10 True Love Signs (Compatibility Test)

True Love Signs

How to know your true love? You can find love easily, but true love is rare for us. Everybody wants true love, but a few can achieve it. Most people think they are in true love, but the reality is very different and challenging. If you are hesitant about your love and want to know whether you’re in true love, then this article is only for you.

I’m a relationship specialist and motivational coach. So I can quickly identify genuine or fake love. I’m describing the ten best ways to determine the true love that helps you stay away from the affected people and love. So, let’s start our true love-identifying class.

What Is True Love In A Relationship?

True love is nothing but priority and honesty. When you love someone deeply, don’t think about only yourself called true or real love.

You want to make your lover or partner happy and never want to give hurt, called true love. True love makes a lot of feelings and memories that make us happy and satisfied.

So, when you feel satisfied and never think without your lover, you have real love, and your bonding is strong. Your relationship is unique and more peaceful.

This type of love makes you responsible, disciplined, and honest. You feel like fresh air when you breathe. Let’s know whether you are falling in love or not.

10 Signs Of True Love

What are the signs of real love? Last week, a lady asked me if a guy truly loves her. She’s not the only one that had asked me that question. People, especially ladies, ask me this question a lot.

So, I decided not to answer her alone but turn her question into an article so others could benefit. When someone truly loves you, some signs and pointers show that, and signs and pointers also explain it when the person doesn’t love you.

Love is a strong feeling you have towards someone or you. Love has to do with emotions and affection. Now, this feeling of affection expresses itself in words and actions.

Maybe you are in a relationship right now with someone, and you’re in doubt or confused about whether or not the person truly loves you. This article is for you. Read on.

1. Attention Ideology

Does the person give you attention, or are you always asking and demanding attention?

We give attention to something or someone that interests us. We don’t waste our time on someone or something we’re not interested in. So, when someone often gives you their attention, it’s a sign of interest or love.

That guy that has been eyeing you, always looking for your attention, that lady showing the green light is a sign.

2. Caring Style

Another word for care is maintenance, upkeep, or treatment. So, when someone loves you, the person will show care. He will take you as his responsibility. She will show concern about your well-being.

Someone who has nothing for you doesn’t care, wants to eat you, and goes, but someone that cares will provide you with things necessary for your maintenance, upkeep, and treatment. They will deliver to the best of their ability.

3. Respect You

Respect means having or showing regard for someone, his personality, opinion, and decisions.

Does your partner respect you? Does he show regard for your person, opinion, and decisions? Does she treat you anyhow? Respect, or lack of it, is a sign.

4. Giving Behavior

Giving is also a sign. The Bible says God loved the world and gave His only Son, Jesus.

When someone loves you, he will give you something. He will give you his money, gifts, time, company, and even himself.

5. Sacrifice Mentality

Sacrifice has always been the true mark of true love. Love is selfless. The lover spends himself at the expanse of the person loved.

How often does he go out of his way because of you? How often does he or she sacrifice his comfort because of you? Now that you are still struggling to start life as a guy, can she endure and build experience with you? So, check it. Sacrifice is a sign.

6. Protective Attitude

We protect our own. We protect someone or something we consider important to us. Does he protect you from harm, his unruly family members, friends?

When there’s love, there will be protection. God protects us from the onslaught of the devil because He loves us.

7. Jealousy Feelings

Jealousy is a sign too. How does your guy react when guys come around you as a lady wanting to toast you? Does he show concern that someone may take you from him, or does he not send you?

When someone loves you, he will guard and protect you from being taken by someone else. He will react and fight to win you over.

8. Forgiveness Person

Forgiveness means to release your anger, hatred, and resentment against someone because of what he did to you.

It is not easy, especially when you did nothing wrong before the person wronged you, like cheating on you when faithful to him.

It’s a sign of you when someone easily forgives you despite your wrongdoing. Don’t take it for granted. I don’t think you deserve it. Forgiveness is a sign.

9. Tolerance Power

Tolerance means the ability to endure or be patient with something or someone that’s not pleasant; it may be pain, hardship, or misbehavior.

So, when someone loves you, he should tolerate your foolishness, weaknesses, and shortcomings.

This does not mean that you go on to be foolish or misbehave no. It means that while the person is tolerant and patient with you, you work on your weaknesses and shortcomings because tolerance and patience have limits. I have a limit to what I can endure. We are not God, that His mercies endure forever.

10. Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability is being weak, defenseless, helpless, unprotected, unguarded, etc. It’s also a condition of releasing yourself to someone. Love always comes with vulnerability.

When you are vulnerable, you’re susceptible to attack or bring harm. This is why many people are afraid to release themselves to anyone because of disappointment, blackmail, hurt, heartbreak, etc. You see them appearing hard and fierce. They’re scared.

When someone is free with you, hides nothing from you, and exposes their weaknesses and shortcomings to you, it shows love and trust. Don’t hurt or blackmail someone vulnerable to you. Don’t take it for granted.

Let me stop here. When a person truly loves you, all other things equal, these ten signs will be obvious. Love doesn’t hide.

Physical Signs Of True Love

True love is primarily an emotional and psychological experience. However, physical manifestations can indicate a deep emotional connection and affection. Here are some physical signs that may be associated with true love:

  • When two people deeply love each other, they have a special connection reflected in their eye contact. Sustained eye contact can convey a sense of intimacy, trust, and genuine affection.
  • Physical touch is an essential aspect of expressing love. Couples in love often seek physical closeness, such as holding hands, hugging, or cuddling. They feel comfortable and secure in each other’s arms.
  • When someone is genuinely in love, their face lights up with joy and happiness when they see their partner. Genuine smiles, soft expressions, and a glow on the face are common physical signs of true love.
  • True love tends to deepen physical attraction. Partners may find each other more attractive over time and continue to be physically drawn to one another. This can be observed through lingering gazes, a desire for physical intimacy, and a general fascination with each other’s physical presence.
  • True love involves an unspoken understanding between partners. They communicate through non-verbal cues like gentle touches, playful gestures, or secret glances that only they understand. This intuitive connection can be a physical manifestation of their emotional bond.
  • When someone truly loves their partner, they show genuine care and concern for their well-being. They touch their partner’s forehead when unwell, hold them tightly when upset, or offer comforting physical gestures to provide reassurance and support.
  • Couples in love experience synchronization, instinctively moving and acting in harmony. This can be observed in their body language, mirroring each other’s gestures, or seamlessly coordinating movements without conscious effort.

These physical signs are not definitive proof of true love, as they can vary from person to person and relationship to relationship. True love is an intricate blend of emotional, psychological, and physical aspects that create a deep and profound connection between two people.

Signs of True Love In Long Distance Relationship

Maintaining a long-distance relationship can be challenging, but some signs indicate true love and a strong connection even when you’re physically apart. Here are some signs of true love in a long-distance relationship:

  • Both partners are fully committed to making the relationship work despite the distance. They are willing to put in the effort, time, and energy required to maintain the relationship and bridge the gap between them.
  • Open, honest, and frequent communication is crucial in a long-distance relationship. Partners who truly love each other try to communicate regularly, share their thoughts and feelings, and actively listen to each other. They find ways to stay connected through calls, video chats, texting, and other forms of communication.
  • Trust is the foundation of any relationship, becoming even more essential in a long-distance relationship. Both partners trust each other completely and have faith in their commitment. They are loyal and remain faithful to each other despite the physical distance.
  • True love in a long-distance relationship involves being there for each other emotionally. Both partners offer support, understanding, and encouragement during challenging times. They provide a safe space for expressing emotions, offering comfort, and being a source of strength even from afar.
  • Couples in a long-distance relationship have shared goals and plans for the future. They work together to create a vision for their relationship, including a plan for eventually being together. This shared vision demonstrates their commitment and love for each other.
  • Despite the distance and busy schedules, partners who truly love each other prioritize quality time together. They try to schedule regular virtual dates or visits, and they cherish and value the time they have with each other.
  • True love in a long-distance relationship involves supporting each other’s growth and goals. They encourage and motivate each other to pursue their passions, dreams, and aspirations, even if it means being physically apart for a while.
  • True love transcends physical proximity. Even in a long-distance relationship, partners find ways to maintain intimacy and connection. This can be through heartfelt conversations, sharing deep emotions, and maintaining a strong emotional and intellectual bond.

Trust your instincts and assess the quality and depth of your connection with your partner to determine if true love is present in your long-distance relationship.

True Love Behaviour

True love is characterized by certain behaviors and actions that demonstrate deep and genuine affection for someone. While love can be expressed in various ways, here are some common behaviors associated with true love:

  • True love involves caring deeply for your partner’s well-being and supporting them in good and challenging times. You are there for them, offering emotional support, encouragement, and a shoulder to lean on.
  • True love means respecting your partner as an individual, accepting them for who they are, and valuing their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. You treat them with kindness, courtesy, and consideration.
  • Trust is a fundamental aspect of true love. You are honest with your partner, and they can trust you completely. You are reliable, keep your promises, and communicate openly and transparently.
  • True love involves being selfless and willing to sacrifice for your partner’s happiness and well-being. You consider their needs and desires and are open to finding compromises that benefit both of you.
  • In true love, you listen attentively to your partner, seeking to understand their feelings and perspectives. You show empathy and compassion, validating their emotions and being sensitive to their experiences.
  • True love is expressed through thoughtful actions and gestures that show you care. This can include surprises, small gifts, acts of service, or simply taking the time to do something special for your partner.
  • Spending quality time together is crucial in true love. You prioritize being present with your partner, actively engaging in activities, conversations, and creating shared experiences that strengthen your bond.
  • True love involves forgiveness and understanding when conflicts or mistakes occur. You are willing to work through disagreements, communicate openly, and find resolutions to strengthen the relationship.
  • In true love, partners encourage and support each other’s personal growth and development. You celebrate each other’s successes, help each other overcome challenges, and strive to become the best versions of yourselves.
  • A long-term commitment to the relationship characterizes true love. You are dedicated to nurturing and growing the love you share, and you see a future together, making plans and building a life together.

True love is a deep and complex emotion that can be expressed in various ways. Every relationship is unique, and how love is expressed may differ from couple to couple.

3 Important Things You Must Do Before Falling In Love

The success of every relationship depends on some favorable factors. When the factors are not helpful enough, the love in the relationship gets extinguished gradually.

With time, once happy partners part ways, to the amazement of many people. The reason is that some individuals give in to relationships without even considering whether the other person will be the right person. Some ladies only get carried by men’s handsomeness or dress.

The behaviors of men are not even considered. The thought of such ladies is to give in to the men before other ladies do. As for the men are very good at rushing into relationships with ladies because of their beauty. When a man sees a beautiful woman, especially a fair one, his blood starts boiling!

Many men are in relationships with the wrong women because they failed to do their ‘homework’ well. Such relationships mostly fall on the rocks! Before a lady or guy decides to enter a relationship with anyone, he or she must look at factors. It is only when those factors are favorable that the relationship can last.

1. Test Unconditional Love

Before you enter a relationship with a guy or lady, make sure they love you unconditionally. Love is the driving force of every successful relationship. It is the oil that lubricates every successful relationship.

Love is the foundation on which every successful relationship is built. The list goes on and on! The importance of love in a relationship cannot be underestimated. What is your motive for entering a relationship with a guy or lady? Is it their physical appearance? Then you are going to be disappointed!

Appearance has always been deceptive since time immemorial. Some men do this; when they see other more beautiful ladies than their girlfriends or wives, they start doing what they know best.

Women who enter relationships because of the appearance of the men are not exempted. Only love can sustain your relationship, which you must look for in the person you want to be with.

That love must be unconditional. Love should not be motivated by money else. You will live to weep. Make sure the guy loves you for who you are. As a man, never propose to a lady bragging that you have money to spend. Let her love you naturally. If you refuse to do these things, regret and disappointment are what you will reap.

2. Do Experiment With Behavior

Before you enter a relationship with someone, ensure the person has good manners. It is said that “Birds of a feather flock together.” This proves that only people with the same characteristics and dispositions associate. This goes beyond mere friendship.

When you are of good moral behavior, you must look for someone with good manners. If you think you can change the fellow with your behaviors, you may live to regret it. Your happiness is what will be at stake. Love is never a rescue mission that you will say you want to change someone.

The person’s negative habits will instead corrupt you. A godly lady fell in love with a reckless guy whose skills with the beer bottles were unmatched. She thought she could change him with her feminine charm.

People advised her against that relationship, but she stubbornly held her gun. Let me have the honor to tell you she has also advanced into a good drinker!

Can you imagine that? The guy has been abusing her from time to time. Before she realized her mistake, the harm had already been done. I’m not concerned about whether she has assumed her original status or not. When you want to be with someone, make sure they are something to write home about.

Never enter a relationship with your heart and leave your head at home. Your brain should be able to keep your heart in check. If you rush in love with a garrulous and reckless lady or guy, regret and disappointment are what you will reap from your folly.

In the same way, try to be like the right person you want to be in a relationship with. “I want a God-fearing man to marry. ” “I want a God-fearing lady to marry. “Nonsense! Are you God-fearing too?

3. Supportive Person

If you want to enter a relationship with a lady or guy, ensure they can support you in times of need. The relationship is one kind of companionship in which each partner must be as supportive of the other as possible.

Financial and emotional support are some of the things that come with a successful relationship. Some ladies are fair-weather lovers. When the relationship’s factors enjoy the sunlight no more, they withdraw their love. Money is what keeps them in relationships. It confirms that they ‘auction’ their love to the highest bidder.

Even the highest bidder must ‘renew’ his loyalty to those ladies, always with gifts and other valuables. Anytime those men lose their fortunes, those unscrupulous ladies terminate their ‘appointments.’ Those ladies will never give any support whatsoever to their men.

Some guys also leave their ladies to their fate through difficult phases. If such a person never gives you financial or emotional support when the time comes, you must use your brain in this situation. Your cognitive domain should be very objective since your affective domain is likely subjective.

There have been so many breakups in recent times that some people are not “thinking” with their heads before falling in love. They rather allow their hearts to dictate to them.

They end up being with the wrong partners. Since relationships are now free entry and exit, such partners tend to part ways when they are incompatible.

They never break up. The regret and disappointment are quite intolerable! If you don’t want to go through any emotional torture at the hands of the wrong individual who, in your perspective, is the love of your life, think straight. Look before you leap!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know My True Relationship?

Love is sweet, but love isn’t limited to the singing and flying butterflies in the stomach. Love goes beyond what we feel; it goes to what we do and how we behave with our partners.

A real relationship goes beyond feelings and emotions and acts out the feelings they confess to. It is not a single thing; both parties must join in building and creating a real and viable relationship.

In an actual relationship, both parties give each other without expecting anything. Giving must not be one-sided or done with selfish reasons and motives. Also, the other party would pursue the partner’s happiness and vice versa. In a genuine relationship, the parties see their partners’ satisfaction and successes as their concern. Thus, they root for their partners; they are always there for their partners and give their partners the push when needed.

Real relationships have moments when they disagree from the point of misunderstanding, but they do not exploit the avenues of disagreement to disrespect their partners.

True relationships also allow us to be real without fear or apology. Authentic relationships celebrate each other’s strengths and embrace each other’s weaknesses.

Real relationships don’t play games because they are committed to making each other happy and are not together to hurt each other. Are you in the right or false relationship with the abovementioned signs?


I hope these ten signs of true love and real love identification techniques help you find new love. Before starting a new relationship, you must test them and their mentality. No one can cheat or blackmail you emotionally if you know these tips and ways.

Your confusion is clear, and you can quickly identify true love. You also verified whether you are in love or not.

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