30 Quick Ways To Get Over Broken Heart

how to get over broken heart

How to get over a broken heart? A separation is always excruciating because identity, dreams, projects, and aspirations are lost. An ordinary life project is shattered, and your identity is challenged. Identity is based on the numerous relationships with the people around us. It’s normal to feel deep sadness when you lose any bond with your significant other when they reject you in that sense.

Relationships have an exciting way of affecting us at an intense. Then when we love someone, it brings out all this stuff that we usually don’t even experience. It makes us more emotional than we typically are and more affected by little things we usually wouldn’t be affected by.

It makes us lose touch with ourselves. Also, it makes us forget who we are, what we value, and our priorities. It often happens, especially if it’s your first love but even in later relationships. Because it feels like someone has to make an effort, and if your partner doesn’t, you do it. Then sometimes, this process can become out of balance, and you lose touch with yourself.

What Is Heartbreak & How It Happens?

Heartbreak is the human condition. When we’re in heartbreak, we deal with the most shared experience that we all have. That’s unless you’re a sociopath because sociopaths don’t feel. What causes heartbreak? Now heartbreak can happen due to many core things. It can happen because of the loss of a loved one or the death of somebody close to you.

Causes of a Broken Heart
Causes of a Broken Heart

Heartbreak also comes up when we have separation from a lover or a partner. That may be what most of you are more familiar with because there’s something that we seem to go through many times. So why does heartbreak happen? It happens because of the intimacy and closeness we’ve experienced with that person. It’s an energetic ripping, and that is a wound. It’s a wound that needs time to heal, and it needs to grieve.

Multiple MRI studies have shown that the part of your brain that gets activated when you experience romantic rejection is the same area of your brain that processes physical pain. Again – there is evidence that simple painkillers can help people deal with rejection feelings.

Heartbreak is the most painful thing in the world. It physically hurts your heart, and you feel like you can’t even go to bed. Sometimes you feel like nothing else matters. You don’t even want a shower, and sometimes you don’t have the energy to get out of bed. Moreover, you do toxic things to yourself or your body.

Why Is Heartbreak So Painful?

Heartbreak can be incredibly painful because of the profound emotional attachment and loss accompanying it. When we form deep emotional connections with someone, our brains release neurotransmitters like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin, which are associated with pleasure, bonding, and happiness. These chemicals create euphoria and reinforce our connection with our partner.

Why Is Heartbreak So Painful?
Why Is Heartbreak So Painful?

However, when a relationship ends, the brain experiences a withdrawal of these feel-good chemicals. This can lead to many painful emotions, including sadness, loneliness, and anxiety. The brain’s reward system, which was once activated by the presence of the loved one, now feels a void.

Additionally, heartbreak involves a significant shift in one’s daily life and plans. There is a sense of loss of the person and shared experiences, dreams, and aspirations. Adjusting to this sudden change is challenging, which can intensify the emotional pain.

Heartbreak can also trigger a cascade of negative thoughts and self-doubt. Questions like “What did I do wrong?” or “Am I not lovable enough?” can arise, leading to decreased self-esteem and personal failure.

The duration and intensity of heartbreak can vary depending on individual circumstances and coping mechanisms. Healing takes time, and it’s normal to experience a range of emotions during the process. Taking care of oneself, seeking support from loved ones, and engaging in self-care activities can all contribute to the gradual healing of a broken heart.

30 Helpful Ways To Get Over Broken Heart

It’s numb to the pain that you’re feeling in the moment over this person. When you’re hurting yourself, you’re not hoping whenever you think about your health and situation.

Get Over Broken Heart
Get Over Broken Heart

You’re not healing, and you’re distracting yourself. We all like to distract ourselves because we’re not thinking about them when we’re distracted. Now, I’m explaining 30 practical and proven ways to fix your broken heart. Let’s start!

1. Accept Your Pain

You may process your heartbreak differently from your partner in the relationship, which can be difficult to accept because some people react with anger and some people with extreme sadness and cry. You’re happy the breakup is over. You’ve been freed from a bad relationship.

One thing to note is that it’s okay however you deal with it. It is entirely okay. There is no set ruling on how to deal with heartbreak. It is a painful thing that everyone experiences differently. That’s what I wanted to preface that you try not to hold expectations for yourself. Do not keep experts. Try to be acceptable with the way that you handle sadness and grief.

2. Cut Off All Contact

This seems like a big no-brainer, but probably one of the essential tips. It is to cut off all contact, whether you had an amicable or nasty breakup. Having contact leaves things.

You’re dragging on and can be an ouchie for your own heart. The best thing you can do is give each other space, whether you have to delete their number, block the money in scraps, and you’re not tempted to go and look at their social media profile.

Don’t get drunk and think I will call them again, and it will make it all better. I promise you, doing those things is not going to help. It makes progress more dragged out and makes it harder to move forward with your life.

It might seem aggressive, but blocking each other on social media can be quite positive. Because then you are not tempted at all to stalk their profile. Lurking on their social media is not going to help at all. I promise. It brings up emotions of sadness, and it makes it all complicated.

3. Trust Yourself

This is what helped me through my breakup. It was trust, trust within me, trust within the universe. It was all happening for betterment for a positive reason. When you’re going through a breakup, that can often be the last thing you feel that you feel any positivity.

Trusting is the most crucial part of this whole process. If you can look from above and see this as anything in life, it is better spiritually for me when it’s the same. Everything happens for a reason for me. It was the right thing to walk away, and I needed to fully commit to listening to myself and trusting that it was right.

4. Be Real & Honest With Yourself

You have to hold yourself accountable while you go through a breakup. It can be so easy when you’re having a bad day and feeling sad. You are missing the company of someone, and you go to your old photos with them. Your memory is everything great. I’m going to have fun. I miss them, and I wouldn’t say I like this situation. You have to be so real with yourself and look in the mirror.

Don’t forget the bad things in the relationship. Don’t forget about you not liking it when he/she did that or the fighting. Remember all the hardships within you. It’s terrible to bring up negative stuff, but when you start spiraling loneliness, you look like you will miss that person. You want them back because that’s customary to you.

You have to remember why it didn’t work. You must remember the things that didn’t make you feel good about the relationship. It is to do with self-love. It’s you going, “Hey! I deserve better.” You need to be strict with yourself.

One of the best things that helped me move forward was writing a list on my phone of everything that went down, destroyed me, and broke my heart.

I wrote all the things that made me upset, all the things they did that sucked. I had those moments of wanting. I would look at my list. You are not messaging that person, and also remember that it takes practice over time. It’s slowly become more comfortable as you move forward.

5. Don’t Feel Alone

Don’t excuse their behavior because you are lonely. Similar to the previous point, it’s holding yourself accountable. It can be easy to slip into the mindset of this. I honestly want them back. I need a message there. I’m doing that. You’re excusing everything they put you through or what you like. I don’t know how to discuss this from different perspectives.

So, I will generalize all the points I’m making so that you understand. You can switch them to fit your scenario. I’m not saying this is my situation. I’m telling my general points.

But when you slip back into that, you are excusing the behavior in the way they treated you, and it’s not about holding a grudge against them. It’s about giving yourself that self-love and respect. Don’t go back to that. You deserve better than that; you have left for a reason. Don’t ghost using their behavior. You want attention because you’re feeling lonely. I’m looking at you.

6. Convert Your Sad Into Fun

I swear, everyone at some point is going to go through heartbreak. Everyone will feel it or maybe have thought it to some degree. For me, this was my past relationship. It was my first breakup. I had no idea what to expect. I knew it would suck, and it did. What helped me was tapping into more of a collective energy field of thinking I’m not alone and someone else in the world is dealing with heartbreak. I loved listening to sad music.

It’s scientifically proven that it helps me watch or read something sad. Music can help with heartbreak. Because you listen to the lyrics, it enables you to relate. It helps you not feel someone else is singing about their heartbreak. The most important thing is to cry out. Every single tear you have left in your eyeballs, let it out.

During my breakup, all I did was cry away from the simplest thing to trigger me into tears. The worst thing you can do is hold back your emotions and tears. It’s going to bubble up and make me feel worse. I love sitting and listening to sad music. It would get into my feelings. I cried my eyes out to sad movies and rom-com. However, you can release emotion.

Do it. Get it all out. Go for a run. Put on some pump-up music and go to the gym. Working out helped me get all my anger about that person onto a bag or into someone’s hands with soy therapy.

The one thing I wanted to eliminate in my breakup was back-and-forth fighting. I hated it, and thinking about it gave me anxiety. I could get my anger out onto something else, not that person, so I didn’t have to continue communication or contact.

7. Accept Your Past

You have to accept the past. I did things in the relationship that I wasn’t proud of accepting. My ex in the relationship did something I was hurt, angry, and upset about. I had to accept that it didn’t work out, which can be the most challenging part of a breakup. I felt disappointed in myself. I thought, what’s wrong with me? Why couldn’t you have held on to this for longer?

Why couldn’t you have stuck through it? Why couldn’t you have tried harder? Why couldn’t you have been better? A lot of people like you are not good at love. You’re never going to be in love like you can’t. I would go crazy in my head, thinking and blaming myself for everything. The best thing I could do was t accept the past, except that it didn’t work, which is my next one.

It takes time. I had to accept the past. I had to accept and forgive. I had to excuse myself first and stop beating myself up because it didn’t work out. I had to ignore the other person. If someone’s hurt, you can’t be harsh. It takes two to tango in a relationship.

So, you always have t remember you’ve probably done things that have hurt the other person too. You have to remember that no one’s perfect, and if you can find a way in your heart to forgive that person and forgive yourself, you’ll be able to move forward much quicker and more comfortably. Because then your heart will be sitting in a better place.

8. Spend Quality Time With Yourself

These things take time with all of my points. Right now, you need to give yourself a realistic amount of time. You don’t get a girl like that for me. When you truly love someone, you may never fully heal from it or get over it.

It’s always going to hurt, my friend said. I always kept saying to them, when will this stop hurting? When am I going to be okay again? When will I not feel about that person? You can never fully get over it. You’ve loved that person.

They’ve been a part of your life for so long. So, I had to come to acceptance. When I hear that person’s name, it will always trigger me. When you see a photo, you would feel weak. You could have a range of emotions and feelings. It took me time not to react to things they would do, say, or look at old photos. If a picture pops up or memory, you’ve got to give yourself time.

You need to be realistic about that. I can tell you a magic trick to healing, and it takes commitment, self-respect, self-love time, and a lot of strength to move forward respectfully and civilly.

This isn’t written down, but such a big part depends on how you want to conduct yourself through it. The more respectful and civil you can be with the person through a breakup, the better. Because playing games with someone or trying to get revenge or hurt someone, you end up hurting yourself. It doesn’t end well. It ends up messy, and you’ll hurt them. They’re going to try and fire back and hurt you.

9. Don’t Be Obsess

You’ve loved someone that you’ve given everything. They’ve seen you at your worst and your best. You loved them. So, of course, it’s natural that it takes some time not to have that love for them.

You may never lose that love for them. But it’s okay. You can still move forward in your life. You can love other people and still hold respect or love for someone. It’s quite normal and very human to do so.

Obsessing over that is not healthy. I don’t know if this makes sense, but that’s my thing. I don’t want to reflect on my life and regret someone I let in. It is at least okay to get to a point where you can find respect for them. It’s helpful with handling, making you a bigger and better person even if they’ve done terrible things to you.

10. Focus On Being The Best You’ve Ever Been

Be respectful. Treat someone how you want to be treated and move forward. I thought I would write a few other things you can do to help yourself. The first one, be happy. When I was making my breakup, the best thing that helped me was massaging and going out for yummy food eating.

If you need to binge, eat a whole tub of ice cream and chocolate, and be emotional, you do that. You let it all out and then pull up together and move forward. Don’t fall into a habit of that. We don’t want to rely on others.

Eating yummy food and also exercising helped me get on my emotions out. If you can afford it, traveling helps a lot with some friends. I had two back-to-back international work trips booked right after the breakup. It was like a blessing in a curse. Because I had to work and show up and act like, I was okay, but on the inside, I was sad. But it helped me to get out into the world, be around people, and be distracted and robust.

I had to be healthy. Being with your girlfriends, going to the beach, and having fun day trips can take your mind off something, even if it’s momentarily. It helps. Talk to people about how you feel. It helps release it and move forward. Get creative. Heartbreak inspires art. The best poetry, songs, and art are created from heartbreak.

11. You Need To Move Forward

Everyone rebounds and moves on in their own time. Some people move on quickly, and some people don’t move on quickly. Everyone is completely different. You can’t predict when you’ll want to do things, how you will handle the stuff, or when the right time is to move on.

Naturally, you’re going to move on, and it is the best thing you can do when you’re over a relationship, and you need to move forward, don’t close up your heart. Because something didn’t work out in the past, it won’t work in the future.

It doesn’t mean you jump straight into a relationship. It can be scary for many girls to be intimate with someone else after being intimate with one person for a long time. You have to respect yourself and go slow. It is up to you to go slow or jump right into it.

It is about feeling comfortable, feeling safe, not jumping into something. It is not like you wanted to get revenge on someone. Everything you do when you finally move forward must be done in your own time.

I recommend going out with girlfriends, drinking for drinks, and meeting a cute guy. Get some attention. It honestly makes you feel good and confident. As long as you’re doing it for yourself and not doing it if anyone else or for any negative reasons like hurting someone, then it is all clear.

12. Don’t Lower Your Standards

Don’t settle for something that isn’t better than you had before. Don’t disrespect yourself. Don’t lower anything because you feel heartbroken or not 100% self-confident. It is my last point. Self-love heals all. The most important thing you need to be is to be yourself. You are the hottest out there. You are loving, caring, kind beautiful, and positive. You need to be gassing yourself up and not drop those.

Remind your friends not to let you go home with that crappy guy that used to call you up. Don’t settle for that. Be ready for bigger and better things. Self-love got me through, reminding me of all the incredible things I did and achieved before the relationship and that I could do that myself. I remind myself that you don’t need someone to be full, whole, and happy. You have yourself, and that’s the most important thing.

13. Create A Help Zone

Don’t go into yourself and withdraw from the world in your pain. Find people who you trust and who know what you’re going through. Allow them to hold you and nurture you.

In a way, I say that you find people who don’t go into returning the story too much or criticizing the person that left you. You need somebody who can hold you and not go into the account.

You need to create a help zone to share your feelings and emotions. Your best friend is one of the best gifts in your life. So spend your time with good friends and share your problems. It makes you feel relief and happiness.

14. Don’t Suppress Your Feelings

There are so many ways we suppress feeling it through alcohol, Netflix, marathons, etc. I’m very antidepressant because they only cover up and mask. What’s happening in your energy? I want you to be able to feel what’s happening.

The more you can be very nourishing toward yourself and realize that this will pass., it will speed up your healing. I want to say here that a caveat of heartbreak has its timeline.

It needs to heal, and anybody that tries to tell you that you’ll get over this. There are other fish in the sea; whatever else they say, that’s not what you want to hear. Your experience is valid. The more you can turn toward and feel it, the faster it will heal.

15. Don’t Blame Yourself

I can only speak in terms of the person ending the relationship. The thing that you can’t do is blame yourself. Don’t blame yourself for someone not wanting to be with you. You go into self-destruct mode where you think you’re not good enough, attractive enough, or charming sufficient, and that’s not always the case.

A relationship that has ended doesn’t mean that either person is terrible. You could not be right for each other. You can’t pull all that weight on yourself and be self-destructive because you’ve already lost a vast person. You don’t need to start criticizing yourself as well; my favorite quote is, “Everything in life is either a love or a lesson in this situation.”

You’ve lost the love or the love that you thought. You need to look for the lessons, which I say in this article. It will be difficult because if you’re all fresh to a breakup or divorce right now, you probably have that pain in your stomach, that sinking feeling in your heart. There’s no point in feeling that heaviness, that dark cloud hanging over you, and getting it.

It’s horrible, and every day you want to cry. You don’t feel yourself, and you feel awful. Looking for the positives is hard, but I wish to control your mindset. But you have complete control over your brain of your thoughts when you have negative thinking.

You can have it, then it’s settled, and then focus on something more positive. So I want to reiterate you have control over your thoughts. Even with this sinking feeling, try not to blame yourself. Don’t criticize yourself.

16. You Have To Allow Yourself To Be Hurt

I felt terrible for being emotional because I was the one who ended it, but you need to cry out. It would be best if you let that release of emotion. It will be hard like everything will remind you of that person. It is going to be challenging to deal with it.

Don’t pressure yourself to be up and moving in a week or a time limit. I can let those emotions settle and don’t hide them. Sometimes, you can build a wall in front of them, which will come crashing down in a few months.

Then you’ll feel heartbroken if you face it head-on and only allow yourself to feel how you’re feeling. Talk about it with your friends and family member.

17. Write A Journal

I was having a great time, and it was good to take off my mind. But then, as soon as I got home, reality hit, and that sinking feeling returned. So journaling is fantastic if you sit down with a notepad and a pen and write down every sense, good, bad, whatever.

Write down any concerns or worries and have a little section on that page from the day of some positives. You need to celebrate micro victories because this person that gave you so much love has suddenly left your life.

You’ve pushed them away from your life, and you have to feel that love that’s missing inside you. So you have to fill those missing gaps with positive energy and thoughts. As hard as that may be, I promise that the more you think positively, the more positive things will come.

18. Do Exercise & Self-care

I would focus on your self-care, going to the gym, or taking an hour out for yourself to move. Moving is so important. There’s a slimline between emotional pain and physical pain. The reason why you feel these feelings is heaviness because there’s a thin line.

So if you get moving, you get those endorphins flowing. If you get up, leave the house, and go for a bit of a walk, even if it’s minus 100 degrees. It is freezing. Put on a scarf and get moving. You don’t have to go and do Barry’s boot camp or a savage session until we think you’ll pass out. So that is one element of self-care.

19. Divert Your Attention

Another thing is surrounding yourself with loved ones or things you love doing. Something quite common in a relationship is when you become the closest and invest a lot of time into them. You spend a lot of time with them, whether sitting at home cuddling or in the evening cooking dinner together, whatever you have a lot of time invested in that person.

So when they’re removed from your life, that’s something you’re blessed with. You have extra hours to see other people and do other things in the day. My main advice is when people message me reaching out, not knowing what to do.

I’m not; you have been blessed with so much time. I started going to art galleries again, exploring exhibitions I wanted to see, and throwing myself into passions. I’m not able to do all that I’d not seen as a priority when I was in a relationship. But you can prioritize other things.

I saw friends that I hadn’t seen in ages. I invested more of my time into things that I love doing. I didn’t have to have anyone question me, and that’s such a positive.

I recommend writing a list of things you love doing that you haven’t done in a while, whether swimming, horse, riding, walking, running, drawing, pottery, painting, or pottery painting, and it was fantastic. Maybe you haven’t had the time to start positively distracting yourself. Do something else to focus on, but you can divert your attention to other things.

20. Take Advantages Of Your Broken Heart

It’s a painful process, and getting angry, frustrated, disappointed, confused, lost down, and depressed is all part of the process. It’s completely normal if you feel this wide range of emotions. Understand that it will be like that for weeks or months. The first week is supposed to be the hardest.

It’ll get, but if it lasts beyond that month or two, there’s some work to do now. But the thing is, you have to work through these things and acknowledge them. You have to give yourself permission to feel them and experience them.

But when you’re feeling the trust that it’ll work out and pass, even though it feels tough to overcome. It’s part of a process; keeping that in mind, I’ll reassure you during the tough times that often follow after a breakup.

21. Accept The Reality

I have to realize that not all relationships are meant to last. Most relationships end, and most people who date are bound to break up. It may sound pessimistic or cynical, but that’s the reality that most relationships don’t work out. Look around you and the divorce rate.

To accept this. It’s part of the process you date around and learn things about one another. You get to know the person and know yourself. Sometimes it doesn’t work out after a certain amount of time. You realize you guys weren’t nearly as compatible as you thought.

Believing that you’re much more consistent than you are initially is straightforward. It’s part of the dating game, how things work. Instead of writing it off as a failed relationship, please don’t do that because it’s a life lesson.

22. Discover Yourself Through Relationship

The more we date, the more we learn about ourselves. How we interact, and what effect certain people have on us. We need to either compliment ourselves or draw something out of ourselves. It’s a beautiful process that makes you more intelligent.

It’s essential to stop and take inventory of what you can learn and move forward even more intelligently. If you don’t do this, you’ll miss out on what this relationship had to teach you. So even if the relationship wasn’t a success in the most traditional sense, it led to a successful, happy marriage.

It led happily ever after you realized it was still a success in specific ways. Maybe not in the most traditional form, but it always taught you something. It’s essential to realize what that something is to move forward even better once again. There’s a great quote that I came across once said –

“Don’t go wrong and break your heart so that you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up.” – By Charles Jones

I always recommend using this experience to become the person you deserve to be. One of my best friends said those words to me several years ago. They transformed how I went about the breakup period.

So it’s essential to realize that you probably tolerated things you shouldn’t have been enduring in your relationship. Now you don’t have to accept it anymore. Focus on what you deserve. You have this fresh bundle of clay and can create whatever you want from it.

Use this as a time to get back in touch with yourself to read us and rediscover who you are and what’s important to you. Think about what you wanted to do that you didn’t have the time for because you have to spend time with your ex, or you get to do this. You have the freedom to explore whatever you want.

23. Start A New Life

It’s time to create the life of your dreams. Once you start working towards your goals and doom the things you love, you’ll probably realize how much time you wasted in a codependent relationship. It didn’t serve you. You may have waited for approval or wanted them to make you feel good. You were investing all this time and energy to make things work.

So you can be happy, and they can be satisfied. You can genuinely become fulfilled from within to be happy with yourself no matter what happens. You feel good; someone entering or leaving your life doesn’t knock you completely.

Someone who comes into your life makes it richer and more meaningful. That’s a good addition, but it might hurt if they leave now. But you’re not going to be knocked over and depressed. It’s not going to carry on for months at a time.

So my advice is to find what truly makes you happy and do those things. Start fresh and approach your life like a new piece of clay that is yours to mold. If you view it from this perspective, it’s a great opportunity.

It reframes what would otherwise be a sad or devastating situation into a positive opportunity. It’s all about your mindset. I’m not saying that the pain isn’t real; ignore it, but it’s essential to start thinking and embody a positive attitude afterward.

24. Be Active

Don’t be static. Being active means looking forward and having a clear plan. Staying busy, setting goals, and staying dynamic means doing constructive, productive activities on a day-to-day basis linked to goals you will have set for yourself, professional goals, social goals, personal goals, etc.

It would be best if you forced yourself to be moving forward. I also highly encourage you to do some exercise. The more you work out, the more you’ll be able to release negative emotions and energy.

Our activity makes us busy, and our brain continuously works on it. Our mission is to create a busy brain that can not get a chance to think about memories. If you keep yourselves active or busy, you can keep the mind engaged and regularly forget the terrible memories.

25. Take Some New Challenges

Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges to push yourself to stretch your comfort zone and to be in new environments. You need to renew this energy around you. The more you are static, the more you reminisce and talk about the past.

Talk about how sad you are to your friends and family or feel sorry for yourself. The more complicated it will be, the more painful you will feel, and it depends on you; that’s the beauty of this process. If you can be self-disciplined, you can move on quite quickly. Take your life as a challenging view and do hard work to achieve or win this.

26. Change Your Mentality

The more you understand your inner world, the more you can master the outer world because you cannot change what’s happening out there. You cannot change if somebody turns around to you and says it’s over. You cannot change the external circumstances to a point.

But you can change how you react to it, and that’s all determined by how you see the world. When you change how you look at the world, the world you look at. So when you change how you look at this heartbreak, you are looking at changes. It’s a blessing in disguise. This is what I want you to realize deep inside.

27. Explain Your Memories

The biggest killer of all is memories. It’s not only the pictures, text messages, and little videos but also your mind playing games on you. It makes you believe you’re sad because you’ll divorce or break up. You can’t think about all the good times.

You’re sad to think of nothing. Your mind has tricked you and made it a routine to play a mind game on you. It’s okay to think about the right signs and, whenever you’re sad, think about the evil characters. Think about what they did. How do they treat you?

How many tears there was? You had to find the courage to leave. Finally, let’s think about all the things that you never wanted to happen that happen in that relationship. We have two good times, even in all relationships. They’re good times, but there are also many bad times that we push away because we want to play games in our minds.

28. Love Yourself Deeper

Many people don’t realize it’s when you learn to love them deeper and let go of what happens. When you let go, you hold that tension, and you’re not fighting for something. You’re not fighting sometimes. The universe decides to give you the thing that you let go of.

It allows you to attract that thing back into your life, and that’s the most powerful thing there’s been so many times. Think about it you’re holding on to something the universe can’t deliver the moment you let go, and they come back.

So when you let go, you can say, hey, do I want to go back on up? But honestly, if one goes through all the thoughts of why it got to the breakup in the first place, you most likely won’t need the relationship back.

29. Let’s Celebrate Yourself

Endings are tough for all of us, significantly when you’re ending something vital to you, which is that this relationship was essential to you. You got to validate the feelings that you have. It’s real, so you must understand you’ll need time to process it.

It’s about getting into a mindset of celebrating and celebrating what we are celebrating. You’re celebrating the fact that you have the opportunity to rediscover yourself. You have the chance to figure out what you like, and you have the chance to meet new people.

Most importantly, you can do things you haven’t done in the last seven years. So the number one assignment for celebrating is every day. You got to do something for yourself. It can be something as small as buying flowers or pouring yourself a glass of wine. It could be getting and treating yourself to that spin studio class. Whatever it may be, every day does something that celebrates you.

30. Get In Touch With A Therapist

See a specialist or a therapist who can help you, who has objectivity and a level of expertise to help you through this experience. There’s beautiful work such as grief recovery that I’d highly recommend you look up or find a therapist of whatever type you feel comfortable with.

I do a lot of this with my private clients. You need to find somebody you trust to take you through a process. You need someone that can behold a little bit of objectivity and take you through a healing pathway. Let yourself take time. So you need people around you who know what you’re going through.

Signs of A Broken Heart Woman

Signs of a broken heart can vary from person to person. However, here are some common signs that a woman may be experiencing a broken heart:

Signs of a broken heart woman
Signs of a broken heart woman

Emotional pain: She displays signs of sadness, frequent crying, or feeling overwhelmed. She appears down or withdrawn, finding it difficult to find joy or enthusiasm in activities she once enjoyed.

Loss of interest: She loses interest in activities or hobbies that previously brought her happiness or satisfaction. It can be challenging for her to engage in things she used to enjoy due to a lack of motivation or a sense of emptiness.

Changes in appetite and sleep patterns: A woman with a broken heart may experience changes in her eating habits, such as a loss of appetite or emotional eating. Sleep patterns may also be disrupted, leading to insomnia or excessive sleeping.

Social withdrawal: She withdraws from social interactions and isolates herself from friends and family. This could be due to feeling emotionally vulnerable or the fear of being reminded of the relationship.

Intense longing and reminiscing: She may constantly think about her ex-partner and dwell on shared memories or experiences. She longs for their presence and struggles to let go of the relationship emotionally.

Emotional sensitivity: A woman with a broken heart may be emotionally sensitive and easily triggered by reminders of the relationship or by seemingly insignificant things. She experiences mood swings or has intense emotional reactions to everyday situations.

Low self-esteem: A broken heart can lead to feelings of self-doubt and decreased self-esteem. She questions her self-worth, blames herself for the relationship’s end, or has negative thoughts about herself.

Physical symptoms: Sometimes, a woman experiences physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, or chest pain. The emotional distress of heartbreak can manifest physically as well.

Signs of A Broken Heart Man

Signs of a broken heart can manifest differently in men, as everyone expresses and copes with emotions in unique ways. Here are some common signs that a man may be experiencing a broken heart:

Signs of A Broken Heart Man
Signs of A Broken Heart Man

Emotional distress: He exhibits signs of sadness, feeling down, or a general sense of emotional pain. This can manifest as increased irritability, mood swings, or becoming easily overwhelmed by emotions.

Withdrawal and isolation: A man with a broken heart may withdraw from social interactions, spending less time with friends and family. He isolates himself to process his emotions privately or because he feels emotionally vulnerable.

Changes in behavior and routines: He experiences a loss of interest or motivation in activities he once enjoyed. His usual routines, hobbies, and daily habits show a noticeable shift.

Disturbed sleep patterns: A broken heart can lead to sleep disturbances, such as insomnia or trouble falling asleep. On the other hand, some men sleep excessively as a way to escape or avoid facing the pain.

Increased risk-taking or self-destructive behavior: Some men engage in impulsive or reckless behaviors to cope with emotions. This includes excessive drinking, drug use, or engaging in risky activities.

Difficulty expressing emotions: Men find it challenging to openly express their emotions due to societal expectations or personal upbringing. They struggle to talk about their feelings or may only express them through actions rather than words.

Loss of self-esteem: A broken heart can lead to feelings of self-doubt and decreased self-esteem. He may question his worth, blame himself for the relationship’s end, or experience a sense of failure.

Physical symptoms: Similar to women, men experience physical symptoms related to emotional distress, such as fatigue, headaches, or changes in appetite.

These signs are general and may not apply to everyone. Each person copes with heartbreak in their way. If the symptoms are severe, persist for a prolonged period, or significantly impact daily functioning, seek professional help from a therapist or counselor.


Life is a river. It never stops until it stops, of course, and then you die, but until then, it continually keeps going. Don’t worry. Something else is going to happen. There will be another relationship for you. There’ll be another perfect job opportunity for you. You haven’t died yet, right? You’re here. So relax. A master knows how to let things come and go without effort.

Let it be alright. When things passed, “I enjoyed that experience” and blessed it as it gave. You don’t have to suffer when things end. Instead, turn your eyes to what’s coming. Then you’re not suffering. You’re anticipating the next new chapter of your life, the new adventures.

Please comment below if you have any further questions about dealing with heartbreak. I’d appreciate any love and support any comments you have. I love hearing how the stuff impacts you.

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