A Short Love Story – You Are My Love

A Short Love Story: Life is a kind of magic where you feel surprised and tense. It is a more unexpected thing that brings something new and something excellent story. You think your life end, but it’s just a starting time. We are now going to read such kind of romantic and sad love story. Let’s start!

You Are My Love

She ignored the reason for his breakup and only wished deep down this time was for good. “Did she break your troubled little heart again” she teased. It was a disguise to the actual concern she had for him. For years they’d known each other, and to see him put up with something so toxic was painful to watch.

She gazed at him, gulping down the beers without hesitation. The sorrow in his eyes said it all. An on and off relationship that was all too overwhelming from the start.

The urge to badmouth his ex was for sure something easy to do. Yet she kept it to herself and only gave him a light punch on his arm, “Idiot,” she laughed instead. He looked at her and smirked. His eyes appeared to be lost and confused. He didn’t know why he felt at ease when he’d broken up from a 3-year-old relationship.

He should’ve been crying and calling the girl like crazy. But there he was, drinking cans of beer on the hood of his car, with the girl who caused the rapture.

A smile spread across Judith’s face, “Cheers!” she proposed holding her can in the air. She wanted to alleviate somehow the pain she thought he was in. He smiled warmly and gently bumped his can against hers. A long sip and some deep thinking were precisely what he needed. Let’s do whatever our hearts want today. Deal?” she suggested playfully with a grin.

He thought about it and only stared at her in awe. What’s wrong? You don’t want to?” she asked, perceiving his awkward reaction. The severe expression and profound stare were one he never really used on her.
The thoughts that went through his head were a bit corrupted. She seemed unusually pretty, and her scent was sweeter than he’d recalled.

Her eyes even gleamed with the reflection of the moon. It was probably the alcohol that made him think that way, but he sure did like how her hair flew flawlessly with the wind. “No! Don’t tell me you’re drunk already?” she chuckled half tipsy herself.

Though she’d assured him it was okay to do what their hearts wanted, he knew too well it was a risk for him to do so. He gently placed his hand on the top of her head and brushed her hair downwards with his fingers.

“Can I really?” he asked with a faint smile. “Can I really do what my heart wants now?” The way he looked at her and the sound of his voice made her heart flutter unexpectedly. He leaned closer and locked his eyes on her shaking pupils. She could feel her heart pound rapidly against her chest.

Her cheeks turned pink, and her mouth went dry. They called each other best friends, but for some odd reason, that word felt awry today. She turned away from him and gawked stupidly into space. She couldn’t believe her heart had skipped a beat for her so-called best friend. Again.

“Ye… Yeah. If you want to,” she stuttered nervously. He let out a chuckle while staring at her before finally standing in front of her. He took her small chin in his hand and guided her eyes to him. The erratic look in his eyes was able to pierce her entire soul.

He knew what he was doing, and it wasn’t right, but her reaction only proved he had a chance. “Idiot,” he smirked. Like a splash of cold water, reality checked back in. He was messing with her, and she fell for it completely. Or at least that’s what she thought.

The temperature in her body increased rapidly from the embarrassment she felt. She let out a weak chuckle and tossed his hand away. “Stop,” she mumbled, trying to shake off the feelings he’d caused her. She looked at him and smiled softly, “you’re drunk right? I knew it.

We should get going now,” she suggested calmly. But he didn’t answer, and he didn’t even budge. He stared at her think about the many things that could happen if he did follow his heart. A long, intense silence surrounded them under the night sky.

“Mike?” She wondered what was going through his head, and before she said anything else, he pressed his lips on hers. She stood frozen, unable to speak. I didn’t know what to think and what to do. Eventually, she allowed him to explore her mouth with his. An action that could ruin their everlasting friendship or built the love relationship they desperately searched for.

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