Cute Love Story For Story Lover (His Nurse)

His Nurse – Cute Love Story: Today, I’m going to tell you the sweet and romantic love story that you feel fantastic. Do you want to get a thrill and hot romantic feelings, then let’s start!

By: Authoress Tife
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Drama.


“I warned you not to betray me but you didn’t listen,” I said, chopping out of his fingers.
“Arrrrrghhh… Please, Mr Smith, I am sorry,” He said in pains.
“I hate sorry!” I said and was about slitting his throat when my worker interrupted me.
“Sir, your mother is calling,” he said, stretching his phone at me.
“Finish him,” I said, cleaning my bloody hands and collecting my phone as I moved out of the torture room.

A story is a love spark between two different kinds of people. Between Sharon, a beautiful, rich, young nurse, who is regarded as the best nurse in King-Smith hospital, and Donald, a handsome, rich, but mean the guy who is the only heir of King-Smith.

Their journey started when Donald was diagnosed with Kidney cancer and was admitted to his father’s hospital, where he met Sharon, who was appointed as his nurse.
Find out what happens between Donald and Sharon in the long run in this beautiful story.

Chapter 1

Sharon’s POV
“Sharon! You are needed inward 5A” Monica yelled barging into the room I was having my lunch.
“Hey, What is going on?” I was asking quickly packing my snacks into my handbag. I packed my lose her in a rough donught style and wearing my nurse uniform.

“The patient’s heartbeat increased drastically while I was setting the drip in his vain. Please help me, Sharon, I can’t afford to lose my job” she said in tears as we both ran out of the room.

I ran towards the patient, and I saw he was gasping violently, and suddenly he stopped moving, and the Holter monitor wasn’t reading anymore.

“Monica get me the AED( Automatic External Defibrillator)!” I yelled, using my hand to press his chest so he could start breathing again. Runa ran back with the machine, and I took it and rubbed the surface together.
“Monica 150!!” I yelled as I pressed it on his chest, raising his body top slightly, but there wasn’t any response from the Holter monitor.

“250!” I yelled in fear as she increased it and I pressed it again on his chest, but it was still dormant. I could hear Monica crying behind me already.

“350!” I yelled as my eyes heated up. She increased it, and I rubbed the surface, pressing them, oh his chest. “Huuuunnn!” He breathed in deeply almost immediately.
“Ahhhhh!” I sighed in to relieve with Monica. I took the needle and inserted it in his vein. I checked the necessary things I should check.

“Done,” I said and moved out of the ward sweating profusely.
“Thank you so much, Sharon, you just saved my profession” Monica said, walking behind me.

No problem Monica, I couldn’t have left you like that. I know once the doctor hears that the patient you were appointed to look after had a problem, your licence will be collected” I said, entering the room I left my bag.
“I wish to be like you, Sharon” Monica said, smiling beside me.
“Runa, you don’t need to be like me, you are good in your way,” I said as I pulled her into a hug.

I am Sharon Young. I am 25 years old. I am wonderful, very intelligent, soft heartened and humble. I am a nurse by profession, and I do the best when it comes to my work. I am from a wealthy family.
I finished schooling, and I was giving a job in Kingsmith hospital. I am regarded as the best nurse in the hospital.

I am loved by everyone who gets to know me, and because of my soft heart, people get the opportunity to use me.

I have been used and dumped by guys countless times. I loved all of them with all my heart, but they all ended up hurting me.

I have decided to zero my mind when it comes to guys; all I want to do now is to focus on my job.

End of introduction
“Sharon we need to head home now, its time to go home,” Monica said, jolting me out of my thought.
“Sure,” I said, standing up from where I sat.

Donald’s POV
“Donald!!” My mother yelled from the living room, waking me up from my sleep.
“Arrrrghhhh” I groaned rolling on my bed.
“Dinner is ready” she yelled again.

“Am coming!!!!! Am still sleeping” I yelled in anger. I rolled on the bed again, using my pillow to cover my head.

I closed my eyes still feeling very sleepy. I was trying to continue my sleep when I heard a knock on my door.

“Ahhhhh!!!!” I screamed, hitting my legs continually on the bed.
“Donald, you know I love you. Come eat before it gets cold” she said with her sweetest voice.

That is my mother for you. She is so problematic. Well, I can’t blame her, she loves me so much.
I am Donald smith, the guys with the looks and sause. The only heir of KingSmith, my father owns the biggest hospital in the whole of America.

I live alone but visit my parents every weekend, and that is why I am here now.
I am in my mid-twenties, and guess what? When ladies see me, they faint. That is how handsome I am.

But one thing fears them the most. I am deadly. I fear no one. I kill like I am taking a nap, no one dare talk to me looking straight into my eyes. They will always bow.

Because of this fear built-in people, no girl wishes to be mine. Tho I buy ladies to f**k, they just face their business and leave. No one wants to be with me as a partner.

And the same goes for me. I am too handsome to have a single girl I will be dedicated to. I f**k whosoever I want to.

I walked to the dining table after freshening up. Mother was already at the table, and I know that father would be at the hospital by now.

I sat opposite mother and starred digging into my food. My mother looked at me, smiling, and I smiled back at her. She is the only woman I love.

My phone vibrated in my pocket, and it brought it out and looked at the screen to see my p.a on the line.
Yes, Richard.
Sir, we found the fraudster.
Kill him

I hung up, and I saw mother looking at me sadly.
“Donald,” she said, but I cut in before she could continue.
“Mother, don’t try. You know no one offends me and goes scot-free” I said and faced my food chewing it slowly.
I heard her sigh heavily and she started eating too. ” Mother you know.. ” I said, but I felt dizzy immediately causing me to stop talking.

Mother became blur all of a sudden. I held my head, and I stood up from where I sat. I heard the mother calling my name, but it sounded far off.

I tried walking, but before I knew it, I slummed and everywhere became dark as my eyes shut dead.
“Donald” I heard my mother afar off, but I couldn’t reply.

Chapter 2

Sharon’s POV
I got home at night feeling very tired. I took my bath and wore my pyjamas before going to take my dinner.
I sat on my dining chair with my parents and my younger sister Mary. My father leads the prayers, and we started eating in silence.

That is my family, and we respect table manners. I finished eating and was about heading to my room when my mother called me.

“Sharon comes to sit with me,” she said, tapping the chair close to her.
I moved to where she was and sat with her. “Mother, is there any problem?” I asked, watching her countenance.

“Frank dropped by today,” she said holding my hands. I rolled my eyes and breathed out in frustration.
“Mother I made it clear that I don’t want to get into any relationship now. I am too hurt, I just want to focus on my job” I said firmly.

“Sharon, you are 25 already. You are not growing younger. You need to plan the future. This frank guy loves you” she said, and I removed my hand from hers.

“Mother, I am done here. I need to rest now” I said and headed for my room. I got to my room and laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling.

I don’t need any guy. They are all the same. That are all liars and deceivers that ate just after my money nothing more.

I was still thinking about when my phone rang. I picked it up and saw the caller was Monica.
Hi Monica.

Hey babe. There is an emergency at the hospital, the only heir of king smith has been rushed in. I was asked to contact you.
The famous Donald? I will be there in five minutes.

I hung up and rushed to my closet to wear something beautiful. I have heard about this Donald, but I have never seen him. Why will he be rushed to the hospital? What is wrong with him?

I rushed out of my room after packing my hair and wearing my shoe. “I need to be at the hospital now,” I said to my mother, who was still in the living room.

I ran out of the house before she could even say anything and moved to my car. I entered it and zoomed off to the hospital.

I got to the hospital exactly after 5 mins as I said. I ran into the hospital, and I could see nurses running here and there in the hospital.

I sighted Monica, and I ran to her quickly. “Where is he??” I asked, breathing heavily.
“In the emergency unit on the right with some professional doctors.” She replied fearfully.
“What of his dad?” I asked.

“He wasn’t allowed to go in, and that is why I was asked to call you so you could help. You need to go now” she said, pushing me to her right.

“See you soon!” I said and ran to the Emergency unit. I washed my hand, and I was helped to wear my uniform, glove and my hairnet.
“Thank you,” I said and moved into the ward.

Monica’s POV
Since I have been hearing about Donald Smith, I have been crushing on him sincerely. I had met him once, and I had seen how good looking he is.

I heard that he is single and he hasn’t seen anyone worthy of being his girlfriend.
I can’t wait to get a chance to talk to him, who knows I may be his girlfriend in the long run.
I wish I am appointed to be his nurse if it requires him to stay in the hospital some few days or weeks.

I waited for almost 3 hours before Sharon came out of the EU looking very tired and sweaty.
“How are you dear,” I said, helping her remove all the kinds of stuff she wore.
“I am so tired, Monica” she replied, stretching her body.
“It is obvious” I replied.

“So what is wrong with him?” I added nervously.
” He is diagnosed with Kidney Cancer ” she replied, washing her hand.
“Kidney cancer?” I asked worriedly.

“Yes Monica and he has to stay in the hospital for the meantime so he could have full attention and proper care,” she said, looking at me.
“Really? He would need a nurse then.” I added happily.
“Yes, Monica.” She replied coldly and started walking away from the EU.
“I know you will be the one chosen to look after him,” I said, trying not to look sad.

“Common Monica, you can’t judge. You may be the one” she said smiling.
“You are better than me” I added sadly.

“You really wish to be his nurse? Fine, you will be okay??” She said, holding my shoulders.
“What if you are chosen?” I asked again.
“Then I will talk to Mrs Smith if I am chosen, that I won’t be changed and that he should appoint you” she added smiling.

“You will do that?” I asked happily.
“Yes, Monica, I don’t need to be his nurse before I can achieve okay?” She said, and moved out.
Yes! I can finally be able to speak to Donald one on one.
The buzzer sounds very loud, and it signifies that the Manager of the hospital wants to talk to us the senior nurses.

I ran to the meeting room to meet the other six of us, including Sharon, who was smiling at me.
I quickly moved to her side and stood, facing the Manager as she started speaking.

“Good day all,” he said, and we responded, “Good day, sir”.
“We all know very well that Donald Smith, the only heir of King-Smith, has been rushed into this hospital” he added.
“Yes, sir!!” We responded.

“I am here today to appoint a nurse to look after him. And we all know the best nurse in the Hospital. So I am going to be appointing Sharon as his nurse” he said and everyone clapped for her.

She looked at me sadly, and I couldn’t help but grow sad. I really wish I could be better than Sharon.
“I will talk to him” she whispered in my ears, and I nodded hopefully. I will be so much hurt if I don’t nurse Donald.
This is the right time to show him I feel for him, and now this Manager is trying to destroy the opportunity.

Chapter 3

Sharon’s POV
We finished the meeting after some minutes and I saw how sad Monica has been since the announcement of me been Donald’s nurse.

We were dismissed but I waited behind after everyone had left.
“Sit I wish to speak to you” I said bowing and fondling with my fingers.
“Go on Miss Sharon” he said smiling.

“Sir, it is about the announcement you made earlier” I said sadly.
“What was wrong with it” he added sensitively.

“Sir I have been appointed as a nurse for over 20 patients in this hospital” I said still bowing.
“That is true Sharon, that is because you are the best” he replied smiling.

“Sir it won’t be easy for me. So I thought you should give someone else. I mean like Monica, she is the second best in here” I said in a pleading tone.

“No Sharon. We need the overall best to look after King Smith’s son. You know what??” He asked moving to his table.
“What Sir??” I answered nervously.

“I am going to remove you from been the nurse of 15 patient, so you will have chance for Donald.” He said sitting on his chair.

“But Sir” I said but he cut me off.
“Sharon that is it. I need to work now” he said and I nodded as I left his office.

Oh God this is not good. How will I tell Monica that he didn’t listen to me, she looks so desperate to be his nurse. I don’t mind giving the appointment to her but now I am stuck, I can’t disobey the manager I may loose my job.

I got out of the office to see Monica waiting for me. She was looking at the ground and shaking nervously.
I moved close to her sadly, she lifted her head and immediately she sighted me she ran to me with a brightened face.
“How was it Sharon” she asked smiling hopefully.

“I am sorry Monica, he didn’t listen to me” I said sadly and I saw her countenance change. She looked so pained.
I wanted to reach for her hand but she shoved my hand off.

“I knew it won’t work. You are the best here, I knew you wouldn’t try to convince him because you all wish to be the nurse of the famous Donald. Thank you” she said in tears and left me standing.
“Monica” I called but she ran as fast as she could away from me.
She needs to understand that I tried my best, I will never hurt my best friend because of my own selfish desire.

Frank’s POV
“Can’t she just give me a chance?? I am not like the other guys she has been dating. I have loved her so dearly but she doesn’t seem to notice me.” I thought as I stared at her in the managers office during the meeting.
Doesn’t she see that I am also part of the Senior nurses in this hospital?? I won’t be able to interrupt the love she has for her job.

“Nurse Frank, you have an operation with Doctor Favour by 2pm” my junior nurse said jolting me out of my thought.
“Thank you Sarah, you can go” I said and opened the file where my schedule was stated.
“I am working with Sharon?” I said happily as I saw her name on it. I stood up quickly and moved to the ICU where the operation is to take place.

I got there and I saw Sharon washing her hand at the basin.
“Hi” I said taking the basin close to hers.
“Hi” she replied coldly wearing her glove.

“We are working together” I said watching her wear her apron.
“I know Frank. Please do me a Favour, don’t talk to me during the operation.” She said and moved in.
“Ouch!” I said holding my chest happily. It doesn’t matter if we don’t talk, I am fine with just staying close to her.

I moved into the operating room very happy, I saw her close to the surgeon and I ran to where she was standing staying very close to her.

She didn’t even look at me for once, she was asked to bring a cotton wool that was right behind me.
She reached for it brushing my chest a little with her arm. She looked at me and I stared into her eyes.
“Please try to be useful. The cotten wool was right behind you and you couldn’t take it” she said handing over the cotten wool to the surgeon.

Monica’s POV
I ran to the back of the hospital in tears. “Why do everyone think I am useless?? Must it be Sharon always??” I thought as hot tears stained mu cheeks.

I moved outside the hospital and sat on the chair close to the garden behind it. My eyes were heavy in tears and I had to clean them off with the back of my hand.

“She promised me she will talk to him but she didn’t. I know if she did, he would have agreed because he likes her so much” I said admits tears.

I really want to be close to Donald. I want him to be my responsibility, I want him to notice me. But all this can’t happen because of Sharon.

She spoiled my plan. I won’t let Donald slip off my hands, no!! I won’t let him fall for Sharon, she is too beautiful to be beside him.

She will surely seduce him and I don’t want that. He loves me or no one else, not even Sharon will change that.
“I know exactly what to do,” I thought and stood up from the chair as I walked into the hospital.

Chapter 4

Donald’s POV
I opened my eyes slowly to see myself in an unfamiliar room. I looked at my hand, and I saw different pipes attached to it.

I tried sitting up, and I saw these same pipes attached to my tummy. I looked at my side, and I saw a Lady backing me. She was reading a book.

“Hey you, get me out of here,” I said coldly trying to disconnect the things on my body.
“You awake” the sweetest voice I have ever heard in my life said.

My mouth dropped open as I raised my head to look at who was the owner of that angelic voice.
Lo and behold, an Angel was standing right beside me, smiling sweetly at me. I became lost, staring at her.
“I don’t think this is a good idea,” she said, removing my hands from the pipe on my body. I melted at her touch. Her hands were so soft and mild.

I didn’t seem to get my gaze off her. She reached for my head and laid it back on the bed slowly. My gaze was still fixed on her face, and she looked so beautiful.

“I am Sharon, and I will be your nurse for the meantime,” she said, smiling. She started checking my pulse.
I was so speechless. I was so shocked by her looks. I have never seen such a beautiful girl since I was born.
She raised my eyelid, bringing her face closer to mine. I stared at her lips. They were so pink and small.
“You are stable for the meantime,” she said, standing upright and smiling.

“Why am I here?” I managed to ask, taking my gaze off her. I can’t drool over her. She should be the way drooling over me.

“You are here because you need adequate attention to your health,” she said, smiling. Gosh that her smile is killing.
“What is wrong with my health?” I asked, looking at my body.

“I am soro I am not in place to tell you that,” she said and moved to the drip close to my head checking it.
“So who is to tell me?” I asked angrily.

“The doctor” she replied, still smiling.
“Get this thing off me, I can’t stay hers another hour,” I said, trying to disconnect the attachments.
She moved close to me and held my hand calmly. “You need to be here for a while, don’t worry once the doctor is here.

I will tell him you said that. For now, please relax” she said, brushing my hair behind my ears.
Shit, she was getting to me. “Why are you so gentle?” I asked before I could control myself.
“I am a nurse, remember? I need to be” she replied, picking up the book she was reading earlier.

Sharon’s POV
I sat close to him and continued reading my book. He closed his eyes, breathing in hard.
I tilted the book away from my right eyes to steal a glance at him. “Oh my God, he is so cute,” I thought, staring at his face.

He had beautiful curly hair, pink lips, narrow nose, and to crown it all he had blue eyeballs.
He is so so cute. I was still admiring him when the door opened, making him open his eyes.
I looked at the door, and I saw Mr King Smith walk in. I stood up quickly and bowed slightly.
“How is he?” He asked, moving to where Donald was.

“Stable sir. He just needs to take him medications on time and have adequate rest.” I said, smiling.
“Good job Sharon,” he said, touching his son.

“Father, I don’t want to stay here. I need to go to the company” Donald said, holding his father’s hand.
“Donald, you can’t. Your health can’t allow you” his father said sadly.
“I tired of hearing your health. What is wrong with my health!!” He yelled angrily.

“Well, son the reason you are here us because you have been diagnosed of,” He said pausing and looking at me.
“Diagnosed with what!” He said, shifting his gaze from his father to me. Mr King looked at me and nodded gesturing me to say it.

I moved closer to him and held his hand gently. He kept looking at his father and me, and I knew he was so scared.
“Mr Smith, I am sorry to tell you, you have been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer,” I said, closing one of my eye expecting the worse.

“What! Cancer! No! No! no!” He yelled as I saw tears in the eyes of the Almighty Donald.

He started shaking the bed vigorously, shouting “I am going to die”.
” No, you won’t,” his father said sadly.

“Father doesn’t try giving me hope” he yelled and burst into tears again.
“Mr king, please leave both of us, I will take care of him,” I said, holding Donald to the bed.
“Okay,” he nodded and left the ward sadly.

“Please, Mr Donald, you need to calm down. Once these things are disconnected, it will cause more damages” I said sadly.

“Am I not damage already?” he said, crying profusely.
I quickly took an injection which will cause him to sleep from the table close to him.
“Please stay calm,” I said as I injected him with it and within a second he feels asleep.

“Ahhhh” I sighed in relieve weeping off the sweat that threatened to slip into my eyes.
I sat on the chair close to him again and picked up my schedule to check my next patient.

I stood up and checked Mr Donald before leaving the ward. I started walking to the next patient’s ward.
I got there, and I saw Monica checking my patient. I became sad immediately I saw her, she wasn’t looking happy at all.

“Monica” I called, but she didn’t reply to me, she just kept checking the patient.
“Monica, I know you’re angry with me. I didn’t want to be his nurse. It wasn’t my decision” I said, moving close to her.

“Enough! Enough of the pretence Sharon. You and I know that the manager listens to you always. Now it is time for you to do me a little favour he isn’t listening” she barked in anger.

“Monica I tried my best, but he insisted I do it because he couldn’t just entrust him to any nurse” I added.

“Yeah!! Because you are the best, we know that. You know, don’t try defending yourself, you are not a true friend. This is what you wanted that I take care of your other patients” she said, banging her fist on the table as she stormed out.

“Can’t she just listen to me?? She is my best friend. I will never do anything to hurt her. I think I will have to talk to Mr King Smith personally about this” I thought as I walked out of the ward heading to Mr king Smith’s office.

Chapter 5

Sharon’s POV
“Good day, sir,” I said as I entered his office.
“Oh, Sharon, how are you? Thank you for taking care of my son,” he replied, raising his gaze from his laptop and smiling.

“I am not fine, Mr. Smith,” I replied sadly.
“Take your seat, dear. What is wrong?” He asked as I sat in front of him.

“Sir, I am appointed as a nurse too so many patients, and I don’t think I can keep coping, sir,” I said sadly.
“Sharon, you are the best here. You can’t expect less than that. Okay, what do you suggest we do?” He asked, leaning his head on his hand.

“I think we can appoint Monica as Mr. Donald’s nurse. I mean, she is also excellent,” I said, narrowing one of my eyes, hoping he will comply.

“Sharon, I want the best for Donald,” he said sadly.
“Sir, I promise Monica will do well. I will look after her work and make sure she is effective please, sir,” I said with a pleading look.

“Fine, you know I can’t say no to you. We need to go to him with Monica to introduce his new nurse to him,” he said, smiling.

“Thank you so much her, I will tell her right now,” I said happily, jumping out of his office.
I am so sure Monica will be so happy. I ran to her leisure room, calling her happily.
“Monica!” I called storming into her room. She was doing something on her phone, she looked at me and rolled her eyes, looking back into her phone.

“Monica, he allowed it,” I said, moving to where she sat.
“Allowed what?” She asked disgustingly.
“Mr. Smith appointed you as Mr. Donald’s new nurse,” I said happily.

“Really!!” She asked with her eyes widened.
“Yes, Monica, I did it!” I yelled, and she drew me to a hug happily.
“I am so happy!! Thank you, Sharon,” she said, smiling widely.

“Now we need to see Mr. Donald and introduce you to him as his new nurse,” I said, and I saw her jump for joy.
“Right away,” she said, walking out of the room as I trailed behind her to his ward.
We got to the ward, and I saw Mr. Donald Smith awake. His father was sitting close to him, and we moved closer to where they were.

“Sir, Monica is here,” I said, and both of them looked at us.
” Okay Donald, Your nurse Sharon complained she is too busy with many patients and said she needs someone to fill her gap to take care of you. So she brought one of the best too, her name is Monica,” he said, pointing to Monica.

Monica’s POV
“Hi,” I said, moving close to him, stretching forth my hand so he could take it. He shot me a disgusting look and faced Sharon and his father.

“I don’t want her. She is ugly,” he said, and I felt tears heat my eyes instantly. I felt like the ground should open and swallow me up.

I looked at Sharon, and I saw her look at me with a sorry expression, and it angered me the more.
“Donald, can you stop behaving like baby?” His father asked, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t you get it?? I want only Sharon as my nurse, not some monkey,” he said, looking at me from head to toe.
I burst into real tears, and I ran out of the ward in shame. Am I that bad?? It is all Sharon’s fault.
If I were introduced as his nurse at the very beginning, all these wouldn’t happen.

“Monica!” I heard Sharon call behind me, but I didn’t answer I had hated her already and she will regret all this shame.

I ran to my leisure room, slamming the door, locking it behind me before as I allowed the tears to follow down freely.
“Am I that bad?? Do I look like a monkey?? ” I thought about lowering my head on the desk.
I will make sure she regrets the day she accepted to be Donald’s nurse. I will complicate her, making her feel miserable, just like I am feeling right now.

“Monica, I am so sorry. I never knew he was this harsh and mean,” I heard Sharon say behind the door.
“Go away, Sharon!!” I yelled in tears.

Donald’s POV
Daddy, I will never accept that girl as my nurse. Don’t you see how ugly she is?” I said disgustingly.
“Donald shut up. You don’t talk like that,” he said angrily.

“Dad, if you change Sharon from been my nurse, then I don’t want any treatments anymore,” I replied adamantly.
“Why are you so stubborn?? You heard what she said. She has numerous patients she is attending to,” he said frustratingly.

“Dad, don’t you see how beautiful she is? Even if I don’t want to take my medications, seeing her face alone will force me. But look at that Monica, if she is with me for more than five minutes, I am surely going to puke.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Okay fine, I will do something about it,” he said, sighing heavily.
“Good. Thank you,” I replied coldly, picking my phone, which was very close to me.
“I will leave now. Rest well,” he said and walked out of the ward. I rolled my eyes again, clicking on my Instagram page.

I have millions of followers, which is because I am very handsome, and I am the only heir of the great King-Smith.

I saw numerous messages, and I didn’t even feel like answering any until my eye caught a message.
It was a photo that was in it. I clicked on it, and I saw a lady without any clothes in it.
She snapped it very close to her V, and I felt hard immediately. She looked so hot, and I didn’t know when I started lusting over her killer body.

I then sent her a message saying, “hey bCH, I need you to come to King-Smith hospital. I wanna fk you right here.”
It delivered, and I couldn’t wait for her to arrive. I am going to bang her right here in this hospital. I need to enjoy my life. I don’t care about any cancer.

Chapter 6

Sharon’s POV
I walked into Mr. Donald’s ward in anger, and I was so happy to know that his father wasn’t there anymore. I would be able to talk some sense and manners into his arrogant but handsome brain.

“Mr. Donald, I am sorry to say this, but what happened earlier wasn’t right at all,” I said, standing beside his bed and folding my hands under my b**bs.

He looked away from his phone to me, staring at me, and I suddenly felt uncomfortable, but I shrugged it off.
“Your words were really hurting. They weren’t nice at all. She was only trying to help the preoccupied me, she was nice enough,” I said when I noticed he wasn’t planning to reply.

He kept staring at me, and I was forced to wonder why. I traced his gaze, and it landed right on my chest.
My mouth curved into an “oh” immediately I saw that. I dropped my hands and moved from beside his bed, pretending to be checking his drip.

“Don’t you dare talk to me in that manner again. If it weren’t for my health, you would have been dead by now,” he said coldly, sending shivers all over me.

I looked at him in anger, how dare him to threaten his nurse. Doesn’t he know I am capable of killing him with just an injection?
“I talked like that to her because I don’t want her to be my nurse,” he said, rolling his eyes as he kept looking into his phone.

“She is equally good as me,” I replied, standing akimbo.
“No, she isn’t,” he said, looking at me from head to toe. I sighed, shaking my head, and sat on the chair beside him.

“Well, I won’t be here at night with you. I will be going home, I will make sure you a stable, and then I will appoint a Junior male nurse to look over you during the night” I said picking up my book on the drawer.

“What? So you will leave me here at night! Which nurse does that?” He asked angrily.
“This is the normal protocol Mr. Donald, and you can’t change that,” I said, feeling angry already. I don’t get mad quickly, but he is pushing me to the wall.

I saw him put his phone on his ear and I knew he was calling someone. I rolled my eyes and kept reading my book. He thinks he is god and can let everything work in his favor, so arrogant.

“Father nurse Sharon is trying to kill me,” he said, pretending to gasps for air. I jumped up from my chair in shock, rushing to reach for his phone, and before I could take it, he hung up.

“Why will you say that to your father, do you want me to lose my job?!” I yelled angrily. He smirked wickedly at me.
“I don’t care. I told you to watch how you talk to me,” he said, facing his phone.

I was about replying to him when the door flung open, and Mr. King ran to meet Donald.
“Donald, are you okay?” He asked him before looking at me with an expression I couldn’t phantom.
“Father, I am not fine,” he replied, pretending to be sick. His father checked him, his pulse, heartbeat.

“But you are stable,” he said, looking at him.
“Dad asks the nurse you gave me what she said,” he replied, pointing at me and smirking wickedly.
“Sharon, what happened?” His father asked calmly.

“Thank you, sir. I just told him I wouldn’t be around at night, that I was going to appoint a younger nurse to look after him,” I said, shooting Donald a deadly look.

“Donald, is that what happened?” He asked, looking at him.
“Of course. Isn’t that enough to kill me? What if she leaves me and the next minutes my health starts misbehaving so that the junior nurse won’t be able to correct?” He said, widening his eyes.

“Donald!” His father called in frustration.
“Father, if she leaves me and I die, it is your faults,” he said, pointing to Mr king and me.

Donald’s POV
“Donald common, you can’t die. Look, she needs to rest too,” Father said, sitting close to me. I looked at her narrowing my eyes.

“Do you want to leave me for one minute?” I asked, smiling sweetly. She stared at me, speechless, and my dad watched our drama.
“You see, dad, she doesn’t want to leave me,” I said, smirking at her.
“I need to rest too. You don’t accept me to stay here, 24hours,” she said, rolling her eyes. I was about talking when a young man barged in.

He looked handsome but trusted me not as attractive as I am.
“Oh, I am sorry to barge in,” he said, bowing slightly in front of dad.
“Its okay, Frank. I was about leaving,” My dad said and stood up.
“Dad, are you leaving me?” I asked annoyingly.

“I have things to do. Sort yourselves,” he said and walked out.
“Hi,” Frank said to Sharon.

“Hi,” she replied coldly, sitting on the chair close to me as I watched both of them like I watched a movie.
“I looked for you all over the hospital, but I couldn’t find you. So Monica told me you would be here,” he said, smiling.

“You don’t need to look for me,” she replied with her gaze still glued to the book in her hands.
“You want to talk to you,” he said, moving close to her.
“I don’t want to talk!!” She yelled angrily.
“Ouch,” I said, smirking, and he looked at me in annoyance.

Chapter 7

Frank’s POV

I felt embarrassed when Sharon yelled at me in front of that arrogant bastard. But I can’t just get angry with her. I love her so much.

“Sharon, please listen to me,” I said sadly.
“Can’t you see she isn’t willing to listen??” Donald said angrily.

“How is that your f**king business, hun?” I asked angrily.
“It is my business now because she is now my nurse!” He said, looking at Sharon.
“Sharon, are you listening to him?” I asked, pointing to him.

“Frank, please leave you are in a patient’s ward,” she said, standing up.
“Not any patient, but Donald,” he said, smiling before I could reply.

“Sharon please just one minute,” I said, trying to calm down. She looked at Donald, sighing heavily.
“Mr. Donald, please excuse me,” She said before looking at me. She started moving to the door, and I trailed behind her after shooting Donald a deadly look.

“What is it Frank, you almost caused a scene with Mr. Donald Smith there,” she said, emphasizing the Smith and pointing at Ward’s door.

“Sharon, I am sorry, I was paranoid. He should have just minded his business,” I said, rolling my eyes.
“What do you want?” She asked, folding her hands under her breasts.

“Okay, I thought we should have some chats over dinner this evening. I mean, when you are done with work,” I said, smiling.
“Frank, I am sorry to disappoint you, I don’t think I will be chanced for that,” she said.

“Common Sharon, you and I know your shift ends at 5 pm. Please, Sharon, it will be brief.” I said, pouting my mouth.
She was about talking when we both heard Donald speak from inside the ward.
“I need my nurse now!” He yelled. I looked at Sharon, and she shook her head.

“Excuse me,” she said and went into the ward. I looked at her as she walked in to meet Donald, and I couldn’t help but furious.

I saw him smile at her, and I felt my face turn red. Why is he trying to come in between Sharon and me? I won’t allow it never.

I took a last look at Sharon through the glass on the door before taking my leave. I need the manager to appoint another nurse for him.

Sharon’s POV
“Did you miss me?” Mr. Donald asked, smiling as soon as I got close to him.
“Mr. Donald, you called for me, and I believe you did because you had an issue, what is it?” I asked, checking all the necessary things I should check.

“I missed your face,” he said, smirking, looking at me.
“Mr. Donald, I am not here to play. I will check you for the last time and then ask a junior nurse to watch over you,” I said, trying to smile.

“Let us do it this way. You give me my treatments at home. I don’t like this place. You will live with me till I get better,” he said, smiling.

“What? Live with you?? I got my own house, you know.” I said in frustration. I saw him pick up his phone and do some stuff on it before placing it on his ear.

“Father.” He said. “Oh, not again,” I thought to hit my forehead in anger.
“I don’t like this place. I want to go home. Tell Nurse Sharon to live with me till I am better,” he said like he was exhausted.

“What!!” I whispered, looking at him. He dropped the phone from his ear, “he wants to speak with you,” he said, grinning.

I sighed and reached for his phone. I placed it on my ear, still staring at Donald in anger.
Please, Sharon, see me in my office Asap.
Okay, sir.

I gave him back and the phone and shot him a deadly look before storming out of the ward. I heard him laugh loudly, and I clenched my fist in anger.

I got to my Smith’s office, and I breathed out before moving in.
“Mr king, you called for me,” I said, trying to smile.
“Yes, Sharon, please sit.” He said, pointing to the chair in front of his desk. I sat and looked at him, eager to hear what he has to say.

“Sharon, I am so sorry for Donald’s behavior. He can be annoying at times,” he said, narrowing his eyes.
“It’s okay, sir,” I replied, smiling.

“Well, Sharon, you know the condition of Donald’s health. And I think it will be best to step forward.” He said.
“I don’t understand you, sir,” I replied, feeling confused.
“I want you to go live with Donald.” He said, smiling.

“Sir?? Live with him? But why?? I mean, I can’t do my job effectively here.” I said shockingly.
“Sharon, please try to understand. He is my only son. I need you to give him your attention, please, I don’t want to lose my son.” He said sadly as he held my hand.

“Sir, what of my patients in the hospital, my work as a full-time nurse here?” I asked in sympathy.
“Don’t worry about the patients, please be my son’s nurse,” he said.
“Sir, give me some time to think about it,” I said, sighing.

“Okay, Sharon, thank you so much.” He said, smiling. I stood up and walked to Mr. Donald’s ward. I kept thinking about Mr king’s decision. I don’t think I can do this.

I got there, and I met him lying on the bed with his eyes closed. I moved close to him, and a bad smell covered my nose.

It smelt like a poisonous chemical, a very dangerous one to be precise. I covered my nose with my palm holding my breath.

“Mr. Donald!” I yelled with my eyes widened
“Who the hell could have sprayed this here?” I thought as I moved closer to Mr. Donald. I looked at him, and I saw his eyes were closed.

I placed my second hand on his nose, and I noticed he wasn’t breathing.
“Shit!” I said in fear. I ran out of the ward in search of a nose cover. I pressed the emergence alarm on the wall to alert everyone.

Chapter 8

Monica’s POV
I ran out of the hospital as fast as I could. I removed all the costumes I wore. I threw the chemical in a far bush from the hospital.

The chemical is just to make Donald unconscious for 8 hours. Tho it would have side effects, I don’t care. He insulted me, and he must suffer it.

I went to the back of the hospital to wash my hands and dispose of my nose mask. I walked into the hospital triumphantly.

I will see how the Almighty Sharon won’t be chased out of this company after messing with the only heir of Mr king Smith.

Then I Monica will finally but the appointed nurse. I can’t wait to see Sharon in tears for what she did to me. Thanks to Don, who gave me that Chemical.

I got to the passage of the hospital and saw the senior nurses running around looking scared.
“What is going on?” I asked a senior nurse that was running towards me.

“Nurse Sharon’s parents have been poisoned with a deadly spray.” She said, running away. I smirked wickedly.
I walked to Donald’s ward, and I saw Sharon in tears close to Donald. She was restricted from coming close to him.
The doctors that operated on him looked like professionals. I became so happy seeing her that way.

I heard some people coming toward me, and I looked to see Mr. King running towards me with Frank and some other nurses. They had nose covers on.
“Give way.” He said angrily to me as I moved from the door. He ran into where his son but was stopped by the doctors.

He looked so worried, and I saw tears drop down his face. Frank stood outside close to me, looking into the ward.
“Who is the bastard that did this to Sharon?” He said angrily.

“And how sure are you? She didn’t plan this?” I asked, raising my brows.
“Are you saying this, Monica? Sharon is your friend, you know her better than anyone. She will never do that type of thing.” He said, looking angry.

I was about replying when the door of the ward opened, revealing Mr. King and Sharon.
“Sir, I am sorry I don’t know anything about this.” She said in great tears.
“Sharon, I know. I trust you, I called for you, and you weren’t present during the incident. I know you are not the one.” Mr. King said sadly.

“Thank you, sir.” She said, cleaning her tears. Mr. King left us to his office in sadness.
“Sharon, are you okay?” Frank asked, looking at her. She nodded, weeping silently.
“Sharon, I am so so sorry about this. That person is so wicked.” I said, moving close to her. She nodded, and I pulled her into a hug smirking wickedly.

Sharon’s POV
I couldn’t try thinking about the Pain Donald is right now. I left for just a few minutes, and some bastard came to spray poison in his ward?

Who the hell could that be? I mean, I don’t think I have offended anyone. I sat in front of his new ward with Monica, who kept consoling me.

“Thank God, Mr. King called me to his office at that moment. Who knows, I may be in the same state as Donald. Or, better still lose my job.” I said to Monica, sadly.

“Its okay, Sharon. I know for sure that person will be caught.” She said, tapping me.
“Thanks, Monica. Now that person has automatically forced me to move in with Donald.” I said, sighing.
“What? You are moving in?” She asked in shock.

“Yes, Monica, that was why Mr king called me into his office, and I told him I would think about it. But now, no thinking I have to live with him. With that poison he has inhaled, he needs serious attention.” I said, sighing again.
“What of your job?? Your other patients?” She asked again.

“Mr. King is going to take care of that,” I said, smiling.
“Ohhh, I see.” She said, raising her eyebrows.

“Yes,” I replied, standing up and looking into the ward at Donald sleeping soundly.
“Sharon, I am sorry about the way I behaved earlier. I wasn’t in my right senses, can we be friends again?” She asked, standing behind me as she looked into the ward too.

“Monica, you will always be my friend no matter the issues we have. I am happy we are back to normal.” I said, smiling as I faced back to hug her tight.

“I need to attend to my patient now.” She said, disengaging from the hug.
“Okay, dear. I will go in to meet Donald too.” I said, smiling. I kissed her goodbye before entering the ward.
I walked to where he slept, and I couldn’t help the tears that rolled down my cheeks.

“I am sorry, I shouldn’t have left you here,” I said in tears as I felt guilt overwhelm me. He looked so handsome in his sleep, and it did hard to believe he had kidney cancer.

I held his hand, examining his whole body, and it seemed stable. Suddenly, he opened his eyes tiredly.
“Mr. Donald.” I could, happily. Finally, my handsome patient opened his eyes. He looked around the ward like he was confused.

“Please relax your brain for now,” I said, touching his forehead.
“A new ward.” He said tiredly.

“Yes, but you will be out soon. We will be treated properly at home by me. I will be moving in with you.” I said, and I saw his eyes widen.

Chapter 9

Donald’s POV
I became so happy hearing Sharon will be moving in with me. Will I say that murderer helped me catch her or what?
“Oh,” I said, touching my forehead tiredly. I still felt some pains in my throat, but it didn’t hurt much.
“I am sorry for what happened earlier. I shouldn’t have left you.” She said sadly.

“It was so fast, and I couldn’t even see the person,” I said, trying to sit up.
She came close to me, helping me up. I sat properly, looking at her beautiful face. She is lovely.
“I understand, Mr. Donald. I will make sure I catch that person. But for now, I think moving you home is the best option.” She said, and I nodded happily, tho I didn’t make it obvious.

Father came to me, and after checking me, they moved me into the ambulance. I was on the stretcher in the ambulance when I looked out the window to see Sharon talking to Frank.
“I so hate that guy.” I thought angrily.

I watched to talk to him, and I saw he had a sad countenance on. I am very sure it is about her moving in with me that is driving him nuts. He should go to hell for all I care.

Sharon came in shortly and sat beside me, smiling. Geez, she was getting to me.
“You will be fine, I promise.” She said, still putting on the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.
I nodded speechlessly as the vehicle started moving, and I closed my eyes to relax. The incident that happened in my ward flashed into my head.

“He/ She came in from the door wearing an oversized overall dress. He/she had a nose mask on and also a face cap. He/she ran to where I was lying with some spray in hand.

And before I could say anything or scream for help, he/she sprayed it. It has a great foul and shoking smell.
I started to have difficulties in breathing, and that was it. I went unconscious. ” I said and opened my eyes to see Sharon holding a phone close to my mouth.

I looked at the phone and then at her, and she quickly removed the phone from my face.
“I needed the information, so I decided to record it.” She said, concentrating on her phone.
“And what will you do about that?” I asked, rolling my eyes.

“Play it for the cops, of course.” She said, boldly making me laugh.
“I don’t do cops, girl. I kill anyone who messes with me. I don’t involve the cops. They are useless.” I said, and I saw the shock on her face.

“You kill? You have killed before?” She asked, stammering.
“Yes, I have,” I replied boldly. She stared at me, and I saw her mouth moving, but words weren’t coming out.
“Are you okay?” I asked mockingly.

“Yeah ..yeah… I am good.” She said, still staring at me, making me grin widely.
“She didn’t see that coming.” I thought to giggle.

A message popped in my phone, and I saw it was from the slut I messages earlier. She was asking me to send her my address.
I ignored the message slipping my phone back into my pockets. I am not in the mood for b**chs now, who knows she may be the one that poisoned me.

Monica’s POV
I walked home after work at the hospital. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Sharon said.
“How will Mr king allow her to live with him?” I thought angrily. This isn’t fair at all.
I thought I would make her cry, but this even drew them closer. But not too soon, Sharon, I should be the one with him, not you.

He should see my face, not hers. I know what to do. I picked up my phone to call Sharon’s number. I saved her number with bestie.

Not anymore, she isn’t anymore. I edited it and changed the name to “B**ch.” I dialed her number, and she picked up when the call was almost disconnected.
Hey Monica, sorry for picking up late.
I understand, dear, you busy with Donald, huh?

Yes, he is quite scary but handsome tho giggling
You seem to like him already rolling her eyes
Come on, Monica. He is my patient laughing
Hmmm, okay, called to check up on you.
Thanks so much. Would you love to come to visit me sometime?
Sure! happily
Okay, dear. I will send you the address soon. See you!!
Bye smirking

I hung up and threw my phone in my bag. Visiting her will be an excellent opportunity to get her fired finally. Maybe this time around, Donald will notice me.
“I will do everything to get him to notice and like me,” I thought to smirk wickedly.

Chapter 10

I walked into Mr. Donald’s house with my luggage in a traveling bag at night. I entered the living room, and I saw everywhere was dark and quiet.

I had laid him in his room before going home to pack my stuff. I am going to start living with Almighty Donald, am murder to be precise. Oh, God, safe me.

I dropped my luggage in the living room and walked to Mr. Donald’s room to check upon him. I got to his room and opened the door, but I couldn’t see him.
All the attachments I left on his body were all in the bed, including the drip attached to his hand and his hospital garment.

“Mr. Donald!” I called but heard no replies. Where the hell is he? He shouldn’t be walking around now. He is still very weak.

I placed my hand on my forehead tiredly, and this man shouldn’t make me lose my job with his reckless attitude.
I walked from his room back into the dark living room.

I walked to where the light switch was and was about putting on the light when I noticed the reflection of light from another room, which wasn’t where I laid Mr. Donald.

“He may be here. I am going to so yell at him once I see him. He is risking his life and my job because of his stubbornness.” I thought, walking to the room in anger.

I stopped abruptly when I started hearing voices from the room. It wasn’t just a voice. It was a different kind I was hearing.

“Who is in there with Mr. Donald?” I thought to tiptoe to the door. It was slightly open, so I peeped into the room, closing one of my eyes.

I could see Mr. Donald shirtless. He had only shorts on. I must confess he is really hot. His abs were crazily curved.

In front of him sat a guy, I couldn’t see his face, but I managed to see that his hands were tied to the back of his chair. What is going on?

I saw another guy holding something like a tray forward to Mr. Donald. I tried picturing what was in the tray, but I couldn’t see it clearly.

“Sir, please, I am sorry. I was paid to do so.” The guy that sat said fearfully.
“Paid to do so?? By who?” Mr. Donald asked coldly.

“Please don’t let me say it. He will kill my family.” He said in tears.
“And who told you I couldn’t ruin but you and your family?” Mr. Donald asked in anger, picking up something from the tray.
“Ahhh, a knife,” I yelled, forgetting I was eavesdropping. I placed my palm on my mouth, opening my eyes wide. I saw all of them look in my direction.

I was about running when I heard a very cold and wicked voice behind me. It wasn’t Mr. Donald’s voice, of course.
“Where do you think you are going to?” The voice asked abs I was glued to where I stood. I started shivering in fear. Oh God, is this my end?

I started hearing footsteps walking towards me. I thought of running, what if he is with a gun? What if he is a good thrower of knives?

Soon I felt him grab me by the shoulders pulling to the room. “Please don’t kill me. I didn’t see anything. I am just a nurse. Please let me go.” I blarbed in fears as I shut my eyes real tight.

“Here is the intruder boss.” The voice said, releasing his grip on me.
“I swear I didn’t see anything. I was just passing by.” I said with my eyes still shut tight.

“Open your eyes, Sharon.” I heard Donald’s calm but cold voice. I slowly opened one of my eyes, expecting to see a gun in front of my head or a knife, but I only saw Mr. Donald standing in front of me.

I opened my eyes fully and looked away as fast as I could, it was terrifying.
“When did you come back?” He asked, moving my head with his hand to meet his.
“Not quite long.” I managed to say as I felt heavy drops of sweat roll down my back and tummy.

“You are sweety.” He said mockingly.
“Me.. .me sweaty? No.” I stammered, shaking my head. He laughed out loud, and I must say he is so handsome when he smiles.

“Let’s finish the business here. Then you can treat me.” He said, moving back to the man tied on a chair.
I looked behind me, and I saw the man that dragged me in was the tray carrier. I looked into the tray, and I saw different kinds of sharp knives.

I opened my eyes wide in shock, but as I saw the man’s face, I cautioned myself and faced Mr. Donald, who held the man on the chair by his hand. I saw him take the knife in his hand closed to him, and I felt my heart leap.
“Wait! What are you about to do?” I asked fearfully.

“Sharon, shut up and let me finish my business.” He yelled, making me flinch.
He moved the knife to his wrist and started slicing it. “Please don’t, I beg you in the name of God,” I said, crying bitterly.

Chapter 11

Donald’s POV

I heard Sharon crying, and I stopped what I was doing. Why did she come here in the first instance, she is getting to my mean self, and I don’t like it.

“Take her out of her, Richard,” I said, trying not to look at her.
“Please, Mr. Donald.” She said, running to me and hugging me tightly. I felt my heart leap immediately; she did so.

“Sharon,” I called calmly. I heard my heartbeat very fast.
“Please don’t do it.” She said as her tears wet my bare chest. “If you do it, I will die.” She added weeping seriously.

I was so touched by the way she cried. She hugged me so tight like her life depended on it. I could feel her breasts against my bare chest.

“Let me go, Sharon,” I replied, trying not to feel anything.
“No, Mr. Donald, I won’t. Please release him, I beg you. You are a good person. I know that, so please release him he will never do it again.” She said, locking her hands behind my back, hugging me tightly.
“Sharon,” I called frustratingly.

“Mr. Donald.” She called, raising her head to look at me. Her eyes were full of tears, and her face was red already. I felt my heart soften as she looked at me.

“Release him.” I sighed slowly, looking at Richard.
“But boss, he may go to report you to the cops,” Richard said fearfully.

“He won’t dare. Sharon, let’s go to my room.” I said, holding her as we left for my room.
“Thank you.” She said as I sat on my bed.
“You affected me,” I said coldly.

“I am sorry for intruding. I couldn’t take it.” She said, still weeping silently.
“That’s enough. Come attach this stuff back to my body.” I said, lying on my bed.
She nodded and moved closer to me, bringing all their boring nursing stuff to my body. She lowered her head as she helped fix the drip on my body.

“You shouldn’t have removed this from your tummy. It is very dangerous.” She said, trying to stop crying.
I stared at her, and I saw her tears drop right on my chest. She looked so beautiful and innocent. She shouldn’t have seen that.

“Can you please stop crying?” I said, looking away.
“Am sorry, I am trying to control it, but it doesn’t seem to stop.” She said, cleaning her tears with the back of her palm.

“Good,” I replied, closing my eyes.
“Did you mean it?” She said.

“Mean what,” I replied with my eyes still shut.

“That you let him go?” She asked again. I opened my eyes slowly to see her face close to mine, staring at my face.
I stared at her speechless, and I watched her eyeballs glow in her tears.

“Please tell me you were serious.” She said in a low tone as I saw tears threaten to fall off her eyes.
“I was serious,” I said with my gaze still glued to her eyes.

Her face brightened immediately, and I saw her smile. I felt so light as I saw her smile. I moved my gaze from her eyes down to her lips and glued it there.
She kept staring at me too, and all I wanted to that was to kiss her. I raised my head gradually from the bed to meet hers.

And in no time, my lips met with hers. I moved my hand to her hair, deepening the kiss. She tasted like vanilla, and I wanted to eat it all day.

She disengaged from the kiss, looking away.
“I am sorry. I need to go now, if you need anything, call me.” She said and ran out of my room.
“Donald, are you becoming nice?” My inner mind asked mockingly.
“Of course not,” I replied, rolling my eyes.

“You just released a guy that dumped you.” The voice said again.
“That is none of your business. Shut up.” I said, closing my eyes to sleep. I don’t want to start battling with myself.

Sharon’s POV
I walked to my room, not understanding how I felt. “Was he going to cut off his wrist if I didn’t intervene?” I thought to shiver as I sat on my bed in the room Mr. Donald gave me.
Did he just kiss me? Did I just respond to the touch of a murder?? Oh God, this is so hard to bear. He is making me feel the best is a very bad idea.

Being the best nurse as landed me into the arms of a dangerous patient.
“Sharon, all you need to do is keep your distance from him, Don’t get on his nerves, pray he recovers quick. And that’s it. You will be out of here.” My inner mind said confidently.

I hope it is as easy as that. His body is so tempting, when I hugged his bare chest and heard his heartbeat, I felt like staying like that forever.
“Can you hear yourself? Staying in the arms of a murderer.” My inner mind said.
Oh God, please help me in the house. It isn’t going to be easy.

Monica’s POV
I kept examining my patient’s mouth, but my mind was not in what I was doing. I kept thinking about yesterday night.
Donald and Sharon are sleeping in the same house at night. This is too much to bear! She shouldn’t have told me in the first place, and it keeps distracting me.

“Are you not done?” She said, trying not to place her teeth on my hand.
“Ohh, sorry, I am done,” I said, putting on a fake smile.

“So, what is the situation of the gum now?” She asked when she noticed I wasn’t planning on saying anything.
“Ernn..nn good.” I stammered, nodding very fast.
“But it still hurts. You have been my nurse for a month now, and I haven’t seen any changes in my gum.” She said in frustration.

“I am sorry I am walking hard on it,” I replied calmly.
“Hard? I know if it were nurse Sharon that was appointed to me, I would have been okay. I regret having you as my nurse. You are just a waste of time.” She said and walked out angrily.

I fought back the tears that threatened to fall off my eyes. Why do I have to be always compared to Sharon?
“We are two different people,” I yelled as tears rolled down my cheeks. I walked out of the ward and headed to my office.

I got in, and I sat by my desk weeping profusely. I need to make Sharon forgotten forever. She is on my neck!
I picked up my phone and switched it on. A message from b**CH popped in, and I saw the address she promised to send.
“Hmmm, let’s do something.” I thought to smirk wickedly.

Chapter 12

Donald’s POV

I woke up the next morning feeling quite better than how I use to feel. I had finished taking my drip, so I removed it from my hand.

I removed the other attachments and walked to the bathroom to have my bath.
I stood under the shower letting the water touch every part of my body.

I bowed my head slightly, placing my two hands on the tiled wall. I began to remember what happened yesterday.
Her tears stained my chest, how her breast pressed on my chest, and how she looked when she cried. I couldn’t control myself, and I ended up kissing her, my nurse.

“She is getting to me!” I thought to punch the wall.
I quickly finished bathing, and I moved out of the bathroom, wrapping my towel and the other towel to dry my hair in my hand.

I was still drying my hair when the door opened, revealing Sharon.
“Oops, I am sorry. I knocked, but I didn’t hear any response, so I decided to come in.” She said, bowing slightly.

“Come in,” I said, moving to my bed.
“You disconnected the tubes already. You should have called me.” She said, trying not to look at me.

“Had to take my bath. Didn’t want to disturb, though you may still be asleep.” I said, cleaning my face before standing up the spread the towel in the toilet.

I walked into the room, and I saw Sharon staring at my hand with her eyes opened wide.
I looked at my hands, and I saw it was bleeding. How come I didn’t see that until now.
“Mr. Donald, you are bleeding.” She said, running close to me and holding my hands.

“It was a mistake,” I said coldly.
“You are not a baby. You should be careful.” She said, pulling me to sit on the bed while I kept staring at her.

She took some cotton wool and a liquid substance from the drawer she kept all she used to the treatment.
She soaked the wool with the liquid substance and carried my hand cleaning off the blood carefully.

I cleaned my jaw as I felt pain in my hand. I saw her look at me, and I moved my face away from hers.
“Sorry.” She said as she placed a plaster on it.

“Thanks,” I replied, removing my hand from hers.
“How are you feeling now?” She asked, standing up.

“Better,” I replied coldly.
“I will prepare breakfast.” She said and left the room before I could reply.

Sharon’s POV
I tried so hard not to look at Donald’s face after what happened yesterday night. I couldn’t sleep well. I kept thinking about how he kisses me magically.

Oh, Nurse Sharon, you are done for. I hope you haven’t started growing feelings for your patient.
I got to the kitchen and checked the refrigerator for anything to make breakfast.
I saw some pastas, tomatoes, onions, and some salad ingredients.

“I guess breakfast has defined itself.” I thought to smile. I started making the salad when I remembered the guy that was tied to the chair yesterday.

“Has he gone home? Or Donald has killed him!” I thought of fear. I need to check if he is gone.
I dropped the knife that was with me and walked out of the kitchen, heading to the “torture room” because it looked like one.

I was getting closer, but I didn’t hear any voices, I moved closer to the door, and I saw it was closed this time.

I looked around me to see if no one watched me. I placed my hand on the doorknob, turning it gently.
“What are you doing.” A familiar voice came suddenly, making me startle and lose balance. I almost fell, yes I fell on a very hard built body.
Oh no, its Donald.

My head was directly on his chest, and my eyes widened when I saw he was shirtless. Was he using that to punish me?
I stood up, properly adjusting myself without looking at his face. I kept my gaze on his chest.
“I am sorry.” I stammered in fear. He looked at me speechless and started walking close to me while I moved backward in fear.

He kept approaching till my back hit the door behind me, and there was nowhere to go anymore.
He finally got close to me, and I could hear my heartbeat really fast.
He lowered his head, and I closed my eyes so tight, saying my last prayer.
The next thing I felt was a warm mouth on mine. He is Kissing me again! He pulled me to him by the waist deepening the kiss.

I found myself opening up for him. “Opening up for a murderer? Are you okay?” I thought, but I couldn’t stop him, he was driving me nuts.

I found myself touching his abs with my palm. It was so hard and rigid on my hand I felt like sleeping on it.
“Wake up, Sharon! He is your patient!” A voice yelled in my head, making me break the kiss abruptly.
I looked into his eyes, and I saw him look at me softly. “Excuse me,” I said and walked away from his face.

Chapter 13

Donald’s POV

I woke up the next morning feeling quite better than how I use to feel. I had finished taking my drip, so I removed it from my hand.

I removed the other attachments and walked to the bathroom to have my bath.
I stood under the shower letting the water touch every part of my body.

I bowed my head slightly, placing my two hands on the tiled wall. I began to remember what happened yesterday.

Her tears stained my chest, how her breast pressed on my chest, and how she looked when she cried. I couldn’t control myself, and I ended up kissing her, my nurse.

“She is getting to me!” I thought to punch the wall.
I quickly finished bathing, and I moved out of the bathroom, wrapping my towel and the other towel to dry my hair in my hand.

I was still drying my hair when the door opened, revealing Sharon.
“Oops, I am sorry. I knocked, but I didn’t hear any response, so I decided to come in.” She said, bowing slightly.

“Come in,” I said, moving to my bed.
“You disconnected the tubes already. You should have called me.” She said, trying not to look at me.

“Had to take my bath. Didn’t want to disturb, though you may still be asleep.” I said, cleaning my face before standing up the spread the towel in the toilet.

I walked into the room, and I saw Sharon staring at my hand with her eyes opened wide.
I looked at my hands, and I saw it was bleeding. How come I didn’t see that until now.
“Mr. Donald, you are bleeding.” She said, running close to me and holding my hands.

“It was a mistake,” I said coldly.
“You are not a baby. You should be careful.” She said, pulling me to sit on the bed while I kept staring at her.

She took some cotton wool and a liquid substance from the drawer she kept all she used to the treatment.
She soaked the wool with the liquid substance and carried my hand cleaning off the blood carefully.

I cleaned my jaw as I felt pain in my hand. I saw her look at me, and I moved my face away from hers.
“Sorry.” She said as she placed a plaster on it.

“Thanks,” I replied, removing my hand from hers.
“How are you feeling now?” She asked, standing up.

“Better,” I replied coldly.
“I will prepare breakfast.” She said and left the room before I could reply.

Sharon’s POV
I tried so hard not to look at Donald’s face after what happened yesterday night. I couldn’t sleep well. I kept thinking about how he kisses me magically.

Oh, Nurse Sharon, you are done for. I hope you haven’t started growing feelings for your patient.
I got to the kitchen and checked the refrigerator for anything to make breakfast.
I saw some pastas, tomatoes, onions, and some salad ingredients.

“I guess breakfast has defined itself.” I thought to smile. I started making the salad when I remembered the guy that was tied to the chair yesterday.

“Has he gone home? Or Donald has killed him!” I thought of fear. I need to check if he is gone.
I dropped the knife that was with me and walked out of the kitchen, heading to the “torture room” because it looked like one.

I was getting closer, but I didn’t hear any voices, I moved closer to the door, and I saw it was closed this time.

I looked around me to see if no one watched me. I placed my hand on the doorknob, turning it gently.
“What are you doing.” A familiar voice came suddenly, making me startle and lose balance. I almost fell, yes I fell on a very hard built body.
Oh no, its Donald.

My head was directly on his chest, and my eyes widened when I saw he was shirtless. Was he using that to punish me?

I stood up, properly adjusting myself without looking at his face. I kept my gaze on his chest.

“I am sorry.” I stammered in fear. He looked at me speechless and started walking close to me while I moved backward in fear.

He kept approaching till my back hit the door behind me, and there was nowhere to go anymore.
He finally got close to me, and I could hear my heartbeat really fast.
He lowered his head, and I closed my eyes so tight, saying my last prayer.
The next thing I felt was a warm mouth on mine. He is Kissing me again! He pulled me to him by the waist deepening the kiss.

I found myself opening up for him. “Opening up for a murderer? Are you okay?” I thought, but I couldn’t stop him, he was driving me nuts.

I found myself touching his abs with my palm. It was so hard and rigid on my hand I felt like sleeping on it.

“Wake up, Sharon! He is your patient!” A voice yelled in my head, making me break the kiss abruptly.

I looked into his eyes, and I saw him look at me softly. “Excuse me,” I said and walked away from his face.

Chapter 14

Frank’s POV
“What! Monica, are you okay? You want me to implicate Sharon?” I yelled in shock.

“Frank, keep your voice down! Nobody must find here us.” Monica said, looking around suspiciously.
“Monica, you can’t expect me to do that! She is going to lose her job if Mr king finds out.” I said, almost yelling.
“Frank, it is for our good. Once we get into his house and inject him, making it look like it is Sharon! That’s all. She won’t be Donald’s nurse anymore.” She said, smirking.

“And her job?” I asked.
“Everyone knows Sharon is the best here. The injection won’t kill him. It will just paralyze him for two days, and she will still be retained.” She replied.

“Monica, I am so disappointed in you. I thought you are Sharon’s best friend, but it is clear that you hate her.” I said, standing up in anger.

“Frank!” She called.
“Go f**k yourself!” I yelled, storming out of her house. I made a great mistake coming to her for help.

How will she expect me to paralyze Donald to make Sharon lose her Job as his nurse, that idea is so stupid?
Tho I admit I don’t like Donald, I can never do that to a fellow human, not even when it has to do with putting Sharon in trouble.

Sharon’s POV
I walked to the kitchen in fear. Mr. Donald is very scary, but I am beginning to have a soft spot for him. What is wrong with me?

I dished my food and carried it to the dining table with my head bowed.
I was so scared to look at Mr. Donald in the face.
“The food is nice.” He said coldly.

“Thanks,” I replied, keeping my head bowed.
“I am sorry.” He said, making me look up.

“Pardon?” I said, pretending not to hear what he said.
“Am sorry for taking advantage of your fears.” He said, shutting his eyes tight. I knew it wasn’t easy for him to say sorry. It is always hard for a mean person.
“Okay,” I replied, facing my food.

“Okay? Is that all you are going to say?” He asked, and I felt his gaze on me.
I looked up, not knowing what to reply to him, his hot gaze kept penetrating my skin, and I couldn’t help but melt.
“Am I forgiven?” He asked, smiling. Oh, God, his smile is killing me.

“…You are.” I replied, nodding.
“Good,” he replied, facing his food.

He didn’t offend me. I loved it. But I can’t just tell him that I will look so cheap and stupid.
I am his nurse. I need to act like that.

I was still eating silently when Mr. Donald stood up, I lifted my head to look at him, and I saw him going down.
“Mr. Donald!” I called in fear. I rushed to where he was.

“I am okay.” He said sluggishly, but I didn’t mind him.
I supported him, helping him stand, and the next thing, he went unconscious, laying his head on my shoulders.
“Mr. Donald!” I called shivering.

I tried lifting him, but he was very weighty, I can’t just leave him here, I need to get him to where the emergency kits are.
I pulled him to his room, his head was on my chest, but I didn’t mind. I stopped scared to start pushing his head off my chest.

I managed to place him on the bed. I picked up my stethoscope and placed it on his heart. His heart was beating very slow like it would stop any moment.

I became so scared. “Please stay with me,” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks. I brought out my examinating machine, and I placed it over his body.

“Wait, what am I seeing?” I asked myself fearfully. A lump in his lungs? This isn’t caused by cancer! Why did this come from? I didn’t see this earlier?

I started shivering in fear as I saw it. This was here. Two hours ago, how come? He started gasping for air.
“Oh No, please, Donald, don’t do this,” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I don’t want him to die. I don’t want to lose my job.
I started pressing his chest to stabilize his breathing. I did it the first time, but there was no response.
His eyes were shut tight like he was going through pains.

I did it again and Thanked God. His breathing began to stabilize. I sighed in relief, tho I was still terrified.
I picked my phone from my pocket to call the manager.
Sir, please, I need some doctors in Mr. Donald’s house.
I hope everything is okay?

No, sir, I see a lump in his lung. It isn’t cancer, and I think it is from the effect of that spray.
Oh God, I will send some experts there now.
Okay, sir, thank you.

I hung up and sat close to him. I looked at him with tears in my eyes. I can’t take seeing him in this state.
Tho he is wicked, and he is supposed to suffer, I feel he is acting like this for a reason, and he needs someone to listen to him.

He kept wincing in pain, and every time he did, I kept feeling hurt. I held his hands tight and bent to kiss his forehead.

“Doctors will be here soon. And you will be okay,” I said, smiling. I heard a knock on the door, and I ran to the door to open up.

“Mr. Rob. Thank God you are here.” I said, smiling.
“Yes, Sharon, where is he?” He asked, real quick.
“Here, follow me,” I said, running to the room.

Chapter 15

Monica’s POV
I was done with my shift at the hospital. I headed to Ron’s house, with the mind of doing anything he wants me to do.
I don’t care f**king Ron to make Sharon pay and leave Donald.

I walked down to Ron’s street, thinking of any ideas to bring Sharon down.
I got to Ron’s house, and I went in without knocking, that is how I always do.
The house smelt of alcohol and weed, but I ignored it.

“Ron,” I called out.
“Monica? Is that you?” He replied happily.
“Can you please be serious for once!” I yelled, rolling my eyes.
“I can never be when it comes to you.” He said, running out of the kitchen and sweeping me off my feet, kissing me deeply, making me giggle.

“I missed your troubles,” I said, giggling as I disengaged from the kiss.
“I bet you did.” He said, kissing my neck.

“Ron hold on. At least listen to me.” I said, pouting my mouth.
“Not until I get into these pants.” He said, sliding his hands into my thighs, making me moan slightly. He took his hand to my ass, pressing it slightly.

“Ron, you will never change!” I said, giggling.
“I can never change.” He said, biting my earlobes. He went ahead to kiss my lips and reciprocated, immediately wrapping my legs around his torso.

He deepened the kiss as we both moved into the bedroom.

Donald’s POV
I opened my eyes, staring at the ceiling blankly.
I blinked twice, and I got a better view of my ceiling, I looked around me and saw Sharon sleeping beside me.

I looked at my body, and I saw more attachments to my bed.
What happened? I remember falling asleep on Sharon’s arm. I had a sharp pain in my chest.
“Sharon,” I called tiredly. I looked at her, expecting her to wake up but she didn’t.

“Sharon,” I called again, and this time she opened her eyes.
“Donald!” She called, hugging me tightly.

“Thank God, you are okay. I thought I lost you, thank God!” She said, kissing me hard on the lips catching me unaware.
“Sharon, did you just kiss me?” I asked in shock.

“I did? I am sorry, I was too happy.” She said shyly.
I pulled her to me, kissing her again. I really love how she called my name now, not that crazy Mr. Donald she calls me.

I felt her tears touch my face making me cut the kiss.
“Why are you crying?” I asked, staring at her.

“I was scared. When I saw that lump in your lung, I couldn’t explain how I felt.” She said, touching my cheeks.
“Lump? What are you talking about?” I asked confusingly.

“Donald, when you went unconscious this afternoon. I examined you, and I saw a lump in your lungs, tho it wasn’t big. That is why it didn’t affect your breathing much.” She said, caressing with her fingers.
“What? What causes it?” I asked.

“The spray you inhaled. An expert was sent here to examine you, so he told me the spray caused it, but he has injected you, and the lump will dissolve in 2 days.” She replied, smiling.

“I never saw that coming,” I said, sighing.
“Don’t worry. You will be okay.” She gave me a reassuring smile.

“Wait, did you just call me Donald? I mean, not Mr. Donald, just Donald.” I said, furrowing my brows.
“I am sorry, Sir, I was too happy. My bad Mr. Donald.” She said, fearfully moving away from me. God, she is terrified of me.

“Come closer,” I said calmly.
“What?” She asked, bowing.

“Come closer!!” I yelled, making her flinch. She ran to me at high speed, making me want to laugh, but I cautioned myself, putting on a cold face.

“Sit,” I added, pating the bed, and she did immediately.
“Do you like me?” I asked, narrowing my eyes.

“Me? Like you? No, I don’t.” She replied, shaking her head like she was fighting with an unseen spirit.
“Yeah, a murderer like me,” I said, sadly looking away from her.
“No, Mr. Donald, not that.” She said.

“Then what?” I asked, looking at her beautiful face.
“I.. I.” She stammered fondling with her fingers.

“You can’t love your Murderous, kidney cancer Patient right,” I added, smiling.
She was about replying when I groaned aloud, holding my tummy.

I closed my eyes a little to see her actions.
“Mr. Donald.” She yelled fearfully. I could see tears in her eyes again.
She is so fragile, why is she crying now?

She ran to the heartbeat reading machine, and she saw I was stable.
“What is happening.” I could hear her mumble in fear. She was shivering already.

I increased the tempo of my groan, making her run to me.
“Mr. Donald, how are you feeling.” She yelled in tears. I kept watching her as I groaned but I couldn’t any longer, I was starting to feel guilty.

“I am fine,” I said rolling my eyes and saw her look at me in shock before changing it to a disgusted look.
“Mr. Donald! You scared the hell out of me!” She yelled, standing up from beside me.

“I was just playing around. I thought you wouldn’t care because you don’t like a murderer like me.” I said.
“You are still my patient! You are my responsibility! If anything happens to you now, my profession as a nurse is as a stack! Don’t you get it!” She yelled, angrily storming out of my room.

“Ouch, didn’t see that coming,” I smirked, scratching my head in regret.

Chapter 16

Monica’s POV
“Arrrggh!” We both groaned as we came. He slid from on top of me and laid beside me on the bed.

“I missed this so much.” He said, sliding his hand into my p**sy flicking my clit making me moan loudly.

“Ron, that is enough. We have had 5 rounds already.” I said, panting tiredly.
“You know I never get tired.” He said, pressing my naked b**bs.

“Ron, at least you can listen to me now,” I said, turning to face him.
“Anything you want, baby.” He said, biting my lower lips softly.
“I need you to implicate my friend Sharon,” I said, playing with the hairs on his chest.
“Sharon? That beautiful girl?” He asked, grinning.

“C’mon Ron, don’t tell me you like her too,” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Never, only you, baby.” He said, using his tongue to flip my ni**le.
“Good, so will you do it for me?” I asked happily.

“How? I mean, why are how complicating her and what medium are we going to use?” He asked, looking serious.
That is why I love Ron. When it comes to working, he becomes serious.
“She moved in with Donald. The great King-Smith only heir.” I said angrily.

“Donald! You mean the mean, Donald?” He asked in shock.
“Yes, and I don’t want them close to each other. Because of her, he called me a !monkey.” I said, clenching my fist.

“So, you want me to implicate your friend right in Donald’s house?” He asked.
“Exactly, smart of you,” I said, smiling.

“Monica, do you know what you are talking about at all? Donald is a murderer! He kills anybody he wants! He has no heart.” He said, sitting up.

“So? It is you, Ron, my Ron, you can do this.” I said, pushing his face to meet mine as I kissed him deeply.
“Monica, I am sorry, I can’t go against Donald.” He said sadly.
“Why?” I yelled.

“Because he had mercies on me, he would have chopped off my wrist if not for his nurse, your friend Sharon.” He said, showing me the cut on his hand.
“What? How come?” I asked.

“I worked for someone who wanted to fraud Donald of his money.
I was caught, and he was about chopping off my hands when Sharon intervened, begging him not to.” He said, standing up from the bed.

“So you are not helping me!!? You just f**ked me for nothing?” I yelled.
“Something like that. I promised myself never to go close to him if I do who knows what will become of me.
I am off, come to me when you have another job that has nothing to do with Donald and Sharon.

Lock the door when you out.” He said and walked out, leaving me speechless.

Did I just f**k this nuisance for nothing!! No, Sharon, this isn’t over.
If no one harms you, then I Monica will do all by myself!.

Sharon’s POV
Mr. Donald is so nuts, he scared the hell out of me.
“Sharon is sincere to yourself, do you love him?” My inner mind asked.
“Nope, I don’t. I can’t love a murderer, you know, he is full of bad things, and to top it, he is my patient.” I said, pacing around in my room.

“But why did you kiss him?” It asked again.
“Ahh… Ahh… That was a mistake. I was so happy to see his beautiful eyes again.” I said aloud.

“Hmm, and why were you crying?” It came again.
“Can you just let me be! Donald is my patient, the kiss was a mistake, and it won’t repeat itself.” I yelled, shaking my head.

“I will say you said so.” My mind said.
Arrrrgh, this is so hard. I am not in love with him. I possibly cant be.
When did I get here? It isn’t even up to a week, and all these are happening.
Oh God, Sharon, what evil path are you treading.

You know a slight mistake in Donald’s house can send you sleeping with your forefathers.
You don’t love him, Sharon. It is just… Just. You know a coincidence. I need to stay away from him.
But that won’t be easy if he is still as handsome as he is.

He is getting to me badly. I think I know what to do.
I will become cold to him, and I will push him away always, I won’t pass my boundaries, check up on his health, and act like strangers.
And bom! I will be out of here before I know it.
Perfect idea!

Chapter 17

Sharon’s POV
I sat in the living room, reading some nursing tips on my cellphone.
For some days now, Donald and I have been ignoring each other.
Tho, I always check his health status, and he has been doing fine.

His cancer is in its early stage, so there is an excellent possibility he is going to scale through.
Tho he may be living on medications throughout his life, which isn’t my business.

He has been able to walk freely in the house without any attachments on him, and I happy about that.
I won’t be babysitting him every time.

I heard a knock on the door jolting me from my thought. That is weird, For some days now, no one has come visiting even his so-called goons.

I walked to the door and opened to see Monica smiling widely.
She was wearing a very short skirt and a crop top that stopped right under her b**bs, exposing her belly button.
“Hey,” I said happily, hugging her.
“Hi,” she replied, smiling too.

“Wow, you look stunning, come in,” I said, opening the door for her to come in.
“Wow, this place looks nice,” she said, surveying the living room.
“Yeah, the Almighty Donald’s house,” I whispered into her ear, giggling.
She sat on the couch with one of her legs on the other, exposing her thighs, I wonder why she dressed differently today.

“And Donald?” She asked, looking around.
“He has been indoor for some days now. You know, privacy.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“That is weird. You suppose to keep an eye on him always.” She said.

“Yeah, I know, but some stuff came up,” I said, sighing.
“Stuff? What stuffs?” She asked, narrowing her eyes.

“Never mind, Monica, its nothing. Don’t let this spoil the moment.” I said, smiling.
“I want to see him, you know, coming to visit you in his house. I have to say hello to him.” She said.
“Hmm! True. Let me get him for you. Wait here.” I said, walking to Donald’s room.

I got to his door, and I hesitated in knocking.
“This is kinda difficult. We haven’t spoken for some days now, and I am coming to tell him that a lady he called monkey is in his house?” I thought fearfully. Oh, God helps me.

I knocked on the door twice before moving back a little.
“It is not locked.” I heard him say coldly from inside. I turned the knob gently and peeped inside to see him working on his laptop.

I walked in feeling kinda scared, but I summoned courage by moving closer to him.
“I didn’t call you, and I am feeling okay.” He said coldly without raising his head to look at me.
“I am sorry to bother you, but someone wishes to see you,” I said, looking at him, but he didn’t seem to give me any attention.

“I am busy, and you can see that.” He replied, still focused on his laptop.
“Mr. Donald, it is Monica. She came to see me, and she wants to see you, at least for formal reason.” I said, hoping he would follow me to see her.

“Sharon, I thought you made it clear you don’t want to talk to me anymore except it has to do with my Health.
Then why are you here?” He asked, raising up his head to look at me. God, he looks cute.
I am beginning to regret I said those words to him. I didn’t want to have anything doing with him, and I was scared I would fall in love with him.

“Sharon, I asked you a question. Answer me, and you are wasting my time.” He said frustratingly.
“Mr. Donald, please just this once, and I promise not to disturb you anymore,” I said with a sober face, and I found him staring at me.

“Fine.” He said, sighing as he stood up, walking to me.
“Thanks,” I said, walking out of the room quickly.

Donald’s POV
Looking at Sharon alone is enough to melt my heart. She knows how to get me, and it is so annoying. No Lady has affected me, not until Sharon showed up.

I walked into the living to see Monica sitting on my couch.
She wore a skimpy skirt exposing her thighs. So disgusting.
I kept my face straight, and when she saw me, she smiled widely, standing up and adjusting her skirt.
“Hi.” She said, smiling stupidly.

“She told me you wanted to see me,” I replied coldly, ignoring her greetings.
“Yeah, I just wanted to greet you.” She said, bowing slightly.
“Okay,” I said, turning to leave.

“Mr. Donald,” Sharon called, shaking her head like she was giving me a signal.
“What?” I replied coldly.

“At least greet her, too, you know.” She said, smiling, looking at both of us.
“Sharon,” I called tiredly.

“Please.” She said, narrowing her eyes.
“Arrrgh fine. Hi.” I said and walked back to my room.

I so much dislike that girl, and I don’t know why. Since the first day, I saw her. I didn’t like her one bit.
I have a strong feeling she is an evil person.
I sat on my bed and carried my laptop to start working again when the door opened, revealing Sharon fuming in anger.

“What!” I said tiredly.
“You were so harsh to her.” She said, pointing at the door.

“Sharon, I don’t like that girl one bit. I feel she is evil, and you need to stay away from her.” I said, looking serious. And to my surprise, she started laughing.

“I should be the one saying that about you. You are the evil one here, not Monica, and we should be the one staying away from you.” She said frustratingly.
“Fine! Go! Stay away! I don’t need any nurse, okay? I will do just fine! Go!” I yelled angrily.

Chapter 18

Monica’s POV
I bade Sharon goodbye after I saw Donald’s reaction towards me. She begged me to stay a little longer, but I said no.

I can’t be at his house when he hates me so much. Will he ever like me? But Sharon said they are having some issues? What can that be? I mean, they are ignoring each other.

I love the sound of that. Now I know almost everything in that house, where Donald’s room is and the rest.
I just need to settle down and draw out a plan. I will make him love me, even if he starts having feelings for Sharon I will make him hate her.

I will portray her in a wrong way to him, and then I will come as the angel to Donald, and he will have no choice than to love me.

So, I will make them fall in love with each other, then I will carry out my plans, and then Sharon will be out of Donald’s life finally, and I will come in as the angel.

This is so great. I can’t wait to get Sharon heartbroken and see her cry like a baby.
I walked home, hoping that my plans will come out well.

Sharon’s POV
“You want me to go? I want to, but I love my job. You can’t make me lose my job! I can’t wait for you to get well so I can get the f**k out of here.” I yelled angrily.

“No need to wait! Just go! You feel I shouldn’t live after all the evil things I have done right! Yes! That is true! But know that every action has a reason.” He said in a teary tone.
“Donald,” I called pitifully.

“Don’t you dare call me! Go, just go. You can never understand!” He said, trying not to break into tears.
“Donald, I didn’t mean it that way,” I said, walking close to him.

“Yes, you do! Every time you always see me as a bad one, which I am, you think I am a murderer, yes I am! But have you ever thought why? Have you ever thought about why I haven’t killed you until now!!” He said as he finally broke into tears.
“Donald, I am sorry,” I said as tears rolled down my face.

“No, it’s okay. You can go. Life isn’t important to people like us, after all.” He said, turning away from me.
I felt guilt Immediately, and I moved to touch him.

Tho I was scared, I summoned courage touching his shoulders.
“Donald, I.. I am sorry. I was just angry with the way you treated my best friend.” I said, sitting close to him.
He didn’t say anything, but all I could hear was his sob, I can’t believe I made Donald cry.

I pulled his face to meet mine, and I saw how red his face was already. He looked away, avoiding my gaze.
“Donald, I am so sorry. I was scared. I wasn’t in my right senses, I was scared of doing something stupid, so I decided to keep my distance.” I said, cleaning his tears with my thumb.

“Now you have to keep that distance. Please leave.” He said, removing his face from my hands.
“No, Donald, not anymore. I don’t want to anymore, and I don’t care what people are saying or how dangerous I think you are. I don’t want to be Far from you anymore.” I said, shaking my head.

“Sharon, I think it is best if you do so. I can never change, not after what happened.” He said, standing up.
“No,” I said, shaking my head as I hugged him from behind tightly. He turned to look at me, and I pulled his head to me, kissing him deeply.

I felt his tears touch my face, and I felt so touched. I disengaged, looking at him, and he stared back at me softly.

“Please tell me what happened. I want to know what turned you into this. I know you weren’t like this, you are a soft spot, and that is why you released that guy.

That is why you haven’t hurt me, that is why you are crying in my presence right now.” I said, looking right in his eyes.

“Sharon, it is hard to say.” He said, walking away.
“Donald, I don’t mind. I will wait till you are ready to spill it out, I won’t force you to say it.” I said.
He nodded, and I went close to him, holding his hand in mine.

“I am sorry for making you feel bad,” I said, bowing slightly.
“You don’t need to be, and I pushed you to the wall. I should be the one telling you sorry.” He said, trying to smile.

“Please can you smile for me, please!” I said, pouting my mouth, making him smile.
“I have never felt this free with someone before Sharon. You made me release my prey, which I have never happened.” He said, staring into my eyes.

“And why is that?” I asked, smiling.
“I don’t know, but I feel we have a connection. This is destiny Sharon, my illness, moving in with me is destiny.” He said, smiling.

I smiled in response, looking at him, feeling so much love for him.
“I wish you can stop these acts, Donald,” I said, hugging him.

“Sharon, I don’t think I can. These people I kill need to be killed; that is why I do. I have never killed an innocent soul before.” He said, breaking the hug.

“I guess report them to the cops will be the best rather than killing them. If you are caught, you will end up in jail.” I said.

“Sharon, when my younger brother was killed, the cops couldn’t do anything!” He yelled, walking away from me.

Chapter 19

Donald’s POV

“Donald, please calm down,” Sharon said, walking close to me. She made me remember the pain of my brother’s death again.

“Donald, please talk to me. Tell me what happened, your secret is saving with me, trust me, Donald,” she said, holding my hands.

We both moved to my bed, and I sat with her beside me.
“I had a younger brother, and you may be surprised because you always hear I am the only heir.

My mother conceived my brother ten years ago.
We didn’t make it known to everybody that we had another baby because father’s rival and a doctor threatened to do anything to make him sad.” I said, sobbing slightly.

“Why were they rivals?” Sharon asked.
“He and my father competed. It was about choosing the best hospital in the whole of America. He got so vexed after he had father won it, and then he did something that turned me into the monster I am today.

” What did he do?” She asked eagerly.
“He killed my brother right in front of me. He shot him, and his blood-stained my white T-shirt. I pleaded so bad, but he didn’t listen to me, I was just a fifteen-year-old boy who loved his baby brother.” I said as tears flowed down my cheeks.

“And your parents? Where were they?” She asked again, patting me slowly.
“They went to their various works. My father was a very nice man whose hospital deserved that title. But because of people greed, they killed My brother, putting our family in an everlasting sadness.” I said, cleaning my eyes.
“I am so sorry, Donald. I never knew you have gone through such pain.” She said sadly.

“I killed him,” I said, standing up.
“Pardon?” She asked, standing too.

“I killed him with a sharp knife, thrusting it into his heart,” I said, clenching my fist in anger as tears rolled down my face continuously.

My face began to glow red. I faced the wall and started giving it several Punch.
“Donald, please stop,” Sharon said in tears.

“He was my first kill! He turned me into this!” I yelled, still hitting the wall.
“Please, Donald.” She said, running to me and hugging me tightly. I stopped punching the wall, and I broke into real tears.

She hugged me tightly, making me sit on the bed. She made me rest my head on her chest, and she patted my head slowly.
“It is fine, Donald. Let it all out.” She said, kissing my head.

Sharon’s POV
Donald slept off after some minutes if crying profusely.
I felt so bad seeing him that way, and now I understand why he is so angry with anyone who tries to dupe him, or anyone full of greediness.

I understand him well now, and I just hope he can stop his acts already. It is ten years, and he is still burning with fury, he needs to stop.

Tho he has been so hurt, life moves on. He can’t just keep killing people. I need to stop his acts. I know talking to him can’t just talk to him. I need another medium.

I noticed he melts, seeing me cry, and I am going to use that to stop him. I left his room after laying him on his bed.
I walked to the living room and sat tiredly, resting my head on the backrest. I heard my phone ring from my room.
I ran to my room to pick up, Frank?
Hi Sharon, how are you?

I am beautiful, you?
I am good.
Any problems?
No, Sharon just called to check up on you. Are you less busy?
Errrhnnn, not really? Why?

I thought we could just hang out for a couple of hours.
Frank, I have a sick patient here. I can’t leave him alone.
Sharon, please, for just two hours, I know he will be excellent for those two hours.

“Sharon go with him,” Donald cuts in. I looked back to see him behind me, staring at me.
“Donald, are you sure, I can’t leave you like this,” I said, holding my phone’s mouthpiece.
“I will be fine, Sharon. I shouldn’t keep you here all day, and you can go, don’t worry about me.” He said and walked out of the room.

Okay, Frank, where are we meeting? “Rolls my eyes.”
Yes! Royal Restaurant! 3 pm! See you!

He hung up before I could talk. I don’t want to see him, I know he will keep talking about his proposal to me, and I don’t want to listen to him.

I walked to my closet reluctantly to pick a cloth to wear. I looked at my closet, and I felt weary immediately, I really don’t want to go, but I have already given him my word.

I saw a blue armless gown that stops right on my knee. Perfect! I wore the cloth after taking a shower, and I made my hair fall freely and smoothly.

I took a bright silver purse and medium-sized black heel. I walked out of my room to see Donald watching TV.
“Errr Donald, I am off,” I said, standing behind me. He turned to look at me, and I saw his mouth drop open. He stared at me so much that I felt my knees wobble.

“Donald,” I called, trying to stop his stare.
“Sharon, are you going out to see Frank in that dress.” He said, standing up.
“Ye. Yeah, is it bad?” I asked, looking at my dress. I looked up to see him walking close to me. I heard my heartbeat very fast.

“I don’t want you to see him in this dress.” He said, standing right in front of me.
“But I don’t see anything bad,” I said frustratingly.
“Go change it!!” He yelled, making me flinch.

“Donald, I am not changing it!! You asked me to go when I didn’t want to. Now you are asking me to change my dress?! For what!” I yelled angrily.

“Sharon, you can’t go to see Frank dressing like this. It doesn’t even have an arm!” He smirked.
“Donald, I am wearing it, and you can’t stop me, you have no control over my life,” I yelled, pushing him off the road.
He pulled me back to him and planted his lips on mine. I struggled to let free, but he held me firmly. My hands were hurting, and I felt tears drop down my cheeks.

Soon, I felt him gradually release his grip, and I moved back, slapping him hard before storming out of the house.
I got outside, and I cleaned my teary face with a tissue I took from my purse.
“I shouldn’t have slapped him.” I thought about regret. Well, I don’t mind, he crossed his limits too.

Chapter 20

Frank’s POV
I sat in the restaurant 10 minutes before the time I gave Sharon.
I kept checking and adjusting my looks using my phone camera as a mirror.
I kept breathing in and out, awaiting her arrival. Soon I saw her walk into the restaurant, and I felt joy overwhelm me.

She looked so stunning in her blue dress. I stood up smiling widely as she approached, she was also smiling, but it didn’t look real.
“Welcome,” I said, bowing slightly.
“Cut it off, Frank.” She said, sitting down.

“What would you like to take?” I asked, adjusting my suit.
“Anything will do.” She replied, smiling faintly.
I called the waiter and ordered some French fries, some garden egg sauce, and costly wine.

It was served in no time, and I started eating nervously.
I noticed Sharon kept playing with her food. She was lost in thoughts.
“Sharon, are you okay?” I asked, cleaning my mouth with a tissue.
“Yeah.” She replied, trying to brighten up.

“Sharon, you can tell me anything. Is it about Donald?” I asked, and I saw her countenance change.
“You know what Frank, why not go straight to the point and get this lunch off!” She said angrily.
“I am sorry Sharon, I didn’t mean to,” I said with a very sorry face.
“Frank, I am here now. What do you want to talk about?” She asked staring right into my eyes

“I want to talk about us,” I said, smiling.
“What us? There is no us frank.” She said firmly.
“Sharon, please, I am in love with you,” I said

“Frank, please don’t be cos you are going to regret it.” She said, standing up.
“Please, Sharon, tell me what to do to make you love me,” I said, holding her back.
“Frank, you can’t do anything.” She said.

“Sharon, why can’t you love me?” I asked sadly.
She looked away, and I kept expecting a reply, but she remained mute.
“Do you love someone else? Is it Donald?” I yelled, and I saw her face change.

“Yes, I love Donald, and what will you do about that!” She yielded back and stormed out of the restaurant.
Thank heavens we were the only one in the restaurant, she would have disgraced me in the presence of everyone.
“Donald!” I yelled angrily.

Sharon’s POV
I took a cab back home. I wasn’t myself, Donald kept appearing in my head, I regret slapping him earlier.
I walked into the house, feeling really guilty. The house was as silent as the grave, Donald wasn’t in the living room anymore.

I walked to my room, trying not to make a sound.
I passed the front of the kitchen when a voice startled me.
“You are back early,” Donald said from behind me. I changed my face to an angry one and looked at him firmly. He had a glass of wine in his hand.

“Yeah,” I replied, walking away.
“So, how was your lunch with Frank?” He asked.
“None of your business, okay?!” I smacked.
“I am sure he loved the dress.” He added.

“Shut up!!!” I yelled in anger.
“Hold on.” He said, but I didn’t look back, I kept walking.
I was about getting to my room when I heard a thundering sound follow by the shuttering of glasses from the kitchen.

“Donald!” I yelled, running to the kitchen to see Donald on the floor.
There was glass all over the place, and I could see blood coming from his head.

“Donald!” I yelled, running to him. I raised his head, shaking him vigorously, and blood kept dripping from his hair.
“Donald, I am sorry. I was angry. Please wake up.” I said in tears. His beautiful eyes were shut, and I felt it was all my fault.

I ran to his room to take the first aid kit. My hands were shaking seriously, but I managed to carry the kit to him.
I laid his head on my leg, and his blood-stained my blue gown. Tears kept dropping like rain from my eyes. It was so uncontrollable.

“Donald, you will be fine,” I said, checking his pulses, they were so faint, and it felt like it will stop any moment.
I checked his head for where the blood was coming from, and I saw it was right above his ear.

I cleaned it with cotton wool and then applied an ointment on it before plastering it.
My tears were all over his face already. It is all my fault, and I shouldn’t have been so harsh to him. I am a nurse I need to be beautiful always.

I need to get him to the hospital as soon as possible. I lifted him and pulled him to the living room, breathing very hard.

I could see him gasping for air, and my fears increased.
I need to call for help. I dialed the emergency line of the hospital, and it was picked at once.

Emergency! Donald Smith’s mansion.
I hung up and stared at Donald in tears. He looked so handsome even when his eyes are shut, I brought my head closer to him and kissed him hard.

“I love you, Donald, please don’t die,” I said, kissing his head as I kept his head on my thighs.
Soon I heard the siren of our ambulance outside.
I ran to open the door, and they rushed in with a stretcher. They carried him and placed him on it moving him to the ambulance.

I ran after them, not even minding my blood-stained gown.
All I want now is to see my Donald awake.

Chapter 21

Frank’s POV
I sat in the hospital reception deep in thoughts. I couldn’t stop ruminating about what happened at the restaurant with Sharon.

I wondered if I should go with Monica’s mysterious plans or just wait for Sharon to notice me.
Or instead, still, look for another girlfriend, no, I can’t look for another girlfriend. I love Sharon so much, and I hope she will snap out of her dreams and finally come to me one day.

Donald is not meant for her in any way. He is too devilish to have Sharon.
“I guess I will just let patience win.” I thought to sigh.
The door of the hospital flung up, catching everyone’s attention. The nurses pushed in a stretcher that had someone on it.

I stood up, running to the place to see Donald! He had stains of blood all over his cloth. What happened? What is going on? Did he get into a fight? Did he hurt Sharon? Where is Sharon?

Soon Sharon ran into the hospital looking rough and sweety. Her hair was scattered all over her face, and blood was all over the blue dress she wore to the restaurant earlier.

“Sharon, are you okay?” I asked, running to her.
“I am not okay.” She said in tears.
“Are you hurt?” I asked, examining her body.

“Donald is hurt, and it was all my fault, I shouldn’t have yelled at him.” She said weeping bitterly
“Sharon calms down, please, you are creating a scene,” I said, looking around to find people staring at us.

“I don’t care!” She yelled. I held her and pulled her from the reception into a separate place.
“Sharon, stop working yourself up. He is going to be fine. The doctors are working on him already.” I said as she sat on the floor weeping.

“I am so sorry, Donald.” She mumbled in tears. I felt strong feelings of jealousy as she kept mentioning his name.
“Sharon, what really happened?” I asked calmly, moving close to her.

“I.. I.. Got home. We had a little argument. I yelled at him and was about entering my room when I heard loud noises in the kitchen. I got there to see him on the floor covered in blood.” She said, shivering.
“C’mon Sharon, that is not your fault. He was just careless.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“I yelled at him.” She said, looking at me in tears.
“So? He needs to be put in his place sometimes, and he isn’t a baby.” I said.
“Frank just shut up, you can’t understand!” She yelled, standing up and moving away.

“Where are you going?” I asked, walking behind her.
“To stay with him!” She yelled, walking to the emergency unit. I trailed behind her sighing continuously, that jerk!

Sharon’s POV
I watched how the doctors were operating on Donald through the transparent glass on the door. I couldn’t stop feeling it was my fault.

I am his nurse. I shouldn’t have gotten angry with him even tho I was furious. It is all my fault, and I am a terrible nurse to him.

I wanted to go into the ward, but the nurses stopped me.
“He is my patient! I should be there with him.” I smacked.
“Sorry, Sharon, the Doctors said entering.” The nurse replied sadly.
“Sharon,” I heard Monica’s voice from behind me.

“Monica!” I called running to her to hug her, but she pushed me away slightly.
“You are stained. What happened?” She asked, looking at my dress.
“Donald,” I called weakly.

“Donald? What happened to Donald?” She asked anxiously.
“He slumped and hit his head on the floor,” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“What! Where were you? You supposed to be watching after him!” She yelled, making me feel more guilt.
“I know, I don’t know how it happened,” I mumbled in tears.

“That is carelessness, Sharon.” She smacked and couldn’t help but slump to the floor in tears, and my tummy was hurting due to the gravity of my tears.

“It is all my fault!” I thought of feeling very bad.
“That is enough of you, Monica! Anybody can be in Sharon’s shoes, same as Donald’s.” Frank said, walking close to us.

“Frank, can’t you see she just endangered her job? Her vocation as a Nurse?” Monica replied.
“Are you anxious about her job or something else?” Frank asked.
“What do you mean?” Monica yelled.

“Enough guys! This isn’t helping issues.” I said, standing up and walking to the door. All I want now is to see Donald doing fine.

Monica’s POV
I sat on the chair close to the emergency unit shooting Frank a deadly look. What was he trying to do saying that statement?

What does he want Sharon to think about me? If she were herself, she would have asked Frank what he meant by that statement.

Thank God she is preoccupied, this Frank must be really crazy. I just told him that to help him get his stupid love, and he is trying to ruin my plans!

No way, if he tries anything stupid again, I will get him off my way. I stood up and moved close to Frank, who kept looking at me with high suspicion.

“Frank, what is the meaning of all these?” I whispered, watching Sharon.
“Tell me, Monica, do you know anything about these?” He asked, looking at me.

“C’mon Frank, and I don’t know anything, stop looking at me like that,” I said, looking at him.
“How do you expect me to believe you.” He added angrily.

“I swear I don’t know anything. I can never hurt Donald, and I love him.” I whispered again, and this time Sharon looked back.

I quickly wore a smiling face, I looked at Frank, and I saw he was still fuming in anger.

Chapter 22


Donald’s POV
I felt a liquid drop on my face as my eyes were shut. I opened my eyes gradually, my vision was first blurry, but soon, it became clear.

I saw Sharon crying profusely, her eyes were shut, and she held my hand to her chest.
“Sharon,” I called almost like a whisper. She opened her eyes instantly to look at me.
“Donald!” She called kissing me. Her tears were on my face. I closed my eyes, kissing her back. That is quite surprising.

She disengaged, smiling widely.
“Are you hurting?” She asked happily.
“Yeah, I feel a little pain in my head,” I said, looking around the ward. Then I saw Monica and Frank staring at us from outside the door.

I saw Monica fuming in anger, the same as Frank. What is wrong with them?
“Am sorry for yelling at you.” She said as tears dropped from her face.

“Sharon, I told you, you affect me when you cry,” I said, smiling.
“It is all my fault. I should have stayed with you. I shouldn’t have gone.” She added, trying not to burst into tears.

“Sharon, please stop it, it is not your fault. I got you angry.” I said, touching her cheeks.
“I will never leave you again.” She said, hugging me.

“Sharon C’mon, you are a nurse. Once I am healed, you will leave me to take care of others, so stop making fake promises.” I said, rubbing her hair.

“Donald, I swear, I will not leave you again.” She said, staring into my eyes.
“Why are you saying this?” I asked, narrowing my eyes.

“Because… Because..” She stammered. The door flung up, and father rushed in the running to me.
“Donald, are you okay?” He asked, looking at me.

“I am a fine father,” I replied, smiling.
“Sharon, how did this happen? Where were you?” He asked, sadly facing Sharon. I saw fear written all over her.
“Father, it is my fault, I slipped and fell,” I said, holding Sharon’s hand.

“Hmmm, Sharon, meet me in my office.” He said he gave me a last look before walking out. I could see a smile on Monica’s face. B**CH!

“Sharon doesn’t worry, nothing will happen,” I said, looking at her.
“Mr. Smith is angry with me. Oh, God helps me.” She said, breathing heavily.

“Sharon trusts me. He is my father, okay?” I said, giving her a reassuring smile. She nodded and kissed my forehead before walking out.
I closed my eyes to rest my head a little when I heard footsteps close to me. I opened my eyes to see Monica smiling widely at me.

“Hi,” she said.
“Hi,” I replied coldly.

“How are you feeling now?” She asked, grinning.
“I guess you heard everything that we have been saying here,” I replied, looking away.

“C’mon Donald, can’t you be nice to me for once?” She asked sadly.
“My spirit doesn’t go with you, so I can’t be nice to you. Please leave now, and I need to rest.” I said, shutting my eyes.

I heard her sob silently beside me, and I felt anger in me.
“Monica, get out!” I said almost in a yell.
“I will make you love me!” She smacked before storming out. Such a big fool!!

Sharon’s POV
“Mr. Smith,” I called, walking close to him in his office.
“Sharon, I am so sad right now.” He said, pointing to the seat in front of him.

“Sir, I am sorry for what happened,” I said, sitting on the chair.
“The doctors report to me that his cancer has upgraded to another dangerous level.” He said sadly.

“Oh, My God!” I exclaimed as tears heat my eyes.
“It was made to know that he didn’t take his drugs at the right time yesterday.” He said.
“Yesterday?” I asked, trying to recall.

“He uses his drugs at 9 am 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm. So he skipped one of these yesterday or even all.” He said, looking into a pamphlet.

God! He didn’t use his medications when I went to see Frank. Oh No, why!
“Mr. Smith, I am sorry. Truly he skipped one of the medications. Please, what do we do now?” I asked fearfully.
“He will be given another medication, and ones he skips just one, he will have to be given a transplant.” He said sadly.

“Oh no, he won’t miss any, I will make sure he doesn’t,” I said nodding.
“Good, and thank you, Sharon, for everything. He is my only son.” He said, smiling.

“He is my responsibility. Nothing will happen to him.” I said, standing up.
“I will take my leave now,” I said, walking out of his office.
I got out to see Monica at the door.

“Hey.” She said, smiling.
“What are you doing here?” I asked in surprise.
“I was just passing. Sorry for the other time. I was paranoid.” She said, holding my hands.

“It’s okay, I understand you,” I said smiling.
“So what did Mr. King say?” She asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, Monica. It is under control.” I said, walking away.
I didn’t understand why she reacted that much when she heard about Donald, and Frank’s statement still bothers me.

I think I need to give Monica some gaps. She is acting so strange nowadays. I even caught her fuming in anger while I kissed Donald.

I don’t want her to know anything about Donald anymore. She should mind her business.
I got into the ward to see Donald still lying on the bed. His eyes were shut. I ran to him in fear to check if he was still breathing.

I saw he was breathing, and I sighed in relief. He opened his eyes slowly to look at me, and I smiled at him.
“You wanted to say something before your father called you.” He said, grinning.
“Never mind,” I replied, brushing his cheeks with my palm.

Chapter 23

Monica’s POV
I overhead Mr. King telling Sharon that Donald’s health status has worsened while I eavesdropped their discussion.
And now, I think Sharon is trying to keep somethings from me. I need to act as fast as I can. I must make Donald F**k me even if it is once.

And after that, I don’t mind if he dies. He hates me so much, and I don’t want him either, I just wish to his d**k.

If I don’t end up having him, then Sharon won’t have him. They will change of plans now. I can’t wait for them to fall in love because I won’t even know, now that Sharon is starting to keep things from me.

I was still ruminating on the next plan when the door opened. Frank came in, looking angry.
“Frank, I told you already. I know nothing about it.” I said, arranging my desk.

“I don’t care, Monica. You and I know you are the evil one here. If anything happens to Donald or Sharon, I swear you will end up in jail!” He yelled, pointing his fingers at me.

I was so lucky I was the only one in the office when he came.
“Frank, are you crazy? Because I said those kinds of stuff, it doesn’t mean I want to do it. I love Donald, and I can’t hurt him.” I whispered.

“That is none of my business! Not a strand of their hair should be hurt!” He smacked before storming out of the office.

Oh God, this Frank is becoming a thorn in my flesh. In no time, he is going to reveal my deeds. I think I need to sweep him off my way.

Since Ron doesn’t want to help me with my plans, then I guess I will give him a new plan.
But that idiot will want to f**k me again.

Frank’s POV
I walked into Donald’s ward when I saw no one was there. His eyes were closed as he laid on the bed.
“Hey!” I said, making him open his eyes gradually.

“What do you want?” He asked coldly.
“Just one thing,” I said, moving closer to him.

“And that is?” He asked, looking at me.
“Leave Sharon alone. We both know you don’t worth her, so just let her be. You will end up hurting her, and I don’t want that.” I said angrily.

“I ain’t holding her, Frank. Go get her if you want, but I bet she will never go with you.” He said confidently.
“And what gives you that assurance?” I asked, fuming in anger.

“Why did she leave you at the restaurant so early? Why did she refuse to go with you in the first place? Let me tell you something, Frank, I was the one who asked her to go to you.” He said, smiling.
“Just shut up! Just stay away from her.” I said angrily.

“I am sorry that won’t be possible, Frank. I can’t stay away from her not now, not ever.” He said, staring at me.
“You want this the hard way, right?” I smacked, clenching my fist.

“No one threatens me, Frank, I am worse than you think.” He said, laughing.
“Sharon doesn’t need a murderer like you!” I yelled angrily. He was about replying when I heard Sharon speak behind me.

“Frank, that is enough! It is none of your business if I am with him.” She said, coming to stand in between Donald and me.
“Sharon c’mon can’t you see he is dangerous,” I said, walking close to her.

“Don’t you dare! I love the way he is! And if you aren’t careful, you may end up like one of his prey!” She smacked, holding his hand.
I looked at Donald, and I saw him stare at Sharon speechlessly.

“Sharon, I will ask you one question,” I said calmly.
“Ask and get out.” She replied firmly.

“Do you love him?” I asked nervously.
“Frank, please just get out!” She said, looking away.

“Answer me, Sharon. Do you love him!!” I yelled.
“Yes!!! Yes, I do love him!! He may be dangerous or murder, but that will never stop my love for him!!! I will stand with him till the very last of my breath!!!” She yelled, looking at me.

I saw tears form in her eyes, and Donald kept staring at her in shock. I walked out of the ward without saying a word.
My heart was hurting badly. I felt I was going to collapse soon.

Donald’s POV
“Sharon,” I called lowly, staring at her. She turned to look at me, and I saw tears in her eyes. I gasped as she stared at me.

I saw love and care all over her face, and no one has ever shown me love or defend me this much like Sharon did.
“Sharon, did you mean what you said?” I asked as tears dropped down my face.
“Yes, Donald, I love you.” She said in tears, and I felt weak instantly. I never thought someone would love me after all I have done.

Tears rolled down my face slowly, I couldn’t even control it.
“Donald, please stop crying.” She mumbled, kissing me.
“I can’t help it,” I said, admits tears.

“I love you, and nothing can change that, not even what anyone says.” She said, kissing my forehead.
“Sharon, I don’t deserve you. You need someone more innocent than I am.” I said, cupping her teary face in my hands.

“No, I don’t want anyone. It is you I want.” She said, shaking her head as her tears dropped on my face.
“I love you too, Sharon.” I said, and I saw her look at me in shock.

“You do?” She asked, staring at me.
“Yes, since the very day you cried on my bare chest. I told you, you affected me, and that effect is love.” I said, smiling.

“I never thought you could love me back.” She said, smiling.
“Yes, I do,” I said, using my thumb to clean her tears. I pulled her face to mine, kissing her deeply. She responded immediately.

I still felt tears drop on me.
“Sharon, please stop crying,” I said, looking into her eyes.
“Donald, your health status has worsened.” She said sobbing.

“What?” I asked, looking at her.
“If you miss any of your new medications, you made end up having a…” She said, looking very sad.
“Having what?” I asked anxiously.

“A transplant.” She said, letting out tears.
“It is okay, Sharon,” I said, summoning courage.
“No, it’s not. I don’t want a transplant for you. I will make sure you use them rightly.” She said, smiling.

Chapter 24

Frank’s POV
I sat in my office full of thoughts, so I finally lost Sharon to Donald. I love her so much, but this is what I get?
I even bought things for her parents. All this can’t go in vain. No! I can’t let it waste.
I picked up my phone and dialed Sharon’s mother’s number.

Frank, how are you doing?
I am not okay, mother.
Why? What is going on?

Mother, Sharon doesn’t like me. She doesn’t even want me anywhere close to her, haven’t you been talking to her?
Frank, to be honest, I have tried my best. She even stopped calling Me because of you.
Mother, please talk to her. She is treading a dangerous path.
What do you mean by dangerous Frank?

She is in love with a murderer.
What!!! Murderer? Who?
Donald Smith ma’am. He is a very dangerous man.
Donald Smith? Her patient? The one is she living with?

Yes, mother. Please talk some senses into her.
Don’t worry, Frank. I will definitely talk to her.
Thank you, mother, I will hang upon.

I hung up and placed my head on the table.
“Sharon, please come to me. I love you so much.” I mumbled sadly.
“She can’t come back to you.” A familiar voice said. I raised my head to see Monica.

“How did you get in here?” I asked angrily.
“You didn’t look at the door, Frank.” She said, sitting down.
“Monica, whatever you have to say, I am not in support of it.” I smacked.

“Frank C’mon!! You and I know Sharon can never be yours. Let us take Donald out then.” She said, grinning.
“Monica, are you out of your mind?” I asked in amusement.
“Nope, I am not.” She replied, standing up.

“You love Donald, and now you want to kill him?” I asked in shock.
“I don’t love him anymore. I should just move on.” She said, coming closer to me.
“What are you doing?” I asked, looking at her.

“I want to take Donald out of this world. He made me look like a fool, and I can’t let him live.” She said, trying to sit on my thighs.
“Sharon, don’t you dare,” I said, and in shock, she placed her lips on mine, kissing me like an expert.

Sharon’s POV
Donald was discharged after some days, and we both headed home. He looked better, and I am so happy he is finally feeling better.

I am so happy that we love each other. He has been so sweet during our stay at the hospital, and I wish he weren’t ill.
The mother called me that she wants to see me. I wonder what I have done. We haven’t talked for some days now because all she talks about is Frank.

Donald was sleeping in the car while I drove home.
“Hey, Donald, we are home,” I said, tapping him gently. He opened him slowly, and a smile curved on his face.

He stretched his arms, then headed for the door. We both came down and walked into the house, holding hands.
Donald doesn’t need his attachments again, and all he needs is to take his medications, so my work has reduced drastically.

“I need you to rest now, Donald,” I said, walking to the couch. I placed my bag on the couch, and I felt Donald grab me from behind.

“Donald,” I called sweetly. He kissed the back of my neck so soft, and I shivered under his touch.
“Sharon.” He called me softly, and the breath from his mouth touched my skin, and I bit my lower lip, throwing my head back.

I trailed his hands down my back, and I was stiff as I stood. He turned me to face him, and all I did was looking into his eyes.

He looked so cute and gently. I wanted to talk but I couldn’t, my mouth opened but Donald’s mouth covered it.
I closed my eyes as he did, and I felt a loved Lady for the first time. He held my waists tight, drawing me closer.

I found myself wrap my hands around his neck and deepening the kiss. He raised me, and I wrapped my legs around his torso.

He reached for my a** pressing it slightly. I moaned as I felt his dk right on my psy. His scents were breathtaking.

We moved to the bedroom slowly without breaking our kiss. His muscles were so rigid around me, and I felt so secure.
He dropped me gently on the bed and broke the kiss. He stared into my eyes, and I stared back.
“Sharon, I want you.” He said, and I gasped. His words made me wet instantly, and he shouldn’t have asked at all.

I nodded slowly, looking away. He reached for my shirt raising it up. He tossed it off my head, leaving me with my bra.
He stared at me and slowly raised to remove it, I arched my back for his to have access to it. The detached it slowly and removed it.

And there I was naked in front of my patient, tho not naked. We were still coming to that.
He traced his hands over my b**bs, and I grew goosebumps instantly. I kept gasping as he stared at me.

He flicked my nipple with his fingers, and I moaned, shutting my eyes tight. Soon, I felt his mouth on my nipple.
His hot mouth juice wet my hard nipple, and I held his head, wanting more from him. I started sucking my b**bs like he was a baby.

I threw my head to the back and raised my chest so he could devour as much as he wants.
He stopped, and I felt his gaze on me, I opened my eyes to see him smiling sweetly at me.
“Sharon, I am crazily in love with you.” He said, and I melted instantly.

“Donald, I love you too. You stole my heart so fast,” I said, raising my head to meet his. I cupped his face in my hands and stared at his lips.
I tilted my head and shut my eyes as I planted another soft kiss on his lips.

Chapter 25

Donald’s POV
Sharon kissed me so passionately, and I reciprocated instantly. She reached for my shirt and tossed it off, tracing her hands on my abs.

“You love it?” I asked, grinning. She nodded shyly. She is so cute when she does that. I traced my hands down her belly button sliding it into her skirt.

“Ahh!’ She gasped, and I loved it. I am going to tease her so today that she will have to scream at the top of her voice.

I kissed her down to her V, sticking out my tongue severely. I held her skirt waistline, ready to sweep it off.
She raised up her hips, making it easier to remove, I tossed it off, revealing her red transparent panties.

I lowered my head to kiss her thighs, and she started swaying her hips, wanting me to touch her g-spot.
I smirked as I continued my teasing. I placed my hand on her p**sy through her panties, and I saw how wet she was already. Wet like dripping wet.

She kept groaning and groaning, trying to let my head met her V, but I didn’t respond. I loved the way I teased her.
“Donald, please.” She moaned like she had a c*ck in her mouth. I decided to stop teasing her and get to business.
My mouth met with her V through her panties, she placed her leg on the bed, raising her hips. I removed her panties staring at her.

She looked so pink, there was no hair on her, and I loved it, She was neatly shaved.
My hot mouth met with her p**sy lips, and I felt her shiver under me. I slid my tongue into her hot honeypot licking her juice dry.

“F**k!” She moaned loudly, swaying her hips. I held her hips to my mouth firmly as I continued my full mouth f**king.

I slid my tongue up and down her p*sy making no juice escape. She tasted like strawberry lollipops. I reached for her mouth to kiss her again so she could taste how sweet she is. I felt her breath hard as we kissed. She doesn’t even know I just started with her. I moved between her legs, forcing on her cats that were looking very pink and swollen.
I took it between my teeth, gently flicking the tip of it with my tongue.

“Ahhh!!” She screamed, throwing her head backward and holding on to the duvet tightly. I smiled as I loved the way she reacted.

I started sucking it gently like I was on sucking a feeder, I suck like I was expecting some juice from it.
“Donald, you are killing me,” Sharon said within gritted teeth, breathing so hard. I didn’t respond but just continued my work.

“Haas fk st!!!” She moaned, and I saw her belly tighten, no one needed to tell me she was c*ming.
She gripped my hair, pressing me to her V. I kept still not releasing my mouth from her, she started to squirt.

Her juice gushed out right into my mouth. I would never let any escape, not when I know she tasted like strawberries.
Her grip on me reduced, and her head dropped on the bed, her breathing began to stabilize while I helped kill her p**sy with my tongue, making sure none falls on the bed sheet.

I stopped looking at her, she was all sweaty and so was i. She opened her eyes to look at me, and I saw her cheeks grow red.

“Hope I didn’t tease you too much?” I asked, positioning myself between her legs.
“Oh yes you did, I thought I was going to stop breathing.” She said shyly, making me laugh.

She knelt on the bed, drawing me closer to her. She kissed so hard, reaching for my trousers.
She started to unbuckle my belt and unzipping it. Soon she was done, and she pulled it off me with my help.
The trousers were off with my boxers, and I saw her mouth drop open as she saw my organ. She moved her hand slowly to touch it, but she restricted.

I pulled her hand to it and placed it on my already hard c*ck.
“Ah!” She gasped as her eyes widened.

“Why are you so surprised? Haven’t you see one has huge as this?” I smirked.
“No, I haven’t seen one has big and beautiful as this.” She said, smiling. I laid her back on the bed, positioning myself between her.

“Are you ready?” I asked, holding my c**k to her passage. She nodded, closing her eyes tight, and I smiled at her behavior.

I rubbed her hot psy with my hard rock sticking it in gradually. It was starting to get intense, and all I wanted to that was have my ck inside her.

I pushed it in her, and I gained a loud moan from her. Tho she wasn’t a virgin, she was still really tight. I was even scared I will damage her V with my Mr. Large Rod.
I pushed in again, and this time, she held her mouth with her hands trying not to scream. I was scared to put all inside her.

So I started thrusting slowly with just half of my joystick in her. She kept moaning, and it sounded it sweet music in my ears.

I increased my pace, and this time she folded her legs behind me back and pushed me to her, letting all my joystick into her.

“Holy f**k!!” She screamed as I saw her belly tighten again. I guess another one is coming.
I also felt my balls tighten, and I knew I was close to c*ming. I increased the pace like never before.

“Arrrghh!!” I groaned as I splashed in her. She also started c*ming, and I began to flip her honeypot with my palm.
She sounded like she was going to cry this time, her juice came out like that of a running tap, and I left her lying on the bed feeling so tired.

Chapter 26

Sharon’s POV
I felt so great after Donald slid from the top of me, I just gave my murderous patient my body, and I don’t regret one bit of it.

I placed my naked body on his ever rigid body and my head on his chest, which kept rising and falling.
“Donald, I love you so much,” I said, looking into his face.

“And I love you more, Sharon.” He said, kissing my head.
“Donald, promise me something,” I said.

“What?” He asked.
“Promise me not to kill again, no matter what the person does to you,” I said, brushing my fingers on his lips.
“Sharon.” He called sighing.

“Please, Donald, for the love you have for me,” I said, pecking him on the lips.
“Fine, I promise.” He said, rolling his eyes.
“Sincerely?” I asked happily.

“Yeah, sincerely.” He said, nodding. I got up from the bed and sat directly on his d*k grinning. I leaned forward to kiss him.
“Sharon doesn’t tell me you want more.” He said, grinning.

“Maybe,” I said, touching his d**k and biting my lower lip, exploring his large joystick. The doorbell sounded, suddenly stopping my act.

“Shit! Its mother.” I said, jumping up from the bed and wearing my clothes.
“Ohhhhhh, Why now I am getting hard again.” He said, and I looked at his rigid c**k blushing.
“Donald kills that thing now because Mother and I are surely going to take time,” I said, and he stood up, moving close to me.

He stood right in front of me while I wore my shirt, and he took my b==bs in his hands fondling with it.
“Donald, I will scream,” I said, giggling. He laughed and kissed me one last time before walking away.
“Donald dresses up too. Your consent may also be needed.” I said, brushing my hair with his brush.

“Okay, mother.” He said, winking.
I walked out of the room after Donald gave me a light spanking on my b**s. I rushed to the door and opened it to see Mother.

“Mother,” I called, smiling. I opened the door for her to walk in.
She got in, and she kept surveying the door before locking the door behind us.
“Where is Donald Smith?” She asked, sitting on the couch.

“Mother, don’t be too worked up. You came to see me, right?” I said, sitting down.
“Sharon, what is all this I am hearing?” She said angrily.
“What do you hear now?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“That you are in love with Donald Smith.” She replied in shock.
“Mother, that is true,” I replied, smiling.

“Sharon, are you out of your mind! That guy is a murderer!” She smacked.
“Mother, please! Whosoever told you this is a big fool, and it is nobody’s business if I love Donald, okay!” I replied angrily.

“Sharon, please don’t do this. You always complained about Guys jilting you, how sure are you that he won’t do the same?” She said sadly.

“Mother, I trust Donald with my whole life, and he will never jilt me. He loves me so much.” I said, not ready to take in anything she said.

“Frank loves you so much, Sharon, he is the best for you. He has a clean history and Job; he is handsome and also rich.” She said, holding my hands.

“I knew this was all Frank’s plan. Mother, I don’t love Frank, and Donald is the best for me.” I said confidently.
“Sharon.” My mother called.

“Do you love me, mother?” I asked.
“Of course, Sharon.” She replied.
“Do you want me to be happy?” I asked again.

“Yes, Sharon, and you know that.” She replied, nodding.
“Then please don’t be an obstacle between Donald and I. My two friends are already obstacles please don’t add to them,” I said in tears.

“Okay, Sharon, I have heard you, but please don’t cry.” She said, hugging me.
“I love Donald so much, and I will die if I lose him,” I said, still in tears.

“You won’t lose him if you feel safe, then no problem, I will support you. So please stop crying.” She said, wiping my face with a tissue.
“Thank you, mother, I love you so much,” I said, kissing her cheeks.

Monica’s POV
“Monica, please stop all this,” Frank said. Since the day I kissed him in his office, and he didn’t push me away, I have always wanted to taste him.

“Frank, can’t you see I love you? No one would see us in your house.” I said, trying to kiss him.
“Monica, I love Sharon, not you!” He smacked, walking away.

“Oh, really? You love Sharon, and I am sure that your Sharon is on the bed with Donald, sweating under him!” I yelled angrily, and I felt his gaze soften.

His phone rang, and he excused himself to pick it. I sat on the couch, still ruminating over what to do to Sharon and Donald.

All I will do is make Donald miss his medications, and the Sharon will lose her job forever. And I know Frank will help me.

I don’t care if Donald dies now; he has humiliated me enough.
Frank came to the living room, looking like he would collapse soon.

“Frank, are you okay?” I asked, running to him.
“Her mother is in support of it! All hope is lost!!” He yelled, and I knew exactly what he was talking about.

“All hope isn’t lost with me here,” I said, kissing him passionately.

Chapter 27

Donald’s POV
I overhead everything that Sharon’s mother said and I felt terrible, everyone sees the beast in me but never sees the right side.

I sat in my bed feeling so happy when the door opened, and Sharon came in smiling. She climbed on the bed, holding me from behind.

“Did you miss me?” She asked, kissing my neck.
I tried to smile then I turned to face her.
“I did.” I said, kissing her briefly on her lips.

“What of mother?” I asked, looking into her eyes.
“She left.” She replied, smiling.

“So what was the visit for?” I asked, laying on the bed while she placed her head on my chest.
“She just came to check on me, to see how I was faring. So your presence wasn’t needed after all.” She said, tracing her fingers on my abs.

“Only that? She didn’t say anything else?” I asked again, and she raised her head to look at me.
“No, Donald why the questions?” She asked, staring at me.

“Sharon do you love me that much? I heard your conversation with mother.” I said.
“Donald, please don’t think about it. I have made it clear to her that nothing will change how I feel for you and she agreed to it.” She said, smiling.

“That is great. But are you sure you want to love a murderer? When there is a guy who has a clean record and a nice job.” I said again looking sad.

“Donald, I love you. No matter the work you do, and remember you promised you will change. So I don’t have any worries.” She said, kissing me.

“I keep wondering if I really deserve your love. I ain’t worth it.” I said.
“Donald please stop talking like this.” She said, sitting on my abs.
“Now all I need is a cuddle from you.” She said removing my top. I removed hers too and hugged her naked breast to myself.

I turned to lay on my side while I hugged her.
“I love you, I have never felt like this in my entire life.” I said as we breathe at the same pace.
“I love you too and I want to always be with you.” She said, kissing my arm.

“Sharon,” I called fearfully.
“What?” She asked, jumping up in fear.
“My d**k just twitched!” I said, and I saw her look at me irritatedly. I burst into laughter, seeing her so scared.

“I hate you!” She said, hitting me with the pillow.
“I love you too.” I said, pulling her to me and hugging her tightly.

“Please you are to just your drugs by 3pm and it is almost three, let me get water.” She said, standing up.
“No, don’t go!” I said, pouting my mouth.

“You want me to spank you? You shouldn’t miss that medication and you know that.” She said giggling.
“I wish you could spank me here.” I said, pointing at my rod.
“You are insane.” She said shyly as she ran out.

Frank’s POV
“I really loved it.” Monica said, smiling as she stared into my face on the bed we laid.
“Yea.” I replied coldly.

“Frank, please cheer up. They won’t go unpunished.” She said, tracing her fingers on my chest.
“Monica I don’t want to hurt Sharon, I don’t care about Donald.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Frank, you gave her parents all you could afford and they later supported her stay with Donald, isn’t that mean?” She said angrily, and I sighed understanding exactly what she was saying.

“Frank I have an idea, they may not die, but they lives will be miserable.” She said grinning.
“Hmmm let me here it, since they won’t die.” I said, laying rapt attention.

“Okay this is it. I eavesdropped Mr Smith and Sharon’s discussion the other day and I heard something that will be very useful.” She said, sitting up as her named b**bs swayed along with her.
“So what is that?” I asked anxiously.

“He made it clear that if Donald misses a single medication now, he will end up undergoing a kidney transplant which he doesn’t want for him.” She said.
“Okay.” I said nodding.

“So once we stop Donald from taking his medication, he will have to undergo the transplant and Sharon will be sacked for her carelessness.” She said, smiling wickedly.
“Hmmmmm,” I said, thinking about what she said.

“And guess what?” She asked again.

“You will be the best Nurse in King’s Smith’s hospital.” She said, kissing me.
“So since I can’t gain anything from her, I should take her position in the hospital.” I said, smiling.
“Exactly, you are so smart!” She said happily.
“Okay so what is the next step?” I asked eagerly.

Sharon’s POV
“Donald don’t follow me to the bathroom, are you not tired?” I said tiredly.
“One more round.” He said, pouting his mouth.
“No!!!” I said, shaking my head.

“I won’t touch you, I will just bath for you.” He said, coming closer to me.
“Ahhhhh!!!!” I yelled, running into the bathroom. He followed me and carried me into the toilet. I kept screaming and laughing, but he didn’t listen to me.

He dropped me in the bathtub and opened the shower on my naked body. I shivered as the water touched my body.
“Donald you are so rude!” I said, spanking him on his arm. I tried so hard not to look between his legs because he was naked too.

“Don’t waste your time because I won’t listen to you. I am stubborn and you know that.” He said, rubbing the soap on the sponge.

I smiled as I watched him scrub my body. His c*ck kept jangling as he did. I stared at him for a very long time.
He didn’t even notice because he was so engrossed by what he was doing. He moved to my legs and scrubbed it, making me giggle.

I pulled him to look at me, I took the sponge from him and hugged tightly rubbing his back with it. Our bodies were slippery due to the soap of our bodies.

He broke the hug and stared into my eyes. He moved his face to me, and I knew what was about to happen.
I closed my eyes, wrapping my hand around his neck as another kiss landed on my lips.

Chapter 28

Donald’s POV
I got up from bed very early trying not to wake the sleeping head laying next to me. I want to surprise her by making breakfast.

I wore my shirt and hurried to the kitchen, still thinking of what to do. To be honest, I can prepare only pancakes. I am a terrible cooker.

I will just have to make what I am good at making so I wouldn’t poison her. I took some flour from the store and walked back to the kitchen.

I tied my apron reading to do some cool stuff in the kitchen.
“Donald don’t you think it is time to get married?” My inner mind asked me.

Seriously I haven’t even thought about that. I wish I can spend my whole life with Sharon.
“But what if you die along the way?” It asked again.
“Then I make her a widow? Oh no, this isn’t good.

I have to do everything to see that I am going to scale this health issue, and when I do, I am going to propose to the only woman who makes me happy.

The doorbell rang, interrupting my thought.
“Who could that be this early morning?” I asked myself walking to get the door.
I opened the door to see my father smiling widely.

“Father.” I called hugging to me. I have missed giving him troubles, and I bet he does miss me too.
“How are you son?” He asked, tapping my back.

“Great, come in.” I said, walking him into the living room after shutting my door.
“You look very healthy.” He said, sitting.

“Yes Father, Sharon has been making sure I am healthy.” I said, smiling as I sat too.
“And Sharon, where is she?” He asked, looking around.
“She is asleep.” I replied.

“And why do you have an Apron on?” He asked, giggling.
“I thought of making breakfast before she wakes up.” I said giggling too.

“Really? Breakfast? Donald? Are you kidding me?” He asked in surprise.
“Ain’t kidding father. What is bad in making breakfast for a woman you love.” I said shyly.

“What? Love? Donald? Speaking about love, when did you start loving?” He asked.
“I started loving when you appointed Sharon to be my nurse. She has been the one in my head since then.” I said, smiling.

“Wow, Donald is in love with his nurse.” He said nodding.
“Father let’s put that aside. How is mother?” I asked.

“Your mother has been on my neck, she said you should come home this weekend and that is the main reason I am here.” He said sighing.

“I really miss mother, I will drop by this weekend with of course Sharon.” I said grinning.
“Ain’t chasing her, since she is your love and she made you even wanna make breakfast, I am totally fine.” Father said, smiling.

He stood up to survey the house while I walked back to check how my unfinished pancakes were doing.
I had made the dough already, so I started to spread in on a neat plate before placing it into the microwave.
“Donald, your torture room is empty. That is so shocking.” Father said from the door of the kitchen.
“Yes father and it is so boring! Sharon made me promise never to kill or hurt anyone again and I have to keep that.” I said tiredly.

“I so much love that girl!” My father exclaimed happily.
“You can’t love her more than I do. And if someone try sh=t with Sharon, I swear I will have to break the promise and stab that person an hundred times in his chest!” I said, clenching my fist.

“Hmmmmm Vibrant love.” Father said giggling.
“Thank God you finally stopped, can’t still believe it. That means you can’t even listen to us your parents but you can to my best Nurse.” Father said grinning.
“Maybe.” I said winking.

“I need to get to the hospital now, I have some important thing to attend to.” He said, walking away.
“Okay father, see you this weekend. I love you!” I yelled.

“I bet you do!!” He yelled back before I heard the door open and close.
My parents and I are the best families you could ever wish for. There are love and peace. And the prominent thing is they support me when I am on the excellent track.

Unknown POV
I sat in the basement of the hospital, going through a series of pictures on my phone. I then stumbled on the picture I took of Monica at the back of the hospital some weeks ago.
I heard all about what happened to Donald that day, and I knew Monica had something to do about it.
I am a janitor in the hospital, and I don’t think they will ever want to listen to me, that is why I have always kept it to myself.

But nowadays Monica has always been so rude to me. I don’t know why she hates me so much, maybe because she sees me as an ordinary janitor.

And now it is time I take her down. I need to speak to Sharon myself, that nurse has been ever lovely to me.
She has a beautiful heart, and it was made known to me she is in love with Donald. I need to get justice for Donald and throw that b**ch in jail.

I have enough evidence to prove she was the one at work. Thank God I went to pour some dirt this day.
Monica would have gone without getting punished. But as long as I am not dead, I will make her pay for her wrong.

Chapter 29

Frank’s POV
I walked to my office tiredly after attending to some patients. The hospital has been busy as FK, and the patients miss Sharon. Who cares.

I sat on my chair tiredly feeling very sleepy. Monica and I have been close these days, and it seems I was blind not to have loved her.

She is beautiful and sexy, tho not as Sharon. And since Sharon doesn’t want me, Monica wants, and I think I want her too.

The door opened, and Monica came in happily.
“Baby.” She said, running to me. She bent to kiss me on my lips, and I reciprocated.
“You look so tired.” She said, pouting her mouth.

“Yes I have been in almost every ward today checking different kinds of patients.” I said as she sat on my lap.
“You need to get used to it because you will be the best very soon.” She said, smiling.

“Yeah I know, but what of your plan? It is beginning to slow down. I can’t wait to see Donalds downfall.” I said, clenching my fist in anger.

“It isn’t slowing down because I am on the every passing day. Now this is it, I went to Donald’s home street and I found out he hasn’t been home for some weeks now.” She said, smiling.
“So?” I asked in haste.

“I also found out he will be visiting this weekend, so with that we could get out plans executed. And I know very well he will be going with his lover.” She said, rolling her eyes.

“Gracious heavens, how did you get so much information?” I asked in shock.
“Frank, it is me. It is Monica, I get what I want at all cost.” She said, kissing me again.

“So how will the plan go this weekend?” I asked after we broke the kiss.
“We are going to capture Donald, hid his face and keep him far from his drugs. We will make sure he doesn’t take it the appropriate time. And that’s it, he will be laying on the hospital bed in no time.” She said grinning.
“But what of Sharon?” I asked.

“Simple. I will go to her after Donald has been captured as the friend she thinks I am, then we will go on a tour looking for Donald.” She said giggling.

“And how do you kidnap Donald when Sharon is with him.” I asked again.
“That is simple. We focus on Donald and ignore Sharon.” She said again.
“But if the father knows that he was kidnapped, he will not see it has Sharon’s fault.” I said, and I saw her nod her head slowly thinking about the point I made.

She stood up and started pacing around my office lost in thought. Soon she faced me ready to talk.

“Then,I will send a message to Mr King acting as Sharon, telling him Donald and i won’t be able to come because we have a love outing. So the plans will change, we will capture the both of them but out them in different places.” She rapped

“Geez! You are a genius!!” I yelled very surprise how she could cook up a plan so very fast.

“I sure am. So we release Sharon before Donald and then you know she will run to Mr Smith to tell him. So he will be like ‘you shouldn’t have let him out of your sight, if he was with me this wouldn’t have happened.” She mimicked, and I burst into laughter.

“Come here!.” I said, and she ran to me. I made her sit on my laps, and I kissed her deeply pressing her b**bs.

Sharon’s POV
“Love!!” Donald called from the living room.
“I will be there soon stop yelling!” I said, rolling my eyes.
I cleaned myself up and wore Donald shirt that stopped right under my b**ts. I did enjoy my sleep in Donald’s arms.

Imagine I woke up at 12pm!! This is terrible, Sharon. I walked out of the room to the living room, and I saw Donald setting the dining table. He even had an apron full of flour on.

“Wait, what is going on?” I asked, smiling widely.
“I made breakfast but you turned it to lunch sleepy head.” He said, kissing my head.

“Good afternoon.” I said, smiling as I kissed him on his lips.
“I didn’t want to disturb you, so i had to warm it in the microwave again.” He said, smiling.

“Wow pancakes! I love them!” I said as I opened the plate.
“Mine is the best!” He said proudly. I laughed out loud, and I saw his face change.
“I am sure just on bite and I am going to puke.” I said boldly.

“Really? Okay let’s make a bet. If it is delicious, I get to do whatever I want with you. And if it is otherwise, you do likewise to me.” He said, feeling very confident.
“Deal!” I said happily. He sat in front of me, and I saw how nervous he was, I giggled wondering what I would do with him.

I took a bite from the pancake, and I saw his eyes widen. I chewed it and OMG!!! It was so delicious.
“Wow This is great!!!!” I said, forgetting all about the bet.

I saw him grin and I came to my senses, I spoil my face like I was disgusted.
“Spit it out.” He said laughing and I couldn’t. It was too sweet to be wasted.

“Fine you win.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Yes!!!!” He yelled, jumping up.

“So what are you going to do with me?” I asked devouring for the pancakes.
“Fine the pancakes and I will let you know.” He said grinning wickedly. One thing I am sure of is that he can’t kill me.

He waited with me until I finished eating, and he packed the plates to the kitchen. I moved to sit on the couch, and I saw him come out with a cloth.

“Wait are you going to tie me down?” I asked, laughing.
“Maybe!” He said, coming closer to me. He knelt on the couch right in front of me, and I kept wondering what he wanted to do.

“Your hands.” He said.
“Why?” I asked, hiding my hands and laughing.
“Don’t let me force you.” He smirked, and I threw my hands to him immediately. He smiled widely, and I rolled my eyes, looking away.

He tied my hands together with the clothes and also tied my face with it.
“Donald what is all this?” I asked.
“You will know soon.” He said, laying me on the couch. He separated my legs, and I knew exactly what was going to happen.

“Donald this isn’t fair,” I said, and he laughed out loud.
He removed my pant and there I was naked in front of him again. He unbuckled his shirt, exposing my bbs. Soon I felt his hand on my psy, and I gasped. He started kissing me, and I reciprocated.

It started to grow intense, and I wanted to hold him, but I couldn’t, then I knew this was a punishment.
He rubbed and flipped my c**t so good that I began to moan and sway my hips around.
“Donald please release me, this is wickedness.” I said in a teary tone.

He didn’t answer me; instead, he increased the way he rubbed it, and I screamed on top of my voice.
He started moving his fingers into my honeypot, and I let out another scream.

“Donald get this thing off me!” I yelled, but he didn’t respond. Instead, I heard him laugh.
“I hate you!” I yelled, and he burst into louder laughter. He kept thrusting and thrusting until I felt my tummy tighten.

I scream as I came slowly on the couch. I heard him dust his hand, and he released my hand. And removed the cloth on my face.

I was breathing hard, and I stared him while he laughed out loud.
“How was it?” He asked, giggling.
“That was wickedness!!” I yelled, and he burst into laughter again.

Chapter 30

Donald’s POV
“Donald come take your medications before we leave!.” Sharon yelled from the kitchen.
“I am doing some stuffs on my laptop, please bring it to me. I love you!” I yelled back.
“You are so lazy!” She mumbled as she walked to me with the drugs and water.

“You know I am not lazy.” I said winking at her as I used the drugs.
“Donald we should get prepared this is 12pm already.” She said, sitting on my laps.
“I know, I will do that after some few minutes. You can start preparing.” I said, kissing her.

“You bought too many clothes for me, I don’t even know the one to choose.” She said, pouting her mouth.
“Then wear everything.” I said, and she spanked me on my d**k, making me groan.
“What was that for!” I smacked.

“For joking with me. Come choose one for me.” She said, pulling me up.
“I am busy.” I said like a baby.

“I don’t care!” She yelled, and I was up my feet in a second.
Her yell can make me go unconscious. She dragged me to the room where her closet was, and truly, the clothes were many. Where do I start from for crying out loud?

“I told you not to buy so many, not pick one.” She said, folding her hands under her b**bs.
“Yes ma’am.” I nodded tiredly and started searching for the closet.

I saw a white gown, it was a very long gown, and I didn’t like it for the occasion. I kept searching and was becoming to grow sick of it when I saw a red body hug gown I bought for her.
It was also long, but it had a cutting which will stop above her knee.

“This is perfect!” I yelled happily showing her.
“Nice, you can go now. I want to dress up.” She said, collecting the gown from me.
“I chose the gown, I should be the one to dress you. So remove your clothes.” I said, walking close to her.

“Promise me it is just dressing?” She asked, narrowing her eyes, making me laugh.
“I promise.” I said, and she sighed in relieve.
I removed the top she was wearing; she was not wearing a bra. I walked up to her closet again and took one of her bras.

She stood up, and I helped her wear it, it was so easy because I have been seeing her do it. I also removed her skirts, and she was left in panties.

I took the gown and looked at it, not knowing where the pass it on her.
“Unzip it.” She said giggling.
“I know.” I said, rolling my eyes. I unzipped it, and I was still confused. Should I pass it through her head or leg?

“Give me that, you are wasting time.” She said, snatching the gown from my hand.
“Go dress up, you have done enough.” She said, pushing me to the door.

“Okay.” I replied, feeling very happy because that dressing was beginning to make me sick.
I ran to my room and locked the door behind me. I walked to my closet and chose a shining Red Suit, a black shirt underneath and black trousers.

My shoe was also shining black. I quickly wore it and styled my hair with my hair gel. I ran to my closet again and brought out the ring I bought.

I got this ring without Sharon knowing. I want to surprise her by proposing to her in front of my parents. I am so happy. I can’t picture the look that will be on her face.

I walked down to the Living room, and I saw Sharon standing there already. OMG! She looked so gorgeous.
“Wow, you look really handsome.” She said, smiling.

“And you look stunning my princess.” I said, curving out my arm as she took it shyly.
“Wait!” She said, running to the kitchen. She came back with my drugs and a bottle of water.

“I almost forgot.” She said as she retook my hand.
We got to my car, and we zoomed off almost immediately.

Sharon’s POV
Donald kept driving, and I kept staring at him and smiling. This is unbelievable. I am in love with the Almighty Donald. We will ever think that is possible. This is hilarious.

“Can you stop staring so I can concentrate?” He asked, smiling.
“I can’t help it.” I replied, laughing.

“It was so very fast. Falling in love with you.” I said, and he released one of his hands from the steering, stretching it to me.

I took his hands in mine kissing it passionately.
“I am so happy Sharon. It is hard to believe that you came to my life and made me who I am today. You changed me from a mean person to someone who has love in his heart.” He said, facing me one in a while.

I smiled as he spoke, and I wanted to kiss him, but he was driving, I couldn’t let him lose concentration.
I was about replying when two cars overtook us and blocked our path. Donald was forced to stop abruptly.

“What the hell that was close.” He said.
Soon the door of the cars opened, and some hefty guys with a mask came down running to our car.

“Donald what is going on?” I yelled in fear.
“I don’t know.” He replied in fear too. They got to out car and brought out guns, as I saw it I jumped in fear holding Donald tight.

“Open the door boy or I blow off your wife’s head.” One of them said with a very thick voice, and instantly Donald opened up.

The dragged both of us out and used handkerchiefs to cover our noses. Donald tried struggling with them, and they ended up hitting him on the head with a gun.
And this was the last thing I saw. Everything went blank.

Chapter 31

Monica’s POV
Frank and I trailed behind the cars in my car, feeling happy.
“Soon you will be the best baby.” I said, holding his hand.
“I am so happy Monica. I can’t wait to see Frank in tears.” He smirked.

“I can’t wait to see Sharon’s face when you is confronted by Mr Smith.” I said giggling.
“She will be like, I am sorry I don’t understand you.” He said as we both burst into laughter.

“Thank you Monica.” He said, smiling.
“Anything for us baby.” I replied, kissing his hands.
The cars stopped at the planned site, frank and I came down and walked up to them.

“Guys move the guy to the next house while you leave the lady here.” I whispered, and they nodded. They drove Donald to the second house while they carried Sharon into the house.

“Now guys you behave carelessly with her. Just drop her in the house and all of you move out. I know for sure when she is awake, she is going to try escaping. Don’t worry about that.” I said to the guys.
“Okay ma’am.” They replied, bowing slightly.

“And for the guy release him around 5pm. Just drop him on the streets, he will find his way home.” I added.
“Okay ma’am.” They said, walking away.

“So everything is set. I pretend to have followed her here and then I rescue her and talk her into going to Mr Smith’s house.” I said to Frank grinning.
“You are a genius.” He said, hugging me.

Sharon’s POV
I squeezed to life perceiving the smell of dust in my nostrils. I opened my eyes gently looking around me.
The room was empty and vast. I held my head, trying to remember why I was there. Then the memories rushed into my head.

“Oh no! Donald!” I yelled fearfully.
Oh, God, where am I? Where is Donald? Who sent those people?
“Hello!” I yelled, looking at the door. I waited to hear a response, but I got none.
“Hello!” I screamed again, but it was the same.

This is bad!! Donald was hit on the head. He needs to be taken care of.
I saw my bag close to me, and I felt a little relieved. I quickly took it and opened it.

“Thank goodness they didn’t take my phone.” I thought. I brought it out, and then I saw Donald’s drugs in my bag.
“God how do I get this to Donald?” I asked, feeling sweaty already.

I opened my phone, and I saw it was already 4:30 pm. Shit! I ran to the door in haste and tried opening it.
To my surprise, the door opened up to me. Thank you, God. I ran out of the room, and I met myself in the living room.

I met the main door open, and I looked around well before running out. I got out, and I saw a very unfamiliar place.
“What is this place? Where do I run to?” I asked myself in bewilderment.

I saw an open path, and I decided to flow it. At least to find somewhere very far from here.
I was still running when I bumped into someone.

“Monica?” I called in shock.
“How are you?? Are you hurt?” She asked, touching the parts of my body.
“I am fine. Why are you here? How did you get here?” I rapped feeling suspicious about it.
“I saw when you were attacked by those bad a**es. So I follow them carefully to this place. Where is Donald?” She asked.

“I don’t know, he is not in the house.” I said in tears.
“God this is bad. we need to go to Mr Smith now to report this.” She said, pulling me.
I ran with her to her car and sat in it, praying silently. Donald is supposed to use his drugs by 3 pm, and now it is almost 5.

Why did this happen! Monica rode very fast to Mr Smith house, and we got there in no time.
I rushed out of the car and ran to his door.
“Mr Smith!” I called barging into the house.

“Sharon?” He and his wife chorused.
“Sir something bad has happened.” I said, admits tears.
“What happened? Where is Donald?” He asked, jumping to his feet.

“Sir I don’t know, we were attacked by some kidnappers.” I said shivering.
“What!” His mother yelled in fear.

“Sharon this is all your fault!” Mr Smith smacked angrily.
“What? I was also kidnapped.” I added.

“If you haven’t planned that outing with Donald today, and you two came here all this wouldn’t have happened!!” He yelled angrily.

“Sir I don’t understand. We were on our way here when it happened, I didn’t plan any outing.” I said, feeling very confused.

“I think there is a mix up somewhere.” Monica said, cutting in.
“Yes there is because I don’t know what he is talking about.” I said weeping profusely.
“Mr Smith please calm down.” Monica said, and Mrs Smith fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Mrs Smith!” I called puzzled.
“Sharon get out.” Mr Smith said, rushing to his wife.

“I said get out all of you!!!!” He yelled, and Monica and I ran out instantly.
It is all gone, my job, the trust me has in me. All is gone, the one I love is in danger.

Chapter 32

Monica’s POV
“Sharon take it easy. We need to leave now, Mr Smith is really vexed with you, we can’t stay here anymore.” I said, leading her to my car.

“I swear for the very first time if I later know who is behind this, I will tell Donald to slit that person’s throat.” She said, clenching her jaw, and I felt scared instantly.

“Are you going to encourage him to kill after he has become calm?” I asked as we drove out of the compound.
“I will give him my full support if it is in this kidnapping, even if it is my best friend!” She smacked, and I shivered.

This lady has become brave and smart. But one thing she doesn’t know is that I am smarter than she is.
“Donald is a very smart person. He will find his way home soon, so you just go home and rest while I head back home.” I said, giving her a reassuring smile.

“Yes, thanks.” She replied coldly.
“Is she suspecting me? She is behaving kinda weird.”

“But I don’t care, she didn’t catch me doing it, so I am free!”
We drove to Donald’s house in silence, and I saw she had an angry face until we got there.
“Sharon please smile, you are destroying your beauty.” I said as I switched off the car engine.

“Smile? You expect me to smile? Donald is in the danger of having a kidney transplant and you expect me to be happy? Hell no!” She smacked storming out of the car.

“It is none of your fault Sharon, its nobody’s fault.” I said, trailing behind her.
“Oh yes its somebody’s fault. Someone gave Mr Smith a wrong message, we were kidnapped, we were separated, the house didn’t have any guard when I was awake. This is all a plan of somebody who knows Donald’s family and I!” She rapped firmly.

“Wow that is so bad.” I said, putting on a pitiful look.

“You know what, Donald won’t be the one to kill the person. I, Sharon will do the killing. I don’t care if it tarnishes my image. Excuse me, I want to be alone.” She said and walked into the house, leaving me shocked.
“Wow, Sharon is so smart. She scared me with those her empty threat. Whatever, she can never know I am the one.” I thought happily walking to my car.

Sharon’s POV
I sat in the living room on the floor, crying profusely. My love where are you, this is 5 pm, he should have used his drugs since 3 pm.

“Donald please come home, I miss you.” I mumbled in tears.
This is all whosoever it is a fault. Who could have even sent a wrong message to Mr Smith that I was going on an outing with Donald and I won’t be able to come?

That person is a close person to us, and I keep suspecting Monica. Why was she at the crime scene?
She doesn’t live around that place at all, so what was she looking for? I know its wrong to suspect without evidence, but I don’t know, it keeps ringing in my head.

There was a knock on the door, who can that be?
I rushed to the door and opened it to see Donald looking at me weakly.
“Donald!” I called hugging him very tightly.

“I thought I lost you, thank you for staying alive. Please come use your medications.” I said, and before I knew it, I felt all of his weight on me.

“Donald.” I called fearfully.
I held his head hand, checking his pulse, and I saw they were faint.

“Shit!” I looked around the compound. Then I saw he drive the car home.
Instantly I moved him to the car and placed him at the back seat. I ran to the driver’s seat and started the car.
Thank God I learnt how to drive.

I drove down to the hospital roughly and in less than 10 minutes, I was there. I ran into the hospital, calling on the nurses.

They ran out with a stretcher and placed Donald on it. Hurriedly they move him into the emergency ward, and I couldn’t help the tears that escaped from my eyes.

“I am sorry Donald, please be safe.” I prayed to pace in front of the hospital door.
The watched the Doctor’s operate on him in fear. I pray he doesn’t need a transplant.
I was still pacing when I heard Frank call my name from behind me.

“Sharon.” He called.
“What is it?” I asked, still looking into the ward.

“I heard what happened.” He added.
“Okay.” I replied coldly.

“Sharon you shouldn’t have gone on the outing, you endangered his life and your job.” He said.
“Frank get out.” I said firmly.

“What?” He asked in shock.
“Get out!” I yelled, making him flinch.
“Fine I will, but just know that I will be the best now.” He smirked. I walked up to him grinning evilly.

“Best hun? I pray you are alive to have that title.” I smacked in anger.
“So you want to kill me? For what?” He asked angrily.
“Ask your mother, Motherf**ker!” I yelled, and I saw him shake.

“Get out, or I send you to the grave before your time.” I yelled, and he left me immediately.
Why will every one blame me for what I don’t know about? I swear I will strangle anyone who tells me nonsense now. I looked at Donald, and my countenance softened, I love him, and I can’t bear seeing him like this.

I sat on the floor backing the wall very close to the door. I placed my head on my legs and hugged my body with my hands.

I was sobbing silently when I felt someone tap me. I raised my head slowly to see one of the janitors in front of me.

“Nurse Sharon.” He called bowing his head.
“Hi.” I replied, wondering why he came to me.
“I am sorry for Mr Donald’s state now, but I really want to see you.” He said.

“See me? For what?” I asked.
“Ma’am please it is very important, it will answer almost all your questions if I am not mistaken.” He said firmly.
“Okay, what is it?” I asked eagerly.

“Please we can’t speak here. Follow me.” He said, walking away.
This is really weird, but since he said it would answer my questions, then I want to hear it. I stood up and ran after him.

Chapter 33

I walked into Frank’s office, feeling so happy. Immediately he saw me. He swept me off my feet, kissing me.
“The plan worked out well.” He said happily.

“It has too when it comes to Monica.” I said, trailed my fingers down to his d**k.
“Monica not here too.” He said within gritted teeth, but I didn’t answer him.

I pulled him to me, kissing him aggressively, and he reciprocated almost immediately. I moved my hands to his trousers, zipping it down.

I slid my hands into it, grabbing his d**k, making him groan in my mouth. We both started breathing hard, and he couldn’t take it anymore.

He roughly dropped me on the table scattering the stuff that was on it. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he raised my gown.

He pulled off my pants, and I swept his trousers to his feet. He started to kiss me again, and I was already dripping wet.

“Dig it inside me now!” I moaned, pulling his dk to my passage. I felt his dk move into me, and I couldn’t let the scream that came out of my mouth.

I held my mouth so as not to scream and call people attention to us. He increased his pace, and I felt like dying.
My eyes closed themselves, and I threw my head backwards as my tummy tightened.
“Faster.” I moaned, holding unto his head. I knew I was very close to coming and slowing it down will spoil the pleasure.

I tightened my psy against his dk as I felt my wet juice on me. I released the grip gradually and pulled him to me kissing him again.

Sharon’s POV
“Okay, I am here now what do you have for me?” I said, folding my hands under my b**bs. He nodded, walking to his table.

He brought out a cell phone and punched the screen before stretching it to me.
“This picture was taken by me when someone came to spray a poison in Donald’s ward.” He said, and I took it in haste.

I saw someone in all black at the back of the hospital carrying nylon.
“I can’t see the face.” I said, looking at him.
“Sweep to the right.” He said firmly.

I sighed, swiping it as he said. I looked at the picture carefully, and I saw a familiar Lady removing the cloth.
I swiped quickly again, and I saw her move to the waste bin. Her face was a little visible, I enlarged the picture and what I saw made me feel faint.

“Monica!” I yelled in shock.
“You are correct, that day during the chaos I was at the back of the hospital disposing the waste, when i saw nurse Monica removing a strange costume. She walked to the dustbin and dropped this.” He said, wearing a glove.

He opened a drawer and pulled out a hand glove carefully. He stretched it to me, blocking his nose with his arm.
I moved my nose closer, and I perceived a choking odour. I moved back coughing, and he quickly placed it inside the cupboard.

This is how the poison diagnosed by the doctor’s smell. How dare Monica! I trusted her, and she could betray me? After all, I have done for her.

“Not only this Nurse Sharon. Since this day I decided to start stalking her to know every of her plans. I overhead her telling Frank that she would send Mr Smith a message as you, telling him you would be going on an outing with Donald so as to execute their plans.” He said, and I felt my legs wobble.

“What!! No wonder she was at the crime scene.” I said, thinking about it.
“She and Frank planned it all, this is a prove.” He said showing me printed pictures of both of them talking to the masked guys that kidnapped us.

I feel to the ground in tears, Monica, you are a devil.
“They planned all these so you would lose your job and your relationship with Donald.” He said, finally sitting down.
“Oh God! I was blinded by my love for her. Donald told me but I didn’t listen.” I mumbled in tears.

“I am telling you this now because I wanted to have enough evidences against her.” He said angrily.
“Thank you so much for telling me this. I need to leave now.” I said, walking out of the basement.

I walked to Donald’s ward fuming in anger. I will kill Monica with my own hands, and I will leave Frank to Donald to help ke slit his throat!

I got to his ward, and I saw the doctors walking out of the ward. I ran to them, and I saw Mr Smith there also.
He looked at me with so much disgust, and I was so hurt.
“Because of you I son will need a transplant!” He yelled angrily.

“Sir I swear I don’t know anything about it.” I said in tears.
“Oh shut up!” He yelled, making me flinch.

“Sir we need a kidney as soon as possible or his life will be at risk.” The doctor said to Mr Smith.
“I will give him mine!” I said before, thinking.

“What?” Mr Smith asked me to look very surprised.
“I am not doing this because I am at fault. I am doing this for the love i have for Donald.” I said as tears rolled down my eyes.

“You need to know having one kidney, you need to be mindful of it.” The doctor said.
“I am a nurse doctor, I know what I need to do to keep myself alive. All I want to see now is Donald smiling at me.” I said, admits tears.

“Sharon.” Mr Smith called, but I didn’t reply to him. Telling him anything now will be useless until I show him all that I have seen today then he will calm down.

“Are you ready?” The doctor asked.
“Very ready doc.” I said.
“Follow me.” He said leading the way, while I looked at Mr Smith for the last time before following him.

Chapter 34

Frank’s POV
I walked to my office, fuming in anger. Sharon has the guts to talk to me anyhow. I so much hate her now.
“I so much hate both of them.” I mumbled sitting on my chair. The door opened, and I saw the janitor walk in.

“Good day sir.” He said, but I ignored him. He started sweeping then office while I was still deep in thoughts.
“Baby.” I heard Monica call working into the office.

“Hey.” I replied, trying to smile.
“Good day ma’am.” The janitor said, but she ignored him walking up to me.
“Are you okay?” She asked, sitting on my laps.

“Yea, I am.” I said nodding, and she kissed me on the lips.
I felt the janitor’s gaze on us, and I broke the kiss looking at him.
“What do you think you are doing?” I asked frowning.

“Nothing sir.” He replied, bowing slightly.
“Get out, you see we are discussing and you are here looking at us? Are you insane!” Monica yelled in a fury.

“Baby please take it easy.” I said calmly.
“I am sorry.” He replied.
“Get out!” She yelled, making him flinch. He nodded and quickly ran out of the office.

“Monica that is too harsh, you don’t need to waste your time on somebody like him.’ I said, smiling and pulling her face to mine.
” I just don’t like that particular janitor around me. I feel so uncomfortable when he is close by, I don’t trust him one bit.”
“Monica is a mere janitor.” I chuckled.
“Whatever, so how was your speech with Sharon?” She asked, smiling.

“She is really tough. She sent me away in anger.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Don’t worry about her. She is doomed already.” She said grinning.
“I know that, thanks to you.” I said, kissing her lips passionately.


Sharon’s POV
I made sure I didn’t mention to my parents about the kidney transplant. I know if I told them, they will never be in support of it.

“Doctor how is he now?” I asked as I sat in the doctor’s office.
“Nurse Sharon, I am happy to tell you that the operation was successful. He responded to all our treatments.” He said, smiling, and I felt joy overwhelm me.

“This is great news. Thank you so much Doctor.” I said happily.
“He should be able to wake up today or tomorrow.” He added.

“I can’t wait to see him. Thank you so much.” I said, shaking his hands.
“My advice goes to you now. You know you have only a kidney now, please take care of it.” He said seriously.
“I will Doc, no need to worry. I will do just fine.” I said, standing up.

“Okay nurse Sharon.” He replied, smiling.
I walked out of the office, feeling so happy about Donald’s health. No more slumping.
I was walking to his new ward when I saw Monica walking towards me.
“Hey babe.” She said, smiling.

“Hi dear.” I replied, making a fake smile.
“How is Donald? Has he undergone the transplant?” She asked sadly.
“I don’t know Monica. Mr Smith has kept everything from me.” I said sadly.

“Wow, that is sad.” She said sadly.
“Yes, please can you do me a favour?” I asked, narrowing my eyes.

“Anything for you Beastie.” She said, and I felt like strangling her.
“Please can you follow me to Mr Smith’s house, I need to beg him.” I said, hoping she would.

“Sure, what are we friends for.” She said, opening her hands to hug me.
“Sorry I can’t. I stink.” I said giggling.

“I understand.” She said, laughing.
“So Friday we move.” I said.

“Okay Friday.” She said nodding.
“Okay got to go now.” I said, walking away in disgust. She even has the guts to laugh to my face, even calling me her Beastie.

I will show her that I am smarter than she is.
I walked back to the basement, and on the way, I saw the janitor walking to the basement.

“Hi,” I said, smiling.
“Hi.” He replied.
“Please I need your favour.” I said.

“Go ahead.” He replied, looking anxious.
“I need you to please show up at Mr Smith’s house on Friday. I need you to help me show him all the evidences you have against Monica.” I said.

“Mr Smith’s house, they won’t even let me in.” He said, laughing.
“Don’t worry about that. I will take care of it.” I said, smiling.
“Okay and I have something else to tell you.” He said.

“Go ahead.” I said nervously.
“I was at Nurse Frank’s office not quite long and I saw Monica kiss him and sit on his laps.” He said.
“I was expecting that. They are both evil.” I said angrily.

“Yes. I was sent out but I eavesdropped their discussion, she asked him how the conversion with you went.” He added.
“Ohh so it was planned that he comes to me.” I said, staring into space.
“Exactly Ma’am. You really need to be careful around them, they are very evil.” He said, and I nodded in full understanding.

“I will show them I am more dangerous.” I said grinning.
“I will leave now.” He said walking away
“See you on Friday.” I said, and he nodded without looking back.
“Let the game begin Monica!” I smirked wickedly walking to Donald’s ward.

Chapter 35

Donald’s POV
I felt a warm hand on mine, and I opened my eyes slowly, I saw a blurry vision of someone in front of me.
I rubbed my eyes with my other hand to clear my vision. Then I saw Sharon staring at me with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Hey love.” She said, smiling.
“Hey.” I replied, smiling.

“How are you feeling?” She asked, still grinning.
“Great! You look so happy, what is the good news?” I asked suspiciously.

“You are okay now baby, no more rushing to the hospital.” She said, touching my cheeks.
“Really? I am so happy, I thought I would never be fine.” I said happily.
“You don’t need to think like that.” She said, drawing the chair closet to sit on.

“Was I given a new kidney?” I asked anxiously.
“Yes baby.” She replied, smiling.
“Wow, who did that?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter, just one random person. The important thing is that you are fine now.” She said, kissing my cheeks.

“Wow, I am so grateful to whosoever that is.” I replied, and she nodded, smiling as I saw tears form in her eyes.
“Why are you crying?” I asked frowning.
“I missed you.” She said, hugging me.

“I missed you too, can’t wait to go back home.” I said happily.
“You will be discharged very soon.” She said.

The door opened, and father came in looking happy.
“Donald you are awake.” He said, walking to me.

“Yes father. Thanks to whosoever donated the kidney.” I said, and I saw him look at Sharon in surprise.
“Yes, you should be really grateful. Son, please can you tell what happened?” He asked as Sharon stood up for him to sit.

“We were on our way to your place, when some guys blocked us on the way and took us away.” I said sighing.
“Really? You weren’t going on an outing?” He asked.

“Outing? Who told you that?” I asked, looking at Sharon, who was bowing slightly.
“I received a message from Sharon saying you won’t be able to come, that you both were going on an outing.” He said, and I furrowed my brows.

“Sharon? She didn’t do that. We were together the whole time and I don’t remember her telling me about any outing.” I said, looking confused.
“This is serious, under the message it had Sharon’s name.” He said, looking at Sharon.

“Father she didn’t do it.” I said, looking at the innocent Sharon.
“I know but it is hard to believe.” He said sighing.

“Sir, I will prove to you that I am innocent this weekend.” Sharon said, and I became more confused.
“What is going on Sharon?” I asked in bewilderment.

“I will explain everything later.” She said, smiling.
“I will leave you both.” Father said, walking out of the ward.

Sharon’s POV
Monica came to the house, smiling stupidly. She doesn’t know what is going to happen to her today.
Donald, the janitor, and his parents were seated in the living room, while I stood outside the mansion pretending to be waiting for her.

“I have been waiting for you for some minutes now.” I said, pouting my mouth.
“I am sorry, had something to do. Have you seen him?” She asked, looking at the door.
“Not yet, I am scared going in alone.” I said sadly.

“Okay I am here now, let’s go.” She said, and I nodded, leading the way.
I opened the door and walked in, changing my countenance. I looked at her, and I saw her look at everyone in confusion.
“Sharon I thought we are here to speak to Mr Smith.” She whispered in my ears as everyone watched us too.
“Yes.” I replied, smiling.

“Then why are they all seated?” She asked as she stared at the janitor.
“You will know soon.” I smirked walking to the front of everyone.

“Mr Smith, I told you i was going to prove myself innocent today. Here is my proof.” I said, pointing at the janitor.
He stood up and walked to the front of all of us.

“On the 15th, April 2000, when the incident of the poison sprayed in my Donald’s ward happened, I was at the back of the hospital disposing trash when I saw Nurse Monica run out of the hospital with a suspicious costume.” He said.
“So?” Mr Smith asked, and I saw Monica shivering already.

“She removed the costume in haste and threw these in the waste bin.” He said wearing a glove before bringing out the glove Monica used.

I moved it closer to Mr Smith and immediately he started coughing.
“What!!!” He and his wife yelled.

“I have pictures to prove my evidence.” He added, passing his phone to Mr Smith. This time I saw Donald staring at Monica in anger.

I placed my hand on his laps, calming him down.
“Monica how dare you!” Mrs Smith yelled, standing up.

“Sir, ma, there are more.” He said, and they eyes widened instantly.
“Speak on.” He said eagerly shooting Monica a deadly look. She was already in tears, shaking.

“After some days, I heard her conversation with Nurse Frank in his office, telling him that they would frame Nurse Sharon so as to make Mr Donald skip his medications. They planned the kidnap and sent she sent the message. This is the prove.” He said, showing them the pictures.

“Why would you do this!” Mr Smith yelled in a fury.
This time Donald stood up moving to her in anger. But I ran to him holding him back.

“I knew right from time you are a devil! I will kill you!” He roared, but I hugged him trying to calm him down.
“I am sorry. I was jealous about the love Sharon and Donald shared. I have always loved him but he didn’t even give me a chance.” She stammered in tears going on her knees.

“You are sorry? After the havoc you have done! I took you as my best friend. But all you did was stab me at the back. You thought you were smarter, but I am smarter than you.” I said, looking at her irritatedly.
“So that Frank is your partner. How come I am not surprised, I will make sure I killed both of you!” Donald roared in anger.

“Sharon i am sorry, I know I was selfish.” Monica said wailing.
“Oh really…” Was about saying another word when I felt an urgent urge to puke. I held my mouth with my hands, trying not to throw up in the living room.

“Sharon are you okay?” Donald asked, holding me, as everywhere went dead silent.
I pointed only God knows where trying to tell him I need to puke. He understood in no time and took me to their toilet.

I let out as I threw up in the basin, packing my hair backwards.
“Sharon what is wrong with you?” Donald asked, looking so concerned.
“I don’t know, but I am fine.” I replied, rinsing my mouth with water.

“You are not, you are vomiting.” He added, touching my forehead.
“I am a nurse and i am telling you my patient that I am fine.” I said, poking his forehead.
“Okay, if you say so Miss Nurse.” He said, rolling his eyes as we both moved back to the living room.


“Please, I beg you in the name of God, I am sorry. Sharon please beg him.” I said in tears, but she didn’t even have compassion.
“Your license as a Nurse will be collected and you know what that means.” He added, and I felt like dying.
“Father let’s get this done with, I will kill her now to save all this stress.” Donald said in anger, and I moved back instantly.

“No Donald, I know you are really angry but trust me, I will handle this.” Mr Smith said, holding him back.
“Just pray I don’t see you anywhere apart from here, if not no one will beg me to spare you. You know very well I kill without sympathy.” He said boldly, while I nodded shaking.

“Now, I want you to take me to Frank’s house, I will call the cops now. And if you try doing anything stupid…” Mr Smith said, and I nodded.
If at all I am to suffer, Frank will suffer with me. How come I didn’t even know Sharon was tricking me all this while.

Shit! It is finished. I am doomed.
“Get up! What are you waiting for!” He yelled, making me jump to my feet.
“Father do we need to go with you?” Donald asked.

“No son, the cops will handle this, stay home and rest.” He said, smiling.
“I really appreciate you so much, thank for all this information. I almost deprived Sharon of her job because of that message.” He said facing the Janitor who was looking at me in disgust.

“I will never see evil and keep quite.” He replied, smiling.
He then faced me again abruptly making me shiver.

“Now move to Frank’s house.” He said, and I walked out of the house with my legs shaking.
I got outside, and I could see the cops waiting for us. They rushed to me and handcuffed my hands.

Frank’s POV
I sat in my living room, watching TV. Monica should have shown up two hours ago. I pray she is okay.
The doorbell rang and I jumped to my feet running to the door.

“Here she comes.”
I opened the door, and I saw her smile so falsely.
“Are you okay?” I asked, staring at her.

She nodded, stretching her hands to me, I saw a handcuff around her wrist, and I knew she had been exposed.

My eyes widened, and I wanted to lock my door in haste, but three cops holding guns stopped me.
“Frank there is no escape route now, they have our pictures. Just oblige and follow us.” She said tearily, and I couldn’t help but cry.

“It Is all gone! And this is your fault! You lured me into all of these!” I smacked.
“Don’t you dare push the blame on me, you enjoyed seeing her in pain too.” She said angrily as they handcuffed my hands and led us to the car.

“Now because of selfishness, greed, I lost my job! My profession as a nurse! what was even thinking!”
I saw Mr Smith look at me in disgust and I felt nothing but shame.
“Thank your star Mr Smith calmed Donald down, we wouldn’t be alive now.” Monica said and I closed my eyes imagining if it was really Donald that came.

He would have slit my throat just as Sharon said to me. Oh God, I am so stupid for falling into Monica’s trap.
She did this to fulfil her own interest nothing else.


Donald’s POV
I sat in the living room feeling so bored, I was tired of watching TV or pressing my phone, all I wanted is to see Sharon come in through the door.

She has been looking so chubby, weak and as been eating like a glutton.
I can’t wait to surprise her when she is back, I am trying to imagine her looks!

The door opened and I knew it was Sharon, I stood up and she ran to me hugging me.
“You missed me?” I said carrying her.
“I did.” She replied giggling.

“I have something to tell you!” We both chorused.
“You go first!” She said chuckling.

“Okay, close your eyes.” I said smiling.
“C’mon Donald what are you trying to do this time.” She said rolling her eyes.
“Don’t you trust me?” I asked pouting my mouth.

“Fine! But make it snappy!” She said closing her eyes.
I brought out the diamond ring I bought while she was away from my pocket and went on my kneels in front of her.
“I never thought I would find true love, I never thought someone would ever stand firmly for me in front of people.

“You took away the shit in my life and swept my life clean with your love and affection.” I paused and I saw her open her eyes. Her mouth dropped open immediately she saw me.

“In a twinkle of an eye, I began to feel something I have never felt before, love.”
“You made me promise never to kill and since that very day I always thought if I broke the promise you will leave me, and I never want that to happen.”

“You did you work as a nurse and partner, even donating your own kidney for me making sure I don’t know it is you.” I said and I saw tears roll down her cheeks.

“I owe you my life Sharon and after much thinking, I want to spend my life with you.”
“Will you be my wife? The mother of my kids?” I asked as tears formed in my eyes already.
“Yes Donald.” She said in tears stretching out her fingers to me.

I placed the ring on her finger and she fell to the ground kneeling before me.
“You have made me the happiest woman on Earth. I love you.” She said kissing me deeply.
“Thank you for saying Yes.” I said hugging her.

“Hold on how did you know about the kidney?” She asked furrowing my brows.
“Father told me and said ‘if you lose that girl, you have lost an angel.” I said smiling.
“I love you.” She said hugging me again.

“Love you more.” I said kissing her head.
“Now my turn!” She said happily.
“Okay, I am all ears.” I said as we both stood up.

“I am two weeks pregnant!” She yelled and I stared at her trying to couple the words.
“You are?” I asked furrowing my brows.

“Pregnant!” She said and immediately I swept her off her feet hugging her really tight.
Tears rolled down my cheeks so fast, I couldn’t control it.
“Thank you so much!!!” I said in tears.



Monica was sentenced to 40 years in prison for attempted murder and kidnapping.
Frank was sentenced to 20 years in prison for kidnapping.

The Janitor, who was later discovered to be a very intelligent person, was promoted to become a computer operator in the hospital, accompanied with different kinds of gifts from Mr and Mrs Smith.
Nurse Sharon gained her placed as the Hospital best nurse again. She got married to Donald Smith happily, their wedding was on in the town.

Ron was seen to be present at the wedding, and he was Donald’s best man, since Donald had no friends.
After the weddings, Sharon put to bed and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy which they named JUNIOR SMITH.
The torture room was converted to a very beautiful room available for visitors.

Donald became as gentle as ever, ignoring any situation that had to do with killing because of the promise he made to Sharon.
And they lived happily ever after.

I thank God for the power and inspiration given to me, to be able to complete this story, he only deserves the glory.
Thanks to those who stood by me making sure I don’t relent, I appreciate that.
And before I thinking of writing a story, I make sure the story is educative, not just for entertainment. There is something you learn from any of my writings.

I will start with listing the moral lessons in the story.

  1. Don’t ever look don’t on anyone, even if he is the devil himself. Who knows you can end up changing him.
  2. Friends!! Friends!! Please let us be very sensitive when it comes to friends. There are evil people everywhere, we should always be at alert.
  3. To the guys now, never force yourself on any Lady. If she doesn’t love you, another better person will come for you. You don’t have to take it to the extent of putting a life at risk. Noo, It’s wrong.
  4. We should keep fighting for what is right and not evil. Let our character speak good things for us, no matter what anyone does to us, your behavior can change them.
  5. Never go far from God in anything you are doing. He helps you abstain from bad entities.
  6. If you have more Lessons please drop it at the comment box, let’s educate people.

I hope you like this cute love story. Please let me know about this story in the comment section.

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