45 Sure Signs She Doesn’t Like You

Do you still have a chance? Should you be persistent? Should you keep pursuing her? Has she lost interest? In this article, we’re going to talk about the best signs that it’s time to move on and walk away.

I’ve compiled a list of 45 signs that she doesn’t like you and is being played. So that when you spot them, you can stop chasing her around like a little lap dog. I’ll tell you about it in the end. Now you should know about the women testing and what they like.

When A Woman Is In Love With A Man?

Most men can not find their favorite partners because of false assumptions and myths. They are responsible for their loneliness and broken love. So before identifying your love, you need to identify yourself. Now I’m explaining some false assumptions that men think about women.

The first assumption that men make about women that is not true is that we are as influenced by looks. We notice what men look like and see what women look like. We’re not as affected by the looks in terms of mating. Women notice looks in terms of health and the ability to reproduce children that will be healthy.

I’ve interviewed 90% of the time, the woman was not physically attracted to the man. When a woman is initially attracted to a man, the relationship doesn’t work out because sexual attraction does not equal relational compatibility.

The woman isn’t interested in you for your looks. Men are even much more visual creatures. I got a lot of comments on my looks. Some of them are flattering; some of them are not flattering. But I always find it very interesting that I get so many comments on my looks and love.

Another false assumption is assuming that hot women are out of your league. This ties into the first one because you think she’s super attractive, and maybe she’s out of your league in the looks department. It doesn’t mean that she thinks she’s out of your league. You assume she thinks she’s out of your company, but that’s not true.

All women have insecurities, which means is that no woman is really out of your league unless she’s maybe a supermodel who’s wealthy and famous and everything else.

Then she’s going to certainly want to be with someone who’s at the same level as her if for no other reason than because that guy will be confident enough to be with her. But from general practicality, if you’ve got enough confidence, you can have anyone you want. So don’t assume she’s out of your league because she’s not thinking that about herself for you.

45 Signs She Doesn’t Like You

Before I show these signs, it’s important to point out that every situation is different. Sometimes your crush will be a bit more subtle in how they don’t like you. Sometimes they’ll be more straightforward. The point isn’t how they show you they don’t like you. It’s for you to recognize that they’re showing you.

Don’t push through waiting for the direct note because sometimes you may not get that. It’s important to recognize signs and act on them rather than always say.

1. She’s Uncomfortable With You

She is uncomfortable with physical contact. It seriously bothers me when a guy I have zero attraction to is touching my arm or getting really near me. So, to make it clear that I’m uncomfortable with that, I’ll be like, ‘hey, can you not touch me’ If we’re like sitting next to each other and he’s sitting too close to me, I’ll hurry over.

If a girl is more assertive, this will be more clear. She’s uncomfortable with it. But with most people, they intuitively like if something is bothering them, they like to get a little bit away.

2. She Doesn’t Laugh At Your Jokes

Laughing is a form of flirting. So, If a girl likes you, she will laugh at your jokes even if they’re not funny. But I’ve noticed that he is funny when I want a guy. So, if she doesn’t find you funny, that’s a problem.

When you are talking to her, she keeps backing away. So, I have a bubble. Western culture is supposed to stand a little ways away from each other when talking. But when you like someone, you tend to get up into their bubble sometimes, if the girl doesn’t like you, though she does not reciprocate that.

If someone is getting too close to me, I’ll notice that instinctively. Step a little away, and if you notice she’s doing that when she’s talking to you, either you stand way too close to every single person who spoke to you, or she doesn’t like you.

3. She Doesn’t Like Hugging You

By this, it’s half-hearted like mad if she avoids hugging you. So, the story from when I was in high school. This guy liked me, and I could tell. He would always hug me every time he saw me.

I started like, I can’t hug you. I’m carrying too much stuff. When you go up to talk to her, she flinches away. Because she’s preparing for you to hug her, she hates the idea of embracing you. Then, she does not like you.

Also, I’ve noticed that. When I’m hugging one of my guy friends, and this hasn’t always been normal, usually it’ll be one arm over the shoulder like that. But people liked each other, the girl would hug under, and the guy would hug over. They’ll be adorable. If that isn’t happening, it’s not cute. She doesn’t like you.

4. You’re Unknown At Her Friends Zone

You don’t know who her friends are. She hasn’t talked about them to you, or she hasn’t introduced them to you. That is huge. Girls gossip so much to each other. If I like a guy, he needs to be approved by my best friends. They need to know who he is.

They need to meet him when I want a guy. Even if I need a new guy, I’m somewhat attracted to tell my best friends. We look through his Facebook pictures. Every girl does that, and I’m pretty sure every guy does that too.

I’ve ever liked it. I’ll be talking to my friends. They’ll be around my computer. We’re looking for pictures, and none of them are attractive. That is why meeting up with the girl’s friends is necessary. She has to prove to them that you are beautiful. Anyway, if her friends don’t know who you are and you haven’t met them yet, she doesn’t like you.

Give that some time. It’s not like the girl will meet someone, and the next day, make sure they meet her friends. Although one time, I did do it. The day I met a guy, I introduced him to my friends. Usually, she tries to make it look like you happen to run into each other, not that she’s been talking about you to them every single night since she met you.

5. She Doesn’t Value You

She is too busy to hang out with you. That can be the truth. But, usually, it’s distorting the truth completely. When you are fascinated by someone, you will make time for that person. So, if she isn’t willing to sacrifice time to invest in you, she’s not interested in being with you.

You mentioned something to do together or hanging out regarding some mutual interest. She doesn’t flat-up reject that. Because that’d be awkward, but she’s vague about it.

If she likes you, it is dining to spend more time with you. You mentioned an idea of what to do together. She’ll be like, ‘Yeah! That’s a great idea. When are you free this weekend?’ and she’ll be able to be specific about setting something up.

6. Is She Touch Her Hair Smoothly?

She’s touching your hair when you’re talking to her. It wasn’t like short jerky strokes. It is smooth stroking. I touch my hair so much when I’m talking to someone. I’m not comfortable around them because I’m nervous. I’ll be randomly touching my hair.

If a girl likes you, she will be like touching it with smoother strokes. Also, if the girl likes you, she’ll be brushing her hair. She will do that even when you’re not talking to her. Even if you are looking at her same vicinity, you may cause her to touch her hair. If she isn’t into you at all, the jerk’s emotions may be nervous.

7. She Doesn’t Trust You

Your conversations are about basic things like what classes she had today, what she’s studying for, what she did last weekend. Maybe some funny story is thrown in there. It’s less of how she’s feeling and more of what she’s doing. Whereas if she likes you, she’ll intuitively trust you more. She will be opening up about mini insecurities, maybe some emotional upheaval, something that’s bothering her.

Girls are highly emotional, or at least I am. By that, I don’t mean to say I do cry a lot. But we love expressing our feelings. When we get comfortable around a guy we like, we will start to rant and talk about our feelings because that’s what we enjoy doing.

8. She Doesn’t Want To Be Leading You

She does not go out of her way to talk to you. Now, the guy is spokes to pursue the girl, and some girls might hold very strictly to that and never want to be the one initiating a hangout or texting the guy first. But most girls, if they’re interested in you, go out of the way to talk to you more and spend time with you.

She’s doing things like avoiding eye contact when you’re in the same proximity, or she seems to be avoiding you in general. That might mean that she doesn’t like you. If it looks intentional and that she’s avoiding you.

It might be because she realized you like her and don’t like you back. She doesn’t want to be leading you. But sometimes we can be nervous when we’re around you. We might like to avoid eye contact. Because we’re scared, make sure to think this sign is going along with others.

9. She Acts Seriously

She acts more seriously than silly around you. It depends on how much you know each other and on her personality. I tend to be happy around people who are always smiling and laughing.

You want to compare it to how she acts around random people and how sweet she is acting around you. All be crazier and happier whenever my best friends talk to a guy. Around guys you’re cool with, I tend to be more boring around them and less crazy.

If she did meet you, or if she’s more of a shy person. It might take you a while to break through the ‘I feel comfortable being myself around you’ barrier. If she’s more of an outgoing person, look for more silliness, smiling, and laughing. If she’s more reserved, don’t pay much attention to that.

10. She Looks Unwillingness

She doesn’t seem to care that much about your life. She’s not asking questions to get to know you better. She doesn’t seem super interested in staying updated on how you’re doing. Girls need to know details much more than guys, and if she doesn’t seem to care about the details about you, she’s probably not interested in you, and she doesn’t like you as more than a friend.

She likes someone else if she’s talking to you about how she likes another guy. She likes that guy and not you. She could have tiny feelings for you that are emerging. But generally, if her mind says he’s the other guy, then she’s not interested in you right now.

11. She Doesn’t Pay Attention

If she’s not into you, she will not give you her full attention when you guys talk. She’s always on her phone texting other people, or she is on Instagram. She’s probably not that into you. When girls like you, they usually give you their full attention. They want to talk to you and get to know you. If she’s on her phone all the time, she would probably rather be somewhere else.

Keep an eye out for that and try to notice whether or not she’s hiding behind her screen the whole time. It is another huge sign that she’s not into you. If she reneges at the last minute, it means last-minute things come up. She might have to take care of some family emergency. You should see that as a huge sign if she flakes for no reason whatsoever or does it more than once.

When someone’s into you, they’ll do whatever it takes to see you. They will move their plans. They’ll cancel everything and will get excited about your date. If she’s canceling all the time, it’s the opposite. Unfortunately, she might not feel the same way you do.

12. No Eye Contact

She comes to the date. She shows up, but she doesn’t even look at your eyes the whole time. If there’s no eye contact, there’s one of two things happening here. We can give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe she’s shy. It is less likely, but it’s possible. More likely than not, she’s not that interested.

Think about it! When you grow a connection, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of her. You’re looking at her all the time, ‘wow! This girl is amazing!’ It is valid for a girl too. She wants to see you as much as possible. It is moving into the most challenging sign of them all. In my opinion, when the girl starts calling you over and over again. It’s okay!

13. Not Trying To Look Her Best

If she’s not trying to look good for you, she probably doesn’t like you. Think about it. If she’s not trying to look good at all, she’s wearing sweatpants, not wearing any makeup, and she doesn’t care. When you guys go out, she’s probably not that into you.

She doesn’t care enough to try to impress you. Hey, some girls like to be comfortable. They don’t want to wear makeup all the time, which is fine. But if she’s only like that around you, you’re probably moving deeper and deeper into the ‘friend zone.’

14. She Talks About Her Ex-boyfriend

If she’s only talking about her ex-boyfriend all the time, that is a huge sign. To be honest, this one doesn’t necessarily scream. She doesn’t like you. It usually means that she isn’t over her ex-boyfriend yet, which sucks, unfortunately for you.

It means that she can’t give you her full attention. She has some stuff that she needs to figure out on her own. Give her time to do that. We all know that breakups aren’t easy. Hopefully, she needs a little time to see that you are a hundred times better than her ex.

15. She Answers Shortly

One of the things I hate the most when I’m texting a girl is quick texting. I hate this when she’s super short in her answers. It’s almost like you’re bothering them. You make it, and they talk to you. As soon as a girl starts doing that to me, I stop texting her.

I don’t want a boring short meaningless conversation. I want way more than that. You have to pay attention to who starts the conversation which ends it. If you’re the one who’s always messaging first, there’s something wrong. If you start the conversation, she’s taken a long to answer you, hours and hours to answer you. Then give you short, boring answers, you should cut it right there.

16. She Hides You

If they always invite you out when there are loads of people around or her friends there, she isn’t super into you. She can do that a few times at first. She wants to do that to get to know you and be safe. She’s around her friends, and she wants to bring you there so you can meet them. That’s fine!

If she only wants to see you around other people. Think about it. It means that she doesn’t want to allow you to be intimate with her because that would be weird in front of all those people. You’re not going to do anything. When all of our friends are around her, you’re probably not going to go in for a kiss.

17. Is She Touch You Physically

On another note, you should pay close attention to how she physically behaves around you. For example, does she ever touch you? How does she react when you touch her? It’s essential to break the touch barrier whenever you can. If you like someone, come closer to them. Touch their shoulder touch, their hands.

It is something light fun, nothing creepy. You have to respect her. It is the most important thing. If she moves away when you do that, take a step back. Slow it down! She might not be into you. She might not be ready for that yet, which is fine. If she starts touching you or coming close to you, it’s a sign that she probably likes you.

18. She’s Using You

This one is serious. Because this sign is the one I hate the most. I see so many good guys falling for this. When a girl texts them only when they need the guy, you have to pay close attention to this one. If she only texts you, asking you for favors like, ‘Hello, can you drive me to this place?’ or ‘Can you help me move this table?’ She’s using you. So many of my friends have fallen for that.

I’ve probably fallen for that. It’s hard to see because she’s texting you. So, you think that she likes you. Just because she’s texting you does not mean that she likes you. Girls know that power they have over guys. Especially if a guy likes her, we use that to get what we want.

Guys, be smart! Of course, be a good friend. Help out if it’s necessary. Help out if it’s something that you want to do. But don’t become that guy who does everything for this girl. Trust me! She is not that into you.

19. Is She Too Comfortable?

It is a big one if she’s too comfortable with you, meaning she acts as she would perform in front of her friends. Then you’re not giving her that edge because when a woman likes a man, she flirts. She’s flirting possibly, or she’s messing with her hair a lot because she is on top of her mind.

She’s trying to impress you even if she thinks she’s beautiful. She’s still going to try to impress you, so she’s too comfortable, meaning too casual with her lingo or their posture.

20. She Is Arrogant

I always talk about approaching women in my articles because a man who comes to women is not ashamed of getting denied. It will be closer to finding the love of his life than a man who doesn’t do it at all. This comes from a level of confidence when you approach a woman, and she seems bothered because you approached her.

I’m watching you say precisely this. So take out a pen and paper or your notes, write this down and memorize it because this is so good. This is specifically when a woman gives you an attitude and approaches her.

You say I’m so sorry, and I’m bothering you. My intention is only to be polite and friendly. I’m sorry! She won’t want that to happen again, and she can walk away with grace and dignity.

21. She Doesn’t Care You

She stops texting you in the morning and the afternoon. Typically when a person is in love, they’re always texting or calling the other person to make sure they are right. If a woman loves you, she’s still getting you and ensuring you have eaten for today.

So in relationships, typically at the beginning of the relationship, their passions are high. She’s going to call you to make sure that you’re okay. You may see those calls get less and less when it comes to a complete stop. Just know that that’s a sign of the way she feels for you. She’s losing respect for you that she felt like she doesn’t need to care about you because you care about her so much.

22. She Maintains Distance With Your Family

She stops wanting to go to family events and stop wanting to have family events. When it comes to your family, she tries to distance themselves from being around them.

It means that she may want to sit at home and not go to the family reunion. She must do things, so she never has to be involved with the rest of your family. That’s one thing that a woman, when she starts falling out of love, her heart starts preparing to do a disconnect.

It’s like a lioness in pride. Lions are always roaring – so to show how powerful. They are to other lions that may be far away. When a lion nest can hear another male lion roar, she knows how powerful another lion is compared to the king. She can listen to the roar that a hurricane can be defeated.

She starts psychologically preparing for her cubs to die because she knows that she’s whipped if the new king defeats the king. Now he’s going to kill off the Cubs. It’s the same thing with a woman. She’s not trying to roar for another guy. There is another alpha male out there that she wants to move on to, so she starts disconnecting herself from anything connected with the man. It typically begins with the family first.

23. She Says About Her Love

She looks at other men’s Instagrams and social media feeds regularly. A lot of you beta males don’t catch this because of how she does. She may say, look at this guy online, look at him, look at the stupid stuff.

You think it’s regular social media browsing and all that, you don’t get it. She’s interested in that guy to the point where she’s so disrespectful towards you. She knows that you’re not going to catch on to it, and she wants to see how you react.

It gives her the upper hand when it comes to a woman who’s actually in love. She would never bring up another man around you because she doesn’t want you to think less of her. But when a woman starts bringing up other guys around you, that means that she looks at you as being nothing. She looks at that person as being greater.

Even if that purse is not doing something you like, you must understand that the more perfect you are, the more she will be with an imperfect man. Women always fall in love with the inferior man, and she checks out the guy who’s trying to be perfect.

24. She Lies To You

Many guys pay attention to this because women typically tell little white lies. But all those little white lies add up. If a man is in love with a woman and infatuated with that woman, he’ll let her white lies slide like emotional responses.

He’ll give her an excuse for that, but that’s a sign that she doesn’t love you. It’s because she’s talking to be talking when you catch her in lies. She knows she can tell you whatever you want you to forgive her because you’re so gullible, so he gets more white lies over and over again because she’s not in love. She loves the fact that she can control his emotion, and he’s willing to forgive.

25. She’ll Never Apologize

It would be the type of girl she’ll become heartless if she says something to you. You felt like it was terrible, and it hurt your feelings should never apologize. All she’ll do is flip it around and make it your fault. When she starts not apologizing and switching everything around to make it your responsibility, it’s a sign that she’s out of love.

Remember, when women fall out of love, they start doing things to hint that they don’t love the guy. But the guy is the one who’s in a delusional spell that’s not catching it. He thinks this is only normal women being unhappy. You’re right, but the thing is, she doesn’t love you.

26. She Gives More Pain

She’ll start getting uncharacteristically mad over little things that you don’t do for her. Or if you forget to do something. In other words, you’ll be something so tiny. But she’ll take a little situation and blow it up into something significant to the point where it messes up the entire day. She’ll mess up a whole day and have an attitude the whole day over something. I hold up. This is something minimal.

I’ve seen worse things happen, and you not. It’s bad. Now all of a sudden, you’re getting mad over little stuff. She’s doing that because she’s trying to create conflict. When she’s ready to end a relationship, she wants to create conflict because she hopes the guy gets mad at her and breaks up what she wants.

She knows that you’re so in love with her that when she goes to break up with you. She will feel bad because you guys are close, so women start creating these arguments to get you mad at her. So you are the one that breaks up with her because she’s afraid that if she breaks up with you is going to be so much drum.

27. She Neglects You

They downplay your relationship. In many cases, the men are more in love than the woman. The man wants to walk around, holding his wife’s hands. He went to keep her and plumbing.

She doesn’t want to be saved! He wants to show how much he expressed to her around everybody, but she doesn’t want him to do it. She down-placed a relationship because of what he wants to express, how much he loves. She doesn’t want people to know that he loves her.

So she down places and don’t ever want to look like a happy-go-lucky couple. She’s leaving herself open for options. If a stronger man sees how weak the man is with that, she’s with now. It takes her off him; that’s how women are. You can ask any woman that said a relationship or has been in a relationship that she did not love the man.

She’s hoping that an alpha male out there comes and spits his game talk. It makes it okay for her to leave the beta male that she whipped now. You have to understand when women have these emotional changes in the swing.

She’s going to do this whether she’s married or in a close relationship. Her emotions will be the same, but the beta male things weren’t married. She’s not going to do specific stuff, know when you get married, and women will be the worst.

28. She’s Thinking About Her Ex

It is one of the ultimate science many guys don’t catch, but you will notice it. What she brings up her eggs, and she’ll bring them up out the blue. She’ll talk about him out the blue, how he’s doing with his life, what he’s doing with his life and his girlfriend. They look so cute together.

Do you know what I said? She’ll say little things that will encourage her ex, but you won’t catch it. You think she’s happy for her ex. he got to move on. he got a new girlfriend, but when it’s all said and done, she’s thinking about her ex because that was the last guy that challenged her, but you think it’s small talk.

29. She’s Not Into You

It’s time to stop making an ass out of yourself. You’re not hearing from her, and she’s still posting on social media. Here’s the thing we are always glued to our phones like this, for the most part. If you’re finding that she’s not getting back to you or she’s not even hitting up first all the time. But she sure can find the time and some effort to post online.

Yeah, buddy, I must tell you to get on out of there then because while you can sit there and be like maybe she’s busy. She’s an independent woman. If she does have time to post online, it means she doesn’t have time for you.

You have a woman who chooses not to spend her time on you. You’re spending time and looking like more of an idiot. If you’re into looking like an idiot, then that’s your choice; that’s your prerogative. Who am I to tell you how to act in your life?

30. She Acts Like Very Busy

She tells you she’s too busy or not looking for a relationship right now. Okay, fine, she’s in school, and she’s got kids, and she has a full-time job with an internship.

Fine, but let me tell you something we women will never pass up an opportunity to be with a guy with a genuine connection. We may fight it all the livelong day. We will do whatever we can to get on your love all the livelong day.

If you even hear the words uttered, I’m like too busy, sorry, or even I don’t know a relationship like I can’t right now. I got so much going on that it is a flat-out lie. It means she’s not into you. Please stop coming after me. I don’t want to have to explain.

31. She Revokes You Technically

She’s already told you that she’s not romantically interested in you. Let’s be friends. It’s time to move on because we women using the I’m not interested in your card. It means that we’re fed up with knowing you’re into us. She is not being able to take a hint by us avoiding you. It’s the last card we got right before.

Oh, I’m seeing somebody else now. We say this all the time. We’re afraid of pissing off the wrong guy when it comes to your sexual and romantic interest in us because, again, heightened testosterone can also mean strangulation.

If we get brave enough to be like, I’m not that into you what she means that she’s not playing around. Please get the hell away from her before she takes out her mace, but here’s the thing walking away. It doesn’t have to mean walking away for good one of the things I thought about yesterday was in my physics class.

One of my favorite concepts was learning that an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an opposing force. So if this woman feels this way about you, that is her object in motion. If you’re working the same around her, she will stay in that direction of how she feels if you produce a different force.

32. Body Languages

I will tell you what a girl is interested in you. She wants to engage in conversation whatever she faces looking at your full attention. But if she’s uninterested, she will be turned like this and not part of the conversation.

For example, I’m not even going to turn my whole body to look at you and respond. It’s the worst, but when someone’s like this, they’re not willing to shift their body to communicate with you.

They are very closed off, but if a girl likes you, she’ll be like, oh wait, what did you say. Oh yeah, I am going to the park tomorrow. So pay attention to body language and those cues where she seems closed off. She isn’t interested. But if she’s open, she wants to keep talking to you.

33. She Gives You Less Time

This is a level up from body language. Because if you aren’t getting it from our body language, you’re going to try to get it from our committee head how we’re communicating with you. So if you’re texting us and we’re giving you one-word responses, and we’re very blunt like saying “yep,” “sure,” “okay,” “no problem,” etc., we don’t care to tell more. We’re not interested.

To be honest, I have never said a one-word response continuously to a guy I’m interested in. I will be writing- hey, that’s pretty cool with haha emoji. You realize that she is being short and wants to end the conversation. She’s doesn’t care enough to keep the conversation going.

34. She Flakes On You

The clear sign that she is not interested in you is she flakes a lot. If she flakes on you more than once, she is not interested. I’m trying to be as pleasant as possible on this one, but as girls, they are mean and won’t cancel a plan without putting a second thought to it.

You’ll never hear from her again. It’s terrible, and what’s happened to me many times from guys. So if she’s very flaky, you can do better find a girl that will not flake on you. If she’s like so any more than twice, say goodbye and move on because I disapprove of it. It means that both genders do not respect your time. I’m going to move on and be with someone who wants to hang out.

35. She Keeps Saying, Friends

She keeps saying, friends, in whatever conversation you all have. When a girl continuously says, friends, you guys are friends, and that’s all she wants you guys to be. I’ve done this a couple of times where I’m like, oh, this guy is starting to like me.

My heart is thought to give him the wrong idea, and I’ve slipped in the word friends quite often, but it never got in there, and I feel bad now. But I don’t want to feel bad if I’m his friend and what I do. So I have to keep saying friend, but he’s not getting it, and so as you can see, it’s a struggle.

At this point, you don’t know if she likes you. She keeps seeing friends, and oh, this is my friend, or you’re such a great friend. It’s over, and I don’t know how you can go back from that. I feel like you are friends. She should tell you if she wants to be friends, but some girls are trying to hint at it like- oh, you’re a great friend!

36. She Positions Her Legs Away From You

She positions her legs away from you and yells, hug. You might have remembered that I talked about her placing her legs toward you in my other article. It’s a way of wrapping her body towards you and enveloping her presence into yours. We don’t want to feed an envelope with you when we don’t like you.

Suppose we’re going to keep our legs as far away as possible, so you get the hand that was trying to turn around and not ever see you again. So observe this when you watch a movie together or talk about something romantic.

37. She Doesn’t Ask You Personal Questions

She doesn’t ask you any personal questions. Maybe you asked her where she grew up. Perhaps you asked how she liked growing up. Or maybe you asked her what it was like owning an alpaca farm when she was growing up.

You were like, oh my god girl, that’s amazing, let the coolest papa girl I ever met. after a while, you realize she hadn’t asked you about your life. Maybe you also had an alpaca farm.

She’ll never know because she doesn’t care to see if you find that you’ve had several conversations and she doesn’t know where you grew up, or she doesn’t know what your job is.

She hasn’t asked you any single open-ended question ever, which means she doesn’t want to get to know you. She doesn’t want to get to know the awesome amazing man standing in front of her because she’s an idiot; that’s all I got. I’m sorry.

38. Is She Laughing Or Not?

You noticed her acting the same way around you as she does everybody else. When I go out, I talk to every single guy who talks to me. Why? Because I did this stuff, and I’m a very compassionate person. I understand how challenging the game is. So when guys are going to talk to me, I like I’m chatty.

I’ll touch you, Oh what’s that! Let’s be back, frog. Oh my god, you’re the coolest when I do that with everybody, friends, and mom’s friends. So if you notice that you guys are having a great conversation, she’s laughing having a good time.

You’re wondering if she’s having a good time with anybody else, and then you go over and see her laughing up a storm. You’re going to have to do a little something different to make yourself stand out from every other person. she talks to you like that.

39. She Keeps Away From You

She never really gets in your personal space. The easiest ways to know if she’s interested or flirting with women when they like you will rub your arm, catch his shoulder, and invade your personal space. if she rarely or never does that, then she probably doesn’t like backing closely to the one about not seeing your being in your personal

Another sign and look for this exciting body length, three easy things to identify her. Does she photo arms a lot when she’s around you? Does she not orient her torso towards you where she can make contact. Welcome you in, and on her feet pointed towards you. These are three body language clues that she likes you or not.

40. She Doesn’t Want To Hang Out With You

She doesn’t let the hang out with you, or if you initiate, she doesn’t want to hang out. Suppose it seems like you’re an afterthought, and you always got to make a move for you guys to get together. She doesn’t like a woman interested, at least from time to time to ask you to hang out.

Women are very interested in hanging out with their favorite people. They eagerly wait for someone who keeps her secure and gives memorable moments. So if you are rejected to hang out with her, you are not the guy she wants to travel or hang out with.

41. Is She Flirting Other Guy?

Does she couple other guys a lot or flirt with other guys when she’s around you? This is a surefire way to know if she’s into you. She’s paying attention to you. she can’t see how handsome the other guy is or how nice a car is driving or anything else that catches her eye.

You’re going to be able to tell she’s into you and if she’s complimenting someone else. I’m flirting with another guy. you’re not the one for her. You need to find another girl who pays attention all time.

42. She Doesn’t Care About Your Emotions

You can freaking think about her, and it’s affecting every other part of your life. You’re lying in bed and wondering what to do. You’rereplaying every conversation you had there, trying to figure out what you did wrong. Why is it not working? What can I do? I call it emotional quicksand because you’re sinking, right.

The problem is when you’re sinking, your emotions have entirely taken over, and they never make the right decisions for you. When you’re in this state, it’s almost impossible to get a girl back. That’s why when you’re in it, the best thing you can do is take a step back because you are going to mess things up. I promise you I’ve seen it all the time. You’re going to have to say goodbye to her forever.

43. She Shows Many Excuses

She makes excuses not to see you. So you’re like, hey can we do this, and there’s always a reason why she can’t see you. Listen, this goes both ways. If a woman is into a man, she’s really into him. She will find a way to see you. She’s going to tell me she’s busy. We don’t tell you the truth and say, hey, this isn’t working for me.

Some women are empowered, and they can do that, but she’s making tons of excuses not to see you. If she’s into you, she’s going to make a way to see you. It’s the same thing we say to women when giving women advice. If a guy’s into you when a guy won something, he goes after it, and all of you were probably shaking your head. That’s true.

It’s the same for a woman. If she wants to see a guy, she’s going to take the time to see you. So she’s blowing you off, and she’s too busy with work. I’ve got a family situation going on these sorts of excuses; chances are she does not like you.

44. She Gets Very Argumentative With You

I’m also back to the superior girl syndrome. When a woman doesn’t have her voice, I like to use that a lot because that’s what’s its heart. We can talk about all the superficial reasons, but the heart is if a woman doesn’t have her voice and doesn’t like you.

But she still feels this sense of obligation to hang out with you, which she will do is get very combative with you. She’ll tell you the psychological reason she’s frustrated with herself. She strikes picking fights with you to find why to push you away.

So listen, I’m not saying it’s okay. If she’s continuously getting argumentative with you, she finds frustration because she doesn’t like you. But yet she doesn’t know how to tell you that and walk away herself. So be mindful if she’s always arguing with you.

45. She Is Straightforward

She flat-out tells you she doesn’t like you. Often, this is hard for guys to take in because while you still have feelings, you’re hoping that you can change her mind one day or get her to think differently. But if she’s flat-out telling you, she doesn’t like you, then respect that.

Don’t push her to be uncomfortable to say it more aggressively or forcefully. If she tells you she doesn’t like you, accept that. It hurts getting rejected. But if she’s worked up the courage to say to you that she doesn’t like you, then she’s honest with you.

That’s the most you can ever ask from someone. She’s telling you to stop pursuing her. Stop hoping that you have a chance, and realize that she’s not that into you.


You don’t have to deal with mixed signals. You don’t have to deal with confusion about their feelings and read into all their behaviors. When do they look at you? When they smile at you. You know that you can move on, talk to other people, focus on building yourself. You don’t have to keep investing time into something that will not lead to anything.

So those are the signs I should tell you that she’s not that into you. You should probably move on and find somebody who cares for you.

These are signs that your wife or your close girlfriend right now does not love you. She’s technical with you because she doesn’t want to be alone. Or you bought her. If you bought her, you’re screwed. She isn’t demanding that much out of you. So you could walk away from the relationship.

I hope that was a little help to get a deeper perspective on how girls work and why we seem to like them. We’re mean, but we aren’t able to be straight up.

So I hope this doesn’t happen to you, and it’s a crappy situation regardless, but I wish you the best of luck. It’s not the end of the world! You will find someone who appreciates you for who you are. You won’t have to beg them.

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