Triangle Love Story (Mistakes Of The Past)

Mistakes Of The Past – Triangle Love Story: Today, I will tell you a different love story that gives you the thrill, romance, action, and drama. I hope you will enjoy this amazing story. Let’s start.

Long ago, the planet of Aimnes was feared to be destroyed by a new plant discovered by their scientists. They started crushing the plant, but the more they destroy it, the more the plant grows wild, so it became a forest, but the human-like creatures don’t seem to have any plan aside from crushing the plants.

The only way they could ever survive the destruction is to leave the planet temporarily, and the only planet that can favour them is earth so the leave one by one by breaking the barriers between the planets.

Many years later, the Aimnes settle down, and humans find them strange because they can’t eat, they only feed on flowers.

They live in the forest far away from the humans, but humans later found them, but they have evolved into the appearance of a normal human being.

The rule themselves and punish sinners according to their laws. Alan and Dylan are the princes if the Aimnes right from their planet and their father think its time for the elder brother Dylan to breed, he was betrothed to a human girl named Amora.

Dylan is in love with a commoner named Elena, and he told his brother to keep Amora company because he can’t bring himself to love the poor girl, which Alan accept immediately.

In the course of keeping the girl company, he started falling in love with Amora, but unfortunately, Amora loves Dylan making it a complicated love triangle.

But a silly mistake Alan made will kill Amora and haunt him when he meets her look-alike Moranne in the future.

Episode 1

“ Your majesty ”
“ My prince ”
“ Alan ” the same voice and the same face call him in his dream making him jerk involuntarily.
“ I will not forgive you for what you did to me you traitor you used me as a sacrifice to your god when I loved you unconditionally? Prince Alan, I don’t deserve this ” the young lady in his dream cried.

“ Amora I didn’t mean to they forced me Amora I love you,” he said, crying physically still sleeping.
“ But did you know what I wanted to tell you? (Pause) That night? ” the lady cried more, and obviously, her voice is cracking.

“ No I’m sorry for not hearing you out I’m sorry please forgive me ” he begged, but the lady turned her face away from him then it looks like she is smiling.
“ if you want me to forgive you then die!!! ” her voice thundered then he woke up panting heavily.

Alan’s POV
Oh, that was a dream, but I can’t understand why I kept seeing Amora in my thoughts this day.
Oops, I didn’t introduce myself that dream scared me earlier. My name is Alan. I’m a prince of a unique human clan. We are like humans, except we are immortals. We have special hearing abilities and magical powers they call us Aimnes.
Our physical appearance is like that of humans too cut it short we are Aliens.
My father was their king, and due to a tremor that happened on our planet, we were forced to travel down to earth so we can survive.

Our clan have lived more than you can ever imagine, at first the humans reject us but as time goes on they agree to let us stay granting us a place we can unite as a clan, and so we live like that breeding every five years so our population will multiply.

Humans are just extraordinary creatures I admire they keep looking for a means to make themselves comfortable which they call technology, and this day you hardly stress yourself in communication, transportation and everything you want to do. Humans are brilliant. I agreed.

But we also have our world of technology you can never imagine some of us invest with the humans and we work together also and since we hardly spend but invest, we end up more precious than some humans.
I own a lot of companies in this country, but no one knew my identity we Aimnes like living in secret so we won’t miss with humans that much.

The last time I got something to do with a human being, I ended up hating myself because she will never forgive me.
I just sat on my bed after the bad dream, but I haven’t seen Amora in my dreams for centuries what’s with this? I don’t know, but I will watch what will happen after.

I had my breakfast of rose and Tripoda flowers with a little bit of orchid.
Yes, we feed on flowers, and that’s what we live on, not human being.
Today is another day to live.

“ Good morning your highness ” one of my favorite servant like friend greet me.
“ Did you sleep well, my lord? ” the other one asked.
“ I told you, Leo and Tom, please don’t use any formalities with me again we are in a civilized world,” I told them heading outside to exercise my body.

I jog around my estate for a bit greeting every Aimnes I come across all their my lords, and your highnesses are pissing me off I swear.

Well, I don’t blame them; they have to respect their prince.
I think I need to know how the humans are fairing today its been a while I haven’t set my feet in the city for quite a while because of human scents I might fall for another human again.

“ Leo gets me my car I want to take a tour around the city,” I said through the earpiece on my ear. Within minutes my car arrived, and I snatch the key from Tom driving like a crazy man. While enjoying my drive, I saw a figure like that of Amora is this Amora or am I dreaming?

I quickly reverse my car. This is Amora, but it looks exactly the same.
I quickly got my lazy body out of the car to get a better view.
I move closer to the young lady to check whether its true or not.

But she is the one my Amora I want to ask for forgiveness my queen.
“ Amora ” I called her hugging her quickly, but the lady stares at me with cold eyes.
After pushing me away, she gave me a resounding slap.
“ Amora ” I called again, but she frowns.

“ I’m not Amora or whatever you just say I’m Moranne my name is Moranne okay I’m sorry for slapping you, but I don’t know you, but you hug me like that it’s awkward and strange I’m sorry ” the Moranne girl stretches her hand to help me up the same kindness Amora show me in the past. Still, I couldn’t see her love I end up hurting her.

“ You are so handsome I will say sorry a hundred times,” she said again with a smile no I won’t let her look-alike fall for me still not in this world I don’t want to repeat the mistake I made in the past.

Episode 2

“The orchid valley, petals island, sound mountain, ancient auditorium all these are nice places where do you want me to bury you? ” Amora said with a faint smile which scared Alan a little bit.
“ Amora what is the meaning of this?” Alan asked.

“ I hate you, that’s why. Just stay away from me I’ve had enough of you telling me your brother doesn’t love me ” Amora grunt walking away.
“ Amora I will always warn you, and this space in my heart will always be opened anytime ” Alan tries to convince her, but she gives him a death glare.

Dylan, Alan’s brother and a female Aimne sat under a tree beside the orchid valley love fill every air they breathe in and watching them from afar you will know that they are lovers. Originally Dylan was betrothed to Amora, but he loves Elena the female Aimne instead, and his brother Alan is in love with Amora.

‘We are going to get married soon, Elena ’ Dylan said, and Elena almost passes out from too much happiness.
“ really? My prince? ” The female Aimne smiled, making flower petals bloom.

Amora watch them from afar with tears in her eyes she heard them.
“ I guess Alan is right, but I’m going to support his love with all my heart if that is what will make him happy,” Amora said amidst sobs.

Moranne’s POV
Oh damn, that guy is too cute but wait what he is? A celeb? How can he be so cute? I can’t get my eyes off him. I slapped him because the hug was sudden only if I’m in my right senses I wouldn’t have done that.
Oh gosh hey my boyfriend is waiting.

“ I will see you later, can I have your digits? ” I asked oh I’m not the one talking no I’m not the one.
Don’t tell me I’m falling for his cuteness no definitely not.

Oh, I didn’t introduce myself earlier you know I was too dazzled by his real handsomeness.
I’m Moranne, the most clumsy girl you will ever come across, I’m the only child of my parents you must think I’m spoilt, but no I work to earn my living so no time for play.

I have a boyfriend since high school, whose name is johnny and best friend, whose name is Sarah.
They are the only one who cares about my well being before I met this handsome looking celeb I met today. He calls me a princess, and that’s Amora. Amora in our language means princess maybe I look like her that’s why call me that but come to think of it the hug feels beautiful part of me want it again I can’t deny that.

Alan’s POV
I think she likes me well they are different, Amora hated me first before finally wanting me even to marry me which I fail to recognize that time I thought she is still in love with my brother but this Moranne lady like me. Still, I don’t want her to later fall in love with me because I don’t want anything to do with a human again.

“ Why the long face? ” princess Lyle my little sister asked, jerking me away from my thoughts.
“ Lyle oh stop ” I exclaimed, but that was not what I want to say.
“ what? ” Lyle frown at my statement.
“ Oh okay I saw Amora today,” I said, and she raises a brow.
“ No, not Amora what am I saying? I saw Amora’s look-alike ” I scratch my head waiting for an answer.
“ really? But you didn’t approach her, did you? If I were you I won’t do that you know what you did to Amora then ” Lyle said, picking a white rose.

“ I thought she is Amora, so I hug her, but the lady turns and gives me a resounding slap,” Alan said, still touching his cheeks.

“ Don’t tell me you are falling for this new Amora ” Lyle asked again provoking me.
“ Her name is not Amora her name is Moranne ” I defended knowing that this conversation will lead to something stupid that I’m not ready for.

“ Oh, you even know her name? Love in the air whoah tom Leo come celebrate with your lord he’s in love ” Lyle keeps shouting which provoke me a lot oh I hate this. I’m not in love I know my own heart, so I can’t be in love with Amora, oh I mean Moranne.

Episode 3

“So you finally found out the truth? ” Alan asked Amora who was sitting under the cherry tree.
“ Yes I’m sorry for not believing you,” Amora said, cleaning her tears.
“ That’s fine anyway when you finally forget him I’m available ” Alan smiled naughtily making Amora’s heart flutter. “ I think Amori is waiting for me,” Amora said covering up with her twin.

Amora’s twin sister Amori is watching them from afar with a clenched fist, but the anger doesn’t show on her. She is a witch, and her other witches don’t support darkness. Any witch or wizard caught hurting humans will be punished and must become a demon for a long time so Amori even if she is angry, she is not allowed to show it.

She started walking away before her sister can catch up.
Amora is just an average human born with the kindness she treats everyone with respect except Alan, whom she thought hate so much.

Elena and Dylan sat under the plum tree, watching as the flowers are blooming.
“ When are we going home? ” Elena asked, confusing Dylan.

“ don’t you like it here? I mean the creatures are friendly, and you know kind too ” Dylan said with a full grin.
“ I know they are kind, and the flowers are refreshing too, but no place feels like home ” Elena stretch her arms resting her head on Dylan’s shoulder. Amora saw them, and her mood quickly turned sour.
She ends up walking to her room, sad and lonely because her twin left early.

Moranne’s POV

Oh, tomorrow is my Johnny’s birthday, and I have to get something for him hmm what I should get? Anyone with the idea of a perfect gift? Oops, thanks but I will think about it, oh! I am the queen of baking. Because I don’t have money, I will settle for his favourite cake which is the chocolate cake whow Moranne you are so intelligent.

After shopping the ingredients with the little money with me, I made the perfect cake for my dear.
I kept it in the refrigerator so it won’t freeze too much just cool.

I decided to take a nap, but I’m not sleepy, so I go for a walk instead. Spending time baking, I didn’t notice it’s late already and this nights air felt better.

The handsome guy’s face flashback to my memory I find it cute but I don’t want to betray Johnny I’ve loved since high school, so it will be somewhat rude to break up like this.

I keep on walking, enjoying the fresh spring air as it blew my hair away.
I heard a footstep I’m not sure what it is, but I know I’m being followed.
I walk a little bit faster, when I felt a figure near me, I started running but end up running into a huge man I try yo turn, but I find another one staring at me.

They reek of alcohol and tobacco a scent which I hate so much.
Oh no, I don’t have money with me, cases like this money are usually useful, but I spent my last penny on Johnny’s cake leaving me with nothing except a coin.

What can a coin probably do in this case?
Oh, I still have my bag with me.
“ Please take my money don’t hurt me ” I pleaded, and I can see the wide grin on their faces.
“ do we look like hungry thieves, huh? We just wanna have fun with you rosy lady ” the first one said to touch me, but I flinch.

Who will save me now?
“ somebody help ” almost crying I shouted while the two guys try to carry oh for the first time I hate my small body I wish I’m fat.
“ Leave her alone while I’m nice ” I heard a voice behind us.
“ Guy, can you please just get lost?! And if you like, we can share her with you ” the guy who carried said with his rough voice.

“ Leave her alone,” the sweet voice said again I’d heard this voice before or the guy that called me princess? Yes, he is the one I can’t be mistaken.
I shook off my thought when one of them threw me roughly I land my butt on the ground oh that hurts.

Both guys charge st once trying to overpower my superhero, but just one move both of them are wincing like a small child.

“ Are you okay? ” he asked, stretching his hands towards me, which I gladly take our eyes met, and I felt my heart is going to burst anytime soon.

“ Ye yeah I’m okay,” I said after standing up properly.
“ Thank you. I’m going to repay you anytime soon ” I muttered.
“ Why don’t you repay me tonight ?” he said, and I felt my anger rising.
“ With what?! ”
“ Anything,” he said calmly.
“ I don’t have anything except a cake ” oh did I just say a cake?
“ I like that where the cake is? ”
“ No, I’m not the owner its for my boyfriend ” my tone is not normal. It’s awkward.
“ Then give it to me. I saved you remember not your boyfriend ” the man argued.
Ohw after all the arguing I end up giving him the cake.

Alan’s POV
She is such a cute little submissive girl quite different from Amora. I don’t know why I got jealous when she mentions her boyfriend oh I’m not falling for her am I?

“ Where have you being? ” princess Lyle said which startled me.
“ I went to the city ” I replied, scratching my hairs.
“ To see Amo… I mean Moranne? ” She chuckled.

“ No, I’m not falling for the girl just went to save her ” I yelled at her.
“ I’m not saying that besides if you fall for her its not my business. Forget about Amora for she is dead and doesn’t blame yourself again it’s not your fault ” Lyle said, and I see some point in what she just said.

“It’s my fault ” I muttered.
“It’s not your fault you saved her if only you didn’t try that .. ” she tried to say, but I yelled at her.
“ Why do you like telling me about how foolish I was then?! ” I grunt before retiring to my room.

Episode 4

Amori decided to forget about the law of the witches about not doing any harm. She spends sleepless nights finding a weakness spell for the Aimnes which she later succeeds in.

She poisoned Elena Dylan’s wife secretly with a strange poison she made. The only cure for that sickness is her sister Amora’s heart. What an evil plan.

The news spread to the palace and Amori was sent for by the king.
“ great witch Amori what do you think we can do for this dying Aimne? ” the king said.

Amori step forward, Amora and Alan are exchanging naughty glances.
“ your Majesty the only thing that can cure miss Elena(change face) is a virgin human heart ” Amori sad with a fake cry.

“ Amori what do you mean?! We all know your sister is the only virgin human here! ” Alan yelled, Amora, didn’t wait for any more words before she ran out of the court.

“ There’s nothing I can do about it Elena have to be fed a heart before she can get better,” Amori said faking a sad face she is pleased inside. No one knows why she hates her sister so much that she wants to kill her.

Alan runs after Amora but couldn’t find her. He went to her favourite place only to meet her, throwing some stones in the sea.

“ Amora” he called softly she turns, and it’s evident that she’s been crying.
“ Don’t worry. I have a sister who will cure Elena. She is a hybrid ” Alan whisper, and Amora shoots him another dangerous glare.

“ Won’t she ask for my heart? Isn’t my heart the only cure? ” Amora said amidst sobs.
“ No, she can heal her magically. Sister Lyle is a great witch better than your sister, but she is still on our planet looking for a means to get rid of the poisonous plants ” Alan scratches his head.
“ How do we get her to come to this place? ” Amora asked.
“ Only is something important happens like maybe my wedding ” Alan frown because he knows he is not ready to get married yet.

“ Then let’s get married,” Amora said with so much determination in her voice that it scared Alan.
“ What did you say? ”
“ I’m going to marry you ”

Moranne’s POV
Today is my boyfriend’s birthday, and I don’t have anything with me Mr superhero have collected my cake.
I drag my feet to Johnny’s house empty-handed well he’ll have to accept it like that. My parent can never borrow me a penny so that I will give him my best wishes.

I knock his door, but I got no reply I hit again maybe he went to have fun with his friends.
I heard a faint sound I decided to move closer. I don’t want to eavesdrop, but I end up glueing my ear to the door.

“ She is too boring I just don’t want to go out with her anymore ” I heard Johnny’s voice though it is not that loud, I can make out what he is saying. I listened to a girl chuckle as if to insult me, but it sounds familiar. Sarah?! I still kept quiet with my ears glued to the door.

“ I told you then, but you are the one who wants to show her while dating me. Well, at least you are mine and not hers. ” Sarah laughed, and the thunder strike me, oh no, Johnny and Sarah are dating? So Johnny is cheating on me with no one but Sarah?! My best friend? This bad.

They are my friends. I thought they care about me. I finally understand that.
I’m worthless and valueless no one cares about me at all.
What am I still doing here in this world? I should die yes that’s the only way out of this pain I’m going through.

I left Johnny’s house to the rooftop I swear dying is painful, but its the only way out for me. I will close my eyes and enjoy my death.

I climb the railing and believe me I’m scared, but I have to do this after counting three I jump closing my eyes to enjoy the feeling of death, and I land on something.

I can see angels in heaven waiting to receive me then I heard my name.
“ Moranne?! ” the voice called softly then it turns to yell, or am I going to hell? No, I can’t go to hell no devil please don’t scream my name.

Episode 5

Continued from the past…
“What did you say? ” Alan asked with a sarcastic tone. He isn’t sure Amora is the one in front of me or is she drunk or what? The Amora he knew won’t ever say this.

‘ Yes let get married I will marry you if your sister will come that way I don’t want to lose my life Alan please ’ Amora plead then it occurred to him that she is only marrying him to save her life and he is more than glad to do it.
“ Okay let’s get married,” Alan said, hugging her briefly.

He is so excited to marry Amora that it reflects in his actions. He forgot that the wedding is based on contract, but it means another thing to Amora.

The wedding day finally came, and they were wed according to the culture of the humans, and indeed princess Lyle Alan’s sister came to wish them well.

She called Amora to a corner before the memorable wedding night to have a word with her.
“ Amora did I get your name right? ” princess Lyle asked, and Amora bowed in respect.
“ your name sounds good, and I like it I learned it means a princess ” Lyle added making Amora wonder if this Aimne princess is a parrot in Aimne clothing.

“ Yes I’m a princess just like you ” Amora replied with respect, and Lyle smiled.
“ Let’s get to the point. I know you married lan because you want me to come here so I can save Elena but let me advise you. Please learn how to love my brother he loves you, Amora, please” Lyle said with a pleading face while Amora almost chuckle.

“ Princess Lyle you don’t have to worry I love Alan, but I don’t know how I’m going to tell him my feeling because of my previous behaviour towards him ” Amora felt her blush darkened while confessing to her sister in law.

“ Oh? But tell him he is now your husband ” Lyle said happily.
“ I’ll tell him tonight but try and cure Elena ” Amora said, preventing herself from embarrassing herself more by blushing.

“ Please do. I will try my powers believe in me I will heal her with my powers ” princess Lyle said boastfully while Amora smiled thinking of how to confess her feelings for Alan.

Continue from Moranne’s POV
I’m not in hell I know that but what the heck?! I open my eyes to find myself in my superhero’s arms. Why is he carrying me? I thought I was about to commit suicide, how on earth did I end up in his arms?

“ Next time don’t try this stupid tricks again!” he said angrily. I wonder why he is angry. It’s not as if I’m trying to kill him. I want to kill myself, how is that his business?
‘ Mr superhero, can you please put me down? ’ I asked with an awkward voice.

Alan’s POV
I was sitting on my sofa reading a newspaper when I felt some heart-throbbing pain and no one need to tell me Moranne is in danger. What has she gotten herself into again? I try to ignore it, knowing she is a hell of a clumsy girl, but the pain grew more intense.

Using my hearing abilities, I can hear her saying she wants to enjoy the feeling of death. What?! There’s no way I’m losing two Amoras, not in this life.

I connect my mind to spot she is getting there on time to save her. She jumped from the rooftop I quickly spread my arms so she can land perfectly.

I’m furious at her, and I don’t know why, but she calls me superhero all my anger cool down. Does she actually call me a superhero? I’m falling in love when I thought I couldn’t love anyone except Amora, but I’m the wrong Moranne prove me wrong.

“ I want to ask why do like appearing whenever I’m in danger? ” snapping my thoughts away, she asked.
“ your soul always calls me ” I replied, knowing she can’t understand what I mean, but why will she commit suicide.
“ Why did you want to kill yourself? ”

“ I found out the people whom I thought to care about me find me worthless ” she replied with sadness taking over her.
“ my boyfriend is dating my friend behind my back, and I don’t know until a few minutes ago I thought they like me, but they betrayed me ” she added.
“ and you thought they are the only one that cares about you?! What about me?! Didn’t you even think about me? ” I couldn’t believe I said those words.

“ Excuse me? ” she arches an eyebrow.
“ I love you can’t you see that’s why I’m following you around? ” I finally admit my feelings, and I love my courage.
She didn’t know what to sat for a moment I think she lost her voice.

Moranne’s POV
I must have heard wrong no that’s not what he is trying to say I couldn’t place it together until he looks at me in the eye bringing his head closer for a kiss oh no I don’t know why I’m also waiting for the kiss am I even in love?

Alan’s POV
I brought my head closer to kiss her, but when I close my eyes, I end up seeing Amora in her pool of blood. I kept seeing the images of Amora’s suicide, and I couldn’t control myself I shove Moranne away opening my eyes I saw Amora standing in front of me with blood coming out of her nostrils eyes and her mouth I pushed Moranne again. Still, I think she hit her head on something.

All the images vanished at once from my head, but I was surprised to see Moranne on the floor unconscious.
What have I done?

Episode 6

Amora sat on the bed, watching the fireflies as they dance around in their world. She waits for her husband for what seems like an eternity, but she couldn’t hear a trace of his footsteps. She waits and waits to yawn and stretching her body. The heavy wedding dress is now getting uncomfortable on her body.

When Alan finally arrived, he is so drunk that he didn’t even look at her. He just attacks her like a lion that is pouncing on his prey. Mercilessly he tore her dress ignoring her cries and words he ends up taking her with force.
Amora sat on the bare floor, looking at Alan. She couldn’t believe he can do this to her.

The Alan she knew will never force her, and she hate her first time had to be like that. She wept like a crying baby, she waited patiently for him so she can tell him how much she loves him, but he didn’t even look at her before giving her a painful scar. She tries to stand, but her legs are too weak also to move. She stares at him again with cold eyes, how could he?

Still sitting on the floor Alan woke up to see her in the spot, he was surprised to his newlywed crying, and he can’t figure out the reason.

“ Alan, how could you? Take my dignity with force? I told you the marriage is based on a contract and you agreed, but I later found out I have deep feelings for you and I couldn’t wait for you to come and tell you how much I love you, but instead, you came and did this.”

Seeing the mess, Alan knew he had committed a grave mistake by listening to Amori.
Amori told him Amora would divorce him immediately. Elena gets well. She even said Amora is a cruel and bitter woman, and she is just putting on that good girl act because of Dylan.

She isn’t what Alan thinks she is and he shouldn’t trust and that Amora will never love him. He remembers laughing it off, but Amori whisper something, and he felt he is not in control of his body.

Aimnes don’t get drunk with alcohol, but he finds himself getting drunk a strong spell must be involved.
And now here he is now sober after committing the gravest mistake in his life.

Amora stands up still feeling pains all over her body, she walks out of the room, and Alan follows her she ends up running to the sound mountain. The rocks are slippery, and she is falling and finally hitting her head on a rock in front of Alan.

“ Watch me as I die Alan. I’ve forgiven you because I know its not your fault something else is inside you. I will always love you even in death. I know I didn’t treat you well by not loving you early, but I will come back in the future so I can love you properly ” those were Amora’s last words before she died. Alan let out a loud cry as he watches his wife die because of his own mistakes.

Moranne’s POV
The sunray woke me up. I open my eyes slowly and wait for this a dream? This is not my house how did I end up here then I remember how Mr superhero humiliated me last night.

He wants to kiss me than end up shoving me away like he is angry or something. First, I caught my boyfriend cheating on me then my superhero humiliates me by pushing me off in the middle of a kiss and how the hell did I end up here?
“ oh, you are awake? ” I heard a feminine voice behind me.

‘Oh, you are in prince Alan’s house. He said I should tell you he is sorry for what he did yesterday ’ the lady said and I wonder how she knew what I’m thinking.

“ And you are? ” I finally muttered.
“ His big sis I’m princess Lyle oh you really look like her. If I didn’t see Amora’s corpse I would have said she is the one, but how can humans look alike like this? ” seriously? This princess Lyle is a parrot, did I just heard princess? And prince too?

“ oh, you must be wondering why prince and princesses? Didn’t Alan tell you? We are not humans ” she said, and I became confused. Everything is funny, how can someone who have two hands, two legs, two eyes and human appearance, not human? This princess Lyle is something else.

“ Not humans? ” I asked.
“ I’m not permitted to say this, but I’ll say it after all because I can sense chemistry growing between both of you. Before you fall in love with Alan, you must know his true identity. We are not like you guys, we came from a planet far from earth, but an incident made us leave our homes to come here .we feed on flowers, not like vampires or anything.

We are human-like but stronger than humans. Do you still want to fall deeper in love with him? ” princess Lyle explained and I find it amusing having a supernatural boyfriend isn’t bad so far he won’t eat me, but they feed on flowers? What did he do with my cake?

“ But you guys feed on flowers why did he collect my cake? ” I asked, and princess Lyle smiled.
“ I don’t know about that ” she smiled and I notice that she is lovely, but so bad there’s nothing between Alan and me. He is not even my friend, just my saviour.

“ But I’m not falling for him he is just someone I want to be friends with ” I muttered.
“ He also said that great if you guys can be friends. He didn’t associate with humans after Amora’s death, so I’m glad he finally change his mind ” princess Lyle sigh, and she is about to leave when I throw a deep question at her.
“ who is Amora? ”

Episode 7 & 8

Lyle’s POV
If I didn’t see Amora’s corpse, I would have to say that this Moranne is Amora. The same face, same voice but different character Amora is always straightforward, but Moranne is a little shy although they both have one thing in common, and that is denying their feelings.

I know what’s going on in Moranne’s heart, but she refuses to tell me well it is okay if that would make her better I won’t force her to admit. When she asks about Amora, I know I can’t tell her who Amora is without spilling the secret I’ve kept for three hundred years.

I have such a mouth that always put me into trouble, witch or no witch or half breed I’m still that parrot Lyle, oh and I hate this personality, but I must try.

“ Amora? She was his first love whom you look like” I said, and she nods her head.
“ But what happened? Why are they separated? ” Moranne asked, shaking my conscience.

“ She is dead ” I cleared my throat after saying the word. I gave her a dress and a pair of shoe, and I may not be a perfect chef, but I still can handle some human dishes.
After eating she said she has to leave or she will be late for work. I asked Leo and Tom to drop her at her place, which they gladly did.

My conscience is troubling me, I know Amori is still wandering around somewhere I must catch her and inflict the punishment on her. She causes more harm than good, and I must find her so I can be at rest. I know she is alive and she is also dangerous to Moranne because of her striking resemblance with Amora.
ain lain, please help me. I want to protect Moranne because I couldn’t protect Amora in the past. A thick forest at the county side

Amori’s POV
I don’t regret any of my actions, but I will have to hide from my fellow witches so I won’t suffer the punishment of becoming an everlasting demon.

I killed my sister Amora because I hate her, she is nothing but a weak human, you know, but she is too full of herself. I like Alan, but Alan will only look at her. It would have been better if she loves him back, but the idiot ends up loving Dylan Alan’s brother. I hated her for that, so I killed her, but it is so bad I had to use my Alan.

For over three hundred years I’ve been living in this wild forest far from humans, and my appearance isn’t what it use to be I’m more or less an old hag, but I have a strange feeling. Its as if I saw Amora in my dreams getting married to Alan in a modern way, and that is something I will never allow to happen.

I want to look younger, and I’ve been working on my age potion. I’m going to change my face then make Alan fall in love with me. No Amora this time so it’s easy.

Moranne’s POV
Oh, I’ve never tasted anything so delicious like that since I was born oh princess Lyle is good like her brother.
Their two servants drop me off at my Friend’s coffee shop, not Sarah but another friend I valued too her name is Betty.
Immediately she saw me. She quickly left what she was doing to check maybe I’m the one.

“ Mora I’m sure you are the one wow I miss you how your boyfriend and Sarah is? ” Betty said with a happy smile, she collects my bag and ushering me to a seat she sat in front of me.

“ Sarah? That betrayal? I don’t want to talk about them” I replied with full grin on my face. I told her about Alan but skipping the Aimne part, and she is rooting for a relationship. I laughed at the mention of relationship. I can’t date someone who is still in love with his dead wife.

I want to be a princess, not a shadow of another princess. My name is Amoranne, and I’m not ready to be the shadow of the late Amora. “ And who are those hot guys? ” Betty said, bringing my attention towards the two servants who are still inside the car.

“ Oh? Are they still outside? ” I said, shaking my head slowly.
“ do you know them? Oh, they are so hot ” Betty move closer to the window to get a better view. They drove me here, and I didn’t even notice they are handsome. I just learn from princess Lyle that one is Tom and the other is Leo, but I don’t know who is who.

Alan’s POV
I watch her as she left my house, but I couldn’t face her because of what I did last night. I know I humiliated her and she may never forgive me, so I remain in hiding I told Leo to watch her every movement because I know Amori is still alive and I don’t want Moranne to be in danger because of her looks.

I walk slowly to my room, but I quickly turn back just in time to dodge a surichen from my sister, but I couldn’t dodge the second one as it caught my arms. I wince in pain removing the small metal from my arms I threw it back but she dodge it rewarding me with another one which I caught with my hands, and I threw it back again, and before we both knew it we were landing punches on each other.

She is still as good as ever trouncing me because of my injured arm.
“ Lyle why the surichen play? We aren’t kids anymore ” I yelp in pain clutching my arm. She removes another one from her hair she threw it so fast that I couldn’t dodge it, it caught my leg and believe me it hurts.

“ Lilly, what was that for? ” I asked still not knowing the cause of the fight.
“ Why did you do it? ” she asked, and I know it because of that kiss.
“ I stop because I didn’t love her. She just happens to look like Amora ” as if I’m on fire I yelled at her.
“ But you do you love her ”
“ No, I don’t want to love her because I might kill her as I did to Amora ” my wounds are healing, and I’m stronger ready for another fight.
“ It’s not your fault Amora died she committed suicide because of your mistake, and you know that mistake is not entirely your fault ” she shouted her eyes are now glowing red and mine green because she is a hybrid.
“ No, I push her to her death. I killed her, why won’t you get that in your head?! ” I yelled about to leave, but a surichen call me back.

“ if you don’t forget Amora you won’t be able to love again. I know what you are feeling. You love Moranne and don’t you ever try to lie to me.”

Episode 9 & 10

Moranne’s POV
I don’t know why Leo and Tom are following me, and maybe Alan told them to do so.
I think Betty is falling for one of them, but I don’t know who the silly girl won’t tell me anything.
The door open and Sarah enter I smiled knowing she didn’t think I’ve caught her with my ex.

“ Hi, Moran you didn’t attend Johnny’s birthday party. Why? ” Sarah asked so innocently that if I didn’t know anything, I would have believed she is a saint.
“ I was too sick ” I lied reading her expression.

“ I just want to tell you that I’m leaving for Canada next week to further my studies,” Sarah said proudly. Still, I smirked, johnny also sent me a text message earlier telling me he is leaving for same Canada anyway I wish them a safe journey. May their plane does not crash on the way.

While discussing with the betrayal, johnny sends me a text message to see him at the park. We will see what he wants I excuse myself from the girls not giving Sarah any hints still.

She left, but I didn’t even say goodbye, then Betty calls my attention to something.
“ Moran it seems you and Sarah are having issues even Johnny too why? ” she asked, but I roll my eyes stretching my arms I hissed.

“ They are dating behind my back,” I said, and Betty screamed.
“ What did you just say? That stupid skinny bitch is dating Johnny? Men are stupid! I swear didn’t she broke up with
Charles just a month ago? I can’t even count the guys she has dated in this town I swear Johnny is going to get it ” Betty breathe hard to swallow her anger before turning to face me. “ you see Moran don’t let them weigh you down just look good the way you are looking now and forget about them ” she said calming rubbing my hairs.

“Well I don’t have to think about them because I have someone who will never make me sad its just that he is still in love with his first love and I don’t want to be the Moon’s shadow I want to be the moon,” I said, and Betty giggled looking at me.

“ Is it one of the guys? ” she said, pointing to Leo and Tom.
“ No, he is their boss,” I said proudly, and Betty giggled.
“ He must be so rich to be oh my god ”

Alan’s POV
After a heated argument with my sister I rush out of the house, I sniff the air looking for Moranne’s scent, but my heightened sense of smell caught a familiar scent Amori? Oh, she is alive and near and speaking of the devil she appeared in front of me.

She thought I’m still weak like before, she tries to enchant me with her magic, but a smirk crosses my face as my sister appeared behind her. I have just summoned her with my claws. Whenever my claws sharpened, my sister knows exactly what is happening.

“ Look who we have here. Mori? The runaway witch? ” I said with a wicked grin she move back, but she bumps into my sister who is standing behind her. I can see the look on her face she is disappointed because her spells didn’t work and the presence of my sister.

“ Amori its time to end all this, don’t you think? ” my sister said smiling, but Amori laughed confusing us.
She creates a portal trying to run away, but another figure pulls her out of the entrance while my sister blocks the portal. I look at the figure, and I was surprised to see Dylan?

“ Long time no see bro,” Dylan said.
“ And I don’t deserve any greetings? ” Lyle said angrily, but Dylan just ignores her.
“ How long are you going to keep ignoring me? It’s not my fault she ran away! ” Lyle shouted, and Dylan turn.
“ And whose fault is it? Did you tell her the only thing that can intoxicate us, don’t you? It’s your fault Alan was drunk that night! ” Dylan yelled at her . but wait. I’m not getting anything right here what is happening?

“ What are you guys talking about? ” I asked, and they both face me.
“ Your sister isn’t what you think she is! She told Amori about lotus, and we all know lotus make us lose our minds ” Dylan said angrily. Dylan loves me like his son, even though I’m a little bit immature. He is older than me with three hundred years and Lyle just a hundred.

This is news to me. I didn’t know my sister can be so evil this is crazy! I swear so Amori put lotus in my drink?
“ Dylan, stop judging me! I’m not evil. I was betrayed. I thought Amori would be like her sister Amora, but the case isn’t like that.

I thought Amori is my friend, and you all know how big my mouth is. That is the only mistake I made you all know it isn’t my fault as a fellow witch she told me her weakness, and I said her mine didn’t think she is going to use it on my brother ” Lyle break down in tears I hate seeing her cry.

Although I don’t know her personality but hiding this secret for such a long mean, she is sorry. She is a parrot that’s her personality, but I’ve forgiven her, but her mistake ruins my life. I think about Amora’s last words, and I wave it off.

“ You can’t punish me you know because I have her in my custody ” Amori said bringing us back.
“ You have who? ” I shouted, may God not let it be Moranne.
“ Moranne she will die soon I’ve fed her the same poison that drove Amora to suicide ” she laughed…

Episode 11 & 12

Amori’s POV
I have them in my hands, but I didn’t know that son of a bitch named Dylan will show up. Now I have my sister’s lookalike, and I will kill her too. There is only one way to save her, and that’s if Alan agrees to marry me that way I will save Moranne.

“ Answer me! Where is Moranne? ” Alan yelled, and I don’t blame him; that’s what he gets for waiting for Amora for a decade.

“ Not so fast, my dear Alan Moranne is with me, but she will die soon if you don’t do the needful ” I smirked, and I can see Dylan getting angry.

“ Needful? What needful? ” Alan asked, and I smiled.
“ Well marry me, and I will spare her remember she has just 48 hours to live if you don’t marry me I won’t tell you where she is because if I do your sister will cure her, but if you marry me I will cure her myself ” I explained and I saw another image of Alan in front of me. I haven’t seen him transform before, but he looks scary, but I still stood my stand.

“ You are crazy, you know I’ll never marry you!! ” he roared.
“ The choice is yours marry me and save Moranne, or she will die. What you don’t know is that I fed Amora a poison on your wedding day which drove her crazy to the extent of committing suicide and I fed the same to Moranne just that it’s not strong like that of Amora ” I laughed, and I can see Lyle clenching her fist angrily.

Moranne’s POV
I open my eyes slowly in a dark place, I don’t know where I am, but I think I’m tied up.
I couldn’t see anything, and I can’t remember how I got here I was in Betty’s restaurant, but I don’t know how I end up in this place.

“ Help! ” I shouted by echoes of my voice is what I heard.
“ Somebody help me! Help! ” I shouted again, but I got the same reply.
Then something flashes in my memory.

“ He must be so rich,” Betty said, and I smiled.
“ I told you about Alan, didn’t I? ” I asked “ yes you told me then he is? Oh my god, you are in love but let me advise a friend. Forget about the fact that he is still in love with his first love if you show him enough care he will learn how to love you and forget about his first love ” Betty smiled as she said those words and I find some sense in what she just said.

I will just let him know about my feelings and allow myself to dwell in his heart. He is a gentleman, and I don’t know what he is feeling, but I will confess my feelings.

I carry my bag about to visit Alan when I sight an older woman.
“ Amora!! No I’m not dreaming Amora I killed you! ” the woman yelled and I became scared I’m not Amora why this woman again?

“ I’m not Amora my name is Moranne oh my god first Alan then Lyle and you? ” I shrug my shoulder, ignoring the woman I close the door, but I heard her whisper something.
“ so they’ve met again?! ” she whispered and before I know it everything just blackout and I fainted.

So that woman kidnapped me and took me here? Oh is it a sin to look like the dead Amora why am I suffering for what I know nothing about? God, why me.
I saw the light coming from my right, and I turn to see an exact image of me by my right side. She was dressed in ancient attire, and she has long hair. Must she be Amora? The celebrity Amora?

‘ I’m sorry ’ she said.
“ For what? ” I don’t know why I’m emotional, but she looks pitiful.
“ For causing you too much trouble and for having a bad twin sister ” Amora sniffs staring deep into my eyes.
“ I don’t get you ”

“ That old woman who kidnapped you is my sister, and she is the one that killed. I love Alan, and he loves me with all his heart, and he waited for a decade before I realized I love him. On our wedding day he raped me ” she paused, allowing more tears to flow in our eyes.

I didn’t know Alan can be so bad.
“ Alan isn’t bad. Amori changed him. She made him lose his mind. I would have been granted immortality if not because of the poison my sister fed me which drove me crazy to the extent of committing suicide ” Amora sobs while narrating everything and I couldn’t help but cry with her.

“ But why is your sister so cruel? ” I asked.
“ She hates me because she loves Alan and doesn’t be surprised because that’s the same reason you are here,” Amora said, and I gasped in shock. I’m in this mess because of Alan and Amora’s love story? Oh my god, I should have listened to my parents when they said I should stay with them that way I wouldn’t have met Alan.

But this is more than I can handle what if she is trying to kill me too?
“ You are right. You will soon die because she fed you the same poison she fed me you will die from depression while watching them get married ” Amora said and that moment I know I’m done for.

“ When you see them together with the poison inside you will make you mad to the extent of killing yourself ”
I stared at her for a moment short of words I sighed“ but Amora you have to help me I got into this because of you, so you have to help me ”


Moranne’s POV continues.
Amora stared at me confused like I’m talking nonsense.

“ How can I help you? I’m just a ghost ” she said, and I see some sense, but I’m not giving up.

“ If I a human can see you, then Alan, will your mind is still connected he will see you. Tell him to disagree with the wedding because I will die. You know if heard they are getting married the poison will work so, please help me ” I pleaded, and she sighs.

“ Alright I will since I put you in this mess, Anne, but if I help you promise you won’t leave Alan ” she blinks her emerald eyes repeatedly. “ I promise ” I try to touch her, but she vanishes
almost immediately.

Alan’s POV
There is no way I’m marrying Amori she is crazy! I won’t, Dylan and Elena, try to calm me down, but I just won’t calm down I don’t know where Moranne is how they can expect me to calm down? I will never calm down until I see
Moranne. I still haven’t told her how much I love her. I always haven’t told her I’d marry and breed with her, but this crazy Amori show up from nowhere, and she ruined everything.

I’m not going to marry her, but I’ll save Moranne with all power I’ve got. Lyle is busy in her room searching for Moranne’s scent or something, but she couldn’t find anything.

Moranne I wish you are safe so I can date and marry you and take you dates I promise. “ Alan ” I heard her voice behind oh my Moranne I hug her, but I’m surprised when my body passed through hers.

“ I didn’t know you will forget me so soon any) way don’t marry Amori is what I want to tell you and not anything causes if you do Mora will die,” she said, and I become confused this is Amora? Oh I’m going crazy “ don’t get me wrong my sister is deceiv?ing you I 9 as a ghost she is still good.

“ Oh, Amora thank you where she is? Can you take me there? ” I said with an uneasy look.
“ Yes but I will see if can connect our souls like you use to do in the past,” Amora said, and she vanished. I know exactly what she is talking about, but I couldn’t do. I can find Amora with my soul connection anymore.

“ Amora come I can’t,” I said with tears, and she comes right away.
“It’s okay, but I think its because your heart is no longer with me,” she said, and I couldn’t get any meaning from what she just said.

“ You mean? ”
“ You love Mora, didn’t you? ”
“ Yes, I know I do,” I said, scratching my head, and she smiled.
“ Call Moranne’s heart with your heart; it will surely respond. You can’t call me because you love another woman I’m no longer in your heart ” she explained, and I try that again, but it didn’t work, but she told me to try it again, and I can hear Moranne’s heartbeat.

I quickly connect my soul with hers, and I find myself in a dark cave. I create light with my left hand, and I saw Moranne tied on a bed with so many enchanted objects beside her.

Amori’s things, I guess. I untied her quickly, and I teleport back to my estate with her in my arms. “ Lyle! Lyle! Lyle!! ” I yelled, and my siblings rush out of the room immediately.

“ Where did you find her? ” Lyle quickly lay her on the sofa. I think she found the cure. She said to us wait while Moranne rest.

Moranne’s POV
I open my eyes to find myself in a beautiful house. I think I’ve been there before oh yes Alan’s house. I try to move my head, and I saw Alan beside me holding my hands hey I’m not dead yet.

‘ Alan I’m not dead ’ I chuckled with am half-closed eyes.
“ Moranne? Are you awake? You are awake?” he said excitedly. He started planting kisses on my head. Alan can be so funny I love him, but I didn’t know he loves me to this extent I thought he is still in love with his late wife, but I think he found out what he wants most for his heart to beat.

I place my hands on his cheeks, and I raise my head a little bit to kiss him, and he didn’t let my lips touch his before he kissed me thoroughly on my lips. I felt like a teenager that just know what love is for the first time. Even though he is not human, but I still love him, and I will always love him.

“ Don’t leave me again Mora ” I kinda like that name Mora.
“ I won’t I promise ”
“ Oh, no! This isn’t happening to me! ” amori’s
a voice interrupts us.
“ No! Alan, you can’t love her I will kill her ” Amori.
I yelled, and I felt threatened.
“ Sister, the battle is mine now can you gladly follow me so I can show you your place in hell? ”
Amora’s voice followed.

~The End~

Moranne and Alan later got married while Amori became an everlasting demon and Amora disappear finally. Princess Lyle Elena and Dylan return to their planet while Alan remains on earth with his love Moranne. Johnny and Sarah later broke up when he caught her cheating on him in Canada.

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By: Queen Nikky

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