50 Broken Heart Poems To Heal Your Mind

Broken Heart Poems

Hello, seekers of solace and scribes of the soul’s journey. In life’s tapestry, there are threads of joy, love, and, sometimes, the aching hues of heartbreak. If you’ve ever felt the sting of a broken heart, you know it’s an experience that words can scarcely describe, yet somehow, poetry comes close.

Broken heart poems serve as a powerful medium for expressing the profound and complex emotions associated with love and loss. They provide a way to face, understand, and eventually heal from the pain of a broken heart. Here’s a guide to help you channel your feelings into poetry, along with tips to refine your expression.

Reflect on Your Feelings: Start by reflecting on your emotions. Heartbreak manifests as sadness, anger, confusion, or a mix of many feelings. Try to pinpoint exactly what you’re feeling and why. Writing in a journal helps you unravel these emotions and serve as raw material for your poem.

Choose Your Form: Decide on the form your poem will take. While free verse is popular for its flexibility, structured forms like sonnets, villanelles, or haikus offer a framework that adds depth or intensity to your expression. The constraint of a form sometimes helps you distill your emotions more precisely.

Use Imagery and Metaphors: Heartbreak poetry resonates through vivid imagery and metaphors. Instead of saying “my heart is broken,” you compare your heart to a shattered glass or a wilted flower. Such images convey depth and intensity of emotion in a way that direct statements cannot.

Incorporate Sensory Details: Engage the senses by including details of sights, sounds, smells, or textures associated with your experience. Sensory details make your poem more immersive and relatable, helping the reader feel the emotions you’re conveying.

Play with Language and Sound: Experiment with the language and sounds in your poem. Alliteration, assonance, consonance, and internal rhymes add a musical quality to your writing, enhancing its emotional impact.

Be Honest and Vulnerable: Don’t shy away from expressing raw, painful emotions.

Whether you’re seeking comfort in the echo of shared experiences or finding your voice in the silence of loss, these poems are companions in the journey of mending. Ready to explore the beauty that blooms in the aftermath of sorrow? Let’s find strength in the verses that weave pain into poetry.

50 Broken Heart Poems

Broken heart poems serve as a snapshot of a particular time in one’s life, preserving the memories and emotions associated with a lost love. The act of writing or reading the poem becomes a step toward moving past the pain and embracing the future. Here are 50+ emotional poems to heal your heart. Let’s write and express our feelings!

1. The Echoes of Goodbye (Free Verse)

In the silence of our last goodbye,
Echoes of laughter turned to whispers of sorrow.
Where warmth once resided, now only the chill of absence.
Memories, like ghosts, haunt the corners of a shared space,
A coffee mug left on the table, a photograph askew on the wall.
I reach out, only to grasp the void you left behind,
A tapestry of dreams, unraveled, thread by thread.
The echo fades, leaving me adrift in a sea of what was, what could have been.

2. Seasons Change (Haiku Series)

Spring love blossomed bright,
Summer warmth in your embrace.
Autumn leaves fell fast.

Winter’s chill whispers,
Empty branches, empty heart.
Seasons change, love fades.

3. The Carousel (Limerick)

There once was a love so entrancing,
Like a carousel, constantly dancing.
But the music slowed down,
And smiles turned to frowns,
Now memories keep on advancing.

4. Lost in Translation (Sonnet)

Upon the page, our love story was penned,
In ink of passion, words entwined in bliss.
But tales of heartbreak, on the wind, they send,
A narrative lost, sealed with a traitor’s kiss.

The prose of us, once vibrant, now turned dull,
Our chapters ending in a silent scream.
No more to write, the poet’s quill has culled,
Our love, a language, lost in translation’s stream.

Yet still, I hold the book within my grasp,
Its pages worn from all the times I’ve read.
In every line, a memory to clasp,
Of all the love, and all the tears we’ve shed.

Though gone, you linger in the words, my dear,
A broken heart, but love forever clear.

5. Unsent Letters (Villanelle)

Unsent letters pile up on my desk,
Each word a testament to pain unspoken.
In the silence, my heart’s unrest.

Dreams of us, now just grotesque,
With every promise carelessly broken.
Unsent letters pile up on my desk.

Laughter and love, a masquerade grotesque,
Leaving only these tokens.
In the silence, my heart’s unrest.

Would you read them, if I dared to ask?
Words of love, now merely a token.
Unsent letters pile up on my desk.

In the end, what do they confess?
Of a heart shattered, not just broken.
In the silence, my heart’s unrest.

Yet, I write, a soul possessed,
On paper, my love remains unbroken.
Unsent letters pile up on my desk,
In the silence, my heart’s unrest.

6. A Comet’s Tail (Concrete Poem)

In the night sky, a comet blazes bright,
Tail aglow with memories once dear.
It arcs across the heavens, a spectacular sight,
Each sparkle a tear shed in the cosmic sphere.

But as it journeys far from where it began,
The brilliance fades into the void, unseen.
So too, our love, which once so fiercely ran,
Now a distant memory, a might-have-been.

7. The Last Dance (Tanka)

Music softly fades,
As the last dance ends tonight.
Feet stop, hearts lament,
Under the moon’s sympathetic,
Glow, our finale’s silent cry.

8. Forgotten Melody (Ghazal)

In the quiet night, your voice a forgotten melody,
Whispers of love, now silenced, a barren symphony.

The strings of my heart, once tuned to your soft caress,
Lie silent, the music ceased, in sorrow’s deep recess.

Where laughter once danced, echoes of emptiness remain,
A forgotten melody, in the shadow of pain.

9. Recipe for Regret (Free Verse with Humor)

Take one cup of missed calls,
A tablespoon of unsaid words,
Mix in a dash of ‘what if’s,
And a pinch of silent nights.
Bake under the heat of lingering glances,

Until the mixture rises with regret.
Serve cold, with a side of sleepless nights,
And a garnish of bitter laughter.
This recipe, though rich in flavor,
Is one I wish, in hindsight, I’d never savored.

10. Ghost Town (Nonet)

Our love, once bustling and alive,
Now a ghost town, empty, derelict.
Echoes of footsteps, fade away,
Buildings crumble, streets empty,
A heart abandoned, cold,
Silence reigns over,
Love’s relics, lost,
Gone, like dust,

Sad Love Poem
Sad Love Poem

11. The Art of Forgetting (Cinquain)

Love lost,
A bitter pill,
Swallowed in solitude,
Memories fade, slowly, surely,

12. Under the Same Moon (Quatrain)

Beneath the glow of the same moon,
Where once our hearts did beat as one,
Now lies the cold, harsh truth, too soon,
Our love’s unraveling, undone.

13. Echoes in the Void (Sestina)

In the silence of our abandoned hall,
Echoes of our laughter pierce the night.
Your shadow lingers, a specter of delight,
Now nothing more than a memory to recall.
Each corner whispers of our love’s great fall,
A tale of passion turned into plight.

I wander aimlessly, seeking light,
In the darkness of our love’s thrall.
Yet, in this void, I find my might,
In echoes, I hear my own heart’s call.
Rising, from the ashes of our brawl,
To embrace the dawn, leaving the night.

14. Star-Crossed (Acrostic)

Silently mourning the love we lost,
Tracing the lines of fate, at what cost.
Alone, we wander, paths now crossed,
Regrets entwined, in frost embossed.

Crossroads beckon, choices to be made,
Releasing dreams, once brightly displayed.
Our hearts, once entwined, now fade,
Striving for peace, in the shade.
Sadly, our love, a blade, has laid.

15. The Illusionist (Clerihew)

There once was a lover, an illusionist clever,
Promising forever, in endeavors.
But when the curtain fell, and lights grew dim,
Our love vanished, on a whim.

16. Shadow Play (Reverse Poem)

In darkness, shadows play,
A dance of what was never meant to stay.
Read from bottom to top, a story of light,
Hope emerges from the night.

17. Winter’s Embrace (Haibun)

The first snowfall came the day you left. Silence enveloped the world outside, a blanket of white covering the imperfections of a landscape now unfamiliar. Inside, the warmth of our last embrace lingered, a stark contrast to the cold that seeped through the cracks of my heart. Each snowflake, a memory floating down, landing softly, melting away – ephemeral. As I watched the winter take hold, I realized that like the seasons, love too could be reborn.

In winter’s embrace,
Memories fall like snowflakes,
Melting into spring.

18. Metamorphosis (Free Verse)

In the chrysalis of our parting,
A transformation unforeseen.
From the cocoon of shared dreams,
I emerge, wings untested, yet keen.

The flight is solitary, yet not lonesome,
For in the shedding of our past,
I’ve discovered not just the echoes of what was,
But the symphony of what I can become.

19. Ode to the Unsaid (Ode)

Oh, the power of words left unsaid,
Lingering in the air, heavy with might.
Had they been spoken, where might we have led?
Would our love have taken flight?

Yet here we stand, divided, apart,
With only the silence as our guide.
The words unspoken, a work of art,
In the gallery of pride.

20. The Alchemist (Villanelle)

In the crucible of heartbreak, alchemy begins,
Turning leaden sorrow into golden insight.
From the ashes of love, transformation wins.

Tears, the solvent, where transformation spins,
Dissolving past bonds, making futures bright.
In the crucible of heartbreak, alchemy begins.

Grief’s fire burns away what might have beens,
Leaving pure essence, liberated from night.
From the ashes of love, transformation wins.

21. Crossroads (Quatrain)

At the crossroads of our fate, we stand,
Paths diverging from a once shared land.
Each road taken, a step towards healing,
In the journey of emotional dealing.

22. The Phoenix (Sonnet)

From the ashes of our burnt-out love, I rise,
A phoenix, reborn, with clearer skies.
Where flames once consumed, now light pervades,
In the ruins, a new foundation’s laid.

No longer shackled by what was lost,
Paying love’s ultimate, unfathomable cost.
Rising above the embers, wings spread wide,
On currents of self-discovery, I now ride.

Forged in the fire, strength found within,
A new chapter of life, ready to begin.
From despair’s depth, a lesson gleaned,
In the aftermath of love, a soul redeemed.

23. The Watchmaker (Narrative Poem)

In a small town, where time seemed to slow,
Lived a watchmaker, heart broken, movements slow.
Each tick and tock, a reminder of love’s flow,
Now stopped, like his watches, in the window.

He toiled by day, by night, he grieved,
In each piece, his lost love, he believed.
But with every repair, his heart slightly relieved,
In the workings of time, healing conceived.

24. Eulogy to a Dream (Elegy)

Here lies a dream, once vibrant and alive,
A vision of love, we thought would thrive.
Gone too soon, under the weight of reality,
Leaving behind remnants of a shared vitality.

We mourn its passing, a loss profound,
In its absence, only echoes of love resound.
Yet, in its eulogy, let us find,
A path to peace, leaving heartache behind.

25. The Garden of Memories (Pantoum)

In the garden of memories, I wander alone,
Where love’s flowers once in full bloom had shown.
Now, wilted petals cover the ground,
In their decay, remnants of love are found.

Where love’s flowers once in full bloom had shown,
Silence speaks louder than words ever known.
In their decay, remnants of love are found,
A testament to the heart’s battleground.

Silence speaks louder than words ever known,
Now, wilted petals cover the ground.
A testament to the heart’s battleground,
In the garden of memories, I wander alone.

26. The Astronaut (Free Verse)

Floating in the vast expanse of space,
I find myself adrift, untethered from your grace.
Our love, a planet once vibrant and alive,
Now just a speck in my rearview, as I strive
To navigate the galaxies of solitude,
Searching for a gravity to substitute
The pull of your presence, now so distant,
In this cosmic dance, love’s resilience is insistent.

27. Duet in Silence (Triolet)

In the silence, our love sings a duet,
A melody of memories we can’t forget.
Notes float, in spaces where words regret,
In the silence, our love sings a duet.

Harmonies of heartache, on which we’re set,
Echoes of us, in a tangled quartet.
In the silence, our love sings a duet,
A melody of memories we can’t forget.

28. The Library of Us (Sonnet)

In the library of us, books line the shelves,
Stories of love, volumes of ourselves.
Each chapter a moment, a memory shared,
In the narrative of us, nothing spared.

But now, dust gathers on unturned pages,
The script of us lost to the ages.
Once vibrant tales now fade into grey,
The library of us, in disarray.

Yet, amidst the silence, a single tome,
Resilient, its story still feels like home.
In its lines, our love’s legacy endures,
A testament, that true love reassures.

29. The Sculptor (Free Verse with Imagery)

Chisel in hand, I sculpt away,
Pieces of my heart, in clay displayed.
Each stroke, a memory; each curve, a tear,
Crafting the semblance of you, so near.

But the medium betrays, with every slice,
The perfect imperfection of this vice.
For in trying to recreate your essence,
I’m left with shadows, a hollow presence.

30. The Ghost Ship (Narrative Poem)

A ghost ship sails the seas of my mind,
Its sails are torn, love’s remnants unkind.
It drifts on currents of what could’ve been,
A voyage of memories, hidden within.

The captain, my heart, steers through the fog,
Navigating past every emotional bog.
Though the ship is haunted by your echo,
It sails onward, where the healing waters flow.

31. Ink-Stained Fingers (Kyrielle)

Ink-stained fingers trace our story’s line,
A tale of love, once thought divine.
Each word a heartbeat, left behind,
In the silence, our echoes intertwined.

Pages turned, with sorrow’s brine,
A narrative of stars that once did shine.
Ink-stained fingers trace our story’s line,
In the silence, our echoes intertwined.

32. The Lighthouse Keeper (Ballad)

There once was a keeper, so lonely and wise,
Watching the sea, under stormy skies.
He tended the light, for ships gone astray,
Like his heart, since his love sailed away.

Nights spent in longing, days in despair,
His beacon, a signal of hope in the air.
Yet, in his solitude, strength did he find,
The lighthouse keeper, with love redefined.

33. The Mapmaker (Villanelle)

The mapmaker charts the terrain of loss,
With compass of heart, in oceans tossed.
In the cartography of heartbreak, lines crossed.

Each latitude marked with tears’ gloss,
Longitudes of laughter, in tempests embossed.
The mapmaker charts the terrain of loss.

Through valleys deep, where shadows accost,
Mountains of moments, in frost encased, lost.
In the cartography of heartbreak, lines crossed.

34. Stardust (Free Verse)

We were made of stardust, you and I,
In the cosmos, a fleeting sigh.
But even stars, in their brilliance, die,
Leaving behind a celestial cry.

In the stardust, our memories lie,
A testament to love’s endless try.
From the ashes, anew, we’ll fly,
In the universe, where love’s never shy.

35. The Clockmaker’s Love (Nonet)

Time ticks away in the clockmaker’s heart,
Each second, a reminder of our start.
Gears turn, mimicking the love we knew,
Hands move, tracing the moments true.

But as the pendulum swings, apart,
Echoes of our melody depart.
With each tick, hope renews,
In time’s embrace, love’s hues.

Yet, in each tick, love’s art.

36. Reflections in Rain (Free Verse)

In the quiet aftermath of a storm,
Puddles form, mirrors to a sky reborn.
In each reflection, your face, a memory scorned,
A reminder that from loss, we’re torn.

But as the sun breaks, reflections distort,
A sign that even pain can be contorted.
In water’s dance, a lesson, self-taught,
Finding peace, in battles fought.

37. The Navigator (Quatrain)

A navigator of the heart’s vast sea,
Charting courses through pain’s decree.
Guided by stars of memories past,
Seeking shores where love lasts.

38. The Puppeteer (Free Verse)

Strings attached, you moved me, a puppeteer,
In love’s performance, your intentions unclear.
But as the curtains close, and audience clears,
I cut the strings, shedding manipulated fears.

Now, standing solo on life’s stage,
I embrace the freedom, stepping out of the cage.
No longer a marionette in your play,
I find strength in the light of day.

39. The Alchemist’s Potion (Rhyme)

In the alchemist’s lab, a potion brews,
A mix of memories, love’s varied hues.
Sipped in solitude, a transformation ensues,
From heartache’s grip, the self renews.

40. The Archer (Free Verse)

Once, an archer, aiming true,
Your love the arrow, the target, my heart through.
But missed shots taught resilience, a lesson due,
In love’s archery, self-worth anew.

41. Candlelight Vigil (Triolet)

By candlelight, I hold a vigil for us,
In the waxing glow, our story, thus.
Flickers of hope in shadows, a must,
By candlelight, I hold a vigil for us.

In each flame, a memory, a trust,
As wax melts, so does our lust.
By candlelight, I hold a vigil for us,
In the waxing glow, our story, thus.

42. The Weaver (Free Verse)

A weaver at the loom of fate,
Crafting tapestries, intricate, ornate.
Each thread, a choice, a chance, a state,
In love’s design, our patterns relate.

But when threads tangle, snarl, and break,
The weaver learns, for their own sake,
To mend the fray, a new cloth make,
In heartbreak’s loom, resilience awake.

43. The Gardener (Haiku)

Seeds of love planted,
In heartbreak’s soil, they bloom,
Strength in petals found.

44. The Astral Traveler (Free Verse)

An astral traveler in love’s vast cosmos,
Navigating emotions, comets, and cosmos.
In the space between stars, solitude’s embrace,
Finding in the galaxy, a personal space.

45. The Hermit (Free Verse)

In solitude’s cave, a hermit retreats,
From love’s tumultuous feats.
Yet, in quietude’s embrace,
Finds a self-love to trace.

46. The Forge (Free Verse)

In the forge of heartbreak, a blacksmith toils,
Hammering out the dents, life’s spoils.
In the heat, a new shape forms,
Resilient, strong, through emotional storms.

47. The Painter (Villanelle)

With a brush dipped in pain, the painter begins,
Canvas of heartache, where end meets begins.
In strokes of resilience, a masterpiece spins.

Colors of memories, in brightness and dims,
Portraits of love, and its various sins.
With a brush dipped in pain, the painter begins.

Yet, in each creation, a new hope grins,
Art from the heart, where healing wins.
In strokes of resilience, a masterpiece spins.

48. The Cartographer (Quatrain)

A cartographer mapping emotional terrain,
Through valleys of sorrow and peaks of pain.
Yet, in each expedition, a discovery made,
In the geography of the heart, love’s pathways laid.

49. The Historian (Free Verse)

A historian of the heart, I archive,
Each memory, a relic, of love’s vibrant tribe.
In the study of us, lessons scribe,
Wisdom found, in love’s diatribe.

50. The Shipwright (Rhyme)

In the dockyard of the heart, a shipwright builds,
A vessel sturdy, from love’s broken shields.
Launched on seas of change, it yields,
To the winds of growth, in open fields.

5 Broken Heart Poems For Him

Broken Heart Poems For Him
Broken Heart Poems For Him

1. The Echo of Us (Free Verse)

In the quiet after you left,
The echoes of our laughter linger,
Hollow reminders of what was.
Your shadow haunts the spaces between my fingers,
Spaces where yours used to fit so perfectly.

I whisper to the moon, telling her of our tales,
Hoping she carries my love to you,
Across the distances that now separate our souls.
Yet, in her glow, I find a semblance of peace,
A reminder that even in darkness, light finds a way.

2. Shattered Symphony (Sonnet)

Our love, a symphony once rich and deep,
Its melodies now scattered, lost in sleep.
Each note we played, in harmony so sweet,
Now discordant, our song incomplete.

You were the maestro of my heart’s beat,
Under your baton, I felt so complete.
But as the music faded into night,
Left was I, in silence, bereft of light.
Yet, in this quiet, I find a new tune,
One where I rise, no longer marooned.

From shattered notes, a stronger self is born,
No longer to your symphony sworn.
For in my heart, a new rhythm starts,
A song of me, healing from our parts.

3. Lost Navigator (Quatrain)

I charted our course by the stars in your eyes,
Believed in the maps traced by your lies.
Now adrift in a sea of my own tears,
I navigate heartache, confronting my fears.
Yet, hope’s compass points me towards new days,
Guided by my light, through the haze.

4. Ghosts of Your Words (Villanelle)

Your words, once warm, now chill to the bone,
Echoes of promises, now I’m alone.
In the silence, your ghost I bemoan.

Promises like leaves, in winds blown,
Scattered dreams, the seeds we had sown.
Your words, once warm, now chill to the bone.

Yet from this heartache, my strength has grown,
In the wreckage of us, I have known.
In the silence, your ghost I bemoan.

From pain, the seeds of self-love are strewn,
On paths of healing, I walk my own.
Your words, once warm, now chill to the bone,
In the silence, your ghost I bemoan.

5. Unwritten Letters (Free Verse with Imagery)

I’ve written letters to you that the stars will never see,
Words that whisper through the branches of our memory tree.
Each leaf a testament to moments now just debris,
Floating on the rivers of what used to be.

But these letters, they hold more than just goodbye,
They cradle the hope that in heartbreak, we can fly.
So, with each unwritten line, I reclaim the sky,
Finding freedom in the truth that love never truly dies.

5 Broken Heart Poems For Her

Broken Heart Poems For Her
Broken Heart Poems For Her

1. Withered Petals (Free Verse)

The garden we nurtured, now withered and gray,
Petals fallen, colors faded away.
Your absence, a frost that halted the bloom,
Leaving behind a silence, an unyielding gloom.

Yet, amidst the decay, a solitary seed,
Promising growth from the depth of need.
In the solace of solitude, strength I find,
Roots entwining resilience, in the garden of my mind.

2. Moonlit Goodbyes (Sonnet)

Under the moon’s soft, forgiving light,
We whispered goodbyes, ending our plight.
Her glow, a balm to our tear-streaked faces,
Illuminating lost love’s empty spaces.

“Her” silhouette fades, a dream in retreat,
Leaving echoes of warmth, bittersweet.
Yet, in this departure, a quiet grace,
As I learn to cherish love’s transient embrace.
Though apart, in the moon’s light, we share,
A bond, unbroken by despair.

For in her celestial, gentle glow,
Memories of “her” forever flow.
Guided by the night’s soft, silver thread,
I find solace in the love we once spread.

3. Echoes and Shadows (Quatrain)

Echoes of her laughter, shadows in the hall,
Memories like specters, rise and fall.
In the quiet moments, I hear her call,
A whispering reminder, of love’s gall.
Yet, in echoes and shadows, I find my way,
Learning to greet the dawn of a new day.

4. The Painter’s Muse (Villanelle)

Once, she was the muse in every stroke,
Colors vibrant on a canvas, spoke
Of love, so profound, it awoke.

But hues fade, as all things under the sun,
Masterpieces undone, one by one.
Once, she was the muse in every stroke,
Now, just whispers of smoke.

Yet, in painting anew, my heart spoke,
Finding peace, in the stroke.
Once, she was the muse in every stroke,
Of love, so profound, it awoke.

5. Drifting Leaves (Haiku)

Leaves drift, seasons turn,
Her memory fades, slow,
Healing winds, I earn.

5 Broken Heart Poems By Famous Poets

Broken Heart Poems By Famous Poets
Broken Heart Poems By Famous Poets

1. “When You Are Old” by William Butler Yeats

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face.

2. “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop

The art of losing isn’t hard to master;
so many things seem filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster.

Lose something every day. Accept the fluster
of lost door keys, the hour badly spent.
The art of losing isn’t hard to master.

Then practice losing farther, losing faster:
places, and names, and where it was you meant
to travel. None of these will bring disaster.

3. “Sonnet XLIII” from “Sonnets from the Portuguese” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.

I love thee to the level of every day’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.

4. “A Dream Within A Dream” by Edgar Allan Poe

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow —
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;

Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

5. “Remember” by Christina Rossetti

Remember me when I am gone away,
Gone far away into the silent land;
When you can no more hold me by the hand,
Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay.

Remember me when no more day by day
You tell me of our future that you planned:
Only remember me; you understand
It will be late to counsel then or pray.

5 Broken Heart Poems That Make You Cry

1. The Last Whisper

In the quiet of a fading star,
I found your voice, a distant car.
A whisper in the night, so clear,
Echoes of you, ever near.

Our love, a tale left untold,
In the silence, our story bold.
Tears, like rivers, forge their way,
For a love lost, they say.

2. Forgotten Melody

There was a song we used to sing,
A melody of love’s fleeting wing.
Now, each note a tear-stained cry,
Underneath the mournful sky.

The music that once made us dance,
Leaves me now in a trance.
For in the silence of our end,
I lost my love, my heart to mend.

3. Shadows of You

In every shadow, I see your face,
A haunting presence, I can’t erase.
The laughter that filled my days,
Now a maze of foggy haze.

I reach out to the memories,
Hoping to seize, our love’s remedies.
But shadows, they fade into night,
Leaving me with our love’s blight.

4. Echoes of Goodbye

We stood beneath the weeping willow,
Our love whispered, soft as a pillow.
Goodbyes echoed in the wind,
A symphony of what could’ve been.

Tears mingled with the falling rain,
Each drop, a symphony of pain.
In the echoes of our goodbye,
I found the strength to cry.

5. Pages Unwritten

Our book lies open, pages bare,
Stories untold, floating in the air.
Ink spilled in vain, a heart’s despair,
For a love that’s no longer there.

The chapters we never got to write,
In the darkness of our night.
Leaves me yearning for what was to be,
A love story, now a sea of plea.

Last Words

The act of expressing heartache is not only a release but a form of healing, a reminder that even in our most fragile moments, we are capable of creating something beautiful. May these poems be your faithful companions on the road to recovery, illuminating the path towards peace and resilience.

Until we meet again to share more stories of the heart, keep writing, keep healing, and never forget that after the storm comes the promise of a new dawn. Here’s to the poetry that helps us face the complexities of love and loss and to the strength we find on the other side of heartbreak.

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