10 Short Sad Poems – Short Heartbroken Poems All Time

10 Short Sad Poems – Heartbroken Poems For Her: Love is painful, and love is blind. So, when you are falling in love, you fall into the sea of pain. Every love story has sad ending moments and emotional feelings. Today, we will recite the best sad poems that will touch our mind and memory.

What Is Short Sad Poems?

The poem is a feeling of mind and memory of the brain. When a poet writes about realistic situations, mind feelings, life story, then it called a poem. A poem is a mirror of the human mind.

There are different types of poem. A kind of poetry is a sad poem which describes the pathetic and emotional story of life. When you recite a tragic poem, you feel unfortunate, and sometimes tears come from your eyes. Your untold love, break up moments, waiting love is a type of sad love poems.

For example here are the top 10 sad poems which you like to read. So, Let’s start our poetry!

1. A Love That Is Not Mine
By: Bensan

You were so afraid that you unfriended me,
And I asked you why and you avoided me.
It seems you are so lost of your feelings for me,
That you doubted if you still loved me.

Would you think I would cry for you till I die,
If I have to lose you because I know you are not mine.
As I watch your lips lie,
I saw the love that is in your eye that is not mine.

I wish you the best and of happiness,
As I let your hand slip out of my hand.
I would not hold you back and fight,
Because it’s useless to fight for a love that is not mine.
If love was cruel and unjust,

I should not have let you walk away in my life.
But I believe love is an act of the Divine,
So I let go of you and save my heart and mind.

2. Am I Worthy
By- Siyabonnga Sathekge

Your beauty makes me scared,
Your beauty makes me doubt myself.
It makes me continue to lie to myself,
Am I worthy,
That question will last forever in me.

Am I worthy of being your friend,
I no longer know where I stand,
I hope you understand,
We can’t compare,
You are beautiful,
Look what I am.

Are we friends?
Or is it just my imagination,
I feel like I no longer get your attention,
Maybe to you, I’m just a distraction,
Am I worthy,
My sincere thoughts just destroyed my vision.

No matter how hard I try,
No matter how hard I try to make your face dry,
I’m the one who got to cry,
Because all I was created for,
Will be left in this dirty humanity.

3. Distant Lover
By: F. Hilton

“ Surprisingly, I have not heard your voice.
Just like you, I know it will be rare.
Deep inside your whispers, I want to hear.
Each time I want to you by my side,
I try to think hard about how you would sound like.

There is something I cannot fathom,
And it is in me.
It is the feeling I got for you.
Through my words, I try to let you know.
It is unmeasurable and undeniable.

I will always have your best interest at heart,
Even though we are far apart.
Sincerely, love is the only way you can pay,
But that is not possible, since you are far away.

I wish to hold you in my arms,
And let you hear my heart beating for you.
I know we will meet
No matter what it takes.
Just hold on; love me from far away.
I will do the same,
Hoping for that lucky day.”

4. Fight Love
By: Mary France Garcia

Wondering alone in a peaceful place,
Thinking about those memories,
At first, it was happiness,
Then, suddenly turned into sadness.

Our love is slowly fading,
Is it just me who’s now still loving?
My love gives me a clue for something,
If I’d still hold on or stop fighting.

We always have issues,
It leads our relationship in chaos.
Issues that make us hate each other,
That makes us not to be together.

What just happened to us?
Do you still want us to last?
Or do you want us to be just a past?
Now I want this to ask you,

Do I still have to fight for you?
Or is it time for me to let go?
Please, give me a clue.

5. Forever Love
By: JaK Jones

Forever and always I would love you,
I would hold you dear in my heart forever.
Keeping the box shut so I won’t lose you,
Forever and ever I would stay by you.

From your first sun rays,
To the last sunset, I would stand by you.
To make sure you are guided with intuition,
Forever and always I would kiss you cheeks,
Reassuring you of the times to come,
Letting you know that this world isn’t your home.
That you have a better one up above.

Don’t hate me if I leave for a day,
For I won’t be here forever.
Don’t shed a tear, for I’ll always be right by you,
In spirit and physical.

But always have in mind that one day,
On the day I finish my fight of faith.
I would go to see the maker,
Unless he wants me here till we all go.
Then I would hug you till the times are gone,
Forever and always, I would be in your heart.

6. Goodbye My Love
By: Benji B

Those days were days of happiness.
Days that will stay in our memoir,
But now this is the days of calamity,
Wheres happiness has faded away.

A pain that surrenders a healthy heart.
Days where it’s hard to tackle this pain,
A time where to say Goodbye.

Days where tantrums are nor longer short but lengthy.
Indeed those days were the best, but now tearful.
It’s hard to let you go.
It’s hard for me when seeing you vanishing in my heart.
It’s hard to say Goodbye,
And it will be hard for me not seeing you around.

The journey that we have was exciting,
but this one will be tedious,
because I will be alone by myself.
I still remember those days.
Days of a happy couple, but nowadays of tears.

Days of anger.
Days of anxiety.
And days of anxious.
I still remember those thousands smiles and kisses,
but now I am left with memories.
Goodbye, My Love.

7. Waiting Love
By: G. Berlin

I’ve been having a hard time lately.
But thankfully, l made it through.
I know, I haven’t been fun to be around,
I’m so sorry that I’ve been neglecting you.

So, I’m going to take this moment,
to make something clear,
I don’t know what I’d do if,
for whatever reason, you weren’t here.

I know I can be difficult at times,
I know, I’m no walk in the park.
I’m so grateful for all your love and support,
You are forever inside my heart.

It is all too obvious,
any fool could see.
I need you,
More than you need me,
You are my soulmate,
We were meant for one another.

In my heart and my life,
There shall be no other.
I’m grateful for you, baby.
And the memories we’ve made,
You could’ve walked away long ago,
I’m so thankful that you stayed.

Nothing has ever felt so good,
nothings ever felt so right.
Oh, baby, don’t you know.
I’ve waited for you all my life.

8. Dear Love
By: Stiff Bowman

How powerful are you?
It’s up to you,
To tell me the truth,
For you, don’t care about growth.

Young men in despair to die,
Due to untrue love and lie,
Their love elongate,
But difficult to forget,
When their love was in blossom,
It is mushrooming from the bottom.

You force youths to misbehave,
Indulging in things that are not of their level,
Unfortunately, they discover,
That they’ve started to suffer,
From unknown diseases,
Their immunity starts to decrease.

How powerful are you?
It’s up to you to tell,
To person boy or girl,
What makes them share ideas,
Making them love dears.

9. Broken Love
By: Donlucid

I can’t brag about love,
This thing hurt dearly.
You’d think you’re loved deadly,
While feelings ain’t mutual.

Convincing heart to be suicidal.
I can’t brag about being loved.
It makes no sense any more,
Exchanging people like treasure.

Soaking pillow with tears every night,
Yet them sleeping with no fright.
Waking up with mammoth vibe,
Whist you having cold vibe.

Showing no sign of caring,
Yet saying “I love you”.
What’s love without care?
Or am I nut love needs no care?
Then tell me what love is?
When tears are what you receive.

Pouring you with depression,
Then send you to a health institution.
What a funny way of expressing love.

I can’t brag about love.
While wasting my time crying,
Crying for the non-caring soul.
In public cheering you like they care.
Privately treating you as stature.

I can’t brag about love,
Had to go to shrink.
As my heart was starting to shrink,
I am slimming like I’m on substance.

I can’t brag about love,
Got myself typing a suicidal letter,
The motive behind it one word “Her”.

I can’t brag about love,
I almost stole my life,
For someone who ain’t my wife.
Ouch! Well, you won’t hear it, but I am broken!
I can’t brag about love!

10. Missing Days
By: De Jones

I’ll never forget that summer
we spent up on my grandfather’s farm.
I don’t think I’ll ever forget
those nights we spent in each other’s arms.
Laying in the bed of my Chevy.
Counting stars and sharing a kiss.

It would take you hours to pick just one,
We would hold hands and make a wish.
You’d wish for the summer to never end,
I admit I’d want for the same thing too.
Only one made that summer special.
And that particular thing could only be you.
Staring at all those stars, I knew,
That you and I were meant to be.

You were the only one I trusted,
I knew you’d always be there for me.
I will never forget our very first night,
We made love to the sound of pouring rain.
I remember staring into your eyes.
knowing my love for you would never change

I can’t help miss those summer days
whenever I visit my grandfather’s farm.
I don’t miss the day we said goodbye,
and you there, softly crying in my arms.
The summer was officially over,
And it was time for you to get on home.
We held each other extra tight.

We promised to write, promised to phone.
I’ll never forget that one summer.
No matter how much time passes by.
I’ll never stop searching for you.
I will keep searching until the day I die.

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