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30 Psychological Signs She Loves You – Love Test For Her

30 Psychological Signs She Loves You: I’m so excited because I’m going to be helping you guys kind of find out if a girl loves you or not. Guys, this is from my heart to yours because girls are complicated, and it’s annoying to go up to a girl and get rejected. So I’m going to let you know if she’s flirting with you or want you.

30 Signs She Loves You

Today we’re going to be talking about how to tell if a girl is serious about you. What time to look out for that a girl wants to date you seriously, not just a little. For this, you have some knowledge about girl’s psychology and behavior. Grils are mysterious and emotional. So you should deal with her creatively. Please let’s get right on this.

1. She looks At You Adoringly

The first one is ‘long stare’ Considering you guys are in a relationship, and you guys are about to share those three words. You’ll know that she loves you by the long stare. What do I mean by this?

If you guys are lying together in bed or just sitting down and laughing, and then she kind of looks at you. It’s just like, it just like keeps that stare for a very long time. She’s looking at you adoringly. She loves you. We break eye contact if we are uncomfortable.

If she stares at you for a very long time, almost hoping for you to say something to her, she loves you. I remember this one night with my boyfriend a night before saying, ‘I love you’ and watched a movie. We were laughing.

We’re having a great time, and we were staring at each other for a very long time. I was like, say it! He didn’t say it, but I knew he loved me because he was looking at me. Guys, if you’re looking at a girl and she’s looking at you like you’re the only guy in the world, she loves you. Do we need to tell you?

2. She Wants To Know Your Family

She wants to get to know your family. Yes, not your friends. She wants to get to know your family, whether that is meeting your family in person, making that road trip, or flying whatever. Here’s the thing about families. No one wants to know your family. No one wants to take the time out to spend time with your family unless they love you.

When my boyfriend hangs out with my parents, my boyfriend would like to be okay. That weekend he said, ‘let’s hang with your parents’ I get it. It’s just they’re not your parents and where it’s like if she loves you, she will love your family. I love my boyfriend, and I love his family.

I love being with them. When you know that someone loves you, they love you, and they love the extension of you. They love the people that created you. It’s as simple as that. If she’s eager to hang out with your family, with you, she’s into you.

3. Giving Surprise Is Deep Love Sign

The third sign that she loves you, it’s called sweet gestures. Let’s say that you’re in love with Chick-fil-a, and she brings you chick-fil-a one day. She loves you. Let’s say that you are sick and she comes over, she makes you soup, and she brings you things to help you feel at home.

When she makes sweet gestures, if you’re sick, she has feelings for you. She’ll probably bring you soup or cuddle up with you. Ensure that you’re feeling good because you know that you’re dependent on the other person when you’re sick.

I have gifted so many gifts to guys in high school, middle school, college, and I mean, it’s just how I show my affection. I loved them, and they didn’t care. So, I don’t know I shared that. But it’s what happens when a girl buys you stuff, and you don’t watch.

I bought a guy Cologne the next day. ‘Do you like Cologne?’ ‘Oh, no! It broke in my gym bag’ I hated him for that. It was always in the back of my head. Anyway, it is the sweet gestures that you should take note. Thank her! Thank her for doing those little things. It means a lot.

4. Touchy Girl

The fourth sign is that she likes you is she is affectionate. She is a touchy girl. Can you guys get out of your honeymoon phase? Or she is very moody, very loving, very physical. Yes! That’s how you know. Also, don’t get that confused with lust. Some women aren’t just like wanting to use a guy.

You know what I mean. Some girls will use you for sure, but another girl that likes referring to love you. They want to be with you. I’m kissing you, cuddling with you, touching your face, and all this stuff especially, in public. Have you seen those couples? If you are one of those couples and you’re just like staring at each other, and you’re like no one else around you. You guys are in love.

5. She Shows Jealous

She is showing signs of jealousy. Every girl at any stage of a relationship will exhibit this. But I think it’ll come a time. When I was in my relationship with my man, I was jealous for a year and a half. I had trust issues. Not that he did anything wrong, I was afraid that he would go after a different girl. If a prettier girl than me shows up, is he going to flirt with her? I was like, ‘Back off! That’s my man!’

So I’m going to be jealous because this is my first relationship, and we’ve already said, ‘I love you’ Don’t ruin this! We’re going to get jealous, and that’s when you know she cares. But there are some very psychotic women out there who are very controlling and jealous. Do not be with those women. Sorry! It is just an honest opinion.

6. She Feels Special Connection

It’s a good sign she likes you. She calls you to say, ‘Hi!’ I love doing this, and I’m sure you get these calls, even with a crush. You’ll get a call. Ring! Ring! ‘Hey!’ ‘Uh, hey!’ ‘What’s up!’ ‘Nothing just wanted to say hi’ It’s like you guys have nothing to talk about, but I love this.

It’s just like that feeling where I want to hear your voice. You make me so happy. If a girl calls you to randomly say hi, even she doesn’t have much to talk about, she loves you with you. She feels a special connection.

7. She Cares About You

She wants to be with you. For a very long time, the last sign is she tells you that. She says, ‘I’m seriously falling for you’ I’m really like you. Girls will say this a lot. Because they know they can’t say I love you.

Often, they’re waiting for the guy to say ‘I love you’ So they’re like ‘I like you, so much more that I’m like really falling for you’ It is the best thing that they can say other than I love you. Because ‘I love you’ in the first couple of months, it’s like very new.

It’s very fresh. When my boyfriend told me that he loved me, I would be like, ‘I like you’ or ‘I want to be with you for a while’ I would say that’s tougher. I’m like, here you go! Here’s a little nugget of wisdom. Tell me you love me.

Please listen to what she’s saying, and you’ll know. You will know when she loves you. But what my boyfriend did was, he said it when he was ready. Say it when you’re ready, safe. Like, say it when you know that this is the relationship you want.

8. Eye Contact Indicate Secret Love

I make a lot of eye contact. To make a guy come up to me or I’ll make a lot of eye contact, and then I’ll go up to a guy. You know what I mean. There aren’t any rules for that, but eye contact is crucial. If a guy looks back at you in the same loving way, that’s an excellent sign.

Guys, if a girl is staring back at you, and like a cute smiley giggly way, that is falling in love. She wants to talk to you. So, yes! Eye contact crucial. This eye contact is always vital. Once you get it, you get it. You know what I intend to say.

9. Girls Want Sympathy

This one’s a little different. But it’s a cry for help when a girl wants you to help her with something. She’s like ‘Help me’ She’s developing feelings. I don’t know. It’s a little complicated. I’m adding this one because there have been many times where I needed an excuse to talk to a guy.

So it’s like the psychological need to feel like a hero. We girls kind of like, ‘Ah, help me!’ And this is a stupid situation, but I need to talk to you and help me. A girl may need help and doesn’t want to flirt. You just got to pay attention to the interpersonal cues. You know what I mean.

10. She Pays Attention

She pretty much thinks you’re cute. She’s paying attention to your story. She’s laughing at what you’re saying. She’s sympathizing with what you’re talking about. These are important. Because some of us girls, we tune out if we’re not interested. So, if we’re giving good responses to looking at you, we like you. That’s sweet. I’m quite sure you get this if you’ve talked to a girl. I don’t know.

For example, if a guy’s like, ‘I was with my little sister.’ And you know this guy was giving her a hard time. So I just went and talked to him and told him to like to leave her alone. And then girls like ‘oh wait! I like that! That’s nice of you.’ like ‘You’re a good brother’ stuff like that. That’s flirting. That’s kind of like, ‘You’re a good guy, you know’ So, make your assessment.

11. She Corners You

If she corners you and talks to you in private, if you’re like in a blog setting or more like an inn commit location, it means she wants to get to know you more. She pretty much wants you. Whenever I’m at a party, I like to talk to a guy one-on-one. She wants to know you. She wants to be close to you.

If a girl is messing with her lips, like kind of messing with it in a semi seductive way, she’s for sure flirting. Sensual flirting that girls typically do they are feeling you. She’s doing a lot of this. She shows you her neck, plays with her hair, touches her lips. She’s making love to you. Simple! The signs are pretty simple. It is one of the good signs she secretly wants you.

12. How Her Friends Treat You

If a girl is serious about you, she will have told you or told her friends about you all the time. They know about you. They know how this girl feels towards you. If so, they will treat you a little bit more special. They’ll be like hinting at you. They will want to talk to you and interact with you. It is like my friend is in love with you.

She wants to be serious with you. If she is there for her friends, know that it’s just a fling. It’s like nothing other than that. They won’t come up to you and like to try to talk to you all the time. But if she told her friends like, ‘I’m serious about this,’ her friends would speak to you alone, just out of curiosity.

13. Quick Response Or Not

How does she reply to texts? Does she try to keep the conversation going with you? Does she text back within reasonable times? I’d continue to say this, but still, I feel like I take seven hours to reply to a text sometimes. But that doesn’t mean I’m not serious about a guy.

But still, if I’m serious about a guy, I will text them and ask them questions back. I’m interested in things that they’re doing. If I’m not serious about that guy, I’ll just reply to the text. And not like trying to keep the conversation going. So, that’s a big difference.

14. She Keeps You Tension Free

She won’t talk about dates with you. She will not discuss other boys or love interests. She will not tell you what is going on in dates with anyone Because she doesn’t want to make you feel like there’s competition. Whereas, if something feels platonic to her, she doesn’t do anything serious. She will feel a lot freer to talk and discuss with other dates with you.

And also, she might even do that just to let you know. I don’t want anything serious. I’m dating other guys. But if she never talked about that with you or if you’re like in a group with people and someone’s like, ‘Hey, I was your love life,’ and she’s like there’s nothing. Well, you’re there. Then that kind of conversation could mean that she’s serious about you.

15. She Wants To Be A Partner

She makes plans for both of you. She won’t just wait all the time for you to plan dates. But she’ll be like, ‘Hey, I saw this exhibition, event or festival. Do you want to go?’ It would seem fun for her to go with you. If she tries to make plans for both of you, that could mean she’s serious.

She wants to share all her adventures and make you a partner. She wants to make some good memories and develop some sweet feelings. So, it’s a good sign that she falls in love with you.

16. Giving Priority Is Sweet Sign For Love

She uses the term ‘us’ a lot. Someone who does not want something serious with you will try to stay away from the word ‘us’ as much as possible. She will be like, ‘I’m going here, we should go there.’ But they won’t say that’s something that would be fun for us or I thought we would think that’s like really fun.

So if she’s not here, she would say like, ‘Oh, I thought this was fun. But if she’s like serious much, you should be like I thought we would think that’s like really fun. So this is like a little bit more subtle. But if you can tell that she uses the word ‘meet’ a lot, that’s a sign. If she uses it sometimes, it’s just the word. It’s just you know, let’s not mean it too much. But if she says it a lot, that could be a good sign.

17. She Tells Her Secrets

She tells you very personal things about herself and her life. She shares with you about her struggles, about hard things. And mostly, she shares something with you that she has been feeling very comfortable with someone. To tell them about things that make her look vulnerable gives you a bit more insight into the person that she is someone just platonic about someone.

They don’t want to share their deepest darkest feelings. That makes them feel uncomfortable and insecure. This situation makes them feel like, ‘Okay, I’m like vulnerable. I’m open right now’ If someone does share all these intimate details with you about their life and their struggles, that’s a good sign. It means that they’re serious about you.

18. She Tries To Win You

She’s active on your socials. So, she will like your stuff. She will also comment on it and will tag you in memes. She’ll send you a bunch of Snapchat. She doesn’t ignore posts that you do. Stuff like that she’s very active in your social media, then that could be a good time. It means she’s serious about you.

Because someone knows being active and someone’s social media comes across as very flirty. She knows that. So, it’s also always intentional when they do.

19. She Makes You Feel Special

It is important because I feel like this is something that we look over a lot if someone is just platonic with you. They’ll talk to you about things, and you’ll tell them I’m going here in your hair. But they won’t check back with you later. How was it or whatever someone’s very serious about you?

They will remember these little things about your life and think about the date that you told them that you did. They want to make you feel special and that they care and that they listen. So they will check back in with you.

20. She Asks You Many Questions

Are you going to keep a conversation going with someone you don’t want to talk to? If I like a guy, I swear to you, I want to keep asking them questions. I want to know how they think and want to know what their thoughts are on specific things. I just really want to get to know a lot about them. So I’m going to ask a lot of questions. I had a crush on my coworker at one of my jobs.

I will chat with his stupid questions. So I could talk to him, and that was my way of communicating with my crush. If a girl is like always asking you questions, that’s an excellent sign. It means that she’s interested in what you have to say, and I think that’s like the greatest compliment.

If someone wants to know a lot about you, they’re going to ask you questions and keep that conversation going. I’m sure it’s going to make you feel excellent.

She’s asking me a lot of questions. She’s interested in what I have to say. But I will say this to you guys. You’ll know when a girl does not like you when she’s not asking you questions. And she’s kind of like “hey,” “oh,” “why,” “oh,” etc.

So just make sure that you realize that hey, you’re getting the girl right. Now she’s interested in you.

21. Public Gossip

The best sign that you know that she likes is her friends to know about you. May seem obvious, but here’s the thing you guys and if you’re not a girl. It’s a little bit harder for you to understand this, but you know how we girls follow each other into the bathrooms and like small packs? Well, that’s kind of how our friendship is. If I like someone, I will immediately tell my girlfriend because I need some advice.

I need some perspective. Do you think he’s cute? I swear to god I get this all the time for my girlfriends. This is a picture of him. Is he cute, and I’ll be like yeah, he’s adorable. Is he friendly, and then that convo will start going where she’s like yeah, we’ve been talking? I’m really into him. She’ll tell me his name, and then I’ll know my friend is interested in this guy.

22. She Always Wants To See You

She always wants to see you and is very available to see you or hang out. If I don’t want to hang out with a guy boy, I already know I’m going to come up with every excuse. Oh, I’m ready to hang out with my friend. Today we’re sorry like I’ve been so busy. You always hear that I’m embarrassed, even like so busy.

No, it’s a lie! You guys are just starting to talk. They are lying, but if the crush that you’re hanging out with is available. She’s always hanging out with you. It’s something that you guys see each other a lot of things are starting to happen. I’m so excited for you because I’m going says she’s freeing up time out of her schedule to see you.

They want to see you and want to hang out with you. We will make it work unless they really cannot, but like honestly, we will move her on our schedule a lot of the time. Because we want to see it. We’ll make it work. So keep that in mind if this girl continuously canceled on you and then find a different girl. you can do a lot better with a girl that gives you the time of day.

23. She Feels Happy With You

I could tell you guys I was thinking to myself. I always laugh at the guy’s show. If I was like talking to them, I still had a smile on my face, and I was trying hard to be cute, really bubbly, and outgoing. So she’s going to be laughing a lot. She’ll be like, “oh my god,” that’s so cool like oh, that’s awesome.

It’s a lot of smiles and a lot of giggles. It’s a charming sign that she likes you, and she’s digging you into things that you’re funny. They think of it as she’s like your little fan is a fangirl. Suppose she looks like she’s happy to see you. She likes you.

24. She Acts Like Girlfriend

She wants to be your girlfriend. When a girl asks that we are dating, are we going to date? Many girls have been with guys who just use them physically, sexually, and emotionally for company whatever we’ve been burnt. So when we’re pleased, we pull back a little bit. Because we’re like are we going to date. I’m going to be in a relationship with this guy, and I want him to be mine.

So we’re going to ask you what we are. so guys, if you like her and if she asks you this question then you’re ready for a relationship, say that you want to be her boyfriend. Let’s do it and take that step. If you give ABS an answer that, oh, I don’t know, or I am just going to wanna be friends right now, you will never talk to her again. If she comes back to you, she’s weak. Let’s get realistic here.

25. She Wants To Close With You

She finds a reason to be close to you or intimate with you in some way. When a girl is into you, she wants to make some sort of physical contact with you as soon as possible. It means that she might move a little bit closer to you and try her leg against yours or maybe have your arms touching.

Because she is nervous and she likes you. She’s going to do this in subtle sort of ways. It might be something as merely fixing your collar or brushing something off your shoulder or even ruffling your hair. Either way, she’s going to find some sort of excuse to be able to close you and be as intimate to you as possible.

26. She Shows Interest At You

She loves and smiles a lot. If a girl is really into you, the best indication is that it is evident that she feels joyful in your company. This means that she is laughing at what you’re saying. She’s smiling and engaging in every way that she can to communicate.

She enjoys being with you. on the contrary, if a girl isn’t into you, she will smile. But she won’t be showing any teeth, and she won’t be having any of those sorts of smiley eyes. and she’ll probably be fidgeting with something not because she’s nervous. But actually, because she’s bored and she can’t wait to get out of there.

27. She Sends Flirty Text Message

Texting is a great way to flirt with somebody and work out whether or not they’re into you. It’s one of the simplest ways to work out. She is actually into you is by what she texts you, and she adds little emojis.

A classic example could be something as simple as, hey, I saw this picture. It made me think of your winky face, and it’s a picture of Mark Wahlberg in his underwear.

Oh, maybe you can take me for a test drive one-day winky face little car. A girl likes you because she will instantly respond to your messages, all pretty much within a short time. She’ll also be asking you questions because she wants to keep the conversation going.

28. She Is Nervous

The easiest signs she loves you that she feels shy or nervous. She gets nervous when she is around you. It is an undeniable sign if a girl likes you. Because she is shy and has all this extra energy, she doesn’t know what to do with it.

So most of the time, she ends up blushing. She speaks too fast. She has sweaty palms. Maybe she tears the serviette up. Because she just doesn’t know what to do with her head, or if you like me, she knocks things over either way.

It is a perfect time for you to step up and be a real gentleman and put her fears to rest. You can do this by merely drawing her into your beat strong arms or maybe taking her hand and just making her feel at ease and peace. It shows that you’re responsive that you can take control, and it also comes across really kind of romantic. Let’s just say, chivalrous.

29. She Introduces You With Her Family & Friends

She introduces you to her friends. I’m just going, to be honest. When we like a guy, we tell our best friends, dog, neighbor, and any other person we want. Why because you are on our mind and we can’t stop thinking about you.

So that means that she’ll want you to meet the people that she cares about as soon as possible. It is essential that you set the right impression with them. Because as soon as you leave, they are going to influence her decision on whether or not. She can continue to see you.

So how do you impress her friends without coming across as kind of sleazy or trying too hard. it is effortless. All you need to do is be well-mannered and show that you can value every person there. Now it doesn’t mean that you have to like them because you probably won’t like all of them. But if you can show her and her friends that you’re able to respect everyone, it will leave them swooning.

Another right way to come across as a great guy is simply to remember their name. If you’re someone like me and struggle to remember people’s names, then what you need to do is. You need to pick out an article of clothing or a feature about them and then associate their name with them.

30. Kissing Is Sweet Sign For Pure Love

She initiates kissing. This is a perfect example of how to tell if a woman likes you. What you can do is that you’re flirting and teasing move in for the kiss. But don’t do the kiss.

Allow just enough room for her to be able to move in and have that kiss. If she wants to seal the deal, it’s almost the 1910 rule where you do 90% of the work, but then you leave that 10% as an opportunity for her to either step up and kiss you or step back.

If she steps back, then clearly she’s not into you. So what you need to do is this. You need to lock eyes with her. You need to lean in just enough to see her, close her eyes, tilt her head back, fill the breath of her on your face. And then stop then if she is into you.

She will continue to kiss the rest of the way. It is something that I feel. They did to me, although when I first met him, he didn’t kiss me for two weeks, and it drove me insane.

He was French still is French, and he was kissing me on either side the French way. But he didn’t kiss me on the way, and it made me want him even more. It made me think about him even more. It may want to go up and kiss him, which is what I did after two weeks.


I hope you’re clear now if she likes you or not. Please check this sign randomly and make sure that you’re right. Before making any decision, please do or think twice. Sometimes girls are acting with you, and this type of girl is genius. So, take your time and test her love for several exams.

Don’t do any tests when she is nervous and sad because this time, she feels different. Don’t act like an examiner or unnatural and keep things natural and as usual. I wish you true love and a relationship. I hope you a happy romantic life.

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