Romantic Bedtime Story (Monster Love)

Monster Love – Romantic Bedtime Story: Today, we will read a romantic love story that gives you the thrill, action, and romance. So, keep calm starts to read the best bedtime story.

Title: In Love With A Monster
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Drama.
By Authoress Tife


This story is about Linda, a lady in her mid-twenties. She lost her parents since when she was very young, they were killed in front of her very own eyes. Since then she never trusted anyone, she loved her parents so much. Later on, her boyfriend cheated on her before her wedding day, and she ran away from her home in distress and pain. She went deep into the woods and there she saw Gery. This is how their love story started.

Who is gery?
How did they meet?
Find out in this interesting story.

Chapter – 1 (Bad Luck)

Linda’s POV
I ran down the streets of Los Angeles. I am already late for work, shit! I don’t want that madam’s pat trouble this morning. I got to the shop panting heavily, and I prayed I wouldn’t meet her in the shop.

I sneaked into the shop, and I saw Rose staring at me with that I warned you to look. I made my way to the kitchen, thank goodness she isn’t around. I put down my bag on the cabinet and put on the apron, I heard footsteps approaching me, and I knew it was rose.

I started talking, rose I know what you are thinking, it’s not my fault I drank too much at the party last night, I wanted to know how it felt, you know have never done that before.

I had to rush down because of that our harsh boss, she won’t understand things if I even explain to her, she is so harsh she hates me, and I hate her too she likes getting on my nerves.

I said all I wanted to say I was satisfied with what I uttered, hey rose why are you not talking I replied, turning back with a glass mug in my hand. As I turned, I saw madam pat standing at my back fuming with anger. OMG!! the mug fell from my hands, I was shocked.

I knew I was doomed, and I knelt down immediately facing her ma am so sorry ma, I didn’t know you were here am so sorry about the mug you can remove it from my salary ma I said crying and facing down. Meet me in my office now! She yelled and left.

I stood to go, and I was shivering, oh God what did I do, why was I blabbing now have lost my only source of income for good.

I walked out of the kitchen to see Rose staring at me, she saw what happened, and I knew she was so scared for me, she loved me so much. I got to madam pat’s office, she looked at me with annoyance and spoke up.

Linda, I can’t believe you said all those about me, after all, I have done for you, you are so ungrateful she yelled. I knelt immediately am sorry ma I won’t do it again ma am a small girl and am childish, I am so sorry I said amidst tears.

Somebody knocked and came in, and it was rose, madam pat is so sorry about what Linda did she was drunk yesterday and am sure it’s still affecting her please give her one more chance it won’t happen again she said kneeling close to me.

I looked at her surprised and then looked at madam pat her face became soft after what Rose said.

She has always loved rose because she was hardworking and earned more money than me. I was the otherwise I had bad luck following me everywhere I go.

Okay! Her voice called me back to reality thank your star you have a good friend if this happens again, trust me rose won’t be able to help me get out!! She yelled. I stood up quickly and went out with a rose.

Rose POV
We got to the kitchen, Linda, what was that for? You almost got yourself sacked. I thought you were the one that entered the kitchen I never knew it was the boss, but am so happy you came to my rescue if not I would be on my way on by now, thank so much she said sobbing.

Its okay Linda, don’t cry if you don’t stop I will cry too. She stopped sobbing and smiled, cleaning her tears.

I smiled and patted her, you know its not good for Jason’s wife to be to cry, she laughed okay have stopped. Let’s get back to work. I told her, standing up.

In the evening…
Linda POV
I started walking down the streets, and I remembered what happened in the restaurant today that was close thank God for rose, she is such a darling I thought.

I miss Jason so much, let me spend my night at his place today, he will be very surprised when he sees me. I didn’t tell him I was coming. I missed him so much.

My boyfriend Jason is so handsome and classy tho he isn’t that buoyant financially I still love him, and he loves me too.

I got to his house not long, I turned the door handle, and the door gave way for me, Jason and not looking at his door. I smiled and entered the sitting room, it was dark, and I couldn’t see anything, I called out his name, but I got no response.

I decide to check upstairs, I climbed the stairs, and as I got to the passage I started hearing moans, I hope it’s not what I am thinking I ran to Jason room I opened the door immediately, and I saw Jason banging Rose.

What! Jason! Rose, I yelled, crying, how could you guys do this to me! Before they could recover from the shock, I ran downstairs.

I heard Jason calling me, but I didn’t want to hear anything from him, I hate him why me, with the rose? I ran out, heading nowhere.
Jason why?

Chapter – 2 (Help Me)

Jason’s POV
I chased her downstairs, but she was too fast. Linda! I called, but she didn’t stop. She continued running. I couldn’t go far because I was still naked.

I went inside with depression, and when I got to the room, I saw Rose still lying naked on the bed. Rose are you insane? Are you still here naked? I asked her furiously. I told you not to come today, but you didn’t listen now see what you have caused.

Oh, save me that shit Jason she said coming closer. It’s not my fault that your manhood here can’t wait till your wedding night, she said grabbing my still erect d**k making me moan.

Rose but you know this isn’t right. She is your friend. She trusted you. I said pitifully. You should have thought of that before deflowering me she said swaying her a*s and moving to the bed.

I hate myself for this. Why couldn’t I resist Rose? Truth be told she is se*y, and Linda didn’t allow me to touch her till now. I don’t even know who I love out of both of them. I am so messed up. I went out of the room, leaving Rose, who was already close to sleeping. I went to the guest room. I brought out a cigar, and I needed to cool my head right now. After much thought, I slept off.

Rose POV
I was so furious, how could he blame me for what happened. I hate that bit*h so much. How could she disturb us?
Jason is mine alone, I met him first, and no one can snatch him from me. I have been crushing on him from my college days.

Linda watches your back because I never lose; we are in this together. I love Jason, and I can’t lose him to anyone.

Gery’s POV
I was in the woods hunting for dinner. I Am very am a monster; I have supernatural powers. I change to humans in daylight, but when night approaches, I turn into a monster. I have lived for 100 years in the woods with my monk friend jake in a small hut. That’s enough introduction for now.

I sighted a deer far away from me, I ran with great speed to where it was, and before it could move, I pounced on it and deeped my fangs into its neck and killed it.

I carried it on my shoulders and raced towards the hut. I met Jake reading some books, k forgot to say this Jake is human. Hey, Jake check this out.

Wow, gery is this quite impressive, you now getting better in your hunting skills he said moving towards me and carrying it from my shoulders.

Immediately I placed it on him, and he fell on the floor groaning. I laughed so hard and ended up falling too. Jake looked at me with anger, and I tried so hard to stop laughing. It would help if you had told me it’s this heavy he said, getting up.
I am sorry I said amidst laugh. Let me help you, and I carried it to the back of the hut to roast it. I saw some dry woods. I gathered them and lighted it. I made d meat ready to be roasted and placed it in the fire.

Jake came out and sat beside me while we watched the fire together. Suddenly a great wind blew putting off the fire. What is that I asked Jake standing up. Jake stared into the woods for long before answering the anxious me. A human is coming towards this direction. He said, moving towards the hut, come in gery, you can’t be seen.

I want to take a look. I said, moving from the hut.
Gery! Jake called, but I didn’t answer, I wanted to see that human.
This is the first time a human will enter deep into these woods.

Linda’s POV
I ran deep into the woods, and I hate everyone, how could Jason do this to me, even Rose, I trusted how could she. I want to die.
I wish my parent had not left me, and I missed you, mum and dad, why did you go too soon. I became so weak because I had been crying.

I saw a heap of sand, and I decided to sit on it. I then saw that I was so far from the city, but I didn’t mind, I was so hurt.

I loved you, Jason. But now I hate you, I yelled. I started crying heavily. Suddenly I started hearing movement behind me. Who is there? I asked, but I got no reply. I stood up and faced back properly.

I saw something among the bushes, who is it? I asked shivering. I started walking out, and I got a better view of it. It was an animal, and it had purple eyes and black fur.

I started! Moving back and it opened its teeth showing its fangs. Please don’t hurt me, and I said crying. I hit my leg on a stone behind me as I was moving backward and I fell. I tried standing up, but I think I had broken my ankle. The animal was very close to me. It roared, and I shivered. Please don’t hurt me.

As it was very close to me, I saw another thing coming close to where I was, but I couldn’t open my eyes for long anymore, it was too heavy to stay open. I heard the scream of animals in front of me, but I was too weak to get up and run.

Please help me! I said, and everything went blank.

Chpter – 3 – (You Sink)

Jake’s POV
I angrily entered into the hut, and I shouldn’t have let that lady stay here last night, I can’t imagine Gery liking a human, it not good for him.

The relationship between his father a monster and his mother a human was what killed both of them, and I was assigned to take care of Gery I can’t afford to see him hurt.

I took one of the books on my shelf and started reading it, I saw the outcome of Gery marrying a human, he will end up dying, and I don’t want him to.

Linda’s POV
I left them angrily, that jake of a guy is so rude I said angrily and that Gery guy couldn’t even talk, but why was he so silent he looked so cute like an Angel.

They even laid me on a wooden bed I thought to snuff as I continued leaping. I continued walking as I noticed I was going in circles.

What is going on, I have seen this place before it looks so familiar, am I going in circles I thought as I looked at the woods under the beautiful morning sun.

I was tired of walking as I brought out my phone. I remembered I had a GPS location on my phone, maybe this will help I thought.

I switched on my phone, cos I switched it off when I ran from Jason’s house, It came on, but there was no service.

Shit!! Why now come on I said stamping my feet on d ground, I was so frustrated. I looked around, and I saw a figure behind a tree.

Hello! I called as I moved close to the human-like figure, maybe he would help me in getting out of this place, I moved closer as the figure back me.

Tho it was now obvious it was a man, I stretched my hands forward to tap the person when he suddenly turned making me startle and fall.
Gery’s POV

I knew it would be hard for that human to leave the woods, I didn’t want to believe Jake, so I started looking for her in the woods.

I sighted her looking so annoyed, pressing something in her hands that didn’t look familiar somewhere in the woods. I stood behind a tree a little bit far from her.

I watched her closely truth be told she is so beautiful, and I don’t even know why I couldn’t talk when she was in front of me, she was breathtaking, I guess.

She suddenly sighted me from afar, and I turned back her, after some little time I felt her very close to me. I turned immediately and saw her hands up before she fell scared.

Must she always raise her hands at me, I thought to stare at her? Must you always scare me and make me fall?? She said.

Er..nn am so sorry I said, and I saw her mouth open in surprise, tho I wasn’t sure why she did that. I moved to her and raised her.

All this while she continued looking at me, and I became shy all of a sudden. Thank you. She said, looking away as I lifted her, and she stood.

I think you are having a problem leaving the woods. I said, looking around. Yes, she said sighing heavily. I will help you get to the street as I said and stretched my hands to her.

She smiled and collected my hands as we started walking, all this while she was busy stealing glances of me. Please can you slow down you are walking too fast she said breathing heavily?

I am sorry I said as I reduced my pace, I no time we got to the open street, I left her hands and faced her, I think you can get home now I said smiling.

Yes, sure she replied, smiling too, okay girl, I said. Its Linda she said, smiling as she moved away, I grinned widely as she left she is so beautiful when smiling and her voice is angelic.

I turned to move back into the woods, she called me and said, Gery! One more thing, I stood eager, wanting to hear her.

Please change your clothes, and you stink she said as she laughed and ran away. I laughed too as I ran into the woods.

She like me!! She likes me! She said I stink! I said, shouting happily as I hopped in the woods. But what does that mean?? I asked myself, still happy.

I will ask Jake when I get home.

Chapter 4 – (I’m Sorry)

Gery’s POV
I got home and met Jake inside, hey Jake I said, moving close to him and smiling happily. And where have you been? He replied frowning.

I took a stroll into the woods, I said, and he looked at me closely before facing away. Hey Jake what does Stink mean?? I asked happily.

He looked at me and tried not to burst into laughter, where did you hear that from he asked. Tell me the meaning already I said nervously.

It means you are smelling and dirty he said and burst into laughter, what! I said angrily. Is that true? I asked him, and he nodded and continued laughing heavily.

Haven’t you taken your bath for ages, you know? He said, trying to stop the laughter, and I just stood there looking stupid. So tell me where did you hear it from? He asked seriously now.

Linda told me I said as I moved out of the hut, Who is Linda? He called after me, but I didn’t answer. All I wanted to do was wash and my cloth so that I won’t stink anymore.

I got to the river and washed with leaves and something that foams that Jakes uses. I washed my clothes too and layed them close to a rock near me.

I sat as I washed the cloth dry, I can’t wait to smell nice to Linda, I thought as I smiled widely.

Linda’s POV
I sat in the sitting room watching a movie on the TV when I heard a knock on the door. Who is it? I said as I moved to the door.

I opened it and saw Jason, what the hell are you doing here, Jason? I asked angrily, and he went on his knees immediately.

Please, Linda, I want to talk, please let me in, am so sorry for everything, I know I was an as*hole. I am so sorry. Rose seduced me.
I felt tries form in my eye as he spoke, tho I said I hated him, but right now I don’t think I do. I raised him and pulled him inside, hugging him tightly.

I miss you, Linda, he said as he kissed my neck, giving me hickeys and making me moan. I missed you too I said between gritted teeth.

He disengaged from the hug as he looked straight into my eyes, I love you, Linda, he said as he crushed Hus lips on mine devouring my lower lip.

I responded to his touch immediately, and he carried me up against the wall still kissing me, I held his head my hands I to his hair. He reached for my b**bs and gave it a slight squeeze making me moan again.

He disengaged from the kiss and whispered into my ears, and I want you, Linda, I want you right now. Then take me, I said, not recognizing my voice.

He smiled and placed me on the couch as he tore my clothes apart as I assisted in helping him remove his pants. He stood stark naked in front of me.

Lowered his body between my wide opened legs, and I felt his d**k between me, causing great heat between them. He kissed me and positioned himself to thrust when the door opened…What! I yelled…

Chapter 5 – (It Hurts)

Jason’s POV
I was about inserting my d**k when someone opened the door and came in looking weak. Gery!! Linda called as she tried adjusting herself away from me. What are you doing here??! She asked. He didn’t reply, he just turned back and ran out.

All this while I stood looking surprised and angry at the same time, why will he come and interrupt the moment I have always waited for.
I have always wished to be the one to disvirgin Linda, and now I am at the tip of it this rascal disturbed. Linda stood up and quickly dressed up.

What are you doing? I asked. She didn’t reply to me; instead, she ran after that Gery guy.

She came back minutes later, hey Linda I say moving close to her. Get out Jason she said, not looking at me.

What! Get out? Why? What’s wrong? Who is he? I asked, frustrated. I said get out she yelled as tears rolled down her face.

Linda, I said. I was about touching her when she ran into her room and slammed the door before I could get there.

Linda opens the door! I yelled, hitting the door. You can’t just go like that, and we need to do this I said calmly. Go away Jason she replied, admits tears.

I will come back for you, Linda, and I said as I left the house in annoyance. My d**k became flat all of a sudden.

I got to my car and started driving. Who is this mother…? I hadn’t seen him on this street before I thought as I drove.

I am sure he means a lot to Linda, but I don’t care, she is mine alone. I picked up my phone and dialled a number.

Hey, don, I need you to find out about a guy named Gery, tho I don’t know his other names, just that will do right.
Yes, boss.

Good, I will pay you well if you do this job well. I said as I hung up.
I need to fk I thought as I held my dk, I got to Rose street and headed to her house.

Linda’s POV
I felt guilt immediately. I saw Gery, and I didn’t know why, but I felt I was wrong.

I called him as I chased after him, but he didn’t answer me, he was so fast, and I couldn’t catch up, so I returned home.

I met Jason still there, and I became so irritated seeing him, get out I said sobbing, I can’t believe I almost gave my precious virginity to Jason after promising myself till my wedding night.

I ran into my room and slammed the door behind me, and I need to clear my head. Gery brought me back to my senses.
In no time I fell asleep.

Gery’s POV
I was still watching my cloth dry when I felt a sudden sharp pain in my heart. I winced as I fell to the ground.
I didn’t understand the pain, that was the first time I felt like that in my whole life.

Suddenly I saw a house playing in my head, and I knew immediately that there was a connection between what was wrong with me and that house.

I stood up and dressed up. I started walking away from the hut towards where the house played in my head. Gery! What is wrong with you? He asked as he ran to me, worried.

Blood oozed out from my Mouth and Ears I need to get somewhere I replied staggering away. Like this? He called, but I didn’t answer.

I got to the house and opened the dose to find Linda and a guy almost mating. I was still in pain, and I was so confused, I didn’t know what to do but to run out.

Gery! Linda called behind me, but I ignored her, I want to talk to her but I can’t. I feel so hurt, and any moment from that time, I would change to my beast form.

I ran into the woods, and I just wanted to rest.

Chapter 6 – (Get Married)

Jake’s POV
As Gery left the woods with blood all over his body, I get totally scared I ran inside, went to my bookshelf, and took a book named BEAST PAINS.

I started reading it, tho I had read it before I didn’t pay much attention to it. As I continued reading, I saw a picture of a beast oozing out blood from the ears and nose just like Gery.

I went further and read it and what I saw baffled me. When a beast partner(human) cheats on the beast, it reduced its heart by 2%.

Oh God that Linda is connected to him and now she is doing nonsense with another man!

I read further than I knew this was what his mother did too that killed his father. I hate humans I muttered with tears in my eyes.

I can’t afford to lose Gery, and he is the one I had sworn to protect, I must tell him this. As I was still reading the book, I heard a knock on the door, oh Thank God he is back.

As I opened it and was about yelling, I saw A man and a woman in front of me, and as I looked at them carefully and surprised I saw a pendant on their necks, and it looked familiar.

I have seen it in one of my beast books, and I immediately recalled that only beasts use it. Hello, I said still looking at them, How are you they answered smiling. I am fine, and please do come in I said still thinking of why they are here or is Gery in trouble?

After they were sited, they spoke up while I prepared herbal tea for them. Our Daughter Alice sent is here, and they said as I placed the tea in front of them and sat.

Okay? I said wanting to hear more, then the man spoke up, Alice is my beast daughter and she is very beautiful, I know you are a monk, and you know about this things because I don’t want to take time explaining things. All these while I was just nodding wondering what they wanted to say.

Alice loves your friend Gery, and she wants to marry him, and I think its a good idea because they are beasts of the same species.

I just looked at them in shock, Gery? Marry? Now? That’s too much for me to take in. My daughter Alice as not been her self since when they met.

And how did they meet? I asked the woman who spoke up, She said they fought in the woods over her prey, and he defended the prey, and since then she liked it although he wounded her that day.

Ohh… I said still surprised now I get it, so Alice is the beast Gery told me about.

Well, I don’t think I have much to say because I can’t decide for Gery and he is not around presently.

What of your daughter? Is she here? I asked, looking around. No, she is not, she is shy, so she sent us, but we can send her here tomorrow in the daylight.

Okay, by then Gery would have been back, and I promise to talk to him for you.

Thanks, we appreciate your kind gestures, we will be on our way now. Your welcome, I said as they went out.

I went back inside and went straight to my bookshelf and brought out a book BEAST SECRET.

I need to know the use of that pendant, I opened it, and I saw the picture and read the notes.

Wow, so the pendant can help him be in his human form even in the night?? Wow am sure he would love it, but I won’t tell him, it will encourage him to stay near that human.

Gery’s POV
I ran into the woods in pain, and my heart was not helping situations at all, I ran faster already in my beast form to the hut. I enter sharply making Jake flinch. Gery! He said, running to me, are you okay?? No am not I said in tears.

My heart hurts, I feel pain, and you know the most painful thing I saw Linda almost mating with another human.

Jake took me to the wooden bed and cleaned the bloodstains on my body. Please tell me why I am affected by her action.

I warned you, Gery, I told you, you are connected to her, and any se*ual relationship with another man human will hurt you he said in tears.

You have to stay away from her, and your heart reduces with 2% anytime she is near the man.
What! 2%! But why is it like that?? How do you know?? I asked, surprised.

Yes, Gery, I read it in the book over there he said pointing at the book on the table, so you need to stay away from her.

How will I do that? We have connected already. Then try to avoid her he said finally making me sad.

Well, you had a visitor today?? Visitors I said surprised. Yes, and they talked about their daughter, a beast that likes you and wants to marry you.

Marry me! What the hell I don’t even know them, how does she know me?
You met in the woods when you met Linda, and her name is Alice. As I heard Linda’s name, I felt pain, making me wince.

Jake please I need to rest now, I feel pain okay I will leave you now.
As he left in no time, I slept off, and I was so weak.

In the morning…
I heard a knock on the door waking me up. Who is there? I asked as I moved to the door in my human form.
I opened the door and saw…

CHAPTER 7 – (Getting Familiar)

Gery’s POV
A lady was standing at the door, and she wasn’t looking familiar, she had long black shining hairs and green eyes like mine. She had the same colour as Linda, beautiful but not as beautiful as Linda.
Hi, she said, her voice wasn’t as charming as Linda’s own. Hi, sorry, who are you? I asked, still checking her out.

Before she could answer, Jake spoke up from behind me.
That is Alice and Alice meet Gery, he said, smiling widely. Hi, she said again smiling.

Hi, come in Alice Jake said, leaving me speechless, so this is the girl I fought within the woods, wow she was very.
Strongback there that day, she was fearless, but of course, I chased her am still stronger than her.

He is beautiful; her voice sounded jolting me out of my thoughts, making me smile. I know the meaning of beautiful.
Are you going to continue standing at the door or come sit down Jake said, pouring her tea.

Yeah am coming, I sat down close to where Jake sat while she stood up to sit near me.
I like you, Gery, since the day we met in the woods I never for once forgot you, you are so charming and beautiful. I want to marry you; she dropped the bomb.

I was so confused I didn’t know what to say. I can’t take no for an answer because you owe me, you wounded me that night, so you owe me one she said as she held my arm.

Well am sorry about that night, I was trying to save the human I said trying to remove my hand from her but she held it firmly.
You saved an ordinary human, my prey Gery but its okay, all I need now is you she said caressing my chest making me shiver.

All this while Jake was just smiling watching us from the corner of his room. I looked at him, and he winked at him making me furious doesn’t he know I am now connected to someone, not just anyone Linda.
Gery is waiting, well am already connected to someone, and I can’t love another.

Her face changed at the sound of that, and she left my side standing up, connected! To who! She yelled.
I knew telling her its Linda will put her in danger, its no one never mind.

Tell me, Gery, and I will… Do you like to take a stroll with me I said, trying to change the topic?
Her face brightened up, sure I will she said blushing. Arrghhh this is so hard for me I thought moving out with her as she held me by the arm resting her head on my shoulders.

I looked back at Jake, and all he did was give me a thumbs up, I shot him a deadly look making him laugh. He is so annoying.

Alice’s POV
As we moved deeper into the woods, I stole glances from him, he is so handsome, and I love him so much I thought still holding his arm.
My mind drifted back to what he said in the hut, who the hell is he connected to? I most separate them I can’t afford to lose Gery he is my life.

Come on let me show you somewhere he said, smiling at me. Sure I said blushing, and he is so beautiful. He took me to a place in the woods that had only purple flowers.
Wow it is beautiful I said happily thanks Gery I said bringing my head closer to his cheek when he quickly moved away, I was embarrassed, but I didn’t care, with time he will get to love me.

We continued moving around the purple flowers, we were not talking, and I hated the silence. I decided to break the awkward atmosphere with a plan. I left his side and moved farther from him, pretending to smell the flowers.
While he was still at the back, I hit my leg on a big stone intentionally.

I scream, and fake tears rolled down my cheeks. Are you okay Gery said running close to me and squatting before me?
As soon as I saw, we were very close. I looked up at his face and pulled him close to him as my lips crushed on his.

Linda’s POV
I woke up in the morning troubled about what happened yesterday, and I need to see Gery I need to know how he got my address and thank him for waking my senses up.
I quickly wore a White crop top and a jean trouser, I packed my hair in a ponytail and applied light makeup.
I walked down the street with my earphone in my ear. I was playing Freaky Friday by Chris Brown. I love his songs so much.

I got to the woods and started walking inside. I didn’t remember where we passed the other day because I concentrated on Gery, not the road. I continued walking in, trying to recall the way when I sighted a place more or less like a purple plantation.

Wow, it’s beautiful. I walked closer to it as I sighted someone in the plantation.
I moved closer, and I saw A lady kissing Gery, as I saw this I was so shocked my bag dropped from my hands making them stop kissing.

I felt my eyes heating as Gery looked at me in shock. Linda, he called weakly, and the lady with him looked at both of us in confusion.

I turned immediately from them with tears in my eyes and started running into the woods. How could he?? I wanted to thank him, and I met his kissing doesn’t he have courtesy I thought as tears kept flowing down my cheeks.
Why are you crying, Linda? You have just met him, and you concluded he is single? My inner mind told me.
But I shoved it off and continued running, and I don’t know why but it hurts so much.

Chapter 8 – (Thank God You Came)

Gery’s POV
I was so shocked when Alice kissed me, and before I could stop her, Linda came to sight.
She ran away with tears in her eyes; I left Alice standing there and ran after her, I felt guilt all of a sudden.

Linda, I called as I was catching up with her, I got to her and ran to her front, blocking her way.

She was crying, but she didn’t look up, Leave me alone Gery, am sorry to disturb you guys she said tearfully.

Linda is sorry, I didn’t mean to she was the one that kissed me. I said in pity, and I hated to see her cry.

And you couldn’t stop her!!! She yelled in anger. Why are you so angry I asked her surprisingly making her look at me.

Yeah I know I supposed not to be angry and not because I don’t know you, I don’t want ever to see you, I hate you so!much she yelled as she left my presence.

I couldn’t run after her. Her words so hurt me; she hates me!!! But I didn’t do anything wrong.

I need to go home now, and I don’t feel like talking to anyone again I left for the hut leaving Alice, she caused all this.

Alice’s POV
Gery ran after that lady leaving me, who the hell is that lady?
Why was she crying when she saw us? Why was Gery so surprised to see her?

I thought in anger, and she looked so familiar, where have I seen her before.
Oh…She was the prey Gery saved that night, now I see.

Can it be that Gery is connected to her? She is human, and he will get hurt.

I need to find her and kill her before she hurts my Gery; he is my life.
I waited for Gery to return, but after waiting for long in vain, I went home in anger That human will pay for ruining my day.

Linda’s POV
I got out of the woods in tears, and I shouldn’t have talked to him in that manner, I was too harsh.

But why am I so hurt? Do I love him?? No, you don’t you just met him, Linda, my inner mind told me.

Right, I just met him. I need to avoid him. I got home in no time, and as I was about opening my door, someone opened it from inside.

Jason? What are you doing here? How did you get here? I asked in surprise as I entered and dropped my bad on the couch.

Linda, he said, coming close to me kissing my neck. I missed you so much, so I decided to drop by.

Ohh I said, trying to push him away but he stood his ground as he trailed his finger down to my b**bs.

I didn’t feel right at all, Gery’s picture kept playing in my head, Jason stops it I said within clenched teeth.

I want you, Linda, he said as he pressed my b**bs, making me moan slightly as he kept kissing my neck.

I don’t want this I said angrily as I pushed him away with force making his move back surprisingly.

Now see who is stubborn he said smiling wickedly, I think I won’t need your consent to f**k you then.

Before I could speak up, he pulled me and threw me on the couch. Jason stop this I said, almost crying.

He started removing his trousers along with his boxers, exposing his d**k.
I was so scared I don’t want to lose my virginity to this lunatic.

He came closer to me as I tried running and tore my top from the back, exposing my bareback.

I was so furious as I turned and bite him on his hand, he was so angry, and he slapped me hard making blood ooze from my nose and mouth, my lips were cut.

Jason, I beg of you I said as he dragged me under himself, he tore my bra, exposing my ti*s, as he grabbed them hardly making me groan.

I hate you, Jason, I said in tears I was so weak. I wish someone could come to my rescue.

He moved his hand to my V and was about inserting his finger when the door opened.

He looked back to see who was there blocking my view, who is that angel, I thought.

Gery!! I called, and before I knew it, he carried naked Jason by his hair and threw him against the wall with just one hand.

How did he do that!? I thought as I watched them.
Jason tried to stand up, Gery moved close to him and whispered something into his ear.

He opened his eyes wide, and before I knew it, he ran to his clothes and ran out not looking at me.

I noticed his red eyeballs turn into blue when he looked at me, he came closer to me, and I covered my body with my hands He removed his top and gave it to me, he turned back after this and I knew he wanted me to wear it and didn’t want to look at me.

Thank you said after wearing his shirt, he turned to face me and I saw his abs. They were beautifully arranged he was well built, as I kept drooling he came closer to me and looked into my eyes.
Are you okay? I nodded carrying my gaze from him he was so cute.

He won’t come back again he said standing properly, thanks I said still facing away. I will leave now he said as he moved to the door, I ran to him and hugged him from behind.

My head on his bareback, he smelt nice, Thank you Gery, and am sorry for today I didn’t mean to be angry.
He didn’t reply to me, and please stay with me this night I owe you one.

No, I need to leave now he said, releasing my hands from his body gently as he walked out.

Chapter 9 – (Precious Hug)

Jason’s POV
On my way home in my car, I was still shivering from the shock that the Gery guy gave me.
How can he say he will eat me raw if I hurt or come near Linda again? Who the hell those he think he is?
His eyeball where shinning red. I was so scared. Who is he to Linda? Why those he always spoil my plan?

I need to get him out of my way. I put a call across my hired assassin.
I need to know more about that, Gery guy. I dialed his number.
Hey don, I have a business for you.

I need you to get more information about one Gery, tho I don’t know more than his name. I need to know everything about him, and he doesn’t look healthy.

Good, I trust you. I hung up.

I got home and opened my door to find Rose wearing only a spaghetti. Hey baby, she said, smiling seductively as she came closer to me.

Hi, I replied coldly. Baby, what happened, you have blood over your face she asked in concern. I didn’t reply. I just slumped on the couch, who did this to you, baby, tell me she said sweetly.

Why don’t you ask your stupid friend, I said as I touched my face in pain. Rose? How dare her? She said angrily, am sorry baby, but how did she get to injure you like this.

Well, I don’t know who he hired as her bodyguard or something he is always following her. And what caused you fight she asked anxiously. I couldn’t tell her I wanted to rape Rose.

Can we please just forget about it, am not in the mood I said, standing up as I moved inside my room and shut the door.
I hate Linda now, and she and Gery will pay for this, I muttered.

Rose’s POV
How dare Linda hurt my boyfriend, that bit*h! I yelled, I hate her so much.
She is such a loser to send someone to beat Jason up, and she is going to pay.
No one hurts my man and goes scot-free.

Linda watches your back cos you are going to regret this I said as I banged my fist on the couch.
I hate her.

The next day…

Linda’s POV
I woke up very early, and I didn’t sleep well; I thought about Gery throughout the night.
I held his clothes close to me as I slept. I felt so happy to have it beside me.
I need to return this cloth to him. I thought I watched the clothed and dried it with my washing machine.
I freshened up, and I wore a short red gown just above my knees. I applied a little makeup, and when I was satisfied with my looks, I carried mg small back and wore my fancy slippers.

I locked my door and headed down the street to the woods, tho I didn’t remember the way to the hut I didn’t care I continued walking into it.

I knew I would be safe, Gery seems to be everywhere I am. I walked and walked as I grew tired.
Oh Lord, help me see this hut, I continued walking until I sighted a place where we stopped the other day when I was walking too fast.

I remember we didn’t get there through a straight road, so I turned to my right.
I continued walking in the woods under the morning light as I saw a river in front of me.
It was so beautiful under the sun, and I remember vividly that this was the river that I first met Gery.
I looked around, and then I saw the hut, Oh thank God I saw happily as I ran to the hut.

Gery’s POV
All through the night, Linda’s touch was hunting me, and I couldn’t sleep. I just wanted to see her and get her to touch me again.

I would have stayed with her, but I needed to keep my secrets from her.
When I got home, I had already transformed into my beast form. I met Jake standing outside, and as he saw me, his face changed to an angry one.

Why did you leave Alice alone yesterday for that human? He asked. How did you know that I asked him?
She came here before heading home, and she was unhappy and told me what happened.
Well, since you know everything, I don’t need to explain. I left him and went to sleep.

As I woke up, I didn’t have any shirt to wear because I gave it to Linda and its the only one I have.
Tho I didn’t mind, I am so happy that she used it and hugged me yesterday.
I was very hungry, so I went to the apple fruit tree near the hut with only my trousers.
Jake was still sleeping so I couldn’t disturb him to Cook. I still plucked the fruit with my hands, and I had to climb the tree. I love climbing trees.

As I was on the tree, I heard a familiar voice right under me, Hey Gery.
Ohhh, I said scared as I fell from the tree, what the…Linda? I said, astonished.
She looked at me and burst into laughter, and she looked so beautiful. I admired smiling.

I didn’t mean to scare you, she said admits the laugh, it’s okay I said laughing too I became shy all of a sudden.
She stopped laughing at started staring at my chest, and I felt her gaze move to my private part.

I became so shy as I cleared my throat. E.hhrr..nn am so sorry she said, looking away.
I came to give you your shirt. Thank you so much she said as she stretched the cloth to me.

I collected the clothes and moved closer to her; I brought her eyes to met mine. I started Into her eyes like I was reading something.

Please can you hug me? I said before, thinking.

Chapter 10 – (Killing Family)

Gery’s POV
What? She said, surprised. No, it’s not. Before I could finish the statement, she came closer and hugged me tightly.
Her hands landed on my bare back as her chest pressed hard on my abs, I felt her nip*le making me shiver.

I held her waist and drew her closer, tighter, I felt comfortable, and I rested my head on her shoulders with my eyes closed.

I disengaged from the hug and looked into her eyes, do you wish to have a stroll with me into the woods?
Sure, she said. Happily, I reached out for her hands, and she gave them to me as we walked into the woods.

She was still with my clothes, so I walked with only trousers, I could feel her stealing glances of my abs as we walked.
She looked at me, and I looked at her, smiling, we moved further, and I told her to close her eyes.
She looked at me surprisingly before shutting her eyes, and I used my hands to close her eyes to be sure she wasn’t looking and moved her to a mountain.

I removed my hand from her eyes, and you can open now. She opened it gently, Wow! It’s beautiful she said smiling, she looked at the river in front and the colorful flowers beside it.

I looked at her, and she looked back, still smiling, you are lovely. I said seriously as I stared at her face and her lips.

Thanks, she said blushing, can you swim? I asked her, facing the river. Yes, why? She asked me.
Join me! I said as I jumped off the cliff into the river, Gery! She called, but I didn’t answer.

I wanted to scare her, so I bubbled out water from underwater, pretending like j was sinking.
Gery! She called, searching the water. I watched her from under the water smiling before I knew it she jumped into the water.

I was so happy, and she raised her head, calling out my name. I moved from behind her and touched her shoulders. Haaaaa! She shouted, startled, making me laugh.

Gery! You scared the hell out of me, why did you do that? She said, faking a frown. I was just having fun, I said, making a sorry face.

Now my clothes her drenched she said looking at her clothes, you should have removed it I said smirking stupidly. I saw her eyes widening. I am just joking, I said, laughing.
I moved closer to her in the water and wrapped my hands around her waist, and I looked at her breats through the clothes, niples were evident through the red gown she wore.

I drew her closer to me till I could feel her niple on my chest, making my d*k twitch. She stared into my eyes and then my lips, I looked at her lips, and all I wanted to do is kiss them.
I brought my face closer to hers, and she closed her eyes expectantly, as was about kissing her when I heard a familiar voice.

Don’t you dare! I removed my waist from Linda. She looked at where the direction came from. Alice! What are you doing here? I asked, surprised.

Alice’s POV
I was walking admits the woods when I sighted Gery and Linda in the river almost kissing, I was so furious how dare her. Don’t you dare, I yelled, moving close to them as they disengaged?

I walked up to Gery and held his hand leaning on his shoulders, Baby, who is this lady? I asked, showing Linda a deadly look.

Gery wasn’t talking but remain where he was, Linda was looking at him expecting him to talk. Well, why don’t you leave me and my boyfriend alone I said to her as I rubbed Gery’s chest.

Your boyfriend? She asked, surprised. Gery, why don’t you tell her to get out of here before things worsen, I said, smiling wickedly at Linda.

Linda, please leave, Gery said looking at the ground, Fine! She yelled as she threw his shirt on him and left in tears.

Gery threw my hands off him, and I knew he put up with the drama because he knows if he didn’t, Linda would be in danger. I was so happy, and she won’t come close to him again.

Linda’s POV
I ran out of the woods in tears, I love him, I do, but he is taken, why! Why didn’t he tell me? I hate him for keeping it from me, and he made me fall in love with him being so stupid.

I got home, and I sat on the floor in tears, it hurts. I was still crying when I heard a knock on the door.

Gery! He came back for me, and I stood up happily as I ran to open the door, Gery I knew..Who are you?? I asked a man standing in front of me with a scary mask.

I asked you a ques before I could finish, he covered my nose with a handkerchief, I struggled a bit, of course, he was more reliable, and in no time I was unconscious.

I woke up after I felt water on my body. I opened my eyes. First, it was blurry but later cleared.
Rose? I saw her sitting in front of me with a man standing beside her and other men around us.
How dare you kidnap me? Oh shut up, she yelled, making me flinch. I was so scared. I looked at the man, and I saw he looked familiar, I closed my eyes to recall where I saw his face.

What! This is the man that killed my parents. I shouted as I tried standing, then I realized my hands were tied. Rose, he is evil, don’t let him touch you.
She laughed and said, what if I say I asked him to kill your parents. What!!! Why would you do that?? they were kind to you!! I shouted as tears rushed down my cheeks.

She stood up, let’s just say because I hate seeing you happy she said as she came closer to me, tears filled my eyes, I can’t believe rose killed my parents.

She reached for my face and said this is for me, she slapped me hard on the face, and blood rushed out of my mouth. Then she brought the knife closer to my laps, and this is for Jason, she said as she thrust the knife into my laps.
Ahh… I yelled, crying, and suddenly I started hearing gunshots and the groans of people I knew Gery has come. I looked at Rose, who was restless and smiled, you dead friend, I said, laughing.

She raised her hand to slap me when Gery held her hand from behind, and you won’t do that he said as he threw her to the wall, he winked at me and blushed.

He untied the rope and went to where the rose was, he carried her by the hair, no one hurts my Linda, he said angrily. I was so shocked he said that and I blushed, but I remembered what happened in the woods and became angry.
I can never beat a woman, and that Is what Is going to save you today. He said to Rose and left her. I tried walking, but the sharp pain in my lap didn’t allow me. I winced in pain.

Gery came close to me and saw my leg, he carried me in a bridal style and moved me out of the building I was. I was shy, so my face on his chest, tho I was still angry about the afternoon.

In no time I got to my home, I don’t even understand how he knew the way to my house?? He is truly an angel. He carried me to my room after I told him not to.

Tho I was happy he did, he layed me on the bed, where do I get warm water? He asked, looking around, I pointed to the bathroom.
In no time he came out with a bowl and towel, he was so quiet, reached for my gown, and looked at me, I nodded, raised the gown but stopped right above the wound.

As his hand made contact with my skin, I shivered, he cleaned the wound, and I groan as he did. Who is that lady to you?? I asked to break the silence.
She is no one, he said coldly, she is no one, and she called you her boyfriend, and you just looked at me not saying anything I said in anger.

She is just a lady that is forcing herself on me nothing more Linda, he said, looking at me softly. I held his hands and pulled him closer to me.
I kissed him so hard as my life depends on it, he responded to the kiss as his hand trailed down to my neckline. I deepened the kiss as I made my way into his mouth with my tongue.

All of a sudden, he stopped and stood up, what is wrong? I asked him surprisingly.
I have to go, he said and moved out, leaving me.

Chapter 11 – (Human Or Monster)

Gery’s POV
As I was kissing Linda, I felt my fur and tail threatening to fall out. I had to run out of the house. I can’t let her know my identity.

I ran down to the woods, and before I could enter the woods, I quickly removed my trousers and shirt so it won’t get torn, immediately I removed it, my tail popped out.

I was still at the corner of the street, and I hopped into the woods as I fully transformed into my beast form, I reduced my form as I walked into the dark woods.

I remembered Linda as I was walking, her smile, her lips they kept playing in my head, it’s self-evident I love her so much, tho Jake as warned me not to fall in love with any human it’s difficult not to.

Jake warned me not to go out when I felt my heart was hurting, I knew Linda was in danger, he didn’t feel well about it, but I couldn’t stay there knowing Linda was in danger.

I was still walking in the woods thinking of Linda when I heard the shutter sound of a camera, and I can hear the slightest noise as a beast.

I looked back, and then I sighted someone, the person saw me and turned to leave as I followed behind him, I noticed I couldn’t run as fast as before I guess its because my heart is not as healthy as before to the pains its been through recently.

Jason’s POV
Rose called me that Linda and her bodyguard Gery attacked her, how dare they attack my Rose. I drove to her house immediately.

I parked my car outside the house, and I came down planning to walk to her door when I saw Gery running out of her house, I quickly ran to the back of my car and hid behind my car.

Why is he running? I need to follow him who knows what he is up to, I entered my car and started it, I continued following him down the street.
He stopped and removed his clothes one after the other, why the hell? Why is he removing his clothes? I asked myself, still looking at him.

He continued running, and I followed overseeing him, he got to the end of the street, and I saw something unusual about him.

What? I exclaimed I saw a tail pop out from behind him, wtf! He entered the woods, but I couldn’t follow my car, I can down from my car and took my camera from my car.

I ran after him making sure he didn’t see me, omg! He is not human! I thought as I saw the more transparent view of him under the moon in the woods, he looked so scary.

He had long claws, long furs, and a tail, and I need to snap this, Linda must know the kind of person this idiot is, I set my camera and snapped him.

Shit! My shutter sound was loud, why did I forget to set it damn it! I whispered, I looked at the picture, it was clear enough I smiled satisfied.

I looked up and saw it running close to me, fuckkkkk! Thank God I was close to the street I ran out, but he was catching very fast with me.

I saw a truck coming with high speed, I quickly crossed to the other side where my car was, Gery was right behind me, and before I knew it I heard it growling, the truck hit it.

The truck shattered into pieces, and the driver died instantly, and I was so scared that the beast is so strong. I looked at it from far, and I saw it was bleeding.

I smiled wickedly, die motherf*! I was about entering my car when I saw a young guy shouting the beast’s name.

Jake POV
I wanted to make dinner for I and Gery, and I hate the idea of him seeing that Linda every day, they are getting too close, and it will just continue to hurt him nothing more.

I had a bad feeling about him going out today, I didn’t want him to go, but he didn’t listen.

I was still strolling in the woods looking for vegetables for dinner when I heard a loud growl, and I knew it was Gery. I recognize his growl very well.

Gery! I shouted, running to the direction of the growl, I threw what I was carrying away, I was so scared. I saw Gery lying on the floor in his beast form. Blood was gushing out of his body.

Gery! I shouted as I went closer to him, I was crying heavily, I shook him vigorously, Gery, please wake up but his eyes were shut.

I looked around and saw a truck scattered on the floor, and the driver died, saw a young guy watching me from his car, and the look on his face told me he knew something about what happened.

I stood up and started walking to him in anger, but before I got to him, he rushed into his car, started it, and zoomed off. I ran back to Gery, who made another growl, you will be fine I promise, I said in tears as I tried carrying him.
He was heavy, but I had to endure, I will save you. I said, crying as I ran into the woods.

Chapter 12 – (I Love You)

Jake’s POV
I carried him home and placed him on my bed in the inner room, sleeping on the wooden bed won’t be right for his situation, I went out to get herbs to use on the wounds.

I cleaned the blood from his fur with tears, Gery is sorry I couldn’t protect you, I am so sorry for being careless about you I said crying heavily.

I saw the face of the wound close to his ribs. I applied the water of the herb on it and tied the leaves on his ribs with a cloth. After this I went to sleep sad, nothing must happen to Gery again so far I am alive.

I woke up very early, I made herbal tea and roasted some Bush meats I hunted for. I am sure he is starving. I entered the room to meet him sitting up in his human form and ran to him.

Gery!! you are just getting healed, you should lie down, I said, gesturing him to lie down. Common Jake, have you forgotten am not human? I am fine now, he said, smiling.

Can you please tell me what happened I asked him, and I saw his countenance change. A guy took a picture of me in the woods while in my beast form and am sure he is going to show it to Linda, he said angrily.

Gery this, Linda has been putting you into trouble, but I have been quite. It is getting out of hand, and I can’t take this anymore I said angrily facing him.

Jake, I love her and am ready to die for her. I don’t care if my heart weakens. I feel alive when around her, Jake, he said, smiling.

Gery hears yourself. She is human, this was the same mistake your father made, and he died leaving your mother. I said, touching his shoulder.

Well, I don’t care, don’t talk about them, all I know is I love her, and I will do anything for her, he said in a final tone. Okay! But are you sure she is worth your love?? are you sure she will continue to love you when she knows you are a beast? I asked.

Can’t you do something that will make me human even at night? You read books, and I know you are very talented, he said, looking at me.

Hmmm, I said, looking at him, not knowing what to say. Don’t lie, Jake, I know you know something, I saw a bead on Alice’s neck, and I have seen it in your book before. What is it for? he asked anxiously.

Well, it helps her stay in her human form even at night I said, wow! That great he said; happily, Jake, you will help me make that necklace if I wear it, I will be able to stay with Linda anytime.

But it’s hard to make, I have to search all over the field for it, and it’s not easy to find them, they are in sacred places in the woods I replied trying to discourage him.

That why you are a monk Jake, please friend, he said, do this one thing for me. Okay!! I will try I said, standing up to leave, I will get your food now.

Wait for Jake, he said, yes I turned to look at him, please can you help me call Linda?? he asked.

What!! why? What will I tell her? How will I get to her house? You know I don’t like seeing her, I said angrily. Common Jake, you will just tell her I had an accident and that all she will run down here, and her house is the only blue house down the street he said.

Bit if she comes here and doesn’t you injured won’t I turn to a liar? Don’t worry, Jake. I will disguise he said, please!

Okay, fine, you know how to get and, yes!! he said happily, make sure you eat before you come back, okay? Sure he said, smiling as I left the room heading to Linda’s house.

Linda’s POV
I was at home, cooking breakfast, yesternight event flashed back to my head, and I smiled, I have never felt like that for any man since I was born.

His lips were so tempting I thought, smiling widely, I heard a knock on the door, I ran to open it only for me to see Jason.

What do you want? I asked angrily, not opening the door for him to come in. If you know what happened yesterday, you will gesture me into your house.
I became confused, but I didn’t show it; whatever happened yesterday is none of my business, so please leave, I said, closing the door.

Gery, he said, and I quite opened the door, and what happened to him?? I asked anxiously, well let’s just say he is not who you think he is.
At least he is better than an idiot like you now get out!! Wait, Linda Gery is not…

Linda! I heard someone call me disrupting Jason’s talk, we both looked up, and I saw Jake. Jake was running towards me, but when he saw Jason, his countenance changed to an angry one.

I was confused, he stopped in front of me panting, what is it, Jake?? I asked Gery Gery very scaredly!! he answers, catching his breath. Gery had an accident yesterday night.

What! I exclaimed. I felt like dying instantly, my Gery before he could speak up I left him and Jason there after closing my door and ran down the street into the woods.

Oh, God, Gery! I thought as hot tears slid down my cheeks, I got to the hut and opened it, Gery!! I called, but I got no response.

I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find him, the tears increased as I felt so weak he was my strength.

I sighted a door, and I ran to the door and opened it, there I saw Gery tied with a white cloth around his ribs. Gery!! I yelled in tears. I ran to his side, keeling close to the bed he lay.

He turned his face to meet mine and smiled, Linda you came, I was so happy he was alive I hugged him tightly, I thought I had lost you, Gery.

I was so scared, and I can’t afford to lose you, Gery, you are my life, I love you I said all this still hugging him. I looked at him and saw him smile, I crushed my lips on his and kissed it slowly he responded immediately devouring my lower lip.

I slide my tongue into his mouth as I felt his tongue, it was hot, and I loved it. I disengaged from the kiss, and he sat upon the bed, looking at me with love in his eyes.

I love you, Linda, he said, staring into my eyes and then my lips, I will do everything to keep you safe. I felt tears heat my eyes. I retook his lips into mine, and this time, he carried me up and placed me on the bed gently.

I opened my legs as he positioned himself in between them. He kissed me down to my neck, giving me hickeys on my neck, making me moan slightly.

He moved his hands to my breast as he cupped them, I jerked under him as pleasure flew down to my core. He brought his mouth to my nip*le and bite it slightly, and I let out a moan, he was driving me crazy.

He looked at me and smiled, he removed the top I was wearing, wasn’t putting on a bra, helped him remove it, stared at me, and blushed hard.

You are beautiful, and he said as he kissed my naked nipple, making me flinch in pleasure. This time I was already dripping wet, he moved to my skirt and looked at me, I raised my hips as he drew my skirt down remaining my panti*s.

He ripped up my pants and stared at my v, I covered my eyes with my hands, leaned forward, and kissed me, I felt the bulge in his trousers pressing against my v.

I let out another moan into his mouth, he stopped kissing my lips as he moved his mouth down to my v. He kissed my thighs, and I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed him inside me I don’t caregiving him my virginity.

I move my hips up as his tongue met with my Cl*t I flinch as I moaned out load ahhhh… Gery!! I said in a whisper. You are driving me crazy.

He continued working wonders on me as he slid his tongue in and out of my v. He stopped, and I saw pure love in his eyes, I knelt in the bed and reached for his trousers in a rush, I pulled them down as his d**k sprang up to my face.

Wow, you are so huge I said looking at him, he looked away shyly, I layed back on the bed as he positioned himself on me.

I hadn’t done this before he said looking at me, me too Gery, so we are even now let’s do this.

Are you sure? He asked me, damn it! I reached for his d**k, which was still very hard as a rock and placed it at the entrance of my v. Now push in, I told him, he tried, but it wasn’t entering.

It’s tight, he said to try again, I said panting, he pushed the more but gently, a scream escaped my mouth as half of his di*k entered my v.

He removed it quickly, and I am sorry I’d don’t mean to hurt you, he said pitifully, it’s okay please put it in again and don’t stop you said not recognizing my voice.

He thrust in again, and this time, I felt pain and pleasure, but the pleasure overcame d pain, he continued thrusting, and I continued moaning loudly.

I felt something in my body, I clamped my lips against his dk making him groan, I came with his dk still in me, I released my legs, and he continued thrusting faster, I knew he was close to coming.

He exploded into me and slammed in the bed panting, I looked at me, and I smiled he hugged me and said I love you, Linda, I love you too I said as we both slept off.

Chapter 13 – (Ediot)

Gery’s POV
I woke up from my sleep. I turned and saw Linda sleeping peacefully beside me, and I smiled as I looked at her. She is so beautiful under the moonlight ray that came in through the window.

I leaned to kiss her forehead when I looked at myself and saw that I had transformed. I whispered as I stood up from the bed without making any noise.

I got to the parlor, and I saw Jake reading a book, hey! I whispered. What is it he said not facing back. I ran to him and pulled him outside.

What all this he said angrily and audibly. Ahh… I placed my claws in his mouth, I have transformed I said whispering.

So? is this the first time? He asked, frowning. Common Jake Linda is inside. What! He exclaimed but silently. Why is she here, I thought she left in the afternoon he asked worriedly.

Well, I couldn’t let her go, I said, smiling. Oh no! he said, shaking his head, I hope it’s not what I am thinking he said looking at me carefully and moving to my private part.

I nodded and smiled. He reached for my head and gave me a knock close to my horn. What was that for? I asked.
For been stupid, he whispered. Was it raw? I mean protected he said using his hands for demonstration. I looked confused. What do you mean? I asked.

Shit! I have forgotten you not human you can’t know this, he said, scratching his hair roughly. I wanted to talk when I heard a noise from inside. Jake, she is awake, please make her leave I said, running from him.

How? He whispered loudly, but I didn’t stop, I sighted a tree that was dark from the moon, so I was behind it. Hey Jake, I heard Linda call.

H.ii.i, he said, trying to force a smile on. Do you know where Gery is? She said, looking around. No.o… Yes. She said, stammering.

Where is he?? she asked, looking confused. Er…nnn.. he went to.. to his parents grave. Ohh, I see, Linda replied. Can you take me there? I want to see him, she said, smiling?

Oh, Linda, I am so sorry but you can’t, you need to leave now. He said pathetically. But why at least I should tell him goodbye, she said.

Well.. the place is a sacred place only he can go there… Jake replied with his eyes closed, I know it’s not easy for him to lie, but I couldn’t help her seeing me like this.

Okay! She said, smiling, and I will escort you to the street, this place can be dangerous at night. Jake replied. Okay, she said as they moved away.

I was so relieved as I hit my head on the tree, sighing heavily. The tree cracked and made a loud thundering noise as it fell. Shit! Linda and Jake looked towards my direction, but I don’t think they saw me.

The place was still very dark, and Jake pulled Linda as they left. I lied down on the floor, what a relief.

Linda’s POV
Jake, I can find my way from here, I said as we got to the road. He is not rude as I thought before. Okay, he said, smiling.

Please help me greet Gery I said, smiling. Linda, do you love Gery?? he asked me, looking worried. Yes I do Jake, and nothing can stop my love for him, I owe him my life.

I saw the worried look on his face, and I became worried. Are you okay?? Yes, I am sure I will see if your love is healthy for him when the time comes.

What do you mean? I asked, confused. Does it hurt? He asked me, looking at my private part, Gery can be so huge he said smiling. I blushed hard. I love his hugeness. I said tho I was still feeling pains.
By Jake, I said as I moved to my house.

Jason’s POV
I sat in the parlor after having two rounds of hot sx with rose. I am tired of her. I need new p*sy. That’s why I must get Linda, and I must be the one to break her virginity. I thought as I brought out my phone.

I saw the picture of Gery that I already transferred from my camera. I smiled as an idea popped into my mind.

Yes!! I said as I sent the picture to her on WhatsApp with a caption, “I know you will come back to me.” Rose came down from the stairs naked.

Hey baby, she said as she sat on my torso, she kissed me, but I felt irritated I couldn’t wait for her to give me money and dump her. I disengaged from the kiss.

Rose, what about the money I asked from you? I said looking sad, and Common baby is on it, very soon I will get it for you and you will start your business she said smiling as she kissed me again.

I carried her up in her bridal style; common baby, let’s go to bed now.

Linda’s POV
I layed in my bed tired as memories of me, and Gery flashed back, making me blush, he is so handsome. I looked around my room as I saw my phone on the drawer where I kept if before leaving in a rush in the morning.

I switched it on, and messages popped in, my countenance changed as I saw Jason’s message pop in too. What does he want?? I thought angrily as I opened his message.

I saw it caption with a picture. What does he mean by this?? what does he take me for? I thought I loaded the picture.

I jumped back in fear when I saw a wild-looking beast with two horns and long claws. Fuk!!! Why will Jason send this to me? What the fuk is this Jason? I asked, shaking and angrily.

Let’s say that your Gery! He replied. I was so furious!! Why will he compare my Gery to this thing, I thought. Jason, you are so annoying, you irritate me, how will you say this is my Gery, you are nothing but the same with what you said.

You are an animal, Jason, and I regret the day I met you, never will you repeat something nasty about Gery. I have warned you, Idiot! I shout as I sent him a VN.

I switched off my phone in anger as I slept, Cure you, Jason!! he ruined my mood.

Chapter 14 – (Great Love)

Jake’s POV
As I walked into the woods, different thoughts flashed through my mind.
What if she gets pregnant, what if she dies giving birth to a beast, what if Gery’s heart weakens the more and he dies?

Oh no, I said, shaking my head, they have so many enemies, Jason and Alice, their love is too risky, Linda is not saving it in the hands of Alice. Likewise, Gery isn’t saved.

But I can’t stop their love now, they love each other so much and seeing Gery happy makes me happy. I need to find a solution to this.

Tho no ideas are coming now, and I will find a way, I said as I reached home, meeting Gery smiling happily.

Hey Jake, thanks for today; you saved me from losing Linda, he said as he hugged me as his fur raised as he hugged me.

Its okay, Gery, now I need to sleep. I said as I yawned, Okay, he replied, going close to my shelf.

What are you looking for? I asked, surprised. I want to read some books or can’t I he said, smiling.

And when did you start reading books?? I asked, smiling since I knew Linda. I have always wanted to be smarter. I was so hurt when she told me I stink, and I was happy he said laughing.

I smiled seeing him laugh, okay Gery just handle them with the care they cost a fortune, he nodded as he sat and opened one of the books.
I patted him as I entered to have a sound sleep.

Jason’s POV
I stood up from beside Rose when I saw Linda sent me a VN, and I can’t let her know what is going on. I went to my study room and played it.

I became furious; how dare she call me a beast! Then I sent her a VN too.
Linda wakes up, don’t be stupid!! Think about it: why does he always live in the woods. An average person doesn’t live in the woods.

Why does he run away from you at night? Didn’t you notice his eyeballs when he saw both of us together! He is deceiving you, Linda.

He knows I love you, and he wants to spoil that. I sent the VN looking very angry. I hate that Gery so much, I went back to the room to see rose lying peacefully.

I got irritated at looking at her, am so tired of her, I took my car keys, dressed up, and went out. I need a bit*h.

Gery’s POV
I continued reading the book as I saw something looking familiar, I have seen this necklace before somewhere, what is it doing here, I thought.
I tried reading it, but it was hard to understand.
I stared up into space, trying to recollect when I heard a knock on the door.

I stood up to open it when I found Alice standing there. Did you miss me? She said as she pushed me away and entered the house.

Truly its been long we spoke, I closed the door and saw her standing and facing me, I was still in my beast form. She came close to me and held my head, cupping it in her hands.

You are so beautiful, Gery, she said, making me surprised, beautiful? Me? In my beast form, no one ever told me that I thought as my eyes caught something around her neck.

Alice, I saw as I drew my claws slightly down to her chest. I saw her close her eyes. I touched her necklace, and it was the same one in the book.

She shook as I touched it, Gery she called. What is this for?? I asked her, whispering. Why do you want to know?! She asked, moving back from me.

Common Alice, I admire it, and I would love to have it, I said, moving close to her. Well! I don’t think you need to know. Suddenly I pulled her close to me and kissed her slightly, making her shiver.

Please tell me, Alice, Okay, she said blushing. It keeps me in my human state at night, she said, smiling.

Wow, I said as different thoughts rushed through my mind, this thing will help me keep Linda. I thought as a smile crept on my lips.

Alice moved closer to me, bringing her mouth close to mine, but I moved back and held my tummy behaving like I had pains making her stop.

Chapter 15 – (I owe you)

Rose POV
I woke up in the morning to find Jason beside me, drunk. He smelt so badly. I stood up and freshened up, I was done preparing, but he was still sleeping and snoring. I wonder when he got drunk yesterday, I thought as I tapped him.

Hey Jason, wake up, I said, but he didn’t move, hey Jason!!! I called again, raising my voice, but it was the same. I decided to leave him to work, and I need to steal some money from Madam Pat so I can give Jason for his business.

I went outside the house and headed to the restaurant, I love Jason so much, and I can do anything for him, even if it means risking my work for him or ending up in jail, I thought, as I moved closer to the restaurant.
I was the first to get to the shop as always. I opened the door and went in. Madam pat trusts me so much, so stealing from her isn’t hard, she will never think it me, I thought as I smiled.

Her office door was still locked as expected, so I moved to the kitchen to start cleaning before cooking, I was the only one left as a worker in the restaurant, I chased all of the rest away because they always want to convince Madam pat that am evil.

Truly I have not always been helpful to them, I hate all of them, but because of the trust, Madam Pat has for me she believes me and sack them anytime I complained about them. Tho stealing from her won’t be easy, but I don’t care, Jason is worth it.

Linda’s POV
I woke up the next day feeling so tired, and I still felt pains between my legs, I stood up and walked to the bathroom to freshen up. As I stood under the shower, I shivered as memories of Gery and me came rushing into my head.
My niples hardened immediately, and I felt the heat between my legs as I remembered how his tongue f*ked me, he made me so hot yesterday. I rubbed the soap all over my body slowly as I moaned yarning for his touch again.

I started missing him so badly. I need him close to me, and I want to kiss him and tell him how much I love him and how much I care about him. I came out of the bathroom in no time in my white robe.

I applied my cream on my body. I combed my hair nearly making it fall, wore a white mini gown and my floppy slippers, it was a Saturday, so I was less busy, I stood in front of the mirror checking myself out. I smiled as I went to the sitting room and put on the TV to get the latest news, its been long I watched the TV I thought as I turned it to where Hip Hop songs were played with their videos.

I was still feeling the vibes when I heard a knock on the door. I became happy suddenly, and it may be Gery, I thought as I ran to the door.

I opened it to find my Landlord in front of my door. Good morning sir, I said, smiling. And what is right about the morning!? He asked angrily I need my money, Linda, you have owed for Three months now, and this is now the fourth month, if you don’t pay up before the end of this month you will have to vacate the premises he said and left without hearing the side of my own story.

I went inside sad as memories of how Rose made me lose my job came back to my head. I trusted her so much, and I thought she was my friend. I stood up from the couch and went inside my room to get my phone.
I need to start looking for a job I thought, I have spent almost all my savings, I will look for jobs online I can do I thought as I nodded, I can’t even believe that I forgot I had lost my job, Gery had always been there to make me happy.

I switched on my phone and searched for job opportunities when Jason’s message popped in. This motherfuc*er, I thought, as I saw his message. He is so annoying what does he want to say again.

I opened his message and saw it was a VN, I loaded it, and it started playing, I listened to everything he said, and I was first silent, I began to think about what he said sincerely. Come to think of it, Linda, you hadn’t seen him at night before right, my inner mind told me.

I became restless immediately; why does he live in the woods?? The voice came again, I became so confused as tears rolled down my eyes, it can’t be right, I thought, but all these reasons were reasonable. Maybe it is coincidental. It is coincidental, I said finally.

Why don’t you back off, Jason! I replied to him, read my message almost immediately, and replied, ” go visit him at night without informing him and you will know who is the lair.” I read his message and switched off the phone in annoyance, and I hate him so much.

Gery’s POV
I woke up the next morning. Happily, I managed to send Alice away yesterday after the pretense and still get the information I need from her. I ran to Jake, who was still sleeping peacefully on his bed.

Hey, Jake wakes up! I tapped him continuously saying the same thing till he woke up. Gery, what is it again! He said yawning. I have found a solution I said, smiling happily. To what? He asked, looking sleepy.
To my real self not getting known to Linda, I said grinning.

Common Gery, she will at the end of the day find out okay? He said as he lay down again, closing his eyes. She won’t if you help me do something.

Do what? He asked as he opened his eyes to look at me. To help me make that necklace Alice wears, What!!! He said as he jumped up. Common Jake, I saw it in the book I read yesterday, and I saw it on Alice’s neck. She told me it helps her stay human even at night. I said, jumping up.

Gery, it’s not easy to find. It will take some time, Jake said. Then make it snappy I said holding his arms and facing him, I trust you, Jake, I know you can do this, I love Linda so much and if I lose her am going to die please Jake I said almost crying.

He nodded as his eyes heated up with tears, okay, I will help you, he said. I pulled him to myself and held him tight, I owe you, Jake.

Chapter 16 – (Best for me)

Jake’s POV
After the conversation between I and Gery, I started preparing to find the necklace. I read how they find the necklace, and I saw it can be found in a dangerous cave, and only one person can enter it.
I also read that it’s a very narrow escape, and no human except beast can survive it, and even the beast has to give someone as a sacrifice.

As I read, I was sweating profusely, and I pray I can get this necklace to make Gery happy. I moved out with my full bag of necessary things I would need and the book where the map to the place is.

I saw Gery washing his clothes in his human form, and I smiled as I saw how happy he was and how happy he has been since he knew Linda. I can’t bear to see him sad even if it means giving my life for him.
Hey Jake, Gery called jolting me out of my thoughts as tears were gathered in my eyes, hey! I said, sniffing the carter in my nose and cleaning my eyes as he came closer. I looked up and held his shoulders, trying to smile. This may be the last time I will see him.

Am leaving now, please take care of yourself I said as I couldn’t help but cry I am going to miss him. Jake Gery said as his tears dropped on my hand, are you sure you don’t want me to come along?? I can help carry your bag, fight evil at night and keep your company he said amidst tears.

No, Gery, I said, shaking my head as hot tears continued flowing down my cheeks. I need to go alone. I can’t put you in danger. I promise to come back. I said as he drew me into his hands and hugged me tightly.

I love you, Jake, please come back, you are so important to me, you never left me even when I acted stupid, you have been a family to me always, please be safe. I patted his back as my tears soaked his bareback.

I promise to return, make sure you eat well, and visit Linda consistently, okay? Make sure she doesn’t see the real you till I am back, I said, forcing a smile. Okay, Jake, he said, wiping his tears with the back of his hands.
Bye, I said as I moved from him, I walked back and didn’t turn back, I cried so hard that I couldn’t see the path anymore, I will do anything for you Gery.

Alice’s POV
After I left Gery’s place at night, he was all on my mind, and I couldn’t get the kiss of my mind. I know he loves me, I said as I smiled happily. When I got home, my parent was already asleep, and I can’t wait to break the good news to them.
Mom! Dad! I said as I ran out of my room. Yes, baby, my mum said as she looked at me and smiled. Good morning dad. I said as he looked at me and smiled. Good morning, dear. Now guess what! I said happily. Common Alice, you can’t expect us to guess my mum said anxiously. Tell us, daughter, my dad said, smiling too.

Okay, okay, I said rolling, Gery kissed me yesterday!!! I yelled, laughing. Oh, baby, that’s good news, my mother said as she hugged me tightly. You two are getting along, my dad said, smiling.

Yes, dad, he loves me, and I love him too, I can’t wait to get married. Daughter, I need to ask you a question my mum said, sitting me down. Go on mum, I said happily. Does he love you? Are you the only one he loves? Is he seeing another person? She asked seriously.

I became annoyed at my mum for the questions, mum he loves me and no one else I said in anger as that human came to my mind again, I hope she doesn’t see my Gery anymore.
Daughter, you have to understand that we want the best for you and don’t want you to be used my dad said seriously. Gery is the best for me. I yelled as I ran to my room and shut the door angrily.

Rose’s POV
I was busy serving the few customers in the restaurant food and drinks when I sighted Madam Pat from the glass. I became so happy, scared, and anxious at the same time. I have waited patiently for her to come.
Let the game begin. I shouted in my head as she came in. Good morning Ma, I said as I smiled widely. How are you Rose, good morning? I smiled and nodded as a response, tho my heartbeat was beating so fast.

I see you have done the needful as usual, and she said, looking around the restaurant. Yes, ma, I said, smiling. That’s why I don’t delay your salary. She said, smiling, and I need to settle down, she said as she moved to her office.

I went into the kitchen as I continued collecting orders from the customers, I was the only one, so I did everything myself, and I became exhausted. It was afternoon already, and there were no new customers yet.

I sat on the stool in the kitchen as I rested my head on the cabinet to rest a little. Rose! Madam Pat called, waking me up from my sleep. Ma, I said as I stood up immediately, I didn’t even know I had fallen asleep, only God knows how long I have slept.

I need to go our now, and I will be back very late, so you close early from work today. Okay, ma, I said, nodding. She turned to leave, but I called her back.

Madam Pat don’t you think it’s better to leave your office key so I can take care of the place before I go home, I wasn’t able to clean it this morning because I was with the key I said smiling innocently.

Sure, Rose, I didn’t even think about that, you are so smart she said as she brought out a spare key from her bag. Make sure you lock the door and keep the key well she said as she left.

Yes! Time to work.

Chapter 17 – (I miss you)

Gery’s POV
As Jake left, I cried and cried till I was tired; in no time, my cloth got dried. I took a stroll into the woods to get breakfast for myself, and now Jake is not around I have to do it on my own. I went further as I sighted a tree with big apple fruits.

I ran with great spread to where it was and started climbing it. I plucked and packaged more than enough for myself. I wrapped them in a big leaf and carried them. I was going back home when I sighted bushmeat close to where I was.

It was already trapped, am sure Jake set the trap, I went there and removed it from the trap as I went back home. I got some firewoods and lighted them as I sat under a tree in the afternoon sun as I got home.

I prepared the meat ready to be roasted and placed it in the fire using wood. I remembered the way Jake usually those things for us, and I became sad again. After the meat was ready, I went inside and ate some from it.

I will visit Linda and give her some meat and fruit, and I am sure she will love it. I thought as a smile crept on my lips. In no time, I packed my leather bag made from animal skin and moved out into the woods heading to Linda’s house.

I knocked and waited for her to open up. Who is there she said as she opened up, hey!! I said, smiling. As she saw me, she ran into my hands, jumping up as I caught her and held her tightly.

I missed you so much. She said sobbing. I missed you too, I said, stroking her hair slowly. She got down as we both moved inside.
I sat on her couch as she came close to me and sat on my legs around my torso.

Linda’s POV
I got inside happy tho Jason’s last message continued ringing in my head. I sat around his legs, looking into his beautiful green eyes. I removed the hair that covered his eyes and shoved it at the back of his ear.

His hands went around my waist and pulled me closer to him until my breast pressed against his chest. I brought my face closer to his as I kissed him passionately.

He responded, devouring my lower lip, I opened my mouth so he could gain entrance into it. He pushed his tongue into my mouth as his tongue touched mine, making me let out a slight moan.

His tongue was hot against mine, and he continued kissing me, but all of a sudden, I stopped kissing him back. He disengaged from the kiss and looked at me, what’s the wrong Linda?? He asked calmly.

I looked into his eyes and cupped his beautiful face in my hands, Gery you love me, right? I asked seriously. Yes, I do Linda, with my whole life, he said, touching my hands on his face and kissing them.

And you have never lied to me, right? I asked again. Never Linda and I won’t, and he said already looking confused. Linda, what’s wrong? Why these questions he asked. I want to be sure I replied to him as I kissed him again.

This time more passionately, filled with love and emotions. I leaned on him the more as I felt the bulge in his trousers right on my pu**y, making me moan again, I was aching already, and I was so wet.

Gery, I want you I said as I removed his shirt, he stood up, still carrying me. He leads me to the room without disengaging from the kiss. He laid me on the bed, still kissing me, he moved from my mouth to my neck.

I held his head firmly as I was dripping wet under me. I leaned forward as he loosed the zip of my gown. I knelt on the bed and removed the gown, leaving me in my pantes and Br. I felt shy as his gaze penetrated my underwear.

I saw love in his eyes. He reached for my bra and removed them, making my tis bounce out. He smiled at the view if this is making me blush, I lay down again with the only pantis as he went for my already hard ni^ple.

He took them in his mouth and started playing it with his tongue, ahh!! I moaned as sensation overwhelmed me. His hand continues toying with the other bre^st.

Please, Gery!! Please don’t tease me, I am f**king going to die of desire. I said as he kissed me down my tummy to my thighs. I lifted my waist to make him meet the G-spot, but he didn’t go there, he was punishing me.

Ge.ery I moaned again, and I felt him smile against my thighs. Immediately I felt his hot tongue on my G-spot, ahhh!! I moaned, almost screaming. Fk I said as he ripped my pants off, and his tongue touched my naked psy.

I licked my puy inside out, and I suddenly felt my stomach tighten, Am going to fking cm Gery! I moaned loudly. He tightened his grip on my clt, and I closed my lips against his head as I jerked cu**ing into his mouth.

I released my grip on his head weakly as he licked my c*m till I felt dry, he came up and kissed me as I tasted myself on his tongue.

Gery’s POV
I didn’t have a plan of mating, and I just wanted to play with her, am sure she will still be feeling pains from the mating of the other day. As I continued kissing her, she grabbed my d**k, making me groan.

I see you need help she said smiling, No Linda, I will be fine, I said as I moved from her touch and layed beside her. Common Gery, you are as hard as a rock, she said surprised. I laughed, don’t worry, I will be fine.

You may be wondering how I got to know these things I did with Linda. Jake never knew I use to study his comic books, he kept them on the shelf behind books, but I caught the view if it one day, even before I met Linda.

I saw different pictures of na*ed humans together mating since then I have wanted to fo it to someone, now I have Linda.

It would help if you rested now, and I said as I pulled her close to me and kissed her forehead. I love you, Linda, I love you, Gery she said as she pecked me on my lips and closed her eyes.

Chapter 18 – (The Cave)

Rose’s POV
I finished serving all the customers, and in no time, I finished all my work, both the cleaning and washing of dishes. It was 8 pm already, and all the customers had left, I went into Madam Pat’s office.

I shut the door with the key behind me. I ran inside and started searching the office for where she may have kept some money. I took in my brush, mopping stick and bucket, so if she knocks, I will pretend that I was cleaning.

I got to her drawers and started checking them, I saw different documents and trash, but I didn’t even care, all I wanted to see was money. I continued searching until I got to the drawer under her desk.

I opened it and found some money there. Yes! I jumped. Happily, I quickly packed them and put them in the pocket of my Apron. I didn’t even bother counting it. Then I continued sweeping and cleaning happily.

I finished everything I wanted to do before Madam Pat came back, so I locked the doors and kept the keys. I can’t wait to give Jason this money am sure he will be so happy.
I got to the street and headed for Jason’s house.

Linda’s POV
I turned on my bed, and I placed my hand at my side where Gery layed, but I couldn’t feel him there. I opened my eyes, slowly rubbing them till I had a clear vision. Gery!! I called yawning when I didn’t see him there.

I stood up from the bed and tied the bedsheet around me as I headed to the sitting room, he may be there, I thought. I got there, but I didn’t find him. I called Gery again! But I heard nothing. Did I look at the time, past 8?

Wow, I slept for quite some time, I thought. Why can he be? Suddenly I felt very thirsty. I looked around for the last and went to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and looked into it, and my fridge is so dry, I thought.

I haven’t been able to buy things because I have been managing them seriously. I brought out the last bottle of water and poured it in a cup. I drank and placed the empty cup on the cabinet.

My stomach grumbled loudly. God is so hungry, I thought, but I didn’t have food at home. I still thought when my eyes caught something in my zinc. I went closer and saw it was apples.

I smiled as I remembered the bag Gery brought in this afternoon. I am sure he was the one that kept it there before leaving to where God knows.

Near it, I saw something tied in nylon. What is this? I thought as I loosed the nylon to find roasted meat in it. I laughed loudly, and I am sure this is Gery’s work.
I quickly took it and started eating. I couldn’t even wait to microwave it. I placed it on a plate with some apples I washed and took it to the sitting room.

I sat as I devoured them quickly. I kept some apples in the fridge for another day. I sat facing the TV after eating and getting satisfied.

I remembered Gery disappearance again, but why did he leave like that? He should have at least told me, I thought sadly.

Maybe he had to attend to something meaningful and didn’t want to disturb you, my inner mind told me.
Yes!! I nodded and smiled. It’s possible.

Jake’s POV
I continued walking across to the direction the map with me led me. I was growing so tired and weary, I brought out my bottle and drank some water. I felt relieved immediately. It was already dark, and the moon was giving its full light.

I brought out the fruit I brought from the hut and ate as I resumed walking. It a day journey to get to the cave, but coming out, no one knows how many days. I remembered what was writing in the book.

I shoved it off and continued walking, I was meant to protect Gery, to make him happy and so it shall be I thought loudly.

I got to a river under the moonlight and sat close to it, I leaned forward and washed my face and my hands, it felt so good on my body.

I sat close to it tiredly, looking around. I looked at the map again under the moon and saw the river I was very close to the cave. I looked up and looked around.

I then saw a big opening leading to something like a cave, yes!!! I found it; I quickly stood up and moved towards it.

I got to the cave and stood at the entrance, I breathed in and out hardly thinking of the fact that I may not see Gery again, I felt my eyes heat up, but I stopped it.

I need to be healthy. I thought as I brought out the lamp I kept in my bag and lighted it, I carried it up as I !moved into the cave.

Immediately I moved inside. I heard distant noises from inside the cave. I took my hand carrying the lamp further from me to have a more unobstructed view of what was ahead of me.

The noise drew closed, and I started shaking, I was so scared, immediately I saw things like birds rush out from the inner cave towards me.

Bats! I thought as I lay down on the floor before they could touch me, and they moved over my body out of the cave.

This is going to be a long journey, and I thought as I continued moving into the cave, carefully carrying my legs.

Chapter 19 – (Used Me)

Madam Pat
I got down from the car that I parked far away from the shop, and I sighted Rose get out of the shop happily. Truth be told since Linda left the shop, different things started happing.

Rose has been a green snake under the green grass, and she made sure I scared everybody, I thought she was right until a customer that knows Linda and Rise well gave me an idea.

He said I should install a CCTV camera in the shop without letting anyone know, and he further explained to me that Rise was at fault the day I sacked Linda.

I took the step of installing the camera since then, and I have watched him she behaved to other workers and then came to me saying different things.

I intentionally sacked them to make her think I was a fool, and I knew that I would catch her red-handed one day, and she won’t have any excuses. I intentionally gave her the key, and I knew exactly what I was doing.

I moved into the shop and opened it. I went to my office and saw it was sparkling clean. I moved to where I kept my money, opened it, and couldn’t find it there. I opened my laptop and watched how she stole the money.

I regret ever sending Linda away, and she was the real honest worker, I thought as I watched the video. I saved it and got out of my office.
Tomorrow I will show it to Rose, and I will make her pay, I will make sure she Roy’s in jail.

Rose’s POV
I got to Jason’s house, and I turned the doorknob to find the door open, Jason and not looking at his door, I thought, smiling as I moved into the house.

The light in the sitting room was off, everywhere was dark, Baby I called, but no one replied, is he sleeping very early now?? I thought as I moved to his room.

I opened the door, and I saw him eating another girl’s p**sy. Jason! I called as tears gathered in my eyes. He looked up at me and faced the girl continuing his business.

The baby, who is this? The b**ch asked Jason, no one baby, she is just a cleaner Jadon replied. I was so shocked that my bag fell from my hand, how will he call me a cleaner after everything I did for him.

Even going to the length of stealing to make him happy. Rise get out and let me concentrate Jason yelled angrily, the lady looked at me and smirked wickedly.

I ran out of his house in pain. He used me! He made me love him, he changed me to a demon, he made me offend my best friend, I thought as I ran home.

Jake’s POV
I continued walking and looking at the map with the aid of the lamp. I got to a juncture, and there were three openings in front of me. I became confused, and I need to find the way.

I checked the map, which was the end of the map, Oh God help me, I don’t even know which way to go, I started sweating profusely.

I took a bold step and took the first opening leading to an inner cave, I walked in, and I started hearing noises. I stopped immediately and started looking around with the lamp, and I heard hissing sounds from my back.

Oh, God saves me hope it’s not what I am thinking, I turned slowly to see a big Python behind me. Hmmm, I moved back, trying not to scream.

It looked at me and opened its mouth wide, exposing his fangs.
Oh, my days, I haven’t even gotten to my destination, and death is threatening me, I thought as I almost peeped in my pants.

I took the pendant I always were on my neck and prayed still watching the phyton.

Oh, God helps me. I prayed, a thundering noise came from the back of the phyton. I paused, praying, and I saw the Python move back and crawl out of sight. Thank you, God, I said as I continue moving deep into the cave.

Alice’s POV
As I moved to my room, I was so furious that humans must not go near Gery. He is mine! I growl. I dressed you and put on some light makeup. I live at the end of the street close to the woods.

I moved out inside the moonlight as I headed to Gery’s hut. I got to the hut, and the door was locked. I started calling him Gery! I called, but no one replied.

Where can he be now? I know he can’t be with Linda now he would have changed, and where is Jake too? I thought, worried.

I sat in the doorstep. This is so weird Jake is always around at night. Or has he gone hunting with Gery?? I asked myself again until the noise of the bushes stopped me.

I looked up, and I saw Gery in his beast form. Gery! I said as I ran to him and hugged him tightly, I missed you. Alice, he said as he disengaged from the hug.

What are you doing here? He asked. To see you, of course, I replied, smiling. We moved to the door he opened it, and we both moved in. Where is Jake Gery? Did I ask, looking at him?

Ohh, Jake, he went on a task he replied backing me. Are you okay Gery, you can talk to me I said as I touched his back. There nothing Alice don’t worry, he said as he lay down on the wooden bed.

Chapter 20 – (Come Back)

Linda’s POV
I woke up very early. I dressed up and went out of my house. I need to look for a job, and I can’t continue staying indoors. At least I will be busy doing something I don’t mind working anywhere.

I walked down the street and started looking for vacancies. I went to a mall yo ask, but they said they wouldn’t need any sales girl, I continued walking till I got to Madam Pat restaurant.

As I saw it, I felt sad as the memories came rushing back. I summoned courage not to go there and continue walking, I got to the front of the restaurant, but I didn’t look inside. I kept my gaze up.

Linda! A familiar voice called. Madam Pat? I looked up and saw her moving towards me. Linda, please wait up she said.

I was first shocked. Why would she stop me? What is her plan now?
Good day, Madam Pat, I said as she drew close. Linda, please come in. We need to talk, she said emotionally. Madam Pat, I don’t think that will be a good idea, I said, shaking my head.

Rose would be in there, and I don’t want any more troubles nor drama. Please Linda common we just want to talk I swear she said persistently.

Hmm, okay, I said, nodding as I followed her into the restaurant.
She took me straight to her house and sat me down; there were no customers. Neither did I see Rose. What is going on, I thought.

Linda, I am so sorry for the day I behaved the other day. I never knew Rose was that evil, she said angrily.

How did she find out she is evil when she trusted her so much. Madam Pat, you don’t need to be, it’s my faith, and I accept it, I said sadly. No, Linda, it’s not your faith, she replied, stretching her hands to cup mine. I was blindfolded by that which she said sadly.

Madam Pat, what do you mean?? I asked, confused. Look at this. She said as she turned the laptop screen to me and started playing a video.

I watched in amusement, so Rose doesn’t only betray and lie she also steals, how come I never knew this I said as I continued watching her steal Madam Pat’s money.

I finished watching, and she told me how a customer who was around the day I was sacked told her Rose was at fault, and she is not to be trusted, how he advised her to set up CCTV cameras to monitor her movements.

I just watched her takes without saying anything, that Rose is genuinely evil. Didn’t you notice there isn’t any worker here? She asked. I noticed ma’am I replied, nodding. I chased them away because of false things Rose told me about them, just like she did to you.

Madam Pat, so where do I come in? I asked after tired of hearing Rose’s deeds. I want you to come back, Linda, you are the real trusted one she said smiling.

No ma’am, what if Rose hears this? I asked her. To hell with Rose Linda, she is evil, I will pay you the money I owed before, and you start work any time you want.

I will even pay you three months advance, she said, smiling. Wow, this is a great offer, and since she has apologized, I don’t see anything wrong if I resume soon. Is! Lied and nodded, okay, ma. I am going to start now.

Thank you, Linda, she said happily as she brought out some cash and gave it to me, after today work you cone see me for the rest. Thank you, ma, I said happily as I walked out of her office to start working.

Rose POV
I woke up late the next morning because I cried throughout the whole night, I can’t believe Jason planned to ruin my life. I quickly dressed up and headed to the restaurant. The money I stole from Madam Pat was in my bag.

I have to return it before she notices it, I won’t need it anymore I thought as tries filled my eyes, I can’t believe Jason did this to me. I walked down the street until I sighted the restaurant already opened and customers were sitted.

Oh no, Madam Pat is around! I pray she hasn’t noticed the missing money. I walked to the door and opened the door to see a familiar lady backing me. She was wearing a restaurant vest. I didn’t care now.

All I need is to drop this money where I met it. I opened Madams Pat’s office to see her looking at me like she expected me to come in. She was fuming in anger, and I knew she has found out.

She moved close to me, and I was about speaking up when she slapped me hard. I held my cheeks as tears rolled down my face. How dare you, Rose, I trusted you, but all you did was to betray me.

She brought the laptop close to me and played the video of howni was stealing from her. I became so shocked. I started crying profusely. I knelt immediately Madam Pat am sorry.

I wasn’t in my real sense, and please forgive me amidst tears. No Rose, you have heard enough am calling the cops right away, I would have before, but I wanted you to see this for yourself.

The door opened, and someone came in, I looked back. Linda! I was shocked. She looked at me with no expression and faced Madam Pat.

Ma’am! Please don’t call the cops she said kneeling, she will receive her reward very soon please don’t let her go to jail. She said to my amusement, and I couldn’t help but cry again.

She loves me, I deserve to die after what I did to her, but she is here pleading. I thought to look at her, but her gaze was fixed on madam pat. I saw tears roll down her cheeks too.

I know what she is doing isn’t easy for her. Madam Pat nodded and said I should get out of her restaurant now. I stood up and ran out in shame.

Chapter 21 – (Be Safe)

Jake’s POV
I continued walking deep into the cave, and I saw another three paths leading to only where God knows. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. I opened my eyes almost immediately and took the path in the middle.

I walked in, and cobwebs kept disturbing me, I continued swiping them off. As I moved from there, my eyes caught something shining I moved closer and pointed the lamp at it to see the necklace I was looking for.

Yes! Ibyekked happily and started jumping, now Gery would be happy with Linda, I thought happily as I smiled wildly.
I was still concentrating on the necklace, admiring it when I stepped on something like a root. I was forced to stop, I looked down, and I saw the tree stem roll on my leg.

I tried kicking it off, but its grip increased on my legs, the grip swept me off my feet, and I fell the same as the lamp, making it go off. I struggled with the tree stem in my legs with my hands blindly.

But it wasn’t working. I felt it tighten on my stomach also, ahh! Let go of me! I shouted, struggling with the stem. It further grew to my chest and squeezed it hard, earning another scream from me.

It grew to my neck this time around shocking me. I tried to lift my hands, but it had held it to the ground. It squeezed my neck harder that I couldn’t breathe. I felt tears gather in my eyes.
God knows I tried for Gery, I said as the necklace fell from my hand, and everything went blank.

Gery’s POV
I was feeling so bored at home, I miss Jake so much, it was night already, and I felt hungry, I went out of the hut and started hunting for prey in my beast form.

I sent Alice away with my action the day she came, and I am sure she knows I don’t love her by now. I am tired of staying close to her. She is so greedy and desperate, and Linda is not like that I thought still hunting.

I love Linda, and I just hope Jake gets back on time with the necklace safely. I thought as I went deeper into the woods. I was still walking when I heard a noise from a direction around me.

Immediately I heard it, and I recognized the voice. Jake, I growled as I ran with high speed to the direction of the noise. I stopped when I didn’t hear his voice again. Jake, I called, but there was no response.

I sighted a cave, and it continued playing in my head. I ran to the cave and entered there. My sight became bright red. My head led me to where I should go. I entered different paths running.

I heard the different sound, but I didn’t stop, I got to another path I ran into it to see Jake been strangled with a demonic tree stem. I ran closer to him, and his eyes were closed. I became so angry and scared at the same time, and Jake can’t die.

I held the tree and used my claws to pieces them, tho it was very hard I did it has it struggled with me, I used my fangs to burrow inside the stems. Making holes on it, the stew threw me away, and I landed on my back.
I stood again and faced it, and I took its first end, the other end was attached to the ground. I pulled the first end and started running far from Jake. I sighted a rock, and an idea popped into my head.

I ran towards it still holding the first end, and the stem was so long, I rounded the rock with high speed running around the rock. The stem curled around the rock, and immediately, the second end popped out of the ground.
The stem stopped struggling and became still.

I ran to Jake and saw he was not breathing. I looked around him and saw a simple necklace. He found it, but now he is not breathing, I said, crying.

Jake, stay with me, wake up! I said as I continued shaking him, I carried him on my shoulders, I totted his bag and the necklace and ran out of that cave. Jake, please stay alive. I said, crying.

Jason’s POV
I was lonely at home, Rose is gone now, and I didn’t even collect the money I want from her, tho I don’t love her, I needed to pretend to because of the money. Now no money, no p*sy from her.

I brought out a cigar and lighted it using my lighter, it was night already, and I need to have fun, what do I do, I thought. Why not go to Linda’s house, make her love you again, my inner mind told me.

Ah, I said. Happily, I will lead her to the woods this night, and then she will see that monster in his real self. She will stop whatever they have together and come back to me. I thought and smiled wickedly.

Chapter 22 – (Please Don’t)

Gery’s POV
I got home carrying Jake behind me. I placed him in his bed and rushed out to get some herbs. Tho I have no ideas about herbs, I tried recollecting the herbs he used on Linda and me when we were Ill.

I took the necklace and wore it, and in no time I started changing to my human self, I became happy but was still very sad because of the condition Jake is present.

I got outside and started searching for them in the moonlight, and I was still plucking some when I felt someone touch my back, I looked back to see Alice staring at me speechless, I know she is shocked to see me in my human form at night.
Hi, I said as I continued plucking the herbs. How did you do it? She asked me, but I stood up and moved into the hut without uttering a word. She followed me yelling, why did you do it?

I sat close to Jake and started rubbing the herbs together so he can drink the juice, she was shocked to see Jake in that position, but I didn’t care how she feels.

You endangered Jakes’s life because you want this? She said as she touched the necklace in my neck, I spanked her hand away from me. Don’t you dare touch it? I said in anger as tears filled my eyes, looking at Jake?

You did it because of her, right?? That human! She isn’t worth it, Gery she yelled and slapped me. I stood up, angrily carried her, and pinned her to the wall with my hands in her neck.

The next time you talk I’ll about Linda, that day I will kill you I yelled and dropped her. She started coughing, trying to regain her breath while I continued feeding Jake with the herb.

Linda’s POV
I walked home at night very tired, and I had to do all the work since I was the only worker, I walked home remembering the drama between me, Rose and Madam Pat.

You should have let her rot in jail my inner mind told me, no I can’t let her she will find her reward worse than going to jail, I pray she is happy with Jason. I got to my house. I dropped my bag on the couch and laid in the fall.

My back was aching badly, the doorbell rang, and I had to stand up to open it. Who can it be?? I thought as I opened the door to see Jason. Mtchewww I hissed and closed the door. But he placed his leg between the door and the door frame, making it hard to close.

What do you want, Jason! Go away, meet Rose, and leave my life alone, I said angrily. Have you gone to see Gery at night he said coldly, and I stopped struggling with the door.

I see you haven’t gone, and I will tell you this, Linda, follow me to the woods this night and see for yourself what your Gery is. He said, looking at me seriously. And why should I follow you, hun? Tell me, I said angrily.
Follow ma, and I will not disturb you ever again, I will stay off your path, and anytime I come close to your report to the cops. Think about it, Linda, who on earth will live in the woods and run away from his loved at night, he said.

Follow him, and you need to ask Gery and understand things better so you can shit up this fool, my inner mind said. Fine! But once I don’t see anything I swear you will rot in jail, I will complicate you, Jason.

The deal, he said, smiling. I went in to take my bag and headed to the woods with Jason after locking my Door. I would lead him to Gery’s hut, I will report him to Gery and make him beat the hell out of his life. I thought as I smiled.

We continued walking, he tried starting a conversation, but I didn’t reply to him, I kept my distance from him. In no time, we got to the hut. I opened it and entered to see Gery feeding Jake some herbs. He was lying lifeless.

I ran to Gery and knelt before him leaving Jason at the door, he hugged me, but he looked very shocked to see me, what are you doing here Linda he asked astonished. I looked at Jason, who was at the door and saw his face changed to an angry one.

He wanted to stand up, but I stood him with a kiss, please don’t, Jake needs the attention now I said, and he smiled looking at me. He nodded and looked at Jason once more, shooting him a deadly look.

What happened to Jake Gery, I asked, checking his pulse. They were very faint. He went on a trip, and he said stammering. On a trip? What kind of trip? I asked him. Why don’t you tell her the truth Gery another voice called from inside the hut.
All this while, Jason stood there looking very surprised and speechless.

Alice’s POV
I was fuming in anger when Gery defended that bi**h so much that he almost killed me. Who the hell does she think she is to have my own Gery, I thought as I helped Jake prepare tea.

I was still preparing the tea when I heard Gery talking to someone, and the other voice sounded like a lady’s own. That bitxh is here I muttered as I moved out to see her kiss Gery. I saw them clearly through the Lamp that was beside them.

She started asking about Jake, and then an idea struck in my mind, I smiled, now Gery will be mine. Why not tell her the truth I said as I moved closer to Gery. I could sense fears in his eyes.

What is she talking about Gery, and what is she doing here? She asked angrily. I sat close to Gery, held him on his shoulders, and brightened my face closer to his and kissed him on his lips, his eyes widened in surprise, but he couldn’t do anything.

He knows what am capable of doing, Gery why can’t you send her away, she is kissing you in my presence she said admist tears, Gery tried pushing me away, but instead, I held his necklace and moved from him.

Please don’t Gery said, almost crying. I smiled and looked at Linda, who was crying and confused, at the same time, he can’t stop me because of this I said as I pulled the necklace from his neck in their presence.

Chapter 23 – (Pregnant!)

Linda’s POV
I watched Alice pull the necklace off Gery’s neck, I wanted to stop her from touching Gery again, but I immediately stopped seeing Gery’s face changing. I saw his fingers grow out like that of claws. Hair started coming out from his face and body.

I became so shocked, and I couldn’t move nor speak. I just stood there watching him, his clothes ripped apart, and in front of me stood the beast Jason sent to me. He started walking close to me, but I couldn’t move, I was so shocked.

Linda is sorry he said, and I could hear tears in his voice. I didn’t mean to hurt you, Linda. Please forgive me said he wanted to touch my face with his hands. Don’t you dare I said admist tears, I felt hot tears flow down my cheeks, I moved away from him?

I face Jason who was smiling stupidly, take me home Jason I said and moved out of the hut, Linda Gery called, but I didn’t answer I was so hurt and tears filled my eyes. I ran from the hut towards the street.

Now I understand why we don’t see at night, and now I understand why Jake asked that question, now I understand why he lives in the woods, I thought as I ran. Linda, I heard Jason call, but I didn’t answer him.

I got home, opened the door, and slammed it shut against Jason’s face, Linda I helped you let me in and shouted banging my door. Thanks for that, now get out of this place because there can never be any us I yelled in tears from inside.

I ran yo my room and laid on the floor, and I started crying heavily, Gery you lied to me, you told me you would never lie to me nor keep anything from me. You took me like a fool because I love you.
I cried and cried till I fell asleep, still lying on the floor.

Gery’s POV
As Linda ran out of the hut, I faced Alice fuming in anger, how dare you I growl, my eyes became bright red all of a sudden. I rushed to her and pinned her to the wall. you, Gery, that why am doing all this, very soon she would find out and leave you like this she struggled to say.

Whatever happens, is not your busy Alice!!!!! I yelled at her, and her face became so red because I gripped her neck I just wanted to kill her right there. Gery, please, you are hurting me, she said, holding my hands.

This is why you can never see a guy who will like you, you are so heartless, and I want to kill you right now I said to tighten the grip on her neck. Gery stops it I heard Jakes’s voice behind me.

Jake, I called dropping Alice and ran to him, he wanted to sit up, Jake, please don’t sit now still lie down. He laid back on the beg and gestured me to bring my head closer to him. I went close to him and placed my ears close to his mouth.

Don’t hurt Alice, and she did the right thing, it is time for you to know if Linda really lobes you or not, get your girl Gery don’t do anything to Alice he said. I looked at him and nodded, get out Alice now!!!!!!! I growl, she quickly stood up and ran out of the hut.

I went to sit close to Jake, how are you feeling now I asked him examining his body. Gery, I am not important now. It’s you. Tomorrow I will go with you to Linda’s place at night to beg her.

Why at night, Jake? She hates me now, and if I go there like this, she won’t even listen, I said sadly.

Trust me, Gery, she needs to know the real you, you need to show her you genuinely love her, and you won’t hurt her ever again he replied.

I smiled and nodded as tears filled my eyes. Thank you so much, Jake, thanks for not dying.

Linda’s POV
I woke up very late, and my eyes were swollen. I had a terrible night. I quickly moved to the bathroom to have my bath. I can’t start getting late to Madam Pat’s restaurant again.

I finished on time and reached the shop to see her at the door opening the restaurant. Good morning Ma’am, am so sorry for coming late.
Its okay, Linda, you look pale, what is wrong? She asked worriedly—nothing I said as another tear threatened to fall off my eyes.

Linda tells me if you are not beautiful. I will dismiss you. You don’t need to stress yourself over this work she said, worried as we both entered the restaurant.

I am okay, I said and forced a smile on. I can’t let a beast who lied to me and used me make me leave my job again. I thought and left for the kitchen.

I need to clear my head, I took the cleaning material and started cleaning aggressively, but Gery’s picture continued hunting me. I yelled in anger and threw the mop that was with me on the floor.

Hot tears rolled down my cheeks. I held my head in pain and started crying. I shouldn’t have loved you I yelled admist tears. I was shaking vigorously.

Madam Pat ran to me and raised me, she pulled me into a hug Linda calm down she said when she noticed I was shaking. She patted my hair while I started crying on her shoulders again.

He lied to me, Madam Pat, he took me for a fool I thought I had found the one for me. I said, still crying heavily. Linda, please calm down, she said, almost crying too.

I know he has his reason, Linda, I am sure he has an explanation Linda have you tried listening to him? She asked, raising my face to look at hers.

No madam pat, he has nothing to say, I promised me and now… I felt my stomach squeeze, and I felt like I wanted to throw up. I ran to the toilet and threw up into the basin. I washed my eyes and looked at myself in the mirror.

I looked so pale, I sighed and moved out to see madam Pat at the door. She came close to me, examining my face. Have you eaten? She asked me.

No madam pat, I am not hungry, I said sniffing carter. She took my palm and examined it, she looked into my eyes, and I just stood there looking at her, confused.

She sighed heavily. What is it, Madam, Pat? Did I ask anxiously? Linda, you are pregnant. And before I could answer, she rushed into her office and brought out a pregnancy test kit. Peep on it and bring it out for me.

CHAPTER 24 – (Is Linda going to die?)

Linda’s POV
I got to the toilet and thanked heaven I was pressed, I brought it out to her, and she raised it examining it. I said it, Linda, you are pregnant, she said happily, showing me the kit in her hands.

What? Pregnant?? No, I can’t be Madam Pat, you are mistaken. I must not be I said as tears rolled down my cheeks slowly. I shook my head, and I can’t give birth to a beast noooo I thought to cry heavily.

Madam Pat drew me close, Linda, a child is a great blessing, I have been looking for a child for more than 20 years now, and I haven’t seen one. You should be happy Linda, and she said crying too.

I was so speechless all I did was cry. I will be like a mother to your unborn child Linda I promise, and she said patting me and nodding. Madam Pat, you can’t understand, I can’t have this baby I said and stood up from beside her.

I got out of her office and went to the kitchen to weep the more. Somebody touched my shoulders while I was crying.
I looked up but couldn’t see the person. I cleaned my eyes to see Rose standing beside me, crying. What do you want, Rose! Are you not satisfied with the damages you have caused, you are at fault for everything now o hate you! I yelled.

Linda is so sorry, I was so stupid, I was blinded by love and jealously am so sorry please forgive me, Rose said and knelt beside me crying heavily.

Why should I believe you, Rose, you betrayed me, turned my life to this mess, you are the root of my problems, go away, and yelled crying heavily.

She came close to me and hugged me tightly, Linda. Please forgive me she said, stammering. I hugged her too, and we both started weeping.

Linda I overhead your discussion with Madam Pat in her office, Please don’t get rid of the baby she cupping my face in her hands sniffing carter.

Rose, I can’t have the baby, Gery is not human, she said, cutting me off. How did you know Rose? I asked, surprised.

I took Jason’s phone one day and saw a picture of a beast on it, I went ahead and checked his chat with you, and that’s how I knew Linda. I never knew he was using me till the day I met another lady in his house.
Jason is such a basta*d I cursed under my breath.

Linda, I know very well that Gery loves you. He does, I am sure he didn’t want to tell you because he doesn’t want to lose you.

Linda losing Gery is the worst idea I have thought of, he is not human, but he has a human heart, even the ones we call human have the heart of a beast, and I am an example so please Linda don’t let him go she said begging me.
He was there for you every time. He saved you from your enemies, including me. He never wants to see you hurt, that is love Linda, true love.

I smiled, thinking about what she said, but I would give birth to a beast like him, too, I said sadly. A beast with a beautiful heart from two Wonderful parents, she said smiling. Thank you, Rose, I said and hugged her.

Okay, Linda, I have to go now. Madam pat must not see me here. She said and stood up. Rose, I can help you talk to her to employ you again, I said, smiling.

No Linda, don’t do that, you have done enough to let me enjoy my punishment, or I will never forgive myself, Goodbye Linda and please think about what I said she said and left for the door.

I got home tired and hungry. I went to the fridge and brought out some pizza to eat. I went to the sitting room after I had my bath. I wore my short nightgown and sat to eat my pizza.

I put it in my mouth, but I spat it out again. I didn’t have an appetite for it. I sat frustrated and remembered what Rose told me, and tears filled my eyes again. I touched my unborn baby, and I don’t even know how many mouths.
I will have to go to the hospital tomorrow, I will keep my child, I thought, but forgiving Gery won’t be that easy, I thought sadly, but I still love him.

I heard a knock on the door and stood up to see Jake in front of the door. Hey, Jake, I called surprised, come in I opened the door for him, and he came in.

Jake’s POV
I got to Linda’s house with Gery in his beast form, I knocked on the door, and behind the wall close to me, I am sure he was scared to see her. I have my plans.

How are you feeling now she asked me as I got in. I am better now thanks, Linda, and I said as she gestured me to sit. She sat beside me, and I noticed she looked pale.

Linda, are you okay? You look pale, I said, examining her face well. I saw her face change to a sad one. Linda, you can talk to me I said when I saw her hesitate to speak up.

Jake, I am pregnant, she said and looked down sadly? I was shocked by what she said, and I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t say anything. That is great news, and I managed to say.

It’s for Gery Jake she said as tears filled her eyes. I am going to give birth to a beast she said and started crying. I rushed to her and drew her into a hug, Linda, and its okay everything will be fine.

I started thinking of what to say, what I read in that book was once a human is pregnant for a beast like Gery, she will die during labor. Is Linda going to die?? I thought of fear.

Please forgive Gery, he loves you so much Linda, he continued telling me about you every day, even when I told him that he is in danger if he mingled with a human, he didn’t listen to me.

He stood by your love Linda, and he didn’t think twice about you. He loves you so much, Linda, please forgive him his mistakes, you no one is perfect I said sadly.

She nodded and disengaged from the hug, I have heard you, Jake, she said. Gery, I called him into the house.

CHAPTER 25 – (Be my wife)

Linda’s POV
I disengaged from Jake’s hug, he looked at me and smiled. Gery, he called, Gery? I asked in shock, is he here? I looked back to see him at the door in his beast form.
I saw emotions in his eyes as he looked into my eyes. Linda called softly. I stood up and ran to him, and I hugged him tightly without thinking.

He was shocked at first, but he later hugged me back. I am so sorry, Linda, he said in a teary tone. Gery, please don’t talk, I want to enjoy the moment I spoke to his surprise. I hugged him tighter than before.
I felt his furs on my body, but I didn’t care, I can’t lose him, no I love him so much if I miss him I will die. Not now I am carrying his baby, our baby, my baby needs a father, a father like Gery.

I disengaged from the hug and looked into his face, and it was not scary to me again. Gery, I said and cupped his face in my hands, I am pregnant Gery I said as tears of joy filled my eyes.

I am carrying your baby, our baby Gery I said, I saw him smile widely. He lifted me from the ground and took me in a bridal style. Are you severe Linda, you are pregnant he said happily.

I nodded smiling, he laughed happily, growling as he did. He touched my stomach and laughed again. I am so happy Linda, thank you for this he said cheerfully.

I smiled and pecked him on his cheeks, he dropped me, and we both looked at Jake, but he seemed lost. He stared into space and wasn’t even looking at us.

Jake, are you okay? Gery asked and rushed to him, are you feeling hurt he added again. He jolted out of his thoughts and looked at Gery.

Oh yes, I am fine, Gery, but I need to get to the hut now he said and stood up. Stay with us, Jake, celebrate with us I said, looking at him with a pleading face.

Oh, Linda, he said and tapped my shoulders. My work is done here. I need to leave you to your husband, the father of your unborn child, smiling.
I smiled and nodded; he looked at Gery and winked before he left.

Jake’s POV
I went to the hut, thinking about what to do. Gery is so happy about his unborn child, How will I tell him that Linda may die during her labor.

I got to the hut, and I met Alice at the door, Alice, what are you looking for again?? I asked angrily, and you almost destroyed Gery’s happiness of your so-called love.

Jake am sorry, I know I was selfish I shouldn’t have done that. I now realized that true love could not be broken. I am so sorry, I thought doing this Gery would lose hope and start loving me she said crying.
Hmmm, I moved close to her. Its okay Alice, but I don’t need the apology, Linda and Gery should be the ones you are apologizing to I said and walked into the hut.

She followed me into the hut also, Jake, what of Gery she asked looking around, he is at Linda’s, I replied. Are they okay now? She wondered sadly, and they are pleased now. They are even expecting a child, I said sadly?
That’s excellent news, Jake, she said happily. I sighed and went to my shelf. Why are you not happy? She asked, looking worried. Alice, I read that if a human carries a beast’s child, she dies during delivery.

It is stated here that no human has ever survived it, even Gery’s mother. Seriously? She said with her eyes wide. I nodded sadly and brought out the book. I opened the page to her and read it to.

This is severe Jake, what do we do now she asked worriedly. I don’t know, and Gery can never think of losing Linda nor his baby never! I said. But I will find something to do about it, I spoke with courage.

You can call me if you need help, she said smiling, Of course, Alice, thanks I replied smiling.

Gery’s POV
I laid on the bed, and Linda was in my hands, we were staring at each other. I wonder what she would think as she looked at me.

Did you hate me, right? I asked almost in a whisper, hun? She said, raising her eyebrows. You hated me when I changed in your presence, right? I asked again.

No Gery, I didn’t hate you, and I will never hate you, I just hated the fact you pretended to be what you are not, you didn’t come out straight with me and me believing you made me look like a fool she replied smiling.

I am so sorry, Linda, I said as tears filled my eyes again. Gery, it’s okay, you have said sorry more than 50 times this night, I am tired of hearing it. I love you so much she said, smiling.

I stood up from the bed, and she sat up when I did. She sat at the edge of the bed, wondering what I stood up for. I bent in front of her and held her hands.

Linda, I have loved you with my whole life, I love you with all of my soul, and I will continue to love you, I can’t do without you, Linda. So please be my wife, I said, smiling.

She was speechless looking at me, and I became scared, she doesn’t want to marry a monster I thought silently. Yes, Gery, yes, I will marry you.

A smile crept on my face immediately, I carried her up and kissed her hard on the lips, I love you, Linda, thank you for wanting to be my wife.

CHAPTER 26 – (Jason Arrested)

Alice’s POV
I walked home, thinking about what Jake told me. I have learned that I shouldn’t have done that to Gery if I loved him. I should have been happy that he is happy, but I was blinded with selfishness.

I have given up on Gery, and I want to find my true love, the one I won’t force to marry me. I pray Linda survives this issue on ground, and I still need to beg Gery and Linda, I know they hate me so much now.

I got home, and I saw my parent in the sitting room, Hey mom, hey dad, I said and moved to my room. Alice, come here, my mother said calmly. Yes, mom, I answered and went to her.

Alice, I haven’t heard you talk about Gery for some days now is everything okay? My mom asked worriedly. I sighed heavily and sat beside her. Mom, I now know that Gery is not meant for me.

The love he has for Linda is unspeakable, I even tried breaking them up, but their bond seemed to grow stronger, mother I have left him to Gery I pray I find my partner. I said, trying to force a smile on.

My mother and father smiled widely immediately. I finished talking. Daughter, we saw this coming, and that why we have brought someone for you, my dad said, smiling.

Dad, what are you talking about, I asked, confused. I looked at the door, and a handsome young guy came in smiling at me. This is the person we are talking about, my mother said, pointing at him.

Hi Alice, hi I replied, we will leave you two now my parents said and went for their room. I am Diego, and you may be wondering what I am doing here and how I know you. Well, I have been monitoring you for some months now.
Monitoring? I asked furrowing my brows, yes Alice, I watch every step you take because I love you, Alice. What?? Love me?

I asked, surprised, and never expected someone to love me after what I did to Gery.

Yes, Alice, I saw how much you wanted to win that guy to yourself, and I was hurt, I wanted to come to you myself, but your parent told me it wasn’t a good idea because you were still blinded with love.

I met with them almost any day you were not around, telling them how desperate I am to marry you, but they said when the right time comes, they will introduce me to you. And here I am, Alice, and I love you so much he said with love in his eyes.

I was speechless and watched him talk, Did you see how bad I treated Linda and Gery I asked in a teary tone, Yes Alice, I saw all of it, but that can’t stop my love for you, he said and held my hands with his.

Diego, you are human, I said sadly. Yes, I am Alice, what does that change? He asked, smiling. I am…You are not human. I know that, but that can never stop me from loving you, he said, smiling.

He leaned closer to me and brought his face closer to mine, and my heart was beating fast. I knew he wanted to kiss me. His lips crushed on mine, and I couldn’t help but close my eyes.

Jason’s POV
I have been waiting for Linda to call me, and I am sure she doesn’t want to see that monster now, its time for me to have her, I thought, staring into my mirror. If she doesn’t come to me, then I will go to her and have her.

Rose has not been picking my calls for somedays now, well I don’t care, I didn’t love her before, I just wanted to get into her skirt, and when I took her virginity that was it, she was making me feel irritated.

It’s Linda I want, and I need to get to her skirt before that beast does. I got out of my house and headed to her home in my car.

I got to her house and parked my car very well. I went ahead and knocked on her door. I waited for a little before the door opened, and Linda was right there in front of me.

Hi, I said smiling, she looked pale. She hissed and wanted to shut the door, but I quickly pushed the door and found my way in. She startled and almost fell, but she quickly regained her balance.

Linda’s POV
Gery told me that he needed to leave this morning, so he has to watch over Jake, he said me jake is yet to get better but forced himself to come to see me yesterday because of him.

I really didn’t want him to go, but I also care about Jake, so I released him after several kisses and pleaded. I was still trying to eat when I heard a knock on the door.

I opened it to see Jason, I hissed and wanted to close the door, but he pushed the door and came in. Jason what is wrong with you, can’t you let me be!!! I yelled in frustration. You are wrong with me Linda he yelled at me, coming close to me.

Jason doesn’t come close to me, don’t you dare I said and started walking backward, Linda I have always wanted to f**k you, but you and that beast keep pushing me away. He said, walking towards me slowly.

I turned to run, but he caught me, he turned me to him and slapped me heavily. Don’t you dare walk out on me, Linda, he yelled? I felt pain all over my face, and tears started following down my cheek.

I wish Gery had nor gone, and he forced me to lay down on the ground. I struggled with him when she reached for my cloth, he gave me a blow on my face again, and I grew fragile. Jason, please, I said weakly.

So you can beg now, hun? He said and tore my clothes apart, exposing my breast, he took them in his hands and pressed them very hard, making me scream out in pain.

Jason please, I said admist tears, but he wasn’t listening, he went for my pants, and I felt him touch my v. I shrugged and bit my lips in pain, Gery, please come now. I prayed in my heart.

He brought his finger to my passage, I closed my eyes in pain, expecting the worse he was about inserting it when I heard him scream. I quickly opened my eyes, and I saw Jason on the floor in his pool of blood.

I stood up in fright, and I looked up to see rose carrying a big wood. Linda, are you okay she ran to me and hugged me. Yes, Rose, I am okay. She brought out her handkerchief and used it to clean the blood on my face.

I looked at Jason, is he dead?? I asked fearfully, She left me and went close to him, she checked his pulse and smiled, he is alive tho his pulse is faint. She brought out her phone, what are you doing Rose.

I call the cops, and then when they get here, you will report that he wanted to rape you, and I defended you by hitting him. She said and dialed the number.

What if you are accused of murder I asked. Then let me be she said and moved aside to speak to the cop on the phone. I walked to where Jason was and looked at him, I pitied him, but he deserves what happened to him.

The cops arrived in no time and carried Jason, I was covered by a blanket by Rose, to my surprise they didn’t take Rose with them. Only heaven knows what she discussed with them.

CHAPTER 27 – (She May Survive)

Gery’s POV
I walked to the hut in happiness, thinking of Linda and my unborn child. I got to the hut and went in, meeting Jake sitting in front of almost ten books.

Jake, I said and moved closer to him. Hey Gery, he replied, still looking at the books carefully, are you not supposed to be resting? Why are you troubling yourself reading all these books now I asked worriedly.

Gery what I am doing now is worth more than my living, and you won’t understand, he said, not even looking at me. Hmm, okay, Jake, I want to tell you something I said happily.

What is it? He asked, still reading the book. I asked Linda to marry me, and she said yes!! I shouted in happiness. Jake looked up immediately. I said so, and he smiled, I am happy for you Gery he said.

Thank you, Jake, all thanks to you, you have always been there for me I said and squatted at his front. Jake, I need you to do something for me. I said again, what is that? He asked, looking at me.

Jake, I want you t join I and Linda in holy matrimony, I want you to be the one to wed us I said smiling. Will you do this for me? I asked anxiously.

He smiled and nodded, and I will Gery, I would love to, he said. Yes, I yelled happily and hugged him tightly. Its okay Gery, now I need to study can you please excuse me? He said, pushing me away slightly.

Fine, I will make us breakfast. I said and stood up from his front, I moved to the kitchen, but Jake’s voice stopped me. Alice came here yesternight, he said, and I felt anger arose in me.

What was she looking for again? After she did all those things to Linda and me, why should she show her face her back, she has some nerves I yelled angrily.

Gery, she came to apology jake replied calmly. Apologize?? To who?? Me? I don’t need her useless apologies, no one dares come in between Linda and me and goes scot-free I yelled again.

Gery, she is genuinely sorry, and I know that, please forgive her for my sake he said and tried to kneel, but I quickly rushed to him before he did and raised him. Jake, never you try kneeling for me, I said.

Then will you forgive her? He asked sadly. Yes, I would, I replied reluctantly. Thank you, he said and went back to his books. Ahhh, I sighed and finally went into the kitchen.

Rose’s POV
Thank God I came to Linda’s house on time that basta*d would have hurt her, thank God he is now behind bars, I pray he rots in jail. Rose, thank you for coming at the right time, Linda said, hugging me.

Its okay Linda, I wanted to come and check up on you and my unborn brother or sister when I saw Jason’s car parked outside. I knew he was inside, I moved close to your door, and I started hearing your scream.

That was why I quickly looked for a stick to defend you and myself, I said, tapping her back. Thank you she said again, and I nodded as a response.

And have you talked to Gery? I asked as she disengaged from the hug. Yes, Rose, and guess what? She said happily. What? I replied anxiously. He asked me to marry him; she chirped.

Wow, that is excellent news, I said happily, too. Yes, Rose, I am finally getting married to my one true love, smiling. I am so happy for you, Linda, I said, holding her hands.

Thank you, Rose, she replied. So have you eaten?? You know your baby needs nutrients I said, touching her tummy. I don’t have appetite Rose. I don’t know what to di, she replied sadly.

Well, I guess I will have to force you to eat. I said, and moved to her kitchen.

Alice’s POV
Diego and I seem to get along quite well, and he is so caring and loving, I am starting to love him. He held my hand, and we took a stroll into the woods under the sun.

Alice he called, Yes Diego, I replied, looking at him, he went on his knees to my surprise, and I moved back in shock.

Diego, what are you doing?? I asked, confused. Alice, I love you so much, and I want you to be with me till the rest of my life, please marry me he said and brought out a shinning Diamond ring.

I felt tears heat my eyes as I saw the ring, it is so beautiful, Yes Diego I will marry you I said happily stretching my fingers to him.

He fixed the tingeing my finger and hugged me tightly. I love you, Alice. I love you too. I replied for the first time. He looked at me and smiled before planting a kiss on my lips.

Jake’s POV
I continued searching the books thoroughly to see if there was any chance of a human to survive the birth of a half-beast during delivery.

I didn’t see any clue I was getting tired and was about giving up when my eyes caught something at the end page of one of the books.

I carried it and read it carefully, wow!! So it depends on faith, you won’t be able to survive it if she gives birth to the baby in the monster form, but she “may” survive it if she gives birth to the child in a human way.

Oh God, I pray she gives birth to him in the human form. That means Gery’s mother gave birth to him in the beast form; that’s why she died. Wow! How come I didn’t see all this before.

I continued reading carefully, Omg!! So if Linda gives birth to the child in human form, he would be able to control his changing power even in the night.

Wow! This is excellent news. I thought happily, so that why Gery can’t control his, he was given birth to as a monster.

I wish she gives birth to the child in human form, oh heavens help us. I prayed silently.


Two months later…
Gery’s POV
I have been making preparations for me and Linda’s wedding. We have been so happy these past few months, am so excited to be around her.

Jake has also been doing wonderfully well in helping us stay healthy, I bless the day he found me. Alice, too, has come to apologize to Linda and me, and since then, she has been coming to visit us in Linda’s house.

She told me about her fiancee Diego, and I was so happy for her, I never knew she would see such a caring guy after all that she had done to us.

Madam pat and Rose have been so helpful buying the baby’s stuff.
And finally, tomorrow is our wedding the same as Alice’s own, and Jake is joining us in holy matrimony. And Linda, my wife-to-be is now three months pregnant, her tummy has grown big.

Gery, I want to eat pizza. Linda yelled from the room. Huh, huh, she has been eating different kinds of things since morning, and once I bring it, she wouldn’t eat it.

Okay, baby, I am coming I said tiredly, it’s not easy being a father. She even taught me to order pizza on her phone.

Madam Pat sends money to us at the end of the month even tho Linda doesn’t use up to 6 hours in the shop because of her condition.

And Madam Pat has been so considerate. I ordered the pizza, and it was brought to the doorpost shortly. Linda, the pizza is here!! I yelled and went to meet her in the room.

I served her, and she devoured it like she had not eaten for years, her face looked swollen, but she was still as beautiful as ever.

The Wedding Day
Jake’s POV
I wore the suit Alice and Diego bought for me, they have been so lovely and caring to me same as Gery and Linda, they had been visiting me regularly. We prepared the place of the Wedding in the woods close to the purple plantation.

Jake! Jake! Diego came running to me, its almost time and we are gathered there already he said happily. Okay, Diego, I will be there soon, he left, and I adjusted my clothes.

I walked to the site of the wedding, saw some people sitting already on the chairs, the place was looking so beautiful and decorated a little, but the purple flowers gave it a beautiful sight. I looked around, but I couldn’t see the two couples.

I walked to the front of the little congregation, and then I saw Gery walk forward. He was wearing a shinning Suit and trousers. He looked very handsome. His hair was packed backward.

He came forward and stood close to me, I smiled at him, and he smiled back, Then Linda came, and all the congregation stood up, she wore a lovely long Purple gown with her tummy showing in it.

Madam Pat held her with her arms as they walked forward, people sprinkled small petals on them as they came forward. She came forward and stood in front of Gery, smiling widely.

Right behind her came Diego, looking as handsome as ever, he wore the same suit as Gery, he walked forward and stood close to Gery. While Alice’s father escorted her forward, she looked so beautiful too.

Linda’s POV
I was so happy to marry Gery, Jake asked us a few questions that required yes or no, We both answered Yes to all he asked, and he joined us. He asked us to kiss, and we did so passionately full of emotions.

He did the same thing to Alice, and they also kissed. Alice has been so lovely to us for the past few weeks, and she isn’t as bad as I thought she was. She was just acting blindly, but now she is with her soulmate. She has even been looking pale. Lately, I suspect she is pregnant.

She ran to me and hugged me. Linda is so happy for us, Yes Alice, I am too. Linda! Rose called running to me. Hey Rose, I ran to her also, and she hugged me tightly.

Ouch, you hugged me too tight. My baby is crying, I said, pouting my month. Ohhh baby is so sorry, I am just so happy for your mother, Rose noted, kissing my tummy.

I giggled, and she stood up to look at me smiling, Linda, I am so happy for you. Thank you, Rose. Thank you for been there for me. I said, touching her face.

Its okay Linda, we are friends, Linda. We were still talking when Alice ran away from us, holding her tummy. We both ran to her, and she was vomiting. Are you okay? Rose asked, raising her.

Yes, I am, she replied, cleaning her mouth. I looked at her and smiled. Why are you laughing? Alice asked me.

You are pregnant, Alice, I said happily. No Linda is not, she said, rolling her eyes. Madam pat moved close to us, smiling. Mother, I called her. Yes, that’s how I have been calling her for some weeks now.

I told Alice she is pregnant, but she doesn’t want to accept it. I said, smiling. She said happily, am coming, she added and moved away.

She came back shortly with the same type of pregnancy test kit she gave me months back, take dear go pee on it, she said to Alice, and we both burst into laughter. Mother will never change.

Last Chapter – (Family)

7 months later.
Gery’s POV
I was at home chatting with Jake when we heard Linda scream from the room. Linda!! I shouted and ran to the room. Jake followed at my back.

I got to the room and saw her on the floor with water all over her. The baby is coming Jake From behind me, what my baby is coming I said, shaking nervously.

Call Madam pat, and Rose jake said and went to Linda, helping her sit on the bed. I ran to the drawer to pick up Linda’s phone. I dialed her mother’s number (Madam Pat),
Mother Linda is in labor, start coming
What! I am on my way now.
I hung up and called Rose.
Hey, Gery is close to your house.

Oh, thank goodness, Linda is in labor, please you have to worry.
I hung up, and I started pacing around, I can’t bear to see her like that. My heart is beating very fast, and I am so scared. Linda, please be okay for the baby I prayed silently and me.

Rose cane in shortly sweating. Where is she asked, trying to catch her breath? In the room, I said, pointing to the room. She ran to the room, and Jake came out shortly.
How is she Jake, she will be fine he said, tapping my hands, he seemed so scared. Well, who won’t be scared in this type of situation?

Madam pat rushing in carrying a bag full of only God knows what, oh thank God you are here, Mother. Where is she?? She asked quickly.

The room, Jake, and I said, pointing to the door. She rushed in and entered, locking the door. Oh goodness, Jake, I am so scared, my mother died giving birth to me, I can’t imagine the same thing happening to kind of I said to Jake fearfully.

Nothing will happen, Gery, just believe okay, Jake said and hugged me. I was sweating profusely, and I was shaking seriously. Oh, heavens help me, I thought, still hugging Jake.

We heard Linda scream from the room. Oh, Jake, I can’t take this anymore. I need to see her. I said, standing up. Gery, you need to calm down. She will be fine he said and pulled me to sit.

I placed my head on his chest, and I could hear his heartbeat very fast and loud, I felt tears fill my eyes, I can’t imagine losing Linda, she is my life, Jake. I know Gery, and that is why she can’t leave you, Jake said, trying to smile.

Linda continued screaming until it stopped suddenly, Jake and I stood up looking at the door in fear. Madam pat came out carrying the baby. I ran to her, and I saw the baby, my baby, our baby.

I smiled and looked at Jake, and she was smiling too. He is a boy, she said sadly. Madam Pat, why are you sad?? How is Linda? I asked fearfully.

She burst into tears, and I grew weak immediately. I started bending, but Jake held me up, tell me what happened to my wife. I growled in tears.

She couldn’t make it, Gery, she said, and I felt my head spine. What!!! She couldn’t. I pushed her aside and ran into the room. I saw Rose sitting very close to her crying. There was blood all over her.

Linda, I ran to her with high speed, Jake and Madam pat came in afterward. Her eyes were shut, Rose stood up in tears and went to hug madam Pat, Jake was with the baby, he was also crying.

Tears filled my eyes that I could hardly see, Linda you promised me that you wouldn’t leave, you promised to take care of our baby, please wake up you can’t do this to me I said in tears, I was so weak, I knelt beside her.

Linda, please wake up, I said, tapping her, but she didn’t respond. No!!!!! I yelled and burst into real and massive tears. I could hear Rose and Madam pat crying too.
It’s all gone. I have lost it all. I can’t do live anymore.

Linda’s POV
After I gave birth to the baby everything went blank, shortly I started hearing Gery’s voice calling me and crying, I tried opening my eyes but I couldn’t

I tried moving my body, but I couldn’t, I felt tears run down my eyes as I laid. I tried opening my eyes again, and it opened. I looked around, and I saw Madam Pat and Rose hugging each other and crying heavily.
I looked at Jake and saw him crying too, looking at my baby, I looked beside me and saw Gery his head was bent and socked in tears.

Why are you weeping in front of my baby? I told him that his father is powerful and doesn’t cry. I said and touched his head.

He raised his head and looked at me so as everyone in the room. They seemed very shocked, seeing me. I smiled at Gery, and he stood up and hugged me very tightly.

Linda! I thought I lost you, he said in tears. You know very well I can’t leave my son to you, you will feed him raw meat because of your lousy cooking skills, I said, and everyone laughed happily.

They all came close to me while Gery maintained his position, hugging me. Thank God you are save Jake said and gave me my baby. I sat up and collected him, thank you, Jake, for everything you have done.

I will never forget it, I said, and he smiled back, and thanks to my mother and my sister for all the love and care they have shown me, I said, smiling. Its okay, Linda, they said, smiling.

And now Gery, I would like to name my Son, Go ahead, Linda, the choice is yours, Gery said, kissing my hand. I haven’t given anything to Jake for all he has done for us. So today I want to pay him.
I name my son today in front of you, Jake, and since Gery doesn’t have the first name, I will call him Jake Gery. I said, finally.

They all laughed and clapped for me. Proper calculations, Linda Madam pat, said smiling. Thank you, mom, I said, smiling.
Gery moved closer to my son and me, I love you so much, Linda, I love you too Gery I said, and he kissed me passionately.


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