Love Poem

Inspirational Love Poem – Beautiful Smile

Everyone sees your beautiful smile,
But never the pain it hides.
Everyone thinks they know you,
But not the person is living inside.

They think you’re strong,
So they say you’ll be fine.
Meanwhile the pain,
Is driving you out of your mind.

Everyone thinks they know,
what another feels.
But the truth is too scary,
And reality far too real.

Everyone offers their sympathy,
But that’s as far as it goes.
Sadly, the severity is something,
Very few will ever really know.

Some insist it’s just a phase,
They insist that it’s all in your head.
While the constant agony,
Makes you wish you were dead.

Everyone thinks they know,
What you’re going through.
Truth is they don’t know,
and they don’t really know you.

Everyone thinks they do,
and their advice rarely helps.
How could they understand, unless
Have they been there themselves?

A smile can hide so much,
Years of anguish and pain,
A smile can hide many things,
But it won’t hide you from the rain.

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