20 Missing You Love Letters To Express Emotions

Missing You Love Letter

Hello there, Letter Artist! Miss someone special and want to share your feelings? You’ve come to the right place! I’m super excited to help you craft beautiful missing letters that can bridge any distance. Think of me as your friendly guide, here to help your words fly straight to the heart of your loved one.

I’ve been turning longing into lovely words for years, helping people express their emotions in the sweetest ways possible. We’ll laugh, maybe share a sentimental sigh, and fill our pages with feelings. Ready to send some love across the miles? Let’s get started with a big smile and a heart full of words!

20 Missing You Love Letters

Missing love letters are written by people separated from their loved ones due to various circumstances, such as long-distance relationships, work assignments, travel, or other commitments that keep them apart. These letters serve as a means to express their feelings of longing, love, and affection for the person they miss dearly.

Whether you’re miles apart or just longing for a glimpse of their smile, I’m here to guide you through crafting love letters that resonate with your heart’s longing, letters that whisper “I miss you” in a way that makes the distance feel a little bit shorter. Let’s pour our hearts out together, shall we? By the end, I hope you’ll find solace and connection in the letters we’re about to write.

Letter 1: I Miss You love letter

My Dearest,

Time and space may stand between us, but not a moment goes by where you are not enveloped in my thoughts. I miss you badly and with such an intensity that words fail to capture. Your absence in my world is a void that is insurmountable, a chasm that can only be bridged by the radiance of your presence.

Every moment we’ve spent together has been etched into my memory. I recall your soft laughter, the way your eyes light up when you’re passionate about something, and the comforting warmth of your touch. Your remarkable capacity for kindness, your intellectual prowess, and your captivating charm are but fragments of the intricate mosaic that is you.

Letter 2: Missing and thinking of you love letter to him

Dear [His Name],

I hope this letter finds you smiling and having a great day. I was sitting by my window, watching the clouds roll by, and guess what? They reminded me of that time we tried to figure out who could spot the weirdest cloud shape. I swear, one of the clouds today looked like the spaceship we imagined last time!

I miss those fun cloud-watching days with you, and all the laughs we shared. It’s funny how little things like a cloudy sky can make me think of you and all our awesome adventures. I find myself wishing we could hang out and have another one of those epic afternoons.

Also, I’ve started writing down little stories and jokes, kinda like the ones you always tell that make me laugh so hard. Next time we see each other, I’ll have a whole bunch to share, and I bet we’ll have a blast telling them back and forth. Maybe we could even make a little book out of them! What do you think?

Even though you’re not here right now, just thinking about those fun moments makes me feel closer to you. It’s like you’re right here, sharing a joke or pointing out a spaceship cloud. I’m really looking forward to all the stories we haven’t told yet, and all the clouds we haven’t named.

I hope we can catch up soon because there’s so much to tell you, and I can’t wait to hear about all the cool things you’ve been up to as well. Until then, know that I’m here, missing you a lot, and always ready for our next adventure.

Take care and write back soon!

Missing you and thinking of you always,

[Your Name]

Letter 3: Missing love letter to him


This absence is a challenge, a harsh test of endurance. Yet, I am grateful, for it provides a mirror reflecting the depth and breadth of my love for you. I miss you intensely, each moment apart a reminder of my affection for you.

Your spirit dances in my thoughts, bright as sunlight, warm as a midsummer day. I remember our shared laughter, our quiet conversations, the gentle touch of your hand, and the love that glowed in your eyes.

Missing you love letter to him
Missing you love letter to him

Letter 4: I Love You and miss You letter

My Love,

I sit here tonight, in our favorite spot, surrounded by the echoes of our shared laughter, haunted by the ghost of your touch. Your absence weighs heavy upon my heart, and the world seems a shade dimmer without your radiant light.

Your kindness, your intelligence, your passion – all of these and more make you the extraordinary person that you are. Our shared memories keep me company in your absence, providing a sense of comfort amidst the heartache.

Letter 5: Miss you love letter to her


In your absence, I have discovered an emptiness that only your presence can fulfill. Your love, like a soft melody, lingers in my heart, a reminder of the joy and comfort you bring.

I am awed by your resilience, your strength, and your unwavering faith. Your spirit is indomitable, a beacon of light in my life. In your absence, I take solace in our memories, holding them close to my heart.

I miss you love letter to her
I miss you love letter to her

Letter 6: I love and miss you letter


Hello from the other side of my window! As I’m writing this, a super cool breeze just blew in, and it made me think of all those breezy afternoons we spent flying kites and chasing the wind. I wanted to write and tell you how much I love and miss those moments with you.

Sometimes, when I’m doing homework or drawing, I’ll hear a song or see something funny, and my first thought is to tell you about it. It’s like my brain automatically wants to share all the cool stuff with you because you make everything way more fun.

I’ve got a secret project I’m working on, too—it’s a scrapbook of all our best adventures, with some empty pages for the ones we haven’t had yet. I’m really excited to show it to you and to fill it up with new memories together. Maybe we could even start planning our next epic quest? I was thinking something with treasure maps or a bike race. What do you think?

Even though you’re not here right now, and I can’t see you or high-five you, I feel like you’re with me when I look at the pictures we’ve taken or read the notes you’ve written. It’s kind of magical, isn’t it? How friendship doesn’t seem to care about miles or minutes.

I hope we get to hang out really soon because, honestly, everything’s brighter and a million times better when you’re around. Until then, I’m sending you giant hugs and all the love in the universe from my side of the sky to yours.

Stay awesome, and write back soon!

Love and miss you tons,

[Your Name]

Letter 7: Long distance missing you letter


Hope you’re having an awesome day wherever you are. I was looking at the globe in my room, trying to trace the line from my house all the way to yours. It’s pretty far! But even though there are miles between us, it kinda feels like you’re right here when I think about all our fun memories.

Do you remember when we camped in my backyard last summer? We made that makeshift tent and told ghost stories. I tried to make one up the other day to tell my little brother, but it wasn’t the same without you adding your spooky sound effects and dramatic flair. I miss having you around for our adventure tales and laughs.

School’s started again, and every time I pass by the cafeteria, I remember how we used to trade our sandwiches. (I still don’t like pickles, by the way!) It makes me smile, but also makes me wish we could have our lunchtime chats face-to-face.

Oh! I started a new hobby—collecting postcards. I’m sending one your way with this letter. Maybe we could start sending them back and forth? It could be like a mini-adventure, picking out the perfect card and waiting to see what the other gets. Let me know what you think!

I hope we can meet up soon—maybe during the holidays? Until then, let’s keep sharing stories, sending letters, and dreaming up new adventures. No matter how far apart we are, you’re always my closest friend in my heart.

Missing you heaps and sending you the biggest virtual hug,

[Your Name]

Letter 8: Cute missing you love letter


The world feels incomplete without you. I miss your laughter, your intellect, your indomitable spirit, and the love that radiates from your heart. You are the sun that brightens my day, the moon that guides me in the darkest night.

I remember the whispers of our hearts, the symphony of our souls, the quiet strength in your touch. Even in your absence, you are with me, residing in my heart, echoing in my thoughts.

Letter 9: Miss you letter to friend

Hey [Friend’s Name],

What’s up, buddy? I was just playing some video games and it hit me how much more fun they were when you were here to play them with me. Remember that epic battle we had last time? I still think about how you totally outsmarted me at the last second. Man, I miss those crazy game nights with you!

Lately, things here have been kind of quiet without your jokes and your awesome stories. The school playground isn’t the same either—I keep looking over at the swings where we’d compete to see who could swing the highest. It’s like the whole place misses your laughter just as much as I do.

Also, guess what? I finally got that comic book we saw at the store last month. It’s as cool as we thought it would be. I wish you could come over so we could read it together. It’s not as fun without you here to guess what’s going to happen next or to laugh at the funny parts with me.

I hope we get to hang out soon because I’ve got so many stories to tell you. Let’s plan a super fun day—maybe go biking in the park or have a picnic like old times? Let me know what you think!

Miss you tons, and can’t wait until we’re up to our usual mischief again.

Your friend always,

[Your Name]

Letter 10: Open letter to someone you miss

My Love,

The world seems a little less bright without you by my side. The spaces where you used to reside are now filled with echoes of your laughter, fragments of shared memories, and a profound longing for your presence.

Your intellect, your creativity, your passion are but a few of the qualities that make you extraordinary. Even as we are apart, you are with me, in my thoughts, in my heart, filling each moment with your warmth.

Letter 11: Miss you letter to my future wife

Dear Future Wife,

Hello from the past! It’s me, [Your Name], and even though we haven’t met yet, I just wanted to say—I can’t wait until we do. It’s kind of funny to miss someone you haven’t met yet, but sometimes I think about all the adventures we’ll have and wish you were here already.

I wonder what cool things you’re doing right now. Maybe you’re learning to paint, or you’re really good at soccer, or maybe you’re reading a ton of books. Whatever it is, I bet you’re amazing at it. I’m over here working on my skateboard tricks and getting pretty good at math (it’s not as boring as it sounds, promise!).

I like to imagine us hanging out, maybe watching movies or going on bike rides. We could even build a secret handshake that only we know. It’d be something epic, with a lot of cool moves, and we’d laugh every time we did it.

Oh, and I hope you like animals because I’ve always wanted a dog. We could take it on walks together and teach it tricks. What do you think we should name it? I’m thinking something fun like Rocket or Sparky.

Anyway, I hope this letter finds you happy and excited for the future, just like I am. One day, we’ll look back at this letter together and laugh about how I was a kid writing to my future best friend.

Until then, take care and keep being awesome.

Missing you in a funny, not-yet-met-you kind of way,

[Your Name]

Letter 12: Miss you letter to my future husband

Dear Future Husband,

Hi there! It’s me, [Your Name]. I know we haven’t met yet, but I sometimes think about all the fun we’ll have together, and I can’t help but wish you were here already. It’s like waiting for the next big holiday, but even more exciting!

I wonder what you’re like. Are you someone who loves puzzles and mysteries, or are you an outdoor adventurer? Maybe you’re a mix of both! I like to think that you’re out there somewhere, maybe learning to play the guitar or making the world’s tallest pancake stack (which I hope we can try to beat together someday!).

I’ve been keeping busy too. I’m learning how to bake, and I made my first batch of cookies without any help. They were a little crispy, but still pretty good. I saved one for you in my heart, and I promise to make you an even better batch when we finally meet.

Sometimes, when it’s starry outside, I like to look up and make wishes on the brightest ones. I always wish for the same thing—that we’ll find each other soon and share a bunch of smiles, stories, and maybe even some of those cookies I mentioned.

So, until we meet, keep being wonderful, and know that I’m over here, cheering for you in all that you do and missing what it will be like to know you.

Thinking of you more often than I can count,

[Your Name]

Letter 13: Missing emotional romantic letter

Dear [Friend’s Name],

Hey there! I hope this letter finds you smiling. I’ve been thinking a lot about all the fun times we’ve shared, and I wanted to tell you—I really miss those moments with you. Like a lot, a lot.

Remember the last time we went to the beach? We built that huge sandcastle with the seashell decorations and the big moat around it. I went back there last weekend and it made me wish you were there to help defend our castle from the sneaky waves. I tried, but it wasn’t the same without my best castle-building buddy.

And the other day, I heard our favorite song on the radio. I turned it up super loud and danced around, just like we did at your birthday party. It made me laugh, but also made me wish you were here to dance with me. It’s funny how a song can feel like a hug from far away, isn’t it?

I’ve been saving up all these little stories to tell you, hoping they make you smile just like they did for me. I can’t wait until we’re hanging out again, sharing snacks, jokes, and maybe even a few secret handshakes we haven’t invented yet.

Until then, keep this letter somewhere you can see it and know I’m thinking of you, missing you, and counting the days until we can make more memories together. Write back soon! I want to hear about everything!

Missing you more than the stars miss the moon at dawn,

[Your Name]

Letter 14: Heart touching missing you letter

Hey [Friend’s Name],

Guess what? Every time I pass by our favorite spots, like the park or the library, it’s like they miss you too! The swings seem a little less swingy, and the books a bit quieter without our laughter echoing around them.

I’ve taken to talking to Mr. Squirrel in the park – you know, the one with the super fluffy tail? He’s pretty cool, but he’s definitely no [Friend’s Name]. He’s good at collecting acorns, not so much at telling jokes. I bet if you were here, you’d have him laughing and jumping around with us in no time!

Oh, and the stars last night? They seemed a bit dimmer without you here to point out the constellations. I tried to find Orion without you, but it wasn’t the same. I think the stars miss your stargazing skills.

I’m keeping all our fun memories tucked away in a special corner of my heart, counting down the days until we can make more. Maybe we can plan a grand adventure for when you’re back—like discovering a hidden treasure or building the world’s greatest fort!

Write back when you can, and tell me all about the cool stuff you’re doing. I bet you’ve got a million stories, and I can’t wait to hear every single one.

Missing you heaps and hoping to see you soon!

Your adventure buddy,

[Your Name]

Letter 15: Passionate love letter

Hey there!

I wanted to tell you that you are really special to me. Like, when I see you, I feel like there are butterflies dancing in my stomach. And when you smile, oh wow, it’s like the whole world lights up!

I think about you a lot, especially when we’re not together. Sometimes I’m sitting by the window, looking at the stars, and I wonder if you’re seeing the same stars too. It makes me feel closer to you, even when you’re far away.

You’re my best friend and so much more. I love laughing with you, sharing my secrets, and being around you. It’s the best part of my day. I like you, and I had to tell you that.

Hope we can hang out soon!

Bye for now!

Letter 16: Cute love letter

My Love,

Your absence is like a song with missing notes, a book with missing pages, a sky without its star. Your laughter, your wisdom, your boundless love – these are the facets of you that I miss the most.

Your indomitable spirit, your intellectual curiosity, and your kindness have enriched my life beyond measure. Our memories are my refuge in this time of longing, each one a soothing melody that quiets the storm within my heart.

Letter 17: Remembering love letter


I traverse the corridors of memory. I am reminded of the depth of my love for you. Each memory is a priceless artifact, a record to a bond that remains unbroken despite the miles between us.

Your resilience, your intellect, your empathy – these are the traits that make you, you. I miss you badly, yet I find solace in the treasure trove of memories we’ve created together.

Letter 18: Memorable love letter


The world seems colorless without you. I miss the way your laughter would fill the room, the way your eyes would light up with joy, the warmth of your embrace. Your absence has underscored the depth of my love for you.

Your intellectual prowess, strength, and compassionate heart are but a fraction of what makes you exceptional. I face this longing; I am comforted by our memories, each a lighthouse guiding me through the storm.

Letter 19: Feeling sharing love letter

My Love,

In your absence, I have discovered a longing that is as profound as my love for you. Your laughter, your wisdom, your love, they are the symphony to my melody, the sun to my sky, the light to my darkness.

Your courage, your intellect, your unwavering spirit – they are an integral part of who you are. I miss you dearly, yet our shared memories provide a balm to my aching heart, a beacon guiding me through the solitude.

Letter 20: Beautiful missing love letter


In the stillness of the night, your absence resonates profoundly, a constant reminder of the depth of my love for you. Your wisdom, your kindness, your strength – I miss them all and so much more.

Your intellectual curiosity, your resilience, your passion – these qualities that make you extraordinary are also the qualities that I miss the most. As I journey through this time of longing, our memories serve as my compass, guiding me toward the promise of our reunion.

How to write a missing love letter?

Here are some steps to guide you in writing a touching missing love letter:

  • Begin the letter with a loving and affectionate greeting. Use your partner’s name or a sweet nickname to make it more personal.
  • Pour your heart out and express your love. Share how much you miss them and how deeply they mean to you. Be honest and sincere in your words.
  • Reminisce about the special moments you have shared together. Recall happy memories, inside jokes, and meaningful experiences you both cherish.
  • Describe what you miss the most about them. It could be their smile, touch, laughter, or just having them by your side.
  • Share how their absence makes you feel. Be open about your emotions, whether sadness, longing or a sense of emptiness.
  • Let them know that you look forward to being together again. Share your dreams and plans for the future.
  • Sprinkle your letter with romantic language and heartfelt metaphors. Use imagery that resonates with your feelings.
  • Add personal touches that show you know and appreciate them deeply. Mention things that are unique to your relationship.
  • While being honest about your feelings is essential, try to keep the letter positive and uplifting. Let them know you are strong and patient, waiting for the right time to be together again.
  • Close the letter with a warm and affectionate sign-off. Use words like “Yours truly,” “With all my love,” or any other appropriate phrase for your relationship.

Last Words

Feeling ready to pour your heart out? I bet you are! If you ever feel stuck or want to share your masterpiece, I’m a blog post away. Keep those letters flowing and your connections glowing. No distance is too far when a letter from the heart can bring you closer.

You’ve got this! Start writing, and let your heartfelt words do the magic. Keep shining and sharing your feelings—it’s going to make someone’s day super special!

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