15 Clear Signs A Woman Is Threatened By You


The world is rapidly changing quicker than most people can come and get their heads around. Women today are nothing like the women they used to be in the 80s. As a result, this woman’s brand intimidated men even every step of the way as femininity evolved, whether it be in relationships, friendships, or professional relationships. However, while this is true to today’s women, some are also threatened by some and are changing too.

If a girl likes you, she’ll be uncomfortable around you. If you can activate her emotional switch even without the intent of doing it, she’ll be head over heels for you. Women are more attracted to average guys who have a masculine appeal in their behavior than mainstream good-looking guys. With that said, let’s get right into it.

15 Signs A Woman Is Threatened By You

Somehow you managed to talk to her. In doing so, you find out that she has perfect looks and the perfect personality you could ever want from a girl. This type of girl is truly one in a million or even one in 10 million. Most men ultimately threaten her. But what if the tables were turned?

Many men get so caught up in their nervousness around women that they don’t realize that women are almost the same as men with a few slight differences. The reality is that women, like men, get threatened far more often than you might think. But the difference, however, is that women are much better at hiding nervousness than typical men. In the same way that a very attractive woman causes many men to be intimidated. Attractive men can have the same effect on women, but it’s all relative.

So a girl who threatens one guy might have zero effect on others. A guy who threatens one girl might not affect a thousand other girls. Knowing when you fear a girl is a powerful tool that can be used to your advantage. She could be telling you that she likes you without saying a single word or as she might be legitimately scared of you.

Intimidation can be intentional or unintentional. Whichever the case, you’re probably the reason you cannot land yourself any meaningful relationship with any good woman. That’s why I’m here anyway to give you insight into a woman’s world as far as men and relationships are concerned. Here are some of the signs that you’ll notice when a woman is threatened or threatened by you.

1. She avoids eye contact

In general, we use eye contact to message how much we welcome other people’s presence. For many women, eye contact is a subtle and powerful tool to send subtle signals of how they feel towards you. Usually, when a girl is attracted to you, she’ll feel feared and avoid eye contact. When they come across a mainstream attractive guy for many girls, they will purposely avoid eye contact. They think, “you’d probably like a different girl,” and won’t even try her chances.

There are several reasons why a woman may avoid making eye contact with you. Now she could be embarrassed by what she’s sometimes saying. We do get word vomits and get carried away. She could be feeling a little bit vulnerable, uninterested, or maybe your presence is intimidating her. You might be making her feel uneasy. Many reasons that could drive a woman to avoid eye contact.

2. Unusual body language

Both men and women tend to point their bodies towards people, and they’re happy or excited to see. You may notice she closes off her body language and shrinks the space she takes up. She might do this a lot. She might do it a little or put her hands on her lap and fold them as if protecting her torso and groin. Also, She might draw her knees together and cross her ankles, another protective stance. Her chin may tuck down a bit, guarding her neck. She might turn her body somewhat away from you, shielding more of her torso. It is female psychology.

Girls can be scared too, but they will welcome it somehow. Physical attraction can only go so far, but building a connection in a short time requires personality. One of my female friends would say that attractive guys always have an ego. They are only lovely to look at. If you’re intelligent, funny, and friendly, girls will feel scared but in a good way.

3. She subconsciously turn away from you

When a woman turns away from you, it’s a subconscious action that shows interpersonal contact. It makes you feel unsafe as much as unwanted. Even without verbalizing it, this hints she wants to get away from the conversation. You as much as possible because you make them uncomfortable and uneasy. This is a massive telltale sign. So be on the lookout.

4. She stands back

When a woman puts distance between you and her, it’s a very subtle sign that she’s threatened or possibly feels fear. Now, this way, she’ll be able to avoid all sorts of contact with you as much as she possibly can. This will show it’s a band she cannot talk to you about issues face to face or adult for that matter. In such a case, make her comfortable by engaging with them to easier channels. A lot of low impact relationships
and communication is good.

5. She may brag about herself

If you threaten a woman, that insecurity can cause her to start boasting about things that may be unimpressive. It’s only natural to do this. As she’s subconsciously trying to facilitate a stature into her life. It is more of a defense mechanism on her side to console her ego against the intimidation.

6. She never pulls the trigger

You don’t have the slightest doubt in your mind that this woman is into you. However, she never moves to initiate anything or push interactions to the next level. She says all the right things and sends all the right signals. Also, she hints at you but never does think concretely to confirm your suspicions. It is audibly a sign that you threaten her. As frustrating as this may be, you don’t have to wait around for her to make him move to start it off. She will probably feel comfortable enough to open up.

7. She is always nervous when talking to you

It’s highly reasonable and natural to be nervous when talking to a person that you’ve only met. Or if you have a low-level interest in them that wants to increase. However, when you’ve had several encounters with each other, she’s still obviously nervous when talking to you. That is a sign that something about you makes her feel uneasy. While it is crucial to get someone who’s not threatened by the person you are. It would be best if you turned it down a little so that you’re a bit more approachable.

Women who are panicked by you will tend to speak in a quieter, softer voice. However, it is also possible for the opposite to be true. So if a girl’s voice suddenly becomes very quiet or very loud, this can indicate fear, which could mean that you threaten her.

8. She does not talk too much about herself

When someone rarely offers information about themselves, this can be a telltale sign of being threatened by the other person. In this case, when you threaten a woman, she frames from providing information about herself. Because compared to you and all your great, easier channels fantastic accomplishments, she has to say that she doesn’t seem or feel that she’s attractive enough for you. There is a direct link to your head. Your brain tends to set up defense mechanisms or gateways, so to speak, to protect itself from outside threats.

9. She looks like a snob with you

Girls can also be around ‘hot guys’ but not be funked in the slightest. But if she’s attracted to you and you consider yourself average, she would be uncomfortable with you. It is not about appearance that drives women crazy. It is about the storm that you create within her. Girls can be overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions. So usually clam up and be serious instead and look like a snob or disinterested in you.

10. Awkward pause before or after speaking

She may pause more before she answers when she speaks, and you can tell she’s considering her words. She doesn’t want to say something wrong, something that might offend you, upset you, or set you off. This means sometimes she gets clumsy, has her tone of voice involuntarily change, be at a loss for words, avoids eye contact. Again another defense mechanism created by the brain as a shield against potential threats. So if a girl is constantly pausing for a second before speaking again, then it’s possible that she is feeling shocked by you.

11. Quiet when you’re around

An easy-to-spot sign will generally be in her speech. She might speak softer and might talk less. She’s chatty with other people. But with you, you’re getting one-word answers, and she’s generally quiet and non-engaging. It’s either she thinks you’re hot and anxious, or she thinks you’re scary. But usually, there are more times women grow pretty like when they’re turned on and ready to move things for the next step.

Like many girls who feel threatened, they tend to shrink their space with their bodies and like the other sites. This is another simple way of shielding from a potential threat. Many women will also close off their body language to you. If you pay close enough attention, you shouldn’t have too much trouble picking up on the sights.

12. She has a mean exterior

If you’re the type of guy who seems to know you’re attractive. Like when she sees your knowing smirk that you’re always aware of the fact ‘you’re hot property. Guys like that scare many girls. You can expect she’ll be on defensive behavior and have a mean exterior. Otherwise, genuinely attractive guys who’re in the moment and unaware or unconcerned about how good they’re looking don’t doubt women. These are the type of guys that girls mostly approach.

13. She plays with her hair or ring

Some women can be passive and shy due to inexperience or nervousness around men when it comes to men. Typically she’s going to be fidgety, or she’ll be nervous. So fidgety can look like she’s playing with her ring a lot when like this. She is playing with her hair and stepping over words. She frequently uses the “like” word a lot. You could tell her body posture is a little bit different.

14. She will reveal her weakness

She thinks that you’re the most alpha man at that moment. It means that you have the advantage over her. You have the advantage over her because women have this thing in their brains where they are attracted to a man they fear. Women are attracted to men they fear, so if she’s frightening, she’s looking at you as a head alpha man. Alphas are going to be different from woman to woman. So intimidation is a true sign that she’s into you, and she’s willing to allow you to control her.

15. She typically laughs a lot for no reason

Let’s say that you’re saying something, and it wasn’t even a joke, and she laughs. That’s I laugh because she’s nervous around you, and it’s a reaction. You can tell a woman typically is dreaded by you. She might look at you like this every once in a while and like laughing. She’s very unsure of herself.

When women are on their phones, they’re not on their phones most of the time. They’re on their phone because they are the environment fears them. So women that you walk past on a day to day will always keep their heads in their phones because they’re intimidated by life. They’re scared to look up. To understand when she starts doing these fidgety things and she’s doing them.

10 signs you have an intimidating personality

Do you have a hard time making friends or have been told you’re scary? Self-sufficiency is sexy, but it also gets a bad rep. Mainly because others may misinterpret it for conceit or arrogance. But this is far from the truth. In reality, you’re comfortable in your skin, and don’t waste your time trying to impress others. Does this sound like you? Here are 10 signs you have a strong, intimidating personality.

1. You question things

People with a strong mindset aren’t now minded, more closed off to exploring new theories. Rather than blindly following a system, they’re able to analyze its efficiencies, flaws, and strengths and take time to deconstruct its nature. Scientifically proven that we learn best by asking questions; thus, mentally strong people also make wise individuals.

2. You don’t tolerate ignorance

There’s a difference between lack of knowledge and the refusal to understand. People with strong personalities will not judge you if you’re an eager learner with only basic knowledge under your belt. But they will not tolerate dismissive behavior; instead, they will respect those who are kind-hearted aware, and open to new experiences.

3. You don’t seek validation from others

Defined popularity or social status is important. When you’re not attention-seeking, you’re also at with yourself. It means you don’t have a problem eating alone having hobbies others may find eccentric. Do you in general, and this is precisely what makes you not only strong but so incredibly confident.

4. You don’t make excuses for yourself or anyone

Making a mistake is one thing, but you have no problem calling them out on it when someone continues making the same one. You recognize that it is not your responsibility to carry the weight of someone else’s mess. So you don’t put up with anyone’s problems. In return, you uphold yourself to the same standards.

5. You’re careful about who you let in

It’s not that you necessarily have a hard time trusting others. You know what kind of people you like to surround yourself with, including most of the population. Some people might perceive you as closed-off or apathetic. But this isn’t true at all. You hate small talk and prefer making meaningful connections.

6. You overcome insecurities

No one is entirely fearless. After all, fear biologically helps us survive, but you don’t allow fears and doubts to rule life. Instead of giving in to insecurities, you find a way to propel yourself forward. You recognize that not taking risks is the biggest risk despite the negative thoughts.

7. You allow reason to drive decisions, not emotions

To others often come to you for advice. You excel in jobs that are logic-based, like science and technology. People with strong personalities have a good head on their shoulders and are not easily swayed by impulse or emotion. Rather their self-disciplined and look at facts to make a decision.

8. You stick to morals

You take ethics seriously. So when you see someone doing more harm than good, you’re not afraid to confront them about their problematic behavior. You stand up for what you believe. Also, this doesn’t make you strong but also a hero.

9. You’re driven and goal-oriented

Are you ambitious and hardworking? People with strong personalities are decisive in what they want and take the proper measures to go after it. Instead of being reckless and hasty, they take their time, set realistic goals, and are strategic about their action plans.

10. You see problems as learning opportunities

Life will often throw curveballs are away but how you handle them sets them apart from others. Rather than complaining, sulking, and growing agitated with setbacks and failures, you learn to embrace them and get up every time you fall. You understand the process won’t always be found. But you recognize those moments deserve your attention too. So you can learn how to problem-solve better.


Before we end this, there’s something super important that you absolutely must understand, and it is that most girls are naturally fickle easily. So because you’re a man, most women will feel some degree of intimidation around you. Because traditionally, men have been physically stronger and faster than women. Since there are some guys out there, who have bad intentions. Women are smart to be cautious around men they know very little about.

The good news is that a girl who displays these signs in a shy, embarrassed way might like you, or she might be threatened by your looks, your social status, or some other aspect about you. But if you notice the dark side of these signals and women seem genuinely scared of you in a wrong way, practice smiling more displaying calm, relaxed, and open body language. Work on improving her abilities when it comes to charm and charisma.

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