35 Ways To Keep Him Interested

Make Him Miss You

Men feel loved when their partner supports them through actions, such as helping with tasks, offering assistance, or taking care of practical matters. Acts of service can show care and consideration, making men feel valued and appreciated. Physical affection and intimacy play an important role in how men experience love. Physical touch, sexual connection, and closeness can be significant expressions of love for many men, fostering a sense of emotional connection and bonding.

How to make him jealous? You will learn 35 powerful secrets that will make your man chase you. I will also tell you exactly what to do to keep him interested. I’m Dr. Antonio Borel. I’m a psychologist and a relationship coach. This website is about helping you build great relationships to grow happy with the people you love. These tips are powerful and work well because they’re based on psychological science and trigger a man’s instincts to pursue a woman. When you use these step-by-step tips, you will demonstrate the fact.

How Does Attraction Work For A Man?

When oxytocin is released in a woman’s body, she will feel and create a bond with the very person that has triggered the release of oxytocin. So, in this case, it can be the man she’s dating.

Dr. Loretta Bruning once said the oxytocin release would raise your trust in a guy. In other words, you get the illusion that he’s perfect even when he isn’t right for you. That’s rather strange, and men don’t suffer much from this.

How Does Attraction Work For A Man
How Does Attraction Work For A Man?

So oxytocin has a different effect on a man’s body, and that’s one that you may even like. Because when you make sure that the man you are dating is the man you are in a relationship with, even the man you are married to also gets some oxytocin. It may make him less interested in even being repulsed by other attractive women. Wouldn’t that be great and proven by scientific research?

Oxytocin isn’t bad for us. It can give us great feelings, but we have to be mindful of the side effects of our romantic relationship. Oxytocin makes you idealize the man you are dating or the man you are in a relationship with, whether he’s a great guy. or not. That’s the thing to remember because your mind will automatically start to trust and love him more because of the oxytocin.

How To Keep Him Interested?

We will talk about some feminine ways to keep a man interested in you and keep a man chasing you. It is a trendy topic in the dating world because, obviously, as a woman, you want to be desired. You want a man to be addicted to you long-term.

So even if you’re in a marriage, you want your husband to still like you, always give you things, and chase you in whatever you do. That’s a normal human desire. I don’t want you to be ashamed of wanting that as normal. As a feminine woman, it will be essential to know how men operate.

So that way, how to work alongside them. You must also look within yourself and determine what areas are lacking. So I want to talk about all of these things. I want us to discuss how you, as a feminine woman, can keep a man interested in you long-term. So go ahead and get something to eat, write with, sit back, relax, and let’s jump into the article.

We have this pressure as women to keep a man. That notion is so problematic. Because a person doesn’t need to be controlled, the idea and energy around wanting to save someone can cause many problems. We won’t talk about that today, but I want you to understand that if you’re one of something so wrong, you can’t stop thinking about it. You want this man to call you, text you, take you out, chase you, and buy you things, although it might be a human desire and natural.

When you are operating in the energy of lack, you continue to experience that you need to know everything you need. So let’s start our journey!

1. Give Him Your Attention

As human beings, we are all wired to crave each other’s attention. We crave attention from those that matter most to us, the people we love most. When I was a little kid, I was the youngest of four. I still am the youngest of four. We would watch what my older sister and brothers wanted to watch as a little kid.

We’d go to restaurants where they wanted to go. I used to get so frustrated that I didn’t have any influence or wouldn’t get attention. I was this little toe-headed kid. I’d get crazy. My face would go beet red. I’d stomp into the kitchen what I learned how to do to get attention.

I learned how to bite, I would bite my sister or bite my brothers, and they would scream. My parents would come in, and I would get the attention I wanted. At least I got some attention. So, my parents came up with a strategy to help me. Because they figured out I was biting.

I was three years old, and they taught me to ask for the attention I craved. My dad would say if you want attention, all you have to do is come to me and say, “Dad, I want some attention” So, I said okay. When craving some attention, I ran into the kitchen the next day. I said, ‘Dad, I want some attention’ My dad laughed, and he went, ‘You want some attention?’ I go, ‘Yeah! I want attention now.

So he scooped me up in his arms while he was cooking. Men craved the attention of women. If you want to blow your man’s mind, you want to blow his hair back if you’re going on a first date. You want to impress him on the first date.

Here’s what you do, Let him talk 80 percent of the time. It might sound a bit crazy, but what you’re doing is you’re giving him your attention. You’re putting the focus on him. You let him talk 80 percent of the time. Notice what he’s doing. He’s trying to impress you.

He’s trying to woo you. He’s trying to be the man he thinks you want him to be. So, you give him that attention. Then, you are impressed by some of the things he’s saying. It will be the best first date he has ever had. He will want that second date with you. Because remember, the universe doesn’t read our intention to have a great relationship that lasts.

It reads your attention and where you’re placing that attention. So, give that attention to your man in specific moments. Celebrate him for what he’s doing. You’ll notice that it will help that relationship. It will help his interest to last.

2. Give Him Micro-Challenges

The second point that helps keep a man’s interest forever is to give him micro-challenges. What’s a micro challenge? We men love challenges. We love games. We love what creates a challenge.

Think about men who love sports, men who love video games, or men who love work projects. Why? Because there’s a challenge. A challenge comes with a goal, a gap, and a timeline. Think about men who hit tiny little balls hundreds of yards away. There’s a small hole, and they try to put the tiny ball in some jam. They will spend hours and hours and hours at this game trying to knock this ball into this hole in fewer hits or strokes. The game is called golf. Men get obsessed with golf. Why? Because it’s hard and there’s a challenge.

There’s a payoff. Well, you can use that same dynamic. It’s a little pressure point in the relationship by giving him micro-challenges. My wife is great at this. Micro-challenge could be, ‘Hey honey! I’m craving some sushi this weekend. Would you be willing to pick some up for me?’ or ‘Hey honey! I’m craving some doing something new this weekend.

Would you take me out?’ or ‘Hey honey! I’ve got this knot in my back. Would you be willing to work it out for me?’ Micro-challenges are a goal, a gap, and a timeline. In other words, the goal is you’re craving sushi, which is to have sushi in your belly.

The gap is that you’re craving it and not having sushi; the timeline is this weekend. When you give your man these little micro-challenges, it works wonders in keeping him special. He’s accomplishing this challenge. The key is the payoff.

He gets that payoff with you, which is that hug, that smile. The sparkle in your eye that says, ‘Thank you! You are my man. You did a great job!’ Now notice the specific phrasing, ‘I’m craving some sushi,’ ‘Would you pick some up for me?’ or ‘I’d love to do something new’ ‘Would you take me somewhere this weekend?

When it’s done in a feminine way, specific phrasing ignites his masculine energy and amplifies the feel-good power he has. So, if you want different phrasing or want to know what feminine attributes ignite his masculine energy, I will put a free resource I created for you. I’ve written an ebook called “Five Feminine Qualities High-Value Men Find Irresistible” I’ll link it in as a gift to you from me.

3. Give Him Random Wet Kisses

Men love wet kisses. We love it. We love wet kisses, wet kisses when he doesn’t expect them. It is at a whole other level. It’s a pressure point. So, you’re leaving for work, you’re like, ‘Hey honey! Hold on, come here!’

You grab his face, and you give him a wet kiss. You get home from work, and you hug him and give him a wet kiss. I promise he will think about you all day if you do that.

4. Encouraging His Space

Encourage him to get guy time. Encourage him to get out of the house. Encourage him to get away and do something that will stoke his masculine biochemistry. Here’s why this matters. As men, we have biochemical rhythms, and the biochemical rhythm that helps us bond to you. It is influenced by us being willing and able to pull away. We are doing something that strokes our masculine biochemistry.

It wants to bring us back to you. I call this the law of elasticity. It comes from hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary programming. When we were cavewomen, cavemen, and the men’s job was primarily to hunt. If he didn’t desire to go and pursue it, he needed some biochemistry to ignite him.

It would want him to go out and hunt because hunting was hard. The hunt was dangerous. It was cold and uncomfortable. It was way more comfortable to lay near the fire in the cave and snuggle up with his cavewoman and stay there. But every man feels this desire after spending close time with his woman to pull away and do something masculine. That’s the natural law of elasticity.

So, a woman should encourage this because modern man doesn’t recognize this as much. The modern man isn’t required to go out and hunt the same way. As a woman, one of these pressure points is encouraging him by saying, ‘Hey! Go, get some guy time’ ‘Hey! Go out of here and golf, play a sport, or do something. I can feel you getting restless when you think your man is nervous.

Encourage him to get away, and then he will fill his tank. He will come back and want to be even closer to you. Now getaway time does not mean weeks or months away. It is not that he’s been gone for a few weeks, and he’s getting his guy time.

No, that’s him, like leaving. It’s not a matter of weeks. We’re talking a matter of hours. Get him space! Have an afternoon away, and come back! He’ll want to bond with you when you encourage this. You will stoke his emotional desire. It will create a connection with you. He will appreciate you so much for it.

5. Give Yourself Rejuvenation Time

This is a massive pressure point. When you are burned out, you are not at your best. Your man feels that he knows that. He wants you to feel good. He wants you to be happy. When you’re happy, your man is happy. So, this is often the hardest one to do. Because many women that I coach, my wife included, feel guilty.

You will feel guilty for wanting to get your own time. But know this, you are giving yourself your own time. Filling your cup is a gift to your man. It’s a gift to the kids and those around you. My wife combined two of these pressure points.

Recently, she gave me a mission. The mission was to help her get some rejuvenation time. She said, ‘Hey Matt, I haven’t seen my girlfriends in a long time. I’m craving pool time with my girlfriends. Would you be willing to take the kids on Saturday and take them out so I could get some solo girl time by the pool?’ I said, ‘I’m on that for you, babe. Yes! I will.

So, Saturday came. I packed up the kids. We left. We went to the park. We went to do a bunch of stuff. We had some fun. We were gone for hours. When I came back, my daughter ran through the house into the backyard sees her mom with her friends. She comes back. She goes, ‘Dad, Mom, and her friends are fashionable.’ I said, ‘What is fashionable?’ I walked outside, and I saw the smile on my wife’s face.

I saw the light in her eyes. She was sitting by the pool wearing a bikini and her friends. They all had drinks in their hand. It looked like a Vegas scene. I said, ‘Yep! That is fashionable!’ It felt good because she felt good. So give yourself the rejuvenation time. You want that because you need that. It will help the relationship last.

6. Keep Variety

Variety is one of our human needs. We require certainty, which is consistency. But we have another need for type, which only happens when you consciously infuse variations into the relationship.

So, I challenge you to do at least one new thing every month. Something you’ve never done before with your person. It might be creating a new drink together. You guys are going to look up a new drink. Create a brand new drink that you’ve never had before. Make it at home, and cheers.

It might be a new board game that you play together. It might be a hike that you do together. It might be an activity like pickleball. You explore with one another and do something new, something fresh. Because of that freshness, it creates a fresh experience in the relationship. It’s important. What have relationships in movies have in common? Every film is a fresh new experience.

You’re going on a new journey, a new story. Neither of you has seen or experienced it before, but that’s, quite frankly, the most mundane way to create variety in a relationship. Apart from movies, I challenge you to create one new thing in your relationship every month. It will help fuse that freshness, keep him interested in your relationship, and save you interest.

7. Stop Talking About Feeling Unappreciated

This one is difficult to do, but it is essential. Let me explain. When you feel like he is taking you for granted or doesn’t appreciate you, it’s natural to feel hurt and angry about it. It makes sense that you would want to talk to him about it. Sometimes that’s enough to turn things around temporarily.

However, if things don’t change, continuing to bring up your complaints might make things worse. Despite all the conversations, nothing changes. Things get more complicated between you. It’s like, he sees you as the one who’s always complaining and nagging at him.

So, you must not bring this topic up again. It’s challenging, but continuing to bring it up could sabotage your chances of turning things around. You must not let him know that you’re upset or sad, or worried despite your feelings. Instead of doing those things, you do these steps. He’s going to be the one missing and appreciating you. He will bring it up himself.

8. Prioritize Your Fitness

It’s not uncommon for couples in a relationship to put on some extra pounds and make it to the gym, their fitness less of a priority. People get comfortable with one another and place less emphasis on being in their best and most attractive physical shape.

If you’ve gained a few pounds and don’t have the same hourglass figure you had when you met your man, getting back into that shape is something that he will certainly notice. So join a gym or start following a particular workout program. Make it a priority. Make sure that he understands how important this is to you. You have specific fitness or size goals to meet. He should be happy that you are making these changes. But he will also know that you will be more attractive to everyone.

Other men are also included. Don’t be surprised if he comments or asks why you’re trying to look so good. Suppose your physical fitness hasn’t changed since you’ve been in a relationship. You can still share increased enthusiasm for your wellness with him.

9. Glamorize Your Looks

When in a relationship, it’s common for people to get so comfortable that they let their appearance fade. If this resonates with you, it’s time to glamourize your appearance with him. When you’re not with him, dress well, and ensure your hair and skin glow. Look your best. He will notice when other men are paying more attention to you. That’s going to remind him that other men find you attractive.

If you’re a person who is always looking your best, consider making a change in the way you look. You could change your hair length, color, clothing style, and makeup. Make sure that it’s enough of a change that he will notice. It’s a change that makes you look sexier and more glamorous. The psychology behind these changes is twofold.

First, he’s going to be wondering why you’ve made this significant change in the way that you look. He will be questioning why it’s so essential for you to look better and different. He will ask if it’s because you want to be attractive to other men.

Again, this will provoke a little fear that someone else could take his place. The second thing that happens when you change your appearance is how you dress. He’s going to be wondering if you’re also changing your feelings.

10. Understand Your Value

I want to explain why the fear of losing you is essential to him. Falling in love and staying in love are two different things. At the beginning of most dating relationships, people work towards gaining their partner’s affection and trust before making any commitments.

That’s because when we like someone, we show them, tell them, and work hard to make it known to them, hoping our feelings are reciprocated. We are motivated to show our love. We desire to have this other person and feel insecure about our standing. I’ve talked about it before. The more we invest in someone, the more effort we put into someone, and the more we appreciate and like them.

As a result, what happens when a man has no fear of a woman ever leaving him? Then half of his motivation is removed. He no longer has to try so hard. He no longer has to work on securing your love and attention. He knows he doesn’t have to be on top of his game if he has no fear of losing you. You’ll still be there. He takes you for granted. He does not appreciate you.

He no longer works as hard to make the relationship great. You got to remind him of your value in his life. By no means when I suggest that you purposefully try to make him feel jealous or engage in any manipulative games.

These tips are based on focusing on you, prioritizing you and looking fabulous and feeling amazing, and reminding him that he’s with a fantastic woman. He must work to ensure he keeps you interested in him.

11. Do Something New

Go out with your friends and have fun again, away from your man. Do something for yourself, take up a new hobby, or do something you enjoy. This forces him to recognize your independence. You’re not sitting by the phone waiting for his call.

One of the most important things men find attractive and women is independence. He’s got to know how complete your life is and if he becomes part of it. It’s because you want him to be part of it, not because you need him to be part of it.

So make sure that you are keeping up with life. Be yourself and make your priority making. Keep plans with your friends, and keep your schedule busy. This goes a long way towards helping him see you as a high-value woman with an exciting life. When you do that, he will want to be a part of that, and when he isn’t, he will feel that too. So when he calls you last minute to make plans, oops, sorry, I have plans.

This will make him prioritize and plan his time with you. he will also begin to recognize that he does not get the privilege of calling you or asking you to go out. He has to earn back that high-priority status. Make other plans, and he will start to remember how you used to be available for him when he prioritized a relationship.

12. Create A Safe Zone

Connect with him on an emotionally intimate level. I’m saying that you create a safe space for him to be emotionally intimate. Think back to when you felt close and connected with your partner or when you could tell your partner your deepest secrets. It would be accepted. We all need that deep connection with someone, and those deep and beautiful feelings of intimacy flourish in an atmosphere of safety. We open up when we feel safe. We take risks when we feel safe.

To create a safe zone for him to be freely expressive to be himself. It means being a person who is very accepting, caring, and compassionate. When he’s connected with you on an emotionally intimate level, he will certainly miss you. After all, when he feels disconnected, you want him to be lonely for you. Loneliness is a feeling we get in our hearts when we want intimacy and connection with someone, but no one is available or willing to join.

13. Have The Talk When The Time Is Right

This one is super important. If you’ve done these first steps correctly, your boyfriend will recognize a change and probably become concerned. It’s good that you want him to recognize and remember that he has a fantastic woman.

Suppose he doesn’t notice the changes. That’s when you should be concerned. So again, you aren’t the one who should bring up this topic. But when he notices your changes, he will either step up his game and become more loving like he used to be.

He’s going to bring up what he’s noticed and didn’t want to have a conversation about it. That’s perfect, and when he does, be transparent and honest about what you want in your expectations for the relationship.

14. Follow Discipline

You can’t lie to yourself or bargain with yourself that although he isn’t what you’re looking for that, he will change. Or that things will get better. They won’t, and if anything, they will only get worse. He must feel you aren’t willing to settle and will not tolerate his behaviors or actions. You disagree, in addition, for him to appreciate you.

He must experience this fear of loss, virtually the fear of losing you. This fear will be even greater if you’re at your best self because this type of fear is rooted in love. But he will only experience this if he knows you’re willing and able to escape something wrong. New relationships should be exciting, passionate, and comfortable when you like someone.

You want them to know how valuable and important the relationship is, and you want to know that your feelings are being reciprocated. So treat them with as much affection and consideration as you can. It is precisely how you should be treated. In return, don’t settle for anything.

15. Play With His Mind Games

Men are looking for mind games. You don’t want to play a game. I knew it was stupid, but it’s part of the human being. We are looking for what we don’t have.

So if you want to make him miss you again, you need to put yourself on the pedestal and not be the first to train your mind. You will always repeat. I will show him what he has lost. I will show him what he has lost, and you will control your mind.

16. Disconnect Your Contact Sometimes

If you want to make him fall in love again, please let him take the first step. So we will get three weeks to ensure we will never text you. We will never call him and never ask him to go out.

My friend, we want him to move us, but that’s the reality. We want him to fight for you and enjoy this guy being involved. Why? Because if not, it will be a one-sided relationship. Honestly, you will burn yourself, which I don’t want for you.

17. Follow Some Advice

It will be social because, as men, we ignore women well granted. If we take you for granted, we will leave you. So if you want to make him interested again, you need to be more social. You need to have some experience to try new activities in your life, and then he will realize that you’re not required.

You’re not here for him, so we must fight for you. It is why men love. It sounds crazy. It’s the reality that we are always looking for what we don’t have, and it’s so easy to make a man jealous again.

18. Develop The Dimensions

I want us to discuss developing dimensions within you, like any human being. When they meet you, they will be attracted to whatever you’re presenting. They will love that and want more, especially if you’re feminine, sweet, friendly, and beautiful.

As a man men are masculine, and that energy is very goal-oriented. So they’re more interested in getting what they want, whatever that is, and for every man, it’s different. So some men, they want to sleep with you. Masculinity within itself is very goal-oriented. If they meet you and like you, they want more of it and want in their lives.

Your eyes will be drawn to what you want in your life. So that’s the vital piece. However, that’s not enough. You’re not a prop. You are more than your outer appearance. So you must have multiple dimensions, so I encourage you to spend so much time with yourself doing things. These are developing your goals, passions, interests, and purpose that will naturally make you a more interesting woman.

Please spend time reading books, being knowledgeable about things, and having your own opinions, not the views of people you see on social media. But for you to take everything you see and make your judgments based on your personality and life experiences.

You have to remember that everyone gets bored after a while, and it’s not a negative thing. It’s a state of being after seeing something over and over the same thing in the same way. Even if it’s excellent, you want a little variety and spice. That’s why you need to be true to yourself as a woman. He sees you differently and makes you more attractive. You’re not like everybody else. Do things that will spice things up.

19. Be An Attractive Looking

Change your hairstyle now. I change it more often than the average person because I get bored more often than the average person. So I like to look different. Depending on how I feel, I want a different mood or extra energy. On any given day, my hairstyle is an expression of whatever I’m feeling or whatever I want to exude. But be willing to change, be ready to do something adventurous, and show a different side of yourself.

It’s essential to be at least open to modifying things a bit. Men enjoy that, and it’s right for you to try different things. This world is vast. There are so many things that you don’t know. You haven’t explored so many people you haven’t spoken to. There are so many things to absorb.

Don’t get stuck. That is so important. Of course, I will mention your physical appearance because that is crucial. Men are visual creatures. They’re moved more by what they see than we are. So that’s important to know, and this is a long-term thing.

It’s not when you’re dating, mostly if they fall in love with your style. Maybe you have a mixed type, and suddenly, you don’t care about your appearance. You wear sweats all the time. You don’t do your hair. You don’t throw on makeup, jewelry, or perfume; you must stay up. That happens so naturally. It’s not like you probably even want to do that.

It’s when you get comfortable with someone, and sometimes you start letting things go because they like you right. So you don’t want to feel like you’re doing it for him. You want to know that you’re doing it for yourself, which I preach in all my articles about caring for yourself. Ultimately, a man will want to be part of that, and changing it up is the best way to keep anyone wanting you.

So get used to switching it up and not always being so predictable. Let him get to know what you have to mention, and he will love that.

20. Leave Him Alone

Another feminine way of keeping a man interested in you long-term is by leaving him alone and practicing stillness. Now I discussed illness. A lot in my articles, but it is necessary that we, as women, learn how to slow down and sometimes stop.

It would help if you stopped to reflect on yourself once you’ve been dating, getting to know one another, and spending time together. You might start to see a shift in his energy. That’s because you’re in a space where he’s planning for.

21. Find Yourself

If he wants to marry you, the next thing is where his focus and energy are going toward unless. You aren’t inspiring him in some way by your behavior. He’s probably going to move on to the next goal doesn’t mean that he’s not crazy about you.

It means that now that this is taken care of, the next thing. However, you can find ways to bring him back, which will require you to go away. That sounds like what you mean to them. That’s the problem. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in whoever we’re dating that we feel disconnected every time. I haven’t heard who he is with, even when you’re in a marriage.

You will want your husband to chase you, and you’ll do it differently in my marriage. You can enjoy your husband chasing you and feeling like you’re doing things to get his attention.

As a man, to fulfill so many roles for you in your life that you forget about what you have. You have so much. The most important thing you have is yourself.

22. Be Alone Sometimes

Spending time and stillness is essential if you feel you’re missing something. Because you can be more aware of your thoughts, you will have time to think about what you want. Think about things that you’re struggling with. Think about ways you can help other people. You will have time to sit down with no interruptions.

Especially if you are married and find that your husband is not seeking you out like he used to. He’s not as interested. Maybe you are already doing all these things that you think should work, and they’re not that stillness.

You don’t ever have to worry about him chasing you. Especially if he realizes you’re not operating in desperation that is so attractive to a man. So you need to leave him alone. Don’t blow up his phone or ask why he hasn’t texted you. Don’t badger him. Give him that freedom and that space.

It’ll encourage him to want to spend time with you, and you might think, oh, but what if you’re married to him? What if you’re living with him? How can I leave him alone? Well, you can go somewhere. You can go shopping, spend time working on your craft, you can be doing something creative, can be in your zone.

He needs to go out with his friends. He needs to go and do whatever to do. This alone time recharges him and comes back for you.

23. Keep Your Personality Natural

Femininity is one of the most attractive things to a man, not the feminine exterior, which is essential. But true womanhood lies in your ability to be loving, nurturing, compassionate, and caring about yourself. So it means that you’re up to par with your hygiene.

You smell good, and your teeth are clean. Your breath smells fresh, and your clothes are clean. Your clothes look like you put some effort into them, and you’re doing things like smiling. You will be shocked at how you can make a man melt by smiling. You don’t even have to do anything. Look at him and smile, appear interested in him or something. A lot of us women neglect to understand the power of our femininity. You are born with this stuff, the way you move, and how you look at him mindfulness.

You’re looking at his eyes. You’re in the present moment with him and know how to receive it. When you receive, you do it to where he feels that energy like you appreciated it. You liked it, so be a cheerful receiver, and so many of you want me to like to act it out for you.

So you can mimic it, but it has to be part of your personality. It might look wild on you if you mimic how I receive or what I typically do. Because it doesn’t go with your natural personality, focus on the key to being a cheerful receiver.

24. Start Pacing Yourself

You want to build up momentum. Suppose you’re already a little far into the relationship. You can still do this and find ways. How much power do you have when you’re the one in control? How much do you want to give of yourself?

How much time do you want to give? They can shift the relationship. If you start pulling the reins back or taking some control, he wants to start seeing you daily.

Sometimes you can take a break and take a step back. Build the momentum that way when you’re not around. He misses you ten times more. He starts thinking about and fantasizing about the course. He’s going to see you next and what you guys will do. You’ll talk about it, giving him time to prepare himself.

The more he prepares himself, the more mentally he’s investing in you, and he will want it to work out. He will also get, so you sued these once-a-week dates that turn into twice a weekdays and three times a week. It’s rewarding him for doing a good job and impressing you, which fuels his ego.

25. Keep It Fun & Exciting

Don’t be afraid to have fun, like order fun candy and make jokes with him. Cuddle with his arms, tell him how cute he is, and make it a fun experience.

Never be afraid to pour your personality into these dates and moments with him to make it more fun. The more fun you are, the more positive energy you bring to them. It can be highly addicting every time you’re around them. You’re on a high, so you’ll get used to it and never want to let it go.

26. Give Him Freedom & Space

There are usually two different types of guys. There are the guys that want to be around you 24/7. They want to do everything with you and want you to come with them. They want you to be at home to watch Netflix as soon as they get off work.

Then there are those guys who enjoy spending time with you, but then there’s a time where they’re like, man, I need a break, like I need some time. It’s overwhelming, like they start to freak out in their head a little, and that’s when you notice guys pulling it back.

Sometimes it can be the guys that are 24/7 wanting to be with you, and sometimes it can be the guys who are a little more reserved and harder to get. But either way, no matter which type of guy you’re going after right now, you still want to make sure you make it clear.

You have your own life and give them space. It’s normal for guys to feel overwhelmed. Some guys are not built like us. Their brains work differently than ours. They have different needs, wants, and situations. We don’t understand as girls because when we fall in love, we’re like, oh my gosh, you’re the one. I want to be with you always, and this will work, but with guys, it’s like they can feel that way.

The next day, they don’t feel like that anymore or are starting to question it. So when you have your own life, it doesn’t make them ask that overwhelming feeling.

It rarely overwhelms them because they’re trying to figure out how to get you closer to them instead of getting you to keep your own life. So if you keep your hobbies, you keep your job. But you don’t start cutting down your hours and trying to spend every second of the day with them. It makes them want that more.

If you don’t give them space and are all up in their face in their text messages, all up in their face time, they never have that time to realize that they’re becoming addicted to you. They don’t have the time to miss you and crave you. You have that firm commitment, but until then, let him dream of you. Keep living your life, and don’t fear putting yourself first. Because the more you’re away, the more they miss and value you.

27. Be His Best Friend

Be his best friend, be the person he confides in, and be the person who can help him when he feels overwhelmed. Because the more of a support system you are for them, the more they need you. It’s an addiction at that point because they feel like they can not get through hard times without you. They no longer know how to have a bad day without you to cheer them up.

I feel so many girls are like, no, I need to be independent. He needs to earn me to cook for him and needs to make me help him. But in reality, yes, you don’t give away all your services to a guy who is not putting in the effort. If this guy’s putting an action, you’re dating or building a relationship and a foundation with him, and you want to show how you will support him and stand by him.

28. Be In A Good Mood

Be in a good mood and focus on your own life. It shines outward, and the relationship reflects. You essentially set the emotional tone for the relationship. When you feel perfect and happy on the inside, the relationship demonstrates. It fixes a lot of problems, and it feels good.

Men honestly can not get enough of the female energy that this exudes. It fixes a lot of problems and prevents a lot of issues too. When you’re in a good mood, it’s an addicting feeling. It makes a man keep his interest and re-establish his interest. It gets deeper.

29. Support Him All Time

Looking deep into his heart and understanding him deeply touches a man’s soul. As a man, what’s meaningful to him? Every man wants to win and move toward his ultimate mission. What a man wants to become, and what does he consider?

A winner is different for every man, but he needs a deep sense of moving in that direction. He wants in his life what’s meaningful to him. When you understand what motivates him and what he wants from his life, you’ll feel him deeply.

As a man, you see, men want to feel understood, and what motivates them as a man and what deflates them shuts them down and makes them feel uninspired, then guess what you can do. You could help support him and the things that go toward motivating and supporting his dreams.

You encourage him to follow that, and you discourage and identify what will make him feel broken and defeated. This makes him feel like you’re a woman that brings out his best and powerfully supports him. It puts you in a position where you’re the woman in this corner, the one woman he can never forget about, who changed his life and invested. Make him a bigger winner, and he could never be alone.

30. Stop Pursuing Him

You start feeling like your man is slipping away from you or not pursuing you as he did before. The most obvious reaction is trying to hold on to him or bring him closer. It’s the instinctual thing to do. It’s also the very worst thing that you can do. That’s because you cannot pursue a man. He has to pursue you. Remember this: he’s a man.

From an evolutionary and cultural perspective, men are prepared to pursue women in court. They are not ready to be followed by women; think about it. Boys are taught that they’re supposed to show interest. They are trained to ask girls to dance, ask for their number, and ask them to go out on a date.

So this has been ingrained in them in so many ways. They’re brought up knowing that they are supposed to initiate and pursue, and besides being part of their socialization from an evolutionary perspective, the chase is also a primal response.

It’s ingrained into the brain’s deepest parts and evolutionary response to millions of years competing with others for survival. So if he has to pursue you for your attention, he values you. If you try to pursue him, he’s unconsciously going to think that other men don’t want you and don’t pursue you.

So why should he then let your values go down? So this is super important. He’s a man, and he has to pursue you. You have to stop chasing after him. You have to stop following him.

31. Follow The 80-20 Rules

Let me get very specific with you on this one. I want you to practice the 80/20 rule or even the 85/15 rule. You must let him initiate contact or communication 80% of the time, so you must stop texting him. First, you have to stop checking on him. You cannot ask to see him or try to initiate plans instead, and you must let him do it.

Let him do it 80% of the time, not always, but 80% of the time. He should be reaching out to your first look. This isn’t easy to do because you want him, you miss him, and you want to talk to him. It’s hard not to reach out because you want to connect and communicate.

It isn’t easy to do, but you must do it. Make sure that you’re letting him initiate and make him wait before returning his calls and texts. I understand the urge to respond immediately, especially if you’ve been waiting to hear from him for a while.

But taking some time before responding to him sends the message that you are busy and not sitting by your phone waiting for him to reach out. Have patience and take your time before responding. Doing so will undoubtedly increase his yearning for you.

32. Respect Yourself

Do you believe in the core of your being that you are a woman who deserves to be loved unconditionally by a wonderful man? If you believe your dating or relationship behaviors communicate, you accept less than you deserve.

You are keeping your standards and expectations high. When you think you are a woman deserving of love, you will act apart and attract that man. Believing you are the prize means practicing soft love, but you can imagine practicing self-love in a new intimate relationship.

It is often easier said than done because we have solid romantic desires for another person. We usually do things that will win their affection. We overlook red flags and forgive bad behavior that chemically induced love fog overrides our ability to evaluate things clearly and objectively.

We get swept up and sometimes engage in anything but soft-loving behaviors. This is when the majority of dating mistakes happen. The errors cause men to lose interest, bail on you, or use you for sex.

Remember, a man will treat you the way you allow him. When a man is testing your boundaries, how do you handle it? Do you give him multiple chances or make excuses for his poor behavior? Because you’re afraid of losing him when you believe you are the prize, you will put your self-respect above your feelings, remain true to your standards, and enforce your boundaries.

You are the prize also means that you’re not continually trying to measure how much he likes or wants you; instead, you’re more focused on how he measures up. You’re more concentrated.

33. Never Be Too Accessible

Never be too accessible before a severe relationship develops before being fully committed and serious about making a future with you. Don’t always be available for him by saying yes when he calls and asks you to go out. Especially if he’s getting with a short notice saying no to his request for the plan, sends him the message that you have other engagements or other commitments that are taking priority, at least at this time.

When he’s asking, it also forces him to recognize that you are an independent high-value woman and that you’re not sitting by the phone waiting for his calls. Remember, one of the most important things that men find attractive. He’s got to know how complete your life is.

If he becomes part of it, it’s because you want him to be a part of it, not because he needs him to be part of it. Does that sound like you’re playing games? If you’re acting like you are busy, but you’re sitting at home watching Netflix, yeah, that’s not what I’m referring to instead. I suggest that you make sure that you are keeping up with life.

Before meeting him, you had to be yourself and prioritize making plans with your girlfriends and keeping your schedule busy. This goes a long way towards helping him see you as a high-value woman with an exciting life.

When you do that, he will want to be part of that. So don’t be so eager to give a man access to your time and attention. Don’t give up time with your family, friends, and hobbies when a new guy asks you on a last-minute date. Trust me. He will appreciate and respect you more.

34. Never Act Exclusively

Never act exclusively with a man who is still keeping his options open. If a man tells you he’s not looking for a relationship or anything serious, you need to believe him. You will know you can do better if you think you are the prize. You will never entertain getting involved with a man who doesn’t want a relationship, regardless of how attractive or successful.

He might be, while adjusting your wants and needs to accommodate his might be tempting. This is absolutely something that you can not do. You’re seeking a long-term relationship.

For example, you start dating a guy who has clarified that he isn’t seeking anything serious, but you like him.

If you play casually and go along with his wants, you’ll eventually be able to convince him to align his desires with yours. You may feel this is working in the short term, but you are only setting yourself up for disappointment in the long run. Think about it!

You are working on changing his mind. We all have limited time and resources. Why are you going to waste yours trying to change him? You could be with someone seeking the same thing and worthy of your time. You have to believe guys when they say they’re not looking for a relationship. Trust me. You will save time, effort, heartache, and disappointment.

35. Be Willing To Walk Away

You must be willing to walk away from someone and something if it isn’t working. Stop entertaining his half-hearted attempts to show you that he cares. In other words, if he’s given you mixed messages, that’s half-hearted. So if a man is not showing you the love and affection you expect, don’t complain about it. Don’t nag or fight with him. That won’t change anything; instead, it takes away your attention.

Be willing to walk away. If he has any real desire for you, he will pull out all the stops to get you back. But again, he must know that he has to change, or he will lose you. That’s not something you need to tell him. It’s something that you need to demonstrate to him in your behavior.

He needs to feel that you aren’t willing to settle and that you will tolerate his behavior or actions you disagree with. He has to be afraid that he will lose you if he doesn’t step up his game. he will only experience this if he knows you’re willing and able to walk away from something that isn’t right for you.

What keeps a man in a relationship?

Here are some common elements that tend to foster long-term commitment:

What keeps a man in a relationship?
What keeps a man in a relationship?
  • Building a strong emotional bond is essential. Men desire emotional intimacy, trust, and understanding in relationships like anyone else. A deep connection that allows for open communication and vulnerability can help keep a man engaged and invested.
  • Shared values, interests, and goals can contribute to the longevity of a relationship. When both partners align on important aspects of life, it creates a sense of unity and strengthens the bond.
  • Respect is fundamental for a healthy relationship. Treating each other with kindness, consideration, and appreciation helps to create a supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Effective communication is crucial in any relationship. Men value open and honest dialogue, where they feel heard and understood. Discussing thoughts, feelings, and concerns helps resolve conflicts and maintain a strong connection.
  • Maintaining satisfying physical and emotional intimacy is important for many men. This includes affectionate gestures, sexual compatibility, and ongoing emotional support.
  • Trust forms the foundation of a solid relationship. Demonstrating trustworthiness, staying loyal, and being reliable are key factors in building and maintaining trust.
  • Allowing each other personal space and supporting individual growth is important. Encouraging personal hobbies, interests, and aspirations can help maintain a healthy balance between togetherness and independence.
  • Men appreciate a sense of equity and shared responsibilities in a relationship. Collaborating on household chores, decision-making, and supporting each other’s goals creates a balanced and harmonious partnership.
  • Keeping the relationship enjoyable helps sustain the connection. Engaging in shared activities, exploring new experiences, and creating positive memories can strengthen the bond.

Both partners need to be committed to the relationship and willing to put in the effort to make it work. It takes mutual dedication, compromise, and a willingness to work through challenges.

How to keep him chasing you?

Maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship is about mutual respect, equality, and reciprocity. Rather than trying to make someone chase you, fostering a strong connection built on trust, shared values, and emotional intimacy is more constructive. However, here are some general tips that can help keep the spark alive and maintain a sense of attraction:

How to keep him chasing you
How to keep him chasing you?
  • Confidence is attractive, so focus on building your self-esteem and pursuing your own interests and goals. Maintain your independence and show that you have a fulfilling life outside of the relationship.
  • Maintain your physical and mental well-being. Prioritize self-care, engage in activities that make you feel good, and take care of your appearance. When you feel good about yourself, it radiates and can be attractive to others.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings, leave room for discovery, and allow him to explore different aspects of your personality over time.
  • Continue to invest in romantic gestures and activities that create a sense of excitement and connection. Plan surprise dates, leave thoughtful notes, or engage in enjoyable activities. Keeping the romance alive can help foster a sense of attraction and desire.
  • Support his dreams, aspirations, and interests. Show genuine interest in his life and be his cheerleader. Encourage his personal growth and be there for him during challenging times.
  • Healthy relationships require boundaries. Respect your own boundaries and communicate them. This shows that you have self-respect and helps to maintain a sense of intrigue and respect within the relationship.
  • Allow him to see and appreciate the multifaceted aspects of your personality.
  • Open and honest communication is vital. Express your needs, desires, and concerns clearly and respectfully. Listen actively and provide a safe space for him to share his thoughts and feelings.

The goal of a healthy relationship is not to play games or manipulate the other person into chasing you. It’s about fostering a genuine connection based on trust, respect, and shared experiences. Focus on building a strong foundation, nurturing the relationship, and creating a positive and fulfilling partnership for both of you.

How to keep him interested through text?

Keeping someone interested through text messages can be a fun and engaging way to maintain a connection. Here are some tips to help you keep him interested and excited about texting with you:

How to keep him interested through text
How to keep him interested through text?
  • Respond promptly to his messages to show interest and investment in the conversation. Ask open-ended questions to encourage deeper discussions and keep the conversation flowing.
  • Injecting humor and playful banter into your texts can make them more enjoyable and keep things lighthearted. Share funny anecdotes or jokes to create a positive and entertaining atmosphere.
  • Keep the conversation engaging by sharing stories or experiences from your day or recent events. Be descriptive and use vivid language to paint a picture and make your texts more captivating.
  • Ask him about his interests, hobbies, and opinions. Show curiosity and actively listen to his responses. This demonstrates that you value his thoughts and opinions, which helps deepen your connection.
  • Emojis and gifs can add a touch of playfulness and emotion to your texts. Use them sparingly to enhance your messages and convey your feelings or reactions.
  • Offer words of encouragement and support when he shares his goals or challenges. Let him know that you believe in him and are there to support him. This shows that you care about his well-being and builds an emotional connection.
  • Leave some details or stories for future conversations, allowing for anticipation and excitement to build. It keeps the conversation interesting and gives you something to look forward to.
  • You can flirt subtly through text messages if you’re comfortable with it and the context allows. Compliment him genuinely and express your attraction in a playful and flirty way. However, be mindful of his comfort level and the nature of your relationship.
  • Be mindful of his schedule and commitments. Avoid bombarding him with constant messages or expecting immediate responses. Allow for breaks and give him space when needed.

Authenticity is key. Be genuine in your texts and let your true personality shine through. Trying to be someone you’re not or playing games can be off-putting and may hinder the development of a genuine connection.


I hope these tips encourage you to develop yourself in a way that would keep a man interested in your long-term. In a way that will help you to preserve who you are. You will feel so fulfilled knowing that you have a balance of both and that one indeed does drag the other.

When you apply these tips, you will be amazed that he will come back, you will talk to him, and you will show him some love. Suppose you want to make your boyfriend and your date interested again. You have to be challenged to get your life.

Do some new experiences to make sure you relate to the first step to being social and the last one, which is crucial for me to understand that you need to change your lousy pattern and habits. You need to put yourself. First, you always need to show your confidence to a man. We can do it together.

If you have any questions, please write below in the comment section. I have studied human nature and must study and coach so many people. So I can guarantee you that every action, every detail is essential. Now it’s your time to take the lid off your life and to make sure you will make him miss you again. I will see you soon for a new article. I wish you a happy relationship.

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