20 Relationship Advice For Women

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How to get him addicted to you when you’re excited about a new person you like? It’s a fantastic feeling you find yourself thinking about him a lot. You catch yourself daydreaming about the time you spent together and replaying all the cute things that happened. You imagine and visualize what the next date will be like, or you wonder about him and what he’s doing.

It keeps happening all day, every few minutes. You’re reminded of him, and you have a smile on your face. You’re thinking about him craving him and can’t wait until the next time you see or talk to him.

It’s almost like you have a natural addiction to him, and that’s because of what happens to your brain when you’re falling in love! Romantic love is a genuine addiction when we love the person.

How To Be A Better Girlfriend?

We are chemically addicted to that person. Falling in love has similar effects on the brain as cocaine does on the minds of a user. So when we are falling in love, we experience the same types of cravings and yearning that and addict fields when they are addicted to a substance.

Now psychologists and behavioral scientists have studied the addiction process for decades. We know a lot about how people become addicted. The good news is I’m going to show you exactly how to use this information to make your man think about you, crave you, and become addicted to you.

Before we can get into that, I need you to understand two things.

First, these are not tips that I made up. These are tips that are based on theories of behavioral psychology and motivation.

Secondly, these tips are powerful, but they’re not magical. These tips aren’t going to make an uninterested man suddenly addicted to you. But if he was initially attracted to you at some point. These tips will undoubtedly pique his curiosity and get him thinking about you and craving you never liked before.

How to handle a man in a relationship? Have you ever asked the man you’re dating? What are you thinking about and he replied nothing? Well, it turns out sometimes he is thinking about something, but he doesn’t know exactly how to tell you as a woman. You’re taught that expressing your emotions is healthy and normal from a young age.

You’re allowed to feel comfortable crying or asking a man for help but a man, unfortunately. We’re taught to bottle up our emotions and then throw that bottle in the sea and never go looking for it. For this reason, when a man wants something from you, he often doesn’t know how or when to express it.

He keeps it inside, and problems begin to manifest. Today, I will peel back the layers of how men think and help you learn how to fulfill a man’s desires. So you can become his ultimate dream woman with this knowledge. It’s going to empower you and show you exactly how to keep your man feeling fulfilled and building a healthy, satisfying relationship.

20 Relationship Advice For Women

This article will tell you the 20 psychological tips men desire but are too embarrassed to ask. I’ll let you know our burning desires, the treatment from women that make us feel loved, and the actions.

You can take to make your man feel whole in your relationship. This will give you a look into how men think and give you the power to attract a high-quality man long-term or keep the one that you have feeling happier than ever being with you.

girlfriend duties in a relationship
Girlfriend Duties In A Relationship

1. Be A Queen

He wants a queen! What do I mean by this? Well, He wants a woman with healthy boundaries who knows what she wants. A strong independent woman is incredibly alluring for a man. This attitude shows she’s confident and well-rounded. What do you often see in popular media? A high-quality man isn’t looking for a doting homemaker.

He’s looking for an equal partner who can bring as much to the table as he does. Men love a sassy woman who will tell him to knock it off if he starts with her over something insignificant. Men often condition women to receive less than what they deserve.

When a woman shows a man that she’s not going to put up with his late-night booty calls or being treated like one of the guys, he doesn’t feel offended. He feels turned on and sees her as a challenge. He will work ten times harder to be with her because she’s different from the other women.

He’s dated his dream woman doesn’t beg for gifts. She’s not self-centered or immature. His dream woman expects him to treat her with respect. If he doesn’t well, she’ll walk right out the door and doesn’t think twice about coming back, a queen commands. Respect this is the type of woman that men desire.

An Example: One of my friends Tom, was dating Amelia. Amelia was a nice woman, and she did everything in her power to take care of Tom even though he was a grown man who was fully capable of doing his laundry and cooking meals. One day Tom and Amelia got in a big fight when she was in the middle of making dinner.

He admitted that he wasn’t the most respectful during the conflict. He wouldn’t have been surprised if she walked right out the door and told him that she wouldn’t be talking to him for a while what did. But she finished cooking him dinner and set a plate down in front of him. She cleaned the dishes and put them away as he watched the game.

Do you see what happened here? Amelia thought she was nice by taking care of Tom even though he disrespected her and was thoughtless.

I’m growing a coaching business and raising two kids. I love and respect my wife because she helps remind me. I’m here to be a king, not this whiny little boy, and that’s what I want someone who will hold me to a higher standard see my true potential rather than accepting my immature actions or outlooks.

2. Be A Romantic Woman

How to be a better girlfriend emotionally? Men want someone who unleashes a different side of them in the bedroom. I don’t often talk about sex, but this is important. Even if he’s shy or analytical, every man has an inner warrior.

If you’re not timid in bed, you can unleash this inner warrior and build an even stronger relationship with your partner. So what can you do to express this side of your man? Try something different.

If you’re always doing a specific position, switch things up to surprise it where some seductive lingerie. These small surprises can go a long way for a man who is still expected to be the one to initiate. Don’t be afraid to make the first move. If it’s your first time being intimate, let him be the one who starts the first time that you sleep together.

Show him how much you want him, and he’s going to feel lucky to have. You may be this goes without saying, but I should add here that he wants you to have a wild side at home but not in front of his friends or family. Men want to present you as a lady to their family and friends.

3. Do Proper Respect

Both men and women want respect, but men especially feel pressure to be men. What does this mean exactly to be the man? They want to be a leader, but often they don’t have a mentor or a role model in their lives who can show them how to be a real man.

So that’s why many men look for a partner who will respect them even if they haven’t yet achieved this status. When I met my wife, I was working a nine-to-five job in a cubicle, and she was the one who pushed me to become a coach full-time. She saw my potential and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

I’ll never forget her for being my biggest cheerleader and supporter, and she still is to this day. If you lift your man and treat him as a leader, he’s going to work to become that person, and you’ll get to experience the payoff.

4. Do Appreciate & Praise

Man wants to feel appreciated, and half his ego stroked. As you may know, many men have big egos, and that’s not always a bad thing. The world rewards confident leaders who believe in themselves, and something men love but would never dare to ask for is when a woman shows appreciation.

A few ways that you can do this are praising him for big and small things if he brings over Chinese food so that you can have a cozy night! You can say thank you so much. If you love the way, he holds your hand. When you walk down the street, tell him – “I love it when you hold my hand. I feel so comfortable and safe with you.”

Make him feel manly if he hangs up the Christmas lights, say- “Wow, aren’t you scared to go up that high on a ladder? You’re brave. I could never do that”. If he fixes a shelf in your house, say- “Thank you so much.”

I understand women are fully capable of doing these things for themselves. I get it, but men need to protect and care for the women in our lives. When you acknowledge and praise us, we feel better about ourselves for this.

So if you want him to help you with something, give him a generous amount of praise afterward. This not only makes him feel appreciated and makes him more likely to want to do it again for you.

5. Give Freedom & Space

He may like you or even love you, but he also needs his own space. It’s common to want to spend a lot of time with your partner because they make you feel good, but sometimes men need time for themselves to recharge. Some men have a hard time telling the woman they’re dating. I need to chill out and be alone because they’re scared that she will get offended or her feelings will be hurt.

Do yourself and your man a favor by allowing him to do his own thing. Sometimes, men appreciate it when women encourage them to take some time for themselves. It could mean telling him to watch the game with the boys or saying he should go fishing this weekend or go to the office and finish up some work when he has some time away.

It helps him feel relaxed to reset to recharge to have more energy when he’s with you. It will lead both of you to be happy, and that’s what’s the most important thing. So, It’s the best relationship tip for girlfriends.

6. Leave Him Wanting More

Leave him wanting more, whether you’re on a date with him, on the phone, or texting him. You have to leave him wanting more of you. 90% of the time again if you want him to become addicted to you regardless of how much fun you’re having or how connected you’re feeling.

You have to end your dates, conversations, and experiences early and leave him wanting more. You must resist the urge to follow the date, experience, or chat through to its natural progression.

You have to be the one who ends things on a high note and leaves him wanting more. So when things are going well, only when you’re feeling the chemistry, when you wish that this date would never end.

So leave after a couple of hours and at that particular moment when he feels the most confident that the relationship is going well. It will make him remember the date more fondly, and it shifts the power directly to you and creates the craving part in him. Trust me, this is super difficult to do, but it’s also the most powerful tip.

7. Call Him With Sweet Name

You will create a vibe that makes him feel amazing when you’re with him. When you’re with him, he’s going to be handling happy and on top of the world. You’re going to be the person he wants to be with the most. So you must create that dynamic vibe that he can’t get anywhere else.

The first thing every time you’re with him and ideally in the beginning parts of your date. You’re going to connect with him by using his name along with positive words of praise and admiration.

You’re going to say his first name when you’re talking to him the reason our brains involuntarily respond to the sound of our name, and this has been demonstrated in countless studies.

Do a google search on it, and you’ll see hearing your name causes your brain to react as if you’re engaging in the behaviors and thought pattern that serves as some part of your core identity and personality markers. When you that’s his name with words of admiration and appreciation will make him feel great.

8. Eye Contact While Talking

The second thing gives him the look of love through prolonged eye contact, so while he’s talking to you while you’re doing whatever. I want you to look deeply into his eyes and think about how much you like him. Think about how attracted you are to him and hold that stare.

Give him your most seductive look because prolonged eye contact or gazing into someone’s eyes increases attraction. I’ve talked about this in the previous article.

Your eyes are the windows to the soul. Your eyes are the windows to your heart, and when it comes to falling in love. How do you communicate with your eyes? It can make all the difference because prolonged eye contact can cause two people to feel attracted to one another.

So again, make sure you connect with him through the eyes and feel those feelings when you’re looking at him.

9. Keep Smiley Face

What can a woman offer a man in a relationship? When you’re around him, smiling makes everyone look more attractive and approachable because it conveys expressions of joy and happiness. When you’re smiling in response to seeing someone, it makes them feel like you’re smiling because of them.

So when you’re with your man and especially when you are first greeting each other, make sure you give him a genuine smile and maintain that eye contact.

So using his name, giving him the look of love, and smiling and expressing happiness are the simple things to do. It’s the most important relationship advice for the teenage girl in love.

10. Texting Message Response Time

Varying the timing of your responses is based on the concept of a variable interval reinforcement schedule. An irregular interval reinforcement schedule is a powerful operant conditioning tool to shape behavior and learning in psychology.

So let me explain operant conditioning is a learning process through which the strength of action is modified by reinforcement or punishment.

How do you train a puppy to learn a trick? You give him an instruction, he performs the trip, and you reward him with the treatment, but if you stop giving the puppy a treat after he performs, he will eventually perform the trick that makes sense.

Taking this a step further, behavioral psychologists know that changing the rate or time interval of giving a reinforcement has powerful effects on maintaining the desired behavior.

For example, if you’re gambling and playing a slot machine sometimes, you sometimes win, you don’t, but if you keep playing, you will eventually win a person. Playing a slot machine will continue putting money into the slot machine because she never knows when the next reinforcement is coming.

She keeps thinking that she could win $50 or $100 or even more with the next quarter. So people keep trying and hoping that they will win big the next time. This is one of the reasons that gambling is so addictive and so
resistant to extinction.

Now back to your texting in plain English, once you’ve established that he’s interested and you’ve also shown him that you’re interested. You’re going to vary the amount of time.

It takes you to respond to his text messages when he sometimes texts you. You will respond within seconds, sometimes within minutes within hours.

Sometimes you might even forget to respond. He will keep checking his phone to see if you respond when you do that. It means that he’s also going to be thinking of you. When you do respond, he will be excited to read it.

He will get a hit of dopamine as part of that reward. It reinforces his behavior and motivation for you even more. Think about what happens when you are interested in a guy.

You text him, and he responds right away. Sometimes, it takes him 30 minutes, and sometimes it takes him hours. What does it do to you when he doesn’t respond right away?

Well, if you like him, you are probably wondering what he’s doing. Is he busy or working? Is he away from his phone? Did he forget about me?

It makes you like him any less, or does it merely cause you to think about him more. It makes you check your phone more and think about what he’s doing.

To vary the rate at which you respond and try to make it as random as possible. Again you respond immediately within minutes, sometimes with an hour.

11. Allow Him To Pursue You

How should a woman act in a relationship? Women flip the switch and start pursuing a man rather than leaning back and allowing him to follow her. When this happens, he no longer has to exert any effort to prove he’s worthy of you.

People appreciate and value the things that they have to work hard. If you give him all of your affection and time and attention initially, what does he have to work hard for he doesn’t, and consequently, you lose value, and his attraction for you goes down?

So you have to stop pursuing him. It means that you have to stop texting him between dates, and you can not be initiating communications with him; instead, you must let him do. It doesn’t look easy to do because you’d like him. You miss him, and you want to talk to him.

It’s hard not to reach out because you want to connect and communicate. But if you want a man to enjoy, you must pull away and allow him to miss you. Allow him to pursue you. He’s a man, and he needs to do that.

12. Don’t Expect More

It isn’t easy not to think about the future when you like someone simultaneously. It’s essential to take your expectations before you’ve gotten to know someone. So take any expectations out of your mind because two things happen when you make something a goal.

First, you start planning and living in the future, and then you always measure your progress towards that goal.

Secondly, when you start thinking of this new person as the one, you will begin to daydream and romanticize a relationship that doesn’t even exist yet and may never exist.

So instead of being present and engaged at this moment, you’re stuck in a future where you’re assuming. You’re daydreaming and fantasizing about all the extraordinary times you’ll share, which causes you to elevate the importance of this relationship a great deal.

When you put too much into this outcome, you become invested in the future that you can’t control. It causes anxiety when you like someone. When you want someone, the stakes are higher in the level of importance.

Your attachment to that person is higher, and your level of anxiety and fear of losing that person goes way up. When that happens, any insecurities you may have about the relationship manifest in your interactions with him, and guess what happens.

He feels it. He notices those insecurities, and it lowers your value in his eyes. It makes you seem needy, clingy, or even desperate. Then before you know it, he’s running for the hills, and that’s when you realize that you’re dealing with the pain and frustration of unrequited love.

13. Stop Talking About Missing

This one is difficult to do but essential. Let me explain. See when you notice that your man isn’t calling or texting or making plans as much as he used to. It’s natural to become worried and concerned about why he’s changed.

So you pay extra attention to what he’s doing, and eventually, you bring it up to him. So you talk to him, and you tell him that you’ve noticed a change in him. You ask him what’s wrong. Maybe he tells you everything is okay.

Stop worrying about it, or maybe he denies it. But if you’re like most people, you can’t forget about it. Instead, you start paying extra attention to everything. He does look for more confirmation of how you’re feeling, and without a doubt.

You find how things have changed, making you feel worse and even more insecure. Despite all the conversations, nothing changes. Maybe they get worse, and then you continue to complain. This opposite effect things get more complicated between you two. It’s like he sees you as the one who is always complaining and nagging.

So step one is not to bring this topic up again, at least not yet. It’s not easy to do, but if you, please continue to bring it up, you will sabotage your chances of turning things around instead after you do these steps. He’s going to be the one missing you.

14. Stop Initiating Communications

I would imagine that you’ve been the one reaching out to start conversations by texting or calling him. But you have to stop being the one who is always reaching out first. It isn’t easy to do because you want to be connected and communicate, but if you want a man to miss you, you must pull away.

So do not initiate calls or texts to him. I didn’t say ignore him or stop communicating.

I’m saying stop being the one that’s always looking for him and starting communication. You’re not the one who’s going to be starting the day with a right morning call or text instead. Let him do it eventually.

He will recognize the difference and wonder why you’ve suddenly gone silent on him. Let him feel a little down and realize that he was happier when things were different. Your silence would speak volumes.

He will usually initiate contact again pretty quickly. Make him wait before you return his calls and texts. I understand the urge to respond immediately, especially if you’ve been waiting to hear from him for a while.

But taking some time before responding to his contact. Sends the message that you are busy and not sitting by your phone waiting for him to reach out. Have patience and take your time before responding to doing so will undoubtedly increase his yearning for you.

15. Be Alone Sometimes

Give him something to miss. This sounds funny, but when you’re worried that something is wrong or that he has changed. It has an impact on all of your interactions with him. It impacts your conversations, your attitude, and your energy.

In general, he will feel your disappointment and frustration. The time you’re together will feel much more decadent and certainly not fun. This is the opposite of what you want him to handle. So you must figure out how to completely hide that disappointment. Be the happy and confident person that he wants.

Help him recognize your value and existence. So you have to rock his world. You must create that dynamic, that feeling that he can’t get anywhere else. Every time he thinks of you, he’s going to be thinking about the fun.

16. Focus On Your Life

Prioritize your life and start saying no. In other words, don’t always be available for him. He always says yes when he calls and asks you out, especially if he’s getting short notice saying no to his request for plans. Sends him the message that you have other engagements or commitments that are prioritizing, at least at this time.

When he’s asking, it also forces him to recognize your independence and that you’re not sitting by the phone, waiting for his call. One of the most important things men find attractive in women is independence.

He’s got to know how complete your life is and if he becomes part of it, it’s because you want him to be part of it. It is not because you need him to be part of it.

So make sure that you are keeping up with life and making yourself a priority. Keep plans with your friends and keep your schedule busy. It goes a long way towards helping him see you as a high-value woman with an exciting life, and when you do that, he will want to be part of that. When he isn’t, he’s going to feel that too.

So when he calls last minute to make plans say- oops, sorry, I have plans. It will make him prioritize and plan his time with you. He will also begin to recognize that he does not get the privilege of calling you and asking you to go out. So make other plans, and he will start to remember how you used to be available for him.

I’m not suggesting that you play games and hide. Do something for yourself, take up a new hobby, or do something you enjoy. Remember that being unavailable some of the time will make you feel better while driving him a little crazy.

17. Keep Privacy

You don’t have to share every detail of your daily activities with him. I’m not encouraging you to keep secrets or lie about anything. Don’t explain every little thing that you’re doing unless he asks.

Do you want him to wonder and to develop intrigue? So share bits and pieces of your life slowly and make him earn your trust again. When you’re going up to dinner with your parents, tell him you’re going up to feed.

You don’t have to tell him who you’re going out with unless he asks. When you have plans with friends, he asks you on the last-minute date. Tell him you have plans with friends and don’t break your dreams for his last-minute request.

This will force him to recognize that your time is valuable. He needs to put you first, not a last-minute call, because he has nothing else to do. So, keeping your own privacy is one of the best relationship tips for ladies.

18. Be Smart

Talk when the time is right. This is super important if you’ve done these first steps correctly. Your boyfriend will definitely recognize a change in will probably become concerned and might object to these changes. That’s a good thing you want him to recognize and remember that he has an amazing woman.

So you aren’t the one who should bring up this topic. When he notices your changes, he’s either going to step up his game and become more loving and more like he used to be. He will bring up what he’s noticed and wants to talk about it.

It’s perfect, so be transparent and honest about your expectations for the relationship, and while it may be tempting to adjust your wants and needs to accommodate his. It is absolutely something that you cannot do if you’re seeking a long-term relationship. So be honest with yourself and with him.

19. Don’t Be Available All time

You must be willing to walk away from someone and something. If it isn’t working, you can’t lie to yourself or bargain with yourself that he isn’t showing you the love and affection you expect. He will change, or things will get better.

They won’t, and if anything, they will only get worse. People change when they want to or have to. That’s why he must know that he’s got to change or he’s going to lose you. That’s not something you need to tell him. It needs to be demonstrated in your behavior. He needs to feel that you aren’t willing to settle that you aren’t going to tolerate behaviors or actions of his that you disagree with.

So he has to be afraid that he will lose you. If he doesn’t step up his game, he will only experience this if he knows that you’re willing and able to walk away from something that isn’t right for you. But still, many of you will be worried about doing these tips.

You were worried that he would become upset or lose interest. All of them feel risky. You fear the worst thing that could happen: he will become less interested or forget about you.

But I can promise you this if he loves you and values you, doing these things will wake him up. He will remember and appreciate what he has.

20. Give Compliments

What should a woman do in a relationship? Women think that giving a compliment is not suitable for a relationship, making the ego and pride. I guess it’s wrong because men want compliments after hard work or valuable work.

He deserves it because he doesn’t do it only for him. He does it for your happiness and demand. If you forget to give compliments, he will lose motivation and become lazy.

So do compliments when he does something extraordinary or unusual. It makes him a more active and hardworking man. Also, he will love you more for making himself happy and satisfied.

Example: “I’m happy that you helped me out with cleaning the house.” Thank you, darling, for guiding the kids while I was sleeping.


I hope this article explains to you in detail that you understand your relationship and partner correctly. If you do this, you be a good girlfriend, and your relationship will go long.

So as I’ve said in another article, an essential thing that you can do to increase the quality of your relationship is to overcome your fear of being rejected.

So you must adopt a belief that if it’s meant to happen, it will. If you’re not compatible, it’s not going to work out in the long run anyway. If you’re reading this content, you’re an ambitious woman who deserves to be in a happy, healthy relationship.

If you have any questions, comment on your opinion and share this article to get a healthy relationship. I wish you a happy and stable relationship!

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