Deep Love Letters For Her That Make Her Cry

Deep Love Letters For Her That Make Her Cry: Love defines ourselves, emotions, and story. Most of the love story is sad and untold. Today we will read some painful love letters. Let’s start!

1. Deeply In Love With You Letter

Dear Lover,

Daily, I sleep with a fight and wake up to the same. The argument is to keep loving you. And I fight your actions, your words, your ignorance, and your lies. I challenge them with my love for you as a shield, a love that is still too pure to let go of.

I wish you could realize how heartbreaking it is to defend yourself against myself for the things that you do to hurt me. I hope you could hear the stupid excuses I make from your side when my friends tell me how bad you are for me. I wish you could see how I torture my soul to forgive you for your sins.

I wish you could see me beg myself to keep you. I hope you could see me sob on my pillow, when I, for a second, decide to let you go. I wish you could hear me slap myself in the shower for having thought wrong about you. I want you to could ever know what I go through daily to keep us together.

You know, I feel disgusted with myself, at times. I feel like spitting at myself in the mirror for killing my self-respect for you, for our love. I used to be such a self-loving person earlier, but now, I don’t think I like myself. My whole existence is reduced to get some love back from your side. I hate myself now. Please, help me. Please get me out of this mess.

I love you, and I love you with all my heart, soul, and every trace of life that resides in me. I don’t want to lose you, as you are too precious a pearl to lose in the wild waves of the sea of life. I am ready to weather this storm. I am prepared to wait for you to change. But, I want you to know that I kill myself, daily, to live with you. I want you to know that it pains me a lot when you say such things.

I want you to know that I feel helpless that I can’t just walk off from a person, whom I have made my home. I want you to know that I have cried so many nights because you made me feel unlovable. I want you to know that you break my heart daily.

This letter is just a mirror of your actions and your love. I hope that after reading this, something stirs in your soul. I wish that you would realize that my smiling lips are crying for my sleepless nights. And I pray that you still have some love left for me to hug my broken pieces into one happy soul that I once was. I am not giving up on us yet.

Love Enemy

2. I Love You More Than Anything letter

Dear Stranger,

The day I’ll never forget is when I met a perfect stranger, you came in my life. The moment I needed you, that’s why I call you my angel.
In good and bad times, you didn’t leave my side through it all your love remain the same.

You fought for our love when I fall. You were there to pick me up.
Darling, you know I’m nothing without you. My life will never be the same without you; that’s why I’m scared to lose you.
I’m the person I’m today because of you.
I hurt you so often that I can’t even remember, but you always find a way to forgive me.

The is no one like you in this world. You are the only one who speaks to my heart whit a silent voice.
When I lose direction, you always find the right path for me.
I love you more because you took me as I’m, and you didn’t try to change me. With your love, you made me wish to be a better person. When I have you, I have everything.

My future, my happiness, my glory is right on your face.
I know what I want in life, and all I want is you.
Will you please spend the rest of your life with me as my darling?

Waiting Stranger

3. Sweet Love Letter

My Dear Sweetheart,

I can’t keep on loving you one foot outside the door. I hear a funny hesitation of a heart that’s never really sure, can’t keep on trying. If you’re looking for more every time you pull me up. You only let me down.

Maybe you’ll be sorry, perhaps you’ll be cold, or perhaps you’ll come running back to me. Maybe I’ll be here, but perhaps I’ll see you around, the suspense is pounding and clouding up my head.
You are not the person I used to know.

Maybe it’s my fault. I pushed you over the edge because that’s what I always do to those I love. But maybe in this life, you were never mine to begin. All I have to say is perhaps the stranger is me. I must have changed so drastically. I don’t know where this road leads, but it does not lead us where we both desire.

The way you put her first, the things you say to people says a lot to me. I’m still your side chick, or should I mean maybe it’s time. I accepted my fate that I would never have my own. I’m wondering why you would rather risk us just for an ex that has created scars. Scars that you are trying so hard to overcome, I know I’m crazy, and I’m not perfect. But I’ve never given you a reason to doubt my love or bring you pain that you find yourself not knowing your position in my life.

But I guess again, and love made me like it usually does. And please go ahead and tell her she has a part of you to herself, and I have a smaller portion. All I ever did was love you as broken as I am.
You made me believe in love.

You made me think that loving someone who has been with someone else far too long can never be trusted when it comes to that particular person, yet again I find myself hurt. You know what this time around, I’m much calmer and much wiser.

I’m not afraid of the pain, it’s true what they say thunder don’t strike the same place twice, and me oh I love you too much and today. I realized how much I need you in my life, but then again, I realized my happiness only lies with me. Dear lover, I hope this finds you.


4. Heart Touching Love Letter

Dear Hopeless Love,

You may not believe in things, places, people, and feelings. You get tired and bored once you have earned what you’d been chasing for a long time — in the end, you want to move out just after moving in. You don’t want to invest in love. “It’s not a safe investment,” you keep telling yourself.

I can’t quite understand you. I’m trying, but you’ve layers. Every time I say to myself: “I’ve figured you out,” I realize I still don’t know you. You hate to feel vulnerable, saying sentences like “people can hurt you even if they don’t know you.”

I find it confusing — people we know, people we love can only hurt us, right?
If I asked you, “Do you love me?” You would think about it — weigh the outcomes of the answer. But as they say, if you have to think about it, it isn’t loving.

How sad is it to love deeply from afar, look at your love every day, walk past you, and be too afraid to feel something?
The truth is that you deserve to love and to be loved. It may seem like a ride that’s too slow, but it’s one thing you cannot control.

You deserve to be loved by someone who will support you and understand you, someone who will tell you all about her day and go out of her way to make you feel okay. And I’m trying, okay?

I love you when you hug me, warmly, and I love your coldness.
A love that’ll know your heart more than anyone else’s is a love that will help you grow. You deserve it all.

You may not be able to find that sort of love today or for quite some time, but you will come across it at some point.
Because I came across my love, someone who made me outgrow my fears helped me take the necessary steps towards him when all I have ever done is run away.

You can keep running into empty spaces and behind jokes and metaphors, but at some point, this world will fall short for you. Then, you’ve to come out of hiding, and I’ll be there.

Burden Love

5. Missing & Thinking Of You Love Letter

Dear Dream Girl,

I am now letting you go. Love is not just a feeling. It’s a lifetime commitment when the heart chooses to love. It can never be tamed no matter the differences in both individual’s love always prevails. See, love sees no faults. No matter how much hurt it endures, it never stops loving that person. Love is pure.

It is enforced by patience together with embracement for your significant other and me I believe that you love me. Still, you need a push in the right direction I need you as much as you need me. So it’s up to us now either we give up, or we fight for this. Well, I’ll keep loving you from a distance. I will always adore you till the end of time.

Long Distance Lover

6. Forgive Me Letter

Dear Me,

I think I owe you an apology. I know I haven’t been treating you right the majority of the time I’ve known you. See, you could cut all ties with a lover or a best friend and never speak to them again. But with yourself, there’s none of that.

Running away isn’t an option. You’re stuck with yourself for the rest of your time on this earth, whether you like it or not, for better or for worse. There’s no escaping, no simple loophole around it. So if I’m stuck with you for the rest of my days, I might as well acknowledge some things and make those things right.

Firstly, I’m sorry for hurting you all the time and letting others injured you. I’m sorry for setting unrealistic expectations for you and getting upset when anything is less than perfect. I’m sorry for being so hard on you about everything.

I’m sorry for holding you back from doing things you wanted to do because I instilled fear into your bones and told you, “Why even bother trying if you’re just going to fail anyway and make a fool out of yourself?”

I’m sorry for robbing you of happiness, and filling your brain with only negative thoughts, blocking out all the good. I’m sorry for inspecting every situation as if it was a science experiment and examining it from every possible angle, even imaginary ones that didn’t exist.

I’m sorry that your worst enemy was Me!
Today I remind myself I am worthy. Today I proclaim my desire and confidence that I will be the better person that I want to be. I am deserving, and I am worthy.
Please forgive me.


7. One Sided Love letter

Dear One-Sided Lover,

I wish there were something magical I could say to heal your broken heart. Something miraculously amazing that you would love to believe.

But the truth is, there’s not. You can’t make someone love you just because you love it. I know it hurts to be the one loving with all soul and heart and receiving nothing at the end of the day, but you can’t even help it.

You feel like your own emotions are destroying you. You can’t convince someone to care for you. You can’t control someone’s feelings. You can’t make them see the way you see them. You can’t make them feel lovable and show how worthy you are.
But all you can do is focus on yourself. Focus on people who stay. Focus on your favorite.

Give yourself some time. I know letting go is never a natural choice but sometimes the only option left.

So what are you waiting for? Waiting that they care too! Expecting that something unrequited will turn into something mutual?
Please stop! Stop hoping and fooling yourself for someone who can’t love you.

And believe me, someone will come along who will make you smile every second. You won’t beg them to love you. Someone who won’t imagine a world without you.Someone who will love your flaws.Someone who will fill your heart with the love you were waiting for.

And for now, move on from the person who can’t love you and know your worth and smile.

Someone who loves herself a little more every day.

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