30 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy

Good day, beautiful people! Today, we will be looking at the ten ways ladies can win a man’s heart. Most ladies always think that the best way to win a man’s heart is by going into the bedroom with him. This behavior has rendered so many women heartbroken and helpless.

The society we live in today and our lifestyle have made us believe that if bedroom discussion is not involved, there is nothing to talk about in relationships.

It has made so many lady’s baby mamas and has even caused untimely death to promise young girls. Because they tried terminating unwanted pregnancies, some even have avoidable diseases.

It’s because of these reasons am here today to tell you that there are ways you can win your man’s heart in relationships. A man who truly cares about you won’t put bedroom discussion first over your happiness.

30 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy

How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy? This question is very common for every woman. So, I’m explaining this question and giving you the proper answer that makes your partner happy. So Let’s start our online seminar.

Below Are 30 Advice Women Can Win A Man’s Heart:

1. Showing Interest

Show interest in whatever it is that he does. You can impress him by letting him know that you care about his passion and you are ready to support him to become a higher version of himself.

One thing most ladies lack in relationships is the ability to contribute positively. Some of them always feel that sleeping with a guy is the only way to win his heart.

2. Making Special Dish

Cooking his favorite meal is also an effective way to win a man’s heart. Men love to eat good food, and whenever they see a woman who is useful in making them their favorite meals, they won’t be able to resist.

Even if he gets angry because you denied him access to your body and says he wouldn’t have anything to do with you again. He will still come around when he’s hungry.

3. Do Respect

Respecting a man’s point of view is also one way to satisfy him. Respecting whatever a man thinks is right does not mean that you agree with him. What this means is that you appreciate his contribution. Even if you have to be objective, don’t make his opinions look good enough.

It kills his masculinity, and because of this, he would want to force you to agree with what he has said, which is not too good.

Please don’t raise your voice on him, don’t argue with him when he says his mind on a particular issue or situation.

Note: You can romantically have arguments with your man, which may end up with a kiss or playing around the room, other than that, give him respect.

4. Be Funny

Making a man laugh is also one way to convince him. Everybody loves to laugh and feel good about themselves. If your sense of humor is excellent, you can make him laugh anytime he’s around you.

You will stand a good chance of keeping him as your man even without premarital sex. He will come around you to get some laughter anywhere he goes to.

5. Be Family Member

Loving a man’s family is also one way to miss you that many ladies are not thinking. If you are privileged enough to know his family, then your job is halfway done. All you need to do is show some love to his family, most notably his mother.

Men don’t joke with their mothers at all. Even if he says he’s not interested again because you refused him sometimes, his mom will call him to order for your sake.

Respect his family and friends. You are part of his life and part of his family and friends’ lives. You are telling him who to visit and who not to visit will automatically disqualify you from him.

6. Appreciate Your Boyfriend

Reminding a man that he’s the best is also another way to a man’s mind. Most men don’t care about their facial appearance or how they look. But if you continually remind him that he’s the most handsome man you have ever known, you might have him to yourself.

Even if he goes out of your presence for some time, he will come back because men love where they are treated like kings. It’s the best thing to make your boyfriend jolly.

7. Surprise Hangout

Planning a surprise date or dinner party is also an effective way to get a guy to like you. Most men have not been treated to something special all their lives due to the society in which they grew up. Some men believe that their job is to provide, and that’s how it should remain for them.

Give him a surprise visit with his favorite fruits or snacks from the store and if you can prepare it, prepare it exclusively and deliciously. He will wish you are with him always.

So if you treat a man to something special, then it’s heart-melting for him. Because it will come as a surprise, he has not experienced such before. He will love you because of this, even without sleeping with you.

8. Take Care

Let him know that you love him. Make him understand that you care a lot about him. Tell him that he can trust you because some men have this mentality if you are not doing it with them. Then you probably have it elsewhere.

You should care for his needs and his challenges at the office, at home, and on his schedule for the weekend. It will make him believe that you are not self-centered.

Make him understand that he can trust you with the last drop of his blood, and I promise you that he will wait for you until the time is right.

9. Give Surprise Gifts

Buy him surprise gifts. Most ladies always wait for the celebration period or birthdays before getting gifts for their spouse, which is not too good. Buy something in need, but he couldn’t buy it due to finances or schedules. For example, shoes, boxers, gadgets, and clothes with his favorite color.

Believe it or not, there could be a girl somewhere who is getting gifts for your spouse on his birthday too. This will now put you in a competitive position. Your man will soon be comparing both gifts to see which one is better.

Go out there and get surprise gifts for him. If he should ask you what you are celebrating, tell him that you celebrate his love. You will make a guy fall in love with you even without having access to your body.

10. Give Freedom & Privacy

Giving a man some space and freedom is another way to make your partner miss you. You should be able to allow him to hang out with his friends once in a while because he knew them before you came into his life.

Anything most men detest most in their lives is being policed. Policing a man is another way of giving him a ticket to go out and never return. That is not what you need if you truly want to win his heart.

11. Be Attractive

Don’t be a nagging woman. Too many complain about abusive words, and misunderstanding will plop him away from you. It is one way of telling him that the other lady in the street is better than you.

Try to be an attentive and intelligent lady. Try to hack your boyfriend’s mind. It’s not difficult to do, listen to him carefully and share your feelings. Share your funny moments, memories, and emotions. It makes your boyfriend fall in love again.

12. Romantic Talk

IN THE MORNING, romantic SMS messages ask him about his sleep last night, in the afternoon asking him about his workflow and how he is affected by the weather. This expresses your love for him.

Don’t text him all time. If he doesn’t like texting, then skip it, and if he wants, then text him. If you always send him romantically or love SMS. Send him funny jokes, a quiz, and a letter. These varieties make your boyfriend a new experience, and he starts to miss you and remember you.

13. Maintain Communication

Be the first to call every morning. Be the last person to call him before going to bed. With this, he is convinced that you truly love him.

Before calling him, make sure that he’s sleeping or not. Don’t disturb him at sleep time because it creates a bad day and bad moments. So, know his daily schedule and make calls in his free time.

14. Don’t Personal Interfere

Don’t Investigate his phone if he loves to chat with another lady or not. Make him believe that he is free and emotionally secured with you.

When you try to protect him from another lady, he feels more excited to do it. Human behavior and mind always want to do negative things and give someone pain. So, don’t force him or try to change. If you can not bear it, then make him free forever. It’s better for both you and your future life.

15. Be Elegant

Elegance will drive him crazy about you. It shows you are mentally and physically mature. Clarity will bring out your fascinating nature, thereby giving you the avenue to win his mind more.

Use a mild perfume that makes a man attentive. Your dress-up and hairstyle should be elegant. Man likes girl’s get-up and beauty, so be careful about it.

16. Be Supportive

There are many ways you can support it. For example: Support him financially, emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise. Pray for him. Give your opinions when needed.

Be proud of your partner in the public, in the midst of friends and family. Defend him, stand up for him. Make him feel special and unique to you.

Every man wants mental support and inspiration. If you give him pain and don’t support him at the wrong time, he will lose interest and love. It makes your relationship weak, and the man tries to find another girl who gives him support and peace.

17. Be Real

Don’t pretend for him but be mature. Don’t present him nasty characters about yourself. Be open-minded too. Don’t make him think you don’t have a brain.

Be honest because men like an honest girls. Help people and friendships make you purer, and your boyfriend thinks about you more.

18. Be Independent Women

Don’t Be A Liability. Men detest a liability, women who can not afford anything on their own without the man. Let him be the one to advise you. ” Honey, don’t worry, let me buy it for you, or let me give you the money.” It is better than for you to depend on him wholly.

If your partner wants to give something and force you to take it, consider him; otherwise, he feels sad and doubts the relationship. Men feel satisfied by providing for their family and girlfriend/wife.

19. Do Trust

Make him trust him with his belongings. His properties and money should not be a problem when given to you. Make him believe that whatever secrets he discussed with you are still a secret.

It’s the central pillar of relationship and love. Without trust, there is no love. It’s body or mind business! Trust him but not trust excess because the situation and desire can change him.

20. Give Space

Be Submissive, Social, and Outspoken. Your submissions send a high signal to him. Your relationship with God will draw him closer to you, but don’t force him to attend church. Always be presentable whether you are going out with him or not. Don’t be shy in everything; it is not maturity.

Don’t hurt him by religious faith. It’s a personal matter. So don’t force him to do any religious works. Don’t think that humanity depends on religion. Humanity depends on its mindset.

21. Don’t Hurt Weak Point

Don’t discuss his weaknesses with anyone, no matter how close the person is to you. Talking about his fault is a forfeiture of respect for him, which will hurt him against you.

Men always want to be reliable, but situations make them weak. So, don’t laugh at his unfortunate situation. Always give him courage and inspiration. This is the central fact that depends on relationship length.

22. Give Priority

Place him above your career. It doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t go to work, instead make him a top priority. Create time to always be with him. There should not be a timetable for spending time with him.

If you are a busy woman and always handle tide schedules, tell him that you can talk for a limited time. You can text him any jokes or miss your SMS when you get a little time. This small thing makes your love more energetic, and your partner feels thrilled with you.

23. Give Attention

Give him attention. We all love to be given notoriety. Don’t invent the space for another woman to be seen around him. He attends to him when he calls you. Alleviate his needs on the bed, kitchen, and the populace.

Everybody needs attention from his/her favorite person. So, it’s essential in any relationship. By giving attention to him, you will earn more recognition from him. So, never forget to provide him with focus and always try to be a good listener.

24. Deep Love

When I say love, I am not talking about the fleeting feelings you have for someone because of their elevated status or what they offer. I am talking about an undying commitment to someone, no matter the condition. Men will give anything to have a woman who will feed them undying devotion and stay by them through thick and thin.

So, express your love and do what that man likes very much. Love makes a strong bond between two people and makes some sweet memories unforgettable.

25. Keep Calm

Men want peace. Life as it is got enough troubles to last a lifetime. No man wants a woman full of problems. They will take the next flight out of your life. They want peace in a chaotic world and want someone who will take the stress off their shoulders, not add to it.

So, try to keep calm in any situation. Don’t tell your problem all time because it makes him uneasy. Try to chill with him, dance, and play with him like a child. Trust me, these activities make your relationship healthy, and your boyfriend never forgets these moments.

26. Self-care

Gone are the days when women sat at home and waited for the men to meet their needs. A man wants a self-care woman who can take care of herself with or without him, not a little girl who tries her life to his paycheck.

Get a job, dream big, set goals, and strive to achieve them. Be a boss lady. Men want women who challenge them to make more. Love yourself. That means you can love others more.

27. Be A Mature Women

Men want an understanding lady. Men are, by their nature, active and busy. A man wants a woman who would understand that he wouldn’t spend all his time with her, but he would create time for her. The easiest way for a man to lose interest in a woman is to make herself too available and always fond of nagging whenever he isn’t around.

Immaturity is toxic to the relationship. So, don’t act like an immature girl. Your understanding and management quality depend on it. Please don’t ruin it.

28. Make Friendship

Laughter is the best medicine for the soul. Men want a lively and humourous woman who can create positive energy and vibes whenever they are downcasted. They need a playmate who will fight with them, play games, and argue about sports. They want a woman to catch fun with, not a dull or always a bad mood.

Long love depends on another relation, that is friendship. Treat him like a best friend and behave friendly. Friendship never dies, so if you want an evergreen relationship, then make a friendship relation.

29. Time Sense

Time is one of the few things men never joke about. A man wants a woman who will show him respect at all times. One who won’t bruise his ego deliberately. A woman will treat him as a king and hold him highly. Trust me, and if he finds such a woman, he will put a diamond ring on her fingers.

Never be late when you have a schedule with him, like a date or hangout. Some lady things that it can make a value about herself. But you are wrong men hate waiting long. Some men things that he is cheap and less valuable. So, ladies, never be late, arrive only time. It creates value, priority, and respect.

30. Forgiveness

Give a man trust, and he is all yours. Men hate it when the woman they love doesn’t trust them in return. They want a woman who gives them privacy, not a woman who trails their every move, searches their messages, and checks on phone calls. For Christ’s sake, the girl cut the man some slack. He doesn’t need another mother. Give him a breathing space.

Men make many faults, and they will say sorry about it. Never act like a hard lady. Forgive him. If he makes a fault that you feel hurt, act as a sad lady but don’t quarrel with him. Your silence kills him badly, and he understands his responsibility deeply. Next time he will avoid this fault.

So give him some chances to recover it but if you think that he makes fault all time and say sorry all time, then think more. Don’t forgive him easily. Give him sweet punishment like no talk three days, no meet one week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make bf happy over text?

Men are very emotional and erotic but accessible to convince. You must need to know the perfect mood and texting technique for making your boyfriend special and happy. Before sending any SMS, you should understand his mind and situation.

Now, I’m telling you the best 5 ways to make your boyfriend comfortable and feel superior over text.
1 – Send some romantic & emotional love messages when he is in the right mood.
2 – Don’t send any funny messages when he feels sad or upset. You can send him some inspirational quotes.
3 – Send him some funny jokes and puzzles that he feels more interested in and eager to chat in a long time.
4 – Tell him that you are the best boyfriend and life that I need very much.
5 – You can take care of him by asking and supporting him over text or call. Please don’t argue with him and give him some space to feel free.

How to convince the boyfriend when he is angry?

Every girl fears an angry boyfriend, and most of the relationship breaks up for this anger. So before convincing your angry boyfriend, you need to be patient first, then follow some rules that overcome the anger situation and love again.

So follow these 5 tips to maintain an angry boyfriend.
1 – Be calm when he’s angry with you. If you remain in a silent mood, then he’s cooldown automatically within 5 seconds or 1 minute.
2 – Talk about the matter when he is calm and discuss with him very softly and give him a chance to talk.
3 – If you think it’s your mistake, say sorry and give a tight hug. Talk with him with an emotional voice and feel guilty about it.
4 – Men are very fond of food. So, cook or make some unique dishes that he likes most and serve him with your hand.
5 – Take him to a lovely and romantic place and try to discuss old sweet memories. Sometimes a deep, sweet kiss can ruin anger and convenience very easily. So try to make it with your boyfriend.

How to get in the mood for him?

Busy life, work, and mental pressure make men tired and unromantic. It’s very natural when you are busy with something and feel pressure. If you want to get back a sweet romantic mood to your boyfriend, then you need to cooperate with him and do some things.

Here are the 5 simple things:
1 – Give him some massage when he feels tired or bored and tell him something romantic or naughty.
2 – Share some funny jokes and watch a romantic movie together. Be intimate with him and make eye contact in a relaxed mode.
3 – Don’t say about tedious or unnecessary that he unlike. Tell him something exciting that he likes most, like football news.
4 – Make some unique dishes and tell him that you cook specially for him. You can serve this food in a candlelight environment that seems romantic and relaxed.
5 – Be a good listener and ask him something exciting or memorable. Then you listen to him carefully and respond very quickly.


Dear women, do these things to make your boyfriend glad and win his heart. But at first, know him deeply. If he is matched with you, carry your relationship with these tips. Otherwise, don’t continue because it is a waste of time.

If you have done all these things for him and still insist on taking your flower without doing the right thing first, you have to be very careful in that relationship. It could be that his only interest is to have and dump you.

I hope you found this article interesting? If yes, let me know what you think in the comment section below. Do well to like and share for others to see too one love.

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