20 Love Poems For Her Heart Touching

Love poems are a form of poetry that express deep feelings of affection, desire, and emotional connection towards a person or an idealized concept of love. They are a way to convey and celebrate the beauty, intensity, and complexities of love through the artistry of words.

Love poems can take various forms, such as sonnets, free verse, haikus, or even lyrical expressions in song lyrics. They explore themes of longing, passion, joy, heartbreak, and the transcendent power of love. These poems can be written for romantic partners, spouses, family members, friends, or even for the abstract notion of love itself. Many renowned poets have dedicated their work to love throughout history, creating timeless pieces that resonate with readers across generations.

If you want to impress your girlfriend or wife, these poems are for you. Be a romantic boyfriend or husband, and win her heart. Let’s start to recite sweet love poems.

20 Love Poems For Her Heart Touching

Poems are the reflection of our feelings and mind. Shiri Pearl is a famous poet who writes wonderful life and romantic poetry. Most of the poems are heart-touching and true-life-based. You will find inspiration, love, nature, and life in these sweet poems. You can easily impress her by reciting these poems or sending her by SMS or letter.

These poems can evoke powerful emotions and touch the depths of her soul, capturing the nuances and intricacies of intimate relationships. The language used in love poems is rich with metaphors, imagery, and rhythmic patterns, adding to the emotional impact of the words. Also, they serve as a means of expression, allowing you to communicate their deepest sentiments, desires, and vulnerabilities poetically and artistically. So, enjoy the most romantic and short love poems. Don’t forget to share with your partner or lover.

1. The Gift Of Love

There is a blessing,
We are not expecting it.
In our life that is coming,
That changes our way of living.

The first time felt your breathing,
Inside of me and surviving.
Different and exciting feelings,
So I can’t stop myself crying.

Isn’t it a mix of magic or a blessing?
Inside of me is now slowly growing.
Soon this world will be coming.
Will give us joy in our everyday living.

To hear laughter in our surroundings,
A sweet voice that will be hearing.
Little cries that are like music coming,
In our little house, that is roaming.

And soon we will be both holdings,
Give our love and special caring.
This precious gift of lovemaking,
The baby Elixir that we are waiting.

2. I Love You

Beautiful surroundings,
In this forest, I’m walking.
So peaceful and calm feeling,
Nature is sharing that I’m getting.

These giant trees in my surrounding,
In their strong position and guarding.
Make nature safe and protecting,
For any storm that will be coming.

Just like I see you always coming,
In every morning that your rising.
The blessing that you giving,
Hope you’re always sharing.

Positivity vibes in your rising,
For us to see every morning.
To be happy and keep on going,
With our loves again this morning.

With a kiss and a simple way of saying,
“I love you, you’re my special blessing.”

3. Forever Love

Dark clouds are appearing,
Beautiful sky their covering.
But there you keep on shining,
You are giving your light in the morning.

To give shine to the surrounding,
That everyone is keeping on waiting.
To receive your blessing again,
For another beautiful morning.

Whatever worries you having,
The thing’s that you struggling.
These are part of our living,
Have faith and keep on holding.

Like the sun that keeps on shining,
To give its morning blessing.
Like flowers keep on blooming,
Then will keep on holding.

For all the love and blessing,
That heaven is giving.

4. Promise Love

Our love we are having,
Hardships we will be facing.
Our bond has only been starting,
Might not be all happy sharing.

We have a different ending,
Where we are staying.
A different kind of living,
Our life we’re having.

But your hand I will be holding,
All the hardships we will be facing.
You are the reason I’m living,
Meeting you is a blessing.

If this is a world where living,
This is My Promise I’m giving.
Your hand I will be holding,
Till our last breathing.

5. Falling Love

Why does the leaf keep falling?
On the ground and be nothing.
When they are still blooming,
On the trees, they keep holding.

When they are already weakling,
They will slowly be falling.
Like our life that we’re keeping,
When we are young and growing.

We are strong and do everything,
We make our life happy and fulfilling.
But when we reach our old aging,
Everything will be gone and fading.

God is good at creating,
Nature and human beings.
A Leaf will be falling,
And we will be drifting.

In this world I’m living,
Morning makes me smile.
To see you shine and rise,
With your beautiful appearing.

You showed in different viewing,
That I keep on praising.
You’re giving the world a blessing,
That we always need in the morning.

Your beautiful sun rising,
That everyone is admiring.
Not only for us human beings,
But for beautiful creation-making.

A worth waiting for morning,
To start a blessed morning.
And to give my greeting again,
To My Angel, that still on bed laying.

6. Grow Old With You

Every word I am saying,
In my heart, it’s all coming.
Every feeling I’m showing,
It’s all full of my loving.

It’s a different kind of loving,
That it came unknowingly.
I didn’t expect you to become,
Now I’m in my stage of struggling.

Situation everyone is avoiding,
In this world we are now living.
You don’t know if you will be dying,
Or you can survive this thing.

But one thing is sure I’m holding,
This love that we are now having.

“I love you every inch of me,” a word your saying,
That keeps me going on fighting.
And this is a promise I’m giving.
To grow old with till our last breathing.

7. My Sweetheart

The sky is so calming,
Its blue color showing.
With white clouds appearing,
Like they are all playing.

How beautiful the surrounding,
It’s nature sharing.
Making it perfect viewing,
In this beautiful place, I’m seeing.

And I see you all flowing,
In this water, that is so calming.
All in your perfect blooming,
And I hear you all whispering.

“Go back to the world you living,
Everyone is there waiting!”

And I heard a beep from the clock coming.
I see you there with sunflower holding.
And in my forehead kissing.
Softly whispering,” My Princess, Good Morning!”

8. Love In The Air

Love is a blessing,
A wonderful feeling.
Came without knowing,
Someone unknowing.

When it touches your feeling,
All the love you will be seeing.
Love birds flying, In the air-kissing.

A romantic view in the early morning.
So give a kiss on your loving,
When you wake up this morning.

Feel the love blessing,
That heaven is giving.
Love in the air is overflowing,
Receive and have a lovely morning.

Like my angel always give his kissing,
With his princess every morning.

9. A Happy Life

Why do we keep on living?
If you are full of hurting,
What’s the use of smiling?
If you don’t feel like doing it.

Life has a lot of meaning,
With a different path of going.
I envy these kids playing,
So innocent in everything.

Every day just happy going,
A free spirit while growing.
We all be in our old aging,
And we started worrying.

What future are we having?
Which right path we are taking?
We all have this kind of feeling.
Just be aware of everything.

That is having a simple life living,
Will not make you sad and cry.
We need to strive in everything,
And your life is happy and fulfilling.

10. Waiting Love

Every day I keep on sitting,
Side of this road I’m waiting.
Whoever comes, I’m staring,
I might not see you coming.

Always this road your taking,
Every day you go to work.
On the night that you are coming,
I’m still here for you waiting.

But yesterday long been sitting,
On this road, I’m staring.
You didn’t come back in the evening,
But I promise I’m not leaving.
My bestfriend I am waiting,
For your homecoming.

11. Beautiful Heart

It is my place I’m living,
Besides this post, I’m staying.
Buildings in my surrounding,
Every bus I’m counting.

A poor older man living,
No house nor family I’m calling.
Just me and myself I’m counting,
A pity older man they’re calling.

With my dirty looks, they are seeing,
People are passing and just leaving.
No one dares to show a little caring,
With this old dirty man is living.

But you came with your face smiling,
In your hand a food your holding.
And for me, you are giving,
Your food you should be eating.

A beautiful heart you are having,
A reward I’m giving.
My Heavenly Blessing,
And my power of Protecting.

12. You Are One

You never stop rising,
For your morning blessing.
To give your shining,
For another morning.

Today your coming,
With your beautiful rising.
Your colors are glooming,
That makes the sky breathtaking.

And now the surrounding,
I am waiting for your shining.
To make them bloom,
Again this morning.

But I am now smiling,
With this sunflower, I’m looking.
For I have now my blessing,
That you’re always giving.

For you and this flower have a special connecting,
Beautiful nature sharing.
That makes me always smile,
My sun and my flower for my beautiful morning.

13. My Love

As the sunset is going,
Everyone is waiting.
For you will be showing,
To give light in the evening.

Your beauty is alluring,
That everyone is admiring.
You’re the queen in the evening,
That we are praising.

You show in different forming,
Every time you are coming.
Like a model, we are watching,
In your different appearing.

And now, this evening,
A favor I’m asking.
Give us light with my Boo while walking,
I know you are there looking.
Give us a little shining,
And make our night a romantic evening.

14. Pure Love

Our love we are holding,
Is it not an ordinary thing?
For we are both living,
In a different ending!

Morning as I’m watching,
The sea that unending.
You are also looking,
The sea in its night viewing!

Sometimes we are both missing,
Things that lovers are doing.
To kiss and be hugging,
Just imaginations we are doing.

But I’m happy with our loving,
How do we handle this thing?
We are young and a hundred miles living,
And with temptation will be facing.

For hearts that are both loving,
We never give up the love we are holding.

15. Your Sweet Smile

A sunrise rising,
It’s a blessing.
We can see another morning,
In this world, we’re living.

All happiness sharing,
We see this kind of surrounding.
Sunflowers are all smiling,
All beautifully blooming.

Giving a morning blessing,
A morning is saying.
Whatever your suffering,
Or things your worrying.

Just keep on smiling,
Think of the right things.
Don’t be down and breaking,
Some people want to see you more smiling.

They love you more than your knowledge,
A particular person with a face that is always smiling!

It’s a morning walking,
In this sea nature sharing!
The seawater that is calm flowing,
So vast that I can’t see the ending.

Thinking of those people living,
On the other side, what are they doing?
Will, they be also seeing,
This morning view that I’m staring?

Do they have a sad feeling?
That the sun is hiding.
But looking at it, I’m still smiling,
Still a beautiful morning blessing.

Even the sun is hiding,
With those dark clouds appearing.
The sunlight is still showering,
Giving a beautiful morning viewing.

That even in the dark there’s a light coming,
Don’t be sad or have a scared feeling.
Think of the positivity coming,
And you will feel that you are already smiling.

16. Our Romance

Here we are living,
Me and you we’re both holdings.
Be in this world and survive,
A place with a lot of worrying.

We have a simple life living,
We don’t even have a house of staying in.
Every day in the street we are roaming,
It’s our playground and housekeeping.

But we are not sad or anything,
We are both happy livings.
We might be poor and struggling,
But we are strong and not separating.

For me and you holding,
We can face anything.

Today I was smiling,
The things we’ve been talking.
100 years old you’ve been telling,
That you will reach that aging.

Imagine how old you will be looking,
When you reach that year’s, you’ve been telling.
You might not be even anymore walking,
Your mind cannot be anymore working.

But love is a splendid thing,
Age doesn’t matter in aging.
As long as you are both loving,
You are always young in heart and smiling.

I truly believed love is fantastic,
In my eyes and smiles are still full of love.
For we are still here holding,
We reach that age that you telling.

We get old and no anymore charming,
But our hearts are still young and still in love like now that we’re talking.

17. A Rose For You

It’s a beautiful feeling,
When someone will give you something.
Especially if it’s from your loving,
That your heart is beating.

Or from a good friend coming,
Expensive gifts giving.
With all your face smiling,
When you will be receiving!

But this boy is having,
Red rose in his hand-holding.
In his dirty appearing,
And looks so annoying!

But with an innocent-looking,
And eyes like angels watching.
He is there standing,
And this rose his giving.

Are you ready to take his offering?
Or you will stare and start walking.
Ignoring an offering,
From an innocent boy sharing.

Remember God is watching,
We can’t see Him, but He’s always looking.

18. Share With Love

To share is giving,
And to give is a way of loving.
And every morning,
We always received a blessing.

From nature sharing,
And from our creator who is watching.
Just like these two creations making,
How they connect and share.

This beautiful flower blooming,
I am helping this butterfly in surviving.
While this butterfly is in its doing,
This flower will become gorgeous appearing.

So may we all learn how to give and to share,
It will not give us any harm.
But it will give us a good feeling,
We have done a little love and sharing.

So may you have a good morning,
With your face smiling.
Just like our Father who is always giving,
His everyday blessing!

19. To Be With You

I will take the risk of sailing,
In this sea, I’m taking.
To reach the other side of your living,
I know it’s hard, but I’m risking.

I can feel you from my ending,
I know that you are waiting.
For every night you are sending,
The love that you are having.

Tru the moon we’re both staring,
From both our end’s we’re living.
With the twinkling stars,
Like our hearts that are beating.

So hold on a little more waiting,
Soon I will be coming.
To hold you and be hugging,
To give you a kiss I’ve been dreaming.

My luna gives me strength and guide.
To be with you, I will take the risk of sailing.

A wonderful feeling,
On this beautiful morning.
Just like a bird flying,
In the sky, so bright and shining.

The sun is so unique,
With the color, it’s giving.
How bright the sky is showing,
Yellow color with full blooming.

Giving us a bright morning,
To receive another blessing.
So spread your wings and start dreaming,
Just like a free bird flying.

With your face smiling,
And have a bright and blessed day starting.

20. Love Memories

A beautiful old picture I’m looking,
It’s our old picture taking.
Still in black and white coloring,
In our young days living.

Where the world is still new in everything,
Still in old fashion living.
It’s where we also started our loving,
The good memories we had did keeping.

It’s the first place we had our first meeting.
The time when I need someone to give me comfort!
You there have your hobby fishing,
And I’m not in myself just walking.

Our destiny is fantastic,
I am meeting you in a place unexpecting.
Now the world is with everything,
Even pictures are already in the colored making.

And here we are already in our old days living,
But we are still here happy living.
And we are still making,
Our good memories in our days are remaining.


I hope you will like these love poems. Be a romantic and literary boyfriend or husband. Please don’t feel shy or hesitant to share it with her. Women love poems and letters very much.

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