20 Old School Love Letters

Old Fashioned Romantic Letters

Old school love letters express love and affection between two lovers. In the days before the widespread use of electronic communication and instant messaging, people used to communicate their emotions through handwritten letters, often sent through the postal service. These letters were a cherished and intimate form of communication. They can express their deepest emotions, share thoughts, and pour out their hearts to loved ones. Writing and receiving love letters was considered highly romantic and sentimental, requiring time, effort, and thoughtfulness.

Old-school love letters have a unique charm. They carry the personal touch of the sender’s handwriting and might include little doodles, perfume or cologne scents, and sometimes even a lipstick mark. The anticipation of waiting for a reply and the excitement of receiving a letter from a loved one made the experience even more special.

The art of writing love letters has somewhat faded in the modern digital age, where text messages, emails, and social media have become the primary means of communication. However, some still cherish the tradition of sending handwritten love letters, appreciating the timeless and romantic gesture it embodies.

Starting an old-fashioned love letter is about setting the right tone and expressing your feelings sincerely and heartfeltly. Here’s a classic way to begin:

Address the recipient with affection: Start by addressing your beloved with a term of endearment that feels appropriate to your relationship. Common choices include “My Dearest,” “Darling,” “My Beloved,” “Sweetheart,” or any other loving nickname you use for them.

Express your emotions: Let your feelings flow naturally. Begin with a sentence expressing your love and admiration for the person. Be genuine and sincere in your words.

Recall a cherished memory: Bring back a special memory you shared together. It could be the moment you first met, a meaningful date, or any experience that brought you closer. Reminiscing about such moments can create a sentimental and nostalgic atmosphere.

Compliment and appreciation: Tell your beloved what you adore about them. Mention their unique qualities, personality traits, or how they make you feel. Compliments and appreciation go a long way in making the recipient feel loved and cherished.

20 Old School Love Letters (Old Fashioned Romantic Letters)

Old school love letters have a timeless charm that harks back to an era when people were patient and willing to wait for a response. In an age of instant gratification and quick messages, these love letters stand out as a testament to true affection and devotion. They also carry on a tradition that has been a part of human history for centuries. Here are 15 old fashioned romantic letters to make your love feel special.

Letter 1: Old school love letters to boyfriend

My Dearest,

Each day I find myself lost in the ocean of your love, constantly overwhelmed by its depth and warmth. Your presence in my life is like the sun that brightens the darkest corners of my world, like the moon that illuminates the path during my most trying times. My love for you is immeasurable, outlasting time itself, outstretching to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

Our shared moments are the most precious jewels in the treasure trove of my memories. That first stolen kiss under the old oak tree, the laughter we shared during our rainy day picnics, the silent whispers of “I love you” in the depth of the night. Each memory is a testament to our enduring love, a love that is uniquely ours.

Old school love letters to boyfriend
Old school love letters to boyfriend

Letter 2: Old school love letters to girlfriend

My Beloved,

Each sunrise brings with it a new day to love you, to treasure you, to soak in the sheer joy of having you by my side. Each sunset is a reminder of another day spent loving you, another day where I was lucky enough to be loved by you.

When I think of you, I am filled with an immeasurable warmth, a joy so profound that words fail to capture its essence. Our shared jokes, shared secrets, shared dreams, all come together to form a tapestry of love, interwoven with the threads of trust, respect, and passion.

Old school love letters to girlfriend
Old school love letters to girlfriend

Letter 3: Old school love letters for him


Do you remember that time we got caught in the rain, drenched to the bone but laughing like children all the same? That memory, amongst countless others, is my refuge on difficult days. Your laughter, your warmth, your love, they’re my sanctuary, a place I retreat to when the world becomes too much to bear.

Our love is a beautiful dance, one where we move in sync, understanding each other’s rhythm, complimenting each other’s steps. It’s a dance I wish to perform for the rest of my life.

Letter 4: Old school love letters for her


The day you entered my life, you brought with you a burst of color that painted my world in the shades of love, joy, and happiness. Your laughter is my favorite melody, your smile, my favorite view, your heart, my favorite abode. You, my love, are my favorite everything.

Your love has helped me grow, helped me become a better version of myself. It has pushed me to reach for my dreams, encouraged me to face my fears, reassured me during my failures. Your love has been my strongest supporter, my most comforting friend.

Letter 5: Old love letters from the 1800s

My Love,

The love we share is like a timeless novel, with each page filled with the laughter, tears, surprises, and the tranquility of our shared experiences. Your love, your strength, your kindness are the protagonist in my story, the hero in my tale.

You’ve shown me what it means to be loved, truly and deeply. You’ve taught me to love myself, to appreciate my strengths, and to acknowledge my flaws. In your eyes, I see the love and respect that I often forget to extend to myself.

Old love letters from the 1800s
Old love letters from the 1800s

Letter 6


I can still recall the first time our eyes met. It was as if the universe itself had aligned to make that moment possible, a moment that marked the beginning of our extraordinary journey of love.

Your passion for life, your compassion for others, and your unending love for me have painted my life with the most exquisite colors. You’ve transformed the mundane into the extraordinary, the ordinary into the exceptional.

Old school love letters with drawings
Old school love letters with drawings

Letter 7


When I think about our love, I think about a journey. A journey that has taken us through the peaks of joy, the valleys of hardship, and the plains of everyday life. It’s a journey I wouldn’t want to embark on with anyone else.

Your love is like a guiding star, leading me through the darkest nights, bringing me back home whenever I stray too far. Your love is my compass, always pointing me towards the path of happiness, fulfillment, and peace.

Letter 8


I often find myself reminiscing about the times we’ve spent together. Those shared moments of joy, of sadness, of discovery are imprinted upon my heart. They are the milestones of our journey together, the reminders of our shared path.

In your presence, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace. Your laughter is a salve to my worries, your touch a balm for my fears. In your arms, I find my safe haven, my home.

Letter 9


Your love has been a lighthouse in the stormy sea of life. It has guided me, comforted me, and brought me safely to the shore during the most turbulent times. Your love has been my anchor, my compass, my guiding light.

Our shared memories are a testament to our enduring love. The quiet dinners, the shared dreams, the comfortable silence, all paint a beautiful picture of our shared life. They are the chapters of our love story, each one more beautiful than the last.

Letter 10

My Love,

The world pales in comparison to the beauty I see in your eyes. Your love has brought colors to my life that I never knew existed. It has painted my world in hues of joy, of happiness, of contentment.

Your faith in me, your unwavering support, and your unconditional love have made me believe in myself. They’ve made me realize my worth, my potential, and my capacity for love.

Letter 11


From our stolen kisses under the starlit sky to our shared laughter at inside jokes, every moment with you is a cherished memory. Your love has filled my life with joy and warmth, turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Your love has been my strength during times of weakness, my solace during times of distress. It’s been my constant companion, my trusted confidant, my guiding star.

Letter 12


The beauty of your soul outshines the brightest star in the night sky. Your kindness, your compassion, your love, they make you the most beautiful person I’ve ever known. Your love has been a beacon of light, guiding me through the darkest times.

Our shared journey is one filled with shared dreams, shared moments, shared love. Each memory is a cherished gem, a testament to our love, our bond, our connection.

Letter 13


I love you, not just for who you are, but for who I am when I’m with you. Your love has brought out the best in me. It’s made me kinder, braver, more loving.

Our shared memories are not just moments in time, but pieces of my heart. Each laugh, each tear, each shared glance is a memory I cherish, a memory I hold close to my heart.

Letter 14


From the moment our paths crossed, I knew we were destined for something beautiful. Your love has transformed my life, painting it with colors of joy, hues of happiness, shades of contentment.

Our shared journey has been one of love, of discovery, of growth. Each moment we’ve shared, each memory we’ve created, is a testament to our enduring love.

Letter 15

My Love,

You’ve shown me what it means to be truly loved. Your love has filled my world with happiness, my life with joy. You’ve transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane into the exceptional.

Our shared journey is one I cherish deeply. Our shared laughter, our shared tears, our shared dreams, they’ve all come together to create a beautiful tapestry of love. Each moment, each memory, is a precious gem in the treasure trove of our love.

In each of these letters, the love, the praise, the moments, the memories, and the emotions are just a reflection of my feelings for you. I hope you feel the love in each word, each sentence, each letter. Because you, my love, are my everything.

With all my love,
[Your Name]

Letter 16

Dear Heart,

If life is a melody, then our love is the most beautiful symphony. It’s in every note that marks our shared laughter, every crescendo that echoes our shared joy, and in every minor key that softly whispers our shared pain.

Remember that time we danced till dawn, lost in each other’s arms? That memory is like a sweet refrain, reminding me of your love, your warmth, your being.

Letter 17

My Sweet,

To be loved by you is to experience the richness of life in its most vibrant hues. Your love, like the golden rays of the setting sun, gently warms my heart and paints my world in spectacular colors.

Do you recall our walks under the cherry blossoms? Each falling petal, each shared smile is etched into my heart. They are my most cherished memories, my most treasured moments.

Letter 18


Your love is like a serene lake in the midst of a bustling forest. Amid the noise of the world, your love brings peace and tranquility. Amid the chaos, your love is my sanctuary.

Remember the quiet moments we’ve shared, just watching the sunsets? Those moments of silence, filled with unspoken words and understood feelings, are among the most beautiful in my memory.

Letter 19

My Beloved,

Your love is a testament to the beauty of the human spirit – strong, selfless, enduring. Your love has shown me the power of resilience, the joy of kindness, and the peace of understanding.

Do you remember our laughter-filled nights, huddled under blankets, sharing secrets and dreams? Those moments, so raw and so real, are the echoes of our love in the hallways of my memory.

Letter 20


Your love is the sun that brightens my days, the moon that illuminates my nights, and the stars that guide my way. Your love is my light, my guide, my path.

Can you recall our shared dreams under the starry sky? Those dreams, whispered into the night, carried by the wind, are the embodiment of our shared journey, our shared love, our shared life.

With each letter, I hope to capture a fragment of the depth of my feelings for you. I hope you can feel the warmth, the joy, and the love that fills each word, each sentence, each letter. You, my love, are my world.

With all my love,
[Your Name]

Share your intentions and emotions clearly. Let the person know that you are writing this letter to express your love and commitment to them.

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