30 Tricks To Make A Girl Fall For You Fastly

how to make a girl fall for you

How to impress a girl? How can you be a challenge in a relationship with a woman where it becomes a lifelong quest for her to win your affection? How can you put yourself in that position rather than being where many guys find themselves where they’re trying to get their girlfriend or wife to love them more and more?

They do seem to work the dynamic never seems to change. She doesn’t look at him with love in her eyes and wants to win his affection and be fair to him. He doesn’t ever get to experience that with her. He may have experienced it initially, but the relationship has changed. She no longer looks at him in that way. There are so many examples that I can give you of how to be a challenge in a relationship with a woman. So she is trying to win your affection, win you over, and impress you.

How To Make Her Interested & Miss You Again

Before learning to keep women interested and fall for you, you must understand that it is a process, not a destination. This process aims to naturally target women’s psychology and do things in a very natural way. We live in an age where toxicity is at an all-time high on both ends: lots of toxic women and poisonous men. We all must heal ourselves and not participate to move on from that.

We got to do better, hold ourselves accountable for our type of behavior, and do better. Those are ways that you can keep a woman that you like attractive. You see, none of those ways requires you to spend money or trick her. I’m saying to develop an emotional attachment.

How To Make Her Interested
How To Make Her Interested?

We are all insecure to an extent. We’re all vulnerable to time. So the idea is that you naturally show your vulnerability, not in a fake way. You will attract these women and keep women attracted to you by continuing to be you. Then she will continue feeling like there is something new to you and, therefore, more refreshing and enjoyable.

Follow what you love. Be naturally mysterious and be vulnerable when the time calls for it conveys. Those masculine traits are natural, and women will be interested in you.

30 Tricks To Make A Girl Fall For You Forever

How to make a girl fall for you? I will tell you the steps to keep the girl falling for you. Why do girls lose interest in the first place? Well, there are many reasons, but what she thought when she started seeing or talking to you?

She doesn’t think that anymore, so something changed her. I guess whatever opinion of you she had in her head is now different than what she feels now, and look, some stuff’s not within your control. So I will discuss the problems and ways to make her want you and love you more. Let’s start the counseling.

1. Have A Little Bit Of Mystery

One of the things I see is the first tip I will give you: keeping an ERA and an aura of mystery about you. You want to be a little bit mysterious with women.

If you go on a first date with a girl, let’s say she’s addicted initially, and you reveal a whole bunch of information about yourself. You tell her everything in your life.

She’s already learned everything. There’s no mystery. There’s nothing to look forward to knowing. There’s nothing that she can learn about you in the future. She will probably get bored and maybe move on to somebody else who will give her that sense of mystery.

I’ve made this mistake plenty of times on a date where I was so into this girl at the beginning I revealed everything that I could think of in my life. She learned everything about me.

There wasn’t anything exciting to learn. Then she moved on to another guy. If you’re a guy where that’s happening, I highly suggest you only initially reveal a few things with her. Keep a little bit of mystery there.

2. Be Less Intimidating

She’s probably intimidated by you. Don’t be so intimidating. Many attractive guys at the beginning, they’re good at management. They got great things going for them. They’re good-looking.

Don’t try and be a big lofty person. Because guys haven’t had much success with women many times, they tend to think that they have to be up here. The girl is going to want to get with them. That’s not true. Women already know that you’re up there. What they want to feel is they want to feel a sense of comfort with you. Attraction does have a lot of different parts.

First, you have to attract the girl. Then she has to feel comfortable with you; comfort beats attraction if you’ve been out many times. You will go for the guy, and they feel more comfortable.

But if you’re a guy, that’s like talking about your greatness, and she might not believe it. What I’m saying is that she’s going to feel like this guy went on a freaking yacht party last weekend, and I stayed at home and watched ‘Orange is The New Black’ He’s not going to be interested in any of my stories.

We’re not going to get along. Girls often say he was good-looking, and we didn’t click. Often, they say that you don’t click for this particular reason.

I would invite you to do what I do when talking to girls. I’d like you to show them that I’m like them. We’re two people doing the best that we can in life. Because sometimes, when they hear about my job, I’m a self-development coach or dating coach, they get slightly intimidated by it.

So, I wouldn’t say I like to talk about it too. I will say a few things about it and ask them what they do. I’ll show them that they have a lot of great things going on in their life too.

Now we feel more at an even pace. We feel more comfortable with each other and often keep girls around a lot better than acting like the topmost significant, the most badass guy on the planet.

3. Don’t Show Too Much Interest

I see many guys when they meet a girl that they genuinely like. They text a whole bunch of times during the day. They make her the number one priority, and the girl gets pushed away.

If you’re to endure at the beginning, if it’s a young girl, she will think something’s wrong with you. Because she’s innately insecure and thinks if a guy is this clingy, he probably doesn’t have many options going for him. He must not be a great catch, and sometimes they’re wrong about this.

Sometimes you’re into a girl, but what I would do is I would measure. If you’ve been going out for a week, stop texting her all day. Have something more important to do besides that. Just always texting her all the time is not relaxed. In this case, less is going to be more.

4. Don’t Neglect Her

You have to find a happy medium. If you’ve gotten with a girl on a date where you’re to be endured, she will not like it. For that reason, if you’re planning things that way too far in the future, like you’re saying we’re going to do this, and then we’re going to do that, she will get scared.

She’s going to run away. However, if you’d show too little attention, like if you sleep with a girl and you think this girl’s in the bag, I don’t have to do anything to keep her around. She will probably feel neglected. She’s not going to be handling good about herself. If she’s any bit more intelligent, she will probably not message you and hang out with you again. Because she doesn’t like that feeling, in this case, you don’t always have to message her. But when you do message, pay attention to what she’s saying.

Take the time to tell her about your day. Tell her some of the stuff that you’re doing. Make plans with her again. If you want to see this person, don’t think, ‘I’ll hit her up like Saturday during the day or Saturday at 2:00 a.m’ She’ll be down. If you’re playing that game, certain girls deep into you will be down for that, but The smart ones especially will not.

5. Be On Your Purpose

Have an exciting life. If you are the type of person playing video games, sitting on the couch, you have a regular job that you’re not into, and then you go out at night and occasionally get a girl.

You got some characteristics that she’s into them. But she’s going to realize that you’re a boring person eventually. You don’t have that much going for you. They want an excellent storyline to happen. If you’ve seen this, every single little thing makes an impact.

If you do these things wrong, it doesn’t make for a good story. If you do them right, it makes for great information. If you have a type of job you’re not passionate about, you don’t feel like doing anything.

You’re not going anywhere. You’re doing the same thing every single day. That’s not an exciting story, either. Women want to get with a guy who can give them a compelling story, an exciting experience, and an exciting life.

If you have the characteristics to make that happen, you will make her love you. She will love you and not go out for other guys. She’s going to want to be with you. If you’re not on your path, chances are, she’s going to get bored, and she’s going to run away. The crazy part about this is they will never tell you.

No girl is ever going to come up to you and say, ‘Hey, listen, the reason why I stopped being attracted to you is that you’re not ambitious’ She’s never going to say that to you. She will think that she would hurt your feelings. You have to look at yourself in your life and realize.

If that’s the things that you’ve been doing, you probably know it. If you have been doing it, it’s time to change. The next time you get a girl you like, you can keep and miss her and continue doing that.

6. Be Amazing In Bed

You got to be a beast in the sheets. She won’t stick around for long if you are unsatisfied in the bedroom. You need to know how to last longer, be dominant, and give her an orgasm. You can’t know how to be fair. You also have to know the right ways to add variety.

You want to use different positions, have physical relations for different amounts of time, switch it up and do it in other places. Maybe the kitchen table, even the balcony. There are unlimited options if you can consistently show her a great time in bed. She will keep coming back for that pleasure.

7. Keep Up Your Appearance

Many guys start letting themselves go when they get into a steady relationship. They figure I have her, and she’s in the pocket. I don’t need to worry about it anymore. They lose motivation.

They stop working out, and they stop caring about how they look. But listen, if you stop caring, she will start banging other guys. Here’s what you got to do. Keep up your style. Keep hitting the gym and staying in shape. Keep being an attractive guy.

8. Build Deep Connection

Build a deep connection with her. You want to use the conversation skills you’ve learned from my article. Talk about her passions, desires, and dreams to make a deeper connection with her. Figure out who she is and try to speak to her about what she profoundly enjoys.

At the same time, always try to maintain a level of flirtatiousness, like you had when you first met her. That’s going to keep things fun while also maintaining the connection.

9. Start Slow

Start slow and let it build. Now, I get some shade over here. Many guys will meet a girl they like and decide to hang out with this girl five times a week. Sure! That can be fun. I’m going to shed some light over here a little bit. That can be fun, but you don’t leave room for the relationship to grow. It’s better to start slow, hang out one to two times a week, and do random stuff.

Go to dinner, have some drinks, and watch some Netflix. As you get to know her better, start adding some easygoing stuff. Then you can increase how often you’re hanging out. You may be started hanging out with her three times a week and then four, and you let it build this way. The relationship will feel like it’s always growing and not stagnating.

10. Be Spontaneous

I talked about it earlier. Help is essential in the bedroom with your sex life, but it’s super necessary outside the bedroom. As you build things with her, start sprinkling some thrilling events. Surprise her with a trip to her favorite restaurant. Go on a hiking adventure.

Tell her you want to go to some cool place for a weekend. Don’t let yourself fall into the monotony that many relationships do. These kinds of behavior get boring. Keep her on her toes and excited! That way, she won’t get bored hanging out with you.

11. Keep Secrets Alive

You don’t have to reveal your whole life story to a girl when you meet her. Let her peel back the layers. Let her earn it. Let it be a reward every time she finds something new about you.

You want to keep the mystery alive. That is going to keep her guessing and keep her entry. This is a quick example as I’m going down this mystery. I’m going to go down here. I’m going to echo. It’s crazy. It’s like a little maze down here.

People are not going to predict that I will be filming over here. It is going to be funny if I run into somebody. The hosts keep it going for a quick example of this with my last girlfriend. She didn’t know that I had wrapped that.

I had made songs that I traveled extensively, at least for the first month or two. She knew me, and when she did find that stuff out, she came up and came across my songs. She’s here! Oh my god! You’re so deep. I had no idea that you had this other side to you. I deepened our connection and made the bond stronger.

12. Avoid Neediness

Some guys are ready to risk it all for a girl they met. They’re prepared to put everything aside. Please do not turn in every way. Try to impress her and let their whole lives revolve around her. That is needy. It’s going to cause her attraction to fade away. She’s going to lose interest.

The biggest key is to remember not to forget about your purpose. Don’t let a girl come along and completely change how you do everything. You completely change what you are. Priorities continue to be a man of purpose, and you’re not going to be needy, and you’re going to keep her charmed in the long run.

13. Have Some Boundaries

Having boundaries for people is necessary. It goes with the concept of countries as well. Women will test you. Any sensible girl would do this. She wants to know if you’re the type of man you say you are and seem to be a fraud.

Maybe she’ll ask you to do some ridiculous stuff or lash out unnecessarily. Don’t be afraid to put your foot down and tell her you will not take this.

You’re going to have boundaries. You will see the behavior that you will and won’t stand for. You won’t stand for it when she does these kinds of actions. Let her know. Call her out on it. She might get pissed in a moment, but she will appreciate it. She will be glad that you did it, and she will maintain that respect for you.

14. Stop Overthinking

Don’t worry about what she is thinking or feeling from moment to moment. Women feel more attracted to a man who stops thinking about the moments after a conversation has ended. They don’t feel attracted to a guy talking to them, and they are worried about what he has said and how that may have affected how she feels.

If a guy says, ‘What are you thinking?’ or ‘What does that look?’ Ask those questions from a place of insecurity. He’s trying to figure out what she’s thinking. Does she love him? Does she feel attracted to him? What is she thinking? It’s okay for a man to ask questions like that if he’s asking it from a place of confidence.

For example, it is acceptable. He’s sitting next to his girlfriend or wife, and he’s been flirting with her. She gives him a bit of a look. He can say something like this, ‘Hey! What’s that look all about someone’s feeling a bit horny?’ Something like this was what she was looking for. ‘What are you trying to say?

Do you want to jump on me right now? Come here!’ that type of interaction between a boyfriend and a girlfriend or a husband and a wife is appropriate.

That’s going to create a spark of attraction. That’s going to be fun for them and so on. If a man asks why she looked at him that way from a place of insecurity, it won’t be fun for either of them.

He places too much importance on the random fluctuations in a woman’s mood. The subtle changes in her body language threw him off. He is unsure about his position in her life. Does she feel attracted to him? Is she losing attraction for him?

At that moment, what’s going on, what is she thinking, why is she behaving like that? All of a sudden, he’s concerned. He’s worried. He’s insecure. When a woman is in a relationship with a man who is continuously trying to win her affection and attention and win her over, worried about her mood and body language fluctuations, it’s not a challenge for her to see.

She can see that her man is coming at her 100% of the time with full interest and trying to work out what she is thinking from moment to moment. In other words, she is a challenge for him. He is in a position where he is chasing.

He is pursuing. If a man wants that relationship with a woman, he can do whatever. Suppose a man wants to be in a relationship with a woman pursuing him, being affectionate, moving towards him, and trying to win him over. In that case, he needs to allow her to be in that position rather than take the chaser and pursuer’s work by worrying about her thinking.

15. Make Her Feel Motivated

Some guys do not expect their women to improve or to impress them. A guy doesn’t want to put that pressure on his woman. He doesn’t want to annoy her, pressure her, and potentially leave him or get angry. He’s seen her when she’s thrown a tantrum. She also may have threatened to break up with him at one point.

So he doesn’t want to push it. He doesn’t expect her to improve or impress him because he feels she is more valuable in the relationship.

So, he needs to be careful. Otherwise, he’s going to get dumped alternatively. Some guys go to the other extreme where they demand that their woman improve the guy requires that she is more affectionate. The guy needs that. She is sweet all the time. He doesn’t want any part of that.

She has to be sweet, docile, and always do what he says. Otherwise, he’s going to get angry at her. Both of those approaches don’t work right with the first approach. The woman doesn’t feel like there is any challenge and takes the guy for granted. She’s bored with him, usually resulting in a breakup or cheating.

16. Don’t Let Her Control You

Don’t let her control you with ridiculous rules. If a man puts himself in the position where he’s trying to win over his girlfriend or wife, he’s trying to win her affection. He’s trying to live up to her expectations and standards. Then she is going to come up with what I call ridiculous rules.

For example, she may say to her boyfriend, you can pat me on the butt, but you can’t squeeze me on the butt. We can sit next to each other on the couch, but you have to sit over there. We can only text me from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m., and so on, ridiculous rules.

Suppose a guy listens to her silly rules and starts to abide by them. In that case, he becomes less and less of a challenge for her. She can essentially control him because he is trying to win her affection. He is trying to win her love and live up to her expectations.

He’s worried about potentially losing her now. That doesn’t mean every request a woman comes up with within a relationship is ridiculous. It’s the ones that are ridiculous such as You can pat me on the butt, but you can’t squeeze me on the butt. We can go to the movies, but I will never watch an action movie with you. I’m only going to watch a romantic comedy or a cartoon.

If a woman comes up with ridiculous rules like that, a man needs to laugh at her. he needs not to take her stupid control seriously. He doesn’t need to take that seriously and think, wow, I must abide by her rules. Now otherwise, I’m going to lose her.

So how can a man respond? Some guys might think that a man needs to put his woman back in her place and say, hey, we’re going to watch whatever movie I decide. I’m the man you come along with me. It’s not going to work in a long-term relationship or marriage.

A man can say something like this here, whatever, look, we’ll watch a romantic comedy or a cartoon tonight, but next time we’ll watch an action movie.

17. Let Her Win You

Let her win you over about certain things. For example, a girlfriend says to her boyfriend, or a wife says to her husband. Let’s go out and eat Italian food tonight. The guy doesn’t immediately have to say yes. He can say yes if he wants to if he’s in the mood for eating Italian food. But if he’s not in the mood to eat Italian food that night, he can say something like this.

I’ve been in the mood to eat Indian tonight. But I’m open to your suggestion about Italian, what have they got on the menu that you think. I’d like her to win you over at that moment and tell you about their garlic bread.

Or the bolognese pasta that they have and how you like carbonara. Or whatever she has to make you want to go out and eat that rather than you always being agreeable with her and going along with what she wants to do. Okay, those are a few ways to teach you to make your woman want to impress you and win you.

18. Be Consistent

You guys start your conversation, and you reach out to her. It’s in the morning, and you say good morning, beautiful. That’s what you want to do. You want to be the one who sends the excellent morning beautiful text first.

You don’t want the girl that bad if you’re too prideful or your ego is also whatever for you to do. She won’t stay enticed because there’s someone else in line before you do it or nobody at all.

You must communicate consistently with her because it is lost in the crowd if you don’t stand out. So when you say good morning, and she says good morning back, don’t be closed-ended; continue the conversation. Ask the questions – How are you feeling today, beautiful? What’s your schedule look like today, sweetheart? Or How did you sleep?

Keep the conversation going. I tell women this not to double, triple, or quadruple text. Don’t do that until you have built a rapport with this woman because that could be a turn-off. You get to talk in and do it too much, and when you like, it’s a turn-off. Because you’re doing too much, so don’t double-text.

19. Pay Attention

The next thing you could do to keep her missing is to pay attention to what she talks about, interests her, likes, dislikes, and surprises her. What woman doesn’t like surprises? I’m saying as people will don’t even try no more.

I don’t get it like this. Just zero effort, but again, at the same time, they don’t try. because fewer people require them to try. So pay attention if you are busy and tense. If you avoid it, then she will feel alone and neglected.

20. Help Her Anytime

What you could do to keep her happy is to help her. Regarding her goals, she genuinely works towards a freakin turn-on like a man who can help me. I’m struggling with it. Let’s say I’m in college, and I got a keeper.

A man can help me understand why my financial situation can help me budge. A man helps me with issues. I’m having with my vehicle or helping me fix things and whatever is happening around my house.

They want women to take on the roles of men, and I can’t even blame men. I blame feminism a little bit, but I won’t get all up into that. It’s so attractive when a man is a man.

21. Listen To Her Carefully

We talk a lot but be interested in listening to what she’s saying. Don’t be so self-absorbed or too focused on your video game or what you have going on. You neglect to interest her because you are a strong, successful man with a lot going on.

A man and woman should be able to pour into one another, and when you run into one another, you become a superpower couple. So don’t forget to be a good listener.

22. Be A Handsome Guy

You guys can also keep the woman you like addicted to dressing pleasant and smelling superior at all freak times. Do not be sloppy. I’m saying that if she gave you her number, there would be some interest. You need to look good. Before you guys, she’s going to his first date, how you looked at the store or the gas station.

She wants to know what will happen or how you spend the day. As a man, you slip off, finding sexy and delicious. That’s how you’re going to keep her excited. Smells are so important. Your fragrance attracts her, and vice versa if you both have odors that attract one another.

23. Don’t Blow Her Up All Time

I said double triple quadruple texter is blowing her up, especially when she’s a busy woman. Don’t send unsolicited pictures. We did not ask for a bad image. I’m so severe like that is a big deal. I will send all types of crazy stuff to women; we didn’t ask for it.

It can indicate a red flag from a smart woman and into her emotion. He’ll see that’s a red flag to me. Because if you’re sending me pictures up your body or a picture of your secrets, then I’m fantastic Utley is going to think, oh, that right there, that man. He’s that’s how he’s presenting himself. He wants to sleep with me. Why are you doing this?

I’m giving you guys the logic and the reality of the situation. so don’t present yourself openly. Be honest, and you might like it. But if a woman presents provocatively, you’re not considering getting to know her. So if you have attached in her present yourself as a gentleman, it comes down to being a classic traditional man. That’s what most of us want.

24. Be An Energetic Guy

You must have something you’re interested in or passionate about in the long run. You and you’re actively participating in some way, shape, or form. To keep a woman addicted, you have to be interested in yourself and how you can be attractive.

The way to be interesting is by following your passions and what you are devoted to, which will naturally radiate that charismatic energy. These positive energies and good vibes will naturally bring them to the table. You’ll naturally attract those women. It’s not crucial that you’re doing things that she particularly likes. A woman doesn’t necessarily have to enjoy these things because you are geeking out on this stuff. You’re so passionate about it.

You will naturally pull her closer to you. She’ll naturally be intrigued by you. You will naturally keep her interested because they’re naturally an exciting person. She sees that you’re passionate and doing that very attractive. Sexy women love these things because you’re doing it in the long run. She will continue being engaged because it makes sense, and it doesn’t necessarily matter how she feels about it. How you think about it matters because you will make her feel special when you feel good about it.

25. Maintain Your Privacy

A man will go out with a woman. He’s super attracted to her, and she also appears interested in him. Then what would he typically do if the date went well? Then the very next day, he’d start showering her with so many texts trying to call her all the time, trying to get a hold of her because he’s had such an excellent time. He’s trying to force things and make things happen quickly. The problem is that when a man reveals his cards too soon to a woman, she loses attraction.

Research proves that women are more attracted to indecipherable men. Research proves that most women will not agree. Even if you’re watching this and you are a woman.

You probably disagree with it yourself, but let’s face it. Research proves that women want to feel like they’ve earned their time and gained their attention when you’re naturally mysterious, not because you’re trying to be reserved, but because you naturally maintain your privacy.

You’ll pull those women closer to you. Therefore, coming off as a more attractive man who is too available is not confidential. Therefore unattractive men who are sparingly available are much more appealing. The women feel as though they’ve earned that particular man’s attention.

26. Show Your Vulnerability Sparingly

So contrary to popular belief, men are vulnerable to women in the right ways. The right ways are attractive to women. Why are women natural healers of people, especially men, when you present an emotional challenge, not a logical but a personal challenge?

They feel more inclined to want to help you. That’s naturally how they are. That’s innately what feminine energy is about connecting because women want to fix things and are more naturally inclined to do that. When you naturally show that vulnerable aspect of your personality. She’s going to start to question why you feel helpless. Why did someone hurt you? How did they hurt you? How did this affect you?

Let me give you an example. If you’ve been out with a woman before, you’ve been on a couple of dates, and then the topic of friendship or trust comes up. Then he’d tell her I don’t think I could trust that many people, to be honest. I’ve been stabbed in the back, and trusting someone is hard. I’m not saying I can’t, but it’s hard, and you’re vulnerable.

You put the jokes aside. She feels like she’s earned that vulnerability; better yet, she must help you. She feels she needs to help you because you presented an emotional challenge. When you speak to women personally, you drive them and compel them to do these things.

You need to push women to get the results you want again emotionally. This is not a manipulation tactic but a natural tactic that should happen naturally. So you share your insecurities, fears, doubts, whatever. It is your vulnerability to the vulnerable aspect of your personality, the raw element of your character.

27. Be Funny Guy

It can provide adequate and positive fun energy, which could be down to you talking to her for a little bit. Teasing her smiling, having the right body language, and being confident in who you are because she will want to go on a magic carpet ride with you if you are more confident. You’re hesitant, insecure.

It’s probably not going to want to hang out with you. She probably doesn’t think it. You will be able to provide her with a good experience or protect her, for that matter.

So what I do is I walk in, have good energy, tease playfully, have fun, and then all the time, I’ll try and move her to a different location. Being on an adventure means that you’re going to go to other places. You’re going to have new experiences there. It could be as simple as hey. Let’s go to the bar and get a drink. Or hey, let’s check out this place back there.

It could be effortless as now one thing that helps is if your area is well. When I was in San Francisco, I learned about all the after-parties. I knew where all the right places were to go out. If we were at a bar, I knew four or five places around that were pretty cool, depending on what she was.

If somebody came in and didn’t know the area and me, I could easily provide them with a good time. I frequently did this, even with groups like a group of people hanging out. They were like trying to decide what to do. I’d like you to come here.

Let’s we’re going to go to this bar. It’s going to be awesome. I will tell him all the stuff there because I said it with such confidence.

28. Introduce Her To Other People

You can introduce her to other people. So move her around, take her to different locations, and introduce her to others. So if you’re out and you got fun friends. I like to bring girls into my group like, hey coming, my friends, come on. So we go in, we meet some of my friends. Maybe my friends have excellent funny banter with each other. We like to roast each other all the time.

So I’m bringing her into my world and giving her this fun experience. Like the woman, I often love to see guys roasting each other and being funny.

So that’s an excellent way too, and when she sees you have pool friends as well. So that’ll help if you go out by yourself to start meeting people like I do this all the time like I would go all by myself frequently. I’ll use the first two hours to meet a bunch of people.

At the time, a cute girl that I like. I have many people around me to whom I can introduce her, and she’s like, he knows all these guys. He’s taking me to all these cool new places like this must be excellent, I do like I want to stick around him. I want to hang out with him. I want to get his phone number and see him in the future as all those things are happening to you.

29. Keep Regular Communication

Keeping a constant text stream between you and your girl is crucial to your success. Trust me when I tell you the girl will hate you if you miss a day. I’ve been through it. It’s like they want your attention all the time, and if you miss a day, they think that you’re cheating on them or don’t love them anymore or whatever it is. It’s going to like to affect them. You’ll get tight, and they’ll probably like to call it off with you. But if you continuously texture it, we’ll keep her like you.

Now that doesn’t mean that you gotta like to blast her with text all the time, like- how are you doing? What’s up? What are you doing? They’re not that annoying, my man keeps these basic rules. Say good morning, say good night, and text once every hour.

30. Do Something Cute

Do something cute and romantic every once in a while, and this one is debatable. Because I say at least twice a month, others say more or less. It depends on the type of girl you got. Maybe your girl is like freezing. She doesn’t like anything romantic.

So you have to worry about nothing good for you. Other girls are romantic. They want to be treated like a princess 100 times a month, which sucks for you and your walk. What type of girls do you have? I don’t know because I’m not dating your girl. So that’s on. You must figure out what type of girl you have.

For example, you can do some cute things for a girl. Take her out on dates because this one you should already be doing. But now maybe you think I don’t get that money, like having a girl is expensive.

You got to go on, take her to fancy restaurants. I’m not talking about that, but they can be anything. It’s more about getting out of the house and doing something fun. You can take her to the park.

She’ll be happy, which you should be interested in, and that’s the important part, or you can take it to Times Square if you live in New York. Or if you live in the caddy, take it to someplace that looks nice again. Take her outside as long as you’re outside the house. That’s what’s important, you’re spending time with her. It’s not about money, it’s about time.

How do you make a girl fall for you over a text?

Building a genuine connection with someone takes time and effort, whether in person or through text. Here are some tips to help you foster a connection and build attraction through text messages:

How do you make a girl fall for you over a text
How do you make a girl fall for you over a text?
  • Authenticity is important. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or use excessive flattery. Be genuine, and let your true personality shine through.
  • Ask her questions about herself and actively listen to her responses. Show genuine curiosity and try understanding her thoughts, interests, and experiences.
  • Move beyond small talk and engage in deeper conversations. Discuss important topics with both of you, share your thoughts, and encourage her to share hers. This can help create a stronger emotional connection.
  • A lighthearted and playful approach can be attractive, but be mindful of the context and her receptiveness to humor. Share jokes or funny anecdotes to create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Show empathy when she shares her concerns or problems. Offer support and understanding, and tell her you’re there for her. Building an emotional connection through empathy can deepen your bond.
  • Compliment her genuinely and specifically, highlighting qualities you appreciate. However, avoid excessive flattery or compliments solely based on her appearance.
  • Be mindful of her schedule and commitments. Avoid bombarding her with constant messages or being too clingy. Allow her time to respond, and give her space when needed.
  • Let her get to know you by sharing aspects of your life, such as your hobbies, interests, and experiences. This helps create a sense of closeness and mutual understanding.

Building a connection takes time, and everyone has their own pace. Avoid pushing for immediate outcomes or making her feel pressured. Let the relationship develop naturally. Do respect her boundaries and reciprocation. Building a genuine connection is based on mutual attraction, shared interests, and emotional compatibility.

How to make a girl fall for you without talking to her?

Developing a genuine connection with someone typically requires communication and interaction. However, if you’re looking for ways to catch someone’s attention and pique their interest without directly talking to them, here are a few suggestions:

How to make a girl fall for you without talking to her
How to make a girl fall for you without talking to her?
  • Putting effort into your appearance can make you more attractive and catch someone’s eye. Dress in a way that suits your style and highlights your best features.
  • Confidence can be attractive, so work on building your self-esteem. Stand tall, maintain eye contact, and exude positivity. Confidence can be conveyed through body language and demeanor, even without direct communication.
  • Smile and have an open and friendly demeanor. Approachability can make you more inviting and increase the chances of someone being interested in getting to know you.
  • Participate in activities or join groups where you know the person you’re interested in will likely be. This allows you to be in proximity and potentially create opportunities for interaction.
  • Being kind, considerate, and compassionate towards others can make you more likable. People are drawn to those who are caring and understanding.
  • Non-verbal cues can convey interest and attraction. Make eye contact, smile, and use subtle gestures like a gentle touch on the arm or a friendly wave to signal your interest.
  • Highlight your talents, skills, and passions through your actions. Excel in areas that interest you and that you’re passionate about.

If you’re connected on social media platforms, share positive and interesting content that reflects your personality and interests. This can give the person a glimpse into your life and generate curiosity.

Things to say to make a girl fall in love with you

Building love and deep emotional connections cannot be achieved by simply saying specific things. Love is a complex and multifaceted emotion that develops through shared experiences, trust, and compatibility. However, certain sentiments and behaviors can contribute to creating a strong foundation for love. Here are some general suggestions on what to say to show your care and build a deeper connection:

Things to say to make a girl fall in love with you
Things to say to make a girl fall in love with you
  • Show curiosity and ask her about her dreams, goals, and passions. Ask open-ended questions to encourage meaningful conversations and active listening.
  • Focus on her qualities beyond physical appearance. Acknowledge her kindness, intelligence, sense of humor or any other traits you genuinely appreciate.
  • Offer words of encouragement when she faces challenges or pursues her ambitions. Let her know that you believe in her abilities and are there to support her.
  • Share your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This level of vulnerability can create a deeper connection and encourage her to reciprocate.
  • Express your gratitude for the things she does, both big and small. Let her know that you notice and value her efforts.
  • Offer words that affirm your affection and care. Tell her why she is special to you and how she positively impacts your life.
  • Treat her with kindness, respect her boundaries, and listen attentively. Show that you value her as an individual and that her feelings and opinions matter to you.

Love takes time to develop, so avoid rushing or pressuring her into feeling a certain way. Allow the relationship to progress naturally, and be patient with the process. True love evolves through emotional connection, shared experiences, and mutual growth.


There’s nothing wrong with a man impressing his woman or trying to improve himself to be a better boyfriend or husband for his woman. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, you want a relationship dynamic where your woman is affectionate and loving towards you and treats you how she initially treated you.

You need to be a challenge for her to win over. It’s essential to make her feel like she has something to lose. If she doesn’t try to impress you, if she doesn’t improve herself and continually becomes a better woman, it’s great to have a relationship where the man and the woman improve.

They’re becoming a better and better couple over time. But the best type of relationship dynamic is where the woman feels more need to impress you and improve herself to win you over to win your affection to make you love her more and more.

This type of relationship dynamic results in your woman cuddling into your arm as you walk along somewhere, cuddling into you on the couch or the sofa initiating affection and physical when you’re in the bedroom. It makes her want to be close to you. It makes her want to experience moments with you and to find more and more of your love.

Try to understand her and figure out what she’s thinking momentarily. When a guy tries to figure out his woman’s thoughts and feelings from moment to moment, day to day, week to week, month to month, and so on, he can think that his woman is crazy or bipolar.

One moment she’s smiling and happy the next moment, she’s pushing me away, and she’s sitting on the other side of the couch. What’s going on? Why is she like this? As a man, you need to understand that you don’t need to follow a woman’s change in mood from moment to moment, minute to minute, hour to hour, every day, and so on.

If a man follows a woman’s changing attitude and thinks about it nonstop, concerned about how she feels, the woman will get frustrated. She will see that her man is looking at her as the leader in the dynamic between him and her. She doesn’t want to be the leader, where the man is following her moods.

A woman wants to be in a situation where a guy can be unreactive and reactive depending on what he wants to do rather than always reacting to her changing moods and behavior. Being a challenge responds if you’re going to react and not react when you don’t want to.

You are in control of your emotional state rather than her being in control of yours. You should not always follow her change in mood and try to make her happy. Keep the peace between you and her. I hope you can have a healthy relationship and make your girl love you more. Please share this article with your friends and keep them happy.

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