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Dating Advice For Men – Mistakes & Dating Tips

Dating Advice For Men – Mistakes & Dating Tips: In your journey of life, one realizes relationships can’t be excluded in our daily routine. So, therefore, as some point in one’s life, you will need a woman to start dating. And if you are going to find a woman or a responsible girl who you will feel comfortable and put your trust in her, someone who won’t take your feelings for granted.

Today, I’m describing you the most common dating mistakes that men make all time. So, listen carefully and try to understand your error.

15 Dating Mistakes Men Make

Let’s get right into it 15 dating mistakes guys make that is applied to guys would also place to girls, of course. But I did try and make this list having guys in mind mostly. So let’s go right into it.

Dating Mistakes Men Make
Dating Mistakes Men Make

1. Self-Sabotage

You don’t care that much, acting too casual. So I think that we try to protect ourselves against rejection mostly or we might have commitment issues, which is something super familiar. If you have that, try and get someone to help you overcome that because it’s the most debilitating horrible thing ever in life. Life is all about making meaningful connections to people.

If you’re not able to do that, then that’s hard and difficult anyway entirely off-topic. We try to protect ourselves, so what we do is we put up a wall where we act very casual about the dating process to defend ourselves. To make the other person feel like we don’t care that much well.

It’s a terrible idea because it gives us a vibe that you’re not interested in this. It also gives them a vibe that you’re not trying to get with them, which if someone wouldn’t riding it with you. You wouldn’t like that either, so it just really wholly ruins the whole thing.

It’s self-sabotage in every kind of way. So try to avoid that. I know it’s hard to open up your heart and to be like well, I’m going to show you that I care. I am interested in you and that I’m willing to work for you.

If you’re going to reject me anyway, that’s going to hurt me a lot. But at least I’ve had an actual shot. Because if you don’t do that, if you don’t open up to someone, you’re never going to have a chance. So it’s just going to be self-sabotage, so that’s number one.

2. Feeling Insecurities

Number two is revealing insecurities on a date now. It is something I don’t know how to explain it adequately, but I’m going to try it, so it is not smart. In a lot of situations to reveal your insecurities to people, and I do, I feel a tendency to be very open about my feelings.

Because I don’t feel like my feelings make me weak or less in control of anything. But you have to realize that people will take either advantage of your insecurities.

Your insecurities make them initially think that you’re an insecure person, so which is not valid. But if you have uncertainties, that does not mean you’re a secure person.

Everyone has insecurities, but if you talk about your insecurities, too many people can feel like you’re generally insecure. That’s just unattractive because, in general, it comes it is with happiness and confidence, and everything we like someone that can make us feel better about ourselves.

If someone is more confident that we are or feel like they’re more confident, then we are attracted to them. Because we want to be that kind of confidence, someone seems happy.

We are excited about that because we want to be satisfied. The reality is, nobody is confident, nobody is that happy, but that’s just what we were talked to initially. So I’m not saying that you should never talk about your insecurities.

3. Waiting Game

Number three is playing the waiting game. So there are ties into the first one. But it might be a completely different issue while you’re doing this. Being too weighty and standoffish is not going to work for you if you’re going to be like waiting for that person to text you or ask you on a date or just in general.

It’s not going to work in your favor at all. It’s going to ruin everything. So do try and be take the initiative yeah, don’t wait for it up.

4. Acting Like Perfect

It’s trying to be perfect or putting on an act now. It comes from within ourselves. When it comes to dating, many of us have a list of like a checklist of the perfect guy that he has to have, not even like an actual like list that we have written down.

But in our head, we have a particular view of the kind of person we want. A lot of us want someone to think very similarly to ourselves.

You have to realize there are very few people out there who think it’s precisely how you feel about it. A lot of issues or you know subjects very few, so counting on meeting someone that is the same or perfect in your eyes for you, the chances are very slim.

So we feel it like that about people we feel like they feel like about us that way too. What we want to do is come across very entirely. Because you know we’re looking for perfect. They must be looking for perfect. Then we put on the net, and that is just all wrong.

Never put on an act if someone does it like you for the way. You are a lot of people who won’t like you for the way you are, and then, of course, you also don’t want a lot of people for the way they are. I mean sincerely, if you think about your perspective, how many people in life do you like? Not that many.

So to expect everyone to like you on a date, it’s just completely unrealistic. Because you’re not a special snowflake that everyone likes, you shouldn’t want to be or try to be, so try just to be yourself because if you don’t, you’re self-sabotaging again.

Because later on, you’re going to show your true colors, but it’s going to break anyway. So it’s going to you know it’s not a solution.

5. Talk Over Text

Number five is talking too much over text or only talking over text. It’s charming to FaceTime someone or calls someone or to you know to meet up with them in real life. I think the just the texting, first of all, it’s tiring.
It’s so tiring because it is detached from the real world.

So you end up not having so much to talk about it. It’s the most boring environment to have a conversation ever. Even though it can be fun to exchange a few texts, it doesn’t mean you have to text regularly and only or exclusively, sometimes saying.

It’s a lot nicer to be able to also speak to someone through other mediums. I think that’s a huge mistake that people make is to talk over text. So those are my five dating mistakes that guides make once again. It’s kind of a place for everyone. But try to think about guys when I made this hope.

6. Shifty Attitude

If you have a victim mentality attitude that is a significant turn off what that translates to for a woman is that you can’t handle life. Suppose you can’t feel living on your own. Then how is she going to be able to trust you to handle life when you’re in a relationship.

Life throws crap at you because life is going to throw crap at you. That’s just part of being a human and how you handle it. Your attitude toward it will reveal a lot about your characters.

7. Not Handling Shit Tests

You are always agreeing with her instead of standing up for your own opinions respectfully. Also, with unwavering confidence, then she is going to lose respect for you.

If you don’t handle the shit test well or at all and you just walk away, then she’s just going to look at you. Think that you’re weak and again don’t know how to handle a woman which she needs you to be able to handle.

8. Body Language

When you have an insecure body language, a woman will be turned off before she meets you. So what does uncertain body language look? It seems like poor posture, which can come from gaming or too much time on the computer.

But it also is a sign of low self-esteem and insecurity and depression. Sometimes even mental health issues, none of which are a turn-on until a woman.

So one thing you can do with body language is to stand up straight shoulders back chin up and walk with purpose like purposeful strides. You don’t have to walk fast but just long, confident strides. So that’s another thing that you can do to increase the alpha confident body language now.

9. Excess Talk & Pride

Bragging or boasting women are subtle. We pick up on all kinds of very subtle hints, unlike men do. So if you’re going to boast or brag, You want to make sure you’re doing it so subtly that you don’t think she’s going to even pick up on it so.

For example, suppose you say you know. In that case, you’re proud of your job or are proud of your car. You’re proud of your accomplishments or whatever you’re feeling satisfied.

It’s okay to slip it into the conversation as long as you’re not saying it directly to impress her. So if you’re just trying to impress her by saying it, then that’s going to be a turn-off.

But if it comes up naturally or somewhat naturally seemingly organically in a conversation, then it’s not a turn-off. It’s also revealing evidence of your accomplishment, or it could be a social status.

It could be a financial status, physical or health status, whatever it is that you feel that might be something that would be impressive to her.

You must find a way to put it into the cover. Put it into the conversation in a way that isn’t obvious. So if you have a great job, you can ask her a vote about her job or what she likes about her career.

Then that’s a natural way to say yeah you know at my job for such a long time. I enjoy it. They appreciate me because they know it gets his great bonuses.

Whatever if you work for yourself, then you can say you know good for you. You enjoy working for yourself or suitable for you, and You like your boss or too bad. You don’t want your boss, so I love working for myself because I’m you know.

I’m in charge of my hours and my. I have an unlimited income because I decide how much I’m going to work or whatever. You get the idea that if the conversation is about her and you know how the particular topic relates to her.

Then it’s natural for you to be able to add your status in that specific situation. There are other ways, like if actually, you have something that you’re feeling proud. But you’re not sure how to work it into the conversation write a comment below let me know what it is and I’ll give you some ideas.

10. Agree With Everything

It was a little bit like number two in failing shit tests by always agreeing. But in and of itself is always agreeing with her, that’s such a turn-off a woman.

She wants to know that you have an opinion. Because she doesn’t ever think she’s going to be right about things. If you always agree with her, then she can’t trust that she can lean on you or rely on you.

When she doesn’t know what to do about something in life or when you’re struggling together as a team with something, she needs to trust that you can have an opinion of your own. That might get you both to a better place because you have confidence in your own beliefs, ideas, solutions, values, and the whole thing.

So if you continuously agree with her, and that’s just going to come across as a weakness. So what you need to do is to find things that you actually disagree on and then have conversations about that, not necessarily arguments at some point in time.

You are going to argue, but you want to be able to have debates that are healthy about the pros and cons of different ideas and philosophies, just opinions about things in life in general. So if you can do that, then that’s going to be more impressive to her than if you agree with everything she says.

11. Personality & Interest

Having an inauthentic personality and this again also ties in with always agreeing with her. Suppose you are inauthentic because you are just trying to be the type of person. You think she wants. Then you’re going to have to play that role for the rest of your life.

It’s not going to feel good, and she’s going to sense it because women are very intuitive and can sense these things. There’s going to be something that just doesn’t fit and feel right for her. There’s going to be an incongruent with who you’re portraying and who you are.

So you’ll also be a lot happier if you just be who you are. What that mostly looks like in the real world is doing the things that you enjoy doing unapologetically. So you know if you’re a gamer significant be a gamer if you are an athlete great be an athlete.

Don’t try to downplay who you really are and what your interests genuinely are for someone else. There will be some happy medium and some common ground for you to be able to be compatible.

If there isn’t, then she’s not the right person for you anyway. It’s better to find that out sooner than later, so be who you genuinely are to compromise on your personality or interests for anyone else.

12. Own Opinions

You need to be able to have your own opinions about pretty much everything. So the best way to practice an idea within your friendship groups or even within your peers at work. Suppose you work with people and to instead of just agreeing with or also not even agreeing.

But just sitting back apathetically and not contributing start thinking about what people are talking about and process that within yourself and decide which things you genuinely agree. Which items you might choose not to accept!

The best thing you can do is practice speaking up about something you disagree with it. It may be challenging at first because a lot of times, if you’re struggling with meeting women or just in general.

If you’re shy, it’s because it’s not because it’s also exacerbated by our behaviors of wanting to please others. And not create discourse, so what you need to do is to start speaking up about things.

You disagree with when it’s not as important as it is when you’re with a woman. Because you need to be practiced and able to disagree with a woman, have your own opinions when it counts like you can’t be like oh shit, I’m going to I don’t agree with this? It makes you weak women do not like weak men, not the kind of women that you want to let me tell you, not the type of women you want.

13. Believe System

You think she’s out of your league now one of the things. You have to remember is that we tend to date people who are about the same level. Women tend to want to date someone who’s at least at her level or a little higher at least perception wise, so that doesn’t mean you are better than her in any way.

I mean, the better is subjective, but you don’t want to be acting like she’s better than you! What you have to do is how you can handle this? What you need to do is remember that all women, no matter how gorgeous! Even sometimes, when they’re specifically hot beautiful, all women have insecurities.

There’s something about her body or her personality or something about herself that she doesn’t like and that she’s insecure about you just have to remember.

It is true almost all women that you’re going to be interested in maybe the JLo’s of the world aren’t insecure. Any woman that you’re probably interested in is going to have insecurity.

It’s also going to have flaws. You must remember that women have flaws, not just physical flaws but personality flaws, mental-spiritual what whatever like we have weaknesses.

You need to be able to believe that otherwise, it’s going to show up again in your interactions. If you don’t think you’re good enough for her, she’s not going to believe that you’re good enough for her.

Because it’s contagious, so contagious, that reminds me of another joke anyways. It’s contagious, so how do you deal with this. You’ve just got to remember and go into every interaction, remembering and believing and knowing that there’s something about her that isn’t perfect.

So when you do that, then you’re not going to start putting her on a pedestal. That’s the worst thing you can do at the beginning of any relationship. Indeed in a relationship, unless you’re both putting each other on a pedestal within a relationship.

It’s not healthy, and it’s just going to make you look again weak and needy and not good enough. You don’t think you’re good enough. She’s not going to believe you’re good enough!

14. Silence

Silence is only awkward if you feel awkward. You don’t have to fill every gap with chit chat or conversation. Another tip for discussion is just about asking her open-ended questions, like “Do you like pizza?” It’s a closed-ended question!

Do you what kind of pizza is your favorite pizza or where is the favorite best pizza you’ve had in the city things like that.

So where there’s more than a yes or no answer at the end of that you can expect and again don’t be nervous. If your barn shy – easy to say, “don’t be nervous.”

If you are worried and try to focus on your sentence like “what can you see?” “what can you smell?” “what can you know tastes feel a lot?” That should get you grounded again. So that’s one thing you can do there.

15. Eye Contact

The best thing that is a significant turn off to women is when you fail to make eye contact. So if you are continually looking away and you can’t maintain eye contact, that is again a sign of insecurity weakness. We’re a serial killer like no one wants a shreddies killer.

So what you need to be able to do is maintain eye contact for about 80% of the time. You’re looking at her for about eighty percent of the time you might glance away when you’re thinking about something. You’re going to, you know, maintain eye contact. Don’t be staring down like this. That’s “not good” “no but.”

You need to be able to show and maintain eye contact because that shows confidence and brings her into the intimate fold of air conversation.

13 Dating Advice For Men

Dating is a very complicated situation, as those of us that have gone into it can attest. For the lucky few, they go into relationships with a partner who fits them, completes them, and make them live happily ever after. But for the majority, it’s a case of trial and error.

Dating Tips For Men
Dating Tips For Men

That said, for those in the second category (trial and error), a lot of pain and suffering comes with the end of what seemed to be a promising date. But no one suffers more from this than the foolish guys.

Are you a guy that has been in a relationship or dating? You should be familiar with what I’m about to say. Are you seeking to go into a date? Then this is for you. Here are 13 basic dating tips for men:

1. Don’t Be A Foolish Guy

Let’s start with the very first problem with being a foolish guy. There’s no sugar-coated way to say this: you will be single for a very long time. Because, on average, ladies tend to go for guys who exhibit confidence, ruggedness and are generally “bad”. No girl wants an annoying, foolish guy for a boyfriend.

But if you happen to be a cute foolish guy, then your looks might just save you. A girl may decide to pity-date you, or maybe you’ll come across that scarce girl who is genuinely into foolish guys. But this is real life, and the chances are slim.

So, Be an energetic & clever boyfriend. Try to read your girlfriend mind and act like a wise man. Girls like wisdom and intelligent guy.

2. Follow Give & Take Rule

You finally got into a relationship or date. More times than not, it will be with girls looking to exploit you. It is by no means an antagonistic attack on girls, and it’s just the truth. You find it very hard to distinguish between genuine relationship material and “runs girls” looking for an easy target.

It is because anyone can play with you when it’s convenient to do so. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself spending a lot on the girl, getting pushed here and there.

In general, you are giving your all to someone who isn’t willing to invest a dime in return. You find it hard to say “no”, and they are made to suffer for it. In the end, you’ll be left broke, sad, scared, and wishing you never got into a date in the first place.

So, set up your mental health & accept this common issue. You should not find the innocent girl, because they are rare. If you want to date then follow the give and take rule.

Always try to help your dating partner and protect her. Please give her a gift or surprise that she likes more. Always keep her happy and act as a joker that she feels relaxed. Otherwise, you will lose her.

3. Don’t Be A Emotional Guy

A bad ending is inevitable in most emotional guy date or relationships. And just like any other relationship, it takes its toll on the participating parties/party. However, when you’re in date, you will suffer more, if not suffer everything.

You’ll start asking yourself questions like “what did I do wrong?”, “wasn’t I nice enough?” “How could she do this to me?”. But the answer to each of those questions are as follows: “you were good”, “you were average” and “you are are an emotional guy”.

The relationship game just doesn’t favor emotional guys. If the girl is a runs girl, she’ll just get tired of kicking you around and leave unceremoniously. If she’s a regular girl, you’d just be too much of a pushover for her. No one wants to date an annoying or emotional guy.

So, control your emotion and act like as a straightforward man. Give emotional support to your partner, but don’t be sensitive. Girls think emotional guys are weak and coward.

4. Innocent Man

So you’ve had your first bitter date experience, but you still think that maybe, you met the wrong girl. No, The girl met the wrong guy. But at this point, you’re once again in the dating market, looking for another shot at a match made in heaven. If only dreams came true so quickly.

Here’s the thing: if you’ve never been friend zoned before, or you’ve been and were just too innocent to figure it out, it becomes more glaring at this point.

You meet a girl, the two of you strike up an interesting conversation, it seems she’s into you. You start texting or calling or whatever your innocent cooks up fast forward to a few weeks/months down the line. You’ve still not moved past this point. What happened? You’ve been friend-zoned.

You watch in horror and shock as a far less innocent guy, a thug or bad boy comes along and takes the lady of your dreams away. You’ll start blaming the gods for your misfortune.

Then you’ll ask yourself, “why would she leave an innocent guy like myself with all my good intentions for someone who is very crude and rough?” the simple answer is that the guy has more fun prospects and you’re boring.

So, Be a smart and intelligent man. Respect yourself and be a protective guy. You know, girls always want a guy who safe her, protect her and love her so much. Don’t act like a shy guy because it seems you are funky.

5. Husband Material

At the end of the day, after more friend zones than actual dating and getting to see the girls of your dreams get snatched away by thugs. The only thing that will be left for you is nothing, not even your self-esteem.

You’ll start developing a phobia for relationships and when people ask you why you’re still single? You’ll come up with some excuse about not being ready for a relationship, wanting to take a break, or not having found the right girl.

There’s a bit of consolation, though: when the ladies are done partying and whatnot, you start to look like the ideal husband material. Nothing better than a broken guy who has zero chance of wooing other ladies and zero relationship experience. So he can keep being a pushover.

So, don’t talk about marriage and don’t act like as a husband. You are on a date, so enjoy your moments and freedom if you feel her like a wife then tell her about it or propose her directly.

Sometimes it works and the majority of the time it fails. Most of the girls want to enjoy dating with memorable moments, not a wife material or family moments. So, identify your women’s behaviors and attitudes then act like as she wants.

6. Stop Demanding

When a woman realizes your main focus in the dating is physical relation, and you are always demanding then the girl will play around with you anyhow. Don’t treat with her all just because she loves you. You girlfriend is there to love you and care for you.

Don’t for no reason demand unless she’s willing to give. Don’t be cheap because when ladies are done using you, they will chase you out like a dog. Mister independent earns respect. Be one!

7. Solve Misunderstanding

Don’t believe she loves you if she’s not showing it in truth and inactions. Inaction does not mean having sex with you but showing it in her companionship towards you even without having sex with you.

Dating is an art of relationship. Don’t be fast. Give time, spend quality moments, and your dreams come true automatically. Be patient and try to understand your partner’s feelings, desires, beliefs, minds, etc.

8. Don’t Be Available All Time

Going to her house/hostel every day will make her know you are cheap. Learn how to say I’m busy at times. Don’t be always available, get yourself busy, be productive.

If you want to make your next dating more attractive, then take time and set a limit meet up.

9. Respect Your Partner

Dating is not about having fun with someone for as long as it can last. It is about being understanding, being honest with each other even without the inclusion of the making of love people perceives typically it as the ultimate in a relationship, there is more to a relationship than that.

10. Be Aware Of Dress-up

Purposely for fun only, are the type of girls who will always approach you. Dress responsible and decent, real girls or women don’t like eating uncover food. Your dress sense creates your personality and manners. Girls always focus the man dress up, shoe and hairstyle. So be smart but not villain type.

Try to know about favourite colour and dress up from your girlfriend. Next date, you make it as your gate up and tell your girl you wear this because of you. Your girlfriend will be happy, and she will feel that you give priority. Trust me; it’s the best dating game.

11. Love Yourself

A girl posting you on social media, taking you out on a chill up every day doesn’t mean she loves your soul. Play more to her realities than her gallery.

Don’t beg any girl to love you. Let her go. We don’t force true, it naturally comes by itself when you least expect it. Move on, and you’ll find another sweet girl who understands you more. It’s the first date tips for guys.

12. Be Natural

Don’t force a girl to do what she usually does before. If she still in love with you, you won’t force her to call or message you before she does so. You can never buy true love, don’t force her, she’s indirectly telling you that she’s done with you. People’s actions are their keywords to their feelings for you.

Start reducing your love for her when you sense is taking you for granted. Value yourself set priorities of standards. If they genuinely care, they will always find time for you.

13. Earn Real Value

Don’t continue dating her, if she’s not making you happy or adding real value to your life. Every relationship that weighs you, and makes you unhappy run from it. Put some respect for yourself. You must not be independent of her.

Don’t listen to her sugar quoted mouth. Grow from listening to what women say, but rather pay attention to their actions. There are things to observe and discover.

Dating should not be something you will rush into, all just because she said I LOVE YOU. She must be able to give you sensitive reasons for loving you not only by saying you are hot.

5 Types of Guys Who Are Easily Used By Ladies

Often, the very reason why you are easily used and abused for women maybe your temperament, appetite, attitude, or character.

Guys Who Are Easily Used By Ladies
Guys Who Are Easily Used By Ladies

It would be wise for you to dust your ass and follow your steps now if you were in any of the following categories! Following are some types of men which women manipulate easily:

1. The Sex Freak

Sex is undoubtedly a formidable instrument woman employed to manipulate men by constantly draining them from time immemorial both financially and emotionally!

If you are a sex freak, you will do whatever she asks to avoid losing access to regular sex! Over the long run, more than half of your monthly income can be spent on her! Being able to control your sexual impulses will significantly help you from becoming a baby slut!

2. The Love-starved Guy

I know guys are looking for love, it’s not wrong to look for love, but you can use it easily with the women if you show too much obsession for it. Why are you going to ask a babe to date?

Promise her you ‘re going to look after her or give her anything? You have to be a Mugu of the 21st century! You lie on the field to trample and use in the long term as you do this!

3. The Emotionally-weak Guy

Women can easily use emotionally vulnerable guys. These guys tend to exhibit attitudes like desperation, inexperience, and romantic stupidity! They can’t always say ‘No’ to the demand of a lady.

I call them ‘Yes Guys’ It’s this sort of guy who will keep calling a baby up to 78 times, knowing full well that she doesn’t want to pick up his request. He can easily change his significant plans to please a woman who doesn’t even have a love atom for him. He can hunger for a baby to give her the expensive goodies she’s asked!

4. The Show Guy

You want to turn up? Your last money on Earth is 5k. You don’t know where and when the next money will arrive, and yet you’d always go ahead and take her to an expensive restaurant to show her you can help her with her needs.

It is where you end up spending almost all the money; if she tells you she needs this and that, and you discover that the bill will take nearly all the cash, it would be prudent to tell her the simple truth!

Emotionally healthy guys have no fear of openly telling the truth, but emotionally vulnerable guys are! If that is the case, the babe will easily use you because she can find that quickly.

5. Fighting Guy

Guys who are fighting for a lovely woman are very prone to be used and handled by women. It is this category of guys. I opened a thread for fighting guys once. If you’re a hard-fought low-income guy, please face your front! In other words, face your life’s most important things, and stop drooling over beautiful!

These girls will only end up using you when they realize you don’t have the resources or means to live up to their expectations. The end-results are heartbreak and emotional trauma! Just imagine the situation here. You struggle, and it’s so beautiful and warm that she wants so many men with their many offers! If not, what are you going to get?


I hope you can identify your dating mistakes. Try to maintain these dating tips to make your relationship secure. You can make your dating memorable and exciting if you follow these rules.

Nobody can misuse you or betray you if you do these properly. Be a strong and honest man because it gives you purity and happiness. Don’t cheat or use any girl/woman because humanity is the priority in life.

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