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Sad Love Story – Radio Love: Today I am stuck at my desk reading all my papers trying to evaluate some of my patient’s chart by just wearing a pair of short and a white shirt with my coffee when suddenly the door opened. I immediately looked at the entrance and found my girlfriend standing there while looking at me smiling, a smile that I don’t like what will happen next.

“I will sleep here tonight whether you like it or not,” she said directly. I let go of a deep breath and continue what I am doing. Yes, I am not in my office. I am working here at my condo because I am not on my shift today. I am a psychiatrist, and Jaime is my girlfriend. We’ve been together for a year, and she has been asking me a nonsense favour to let her sleep at my condo.

I respect her very much that I would never make a single issue come out because of me. I don’t want people to think about her a slut or a bitch for just sleeping on a man’s pad. I quit explaining everything to her why I wouldn’t allow since she never listened to me.

Every time she asked me that, the rest of the day becomes gloomy and ended up arguing each other. I am tired already, and here she comes never gets old of bringing up that senseless topic. Staring at her now while sleeping on my bed makes me think about how come that I loved this girl. She is two years younger than me.

We’ve met because of our friends and became a sudden couple. We have opposite personalities. She is a party goer while I am more into paper works. I can never explain why I loved Jaime. There is nothing special about her aside from being hardheaded, clumsy, childish and dumb. My standard for girls is way too far from what girl I have now.

I headed to my terrace and played my grandmother’s radio. I’ve loved listening on the radio because it makes me feel like I am with my grandmother. She died last year because of heart disease, I love her, and I miss her so much.

I looked at my watch, and I remembered that it’s time for a love session advice on my favorite station. I got an idea of sending them my story of what should I do to get better my relationship. While the DJ reading on my text, I notice that Jaime stood up and get ready to go out so I rushed in and asked her where she would go, but I didn’t get any reply instead a loud slummed on the door.

I sighed then headed back to the terrace when I heard the DJ talking one of the callers to give me an advice. I listened carefully about what she said. She suggested to break up with Jaime. I look up to the sky, would it be okay to break up with her? Would I be okay? Would Jaime be okay?

The next morning I go to the hospital. I visited some of my patients to validate them when someone passed the room. I go out and found a fine woman walking in the hallway. “Excuse me?” I said.

She looks back then ask me what. “Do you have any patient to visit here?” I asked. “Yes, it is my cousin’s son” she replied. “Why don’t you have any accompany? A nurse?” I replied. “Owe sorry for that, I ask them not to, I will just take a quick visit at him if he is okay without telling him that I’m here. Is everything okay?” she asked.

I hesitated for a moment before allowing her to go. I go back inside the room, staring at my patient who is sleeping now. I wrap up my things then go and locked the door. I stopped walking when I realized that the floor that I am now is labelled for those patients who have a severe mental problem. I run as fast as I could to check if the woman was okay.

I found a girl sitting on the floor while crying. I studied her expression, and it was devastating. My eyes landed on her hand that was holding on her chest. It seems like she was having a hard time breathing, so I rescued her and brought her to the emergency room and found out that she was sick.

Her heart was twice more significant than the normal one. When I looked at her a while ago, she looked beautiful but to found out that she had a complicated heart enlargement makes me pity her. When the examination was done, I stayed in her room, waiting for her to wake up.

I received a message from Jaime asking me to call her immediately. I go out for a while to call her, and she was freaking mad at me because she cannot access my password in my room. “Jaime! Take a deep breath. Listened to me. I’m too tired to explained all over again why I wouldn’t allow you to sleep at my condo so please, be matured enough.

Go home and take asleep at your own, “And she cut the call. I sighed then go back inside. The woman was still lying. I take a glance at her to recognize that she has long natural eyelashes and has a mole at the right side of her eye. When I notice her eyes move, I quickly go to her side.

When she finally got her consciousness, she instantly thank me for bringing her here. When she tried to get up, I asked her directly. “So you know what you are in now, right?” staring at her, I received a genuine smile ever. “You mean about my heart?” I nodded.

While holding her chest, she replied “this? She is just so cute that is why she continued to grow”. I utterly forgot my not to laugh rule of myself while facing a patient. She was relaxed and brave. She refuses to stay at the hospital, so I offered her a ride, and she didn’t refuse.

While we are in the car, she asks me if we can turn on the radio. I let her manage, and it was also a love advice session from another station. I didn’t bother to listen to what the DJ was talking but suddenly what makes me stop the car is when I heard the voice of the girl who gave me an advice yesterday.

I look at the woman beside me she was still busy talking to the DJ in advising so I started the car again and we arrive at her apartment. When she was about to bid goodbye, I ask her name and number, and she gladly gave it to me.

Her name is Layla, she is at my age, and she graduated as a biologist and failed to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor because of her illness. She enjoyed advising because she believes that she won’t live long, so instead of waiting for her death, she found a purpose by giving her sincerely advice to those who need guidance.

We’ve been talking for a while now, and I enjoyed her company, her advice, witty jokes and her smile. I know to myself that I am at a stage of falling in love with her. I have been trying to prevent myself from falling, but she was just too perfect not to be recognized. While sitting on a bench, I ask her if she can give me an advice.

“There was a guy who have a pigheaded girlfriend who wants to do something with him but the guy has a huge respect for her so he refuses the favor later on the guy found another lady. The Lady was so perfect for her standard. The guy fall in love with that lady.

What should the guy need to do next?” I look at her thinking seriously. “Did the guy love his girlfriend in the first place?” It makes me ponder for a few seconds “maybe” I replied. “Or maybe not” she added, that made me stare at her more “You know what? Life is too short to prove something that you are both destined to be together. Why not challenge the destiny?

I mean if you are not sure that you love someone then try to separate and if ended that you won’t feel lonely then maybe you didn’t love your partner enough for you to miss for her/his care. Try to breath sometimes, give a chance on the idea of maybe you are not compatible or matured enough to handle a relationship and understand and respect for each others.

And if and if that you are really meant for each other and the destiny thinks that you both grew then it will find its way for you two to get back together.” She smiled after giving me advice. She stared at me and said, “Please don’t fall in love with me you’ll get hurt promise me that”. I looked away and replied, “I won’t”. She stood up and handed me an envelope that was sealed.

“Read it tomorrow morning not tonight or you will be curse” she laughed and walked away. I watched her waving at me, and suddenly I received a text from Jaime. “Let’s break up” after I read it I turn my gaze to where Layla is, but she was no longer there, so I texted Jaime back “let’s talk.”

When I got home, Jaime was waiting outside. I offer her to talk inside, but she refuses, so we discuss at the park. I learned that I wasn’t the only one who was struck by this relationship.

Jaime admitted that she likes me so much, but she doesn’t know if she loves me. Same goes on me, so we decided to end our relationship with a hug and smile. I don’t know, but I feel relieved about what just happened.
Its midnight when I received a text from Layla.

“You can now open the envelope” the text was strange; it feels like it wasn’t Layla who texted it. I grab the enveloped, and when I read it.
I almost collapsed. Wasted and full of regrets.

“I see that you are free now, thank you for not loving me. Please don’t cry. GOODBYE”

The next morning I visited Layla’s house. It was full of people, but I managed to pass and able to look at her face. I kissed her coffin and whispered the word that I wasn’t able to say it to her.

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