Romantic Long Love Story (Unfailing Love)

Unfailing Love – Romantic Love Story: Today we will read a thrilling and romantic love story that gives you real feelings. Let’s start!

Genre: Romance, Drama, Suspense.
By: Ti Fe


The difference between the two worlds. The fight for reign and power. The power of love against all the odds, bringing.

Patricia, a beautiful lady from the gaint world on a mission to the Earth (our world). The mission to retrieve a seed taken by a traitor named lord Jackson.

And Spencer, who fortunately or unfortunately, unknowingly happens to be the son of this traitor.

Patricia, in the long run, falls in love with the traitor’s son and bamm!
What happens?

Find out in this thrilling story.

(Coming To Earth)


King Grover’s POV
We need to recover these seeds that Lord Jackson, my brother, stole to the Earth before his death.
And it is very known that the betrayer’s son on Earth knows where the seed is. Who are we going to send to earth to recover this virtue that was stolen from us?

Nobody speaks up…
We all know that ones this seed gets into the hands of people who know that its a passage to our world, we are no more, so who is going? I yelled, making them flinch.
I will go farther.

Patricia? I can’t let you go; daughter out there is very dangerous. But father no one us willing to go, this is my faith father I promise to come back.

No, Patricia, I said, shaking my head. Please, father, she said as she held my leg, I won’t fail, I will come back. This is my destiny, and I promise to be victorious.

Okay, I said in tears, but promise me you will stay safe and make your Dead mother proud.

I promise father, I love you, father, and I will miss you, she said, hugging me.

Applaud came from the wise men sitting in the palace, will you shut up I yelled angrily!!! I am sacrificing my only daughter, and you are clapping.

Everywhere went silent immediately, you can go now, my daughter. I promise to watch over you.
Bye, father, she said as she left our world with tears in my eyes.

Spencer’s POV
Hey Daniel, I need to go home now I don’t feel like partying tonight I said to my friend sitting beside me at the front seat of my Benz car.

Common Spencer, its Friday, its a day to the party he said pouting his mouth.

Beautiful just to hours and bills on you, I said, changing the direction to a deserted way that leads to the club.

Am Spencer Davis, I Am 28 years old and am a young CEO, I gave a girlfriend! Maggie tho she doesn’t live in the country, she comes on a visit once in a blue moon.

But I had never been happy since I was little because I had no father. I had only a mother who never talked about him, so I feel he left us for his interest.

End of intro
Daniel turned on the music player in the car and tuned it to the highest volume playing God’s plan by Drake. Drake is one of my best artists.

Suddenly it began to rain heavily, and I didn’t see that coming Daniel said, looking out the tinted glass.

Yeah, I would have been home by now if not for you I replied dancing to the tune of the music.

Immediately a lightning stroke from the skies across the road making me halt abruptly.

What the hell I yelled, raising my head from the steering.

What was that?? Daniel asked, shaking. I looked out from the window and saw something like a body lying across the road with my headlights’ aid.

Oh God who is that Daniel asked still shaking
We can’t know that while staying here, I said, opening the door and moving outside in the rain.

Spencer, he called, but I didn’t answer, I moved closer, and I saw the figure.

Oh God, it’s a …..

(Please Don’t Kill Me)

Spencer’s POV
It’s a girl I said in amusement, Daniel came close to me still in the rain. She is naked!! Ohh God, in this rain, Daniel said with pity.

She was facing us with her hands in between her legs as she layed, her eyes were shut, her bo*bs was exposed.

She had hard erect nipples and were long enough, she looked gorgeous, as I was still examining her another thunder stroke jolting me out of my thoughts.

Hey Spencer, let’s move we don’t know where she is from, she fell from nowhere, and she is naked. Daniel said, walking back to the car.

I can’t leave her in this deserted road. It’s very dangerous, I thought as I removed my shirt and covered her as I carried her in a bridal style into the car and placed her at the back seat.

Are you kidding me, Spencer, we don’t even know her, where are you taking her to?? Daniel yelled.
Home, of course, I said, starting my car, home!! are you kidding me? He asked, tapping me.

Hey, Daniel stops it, you can’t expect me to leave her there naked in the rain!! And you caused it so I don’t think you should blame me for this.
Hunn! Did I cause it? How? He asked surprisingly.

If I had gone home and not persuaded to go to the club by you, I wouldn’t have met this incident so keep shut.
Fine!! But if anything happens, count me out okay?! he said as we drive home.

Well, Daniel, my friend, lives with me, who do must of everything together.

We got home, I carried the lady out of the car in a bridal style, I was dripping wet so was the lady.

Her hair dropped dripping water as I looked into her face, she is so beautiful, she had long eyelashes and full eyebrows, narrow nose, small pink lips, and long hair.

I must confess she is more beautiful than Maggie. Oh, what am I doing? Comparing a stranger to my girlfriend?? I am so stupid.

I moved her to the guest room and placed her on the bed, while her eyes were still closed. I felt her pulse, and she was stable.

I took the hairdryer in the restroom and used to dry her hair. I took the white cotton robe and wore it for her.

I won’t lie I was so hard when I looked at her naked, but I didn’t dare do anything stupid, her ass was a killer, I left the room after putting on the heater.

I needed to freshen up as I was going to my room. I met Daniel looking at me.
Don’t worry, and she is safe and sleeping peacefully. I said, smiling.

Hmm, Spencer, please be careful, she will go back to her house or anywhere she comes from, promise me that.
Okay, I promise now I need to freshen up don’t wanna have a fever.

Patricia POV
I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, trying to recall where I was. I then remembered what happened yesterday, but all I remembered is causing rain and falling from our world into Earth.

But where am I?? I asked as I stood up I saw something that was shinning I moved closer and then I saw myself in the object.

I was so scared, I moved my hand, and it followed me, I jumped, and it jumped too, I punched the object, and it broke immediately.

I was happy when I couldn’t see myself again, yes!! I killed that bitc* copying me.

I looked at myself and noticed I was wearing something weird, what is this I shouted almost crying.

Ahhhhh!!! I tried running from the white thing on my body. The door flew open, and a guy came in looking scared.

Are you okay? He said, looking at me and then around d room, and he saw the object I broke.
Oh, what have you done? My standing !mirror!! he said, moving close to me.

What is a standing mirror? I asked, confused, he moved closer to me in anger. I was so scared immediately I carried him by the neck and pinned him against the wall.

He was so shocked, please don’t kill me, he said I am sorry.
I just looked at him, confused, who is killing who? The door opened again, and another person came in.

Who is this again? Spencer! Let him go the second person called.
I looked at the first guy, and he was red, my stomach grumbled loudly. I dropped the guy.

He coughed and ran to the second guy, why did you do that he asked with his eyes red.
Ernnn, I need food I said, moving closer to them.

(I Love It Here)

Spencer’s POV
I was so scared when she pinned me to the wall. I was running out of oxygen, thanks to Daniel, who came earlier.

She is crazy I thought, she moved closer to us while we moved back, I said I need food she said still coming closer.

Er..h..nn we don’t have food, I said stammering, oh you don’t have food, she yelled.

This is not good. Daniel said, shaking, run!!! he shouted as we both ran down the stairs leading to the door.

I told you not to bring her home, and he said still running, I didn’t know she was physio I shouted back.

We got to the door and tried to open it when I remembered the keys were in my room. Shit!! the keys are upstairs I said shaking.

Hey guys, she said behind us making me and Daniel jump, tho she is beautiful she is very scary.

Where do you think you are going? She asked us. we needed fresh air, I said, stammering trying not to cry.

She started sniffing the air. I smell meat, she said, looking around. I don’t think it from inside. Maybe you should go outside and check.

I really wanted her to leave, But she just turned her back and went straight into the kitchen, I turned to Daniel, and he had already peed in bus trousers.

I understood how he feels; her voice was thick and scary. I will run upstairs to grab the keys, open the door and call the police okay, I said to Daniel, but all he did was nod.

I tiptoed to the stairs, and I had to pass in front of the kitchen, as I passed feeling relieved, she pulled me from the kitchen inside.

You did you lie you didn’t have food, and she said as s devoured the only full chicken that remained in the house.

Ohh, I didn’t know it was there, I said as cries threatened to fall from my eyes.
Okay, let’s sit on the dinning she said as she dragged me out.

Patricia POV
I enjoyed the look on their face with the way I tortured them with my voice. I never had someone to play within my world.

As I was eating, I saw the other guy standing by the door like he was glued there, he stared at me as I devoured the meat hungrily with my bare hands.

Hey guy, come here I said waving at me, the looked at me but didn’t reply. I mean, come here I yelled, and he ran to my side. I was laughing inside me.

Sit!! I said, and he sat immediately looking at the first guy he called, he called and can’t remember with a bad look.

What is your name? Did I ask both of them at once? Spencer Daniel, they replied almost immediately.

Yeah, I remember Spencer is the name of the first guy Daniel called him. Can you guys smile, at least I said, looking up from my almost finished meat?

I saw them smile, but I knew they forced it, I enjoyed myself when that Spencer guy spoke up.
Please, after the food, please, I need you to go back to your house, he said.

I don’t even have a house, I thought. Okay, but you will choose one of these options.

  1. I leave you to die
  2. I stay you live

What!!m Daniel said surprised, what kind of condition is that? He asked angrily.
I shot him a deadly look, and he kept quiet immediately. So choose I said, looking at Spencer as I finished the meat without any remains.

Where are your clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, they are not here, so how will you live here? He asked softly, not looking up.

What are those I asked, confused? Are you kidding me?? You are a lady why won’t you know these things Daniel said angrily, I don’t even like him I thought Spencer is more cute and cool-headed.
Then get them for me, I said, smiling happily.

What!!! Get them for you?? with my money?? are you joking Spencer asked me.

That’s the first time he will look straight into my face, Hw is so cute, he as narrow nose.

No, I am not kidding you I said, looking at him with anger making him shiver.
Okay, ma, he said, facing down. Good, I said, smiling.

I regret helping you that night. He cursed.
What did you say? I asked angrily, Me? Say?? Nothing, I didn’t say anything.

Oh yes, you did, yes?? Oh yes? I said, you are beautiful, he said, smiling.
Thanks, I replied, blushing. I love it here, I thought.

(Am Sorry)

Daniel’s POV
As the girl left the dining table to sleep, I was so annoyed with her how she would be so ungrateful to her saviors.

Spencer left the dining table to the swimming pool without saying a word. I know he is blaming himself for all this. I changed my wet pants and went out to meet him.

Hey, I said sitting beside him, he was lost staring into the water, are you okay. I asked him, staring at the water too.

I am sorry, Daniel I didn’t mean to cause all this, and I am so sorry he said sadly, it’s okay we both are at fault, we would have been home of not for me.

I guess we will do what she wants so she won’t get angry I said tapping his shoulders, smiled, and nodded, I will help in footing the bills to get the things she will need.

Thanks, man, he said smiling, suddenly we heard a scream from inside the house. The lady!!! Spencer shouted as we both ran inside.

Patricia’s POV
Lord Jackson, you have to release this seed, or you die, I said angrily; Oh lady Patricia you shouldn’t have come here, he said laughing.

Do you and your father think you can defeat me? He roared as he came to me and lifted me by my neck. I struggled, but he was way stronger.

I am sorry, Patricia, but you have to die he said in anger as he brought out a knife from his pocket while still holding me up.

He was about thrusting it into me when someone cans in between us and caught the knife instead of me.

I saw the person fall as blood gushed out of his body, lord Jackson released me shocked I ran to the person and lifted the person up.

Spencer! No! I jerked back to life; I was shaking from the shock. Spencer ran into my room towards me, are you okay? He asked me worriedly as he looked at the sweat dripping down my body.

I ran to him and hugged him tightly, catching him unaware, but after some seconds, he hugged me back, patting me it’s okay.

I looked up and saw Daniel at the door looking at me with anger, I wanted to speak up, but he left before I could. I disengaged from the hug.

I am sorry for how I behaved earlier. I said in my normal voice, and I saw his eye widen before replying. It’s okay he said, smiling.

And thank you, I said, smiling, for what? He asked nervously, I can’t tell him about the dream, for everything I said smiling. Your welcome, he said, revealing his dimples, I confess he is so cute.

Please help me talk to your friend. It seems he really hates me now, and I know I worth it. I said sadly, and I was just having fun. I have never scared anyone in my life.

It’s okay. I will talk to him, and he doesn’t hate you; he is just scared. I nodded okay. Now you have to change this night robe and freshen up. We need to go shopping he said, standing up.

What is a night robe?? what is shopping? What are clothes? I asked I had never heard them before I said confused. He looked at me surprisingly and started laughing, and you are really very funny.

Remove what you are wearing, and I will bring the clothes he said, walking to the door. He looked back before moving out. I love this your new voice, and he walked out, leaving me blushing.

I stood up from the bed and moved to the bathroom, and it is used by only the royals in my world the rest use the river, tho it wasn’t that modern.

I entered the bathroom, and I was astonished, this is beautiful!! But where do I start from? I asked myself, I said a bed like an object, wow a bed in the bathroom.

I heard the door open, and I knew it was Spencer that entered, I opened the bathroom and peeped out, Spencer can you please come I need your help here.

He looked at me in surprise, familiar I said, opening the door, he canes in reluctantly looking at me, there is no water here, how will I bath?? I asked, looking at him.

He sighed and went to an object he opened it and water gushed out, ahhh! I screamed and ran to his back blocking myself from the water, where did it come from! I yelled.

Common girl, it’s coming from the ground. It’s not a girl. Its Patricia, I said, ignoring his answer. A beautiful name he said, making me blush, I left his back, he gave me the soap and pointed to the bed like an object.

You are going to enter it and have your bath there. I nodded, getting the picture of what he was saying, Okay he said, moving outside.

One more thing I said, moving to his front blocking his way, what is that?? He asked, looking at me.

I can’t remove this thing from me. Help me remove it. I said, moving close to him. What!! he said, walking back. I haven’t worn one before, and I woke up to see it on my body, I don’t know how it got there so please help me.

But you will be naked before me, he said, what is naked I asked confused, geez I heard him murmur.

He sighed heavily, fine!! He said as he reached for the thing on me and closed his eyes. I looked at him, confused.

I leaned forward and put my face close to his face. Why are you closing your eyes? I said as my breath hits his face. Ohhh! He jumped up startled, and slipped still holding the thing on me.

We both fell, and I was on top of him, our eyes widened we were so close to each other, sorry I said standing and as I stood up the thing on my body fell exposing my body.

I finally smiled! It’s of me, I looked at Spencer, and I saw he was lost staring at my body, are you okay? I leave forward, looking at him my breas*s swaying down, and I saw his eyes on them.

He raised his hands and were bringing them close to my breas*s. I just looked with confusion about what is wrong with him. He quickly withdrew his hand and stood up.

I am sorry he said, closing his eyes, he ran out but slipped again, I forgot to pick up the soap that fell from my hands.

I laughed as he fell. He quickly stood up and ran out.

(She Is Physco)

Spencer’s POV
I ran out of the bathroom very fast. If I didn’t stand up immediately, I would have grabbed her bo*bs. Gosh, her body is a killer. I went out of the room and saw Daniel sitting in the parlor playing video games.

Hey, Daniel is taking Patricia to the mall to get somethings for her I said as I slummed into the couch close to Daniel. So Patricia is her name, he said coldly. Yes, she has a beautiful name I said, smiling as I remembered her body again.

So tell me, are you coming?? I asked him. Coming!! He said as he paused the video game, follow you out with that crazy girl?

He said angrily. Calm down, Daniel, she has apologized I said calmly. She has apologized, but she is still going to stay here, right? What if Maggi comes to pay a visit and finds her here? What will be your excuse, hunn? He asked angrily.

Daniel, I will take care of Maggie. I know how to talk to her, so please stop all the nagging and follow me to the mall, I said, pouting out my mouth like a baby. Fine!! But I won’t talk to you both, and she sucks he said continuing his game.

Hey! A familiar voice called, making both of us look back. Wow!!! We both said as we looked at Patricia looking so beautiful in the gown I gave her. Will you stop staring now?
She said, blushing. Ahh..hh yes, I said, looking away. Daniel looked down and then looked at me angrily.

He came close to me and whispered into my ear, how dare you give her Maggie’s gown to wear. Daniel, that was the only option, she doesn’t have the right clothes to wear, so I had to provide her with the gown.

Patricia came closer to us. Can we get going now? Please, she said, looking at me. Yes, sure, I said, nodding as I made way to the door and opened it for her to move out. We both walked to the car and entered it as I ignited the engine.

Patricia’s POV
As I got outside, I saw a big looking object, wow! It’s so beautiful I said as they both looked at me and went close to the purpose. Come in, Patricia Spencer said, opening the object at one side.

What!! Go into that thing? I asked as I moved back, its a car Patricia Spencer said frustrated, now get in, time is not on our side.

I nodded and moved close to the so-called car, I pepped into it, and it looked so beautiful and smelt like roses, get in moron Daniel said as he pushed my butts using his leg as I landed into the car.

Ahh, I shouted, but I felt at comfortable when I sat down. It doesn’t seem bad, and I thought as I bounced on it.

I wasn’t comfortable with the way Daniel behaved to me. I know he is still angry with me. He sat in front with Spencer.

Spencer pressed something, and the car started moving. Ahhhhh, let me go I shouted as I was jumping to and fro in the car. Please, Patricia, shut up! Let him concentrate on his driving. Daniel barked at me, making me stop.

I sat down sadly as I saw how angry Daniel was. Everywhere became silent as we continued to move. I am sorry Daniel, I said, breaking the silence. He didn’t reply nor look at me.

I know I have acted stupidly. Please forgive me. I won’t do it again, and I said as tears rolled down my cheeks. My voice was very shaky, and this caused him to look back, but he still didn’t talk. All this while Spencer didn’t speak, he just kept driving.

I looked at him. I swear I am sorry I just wanted to have fun. I said as I continued crying. He smiled for the first time, still looking at me. Its okay, Patricia, and don’t do it again he said as he faced the road.

I promise I said happily. I love you, Daniel, I said, rubbing his hair.

The car suddenly stopped as Spencer looked at me in shock while Daniel coughed and started laughing. I smiled back at both of them. Tho I didn’t know why Spencer stopped. I love you too Spencer, I said happily.

His eyes widened before he laughed, and Daniel joined him. She is really a Physco, and I heard Daniel say. What is psycho?

I asked, confused as Spencer started moving the car. It means you are funny. Daniel said, trying not to laugh.

Okay!! You both are physco, I said happily. I was making them laugh out loud.

Maggie’s POV
I woke up from my afternoon nap. I called Spencer, but he wasn’t picking up. I tried almost seven times a bit; it was the same. Why did he put his f**king phone I said angrily.

For some days now, we haven’t been talking like before we talk 3-5 times in a day, but now he hardly speaks two times a day.

Tho I know he would be busy with work at least he should have time for me, we have been dating for two years now, I told him to come to meet me in my own country Britain, but he complained about leaving his work.

I can’t take it anymore. If he can’t come here then I will go to his country to meet him, I don’t care to leave my modeling job here.

I stood up from my bed and moved downstairs to where mum was sitting, hey mum! I called. Hey baby, how are you? She asked, smiling.

Mum am not fine. What’s wrong Maggie? She asked sadly as I sat close to her. Mum Spencer doesn’t have my time anymore, he doesn’t call anymore, and when I call him, he hardly picks up.

Oh, baby, she said as she hugged me, you know Spencer is always busy am sure when he picks up, he will have reasonable explanations.

Mum, I don’t want him to call me. I stated firmly, why? She asked, surprised. I want to go to America to see him.

(He Likes Her)

Daniel’s POV
All through our journey to the mall, Patricia made all of us laugh. We enjoyed her company. She acts like a foreigner. I must confess she is lively to be with. I even forgot what she did to me when we first met.

We got down from the car after parking the car in the mall’s parking garage. I went to where Patricia sat and opened the door for her to get down. She smiled as I stretched my hands to her.

We have arrived get down, and I said as she received my hands and got down, she looks beautiful in Maggie’s gown. I smiled back at her and looked at Spencer, who was busy watching us.

Time is going to save your drama. He said as he moved to inside the mall. I held Patricia as we both walked into the mall, she smelt nice. She continued opening her mouth and shutting it as she looked around.
Wow! It’s so beautiful she said as she laughed happily. Yes, it’s the most beautiful around here. I replied, smiling. She is so funny. Spencer walked in front without looking back while we followed him. Patricia was busy examining the mall.

Check this out Spencer said as we got to the Cloth section, he pointed at a statue that was wearing a strapless gown. Wow, it’s beautiful, I said, looking at Patricia. It will suit her well.

Ohhh! She is beautiful. Patricia said as she ran to the statue looking at it and smiling. Spencer isn’t she cute?? She asked him, making him laugh. Common Patricia, it’s not human. Its a statue.

Spencer’s POV
in the car, Daniel and Patricia started chatting and laughing, leaving me out of it, I was feeling somehow, tho I know it was not jealousy.

When we got to the mall avian, he held her hand like they were couples or something. I was already fuming in anger, and she didn’t even remember me.

When she called my name, I was so happy she even still remembered me. Who is here? I called out, and a woman came to view. Good afternoon sir, how may I be of help? She asked, smiling.

I want her to try this stripless gown on I said outing to Patricia, who was busy drooling over the statue. Okay, sir, she said as she went to meet Patricia come ma, she said to Patricia.

She looked at me, and I nodded, telling her to go with her. They both went, and Daniel and I continued looking for clothes, shoes, cosmetics for her.

You two are getting along. I said to Daniel, who was also looking for things for Patricia. Yes, Spencer, I never knew she is this lively, I am starting to like her he said smiling and my face changed immediately.

Like her? Is he kidding me?? Wasn’t he the one that hated her some hours ago? I thought as I continued searching for more clothes in anger.

Wow! I heard Daniel say as I looked up to see Patricia. She was stunning!! She looked so beautiful. Daniel went close to her, smiling and pecked her on the cheeks. I became so angry, looking at both of them.

You look beautiful, and he said to Patricia while she was busy blushing. I behaved like I didn’t see her as I continued what I was doing, but I reply wanted to hug her she looked so beautiful.

I looked up, and I saw her laughing with Daniel. So annoying, I said as I hit the hanger in anger.

Patricia’s POV
Daniel was making me laugh and blush with his comments. I never knew he could be this kind and lovely. I was laughing when I heard a noise from some part of the mall.

I looked up and saw Spencer close to some clothes. I looked at his hands and saw blood gush out of his hands.

Spencer!! I called and ran to him, forgetting that I heard a shoe that was difficult to carry, the lady that dressed me called it heals. Spencer, are you okay I ran towards him.

I stepped on my clothes on the run when I was close to him, and I slipped off the floor towards Spencer. I saw his eyes widened as I felt, and before I knew it, Spencer caught me.

We fell to the floor with me on top of him, my face went close to him as my lips landed on his. My eyes widened, so did him. I was quickly pulled up from him by someone. It was from Daniel.

Patricia, are you okay? He asked, dressing my hair and cloth. Yes, I nodded as I looked at Spencer, who seemed so angry. Please help him up, Daniel, I said, looking at him in pity.

Daniel moved close to him, but before he could get to him, he stood. I am fine. You don’t need to worry.

Maggie’s POV
Ahhhhhh, I breathed out as I came out of the plan that brought me to America. I miss this place too much I said to myself as I hired a cab to take me to Spencer’s house. I was in the cab doing something on my phone.

Then I remembered I needed to call mother I have gotten here. I called her, and she picked up on the second ring.
Hey mother, I have landed.
Okay, dear, take care of yourself and Spencer. And have you called him
No mother, I want to surprise him.
Hmmm, that’s good, okay, dear, I have to go now.

She hung up, and I smiled at myself, Spencer will be so happy to see me, I thought happily. The driver to the front of Spncer’s house, I paid him, and he left. The house hasn’t changed a bit; I felt as I moved into the compound.

(Stay Away From Him)

Patricia’s POV
Spencer paid for all the things I bought after we were done shopping, thank you so much, Spencer, I said as we walked out of the mall. Its nothing Patricia he replied, smiling. He and Daniel were helping to carry the bags to the car.

I walked out with Daniel holding my hands, he is beautiful, I thought as I smiled looking at him, we got to the car, and he helped me open the door so that I could get in.

Spencer drives back to the house, and throughout the whole trip, there was no talking. I wasn’t comfortable with the awkward silence, but I didn’t want to start any troubles. We drove into the compound, and we all came down.

Spencer and Daniel helped carry the luggage out of the car while we both moved into the house. Spencer opened the door for all of us. We entered and saw a lady sitting on the couch bit, backing us.

She had red hair, she looked back and smiled widely. Spencer, she said and ran to Spencer, hugging him. He looked shocked at first but later hugged her too smiling. Who is she, I thought, looking at them?

She is Spencer’s girlfriend. Daniel said to me, smiling, girlfriend? What’s the girlfriend? I asked, confused. Ahhh, he sighed in frustration, his wife to be he said laughing again.

Oh, I said, nodding my head. You didn’t tell me you were coming, Spencer said to her after disengaging from the hug. Can’t I surprise my husband to be she said as she kissed him? How did you get in? He asked again.

Spencer, have you forgotten I have a spare key to the house? Why all these questions aren’t you happy to see me the lady asked to make a babyface. No, not that Maggie, am just surprised Spencer replied, smiling.

Hmmm, Daniel said, smiling. She stopped kissing him and looked at us, hey Daniel she called smiling, hey Maggie he replied as they both hugged each other. How was your trip, Daniel asked.

It was fine. She replied, smiling, hi, I replied as she looked at me. She looked at me from head to toe with a lousy gaze. Who is she, Spencer? And why is she wearing my gown? She asked, looking at me irritated. She is a friend Maggie, and she didn’t have anything to wear, so I lent her.

Maggie meets Patricia, Patricia meets Maggie, my girlfriend. I stretched my hands forward for a handshake, but she just looked away from me and set her gaze on the luggage lying on the floor.

What is the luggage for she asked Spencer? Ehn Maggie, its for Patricia. She will be staying here for some time, he said, holding her and smiling. But she… Patricia, let’s go to your room, Daniel said, cutting her off.

I nodded, and we both moved to the room, leaving Spencer and his girlfriend. Daniel, why doesn’t she hate me? I asked sadly. No Patricia, she doesn’t hate you. She doesn’t want any lady beside Spencer. That’s how she is, he replied, holding my hands and smiling.

To avoid her problems, you have to stay away from Spencer, will she be staying here for long? I asked sadly, staying away from Spencer will be a little bit hard. I don’t know, but that doesn’t matter, right? You dress up and meet me in the kitchen let’s prepare lunch he said and moved outside.

Spencer’s POV
I didn’t expect Maggie to come here, she didn’t even inform me, but I missed her sincerely.

She sat on my laps around my torso in the sitting room facing me. Baby, I called you, but you refused to pick up you kept me worried she said, pouting her mouth.

I Am sorry, baby, and I have always been busy with work, I said, making a babyface. At least you should have sent me a text! Message when you were less busy, you made me feel you don’t love me anymore, and you are seeing another woman she said, folding her arms under her chest like a baby.

My bad baby, I am so sorry, please forgive Husby. I said in a pleading tone, fine, bribe me with a kiss, she said, smiling. Must you always leave me without a choice, I said, laughing? I pulled her close to myself and kissed her passionately.
I missed your lips. I told her after disengaging from the kiss.

Same here baby, she said blushing. Daniel stop I heard Patricia say from the kitchen, she was laughing very hard. Drop your hands. I heard Daniel again.

I felt anger rise inside of me. I knew they were both playing together, Maggie. I will be back, I said, lifting her from my leg. Baby, where are you going she asked, surprised. I didn’t answer her; I just left for the kitchen.

I got to the kitchen to see Daniel holding Patricia by the waist, and he held her hands, guiding her to cut an onion. She smiled, and I saw tears in her eyes, I became too furious and left to my room, leaving Maggie in the sitting room.

(Do I Love Her?)

Daniel’s POV
I helped Patricia handle the knife so she wouldn’t cut herself while chopping the onion, we planned on preparing Spaghetti, tomato sauce, and sale. Daniel is crying. Patricia said, laughing.
I am also crying Patricia, that’s onions for you, it makes a person cry. Then I won’t use it again; she said like a baby.

I turned her to face me, and you don’t have to stop using it, you will endure it, I also endure when peeling it because I enjoy it in my food. Hmm, okay, she said and nodded. I brought out my handkerchief from my pocket.

I reached for her face and cleaned the tears on her face. It’s beautiful, okay? I said, smiling. I stopped washing her face and looked at her with so much love. To be sincere, I am starting to have feelings for her.

Daniel, are you okay? She asked, worried as she cupped my face in her hands. Yes, I am. I nodded and smiled. Now let’s make haste so we can eat on time. Okay, she said and faced the cabinet.

I watched her slice the tomato, and you are a fast learner, you can now handle the knife well I said, rubbing her. I am intelligent she said blushing, I can see that I smiled.

She reached for water from the tap and splashed it on me, what was that for? I asked, cleaning my face, that’s for rubbing my hair, she said and laughed loudly. She looked beautiful, really I said as I reached for water from the tap too, but before I could splash it on her, she ran out.

Patricia’s POV
We finished cooking quite late because Daniel didn’t let me concentrate, he continued looking for my trouble, it was evening already, so we both set the table for dinner.

We got to the dining table and placed the food there, I couldn’t see Spencer and his girlfriend, and their food was part of what we cooked.

Daniel, why not call Spencer and his girlfriend from their room before the food gets cold, I said to Daniel. Okay, he nodded and left to call them.

He came back shortly, they will be here any moment from now he said and gestured me to sit, I sat, and he sat close to me too. Spencer and his girlfriend came into view, and she was holding his arm.

I looked away from them, I didn’t want Maggie’s trouble but to be sincere it was hard trying to stay away from Spencer, I was feeling somehow seeing him and the Lady together, we won’t even have my time anymore I thought sadly.
They sat close to each other, and he helped dish out his girlfriends food before his own, Daniel helped to dish mine too before he took his own. Thanks, Daniel, I said, smiling while he smiled back.

We started eating in silence, I stole Spencer’s glances, and anytime I did, he was also looking at me, I would carry my face away quickly from his. This food is delicious who prepared it? Maggie’s said, breaking the silence.
It’s Patricia Daniel replied, smiling, I saw her face change into a cold one as she rolled her eyes, I thought you were the one she added facing her food.

He was the one I said coldly, common Patricia, you know well that you did most of the work, so you did it, he replied smiling holding my hands, I laughed slightly if you say so I replied blushing.

I looked up at Spencer and was so silent that I saw he was fuming in anger, what is wrong with him?? I asked myself. He looked at Daniel who was busy eating, and I saw an evil look in his face, why is Spencer behaving like this?? I thought, silently devouring my food.

Spencer’s POV
I ate in silence, and I was fuming in anger, Daniel and Patricia are getting too close, and I wouldn’t say I like it, she laughed, and I felt my heart beat fast as it will soon fall, she looked so beautiful even more than a girlfriend.
Spencer stop comparing her to your girlfriend, I told myself shaking the thoughts off me, but I reply wanted to hold her and kiss her, I thought.

I looked at Daniel, and I saw how he was so happy sitting beside her, I don’t like it one bit, must he sit that close to her. I dropped my knife and fork on the table loudly and walked out on them.

I couldn’t stand seeing Daniel close to her, why is he so loving to her now, I remember how he hated her when they first met, and I was the one even begging on her behalf. Now both of them don’t also look at me anymore. It’s so annoying.

Spencer this should affect you, you have a fulfilled girlfriend what else are you looking for I asked myself again. Yes I have a girlfriend, and she is also beautiful, she loves me, and I love her that enough for me. I thought and layed on my bed.

The door opened, and someone walked in, I knew it was Maggie. Hey baby, she came close to me and held me from behind pressing her breast against my shoulders, why did you leave like that, you didn’t even finish your food she said turning me to face her.

I Am sorry, baby. I lost my appetite. I said, looking at her, faking a smile. Spencer told me the truth, is it because of that girl? I see the way you look at her, and how you look at Daniel when he touches her, she said angrily.
Maggie, what are you talking about I said, pretending not to understand. What am I talking about? Spencer, I am a lady, now tell me to do you love her? She asked, looking at me firmly.

Hun? I asked, pretending I didn’t hear her, do I love her? I asked myself, still looking into her face. Spencer answer me she yelled as tears rolled down her cheeks. No, Maggie, I don’t. I love only you, I said, cupping her face.

I cleaned her tears and layed her head on my shoulders. I hate it when she cries. Its okay, Maggie, I said when I heard her sniff. I love only you, alright? Okay, she replied, smiling. I pulled her up and kissed her.

I close my eyes, still kissing her when Patricia’s smiling face came into my head; it was like I was kissing her. Gosh! What’s wrong with me I thought and quickly disengaged from the kiss, come on let’s sleep I told her laying her down.

(Go To Rivers Street)

King Grover’s POV
The eldest chief walked up to me in my closet, bless you, king, he said and bowed before me. Stand up, Chief Rion. Come closer, I said, gesturing him to come forward. Thank you, my lord, he said and moved close to me.

He stood close to me and wore a serious face. What is the matter, Rion? Thank you, My king, since Patricia as left our world, we haven’t heard anything from her my king, and we all know that we need to get this seed on time, and we can’t also let Patricia stay in that evil world for long he said bowing his head.

Thank you, Rion, I said meditating over what he said, truly since she left I haven’t spoken to her, I have been so busy keeping the kingdom forgetting my own daughter I said sadly.

I would speak to her now, thank you, Rion, yes king, he said and left.
I pray Patricia is safe, and I can’t let her get hurt and seeing this seed won’t be easy she would need more powers double the one she took, how come I didn’t think about all this.

I guess I was so desperate that I forgot about my daughter, I am such a useless father I thought as tears filled my eyes, I need to speak to her now.

Patricia’s POV
I laid on my bed, and I started thinking about Spencer. The way has behaved earlier. I don’t understand why he would look at Daniel like that. They are friends, I thought sadly.
I closed my eyes, and sleep took over.

Dad! I called running to him. He opened his hands and drew me into a hug. Daddy, I missed you I said as teats threatened to fall down my face. Patricia, how are you?

Are you hurt? Did you get into trouble be asked me to examine my body thoroughly?

No dad am fine I said smiling, he pulled me into a hug again, thank heavens you are safe I wouldn’t forgive myself if you are hurt. He said, almost crying.

Dad, am fine, okay? Don’t cry, or you will make me cry too, I said sadly. He cleaned his tears from his eyes and forced a smile on. Dad, when I came to Earth, some people took me in, I said happily.

Took you in? Did they hurt you? He asked worriedly again. No dad, they didn’t, they are so lovely, they bought me new clothes, shoes showed me beautiful places, and I even had my bath in a royal bathroom bigger and more elegant than ours I replied happily.

He smiled widely. It seems they are taking good care of you, he said, relieved. Yes dad, very well I love them, their names are Spencer and Daniel I said smiling. I love both of them so much, I added.

Patricia, my dad, called sadly, yes, dad, I replied. Hope you haven’t forgotten the task I gave you, he said, looking into my eyes.

No dad that reminds me I had a bad dream father. Really? He replied as his eyes widened. Father, I saw Lord Jackson in my dream. I threatened him to release the seed. He carried me by my neck and pinned me to the wall.

I couldn’t do anything to him, and I was so weak, he brought out a knife from his pocket and also thrust it into me when someone came in between us, and he was cut in his tummy by the knife I narrated it in fear.

Who came between you two? My father asked, paying rapt attention to me. Father, Spencer, the guy who took me in, came from nowhere and took the knife for me, I said, and tears rolled down my cheeks.

My dad pulled me up into his arms, its okay, Patricia. Father, will it affect him in any way? I asked my father. I will make sure nothing happens to him, Patricia he replied, petting me. Please be careful, okay?

Yes father I nodded, lord Jackson’s wife on earth lives in Rivers street, her house is the fourth house on the left immediately you enter the street. Try to make friends with her and ask of Lord Jackson, okay? My dad said seriously.

Okay, dad, he touched my head, and I felt like a heavy load was placed on my head, receive power he said, and disappeared.

I opened my eyes, silently feeling a slight headache. I closed my eyes again, and sleep overwhelmed me.

Maggie’s POV
I looked into Spencer’s face while he slept, the memories of what happened tonight rushed into my mind again, I couldn’t sleep.

I love you so much. I can’t let any lady take you away from me. I will die if you leave me, Spencer. I won’t be able to make it. I said, caressing his face.
I won’t let that Lady come close to you, you are mine Spencer, mine alone, and I will go extra miles to keep you with me.

That lady would see my anger if she comes close to you my love, I will torture her and make beg for my forgiveness if you give her any weird attention, I thought.

I leaned forward and kissed him on his lips before kissing him on his forehead. I leaned closer to him and placed my head in his chest.

I closed my eyes, inhaling his scent, and I fell asleep shortly.

(Call Me Baby)

Patricia’s POV
The next day
I woke up early. I couldn’t fell the headache anymore more. I stood up and moved to the bathroom to have my bath. I had become familiar with most of the things there, so it was hard to use.

I got out of the bathroom and wore a shirt and shorts that Daniel picked, especially for me. I really loved the short. I combed my hair, making it fall freely and smoothed.

I moved to the parlor, but no one was there, I am sure they are still sleeping, I thought, and moved to the kitchen. I need to surprise everyone by preparing breakfast before they wake up.

I decided to prepare fried eggs since there was tea and bread in the fridge. I broke the eggs and started mixing it in a bowl, and I sliced some onions and pepper into it.

My eyes watered as I cut the onion, but I endured it as Daniel thought me. I was still preparing breakfast when I remembered the instruction my father gave me in the dream.

How on Earth will I get to the so-called rivers street? I asked myself and then remembered I could ask Daniel. I sighed sadly. I really wish I could play with Spencer, but he doesn’t even seem to have my time, I thought.

I continued frying the eggs when I felt someone behind me before I could turn back the person held me from the back and closed my eyes with his palm.

Daniel, I called smiling, and the person sniffed and dropped his hand, looked back, and saw Spencer looking at me. Oh, Spencer is so sorry I thought it was Daniel, I said, smiling.

I understand you are always comfortable with him more than me; you have even forgotten me, he said sadly.

Spencer, it’s not true, I said, shaking my head. I haven’t forgotten you, I miss you but I can’t get close to you I said sadly.

What? Why? He asked, confused. Don’t you think Maggie will need you now? Daniel said, coming into view.

He came close to me and landed a kiss on my cheek. Good morning beautiful, he said, smiling, making me blush.

Good morning Daniel I replied, smiling. I looked at Spencer, and all I saw was hatred, he left the kitchen heading to only heaven knows.

Don’t mind him, Patricia, he always has mood swings, Daniel said, turning me to face the frying pan.

Daniel’s POV
I saw her chatting with Spencer, and I felt great jealously in me. I turned her to the frying pan on the fire holding her waist.

I see you like the clothes I choose for you, I said, smiling. Yes, Daniel, I love it. Thank you, she replied, focusing on the eggs.

I see you added some onions, and I hope you didn’t cry again, I said, laughing slightly. I cried, but I endured it. She replied, laughing too.

I felt my heart skip seeing her like that, she is so beautiful, and I have started growing feelings for her no doubts. Within these few days, I have been so happy around her. I thought of watching her prepare breakfast.

I love her, and I can’t let Spencer take her away from me, thank God he has a girlfriend, and she is around Patricia is mine alone I thought and hugged her tightly from behind, my arms right under her b**bs.

Are you okay, Daniel? She asked, tilting her head backward to look at me, I am fine, Patricia, but it would be better if I remained like this, I said, closing my eyes.

I heard her laugh loudly, familiar Daniel you are not a baby, its only babies that do this she said still laughing.

The way she laughed made me laugh too. Okay then, am your baby from now on, so don’t call me Daniel call me baby.

She laughed loudly again, and I watched her smile. Okay, Daniel, she said. Not Daniel, baby! I said, emphasizing on the baby.

Okay, Baby, she said, and we both burst into laughter.

Spencer’s POV
I moved to the dining table fuming in anger, and I wasn’t comfortable seeing Patricia and Daniel so close.

They came out of the kitchen carrying breakfast. They moved to the table and placed the food on the table.

I kept stealing glances of Patricia, but she seemed to concentrate more on the food. Daniel occasionally whispered into her ears, and she will then smile and hit him slightly.

I was still watching them in disgust when Maggie came down from the stairs.
“Hey, baby, morning,” she said and came closer to me. She kissed me on my lips, all this while I still watched Patricia.

She looked at me and started into my eyes, and my gaze was fixed on hers too.

Daniel moved close to her and whispered something into her ears. She quickly removed her gaze from me and sat close to Daniel.

Maggie sat close to me, too, and served me breakfast. Daniel served Patricia, and he kept smiling like an idiot.

I faced my food and started eating, and I didn’t want them to notice I was focusing on them. And to top, it all avoid Maggie’s trouble.

“Daniel please can you take me on a stroll after eating??” Patricia asked, facing Daniel.

“Sure Patricia, I will follow you anywhere you wanna go,” He replied.

I shrugged and rolled my eyes, ” I will follow you anywhere you wanna go,” I mimicked in my mind.

I ate silently, and Maggie kept touching me as she was eating. She looked at Patricia who was looking at me, she shot her a deadly look, and she quickly removed her gaze from me.

“Maggie is so troublesome,” I thought sadly.

(At Rivers Street)

Patricia’s POV
We finished eating in awkward silence, Spencer and I kept stealing glances of each other. I hate to see him with that Maggie girl.

She seems so harsh and egocentric. Spencer deserves someone better than her.
I went to my room and picked up my bag, and I went to the sitting room to see Maggie on Spencer’s legs and watched a movie.

I felt the way I saw them, but there is nothing I could do about it.
“Shall we??” Daniel asked, stretching his hands forward and bowing.
“Common Daniel,” I said, hitting him slightly on his hand. Spencer looked at us coldly.
“Let’s go,” I said and moved out of the house with Daniel behind me.

We got to the street, and we started walking, I decided to start a conversation to make the journey lively.
“So Daniel tell me, what about your girlfriend?” I asked him.

He looked at me and smiled, ” Patricia I don’t have any girlfriend yet ” he replied, smiling.
“Yet?? That means you will have one soon?” I asked again.
“Yes, Patricia,” he replied…

“That’s good news Daniel, so who is the girl??” I asked anxiously.
He laughed and looked at me. “Patricia, when the time comes you will know,” he said.
“Hmmm okay,” I said a little bit disappointed that he didn’t tell me.

“So tell me, Daniel, where is Rivers street??” I asked.
“It is right around that corner,” he replied, pointing at the direction.
“Okay thanks,” I replied.

“Any problem Patricia?” He asked, looking at me.
“No, not at all I just need to go see somebody there,” I said, looking at him.
“I can follow you if you don’t mind,” he said.

“No, no Daniel, I have to go alone, you can go back now,” I said, patting him on his hand.
“Are you sure Patricia?” He asked worriedly.
“Yes Daniel and thanks for your care, I need to go now,” I said and moved away from him.
“Be careful!!” He yelled from behind me.

“I will,” I yelled, too, without looking back.
Moved down the street observing how it was.
I moved to the fourth house on the left and saw a woman dressing her garden.

“This must be Lord Jackson’s wife,” I thought.
I moved closer to the woman with a smiling face.
“Hi ma’am, may I help you?” I asked immediately I got close to her.

“Oh no child, I can do this myself,” she replied, smiling.
“Are you sure?” I asked, again, smiling.
“Yes my child, thank you,” she said, smiling.

“I am Patricia, I am new in this town,” I said, watching her cut the grasses.
“Oh dear, welcome to our big town,” she replied, smiling.
“Thank you, ma’am, so I thought of taking a stroll since I am new here, then I saw you and decided to render some help,” I said.

“Thank you, dear, well you can see am through as well,” she replied, packing the tools together.
“Yes ma’am, I guess I should start going then,” I said, hoping she would let me in.
“Not so fast child, come in let’s talk a little, you seem to be a nice girl,” she said, smiling.

“Really? I would love to talk with you too,” I said happily.
She smiled and opened the door gesturing me in.

Maggie’s POV
I watched how Spencer kept stealing glances of that bi**h. Who does she think she is to snatch Spencer away from me.
I finished eating, and Spencer had gone to the living room watching TV. I went closer to him and sat on his laps.
He looked at me, trying to fake a smile.

“Baby, what is wrong?” I asked sadly.
“What do you mean Maggie?” He asked, looking at me.

“You don’t seem to notice me anymore when you are around that girl you seem to give her more attention than necessary,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Maggie you know that’s not true, you are just been paranoid baby,” he said, cupping my face in his hands.
“I know what I am saying Spencer, you kept stealing glances of her while we were eating, you didn’t even mind the fact that I was beside you,” I said angrily.

“Maggie. Okay, I am sorry, it won’t happen again,” he said with a sorry face.
“Promise?” I asked happily.

“Promise,” he said and kissed me.
I deepened the kiss, but he quickly disengaged.

“Please Maggie, I don’t want to miss this scene, let’s do this later,” he said, focusing on the movie.
“Okay,” I replied angrily, folding my hands under my breast. He didn’t even pay attention to me.
That Patricia is really asking for war, and I am in for it.

Daniel’s POV
I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that Patricia was going out alone. I mean, she is new here.
She is not yet familiar with this place, but since she insisted I went back, I had no choice but to do so.

I want her to be very free with me. And about my having a girlfriend soon, that’s true.
And it will be Patricia, and I just don’t want to tell her now. I love her, and I wish to marry her.
I will make sure she loves me, too, before I propose to her.

Chapter 12
(Don’t Do Anything Stupid)

Patricia’s POV
I sat down on the couch in her living room, looking at the things in the living room.
“I will make coffee,” she said and left for the kitchen.
“Coffee?? What is coffee? I muttered, looking confused.

A-frame caught my attention. It was on the table. I stood up and moved closer to the picture. It was Lord Jackson, his wife, and a little boy in their midst.

The little boy looked familiar, and I closed my eyes, trying to recollect, but I couldn’t.
” That is my family,” She said and moved closer to me holding the coffee.

I faced back and smiled at her, and she stretched the cup of coffee to me.
“Thank you, ma’am,” I said, collecting the so-called coffee.

I gulped it all without stopping. I finished and licked my lips, smiling. I looked at her, and she laughed slightly.

“So where is your husband?” I asked, pointing at him in the picture.
She sighed and sat down sadly, and I went close to where she sat and sat close to her.
“If you don’t want to talk about it, its fine,” I said, holding her hands.

“No no, it’s okay, That is Raymond. Well, that was the name I knew him to be until…” She said and sighed heavily.
“Until??” I asked nervously.

“Until he left without saying a word,” she said, and tears filled her eyes.
“It’s okay ma’am,” I said and drew into a hug.
“He left me and my son,” she said admist tears.

“Am sorry about ma’am,” I said, tapping her slightly.
“I shouldn’t be bothering with this,” she said and disengaged from the hug.
“Its okay ma’am, we are friends now,” I said, smiling.
“Felicia,” she said and stretched out her hand.

“Patricia once again,” I said, but instead of taking her hand, I drew her in a hug again.
She smiled and looked into my face, “thank you,” she said.
“My pleasure,” I said and bowed slightly, making us laugh.

She doesn’t even know I am her family. She doesn’t even know that the so-called Raymond is Lord Jackson.

“So tell me about your son, Does he look like his father??” I asked, smiling.
“He really looks like his father, but I don’t know about now, I haven’t seen Raymond for 20years now,” she said sadly.
“And have you seen your son??” I asked.

“Yes Patricia, he does talk and he visits me once in a while because he is always busy,” she replied, smiling.
“Nice,” I said, smiling.

“So do you know where he could be?? I mean your husband. Any friend?? Or relative??” I asked nervously.
“No Patricia, I don’t have an idea,” she replied, shaking her head.
“It’s okay, it will be fine,” I said, smiling.

I stood up, and she looked at me, wondering why I did.
“Ma’am Felicia, I need to leave now,” I said, smiling.
“Sure. Thank you so much for your company. And please endeavor to come to visit anytime. I am always around,” she said, smiling.

“Okay, ma’am I will,” I said, smiling.
I moved out of the house while she escorted me to the gate. I bade her goodbye and headed home.

She is adorable for her to accommodate a stranger. I am really sad she had to be Lord Jackson’s wife. He didn’t even tell her who is really is.

And her son looks familiar, but I can’t recall where I know him from. I can’t wait to see Lord Jackson and take what rightfully belongs to our world.

Spencer’s POV
I saw Daniel walk in when I was still in the living room with Maggie, and he wasn’t with Patricia. Doesn’t she know she is new here? She could get missing! I thought angrily.

He walked towards us, smiling and later headed to his room. I need to talk some sense into him. I thought and stood up from beside Maggie.

“Where are you going??” She asked, looking at me.
“To talk to Daniel,” I replied and headed to Daniel’s room.

I got to his door and knocked on it, he came to the door and opened up for me.
“Hey brother,” he said, smiling as he opened up for me to come in. I wasn’t going to take it slightly with him, but his approach calmed me down.

“Where is Patricia?” I asked as soon as I got into the room.
“She said she wanted a visit a friend, and I shouldn’t follow her there so I left,” he replied, gesturing me to sit.

“Friend?? Patricia is new here! When did she start having friends??” I asked, confused.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask. She is a lady, she needs her privacy you know”. He said.

” Privacy?? She could be herself in trouble. You know how funny she can be!!” I said angrily.

“Cut the crap Spencer, what is wrong with you?? Why are you so overprotective about her. She isn’t Maggie, stop blaming me for shit okay??” He replied angrily.

“Fine!!” I yelled and stormed out of his room. I just don’t know why I feel bad about Patricia staying alone outside.
I got to the living took to find Maggie still watching the movie.

“I need to go somewhere,” I said, and before she could reply, I stormed out of the house.

I am not feeling okay knowing she is out there all by herself, Patricia, please don’t do anything stupid, I thought to head nowhere.

Chapter 13
(Painful Life)

Lord Jackson’s POV
Since I have left for the Earth with the seed, my life has always been hunted by my selfish brother Grover. He alone can’t rule. Once it the last minute of this year making it the 20th year I left the gaint world, I will break the seed, and all power will become mine.

I fell in love with a beautiful woman when I got to Earth, and she took good care of me even when she was yet to know me. I later married her, and she bore a child for me.

But I couldn’t even wait to see my child. I can’t let Grover kill him for anything, and I don’t want to involve my innocent wife and child in this at all.

Since the last 20 years, I have been watching over Felicia making sure no one hurts her, I watched my son grow in my hiding place close to the house.

And today, I am here again on the same tree I stay every day watching my wife. I was still watching her when I saw my brother’s daughter come out of our house.

“What the hell is Patricia doing her??” I asked myself in anger. I am very sure Grover has sent her here to look for me.

My brother is really stupid, sending this thing he calls a child to capture me. Isn’t that daft??.
I watched her come out of the house, “Time to play!” I said to myself and came down from the tree.

I trailed behind her and making sure she doesn’t see me. I ran close to her and held her from behind, placing my palm on her mouth so she wouldn’t make any noise.

The neighbors were indoor, so I could do anything I want. She struggled with me, but trust me, her powers are nothing compared to mine.

He dragged her out of the street into a secret path. She was still struggling, but I held her yet, she couldn’t even see my face. I walked some meters from the main road and got to my base.

I opened the door and threw her inside before closing it. I opened my face mask and grinned at her.

“Lord Jackson??” She said, widening her eyes in fear.
“Look who is here, Patricia!” I said mockingly.

She looked around her, checking out my house, still sitting on the floor. I walked up to her and took a rope beside her.

I lifted her up and sat her on a chair. I pulled her hands backward and tied them firmly.
“Let me go!!” She yelled, but I didn’t answer her.

“Why are you doing this Lord Jackson?? We all trusted you with the seed and all you could do was steal it?? How could you?” She yelled, struggling with the chair.

I laughed and looked at her. “You shouldn’t trust a devil moron, your father thinks he is the only one meant to rule, and I will show him he is wrong,” I said, rounding her chair.

“Lord Jackson,” she said.
“I was supposed to be king!!! But the people choose my younger brother, your father over me!!! Because they don’t love me!!. I yelled in anger.

Patricia’s POV
“That is not true lord Jackson,” I said, shaking my head. He had a face mask on.

“Ohh shut up! You know nothing Patricia, you have no right to talk,” he yelled, bringing his face closer to mine.

“Grover made a great mistake sending you here and now he will regret ever having me has his brother,” he said and moved to the table close to me.

“What do you mean??” I asked in fear. He opened the drawer and drew out a knife, the exact knife I saw with him in my dream.

“Please don’t do this,” I said, thinking about Spencer. My dream is coming to pass.
“You shouldn’t have left the gaint world to come to collect the seed, you are no match time,” he said and came closer to me.

“Am sorry it has to be like this Patricia,” he said and brought the knife closer to my tummy.
“No!!” I yelled and shut my eyes tightly, expecting the worse.

I still shut my eyes, expecting pains, but I didn’t feel anything. I opened my eyes slowly, and I saw Spencer moving close to me, holding his tummy.

There was blood all over his clothes. “Spencer!!” I yelled as tears rolled down my cheeks. He moved to my back and loosened the rope, holding my hands.

Spencer’s POV
I was still looking for Patricia when I caught a glimpse of her on my Mother’s street. What is she doing here??

I was about to call her when I saw a man on a face mask covering her nose. My eyes widened at the sight of this.
Who the hell is this man?

I trailed behind both of them, and he entered into a small room. I stood behind the door and started eavesdropping what they were saying.

Is Patricia not from this world? She is here on a mission?? What is this seed about? I am so confused right now.

I was still eavesdropping when I heard Patricia yell. I quickly opened the door, and there I saw the man holding a knife. I ran to him and stood between him and Patricia before I knew it, he thrust the knife into my tummy.

My eyes widen as I looked at him, he looked at me and widened his eyes too. He ran out of the room before I could talk.

I rushed to Patricia, still holding my tummy, and loosened the rope. I fell gradually to the ground, but she caught me.

“Spencer,” she yelled in tears, but I felt so much pain and couldn’t talk. I felt my eyelids getting heavy. And that was it, and my eyes shut dead.

Chapter 14
(Teary Eyes)

Patricia’s POV
My eyes filled with tears as I watched Spencer bleed in my hands. “Spencer please don’t go,” I said in tears.

I raised him up and made him lean on him. I put his hand across my neck and lead him out of the room.

We started walking towards our house, and he was still bleeding seriously. My eyes were filled with tears. “You shouldn’t have come to Spencer, you shouldn’t,” I said in tears.

I never thought this is how the drama will be exact in reality. I got home and laid him down in the compound, pressing my hand on his tummy.

“Daniel!!!!!” I yelled in tears. “Daniel!!! Please come out!!!” I yelled again. He rushed out of the house, and when he saw Spencer, his eyes widened.

“What happened to him!!!” He yelled and ran towards us.
“I.. He… He was… Knife…” I said stammering, I was so shocked. I couldn’t talk well.

I saw Maggie run out if the house. She yelled immediately she saw Spencer in blood.
“You b**CH what did you do?” She asked and slapped me.

I held my cheeks in pain, still crying. I couldn’t even do anything, and I hated myself for what happened to Spencer.

“Maggie, stop this nonsense and let’s rush him to the hospital,” Daniel said and raised him up.

“Omg!!! Baby be fine for me,” Maggie said in tears. She looked at me with disgust and rushed to Daniel, running to the car with Spencer in his hands.

I trailed behind them weakly. I couldn’t even talk, and I shouldn’t have gone there, I shouldn’t have come to Earth in the first place. I shouldn’t have met Spencer discuss less of putting him in this mess.

Daniel placed Spencer at the back seat, and Maggie sat there with him, she held his tummy with her hands. She was shedding tears.

“Patricia, sitting at the back seat with Maggie is a bad idea. Come sit here with me,” Daniel said and opened the front door for me to get in.

We both got in and zoomed off to the hospital. Heavens, please safe Spencer, He gave up his life for me.

Maggie’s POV
I watched Spencer lie beside me in tears. His head was on my head, and I cupped his face with my hand.

That Patricia will pay for what she did, what on Earth happened, and where did Spencer see her. She will be punished for this.

We got to the hospital, and the nurses rushed out of the hospital with a stretcher, the door opened, revealing Daniel and some nurses.

They came in and carried Spencer from my leg; they place him on the stretcher and led him into the hospital. I came down from the car and rushed into the hospital.

I looked at Patricia, she was soaked with tears and blood, but I didn’t care. She is the cause of all this.
I ran to the emergency unit where they led him to, but they didn’t allow me. I looked back and saw Patricia and Daniel walking towards me.

I became so angry, seeing Patricia. “Don’t you come here bCH” I yelled in anger. “Maggie calms down,” Daniel said, moving close to me with Patricia behind him. “Don’t tell me to fking calm down Danny, she caused all this, I feel like tearing her apart right now!!” I yelled in anger mixed with tears.

“Let’s still hear her part, Maggie, we don’t know what happened yet,” Daniel said, holding Patricia by her hands.

“I have never liked her since the first day I saw her, I knew she is bad luck. Because of her Spencer doesn’t give me attention anymore!!” I yelled, pointing at her.

“Maggie that is enough!!” Daniel yelled and pulled Patricia out of the hospital. I looked around in anger and saw people looking at me.
“Mind your business MF!!!” I yelled in anger.

Daniel’s POV
I took Patricia out of the hospital, still wondering what really happened. We got outside, and Patricia was still crying heavily. Her eyes were swollen because of her crying.

“Patricia, please explain what really happened,” I said, trying to be very calm.

“Daniel.. Believe me, I didn’t wish it to happen like that. I am supposed to be the one in that state, he saved me before I could even stop him,” she said very fast, still crying heavily.

“Patricia its okay, he will be safe,” I said and pulled her into a hug.
“He risked his life for me, Daniel, I hate myself right now,” she said, crying on my chest.

“Its okay dear, it will be fine,” I said, patting her back slightly while her continuous tears soaked my clothes.

“Please talk to Maggie, I didn’t mean any harm. I know am at fault but I will never hurt Spencer, I love him and I wouldn’t pray for something bad to happen to him,” she said, still crying.

“She loves him? Really?” I thought sadly. “I will talk to Maggie,” I replied sadly.

I wished I could tell her how much I feel about her right now, but I can’t. This is not the right time at all, and I just need to be patient with her.

“Patricia let’s go in,” I said, brushing her hair with my palm.
She nodded, and we both went in. We still met Maggie pacing around in front of the emergency unit.

“What is she still doing here!!” Maggie yelled in anger, moving towards us.

“!Maggie shut up and listen!!!” I yelled back.
“Listen to what!!!” She yelled again.

“We are in the hospital Maggie, other patients are here and need to rest. Stop making a scene and let’s hope Spencer will be okay,” I said calmly.

She sighed and looked at Patricia, who was behind me with a disgusting look.

“Fine!, but as soon as Spencer is back home she is leaving the house,” she said, pointing at Mara.
I sighed sadly, looking at Mara, who was sobbing quietly behind me.

Chapter 15
(Last Breath)

Lord Jackson’s POV
I ran out of my room in shock when I saw my son come in, and before I knew it, he came in between Patricia and I and took the knife for her.

I couldn’t wait to look at him, and I just hurt my son. But how did they meet?? His did they become so close to the extent of going far as dying for her?

I imagine how Felicia would feel when she hears this. “Shit!!” I yelled, hitting the wall with my knuckles.

I am sure he doesn’t know me, but he looked so much like me, and I knew he was surprised when he saw me.

I need to stay away from him and Felicia, I don’t want to put them in troubles with Grover. They are innocent, and they know nothing about this.

I walked to my private house a little bit far from where I took Patricia. I went in and removed my mask, and I went to my chandelle, where I kept the seed.

I climbed a stool and reached for it, and I held it in my hands carefully, it was as green as ever. I have just one month to go.

I crush this seed, and the passage will be open, both the earth and the Gaint world will bow to my power. But before then, I have to kill Patricia and dethrone Grover.

I laughed out loud, happy with my ideas. But how do I get to Patricia without getting past Spencer?..

Patricia’s POV
The doctor came out of the emergency unit, and we ran to him. “How is he, doctor?” Maggie asked in tears.
“He is out of danger, but he needs adequate rest,” He said, smiling.

“Thank you so much doctor,” Daniel said, shaking him.
“Can I see him?” Maggie asked the doctor.

“Yes, ma’am you can. Please excuse me,” he said and walked out.
Maggie moved into the emergency unit, so as Daniel and I saw Spencer laying on the bed with his eyes closed.

His stomach was tied with some white cloth. Maggie ran to him and held his hands.
“Spencer,” She called in tears.

He opened his eyes, slowly staring at the ceiling. “Baby,” she called and kissed him on his forehead.

He tilted his head to my direction and stared at me. I felt tears roll down my cheek as I looked at him.

“I am sorry,” I mumbled in tears. He pulled Maggie’s hand closer to his body; she bent and looked at him closely.

He whispered something into her ears, and she shot me a deadly look. She moved to our direction and whispered something into Daniel’s ear, still looking at me with disgust.

“I will be outside,” Daniel said, tapping my shoulders and moving out with Maggie. I looked at Spencer in confusion.
“Come to closer Patricia,” he said with a very low voice. I moved close to him with my teary face.

“Spencer,” I called, holding his hand and kissing the back of his palm. “I am sorry Spencer,” I said as tears fell down my face freely.

“Patricia, I heard it all,” he said, looking at me. I looked at him in surprise then looked away in shame.
“Why did you kept it from me?” He asked again, holding my hands.

“Spencer I am sorry, I didn’t want you to get involved in my problems. It supposed not to be known,” I said, squeezing his hands, trying not to burst out loud.

“He is my father Patricia,” he said as I saw tears roll down his face.
“Yes Spencer, I got to find out from your mother Ma’am Felicia,” I said sadly.
“I will help you find the seed,” he said, and my eyes widened immediately.

“No no no Spencer, it’s a dangerous decision. You could get killed, its a fight of two different worlds,” I said, shaking my head negatively.

“The traitor here is my father Patricia, the man that abandoned my mother and me for more than 20 years. He deserves to die!” He yelled and groaned in pain.

Maggie and Daniel ran into the were to see what happened. I moved back from him, and Maggie came closer to him.

“That’s my final decision,” he said, looking at me. I nodded slowly, and Maggie looked at me with a deadly look.
“Are you okay??” Daniel whispered into my ears. I nodded, trying to smile.

Daniel’s POV
“Patricia, don’t you think you need to rest?” I asked worriedly.
“No Daniel, Spencer is here because of me. I won’t rest till he is fine,” Patricia replied firmly.

“Go away b**ch, you not needed,” Maggie yelled, coming close to Patricia. I was about stopping her from getting there when Spencer’s voice came.

“Don’t you dare touch her?” He said with great boldness, leaving Patricia and I amazed.
“Baby. She is the reason you are here and you defend her??” Maggie asked in anger.

“I will defend her till my last breath,” he said and looked at Patricia, whose lips curved into a smile.

Chapter 16
(Don’t Go)

Maggie’s POV
Immediately Spencer said those words I felt like dying. “Spencer, what the hell! Who is she to you that you want to kill yourself for her! Tell me!” I yelled in anger.

“She is the only one my heart is craving for Maggie,” I said, looking at Patricia and smiling.

“What? What about us? Me?” I asked as tears heated up my eyes.
“I am sorry Maggie, I stopped loving you the day I set my eyes on Patricia,” he said, looking at me. The tears rolled down freely, and I looked at her in hatred.

“You think you can come from nowhere to spoil my relationship! It’s not possible Patricia, the lime has been drawn. And as for you Spencer, you will come begging for my forgiveness!!” I yelled in anger as I stormed out of the ward.

“Maggie!” Daniel called, but I didn’t stop walking. I am going to kill that sure, Patricia.

Patricia’s POV
I stared at Spencer in shock. He loves me? Since the day we met?? How is this possible?
“Spencer,” I called calmly, still on the same spot.

“Patricia that is how I really feel. That is the truth nothing more,” he said, smiling.
“Spencer, you shouldn’t have, Maggie is hurt,” I said sadly.

“I don’t bloody care Patricia. It’s you I love nobody else.” He said firmly. I signed heavily and looked at Daniel, who stared at us speechless.

“I will leave now,” he said and moved out without looking back.
“Daniel!” I called, but he didn’t answer me.

“Spencer this is wrong,” I said, shaking my head.
“My love for you isn’t wrong, and I was about telling you when Maggie came.

I was still going to tell you, but I noticed you and Daniel enjoyed each other’s company. I was so hurt, and I didn’t want to cause problems,” he said, holding my hands.

“I need nothing from you than you loving me too,” he said, staring into my eyes.

“Spencer I am not from his world. I am here for a mission, you are lord Jackson’s son,” I said as tears formed in my eyes.

“That won’t stop me from loving you. I will help you recover the seed even if it means killing my own father. Please be mine Patricia,” he said fondling with my fingers.

Is this not what I really wanted?? I had loved him but was starting to give up on him when Maggie came. And now he is asking me to be mine.

“Yes Spencer, I will be yours,” I said, trying to smile as a smile curved on his face.
“I love you, Patricia,” he said, smiling happily.
“I love you too Spencer,” I said, kissing the back of his hands.

Daniel’s POV
“I need to be strong. I am a man, I shouldn’t cry over a Lady,” I thought as I moved out if the hospital headed home.

I should have to her earlier, but I am too late now she is Spencer’s already. Maybe they are really meant for each other.

I mean, who will think of dying for you if not your soulmate. I headed home in sadness, and I just need to find the real one for me.

I got home to see Maggie coming out of the house with her bags in tears.
“Maggie, I am so sorry,” I said, moving close to her.
“They are all going to pay for this!!” She yelled angrily.

“Maggie, please don’t do anything stupid. They are really meant for each other, don’t you see it?” I asked, folding my arms.

“That is none of my business, I am leaving now and once I am back, I am back to destroy!!” She yelled and pushed me out of her way with her bag.

I sighed, shaking my head. “How did Spencer fall in love with her in the first place?” I said, moving into the house.

I don’t think I can continue to live here. Seeing both of them as lovers may push me to kill myself one day. I need to leave as soon as possible.

I walked into my room and started packing all my stuff together. “Here I come mother,” I said, sadly remembering Patricia’s face.

I packed all my luggage and went outside to see Patricia and Spencer coming in. She supported him to walk by putting his hands around her neck.

“I am sorry Daniel,” I said, coming close to me with Patricia while she looked at my bags with a confused look.

“Spencer, I understand you well. You guys are meant for each other and I don’t want to be a disturbance to you in this house.” I said, smiling and tapping his shoulders.

“You don’t need to leave,” he replied sadly.
“You need your privacy okay? Believe me we are good, and make sure you take care of my baby,” I said, touching Patricia’s cheek that was already full of tears.

“Please don’t go Daniel,” she said in tears.
“Common baby, stop crying. I am going for the good okay?? I will come visiting I promise,” I said, crossing my heart while she nodded reluctantly.

“I will take my leave now,” I said and moved out of the compound without looking back. “I am crying! Shit!” I said as I walked outside, cleaning my eyes.

Chapter 17
( I Love You)

Patricia’s POV

I helped Spencer into the house and laid him on the bed. “Am sorry for putting you into this mess,” I said sadly.

“Come closer,” he said in almost a whisper. I moved my head closer to his, and to my surprise, he brought his face to mine and placed his mouth on mine.

I didn’t understand what he did, but all I knew was that I loved it. I stood still enjoy what he did until he stopped and looked at me.

“You don’t know how to kiss?” He asked me, grinning.
“Is this called kiss?” I asked, looking confused, making his laugh out. He laughed so hard that he held his cut tummy wincing in pain.

“Spencer, you know I am not from here. I don’t know many of these things,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“I will teach you then,” he said and pulled me to lie on the bed. He moved on top of me, and my eyes were glued to his tummy.

“Isn’t it hurting?” I asked sadly. “I don’t care about it Patricia,” he said and leaned on me kissing me.
I felt his tongue trying to enter my mouth, and I thought opening up for him is the best. He slid his tongue into my mouth in a sweet rhythm.

He took my lifeless arms and wrapped them around his neck while I just watched in confusion. He kissed me again, and I couldn’t help but close my eyes.

“Are you a virgin?” He asked as he stopped kissing me.
“What is that?” I asked, furrowing my brows. He got up from me and sat on the bed. “This is so difficult,” he said, scratching his hair.

“Tell me, Spencer, what is a virgin?” I asked, pouting my mouth.
“A virgin is someone who has not slept with a man before,” he said, looking at me.

“I am not a virgin. I have slept with my father before,” I replied boldly, making his laugh loudly.

“Patricia, not the normal sleeping, I mean this,” he said, using his fingers to demonstrate.

“I don’t know Spencer, please show me,” I replied, holding his hands.
“You sure are a Virgin,” he said, sighing.

Spencer’s POV
I stood up from the bed and went ahead to remove my clothes, including my pants. I removed it, and my already hard rod sprang out.

I looked at her, and I saw her eyes widen, looking at my d**k. “Have you seen this before?” I asked, grinning.

She nodded speechlessly. “A man brought it out in my presence when I was in my world, he moved close to me but I escaped,” she said, still looking at my rod.

I moved closer to her, and she remained glued to where she was. I reached for her lips to kiss her again. This time I trailed my hands down to her neck.

I bit her neck slightly, and I heard her gasp silently. I moved to her top and removed it, and she just kept watching me as I did so.

I removed her clothes, leaving her with her panties and bra. I reached for her bra and removed it, revealing the b**bs I have been craving for.

“You are beautiful Patricia,” I said, staring at her body, I saw her blush slightly, but she still seemed lost in what I was doing.

“Now this is it, I am going to keep this into you,” I said, holding my d**k and pointing between her thighs.

“Into me?? It’s so big!” She exclaimed, making me laugh. “Sure it is Patricia, but if you don’t want me to I can stop,” I said, assuring her.

“No don’t stop. I want to do it with you,” she said shyly, and I smiled widely. “It may hurt a little,” I added and reached for her panties.

I removed them as she kept staring at me like the novice she is. I stared at her p**sy, and it was so pink and beautiful. I moved my hands on it, and I saw how wet she was already. She gasped, widening her eyes.

I lowered my face between her thighs after lifting up her legs, I left my tongue slid into her p**sy lips, and I heard her moan loudly. She tasted great, and I could feed on it the whole day.

I stopped licking her and looked at her, and she was already sweating profusely. “What did you just do?” She asked, panting.

“Getting you prepared,” I replied and positioned myself between her raised up legs. I placed my dk on her psy, using it to brush the surface.

She moaned again, and it drove me crazy. I pushed it in a little, and I heard her scream, I moved up to her face and kissed her deeply letting her taste herself in my mouth.

I pushed in again, and this time I was half inside her. She screamed into my mouth, but I didn’t stop kissing her.

I went for the last time and pushed it in. She held unto me hardly, and I kept myself in her so she couldn’t adjust to the pain.

She became calm, and I started thrusting slowly, I saw her bend her head backward in pleasure. I reached for her b**bs, still thrusting.

I felt her shiver under me, and I felt myself very close to cumming. “Ahhhhh!!!” She moaned, and we both came together.

I rolled from the top of her and pulled her to me. “I love you’ I said, but I only heard a snore as a reply.

Chapter 18
(New Life)

Patricia’s POV
“Patricia'” I heard my father call out of the clouds. I ran out of where I was and looked into the skies.
“Father,” I said, smiling.

“The time is too short Patricia’. He is going to crush that seed in three days,” he said sadly.
“Three days?!” I yelled in surprise.

“Yes, Patricia. You need to get that speed back to our world before three days or else, he is going to kill us all,” he said very loud.
“I will get it back father,” I replied boldly.

“You have power in you, Patricia, discover it,” he said and vanished from the clouds. Ibcant let him know that Spencer is Lord Jackson’s son.

This may endanger him, and I love Spencer. I can’t let anything happen to him after all he has done for me.

The Next Morning…
I woke up the next morning, staring at the ceiling, thinking of how to stop Spencer from following me in this mission.

I need to go alone, and I don’t want to risk his life. Jackson is the wrong person, and he mustn’t get to my Spencer.

I turned to look at him, and I saw he was fast asleep. I need to snick out of the house without letting him know.

I stood up from the bed silently and tiptoed to pick up my clothes. I quickly wore them with my eyes fixed on Spencer.

I finished wearing it and stared tiptoeing to the door. I opened the door slightly but stooped as I heard Spencer’s voice behind me.

“And where do you think you going without me,” he said, grinning as he stood up. I sighed heavily, hitting my hand on my head.

“Why are you so adamant?” I asked in frustration.
“Because I can’t let you go alone to that beast, my so-called father,” he said, putting on his clothes.
“Spencer is dangerous,” I said sadly.

“You can’t stop me, Patricia!! That man that stole that seed is my father okay??? And I have every right to amebd the damages he has done even if it means killing him,” he said firmly.
“Fine!” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“Good, so where are we starting from??” He asked, raising one of his eyebrows.

“His last known location. Where he took me,” I said, and he nodded. “Good, let’s go. We can use my car,” he said and moved from my front, heading to the main door.

“So stubborn” I cursed underneath my breath and followed him.

Spencer’s POV
We got to my car, and I ignited the engine. We started moving, and I kept stealing glances of Patricia.

She looked so serious and determined to get that seed back, and I am going to help her. My father is a bastar*.
He even stabbed his own son.

We got to River’s street right in front of my mother’s house. I stopped the car, and Patricia looked at me.
“I need to talk to mother,” I said and opened the door to get out of the car.

“I am coming with you,” she said and came down as we both headed into Mother compound. I knocked on the door and spoke up.

“Mother it is Spencer,” I said, and the door opened immediately. “Spencer,” she called happily and hugged me.

We stopped hugging, and she looked at Patricia in surprise. “You know my son??” She asked her.
“Yes ma’am. We are quite close,” she replied, smiling as she hugged mother.

“Wow, I love that. Come in you two,” she said, opening the door for us to come in.
We sat on the couch, and the mother went to get us coffee. She came back with three cups for three of us.

Patricia took hers still very hot and gulped it down at once, making me and mother laugh. We stopped laughing, and I wore a serious face.

“Mother I have some very important to tell you,” I said, and I saw her look at me with rapt attention.

“Go on son,” she said, looking very serious. I looked at Patricia, and she nodded in agreement.

“Mother I found father,” I said, and I saw tears in her eyes immediately. She seemed so shocked at what I said.
“You what??” She managed to say with her gaze still fixed on me.

“I found him and he did this to me,” I said as I raised up my shirt, revealing the bandage on my tummy.
“Omg!!! What happened,” she said as she came closer to me to look at my tummy. She was weeping seriously.

“He captured Patricia because she wanted to claim what was rightfully hers and I had to stop him and it ended to this,” I said, pointing at my tummy.

She raised up her head to look at Patricia, “did he hurt you too?” She asked, feeling so concerned.
“No mother, he almost did but Spencer stopped him,” she said, bowing slightly.

“Mother I am going to recover what he stole and I may end up killing him,” I said firmly and stood up.

“I don’t care what you do to him, he left me for no reason, and now he ends up stabbing his only son. Mine is that you recover what he stole from Patricia,” she said firmly.

“Thank you mother,” I said and stood up. Time shows him where he belongs.

Chapter 19

Patricia’s POV
We moved to the car, and I couldn’t stop looking at Spencer, he seemed so determined to get the seed back. I pray Lord Jackson doesn’t hurt him, that man is so evil.

We drove as fast as we could to the room Lord Jackson took me to the first time of our encounter.

I came down from the car and went to the door. I turned the knob, but the door wasn’t opening, “the door is locked,” Spencer said behind me.

“Move back,” he said, pushing me back slightly. He moved to the door, and I saw him bend.
“Spencer doesn’t tell me you want to kick it open,” I said as my eyes widened.

“Of course, we have no choice,” he said, bouncing and moving his head back and forth.

“Spencer you are still hurt, you can…” I said but was cut off by the sound of the door that flung open. I saw Spencer wince in pain.

I ran to him and held him up. “Are you okay?” I asked in fear.
“I won’t be until I get rid of ‘lord Jackson’ ” he said with an irritated expression. I nodded, and we both moved into the room.

The room had no difference to the last time I came. “Search the table, I will search the drawers,” he said, and I nodded.

I moved to the table, and I saw loaded of things on it. I started searching for it carefully, hoping to see anything useful.

I saw different papers with strange languages written on them. I hissed in frustration and threw them away in anger. They don’t look useful to me.

I looked at Spencer, and I saw how focused he was, and it made me smile. I faced the table again, searching for anything useful.

I was still searching through the hip of papers when I saw a shinning ancient Dagger under a big old notebook.

“Spencer comes to see something,” I said, taking the dagger and looking at it closely. I could even see myself on it, and it had written that I didn’t seem to understand.

“It is written in Greek,” Spencer said, examining it. “Do you know what it is saying?” I asked anxiously.

“No, I don’t,” he replied sadly. I moved the dagger close to my face narrowing my gaze to look at it. I saw the writings on it change, and it became English.

“‘THE 31ST IS THE LAST DAY’was the writing on it,” I said very sure.
“What! How did you know?” He asked, surprised.

“I don’t know, my father gave me powers, so it may be one,” I said, smiling.
“So what does that mean?” He asked, looking at the dagger.

“The last day for the seed to be crushed and then he takes over the Earth and my father’s throne,” I replied sadly.

“We need to get to where he is as soon as possible,” Spencer said, looking around for clues. I took the dagger and kept it, sticking it in my belt firmly.

“Move to mirror,” A voice said in my head, which I knew was my father’s voice. I moved quickly to the mirror and stood in front of it.

“Close your eyes,” My father said again, and I closed my eyes, inhaling air. I felt some sensations flow in my body as I did so.

“Open,” he said, and I opened my eyes. I stared at the mirror, and I saw Lord Jackson in a room holding the seed.

“Go get it, Patricia. You have power in you,” my father said, and the voice vanished.

“Spencer I have found him,” I said, looking at Spencer, who looked at me in confusion.

“You are really something else,” he said as we moved out if the house to our car.

Lord Jackson’s POV
I sat in my house, staring at the seed. “I can’t wait to crunch you,” I said, rolling it in my hands.

“Once it is the last minute everything will be mine!!!! I will kill Grover myself and that his useless daughter,” I said, laughing wickedly.

“Then I will go back to Felicia and my son and will make them royalties,” I thought to smirk.
But I can’t still understand why he defended that Patricia so much. She made me hurt my only son. She will surely pay for this.

I was still thinking about all of this when my door flung up, revealing Patricia. I suspended into the air immediately and placed the seed in the chandelier it was before.

I was the shock on my son’s face, but Patricia still had a brave countenance.
“Let is settle this amicably Lord Jackson. Give me the seed and I left you live,” she said, and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Left me life? You really have some guts hun?” I yelled angrily.
“This is enough a**hole. That seed isn’t yours, give it to the rightful owner and let’s settle this,” My son said angrily.

“Spencer I am your father. You should be supporting me to rule the world,” I yelled in anger.
“So you know my name, I can’t support a low life like you okay?” He yelled boldly.

“Enough of the childish talk, let’s get down to business,” Patricia said, and immediately she suspended in the air just like I did.
“Impressive, Grover thought you well. Let’s get killing you done,” I replied, smirking, and I flew close to her.

Chapter 20
(Love Time)

Patricia’s POV
He flew towards him, and I closed my eyes, inhaling excess air. I felt him in front of me, and I opened my mouth as the great wind came out of my mouth, pushing him away and hitting him on the wall.

I flew very fast to the chandelier to pick the seed, but he came with great speed and grabbed me, pushing me to the wall, making me fall to the ground.

I hit my head on the wall, and I winced In pain. “I don’t wish to kill you but you have left me no choice,” he said, raising up his hand. He lifted me up without coming close to me, and I felt him chock me.

I started struggling for air, but he didn’t release the force he had on me. I was running out of air very fast, and I was at the point of giving up when he suddenly released me.

I gasped for air as soon as I was down. I looked at Spencer and I SAS he was the one that hit him with a stick.

He was moving to Spencer in anger, and Spencer kept moving back in fear. I struggled to stand up, and I can’t let him hurt Spencer, not anymore.

He got to Spencer, who was already glued to the wall in fear. “I don’t want to hurt you but you seem so stubborn. I won’t let anyone stop me from the ruling, not even your son,” he said and raised him up in the air.

We controlled every move of him without touching him. I could see Spencer’s face turn red, and I knew very well he was shocking.

“Father help me, give me the power I need it now,” I said and closed my eyes. Instantly I felt my hands heat up.

I looked at it, and I saw there was a fire on it. “Thank you father,” I said and ran to where Lord Jackson was.

He released Spencer, and I saw he laid lifeless on the floor. I kept running to him, and immediately I stretched forth my hands to him, sending fire to him.

The fire fell on him, and he began to yell. Still, on fire, he suspended into the air and was moving on great speed.

I followed him immediately, and before he could get to the chandelier, I rolled in the air and kicked him on his chest.

He fell back to the ground turning around because of the fire. I came down after taking the seed and reached for the dagger. I am sorry, Lord Jackson, but your time is up.

I thrust the dagger in his heart, and he groaned before he finally stopped moving. He started transforming into his gaint form, and I drew out the dagger and ran to the lifeless Spencer.

I carried him and ran out of the room before the room collapsed due to the tongue gaint size of lord Jackson.
I looked at Spencer in my hand in tears. “Spencer please wake up,” I said weeping seriously.

“I am sorry for dragging you into this, we won baby, please wake up lets go home,” I said, shaking him vigorously as I hugged him tightly.

“Place your hand on his chest and close your eyes,” my father said in my head. I placed my hands on his chest and closed my eyes immediately.

Spencer’s POV
I gasped back to life to see Patricia’s hand on my chest. Her eyes were closed, and her face was stained with tears.

“Patricia,” I called, and she opened her eyes quickly.
“Spencer,” she called and hugged me very tightly.

“I thought I had l lost you. Thank God you back, I love you so much,” she said in tears.

“I love you too miss gaint woman,” I said, and we both laughed.
“Spencer stops it,” she said, smiling.

“You were amazing in there,” I said, standing up from the ground.
“Thank you,” she replied as we both moved into the car.
I opened the front door close to the driver’s seat for her.

“Go in,” I said, smiling. As she was about going in, we heard someone yelling. We looked at the direction were the noise was coming and we saw Daniel running to us.
“Daniel?” We both chorused in surprise.

He ran closer to us and turned Patricia to himself as we heard a gunshot. It was so fast, and I saw Daniel’s eyes widen.

I and Patricia’s eyes widened. He saw Daniel fall to the ground as blood gushed out of his body; he was shot right on his chest.
“Daniel!” Patricia yelled in tears as she bent to hold him.

I looked up, and I saw Maggie holding a gun and grinning.
“Maggie!!!” I yelled in shock. She looked at me and zoomed off before I could even say anything. I looked at Daniel o the floor in his pool of blood.

“We need to rush him to the hospital,” I said, lifting him up.
“No Spencer, it will be too late. I will do it,” Patricia answered, shutting her eyes and putting her hand on his chest.

I watched some sparks move from her hand to Daniel’s chest. I saw the wound closing, and the last thing I heard was the sound of the bullet fall to the ground.

Daniel opened his eyes, and I sighed in relief.
Patricia removed her have from his chest, and she fell to the ground immediately with her eyes shut.
“Patricia!” I called, shaking her in fear.

Chapter 21

Patricia’s POV
I closed my eyes to meditate, and I needed to get to Maggie if eight couldn’t physically. I moved behind her car with great speed.

I haven’t killed any lady before, she will be the first I will kill, and I don’t mind doing it. She shot Daniel, and she isn’t worthy of staying alive.

I got closer, jumped to the front of her car, and lifted my hands, carrying it off the ground. I saw the shock on her face, but I didn’t care, she needs to be punished.

I twisted my hands, and the car started to turn in the air. I heard her dream of fear, but I didn’t listen.

“You shouldn’t have done that!!” I yelled, and a mighty wind blew around me, shaking the trees around.
“I am sorry,” she said admist tears.

“It is too late Maggie, no one messes with my friends. Am sorry but it had to be like this,” I said and lifted my hands to throw the car into the ditch when I felt someone carrying my real body.

I looked at ! Maggie and I saw she was unconscious already. I slammed the car on the ground and moved to my real body.

I opened my eyes, and I saw Spencer carrying me into a hospital. He was in tears, and I wondered what was wrong with him.

“Can you put me down please, you made me lose concentration?” I said, looking at him. He looked at me in shock, and I saw his eyes widen.

“Patricia’!! How come, I mean you were unconscious some minutes ago,” I heard Daniel say.
“I was totally fine, can you put me down please,” I said, struggling to get down while the nurses kept looking at me like I was crazy.

“I won’t put you down, Patricia. You may have some internal injury let them run some test on you,” Spencer said, still moving me into the hospital.

I clenched my fist, and I hit him on the hand, not so hard tho. Hitting him hard will scatter his hand into a powdery substance.

“Ehhhh… Why did you hit me,” he yelled, dropping me.
“Wanted to show you I am okay. I went on a mission that was why I went unconscious okay?” I said, moving out of the hospital to avoid the gaze of everyone.

“Patricia what mission?” I heard Daniel say behind me, and I saw Spencer nodded too.

“I wanted to kill Maggie, so I had to chase her. And I knew I couldn’t achieve that with my normal mortal body, so I went in my real form,” I said, looking at Daniel, who was looking so confused.

“Daniel you won’t understand. But hold on you killed Maggie??!” Spencer whispered, coming close to me.
“I would have but you interrupted by carrying me,” I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

“Thank God I did. I can’t imagine Maggie dead tho she is wicked, punishing her is the best not killing her,” Spencer said sadly.

“I didn’t kill her, I punished her by making her car tumble with her in it” I grinned walking toward our car.
“You tum..mled?” Spencer stammered behind me, making me laugh.

“Please I am lost here. Can you please explain!!” Daniel yelled behind me too.
“Daniel you don’t need the explain, it will only destroy your thinking,” I said and sat in the car giggling.
They both looked at me and sighed before driving home.

Spencer’s POV
We got home, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the different mysteries Patricia did today in front of me. I mean, I never knew she was this powerful.

She walked into the house, smiling, and I knew she was happy very well because she recovered the seed. I am so glad for her too, and lord Jackson deserved what he got.

I sat on the couch and turned on the TV, trying to forget all the incidents of today. Immediately it was on, and I saw the cops surrounding an area.

I looked closely and saw the same car that Maggie was in when she shot Daniel on the ground upside down.

“So Patricia was saying the truth after all,” I said loudly, and I heard Daniel wow behind me. He sat beside me and we both watched the news in amusement.

We saw Maggie on a stretcher, and she looked so terrible. They moved her into the ambulance, and I felt goosebumps all over me as I watched.

“I am returning to my world,” Patricia said, moving to where I was.
“What, “I said as I stood up sadly.

” I need to get the seed to rightful owbet before the time ” she added, shifting her gaze from me to Daniel.

“Patricia,” I said, moving close to her and kissing her deeply. She responded immediately, and I felt her tears on my cheek.

“Please stay with me. Come back to me after you deliver the seed to your father,” I said, cupping her face in my hands.

“I will talk to father about it. I don’t want to leave you too,” she said and kissed me again.
“I guess I will take my leave now,” Daniel said, walking to the door.

“Wait Daniel,” Patricia said and moved closer to him. She pulled him into a tight hug, still weeping silently.

“Thank you for everything Daniel, I am going to miss you,” she said, hugging him, and I couldn’t see Daniel fighting his tears from bursting out.

“I will miss you too,” he said, disengaging from the hug. He tried to smile, and he waved at Patricia before walking out.

“Can’t I follow you there?” I mean to see how the place is,” I said as she walked back to where I was.
“No Spencer you can’t. But I promise to come back,” she said, and I nodded sadly.

“I love you, Patricia. I don’t care if we are related,’ he said, and I laughed.
” I love you too but we aren’t related,” she said, and I felt a great wind in the living room.
“Bye Spencer,” She said, vanished with the wind.

Chapter 22

King Grover’s POV
As soon as Patricia and Spencer left Lord Jackson’s house, I sent a gaint to bring his body home.

Tho he betrayed the gaint world, he should be buried at home. I stood in front of his dead body and so everyone gaint in my kingdom.

I moved up the rock to make my speech about Lord Jackson. And everyone looked at me with rapt attention.

“I never wished for a day like this to come, where I will be standing in front of my younger brother’s dead body to give a speech,” I said, looking at his dead body.

“There are many things you may not know about Lord Jackson. I only told it to my daughter Patricia. And that is the relationship between Jackson and me.

My parents found Jackson on the roadside; whosoever dumped him gave birth to him.

My parents, who, after giving birth to me, were desperate to give birth to another child but wasn’t able to decide to adopt Jackson and take care of him.

They brought him home and presented him to me as my brother, which I accepted without any troubles.

We started coming up like real brothers not until now when he envied the throne, my dead father left for me and decided to steal the seed that keeps our world from the enemies.

I then sent my only daughter to recover the seed tho I wasn’t in support of it. I had to do it. She managed to live in that world and collect the seed before killing our traitor Lord Jackson.

And I hereby welcome Patricia back home with the seed,” I finally said, stretching my hands forth to where Patricia was.

Everyone faced the direction I pointed to, and Patricia walked out in her gaint from the front of the people holding the seed in her hands.

I saw the happy look on my people, and they started applauding her as she walked forward. She got to my front and went on her knees, raising up the seed to me.

I pulled her up and hugged her tightly. “Thank you for staying safe and bringing back the seed,” I said happily.
“Thank you father for teaching me how to use my powers,” she said happily, too.

“Let the celebration begin,” I yelled, and the people yelled in response and started drumming and dancing.

“Father I need to ask you for a favor,” she said, looking at the joyful people.
“Anything my daughter,” I said, looking at her.

“I want to go back to the Earth to live with Spencer. I love him so much and I know it is not a taboo because we aren’t related by blood,” she said, holding my hands.
“Patricia,” I called sadly.

“Please father, I will never be happy without Spencer. Do this one thing for me and I promise to visit every time,” she said, pouting her mouth.

“Okay, Patricia. I want you to he happy,” I said, nodding, and she smiled widely.

“Thank you father, I love you,” she said and hugged me tightly.
“I will watch over you, go dear. But don’t forget you’re of promise,” I said, cupping her face in my hands.

“I won’t father. Bye!” She said happily as she vanished into the wind.

Spencer’s POV
I sat on the couch, thinking about Patricia. It has been three days since she left and I have been so bored since then.

I miss her so much, and I wish she would come back soon. I felt pressed suddenly, and I ran to my room to use the toilet.

I got into my room, and I heard the shower running in the toilet. “I didn’t leave it on,” I thought in fear.

I went to my drawer and carried my lamp that was on it. I tiptoed to the bathroom shaking. I pushed open the door slowly so I would attack whosoever was there all of a sudden.

I opened it and stretched the lamp into the bathroom, suddenly I flung the door open and alas! I saw Patricia grinning widely at me. She was naked under the shower.

“Hey Spencer, you care to join me?” She said.
“Sure I will,” I said, staring at her b**bs.
“Come here,” she said, pulling me to herself.


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