we are discussing the top dating mistakes women make in relationships. In the past year alone, I’ve heard about the dating experiences of hundreds of ambitious women. I’ve identified some actions that they’re doing that destroy their chances of getting into a committed relationship with a high-quality man.

I’m Dr. Jasica, the dating coach for ambitious women. I’m revealing to you every week’s dating and attraction strategies to attract high-quality men into a committed lifelong relationship.

I want you to look at love and life as a massive experimentation process, try many different things, and see what works and doesn’t. But still, some mistakes are better avoided if you know about them beforehand. I’ve noticed that sexy, confident women versus women who seem to struggle in love are not how many mistakes they make but how they perceive themselves after the mistake.

30 Dating Mistakes Women Make In Relationship

When women start dating someone, they may unknowingly make certain mistakes that can hinder the development of a healthy and successful relationship. Here are some common mistakes to be aware of:

  • Women sometimes overthink the early stages of dating, analyzing every interaction and trying to interpret every detail. This can create unnecessary stress and prevent them from enjoying the natural flow of the relationship.
  • It’s common for women to get caught up in the excitement of a new relationship and rush the process. This can involve becoming too emotionally invested or pushing for commitment before both individuals have had the chance to get to know each other truly.
  • In the early stages of dating, women might overlook their own boundaries and compromise their needs or values to please their partner. It’s important to maintain a sense of self and communicate personal boundaries.
  • When a woman starts dating someone new, she may inadvertently neglect her self-care and personal priorities, focusing all her attention on the new relationship. Maintain a healthy balance and continue nurturing personal well-being.
  • Some women make the mistake of being overly available and prioritizing the new relationship above all else. Do invest time and effort. Maintaining independence and fulfilling life outside the relationship is equally important.
  • When fascinated with a new partner, women overlook or dismiss potential red flags or warning signs. Pay attention to any concerning behavior or inconsistencies and address them early on.
  • Women sometimes hesitate to communicate their needs and expectations, fearing scaring off their new partner. However, open and honest communication is vital for building a healthy foundation in a relationship.
  • Jumping to conclusions or making assumptions about the other person’s intentions or feelings can lead to misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts. Seek clarification and have open conversations instead of assuming.
  • Excessive pressure on the relationship to meet certain expectations or progress at a certain pace can create unnecessary strain. Allowing the relationship to unfold naturally without imposing rigid timelines is essential.

When she makes mistakes, she believes it reflects herself and her self-worth. When a sexy, confident woman makes a mistake, she sees it as a learning experience. It’s a way she can learn and change for the better. Here are common dating mistakes that I will help you avoid in the future.

Let’s jump right into the 30 mistakes you can avoid and be more attractive to higher-quality men now.

1. Women Dress Too Sexy

Guys are visually weird. They become sexually aroused too quickly, but he can’t hear your words if you look so good. It is not going to help you get a long-term boyfriend. It might help you get a hookup if that’s what you want.

  • You can’t dress too sexy at the beginning. Many guys have this Madonna-whoreeeee complex in their heads, and they will put you in one category and not the other. So please maintain your dress up and be good-looking.

2. Lack Of Mental Connection

Studies show that good guys can delay gratification and wait for it. It’s a great test to see if he can wait a bit. There’s no rule on when you should have sex. Have sex when you have trust and are close enough to discuss STDs and protection.

  • Men are curious about women’s bodies. If you give it to them quickly, they lose interest in you. At first, you need to create a strong mental connection, and you can do it mentally. Scientists say a mental relationship is a prime ingredient for a happy physical relationship.

3. Chasing With Guy

The biggest dating mistake is women chasing men. I’m sorry, but let me explain basic biology to you ladies. Sperm chases egg, not in reverse. God invented text. I mean, Steve Jobs invented text so the guys could chase us.

  • So, look down at your iPhone! Are there more texts from you or incoming from him? Do you initiate the chase? Or are they coming back? Ladies need to chill and contain themselves. Usually, guys like what they can’t have. You’ve got to be a little mysterious and let them chase you. They will like you more.

Highly successful women may have higher expectations for their partners due to their own achievements and standards. This can make finding someone who meets those expectations challenging, leading to frustration and disappointment.

4. Fantasizing About Expectations

The early dating mistake women make when dating is fantasizing about how great the relationship could be. How wonderful he is instead of looking at reality and interviewing him again. Remember, you are sitting in a chair taking applications.

  • They are submitting applications. The risks of having sex with him are much higher for you. You could get an STD or an unwanted pregnancy that could last 18 years of parenthood or a broken heart. He could have a bad night. My suggestion is to chill, slow down, be happy and busy, and the guys will be calling.

5. Comparing Yourselves With Others

We see other couples on the internet on social media, and we assume they are real. We start comparing ourselves with them. You see these cool couples being lovey-dovey, you playing pranks on each other, buying PS5, and all that. You say, why can’t I be like that? Why can’t my relationship be like that? You start comparing before you bring strife into your relationship.

  • We forget that human beings are selfish. We want people to adore us, to see us as if we are unique. So, people only post the good things they want you to see. They don’t post the dark side. You don’t know what they are going through at home. You don’t have to wake up fighting with each other. Then here you are, killing yourself, harassing your man. Because he’s not as romantic as the guy and the girl you saw on the internet.

6. Nagging All Time

Another tip I’m going to say is ‘nagging.’ Women do this a lot. Men do not like it. Men do not like it when we nag. There are many ways to sort out an issue to express yourself to your mind without nagging, mumbling, or frowning your face instead of saying you always do this.

  • Why don’t you say, ‘Babe, I don’t like it when you do this. Can we try it this way?’ Nagging and repeating yourself and saying the same thing repeatedly are signs of being passive-aggressive.
  • It does not help your relationship in any way, and if you start doing that before your mind starts withdrawing, let’s work on that.

7. Lack Of Patience

One mistake we all make at one point or another is jumping into bed too soon with a man. I know human nature, biology, chemistry, physics, and whatnot. But how many men are you going to sleep with? You jump into bed with men too soon, which affects you later.

  • It is not a relationship. You meet this person. What happens to getting to know them? Observing them, knowing what they’re all about, and knowing if you have something in common. Then, decide if you want to take that plunge with them. Does it make sense? I hope it does.

8. Depriving Of Personal Space

Men sometimes have issues. They are not as expressive as women. Sometimes when they are moody, something disturbs them. They want to be on their own. They want that space, and you’re all in their face like, ‘What’s up! What’s going on? Why are you not talking to me? Why are you not doing this? Why are you ignoring me?’ They aren’t ignoring you. They want that space.

  • The beauty of being in a relationship is that two different people form a partnership and bond. That doesn’t mean that they are the same people. What you do is give them their space. So, they do what they want to do. They can have time to brood, be the man they want to be, and when they are okay, they will return. Phenomenons like these make it more beautiful.

9. Involving Personal Parties

Stop involving parties in your relationship. I know how we all have this and tell our best friend or tell our mom or call our sister and say, ‘He did this, he did that. He’s not doing this’ Sometimes, it is a problem.

There’s nothing wrong with vetting and telling those close to you what you’re going through, and they’d advise you. What happens when they tell you, ‘When he comes back, do not forgive him, and then he comes back and says, ‘Baby, I’m sorry.

  • Let’s make up, and I say, ‘No’ Because you listen to the advice or tell your people, friends, and family these things about your man. They stop looking at him the same. They stop respecting him. They start telling you what to do.
  • How to leave your relationship? Nobody knows your man as you do. So, everything is in your hands. If you decide to start listening to third parties against your man, it will be a problem. We need to do better. We need to work on that. Avoid third parties in our relationships.

10. Trying To Change Him

Before you started dating, you caught head for a bit, or before you married, you were friends. I’m going to assume you were friends before you started dating this person, and you saw certain things you didn’t like, but in your mind, you’re like, I’m going to change him. I’m going to make him stop doing this. You cannot stop a man from doing what he wants to do. You cannot change a person from who they are.

  • If he loves to golf and you love football, and you think you will make him stop watching golf and start liking football, you will fail. If he’s a quiet person, you cannot make him vocal overnight. We love sitting at home.
  • Don’t think you’ll change him and make him become a social party animal like yourself, and start going out every day and hanging out with friends. It doesn’t work that way.

If you’ve known this person for a while, you have accepted that this is who they are. You’ll manage, and don’t try to change your mind. Because you’ll end up giving yourself high blood pressure headaches, and then you start aging.

11. Complaining Too Much

You’ve been with him for a long time. He has seen you naked, and you have seen him. You maybe had kids. He should love you at your worst, and he loved you at your best. Don’t do that. Do not let yourself go. You have to learn to take care of yourself. Wear nice clothes, shave your legs, and go to the spot. Do some facials. Get a massage. Relax! Take care of yourself so he sees your beauty.

Complaining Girl
Complaining Girl
  • One mistake ladies make is that we start complaining about our bodies to our men. We tell them, ‘I’m so fat. My arm is so big. I don’t know why my stomach is like this. I’m breaking out and all that. Sometimes men don’t even notice.

He didn’t see it then, and now that you’re complaining about it, he’s looking at her. Also, he realizes she has a big tummy. It is going to be a problem for you in the long run. Stop complaining too much. Take care of yourself, smell good, and look good. Once in a while, you go out, hang out together, and life is good.

12. Being Available Too Much

You may be in a relationship. Maybe he is in a relationship, has kids, or is not ready. When a guy tells you, ‘I like you.’ listen to that. If he tells you he’s not prepared, respectfully go away. You must stop trying to shoot your shot and convince him to date.

  • Tell him why you’re so good for him and why you guys are good together. If he’s not available at that moment, let it go. Keep your personality and value. Don’t be available too much. Don’t beg about something in a relationship, be natural, and keep it honest. Also, forcing in a relationship is craziness, and this type of relationship is fragile.

13. Talking Too Much

You meet this person, and you’re excited. You like him. You’re talking too much. Men get turned off by women who talk too much. Sometimes you have to listen to what he’s saying. When he’s talking, he will tell you something from his past or his relationship with his ex that you need to know.

  • Women are very talkative; most of the time, they only talk about their personal life. Most men do not like talkative women, and they like reticent women. When you talk about something, as usual, make sure how he feels and allow him to express his opinion.

14. Texting A Guy How You Feel

Once a day where if you wanted to share your feelings with someone, you had to wait for two or three days until you saw that person in real life. Then muster up the courage to finally say it. Nowadays, we can go from the impulse to a delivered message within 10 seconds, depending on how fast we text.

  • Rather than always texting what you feel, I asked you to grow some of that courage and bring that to real-life interactions because that’s where real intimacy exists.

15. Being an Ambitious Woman

I’ve noticed over the years of working with some smart, charismatic, and ambitious women who bring that ambition to a relationship. Once, they meet a guy who might be exciting and interesting but doesn’t fit the type of man that will make her happy. She goes into repair mow rather than saying, ‘I’m done’ with this.

She wants to do everything she can to turn him into the right type of guy for her. But that ambition can hurt you when it comes to dating relationships.

  • I urge you not to try fixing things to see people for who they are. If you notice that he is not the right guy for you, you must move on and find the right guy.

16. Looking For The Perfect Partner

Many smart, ambitious people want to take that perfectionism attitude to real life and take it to relationships. I’ve learned something over the years, especially now that I’m getting into a more serious relationship with someone.

  • The real fact is that the more you get to know someone, the more you discover their imperfections. It’s the imperfection that you discover that makes you fall even deeper in love with that person. We know that no one is perfect, and we are not perfect for others. We try to be perfect and help a man to develop his perfection.

17. Making Boyfriend So Early

The most common dating is expecting him to be your boyfriend before he is your boyfriend. It’s easy when you start meeting a guy and things are going well too. Assume that you are suddenly in a relationship with someone, but my advice is to look unless it is explicitly clear that you are in a relationship.

  • You have to assume that he’s probably seeing other people as well. Don’t make that assumption. Most women are very fast at making a boyfriend. But it’s a slow process. Don’t hurry. Otherwise, you will lose your dignity and happiness.

18. Being A Validation Vulture

The typical dating mistake that you can make is being a validation vulture. A validation vulture is looking for validation for a man to say he’s attracted to her or he likes her or some other form of compliment. They need external validation from other people to feel fulfilled and inherently that neediness that person is seeking. ‘Validation’ is unattractive to men.

  • Men are looking to pursue someone who doesn’t need their validation. They’re looking to pursue someone who I call is on the train of glory. If you can imagine, your path is like a train on a track, and you’re either going toward a gloomy horrible creepy forest on some sad track, or you can be on the train of glory.
  • The train of glory is moving toward you. Let’s say an epic fun beach town, a vacation destination. It’s fast-moving, and it’s fun. It’s an incredible place to be. It should be your life regardless of whether another man validates you. You should know that you’ve got values.
  • You have a great social circle and are on your path to becoming the person you are meant to be. You are doing the things you’re passionate about, and you don’t need that external validation. You’ve got a red velvet rope in front of the train, and if a man wants to apply to be a part of your life, if he wants to join your train, that is great. But if he’s not interested, it’s like the train is stopping.

It’s not like the train is getting derailed. You are still on that path. You don’t need that validation to stay on your train of glory. That is what I mean by validation vulture, and if you’re always seeking and asking him to like you for you to feel fulfilled, it will be an instant turnoff to any high-quality man. You won’t ultimately end up attracting the types of guys you want to attract.

19. Lack Of Boundaries

The mistake that you can make is falling into the change trap. The change trap in your brain makes you think that a man will change his ways. You can do something to change a man. Maybe you’ve thought he was single before, and he made a mistake, and he will change. The ultimate pathway to a real healthy relationship is acceptance. We want to be accepted by people for who we are.

  • We don’t want people to try to change all of our good and all of our flaws. Your partner is going to be the same way. No one truly wants to be changed, and you don’t have the power to change anyone. You don’t have that level of control that he will change. What you can do, and this is the best thing to do, is to hold boundaries.
  • I’ve talked about this before about not criticizing a man, not trying to change him. I’ve talked about accepting him that doesn’t mean you should accept negative behavior. It doesn’t mean that you should allow him to treat you negatively.

It means that you can’t expect that you’re going to be able to change him or his behavior. You can set boundaries. We can set boundaries for people and say, this is what I will or won’t do. But we can only control ourselves. Our boundaries are not saying, you have to do this, or You have to do that. You can’t make him do anything. So, hold your boundaries.

20. Laying Down Your Commitment Card Too Soon

The top dating mistake you can make is laying down your commitment card too soon. I don’t mean sex. I mean, showing a man you are committed to and only him too soon before he’s proven himself to you.

When I say proven himself, it means that, as I said before, there should be a high standard for yourself for allowing people into your life and allowing yourself to get into a relationship.

  • There should be a standard. There should be that red velvet rope a man must pass through. To do that, he has to reciprocate. There has to be some form of partnership. You lay down that card too soon when he hasn’t genuinely proven to you that he’s fully committed or that he’s fully interested.

If he hasn’t done that and you’re already laying down the commitment card, you’re ending the possibility of the relationship progressing. Because by doing that, you’re essentially letting him know that your standards are low and that he can treat you in a certain way.

You’ll still commit to and train him so he doesn’t have to treat you how you deserve. We train people how to treat us through our boundaries. If you lay down that commitment card too soon, it’s setting yourself up for failure.

21. Lifelong Committed

If you find that you stay in a relationship with someone that’s not genuinely reciprocating, they’re not compromising. Maybe their schedule doesn’t fully match yours. You find that you’re always accommodating their schedule. You’re still traveling to them, or they’re always coming to your house and using your stuff, eating your food, and never repaying.

  • It’s essential to ensure that their actions are reciprocal and that they’re not the constant sponge that they are pulling their weight. Because a relationship is a partnership, it takes two.
  • So if you give and give, you are a sponge supporter. It is a crazy relationship mistake because nobody wants to be in a committed lifelong relationship with a sponge. It never works, and someone is always unhappy. Also, it is a widespread dating mistake women make all time.

22. Listening To Your Emotional Lies

Another dating mistake you can make is listening to your emotional lies. In any relationship, we feel such strong emotions when we’re in it. Sometimes it can even feel like a roller-coaster. But unfortunately, when we feel strong emotions, we can attach meaning to certain things.

So we can almost morph the meaning of things, and that’s not always helpful because when we attach importance, we can sometimes sway the reality of the situation.

  • It’s essential not to listen to your emotional lies but to look at things objectively. One of the best ways to look at your relationship more objectively is to ask yourself, what if he treated the woman I value most in this world?

This way, what if he did this to the woman that I truly value? What would I tell her to do? What would I expect her to do? I want that for her when we begin to step outside the relationship and replace ourselves with the woman we value and care about most.

  • It changes our perspective, and why shouldn’t we treat or act the same way we would want the person? We value most in the world to be treated or to work. So when we do that, it puts everything in perspective and helps us get outside of our emotional lives.

23. Calling Him First

One of the most common things that The female species love is finding excuses to call, contact, or write to a man first. Women can analyze, obsess, and find reasons why a man does not respond or contact them first.

You’re in the initial stages of dating, and you’ve been on a date with a man for the first time. After the date, you message him first to thank him for the date. Wrong, That is not how it’s supposed to be done.

  • A man is a hunter. A man takes the initiative until your relationship has reached a point where you are serious and exclusive with each other.
  • But in the initial stages, they are so crucial. You cannot afford to be showing too much interest. I’m sorry to say, but the man is the hunter. Regardless of gender roles today, he will value you more.

He will be more interested in you. That it’s a cliche, ladies, but it has always worked. This cliche works for a psychological reason, so please take it seriously and stop messaging or calling him first.

24. Being So Needy & Selfish

You go on a date with him, and this doesn’t matter. If you’re in the initial stages of dating or even married to a man, a woman pulls out her wallet to offer to pay or pretends she’s offering to pay. It doesn’t matter if you want to or don’t want to pay. You should never pull out your wallet in front of a man.

Men earn more on average in our society. They are protectors by nature. Men are the ones that should be looking after a woman. But gender roles are changing to something I don’t want to be associated with.

  • It’s not for good, and it’s not suitable for the woman. But if you are there on each date offering to pay or pretend that you’re inclined to pay, then ultimately, what happens is that we are spoiling men this way. We show that it’s okay for the woman to pay when it’s not.

Luckily, there are some cultures where this is taboo, like Middle Eastern cultures, even in Russian cultures and other cultures worldwide. But there are some cultures, and unfortunately, I’m from one where it’s expected that the woman offers to pay or pay half the bill.

Shout out to Sweden, Germany, Scandinavia, and other places too. In the comments section below, let’s discuss which countries women are expected to pay. Regardless of which culture you belong to, ladies, stop offering.

If he gets put off by you, if he starts imagining that you are some form of gold digger, then what? This is not a generous man. This is not a gentleman. I don’t think this is the high-quality man you want to invest in. That is a depressing direction because this man will always be 50/50 with you. So make sure you get out now.

25. Immature Body Language

There is this aura about some women, while many women do. We can know that she’s single and she’s looking. She’s not necessarily throwing herself before all men, although we have a few like them. That is a big no, no again, ladies.

But I’m talking about, let’s say, you’re sitting in a restaurant, a woman who is hunting. You see it on her because she will be looking around a lot. She will sit there with the sign on her face saying, I’m waiting for somebody to start talking to me. I want to meet somebody here, and men smell this.

  • Men read body language. They’re not stupid at the end of the day. To develop a strong personality and express it through your body language. It increases your value.

26. Going Over The Top

A woman should be glamorous and beautiful as she pleases. But unfortunately, there is a psychological obstacle because an overly glamorous woman makes many men think she’s too high maintenance. They have this stereotype of this category of women, not in the woman’s favor. So it’s essential to think about this and play along a bit. Tone it down.

Some women say that men can not maintain a woman of that standard. So they are, anyway, not good. Well, I’m sure there are a few men like that as well, but there are a lot of good men out there, and I’ve heard them honestly say this.

  • It sometimes comes across as the wrong marketing when a woman looks overly glamorous, like the red carpet is her everyday carpet, and the man is slightly confused.

Because men also want to find their best friend or a companion, a life partner, somebody who is not necessarily, glammed up 24/7. They also want to have the girl next door as the woman they marry. So for that reason, of course, you should dress up.

  • Of course, you should look best and be attractive to a man. But make sure you don’t go over the top. If you feel that you might be a very glamorous woman and you’re still single, it can be worth it for you to try out and tone a few of your outfits or appearance down and see if you will have any improvements.

27. Emotionally Detach With Single Man

Men have always dated multiple women at the same time. Today’s fast-paced climate, especially the fast-paced dating climate with the muscular availability of women and men because of online dating. You must step up a notch because meeting your mate’s not getting easier, even though it should be more comfortable with all the dating apps available.

  • That’s one reason why you need more than one man that you’re dating at the same time because you need to maximize your options. You also need to have a few men so that you emotionally detach, if we go back to the first point I mentioned, not being too interested, too available, and over the guy.

Then this will help you because we only date one person at a time. We are obsessing about that person. Women tend to become a little more emotionally attached to men. Maybe, their focus is too strong on one person because that’s their instinct.

We do it with our children, so it’s also quite normal to do it in other relationships, more than maybe the man does. To date multiple men at the same time. This does not make you a loose woman of any sort. Don’t let society control you, ladies. We do what men have been doing for centuries.

28. Being A Cheap Woman

Ladies, do not have any pictures where you are lightly dressed. It’s perfect for grabbing men’s attention because they will most likely swipe right on you. Is it right they swipe when they want you? Yes. Men will message you more when you are showing off your body.

  • If it’s a nice body, it’s not worth the first impression that you leave. You will attract more men who are only in for the meat. You might also put off some men who are looking for somebody serious. Again, many men looking for serious want a little girl-next-door flavor because that makes them connect.

I have this male friend, and I remember he showed me the profile of a woman he was interested in. He had been talking to her for quite some time. But he was put off by the pictures she had put, and he was insecure if she was a high-quality woman.

I mean, don’t forget men are so simple-minded when it comes to evaluating women. They think of stereotypes, so you have to be cautious about these things. So no poor pictures of you on your online dating profiles.

29. Your Simple Personality

The majority of women do hold their personalities back. They become slightly more reserved, which, of course, can work for some men. Many ladies do the mystery strategy, which is useful, especially for certain men. But on the general masses of men, you win more if you show your personality and yourself. It sounds like a cliche.

  • Be yourself. But ladies, you have to let your personality shine. You don’t want to show certain parts of your personality that no man should see. But we have a pleasant, fun, relaxed, happy personality with a little bit of our flavor that is important that you show.

Because, first of all, that’s how a person connects to you. Also, you want the man to feel he has a connection with you as early as possible on the date. But your personality is also entertainment. A man who is bored with you will not want to see you again.

So you must think about relaxing and letting yourself become who you are. If the man doesn’t like your personality, he is not for you.

30. Fast Trust Is A Big Dating Mistake

I don’t mean trust that you’re going to get married, that you’re going to live together, that this is the relationship for whatever reason. But faith in your biology that you’re not going to get sick trust that you’re not going to get pregnant, trust that the guy at least has an emotional connection with you enough, that he’s going to call back the next day. It’s a basic level of trust, and women fantasize about who a guy is and find out the hard way.

  • We have a lot to lose, and by the way, I don’t put any rules on when you should sleep with somebody. The answer is that trust happens now, and trust happens after one dinner. It takes time for people’s personalities to unfold and for whatever connection you make for somebody to be trustworthy.
  • Did you know that when women have an orgasm, their body releases oxytocin, the female bonding hormone? The only other time we release oxytocin is when we bond with our baby during nursing.

So we’re wondering why we have separation anxiety and heat when he doesn’t call back after sex. We feel hurt and wonder why he doesn’t feel that way. But guess what?

Girlfriend, he can’t feel that way. He doesn’t have oxytocin in his body. He dumps and doesn’t think about it the same way we do. So we must have emotionally safe sex with men with some empathy and understand that we may have these feelings.


Stop trying to be so funny and get the information you came for. A date is supposed to gather information. It’s supposed to be about learning whether or not a person is right for you, whether or not a person is qualified for the application of being your man.

It assumes he’s the right person because he’s smart and charming. But intelligent people can be the most dangerous people in relationships. Keeping logic in the equation rather than always leading with your motion is important.

Don’t be confused when it doesn’t work out or is not presented with a person’s heart. Just understand that you started as a source of entertainment. You will end up as a source of entertainment. Most likely, being drunk or high on your date makes no sense.

What do you want to come to your relationships? You have to support one another, eventually. You have to form some level of interdependence but the willingness to help each other. You need to start protecting yourself, and you need to start focusing on what your goal is. Stop worrying so much about being liked. Start worrying about whether or not you should like them. So you keep going forward, hoping that you haven’t wasted your time wasting your energy, and giving yourself to a man who doesn’t respect you ultimately.

I need you to start focusing more on the goal, which is a healthy love, and requiring that you have a healthy experience with the guy from the beginning. So share your opinion and problem in the comment section and share this article with your friends.

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