Romance Story For Lovers (The Love Birds)

The Love Birds – Romance Story For Lover: Love is sweet, love is cool. In this love story, you will find a real-life story that inspires and makes you an emotional lover. So, let’s start the sweet love story.

Episode 1

Chris ray came down from his car, picking his bag and responding to Lucas greets ” sir, your mum was here to see you.
My mum. So weird,” she should have spoken to me on the phone ” Chris excuse from him and entered inside, losing his tie. He put his mom to call and noticed his workers taking his stuff in.
Coffee, sir,” Mrs. Jane spoke, smiling. Thank you,” he replied, dropping his phone, sir. I already make the bed “one of the staff came down with a folded blanket.”
Sir, dinner is ready,” alright. He replied, standing up from the sofa.”
He opened the room and noticed everywhere neatly arrange. He took a cold bath and change leaving downstairs.”
Sir, Paul sent a mail. Mrs. Jane came close, adjusting her glasses” he didn’t reply and sat down picking a coffee cup.
Sir, angel. sent an apology message.”
We have done it. Block her. I don’t want to have anything to do with her.”
Chris accepted his laptop and put Paul to call.
Paul: Morning ray.
Chris: Morning” when are we leaving for the trip ” I can’t wait to start working on the project.
Paul: let’s make it next week ” I haven’t got a nice hotel.
Chris: Make it snappy, OK. He hung up and stood up, picking an apple,” Mrs. Anna pack the plate staring at him, smiling ” what on your mind, Chris.

Wait. He turned back, looking severe ” did she said something different, this time, “He asks, looking more serious it best you talk to him”excuse me ” Mrs. Anna left with a smile.
(Ray Family)
Chris stop in front of his parent’s house and noticed his mum in the garden ” Hello mum. He greeted, smiling, ” I bought you this. I hope you like it ” he peeks her smiling.
No. You want to bribe me.
Hey mum. No. Common, sweet mom ” I was told you came looking for me.
I have to drive fast, to see you “.
Chris. You load workers at your mansion like that’s of the company ” why. Look, I find solutions to your problem ” Mrs ray dragged him to the house with his ear.
He kept screaming” (ouch! That’s hurt. messaging his ear and sat down, staring at his dad.”
Father, I have lots of things I want to discuss with you “.
We not done yet. Mrs ray dragged him up and sat him down.”
Mum, What is it, tell me. He stares at her changing his look.”
Ray. You 30. Won’t you get married.”
What! Mum. Here you go again, ” look. I would get married when the time comes. He stood up, picking a glass of.
Sweet lord, why do you punish me with this stubborn son of mine ” look, Chris. Your father a, I found you a spouse ” they both nodded, looking serious.”
No. Not this time, mum ” Chris picks his key to leave. Mum, give me a few years.
What! Mrs ray looks shocked. OK. Months ” I will bring my woman OK he left embracing his mum without another word.
Chris settled inside the car and took his time to drive ” no doubt his fu*king rich ” he has a big company, bringing the high rate of income for him. ” He has traveled around the world and studied at one of the institutions in institutions lots of cars and staff working at his house and company. ” He lives in a mansion like a prince.
His a citizen he’s by birth and started a company in Nigeria when he finally had a stay.
“He was born into a wealthy family, and the only child of his parent, ” Chris never lacks anything growing up as a child,” he won’t deny. He has little chance of mother care.”
He was brought up by his nannies ” his mum put lots of attention on the family business. He got used to it.
Chris knew his life was so unlucky in terms of relationship ” angel makes it worst ” she left him, for her so-called best friend “.
Their dating is up to 2 years ” she is just not ready to get married.
She met her best friend at a party after a long year of departure and decided to end a relationship with Chris.
Chris has never been himself and lost interest in a woman “.
Damn! How would I deal with this? He noticed the ring on his phone and picked up starting the car.

Episode 2

Benita’s heart beat fast when she noticed Mrs Mary entered the ladies room with a note on her hand, adjusting her glasses “she is in her 40th—looking simple on her uniform.
She has been working at St Peter orphanage for over 25 years and watch lots of kids grow and leave “.
Benita, Esther, Vanessa, and Janet ” come with me. She spoke an turned to leave ” right now. She turned back adjusting her glasses.
Benita, sat down holding her forehead ” she knew very well, its high time she leave ” she is 23. Leaving her whole life as an orphan, after the death of her parents.”
She couldn’t remember the look on their face ” she was just too young to remember ” a gentle innocent baby.
Mrs. Mary once told her, she just a lucky child to have been safe from the vital accident ‘ her name was well customized on the necklace “Benita ” no more information or connection apart from the necklace on her neck “
She cherishes it so much. She never went to bed without it. Benita, we should go now ‘ Vanessa dragged her up.
Mam you called for us ” Benita spoke first. Yes. Have a sit ” they settled down staring at each other.
You all knew it time for you leave ” the orphanage could only take care of you to a certain age ” 23″ they nodded in agreement.
Here. Twenty thousand nairas each ” I hope you manage it.
Thank you, ma’am “Benita spoke accepting the envelope. We are very grateful, Mrs Elizabeth ” you have been a good mother to us, ever since we lost our parents ” Vanessa clean her eyes.
You always welcome. (she replied smiling)
We get our bags. Esther stood up first.
No. Not yet ” we have a little party for you tomorrow before you leave ” we had lots of sponsorers. You are going to love it ” (Mrs Elizabeth spoke with a smile)
Benita smiles more and watches the rest stood up to leave ” thank you, mam.
(Beautiful Morning)
Ray came down from his car on call and kept locating the centre for the event “he bumped into Benita and noticed she wouldn’t stop running holding her forehead “.
Hey. Sorry. Gosh! She won’t even wait.
Sir, here. Ray noticed a man beside him ushering him inside.
“Benita. Mrs Elizabeth called her name and noticed no respond. Benita. She called again.
“Mam. I am sorry, I went to help Rachael to the bathroom ” she has swollen feet. Benita rushes out apologizing.”
Mrs Elizabeth smile embracing her ” welcome Mr Ray ” he has been helping St Peter orphanage. He came out and cut a glance at Benita clapping ” he said his speech and donated more money to the orphanage.
Can I take a snap with you “? Benita asks softly. Of course. He took a shot and left.
( Benita pov)
She returned to the hostel packing her stuff and said bye to the rest of the kids ” Mrs Mary hand an envelope ” I hope you can rent a little apartment with this, till you get a better job. With a few studies you have. You should get a good job.
Thank you ma’am ” she embraces Mrs Elizabeth smiling.
Benita. I hope you remember everything we taught you. Make a better person, OK.
Of course ” she nodded her head smiling. I can’t appreciate you enough, for taking good care of me. Thank you ” she stood up to embrace her.
Your welcome. You should leave now ” it getting late.
Benita opened the door and went out staring at the orphanage gate ” she stands still looking around ” She doesn’t know where to go from there.

Episode 3

Hey. I collect my money per day and night ” OK sir. Benita nod her head in agreement ‘ she has no choice, it just not safe wandering around, at the time of the day.
She dropped her bag and opened her pulse to pay.” how much sir? Am spending the night here.

OK. He raised his voice, adjusting the toothpick at his mouth” he dragged the money from Benita and showed her spot.
That’s your place “you are fortunate. Alex is not coming home. He left counting the money”.
Benita kept staring around ” she saw some of the ladies under net sleeping. Guys are playing cards, some smoking, and drinking. She noticed a lady came to pick a towel from her bag ” hey. Excuse me” she waved, dropping her purse.
Am Alex. How may I help you ” she ask pulling her jacket
” Gosh! Aren’t you shy.5guys are watching you?
Alex burst into laughter “welcome to the hood, my dear. I have no choice, and I don’t want to be thrown behind the bar “.
She was on underwear and careless people staring.
How long have you been here “Benita ask sitting. Hey. That’s my spot.
Oh! Am. Sorry. She stood up gently.
Hey, it beautiful” am. On night duty anyway. Night duty? You work “Benita asks, staring at her “.
Yeah. I work. She replied, checking her look from the mirror.
Can I come with you, I also need a job to get out of here ” Benita spoke in a stammering voice.
Hey. Don’t make me laugh ‘ you can’t do my work “I can. Benita stood up running after her “do you know the kind of job I do. Calm down, go to bed. “We talk tomorrow. Alex left without another word.
(Beautiful Morning)
Hey. Adjust, I need to sleep. Alex dust the bed to sleep ” (good morning, I thought you are going to take me out today ) Benita sit up staring at her.
When am awake OK ” Alex close her eyes snoring ” Benita stood up and try to change ” she opened her purse and noticed is empty?
What! No. Alex, Alex ” what! Please leave me alone. She fired in anger.
Do you stole my money ” Benita ask checking her bag
Alex sit up looking upset ‘don’t you ever accuse me of theft.
No. I was only asking ” gosh! Someone came close to my bag ” welcome to my hood girl, and your money is gone.
Oh! No. She sat down looking sobber” and left the room running out ” Alex hiss, and slept back.
(Ray pov)
Ray left the meeting hall ignoring other appointments ” he settles inside the car to drive, receiving call” mum, common. Am trying my best ” I don’t know what to do.
Mum: son, go on a blind date ” it works. Don’t just focus on work, please.
Ray: mum, let’s talk when am home ” he stops talking when he cut a glance at Benita looking messy.
He horned loudly and noticed she didn’t stop lost in thought ” he drove closer to her and came down staring at her ” she fell down on his arms he carried her to the car looking worried.
(Hours Later)
Benita opens her eyes, Hitching her head” are you, OK mam. Benita heard a voice and sat up, looking surprised.
“Where am I. She look around and noticed the food on the table ” She could feel the sound on her belly. Please, can I eat that’s” she stretched her hand to pick chicken?
Of course, it all for you.
Me. She dragged the plates close eating hurriedly like ever before ” She drank water and filled her cup with chivita.
She noticed all eyes on her and forced a smile ” what happened to me. She asks, sitting up.
You fainted ” she noticed ray and clean her mouth standing up “thank you. Am fine now ” I think I should leave.
To where ” Hey. Sit. You don’t look OK “ray sit her down and gave his workers a signal to leave.
” Benita adjusted staring around “tell me. Where have you been after, you left the orphanage. “
That’s personal. Hey. Talk.
Fine. I stay in a little room, called a hood. My money was stolen. I trek down to the spot you saw me.
That’s sad. Anyway, relax we talk tomorrow ‘ it late you can’t go home.’
Chris left patting her shoulder ” She watches him left and return to the food she was eating ” she kept pepping and eating.

Episode 4

(Beautiful Morning)
Hope you heard a good night? Benita heard ray voice and sit up ” hey. (She look sacred staring around) Why are you always scared ” ray came close staring at her.
what are you doing here ” Benita ask locating her footwear “
what am I doing in my house?
Oh! I forgot. Benita managed to smile “.
Well, we have lots of places to go today ” where Benita stood up and watch him open the window “.
You ask so many questions. Go shower .you don’t look beautiful like that’s of the presentation day. Ray dragged her cheek gently, smiling.’
She kept staring at him till he was out of sight” it was all like a dream to her ” ray. Mr Ray everyone talks about at the orphanage. She kept blushing messaging her cheek.
Mam. She was brought out of her thoughts by Mrs Jane ” call me Benita, please. Benita sat on the couch, smiling.
Boss said you should get the dress in this. You are going out ” out.
Without my permission” she spoke, changing her look. Your breakfast” Benita stared at the table and kept licking her tongue.
Hmm. Can I drink tea? She asks, staring ” mam am at your service.
Oh. Thanks ” she replied, sipping gently.
I just go prepare everything you needed to take a bath ” boss got you this. I hope you like it ” Mrs Jane showed her a beautiful gown waw! How did he know my size and colour ” Benita look surprised.”
It my doing. I hope I try.”
Of course. I love white. Thank you “
Your welcome. Excuse me, and I need to do lots of things ” Mrs Jane left smiling.
Benita took her time to bath, singing and screaming in excitement ” she heard Mrs Jane voice and stay mute laughing silently “
carefully, got out of the bathroom wrapping her hair with the towel ” I look like babies. She laughs loudly staring at the mirror ” She turned back, losing her towel ” oh my God! She picks it up hurriedly apologizing when she saw Mrs Jane.
Am used to the ladies hostel, forgive me, please. It OK ” I just wait downstairs. If you need my help. Call. She left closing the door and smiling.
(Ray Pov)
He checked his look at the mirror, smiling ” I need to tell Paul what am to. He dial Paul ‘s number waiting too or redialed.
Paul : hey guy. What’s up
Ray : I found a wife.
Paul: Wife? Are you kidding me?
Ray: Hey. I told you how mum, have been bothering me ” I can’t just let this opportunity go.”
I show her to mum. She is going to like her ” she is a nice lady. I told you I met at the orphanage.
The same lady I can’t stop thinking about Paul ” she is in my house right now.
Paul: Are you sure about what you are doing. Do you think she felt the same for you ” she might be giving you attention because you are rich?
Ray: hey. Don’t talk like that’s ” she is an orphan “am hanging up OK ” we discuss later. He hung up and went out of the room, checking the time.”
Mrs Jane. Where is Benita” he ask checking the time “am here. She walks down looking wonderful” Ray couldn’t stop staring ” shall we go.
Yes. She nodded, smiling” he held her hand out of the house gently.
(Ray pov)
Ray took her to a classic restaurant ordering for her favourite” she kept staring at her hand, smiling ” I don’t need to know much about you, Benita. I knew you orphan “.
I am so sorry for your loss “.
Thank you. Let’s just forget about it, and I don’t want to remember ” she replied, looking sobber.
Well, I won’t deny the fact I like you. I genuinely want to get married to you ‘ if you be mine woman.”
hey. Stop. Are you kidding me? Someone you just knew days ago. You knew nothing about me ” shi(ray shut her mouth with his index finger)
all I need is a woman full of dignity and respect ” I found it in you. I don’t want to waste more time ” I want our marriage as soon as possible, before the end of this month.
Hey. So soon ” Benita kept staring in surprise.
I hope you say yes . I promise to make you happy, and OK.
Ray, please get off your knee. Let’s talk, please. OK. He sat down, dropping the ring on the table.” relationship works out without love.
But I love you, Benita. Love of first sight ” the only problem is you .do you love me.”
Benita was speechless. Talk, please.
Ray, I have no choice. I need to love you.
No. I need a straight answer. Do you love me ” yes? I do. I love you right from day one we met, but Don’t think we need to understand and get to each other before going to the alter. Benita looks serious ” (just promise me one thing, Benita. What! Benita looks serious staring at him.
“you won’t betray me .you always listen to me “
I promise—Benita smile.
So are you ready to be my wife “will you marry me ” ray fell on his knee “
yes, yes. She replied in excitement
Thank you ” he sat down, massaging her hand and noticed the guitarist” they stood up to dance.

Episode 5

The rest of the weeks was full of lots of shopping ” ray changed her mode of dressing and makes her look classic and beautiful always “
he paid to make her hair home and introduce Benita to all his friends and workers at his company.
He told them the date of the wedding, after an agreement from his parent.

Mrs ray felt on top of the world when Chris introduced Benita has his fiancee ” she was pampered with lots of attention and gift ” Benita. You got a new father and mother now ‘ I would make sure, you never had a reason to cry ” Benita embrace her smiling like ever before.
The wedding date was fixed to the very day that’s end the month ” it was a single party but classic.
It took place in Nigeria. They left for honey at American ” Mrs ray kept waving at the car till it was out of sight “.
(Chris pov)
He stops at a beautiful hotel, holding Benita bag ” room 423″ he accepted the key and held her hand inside “
goodness! Am so weak ” Benita spoke, opening her purse to change.
I use the bathroom first ” she walks in picking towel from the door ” Chris took his time to pulled his shirt switching off his phone “
he watched Benita out of the bathroom combing her hair ” he excuse to bath and came out meeting her asleep. He kept staring and grabbed a blanket on her.
(Beautiful morning)
Hey .you going to love the beach ” Chris held her hand. They ran together and lay down flat staring at the water.”
Can I kiss you? He asks after staring at her for an extended period” of course(she replied, smiling).
He kisses her passionately and tries to lose her bikini ‘hey. Benita adjusted.
Am sorry, I was just carried away. Let’s go. I want to show you something.
What! Benita watches him dragged her up and took her to a quiet place, where the water flew gently ” he covered her eyes and wore her lovely necklace kissing her neck.’
She smiled, embracing him and ran from him SCR, eating loudly ” catch me if you can. OK. He ran after her and cut her kissing her.

Chris took her to ride a bike and watch her held him close screaming” go, boy. They visited lots of places and got to the hotel backing her at his ba.
Your key sir ” the receptionist hand it to him and watch them leave smiling.
Benita stood in front of the mirror pulling her earrings and felt the hand at her waist ” she smiled and noticed Chris turn her gently kissing her to the bed “
she surrenders to her man and watches him got her out of her cloth ” he got up from bed carefully pulled his clothes staring at her “.

He came close, parting her leg and try to suck ” she sits up nodding her head. No. I don’t want that’s.
Why? Common Benita. I love it, and standard baby let’s try OK ” he came close and had his way smiling ” he stood up dragging her close to suck. No. Am off this ” she got up from the bed excusing to the bathroom.
” Chris lay down flat on the bed holding his forehead ” hope she won’t keep doing this .i need to tell her ” I love sex. Am so addicted to it ” he knocks at the door waiting for a response.”
Benita, Benita. Listen to me ” hey. Stop OK ” I need you to come back to bed ” I want you badly, OK.

No. I can’t stand what you are doing. Benita spoke from the bathroom.
Hey. Have you forgotten the promises so soon ” you promise to always listen to me?
Open up, and I promise to be gentle with you, OK. She opened up and watched him grabbed her close.”
I am sorry, OK. I only want to make love to you, start a romance story in my way OK ” carefully to the bed with lots of moans.

Episode 6

(Beautiful Morning)
Hey. Wake up. I want to take you out “( Chris kiss Benita briefly on the lip) where are we going this time ” Benita sit up stretching her hand “I feel so weak and tired.”
Sorry, it’s my fault. Come, I got you ” he helps her from the bed and watches her grabbed the blanket on herself picking her clothes from the floor.

I shower, OK ” Benita excuse to the bathroom takes your time, my lady. Chris spoke after her pack their clothes inside the bag.
In no time they are fully ready to leave ” baby, come with me ” Chris help her to the car and told the driver to drove fast “

Hmm… What are you up to ” Benita asks, holding his hand trust me OK. The driver stopped at a beautiful mansion and opened the door for them to come down.”
Where is this. She asks, looking around ” my house. No, Sorry. Our house ” he grabbed Benita close . She smiled taring around “
Welcome, sir. A beautiful lady greets them.
Meet my wife “Benita ray. Benita. Rose ” she is in charge of the house.
Nice meeting you mam. Come with me. She grabbed Benita in excitement ” Benita kept staring around.
She showed her each, and every part of the house ” I hope you like the master bedroom”Chris told me you are spending a week here.

Benita replied with a smile “
I hope you like the blanket ” rose stares at her. You look young Benita ” enjoy your marriage. Chris is a good guy.”
Thank you ” Benita replied, sitting down staring around ” do you have idea his best food. Benita asks softly.
Well, I should be asking you that’s ” you more closer to him than me ” rose noticed Chris and stop talking.
Excuse me, and I order more wine to the house. She left without another word “.
Do you mind we take a refreshing bath at the pool? Of course, I don’t ” Benita stood up, dragging him close.
(Later in the night)
Welcome Mr&mrs ray ” John open the door for them to come down From the car ” Benita did lots of shopping watching John keep packing inside “
thank you, John. Benita picks her bag from him and watches Chris lead her to the room.”
dinner is ready sir. They noticed the knock at the door.”
OK. Thank you ” Chris replied, pulling his wristwatch.
Benita pulled her jacket, struggling with her footwear “
I got you. Chris help her out and massage her shoulder gently ” why do t we take a cold showers together ” he peeked her gently Showered smiling.
(Beautiful morning)
Chris am tired. I don’t want to go out today’s please”.
I want to take you out to watch the movie ” Chris help her up from bed. She let’s go off her lf and slept back the dragging the blanket on herself.”
Chris carried her to the bathroom, kissing her ” hey. She pick bathrobe sitting on the couch “
Ben picks our honeymoon. Let’s have fun. Please. He stares at her.
OK. She nods her head in agreement ” yes. He felt excited and noticed she stood up to change.
I love the movie ” Benita spoke, smiling.
Really! I hope we come again “Chris noticed the ring on his phone and pick. Paul.

Paul: hey. It would help if you came right away ” it very urgent.
Chris: damn! Have you forgotten I took a live?
Paul: guy, someone just opened your mailbox. The security code has been stolen.
Chris: what! Am coming right away ” he hung up, rushing to the car holding Benita along.”
Am so sorry, we left to Nigeria right away. What happened ” Benita look worried. I would explain later OK “he stops at the house packing their bags hurriedly.

Episode 7

Chris, thank goodness you here. Paul dropped the file on the table and noticed Benita walk in holding her bag.”
Benita, you here. Paul spoke, staring at her,” yes. We came right away from the airport, ” Chris spoke instead. “
Margret takes care of my wife ” I just talk to Paul. Come, Mrs ray ” Margret held her hand smiling.
(Paul pov)
I am so sorry. I interrupted your honeymoon, “it excellent. Show me the mail please ” Chris looks serious, staring at the system in front of him.
How am I going to change the password ” Chris focused on the system? It is not going to be easy “let’s just get a new mail, Chris.

No. I have lots of essential documents save on my mail ” have you forgotten. Chris stood up, looking worried.”
Wait. Let’s try my password,” Paul dragged the system close.
Damn! It is not working ” wait. Try “321” Yes! Finally. It opens Chris ( Paul Change the password immediately please) Chris stood up adjusting his shirt.”
Help yourself. Chris.

Chris bent down to change the password and turned to leave, “We talk later. I have lots of things to do ” Chris embraces him and walk out of the office.
He noticed Benita laughing loudly and help her up, smiling, ” Margret. Make sure you get me the design I ask for.
OK, sir,” she replied, smiling. Let’s go, Benita ” Chris dragged her close.’
bye, Margret. (Benita wave in excitement)
By Benita, ” Margret wave till she was out of sight,” she looks innocent and kind, ” Margret spoke and turned to leave the table.
(Later in the evening )
Benita watches the workers rush to get her bags and felt the hand at her shoulder. I hope you lovely had a nice trip, sir, “Mrs. Jane ask, smiling.

Yes. Thank you, ” Chris replied and went upstairs, holding Benita’s hand, ” Benita sat down, staring at him.”
He picks up his system, working essential details. Chris. Can we talk, ” Benita asks, coming close?
Of course, ” Chris close his system smiling. Why did you choose me?
Chris couldn’t speak lost in thought,” maybe because you the perfect woman that matches my taste. He massaged her hair “go shower. You should relax, OK,” he peeked her, leading the way out.
Benita woke up and noticed the text beside her ” morning dear. I don’t want to wake you up, and I need to attend to something important at the office. Have a beautiful day. She smiled, coming down from the bed, stretching her hand and yawning.
She wore a jacket on her nightgown and opened the door to leave. Morning Mrs ray ” breakfast ready. Mrs. Jane spoke cleaning the kitchen.
Mrs. Jane. How long have you been working here ” Benita sat down, picking a cup of tea, “not quite long two years.
Chris employs me because the angel couldn’t cook.
“Angel. Who is an angel ” Benita sip her drink, looking serious) Chris ex-girlfriend. I guess Chris told you about her “.

Benita replied with a smile without saying, ” I want to meet the rest of the staff, Mrs. Jane, ” I don’t even know how my clothes are laundry. I only see them neatly arranged.
Oh! That’s Rachel’s work. Chris employs 20 staff.
What! Benita looks surprised.
Yes. All you need is to call on anyone ” the job is done. I want to meet them ” mind you, I want to resume my duty as Chris’s wife.

That’s lovely, Mrs ray.
Thank you,” Mrs. Jane. I am taking care of his cooking. You can cook for the staff ( the master bedroom. I don’t want anyone in. I would take care of the cleaning, OK.
I understand, mam. Come with me to meet the staff ” She stood up, adjusting her gown.
(beautiful night)
ray came in and noticed different settings on the table ” Chris, you back,” Benita came down, holding a bottle of wine. ” yes. Tell me you make this. He stares at her eyes,” yes. I told Mrs. Jane, never to cook your dinner. I would always do that’s.

I am taking care of my responsibility as your wife, Chris. To always take good care of you, “Benita stares at him, smiling.
Chris smile. I am dragging her close for a kiss. I got you a car. Here. I hope you like it “Chris hand her the key.”
I can’t wait to see it.

Come. He held her hand to the window and showed her,’ she screamed in excitement, ” thank you, Chris.
Your welcome, “Chris sat down to eat. Waw! Yummy. You must have spent lots of time cooking this.
Yes. Mrs. Jane, help me with the ingredients “have a taste. Benita watches him pick cutleries ‘ good. It delicious “he kisses her briefly and sips his wine. “
They ate silently and lead the way to the room, embracing each other.

Episode 8

Chris, the car is beautiful. “Benita opens it to drive. Hey. No. Meet Sam ( your bodyguard and driver) Benita watch him come out of the car looking good on his suit.
Chris, familiar, I don’t need a guard. I can drive.

No. It would help if you had a guard ” come with me. Sam open the door for them to come in and drove out of the compound “Chris, where are we going this time.
Somewhere you love. Sam stopped driving and opened the door for her to come down. Where is this ” Benita asks, staring around.” I own here. Sorry. Our restaurant “come with me(Chris held her hand inside) she entered staring around.”

Mr. Ray. You here,” Steve came outstretching his hand to greet. Yes. Meet my wife. Benita rays “hey. She stretched her hand smiling.
Steve. She would be in charge of the restaurant from now henceforth ‘the cooking and all the activities should be reported to her ” you welcome Mam.

Thank you, “Benita replied with a smile and noticed ray dragged her gently to look around.
” Chris, thank you. I never regretted getting married to you, “Benita embraced him and noticed the ring on his phone.”

He excuses to pick and came back walking Benita to the car, ” Sam. Drop my wife home ” I would be back, honey ” he kisses her briefly.
Where are you going(Benita look worried) I need to attend to something meaningful” I would be home soon, OK. Benita watches him left, waving him bye.
(Benita pov )
She came down from the car and noticed the workers busy working. “welcome mam.
Thank you. She replied, entering the room, and sat down, pulling her jacket.”
She changed to something simple and returned down airs “Mr. Jane. Any call from mum.

No. MA. She replied, bringing chilled juice. Can we talk, ” Benita look serious? Of course. Mrs. Jane sat down staring at her “
I think I am deeply in love with Chris. He’s a good and caring man,” Benita spoke, smiling.
Mrs. Jane smiles more, massaging her hair. I can see from day 1, and you came into the house. He loves you too, ” your marriage proves more.

Thank you, ma’am ” I don’t want to get him upset in any way, I need to know more about him.
Most of all, Benita. He’s a jealous time,” oh! Then I count him lucky ” his my one and only. She stood up.
That’s lovely. Mrs. Jane laughs gently, holding her hand.”
I go up to call. I think I am missing him already ” Benita ran inside, smiling.
(Chris pov)
He got to the house a little bit drunk. Hey. I got you. I got you. Benita helps him from falling.
Chris, you never told me you are going out to drink” Benita help him off his shirt.
“No. I spend little time with Chris,” he lay down flat and fell asleep.”
Benita turned him to sleep comfortably and noticed his wallet fell on the floor. She picks it up and saw it was filled up with cash.

She kept it and noticed protection in between the wallet. She stares at it and glances at Chris sleeping.
(beautiful morning)
Chris came out of the bathroom and saw Benita combing her hair, staring at the mirror,” he bent down to peek her. She looks away,” is everything OK. Chris loses his towel to change ” she turned her face watching him from the mirror nude. Don’t you think you need privacy, Chris?
Privacy. No, I don’t, “you are my wife. I have nothing to hide,” he dragged his boxers up.
Chris. You cheated on me last night,” why? Benita stares at him.
Chris turned to face her. No. I never cheated on you.”

I found this in your wallet Chris ” Benita showed him protection looking serious are you going through my stuff. Chris snatch it from her looking upset ” listen. I got this for us. It seems our marriage is fresh ” I want to enjoy more time with you.

Are you OK now ” he left, selecting a shirt? I am sorry, Chris. I just upset.
It fine. He dressed up hurriedly and came close kissing her “
make sure you go to the restaurant today. OK.
I would. ” she watch him left to open the door, “Chris. I love you, OK. Chris smile opening the door.

Episode 9

Benita came down from the car, picking her bag ” she was on suit pants and great iron shirt showing her sexy shape.”
She looks beautiful on her simple makeup ” morning mam. Steve said his greetings are ushering her inside.
Morning. She replied removing her sunglasses” she stares at the people Eating lunch smiling”
mam, come with me. I would like to show you the list of the menu we have.
OK. That’s good ” She followed Mr. Steve and noticed her bodyguard following her. She felt irritated and force a smile, adjusting her hair from her face.

Mr. Steve. Why don’t you introduce barbeque sauce and Chinese food? I can’t find any here.
As you please, mam. Mr. Steve rushes to get a pen ” mam. We make 500 thousand every day. Here is the list of ingredients remaining, and more to be added.
That’s lovely. How much is this going to take ” Benita looks serious. Just 100 thousand. We paid the remaining fees to the bank.

Does my husband know about this ” Benita stares at him, checking the list?
Yes. Mr. Steve replied, nodding his head, and noticed one of the workers walk-in, ” sir. Here. Is a card from Mr. Simeon to Mrs ray.”
What! Benita snatches it from her and checks to glance at her guard ‘”I love to have dinner with you. You look, beautiful young lady.”

Where is him? Where is the man that gives you this ” Benita fired in anger? I just go check myself ” Benita Came out with the note on her hand and didn’t find him. ( Benita) She heard her name and turned back, seeing Vanessa.
Oh, my God! It you. Vanessa embraced her warmly and noticed her guard came close, clearing his voice.
Benita, you look gorgeous and different ” come. Let’s talk, ‘Vanessa dragged her to sit.

I miss you. Tell me, how have you been? you look different.”
Mam. Boss said you should be back home before 6. Let’s get going (Sam spoke adjusting his suit)
Hey. Who is him ‘Vannesa asks with a smile? He’s my bodyguard, .my husband, got me one.
Oh! You married. Vanessa spoke, looking surprised.

Yes. I Am married to Chris ray, ” oh my God! Ray. That’s lovely. Look. I need to show you something, ” Vanessa dragged her up in excitement.”
Where are you taking me? Benita kept laughing.
Come. Vanessa rushed to the car and noticed Sam open the door, “Sam. I just talk to Vanessa. Benita spoke, looking severe.
(Later in the night)
Benita got to the room, pulling her jacket and noticed the hand at her face.
Chris. Is that’s you?
‘yes. He replied with a hot kiss at her neck and tied her eyes, holding her hand out of the room, straight to a place underground.

He sits her down, pulling her jacket. “Chris, can you untie my eyes now, I do not see anything.
Trust me .he kiss her briefly ” carefully, got her only on underwear and unhook her bra, freeing her breast.
Chris. That’s all she said when she noticed the handcuffs on her leg and hand getting her nude.
He stared her and came close, kissing her “Chris. What are you doing? She asks, feeling his lip on her breast sucking it hard. ‘

He helps her up and lets himself only on short. Carefully, bent her down to suck.
She pulled her lip when she couldn’t do it anymore. He helps her up and kisses her down to her waist, getting himself inside of her.

He hard his way gently,” who is Mr. Simeon. He asks, going hard on her.
I don’t know. She managed to talk screaming hard ‘ tell me where exactly you went to for good 4 hours after, and I said you .you must be home 6.
She couldn’t speak.
Aren’t you going to talk ” he grabbed her nipples? Chris. Let me go. I was with a friend Vanessa. I met her today ” I never cheat on you. Our love story will be a romance story all time.

She spoke, throwing her hair down.
Chris, let’s go of her and opened the handcuffs. She fell on the sofa picking a Jacket.
She unties her face. Staring at her hand.

Benita, I am sorry. I was thinking the worst.
Benita adjusted, dragging the jacket to cover herself. I love you. I don’t want to lose you.
That’s not loved, Chris. It poor revenge ” Benita stood up running out of sight (who is faulty. Chris, Benita, Vanessa, bodyguard or Steve).

Episode 10

(Beautiful Morning)
Chris watches Benita completely dressed up in front of him without a word to him ” Chris, I don’t need a bodyguard anymore. Benita adjusted her knee sock looking serious.
Why? Chris sat down, staring at her “because I don’t want.
look, Benita, I know you upset last night( he couldn’t complete his statement when Benita bump in)
Yes, I hate myself because you don’t trust me.

How could you, believe all what sam said without asking for my whole side of the story.
Hey. Am sorry OK “I was thinking the worst.
And the best thing that comes to your mind is revenge. “Benita came close, looking more upset.”
No. We make love Benita. Not revenge “
that’s not lovemaking, it poorly revenges or maybe I should call it oral sex” she picks her bag to leave.
Benita is sorry. I was jealous, OK. (he finally admitted looking sobber

Jealous about what.”Benita spoke to his face.
I told you always to look serious.
Benita turns to leave without another word “where are you going. Chris ran after her”.
I need to talk to your guard.’
Hey. Don’t go ” his just doing his job “Chris block her way. Leave my way “am running late ” Benita left the room and walked out looking upset “she settled inside the car without responding Sam was greeting.
(Chris pov)
He had a brief meeting with his workers ” and told them he needs more security. Mostly his wife. Jude let’s have a private talk ” he excuse from them leading the way to the car.
(Mrs ray pov)
She embraced Benita from the car and ushered her in, smiling. I miss your innocent face, Benita.
Same here, mum ” I came to pick up the novel you promise to give me.
Oh! Just a minute. Mrs ray went upstairs and came back with five. I hope this keeps you company until your sweet husband is home.

Benita replied with a smile and noticed the drink dropped on the table. What of the father, I haven’t seen him after the wedding.
Oh! His at Morroco on a business trip.
I wish to see him “Benita sip her drink, smiling.
Is everything OK dear ” Mrs ray stares at her. Yes ma’am. I need to know something.

Go ahead am all ear ” Mrs ray sits up smiling mum. Did you know daddy perfectly well, before you got married?
Not quite much. We dated for three months and decided to tie the knot.
Do you notice the change of character? I mean when you married.
Yes. “Marriage is like decorated wrap gifts” Until you open it before you discover what inside.
Hmm “Benita nodded her head gently. So how is Chris doing “we only get a talk on the phone?
His fine. Benita replied and noticed the ring on her phone “Chris.”

Mum, I take my leave ” she embraces her smiling.
Thanks for coming ” Mrs ray escort her out and watch her settled inside the car gently.
(later in the night)
Benita lay down picking one of the novels to ride “she noticed Chris in and dropped the novel dragging the blanket to sleep “.
Mum said you came over.
Yes. I only went there, because I miss her ” Benita spoke sitting up.
Benita, I bought you this ” I hope you like it. Chris open the little package on his hand and wore her nice earrings.
Come. He held her hand to the mirror to see “she stares at it for a while and adjusted her hair to see.
Thank you. Is so beautiful?

You welcome ” Chris replied, watching her return to the bed. Are you still mad at me (he ask looking innocent)
No. I have no reason to.
Thank you ” he came close kissing her shoulder gently ” She managed to smile and noticed the ring on his phone “
he picks up pulling his wristwatch. Baby, do you mind picking your car tomorrow ” I just got you Benz “white ” seems it your best colour.

Chris. Benita sit up looking surprised”, but you don’t have to. She rushed to sit with him.
No, You, my wife. You deserve to use the best.”
But I never ask you “Benita embrace him smiling. Not until you ask darling” he grabbed her close kissing her forehead.
Thank you for a being so lovely “Benita smile staring at him.

Episode 11

Benita ray. Benita signed and was given the key to her car ” she felt relief, Sam is is not here to interfere with her privacy.
She went straight to Vanessa apartment, just as she promised to visit. She knocks gently at the door, waiting for the response.

Hey. She was surprised seeing Esther ” they embrace like ever before and ushers her inside, in excitement .”
You have changed a lot, dear ” look at you ” I just can’t believe it you Benita ” Benita replied with a smile checking her wristwatch”.

Benita you here. Vanessa came out of the room and beside her, smiling. Yeah! Just like I promised.
Come, I want to take you out “
really! Vanessa stood up in excitement. Yes! First I have to tell my husband ” She dials Chris number waiting for respond ” gosh! He must be busy. I leave a message (Chris, I want to take the ladies out. I would be back late, OK) let’s go girls. She leads the way outside.
(Chris pov)
He unlocked his phone after spending a long time at the meeting hall. He noticed Benita message and sat down boiling in anger.
He put sam to call yelling “I employed you to watch over my could you be so stupid.
Sam: am sorry, sir. I don’t know when she left the house.
Chris: Don’t tell me sorry. He hung up the call and noticed the ring on his phone “mum “Chris: hello mum.
Mum: hey. I want you and Benita home right now, for dinner ” Angela his coming over with her fiancee ok.”
Chris: mum, I send Benita over. Am busy OK.
Mum: I won’t take that’s as an option ok” she hung up the call without another word “
Chris picked up his car key losing his tie ” he got to the car park and noticed his driver open up for him to come in “.
Stop at my favorite boutique “am getting a nice dinner gown for my wife ” he spoke, checking the time on his phone.
Chris Came down from the car and noticed Benita driving in ” Chris. She rushes to hold him smiling ” he let’s go off himself entering the house first.

He went straight to the room, losing his shirt and noticed Benita in staring at him “carefully pulled his pants.
He turned to leave to the bathroom when he felt Benita hug ” don’t be mad at me please ” I know you upset.
Chris was speechless ” I told you always, tell me where you are going. I was fu*king worried about you.
Am so sorry OK ” don’t be mad at me anymore ” she peeks him gently.

Change. Mum, want us to come over for dinner. He excuses from her and closes the bathroom door to bath ” Chris, do you bought me the gown on the bed .benita ask unzipping her cloth.
Yes. I hope you like it.
Of course, I do ” thank you so much, Chris ” you welcome ” he replied gently and the sound of water was heard after.
(later in the evening)
Chris held Benita hand inside and noticed everyone sitting on the table waiting for their arrival “
Hello mum. Benita embraces her, smiling “Benita. She replied with a smile and watched Chris settled down adjusting his suit.

The dinner was served while everyone remains silent ” Chris, I was so surprised when an aunt told me you married to a simple lady. Why you so in hurried ” angela sip her drink.
Well, I found her perfect for my taste ” Chris massage Benita hand gently.

Perfect. Am very sure, your dating doesn’t last long before you got married.
Well, it is not by how far. Is all about how well she can handle our relationship.”
Hmm. So Benita ” what about your parent “are they up to our taste.” ray family” has always been on top ” “Chris wanted to respond. Benita spoke instead “am an orphan Angela.”

It would help if you were so lucky, and you have someone to introduce your fiancee to.
Hmm ” thank you ” Angela sip her drink. So where do you graduated from.”
It non of your business “Chris fired in anger .that’s OK “Mr Ray look upset.
Chris, what on hell is wrong with you. You still haven’t get along with your cousin.”

Dad, I know you support her “even when I got married before her. Aren’t you happy, I done something good before you lovely Angela? “Chris fired in anger.”
Sit right there, Chris. Am still your father.

No. ” you stop being my dad, ever since you share the same love we had with Angela. Gosh! am going crazy ” Chris empty his cup and went out looking upset.”
Chris, Chris ” Benita ran after him ” his just upset because he ends up with a low-class girl. all because he’s competing with me “Angela laugh loudly.”

No. Benita turned back, smiling ” you only saying this. Because you are guilty. Am very sure, you never fell deeply in love to understand ” Be ta left running and calling Chris.

Episode 12

Benita woke up in the middle of the night and noticed Chris, not by her side. She sat up and noticed the smoke of cigarettes coming from the other side of the couch.”
She came down from the bed, putting on the light. Hey. The reflection is bright “Chris covered his face staring at Benita puffing smoke out of his mouth.”

Benita stares at his cockkkkkkk and noticed empty bottles” she sat down beside him placing her head on his shoulder “
are you still mad at your dad?

Of course ” Chris replied, putting off the light on the cigarettes and picking up.
Smoking is bad, Chris. It damages the “Benita stares at his eyes.
I only smoke when I have a problem ok” he opened pack o cigarettes and lighted up another stick “Benita snatch it from him and placed it in her mouth.

Hey. Stop. Don’t tell me you smoke ” Chris pull it out of her mouth ” that’s how I felt, seeing you smoke Chris.
Chris dropped the cigarette, emptying his cup ” he tried to stand up and fell on the sofa.”
Benita helped him to bed and grabbed the blanket on him. She sat down picking one of the novels to read “
I know Chris is very horny right now, I hope he’s happy. I hate to see him in this kind of mood ” Benita rest her back gently at the couch and opened a chapter to ride.
(Beautiful morning)
Chris opened his fly and noticed Benita placing her mouth on his dick asleep. She used his cockkkkkkk to cover her face.”
She felt the hand on her cheek and stood up hurriedly smiling “morning C is. I forgot to go to bed last night”she adjusted her go on holding her neck.

Or you couldn’t make stan, d the smell of alcohol ” Chris pulled his t-shirt staring at her “
of course not. I was reading this. She showed Chris smiling ” lady for ent ” hmm. Chris read loudly and hand it to her, leaving the room to shower.”
Chris, tea or coffee. Coffee is fine. Don’t take long, and I need you to select a nice shirt for me ” I have a presentation.

OK. Benita rushes down, and almost fell from the stairs. Morning Mrs ray. You up so early “Mrs Jane greeted handing her a cup of tea “
Mrs .ane. I need you to prepare coffee for Chris” I go back to the room to select a nice shirt for him.
OK, mam. Mrs Jane left adjusting her glasses.

Benita got to the wardrobe and noticed she couldn’t open up ” she bent down forcing it to open and noticed a text beside it”enter code ” she sat down holding her forehead and noticed Chris at her back “
she held her chest is smiling. Chris, password. It requesting for password ” she spoke in stammering voice
a Chris open The wardrobe and left cleaning his hair “hmm. I wonder why he locked it up ” Benita open up and couldn’t believe her eyes.”

It like that of a boutique. Different spot for a wristwatch, suit, pants, short, t-shirt and nice hood ” he had pictures pasted in and out of the wardrobe.”
No doubt, he has been to different countries” he took lots of nice pics. Benita kept smiling and change her look when she saw Angela pic for the first time.”

She looks beautiful, and she won’t deny. Chris look happy taking a pic with her at a nice spot in the US ” they look good together, holding hands and smiling in a cool popcorn spot.”
aren’t you going to select a shirt for me ” Benita heard Chris voice and focus on what she is about to do “
she selected a nice shirt and pants. I hope you like it ” Benita hand it to his closing, the wardrobe.
You don’t look good, when it’s of things kept bothering your mind, Benita. Chris spoke, adjusting her hair from her face.

Nothing am fine ” I go get your coffee ” Chcoffeerabbed her back and removed ch and every day with Angela.
Are you happy now ” Benita smile nodding her head in agreement .she embrace Chris in excitement?
(Benita pov)
She changed to a nice nightgown and joined her husband on the bed. He was pressing his phone and laughing loudly ” Benita turned several times and finally spoke when she couldn’t control herself.”
hmm. You look so busy.

Yes! My friends just came in my pussy” come say hi. Chris dragged her close ” Benita smile brightly waving her hand ” she discusses with Laura for a while and ends up leaving Chris out of the conversation.”
I hope to fuckkkkk you, Benita. Come over please ” Benita turned to face Chris. I talk to Chris, OK ” she handed the phone to Chris and noticed they had a brief conversation and hung up.”

He yawned loudly laying down to sleep ” Benita when last did we make love ” he turned to face Benita massaging the rope on her nightgown “Benita couldn’t reply looking away”.
I miss the shit “don’t turn Me down whenever I need you ” am beginning to love you ” he dragged her close and slept off placing his lip on her head.

Episode 13

Mam hope you don’t mind having a taste of our Chinese rice “
am OK for now ” Benita replied, dropping her bag and hanging her jacket.”
can I see the list of ingredients you have? Just a moment ” Mr Steve open his draw and showed her.
How is sales today ” I was hoping we introduce cake.

Yes mam it a good idea ” Mr Steve nodded in Agreement ” chocolate cake, white cake, sponge cake and dark forest.
Mam, you know much about this. Yes! I enjoyed being with Mrs Kate. She is very good at banking.
Add bread to part of the menu ” chocolate bread, wheat bread, coconut bread and butter bread ” I want ray restaurant should be one of the best.”

She noticed the ring on her phone and picked her jacket hurriedly, leaving ” I talk to you later, Mr Steve. She left waving and waited outside the restaurant looking around.”
She couldn’t find her driver non her car she felt the hand on her face and heard a strong voice forcing her inside the car ” hey. Let’s me go ” she struggling for freedom, hitting him with her dildooooo.”
Chris, Chris ” oh my God! I can’t be kidnapped no. She noticed the car drove out speedily she couldn’t scream and surrender, shaking her head.

She was let’s down. carefully untie her face ” she saw Chris waving at her besides the jet ” she stares around and couldn’t move or speak.”

Darling, I got you kidnapped. Let’s go ” he held her hand warmly smiling and watch her reaction.”
Hey. I was damn scared. Benita held her dildooooo, staring at everywhere.”
She noticed Laura and the rest of Chris friends drinking and eating. Welcome ” Laura embrace her and sit her down warmly.”

You should be used to Chris dick. That’s how he treats each of his friends. He enjoyed the surprise.
Am sorry Benita, I never knew you would be so scared “Chris held her hand smiling.
Benita held her bag, staring at the table filled with different types of food and drink ” hey. I am Alice. I am Simon, and I am Laura. We have met several times but am going to introduce myself again am Paul.
Nice meeting you all ” Benita stretch her pussy.

Welcome to our world” we are childhood friends. I hope you get used to us”.
Of course. As long as I remain Chris lovely wife” Benita held him close smiling
Wife. Alice look surprise ” Chris, you married. She turned to face him surprise dose ” I wanted to tell you several times, but, you won’t just listen.”

Anyway. You know now ” our beloved Benita is part of the team cheers ” Laura raise her cup, smiling” they had a full conversation till they arrive at the destination.
(later in the night)
Everyone got down at a beautiful mansion painted in brown and white ” well decorated with flowers and a large beautiful garden “
they are greeted by a man in his fourth” Mr duke Peter “. Welcome guys ” I hope you have a nice stay ” he ushered everyone in and rush to get Chris and Benita bag”.
you have grown so big my boy ” I remember when you used to come here with your friends, looking very young and cute.
Hmm. So what about now ” old and ugly. Chris stares at him.
No. Of course not “cuter.

Thank you, sir “meet my wife Benita ray ” we would be staying here for a week ” I want adequate security OK.
Alright, sir ” Mr duke Peter spoke after them and carried their bag in. He took them to a large and beautiful room “he left smiling”.
Benita sat down on the bed staring around ” Chris grabbed her and threw her on the bed roughly ” I miss this shit!
Calm down “Benita burst to laughter” tell me. Do you own here?
Of course. We own here ” he replied, burying his head on her chest, unzipping her gown.
so you do, come here with your friends”Benita sit up holding his head.”

Yes. Doing vacation,” he threw her Jacket on the sofa and unbuckled her bra, burying his whole head on her breast.”
Benita threw her head down moaning and smiling ” he left her nude, dragging her gently to him”.
Chris, you love this.
Yes. With you ” he got a handcuffed and cuffed her to the bed ” must you do this ” Benita watch him cuff her hand and leg.”
I want to have it in my whole way ” he got himself out of his clothes and had his way to the fullest ” she moaned out trying to get up, and lost all strength to him “.
He heard the knock on the door and paused, answering gently ” who is there.
Come, Chris. Come taste my pussy” Alice spoke waiting for the response.”
Am OK right now ” good night! We talk tomorrow.”
Chris, am so hungry. You left me totally off strength ” just 10 minutes OK ” He adjusted jerking her more.

Episode 14

(Cool Wednesday)
It feels so good, spending a lovely moment at the beach ” Chris lay his head on Benita ass snatching her novel and sipping her drink”.
She was on sexy bikini showing every part of her ass ” she turned gently adjusting her hat and grabbed her novel from him” pressing her breasts flat on the beautiful mat “whiffy, I love the cool weather”.
because you pillow look soft “Benita replied picking Chapman”.
What have you been doing inside” Benita turned and noticed he adjusted placing his head on her lap “
sleeping. I was so weak making lots of love to you last night ” he massaged her breast, and mistakenly lose the rope on her bra.

Hey. Benita adjusted, taking his hand off her breast. Chris, I told you never to handcuff me when making love “am your wife, not sex machine for goodness sake.
Hey. lower your voice ” Chris shut her mouth with kisses, massaging her breasts “he kisses her down and kept kissing her “.
She sits up, tying the rope on her pants and bra ” bad boy “she hit him on the shoulder and noticed Alice coming towards them.
Wiffy, I am so horny right now “Chris embrace her burying his head on her chest,” they noticed Alice voice and separated smiling”.

Chris tied up her bra, picking up her novel and carefully lay his head on her lap. Let’s start a sweet love!
Chris. Can you help me massage my back ” Alice came close smiling?
No problem ” Chris stood up and massage for a minute ” done. He returned to his position closing his eyes and stretching his two hands.”

Chris. Do you remember the house we built on the tree ” let’s go see. It must be so old? right now “
and I hope you remember, I promise to bring someone special whenever I am coming to see it.
Yes! I remember. Alice replied in a stammering voice.
Chris, I would love to see “Benita spoke massaging his hair “not now whiffy. I love this cool weather, don’t ruin it.
Benita stares at Alice forcing a smile ” Benita, why don’t we do something crazy inside the treehouse ” Chris sit up smiling.

You know I won’t refuse you darling ” she placed her hand on his next and watch him carry her hitting her ass” she kept laughing loudly glancing at Alice.
(Alice pov)
I hate that’s the lady. I hate her with passion “who. Laura came close, staring around.”
Chris wife, of course. She is nothing but a bitch, so indecent to be called a wife.”

What really happened Alice. Sit her down, staring at her reaction ” I can’t stand her. I feel like strangling her death, and I was humiliated all because of her.
Hey. Are you going to talk or not? Laura look serious” there is no point saying a word, you end up defending her “Alice left, looking upset.
(Beautiful morning)
Chris woke up from the bed and noticed the sound of water coming from the bathroom ” he stood up and knocked lazily, waiting for respond “.
wiffy, be quick. I go pick up my order from the store.”
OK Chris. Benita spoke from the bathroom ” whiffy, what would you like me to get for you.”
Anything Chris. And don’t forget to get the pill ” am done with the one they have OK.
Yeah! I won’t.

I go get it quickly ” don’t lets anyone in, am out of here OK “
OK, Chris. Chris, let’s go off the door picking his car key from the table.”
he closed the door and rushed outside” morning Chris.

He replied Angela with his hand running to the car.”
She stood at the staircase watching him drove off and smile to herself climbing the stairs hurriedly “
She was about walking to Chris room when she noticed Paul knocking ‘she hides and watches Benita open up smiling “she snapped lost in thought of what to do next.
Benita, Benita ” Chris return in some minutes entered the room and met Benita.

Episode 15

Benita, Benita ” Chris bump in and noticed Paul massaging Benita leg ” what going on here. Chris hit the door in anger, looking serious.

Chris, I was just helping her massage her leg ” Paul tried to stand up ) I wasn’t talking to you “Chris dragged Benita from him. Ouch! She held her leg and fell on the couch.”
I just leave .so you could talk “Paul stood up and left closing the door gently. So madam “what is the drama all about ” Chris look more serious.

I fell from the bathroom. when I was trying to get the door.”
and Paul is the only one in the house to help you ” he came closer to her.”
Chris. I thought it was you OK. Remember you told me you wouldn’t long.”
Shit! Chris hit the couch in anger ” I told you not to lets anyone in. Aren’t you going to listen to me ” he held her leg massage it.
Ouch! It hurt. She spoke in pain.
I just take you out, to see the doctor ” he grabbed one of her gowns down and help her on it.
Carefully carried her in his arm. Picking the car key and opening the door.
Chris everything OK “Laura asks, running after him ” it fine. He carried Benita inside the car and drove out sight.
(Paul pov)
Chris was so mad earlier ” Laura. I think someone feeds him with bad information (Paul turned to face Laura)
that’s so weird. I saw him carrying Benita to car hurriedly “I guess she is not fine.
That’s a lady just came to ruin our friendship ” Alice sat down boiling in anger “
I knew it. Laura stood up and stood in front of Alice. Hope you didn’t have anything to do with this “
me. Hey, what have I done ” Alice look confused ” Laura it OK? Let’s just hope everything is fine with Benita “Chris is not picking my call.

Bravo! You can see he has finally changed” he no longer count us important, except his so-called Benita.
Alice what exactly is your problem ” Laura fired in anger “I wasn’t talking to you ok”Alice replied, picking up her drink.

They noticed Chris drove in and rush to the car ” he helps Benita down gently ” is everything OK Chris ” Laura asked, looking worried.
Laura, please take care of my wife. Paul and I need to talk ” Chris look serious.
(Laura pov)
Laura helps Benita to the bed, grabbing the blanket on her” am fine, Laura. I just hope Chris doesn’t get mad at Paul “he only came to help, nothing more.

Trust me please ” I know you are telling the truth “
you know, I can’t blame Chris for acting this way. He was once hurt by someone he loves.
“angel. Benita sits up gently.”

Yes. She was also our friend and Alice best friend.”
No wonder Alice hate me. Benita looks away.”
Don’t mind her. She is only jealous.
I never believed the angel could break up with Chris after dating for two years. They are so fun of each other, and we call them 5&6 (Laura smile covering her mouth )
I warn Chris. when I suspect the change in angel character, ever since she met her old friend at Chris house warming.”

Hmm. That’s so weird. Benita sit up.”
I caught Alice myself, kissing her so-called friend in front of the shopping mall. I don’t want to hurt Chris, but he needed to know the truth.”

Chris must be heart broken. Benita look word heartbroken, But he never showed it. He bought her a car, on her birthday .but something terrible happened, I never was ed to remember .
tell me. Benita look serious
Tellrefuse the gift and finally admitted she is deeply in love with her old friend “Matthew “
Chris must be so hurt.

Yes! Very. He took him several years to move on. You so lucky, you never dated for so long. He got married to you.”
I guess he doesn’t want to make another Mistake “Benita smile “
yes. And he truly loves you ” Laura massage her hair. I love him too “Benita replied with a smile …….
(Chris pov)
he took Paul to a private room to talk ” Chris am so sorry. I know you must be feeling so bad right now “
of course, yes. Chris sat down, filling his cup and empty it immediately.”
I just can’t go through the pain again. No. I have been hurt and betray once ” I don’t want to go through it again.
That’s why I choose a simple lady ” she has no one but me, am all she has”I can’t lose her to anyone. I can’t.
Chris, I understand. I know what you are feeling. Paul came close.”

Paul. Someone is monitoring my wife” look at this Chris hand him the phone looking serious.handedamn! I swear to you ” I only came when I heard her scream. I mean no harm.”
I trust you, Paul. I know you won’t hurt me ” of course I won’t.
I would make sure I investigate this mobile number “someone is surely doing this for a reason ” Paul nodded in agreement.

Episode 16

(Later in the night)
Chris returned to the room and met Benita asleep. He took his time to bath and carefully change to something comfortable, laying beside her ” he turned gently watching her speak in her sleep.”
oh! She was shivering to hold the blanket so tightly “don’t leave me. No, don’t go. Don’t ” no. She sits up hurriedly holding her chest.”

It just a dream my dear. I got you pumpkin ” Chris grabbed her close, embracing her so warmly ” I saw a young woman holding so close. Am so scared, Chris. I can’t close my eyes.
Sweetheart, come with me. I got you ” Chris carried her out of the building to a beautiful spot “he took his time to make a fire and grabbed the blanket on her”.

Just a moment. He rushed to the room and came back with a cup of water and novel. Here. Take this ” I promised to read a whole page till you fell asleep”.
Chris You don’t have to” Benita smile brightly.

No. Am always here for you sweetheart ” he sat closer to her and opened a chapter ” he read demonstrating.
Benita laughs loudly. Here ” finally you could smile ” all because of you Chris ray ” Benita placed her head on his shoulder .” watch ” they heard a loud voice and left the spot immediately ” they are so shocked to see a heavy wood landed on the floor”.

Chris grabbed Benita so close and rush to the room, helping her on the bed ” Chris, don’t go out. I won’t take it if anything happens to you “Benita look worried, holding his hand.’
Stay right here. I need to know who almost got you to kill ” Chris rush out of the room and met Paul at the entrance “.

I have checked everywhere. There are no traces of anyone in the house.apart from Laura and Alice sleeping in the room “. are they aware of what happened ” Chris asked looking serious.
Chris, Chris ” here. I found this text on the bed ” Benita embrace Chris looking worried.”
” hey. Am watching you”.

Damn! My wife is not Damn ” we leaving here first thing tomorrow morning ” Chris look upset and worried.
No, Chris. Have you forgotten the project we completed tomorrow?
Can we all leave? The following day. Paul spoke, looking serious.
That’s true Paul “, but Benita is not safe. Chris held Benita close, checking the text.”
Just relax. I would inform the police, first thing tomorrow morning “excuse me. I just take a nap. Paul left without another word.

Chris stares at Benita and kisses her gently ” you would be fine, OK. I protect you, with my last breath ” he kisses her forehead and helps her to the room gently.
(Beautiful morning)
Chris, here. I got your jacket ready ” you won’t catch lots of cold ” Benita help him put it on smiling “
am going to miss you wiffy “Chris kiss her passionately .same here “
Chris, let’s get going ” Paul spoke, checking the time ” by Chris. Don’t forget to call me ok” Benita wave till he entered the car and drove out of sight.

She returned to the room smiling and pick a novel to read ” she noticed the knock on the door and opened up ” she was surprised seeing Alice. She forced herself in staring at everywhere.”
Waw! Not bad. You know what I found out about you Benita. Benita didn’t say a word watching her speak.”
I know Chris pick you up from the hood. You nobody “an orphan.

Thanks. You can now leave ” Benita open the door looking serious.”
You have no right to tell me what to do bitch ” she spoke to Benita’s face toying with her hair.
Alice, I promise never to cause trouble with anyone. Leave, please. Or maybe I should take my leave ” Benita tried to leave “Alice dragged her back with her hair and sit her down.
You have no right to walk out of me, idiot. Listen very good ” Chris belong to know one but angel. She is coming back to drag you out of his life forever.”
They are madly in love, bitch. He’s just using you to get over the angel.
Thank you, Alice. Can I ask you a question “Benita spoke with a smile.”
What exactly are you after? Chris or angel.”
It non of your business ” leave. just pack your stuff and go back to where you came from “
The only person that’s can decide that’s. It me or Chris. We legally married “Benita showed her the ring.

I can sue you Alice .for threatening and meddling in my affair “Benita spoke to her face.
Alice laughs loudly ” with what. You have nothing “don’t forget you an orphan.”
that’s OK “Benita sat down looking sobber.”

Chris must be so lucky, he found a simple lady, and he takes to bed any fu*king time “you a bitch”
stop insulting me ” Benita hit Alice in anger.
I never planned for this, why are you putting the whole blame on me “
how dare you “Alice dragged her hair and push her to the couch ” Laura rush in to separate them.
Benita ran out of the house, crying.

Episode 17

It good you home, Chris “Laura rush out of the house looking worried. What happened Laura. Chris look serious, closing the car door.
Kate and Benita fought “. She left the house crying and haven’t come back. Shit! Chris returns to the car ordering the security to open up the gate”.

Call the police. Paul gave orders running after Chris. He opened up driving speedily.
Paul, I won’t spare Kate, if anything happens to my wife ” Chris look worried stopping at a juncture”.
He came down from the car and ran to the beach screaming Benita name ” Chris, let’s leave. It getting dark “she can’t be here.

No. I can’t go home without my wife. What if she needs my help. Benita, Benita ” Chris kept screaming her name.
He walks down and fell on his feet, looking sobber” am all she has. What if something terrible happened to her “Mrs Elizabeth won’t forgive me.

No Chris. You have to calm down. Let’s go home, OK ” Paul lead the way to the car and open up for him to come in.
He rests his head looking worried ” once I find Benita, we left. I can’t let her go away from me. No. “
Chris, you in love. Aren’t you”? Paul asks, staring at him ” he didn’t reply and kept staring at his phone.
(Benita pov)
Young lady, you should go home. Your husband must be so worried about you ” Benita stared at the old woman in front of her and stood up from the couch, she has been sitting for over an hour.”
she just can’t thanks to the sweet couple enough for getting her into their apartment and offered a hot coffee, in the cold weather “she would have refused, but they insist.
She felt bad for them after listening to al their experience as a couple”. They look old. Losing their only son, in a fatal accident”.

My dear. You look young. You should enjoy your marriage “Mrs Randy massage her cheek smiling.
Thank you, ma’am ” I wish I could spend the night here. You look so good to be with.
You are only saying this because you have lots of things in your mind “come. Mrs Randy sit her down.
Here. I prepared porridge ” it would make feel better ” thank you. She smiled, having a taste.” gosh! She sits up when she heard the sound of the thunder ” is about to rain. She stood up pepping at the window” I spend the night here. Benita smiled brightly.”

Mr and Mrs randy stares at each other. No, my dear “you have to go, please. Your husband would be worried.”
No. Am fine ” I just explained to him ” I can’t go out in the rain. Benita spoke, dragging the cotton down.”
My daughter. Please listen to us ” you can visit any time, but you need to leave. Benita stares at them looking serious.”
OK. I get my jacket.”
Here. I got your umbrella “Mrs Randy hand your miling ” the rain has stopped a little bit “Mr Randy Check from the window. Thank you sir ” she accepted and left adjusting her jacket.
(Later in the night)
Chris you can’t keep standing here,e. Go inside, please”. Mr duke Peter held his shoulder.
No. She is going to come back ” I can’t sleep without seeing her.
Hey. I think someone is knocking at the door ” I would go and see. Am coming with you ” Chris ran after him and noticed Benita fu*king wet in the rain”.

Benita “Chris carried her to the house looking worried “she is back. Laura raises the alarm in excitement.”
Benita, Benita “can you see me. Chris dropped her on the bed, getting the first aid box.”
He unbuttoned her shirt leaving her on sexy underwears” Chris is everything OK. Laura knocks gently.

Yes. I would handle the rest ” he cleaned up her body grabbing her so close to his chest ” are you OK. Talk to me.
She sneezes loudly, shivering “coffee. Laura coffee. Chris rushed down and went up, getting her off her clothes “. He got a thick blanket and noticed she kept shivering ” maybe I have to use my body ” he put off his clothes hurriedly and grabbed her close using his body temperature “.
She had her eyes close, holding him so close. He won’t, deny he loves the chemistry between them”.

She adjusted closer to his lip. Damn! She gets some nerve.
he won’t let this moment passed bye “
he grabbed her lip and gave her ho kiss ” she needs him now than ever .he carefully had his way grabbing her so close to his. Chris. Coffee. “Laura kept knocking ” she didn’t hear a sound a left smiling.

Episode 18

(Beautiful Morning)
Chris got up from the bed staring at Benita sleeping posture ” he smiled, grabbing the blanket on her and kissing her forehead.

He excuses to have a cool bath and put on something comfortable. He noticed the knock on the door and opened up bumping into Laura, holding breakfast.”
How is Benita doing? I was so worried last night.”
She is still on the bed. Chris replied, taking the breakfast in, and return outside closing the door gently without making a sound”.

Chris, someone is here to see you. Who. Chris look serious staring at Laura.”
An old couple’s. I let them in. Laura follows him climbing the stairs gently.”
Good morning sir. Mr Randy greeted with a smile. You can call me Chris. Chris smile, sitting gently.”
Laura left, smiling. Chris. We here to see Benita. Is she fine?” she told m us, she is your wife.
Yes. But I don’t know you “Chris look confused.

My son, we live at the other apartment close to that post office.
I met the young lady walking all by herself last night, looking helpless.
We let her in “we so sorry, let her outside the rain.
We came to ask if she is OK “am very sure, this where she is living “

I saw her several times reading the novel in the garden.
Of course. You right. She lives here as my beloved wife “, but she won’t be staying long, we only came for vacation.
Oh really! Mr and Mrs randy look worried “she is a nice lady with good. God bless her.

Thank you, sir ” I don’t know what I would do without her (Chris spoke staring at his hand)
Chris, what going on here “Alice came down with skinny skirt and fitted shirt.
Alice, we need to talk.

Not now, when am done ” Chris look serious.
Oh! She is the one Benita is talking about ” Mrs Randy spoke gently staring at Alice ” what did she said about me. Answer me you old fool. What did that bitch say about me “Alice raised her voice?
Show some respect, Alice. I won’t take any more of your insult ” Chris fired in anger and watch her left. He sat down having the rest of the conversation smiling” he had breakfast with Mr and Mrs Randy before they left.
(Benita pov)
She opened her eyes picking the beautiful rose flower laying on the bed “she sat up sitting and inhaled it gently.
she got She from the bed walking nude to the bathroom ” and had a cool bath sneezing ” she must have caught lots of cold last night, all is fine now. She feels better than that of before.”

Benita. Yes. (she answered and grabbed bathrobe ” am so sorry, I woke up late Chris. “she spoke staring at him ” He couldn’t take his eyes off her”she looks more beautiful when she left her hair without towel “she had pink lip and fair in complexion.

“her hair is black and long, she had a nice shape and a pointed breast you can’t resist
“Chris am sorry. She muttered out, waiting for the response.
Yes. Chris came back to himself, blinking his eyes ” Benita you beautiful. He said staring at her “
I never knew have been making love to goodness!hey stop. Benita hit him laughing.”

Like seriously ” he carried her in his arm and sat down staring at her “Chris when am going to get my picture.
Picture. He looks confused. You have been snapping me with your eyes.”
Oh! Let’s me. I just can’t resist your beauty. You not only beautiful in the eyes, but also the.
Thank you. She replied, smiling”.
Someone came looking for you Benita. I, Benita sat down comfortably looking confused.
Mr and Mrs Randy “

oh! Am so sorry ” I didn’t tell you about them.
It fine “Chris kisses her briefly,” they told me lots of things about you ” he kept kissing her.
Really! Tell me. Benita pulled her lip staring at him “.
you good, he kisses her. You nice ” one more kiss. And got Me crazy, on your sweet body.”
hey. They won’t say that ” Benita push him away, smiling “he held his forehead looking pain.
Am sorry ” did I hurt you.

No. just like , Mr Randy said ” you are caring. I don’t want to lose you, Benita. Don’t ever leave me, OK.
Am all that’s matters to you “don’t listen to anyone. Benita nodded in agreement.”
I trust you, Chris.

Thank you so much “Chris kiss her two hands
Do you care to know, why you never felt cold “Chris stood up staring at her from a distance?
No.she replied
Are you sure “Chris came close smiling “

I know we make love. I was nude. Benita spoke in a shy Way.”
yes. That’s was the only medicine I could think of.
Hey. Not with handcuff, trust me. I changed my mind.”
Thank you ” Benita smile, staring at him.
For what? He looks serious.”

For making me who I am. Benita ray “you made me taste the real ray” she spoke with a smile.”
With what ” he came close teasing her.
Money. She spoke standing up.

And what! He spoke after her and waited for the reply.”
You want to know. She gave him a sexy glance.

Yes. “he stops her from leaving”.
This” she opened up her robe and close it back, smiling”.
He opens his eyes widely and couldn’t stop laughing.

Episode 19

(Cool afternoon)
Chris aren’t you going to join me In the pool” Benita raise her head ” Muuah ” he thews a kiss smiling “
he was on a video call, adjusting his hat and speck ” it feels useful in Australia. Meet wiffy ” Benita ray.
Hy. She brought her head up waving.
Chris. We really in Australia. Benita came close staring at him “
he nods his head “yes.

Gosh! I never knew ” she returned to the water.
Benita, Benita ” yes dear. She came out adjusting her hair “gosh! Here you go again. I can’t resist your beauty” selfie. He took three-snap and noticed, she dragged him inside the water laughing.”
Hey. My phone.
Kiss or phone ” she asks, giving him a sexy glance.. kiss. He smiled more, holding her so close.
(Alice pov)
She was boiling in anger watching them from a distance” it won’t last long you bitch.i would make sure, I ruin you. She noticed Chris Getting out of the water and rush to hide “.
Benita heard her name and raised her head smiling .she was surprised seeing Alice. She returned to the water ignoring her “.
hmm. You back. you must have grown lots of wings.”
Alice, it best you leave, I don’t want to misunderstand.

Benita got out of the water, looking sexy in her bikini. She bent down to pick towel and noticed Alice grabbed it from her “I don’t like you. Don’t you get it?

Well, I never noticed. She turned to leave and saw she dragged her hair.”
Hey. I told you to stay away from me ” Benita fired in anger.
What going on “Chris asks, staring at Benita ” Chris, Chris. Benita hit him ” I was only asking if she is okay.(beautiful held Chris looking sobber )
Benita go insgoese. I joined you soon OK, “he watched her left and turned to face Alice.
I know you don’t like Benita.but please, Don’t ever hurt her”.

I won’t spare anyone that makes cry. He left without another word.
Chris returned to the room returned met Benita cleaning her hair “he tried to touch her ” she stood up selecting a lovely gown. Are you beautiful set with me”.

No. She replied, looking sobber. Why are you ignoring me.”
I am not. You are. Look am so sorry OK.”
You couldn’t defend Me, Chris. I just can’t take this anymore( She cleaned her eyes changing in front of him)
Do you want us to leave? I can buy you a house, and you won’t even see anyone except us.
I need to return Mr Randy umbrella. I would be back late, OK.
Do you want me to drive you?

No. I just take a walk all by herself ” she checks her look from the mirror and left without another word.
(Mrs Randy pov)
She opened the door and noticed Benita fell in her arms crying like ever before ” it OK. Familiar, you don’t look pretty when you cry.
I just can’t help it. I feel like going far. I don’t want to go back to that’s the house “. It shows you don’t love Chris. Mrs Randy lets her go-getting lets warm coffee. Of course, I love him “Benita look serious, cleaning her eyes.
I just hate it when he couldn’t defend me. I have done nothing wrong.
I understand how it feels. But you know it your fault.
How. Benita sat down, looking more dangerous.”
Aren’t you Chris wife?
I am. She replied softly
And you married legally.
Chris parents support your union “
of course. She replied looking serious
Then you are a coward ” Mrs Randy sat down grabbing her close.
You want to leave for Alice to stay.
No. I just don’t want more misunderstanding between us.”

Are you married to Chris or Alice?
Why must she give an order in place of you? Listen, fight for your home ” react and makes Chris so proud of you.
Benita stares at grandma Randy and smiles ” thank you, grandma. I don’t know smiles would do without you.
our welcome. Mrs Randy patted her back gently.
What of Mr Randy ” I bought you this. We have lots of fruits in the house ” I hope you accept it.
Of course. Aren’t you going now, it gets dark.”
No. Am staying for dinner.
No. Won’t Chris get upset “
he won’t. I already told him ” Benita dropped her bag putting on an apron.”
I hope you won’t mind pancake.
Mrs Randy fold her hands smiling( watching her from a distance)
can I use the bathroom? She asks, pulling her apron.
Yes. At the other side of the laundry room “Mrs Randy pointed smiling.
(later in the night)
Chris kept calling Benita phone looking worried ” what if she had a good time with her lover. Alice spoke, laughing loudly.

Shut up Alice ” Chris don’t mind her, she is drunk OK ” Laura help Alice to the roodoesn’tShit! She is not picking my call. He noticed Benita came down from an old car waving”.
Chris came close dragging her inside in anger.

Episode 20

(Cool afternoon)
Chris aren’t you going to join me In the pool” Benita raise her head ” Muuah ” he thews a kiss smiling “
he was on a video call, adjusting his hat and speck ” it feels useful in Australia. Meet wiffy ” Benita ray.
Hy. She brought her head up waving.
Chris. We really in Australia. Benita came close staring at him “
he nods his head “yes.

Gosh! I never knew ” she returned to the water.
Benita, Benita ” yes dear. She came out adjusting her hair “gosh! Here you go again. I can’t resist your beauty” selfie. He took three-snap and noticed, she dragged him inside the water laughing.”
Hey. My phone.
Kiss or phone ” she asks, giving him a sexy glance.. kiss. He smiled more, holding her so close.
(Alice pov)

She was boiling in anger watching them from a distance” it won’t last long you bitch.i would make sure, I ruin you. She noticed Chris Getting out of the water and rush to hide “.
Benita heard her name and raised her head smiling .she was surprised seeing Alice. She returned to the water ignoring her”.
Hmm. You back. you must have grown lots of wings.”
Alice, it best you leave, I don’t want to misunderstand.
Benita got out of the water, looking sexy in her bikini. She bent down to pick towel and noticed Alice grabbed it from her “I don’t like you. Don’t you get it?

Well, I never noticed. She turned to leave and saw she dragged her hair.”
Hey. I told you to stay away from me ” Benita fired in anger.
What going on “Chris asks, staring at Benita ” Chris, Chris. Benita hit him ” I was only asking if she is okay. (Alice beautiful Chris looking sobber )
Benita go inside. I joined you soon OK “he watched her left and turned to face Alice.

I know you don’t like Benita. But please, Don’t ever hurt her.”
I won’t spare anyone that’s makes her cry.
Chris returned to the room and met Benita cleaning her hair returned tried to touch her ” she stood up selecting a lovely gown. Are you upset with me “.
No. She replied, looking sobber. Why are you ignoring me.”
Am not. You are. Look am so sorry OK”.

You couldn’t defend Me, Chris. I just can’t take .his anymore( She cleaned her eyes changing in front of him)
Do you want us to leave? I can buy you a house, and you won’t even see anyone except us.
I need to return Mr Randy umbrella. I would be back late, OK.
Do you want me to drive you?

No. I just take a walk all by herself ” She checks her look from the mirror and left without another word.
(Mrs Randy pov)
She opened the door and noticed Benita fell in her arms crying like ever before ” it OK. Familiar, you don’t look pretty when you cry.

I just can’t help it. I feel like going far, and I don’t want to go back to that’s the house “.
It shows you don’t love Chris. Mrs Randy let’s her go-getting her a warm coffee.
Of course, I love him “Benita look serious, cleaning her eyes.
I just hate it when he couldn’t defend me. I did nothing wrong.

I understand how it feels. But you know it your fault.
How. Benita sat down, looking more dangerous.”
Aren’t you Chris wife?
I am. She replied softly
And you married legally.
Chris parents support your union “
of course. She replied looking serious
Then you are a coward ” Mrs Randy sat down grabbing her close.

You want to leave for Alice to stay.
No. I just don’t want more misunderstanding between us.”
Are you married to Chris or Alice?
Why must she give an order in place of you? Listen, fight for your home ” react and makes Chris so proud of you.
Benita stares at grandma Randy and smile ” that you grandma. I don’t know what I would do without you.

Your welcome. Mrs Randy patted her back gently.
What of Mr Randy ” I bought you this. We have lots of fruits in the house ” I hope you accept it.
Of course. Aren’t you going now, it gets dark.”
No. Am staying for dinner.

No. Won’t Chris get upset “
he won’t. I already told him”. Benita dropped her bag putting on an apron.”
I hope you won’t mind pancake.
Mrs Randy fold her hands smiling( watching her from a distance)

Can I use the bathroom? She asks, pulling her apron.
Yes. At the other side of the laundry room “Mrs Randy pointed smiling.
(later in the night)
Chris kept calling Benita phone looking worried ” what if she had a good time with her lover. Alice spoke, laughing loudly.

Shut up Alice ” Chris, don’t mind he doesn’t is drunk OK ” Laura help Alice to the room.
Shit! She is not picking my call. He noticed Benita came down from an old car waving.”
Chris came close dragging her inside in anger.

Episode 21

Let’s go off me, Chris “you hurt me. Benita fried her hand, looking upset.
Why didn’t you pick your phone? I was so worried about you.
Am home now. You don’t have to be worried “she pulled her jacket bending down to unzip her heels.
It so late Benita “it been long you had dinner with everyone” Chris stares at her.
Because I know where I belong ” she stood up pulling her dressed.

Tell me. Who drop you home “he stops her from entering the bathroom.
Do you doubt me ” Benita let’s go of her hand?
Benita, what exactly is wrong with you ” don’t tell me you love those old couples, more than your husband.
Are you jealous “Benita smile and change her look “
you never talk back at me. Are you drunk
. I am sorry. I forgot my manners ‘ Benita excuse from him.
Am not upset, am only asking you a question.
Mr Randy
“Benita, I won’t let you see Mr and Mrs Randy anymore. I can’t let you leave the house ever again ” he spoke in anger
You won’t do that’s Chris. You won’t ” she put on bathrobe staring at him.
Of course. We left for good” he lay down to sleep.
No. Listen to me, and they have nothing to do with this. They are just too kind to let’s alone. “please husby. (He smiled changing his look)

No. I won’t accept it. You love them more than me.”
Of course not. You my one and only ” I love you so much, Chris ray. I won’t share what I feel for you with anyone.
Hmm. I need proof.
Prove. Tell me. I would do anything.”
Anything. He sits up smiling.
Yes. Anything to prove. I love you, Chris, she held his hand.
Kiss me.
Kiss. She came close.

No. Not like that. You hold my shoulder and kiss my neck, straight to my hmm. “he pointed demonstrating “
Gosh! I know that’s where you are going to land” she hit his shoulder, leaving “am sorry my man. Am on my ovulation period.
What! How. Chris stood up, watching her free her bathrobe laughing.
It started today ” I found out some hours ago.
Tell it to me not true Benita” Chris look sobber.
Of course. Do you want to see?
No. Of course not “good night. He lay down, grabbing the blanket on himself. Benita watches him smiling and folding her arms.”

wiffy. He sits up. When are you going to be done?
Two weeks.
Oh, my God! He lay down, holding his chest and watch her walk to the bathroom, laughing.”
Damn! Two weeks. He counted with his fingers .no. She is joking. Maybe it away to pay me back “no.
(beautiful morning)
Everyone sitting on the table waiting for breakfast ” Alice kept glancing at Benita. She looks so different in her hairstyle using simple makeup.
Now we can eat ” Benita spoke gently smiling at everyone ” what! Who changed the breakfast. Alice look upset.

I did. Is there a problem “Benita stares at her with a smile.
of course. I made an instruction, why did you change it. Office fired in anger “.
Because the only one that makes order here is me—Chris beloved wife.
You only going do what I say, or take your leave. Alice stared at Chris looking away and left the table, looking upset “.

Nice one Benita. Paul spoke smiling. Laura massage her hand and watch her sit ” they ate silently ..massagesta pov)
Chris, I know you here to make jest of me. Benita sips her drink.
No. I came to ask where you got the courage ” Chris beloved wife ” he teased her laughing. It not funny OK “she stood up picking her magazine.”

Chris kept laughing and noticed a hardwood coming from the staircase “Benita watch ” he rushed to grabbed her and fell holding her to his chest “He stares at the spot shivering. Are you OK, Benita? That’s all he kept asking holding the pain on his shoulder.

Episode 22

Chris, are you OK? Benita got up, dusting her shoulder,” I am fine. He helps Benita inside and returns outside boiling in anger.”
Alice, Alice,” he called her name, knocking at her door ” Chris . ” she replied, opening the door and adjusting her hair from her face.

Do you have anything to do with what happened earlier “he asks, looking severe.
Of course not. She turned to leave, “I am still talking to you.chris grabbed her shoulder, looking upset.
You are hurting me. She fried herself looking sobber.
Chris, what going on! Paul came in looking confused,” it useful here, Paul. Arrange the jet “Benita, and I are leaving right now.
What! Why. So soon, “Alice followed him and returned downstairs when she noticed the sound of the door.
(Chris pov)
He returned to the room dragging his clothes down from the wardrobe ” Chris. What going on? “Benita stood up, staring at his reaction.
We are leaving. Pack your stuff ” the jet is ready. What! To where. She kept staring.

A place we can both have peace of mind,” he kisses her briefly, walking to the bathroom to get shampoo.
But Chris, we can’t just leave. Benita followed him
Why! Do you have anyone vital than me? Chris stares at her looking serious.
Of course not ” I would pack soon. She filled her luggage with clothes and glanced at Chris, making the call ” get a nice hotel. We take our leave right now “.

3 million. No problem, “I would make the transfer. He hung up, checking his look at the mirror “.
Chris .3millon, for what! Benita follows him to the bathroom.”
Hotel fees. Is there a problem,” he asked, closing the door.
” Adds more lipstick ” I want you to look gorgeous ” he dragged her to the mirror gently “
change to something sexy,” I would be back. Benita watched his left and kept staring at her look “.
(Mrs. Randy pov)
Benita is going to miss you ” Mrs. Randy couldn’t let’s go off Benita.
Same here, Mrs. Randy,” take this. She hands her envelope full of money “.

I got this from Chris. I need to leave before he found out, I escaped through the window.
Benita, you have done all this for us, “Mr. Randy kept staring at her.
Its nothing. My husband won’t even notice, ” I get going now. Bye.
She rushes out of the house and got into Chris hand-folding his hands, staring at her “
Chris, I was just she couldn’t speak hitching her hair “
Let’s get going ” the jet is waiting. He leads the way to the car and opens for her to come.
(Benita pov)
Benita slept throughout the flight ” she felt guilty of what she did, and haven’t find the perfect time to talk to Chris “

Benita. She heard her name and opened her eyes, yawning ” baby. She spoke, staring at Chris.
Where are we ” Louis Angelo’s ” Chris spoke, helping her down from the plane?
Waw! She opened her mouth widely, staring everywhere, ” carefully got inside the car and stop at a classic hotel.”
Waw! She held her husband was smiling,” he was with a speck looking cute on his outfit.”
Welcome. The receptionist hands his key to the room, smiling.

Chris open the door receiving their bags in “
Benita lay on the bed smiling “
what would do you like to eat ” I just go down to get you. Chris ask dragging the cotton up
Anything baby. I just want to take a cool shower.”
I have always dreamed of coming here. Benita rushes to see the bathroom in excitement ” I would be back. Chris left, closing the door.
(Chris pov)
Chris got to the table, requesting the menu list. He kept staring and invite for beer.”
guy. You won’t see anyone pick. Lots of options, ” Chris smile at the guy beside him.
Well, I love ketchup and pasta,” my wife won’t mind either. Am Chris,” he stretched his hand to greet.
Roland. You came with your wife( Roland ask sipping his drink) Yes. Chris nodded his head, looking serious.”
what is the celebration ” Roland asked staring at him.
well, I just feel she deserves it.
Hmm. ” that’s lovely,” she must be so lucky to have a good and caring husband like you.
Thank you, ” I feel the same.
So what about you ” Chris requested another shot ” I came with my girlfriend. Maybe I should call her fiancee’s “am about to propose.

Good luck to you. I just checked on my wife, ” Chris Stood up to leave and noticed Roland’s voice.
Hey. Met my girlfriend ” Kate Sam ” Chris couldn’t move and kept staring ” nice meeting you. he greeted and turned to leave “

Kate. Yes, it her Kate ” yes Kate. “Chris kept talking to himself, opening the door. Baby, what took you so long ” smell this. The hair shampoo saint so different ” Chris watch Benita on bathrobes embracing him in excitement.”
He kept staring and noticed the ring on the door.

Oh! That’s must be the food ” Benita open up and watch the hotel attendance push the menu in. “
Thank you. Benita closes the door and turns to see Chris lying on the bed ” she stands still and kept staring from a distance.

Episode 23

(Cool afternoon )
Benita dressed in a sexy beach gown staring at the pool In front of her,” she was on hat holding a romantic novel. “
She picks up Chapman, sipping and glancing at the guy coming out of the pool.
Hy. He finally spoke after a long stare.”
Hello. She replied, adjusting from him. You look gorgeous sitting on by yourself, is everything fine “.
Of course. I just want to be alone. I hope you don’t ruin it.
Of course, “I am Roland. Roland stretches his hand smiling. Benita ray “
Waw! You got a beautiful ring.
Yes. Am. Married “

Hmm. Well, I am about it. Roland stares at her, smiling.
I can see you have meet my belmet wife, “Chris came close, smiling at Roland.
Of course. She is not bad, she looks beautiful, “thank you. She is mine, “Chris grabbed her close, forcing a smile.”
You have lots of work to do”excuse me. I just talk to you later,” Roland patted Chris back, smiling. “
Chris watch his left and turned to face Benita ” I can see you having fun. “
Chris, where have you been, “Benita replied, changing her look.

At the bathroom. I…. No. …don’t have to lie ” enjoy your stay, but don’t hurt me.
Am a woman “Benita left without another word “
Chris sat down, staring at the pool and noticed the hand on his shoulder ” I never thought I could meet you again, Chris “Kate sat beside him.
Same here. You, the last person I ever thought I would find here.”

Why did you ignore my kiss earlier Chris, “Kate came close.
I Am married to Kate. (Chris stood up) I don’t want to hurt my wife, and she has begun to suspect me. Really! I want to meet her, Chris. I just want to tell her I am back for good.

You know that won’t be possible,” you see, Kate. Whatever happened between us, is in the past. I just don’t want to remember ok.
Are you hurt, because I left you “Kate gave him a sexy glance
Chris couldn’t speak.
Well, you should be happy,” you find me with someone else” Kate came close.
Chris adjusted. Common, didn’t you miss the excellent sex we always had “
that’s was in the past Kate. I am legally married now.

We see about that’s. I don’t think you could resist me, Chris, “you know I am good at making you moan badly, calling my name, “I suck better. She grabbed his dick and left smiling” Chris sat down, holding his forehead.
(Roland pov)
You again. He came close sitting beside Benita at the bar.”
hey. Married Woman doesn’t drink “he grabbed the cup from her.
It non of your business “she stood up, sitting at another spot “he joined her, ordering for lemonade.
Gosh! It sour. I can’t take it, ” Benita spit it out.
What about ice tea “.
I need something hot.

Like liquor, ” Roland tease her, smiling. Anything.
Hmm. You must be upset about something, ” Benita didn’t reply.
You know what. didn’t you said, you came with your fiancee.
No. (About to) I might change my mind, i find someone hot.
In your nightmare,” she took a shot.
Haven’t you been told you sexy and beautiful” Roland stares at her
“my husband said that, all time.

Hmmm. What about ugly.
You saying it for the first time ” Benita replied changing her look “
well, I have a part in your life “first guy to tell you ugly.
Go away! You are adding to my pain.

What exactly is wrong with you ” I can take it away in one second. Roland kept teasing her
I just want to cry ” cry? Hey. It’s not everything you cry about.
Come, I want to show you something “.
Go away! Show your girlfriend.
You won’t say, ” Roland dragged her with him and stop in a lousy club ” go ahead. Dance till you forgot your pain.”
It not even working.
Every day try it ” he held her hand gently or a dance, “she felt lifly letting her pain off and return to the table laughing.

It works. Thank you, Roland, ” I see you later, I need to return to the room. “
Alright, Roland kept staring and turned to see Kate, ” where have you been. She asks, dragging him away.
(Chris pov)
Where on hell have you been ” out? To have fun. Benita pulled her dress, excusing the bathroom.
With who. He asks, stopping her from entering the bathroom, “Roland. Is there a problem.”
He hit her on the face and watch her held her cheek running to the bathroom, closing the door.’
I am so sorry, Benita. I swear to you it was a mistake, I never hit a woman before. I swear. He kept knocking, shivering in fear.

Episode 24

(Later in the night)
Benita joins Chris on the bed, after spending a long time at the bathroom”. She grabbed the blanket on herself, switching off the light”.

She slept off for an hour and noticed Chris talking in his sleep ” you sure about that’s an angel. Common, don’t tell me you are leaving.

Benita sit up boiling in anger and got down from the bed putting up jacket on her nightgown “.
She opened the door and ran outstanding at the stairs case crying.
She sat down, cleaning her eyes when she noticed Roland from a distance.
She stood up to leave and change her mind sitting close to him” do you find it hard to sleep. She asks, cleaning her eyes.”
I should be asking you. “didn’t you supposed to be on the bed, with your sweet husband.”
I just can’t sleep. I don’t want to return to the room right now.
Hmm, You too young” to be having lots of problems ” you care to see the star have been watching all myself. Roland stares at her.

Of course. Benita managed to smile and stood up, standing beside him “
waw! It looks beautiful. Benita smile more. I love staring at the star when I was young but hate the sight of soldier ant.
Am allergic to the bite, I got sick.
Thanks for telling me more about you “Rolland held her hand
Common. She managed to smile.”
You care for ” Roland offered her a drink. No, am fine. She replied, adjusting her hair from her face.”

You know, I should have made a second choice before getting married.
Hmm. That’s a big lesson for me too ” Roland sip his drink filling another cup.
Are you OK “Benita stares at him.
I can’t be beautiful hanging out here instead of being on the bed.
do you have a misunderstanding with your girlfriend.’

Of course. And she compares me with her ex again. She said I could never be like him.
That’s so sad. Benita patted his shoulder “you know, why I like you “Roland sip his drink.
You are so beautiful in the and body “
hey. This is the second time am hearing that’s ” Benita kept laughing.
Roland got carried away and gave her hot kiss ” she won’t deny, and she loves what she had it belongs she had this.damn! It is not right. She is married ” she pulled her lip breathing heavily.
Am sorry, I was just carried away ” Roland watch her ran to the room closing the door.
(beautiful morning)
Benita, I know you upset. Chris held her hand from leaving outside.”
Of course, not Chris ray ‘ she forced a smile.

No, I know you well. You don’t hide your pain.”
Chris, let’s just have fun! We came here to have that’s.
OK. After you ” Chris followed her out and kept staring at her ” they sat down to have breakfast, and noticed Roland voice from a distance.
My friend. It has been long ‘can we join you. He asks, sitting without being told.
Hy. Roland smile at Benita ” she replied, forcing a smile ” Chris eyes on both of them. Hello Chris. Angel stares at Chris. Won’t you introduce me to this beautiful woman right here.”
angel sit up holding cutleries.”
Benita. Meet angel.
Roland girlfriend “
hmm. Nice meeting you. Benita replied, forcing a smile.”
excuse me. Benita stood up holding her gown ” Chris ran after her and stopped her from leaving.
Benita, Benita.

What! Chris. “she fired in anger. No wonder you have been acting should have told me your ex is back.
Of course not ” she is with another guy, not me.
Waw! Your expression earlier gave me a clue you haven’t got over her. Benita, Benita. “he ran after her and held her. Honey, let’s just leave.
Leave. No, am not leaving. Benita sat down rubbing her cheek “. Suit yourself ” she left the room without another word……..
(Angel pov)
She noticed Benita sitting in front of the pool and join her, smiling. Hey. She spoke seated beside her “
hello. Benita replied, forcing a smile ” you must be enjoying your stay “Benita ask smiling.
Of course. Especially coming across old friend ” anyway, how long have you been married to Chris.”

Well, you should ask Chris instead.
Oh! That’s so rude. She sipped the Chapman in her hand looking away ” I can see the guys are getting along, so soon ” angel spoke smiling.
Look at that’s ” they are playing soccer together. So lovely.
Yeah! Benita forces a smile ” why don’t we join them. Isn’t it cute “we gorgeous, it will chase those bitches from our man.

Well, I don’t have to. I trust my man ” he won’t do something stupid “Benita stood up picking her novel.”
You! Love Chris so much.
Didn’t you. Yes. Very much. I don’t flirt around. I think that’s why he choose me.
Oh! Really. Congrats” angel kept laughing watching her leave.
(Chris pov)
I can see you getting more close to my wife” Chris play first.

Well, I don’t mean more harm ‘ she is adorable, you know.
Thanks. But I should be the one saying that ” Chris score staring at Roland.
You know a lady like her, need a guy like me to keep her company “what do you mean. Chris look upset “.
She is kind but covered up with a lot of worried. Chris stay mute watching him speak “.
I would suggest we switch partner ” you insane. Chri hit him hard on the lip “he fell holding his mouth.
Every day, I was just kidding. Roland kept laughing and stood up when he noticed angel Coming.

Episode 25

Good morning dear! Why are you leaving the bed so early “Chris stop Benita from opening the door ” she managed to smile, sitting on the bed?
He embraced her, peeking her so loudly “are you mad at me. Common, you, my wife. No one is going to take your place in my life.”
Benita look away forcing a smile “
kiss me, baby, and I miss you. Chris embrace her warmly let’s go off me ” she fried herself, looking upset. Chris stares in surprise”.

Until you got that’s woman out of your life, chrChrisheThen have no problem ” she rushed to pick her phone and noticed the hand at her waist.
Sweetheart, you can’t leave on this dress .what going on “are you trying to impress someone else.
Benita laughs, and won’t stop laughing ” no. Don’t even go there, am not a flirt. She excuses for excuses.
Don’t walk out of me, Benita. Am still talking to you “he held her hand looking upset.
Here. Listen to this. Don’t judge me OK ” she played the record and noticed Chris return to sit.
Tell me, Chris ” are you seeing an angel. Benita looks serious.
Of course not. There is nothing between us”.

I hope you are telling the truth. Benita opens the door and left closing it back “Chris kept holding his fore head forehead. She has changed so much. She never talks back at me.
(Roland pov)
Hey, my friend. Roland called Chris from a distance. Hey. He waved, looking around for Benita “.
Have you seen my wife? He asks, checking the time.Right there, looking so sexy on her bikini ” Chris left and rush to the pool. Benita, Benita ” he stood at the edge calling her name.

Yes. She raised her head, and noticed he carried her from the water hitting her ass looking upset “
drop me. Damn! You embarrassing me “Benita kept screaming.
Hey, shut up. Chris hit her ass, climbing the stairs gently.
(angel pov)
She embraces Roland from the back peeking him. Do you see that’s ” so lovely? But you would never do that’s for me.”
what exactly are you saying? Don’t start OK ” Roland left the spot.”
damn! You. Your nothing but a jerk ” she spoke after him.
( hours later)
Benita sneeze loudly covering her nose ” she was on a long sexy gown, looking beautiful on her simple makeup.
I told you not to swim, and you won’t listen ” Chris adjusted her hair from her face.
She didn’t say a word and sat down watching him get there order! Hey Benita. She turned to see the angel and force a smile “.

Hey. Would you mind the second table “Husby and I want some privacy?
Angel smile, and noticed Chris bringing the order! Wow! Benita you here. Roland sat down without being told.”
Benita, let’s just get another table. Are you leaving because of us “Roland change his look?
Hy” here. You invited to tonight party” you going to enjoy it “bring your love ones “they are giving handbill each.
I can’t wait to party, and the angel sat down in excitement. Let’s leave Chris” Benita lead the way holding Chris along with him.
(later in the night)
Roland got to the party first looking around for Benita and Chris. Go, baby, go. He kept clapping for angel twerking on him. Here they come.”

My friend. Here. He waved in excitement. We love the other table “Benita spoke looking gorgeous on her mini gown and heels”.
No. Here is fine “angel held her hand in excitement”. They noticed the DJ change the music and move their body to dance.”
Chris kept glancing at the angel. And noticed Benita hand on his shoulder” she kept smiling, holding him close. Chris picked up a drink and Gump down screaming in excitement. Benita laughs loudly, changing her dance step.
Chris requested for another shot and drank screaming. Roland came close and held Benita hand for dance and noticed the light went off.

What going on! Chris, Chris. I got you Benita “noticed the hand on her shoulder and noticed the light on “.
She finds everyone screaming in excitement and look around for Chris. Chris, Chris, Chris. She kept screaming, holding her heels ” angel. Angel, Angel ” I can’t find the angel. Roland looked everywhere for them and noticed the moan coming out of the bathroom ” he push the door down with his leg and couldn’t believe his eyes ” am sorry. He ran upstairs holding Benita hand” carefully turned back and caught Chris and Benita red-handed ” he covered Benita eyes embracing her not to see.

Episode 26

Benita let’s go off herself and ran to the room, locking herself up “she cried her eyes out and noticed the ring on the door pretending to be fine”.
Hey. Where have you been? Chris ask entry the room. I should be asking you, anyway. You here. She closes the door and returns to the bed facing the wall”.
Benita, are you OK. He asks, losing his belt. Of course. She replied, grabbing the blanket on herself.
(beautiful morning)
Chris opened his eyes and noticed Benita out of the room “he peep from the window, and noticed she is nowhere to be found. He opened the door and met an angel at the doorstep kissing him in”.
Hey, stop. Stop OK.

What do you mean stop “angel stares at him, trying to kiss him?
It is not right. Please.
Hey, we had good sex last night don’t forget ” angel gave him sexy stares.
It was a mistake, and I don’t want ever to remember. We hurting lots of people, your boyfriend and my wife ” don’t you get it angel.

Don’t make me laugh. You have no idea where she is right now.”
Are you kidding me? Chris change his look.
No. It seems she is having a good time with Roland. I just thought we should do something crazy” angel kiss him briefly let’s go off me. Chris push her away, calling Benita. He rushed down and noticed Benita having breakfast with Roland smiling.

Benita, what all this. Chris came down, folding his arms.”
Oh! You up. I was just having breakfast. Join me.
Of course, I won’t sit there with your lover boy “Chris fired in anger.
Loverboy. Well it better, than a mistress. What are you saying? Ugh! Chris came close. Don’t pretend, and you don’t understand what I mean, Chris ray”.

Angel join the discussion staring at Roland. Waw! Here comes your lover.
Shut up “Chris dragged her inside, looking upset. Let’s go off me “she fried herself boiling in anger. You can’t fool me. OK. You can’t. I saw you last night making love to that’s bitch “Benita spoke in tears.
Maybe its high time we let her know what is between us, Chris “angel spoke from the back.
She was supposed to be your past, Chris. But no. You cheated on me with your ex. You wooed Me in the stupid name of marriage and let me suffer every day.

What kind of man are you that’s can’t control his feelings. She spoke in tears.”
I tried Benita, I tried. Immediately I saw an angel. I told us to leave.
Leave, leave. That’s all you kept saying ‘you only give orders! What about my opinion. You have no idea what I like and want “you care about yourself. Benita fired in anger.

Benita is sorry ” Chris held her leg.
No, no. I just can’t take this anymore ” Benita cried badly coughing.
Why are you begging her? You know I genuinely love you, Chris ‘angel spoke in sobber.
You ingrate “Roland hit angel in anger. Is this how you are going to pay me back. Roland dragged her head ” why don’t you tell Chris, and you could tell the taste of his wife’s lip.

What! Chris was surprised. Benita ran from the scene.
Tell me, angel. Are you saying the truth ” yes? I caught them kissing. Benita won’t deny.”
Benita, Benita “Chris ran after her and was stopped by Roland. Here. This for sleeping with my girlfriend “Roland gave him a hard punch. Another one ” for playing with a lady” Roland left without another word.
(Benita pov)
she opened her luggage, filling it with clothes ” where are you going. Chris held her.
Far away from you. She spoke to his face shivering.
Hey. You don’t even have enough money with you.”

I know. Even if I have to beg money, for a ticket” am no longer staying with you.
Benita is sorry, OK. I know you upset. But you also cheat on me ” Benita struck him on the face.
Shame on you ” you comparing kiss tonight so disappointed at you. She excuses to the bathroom getting her shampoo.
I shouldn’t have said yes. I should have to think about it ‘a man I barely know. Damn! She kept speaking, cleaning her tears.
Benita is sorry, I know I hurt you.

Damn! Why am I packing this? You bought it with your money, right. Here. You can have it”. She threw her stuff away, leaving the room “.
Benita please, please. Benita” if you touch me. I would call security. She left, cleaning her tears “.
Fine. We can depart when we got to Nigeria. Let’s me help you this time, please.
I don’t need your help. She walks out of the room, throwing her combat him.

Episode 27

What do you mean you can’t find my wife ” (Chris fired at the security guard) She left just an hour ago, check. She knew nowhere she must be hanging around. Please check. He looks worried
Am so sorry sir, we have checked everywhere ” I even ask my boys to check the CCTV. There is still no traces of her.
Damn! What all this “she is not even answering her phone.”
I go check the fifth floor ” excuse me. Please check. I can leave without her ” Chris put Paul on call waiting for respond.
Paul: hey, MAn. What’s up
Chris: bad news ” Benita left me forever
Paul: hey, what exactly happened ” I still don’t understand
Chris: I told you about the angel, didn’t I?
Paul: of course. So what happened
Chris: I was a fool, to have let’s her fool me once again ” Benita caught us together and left without listening to me.
Paul: that’s so sad. Do you have an idea where she went to, it just too risky to lets her be on her own.
Chris: I don’t know. I thought she was kidding when she said, and she is didn’t need my help. She left the room for an hour now ” I haven’t seen her.
Paul: damn! Call the police. She must be hanging around.
Chris: I wish to find her, Paul. I talked to you later ” he hung up when he noticed the hotel manager ” she is gone. The map here, a state she is nowhere around the hotel.”
Oh, my God! Chris hit the bed. Am so sorry “excuse me. Damn! Damn! That’s was Chris kept saying.
(Benita pov)
Benita came down from the cab and stared around covering her face from the hotness of the sun” she noticed a long queue and came close asking what they are up to “
no one was answering her. She noticed the text on the wall” best model go home with a medal and 10 million. She licks her lips and joins.

Hey, out of my way ” she was kicked off. She left, staring from a distance and noticed a lady bump into her “.
Hey. Your ID card ” she ran after her and noticed she stop to snatch it from her’thanks She spoke staring at her ” are you here for the competition ” she asks, Staring at Benita No. Yes. Benita nodded her head in agreement “. Come with me. She followed her in and was amazed ” my name is Ella Cruz. Am a cloth designer, You must have heard about me ” Ella got her a sit smiling.

Yes ” Benita replied, forcing a smile. She kept staring around and knew deep down her mind ” she knew no one here but herself.
She needs to survive, no matter what! She has made up her mind, and no longer going back to Chris for survival.
Luckily, fate got her Ella Cruz ” she kept smiling and was brought out her thought ” so where do you live. Ella serves her tea”.
Damn! She can’t lie. Me. I…Ella, what are you still waiting for ” the audition is starting soon ” a guy entered the room with a beautiful gown ” hey. Where do you get this beautiful damsel Ella ” he came close holding Benita hand.”
I am Pedro red. You must have heard m Benita’sAm, no one clothes designer in Lois Angelo’s.
Benita. She just doesn’t want to add ray.
Pedro, let get started. Where is Michelle ” Ella came in locating scissor.”
She is not picking up.

Damn! We only have fifteen minutes ” they heard the knock on the door and stared at each other ” we can’t lose the contract, Ella.
Pedro sat down holding his beard ” I have an option” he stood up walking close to Benita ” she has Michelle’s eyes. Only little changes will do.”
Yes. That’s true ” but what about the training ” Ella look worried. Am very sure, she would grab. Let’s work her look first.”
Pedro came close cutting her hair ” in no time she transformed ” Ella and Pedro find it exciting ” she kept staring at the mirror ” it looks like a dream ” in an hour, another life she never planned for.

Episode 28

(Two weeks after)
Chris, you must find that’s woman, do you understand. Find her. I don’t know why a full-grown man like you still don’t know how to keep your marriage. Am So disappointed at you ” Mrs ray fired in anger.
Mum, I can explain.
Explain what Chris. Do you think marriage is for play? We need an heir. Do you understand unless?
Unless what? Chris look.
Well, what your dad meant it” if Laura first you to have a kid. Count yourself unlucky. The family jewel goes to her son/daughter.

What! No mum. You can threaten me ” She is not fully part of the family, don’t you get it” Chris looks upset.
Find that woman, instead of wasting your time young man “. Mr Ray left the room picking his drink.
Aren’t you going to talk mum ” Chris look worried ” find her? She left without another word.
Chris walked out of the room, settling inside his car” hello Paul. Any news. He asks, looking worried “.
Nothing yet. I talked to her close friend hours, ago they still don’t have traces of her”
damn! Benita can’t do this to me. I just can’t believe she capable of ignoring my call.”

I would meet you at home soon. He hung up the call and ordered his driver to drive fast.
(Benita pov)
Her whole life changed in two weeks ” she felt like a queen In her castle ” damn! She has everything “a nice apartment, popularity, car and fans “her picture posted everywhere in Louis Angelo’s and used for the advert.”
with the look she has, her whole life is a change ” Michelle. All over. But deep down she knew, she is still the same Benita.
Ella and Pedro little secret must be sealed up till Michelle is back on her feet to take her role.
They have been so good to her, she won’t pay back with evil ‘ she considered the good and bad terms, all she needed is a “stay card “.

Ella promises to get her, only if she accepted to take Michelle role. She won’t deny, everything is working fine expect. Michelle crazy boyfriend who won’t stop hanging around her
“she just can’t keep giving excuses not to lay with him.
Michelle, Michelle ” yes. She replied, coming down from the bed “morning. She felt a warm kiss from Ella ” you have a shoot at the beach.

OK. She nodded her head, turning to leave. Wait. Here is our agreement ” she hands her stay card smiling.
Waw! She opened to check and embrace her in excitement.”
Deal. Ella looks serious.
Of course. She rushes to change and felt more relief.

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle ” her fans are just getting much every day” everything works out well, with the face surgery she has done. No one would believe she is only taking Michelle role.
She was excurt inside the car and finally had a breathe. The driver stops at the private hospital. Michele is taking care of” Ella went in, and hold Benita along.
Hey. Is she the one ” Michele sit up looking pale.
Hey, calm down. I heard you taking the last surgery.
Yes. I hope I am fine after this “I just can’t wait to be back to my very own self.

Hy Michele. Benita held her hand’.
Waw! You look so much like me.
You should be grateful, and she accepted all because of me” Ella check her drip.
Michelle looks away ” you should leave now. I want to take a nap.”
Are you sad, Michelle? Pedro held her hand ” of course not. I have nothing to lose. Once I am OK. I would get everything that belongs to me ” Michele stares at Benita.

Let’s go Benita ” Ella held her hand outside “she is only jealous, OK.
I know. I could feel her pain” Benita entered the car adjusting her speck.
(cool Saturday)

One more, another shot. Yes “can you let’s go off your jacket.
What! Benita stares at Ella. She nods her head pleading “
Benita pulled her jacket, looking hot on her underwear. She posts seductive and put on her jacket accepting water. She Gump down, leaving the stage “Michelle, Michelle” Ella ran after her.

Episode 29

(Two weeks after)
No more photograph. Ella covered Benita from being captured ” she walks majestically to the stage to get her award smiling ” thank you. Muah! She kisses it loudly “.
Thank you so much for this ‘ I work for this, all my life. Without your support, no medal” she pulled her jacket and threw it to her fans! Leaving the stage.

No doubt, she has changed so much ” looking extremely beautiful. She had everything she wants in a whole “.
Ask her about love, she overlooks and partying with few friends she makes during her stay in Louis Angelos”.
The old friend is no more, and she has completely changed her contact.
(Ella pov)
(next morning)
She opened her door and was surprised by seeing Michelle. She couldn’t believe her eyes letting her in, opening her mouth in shock.”
why did you do this to me, Ella? Michelle spoke in tears.

Why! This, not my face. Why am I on Benita’s look? She spoke in sobber.
I can explain Michele, calm down, please. Ella helps her to sit.
No, I can’t. No. I can’t believe my eyes, checking my look at the mirror.
Michelle, assuming you could make it to the award night. Things would have been easy. Is too late, right now ” Benita travel to Mexico for a shoot. She won’t be back for two weeks.

No, no. I should be the one to take the shoot, not her ” Michelle spoke demonstrating.
Well, I am so sorry. I done this for you, the doctor said the surgery is 50/ 50. I can’t just let your career go away “.
I care so much about you, Michele ” Ella dragged her close.
Not this way, I can’t bear it taking someone else to look “I hate myself. Michele Look sad ” it won’t last long, I got you pumpkin “come here. (Ella grabbed her close) once Benita is back, you switch.
( Michelle pov)
Michele returns to her favourite hotel, making phone calls. She needs to hide until Benita is entirely back”. Ella kept watching not to be noticed by anyone”.

Room 301″ she accepted the key. The hotel manager kept staring at Michelle’s and noticed Ella help with her bag.
I would be back OK “she left the room, putting Pedro on call “.
(Chris pov)
He stops at Paul apartment looking tired “any news. Paul asks, staring at him”.
Nothing good ” he sat down on the couch holding his forehead.
The worst is on. Mum and dad got her back ” they kept calling, ranting on the phone ” I must find her, everyone blamed me.

Well, I feel the same. I won’t lie. The young lady has suffered enough. Paul spoke, serving him a drink.
What! Here you go again ” Chris noticed the ring on his phone and stares at Paul”. the hotel manager from Lois Angelo’s.
Pick up ” I pray it good news ” Chris pick waiting for respond.
Mr ray ” we found your wife ” she right in our hotel.

Chris, are you for real! Oh, my God. Am coming right away “. He hung up the call and embraced Paul in excitement ” they found Benita. Am very sure, she came back because she knew I would see her. She came back to me.”
You should get going, Chris. Paul picks up his key”.
Yes! Get the jet ready, and I just informed mum and dad before they do something stupid” Chris rush out of the apartment in excitement.

Episode 30

(Later in the night)
Chris rushed down to the hotel and went straight to the manager. Where is my wife, where is she?
Calm down, come with me. He followed the manager and watched him knock at the door.”
What took you so long, Ella. Michelle opens up, staring at the manager. Hy. She waved, giving a seductive posture.

I just leave you two to talk”. The manager left, clearing his voice.
Benita, what have calm over you”Chris force himself in staring at her.
Benita, gosh! I can’t believe this drama. Hey. Am not Benita, I want you to understand once and for all. Now leave, I want to take a nap.
What! Chris look surprised.

Fine, I know you upset. Look. I want you to take you home, give you the most excellent things you deserve ” Michele burst to laughter.
How much is your salary, you look rich anyway Or wait. Do you think I am a cheap babe? Every day, I can buy you a meal “She spoke adjusting her bathrobes.
Chris kept staring at her. Well, I know you are doing this because you want to pay me back for hurting you.

Hey, I don’t understand what you are saying. OK. Goodnight ” Michele push him out closing the door ” Chris stood at the door looking surprised ” no. First, she has a tattoo on her body. Benita doesn’t have tattoos.
Second, her voice and the necklace.
Yh! Something is wrong “did Benita change all because of me. She looks so different now, her ass and Hip ‘ her pink lip. Am seeing something different ” Chris noticed Ella and came close.”
Who are you? Ella spoke, knocking at the door ” Chris ray. Benita husband “Ella noticed her stuff fell. She picks up, entering the room.

She kept moving around ” damn! I think the guy out there is telling the truth, Benita is married.
Gosh! We can’t ruin our plan. They noticed the ring on the door and opened up ” is there something I need to know Benita. Chris came close.”

Am not Benita. No. She is Benita. Ella came close, forcing a smile. She had an accident, and couldn’t remember. Lost of memories “(gosh! I can’t say that.) different thoughts kept coming to Ella’s mind.
Fine! She is not Benita. She is just borrowing her face.
What! Chris look surprised.
Where is my wife? Chris look upset ‘am afraid, you won’t get to meet her for two weeks.
Damn! Chris sat down, looking worried “what exactly, is she up to.
Top model. She is out on modelling”.
All thanks to me. Michele spoke, looking severe. I can’t believe this “Benita got lots of nerve ” Chris kept staring.
(Benita pov)
(Two weeks after)
She has changed so much getting down from spot car ” she received a warm welcome from Ella and Pedro ” ushering her in. Benita, you need to meet someone famous, who love to see you.

Who ” she smiled pulling her jacket. Hey. Gosh! Benita sat down in shock.
Damn! She ran to the room, locking herself up” leave Chris. Am not going back to you. I choose this life, and you can’t stop me.

I can. Michelle spoke with courage I need my post back” enough of the drama, please.
You won’t understand how it feels to be celebrated. I just hope it lasts long.
Of course. We here for you ” we can help you build up your career. Ella and Pedro spoke at the same time.”

She opened the door and sat down, staring at Michelle. It feels good n your world.”
Chris came close to her ” she stood up from him. I can do this anymore, Chris. I want to stay in Louis Angelo’s. I don’t wish to you, Chris.
Benita, common. I know I hurt you. Please, we can have a good life together ” not so soon ” she ran from him and refused to return to the room.

Episode 31

(Two weeks after)
Oh, my God! Honey. They are here ” Mrs ray came down in excitement. She embraces Benita warmly and glances at her dress ‘” she looks away and notices her husband rush down in excitement.
Benita, you here. Am so happy to see you ‘ he sat down smiling.
Dad, it wasn’t an easy task pleading her home ( Chris spoke adjusting his suit)
whose fault, Bony head (Mrs ray hiss sitting close to Benita)

Darling, look at you. You have changed so much, looking beautiful.”
thank you ma. Benita kept smiling ” look here, honey. I don’t want you to worry about anything. If this big head bothers you ‘ come right away, I will make sure I put him in his place.

We see about that’s mum ‘ what do you have. Am so hungry “Chris stood up to check” everything! But not for you.
What! Then who. Chris change his look ‘Benita. Come, my dear, you going to love my cooking. Mrs ray dragged her to the dining table in excitement.
(later in the night)
Benita returns to the room adjusting her nightgown ” she sat down, cleaning her eyes and glanced at Chris, staring at her.
She concentrates on what she was doing, checking her look ‘ she noticed the ring on her phone and pick up having a long conversation. She hung up, smiling and noticed another ring.

She excuses out of the room and returns smiling.
Benita, we need to talk ” Chris spoke, dropping his laptop. I noticed for the past few days we back in Nigeria, and you have fully changed.

I mean, this is not the woman I married ‘ Chris sit up looking serious.
Your dressing, look, manner. Are you sure am not with a different woman.
Chris, what exactly are you after. Benita stares at him.
Nice one. He came close, holding her hand “I know you still find it hard to move on, but I can remind you how we make sweet love ‘he tried to pull her gown.

She Held his hand is smiling.
Benita, don’t stop me, okay. It has been over three months. He stood up, looking upset.
Look, it not my fault. Stop blaming me for goodness sake! Benita fired back.
Then why do you deny me of my right”.
Because I am not in the mood.

What! Three months. You still not in the mood.
Look, we separated. Don’t blame me for that ” she turned back.
Benita, have you forgotten about me ” Benita couldn’t speak.
Tell me you don’t love me anymore, just talk. Chris shake her gently.
Chris just lets me be OK ” she lay down on the bed turning to the wall.
(beautiful morning)
Benita woke up from the bed and noticed Chris nowhere to be found ” she got up leaving to the sitting room.’
Morning Mrs ray. Coffee. She accepted it sitting gently ” she could see each of the workers working on different bases.

She sipped her tea and noticed Mrs Helen serve her bread ” thank you. She accepted, dropping her cup.
I miss you, Mrs ray. Mrs Helen spoke sitting.
Same here. I want you to book an appointment with the doctor rose ” am leaving soon. Alright. Mrs Helen left, smiling “.
(Benita pov)
Benita came down from the car looking hot ” she picks her bag from the car and asks her driver to wait outside “
she walks straight to doctor rose office sitting comfortably ” Benita. It is good to see you ” doctor rose to smile brightly. Immediately I saw Mrs Helen phone call, and I know you are coming over.
Benita look sobber dropping her bag.
Is everything OK ” doctor rose stares at her. I just can’t help it ” Benita clean the tears coming down from her eyes.

Are you OK? The doctor rose to look worried standing up
Am. Fine! I just came for a check-up. She cleaned her eyes gently
Do you want to talk? The doctor rose came close sitting in front of her “
yes! She embraces her, crying.

It fine. Here. A tissue ” she accepted it cleaning her eyes.”
Am. So sorry, I couldn’t control myself. It fine. Here. Coffee. You would be fine.
(10minute after)
Benita sits up gently ” I need you to put a stop to the pill I take. My mother in law just talks to me about the kid “.
Does Chris know about this?
He doesn’t have to know. I need to do this, to make her happy”.
What about your happiness Benita.

It doesn’t matter. Chris, never mentioned a child ever since we married.
I was just so shocked when his mum asked if I am OK. I should go for check up ‘she needs Grandchild badly.
Why don’t you talk to Chris?
No. Benita stood up facing the wall. I don’t understand him anymore rose. He looks like a stranger to me, after he came back pleading me to come home with him.
I don’t have the same feeling anymore. It just no there.
I understand Benita. It’s hard to love again, especially someone that betrays your love.
I just wish it never happened. I don’t know what going to happen to me rose’ I just hate everything going on in my life “come here. Come “rose grabbed her close, and she cries like ever before.

Episode 32

(Chris pov)
He entered the room looking tired and noticed Benita sleeping gorgeous on the bed ” he pulled his shirt and tried to make a move.
He changed his mind and headed to the bathroom to bath,” he turned to something simple, returning to the dining table.”

Welcome, sir. Here is a menu list. Everything is available.
He sat down, checking the list. He dropped it holding his forehead ” Mrs. Helen, can I talk to you. He asks, looking serious.
Of course. Mrs. Helen nodded her head in agreement, “do you notice any changes in my wife.
Mrs. Helen smile. She is still the lovely one I know.
Thank you. He requested ketchup and rice. He was served to eat alone.
Mrs. Helen, can I ask you one more question. Of course. What time did she go to bed? Not quite long, ‘she requested for tea earlier.

Thank you! I am fine with this. He ate two more spoons and stood up drinking water.
He joined her on the bed and noticed she adjusted from him ” he dragged her close, kissing her ” don’t stay away from me, it hurt. It hurt badly, watching you ignore me.
She couldn’t push him away, and the chemistry was just too strong “maybe her whole bad needs her man. She is only doubting.

He had lots of nerve, pulling her breast off her sexy gown and kiss it so hard, ” I miss you. I only want to make love to you wiffy, make love to you badly.”
She can’t let her go. No. She needs him, damn! She is feeling lots of pleasure holding his head so close.”
he kept kissing her and pulled his clothes throwing it on the couch ” he got her off her clothes and grabbed her more close “

Chris, Chris. That’s all she kept saying feeling him inside of her ‘ he was so slow, kissing each she every part of her body.
She moaned out, holding him so close at the waist, ” I need you, Chris. I love you. She finally admitted.’
He paused and carried her from the bed straight to the couch. Repeat it. He spoke, smiling.
I love you jerk ‘she spoke, feeling a hot kiss on her neck ” he kisses her down and holds her leg kissing her. “Love this. I love you more,” she spoke, holding him.

Damn! He felt more impressed having his way so badly “he carried her on him kissing her ” go gently, I want you to scream my name ” she places her hand on his neck riding him gently’.
He kisses her so hot and dropped her on the bed ” Chris, Chris. She moaned loudly and burst to laughter ” what are you doing.
Ride on me, please. Just do it,” she stares and rides gently kissing him ” she won’t lie, her whole body love wants she had ‘it been very long, she tasted a lovely kiss.”
Chris. She spoke and watch him fell on her breathing heavily” I love you. I love you so much, Benita,” he kisses her.

I love sex, and I feel alife.
Do you want to go again,” she asks, smiling.
No. Am satisfies” he kissed her briefly and slept off, placing his head on her chest.
(beautiful morning)
Good morning. Benita opens her eyes and noticed Chris on her.’
Morning. She replied, stretching her hand.”
Come. He carried her in his arms” Chris, what are you up to “she laughs out, staring at him. “I am going to prepare breakfast for you.
Just take your time to shower. he dropped her inside the bathroom and return to the room closing the door.”
Benita smile staring at the mirror “she kept flashing back to last night.
(hours later)
darling! Tell me. How does it taste? Chris fold his hand. Everyone watches Benita pick up cutlery to have a taste. Hmm, delicious.
Yes! I told you I could cook. “Chris turned to face his workers, ” eat more dear! I prepared everything for you.
I am OK Chris ‘all this is much.
Of course not, “he came close, feeding her. Eat! Chris, to be sincere, it horrible, “Benita rush to throw up.”
Chris stared around and covered his mouth, laughing alone. Mrs. Helen was not left out.

Episode 33 / Last episode

The rest of the weeks were full of love between them ” going out shopping, watching movies and playing games,” going for a spa, and lots of exciting places.

(2 months)
Darling, all my clothes are not my size anymore. Don’t you think I need to go to the gym? “Benita dropped five gowns on the bed, looking worried?
Won’t you do anything, big head? She grabbed Chris cellphone from him “
sweetheart, what do you want me to do. Chris stares at her
Shopping, of course.

Come take me out, am getting fat.
Baby. Didn’t you said, you not feeling well last night ” Chris held her hand, of course? And am back on my feet all thanks to the sweet message you gave me. She embraces him warmly sitting on his lap.”
Baby, I want to go to the beach.

No, I want to do more shopping, yes! Here is the list of things I needed. she places the head on Chris’s shoulder.
Finally! I lose my game all because of you ‘ Chris chuckles her to the bed laughing.
Common baby, am going to faint from laughter.
Faint. I would wake you up with kisses,” he lay down, placing his head on her lap.
Lazy guy ‘aren’t you going to work.
No. I know you won’t hesitate to call me “Chris, I want fried fish make by you. The baby is just two months, and some days, I am getting lean all because of you.

That’s makes you a lovely dad,” she kisses him and positions herself on him. What are you up to. Chris smiled, staring at her ” ride on your little man.
You won’t dare. Common, I told you I need to attend to an urgent meeting. Chris sat up, looking serious.
I thought you said you are not going out for me, and my baby,” Benita look sobber.
I don’t remember saying that, “Chris stood up running from her.
Chris, just take me out. Common.
OK. Go and change.
Just a minute,” she left in excitement,” he watches her left and sneaks out without making a sound.
(Chris pov)
Paul, I want you to get the jet ready, ” my wife and I are leaving.
Again! Paul sat down, staring at him “.
Yes! That’s her request. You know her condition. I need to make her happy always.
To where this time ” Paul look serious
Australia. She said she wants to meet grandma Randy. Chris pack off his files

Gosh! Man. You and your wife,” they noticed the ring on the door and was surprised seeing Benita.”
baby. She embraces Chris. Ouch! Chris screamed, holding his ear, ” you sneak out. Why. Come, you driving. I want you to take me out.
OK, your lordship. ” Chris accepted the car key from her. Hy Paul, “she waved, smiling.
Paul, I just talk to you later, Chris opens the door, holding her hand outside”.
Baby is my dressing, OK. I noticed everyone staring at me “.

Of course, you fine! Always beautiful. He opened the car for her to come in and whine up kissing her”.
he stops at a prominent boutique and got her beautiful necklace and bag ” they look good together, holding hands and kissing ” He pay off bills and drove her to get pizza and ice cream.”
She came down from the car holding her man close “she won’t deny, she loves everything she is having, or maybe she just deserves it.
(6 months after)
Chris kept moving around the ward” he noticed the doctor and walk up to him ” she won’t do it on her own ‘she kept calling your name.

Before the doctor, finish talking. he ran to the labor room, holding her ” in fifteen minutes,” she put to bed, holding her charming prince in her arms.”
Chris embraced her and walked out as he was told. He shared the excellent news to his parent and felt on top of the world smiling when he heard the baby cry”.
I am a father. Finally, little pumpkin is a mother. He sat down, smiling.
(some minutes after)
Mr. and Mrs. Randy came to the hospital, “Benita felt more excited. Here. He’s a boy ” she smiled showing them “
I am so happy for you, Benita. I am happy.
What of my husband ‘ she asked, looking around. I thought you forgot me. “Chris stood beside her massaging her hand.
Of course not, ” you made me who I am. I would never forget you, Chris ray,” she bends her head to kiss him.”
They forgot about Randy’s present. Please. Bring little. They all stare at each other ” What is your son’s name ” Mrs. Randy asks, holding him.

I call him mercy. Everything about my life is full of grace and mercy, “my husband, my son. All. Is by God mercy, ” Benita spoke, cleaning her eyes’.
I just can’t thank God enough for surrounding me with people that genuinely love me so dearly!
We sorry once again for not telling you early Benita.

Have forgiven you,” even when I don’t know you are my grandparents,” you shower me with love. Am. So grateful “
you always welcome, ” all thanks to Chris. For taking good care of our granddaughter.
Grandma is the best husband one can ever ask for. “Benita embraces Chris so close and won’t stop crying.

I never regretted getting married to you Chris ” you beautify me with everything a woman ever wants “
you take me to labor and the Finallyace,” labour room.
finally I complete the kiss mission as a woman. She kisses him so warmly’.

And behind every success of a man,” there is a beautiful and well-behaved woman, wish are you? Thank you,” he embraced her and wore her a lovely necklace.”
Well customized.” Mrs ray ” she smiled like ever before holding him close.

The End

“And they live happily ever after “
Classic Writer: Tife

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