30 Tricks To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

how to break up with your girlfriend

Hi, I’m Dr. Nicola, your relationship coach. I want to give you 30 essential points you need to know when you break up with someone, which I’ve learned personally over the years.

I’ve heard about other things dealing with burdensome emotions, especially in conflict arguments or discussions with another person. So let’s go over those today.

Before Breakup Guidelines

How do you make your girlfriend break up with you? I wanted to focus on how to initiate a breakup with your girlfriend. Sometimes most of our clients come here looking for answers on rekindling. We forget to provide information on how to end a relationship effectively.

So I wanted to shed a few pointers on that. Often, we get so wrapped up in our emotions that it comes to triggering a breakup when initiating a breakup. We’re only thinking about how we’re going to take it. It’s so important to put yourself in their shoes.

Before Breakup Guidelines
Before Breakup Guidelines

It’s essential to have very couldn’t concise, straightforward answers as to why you’re walking away. I wouldn’t leave them in the blue, and that seems frustrating. Because you want to walk away, you’re tired, and you’ve had it. Maybe you’re almost in the middle of an argument. You impulsively decide to break up. That’s not the way to go. Because at the end of the day, I want you to behave in the way. You would like to remember how you want to reflect on how long a relationship could be, a couple of months. It could be for several years.

You don’t want your relationship’s final moments to amount to frustration, anger, sadness, and guilt. Make it as clear as you can. I would also go straight into no contact the moment it’s over. You need to let them heal to distance yourself and not flip-flop with your decision. We break up with our partners, hoping they choose us because we want validation. That’s not fair.

It drives your partner crazy, and then they give you the respect you asked for and honor the break-up. Then you try to reel them back in a bit of bit. That’s not fair. It’s selfish. We have so many samples on our website geared toward breakup verbiage. If you’d like to tune in, it could be unofficial. Also, before you do it, make sure you’re not flip-flopping. If you don’t know what to do, do nothing until you are 100% certain you want to walk away.

I would encourage you to continue waiting it out because you can’t take back that decision, and something I want to tail of that is once you for breaking up on the table. It never goes off the table if you break up with them and immediately take them back to the next fight.

The break-up card comes back, and that’s what determines that’s what creates these on-again-off-again relationships. You probably see many people in your life have they’re together. They’re not together, but they’re not together.

It’s because the break-up fuse has lost its blow. It’s lost its effect, and that’s so critical for you to understand because I don’t want you to sacrifice the weight of your decision. Because the second your partner starts but stops believing it, you stop believing it.

You end up in this horrible cycle of breaking up with your girlfriend. Make sure to take all of those things into consideration. Think about how she’s going to handle it. Think about temperament. Ensure to provide her with answers as to why she doesn’t leave her in the dark. She doesn’t deserve it. Even if she did something horrible, she likely doesn’t deserve it.

30 Tricks To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

How to break up with a girl? You want to break up with someone, but you don’t want to do it in a way where you crush their spirits, break their hearts, or make them feel miserable.

Break Up With Your Girlfriend
Break Up With Your Girlfriend

I will talk about the breakup stage, but I will give you tips on what not to do after you break up and how to break up with a woman with your dignity. Let’s make a smart breakup plan.

1. Don’t Drag It Out

This would make it even more painful in the long run. However, getting it over with is best for both of you. There is no need to continue putting more time and effort into a failing relationship. Instead, you may each be happier with someone else. Staying together to be nice is robbing you both of that happiness.

Breaking up is not easy, no matter what, but you need to respect a woman when you break up with her. Sit her down face to face and explain why the relationship is not working out. Tell her why it’s not working out. Tell her why you’re breaking up with her and be a man that way; she’ll respect you. She might hate you at the moment. But she will respect you long-term, and that’s what it’s all about, becoming a significant break or upper.

Before doing a breakup, you must review the whole relationship and summarize it. Sometimes our egos and anger make us wrong, and we make the wrong decision. So ensure you are right, and you will end up in a relationship.

2. Follow Less Communication

The method should match the level of involvement in your relationship. Believe it or not, sometimes ghosting is a better choice. Other times, it should warrant a lengthy face-to-face discussion.

So your reasoning is understood. You both get closure where you fall on this spectrum, depending entirely on the relationship. If you’ve been dating for a few weeks and aren’t feeling it, ghosting might be okay. It doesn’t mean ignoring her messages. It is more like don’t be the one to reach out. If it’s mutual and you never hear from each other again, that’s okay.

You can both move on, knowing it has run its course naturally, if you’re at the end of a long-term relationship, though ghosting is not an option. At this point, you do owe her a complete explanation. Ultimately, there’s no easy way to break up with someone, but you can at least be tasteful about it breaking up over the phone.

3. Breaking Up Over Text

It falls between the ghosting approach and a long conversation on the phone call. It’s more personal than a text message, leaving less room for misinterpretation. It also makes for an easier back-and-forth so you can both understand the situation. You should use it with caution.

Again, never do this to end a long-term relationship. Breaking up over text is another touchy subject. The text message breakup is an elusive leaf or a new, casual relationship. Maybe you met on Tinder, had a few dates, and not feeling it. That’s the only time breaking up over text is a suitable option.

4. Be Mindful Of Her Feelings

Be mindful of her feelings and choose an appropriate time and place to break the news. Inviting her to dinner to break the story might sound like a good move. But that’s rarely the case. She goes through all that effort to plan her night around it. She gets ready and shows up, expecting a good night with you. Instead, the whole purpose is to end the relationship.

Now, she has to travel home alone, thinking about it rather than planning the world’s worst surprise party. Consider doing it at her home, being willing to discuss it. Once it’s over, you can leave. At least, this way, she’s in a comfortable environment. She doesn’t have to worry about onlookers and does not need to drive anywhere.

5. Have A Smart Plan

If you plan on having no future contact, pack it up. If the breakup is over something serious enough, you may not have a plan to contact her in the future. If this is the case and she has belongings at your place, make sure you pack it all up and bring it with you.

It adds that final bit of closure to the situation and ensures she gets her things back. It also leaves no reason for you to talk awkwardly again in the future. Be aware that she’ll immediately understand the subtotal text of this breaking up with her tonight was a pre-meditated move.

6. Know Why You’re Doing It

These words might sound silly at first, but it’s necessary. Breakups are inherently stressful. It is the worst time to be thinking on your feet. Instead of considering your true motivations for doing it and how you plan to convey these to her, a little planning can go a long way to making the whole process easier.

Playing out the conversation in an empty room beforehand is a smart idea. It will allow you to carefully consider your tone and words before having the “big moment.”

7. Don’t Blame Her

These statements can be crucial. They’re essential to a clean breakup. The truth is framing your feelings as you’re feeling and not statements of fact is more comfortable for her to take in. For example, saying, ‘You’re always picking a fight with me,’ immediately puts her on the defense.

Instead, try it like, ‘I feel like our differences are becoming apparent to me, and we should go our separate ways. It’s a subtotal difference, but it keeps your explanation from sounding like an attack.

8. Cut The Online Cords

You don’t want to drag out your online connections. If you’ve been to Facebook, it’s best to change that immediately rather than wait a month, forcing you both to think about it again. Let them decide about friends you may have met through her in the future.

They may have to take her side on this, but ultimately, they leave the decision up to them. Of course, if you’d instead make a completely clean break, then that’s okay.

9. Be Honest When You Break Up

The key to a breakup is honesty. So, you must ensure that you’re letting her know exactly how you feel when you’re breaking up with a girl and talking to her. Why is this happening? Why the relationship didn’t work out, or why is dating not working out?

Just be very upfront with her. It will be one of the hardest things you will have to do. Because it is difficult to let someone know you’re not interested in them anymore.

That’s pretty much why I’m making this article because it’s hard to do. It’s hard to be able to say those things about a person. Because you don’t want to make them feel bad, or maybe you do because they did something terrible to you.

It’ll be easy for you to break up with them. But either way, honesty is the best policy. Let them know. Because if you don’t tell them the truth, they might not think you’re telling the truth. Then this breakup could be much longer because they will try to extract everything from you. So, it’s always to your benefit to be as honest as possible. With that being said, you want to be as specific as possible.

10. Be Specific

Be specific! If you’re speaking in generalities or if you’re too vague. They’re also going to be very confused. It’s not going to help the breakup at all. They got to know precisely what was going on. So, speak specifically, but simultaneously, you don’t want to over-explain.

If you’re saying the same things repeatedly, you’re very redundant. What’s going to happen is that the person will be ripped to shreds. It’s going to be very hurtful for them. Say it once. Say specifically. Make your main points, and then move on with the conversation.

11. Just Do It

Breaking up is terrible. Because it’s always hard to hurt someone, but avoiding it is way more hurtful. I’ve heard so many guys say, ‘I’m gonna let it fizzle out to be bad, and hopefully, she’ll break up with me’ This is no good. Real men don’t do this to women. If she’s not the one for you, and you’re not into it anymore, break up immediately.

Doing it in person would probably be the best, and don’t leave them on as if you’re going to do it. Do it instead of dragging it out. When doing the deed, do not leave her with any lingering hope that you may come back.

Honestly, I’ve had guys break up with me and tell me ten reasons why it wasn’t right, and one reason I hung onto this one idea, thinking we still had hoped I could get him back. If you know she’s not for you, tell her straight up. Be honest. Say honestly, and you must also meet with them in person.

12. Prepare Yourself

Don’t be her shoulder to cry. She has friends, and they let her use the support. It’s hard to feel like the bad guy, and even though you’ve broken up with her, you still care for her. But you can’t be her ex and her support system. She’s going to have to learn to live without you. She may think you still want to be with her if you keep comforting her.

Many guys are breaking up with their girlfriends without preparing themself. It’s a bad idea. Because when you break up with her, you feel some inner pain sometimes that hurts. Sometimes you may feel alone and sad. So first, prepare yourself properly.

13. Maintain Physical Distance

Do not keep sleeping with her if you don’t want to be with her. This could be very confusing for your ex and you. A real man does not return to his ex for sex if he has no plans to get back together with her. As you can see, breaking up like a man is pretty easy.

Most lovers can not keep self-respect and want physical relations after a breakup. It’s a wrong and horrible idea that can ruin your life. Don’t blackmail her emotionally or mentally because it’s a crime. It also can destroy her life and make her depressed. So be aware of it.

14. Don’t Be Self-destructive

Many clients drink after a breakup or do other things to numb the pain. But here’s the thing. When you drink, it gives you a rush of endorphins. That’s why you feel so powerful and happy. Because the human body is not designed to provide you with those rush of emotions and endorphins 24/7, it will do the complete opposite when you come down off that high or off that alcohol high.

I mean that you will suffer from a great deal of depression if you keep on trying to numb the pain with other additional sorts of reefs outside of resources. If you’re going through a massive time and a heavy heart, do not drink and try to numb the pain. Because not only will you be sad the next day, you’ll probably make foolish decisions.

15. Don’t Isolate Yourself

When you need to be with friends, you must be with family and us. Maybe even take this time to put what you wanted to do in a notebook. If you want to go skydiving, this is your time.

Step out of your comfort zone and steak heist. Start taking control. Get off the couch and start doing stuff outside with friends and family. That can pick you up and bring you up.

16. Don’t Do Multiple Date

Do not date other women to numb the pain or feel like you have your sense of control back if you are not over a woman and decide to date another woman. Maybe sleep with them, not only you. You are probably hurting this other woman. Because she probably wants something more with you. It’s going to validate your emotions that aren’t healed.

The person you’re sleeping with is not who you want and not who you love or who you have a heavy heart. That will appear in your life when you do the act and after you do the action. So, don’t do it. If you want to have great meaningful sex at the end of the day, you have to do it without a heavy heart for someone else.

17. Push Yourself To Be Great

I was guilty of this. Don’t watch love stories. Don’t sit there and watch love stories all day in your apartment alone, crying with your tissue, eating a box of chocolate cookies. Go out there. Hit the gym because it is a powerful energy. A long time ago when I experienced a breakup. It was pretty heavy on my heart. I remember I dealt with my feelings for a day, and I stayed in my room crying for about a day.

You need to buck up. It’s time to get yourself together. It was like in my 20s. I believe I was twenty, and I hadn’t run. I have so much anger and so many emotions towards this breakup. I went to the gym. I kid you not. I ran five miles in a matter of maybe 15 minutes.

I was crazy on that treadmill. But let me tell you something as soon as I got off that treadmill, I felt accomplished, and I felt all of my emotions go onto that treadmill. I got it all out of me, where I could feel better and go home and make dinner. It felt like I didn’t want to cry anymore. It was so magnifying to my growth. That’s why it’s so important to push yourself during those situations.

18. Don’t Look Back

The critical tip on what not to do is to remember that pain is growth. Pain is meant to be filled to embrace change and understand why this is happening to you. You can grow as an individual to better advance your own life better. Advance your personal growth. You’re trying to break up with a woman at this point and feel lost on how to do it.

The biggest and the most important thing I must tell you is how to break up with a woman and still hold control as a powerful man is respectful and honest with her. This woman might beg you and want you to be back with her because she loves you and gives you all these ultimatums that she will change. You may be experiencing it, but the best thing you can do is not ignore the problem and disappear.

The best thing you can do for your personal growth is to be honest, and challenge yourself to have those confrontational conversations. You can walk back, turn around with your dignity, and no karma will not bite you.

19. Avoid Breakup By Phone

The effective way is the texting breakup, staying away from the texting breakup. Because it makes you look very cowardly if you have tied behind your cell phone screen from the girl you’re breaking up with. You don’t come off very well.

You seem cowardly, and girls tell their friends about it. The tail end to all of these is going to be. Girls will tell their friends about it, but you do not want to burn bridges. It’s not a good idea. If you’re going to leave this relationship, do not do it by text message.

20. Don’t Mistreat With Her

The best thing that guys tend to do when they break up with girls is drape to the girl horribly until she breaks up with the guy. The reason is not the best way to break up. Though it seems smart, a girl wouldn’t want to be with a guy who mistreats her. But there’s something present in both sexes. We are all fix-it people. We love to fix things that aren’t going well.

Men are more the lumberjack type. They like to build, like IKEA furniture and other building stuff. They want to build and fix things. Because it makes them feel manly, and it’s going back to the old times when we would fight and feed our women. Anyways, guys like to fix things in that sense. Women, we love to fix emotional things.

Suppose we think that our relationship is going sour. We look for creative and beautiful ways to make our boyfriends more respectful, make them respect us more, and treat us better. She’s pretty much going to go, Mrs. Fix it, and try to fix your relationship. She’s going to be more invested than you want her to be.

21. Don’t Insult Her

Girls love to play detectives. We love to solve mysteries. It’s in our nature. That’s why we Facebook stalk you, that’s why we Instagram stalk you, and that’s why we test all of your friends to find out where you are. It’s in our nature. It’s in our blood.

When you ghost a girl, you get her permission to stop and follow you and find out where you are. What you’re doing, and why you’re not talking to her. Just picture this, you’re on a date with a girl who you’re actually. You have pulled out all the stops. You’ve got her some lovely red wine, her favorite bottle.

It was expensive. She’s like, ‘Oh my god, this place is so sweet’ spending all this. Then, guess who walks through the door of the restaurant. It is okay. She walks right over to the table and is like Bradley. She takes the red wine. She spilled it on the girl’s face.

She is wearing a white dress. She was beautiful, and she was crying. Then the girls like, ‘Wait! Are you cheating on me?’ and she will freak out. You’re going to look like a jerk. Everyone in the restaurant will turn and stare at you, and you’re going screw it up. Do you want to do that?

22. Don’t Hurt Her

You want to ensure it is present in your breakup so that it goes well because you treat her with respect, care, and understanding. This goes a long way if you go into this breakup and are sweet, understanding, and respectful. You say I understand this is hard on you, but I must be honest and deserve it. You deserve me to sit you down and tell you how I feel.

It is beyond happy and trudging through this horrible relationship. Don’t say atrocious relationship, god, do not take my words, police. Give respect, and she’s going to respect you. It’s not necessarily how she wanted things to end. She’ll have to appreciate you for at least sitting her down and being good to her.

23. Don’t Be Too Helpful

It is tough because I agree that being helpful is the best policy, and being right is always the best thing to do. But it’s very hurtful being broken up with her when it comes to breaking up with someone. The girl does not need to get the play-by-play on all the things you did that were all the things that she did to make you break up with her. It’s hurtful and awful. She needs to know it’s done.

Your opinions and what you think were viable reasons to break up with her could be something another guy finds sweet and endearing. If you scar her by saying, I hate this about you. You suck at this when it could be something that somebody else loves. She’s going to be hiding all of these qualities.

It makes her, and sculpting somebody into something you find perfect is unfair. Because somewhere out there, someone will love her for all her flaws and all the great things about her. So don’t try to change her. Let her discover the things she’s doing wrong on her own. It is not her job to fix her. so don’t be too helpful.

24. Reconnect Is Bad For Breakup

She needs to reflect on what she’s done herself. It’s not your job to give your opinion because sometimes, how you look at it might be wrong. Maybe there were things that you were doing that caused her to act a certain way. It’s not your job to be fixing her changing the way.

She reacts toward people, and that is what we would describe. From my experience, I find this an excellent thing to keep in mind because everyone’s perspective is different. So make sure when you break up with her. Nothing will keep a girl hooked on you long for a long time more than you know.

You’re going to want to move on and be with somebody. If she’s still messaging you looking for a shoulder to cry on, that will create a lot of conflict in your life. So stay away from contact.

25. Do Some After Breakup Plans

I want you to make sure you’re good to yourself. Breaking up with someone or being broken up with is. It’s challenging, and you have to understand. Many people think you’ll not be good since you broke up with that person. That’s honestly poppycockkkkkkk. You can tell them that’s not true! You do what you need to feel good again.

But I recommend not doing the ice cream and lounging on the couch for days. You should go to the gym, eat healthily, treat yourself well, and prepare for the next great person in your life. You’re also doing some emotional healing and confidence-building.

26. Think Properly & Take Time

For starters, you might want to think about why you want to end the relationship. Are you bored? Is there someone else that you like? Or is your partner not holding up their end of the relationship?

You should also spend a little time thinking about why you’re still in the relationship. Does that person have the qualities and attributes that you like? Or is it merely that if you were to break up with them? It would be awkward seeing them in school. Are you close to their family, and you don’t want to lose that? What are the reasons that are keeping you there with them?

Once you understand why you no longer want to be in a relationship, how do you convey that to them without feeling sad or hurt? Honestly, I don’t think that there’s a simple way. I get it. You don’t want to come off looking like a bad or mean person here. But you must understand that both of you invested feelings into this relationship. By sending it, you’re asking for those feelings to change, which will not change positively.

27. Convey Yourself

They won’t be happy and excited that you’re breaking up with them. Most likely, they’re going to feel sad. Their feelings will change once the two of you break up. You have to understand that their feelings will change again as time goes on.

So, the best thing you can convey yourself in a way that’s honest, truthful, and sincere. In other words, you don’t wanna say something like, “I don’t like you anymore, ok?” or something like, “Hey, look, I like this other person way more than you.” Because what you’re going to do is you’re going to cement yourself as a jerk in their mind.

They’re always going to look at you as someone who burned them, and they’re never going to be able to move past that. The truth is, you can’t control someone else’s mental depiction of you. Even if you let them go in the most excellent way possible, they may still hold those resentful feelings against you. So the most you can do is put yourself out there, be open and honest, and let it be.

28. Say Smartly

What exactly should you say? What specific words should you use to break up with them? If I had to phrase it, here’s exactly how I would do it. “Hey, I feel like we’re heading in different directions in this relationship, and I don’t have the feeling that I once did when we first started.

So, the best thing for us to do might be to break up. That’s how I feel. I want to know what you think about this too.” Saying it like that clarifies that you’ve fallen away from the initial feelings you once had and look. Your partner may still be sad about that.

They may not want to break up. If that’s how you genuinely feel, conveying that to them is essential. You also might be thinking about how you should break up with someone.

Over text? On the phone? In-person? If you’re going to break up with someone, you can at least give them the courtesy of hearing your voice. So do it over the phone or in person if you can.

Saying something like that clarifies that you no longer have the same feelings you once did. Now look, your partner will have questions; that’s only natural.

29. Answer Her Openly

They may ask you things like when did you start feeling this way? What could they have done that could have changed your decision? Or is there something about them that you don’t like? Try your best to answer their questions as honestly as possible.

The goal is to break up with them, but your sub-goal is to leave them better off than you found them. You don’t want this person walking away thinking that the next relationship they run into, they’re going to run into the same problems.

They will encounter the same things because all those people are the same. Maybe all men are the same; all women are the same. All people are the same, and they can trust no one. That’s not the mentality you want them to walk away from.

30. Don’t Compare With Her

They must see that sometimes people are not compatible. Maybe you were consistent initially, but it didn’t last over time, and that’s ok. That’s normal. That happens sometimes. It doesn’t mean they won’t walk away, still feeling hurt.

Now, if you’re breaking up with them because you found someone you like even more, I don’t think it’s best to tell them outright. I wanna ask this person out” or “I like them even more” because it will make them feel slightly more jaded.

So keep those thoughts separate from each other. Once you break up with them, let time pass for that person to heal, and then you can work on building another relationship.

Bonus Tip – Find Errors In Relationship

One thing I want to stress here is that feelings naturally fluctuate. Meaning you may develop feelings for someone else that is stronger than your current partner. But you need to look at the scenario and ask yourself. What is my longer-term play?

Yes, I can give in to these little feelings. I have for anyone I have here and there, but that will help me build what I want. What you want in the future is a healthy, happy, and strong relationship. It might make sense to curb those feelings and not act on those impulses when they happen.

Or, if you’re constantly breaking up with people, it might be essential to look at your behavior. To look at yourself and say, “What am I doing that’s attracting certain kinds of partners that I can’t build a relationship with?”.

Maybe the error is something you can work on yourself. Perhaps you must dedicate more time to your partner, be more romantic, or hear them out a little more. There are always things that can be improved and tweaked to help you build better relationships. So, if you’re breaking up with this person and it didn’t work out, that’s ok.

After Breakup Guidelines

What to do after a breakup? The biggest thing about breakups is this significant pain. You feel like you can break a leg. You won’t even feel the same problem. Emotional pain is a pain that we all experience, and it’s a pain that we feel so deep in our hearts.

After Breakup Guidelines
After Breakup Guidelines

Because our soul is connected and love is all about love, it fuels our fire for life. But when we get into relationships that ultimately don’t work out, either breaking up with someone or getting broken up with, it hurts us.

Even if you are breaking up with someone, that brought you to this article. I can’t tell you what hurts more than to be the person to break up with someone or break up with. It’s two valid emotions, and I’ve been both. I’ve been on both sides, and both of them hurt equally. You go through many of the same feelings, so I wanted to do this article tailored to both breakups.

If you’re being broken up with or the person to break up with your partner at the end of the day, this freaking sucks. You’re probably having a world win of uncontrollable emotions and don’t know what to do when you feel out of place.

You still think so discomforted that you’re trying to group yourself and get back on track. But the good news about this is time heals a heavy heart. It’s good and bad news because it will not be fixed immediately if you’re impatient. So look at it like this even though you’re experiencing this breakup, and it hurts. The only thing you have going to heal your heavy heart is time.

This time is valuable for you to either stay in the same place that you are now or to take this time to grow as a person, get right, and get involved in what you’re going through. The thoughts that are happening are the emotions coming up, and don’t ignore these.

You might feel relieved for a moment. You might be proud of yourself for having done it. Shortly after that, you will go into a state of withdrawal. Because your girlfriend, like anything else, is a habit. You have to break the routine with her, which will hurt you as much as it will hurt her.

So I want to prepare you for what that means if you support the system. I’m here to prepare you with a great circle of friends for it, emotionally and psychologically. Don’t make rash decisions that you can’t take back. I hope you got some insight into this article. I don’t know your state regarding how ready you are to break up.

Maybe you’re about to do it right now or far from it. But you’re wondering how best to go about it. I encourage you to calculate it correctly. Don’t be a jerk, don’t make a rash decision. Don’t break up amid some massive argument. This person serves such a tremendous value to you, even if it was for a handful of moments; they deserve to feel honor in the end.

You might want to restore friendship with them later. You probably can’t even conceptualize that right now, but chances are you get it will die down, and the dust will settle. You will want to have the opportunity of having them in your life.

How do You break up with your GF over text?

Breaking up with someone over text is generally not recommended, as it lacks the personal touch and open communication that a face-to-face conversation provides. However, if circumstances prevent an in-person conversation or if your safety is a concern, here are some steps to follow if you need to break up with your girlfriend over text:

How do You break up with your GF over text
How do You break up with your GF over text?
  • Find a time when you can focus on the conversation without distractions. Avoid sending the message when either of you is busy or preoccupied.
  • Clearly express your decision and intentions without leaving room for confusion or ambiguity. Keep the text concise and to the point while showing empathy and respect.
  • Frame your message using “I” statements to express your feelings and experiences. This helps to avoid sounding accusatory or blaming your girlfriend. For example, say, “I have been doing a lot of thinking, and I feel that it’s best for us to end our relationship,” rather than, “You never make me happy.”
  • Be honest about your feelings and the reasons behind your decision. Express empathy and understanding for any pain or hurt she may experience due to the breakup.
  • Try to avoid placing blame or criticizing your girlfriend. Focus on your own emotions and needs rather than attacking her character.
  • Understand that your girlfriend may have emotional reactions or questions after receiving the text. Be prepared for different responses and give her space to process her emotions.
  • If your girlfriend requests space or asks for no contact, respect her wishes. Give each other the necessary time and space to heal.

Breaking up over text should generally be a last resort. Whenever possible, an in-person conversation allows for better communication and understanding.

Why do you keep thinking about breaking up with your girlfriend?

Constantly thinking about breaking up with your girlfriend can indicate underlying issues or concerns within the relationship. Here are some possible reasons why you might be having these thoughts:

Why do you keep thinking about breaking up with your girlfriend
Thinking about breaking up with your girlfriend

Incompatibility: You may feel that you and your girlfriend fundamentally differ in values, goals, interests, or lifestyles. These differences can create a sense of disconnect and make you question the long-term viability of the relationship.

Lack of fulfillment: If the relationship no longer brings you joy, fulfillment, or a sense of personal growth, it’s natural to contemplate whether it fits you. Long-term relationships should ideally contribute positively to your well-being and personal development.

Communication problems: Difficulty in effective communication can lead to misunderstandings, unresolved conflicts, and a sense of emotional distance. If you feel that your communication with your girlfriend is consistently problematic or ineffective, it contributes to thoughts of breaking up.

Emotional disconnect: Feeling emotionally disconnected or unsatisfied in the relationship can make you question your connection’s overall compatibility and depth. Emotional intimacy and connection are vital components of a fulfilling relationship.

Trust issues: Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Suppose you have experienced significant trust issues, such as infidelity or breaches of trust. In that case, it can be challenging to rebuild that foundation and may lead to thoughts of ending the relationship.

Different life goals: If you and your girlfriend have divergent long-term goals or visions for the future, it creates a sense of uncertainty and makes you question whether you are compatible in the long run.

Personal growth and self-discovery: Sometimes, the desire to break up arises when individuals need personal growth, exploration, or self-discovery outside of the relationship. It reflects a desire for independence or a sense that the relationship inhibits personal development.

Listen to your feelings and thoughts while considering the factors contributing to your desire to break up. Communication is crucial in any relationship, so discuss your concerns with your girlfriend and work together to address any underlying issues. It can also be helpful to seek guidance from a trusted friend, family member, or therapist who can provide objective advice and support as you navigate your thoughts and emotions.


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