40 Secrets Ways To Flirt With A Guy

how to flirt with a guy

Flirting with a guy is one of the sweetest memory and moments in a girl’s life. It’s a very romantic way to make a relationship or married life. Flirting is a pillar of your new relationship or family life. So it’s essential to know about the best flirting techniques to win someone’s heart.

I will teach you how to flirt to attract almost any man you want. I’m going to tell you that the 40 tips work very well. Sometimes they work too well because I’ve been using all the thieves and babies. I got more men chasing me than I knew what to do.

These ways are useful when attracting someone who’s got masculine energy. I am Dr. Nicola, who works with lots of feminine power if you can’t tell. My learning techniques have been developed to attract and engage those susceptible and alpha types. So if you’re looking to attract someone with masculine energy, you’re in the right place.

Most people don’t know how to flirt and ruin their chances of achieving someone. Before flirting with someone, you must know about human behavior, mental condition, physical attraction, biological change, etc. To convince a man, you must study his physical and mental characteristics to win him shortly.

40 Secrets Ways To Flirt With A Guy

Dear sweet ladies, you are a unique gift for men eagerly waiting to catch you. You want to make a satisfying relationship with your crush or favorite guy. This is not very difficult because men fall in love quickly but don’t understand it timely. You must make yourself a superwoman who can easily hack any guy’s money as a woman.

Flirt With A Guy
Flirt With A Guy

So I’m here to help you teach you the best ways to win him or make him your boyfriend. I’m going to give you 40 simple ways that you can do to flirt more with the guys you like.

1. Compliment Him Regularly

The first way that you can flirt with a guy is a compliment. It’s all about how you compliment him. The problem with most compliments is that most people do it wrong. You don’t approve of your friend the same way you compliment someone you have a crush on.

Let’s say you like someone and want them to appreciate your compliment. You want to say it. You want to compliment specific things about them. Think about it like this. If you want them to appreciate your compliment, compliment them on something they understand about themselves. How do you know if they know that thing about themselves?

For example, if someone was born with beautiful eyes, they didn’t have to work hard to get those eyes unless they got some eye surgery. If you compliment someone in their eyes, they will say thank you. But they’re not going to appreciate it.

Let’s say they love basketball. It’s their passion. Since they were a little kid, their dream has been to play in the NBA. If you compliment them on how good they are at basketball or respect their passion for that, they will appreciate that compliment more because that’s not something they were born with. Does that make sense, like little compliments? They go a long way for these things.

2. Do Physical Touch

If there is a guy you’re sitting next to and don’t like. You become a ninja when it comes to avoiding touching him at all costs. You’re sitting next to a creepy guy in class who you’re not into. His elbow almost rubs up against yours.

You turn into Neal from The Matrix and a scene where he’s dodging 20 bullets at once. You have no issue avoiding touching him at all. Don’t be afraid to break that touch barrier when it comes to a guy you like. Once in a while to show, “Hey, I don’t think you’re a creepy guy sitting next to me,” and if you’re not sure when to touch him.

You don’t want to be in the middle of saying “hi” and then stroke his face. Let’s say he says something funny. He makes you laugh. You laugh and then fall into his chest. That will be cute, and obviously, you won’t do that with who sits next to you in science class.

That’s not happening, and if you ever want to be intimate with someone you like, you have to break that touch barrier. The longer it takes to touch the guy physically, the more build-up pressure there is for you.

When you finally feel him for the first time, it makes him more comfortable being around you if you touch him first. We don’t want to be the first. We don’t want to be that creepy guy who touches you first. When you touch him first, it’s a better way to communicate, “Hey, subconsciously! I don’t mind when you touch.”

3. Be A Funny Girl

It isn’t something you have to say, but it’s all about smiling and laughing whenever you’re around him. I don’t know if he is not the funniest guy in the world. If he’s making jokes, even if it’s not funny, laugh a little. That’s all. That’s all you got to do.

Well, if it is not funny, in that case, you shouldn’t laugh too much because you don’t want to encourage someone who’s not funny to make worse jokes. I’ve noticed that when you give someone a fake pity laugh and think they’re funny, but they’re not, their jokes end up getting worse.

I’m going on a tangent about someone specifically in my mind. Anyway, Why does it bring so dark in here? I was weird in reality. If you like the guy, everything he says is probably already funny. Even if it’s not, you probably don’t even need that. But the point is when you’re talking to someone and smiling.

When they’re talking, you’re laughing. When they say funny things, you show them, “I like it when you speak to me. You make me feel good ” When a guy thinks that, he makes a girl feel good. He wants to make that girl feel better. It makes him feel good to make her feel

4. Tease Him Effectively

I will say the most effective way to flirt with a guy. It’s also the hardest to do appropriately. Because when you do it right, it works well. But if you do it wrong, it can turn the guy off. It’s one that I talk about a lot to Attract Academy.

It’s all about teasing a guy that you like. When you’re teasing a guy, you’re saying, look, I’m comfortable. I’m friends with you, but I’m not impressed yet. You got it. You got to convince me a little bit more.

It’s such an attractive place to come from because this is how you go from being acquaintances to being close friends. The Sooner you can start teasing them, the sooner you’ll be good friends with them.

I was teasing her about something she said or something about her. Instead of trying to defend herself, she says, “Oh, come on!” But it wasn’t like angrily. It was one more like she was smirking as she was saying it.

We were both laughing as we were talking about it. I am not saying you should go up to every guy be like this. It’s not generic. It’s a specific cut time that you can tell. You can apply particular things to tease a guy to turn them on instantly.

5. Challenge Him Romantically

The next way to flirt with a guy is challenging. It is similar to teasing, but it’s a little different. It’s all about challenging what you’re saying when you challenge him. I get it. You think you’re fantastic. Prove it to me.

For example, let’s go back to basketball. He loves basketball, and he’s talking about how much he loves basketball. You’d be like, “Wow! That’s awesome! The problem is I could probably beat you one-on-one.” I’m saying can you beat him one-on-one, probably? That’s not the point.

It’s not about you challenging him and being severe. It is like, “Let’s put some money on it. Let’s go!” It’s about everything you’re saying, being half-joking, having serious half-teasing, not caring about his reaction. It’s about you being fun and flirty, being carefree. When you give him that little challenge, you create some sexual tension between the two of you. Getting sexual attention is one of those keys to getting attraction.

6. Ask Interesting Questions

There is no such thing as a terrible question; if you’re good at asking quality questions, they will give you significant answers. The better the reply, the better the connection quality between them.

Think about it like this. The more emotionally connected they are, the answer to the question would be more accurate. They’re going to feel to you. If I tell her something close to my heart, she will become closer to my heart.

7. Play With Your Hair

If you play with your hair, it’s flirty. It seems very natural when you’re talking to a guy. You’re playing with your hair. Because I feel like a lot of girls do it, it’s not something that is a flirt tactic. It’s something that girls do when they’re bored.

It adds that cute factor if you are all cutesy and your little hair flips. Boys love this! So, work that hair! Don’t do it excessively because it looks terrible habit. Do it when you have a good mood and make it more genuine.

8. Maintain Unique Dressup

Always draw attention to your body. I don’t mean showing off cleavage, those boobs, or short shorts. Show them off as it is. Let’s say you’re like having a conversation and dropping hints. Don’t make it obvious. You’re talking. You’re moving your lips. It seems natural.

But don’t make it obvious. You can tell when someone’s looking at you from the corner of your eye. If you couldn’t know he was looking at you, play with your lips slightly. I feel like it’ll make you look more cute and attractive. You could also do it. You can bite your lip. But this one, it’s like a hit or miss for people.

You can make it look so natural, like, you’re thinking and biting your lip. Some people make it look good. Some people don’t. Another thing you can do is like rubbing your shoulder. Let’s say you like your attorney. You guys are talking about massaging your shoulder.

Instantly that eye contact of his goes to your shoulder, and then he’ll think, “Wow, awesome!” Do you know how some schools won’t let you wear spaghetti straps? That is why shoulders are sexy to me. For some reason, I don’t know why I hate it. Because some girls want to wear spaghetti straps to school, and they can’t work because of those stupid dress codes.

9. Call Him By Sweet Name

It is a good one that I tend to use. It is about using names while communicating. It is charming. Let’s say this guy you like. His name is Bob. You’re like, “Hey, Bob! Did you get to number three?” It makes him feel more connected to you, bringing up that intimacy with each other.

I don’t feel like I ever make sense. It can go with verbal communication, like face-to-face, and with texting. If you’re texting, “Hey, What’s up!” you can say, “Hey Bob, What’s up!” That ‘Bob’ that you entered makes a big difference to him. So using his name will go a long way.

10. Do Eye Contact While Talking

A lot of people don’t make eye contact. I do not make eye contact unless someone is physically talking to me. Walking through the halls, I look down or look another way. I hate looking at other people’s eyes as I walk through the gallery. I hate making eye contact with people.

I feel like it’s so awkward. I don’t know why, but if I make eye contact with girls or guys, I like to do that quick little smile. Because I feel awkward sometimes, if you’re talking to a guy you are attracted to and trying to flirt with, you must make eye contact with him. You show him that you’re interested in him.

All your attention is towards him. If you’re talking to him and keep looking down, it could tell him you’re not interested in him. You instead put your attention to something else. It does not look cool. It does not give them the message.

It also can show that you’re a shy girl, and you want to talk to him, but you’re like, “I can’t stare at you. You’re too beautiful” It can go both ways. It’s easier for the guy if you stare at him. It sends the message right away. You’re attending towards him, and you’re into him.

11. Make Him Feel Special

Let’s say you have a class with this guy, and you’re in English. You don’t talk to many people in English. You hate English. It is an example. By the way, he’s sitting next to the senior, like, “Hey! I’m glad you’re in this class. I’d be dead without you in here.

You’re the most interesting person in this class.” It makes him feel, “Wow! She likes talking to me. She’s cool. She digs me” It’ll send him messages that you like him as a friend, and maybe that friend can lead to something else. It is a bonus. That is challenging him. Let’s say that you both are into soccer. You can tell him. I bet you could beat you at your own game even though you’re pretty sure you can’t. It makes you seem cute. Then he’s thinking in his head.

12. Give Him a Kiss

The best flirting strategy is the ‘kiss me now’ strategy, not to be used when you don’t want him to kiss you. It is a strategy at the end of the date. You want to let him know that you like him. You want him to move in for the kiss. You don’t want to do it yourself, but you want to invite him to kiss you. What do you do?

This strategy is powerful, and it’s backed by science. Because this works, you look down, and you look up at him with a slight smile. Research has shown that when you make this motion, you look down and look up at him with a little smile on his face. It positions you in a more feminine position. It makes you look even younger. When you’re in the feminine role, it ignites the masculine. The smile that invitation says, ‘Kiss me now!’ Disney has perfected this in their movies. Check it out!

13. Don’t Forget To Appreciate Him

When conversing with a man, and he’s telling you a story, you find yourself lost in thought and admiration. Your comment on something specific about him doesn’t have much to do with the story he’s telling you. Hence, the non-sequitur shows that you’re lost in thought admiring him. There’s something specific about him that you appreciate. They are complimenting. Here’s how you use this.

He’s telling you a story, and you might put your cheek in your palm, and you’re listening to the story. When he tells you the information, you compliment him about something you admire in him. You might say, “Do you know your eyes sparkle when you share something you’re passionate about? I love that?” You might share something.

You may say, “I admire your passion for helping people. It’s such a rare thing these days.” You’re sharing something that you noticed about him. A quality that he has. It may or may not be related to the story, but you are focused on that. Instead of the story, going on with your tale builds his attraction. He will love being acknowledged by you.

14. Tell Him Funny Jokes

It can be a whole lot of fun. It is called the fake palm read. The fake palm read is not about reading his palms. You don’t want to look up palm reading and find out what the line means or what you want to do. Ditch that knowledge and makeup something outrageous. The more outrageous it sounds, the more off-the-wall each line can mean on his palm, the more ridiculous it is, funnier. Here’s how you pull this off.

You say to him, “I can read your palm? And He says, “Oh! Let me see your palm. He’ll give you his palm, and then when you take his hand with your hand, you drag your finger gently on the lines of his palm. That caress feels so good to a man. You start making stuff up about what each line means, and the more ridiculous, the funnier.

15. Be Honest Withy Your Guy

If you have a date with someone, express that you’re looking forward to seeing them. Be honest about that so on the day. If it’s the first day, text him and say I’m looking forward to meeting you tonight. Or if it’s your second or third date and you have a bit more of a bond by now, text him and say not going to lie.

I’m excited to see you tonight. Those moments of not only flirtation but warmth and sweetness elevate your character. Now he realizes he’s going on a date with an authentic person, not someone trying to play hard-to-get, not someone who’s a game player. By the way, playing games invites other game players. But he sees now that he’s with someone willing to express themselves.

16. Be An Open Minded Woman

Make sure your hands are above the table. So hands are interpreted as a sign of honesty, openness, and communication. This is why they make you raise your palms when you swear an oath. You always want to have your hands above the table on a date. See how Jermia’s hands are together and below the table in this dating scene. This shows she’s a little withdrawn and not quite confident about the date.

Now she brings her first hand up. She looks a little better and seems much more confident and expressive with both hands above the table. And don’t forget, having your hands above the table doesn’t mean you always have them together, blocking him off, either. Keep them friendly and open; the guy will feel you’re open and receptive to him.

17. Build His Confidence Level

Palms down for confidence and strength. Palms up for openness and vulnerability. So what you do with your hands and how you hold your palms communicate different messages to the guy. Palms up can be a much more open and vulnerable state or a state of uncertainty.

Putting your palms down makes you appear much more vital and confident. See how my girl seems to be seeking validation. Her palms are up; she wants a response from him instead of now; she turns them over, says it how it is, and looks more confident and sure within herself.

Overall, you will find a natural balance with this that works for you. You want to ensure that what you’re communicating with your body is congruent with what you’re saying and feeling inside you. So palms down will be more confident, whereas palms up will make the flirting more intimate.

18. Send Him a Picture Of Yourself

Send him a picture of yourself before you go out, and I don’t mean some lewd naked photo when you get dressed up in your nice outfit to go out to that party, whether it’s a wonder woman outfit or a sexy ketchup bottle. Because you know who says you have to be cliche? You could go as whatever you want.

You’re free to do whatever you want. Send him that picture, and then he will look at his phone. Also, he’s going to go, oh my god, she’s going to be out all night looking this hot, and he’s thinking of you and what you’re doing. You don’t have to be with a guy to be on his mind.

19. Take Him To an Exciting Place

Present him with two tickets to a haunted house when you and he go into a situation where you both will be scared. He gets to play the protector by guarding you and looking after you. You can make your favorite Scooby-DooDoo impression and jump into Shaggy’s arms.

Moreover, studies have shown that moments of heightened adrenaline connect to people. So, in conclusion, running away from a chainsaw-wielding clown might be one of the most romantic moments you’ve ever had.

20. Send Surprise Gifts

Send him your favorite candy and think about it. How sweet is it that he likes? You’ve decided to send it to him in a neat little box with a package.

Or you can give it to him in person either is fine. You also can provide him with his favorite flowers with your handwritten letters. But that moment where he’s like, it didn’t cost you much. It wasn’t even that much effort, but the fact that you know him a little bit is a beautiful moment. This one is an awesome flirting tip for girls.

21. Talk About Favorite Things

Send him a movie trailer text. This is where you send in the link to a scary movie trailer with the message. I’m only watching this if you’re there to protect me. I don’t care how brave you are. Usually, showing that you want your man to wrap his arms around you and protect you during the scary parts will make him melt.

Men are curious about discussing new or creative things. They feel bored when you talk about the usual things. So talk about something new that matters and ensure he engages in it. If he likes football, talk about his favorite team and give him the sports news that makes him happy and friendly.

22. Think About Relationship Outfit

It’s a little risque to have a private outfit picked out, especially for him. Let me make myself clear I’m not saying this for the guy you met last week. For the guy, you see, the guy that’s worth it, the guy who deserves all of the usual caveats.

I want you to pick an outfit that is super sexy. You can make this as saucy as you like to put it in the bathroom at home. When the two of you return, change out of your Catwoman outfit or whatever you’re in, and take five minutes to change into your private outfit. When you emerge from the bathroom, he’ll realize there was one outfit.

23. Be Comfortable With Him

When a girl’s confident enough to come up close to you and be near you as they’re talking to you, when you have a crush on someone and walk to them naturally, you want to be closer to them. You would maybe like to talk to a friend.

Whenever I feel like someone isn’t afraid to have direct eye contact with me and maybe as close to me or accidentally bumps into me. It is a way of flirting that’s always caught me off guard. It almost makes me feel uncomfortable, but in the right way, it makes sense. So whenever our girl initiates that and does that on her own, I feel like guys like it.

24. Smiley Face

The next way girls flirt that guys love is simple, but when they smile a lot, I feel it’s hard to flirt without smiling. Have you ever liked to try to talk to someone you want? Be flirty and not smile like you try to be cool, but you still smirk. If you’re taking that approach, smiling is a simple thing that does wonders for me.

It’s like if I’m talking to someone I like, and she’s always smiling. Or laughing a lot like it’s a perfect feeling. It’s an effortless way to flirt, and also, if you happen to be someone who gets embarrassed when you’re only talking to someone you like or trying to flirt.

You feel you can’t like sometimes being sorry makes you smile because you blush, and that’s like another cool thing. I talk about it all the time, so smiling, in general, is always a good thing when it comes to flirting.

25. Poke Him When He’s In Mood

When they know how to poke you, there’s the expression everyone loves a good poke. It’s true, and I feel the right amount of poke is a great way to flirt, like getting someone’s attention and being a little flirty.

But then, either play hard-to-get or back off a bit; you’re trying to reel them. Let them go a little bit, reel them in more, and let them go a little more. I feel like there’s a right balance to find because no one likes too much of a poke and being like, oh my god, I love you. We’ve been talking for two minutes. I feel like those are not useful approaches to have, so being able to poke the right amount is always a good sign.

26. Keep Looking Accidentally

One of my favorites is when girls will accidentally do something flirty. I feel like this one is a little bit more physically oriented. That girls are guilty of this because there’s no way. These are always accidents, but many have happened in my life.

I’ll be talking to someone, and a girl will do the most subtle thing. I don’t know if she’s intentionally trying to do it and acting like she didn’t. Or if it was an accident, whether it be a wink or like she accidentally bumped into me.

I even asked girls at times in my life. She’ll be like, I don’t know. That’s every girl’s answer to that question, and then she likes doing this weirdly. I’m talking about it, and the truth is it does work. It’s a killer. Accidentally flirting drives you crazy because you don’t know if it was meant to be. It’s great accidental flirting. It is a pretty stable way to flirt.

27. Do Together With Enjoyment

You connect with someone and have an inside enjoy those forms. You are then bantering around with that as your relationship continues. Now obviously, this could be so many different things.

But the truth is if you end up being a thing with someone, there will be things that only you two can understand. It is something good or bad or embarrassing. You can use that as a running enjoyment between you as soon as that happens. As you like to continue to be a thing or whatever you’re doing is a pleasure, it’s a cute way to flirt because only you two make it.

28. Focus On Your Looking & Personality

Here I discuss how to flirt to attract almost any man you want. You need to dress in a way that communicates femininity and attractiveness. Now, I don’t care who the man is and don’t care how brilliant he is. I don’t care how much of a gentleman he is.

They see you before they hear you. So for him to be attracted enough to come up to you, talk to you, learn more about you, and see that you are the person he’s been waiting on his whole life. He first has to be attracted to you. So we must do the main thing when trying to attract masking energy. It is looking at how we dress. Do you dress in a way that will inspire a man to look at you and be intrigued by you?

So are you always going out in sweats that will not attract him? He knows your personality and spirit. He’s in love with you, and then you always wear sweats. Before it, especially you’re trying to meet that man, you need a dress and clothes to fit your body.

Everybody’s body is different, so I always tell people to identify their body parts as their best traits. If you know you’ve got beautiful bosoms, don’t wear an outfit your girls will show in the right way.

If you know that you got sexy legs, the weird outfit your legs can display correctly, you got some cake for your baby like me. I’m thinking of snicker honey when if you know you are built like that, you need to wear clothes that emphasize your shape.

29. Sexy Face Reaction

Let’s go back to the example I gave earlier. You add a grocery store. You see a guy you’re interested in and then catch him looking at you. Or you’re looking at him first, regardless. When you look at him, don’t do what many of us do and look away quickly.

The reality is that he’s looking at you because you’re dressing nicely. He’s looking at you because he’s attracted to you. He’s looking at you because of the energy you’re giving off.

So when you look at him, one of the things that I’ve had to learn is to give a sexy face reaction for three seconds at the minimum. Why do I say three seconds because I wanted to do it three times as long as I generally do it? I forced myself to do it for at least three seconds. What I’m doing is I’m creating enough time for a connection to be built and creating enough time for him.

30. Touch His Knees While Talking

If you want to flirt with one of the beneficial things, you must be careful about touching him. When you’re talking to him, and he makes a joke that you think is funny, but when you laugh, touch his arm very gently. You can do it like- oh, he was so funny!

We’re having a conversation, and we have a good enough rapport that I feel comfortable doing this. One thing I may: to touch his knee when I’m talking to him. You’re rubbing your hand on his knees and talking. Be careful when you touch them. If you touch them too close to certain places, they will get turned on, and their mind shut off when turned on.

So if you’re trying to flirt with them, especially looking for your king, you’re looking for someone to have a meaningful relationship with. So the way you touch this focuses on these key areas, knee or arm, when you touch them.

31. Be Engaging

What I’m talking about is actively listening to him when he talks. I don’t know if you figured this out, but masculine energy. Men love to hear the sound of their voices, and they love to believe that you like to listen to their voices. In a lot of cases, we do like to hear them talk.

We enjoy it, so we’re such good listeners most of the time. But some of you don’t listen well while talking to him. You are so excited about the conversation that you’re cutting him off when he’s in the middle of talking. You’re doing something wrong if you cut off a man in conversation. Do not cut him off because how you interpreted it is that you’re jumping in because you’re excited about talking. You do that with your friends, and they don’t care.

But they’re not the person you’re trying to date because they’re not the person you’re trying to flirt with. You must make him feel valued when trying to flirt with the man. You make him feel like his words are valuable to you. You have to make him feel like he matters.

32. Make Him Feel Like A King

Don’t compliment him on some basic stuff that everybody compliments him. Don’t be talking about his body if he has a nice body. Oh, your body looks so lovely. Do you go to the gym a lot? He’s got a nice car.

Don’t compliment the car. Every chicken hand on earth compliments him on his car; that’s why none of them have landed him yet. You need to praise him on things that typically would go unnoticed. So let me say this, I’m not an amateur at this. I go above and beyond to identify unique items.

I’m trying to flirt with you so I can flirt very effectively. So let me tell you one of my things I might do nothing. I’ve done this before. I might do this – I may go to his Instagram, and I may scroll back on that Instagram goes far back. Also, I’m trying to see whether he has any hobbies he doesn’t post about.

For example, maybe someone likes to draw again. Perhaps he’s in a band. Perhaps he considers himself a musician on the side. I’m searching for those things that are a part of his life. But he may not talk about a lot, or you may not be posting about a whole lot. So that the next time I’m around him.

I can find a way to bring it up a little bit, sprinkling that’s all be talking. So what would you tell me – You are a fantastic painter. I love your painting. So be sincere. Praise him for something that you do feel.

33. Give Him By Lovely Title

The next tip is to call him various sweet names or titles like – handsome, baby, mister, sir, etc. Call him by this title when you’re talking to him and say him in conversation. There is something about him hearing his flirtatious title. It comes across like you’re interested in him.

So let me give you an example. I’m talking to a guy, and we’re in a conversation. I’m commenting on something he said. I’m like, mister James you are so funny. Why are you always so funny? Or hey, funny man. You made an excellent point when you said it.

It pulls him in, and strategically it also pulls his attention. So if he owns out a little because sometimes we all zone out, it’s like what schoolteachers used to do when they were in school. It keeps them engaged and makes them feel like you recognize him.

34. Keep Your Feminine Energy Strong

Men are most attracted to feminine energy. They love it when you walk into a room with confidence and positivity. Studies have proven that men are more attracted to people who walk confidently and positively, meaning that when your head is up to walk in the room, you have a smile on and invite me.

You come across as positive, and you are more likely to get attention from the men in that room than someone who may be dressed beautifully. But she’s got her head down on the ground what she’s got well. She’s got a stank attitude that makes people feel like she’s not open or inviting to other people.

When you walk into a room, I tell people there are potential kings. You make sure that the way you walk has your head your chin level with the ground.

It’s level with the ground, so you’re not walking with your head up, looking at Hasta Devi, or looking down at the bottom. You’re walking merely to ensure your chin is level with the ground, so you walk like that. It’s good for your posture. When you do that, you’re going to be the woman where men will be like- oh my god, who is she?

35. Identify His Habits

The secret tip is to familiarize yourself with his likes and use them to your advantage. Now introducing yourself to a guy’s preferences will help you flirt. Let’s say you guys go out on a date. There won’t be any awkward silences.

You’re always going to know what to say. You’ll know how to steer the conversation and what to talk about. What he’s going to respond well to, and there are a couple of different ways to do this. The first is observing and paying attention to what clothes he is wearing. Does he have a band on his t-shirt?

There’s another way to do this, which is probably more up-to-date today: Facebook. In general, Facebook is an excellent way to figure out what somebody’s likes are, and somebody will like Facebook stalking.

It’s not stalking; stalking is when you like to go to somebody’s house and you got the binoculars. You like to climb a tree that’s stalking to me, not looking at somebody’s Facebook. Because he liked something on Facebook as he did it so that other people could see it. If you didn’t want anybody to know that you liked something on Facebook, you wouldn’t have liked it on Facebook.

36. Talk With Passion

80% of a listener’s first impression of you has nothing to do with your words. It has to do with how you say it, so be sure you’ve got a positive tone in your voice. Soften your eyebrows and be weird when you talk because we usually don’t think about our facial expressions.

If I’m talking to somebody, I’m talking to them. I don’t look that friendly and approachable because of my eyebrows, but I soften them. I raised them a little bit, making them look more friendly. I don’t know, but it makes you look more approachable and friendlier. It’s going to help you, and you’re flirting. If you look friendlier, that will make you the ultimate flirter.

37. Don’t Be Always Available

Don’t mistake this for playing hard-to-get. What you’re doing is leaving him wanting more. If you’re available 24/7, then he always has access to you. But if you cut the phone conversation, Skype conversation, or wherever you talk to him briefly, you will add mystery to your life.

You’re going to leave him wanting more, and you’re going to leave him thinking about you and waiting until you can talk to him the next time. So it’s a great way to keep things fresh and exciting in your flirting lives. If you talk all day, you can get burnt out from that. So this is a perfect tip overall.

38. Prioritize His Likes

You’re connecting what you like to what he wants. People are most receptive to others they feel have the same values. So there’s that stigma of opposites attract, but that could even be physical, like a tall guy and a short girl. That’s not necessarily personality-wise.

For example, let’s say that a guy loves animals. He’s got a cat, a dog, a hamster, and a bunny rabbit. So he loves animals. He will probably respond much better to a girl who likes animals than a girl who’s like, oh, I hate animals.

It was a bad example because everybody wants animals, but you got my point. Values are very deep things like you’re family-oriented. It’s a value of your religion, and you don’t have to know all the same values as a guy.

You don’t want to replicate him. You don’t want to be the girl version of him, but you want some connection with your values. It will help you with your flirting if he can sense that he has some of the same values.

39. Give Feedback

When you’re listening to him, talk. Instead of saying ordinary things like yeah and nodding your head, say something like, wow, that’s so cool. Or oh! I see what you mean, or oh, I can understand. It’s going to give a little bit of feedback, and at the same time, it’s going to show that you’re listening.

It will show that you’re attentive to what he’s saying. This is a great way to connect you to his conversation and show him you’re listening.

You’re interested in what he says, which will make him much more comfortable with you. It’s a way to flirt. If you’re wrong in your eyelashes, you’re giving him feedback. It’s like it’s the ultimate flirting.

40. Do Respect Yourself

You have to maintain a standard and value yourself. When you believe you are a woman deserving of love, you will act apart and attract that man. You are the prize for practicing soft love, but you can imagine practicing self-love or respect in a new intimate relationship.

It is often easier said than done. When we have strong romantic desires for another person, we often do things to win their minds. This is when the majority of relationship mistakes happen. Don’t be cheap because men dislike cheap and want to win a girl’s heart. So keep a distance from your guy and make him jealous, which drives him into your love.

How do you flirt with a guy over text?

Flirting with a guy over text can be a fun and exciting way to show your interest. Here are some tips to help you flirt successfully:

How do you flirt with a guy over text
How do you flirt with a guy over text?

Start with a friendly and engaging greeting: Begin the conversation with a warm and enthusiastic message to set a positive tone.

Use humor: Make him laugh by sharing funny jokes, witty remarks, or playful banter. Humor is a great way to create a connection and keep the conversation light-hearted.

Compliment him: Genuine compliments can make a guy feel good and show interest. Highlight something you appreciate about him, such as his sense of style, intelligence, or a recent accomplishment.

Emojis and emoticons: Incorporate emojis and emoticons to add a playful and flirtatious tone to your messages. They can help convey your emotions and make the conversation more engaging.

Tease him lightly: Playful teasing can create a sense of excitement and intrigue. Make sure to keep it lighthearted and avoid crossing any boundaries or making offensive remarks.

Show interest in his life: Ask questions about his hobbies, interests, and activities. Show genuine curiosity and actively listen to his responses. This demonstrates that you value his opinions and experiences.

Use flirty language: Sprinkle your conversation with subtle hints of attraction. You can use flirty language like “I can’t help but smile when I think of you” or “You have an incredible way with words.”

Create anticipation: Leave some room for mystery and intrigue. Avoid sharing every detail about yourself right away, and instead, pique his curiosity by giving hints and leaving things open-ended.

Respond promptly: Be attentive and responsive in your text exchanges. Prompt replies show that you’re interested and engaged in the conversation.

Know when to escalate: If the conversation is going well and you feel connected, you can gradually escalate the flirting by dropping hints about meeting in person or going on a date. However, ensure that the timing feels right and that you’ve established a good rapport before taking things to the next level.

Keep the conversation fun, respectful, and authentic, and most importantly, be yourself!

Flirting examples

Here are a few examples of flirty messages you can use when flirting with a guy over text:

“I couldn’t help but smile when I saw your name pop up on my screen. You have that effect on me.”

“I have a confession to make: Every time I see a notification from you, my heart skips a beat. You’ve got my attention.”

“You must be a magician because whenever I talk to you, time seems to fly by.”

“I just had to let you know that you have the most captivating smile. It brightens up my day.”

“I have a challenge for you: Try not to think about me too much today. It’s harder than it sounds!”

“You know, I’ve been told that laughter is contagious. Care to infect me with your sense of humor?”

“I must be a snowflake because I’ve fallen for you. And trust me, I usually hate the cold.”

“I have a feeling you’re not just good with numbers but also pretty skilled at stealing hearts. Mine seems to be missing.”

“I was going to send you a cheesy pickup line, but I thought I’d save that for when we meet in person. For now, let’s just say you’ve caught my attention.”

“You’re the reason I smile at my phone like an idiot. It’s your fault, really.”

Adding personal touches and genuine compliments will make your flirting more effective.


You want to bring your best body language to the table. If you struggle, many people might call it the resting bitch face. Or you don’t know how you emote when you meet new people, which will be a critical component of this webinar. I can not wait to share some of these secrets I’ve learned over the years of being a dating coach and a professional speaker and thinking through how I communicate with my body language.

Finally, we have words. The actual terms are coming out of your mouth. I will be teaching you some particular things you can say and talk about when you’re going ahead and meeting new guys. That will help you be more playful and witty and position you as a high-value woman he will not want to pass up.

I hope you guys liked the article and found it helpful. Please share this article with your friends to make a healthy relationship. If you have any questions, then comment on them now in the comment section. Also, check our articles suitable for you and your relationship.

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