Broken Heart Poem – Waiting For Your Reply

Have you broken up? Are you feel sad? Then this broken heart poem touches your emotion and love. Someone is waiting for your reply. Let’s read it!

Been heaving for love for two decades,
Believing that one day I won’t chase it.
Since the trauma, I had in my childhood,
It leaves an impact, left a wound.

The first Adan I love the most,
Whose part of me is at its cost.
Whom least I thought would leave me not,
But broke my heart and left in the dust.

The second one whom I learned to love,
He spoilt me with love, and I longed to have.
But what on earth is this curse?
Does this Adan change his path, changes course?

I thought he was the one who’ll stay,
But still had walked away!
He broke my heart again and in dismay,
I raised a hedge not to love this way again.

I’ve grown so fast that I barely forget,
The trauma I got at my simple hamlet.
Just the worse case I’ve done those days,
Was to collect and ditched guys of my age.

The third Adan was the least expected
The least one I could think to be with
But in this journey, I chose to commit
Unsure of its outcome, yeah, I admit!

Being with him I felt I’m wanted,
The love, compassion and be cared.
He built patience to wait for me that long,
Until the day I’ll come back home.

The thoughts I had are my hearts’ truce,
It both contradicts to push or pulls.
And scares me that I might leave him alone in the road,
I might blow a vast impact, left a wound.

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