High School Love Story (The School Girl)

High School Love Story

Hi story lover! Today we are going to read a love story that is romantic and emotional. This story is based on school love, which is very common in our life. Everybody has a school crush or love, which is not forgettable. Our school life is the best moment in our life. All we have different types of love stories. Now, I’m going to share my school life love story. Let’s enjoy this story of love!

Story Of School Girl’s Love

The street was as busy as the international airport due to the vehicles struggling to pass to their different destinations. The car horn could be heard blowing for cars to leave the track for the long truck carrying cement. Jeffrey sat at the back seat of his father’s car, glancing at his wristwatch just to avoid being late to school. His father noticed it, glancing at him through the car mirror.

“Calm down, boy, we are almost there,” the father said, and Jeffrey smiled at the mention of boy. Soon cars began moving, giving way to Jeffery’s car as he smiled, and his father noticed it and smiled along.

Chapter 1

The students were busy walking to and from just to meet up with time due to the strict principle that does not tolerate any illegal activity. The building was just astonishing, added to the long tall fence that demarcated the school from St. Paul Catholic school.

The boys were dressed in white long sleeve shirt, long white trousers, a long white tie, and black cover shoes, while the girls were on a white skirt, white long sleeve shirt, black beret, and black shoes.
Soon the church bell began ringing, signifying that it’s 8:00 am, and just immediately, the school bell started ringing too as the students gathered in the vast assembly hall.

Back to Mr. Lanz’s house, Ella could be seen in her room dressing up in her school uniform. She had a goddess image with her fair skin, which brightens the whole room like stars. The room was well arranged. It was extra large with a big dressing mirror by the bedside. The room is just unexplainable, but rounding it up, the room is expensive, which means everything needed in a room is there.

“Ella,” Mr. Lanz, the father, called from the parlor arranging his tie and the same time listening to the early morning news as a business tycoon who will enable him to manage his business well.
“Dad is almost done just 5 minutes,” Ella replied as her voice echoed from her room.

“You will be late dear, hurry up. It’s your first day in school so learn to be punctual,” he said aloud as Ella hurried up just to meet up with time. Soon she was done as she carried her school bag heading to the sitting room to meet up with her father. Soon they mount the road with her dad being on the steering wheel while she sat with him on the front seat.

They soon arrived at the school, heading to the principal’s office just immediately. Ella took time to study the school and the environment if she can cope with others.
Mirabel arrived at the school too immediately, seeing Ella at a distance, she wondered who she is because she had not seen such a girl before in vision school, minding her business she walked inside her class with the conclusion that where so ever Ella is from in due time she will know.

Everything was settled in 1 hour while she was to stay in SS2 B.
“Thank you, sir,” Mr. Lanz said, exchanging hands with the principal and then leaving the office, kissing her 18-year-old daughter on the forehead before entering his car and zooming off.

Ella stood there looking for the class to stay, she looked around and was so confused due to uncountable buildings, and she didn’t know the right path to take, just then she sighted a billboard that tells a stranger where to go. There stood a giant billboard in every building that is boldly written “JSS1 BLOCK,” just like that till the senior sections helping her know her way there.

Back to SS2 b, where Ella was directed to, Mr. Alexander, the Physics teacher, was busy writing things on the board.
Just then, Ella arrived standing at the doorpost as all eyes drifted to her, she was a goddess, and she had a pair of glasses on her eyes.

She stood there while the student’s attention was no longer on the topic that was on the board. Mr. Alexander noticed it, and then his eyes all drifted to the door to see Ella standing, and then he smiled, walking to the door.

“Come in, Miss Ella, welcome to VISION SCHOOL,” he said as Ella smiled, walking in.
Jeffrey didn’t even notice that someone has come inside the class because his attention was more on the board just to take down important facts. The male gender couldn’t stop looking at Ella as she finally took her seat. Ella sat down, and then without time wastage, she brought her physics notebook and started writing what was on the board immediately.

The smile on her face vanished instantly as his face was now like a wrestler standing before his opponents. The topic, which was a vector and scalar quantity, finally ended, and Mr. Alexander left the class walking to his office while the boys began whispering to each other.

Mirabel, on the other end, knew that Ella was the girl she saw earlier at the principal’s office. She wasn’t even interested in the conversation of her fellow girls who were busy discussing the number of things Ella is putting on and where to buy it. Some of them even wished to be like her, while some even planning to talk to her in due time and make friends with her.

Jeffrey looked up after rounding up the calculations he was doing, his eyes met with that of Ella, and he wondered where and when she came into the class. Jeffrey is not a guy that likes girls that quickly. He continued his work while Ella didn’t take his eyes off her books, reading it with all sincerity.

Just then, Eric stood up from his place, trying to walk to the other end of the class but mistakenly matched Ella on the leg as she looked up in pain to see Eric looking down at her in pleading eyes.

“I’m sorry, miss,” he apologized, and Ella only nodded her head in a yes gesture looking down at where he matched. Eric was not satisfied with the nodding of the head. He wanted to hear her voice. He tried to listen to her, saying that he’s forgiven. He stopped again, walking back to her while 4th e whole class was now watching to see the next cinema displayed in the class.

“I said, am sorry,” Eric said again, this time louder than the last time, and Jeffrey now looks up to see Eric standing with Ella and talking, but he was not interested in their discussion.

This time around, Eric didn’t accept that Ella has forgiven him because she had refused to say anything, Ella too, was confused about what kind of human being Eric is.

Eric was now becoming angrier than before. His mode changed. He was now in a furious rage.
“For the last time, Ella or whatever you call yourself, I’m sorry for matching you,” he said, and Ella nodded her head this time. Eric had already raised his hand to hit her as all eyes were now feeding on them.

“You dare not try it, Eric,” a female voice sounded from the back seat as their eyes now went straight to where the voice came from to see that the voice belongs to Mirabel.

She was now standing up and so angry even more than Eric, she walked to Eric one on one and then looked at him in the eyes without shaking or being afraid of him.
” you dare talk back at me, Mirabel “? Eric asked.

“What’s your problem Eric, is now a crime for one to remain silent right? The girl nodded her head that she had accepted your apology, and you still insist. What’s your problem “? Mirabel asked him, thus making him chuckle.
Eric was now in a hot temper.

“Get out of my face now before I drag you away,” he fired, but Mirabel stood still.
“And what if I don’t “? Mirabel asked, taking her stand.
Ella, who had the problem with Eric, didn’t even seem interested in the topic any longer. She was now focused on her books, reading them more seriously than before as if nothing is happening before her. Eric raised his hands to hit Mirabel.

“You dare not try such, ” Mirabel fired.
” What is happening here “? A deep masculine voice sounded from the back, just like that of Angel Gabriel bringing good news from heaven as their eyes now went straight to see the owner of the voice.

Chapter 2

Everywhere became silent just at the hearing of the unknown voice as all turned to behold Jeffrey, who was now standing at his position just like Aristotle, who taught Alexander in one of the nursery school rhythms.
“Eric, why can’t you just behave yourself? You are disturbing the peace of the school ” Jeffrey’s voice came out slowly but deep in tone.

“Jeffrey, stay out of this. It’s none of your business,” Eric said, and Ella finally looked up to see the cute young man called Jeffrey defending her. She didn’t seem as if one of us was fighting on her behalf. She looked back to the book she was reading and then continued reading.

Just as the arguments were about exploring to another rank, Mr. Armstrong emerged from the door, making the whole class to be mute once again. Everyone returned to their seats, including Eric, who was now giving Ella a deadly glare.
“Good morning, sir,” all chorused as Mr. Armstrong dropped his teaching materials taking a good look at the class again.

“Good morning, sit down,” Mr. Armstrong added as all sat down, bringing out their notebook to take down the notes.
“Dude, why are you so rude to the new girl “? Mike whispered to him as he whispered back.
“That’s the best way of making friends with her,” he replied.
“But that’s not proper,” Mike added.

“It is proper because if I do it in a friendly way, it will look as if I’m rushing her, but as it is now, if I become friends Witt her, everyone will be surprised at how we became friends,” Eric added. Mike seems interested in the topic because it was so tactical just as he wanted to proceed, the voice of Mr. Anderson’s voice came as everywhere became silent.

He boldly wrote “GEOGRAPHY ” on the board, and he wrote the topic as “FLOODING.”
“Now, the class, who can tell us the meaning of the topic “flooding “? Mr. Anderson asked, walking to the corner of the class while the students raised their hands. Eric was one of those who raised his hand, glancing at Ella to see her looking at Mr. Anderson strangely. Even Jeffery, too, knew the answer but didn’t raise his hands.
” yes, Evelyn. “

“Flooding is the accumulation of an abnormally large volume of water in an area which has refused to percolate or flow away,” Evelyn replied boldly.
“Wow, perfect answer Evy, I love this, ” Mr. Anderson said, walking to the board and then continue writing, and then everyone joined in writing, especially Ella, who didn’t want any form of distraction.

Mr. Anderson paused after writing the causes of flooding and then asked the students to mention flooding causes. Almost half of the class raised their hands, but he noticed a pretty fine girl who was still written without even caring if a question is being asked. That was Ella.

“what are you doing, young girl “? He asked Ella in a furry tone. She looked up.
“Stand up,” he commanded while Ella stood up.
“Who are you, and what’s your name “? he asked, but the class was as silent as a graveyard. Ella was only looking at him but didn’t say a word. He asked again, but she said nothing for the second time.

“Young girl tell us your name and mention one cause of flooding,” Mr. Anderson asked again. By this time, all eyes were on Ella, and Eric too wondered what was wrong with the cute girl because she is not talking to me, Anderson, either.

Mirabel exchanged a deadly glare, Witt Eric, seeing the situation on the ground, Jeffrey too looked at the cute for the last time as she bent down, took a piece of paper wrote her name on top of the paper and then the answer then stretched to Mr. Anderson who collected it looking strangely at her wondering if she’s dumb or something.

His eyes widened in shock immediately he collected the paper, he only saw her name as Ella Lanz, the rest of the things on the paper was rubbish as she called her by name asking her to kneel till the end of the class.
“Ella, come out here, kneel here,” he commanded, which she obediently did.

“Nonsense,” he added and then continued what he was doing.
“some cases of flooding include:

  1. Presence of steep slope in an area
  2. Break down of damps and embankments
  3. Poor drainage system,” he added and then continue. The class was so dull to Ella as she kept kneeling, feeling bad for such a punishment on her new school’s first day.

The lesson finally ended as Ella returned to her seat, and just immediately, the bell for break finally came on.
The class was now calm as Ella sat alone, feeling bad. She took off her glasses, looking outside, and watching others take a u-turn to the cafeteria.

She stood up, walking outside like a lost fowl who got the loss on the way. She didn’t even notice that someone was coming as she collided with Richard, popularly known as “Black ” due to his body complexion. Richard is the senior prefect of vision school, dark, tall, and intelligent.

“Miss watch your steps next time,” Richard said in anger, hoping she would apologize, but she didn’t increase the anger in him.

Ella didn’t even show any sign of regret.
“you can’t even apologize? Do you know me in this school “? Richard asked.
Ella stood watching him as dumb Witt her glasses in her eyes; she was not even moved.

Jeffrey noticed what was happening and how the senior prefect was so angry, he knew that he needed to save Ella from the wrath of Richard, who is known as “Black. “ He rushed to the scene.
“Good morning, senior,” he greeted, bowing a bit.

“Good morning,” RI hard replied, still concentrating on Ella.
“Apologize now, or I deal with you seriously, ” RI hard-fired.
Jeffrey hit her to apologize, but she didn’t even show concern.
“Senior, please, I’m sorry on her behalf,” Jeffrey said pleadingly.
“Who is this rat here claiming so big and arrogant ” Richard added.

“Senior am so sorry she’s dumb that’s why she’s new in my class,” Jeffery added as Ella was now visibly angry, which leads to her giving Jeffery a deadly slap on the left cheek for calling her dumb. What an insult.
She walked away from them without minding what will happen to Witt’s behavior in the school.

Like Jeffery, Richard was surprised, who was holding his cheek in pain, looking at her retrieving figure.
The bell for the end of the break finally came on, and everyone retired to their classes. Ella sat on her desk alone while others returned to the class, including Jeffery, who was ashamed of himself for trying to help her but ended up being disgraced in front of the senior prefect.

Ella kept glancing at her wristwatch impatiently, wishing the fine could be fast-forwarded to 2:00 pm, but she couldn’t. The rest of the day was hell to her as she didn’t even know if she will come back to the school the next day. First, it was Eric, second, it was the geography teacher, and lastly, it was the senior prefect Richard, what a bad day.

Just as she was expecting, the time finally flies and then rested exactly at 2:00 pm. The bell for dismissal finally came on as she hurried up, packing her books into her bag, and others were watching her, thinking of what type of human being she is. She has not said a word to anyone in a while day, thus discouraging Florencia and the rest to make friends with her.

Jeffrey took out his phone and then carried his school bag on his back while he kept nodding his head slowly to the tone of the music playing Witt the help of the white earphones in his ears.

He walked to the door looking back at Ella for the last time, and walked away. The girl she was trying to help pay him back with a hot slap. He rubbed the cheek again, feeling the hotness, and walked to where his father’s car was waiting for him. He hops in, greeting the young man that looked just like him, and then the car zoom off.

Cars kept coming in and going out of the school building, taking students out to their different destinations. Ella waited patiently for her driver because she knew it’s her driver that will be coming due to how busy her father is.

Richard sighted her from afar, and just as he wanted to approach her the second time to deal with her seriously, her driver finally showed up as she hops in the back seat, relaxing without even greeting the driver.
Richard has to postpone her punishment to the next day, praying she comes to school late to punish her due to her behavior.

The car finally zoomed off on the main road taking several turns until they finally reached their destination. After several turning, the black gate was rolled open, and they drove in.
Ella jumped out with her school bag immediately after the car came to a halt. She walked directly inside after typing the door password as it rolled open, and then she entered.

She walked directly to her room, open the door, and threw her school bag on the bed, and then collapsed on the bed with her school uniform, reflecting on how her first day in Vision School was.

20 minutes later…
The sound of water splashes could be heard from the bathroom as Ella enjoyed every bit of it. It finally stopped as she tied a towel to her chest, walking out of the bathroom to her room, allowing the water to drip down her body without cleaning it.

She walked to the fridge, opened it, and brought out a chilled juice drink, poured it into a glass, and then took a sip of it.
She brought out her iPad, unlock it, and start playing her favorite game known as Candy crush while the popping sound kept popping.

Chapter 3

Jeffrey got to his own house with his father looking so tired and exhausted he collapsed on one of the parlor chairs, which was on a circle form.
Looking at the house, it was also described as a small heaven on earth due to the house’s structure and the physical thing’s presence.

On-wall were pictures of Jeffery’s when he was little and that of his late mother. On the other side were pictures of the country president because Jeffery’s father is a government worker. Soon the door opened, Mr. Meyer walked in. Seeing his son still in his school dress, he walked up to him.
“Oh, boy, won’t you take off your school uniform “? Mr. Meyer asked.
“Dad, I will. “

“Go to your room and then do that, including taking your bath,” Mr. Meyer address walking to where the TV was. He switched it on as a government worker listening to the house.

Mirabel could be seen with only a reward pant and a black bra sitting in her room on top of her bed, she was doing assignments, but a mere looking at her, you will find out that her mind is no longer with her due to how she was lost in thought.

She was indeed thinking about Ella and her childish attitude, which she didn’t understand, or could it mean that Ella is dumb due to what happened for the day. She didn’t talk to anyone, including the geography teacher. “let’s see what tomorrow brings, “she added and stood up, walking to the refrigerator shaking her butt like a slut who is waiting for her customer on the roadside.

Eric, too could be seen sitting only white singlet and a small, expensive table before him, he was sitting in their house garden which was so soft excellent there, the cool breeze, the chirping of the birds, the falling on the dry leaves. Eric sat there reflecting on the issue of Ella too.

He had started having feelings for her. That was why he did what he did in the class, but the funny thing here now is Ella refusing to talk. Wondering if she’s dumb, his interest in her began to fade away slowly. Eric took a sip from his drink and then dropped it back on the table, allowing it to cool his dry throat, knowing fully that he would confirm the truth.

It was 9:00 pm already. The street lights illuminated the whole street, making it looked matured and relaxed.
Ella could be found lying face up to the ceiling in her room, but she wasn’t sleeping. The blue light that illuminated the room added to the wallpaper’s blue wallpaper made the room awesome. She was thinking of her life in the new school, and she’s going to cope with others without causing trouble in the school. She finally slept off after she might have concluded on what to do.

7:45 am…
“Dad, I’m almost through, please, “Ella shouted, taking a look at herself in the vast dressing mirror before her. She was already dressed for school with her white uniform.
” I’ll be there soon,” he added.

Students could be seen walking up and down as the junior ones ran up and down to meet up with time for the morning devotion. Richard, the senior prefect, known as “Black,” could be seen giving his instructions to his fellow mates while he walked around with his hands in his trouser pocket.
The bell for morning devotion finally came on, and the students rushed to the assembly hall located in the third block next to the senior block.

Soon the devotion commenced. Eric was there, Jeffrey was there, Mirabel was there too, but Ella was missing. Richard, still in his position outside, scanned the whole environment if he will sight Ella, the stubborn girl. Just then, Ella arrived with his father as she bid him goodbye while Mr. Lanz kissed her on the forehead. She tried to walk past Richard, the senior prefect.

“Hey girl, come back here,” Richard said in his standing position, and Ella walked up to him like an obedient kid.
Richard was surprised cause he had a punishment for her. He thought that she would prove stubborn again today, but he was wrong. He had to forgive her and then take another decision.
“Check your time. What’s the time ” he asked while glanced at her wristwatch and back to Richard without saying anything.

“Always be punctual to school, never you come to school late again,” he added as Ella walked away. Richard slowly looked back at her retrieving figure. Even when he was talking with her, his mind was no longer there as he was contemplating in his mind on how to talk to her.

Ella got to the class, and soon the daily activities began as usual. Eric came into the class, and his eyes got to where Ella was sited. He diverted his eyes, pretending as if he didn’t see her, and walked away. Jeffrey, too, glanced at the pretty damsel called Ella to see her busy Witt her book that early morning. He looked out also.

Mirabel was expecting that Ella will even say HI to her due to how she saved her from Eric’s wrath, but she was wrong because Ella was not even concerned, making her wonder what type of human being she is.
The class was so noisy that even a bird will be disturbed about the whole noise, just then Mr. Edwards, the civic education teacher, walked in, and the class went silent instantly.
“Good morning, sir “!

“Good morning, students sit down, ” he replied, walking to the board directly. He whipped the board and began the business of the day while everyone was now busy writing.
Ella was busy writing others likewise when Mr. Edwards stopped on the way then looked back to the class. Mr. Edwards is not w type that always takes jokes or smiles; he is the strict type.

He looked at the class. If everyone is present, he saw his favorite student, Jeffery, who happens to be the most intelligent dude in the class. He smiled and then paused
“Good morning once again, students. “
“Good morning, sir. “

“Now, looking at the board, you will see the topic as “HUMAN RIGHTS, Jeffrey, can you tell us the meaning of this “? He added, and Jeffrey smiled because he knew very well that it’s him he will choose. He stood up while Ella watched him and listened to what he has to say.

“Sir, human rights are freedoms, privileges, prerogatives enjoyed by the citizens of a given state without which life becomes dull and uninteresting,” he replied, and Mr. Edwards was pleased.
“That’s why I like you, dude, the perfect answer I love it,” he added, smiling.
“Can someone else give us another definition of human rights “? He asked, scanning the whole class as his eyes met with that of Ella, the new girl.

“Yes, you tell us what is human rights “?he asked, pointing at Ella as all eyes went straight to her. Ella stood up in respect, looking directly at Mr. Edwards. Eric listened very well to hear if she will finally say a word, including Jeffrey and the whole class who witnessed what happened the previous day.
“Tell us your name and the meaning of human rights,” Mr. Edwards added while Ella didn’t say a word but kept looking at him.

“Don’t waste my time. Start talking,” he added while brought out a piece of paper, wrote her name and the meaning of human rights, stretching it to him. Mr. Edwards collected, looking surprisingly at her as if she’s dumb, but his eyes widened when he saw the book’s content, which she assumed as the meaning of human rights.

His smile faded while he looked angrily at Ella,
“Jackson Jeffery comes and take this and read to the whole class,” he called Jeffery, who obeyed while the whole class listened carefully to hear what Ella wrote. Jeffrey collected the paper standing before the class to read it.
He began, “Human rights are the breaking down of rocks into smaller particles by rainfall,” he ended.

The class couldn’t control it any longer as they all burst out laughing at Ella, who is as foolish as a one-year-old kid.
She was confused; all eyes were on her now, laughing and mocking her.
While Mirabel and Jeffrey shook their head in shame and pitiful way.

Chapter 4

Mr. Edwards was so mad and furious at Ella for supplying him with such rubbish she called the answer.
“Come out here, Ella or whatever you call yourself,” he said angrily as other students were busy laughing at Ella for saying that human right is the washing away of the topsoil by water.
Ella stood up, walking like a princess as her butt kept shaking to and fro.

People like Jeffrey and Mirabel were surprised. If Ella is that dumb, then What is she doing in VISIONS SCHOOL cause? The school is not meant for a dull type like Ella.
“Get on your knees now,” Mr. Edwards commanded as Ella felt bad and embarrassed. She knelt, feeling the hot temper running in her veins as if she can just control Mr. Edwards and flogged him very well like a kid.

“Now, let’s proceed, “Mr. Edwards began. He took time to explain everything about human rights to the understanding of everyone. Meanwhile, Ella has been kneeling for the past 1 hour. She was damn weak and tired, but Mr. Edwards didn’t care. All he was after was a qualified student, not a fool.

Mr. Edwards finally packed his teaching materials for walking out of the class and then looked back at Ella, finally.
“Better learn how to be smart cause I don’t understand you,” he said and walked away while Ella stood up, walking to her seat. Most of the students couldn’t help make a mockery of her, laughing hard at her as if their lives depended on it.

Roseline, a brown skin girl just like Mirabel, went out to the front of the class carrying chalk and a Cain piece.
” hey, you come, tell the whole class what human rights is, ” she asked, pointing to Fred, who stood up too laughing.

“Human rights are the washing away of the topsoil by water,” he joked while Ella remained mute and deep down, she was crying herself out, Mirabel understood her, but she dared not go close to her since she’s a tiger in human form.
The class was so noisy and full of gist since there was no teacher to tell them what to do.

Time was running so fast till it finally clicked 12:00 pm, which is for a long break in VISION HIGH SCHOOL. Everyone went out, leaving Ella all alone to think over her life and decide if she will continue that way or challenge herself. Jeffrey pretended as if he was writing notes, but he wasn’t writing notes. He took the time to study her and know what she’s up to.

Jeffery’s mind was on how to change Ella from being mute to talkative finally, but he didn’t know her to make it possible.
The cool breeze began blowing in the hot afternoon hour, the chirping of birds in the school garden, the sound of moving vehicles on the road could be heard as Ella finally walked out of the class heading outside, the gentle breeze blew her white school uniform to the left direction. Simultaneously, her lengthy hair danced to the tone of the sweet melody offered by the gentle breeze.

She was folding her hands like a kid who just lost something important. She walked to the vast mango tree standing in the middle of the school, which served as shade, sat down watching the children in junior-level playing, and smiled, hoping that it will be well soon.

Her glasses were still on her eyes as she kept watching the kids played in the field. Richard saw her from a distance cause it’s Tge school rule the none should sit under the mango tree, but it seems no one told Ella about it, which means she’s in a deep mess with the school authority.

Richard senior prefect called Charles his assistant and Gentle the sanitary perfect, pointing his hand to Ella, who has just disobeyed the school order.
” look at what we have there,” Richard said, pointing to Ella.
“Who is she not to respect the school order “? Charles added.

“Let’s show her the best way, ” gentle added as they all walked to Ella, who was not smiling any longer seeing them walking towards her direction especially seeing Richard again tge head boy who always claim too big.
Richard himself was glad that he was not alone. He got people at his back who is ready to strike anytime if Ella proves stubborn.

They finally got to where Ella was sitting. She pretended as if she didn’t see anyone at all, which got Gentle provoked.
“Hey, miss, can’t you see the senior prefect is here? Or can’t you even greet, “he said angrily, but Ella gave them deaf ears. Seeing that Charles too was provoked, Richard carried his hands up, spreading it wide, telling them that’s how she always behaves.

“Do you know you’ve disobeyed the school rules by sitting here and by refusing to give your senior prefect the respect he deserves “? Charles asked as Ella looked disdainfully at them.

“Now apologize now, or we will take you to the higher authority, ” gentle added, feeling his blood boiling in anger, but Ella showed no concern as she stood up to leave. She was returned to her seat with a hot slap from Gentle, which landed her on the left cheek, making her face red instantly.

“That’s for proving stubborn,” he added.
Ella didn’t know what to do as she kept looking at gentle, caressing her cheeks, which was now burning like a hot flame.
Just then, Mr. Anderson heard all that was happening from his office. He came out, adjusted his glasses, looking directly at the teens under the mango tree.
“Davidson, what’s happening there ” he called tge senior prefect by his surname as he turned around.
He remembered Ella as tge girl who refused to say anything in his class, who wrote on a piece of paper for him. He wondered what she did this time around.

Ella, too, recalled him as the physics teacher. By now, the break was over, and everyone was in their different classes.
“Davidson, what happened “? He asked immediately he got to where they were all standing.
Richard took time to explained everything to him. He looked at Ella, wondering what type of human being she is to be this stubborn.

“Young girl, what happened “? He asked, but Ella said nothing, and he shook his head in pity and pain.
“Apologize to the senior prefect now, or they will Hans you over to the school authority,” Mr. Edwards said, and this time tears had already formed in her eyes. Still, she didn’t say a word; instead looked carefully at Mr. Edwards as if she was expecting something from him like the blind man at the beautiful gate in the Bible that was always ready to receive gifts from people.

“Take her to the principal’s office,” Mr. Edwards added and walked out on them.
Richard and his team took her to the principal’s office. Richard clicked on the bell as it rang, and a deep masculine voice could be heard telling them to come in as Richard, and his team finally went in, standing before the man who still looked young and fresh at the age of 50. He was busy signing some important files without looking up. On the wall were images of different government workers, including that of the country president.

“Yes, Davidson, what brings you to my office “? He asked without looking up.
Richard took time to explained everything to the principal. Finally, Mr. Pius looked up to see the stubborn girl and was surprised at what he saw. Such a pretty girl is a trouble maker.
“Is she the one Davison “? He asked, and he nodded his head in a yes gesture. It was now time for Ella to make her statement.

“Yes, young girl, tell us what happened, “? Me Pius asked, returning his attention to what he was doing. Time was going without any single word coming out of Ella’s mouth. Tge office was as silent as a graveyard still. Ella said nothing, thinking that they have all gone. Mr. Pius looked up but was surprised to see that there’s were still there.
“Are you deaf young girl? Tell me what happened “? He asked as another moment of silence took place.

Chapter 5

Ella was dumb for some minutes while she took over the atmosphere like a burial ground, which moment of silence is being observed for the deceased.
Mr. Pius was still busy. With his work, but the tranquility that took over his office was not okay with him.

“Speak up, young lady ” His voice came out this time around, startling both teams due to how it came unexpectedly. Ella has started shedding unknown tears. She started playing with her fingers like a newborn baby who is not satisfied with the mother’s breast.

“Sir…” she called and paused, seeing the fire in my Pius’s eyes that it was more than that of a dragon.
“Yes, continue. I’m listening. Remember, you must tell the truth,” he reminded her as she looked in the direction Richard and his team were standing.

Back to the classroom, Eric could be seen severally stretching his neck like a giraffe. He was busy looking at the door as if he was expecting someone.
Ella was not in the class, and no one knew her whereabouts, which caused the sudden restlessness of Eric, who happens to be falling slowly Inove Witt Ella unknowingly to him.

“Where is our human right, girl “? Josephine, a brown skin girl with long lashes, asked, referring to Ella. Others almost burst out laughing, remembering how Ella defined “human rights. “
Ella started playing with her fingers once again as Mr. Pius’s eyes were on her to hear her part of the story.
“Sir, I can’t be innocent,” she said while Mr. Pius looked at her in surprise. She just confessed Witt her mouth that she can’t be innocent, that means something has to be done.

“Yes, that means you’ve committed the crime that the senior prefect just reported to me, “? Mr. Pius asked
“I didn’t know if I have been doing it ” Ella finally dropped the last bomb, which was just like a person infected with coronavirus trying to walk to where the average human being is.

Mr. Pius adjusted backward on his seat while Richard covered his mouth to prevent himself from laughing; meanwhile, he was already choked to laughed like never before.

“Young girl, can you tell us the meaning of what you’ve just said “? Mr. Pius asked, but this time around, the tears that were formed in Ella’s eyes have started dropping beat by beat, Gentle started laughing already, but Richard was ashamed and couldn’t even utter a word because he has been praying for things to work out well with him and Ella.
Mr. Pius understood what happened and prevented the girl called Ella from disgracing herself the more, and he paused there.

“Davidson, thank you for the report. Just go to your class. I will settle the case. Only she should remain here,” Mr. Pius said as Richard and comments left.
Immediately they left, he looked at Ella to see how ashamed and embarrassed she was feeling. He felt pity for her.
No wonder Ella is behaving like a dumb he-goat refusing to talk to anyone in the class, including the teachers teaching her.

“Young girl, just go to your class. I will see what I can do, ” Mr. Pius said, and Ella left immediately without even waiting for another word from the principal.
She was embarrassed. On getting to the classroom, she packed her books. It was 1:15 pm.
She packed been books into her bag. Eric, who saw her from where she sat, wondered where she was and why she’s going without the school closing.

Everyone in the class looked at the strange girl to see that she was down, she had cried her eyes out, she knew very well that she couldn’t speak good English that is why she has been avoiding some people and refused to talk to them.
The tears in her eyes were about to drop as she hurried her steps out of the classroom.

Eric watched her from the window, feeling for her and how he’s feeling sorry for her for whatever the case may be.
People like Jeffery also wondered about Ella’s sudden change, but they were not surprised because she acted so weird since she came to school.

She got to the school gate. After answering a series of questions from the security Men and lying to them that she has vomited three good times that she needs to see her doctor, she could go out.
Without waiting for her driver because it was not 2 pm, she boarded a cab home.

Ella typed in the security password as the door unlocked at the last digit and closed back automatically on getting to the house. She flung her school on one of the cushions in the sitting room, instantly walking to her room. She collapsed on the bed allowing the tears to flow without cleaning them. Finally, what she has been avoiding for a long time has been known, the same reason she left her previous school because of the same reason.

She faced a lot of shame, insult, and, most of all, embarrassment. Still, her real identity has been known in the principal’s office even though she’s living in a developing area but can’t join others speaking correct English.
Ella wept so bitterly, “why is my case always different, why me?

Why did God even create me to face such pain and embarrassment? Why is my case always different? God, why did you even created me in the first place to face this great pain and suffering? I’m tired of this life. Just take me,” Ella complained so bitterly and slept off.
Eric got to the house so worried, thinking of Ella and what caused her to be so down and leaving the class when the time was not due.

Maybe something is bothering her that’s she doesn’t want anyone to know, ” Eric said, taking off his clothes, revealing his masculine body as hairs filled his chest like that of Sampson in the Bible.

The sound of music playing on a phone was heard. At the same time, Mirabel sat down with only panties since she was the only one in the room, revealing her cute and awesome body structure that a man’s back part can rise immediately without resisting such a damn adorable body.

Her thoughts drifted to Ella again for, she looked worried about Ella.
She had taken the time to study her and her lifestyle. Maybe there’s something she needs to know about her, maybe there’s something more important that she’s hiding from people, perhaps she’s suffering from something, and she wants it to be a secret between her only.

From the look of things, Ella is not okay with that life. She needs someone to talk to; she needs someone to advise her; she needs someone to help her overcome her fears; she needs someone to be ready to carry her burden.
“I think I will help the poor girl Ella. She needs help, ” Mirabel said, taking he4 phone by the hand and walking to the kitchen.

Ella woke up, hearing a soft knock on her door. She has slept for the past 5 hours. She was still in her school uniform. She had slept from 1 pm to 6 pm.
She stood up, walking sluggishly to the door. She grabbed the knob twist it open to behold the handsome man Mr. Lanz who opened his arms wide for a hug and was surprised when Ella turned her back on him.
He walked entirely inside, closing the door from behind as Ella sat on the bed with her head down as if she’s praying to Allah.

” My queen, what’s the matter “? She asked, and Ella remained quiet.
That’s how she has been behaving for the past years while she was in her previous school. Thinking that she will change, he moved her to visions high school, her new school.
Mr. Lanz looked to see her daughter sad and broken.

“Talk to me, dear. That’s why I am always here for you, baby,” Mr. Lanz said like a husband to his wife.
She’s all he got, so he dare not joke with her precious daughter. He loves her more than gold.
Ella leaned on her father’s shoulder, crying out her heart as Mr. Lanz took the responsibility of a father to make sure she’s safe.

“So sorry, baby, get up and take your bath. It’s late already. Everything will be soon okay,” Mr. Lanz assured as Ella stood up, undressing before the father, who stood up walking outside, giving her the privacy she needed.
She walked to the bathroom, which was just still in the same room as hers. The sound of the running water was heard as it landed on Ella’s bare body.

Visions high school was busy as cars kept dropping students, cars of different colors, and sizes and models could be seen dropping students.
Richard, the senior prefect, popularly known as black, could be seen in the late post with his people showing them what to do. His two hands were in his trousers pocket, looking damn hot and cute.

Just then, he sighted a car dropping Ella at a distance. He smiled Witt, his hands still in his pockets.
Ella pecked him on the forehead and then waved him goodbye as he left.
Immediately she came near Richard, the head boy, Richard began laughing o loud that none knew the cause.

All eyes were now on the head boy, wondering what causes the sudden laughter. His eyes were trailing Ella.
Others who knew what he was laughing about joined him in work.

Chapter 6

Richard was still laughing at Ella. She was ashamed of herself, knowing fully well that it’s before her wrong English the previous day that caused the sudden laughter by the head boy.
She tried her best not to be carried away by his laughter. She walked past them, trying to get to the class, while Richard, the head boy, called her back.

“Hey girl, come back here,” he called Ella back, which she obediently did.
Mirabel, who came to school early enough, stood at a far distance watching her and the head boy trying to punish her.
“You can’t even greet, right? Or are you afraid of welcoming in the wrong way again? ” Richard asked Ella, who didn’t show any concern about what he said.
She was annoyed that if Richard were not the head boy, he would have died that instant with a hot slap.

The morning devotion ended, and everyone dispersed to the different classes, including Jeffrey, Eric too, was in the queue of people moving to their class.
Ella didn’t even care to join them, but deep down, she decided to start talking no matter how shameful it will be for her to be speaking wrong English since it’s high time she starts talking to be corrected for her errors.

The class was so noisy that early morning as Mr. Adams emerged from the door, thus causing another tranquility among the students, Ella was in her seat while Eric kept stretching his neck to see if their eyes will come in contact with each other, but it didn’t.

“Good morning, sir.”
“Good morning, students, sit down and get your writing materials ready, ” Mr. Adams announced, walking to the board majestically, Witt his white beards in his jaws.
Mr. Adams Witt his long brown trouser, which he adjusted to his belly area, and a white shirt which he properly tucked it in. On his eyes were eyeglasses, which enabled him to read and write clearly.
“Good morning, students once again. “
“Good morning, sir. “
He smiled and began.

” Today, we are dealing with acid and their classes, including their properties and everything ” he paused, looking at the students to see them all paying great attention, which made him smile and continue.

“Now, can someone tell me what acid is? ” he asked, and by tgus time Ella’s heart has started racing so fast that if care is not taken, she will faint because of the fear that she will be chosen to answer the question and it will cause her another pains and shame.

Many hands were up, including Eric, Jeffrey, Mirabel, Josephine. Mr. Adams looked at his brilliance and chose Eric to answer the question.
“Yes, Eric, tell us your answer. “
“Sir, acid is a substance when dissolved in water. It produces a hydroxonium ion as the only positive ion,” he replied, looking at Ella.

“Great, I love this, ” Mr. Adams announced and walked to the board and then wrote down Eric’s definition of an acid, which was the correct thing.
“No, the chemical properties of acid, who knows it “? Mr. Adams asked, scanning the whole class to see a beautiful damsel she has not seen before, she didn’t raise her hand, and her mind was far from the class.

“Hey, a young girl tells us your name and the physical properties of acid,” he said, pointing to Ella as everyone looked at her. In contrast, others who remembered what happened the previous day while trying to define human rights began laughing.

Ella stood up this time around boldly. She tried her possible best not to be ashamed. She had already made up her mind to speak, even though it will cause her more pains, shame, agony, and many things, but it’s her decision.
All eyes were on her, watching and listening to her if she finally talked because she is being described as dumb in the class.

She stood there as silence enveloped the whole class.
“Yes, young girl, tell us your name and some physical properties of acid, ” Mr. Adams added.
Ella stood Witt, her cute face-up, and her lips were now about to move for her to speak.

Jeffrey looked at her, praying she says something. Mirabel smiled, hoping she makes a correct sentence, Eric too, felt as if he would answer the question for her due to how he felt.
“Good morning, sir,” she greeted for the first time, and everyone was shocked for Ella to speak, which has never happened before.

“Good morning, now tell me the physical properties of acid, ” Mr. Adams added as Ella cleared her throat to speak up.
“Sir, acid was a substance which dissolved and dissolved when heated it can’t become a common salt,” she said, looking at Mr. Adams to see if there’s the answer is correct.

Meanwhile, the whole class couldn’t control their laughter again for such an overgrown fool to be in VISION school, known as the best school ever.
Everyone laughed, hitting their desk. Eric looked down, feeling ashamed. Instantly Mirabel understood, while Ella chose to be silent all through her life.

Adding to what she wrote yesterday, as the definition of salt, it was so shameful that Ella tried her best not to shed tears since she was determined.
Mr. Adams understood her, and she asked her to sit down. Mr. Adams hope to see her as a better person in the nearest future.

“Look at her, as beautiful as she is, but she’s so dull,” Miranda whispered to Ann as they both chuckle.
“Silent everywhere “! Mr. Adams ordered as everywhere became silent that instant. He didn’t wish for any answers again from the students as he began writing on the board.
Everything went smoothly as he kept explaining everything after the notes on the board he left, thus causing another riot in the class.

Ella didn’t even care if they were mocking her or not, but she was meant to face it no matter how it will be.
Teachers kept coming in and out of the class, giving them different lessons, the students kept mocking Ella on every lesson that is being taught, they kept uttering silent words.

Time flew so fast that the time was already 12:00 pm as the bell for a break came in. People began leaving gradually while Eric was waiting patiently if they will go out, leaving Ella alone for him to strike a conversation with her, but Mirabel also was waiting for that.

Ella sat down. She brought out her book to read even though she’s full, but she still keeps reading to prevent shame.
Mirabel walked slowly to Ella to see her reading a book titled “My intelligence, “she smiled standing before her, Ella pretended as if she saw no one and as if no one is before her.
Eric, too kept sitting to watch the next thing that will happen.

“Hi,” Mirabel said to Ella, who looked up to see Mirabel smiling, but she instantly looked away.
“I understand how you are feeling, but at least I am here to help. I mean no harm, ” Mirabel added as Ella pretended as if she’s deaf.

“Just one thing is what I need from you. I just want us to be friends,” Mirabel said, and Ella didn’t care.
She closed her locker and then stood up without looking at Mirabel on the face. She walked past her heading outside to the mango tree again, forgetting what she faced the last time.

Mirabel left disappointed, but she was mean in talking to her. She was not ready to let her be until she makes sure that Ella is just like her in reading, speaking, and success in her academic carrier.
Eric stood up, walking outside. The sun was so hot as he sighted Ella sitting under the mango tree, which she’s not supposed to sit, he ran to her to tell her not to be there.

“Hi,” he greeted, waving at her, but she didn’t say a word.
“I know I offended you, but I’m now sorry. You need to forgive me, and let’s be friends,” Eric said, but Ella kept reading her book as if no one is talking to her.
Eric looked foolish and disappointed, and he was hoping that at least she will forgive him, but it wasn’t going to be possible.

“Just forget about everything I did to you. I’m nowhere to help you. It’s dangerous for you to be here. If the head boy sees you here, it’s a punishable offense for sitting here. Please Ella, just get up and sit somewhere else,” he said, but she paid dead ears to him as if no one is talking.
“I’m only trying to help you,” he added, but still, Ella was not moved.

Just then, Richard, the head boy, and his team arrived at the place as if they always knew that Ella would be there.
Seeing them, Eric froze immediately, knowing full well what he’s going to face also, which was damn wrong.
“Chai, I’m dead,” Eric said as Ella looked up to see the beast again called Richard as they walked to them, glaring at them, which the unexpected is about to happen.

Chapter 7

Though the sun was high, the cool breeze was also out, thus adding nature to make it look friendly and excellent.
“The stubborn fly always follows the corpse to the grave. Why are you here “? Richard asked in anger speaking in parables like Jesus used to talk with his disciples.
Eric looked at Ella to see, looking dangerously at Richard, it seems to him that they have come in contact with each other before.

“Erm, senior Richard, she’s new in the school, and please, she does not know that one is not permitted to sit down here. Please forgive her, ” Eric added, and Ricard chuckle. It seems Eric is trying to defend the dumb.

“Eric, who do you think you are? Why not allow her to speak on her own? Or have you ever heard that the law is being pleaded to be fair “? Richard asked Witt to make Ella speak her wrong English for them to use that medium and laughed at her.

Gentle, who was in Richard’s team, saw that it’s not fair. Even if Ella is not able to speak correct English, she’s still a human being. After all, everyone was created for a purpose. Maybe she has her role to play, then why is Richard trying to make the girl look stupid before them?
“Black, let the girl be,” Gentle said, giving him the respect he deserves as the head boy.

“It seems you are drunk gentle. Who are you to speak when the lawmakers are speaking “? Richard asked
“You’ve gone too far, not because she can’t communicate with others using good English that you want to make jest Witt her, what if this same thing happened to your sister how well you feel “? Gentle said, demonstrating.

Back to the streets, cars were seen speeding along the express road going to their different destinations. Some didn’t even care if they would have an accident due to their speed to meet up with time.

Mr. Lanz could be seen stepping out of his car as three men dressed in black approached him. Back to the nature of the building and its physical structure, it was a company which Mr. Lanz is the owner.
The workers were busy up and down to produce money and earn a living.

“Good morning sir,” one of them dressed in black greeted as he opened the door for Mr. Lanz to step out. He took briefcases in his hands as others bow for him in a sign of respect.

He walked inside the building that was well built. On the walls were different screen hanging, showing what is happening from different angles of the company. He took the left-hand side and arrived at the elevator.
He pressed the button, and the elevator opened, he walked in, and it closed back by itself.

He finally dropped on the third floor, his office, which had his name boldly written on the doorpost.
He walked in after typing the door password, and then he sat down, allowing the cool AC that was blowing to calm him down due to the hot temperature of the day.
Remembering her daughter Ella’s case and how she behaved the previous got him worried once more since she’s the one he got.

“What is happening to this boy nowadays? He’s acting strange and weird,” Mrs. Davison said, crossing her legs on the glass table that was before her.
The house was not that expensive, but it was a bungalow with green paint added to the home’s beauty.

Mrs. Davison is in her early 40’s, she looks young and pretty, but the case of Richard, her son behaving strangely for the past days, got her worried.

“Is this the same Richard I gave birth to?’ zhe added and then shook her head negatively.
“Oh God please save my son Richard for me “she concluded standing up while one of hand was controlling her flowing blue gown which she was putting on and the other was Witt a glass of red wine.
She walked majestically like a queen to her room, located at another angle of the house.


“What’s your problem, gentle? Oh, you are now forming to be a good Samaritan to this old fool standing here who doesn’t know how to start writing her name “? Richard barked at Gentle, and it could be physically seen in his eyes.
The arguments were more than how it supposed to be. Their voice got to where it was considered not to reach.

Just then, Mr. Oba sighted them from a distance, arguing and pointing fingers at each other, and that’s the kind of students he has been looking for to treat them as a human being. He adjusted his trouser until it leaves his waist region to his stomach region like one comedian. His eyeglass, too, was adjusted to his nose area.
Seeing him everywhere became mute and silent as if a sudden death occurs.

All eyes were now on Mr. Oba as if he’s the chief judge here to finalize the whole issue.
“Can someone tell me what happened here and what causes the sudden tranquility on my arrival “? Mr. Oba asked, and everywhere became silent as they looked from one to another, waiting for the person to start the explanation.

Eric stole at a glance at Ella to see her looking more charming than before, so his feelings kept increasing, but he is now starting to fear losing her because someone else is there to defend her too. Maybe he also has feelings for her.

“Sir, it’s in the school rules and regulations that no one should sit under this mango tree, and if such s student is found, the punishment should be given as recorded in the school diary,” he added as Eric glared at him. Mr. Oba adjusted his glass to have an exact look at him.

“Are you sure of your statement “? He asked, and he nodded in a yes gesture while Mr. Oba gave the ground to the other side to make their statement, which was Ella’s team.
“Over to you guys, why did you insult the head boy “?

“Sir, it’s not insulting and never in my plan to insult the head boy of the school,” Eric began and then paused to take a breath looking at Mr. Oba, who was now feeding his eyes on him like a lost fowl.

“The reason I came into the case is when the head boy started calling the girl names due to her inability to speak correct English, he uses that opportunity to mock her the more, so I didn’t insult him, but I was trying to let him know that people were created for different purposes ” Eric added as Ella smiled so wide for the first time seeing the boldness and the help Eric has just offered her to save her from another shame.

Mr. Oba adjusted his glasses, looking at the two teams in an elderly way. He cleared his throat allowing the saliva to run down his dry throat to prevent it from the so-called sore throat.

“All of you meet me in my office,” he added and walked away, heading to his office as they all followed. Just as they there about entering the general staff room, the sound of the school bell came on as an emergency one. Ella looked at her wrist watch to see the time as 1:15 pm, not yet time for school to close, so she wondered what the bell was for.

Eric glanced at her again, and she caught him unknown, her smile vanished immediately to an angry one.
In less than 5 minutes, the devotion hall was filled with students from different classes, both junior and senior. The noise that arose was just like an unknown thunder that is likely liable to destroy the building.
So good for them, the AC in the school assembly hall was still working, thus giving them the perfect time they needed.

The arrival of the principal seems as if nothing happened as the noise kept coming so loud. Richard has to do his work as he sends out his boys to control the noise, and everywhere became silent at a time. He threw Ella a deadly glare praying she makes noise for him to seize that opportunity to torture her.
“Good afternoon, great students of vision school. “
“Good afternoon, sir,” the students’ voice like that of Sampson mighty wind, and the house returned to its normal state again.

“I summoned you all here for an important meeting that just came up after the management of the school has discussed the issue” he paused to take a deep breath, and then seeing the looks of the students so calm to hear him out, he began.
“So, the reason why you are here is that vision school had agreed on having their inter-house sports competition ” he did not even finish his speech when students began making noise, shouting because most of them were waiting for such opportunity, they jumped up in great joy and happiness that finally what they have been expecting js yet there.
Mr. Pius saw the happiness in the faces of the students and smiled.

Richard seized that opportunity. He sighted Ella standing, and he sent 2 of his other prefects to go bring her out.
They brought her out, and he commanded her to kneel on the podium in front of all the students, which Ella obediently did, thus confusing the principal as he didn’t know what to say.

He remembered Ella as the girl brought to the office by Richard, the head boy, in the case of disobedience and using words on the head boy. Since the issue had been solved, why does the head boy Richard distract him from his speech?

Eric looked at Richard angrily. Gentle did the same, including Mirabel.
Before I continue my speech, as from today Richard Davidson is suspended from his office as the head boy until further notice, he seized to be the senior prefect of vision school until we decide what to. Gentle Aside is to take up Richards office as the head boy until the case is settled.

Chapter 8

Richard got home, walking briskly with an angry face, which shows that all is not working well.
He opened the door, flung his school bag on the cushion then walked to his room.
Mrs. Oba saw him from the kitchen with such an edgy look but decided he should rest first before she knows what to do.

Richard sat down only on singlets showing his bare chest filled Witt’s hairs, and he sat down on his bed looking so downcast. How can Mr. Pius do such rubbish just because of a mere girl called Ella?

Jeffrey, the gentleman, got home. He had taken time to study Ella to know her mission and why she’s behaving that way, and finally, he arrived at a conclusion but decided to watch and see if his guess is right.
“Mom, I’m hungry,” Jeffrey shouted from the kitchen, checking out, and found no food.

“Darling, check your refrigerator. It’s there, coming or warm it,” she said from the kitchen, and Jeffrey returned to his room, smiling that he has a caring mother.
Mirabel had tried her best to go close to Ella, but it seems as she’s trying to go close, she’s retrieving backward, but her mind is set on making sure that Ella is like her one day.

Mirabel stood up, Witt her phone in her hands, and dialed a number placing the phone on her ear.
“Hello, I will be there soon,” she said, hanging the call, and then went to her wardrobe to check the outfit that will be better for her.

Mr. Lanz could be seen signing some important documents in the office when the door flung open, and his secretary walked in with some files in his hands.
“Sir please, we have another letter here from Neil’s company, requesting to partner with us,” Paul said.
“Okay, just keep it there. I will do that soon,” he said, pointing to the table without looking up as he dropped it and left.

The night was beginning to take over as darkness continued its work from where the day stopped.
Meanwhile, in the busy street, cars could be seen speeding up Witt, their headlight on, adding to the brightness of the street light. No place was left for darkness.

Mr. Lanz bad promised to take her daughter Ella out just to have fun with her only daughter. Ella could be seen in a pair of jean trouser and whit polo that had been designed all over.

Mr. Lanz saw how beautiful his daughter was, but deep down, he was sad that even Witt this cuteness, he had tried everything good to educate, but it seems it’s not working. He looked at his princess for the last time and smiled as Ella returned the smile.

“Can we proceed, my queen?” he asked, stretching out his hand like a groom who is ready to take them bride to the alter.
“Yes, my lord,” she replied as they both end up laughing like crazy dogs.
“I don’t blame you. Let’s proceed, ” Mr. Lanz said, opening the door for Ella, who took the front seat, checking out her looks from the car mirror.

Music was playing everywhere in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Blue light could be seen rotating all over the house as couples danced to the tune of the music playing in the background.

Ella arrived with the father holding hands together like the newly married couple. She kept smiling at her father, who never stopped admiring how beautiful she was looking.

Guys were drilling over her already as some of them were even staring at her with mouth wide open.
“Sir, please this way, let’s take the VIP area ” One of the attendants dressed in a red polo and black jean skirt directed them as they took the next step going up to the VIP area.

One thing about Mr. Lanz is that he doesn’t want to behave like he has and owned everything, like going to occasions with an escort. He’s always on a low-key maintaining life.

They located an empty seat with four expensive chairs around it, and they sat down as Mr. Lanz told Ella to choose Witt she wanted. In less than 5 minutes, the table was filled with orders made by Ella as the father watched her smiling, remembering her mother, who was just the same as Ella.

Jeffrey was in a hurry to meet up with John, his friend, who invited him to Motrin shopping mall.
Jeffrey could be seen walking at an unexplainable speed that the breeze alone can even push out an older man. He kept checking his wristwatch continuously to meet up with time, praying that he does not arrive there late make John angry.

John, a handsome young dude could be seen with his friends sitting around a table meant for them.
John was just like Jeffery, same height, complexion, and everything was just the same.
John smiled, seeing Jeffery approaching him. They both embrace each other in a friendly way patting each other on the back.

“I thought you would not come, ” John complained.
“If I no come for you who I go for, dude, ” Jeffery replied, smiling, taking his seat as all looked strangely at him.
Just as he sat down, another pretty image arrived, looking extremely beautiful in a long red flowing gown that made her look like a goddess.

Jeffrey looked to behold Mirabel, the queen of beauty, walking up to them. She was smiling all through.
John stood up, embracing her so tight, pecking her on the cheek.

Mirabel is John’s girlfriend, and it’s obvious John is celebrating his birthday there. In no time, John’s table was filled with visitors as they began singing birthday songs for John popping Champaign like never before, pouring him drinks all over.

Mirabel kept smiling at the childish act by John’s friend pouring him drink. He carried that wet body and hug Mirabel, who reciprocated.
Jeffrey left for the restroom to ease himself, he took his left-hand side leading to the restroom, but unfortunately, he missed the right place, entering the wrong room, which was for the female. He pushed the door open and closed it back instantly, seeing that a lady is there already, he leans on the wall since the lady resembled someone. He wanted to be sure it’s her.

The restroom door flung open, and Ella walked out, arranging her clothes, trying to walk past as a strange hand grab her. She jerked in fear as her body became cold instantly.

Jeffrey was still leaning on the wall without moving. Ella moved her eyes to where the hand came from to see Jeffery, the guy she dislikes most she almost slapped him but decided to act cool.

She tried to disengage her hands from that of Jeffery, but the hand was just too strong. She didn’t want to say anything to avoid making a mistake again on speaking the wrong language.

“We need to talk, Ella,” Jeffrey said calmly in a slow and gentle voice, but Ella didn’t seem to be listening to him.
“See, whatever you are passing through, I can be of help,” he said, looking directly at her, but she instantly averted her eyes.

She tried again to disengage, but she couldn’t.
“Whatever the case may be, you can share it with me,” Jeffery said calmly as Ella mode changed Witt’s anger and furious rage instantly.

“Since you don’t want to talk, let me tell you. I’ve studied you for a long time now, and I know what your mission in vision high school is and why you are acting so weird, so I’m giving you the next 17 hours from now for us to talk about this, or I expose you to the whole school” Jeffrey added releasing her and walked away.

Ella stood close to 2 minutes without moving or saying anything. Jeffrey just said the unexpected, but that can’t be possible, and besides, she’s not up to anything. She finally left too to where her father was. She pleaded Witt him for them to leave as they both went after so much persuasion.

Ella got home; she couldn’t even sleep, repeatedly thinking of Jeffery’s words. It seems he means it, and 17 hours is from now till tomorrow. She kept thinking until she slept off at around 1:54 am.

Next day…
The environment was as bust as usual, as students walk up and down. Richard, since he was suspended, was not found in his duty post. Instead, Gentle was there to act as the head boy showing the people what to do and how to do it.
Jeffrey arrived at tge school in the bus father’s car, walking directly into his classroom with his bag hanging on his shoulder.

Taking the stairs to the class, they met with each other as Ella looked away, not to look at Jeffery in the eyes while her heart was racing so fast if what Jeffrey said the previous was a threat or not.
Jeffrey stopped on his track, holding the wall for support without looking back.
” Are you ready to talk to me? If yes, meet me In the school cafeteria by 12:00 pm,” He added and walked away, not looking back as Ella walked away thinking of the possible solution too.

Chapter 9

The sun was high as if the world was about to end, thus making the birds on the sky look for shelter. Hawkers took sweating on the road, including some drivers who didn’t even have AC in their car.

Different chairs and tables could be found at different angles in a particular room back to the vision school. It’s the staff room cause it has the picture of the teachers, principal, and the president hanging on the wall.

Most of the teachers were female, looking so young and cute as if they have not yet started life. All of them were dressed in white T-shirts and black skirts. In the queue was Mr. Anderson, too, who didn’t stop adjusting his glasses to better view the environment.

Regular lessons for the day began as usual as Ella make sure that nothing distracts her attention from gaining the knowledge and understanding, which is the main reason she’s in the school.

Erich glanced at her through the corner of his eyes. He felt more lively within him as if she will just say to him, “make me yours.

On the other hand, Jeffrey still means seeing Ella know what she’s up to, but a guy like Jeffery didn’t even do as if he has anything in common to do with such a girl.
The fans on the ceiling kept rotating randomly, making a humming sound like that of an angry bee.
As usual, Mr. Pius could be seen in his office going through some essential files and documents, which have a vital role in the school.

Just then, the door flung open, and Mr. Heinz, the games master, walked In looking so young with his black trousers and white shirt, a red rose on the left side of his shirt, and a red tie too.
“Good morning, sir,” he greeted.

“Yes, good morning, Heinz welcome,” Mr. Pius said, keeping the documents aside now concentrating on me Heinz.
“You sent for me, sir.”
“Yes, I did. The reason I called you here, Heinz is for the proper arrangements for the upcoming inter-house sport, so it’s high time to start giving them different groups and houses the belong to so that the rest of the things will be done accordingly,” he added, adjusting his glasses looking directly into my Heinz’s eyes to see if he heard him.
“I’ve heard from you, sir. I will do just as you’ve said, ” He replied and left the office instantly.

In his class, Richard could be found, which is SS3 A, looking so quiet that even a bee pass before him, one can hear it. And that’s unlike him. His mode was dull. He was weak that he couldn’t even say a word to others. Most of them who understand what happened to him pitied him, while some said that Gentle is better than him that he should continue.

The class was filled with cute girls who, in terms of beauty, they are rated A1. Even if they to compete in beauty contests, none would have been able to win them.
“Cheer up, boy. It’s going to be alright soon,” Abigail, the senior perfect for girls, said, patting Richard on the back, who looked as if he lost a precious gift. He regretted ever behaving in such a manner.

The class was now calm as everyone left for a break, including the class’s talkativeness. Ella was left alone, but not that alone; Eric and Jeffrey were on their seats to waiting patiently to finish their classwork before leaving.
“Babes, there’s something I’ve noticed, “Rachael said, taking the stairs down as two other girls followed her.

“What’s that madam talkative, cause we know that you are always Witt the news ” Josephine added a fair girl with dimples and big gods too.

“The way I’m seeing Eric, he’s up to something with the new girl,” Rachel said with her hands on her waist.
“I said it, that dumb shit who doesn’t know anything, as cute as he is he wants to fall for a dead, dull meat, ” Josephine added, Witt her ears up.

Just then, they sighted Eric coming in that direction. They pretended as if nothing happened.
“So like I said, Josephine, the inter-house sport is going to be great ” Rachel changed the topic as Eric passed, suspecting them.

Ella didn’t do anything likewise Jeffrey, who was done Witt his classwork. Jeffrey checked his wristwatch, glanced at Ella, and then stood up. Ella observed her from the corner of her eyes as he left the classroom without uttering any other word.

Jeffery is heading to the cafeteria to take a rest and probably check if Ella will show up.
Ella knew very well that Jeffery would be waiting for him at the cafeteria, and what will she say? How will she even start? What does she even have to say to defend herself? She didn’t even know what to do at that time but decided for fate to decide.

Richard, the head boy before, could be seen walking in the school compound with his two hands in his pockets. He looks so sorry, and his face showed it.
Back to the staff room, Mr. Anderson watched him from the window seeing how weak and hopeless he looks as if the world has come to an end.

He felt sorry for him and decided to talk to the principal himself.
The cafeteria was so noisy as the junior student kept eating and drinking without observing good table manners. They were busy making noise.

Jeffrey was seen at an angle, making a juice that cooled down his throat. He kept glancing at his wristwatch. He was expecting Ella, but it seems she’s proving stubborn, which will trigger Jeffery to show her what he’s made of.
“Silent everywhere “! Gentle commanded, walking in from the entrance of the cafeteria. The noise was so loud as if they were selling in a market.

He walked in, looking so gentle and calm, like a gentleman.
“I don’t mean any harm, but please let’s eat in silence. Please thank you, “she said, smiling as the junior ones smiled too due to how he spoke gently to them just like his name. Many already started liking him, hoping he never goes out of the office as the head boy.

Gentle sighted Richard at a corner and walked to him smiling.
Jeffrey, too loved the way gentle was handling the office, unlike Richard, who was a bit harsh when he was in the office.
He kept glancing at his watch and looking at the door, hoping to see her, but she was not there.

The bell for the end of break finally came on as everyone left for their classes. Ella saw Jeffrey walking in from the door, looking disappointed. She didn’t know what to do to be free from Jeffery’s threat.

“If you don’t show up, I’m going to tell everyone who you are,” she remembered Jeffery’s threat and then went cold instantly, not knowing what his next plan is.
Jeffrey avoids her for the day, Mirabel too walked to where Ella sat when the bell finally rang for school dismissal.
“Hi, Ella,” she greeted. Ella looked at her and then looked away, remembering the same thing that happened in her previous school, Amanda, who acted so much like he loved Ella Witt her whole heart, but she was the same person that betrayed her. The thought brings anger, pains, and hatred to her soul that instantly sees Mirabel trying to act the same way as Amanda.

“You are set to go, Ella “? Mirabel asked again, and Ella ignored then carried her school bag and walked out on her. Looking back, Jeffery was not in class.
, she walked out, heading to where her driver will pick her.
“You are stubborn and smart right “? Jeffrey said, coming out from one of the classrooms, and Ella almost fainted due to the shock and how deep the voice came.

She stopped in her tracks as Jeffery lean on the wall with his face up and his hands in his trouser. Ella was looking elsewhere, waiting patiently for him to speak up.

“you failed to show up, young girl, right? You have the game on. I’m going to tell everyone who you are, ” Jeffery said, smiling and left and then stopped in his tracks and looked back.

“Sorry, I forgot to add, I like people like you who are so stubborn because you will no longer be stubborn again when you come in contact with me. Have a nice day,” he said, smiling and left and Ella was affected by the threats, but she was not shaken as she took the stairs down too, not knowing that the worst is about to happen and she’s going to meet her doom soon that will bring back the sad and old memories.

Chapter 10

Ella couldn’t figure the point Jeffrey wanted to see her for as she sat outside the house, the stars filled the sky, the gentle breeze kept blowing, bending canopy trees as they danced to the tune of the wind.

Ella was only on her nightdress, glowing like a mermaid who just turned to a mission-ready to destroy humanity.
” I will figure it out myself,” she concluded as she stood up, walking to her room.
Time was flying so fast that the night runs out like a rush of water, and then a new day began Witt’s immediate effect.

Hawkers were on the streets hustling just to survive. Cars were speeding along the express road to meet up with time in their workplace.

Richard could be seen well dressed in his school uniform standing in his room like a groom who is preparing to meet the bride, soon the door opened making a cracking sound as he knew that it’s his mother.
“Mom? What’s it “? He asked without looking back, correctly arranging his clothes.

” My son,” she began. What an elder sees when sitting, a small child can never see it even if he climbs the tallest mountain “.
“Mom, please, I’m late for school. This your parables is killing me. Please just go to the point. If not, I will be late,” he replied, rechecking his wristwatch.

“All I’m trying to say is, don’t feel as if you are too big. When you get to the school, kneel and apologize to the principal and others too you’ve wronged so that they will return you to your position,” she replied while Richard chuckle.

Just to save his time, he assured the mother that he had heard it and he will do it accordingly. He carried his school bag, hung on the shoulder, and then moved out.

“Mom, take care. I love you,” he said, pecking her on the cheek.
The school was filled with students already cause it was almost the time for devotion.

Jeffrey arrived, walking directly to the class. He dropped his school bag heading to the devotion that is unlike him. He doesn’t even love attending the dedication, but today was different.

The devotion began as claps were and voices were hears singing praises to God in heaven. Students filled the lines as Jeffrey joined them in singing.

Mirabel, who sighted him, wondered what makes Jeffery attain the morning devotion for the day.
Jeffrey looked around but didn’t see Ella. His mode changed to a disappointing one. He looked again, but she was nowhere to be found, he felt disappointed.
Just then, he looked up to see Bella glowing in beauty, walking into the assembly hall like a model honored by everyone.

Jeffrey smiled, Eric too, observing Ella praying she listened to her first and smiled.
Peace, the chapel perfect, ended the praise and worship session, which was fantastic, and then looked for the ideal students to lead in prayers and some speech.
“Please, someone in SS 2 should come and lead us in prayers, “zhe announced, and everywhere became silent because no one was willing to be there.

She searched everywhere, and her eyes landed on Ella.
“Yes, you, Ella,” she called her and she was not only weak and afraid but confused too. How did the chapel knew her name because they have not for one day talked to each other?

Her heart began to beat so louder as she was now sweating. Everyone looked up, expecting to see Ella coming out, including the junior.

“She’s ashamed of herself. That’s why she’s afraid, ” Josephine whispered to Rachel, who chuckled, knowing that she was referring to Ella.
Ella was now sweating, and profuse smoke started coming out of her body, showing how frightened and scared she was.

Mirabel looked at where Jeffrey stood but was nowhere to be found. She wondered what causes his sudden disappearance.
Everyone was provoked that they have been standing for a while now, and it seems the person is not coming.

Peace shouted on Ella for the second time as she walked out to the podium, looking so attractive and beautiful that some junior students began to think indirectly.

She mounts the podium standing like a statue. She began vibrating, shaking, and most of all, sweating in such an early morning hour.
Ella stood before the students without saying anything. Most of them were annoyed to see a grown-up lady before the students without saying anything. The crowd began murmuring, making noise as Ella stood about to shade tears for such an embarrassment.

Mirabel walked out to the podium, looking so charming and cute. She stands next to Ella as everywhere became silent instantly as Mirabel began to speak up.
“I’m sorry if she has caused misunderstanding, but please accept my apology. Standing before you is Ella, my good friend, who is not feeling so well. Please permit me to carry her assignment on, ” Mirabel requested as everyone looked at her in awe, especially the chapel.

“What happened to her that she can’t talk “?
“She had an accident, which affected so badly, and the shock is not yet gone,” she replied without even waiting for permission. She carried the duty of Ella and do.

Ella, deep down, didn’t know how to thank her savior, she felt like hugging her, but they are not good terms. What will she do to show appreciation because it was as if the world ended when her name was mentioned.
Lessons began as usual, and Ella was not chanced to say a thank you to Mirabel, who saved her from the unknown shame that was awaiting her.

She kept glancing at Mirabel to see her glowing with smiles as she smiled too.
Everything went on regularly for the day as teachers kept coming in and out of the class to present their lessons because all were running out of time.
The calling bell came on as an emergency call.

As expected, all the students were already gathered in the school assembly hall, both the seniors and juniors. The teachers, too, were in uniform, who all stood on the podium looking young and vibrant.

“Great people of vision high school, I called you all out here for an important reason,” he paused and then continued.
“It was made known to everyone that the school inter-house sport is taking place so soon, so we are here to choose the masters/mistresses of each house and give them names, including the students too who will be given a chance to choose their houses. Thank you as you cooperate,” he said, climbing down the podium to his office.

Immediately he left, he gave the order took place instantly as the teachers began picking their house and then passes the names of the houses. The process took a long time before it got to the student’s turn, who was now taking it seriously as if their lives depend on it, especially the junior ones.

Ella sighted Mirabel standing at a corner, and it was an opportunity for her to say at least a word of thank you to her. She walked majestically to where Mirabel stood. She smiled as Mirabel returned the smile too, showing forth her gap teeth.

Ella stood before Mirabel smiling, and she didn’t know what to say and how to say it, but she needs to start from somewhere.
“Hi Mirabel,” she called, smiling as Mirabel smiled the more.
“Hi, Ella,” she replied.

“I’m not can’t even say thank you, and I have seen all you did, thank you,” she said as her eyes were wet with tears knowing fully well that her English was wrong, but she needs to tell Mirabel that she’s grateful.

People who stood by her looked at her to be sure if such a pretty girl makes the speech.
Josephine and Rachel couldn’t hold back their laughter as they burst out laughing.
“It’s okay,” Mirabel said, dragging her out of the hall, knowing that she’s feeling bad.
Soon everything ended, and it was 1:49 pm.

Everyone retired to their classes, including Mirabel, who was now glad that finally, Ella is trying to give up her dumb life though it hurts her.
Mirabel was taking the stairs up when a voice called her from behind, which was Jeffery.

“Mirabel, watch your steps and actions,” he said as Mirabel jerked in fear to see him leaning on the wall because the place was a bit dark, making it hard to know if someone is there or not.

“What do you mean “? Mirabel asked him, spreading her hand in the air.
“Don’t always interfere in what does not concern you,” he said, looking so angry.
“And what if she does “? A voice sounded from the door.

Chapter 11

Jeffrey looked back to behold Eric standing at the doorpost, looking concerned in the whole story.
“Can you guys tell me what is happening here and why I am here “? Mirabel asked as Eric now walked further to the both of them.

“Listen, Jeffery, not because you are intelligent and handsome that you want to treat people like fools, why not let the girl be on her own “?

Eric asked, looking directly into his eyes as Jeffery smiled if only they know his plans.
The whole story was not clear to Mirabel until Eric pushed further and made everything clear to Mirabel.
“Listen up, guys, I’m not doing anything silly, neither do I hate the girl, but I’m trying to help her, ” Jeffery said, hoping they cooperate Witt him.

“And what are your plans “? Mirabel asked while Eric kept looking at him directly, praying he does not have the same feelings he’s having for Ella, waiting for the right time to let her know.

Jeffrey whispered to Mirabel how Eric heard nothing, Mirabel nodded her head In agreement, which means she’s in for the game while she explained everything to Eric, and he seems interested too, thus making the three of them a team now.

Jeffrey could be seen checking his wristwatch, waiting patiently for the bus driver, who seems not to show up. Suddenly peace, the chapel prefect walked past him, Witt her bag on her shoulder.

Jeffrey had no plans by then but remembering that he had to teach Ella a lesson, he rushed to meet Witt peace smiling.
“Hi,” peace replied and then stopped.

“Please, I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you, ” Jeffery begged.
“No problem. What’s the matter “? She asked.
“Please, there’s one of my classmates that always wished to be conducting devotion to see her capability in the field. Please, I want you to give her a chance tomorrow, ” Jeffery begged.
“Okay, what’s the name “?

“Ella is her name. Thank you,” he replied
She walked further, and in no time, she was out of sight.
“Let’s see how you do this, Ella,” Jeffery added, laughing as if he has gone nuts.


In his classroom, Richard could be found reading his books as usual when Gentle walked to where he sat smiling as if he has won a lottery ticket to London.
The class was so calm, showing that it’s a mature class, and for matured people, everyone was busy Witt one thing or the other to keep them busy and prevent them from making noise.

“Hey dude, ” Gentle greeted as Richard looked up to see gentle smiling at him.
“Yeah, man, how are you today,” he asked, sitting up to listen to him.
“Going fine as usual, ” Gentle replied, taking his seat next to Richard.

” Richard, there’s a saying that says, “A sinner can never be killed because of his sins, but will be corrected never to do it again, ” Gentle said out loud and. He knew where he was heading.

“What do you mean by that “? Richard asked.
“You need to apologize to the principal and then get back your rightful position because it does not belong to me. Though I forced myself to accept it, it’s haunting me as if I am snatching it away from you.

You need to tell the old man you are sorry, ” Gentle added, and Richard wondered such a human being Gentle is to be advising him in such a way that is in line with what her mom said the previous day.

The environment was calm when the emergency call came again, telling all the students to assemble themselves in the assembly hall for emergency information.
Ella stood up, too, hearing the bell. She scanned everywhere for Mirabel, but she was not in sight. It seems she’s beginning to like the girl, which will lead to their friendship.
She walked out Witt the hope that she’s already at the assembly hall.

The hall was already filled up with students and teachers. Mr. Anderson was not left out, Witt his long trousers and tie always.
The principal arrived, taking the podium as total silence took over as if the rapture had suddenly taken place, leaving the earth empty.

“Great people of vision high school, please I want to bring to your notice that I’ve been called for an important meeting which is in collaboration with our inter-house sports event ” he paused, looking at the students to see them all listening to him to hear him out.

“But before then, Richard Oba, the former school prefect, should step out,” he said as Richard walked to the podium standing next to the principal like father and son.

” Richard Oba has now been returned to his office as the head boy, he has realized himself, please let’s cooperates Witt him and then make vision high school a field of success,” he said as some clapped for him while some students, especially the junior ones murmured due to how Gentle had been handling them with love and care and now the beast has been restored to his place.

“So like I said before, let every individual put their very best in this competition and it is made known to me that the overall best student in this competition is representing the state and the country as a whole in the upcoming sports fiesta, so be prepared,” he said and then went down.

Students who knew themselves as the fastest in terms of race boast of taking the lead. It was the talk for the day as many of them were busy keeping themselves fit for the competition.

Ella was squatting down due to the pains she was experiencing in her legs while the principal was talking. She seems carried away, and her mind was not on the topic neither. Mrs. Olivia noticed it.
Mrs. Olivia is a disciplinarian who takes shit from nobody.

Just as Mr. Pius wanted to go down, she walked to him and whispered to his ear.
Her eyes were on Ella, who didn’t notice it. She climbed the podium and became silent again.
“Good afternoon, students.”
“Good afternoon, ma”! They all chorused.
“Hey, that girl squatting down, come out here,” she said, pointing to Ella. As she realized herself, she stood up, walking to the podium.

“Good, as the principal was busy wasting his strength in talking, this old fool was busy crawling on the ground like a snail, so I want her to tell us what the principal said. Young lady, please save our time and begin talking,” she added as Ella stood ready to shed tears due to the fear of what to do and how to overcome this great and mighty temptation before her.

First, it was the chapel perfect, and now it is Mrs. Olivia. What is crime have I committed?
She stood there without saying anything, thus provoking Mrs. Olivia to give her a deadly whirp on the back. The Cain was so long and terrible as it landed on Ella’s back. She held her back in pain while others had begun laughing real hard at her.

“Speak up, girl “! Mrs. Olivia commanded.
Ella seeing that if she refuses to speak that she’s going to receive strokes of Cain bit by bit, finally cleared her throat, cleaning the tears in her eyes getting ready for the one that is coming like a mighty ocean.
“she, w, a, s..saying .. That.. we must being ready for us inter-house sport which is telling place soon”.She said, feeling her eyes wet with tears. By this time, many students had already fainted Witt’s laugh.

Some couldn’t even control it anymore as they fall to the floor allowing their mouth to make the laughing sound.
Many teachers couldn’t believe that she can’t make a correct sentence as beautiful as Ella, which was very shameful.
She felt as if the ground would open up and swallow her because the shame is too much, the embarrassment, and all eyes were now on her.

Rachel and Josephine were now at the peak laughing like mad dogs. Without time wastage Ella ran out of other halls with full speed to the class. Her tears made her vision blurry. She had just disgraced herself again in public, before the students, before her junior ones, she had disgraced her womanhood, which is a shame.
Ella couldn’t control her tears as she unlocks her locker, took out her books, running out of the class to God knows the area that was on her mind.

She was taking the stairs with speed so that she won’t set her eyes on the junior ones so that they won’t mock her again so that the pain and shame will reduce a bit.

She took the last step and was about running out when a voice came out which sounded like that of Jeffery, yes its voice.

“A disgraced person is never a failure, but it’s for such a person to strive hard towards the goal of success,” Jeffery said while Ella stopped automatically looking back to see Jeffery standing at the door. He walked slowly to her while she was vibrating, and her temperature was now hot. He placed his hands on her shoulder, looking into her eyes filled with tears as she kept sniffing.

“My dear, you are never a failure, neither are you dumb ” Jeffery’s voice came out so calm.
“Yes, it’s me. I was a failure,” zhe said out while Jeffery smiled.
“No, you are not, ” Eric and Mirabel said in unison, coming out of their hiding place too. They stood opposite her as she looked at the both of them, wondering how this is happening so fast.

She couldn’t control herself anymore as she tried to walk Jeffery, but his hands grab her, drawing her backward.
” All you need to do now is to stick with the right people who will help you overcome your fears, and those are the right people,” Jeffery said, pointing to Mirabel and Eric as Ella positively nodded her head.

Just then, most of the students in the assembly hall returned, taking the stairs to their class.
“Yes, tell us what the principal said, you old fool.”

“She said that we wouldn’t, oh sorry, I mean we should…” Josephine and Rachel make a mockery of Ella and then walked past them, laughing so hard, thus bringing back memories to her head.
“It’s an okay girl, ” Mirabel assured her, patting her on the shoulder.

Chapter 12

The day was so bright as the birds began their usual way of praising the eternal God who made them witness the new day. Although they don’t plant, our Heavenly Father always feeds them just as recorded in the Holy scripture.
It was the weekend, meaning there’s no school, the street was less busy, making some hawkers rest for the day.

Ella could be seen in the sitting room with a bump short showing her hips and what she carries as a lady that even a mere look will cause an accident on the road to many guys looking at her.

Her long hair covered her face as she sat crossing her legs on the glass table that was before her.
The previous day’s incident flashed back into her memory as she recalled how Mirabel saved her from the shame that was about overwhelming her. Still, she finally got into the trap set for her by Mrs. Olivia, bringing tears back to her eyes, remembering how the students mocked her, including the junior ones that she senior, even Rachel and Josephine, who made the issue worse as her classmates.

But her joy now was that she had people at her back who are willing to sacrifice their time for her to make sure that she succeeds in life.
Jeffrey could be seen only on white singlets and a pair of jean trouser parading the compound. It was a good fence compound that everything was computerized that even a mere car horn was also computerized, tgus showing how rich his father is.

Jeffrey walked around the house, Witt his hands in his trousers pocket, taking a close look at how the environment is. His thought suddenly drifted to Ella as he sat down on a wooden chair in the garden, which was so calm and pleasant for one to be in such weather.

There’s this feeling in him that is always different anytime he looks at Ella. Something keeps telling him something more particular about the girl called Ella. But how does he explains this? Should he call it love or lust? It keeps coming up more and more anytime he feels like hurting the poor girl named Ella. Something keeps telling him that Ella is not who he thinks she is.

His ringing phone brought him back to reality as he looked into the screen to see it boldly written: “My dad ” he slid the phone to the receiver side, placing it on his ear as a deep voice sounded on the phone.
“Son, where are you “?

“Good afternoon, dad, I’m home,” he replied, scratching his head.
“Good, meet me in my office now. You have a work to do,” he added, and the line went dead instantly.
He grabbed his phone, stood up, and walked to the inner house. After typing the house password and the opened automatically.

In no time, he was already dressed in a black polo, long black trousers, and a black face cap, making him look like an assassin who is on a mission to execute someone.
On the other hand, Ella was feeling bored all alone in the house, she tries everything possible to make her life, but none was working.

She brought out her phone and tried to log into Facebook, but the network made it so dull. She threw the phone on the bed, wallowing in thought as the idea of visiting her father struck her.

She stood up instantly, smiling. In no time, she walked to the bathroom, the rushing of water was heard like that of a mighty ocean carrying w mighty fish.

She walked out of the shower with a towel tie to her waist, thus exposing her upper side, the sight of her chest standing erect as If she’s about to act porn, even her thigh was so so attractive.

She walked to the mirror, pulled down the towel, and exposed her well-shaved pussy, which had fairy hairs from the lower abdomen to the chest region.
She applied some lotion and other ladies’ stuff, which usually takes time to finish up. In less than 30 minutes, she was done.

She had a pink handless top and a jean trouser, on her feet were white canvas, which added to her beauty. She packed her hair cool, thus mounting out as a mermaid stepping out of the ocean.
“Charles, “! She called a handsome young dude who walked out from the security post to her.
Charles is one of her drivers, handsome, and has been giving her a small madam green light, but she seems not to be noticing it.

“Please brought out the cars and took me to my father’s office,” she said while Charles smiled.
“Okay, ma,” he said, trying to walk away as Ella called him back.
“I’ve been talking you that my name was not ma, but Ella, got that into you membrane,” she said
“Shhhh, no but, now becoming,” She added.

Eric could be seen smiling like a man suffering from love charm by the wife as he laid facing the ceiling of his room. The room looked well arranged and lovely as the guy’s room (unlike the girl’s own, which is always unkept).
He kept smiling, remembering something unknown to the author but only to Eric himself, who knew the cause of his smile.

“Ella, you are damn cute. I’m praying you to hear me out. The first cause is dying slowly, pretending,” he said out. It’s obvious he’s feeling for Ella and waiting for the right time for him to confess his feelings for her.
He stood up, rubbing his two hands together like a Hausa man who has done praying to Allah. He stood up, walking to the kitchen. He poured himself a hot cup of coffee, walking to his room again.

Remembering that the inter-house sport is approaching so soon and about those that will be chosen to represent the state, she smiled such a wide cause, in terms of race, and Eric is as fast as a cheetah, which means none ever wins him.

Cars could be seen speeding along the busy road. While Jeffrey was in one of the cars shaking his head to the song’s rhythm, he increased the volume a little, meaning that he enjoyed the music playing to the fullest.
Soon the car came to a halt in front of a tall building, which could be described as a company due to how it is built.

It was well fenced, and security wires were everywhere. He pressed the car horn as one of the securities well dressed, opened the small gate, seeing that it’s him he closed it back instantly opening the big one as Jeffrey drove in packing the car in the rightful position.

Many workers could be seen walking up and down, showing how busy they are. Some greeted him, bowing while some waved at him. He felt like a superman in teenage form.

He walked further inside after the door was opened with a password as a female voice welcomed him, which was computerized.
“This old man will not fail to amaze me. He’s trying,” he said, smiling as he took the elevator leading to his father’s office.

“Sir, the company that had the letter on your table, is visiting you today for a brief meeting,” Arnold said, who is the secretary to Mr. Lanz Ella’s father.
“Good, get everything in place and prepare to meet them,” he said aloud, taking his coffee.

“Okay, sir,” he replied, bowing down and then left the office.
“Get everything in place, double pit effort in producing the products cause we have visitors today,” Mr. Lanz said into the intercom. A lady’s voice concurred Witt him, and the line went off instantly.

30 minutes later…
Mr. Lanz was still in his office when a female voice from a screen hanged in his office make a sound.
“Excuse me, sir, you have a visitor,” the voice said, and the lady’s face disappeared. Mr. Lanz looked at the screen to see his visitor and a handsome young boy. He smiled.

He pressed a green button on a remote that was before him as the door rolled open, and Mr. Kenz and Jeffrey, the son, walked in majestically, followed by two men dressed in black, which is their security.
They stood before Mr. Lanz, who smiled at them.

“Have a seat, please,” he said, pointing to two empty seats that were before them as they both sat down.
“Coffee, please,” Mr. Lanz said, pointing to the coffee that was on the table.
“No, thank you, we are okay, ” Mr. Kenz replied, smiling as Jeffery took time to study the environment and happens to like it.

Just then, his ringing phone interrupted him as he took permission from the two older men walking to the door, he grabbed the doorknob, twisting it down, but it wasn’t opening.

“Hey, take it, easy young man,” Mr. Lanz said as he pressed the remote again, and the door opened automatically. Jeffrey smiled and then vanished. The door closed back by itself.

He was looking directly into the screen, just in point of sliding the phone to the receiver side, the speed he was on was nothing to write home about as he bumped into a figure Witt the speed he was carrying and his phone fell to the floor, it was too late as she tried to save the girl he came in contact with, but the girl was already on the floor as she hit her head on the tiled floor thus making her head to break instantly as blood filled the floor.

Jeffrey looked to behold the lady as Ella. What is she doing there? Who does she know here? The question was running through his mind instead of looking for a solution to the problem. Already Ella had fainted as blood kept coming out of her wound.

Jeffrey knelt shouting for help as he carried Ella in his arms, running to the exit, the security tried to stop him, but he explained everything to them, telling them that Ella’s father knows about where he’s taking her to receive treatment, which they allow him out, be opened the car door, put Ella and closed it back.

He entered the driver seat and zoomed off, glancing at Ella through the car mirror to see if she’s still breathing.
“I guess you are Mr. Kenz “? Mr. Lanz asked as Jeffery’s father nodded in agreement.

“I guess you’ve received my letter too. I want to partner with your company since it’s the best in town as at now your products is everywhere,” he said as Mr. Lanz smiled.

“You can say that again. I want to say that he didn’t end his speech as the lady’s voice camalsoin, thus returning the remaining words into his belly.
“Excuse me, sir, you have a visitor,” the voice came as he looked into the screen to see one of his security panting standing before the camera.
“What’s the problem, boy”? He asked.

“Your daughter has been rushed to the hospital. She was hit coincidentally by a guy who was trying to receive a call, ” be explained, and Mr. Lanz exchanged a deadly look Witt Mr. Kenz.
“And what is the major challenge “? He asked.

“She has loosed som much blood, and she’s also unconscious,” he added as Mr. Lanz’s eyes turned reddish, instantly looking directly into Mr. Kenz’s eyes, and he could perceive anger from the tone of his voice.
“So you brought your son here to kill my interview daughter “? He said with a voice that filled with Witt’s anger and venom.

“it’s just an accident. Take it slowly,” Mr. Kenz added.
“You say I should take it slowly while Mr daughter is about to die, you better pray nothing happens to her, cause if anything happens, you won’t like me,” he added as he picked his car key about to leave.

“Which hospital is he “? He asked the security.
“Sir, we have no idea,” he added as Mr. Lanz was now at the peak of his anger, looking directly into Mr. Kenz’s eyes and left angrily immediately.

Chapter 13

The speed where Mr. Lanz was driving on the highway, even a mad man need not be told that something is wrong. Judging from the speed which the older man carried, you will know that there’s fire on the mountain.
Dead leaves that lay on the roadside flew on air due to the car’s speed. Mr. Lanz could be seen looking so restless inside the car.

Back to the hospital, several machines were connected to Ella’s body, several beeping sounds were heard from the machine that was connected to her body.
Jeffrey was restless at the reception hall, thinking critically if Ella will be awake the same day for him to take her back to her father.

Mr. Lanz arrived tge hospital. He walked inside tg3 hospital while his escorts followed from behind.
People there present wondered what could cause such movement cause many were scared due to how Mr. Lanz emerged from the door.
The doctor will arrive well dressed in his attire, which makes one easily identify him as the doctor. He was in his early 40’s.

Mr. Lanz walked to him in anger while the young man was smiling.
“Good afternoon, sir, “Doctor wills greeted but got no response.
“Where’s my daughter, young man “?!
“Calm down, sir, “the doctor wills pleaded.

“Don’t tell me to calm down. Where is she “? Mr. Lanz asked, hearing the anger in the tone of voice made the doctor wills to return some questions from where it was supposed to come from.
“Who is your daughter, sir? I mean her name. “

“Ella is her name,” he replied as Doctor Willie take him to the ward Ella was receiving treatment.
Back to Ella’s ward, Jeffrey sat down on the edge of the bee, watching Ella breathe slowly. All his prayers were for Ella to be wake up in the next 5 hours.

She looked more charming while sleeping, which can cause a lazy being to kiss her on the lips. Just as he was thinking, the door flung open, and Mr. Lanz emerged with his eyes reddish as a burning flame. Jeffrey could read the anger on his face tgus giving way for him.

“Good afternoon, sir,” Jeffrey greeted in fear while Mr. Lanz walked passed to where her daughter was lying. He examined her as q doctor while everyone in the ward watches him.

“You dare to hurt my daughter, young man “? He fired angrily.
“I’m sorry, sir, it was a coincidence. I didn’t plan it,” Jeffery said.

“Shut up, young man, just pray that nothing happens to her because if it does, you are dead,” he said in anger and left the wars, leaving Jeffery alone.
It was getting dark bit by bit.

Still, Jeffrey didn’t leave the hospital. He wanted to see Ella opening her eyes. He wants to see her fully awake. He was so weak and tired, but all his mind was on Ella.

Mr. Kenz Henry’s father has been calling him to know the exact place he is, but the phone kept ringing beside him, which Jeffery didn’t hear cause he was no longer in this world.
Due to how weak and tired he was, which he needed some rest.

“I can’t believe that the girl is that foolish,” Nelson said to Felix, who giggles hearing the name foolish.
Both of them are in SS3 in vision high school, just like Richard.
“Bro, I don’t trust girls. Oh, what’s if she’s pretending “? Felix asked Nelson.
“Bro, there is no pretense in this. Once you are a fool, you are a fool,” He added while Felix smiled and then took a sip from his drink.

“I still don’t trust that girl. Didn’t you see she acted maturely, but she’s pretending ” Felix said?
“Are you done “? Nelson asked which Felix said yes to it.
“Don’t repeat such. A fool will remain a fool. Nothing change,” Nelson said in anger as Felix burst out laughing at his silly behavior.

Ella opened her eyes to find herself in a new environment which she’s not adapted to it. She looked around to see machines of different types around her. That’s when she recalled what happened.
Her eyes met Jeffery lying on the bare floor, neglecting the bed, and everything just to make sure she’s safe. Ella smiled and called him.

“Jeffery! ” Ella called in a soft and tender voice, which was like a calm ocean. She called again as Jeffery woke up hearing his name being called. His eyes met with that of Ella as he quickly stood up, rushing to her side.
“Thank God you are awake ” Jeffery’s voice came dryly. Since morning he has not eaten thus making him feel weaker.
“Are you feeling batter now “? Jeffery asked as Ella nodded her head in a yes gesture. Jeffrey disappeared immediately to the doctor’s office.

He knocked on the door and proceeded after being told to go in.
“Sir, please, the patient is awake,” Jeffery said, looking at the doctor who was signing down files. After 5 minutes, he finally looked up at Jeffery.

“Who are you referring to and which ward “?
“Name is Ella Lanz, and she’s in ward 232,” Jeffery added and walked away just as being told by the doctor that he will be there in the next few minutes.
Doctor wills arrived at Ella’s ward to see her fully seated like a queen, ready for a beauty contest.

He carried out some tests on her and took his pen and a file. He wrote down some things which seems essential to him.
Jeffrey pleaded for Ella to be taken home, which the doctor insisted that he finally accepts after so many pleadings.

It was dark already as Jeffery’s car could be seen on the street moving at a low speed. Jeffery had not said anything to Ella since they started the journey back home. Jeffery focused his concentration on the steering but kept stealing glances at Ella from the corner of his eyes.

They finally arrived at tge gate of Mr. Lanz, guarded by many security agents, Jeffery, of the car, this time looking directly at Ella.
“Ella am sorry for what happened earlier. It was an accident ” Jeffery’s voice came so lovely and sincere as Ella looked down, playing with her fingers.

She nodded her head in a yes gesture to all the pleadings Jeffery said, meaning that the apology is accepted. She stepped down from the car and then closed the door while Jeffery watched her.
“Thank you ” Ella’s voice came so low and romantic, she waved at him and walked away. Jeffrey stood there to know that she’s safe before he drove away after Ella entered inside.

Time was running very fast as it happened to be Monday morning, thus making everywhere to be busy once again, showing that the week’s business has started.

Jeffery arrived at school as early as possible. He’s always punctual despite the fact that he’s a guy.
Many students began coming, a lot of them were so excited because the sports activities for the inter-house sport are commencing that very day.

It was Eric’s day. He had planned on her to talk to Ella, telling her his feelings for her to see the situation’s outcome.

Mirabel, too, was present. The school was filled with Witt students both senior and junior. Soon the devotion kicked off at its usual point. Students were clapping, also singing to the maker of heaven and earth for the precious gift of life.

Eric kept stretching his neck whether Ella would walk in, but she was not in sight, thus giving him a tough time concentrating on the morning devotion that was still on. His mind was on Ella, and his heart was red for Ella. He wanted to see Ella that instant and confessed his feelings for her.

The devotion was still on when a black car drove inside the school building, and such a car has never been seen because it’s rare there and it’s always used the army men, seeing such car in vision high school wondering what their mission is, everyone watched to see the next thing that will happen.

The car finally came to a halt, and everything paused as all the students were watching to see what’s about to happen while some were afraid, praying nothing goes wrong, just then the front door of the car opened.

A man dressed in army attire stepped out of the car with his gun in his hand while the finger rested on the trigger, sending if he would release the bullet now. The back door opened also, and a group of 4 other army men alighted the car, all of them had glasses on their eyes and masks on their faces.

They stood at a fixed position, taking an exact look at the environment. Everywhere was silent, and everything went still as if the earth has been paused. Soon their gun made a cracking sound as they carried high up on air, walking directly into the school building in uniform. Most of the students were already scared, while some were even vibrating seeing the men in such movement.

None of them was smiling; neither did any of their faces show. All of them were in masks.
They finally arrived tge school assembly hall, standing before the students as they were all frightened about the next day. They took time to study everything; their eyes went viral. They are looking for someone that none knew who he is, soon their eyes caught with what they were looking for as they all walked in unison into the lines tge students were standing.

Chapter 14

The fear of sudden and untimely death was all over Jeffery, the handsome young guy as the dangerous dude stopped just right in front of him. He was already vibrating, thinking about his life. One of the men pointed his index finger at him, asking him to come out. All eyes went to Jeffery as he went out while Eric and his mates watch what was happening silently.

They took Jeffery out as all remained silent, watching the whole drama, while others were scared of what will happen to Alex.
“Who are you guys are? Where are you taking my student to “? Mr. Anderson, who was following them, finally asked.

“Never worry, sir, the boy is in good hands. He will be back in minutes,” one of them replied, but it seems Mr. Anderson was not convenient with the reply, so he pushed further.

“Can you just tell me what I need to know, please “? He questioned. Seeing the question look on his face, they had no other option to throw him a little light of how the situation is.

Jeffery finally walked to where the car was packed, and then the men stopped him as one of them rushed to open the door.
“Go in, man,” he said.

Jeffery looked inside the cool car to behold Ella smiling widely at him. His mind, soul, and life came back to him instantly, giving him hope that he’s in safe hands, but why did she need to do it that way? He asked himself
“Don’t stand there all night. Will you be coming in “?

Ella said, smiling although she knows the English are wrong, but Jeffery smiled and entered the car as the men closed the door standing outside, guarding the car as usual.
Students looked through the window to see if the car would move, but it wasn’t happening, so they wonder what Jeffery is doing there.

“I was to sent for you,” Ella began.
“Sorry to interrupt, it’s I sent for you. Not I was to send for you, ” Jeffery corrected, and Ella smiled as she corrected.
“What’s happening? Why are you not in school “? Jeffery asked, scanning her to see her well dressed in a restaurant flowing gown looking extremely hot.

“It’s my father. He has to be sending his men to come and be following me anywhere I going because of what happened yesterday,” Ella said a Jeffery smiled at her, making the necessary correction to her wrong English as she did that too.

“In deeply sorry for yesterday, it wasn’t intentional,” he apologized, but deep down, he was feeling what is called for Ella as he looked her directly in the eyes, praying that she understands what the look is all about.

“It’s fine, you have not to need to be sorry, at last, I am fine,” She said, holding Jeffery’s hand with her soft palms. The feelings were just mutual as Jeffery prayed she never let go of the hand, which he enjoyed every touch of it.

He looked at her directly in the eyes as she looked back. The eye contact was beginning to get out of hand, which will lead to something unexpected. Ella started to leaning forward to Jeffery as he leaned too while his heart was racing so fast. Their lips finally met as Jeffery widened his eyes in shock.

Still, he enjoyed every turning movement Ella was doing Witt her tongue, which he couldn’t hold back himself due to how lovely tge feeling was. He joined in doing the same as Ella finally broke up from the kiss and then disengaged her hands from his.

“It’s just a sign to be telling you to thank you,” Ella said, smiling.
“I know,” he added, praying she did it again.
“So don’t come and be thinking otherwise, “she added, smiling.
The bell came for every individual to present themselves at the school field, which was more like a stadium due to how big and decorates it was.

Soon the field was filled with Witt people, both senior and junior. The housemasters in different houses were there taking care of their homes.
Mirabel couldn’t rest as she didn’t see Jeffery again since then. Though she has no feelings for him, she likes him for who he is.
The sports activities began fully as all now in separate ways, starting from the 100 meters race boys to determine the fastest people.

Eric’s hope was lost as he sat Witt, his face in the ground, he was expecting to see Ella and then pour out his feelings for her, but she’s not in sight, thus giving him a tough time.
“I can sense love in times like this when a man refused his favorite food, ” Mirabel said from behind, sitting down next to him as Eric smiling.

“Then your guess is wrong,” he lied.
“It can never be wrong, tell me who she is, and I will help you talk to her, trust she will accept, ” Mirabel said as Eric widened his eyes in shock but deep down, he was praying if Mirabel can help just as she has said.

“It’s nobody dear, I’m just thinking about something important,” he lied and then regretted ever lying to her.
They both sat watching people running as fast as a cheetah while some were even slower than the snail himself.

Eric smiled, knowing what he can do in terms of sport.
“Man, you need to get up and then join your mates in the team. They are waiting for their flash to arrive, which is you,” she said, jokingly hitting him on the shoulder as he stood up running after her which. They both landed in the field.

Jeffery sat in the expensive building of Mr. Lanz Ella’s father, who left for work. Ella pleaded with him to tag along so that she can join them in school cause the house was so dull which the father’s order that she needs to stay indoors for the day.

He sat down, watching a cartoon, which he enjoys most. The smile on his face shows it all that he’s enjoying the movie the way it’s going.
Soon Ella arrived tge sitting room, well dressed in his school uniform, as the men didn’t leave her in the distance. They watched over her as instructed by the older man who threatened to sack them if anything happens to Ella.
“How is my looking “? She asked, smiling.

“Best than ever,” he replied as Ella walked down to him.
Immediately they started walking down to the car, and she saw the men still following her, which got her irritated.
“I don’t need you guys please, I’m safe,” she said as they looked at each other, remembering the threat.
“No, buts I saying I was safe,” she replied.
“What If your dad comes back asking for your whereabouts “?

“Look for something else like a perfection lie and told him, ” she replied, walking away from them to the car while Jeffery followed from behind as the car finally zoomed off.

Mr. Anderson stood watching the students performed well, especially Eric, who was just like a ghost traveling by air. He was as fastest as the light itself, which got everyone wondering where he got such strength from.

But he always had challenges Witt Nelson, in SS 3, who is still trying to beat him down in any competition, which Nelson happens to be competing with Eric Witt at the same speed.
Mirabel watched Eric Witt all interest smiling like a queen smiling to her king. She gave him a thumb up to continue in that way, which he smiled.

Eric was about to make a move to compete with his other teammate when he sighted Ella coming. At first, his heart was now at rest that finally he will let out his feelings but seeing her with Jeffery got him a bit jealous.
He instantly left the track, telling his mates to continue as he walked to where Mirabel was sitting. He joins her.
“Why leaving so soon”? She asked.

“Nothing,” he replied while his eyes were still on Ella and Jeffery walking in their direction. Mirabel noticed how restless he was, thus making her giggle.
“I said it, but you lied to me saying its nothing, but now the truth has said itself,” Mirabel said
“What do you mean “? He asked.

“So tell me, Is she the one? You love her, right? Mirabel asked, pointing to Ella and Eric. Knowing that no point for him to lie again nodded his head in agreement allowing fate to control.

“I said it. I read it already from your eyes,” Mirabel said as Eric touched his eyes, wondering how she saw it.
“I’ll help you,” Mirabel said and looked away while Eric didn’t say anything but was shocked.
Ella and Jeffery finally arrived like a newly wedded couple taking a trip to Jerusalem, Ella didn’t stop smiling, and that alone got Eric mind-blowing off.

“Hey, guys, ” Jeffery greets them.
“Mirabel, Eric, good morning,” Ella said.
“Baby girl, come here, don’t mind this spoilt boy,” she said as Ella giggled.

“Where have you been Jeffery, where did the men took you to? What did they do to you? Did you steal anything “? Mirabel asked, and Jeffrey almost slapped her for too many questions at a time.
“How many questions at a time “? He asked while all of them burst out laughing.
Mirabel gave Eric a sign from the eyes, telling him it’s time he was waiting for.

“Jeffery, we need to talk now,” Mirabel said, standing up.
“What’s the problem? Why now, “? She asked.
“Just follow me,” she said, dragging him along, thus giving Eric a chance he needed.
Mirabel dragged Jeffery to a corner as she stood facing him in a way he didn’t understand, while Eric adjusted to where Ella sat.

Jeffery looked to see Eric now close to Ella, making him jealous, seeing that his Ella is now closer to someone else.
“Concentrate here, boy,” Mirabel said, turning his face.
“Ella, I’ve been waiting for you to come to school today ” erci began looking at her.
“I hope I have not any problems with you,” she added.

Back to where Mirabel and Jeffrey stood, Jeffery finds it difficult to answer her questions, thinking about why she’s asking.
“Jeffery, be sincere. Do you love Ella “? She asked again while Jeffery looked at her too.
“Okay, Mirabel, do you love me “? He returned the question looking at Eric and Ella again, seeing them getting along, thus making him more jealous.

Chapter 15

Eric rounds up how speech with Ella after telling her where to meet him that evening for the regular discussion. Ella happens to like Eric a bit along the line. They were both having a pleasant conversation.

Mirabel remained mute hearing Jeffery asking her such a question. Of course, she had loved Jeffery right from the time she knew him. She waited patiently for him to make a move, but he didn’t, and fortunately, his friend John took his place.

“No, I don’t love you,” she replied, looking away instantly. Just then, the bell came on for school dismissal as everyone departs to their various classes. Jeffery directed his eyes to where Eric and Ella sat.

However, he couldn’t find any of them. He looked around and then saw them still having a nice conversation, thus giving him heart pain. Of course, Mirabel noticed it.

“Are you jealous of the two guys “? She asked, looking at him.
” How can I be jealous? Are we dating “? He lied but deep down, he felt the pain of lying, only if she knows how he’s feeling for Ella right now.

They walked out to their classes. Many people had gone home on getting there, leaving only Eric and Ella in the class as they stood facing each other.
“Hey dude, you bad see as you like girl forget about me ” Jeffery’s voice came from the door as they both looked to see him walking in with Mirabel. Of course, Ella’s heart began racing for what she had gotten herself into, two friends falling for her alone.

“Sorry, man, I forgot, ” Eric replied, giving him a friendly smile.
“See you guys tomorrow,” Jeffery said, taking his school bag and left immediately after waving goodbye to them, and that was unlike him. He didn’t even wait for his driver. How is he going to get home?
Eric knew that something was wrong, or did they quarrel with Mirabel?

Eric and Ella finally left after a series of arguments before Ella finally gave him her number as he smiled and then waved at her from the back of the car, and off they mount the road.

Mirabel laid down on her bed with only red pants that show her curves. She had a magnificent body that a guy couldn’t resist no matter how much you try to; fairy hairs could be seen lining from her chest to her belly region. A mere looking at her, you will know that she’s lost in thought due to how her physical presence was.

“This time around, I need to beat that guy in this race. I need to take the lead and then represent that state at last, ” Nelson said out as he was busy preparing himself to go to the field to exercise himself to be physically fit for the race and other things in the competition.

Nelson is a guy who never gives up that easily, but Eric was like his stumbling block, which happens to be as fast as he is, so he needs more training and exercise to win Eric in the upcoming competition.

Rachel could be seen watching cartoons in the sitting room as the ceiling fan kept rotating, thus giving the room a pleasant temperature for one to stay with. She took some popcorn, threw it inside her wide mouth, and then began chewing it.

In vision high school Rachael and Josephine happen to be the one who always makes things happen in terms of sporting competition, Mirabel always tries her best but always end up failing cause they two idiots are stronger than her.
She kept enjoying her popcorn when her phone vibrated. She took it and then smiled at the screen, slid the phone to the receiver’s side, and reduced me.

“Hi handsome,” she said in her sweet tone, which can make a dude fall to a pit just hearing the voice.
“Yeah, babe, where are you “? Nelson asked. Nelson is dating her which they are both getting along.
“I’m home watching cartoons,” She replied.

“You know you need to be physically strong, knowing fully well that we both need to represent the school and the state as a whole in the upcoming tournament, so better come to Dallas sporting field now,” Nelson added. After some stuff, Rachel agreed on meeting her and then stood up, walking to her room to dress up.

Jeffrey wasn’t himself. A plate of fried rice was before him, a juice, a plate of fried plantains, fried chicken, donuts, and ripe bananas, which were his meal for the day. But he didn’t seem interested in the meal as he sat thinking critically about what happened in school recently between Ella and Eric. Jeffrey finally concluded that Eric has the same feelings for Ella, which hurt him to the bones.

Angrily, he stood up, leaving the food in a way he shook the table, and the water that was splashed as the glass that contained the water broke, but that didn’t make any sense.
He walked inside his room, took his phone, and then wore his light shoes. He walked to the garage where cars were packed, and then he zoomed off to God knows the area.

“Hello princess, how are you feeling now “? Mr. Lanz said on the phone, rotating on his office chair.
“I’m fine, dad, but I was not to be fine,” She replied, and the man chuckled.
“I understand how it feels to be home alone all day, don’t worry, you will go to school tomorrow,” he said. Only if he knew that there’s daughter had gone to school already for the day.

They talked lengthy, after which he promised to come back as early as possible.
She dropped the phone, grabbed her shoes, and was about to enter the bathroom when her phone began ringing again, she looked at the screen to see the number appearing as unknown, neglect it at first, but it started ringing again summoned courage and then picked the call.
“Hello Ella, it’s me, Eric ” his voice came from the other end, and she recognized the voice immediately.
“Okay, Eric.”

“How are you doing “? Eric asked, taking a deep breath from the other end like someone who has just been tested negative for coronavirus.
“I am fining,” she replied.
“Just called to remind you of what I said earlier; hope you still remember “? He asked.
“Yes, I do,” zhe replied.

“Good, Frangible beach by 5:00 pm, meet me there. I’ll be waiting for you,” he added, and Ella agreed to it. Then the line went dead immediately.
Ash glanced at the clock to see it at 3:48 pm, meaning it’s an hour plus left. She walked inside the bathroom, closing the door from behind to have her bath, which the splash of water began falling like rain.

Jeffery sat on the wooden chair in the garden; he was missing Ella like mad. All his thoughts, his mind, his soul was on Ella. How could he be so foolish that he didn’t even ask for her number? Remembering how they both kissed each other some hours ago gave him hope and assurance that she feels the same way for him.

He dialed Mirabel’s number and placed the phone on his ear as she picked up on the third beep.
“Hello Mira,” he said calmly on the phone but boldly.
“Yeah, Jeffery, Whatsup, “? She asked.
“I’m good, ” he said, scratching his head like someone who is in mathematics examination hall thinking critically on what to write.

“This one you are calling me, hope all is fine “? She asked, smiling.
“Yeah, but please do you have……Nothing, don’t worry, I’ll call you back ” he changed the topic and ended the call immediately. He didn’t want Mirabel to know what he’s feeling for Ella.

The beach was so calm and gentle, only the running water’s sound was heard. The waves did their work by making the water kept rotating, thus giving it a great view.
Eric could be seen well dressed in a red polo and black trouser, making him look more handsome. He kept glancing at his wristwatch, hoping to see Ella arrived.

Still, it was already 5:30. He stood up, losing hope after trying her number several times but got no response. He gave up. Just at the point of going, he sighted Ella walking to him, just like a mermaid, she looked beautiful and awesome that he even forgot about the time she had made him spend there, he was lost looking at her to be sure it’s her.

Ella was on a crop top and black leggings, which showed what she was carrying. She stopped right before him, and they both exchanged pleasantries.
“Thanks for coming, ” Eric said, and she smiled as they both sat on the lovely white sand.
Silence took over for a while, as Eric thought of how to start his speech.

“Do you like it here”? He asked, and Ella nodded her head in a yes gesture. And silence took over again. Eric now turned and faced her, looking directly into her eyes.

“Ella, I can’t explain how I always feel when I am closer to you. The feeling is always unexplainable, which always got me wondering who you are. Seeing the woman in you, I fell in love with you, and I always admire you secretly. I wished to hold you in my arms each passing moment words can’t explain my feelings for you, Ella.

Still, to the best, I can say that I come to realize that you’ve stolen my sense, heart, soul, and mind, and I don’t want you to return it. All I want is your love. To be sincere, I LOVE YOU, Ella. Just make me the happiest man on earth by being my girlfriend, heartbroken,” Eric said, holding her in the palms caressing it slowly, looking directly into her eyes.

Ella was speechless, she didn’t know what to say but hope to say something, she had like Eric normally but not as strong as he’s feeling for her, she just like him the way he is and everything but it’s only one person that always makes her go wild anything she sees him which you will soon know.

“Ella, please, will you be my girlfriend “? He asked again as Ella smiled.
She had already calculated everything and found out that she won’t love Eric the way he wants, so the choice is her.

“I’m sorry, Eric, I can’t,” she finally let out the bomb as Eric held his head in pain. She stood up and left instantly. Eric called her severally, but she didn’t respond. He went home, heartbroken.

Next day…
Regular school activities began as all the students were present in school. Looking at Eric, you will know that something is wrong somewhere. He was dull, moody, so sad, which almost everyone noticed it.

Ella made sure she avoided him, not even looked at him in the eyes. Mirabel noticed that everything is not well. She decided to keep mute till the right time.

The bell for a break came on as everyone left happily to the field. Mirabel walked to Eric while Jeffery had already left the class, including Ella.
“How did it go “? Zhe asked.
“Worst,” he replied.
“What do you mean by worst”?

“She turned me down, “Eric replied.
“You need to try again,” Mirabel said.
“She does not even want to hear me out. She’s avoiding me,” Eric said, heartbroken.
And silence creeps over while Mirabel was busy thinking.

“I think I know who will help,” she said.
“Who will help “? Eric returned the question.
“Jeffrey will help, just tell him to hell you talk Ella that you love her,” she said, and Eric found it interesting that at least someone will help him.

Ella was walking along the corridor leading to the class all alone. She kept smiling to what God knows when a hand grabs her from behind, dragging her into one of the empty class in a way, she leans on the wall, and the figure stood before her. It was Jeffery.

Her heart almost failed her. She smiled, seeing it’s him.
“You were almost killing me,” zhe said as Jeffery didn’t say a word but kept looking directly into her eyes as she traced to find out that he was staring at her.

Suddenly he smiled and then looked at her, from head to toe admiring her the more.
“You look good,” he said
“Thank you, ” zhe replied as silence creep over again, and Jeffrey began.
“I want to tell you that I…” he paused, looking at Ella again.

Chapter 16

Jeffery stood, almost shedding tears. Ella waits for him to continue which her heart was beating so fast, hoping that Jeffery will say his mind, but the silence was just too much.
“Jeff? Go ahead, and I’m listening, she said, smiling, bending her neck to one side, licking her lips.

“Ella, I’m sorry, but you have to understand the issues. Eric is dying inside for you, waiting for the reciprocation of your love which he’s feeling for you,” Jeffery said and pause meanwhile, that instant Ella’s mode changed, her eyes became wet, her heartbeat to calm down, she was expecting Jeffery to tell her he loves her too just as she loves him but here he is telling him another story.

“But Jeff, I wanted to confess my feelings too of how I’m feeling for you but… “she paused as a drop of tear fell from her eyes.
“I knew already, but you must accept it the way it is now. Eric loves you. He needs you; all he wants now is you. Why not try him out?

Maybe he will be perfect,” Jeffery said just as he wanted to land his speech. Ella tried to pass him but was surprised to see Eric coming from behind, who was now folding his hands as if he’s about to cry. Jeffery left both of them, allowing them to have their privacy, but he was dying like mad.

Mirabel sat all alone in the cafeteria. Just then, Jeffery walked in from the door, looking sad than usual. His mode changed. Everything changed. He sat down near Mirabel. His head was bent down.

“Whatsup with this mode, Jeff “? She asked, trying to cheer him up.
“It’s just a minor case,” he replied while Mirabel, who had a glue of what he’s passing through, smile at him.
“Jeff, be free Witt me, looking at you, I’ve come to see that you are in love with someone. So tell me, who’s she”? She asked, but Jeffery kept mute.

“Before I forgot, have you helped Eric to talk to Ella? The young guy loves the girl like mad,” She said tgus adding more salt to his wounds.
“I’m okay, but can you just stop asking me some questions now, let my mind relax,” Jeffery added as he stood up, heading to the door.

Mr. Kenz Jeffery’s father was still hoping to partner with Mr. Lanz Ella’s father for the business contract, which would lead to his successful business.
The temperature was high. Mr. Lanz could be seen relaxing on his office chair rotating. He seems strong, not minding his age.

The computer voice came again telling him he has a visitor as Mr. Kenz’s face appeared on the screen as he walked in majestically as a king.
Meanwhile, Ella has been busy battling with her feelings for Jeff. She had loved him, wishing he made a move but, there he stood before her, referring her to Eric. She was heartbroken as she cried her heart out for the feelings she had for Jeff.

Jeff found himself walking up and down in the housebreaking glasses that he comes across due to the anger and fear of losing Ella to Jeffery because of the love he has for his friend Eric, but he took it personally to talk to Ella.
He had refused to eat, the urge of calling Ella came feeling his heart, but he decided to let it as he kept battling with the feelings of letting Ella go.

Broken Heart…
Ella couldn’t hold her tears as she cried her eyes out, though Eric was not wrong too. She had developed feelings enough for Jeffrey, which led to the kiss she gave him unexpectedly.

The day was running off so soon. Likewise, the competition coming up, which would be the best among the best, Josephine, Nelson, and Rachel was ready for the competition, thus regularly exercising every day. Eric was busy following a girl from behind.
Eric hearing the assurance Ella gave him that soon he will listen to from her, keeps disturbing her to tell her the yet to come response.

Seconds turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days, days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and finally, Ella had agreed on giving Eric a chance to prove.
Sports activities were going different activities were happening as Ella sat happily with Eric laughing due to the cracking jokes. The moment was so lovely.

“Please don’t make me go mad With these tour jokes,” Ella said, smiling.
“Oga Abeg, take easy,” Jefferey added as he sat close to Mirabel. He has gotten over the feelings that he had for Ella, but not all.

“Lazy girl, you better get up now and get your ass to know that field and join others,” Mirabel said to Ella, which made her giggle.
“Only If you want to see my death in there, I’m so lazy in that field, ” zhe added which Mirabel didn’t wait for her to land her speech as she dragged her from there to the pitch as others were busy running up and down, jumping up and down and doing some other stuff.

“Guy, you are damn lucky. The girl loves you,” Jeff said to Eric, who smiled.
“All thanks to you, you’ve been of help to me,” he said while Jeff gave his thumb up.
“You will find yours soon,” he assured as Jeff nodded his head only if he knows that he has taken Jeff’s happiness, which was Ella, and he’s not feeling for anyone again.

Josephine has been disturbing Eric because she loved him, telling him all sorts of stories that all he needs is that she’s ready to give him only if he accepts taking her as his girlfriend. But Eric kept turning her down, thus making her make sure Eric does not rest until she sees that Eric is all hers.
Mirabel and Ella arrived as they both pant like those being pursued like a mad dog.

All couldn’t stop laughing at Ella back then in the field due to how she kept falling along the line every bit, which she couldn’t even cover 50 meters talkless of 100 meters.

They all left for class holding hands together, especially Eric and Ella, who held hands like newly wedded couples.
“I love you, dear,” Eric said to the hearing of everyone.
“Heart you more handsome,” she replied, thus making Jeff frown.

“Hey, two idiots, you don’t even have respect for me again? Remember I’m here, respect me,” Jeff said.
“Yeah, he’s right, respect the big boy,” Mirabel added as they all laughed out loud.

Everyone began leaving to their various houses as the time for school dismissal came. Eric Mirabel and Jeffrey waited for Ella as she hurried back to take her book, which she forgot on the desk, which was more than necessary to her.

She entered the class, picked the book, and just as she wanted to proceed to the door, the door closed forcefully, and everything came on dark. Fumes began coming out of the room as if the house was on fire.
Ella began coughing as the smoke became unbearable for her.

Back to the outside, the three people were busy laughing, forgetting about Ella that she’s in the room.
“Please, someone should help me,” Ella shouted, Witt the last strength she had as her vision became blurry bit by bit.

Chapter 17

They were still gisting when Eric sighted the smoke that escalated the wild building; meanwhile, Ella had already fainted.
“Ella!” he shouted on top of his voice as Jeffery and Mirabel directed their eyes to what made Eric screamed Ella’s name only to see the smoke that filled everywhere.

Eric had already left the two people running as fast as his legs could carry him, while others joined him from behind.

On getting there, the whole smoke was becoming unbearable as Eric paused, looking at the door that was locked from outside while Ella was suffering inside, coughing as if she’s about to give up the ghost.

“Hang on, Ella, I’m here to save you, “Eric said out loud while the rest arrived. Hearing Eric’s voice gave her hope and assurance that he will be there soon, just as they were all waiting for the next step to take, the same thing Ella is experiencing inside followed them too as Eric began coughing real hard, likewise others as the smoke now filled their nostrils and the room which they were.
Mirabel, who was a lady, had to run out for her dear life while Eric was battling with the smoke, too, just to breathe.

Jeffery remembering that Ella is still in there, hit the door real hard on his leg, but it refused to open, he hit it again, coughing, but it refuses to open. Eric ran out instantly cause he was out of breath. Jeffery decided to try his luck again for the last time as the door break.

He rushed inside to see Ella already on the floor as her white clothing was dirty and smelling.
He tried calling her, but she was no respond. Without time wastage, he carried her in his arms in a bridal Wat leading the way out of the building. Ella opened her eyes slowly.
“Eric, “? She called with her last breath.

“It’s Jeffery,” he replied as Ella smiled without Jeffery looking at her.
The securities were now everywhere, trying to figure out the cause of the sudden event they would have almost taken someone’s life.
The three of them could be seen in their school uniform inside a cab as they kept praying silently that Ella survives.

They soon got to St Andrew’s hospital. Jeff reached down and carried Ella in his arms like his bride before the nurses could even return Witt to the stretcher.
They took her from Jeff as they rolled her inside; the three good Samaritans followed them from behind.

The house was so dull and doom. Unlike other days, Mr. Lanz just returned from work, still dressed in his expensive suits. He dropped his briefcase on the table, spreading his hands wide as if he’s expecting a hug from someone.
“Hello, my princess daddy is home,” Mr. Lanz said as he heard nothing in response, he repeated, but no response came.

He slowly walked to Ella’s room, opened it, and then found no one inside. He walked outside to the gate area.
“Akpu! Akpu, “he called out in anger as the gateman appeared before him immediately as if he’s a spirit being summoned by a priest.

“Has Ella not returned from school since morning “? He asked.
“No sir, she has not, ” he replied as Mr. Lanz blood began boiling in anger, he walked away from him, dialing Ella’s number but it wasn’t reachable, thus giving him much headache. The fear of Ella being kidnapped struck him as he shook his head in a negative gesture.

” No one came here to check on her “? He asked again as the gateman confirmed.
Just as he wanted to proceed, an unknown number called him in his private number only for business purposes. He refused at first but remembering the situation at hand, he slid the call to the receiver’s side and then put it on speaker.

“Hello sir, please am j speaking with Mr. Lanz”? Jeff asked as others stared at him in surprise.
“yes, who’s this? ” Mr. Lanz asked.
“Your daughter needs to see you, just come to St Andrew’s hospital now,” Jeff said as being ina by Ella that she wants to see her father before any other thing.

“Who am I speaking with? I hope it’s not that idiotic son of Mr. Kenz who happens to wound my daughter the previous day “? He asked in anger as Jeff looked at others before he answered.
“Yes, it’s that idiot,” he said, and Mr. Kenz ended the call, not waiting for him to continue.

“I need to teach that idiot a lesson before he kills my daughter for me,” Mr. Lanz said angrily as he walked in speed, placing his two phones on his ear at the same time.
“Hello, officer, send me your men in the square now. The direction is St Andrews hospital, “he ordered immediately as he proceeded to the car.

“Yeah, Mr. Ron, it’s me. Send me your men now to meet up with me at St Andrew’s hospital,” he said again, hanging the call as the driver set the car in motion.
Nevertheless, the night was approaching so fast while the kids were still in their school uniform, feeling so weak and hungry, but for the love they all have for Ella, they all happened to stay by her side and protect her like her guardian angel.

Eric was so weak and sad at the same time, remembering how he told Ella he loves her, but he couldn’t save her back then.
He remembered that he couldn’t even protect Ella according to how he promised the day he proposed to her, thus making her feel bad. Just as he was still in thought, the hospital door flung open instantly forcefully as Mr. Lanz walked in angrily with army men following him from behind, all dressed in this uniform.

The speed at which Mr. Lanz was operating on could even make a mere baby cry for her life. His eyes were reddish. His fist was tightened. His anger rose from 30% to 99.9%, seeing that the two kids Eric and Mirabel, knew instantly that Ella’s father is on the run while Jeff remained unmoved.

Silence took over as Mr. Lanz stood before Jeffery in an angry mode as his face could be seen reddish.
“You dare hurt my daughter again, “? Mr. Lanz said angrily, pointing his index finger at him.
All stared at Mr. Lanz, who was speaking as if they have met Witt Jeffery before.

“Take him, ” Mr. Lanz ordered the men who didn’t hesitate to carry out their work as they approached Jeffery, who was still not moving an inch just as they wanted to handcuff him, which Jeff was smiling all along.

Mirabel spoke up. She told the story of how everything happened, and now Jeffery happens to be the Savior of her daughter Ella who would have died if nothing was done.
His anger turned to smile as he watched Jeff, who was now looking at him expecting to see the next step he will take.

Visions school premises was filled up already with students both senior and junior. Gentle walked with his hands in his pockets while his bag was on his left shoulder.

The devotion ended very well. As usual, the head boy stepped on the podium with his smile. Richard stepped on the podium, looking more handsomely handsome. Everywhere became silent as Richard, the head boy, began his speech.
“On behalf of the prefects and all the staff, I’m here to announce to you that the school authority has concluded that he paused, looking at the students to see them anxiously waiting to hear from him.
He smiled and continue.

“The school has concluded that as from today, both junior students and senior students are to participate in every sporting event and now should be left out, especially those in SS2. He said and went down, instantly dismissing everyone to their various houses.

Jeffrey’s eyes went to Josephine and Rachel standing at a spot together. They could see him too looking in their direction as they hurriedly escaped heading to the class in haste.
Jeffery watched them and smiled, then took another route leading to where they are going too, just as they took the stairs leading to their class.

They found Jeffery already standing before them. How did he get there before them? Did he disappear? What happened? Their heartbeats could be easily heard, making a knocking sound at the sight of Jeffery.

Jeff, to a gentleman like him, stood with his hands in his pockets, looking at the both of them from left to right.
He cleared his throat and then continued.
“Josephine, Rachel,” he called gently as their heart was now beating as if it will soon stop pumping blood.

Chapter 18

Jeffery smiled all along while his hands were still in his trouser pocket.
“Rachel, I know it’s you two that will represent our school out there, so be ready for the day,” Jeff said, smiling as he left.

Josephine and Rachel’s hear5 returned to normal. They almost fainted due to the fear that jeff had a clue of what happened the previous day.
He almost killed me with a heart attack: Rachel said what sounds like a whisper to Josephine, who was laughing too.
Eric was feeling down and weak. He was all alone, no Ella to talk to him and play with him as usual. He failed to protect her when she needed his help most.

“Guy, cheer up, she’s going to be okay, “Jeff said to him, giving him a thumb up as he smiled.
“Thanks, man, it’s all you. You did well back then. You did a lot in saving her, “Eric said.
“Don’t thank me, what are friends for “? He said and walked away, heading to the cafeteria as Eric sat there all alone.

“Go girl, he needs someone to talk to, so better start going and take your man, “Rachel said, smiling as Josephine stood up well to where Eric sat, looking so worried.
“Hello Eric, please can I sit down “?she asked as Eric looked at her and then shook his head in a yes gesture, and she sat down near him.

Ella’s ward was located in ward 213 just after the reception hall. All could see tight security around her as if she’s the queen in Africa.
She opened her eyes slowly only to see herself all alone at the moment. Seeing that she’s in the hospital reminded her of what happened the previous day, and the first person that came to her mind was Eric.

“You don’t look bright today. What’s the matter, Eric “? Josephine asked him as Eric looked down, she tried to touch him, but Eric warned her never to try such rubbish.
“I’m just trying to be nice na, I mean no harm,” she added while Rachel smiled from her place, seeing that everything is settled.

“Just let me be now, please, ” Eric pleaded.
“You know I have loved you, Eric. Why are you doing this to me? It hurts to see you smile with someone else, and you don’t smile at me,” Josephine said, almost shedding tears, but Eric ignored her at first but later felt bad for her.
“I’ve told you already it’s her I love. Your own man is coming one day,” Eric added as Josephine stood up feeling disappointed, but zhe was not going to give up until she sees that Ella is out of the track for her, either dead or alive.

“Can you come to my place this evening “? She stopped in her tracks and asked, but Eric shook his head in a no gesture, thus disappointing her.
She walked to her seat feeling disappointed, and Rachel noticed it, and of course, she had a glue that maybe Eric has disappointed her as usual, but she had to keep it to herself.

“Get up, man, let’s go to the field. “Mirabel arrived dragging him to the area, not minding if he’s okay or not, seeing that Josephine almost die of jealousy.
“Take it, easy girl, I’ll help you, remember we are in this together,” Rachel said as they stood up to walking to the field because the bell came on for everyone to be there.

“Man, I’ve never known that you are such a super friend more than a normal friend,” Richard, the head boy, said to Gentle with their hands in their pockets as gentle smiled while Richard kept responding to student’s greetings.
“What do you mean by that “? Gentle asked.

“You helped me get back to this my position, your advice and everything returned me here,” Richard said, looking around as the field was filled. Witt students and all angles were different sports activities going on.
Mr. Oba, Mr. Pius, and Mrs. Roseline were there watching their students performing well, and Mr. Anderson smiled, walking to the field.

“Attention everyone! ‘ he shouted on the megaphone as the students paused, looking at him.
“Let’s just assume today is the inter-house sport, so I’m calling on these boy’s from different houses to compete in 100 meters race senior boys to see the outcome of. Eric, Nelson, Jeffery, Brown, Alex, and Marvelous,” he called them out as they all stood in their tracks.

Jeffery knew that he’s not even a match to these guys cause he’s so dull and slow.
Everyone knew that Eric would take the lead while Nelson will follow, and the rest will be announced.
Mr. Anderson stood at their back after they took their different tracks. Everyone left the field for them, making the field to be plain.

Mirabel and other girls watched them, knowing that after the boys will be the girls.
“On your tracks, get set, ready, ” Mr. Anderson paused as all of them listened to hear the final command.
“Go!” he shouted, and like a flash of water, they all moved like flashes, all of them with different speeds.

Eric was there, one running at the back while everyone was ahead of him. If that was not okay, he even fell on his track.
Nelson takes the first position, followed by others, and Jeffery tried to take the third position.
Everyone clapped for them, but they were disappointed in their hero called Eric, whose result was very poor that morning.

Soon Mirabel, Josephine, Rachel, Ann, Miranda, and Lizzy took their tracks, and Mr. Anderson took the same format. In a twinkle of an eye immediately, he said go. Josephine and Rachel were already in the middle as Nelson smiled at her girl, giving others tough times to meet up with them.

Eric cooked some lies to the security men, telling them he needs to see the doctor for his treatment because he’s not feeling okay. Jeffery knew not about it, even Mirabel. Eric was missing Ella and might have died if they didn’t do anything about that.

He took a cab directly to St Andrew’s hospital. On getting to Ella’s ward, it was guided Witt’s tight security. They asked him to go back. Ella, who heard his voice from outside, gave the order to allow him in.
“Good afternoon, my princess. How are you “? He asked, smiling as Ella also smiled.

“I’m getting better,” she replied, smiling, and Eric’s mode changed instantly as he looked down in sadness. Of course, Ella noticed it.

“I’m so so…… Ella placed her middle finger on his lips, preventing him not to speak further.
“Not now, just relax and nothing to be sorry about,” she added, smiling.
They took time to talk to each other, gisting and doing other random stuff.

Eric even told her how he carried last in the 100 meters race back then because he was thinking of her. Ella almost fainted with laughter.
Ella told him that she would be discharged that same day, thus making Eric smile.

“Will you make it to my place this evening “? He requested.
“Yeah, sure, I will try,” she said, smiling.
“Thank you dear. I love you. “
“I love you more,” she added.

Ella was seen on lemon top and tight leggings showing her real beauty as her long hair kept flying due to the air, she took a cab to the address Eric gave her, in due time she was there as Eric came out picked her.
She was lovely.
Eric sat down on the bed, giving her where to sit sh. Shek time to view the room.
“Looking good, “She said.

“Thanks, dear, “he replied, smiling.
Silence creeps all over as they both stared into each other’s eyes. Of course, they had missed each other so badly. Without saying anything, Eric leaned forward slowly as Ella didn’t hesitate to join him. Their lips finally locked up in a hot and romantic kiss, which has never happened before., Eric took time to handle her as if she will disappear.
The kiss was becoming so hot, thus exploding them to the planet of love.

Eric’s hands performed magic on Ella’s chest’s part, and she let out soft moans that filled the house, encouraging him of the excellent work. Just as the moment was about to transport them to the planet of love, a heavy and mighty knock sounded n the door, thus making them jerk in fear. The knock came again for the second time, this time more heavily, as they both looked at each other in fear.

Chapter 19

Eric was not himself neither Ella was herself too. The knock alone got them scared. Eric knew perfectly well that it’s not the mother, so he waited, and the knock came again so heavily. He decided to open it and face whoever the person is. He grabbed the doorknob after waiting for some time. He pushed it open, and who he saw almost made him got mad instantly.

Jeffery decided to forget about Ella though he still feels for her but for the fact that Eric had gained her heart, he decided to let her be for the meantime, hoping he gets his lover soon.
He plugged his earphones in his ears, listening to the rock music that was playing. He kept on nodding his head to the rhythm of the music.

Mr. Kenz walked out of the house. It was 6:54 pm already which he had returned from work.
“Son, how are you today “? He asked, sitting down on the couch and then picked the remote, switching on the TV to the news channel. He relaxed after that.

“How was the business discussion with Mr. Lanz “? Jeff asked his father, who drank a coffee cup and then dropped it down to answer him.
“Thanks for reminding me of something important. It went on well, but tomorrow you are going there to get all the necessary files that were being signed by him to be safe with us here,” Mr. Kenz said as Jeffery nodded his head in agreement.

“Mom, I’m gonna do it again,” Nelson said to his old mother, who used a stick to support her herself to prevent her from falling.
“What are you talking about, my son “? Mrs. Linda asked.

“Mom, you know I’m always a star when it comes to competition. I will make you proud again,” he said, squatting down and then embraced the mother and left.
“Where are you now “? Nelson said on the phone.
“I’m already on my way, ” Rachel replied, taking a cab to where they were to meet.

Eric opened the door to find his junior brother Alex laughing real hard at him. Alex is just ten years old. He knew that Eric came to Witt someone, so he needed to threaten him as if it’s the mother.
Eric was so angry at that time, seeing how his junior brother made his heart almost burst. He was about slapping him when the boy spoke up.

“I just wanted to remind you that your food is burning, ” Alex said, and immediately Eric remembered that he was cooking before Ella arrived. He rushed to the kitchen in a flash, open the pot, but it was too late due to how the food was burnt. All his ingredients were now lost, and everything, including his time, was wasted.
Ella heard everything Eric and Alex said, and he couldn’t stop smiling due to how the little boy made them feel scared.

“Damn it, I’m not cooking again,” Eric said angrily, taking the pot off the fire.
“Oh, yes, you are cooking again. “Ella’s voice came from behind as Eric smiled.
“I will help you. Let’s cook together before your mom returns and starve.
Eric smiled, bringing out all the needed ingredients, and in no time, the food was placed on the fire (Don’t ask me what food it was).

7:54 pm…
The night was drawing so fast as Ella placed the food just in front of Eric, who smiled, taking out the spoon as they both eat in silence. Eric couldn’t stop stealing glances at Ella for how beautiful she is, just then the event of the previous day flashed back into his memory of how he neglected Josephine and how she felt bad, but he had no other option than doing that just to save his relationship.

Ella cleared the table, and Eric assisted in everything until they finally round up the act of Washing the dishes.
“Have I told you how beautiful you are “? Eric asked Ella, who was now smiling.
“Don’t try to be kidding me,” Ella replied. Eric felt somehow hearing Ella’s language.
“you are beautiful,” said Eric.

“Thanks to you,” she replied, but Eric’s eyes were still on her as she returns the eye contact until it became unbearable. Both parties began leaning forward until their lips finally met in a hot and romantic kiss.
Eric found his hands performing magic in Ella’s clothing that was now open. She kept moaning to every touch made by Eric, which got him.

Eric slowly kissed her, and she responded. He drew her to himself as they both fall on the bed in a way she was on top of Eric, but he turns her down and lies on top of her.
The feelings were becoming unbearable as Eric’s lion in between his legs was now dancing due to the sight’s too much happiness.

Eric took time to caress her. He moved his hands to her lower region. He tried taking off her clothes, but Ella prevented him. His eyes were now red. He paused, looking at Ella. He continued again and tried taking off her clothes for the second time, but she stopped him also. Though she enjoyed every bit of what was happening, she had her limits. She had to control herself not to be carried away by the pleasure.
“Why now “? Eric asked it in a pleading way.

“We don’t need to do this now. Let’s just relax in the meantime.
“But you just got me on. Why do you stop on the way? “Eric’s voice came romantically.
“Eric, let’s just wait for the primary time, “Ella replied.
They talked and talked until it was time for Ella to go as he escorts her to and board a taxi for her waving at her as she was out of sight.

Mirabel couldn’t bear the pains again, she couldn’t handle it anymore, she had been loving Jeffery but pretended she does not, seeing Jeffery every day always gives her joy, she loves him like no one else but why is he so blind to notice it? Why is he not noticing it?
She sat down only in her nightdress that showed her real hips and what she’s carrying. She decided on letting Jeffry knows her feelings the next day as she silently slept off.

The morning sun strikes, thus making everywhere bright again, the noises on the streets, including the screeching sounds of tires making sound due to the brakes applied by some mark trucks.
The vision high school environment was still the same way it uses to be in the case that even though a stranger enters the compound, he or she will know that vision school is made of money.

The morning assembly was conducted successfully, after which peace the chapel left the stage for the principal to say a brief word to the students concerning the upcoming competition.
“Good morning, students. “
“Good morning, sir,” they all chorused.

“Good to know that you are all fine. The competition is around the corner. It’s only two weeks left. We are meant to win, so I’ll like you all to put more effort, ” Mr. Pius said, taking a deep breath waiting for the right time to continue.
“Are you be preparing for this “? Ella asked Mirabel, who stood next to her.
“I’m not a match to those girls there, ” zhs replies pointing at Rachel and Josephine.
“We need to act fast before things get out of hand,” Rachel said to Josephine, who nodded her head in a yes gesture.
Eric’s eyes met With of Ella as he smiled and diverted his eyes instantly. Josephine caught both of them exchanging eye contact. She got jealous immediately.

Mirabel kept watching Jeffery at every interval; seeing how cute and adorable he is made her smile feeling her heartbeat increasing.
“So great students of vision high school, let’s be ready to face the challenge …Mr. Pius paused due to the noise that distracted him. He looked into the crowd to see Ella laughing with Mirabel. He recognized the girl instantly and ordered her to present herself on the podium, which she did.

“Now tell the whole school what I said, “Mr. Pius ordered as Eric looked down in sadness while Rachel and Josephine looked in Eric’s direction seeing how disappointed he is and knowing fully well that Ella will disgrace herself once again.
She stood there, not knowing what to say. She looked at Eric to see him dropping down his head in shame.
She looked at Jeffery to see him smiling at her, giving her the go-ahead to continue her speech. She knew that she would disgrace herself, but Jeffery wasn’t disappointed in her but trusted her the more.

“Speak up, young girl, don’t waste our time, “Mr. Pius fired. The voice alone made Ella jerked in fear.
“Sir, you were told that… Make all the students be preparing about the all coming event that will is….. Ella didn’t even end her speech when all the students, including the teachers, laughed at her real bad to the extent she almost faints. Everyone was laughing at her.

She couldn’t bear the pains, she directed her eyes to Eric to see him looking down, back to Rachel, and the rest they almost killed her with dangerous looks, including Ann.
Jeffery didn’t stop smiling at her. Though she keeps making mistakes, he’s always there to support her.
The principal, in anger, ordered her to go down while he continued his speech. The junior ones couldn’t help it to give Ella a name instantly.

She cried her eyes out, running away from the crowd while Jeffery waited for the assembly to end.
“You did pretty well, Eric,” Rachel said, mocking him, and walked away.
Meanwhile, Jeffry had begun his search for Ella to see where she is. He later found in the restroom crying and sneezing.

He walked inside, opened the door, and then sat down with her on the floor.
“Ella, you are the best I’ve ever known. Just be yourself. You are brave, strong, and firm even when you don’t know it, but you are always strong to be yourself. I love it, dearly, ” Jeffery encouraged her.
“No, Jeff, I wasn’t. I messed up everything there. “
“No, you didn’t, you did the right thing,” Jeff said as Ella found his words healing her wounds as Jeff drag her up, and then she rested on his shoulder, embracing him.

Mirabel had been looking for Jeff to let him know how she’s feeling for him, even though he will hate her after that, but she just needs to tell him that she loves him.
Eric, too, was ashamed because everyone knew that he’s dating Ella.

Mirabel continued her search, just as she wanted to pass she overheard voices in the restroom she sounds familiar, she stopped and then walked to the door grab the doorknob and twist it open only to find Ella and Jeff hugging each other, just as she wanted to close back the door in heartbreak, Eric arrived too and met the guys in that same position.

Chapter 20

Mirabel couldn’t control herself anymore as she felt jealous instantly. Eric stood, watching the drama that took place. So all this while Jeffery had been having his time secretly with Ella, he left angrily while Mirabel closed the door back. Meanwhile, the two people had disengaged from the hug watching how the two people left angrily.
Ella tried to call Eric back, but he wasn’t listening.

“He’s angry,” Ella said to Jeff, who only nodded his head.
Mirabel returned to the class, feeling her heartbeat increasing. It hurts her to see Ella, her friend, with Jeff. She thought that the coast was clear for her to confess her love for him, but she was wrong.

Ella walked out of the room after Jeff left her in the field to talk to Eric himself. Just as Ella stepped out of the room, Josephine and Rachel arrived, blocking her way, preventing her from moving further.
“What do you mean by this “? Ella said as Rachel burst out loud laughing due to her wrong English.
“Just hear yourself, as big as you are, you can’t even make a correct speech shame on you,” Josephine said rudely as Ella felt bad inwardly but pretended as if nothing happens.

“Look at how she disgraced herself back then before the students in the assembly,” Rachel added as they both end up laughing.
“Ella, or whatever you call yourself, stay away from Eric. He’s mine, “Josephine warned her as Ella listened to them, feeling scared.

“Stay clear from him. That was just the beginning for you. If you insist the worst is coming, “Josephine added, thus taking Ella’s memory back to what happened down days ago, thus making her believe that it’s the both of them that were responsible for what happened.

Just as they talked, John, the games prefect, walked in with a long Cain in his hand as if he’s controlling a flock of sheep. Seeing him, Ella’s heart skipped.
“What are you guys doing here “? John said angrily, not even waiting to be greeted by them.
“Senior, we are…
“Shut up, you guys are violating the rules of the school, and you must face the consequences,” John said, parading all of them out.

Back to the field, Jeff sat next to Eric in the area, he tried to talk to him, but it seems his memory was not even there.
“Guy, it’s not how to take it, “Jeff said calmly.
“Then what’s it? Tell me, explain it to me, please. What were you two doing inside a closed room? “Eric said out loud, feeling bad.

“It was just a friendly hug, nothing much,” Jeff tried to explain, but Eric was still hard.
“You betrayed me, Jeff, I trusted you; I even believed in you,” Eric said, remembering that Ella denied him sex telling him that it’s of reasons best known to her, so it was all about Jeff.
Jeff stood up in anger and walked out. Since Eric is taking things so far, he needed a friend that can trust him, not a betrayal.

He decided to give Ella space so that it won’t look as if the allegations are true.
Ella. The Two other beasts were dragged out by John, the games prefect, to the field. He needed to punish them so that the game rules will be observed.

Mirabel came out of the class to see Ella and the rest standing as if they will be executed any moment from now.
“Listen, everyone. “John took the megaphone gaining everyone’s attention.
“These three people here have violated the school rules, so they are to face a punishment of running around the field for five good times, which will make it 1000 meters for disobeying the school rules. Now get set,” John said, dropping the megaphone.

The junior ones couldn’t stop laughing, remembering Ella as the grammar lady.
Ella and the rest were set on the track to begin their punishment. Rachel and Josephine were not shaken because they knew that they could do it.

Mirabel watched them feeling bad for Ella.
Jeff, too stopped in his tracks, watching Ella on how she will do.
Eric looked down in embarrassment and shame.

“Dude, look at your bae. She’s about to commence the race, “Mike said to Eric.
“The correct woman of grammar,” Pius added as they all burst out laughing. Eric couldn’t bear the shame.
“Guy, if I were you, I would have dropped that idiot and concentrate on Josephine. The girl is dying for you, so wake up,” Pius said as Eric almost slapped him, but what he said was true.

Back to the field, Ella couldn’t bear the shame she was about to face again cause she’s about to fail again.
“On your marks, get set, ready “John paused for a while.
“Go, “! He shouted as Rachel and Josephine moved, but Ella couldn’t. She stood there, feeling weak.
In anger, John walked up to her and whipped her real hard with the cain as her fair body became reddish instantly. Ella almost cried.

Tears filled her eyes.
Jeff felt like strangling the idiot to death to lay his hands on Ella, but he had no power to do so.
John gave her another hurtful whip again as she held the place in pain. She started running to avoid more ones. The junior ones couldn’t stop laughing at Ella, the “GRAMMAR GIRL.”

Ella fell and had bruises all over her body due to how soft her body is, she cried for help, but none came.
Just then, the bell came returning everyone to their classes. She looked to see Eric joining the group is going to the class without even looking back at her.

She looked at Jeffery to see him shaking his head in a no gesture and walked away.
Mirabel, too, wasn’t there to help her. She cried in pain. Why always her? Why does she need to suffer everywhere she goes? Why all the embarrassment? she laid down, crying her heart out. Why is everyone against her now, including Eric and Jeff the time she needed them most.

Jeff’s heart bleeds, remembering how he watched Ella struggling in pain. He felt like helping but had no option but to give her space in the meantime since Eric doesn’t want to believe him.
That’s all he needs to do, to give Ella space so that it won’t look as if he’s snatching her from Eric, which is not the truth.

Ella laid face up in her room, crying her eyes out, feeling the pains from where she had the bruises. Seeing Eric disdaining her hurt her to the extent she almost gave up.
Everyone is against her now, the same thing that happened in her previous school.
Rachel’s words came back to her memory “stay away from Eric. He’s mine. “Did she felt like dying, or is it true? Was Eric trying to play her all along?

The questions almost blew her mind off. She couldn’t hold her pains. Love hurts.
It happened so fast that Eric ignored Ella for some days in school without saying a word to her, including Jeff, who only did him to protect his image and reputation.

Ella couldn’t bear the pains of watching the one she loved hurting her for reasons she didn’t know.
“Thanks for the other day, senior John,” Rachel said to John, the games prefect who smiled.
“I can even do more than that if you only do as I will require,” John added.
“What could that be “? Rachel asked, looking at him as his eyes landed on her body.
“Your body is all I need,” he replied.

Things were getting stricter day by day to Ella, who was now helpless. The father noticed it but had to keep it to himself.
“Princess, what’s the matter with you”? Mr. Lanz looked at Ella to see her disturbed.
“It is fine ever breathed, “she replied as the father didn’t believe her.
“You look worried and bothered. What’s it, princess? Just let me know,” Mr. Lanz said, and Ella breathed in.
“Daddy will be fine, “she replied as the father didn’t bother to disturb her again but walked out to where he packed his car and then came back.

Just in case you feel bored, just come to the office, “Mr. Lanz said and walked away.
Jeffrey was well dressed. He was about to head to Mr. Lanz’s company to collect the files his father was talking about when his phone rang.
“Hello, dad.”

“Yes, son, remember to get those files, “he said on the phone.
“I’m already on my way there,” he added as the line went dead.
Jeff stepped out of his room, walking to where cars were packed. He called on one of the drivers, who instantly.
“Take me to company, “Jeff said to the driver who set the car engine steaming immediately.

Jeff walked in the long passage that leads to Mr. Lanz’s office. Just then, Ella walked past him without saying a word, it hurts him too, but he needed it to be that way to save his friendship with Eric.
Ella was already in the elevator when Jeff ran to her calling her name for her to wait. Ella stopped without looking back.

“Ella, I’m sorry, it’s not my intention to ignore you but believe me, it’s for our good,” he said in a calm voice that she had missed for a long time.
She felt like hugging him that instant, but she had to control herself.
Silence creeps over as they both stood there without repeating anything. Ella finally entered and then moved off. Jeff sigh and then continued his journey to Ella’s father’s office.

The competition day was approaching so fast that the competitors were adding more strength to continue their mission.
The day was bright as Ella sat on her desk without minding Eric’s presence since he wants it to be that way. Jeff glanced at her and then continued with what he was doing.

Time was approaching for SS2 to be given posts to held which all of them were trying to live to the school’s expectations so that they will gain favor from the school management.
Everyone knew that Ella would go nowhere because of her illiteracy; she will not even pass her exams talkless of having a post in the school.

Like others who went to the field, Eric stood up, walking out of the class to continue their sporting activities.
Ella was walking along the long passage that leads to the restroom when Eric called her back.

She stopped without looking at him in the eyes though he felt terrible, even Ella too, she had no option.
Eric waited as silence creep over, and then he began.

“Ella, I’m sorry for everything you are going through, but I want to say it’s o…… He was being distracted by a distant scream as he looked at the direction the voice came from.

Chapter 21

Eric stared at the door to see Mirabel walking up to them, thus preventing him from speaking further.
” Has any of you see n Jeff “? She asked, but Eric pretended as if he didn’t hear, making the two ladies suspect that something is wrong between them.
“No, I’ve not seen him. He must be in the cafeteria if he’s not in the class, ” Ella replied as an afterthought, which got Eric suspecting her the more.

Mirabel left instantly, still searching for Jeff, she’s mean in letting Jeffry know how she is feeling for her even when he will turn her down, but she has to let him know how she’s feeling.

Jeff walked around the school garden that was located at a far distance away from the school buildings, dry leaves and some dead fruits could be found on the ground as Jeff finally sat down thinking about his life, if the father sent him to school for love or if he sent him to school for him to study hard.

Remembering the first time Ella and he started talking, he smiled not until Eric came into the line.
“Why are you here all alone “? Mirabel asked after tracing out that he’s in the garden.
Some students were found at the other far end this giving them the privacy they needed.

“Can I join you “? She asked while Jeff nodded his head in a yes gesture without looking up.
“What’s the problem with you “? Mirabel asked like a caring mother who is about to breastfeed the baby.
“It’s all about Eric. He does not believe me. He thinks I am dating Ella,” Jeff said sadly as Mirabel couldn’t hold it anymore.

Her mode changed, and her physical features changed to a sad one, and she looked down on the floor playing with her finger while Jeff watched her from the corner of his eyes like a watchdog who is watching the compound at night.
” Ella, do you love me “? Eric asked, looking deep into Ella’s eyes to see them feel with love.

“I have loved you since I was getting to knowing you, but….. She paused as tears began forming in her eyes.
“But what Ella tell me, tell me it’s Jeff you are dying for, not me,” Eric said, raising his voice like an angry soldier who is about giving the command to his men.

“It’s all about trust. You don’t trust me, Eric. I love you, I trust you, but the time I needing you most, you were nothing there to prove to me how much you love me. You are ashamed of mine because of my wronging English,” Ella said in tears.

“It’s okay, just know that I love you,” he said, assuring her as she nodded her head in a yes gesture. Meanwhile, Josephine had been watching everything that happened through a window.

“I need to teach her a lesson since she’s not adhering to instructions, “she said and walked to them in anger.
“What’s, is Mirabel “? Jeff asked, seeing how her mode changed.
“There’s something I want to tell you. “

“Then go ahead talk to me, “Jeff replied.
“Promis me, you will listen to me,” she said in a pleading eye.
“Okay fine, I promise, ” Jeff said as an afterthought.

Silence creeps over once again as Mirabel began her speech of love to Jeff.
“Jeff, it hurts to see the one you love loving someone else and does not even care about your feelings,” Mirabel said, looking at Jeff’s confused face.
“I don’t get you. You are speaking in parables. Just let me understand everything, ” Jeff pushed further.
“Jeff, I’ve loved you for a very long time, but I had to keep it to myself, hoping that one day you will see it yourself, but it seems you do not see it.

I have no option than to let it out now. I’ve been hiding it for a very long time, and my heart can’t hold it any longer, ” Mirabel said as Jeff looked at her surprised face, he was speechless, he didn’t know what to say, he took her as his best friend and did not even feel anything for her.

“I know it hurts as you’ve said, but to be sincere, my heart is for someone else. I’m so sorry, dear,” he said, looking at Mirabel’s teary eyes. Of course, that’s what she was expecting, or was she expecting him to say that he loves her too? Damn no.

“I knew it already, but I just wanted my mind and heart to be free,” She said and stood up in tears. Jeff felt her pains. He understands how love hurts, but there’s nothing he will do it only Ella did not come into the picture, he would have taken Mirabel, but now Ella is his heartbeat.

“I’m sorry, Mirabel, you will find yourself own man soon,” he said as she walked away in tears. She paused on her track, looking back at Jeff.
“Can you come to my place this evening “? She begged.
” What for”? Jeff asked her but took it so gently so that he won’t hurt her the more.
“Just a visit, please “? Zhe begged.

“Fine, I will give you a call. If I come, I will let you know, ” Jeff replied, smiling to cheer her up.
“Baby, what are you doing here? Witt this bitch ” Josephine said immediately she got to where Ella and Eric were. Ella face’s surprised look could be seen transferring the questioning regard to Eric to answer the question.
“Who is your baby “? Eric fired at her.

“Don’t pretend here, baby,” She said, trying to touch him while giving Ella a deadly glare, but Eric pushed her away from him.
“Stop forcing yourself on me. I won’t love you, Josephine,” Eric said in anger.

“It is because of this thing that you are pushing me away, right “? Josephine barked in anger, too, while Eric was burning inside. Ella looked down in shame for Josephine to call her a thing.
“How dare you call her a thing “? Eric asked in anger raising his hands to hit her.
“That’s enough!! ” Ella shouted in anger.

“If I don’t have you, Eric, no one else will, not even her,” she said, pointing at Ella as she walked away, shaking her big ass left and right in a way it can cause personal erection of backside to people that have unique backside problem.
“It’s okay, dear, don’t worry, “Eric said as they both walked away.
“Man sees that girl I’m dying for her, ” Gentle said. Mirabel walked out of the school garden to her classroom.
“What “? Richard narrowed his eyes in surprise, hitting Gentle on the head.

“If you just dare try it, that’s my crush oo,” he added as a Gentle chuckle.
“You better crush well, oo,” Gentle said as Richard hit him playfully on the shoulder.
The bell came summoning all the students in the assembly hall as all waited silently for the principal to arrive.
“Great people of vision school, no need to waste your time, it’s just a few seconds announcement ” He stopped as all listened with great attention to hear him out.

“These people are to see me in my office tomorrow morning, Ella Lanz, Jeffrey Kenz, Mirabel Louis, and Eric Oba, you are all to see me in my office tomorrow morning. “He added and went down as the four people looked at each other, thinking of what the problem might be that makes the principal call out their names in public requesting their presence.
Richard couldn’t take his eyes off Mirabel as he kept watching her from a distance.

5:47 pm…
Jeff placed his phone on his ear, dialing Mirabel’s number, after which he had decided to visit her.
She picked up on the second beep.
“Hello, Jeff. “
“Yeah, Mirabel, send me the address now,” he said calmly.

“Okay, j will, ” she replied gladly as Jeff ended the call. She jumped up in happiness that at last Jeff is visiting her even if he does not accept her.
Jeff mount the road with a red face cap and a red polo that has his name boldly written at the back.

He took a cab directly to the address Mirabel sent to him.
, on getting there, he knocked softly on the gate, which was later opened by the gateman. After answering a series of questions, he was ushered in.

The house didn’t look bad, well fenced, and had a magnificent figure. He stood inside the sitting room, viewing the environment as images of top government officials hanging on the wall.

Mirabel emerged from the inner room, looking so excited to see Jeff. She was on a red handless top and a pair of jean bump short.
She walked to Jeff smiling.

“Please have a seat,” she said as Jeff took the nearby seat beside him.
“Your house is nice.”
“Thank you for that, “she replied, smiling.
She rushed to the refrigerator without even asking, opened it, brought a chilled juice, put two glasses, and then walked to where Jeff sat comfortably.

“Did I even requested it “? He asked, spreading his hands wide.
“Shut up, young boy, did I tell you it’s for you,” she replied jokingly.
“Better,” he said as they both chuckle.

She poured the juice into two glasses, gave one to Jeff, and drank one.
They took time to discuss o issues, especially on their love lives, and Mirabel happens to find out more facts about Jeff, which made her feel he was her own instantly.

Time was running fast, and the night was fast approaching. Jeff stood up.
“I think I should take my leave. I’ve spent much more time than I expected,” he announced.
“I enjoy your company, thank you, Al lot.”

“Don’t mention it. I forgot where your parents are, “? He asked.
“Oh, they just left this evening. They will be back soon,” she added as they both walked to the gate which Jeff finally took a cab and went home, leaving Mirabel again in her boredom.

Jeff, Mirabel, Eric, and Ella could be seen standing on the corridor that leads to the principal office. They were in their school uniform. All dressed neatly. Jeff knocked on the door gently and was told to come in as they all went inside.

Seeing them, Mr. Pius, the principal, stopped what he was doing and took a better look at them from the first person Jeff to the last person Ella.
He looked at them seriously as they became scared already due to eye contact; meanwhile, some teachers were present there, including Mrs. Roseline, Mr. Anderson, and Mr. Lois.
The four students stood before the angry principal, who now cleared his throat to continue the story.

Chapter 22

The look Mr. Pius the principal, gave the four students, almost made them cry out loud in fear.
“Good morning, Sir, “They greeted in unison.
“Keep the morning to yourself !” Mr. Pius fired at them, thus making them startle in fear.
He adjusted his tie and then sat upright, looking from the first to the rest.

“It has been brought to my notice that you all here are not participating in any games concerning the competition. All you do is to play live around the school compound,” Mr. Pius said as Mrs. Roseline chuckled.
“Even this one that knows nothing is also included,” she said, pointing her hand at Ella while she looked down in shame and fear.

“All she knows is love, not the book,” Mr. Anderson added jokingly, making Ella burn in anger deep down.
” Jeffery, including you, you of all people, you all know that in two weeks you are taking over from the present governors of the school. Why not act like gentlemen “? Mr. Pius said, spreading his hands wide.

“I’m sorry, sir, it won’t repeat itself,” Jeff said, trying to calm him down while the rest stood as molten lava.
Ella was heartbroken remembering the challenge and how Mrs. Roseline mocked her, including the junior ones, which she seniors because of her wrong English.

“Sir, what’s the way forward now “? Mr. Anderson asked the principal.
“Good, as the games master, you are going to keep close range and observe them see what they will do in this competition.”
” Eric, including you, our superhero, you are forming big boy because of a girl,” Mr. Pius added.
“Better prepare for the competition and how to handle the school in the next weeks coming,” he added as they all walked out of the office.

“Look at that fine girl, nothing is In that her medulla oblongata, all she knows is a guy. I pity her generation,” she added.
Richard stood from a distance. He and Gentle are like twins, always walking with each other but not actually.

“I need help bro, I’m dying silently because of that girl,” Richard told Gentle his heart.
“Take it, easy man, you know you are the head boy, so anything for you,” he said as they both smiled.

Ella got to the class as covered her face on her desk. It’s obvious Mrs. Roseline has reminded her of her predicament the time she wanted to forget about it entirely. Mirabel knew what the problem was. She walked to her in a sister way.

“I understand how you are feeling, but you will make it. It’s just a matter of time. “She assured.
” No, you don’t even know it. I was able to read or write. I am going illiterate. It hurts,” she cried as Mirabel pulled her into a friendly hug.
Josephine walked in from the door, hearing their conversation. She hissed and walked away, heading to her desk.

Ella opened her locker and found a piece of paper in it and a number written on it. “Please call me,” says the inscription. She quickly looked to see if she’s in the right place. That was when she noticed that it’s Mirabel’s desk that she’s sitting on. She quickly closed it back, pretending as if she sees nothing while Mirabel walked in from the door.

Lessons began as usual, which different teachers gave their lesson one after the other preparing the students for their examination after the competition.
Mirabel opened her locker to find the piece of paper and then number, an inscription that says “meet me in the school garden after school ” thinking that it’s Jeff she smiled knowing fully that he’s the one that always like your there in the school garden.

Different sports activities took place for the day as Mirabel, Eric, Jeff, and Ella tried their best not to miss out.
Along the line, they find out that Ella can not run talkless of taking part in any of the competition activities, which is so bad and not encouraging.

School closed for the day as everyone left. Mirabel looked around but couldn’t see Jeff.
“Hey, girl, why are you here all alone “? Ella asked her while walking down the gate.
“I’m waiting for my driver,” she replied, smiling.
“Goodbye till tomorrow, ” Ella waved at her, smiling.

The school was deserted once again, seeing that Mirabel hurried to the school garden with her school bag.
“It seems she it will not work, ” Richard said sadly.
“Calm down, man, everything will be okay, “just as Gentle added, she sighted Mirabel coming from a distance.
“I said it, there she is. We better hide now, ” Gentle said as they both hid.

Mirabel arrived at the scg garden, and it was deserted, she looked around only to find the tall trees and grasses.
She waited silently hoping to see Jeff approaching, just then she heard footsteps from behind, she looked back to behold Richard, the head boy walking towards her, she startles to know what it means for one to be caught here after school hours.

“Senior good afternoon,” she greeted as Richard replied, walking towards her.
“Waiting for someone “? He asked, and Mirabel finds the question hang in her throat.
“Uhmm, yes….. I mean… Yes… No. ..” she stammered, and Richard chuckled.
“When did you start being like that “?
“I love the breeze here, and I decided to have an excellent quiet time here since my driver is not here yet, “She replied.

“Good, you look good,” Richard said as silence took over the atmosphere again. Richard swallowed hard, not knowing how to start the conversation since he’s a beginner in the field.

“Mirabel, I called you here, “? He said.
“What “? She narrowed her brows bringing out the paper.
“You had this thing in my put in my locker “? She asked, and Richard nodded his head in a yes gesture making her chuckle.

“Why did it that way “? She said as Richard didn’t know how to start it.
“You see, Mirabel, I can’t say this, but I just need you to understand me, please,” he said and stopped while Mirabel gave him her full attention.

Richard is also a handsome dude that will make a lady drill, so standing before Mirabel, the girl he had been longing for to have by his side, gives him joy, and the fear of losing her stuck him as he began.
“Hiding the feelings you have for someone is nothing, but letting them know how you feel about them is the best choice ” Richard paused and then continue.

“Mirabel, to end the long story, I love you,” he said, and her heart skipped, she looked at him to see him staring deep Into her eyes, and she can’t withstand the looks as she looked down due to the fear of looking at him in the eyes.

Richard’s hands were vibrating; meanwhile, Mirabel finds it difficult to believe what is happening. She wasn’t expecting this. All her mind was that Jeff is the one that summoned her. She slowly picked her bag and then tried to walk away. Richard held her from behind. The tender hands, the warm breath, the magnificent smell that was from him filled her nostrils.

“Please give me a chance,” he added.
“I’m sorry I…. “she paused, remembering her feelings for Jeff just then Gentle cane out from his hiding place.

“He’s right, Mirabel. He needs you, his heart longs for you, and his soul and mind need you, ” Gentle added as Mirabel looked back to see him.
“Senior Gentle, you are in this game too “? She asked surprisingly as Gentle nodes his head in a yes gesture.

Ella got home feeling weak and hungry. She walked to the kitchen, poured herself a cup of cool coffee due to the hot weather, and drink to calm her throat.

After which she started preparing a cool fast food called indomine. The smell fills every corner in the house as she fries the eggs while she kept nodding her head to the music playing while earphones were plugged in her ears. The food was done as she devoured it like a hungry lion, after which she returned the plate to the normal position.

Ella jumped on the bad carrying her iPad, switched on her data connection logging into facebook immediately, saw thousands of friends’ requests and messages, and smiled to herself. Luckily for her, she found Jeff as one of those who sent her friend request.
She quickly accepts it, and luckily Jeff was online too.

“Thanks for accepting my friend request, ” Jeff send to her, and she smiled as she sends it back.
They talked and talked for a long time, after which Jeff found it interesting to be chatting with her online.
“Missed u Ella ” he sent followed Witt a sticker.
“Miss you too, Jeff.”

“Can we hand out this evening “? He requested.
“Where “? She replied.
“My place.”
“Fine, let me see,” she said.
“I will gladly appreciate it,” Jeff said.
“I’m in for it. What time “? She asked.
“I think 6:00 pm will be okay cause I’m feeling bored,” he replied, sending Ella the address immediately.

Mirabel got home, reached for her bed, and then collapsed on it, thinking about Jeff and Richard at the same time.
“Jeff, I love you. It’s just that you are not meant for me, “She murmured and walked to the bathroom and then took a quick shower.

Ella mounts the road with a pink top and long black jeans while she had long sparkling earrings in her ear.
She decided to take the public means of transportation, heading to Jeff’s house.

Jeff’s room was nearly arranged immediately. He received the call from Ella that she’s on her way. He rushed to the bathroom and then showered, walking to the sitting room, he set everything in place, expecting Ella’s arrival in minutes.

Just as he proceeded to the door, Ella’s text message entered his phone, telling him that she’s outside their compound. Jeff rushed out of the house to bring in his guest.

He opened the gate to behold the holder of beauty called Ella. At first, he was lost, staring at her beautiful body.
“Come in, please, “he finally found his voice as Ella walked in fully well, and Jeff locked the gate and led her inside.

“The house is beautifying, “Sh said as Jeff smile.
“It’s the house is beautiful, not beautifying,” he corrected as Ella took the correction, smiling.
“Thanks, “she murmured.

Jeff lead her inside as she kept looking at the well-built house.
“Have a seat, please, ” Jeff said to her as she sat down one on of the couch.
“Feel free at home,” Jeff said and walked out, heading to the kitchen.

He switched on the TV before leaving, returning a few minutes Witt a glass and juice in a tray.
He poured it into two glasses, gave one to Ella, and took one as she murmured a word of thank you, they both watched the talent show that was going on On the TV, enjoying every bit of it.

Jeff stood up one more time, heading to the kitchen again. He returned with a tray of fried rice. The smell alone got Ella wondering who cooked the food since the whole house is silent.
“Hey, boy, who was cooking this “? She asked, smiling.

“I cooked it. Why asking, “? He replied as Ella smiled while Jeff serves the food as they both ate in silence.
Ella’s phone began ringing instantly, she looked at the screen, and it was Eric as she smiled then dropped the food and picked the call.
“Hello, dear.”

“Hello, how are you doing “? Eric asked.
“I’m fine and you “?
“Fine too. Where are you now? Can we hang out “? He requested.
“When, “? She asked.
“Now. “

” Why not make it tomorrow, please I’m a bit far from the house now “? She begged, looking at Jeff, who didn’t know that it’s Eric, his friend calling.
“Okay, if it’s okay by you,” he said and ended the call.
Eric was feeling bored, too; he needed to visit somewhere, put on his clothes, and take a cab heading to Jeff’s house. He wanted to pay him a surprise visit.

Ella and Jeff had finished with the meal and were now gisting like real partners, which both of them enjoyed it. Ella kept laughing at each joke made by Jeff. She enjoyed his company.

Just then, she remembered the day she had her first kiss with Jeff. It was in this same situation; the house went silent instantly as they both stopped talking.
Jeff missed her real bad, but since Eric is there, he cannot find separate the two lovers.

“I missed your jokes, Jeff, I missed you too, “she said, looking at Jeff, who looked back.
“I missed you too, but you don’t need to miss me that much. Eric is there,” he replied.

Jeff was like hugging her, he felt the urge to hug her, but that was not right, he felt like kissing her again, he felt like spending the whole day with Ella, but it was not going to be possible.

Just like magic Ella too, was feeling the same way. She does not know why she always has joy when being with Jeff than Eric. Her heartbeat increased as she watched Jeff smiling at the TV.

Jeff looked at her to find her staring at him, and he returned the stare. In no time, both of them found themselves leaning towards each other, so near, Jeff leaned, and almost at the point of kissing, he realized himself and then dodged the kiss. At the same time, Ella looked disappointed but pretended as if nothing happens.

Ella jokingly lies on Jeff’s lap, smiling. Just then, the door cracked open while Eric walked in without knocking. His eyes caught the most shocking picture of seeing Jeffery and Ella on his lap while they both were smiling.
He didn’t move but stopped instantly on his tracks, looking so confused. His mode shows it all. Jeff, too stood up, trying to walk up to him, but he signaled him to stop there.

Jeff stopped while Ella stood up, talk to him, but he forcefully grabs the doorknob, twists it open, and then barks out of the room.
Jeff and Ella exchanged sad looks as they both regretted everything.
Just then, Jeff’s phone beep in as a message pop in. He tried to bring it out, and Ella’s pop in, too, in a text message.

Chapter 23

Jeff looked at Ella in the eyes that say, are you thinking? What am I thinking?
He slowly dips his hands in his pocket to bring out his phone. Still, before he could do that, Ella gasps for breath, covering her mouth with her hands, seeing the unexpected message “It is over between us Ella, you betrayed my love for you. Have a peaceful with Jeff,” says the message.

Jeff brought out his phone to behold a message too from Eric, “I trusted you as a brother and a real partner but went ahead in taking what is mine. I hope you enjoyed it. You are a betrayal, Jeff.
Before Jeffery could say, Jack Ella picked her bag and hurried out.

“Ella, wait,”! He shouted, but Ella gave him dead ears. Though she always wanted to be in Jeff’s arms, she loves him, but they should not end up with Eric this way. She took a cab directly to Eric’s house with a heavy heart, but it was so unfortunate Eric didn’t want to listen to her. She kept begging that nothing happened, but Eric was not sure of it.
“When you are done, you can go back to where you came from, “Eric said and walked back inside his room, leaving Ella that was kneeling.

“Boss, what’s the problem you are not looking bright today,” Larry said to Mr. Lanz, who looked so worried as if the world is about ending and he’s not prepared for it.
“I’m fine, Larry,” he replied.

“No, you are not. Tell me what the matter Is, “Larry said as Mr. Lanz sigh.
“Okay fine, since you are insisting. It’s about my daughter,” he said and stop.
“What is it “? Larry asked again.

” My daughter can’t make a good sentence at her age, and it disturbed me,” Mr. Lanz said sadly.
“Then why not find her a good home teacher ?” Larry asked.
“I was planning to do that, but I don’t know how to start it. “
“Don’t worry, I will help you, “Larry added.

Mirabel woke up to the sound of the alarm and yawned like a hungry lion who has not tasted food for a long time. Her chest stood upright like an early morning prostitute who is returning from work.
She took off the duvet, only on her red panties that showed her curves, first hairs that lined from her chest to the private part was seen.

She walked to the bathroom, enter the bathtub, and then felt the cold morning shower on her. It made her feel okay. Remembering the previous day’s event and how Richard was mean drifted he4 thoughts back to Jeff, but there’s nothing she will do. She has to let him go and face her own life since he’s already occupied. Maybe she will give Richard a chance.

Richard arrived at the school compound very early in the morning to make sure everything is in place. Not only that, he wants to see Mirabel. He had missed her.
Mirabel arrived at the school immediately after the head boy, seeing him. Her heart skipped, but she had to control herself.

Students began trooping in from the gate. Ella sighed at Eric from a distance, she tried to walk up to him, but Eric pointed his finger in a way that says “don’t dare try it” she withdrew backward, feeling bad.

Josephine noticed it from afar, and she knew that something was wrong, but she pretended as if she’s saw nothing, Ella’s heart was broken that Eric ignored her, and he doesn’t even care to ask for an explanation. He just broke up like that.

Time was far ahead of them as they began their sporting activities again, so lucky that Mirabel and Ella were in the same house while Jeff and Eric were in their different homes too.
They joined others. In the sports activities, but all this while Eric didn’t say a word to Jeff talkless of looking at him in the eyes, he tried his best to ignore him.

All looked at the direction Ella fell because she’s always weak when it comes to sports activities. One boy who saw her almost fainted with laughter. “Look at the grammar girl on the floor,” he said, laughing as others then saw her laughing too due to how dirty her clothes were.
Eric felt terrible for her, but since he’s no more interested in her, nothing to be sorry about, Jeff and Mirabel dragged her up.

Mr. Pius watched everything from the window. He wanted to see if they have adhered to his command, which he finds out obeyed him.
“Girl, you are too weak. You need to be strong, ” Mirabel said to her.

“I am not strong, and I won’t be strong,” She said as people around her looked at her in surprise and laughter.
“At your age, you are still speaking rubbish English, “Ann said and walked past her while the rest laughed and die.

Everyone returned to their different classes while Richard kept glancing if he would see Mirabel again, but she was not in sight, Mirabel too, on the other hand, tried her best to forget about Jeff, but it wasn’t that easy.

Ella told her everything that happened and how Eric broke up with her because of Jeff, and she was like dying.
“But do you like Jeff “? Mirabel asked, and she nodded in a yes gesture giving Mirabel more heart failure. Not to think so much, she decided to think about Richard’s word if he meant it (Sorry, I forgot to tell you guys that Mirabel broke up with her boyfriend John a long time because of a little misunderstanding).
The clouds changed, and it was about raining, all thanks to God, the school had closed already as Mirabel waited for her driver, but he wasn’t in sight. It was only her left in the school in her block while Richard was far from their block.

Soon it started raining so heavily as the rain was accompanied Witt a mighty and strong wind, it was so cold out there. Mirabel started shaking though she was inside. The cold was just too much for her to bear.
Richard seeing how the breeze blew, not minding the rain, knew that she would be cold, so he rushed into the rain running, Mirabel who saw him running, wondered who it could be.

On getting to where Mirabel was, she was shocked that he’s the one.
She was sitting at one of the comfortable tables in the school as the cold kept catching her. She was vibrating.

Without saying a word, Richard unzips his bag, brought out a heavy jacket, and stretched it to her. She looked at his hands, hanging on the air and then back to his face.
“You are catching a cold. Just take it,” he said.
“What about you “? She asked, shivering.

“I will be fine, don’t worry,” he said as he covered her with the jacket while Mirabel watched him, making sure he does not do otherwise.
“Thank you, “She murmured,
“Can I join you “? Richard asked as she gave him the go-ahead. Richard saw down next to her feeling her warm breath and her scent. He smiled to himself,

“I hate people that don’t trust me. Since he’s taking it that way, I need to get hold of Ella before anyone else, “Jeff said to himself, going through his books reading them to be sure of what to write when it comes to the exam.
His ringing phone brought his senses back as he pierced at the screen to see a number and the name he saved as “SIR “he picked the call.
“See me in my office tomorrow immediately after school,” the voice sounded on the phone.
“Okay, sir, he replied.

Mr. Pius could be seen sitting Witt Mr. Kenz Jeffery’s father as they both exchanged pleasantries.
“Of what do I owe this great visit “? Mr. Kenz asked as Mr. Pius smiled.
He brought out a wine, pop it, and emptied it into two glasses as Mr. Pius took one, and he took the other, taking a sip from it.
“Thanks for the meal, sir,” Mr. Pius said as they laughed.

“I just came to inform you something, “Mr. Pius began.
“I’m all ears, ” Jeffery’s father replied.
“Your son Jeffrey is not retaking his studies seriously,” Mr. Pius said as the man adjusted from his seat. That’s the first time Jeffery’s report has been brought to him, that means he needs to be whirp.

Ella sat in the sitting room, crossing her legs on the glass table before reading her books. It’s obvious she’s preparing for exams too.
Just then, the door cracked open, and Mr. Lanz, the father, walked in looking so tired and exhausted. Ella stood up, rushing him, she embraces him.
“Dad, welcome, “she said as the father smiled, seeing the books on the table reminding him of the deal he had with Larry.

“You’re reading, “? He asked as she nods her head in a yes gesture smiling.
“Ella, he called as she stopped looking at him. “you need a home teacher that will be drilling you on tour studies. I’ve made plans for that already, get ready very soon. You will see the person, ” He said as Ella frowned and later smiled, knowing that she does not need that, but she needs to play along.

Jeff was seen dressing up. He wanted to know the man that called him to his office. After talking with him, they rescheduled it to that same day. He was dressed in a simple dress, walking like a gentle.

He passed through the gate entering the magnificent house that looked just like this own, soon the man came out, joining him in the sitting room, after which they had ushered him in, and they discussed the issues that brought them together ( What do you want to hear them discussing? )

Mr. Kenz arrived at the house, seeing the house empty without Jeff, reminded of what Mr. Pius said that Jeff, his son is into women’s stuff and he’s not taking his studies seriously anymore.
Just then, Jeff emerged from the door. Seeing his father in such an angry mode made him wonder what the problem was. He met his father’s angry eyes that got him scared.
“Welcome, dad,” he greeted.

“Yes, welcome man of the house,” he replied.
“Where have you been, Jeff:? He asked.
“I went to see a friend, dad,” he replied.
“From today, no more friends again, you will be on your own. Face your books nor girls Jeff, and you complain much Jeff. From today no more going out after school,” he barked and walked back to his room, and Jeff wondered who spoil his father’s mind.

Mr. Lanz received a call from Larry telling him that he will be there soon to show him the best home teacher he has gotten for Ella.
Mr. Lanz was more than grateful for that.
“Get dressed. Tour home teacher will be here soon, “he instructed.
“Shhhh not but, he’s not starting the job today,” Mr. Lanz added after reading Ella’s heart. She stood up and walked to her room.

A knock sounded on the door. Mr. Lanz knew that it must be Larry. He walked to the door and inputted the security password as the door opened by itself, and Larry walked in with a gentleman.
“Have a seat, please, ” Mr. Lanz said, showing them where to sit as Larry and the guy sat down.
“Ella, come out here. Tour attention is needed, ” Mr. Lanz shouted after entertaining the guest.

Ella walked down from her room with a long flowing gown that looks like that of a bride. Her heart skipped. Immediately she saw the person. Oh gosh no, not again the person will worsen everything, her heartbeat increased, she stopped on her track looking at the man also, and been heart began racing. Why him? Why not someone else? It will worsen the whole case. She won’t even accept it.
“What’s holding you, Ella “? The father shouted.

Chapter 24

Jeff was well dressed, sitting on the couch as Ella walked down, looking surprised, looking at her face to know that all is not well.
Even Mr. Lanz recalled Jeff’s face as the man who almost killed her daughter back then.

“Are you not Mr. Kenz’s son “? Mr. Lanz asked, pointing at Ken, who smiled and nodded his head in a yes gesture.
“Larry, this boy is too young to teach my daughter. What if he impregnants my daughter In the case of teaching “? Mr. Lanz said as Jeff narrowed his brows.

“Dad, “? Ella called, giving her father, “don’t say it look.
“Lanz, take it easy, he’s a calm man, and he will even do the introduction here for us,” Larry said as they concurred.

“Fine, Ella, here is your new home teacher. Be careful with him and always dress neat, don’t dress on what will tempt the young man to do the undoable, ” Mr. Lanz said jokingly as they all laughed, including Ella.
Mr. Lanz took time to deliberate on issues that he won’t tolerate in studying, all this while Ella didn’t do as if she knows Jeff, neither did Jeff too.

Jeff got home after having a long day with the Witt Lanz family on how to drill Ella. Of course, it was a perfect time for him to know more about the family, but there’s something that keeps telling him that Ella is not truly how he thinks she is. That is what he’s yet to find out.
The time was running fast as Jeff drove to a long-lasting sleep.

It was like a flash of light the next morning came up just like a flash, Jeff stood up form the bed, yawned meaning that he wasn’t satisfied with the sleep, he walked to the bathroom, brush his teeth, and in no time he came out Witt his muscular body showing as a bouncer who is guarding the governor.
” Jeff, meet me in my office today after school “!! Mr. Kenz shouted from the sitting room.
“Dad, what for “? He asked.

“You must be silly for asking me such rubbish. Time is 4:00 pm today,” he said and walked away.
“This man won’t even change for once,” he said, smiling.
Ella arrived at the school very early, smiling like never before, maybe because she has got a new home teacher or how relieved she feels. She walked to the class to see Mirabel lost in thought. She touched her as Mirabel jerked in fear, looking up to visit Ella, she smiled.

Eric didn’t exchange words Witt Jeff since the incident took place, Jeff tried his best to talk to him, but he keeps avoiding him.
Jeff walked inform from the door, looking more fresh and handsome, seeing Jeffery Eric stood up trying to walk away as Jeff grab his hand.
“You need to act like a guy dude, not like a kid, “Jeff said to him.

“And you are the one acting like a kid here, Jeff, how could you? You betrayed me, I trusted you, but he paused as he noticed that people’s eyes were now on the both of them because his voice was loud.
“You know what, Jeff, you are a betrayal,” he whispered to him and walked away while Jeff sighed, walking up to the two girls.
“Hey, girls.”

“Jeff, what’s the matter with Eric “? Mirabel asked.
“Eric is behaving like a kid. He thinks that I’m dating Ella,” ‘he said as Mirabel turned and gave Ella a look that said, “Is that true “?
“Never worry, you will soon get over this. He needs just a little time. So that means he broke up with Ella “?she asked as both gesture their head in a yes direction.
“Girls, no time to waste again, Ella. You know you are too dull and slow while Mirabel is too slow and dumb,” Jeff said.

“So what are you saying now, or are you trying to humiliate us “? Mirabel narrowed her brows.
“We need to be prepared, guys. It’s on our shoulders. So we need to buckle up and carry this task. All I’m saying is that we need exercise and physical fitness,” Jeff said, looking at the both of them.
“What is going on”? Ella asked.

“This evening we are starting normal sports activities, I mean the three of us, ” Jeff instructed them like a coach instructing his players. And Ella looked at him in the eye that says, “Don’t even try it,” and instantly, he knew what it means.

” Richard, I call you here for a reason,” Mr. Pius began as Richard and gently stood before the old man who adjusted his glasses to have a clear view of the two images before him.
Looking at Ricard and co, it was as if they were in the courtroom as their hands were backward.

“Fine and good, all I want you to know is that the time is fast approaching, your position will be given to other people to govern the school too, so in this little time and chance of yours, use this time to mobilize the school and students to a wonderful standard,” Mr. Pius said as Richard nodded his head in a yes gesture.
Mr. Pius took time to advise them on what to do and succeed in life, which for Richard, thanking him for such great advice.

“Thank you, sir,” Richard said and left as Gentle followed from behind. All his thoughts were on how to see Mirabel, the one had missed, he’s even expecting to see her, but it failed him when he saw the school compound was deserted.

Jeff could be seen standing before his dressing mirror to see if the dress is okay or not. He nodded his head when he sighted that it was okay.
He picked his stuff, glancing at his wristwatch, and then left, remembering his father’s order to meet the man at his office. The time for his lessons With was 4:00 pm how is h2 going to do it??

Mirabel couldn’t think straight, thus making her jerk in fear. Why am I even thinking of him “?She asked herself when she realized maybe she feels the same way for Richard, the head boy.

Jeff forgets about everything. Finally, Jeff opened the hiw bag bringing out some stuff.
Jeff was ushered inside as he sat down comfortably on the couch, feeling the air conditioner blowing his hot temperature away.
Soon Ella emerged from her room with her books and writing materials.

“Welcome, teacher, “she said as Jeff smiled.
“Best Way of greeting, no time to waste, let’s get started,” he said, opening his small bag bringing out his materials that will be used.
“Let’s start with the Magnetic field in physics,” he announced as Ella laughed, thus making Jeff wondered why she’s laughing but pretended as if he hears nothing and then continued without distraction.

Jeff took time to explained everything clear to Jeff in his understanding of how he was taught. He later found out that Ella is chuckling while he’s busy wasting his time.
“What’s this, Ella? Why are you not serious for once “? Jeff asked angrily but acted calmly.

“Never mining me, let’s continue, but I’m sorry, sir. Hope I am doing forgiveness “? She said, giggling.
Jeff sense that something was wrong right from the way Ella speaks, including how she behaves when he corrects her anything adding to what he gathered already when Ella came new to vision school.

After 1 hour of painful lessons and lectures, Jeff packed up the things he used to teach Ella, grab his bag, and then walk to the door, trying to catch it. He remembered that a door opened with a password as he signaled Ella to open the door.
Meanwhile, it was getting dark already, the night was falling, and darkness took over in some places while some places lit up the arena.
Ella walked Jeff to the gate, smiling, standing next to Jeff. At the same time, Jeff’s hands were in his trouser pocket.

Jeff stood Witt Ella as she looked deeply into his eyes, feeling her heartbeat increasing.
“Jeff,” She called as he turned swiftly.
“I have a confession to make,” she said as Jeff wondered what it is.
“I’m listening, but you are making me scared here,” Jeff said as Ella looked down and back to him.

“Jeff, I’ve loved you for a long time, hoping you see that and make a move, but you only pushed me to Eric, who ends up breaking my heart,” Ella said, almost crying while Jeff looked up in amazement hearing that Ella is feeling the same way for him.

“I’ve loved you too, but seeing you hurt back then killed me, and I wished you are always mine, ” Jeff said as Ella hurried towards him and stopped just an inch as their lips were not far from each other.
“I love you, Jeff,” Ella said, biting her lower lip and crossed her hands over Jeff’s shoulder.

“I love you too, Ella,” Ken said as they both embrace each other. Before they knew what was happening, Eric came out from nowhere like a flash of light with a sparkling dagger. It was too late for Jeff.

He sends the dagger directly into Jeff’s heart cause it was too late for Jeff to react, he held a place in pains as Ella tried to shout, but two other men from behind grabbed her and forcefully placed w white substance on her nose as she breathed and became unconscious instantly.

Jeff was struggling with the knife, and he was in his pool of blood. He stretched his hands to save Ella Witt his last strength, but it was too late as he gasped for breath.
“You deserve to die, Jeff, you betrayed me, “Eric said and walked away as Jeff passed out.

Chapter 25

Jeff woke up sweating profusely, all thanks to God. It was all a dream as he touched his stomach to see that nothing happened to him.
Switching on the bed lamp, he sat down thinking critically about what the dream could mean, thus resulting in the fact that Eric is plotting evil in his heart concerning Ella and him, thus giving him the fear of going close to Ella.
Jeff glanced at the wall clock and then drove back to sleep again, seeing that it’s some minutes past 1 am.

“Ella, make sure you study hard to please. I need to see your mother in you, ” Mr. Lanz said, arranging himself in the mirror and then finally carried his briefcase and then walked to her, peck her on the forehead, and walked out.
“Bye, Dad,” She shouted as her voice was heard repeating what she said.

Time flew so fast as the school was full of students. Eric was on the front row as usual while Josephine walked in from the front door.
Everywhere was so silent, like a graveyard. She glanced at Eric and then walked to her seat without saying a word.

“You need to talk to Eric Jeff,” Mirabel whispered to Jeff, who sat next to her, thus remembering him of the scary dream he had the previous night giving him a tough time to relate to Witt Eric. The fear of being killed by his best friend overshadowed Jeff as he sat down, reflecting on his life and how everything happened so fast.

The day was free, with no sporting activities, just for the students to prepare themselves for exams.
Everyone was busy reading their books, while Ella sat at a far end corner of the class reading to prevent distraction.

Josephine gave Ella a deadly glare before walking out, but she didn’t mind still concentrating while Rachel walked to her, smiling wickedly.
“Who do we have here? And what do you think you are doing “? Rachel said, smiling wickedly, but Ella gave her deaf ears making her anger to increase.

“What do you think you are doing? Reading? A lost sheep like you who doesn’t even know how to find her Way out of a forest,” Rachel said, smiling widely, but still, Ella wasn’t moved at all. All eyes were now on both of them. Mirabel was seeing it walked to Rachel in anger showing on her face.

“Who is calling someone a sheep, a flirting idiot who does not even know what to do in life “? Mirabel fired back at Rachel. Eric looked in their direction and then looked down while Jeff decided to stay mute and silent.

Since then, Richard had been waiting to hear from Mirabel, but she’s not responding to him, thus making him feel bad and rejected while Gentle noticed it.
“Bro, cheer up. Everything will be in place soon, ” Gentle said, patting him on the back while he smiled in assurance.

” you are looking dull today, head boy. What’s the problem “? Peace, the chapel prefect asked, sitting next to Richard.
“I’m good, dear, just that I’m not feeling fine,” he lied.
” Take drugs, please and be strong for us, please,” She said, standing up and then walked away.
However, peace is an epitome of beauty who has been there with Richard to cheer him up, but he preferred Mirabel to her simply because he’s madly in love with her.

The atmosphere was calm and pleasant. Jeff glanced at his wristwatch as the time displayed as 5:15 pm, remembering what his father told him. He quickly rushed outside and instructed one of his father’s drivers to take him to the father’s company, forgetting his lesson Witt Ella.

“Dad,” Jeff called, taking a seat in his father’s office like one who is possessed Witt money. He had a pink polo and red trousers while his pink lips were sparkling.
” Jeff, what’s wrong with you “? Mr. Kenz asked, still pressing the system before him.
“I don’t understand, dad. “

“You’ve loosed your senses. You no longer have manners for me, “? Mr. Kenz said, looking at him this time around.
“I’m sorry, dad,” he apologized.

“To safe your time, Jeff, someone wants you to be here home teacher who will train and torture her for an upcoming competition which the states are organizing soon,” Mr. Kenz said as Jeff narrowed his brows in surprise, thinking of who the person is.
“Dad tells me more about it,” Jeff inquired.

Ella sat down, waiting patiently for Jeffrey. She kept glancing at the wall clock, hoping to see Jeff, but he wasn’t in sight. Her mode changed. She had already missed his company, his teaching skills, and everything about Jeff.
It was beginning to get dark as Ella knew that Jeff would not show up again, she packed her books, and writing materials stuffs heading to her room.

“He will come tomorrow, dear, worry less ” Mr. Lanz’s voice came from where he sat watching how restless her daughter was simply because her teacher didn’t show up. Maybe there’s something between the both of them which he will soon find out using the skill.

Jeff realized that he had failed his mission of carrying out his duty to teach Ella. He brought out his phone, unlock it, and just as he wanted to call her, Ella’s father call came in.

“Good evening, sir,” he greeted, rubbing his head.
“Young man, do you know the consequences of failing to do your duty”? Mr. Lanz asked angrily while Jeff thought of the possible lie to drop.

” Sir, I’m sorry I wasn’t myself since morning,” he lied as Mr. Lanz warns him not to repeat it.
Jeff called Ella and apologized for not showing up. After telling her the reason which Ella forgives him. They talked lengthy before Jeffery said goodnight to her and then ended the call.

Blue bulb illuminated the whole room as Mirabel sat down with her books reading. As she expected, the time was far spent, showing that she’s fully ready and prepared to pass her exams.

“Sweetheart, you need to go to bed. It’s late already, ” Mrs. Jones said to her daughter Witt her nightdress on her body, no need for explanation cause Mirabel is a copy of her mom, and everything about the two of them is the same.
” Mom, I’m almost done, don’t worry much goodnight, mom. I love you,” Mirabel said, smiling as Mrs. Jones, the mother, closed the door and then walked to her room.

Her thoughts drifted back to Richard’s proposal, but he needed to be sure it’s from his heart and that she won’t get hurt before giving him the reply. She needed to discuss the issue first with Witt Jeff before hearing his piece of advice for her.

Time was flying very fast as the competition day was around the corner. All the students and staff were ready to see the best competitors that will win and represent their school in its competition.

“I’m sorry for yesterday,” Jeff whispered to Ella on the field as they were about commencing their sports activities.
“Hearing you, “she replied.
Eric, who watched both of them, smiled as if he has something hidden in his cupboard.

Seeing Ella reminded him of her confession of love to him in the dream, thinking If it’s from her heart and gathering some useful observation, Jeff concluded that she’s hiding something from him.
“Jeff, I need to see you after this, ” Mirabel said to Jeff, who was waiting for the command of “GO” to continue his journey.

Richard’s eyes met with that of Mirabel as she adverted it, instantly making him feel bad.
Remembering how Richard offered him his coat that day it wasn’t raining and how he was feeling cold instead of her. She smiled the more and continue Witt her work.

“Remember after this, every day we will be going for supersport activities to be super ready for this competition,” he announced to the two girls as they looked at him in a way that says, “You and who “?

Jeff arrived at Ella’s house after passing through the security door. They were opened by Ella, who typed in the security password.
Without time wastage Ella moved directly to her room, returning Witt her materials to learn, Jeff wasn’t after the lesson, but he was after her secret, which she’s hiding from people.

Since the day he met her, he knows that there’s something she’s hiding from people, which he’s finding it difficult to believe.
He began the lesson while Ella paid 100% attention and answered the questions asked by Jeff to his satisfaction. Jeff nodded his head in affirmation.

Ella stopped listening to Jeff. All of s sudden, she kept staring at Jeff’s moving lips. Jeff noticed it and caught her red-handed that she’s not concentrating.

He paused and then looked at her, asking what the matter was.
“I have something to be telling you, “Ella said, looking down, hearing that Jeff’s heart began pounding real hard as he recalled the dream he had the previous night. It’s coming to fulfillment. Everything happened so fast. Jeff’s mode changed instantly.

Chapter 26

Ella looked at Jeff without saying a word. She found her voice lost that she can’t tell Jeff what she wanted to say. Her beat increased not for any reason but for the fear that it will be so childish for her, a lady, to tell a guy how she feels about him.

“I’m sorry, Jeff, “she apologized, looking while Jeff knew something is wrong.
“Was that what you wanted to say “? Jeff asked, looking deeply into her eyes.

“Yes, “she lied, looking away, but Jeff was so fast to know it as she called her name.
Silence took over again as Jeff stopped teaching and looked at Ella in loving and pleading eyes.

“Can I tell you something “? He asked as Ella nodded her head in a yes gesture while Jeff swallowed hard for the feelings he had been hiding for so long now it’s time to let Ella know he has been feeling for her.

“I love you, Ella,” Jeff said, holding Ella’s palm caressing it carefully as she found it hard to believe. Just then, the door cracked open, and Mr. Lanz walked in, and Jeff immediately switched over to his teachings.

Richard sat in the house, thinking critically since he has decided to make a move by inviting Mirabel to a private and calm place where they can talk without any distraction. He feared that if Mirabel will show up but Gentle, his main man assured him.

Mirabel, on the other, finds it difficult to concentrate on her books she was trying to readjust. Then she recalled that Richard invited her over, which she kicked against it, but her instincts kept disturbing her as if Richard is her guardian angel.

“Send me the address now,” Mirabel said on the phone, praying it will lead her to safe ground. At the same time, Richard smiled widely like a man who had lost his senses, immediately without time wastage. He sends the message across to her and Gentle, telling him of the latest news on the ground that Mirabel will show up.

“It looks like Eric is no longer having anything to do with Ella again,” Rachel said as Josephine looked up.
“How sure are you “? She asked while Racheal smiled.

“It’s true due to the shame and everything,” Nelson said, walking out from the room well dressed in his sports clothes. They are about going to sports to prepare themselves for the competition.

“I’m not sure I will come today. I’m feeling weak, ” Josephine complained while Nelson walked to Rachel and kissed her passionately on the lips while Josephine narrowed her brows at them.

“You better do that in the room, not here, “Josephine said and hissed as Nelson and Rachel moved to the field while she followed from behind.

Richard located a cool corner and sat down while cool blues played in the background, Gentle his left-hand man, didn’t leave him from behind. He always stands by him to see him through.
He glanced at his wristwatch, looking dull and weak.

“Calm down, dude. She will be here soon, ” Gentle said, smiling as Richard smiled a bit.
He was dressed in a long-sleeve blue shirt with blue Jean trouser, which made him look cool.

Soon they saw Mirabel coming in from the front door looking cuter than ever, which made Richard drilled.
She was lost as Gentle stood up, walking to her taking her to where Richard waited patiently for them.

Jeffery was done Witt the lesson of the day as Ella walked him to the gate. As usual, they didn’t exchange words. Ella’s heart was beating so fast as Jeff stopped immediately; they crossed the gate to the road. Jeff stopped looking directly into her eyes as she looked back, seeing what Eric threw away because of a common mistake.

“Jeff…Ella, ” the both of them called at once as Ella gesture him to continue.
” I’ve been so disturbed seeing my heart being taken away, and I stood and watched without doing anything,” Jeff said in parables, and Ella was lost.

“I’m confusing,” she said as Jeff smiled.
“All I’m saying is that you have taken my sense and my heart away to an unknown destination which I’m not requesting for you to return it, but all am saying is for you to keep it safe for me and allow me to have yours too ” Jeff finally said, and Ella found herself lost. She felt her heart beating for joy. Her dream was coming true because that’s what she has been praying for. Jeff watched her smiling but pretended as if not nothing.

“I do not understand you. I’m losing somewhere,” she said as Jeff smiled.
“Please, Ella Lanz, will you be the queen of my heart “? Jeff asked. Just then, the gate was opened, and Ella was ordered inside by one of the guards who told her it’s his father that wants her presence.
Ella left immediately without saying a word to him.

Richard and co were still at the joint.
Mirabel was not dancing to his tune because the place was crowded and other reasons best known to her.
Blue light illuminated the area, thus giving it a relaxed and romantic season for two lovers.
Richard stared directly into Mirabel’s eyes, and she averted her eyes from his.
Gentle gave Richard an eye signal and stood up, pretending as if he wants to use the restroom leaving the both of them all alone.

“Sorry I can’t stay here anymore. It’s getting late already,” Mirabel complained.
“How are you preparing for the competition “? Richard asked
“I won’t compete,” she replied

“I don’t know,” she replied harshly as Richard swallowed hard, thinking if it will work.
“See, it’s just that….i….” he paused, looking at her, thinking of where to start.
“See what “? Mirabel said, almost shouting, making to jerk, and then gathered himself, deciding that he’s going to try no matter how it will be.

“As I said, Mirabel, I’m in love with you, and I want you to be the queen of my heart and my smile keeper,” he said, and silence creeps over.
“Say something please,” Richard said pleadingly.
“Hmmm, I’m sorry Rich, I can’t date you,” she replied as Richard’s heart was almost about to stop pumping blood.
“Why “? He asked, almost crying.

It’s just a few days left firms the competition as everyone was busy to be the best and the winner, and in the case of Nelson, Rachel, and Josephine, they made sure they trained hard to represent their school at the state level.
Eric sat down alone. Jeff walked to the class and stopped right in front of him, looking at him, and then decided to strike up a conversation with him.

“We spent a lot of time building our relationship, and now it’s because of girl issues you are trying to messed up,” Jeff said boldly as Eric looked up, knowing that what Jeff is saying is true, not because of a lady that they separate but need to stay strong and see others following their footsteps.

“You are right bro, I was so foolish to take things so far due to the fear of losing her, but our friendship is what matters to me. Ella can go, but I value our friendship,” he said. At the same time, Jeff nodded his head, knowing that he had been praying for the day their friendship will be restored to normal, which his prayers had been answered.
Jeff and Eric embraced each other In a friendly hug, and Mirabel smiled from where she sat, knowing that they have reunited.

“What if Ella is taken “? Jeff asked, waiting to see his reaction.
“Back then, when I overreacted, I knew that I’d lossed her to someone else, which it won’t be easy to get back,” Eric said in pain, and Jeff nodded not to hide anything from, he told him everything that he’s in love Witt her. Eric understood him and gave him the go-ahead and his full support.

Richard was so dull and weak everyone who saw him knew that everything is wrong with him because that’s unlike him. Mirabel’s refusal to answer positively to his proposal weighs him down seriously, his eyes were red, and his mode changed.
It was only Gentle who knew what was happening to him but pretended as if he didn’t know.
Mirabel told everything to Jeff, who gave her the go-ahead telling her that Richard is a cool guy to chill with.

“Richard, what is wrong with you? You’ve been dull since morning, and you have failed to carry out your duties as usual in a proper way,” Mr. Pius scolded him, Witt, a straight face as Richard stood before him, not knowing what to say to defend himself.
“Sir, I’m sorry,” Richard said.

“Is that all you’ve got to say? You have nothing to say, Richard,” Mr. Pius said angrily.
“Leave my office,” he shouted at Richard as he left, praying he recovers fast from the heartbreak problem he’s facing.

Mr. Pius angrily ordered the calling bell to ring as all the students gathered after hearing the bell. The angry principal mounts the podium looking more furious than before.
His look showed it all as all the students wondered what could have annoyed him because he has never been found in this mode before.

Chapter 27

Mr. Pius stood there for seconds as the environment looked calm and gentle. At a far distance, Richard was found gathering his boys to check on students while he was still looking dull. Then Mirabel regretted ever behaving like that with him the previous night, knowing fully well that she’s the reason why Ricard is like that.
“I’m so disappointed and discouraged in you guys, “Mr. Pius said and paused as Mr. Anderson adjusted his glasses and then looked at the students.

“Your effort concerning the competition is nothing to write home about, the result is so low, and no one yet is found to represent us according to the games master, Eric is now forming big boy. I’ve heard that Miles high school, the best school, is going to compete with us too, so let’s improve, “Mr. Pius said as they all watched him.

“Sir, are we included too “? One of the boys in the junior section asked.
“You are not serious. All the SS2 students should meet me after here,” he said and climbed down, and they stopped at his tracks.
“Remember, after the competition, the school will close, and everything will be in place,” he said and moved away.

Different sports activities took place, as usual, Richard stood watching everything happening that was their last week for rehearsal which next week they are to compete.
Eric did real good, even Mirabel, who tried her best to make sure Rachel doesn’t win here this time around.
” you can do this, Ella,” Mirabel said to Ella, who was on the ground groaning in pain.

“I’m sorry I can’t,” Ella replied while Jeff gave her “don’t say that look.
“Yes, you can do it, Ella,” Jeff said, giving her s lovely look.
“Sorry, Ella,” Eric said, giving her his hands as she looked at Jeff, and he nodded before she accepted his hand and stood up.

“I’m sorry, Ella, for everything, ” Eric apologized as Mirabel smiled while Ella looked at him to see the sincerity in his eyes. She walked to him and embraced him in a friendly hug.
“It’s okay. I have understood it,” she replied as Jeff smiled.
Just then, Mirabel sighted Richard walking in a slow and gentlemanly way but deep down, he was disturbed. She shouted his name.

“Richard !” she shouted his name, forgetting that they are in school as he turned swiftly to where the voice came from to see Mirabel walking up to him while Jeff gave her the go-ahead.
Richard stopped without saying a word but looked down, feeling bad and rejected. Mirabel rushed to him so that she won’t become the next talk in school by Mr. Pius.

“We need to talk, Richard,” she said, rushed back, shaking her butts without allowing him to talk. Richard smiled at her childish behavior, knowing that maybe his prayers will soon come to pass.

Time flew so fast that no one understands. The competition was just around the corner; meanwhile, Mirabel had given Richard the chance to love her after testing him Witt, her best friend, to see if he’s trustful which he passed the test successfully, and she decided to love him back.

Jeff and Ella had been going so fast in her studies that Jeff found out that she’s heading somewhere.
“Ella, what’s your problem “? Jeff asked, sitting next to her in their lesson class.

“What is the meaningless of this “? She returned the question looking at Jeff as he looked at her lips.
“You know I love you just from the start, and I won’t back off now,” Jeff said as Ella nodded her head in a yes gesture.

She happens to love Jeff throughout her life that she can’t miss a moment without staying with him and having his company.
“There’s something you are hiding from me, Ella, and I don’t like it,” Jeff said in a sincere tone looking directly into her eyes as he averted it, looking at the house corner, and then returned.
Her eyes to him.

“Tell me there’s something I need to know about you,” Jeff said, looking directly into her eyes. She blinked her eyes to prevent the truth from being detected from her eyes.

“I’m sorry I have been nothing to hide, “she replied as Jeff took her to be joking.
“You can’t fool be that you are dumb and dull after even after all my lessons and things? Do you think I’m that so foolish to know it? ” Jeff said, and Ella was dumbfounded as the silence was just told much.

Jeff knew the perfect way to catch her as he leaned close, and in no time, their lips locked in a hot and passionate kiss, which is always found in the movie called Spartacus. Ella grew wild as Jeff took time to handle her away. When she’s been released, she will tell the truth.

Mirabel decided to pay Richard a pleasant visit, and luckily his mom wasn’t around. She was super beautiful than before, which made Richard grew cold.
“Have a seat, please,” he said, pointing to where she will sit.
“You don’t tell me where to sit. Grab that into your skull,” she said, walking majestically to him in a seductive way and sat on Richard’s laps making him a jerk.

“Back then, I thought that I’d lossed you dearly, but I’m a glad man now,” Richard said to Mirabel, who was now smiling than before.
“I have come to love more,” she said, kissing him while Richard stood up, knowing where that will lead to.

“Lemme just get you something to eat,” he said, and Mirabel grabbed him on the waist, and then he fell on her in a way his lips almost crash Witt that of Mirabel.
“You must be kidding in following you, ” she said, walking to the kitchen while Richard was smiling and then followed her from behind.

The weather was pleasant as Jeff glanced at his wristwatch to see the time reads 4:45 pm. He was restless. It seems he was expecting someone. Just then, Ella walked out from the gate, well dressed in a Nigerian Jessey that made her look likes a football. On her feet were brown canvas. Jeff, too, was dressed in a Real Madrid Jessey, immediately Ella arrived without asking too many questions; Jeff opened the car door to her, and they zoomed off.

Jeff and Ella arrived to see Mirabel dressing up there. The field was so big and wide, looking like an expensive stadium.
“What took you guys so long, or did you “? She asked, looking at Ella from head to toe. They have been training for a long time, preparing for the competition.

Without time wastage, Jeff set up everything, and In no time, Eric arrived too well dressed in his sports attire.
Ella looked down to see Mirabel watching her closely, and then she walked slowly to her and pat her on the back.
“You will make it. We believe in you,” she said as Ella smiled bitterly.

“Let’s proceed, guys,” Jeff announced, and they got on their tracks, getting ready to move.
They spend hours training, from running to jumping and other activities which got them tired, especially Ella, who looked as if she would faint if care is not taken.
“You’ll be fine, dear,” Jeff said, grabbing her on the waist, and then they walked out to the house.

Ella, Eric, Jeff, and Mirabel kept training themselves for the competition, which was yet to come, and every day they kept discovering new skills.
Likewise, Nelson, Rachel, and Josephine were also preparing too to make themselves available for the competition, which they believed in themselves.

“Mirabel will suffer this time around, ” Josephine said as Rachel smiled.
“Take it, easy girl, we will see the end,” Rachel said, walking to her.

Mirabel and Ella were in the same house, while Nelson, Eric, Rachel, Josephine, Jeffrey were in different homes.
The day finally came that the participants will be jotted down in the book of life, which happens to be one day Nelson and his team were looking for.

Rachel gave Ella a deadly look before walking out to where the names were written.
All the house masters and mistresses were doing their work to pick their best students to represent their houses, which will lead to their success, so unfortunate that Mrs. Roseline was Ella’s housemistress who didn’t like Ella a bit.
“Ma write down Ella’s name, please, ” Mirabel requested as Mrs. Roseline looked at her in an eye ah that showed how angry she was for her to mention Ella’s name.
“Who do you say “? She asked us. Some of the students began laughing, remembering Ella’s grammar as she looked down, smiling without any sign of fear nor shame.

“She can’t even speak good English. Tell me how she will cooperate, don’t tell me something that will make me hate you. Mirabel, are you representing us or not “? She fired at her as she had no option than to accept the fact.
“I will,” she replied as everything was set in place, and everything was about to commence in due time.

All the teams were ready, especially the competitors who didn’t rest to see that they will make it.
Finally, the long-awaited day arrived.

Chapter 28

Nothing could be compared to the joy in the students’ hearts, especially the junior one who couldn’t help to smile.

Everywhere was so busy as if people are preparing for the second coming of Christ. Students could be seen walking up and down. Some were dressed in their sports clothes while some were not dressed.
Huge canopies could be seen as it was mounted to prevent the rain and the sun from affecting the guest’s lives.

The speakers were booming with hot Naija music, which got them dancing to the song’s tone. The number of people presents there was so few and not encouraging.

“Son, I believe in you. You can make it just like you’ve always been doing, “Mrs. Oba said, talking to Eric.
“Thanks, mom, I know, but this time around, I’m not sure of myself,” he said, looking down at a lost sheep who has been found by its master.
“Son, everything is going to be okay, just be yourself, ” Eric’s mother said as she pulled him to a hug.

Back to VISION SCHOOL PREMISES going to the main sporting field and the event center, no one will tell you that it’s a day for the competition since everything was in place automatically. High jump, Long jump, 2000 meters, 500 meters, and many games, which is to be completed by the students to determine who will represent the school.

Nelson sat upright on the bed as his two hands rested on his jaw like a man thinking about his pregnant wife. Time was flying fast, but he didn’t even care still sat on the bed reflecting on his life and how the competition would be, especially when Eric is in the picture too, thus making his heart skipped a bit.

Mr. Lanz, Mr. Kenz, and other parents suspended their work for the day to see and witness how their children will make them proud.

“Hello, please, can you come over “? Richard requested on the phone.
“You know I will be late if I try such. Today is not love day. It’s competition day,” Mirabel replied, smiling.

“Then stop making me miss you that much, ” Richard joked.
“Don’t worry, you will see me, “Mirabel answered as they blew kisses to each other, and finally, Richard ended the call.

“You look dull and weakening. What is progress “? Ella asked Jeff, who sat next to her in one of his father’s car, which he decided to pay Ella an early morning visit. The glass was tinted just like top politicians, thus giving you a hard time knowing what’s inside of it.

Jeff finally looked at Ella in eyes full of love and care.
“I’m not sure I will make it Ella, it’s just so confusing,” he said in pain while Ella smiled at him and then placed her two hands on his shoulder.

“An intense ma is always a strong man. You will make me proud, Jeff. Watching you will giving me happiness, “she said, looking at his eyes while the intense was so hot and romantic. Jeff couldn’t resist those tempting lips as he shut her lips with hers in a hot and romantic kiss, which got Ella begging for more. One of his hands rested on Ella’s chest, which were now entirely insight as Jeff released them from captivity, thus making it appear before the eyes of the young man as Ella let out soft moans.

He moved further from her lips to her chest’s part, sucking it as if his life depends on it. The pleasure www just too much, but they had to control themselves. Ella quickly and tactically broke from the kiss and immediately opened the car and stepped down.
“Go and prepare, don’t coming to seduce me. It’s time, “she said and run to the house, shaking her seductively expensive ass. Jeff watched as he finally zoomed off.


The high school arena was filled with hundreds of cars and people that were up to 3000 thousand without the students since it’s in a developed area and people are always there to witness what will happen in this great competition. Teachers could be seen in their tracksuits well dressed, and the music was playing, giving the environment a pleasant and excellent turning point.

Mr. Lanz could be seen well dressed in his best outfit that made him look like the governor of the states, of course, their angle was different even Mr. Kenz was not left out too including other parents who decided to witness this great event probably see the winner.

Mirabel, Eric, Jeff, and Ella could be seen dressed in different uniforms, which made them looked super cute and handsome. Ella didn’t stop smiling. Likewise, others kept smiling too, but Ella’s smile had something attached to it.
“Girl, you look so hot today, don’t make guys drill over you, ” Mirabel joked as they all laughed, including Ella.
“You are not serious, better focus on this, don’t look at me again,” Ella said, smiling, which got Eric sad, reminding Eric or his mistakes for letting Ella go, he felt like he can call her back again, but it was too late.

The Mc took over as the music volume was lowered, and then he began his work of the day, which is popularly known.
“Good afternoon everyone and great students of vision high school, once again you are welcome to this great. The tournament just is yourself,” he said, walked to the principal, demanding for something which was given to him instantly.

“Great students of vision high school, this is a day we all have been waiting for and expecting it to arrive. All I’m saying is for every one of us to put on our very best knowing that it’s the winner that will represent us in the states tournament being organized by the states government, so all am saying is put on your very best, “he said and gave the microphone back to the Mc as they all clapped for him and his speech. To round up everything fast, the list of students to compete was handed over to the Mc as the main event of the day was about to commence.

All the students to compete took time to dress up and be prepared for the competition, people like Nelson wasn’t moved, likewise Rachel and Josephine who knew what they could do. Eric’s heart pounded fast, knowing that he has not been training as he was supposed to, and the fear of losing the competition overshadowed him.

Slow and gentle music was heard playing from the speaker as the Mc did all the necessary things required before the event’s commencement to make sure everything is set.

The sports officials were all there and present, the referee and even the recorders who in turn said a brief word before the last word was said.
He took time to explain things further for them, how it’s being done, what to do, and what not to do to not lose in this competition.

“Now we begin, ” the Mc announced as he adjusted backward, taking the microphone.
Meanwhile, Eric, Jeff, Mirabel, Nelson, Dickson, Rachel, Josephine, Ann were already ready to change up, which they were the leading competitors.

“Now we are starting with 2000 meters girls, here the representatives in different groups so step forward. Mirabel Anderson, Ann Richard, Josephine Peters and Rachel Pius ” he called out as they all stood in their tracks and the sports officials directed them on what to do. Soon everywhere was silent as all watched and listened to hear the final command of “go.”

“On your tracks, get set ready….. The referee paused as Richard gave Mirabel an assuring smile and then shouted the final command “go.” Just at the command of “go,” gasped for breath, looking at the competitor’s direction who was on track. Everyone stood up in alert, while some were even screaming and shouting in shock while the security team rushed towards the field, including the first aid team. The unexpected happened just within s twinkle of an eye. Everything stood still.

Chapter 29

The security agents and the first aid management could be seen rushing Mirabel as if they are on their way to fight the Second World War. Mirabel had collapsed, and foams started coming out of her mouth as if she’s poison by someone.

The surprised look on the students’ faces could be seen, especially Mr. Pius, the principal Witt the fear that Mirabel. Mirabel laid flat without moving an inch, Ella stood from s distance, shedding tears, while Jeff and Eric in their sports attires didn’t know what to say or do again.

“She will be fine. Let’s take her to my hospital, ” Doctor Dan said as they carried Mirabel using the stretcher to the ambulance that the alarm was still blowing.

Silence took over once again before the Mc finally get hold of the microphone.
“It’s is not a new thing that people does collapse in the competition filed, let’s just keep going she will be fine,” He said calmly, looking at Mrs. Roseline the shocked expression could be found on her face cause no one else will represent her house.

Other competitors were still on their tracks, waiting for the replacement of Mirabel. Mrs. Roseline could be seen walking around, searching for who will represent her group.

Ella was also in the middle of the crowd after a long search. Still, unfortunately for her, she found nobody, her eyes met with that of Ella, and then she walked towards her, but Ella didn’t even care to look at him. Everyone was running out of time and patience.

Mrs. Roseline walked to Ella in a motherly way.
“Ella, can you help us”?
“No, madam, I was sorry, I am nothing a match to those girls,” She said as people who stood there began to laugh at Ella’s English.

“Since there’s no other representative in group A, then we are moving. Let’s use these three people,” The Mc said, and the sports officials took over, Mrs. Roseline was damn angry, and physically she was just like a lioness who has lost her senses. The four people gathered again on their tracks, getting ready to move. Rachel and Josephine smiled bec Mirabel is out of the game.

“On your marks, get set, ready…….. Just he was about shouting go Jeff ran to him panting heavily like a driver who narrowly escaped death. He whispered to the referee and then handed him a white sheet of paper.
“Hold on. We have another representative here to replace Mirabel. Her name is Ella Lanz ” Ella widened her eyes in shock. Oh no, why her. They want to mock her. Looking at Jeff’s direction, he smiled at her and gave her an assurance smile asking her to go.

Mr. Lanz, the father, looked down to see her beautiful daughter almost crying for being chosen. Mrs. Roseline was disappointed because Ella is never a match for the two girls.

Most of the students who saw her walking slowly to the tracks started laughing, already knowing the type of idiot Ella is. Ella walked to the field after being dressed in her attire. Rachel and Josephine couldn’t stop smiling for the type of girl they are to compete With.

The referee took his stand while Ella took her line representing Mirabel, who was feeling her pains. Just as they wanted to proceed, the sirens’ sound made everyone look at the gate direction to see the organizers of the event.

The governor was not left out, including his entourage, who followed him from behind. The security that followed him was so tight that none will be able to go near him. Mr. Pius smiled, seeing the older man in his school. Everyone stood still as the national anthem was played while the pledge was recited after that by the citizens.

Mr. Rick, the governor, smiled, seeing the competitors on their tracks.
“On your tracks, get set, ready. All the competitors were now looking forward, expecting to hear the final command, which was yet to come. Ella was just so dull.

“Go,”! The referee shouted as Rachel and Josephine began running like tigers and cheetah, including Ann too. The latter followed them but seeing the shocked expression on people’s faces to see Ella battling how to meet up with their fellow competitors.

Some students had begun laughing already, knowing that Ella won’t make it, her team members were disappointed, Mrs. Roseline didn’t even want to show her face again, Mr. Lanz looked disappointed and looked down. The competitors were still running around the field, which was so big, remember it’s (2000 meters) Ella was just at the end while others like Rachel and Josephine were taking the lead running as their legs could carry them panting like heavy men in the war front.

Ella was being laughed at. Even Jeff and Eric couldn’t hold their temper. They had already taken 1800 meters remaining 200 meters while the whistle began sounding, telling that it’s the last round for the winner to show forth.
Everyone stood up in alert shouting, all widen their eyes, many stood up watching the unexpected miracle, while some were even shouting screaming their competitor’s name to gather up strength.

Mr. Rick, the governor, couldn’t help to smile. Some people smiled along, looking at the track the speed of which Ella WWE is carrying just like a moving train that lost its break before they could say Jack Ella was already on the center of Josephine and Rachel heard their name being shouted to fasten their steps. Still, it was too late, Ella had already gotten to them and meet up with them while the whistle kept blowing, and fans couldn’t stop shouting and screaming Ella’s name due to the unexpected turn-up.

In no time, Ella ran and passed Rachel, which Rachel tactical tried to sturd Ella, but she was so smart to dodge it. The scream, the shout, the jubilation, even the smile on people’s faces, mostly Mrs. Roseline, could be seen. Jeff Eric and others couldn’t help to smile.

Ella ran and passed the three girls heading to the end track, and in no time, she crossed the line as the first person and the overall winner, which was unexpected. They joy knew no bound to their team members.

Other sports activities took place, which miraculously Ella happens to know sport more than others which she was only pretending we if she knows nothing, she kept breaking the record. The record in the history of vision school since it was founded none made such record.

Ella was so smart and tactical in everything she does. Rachel couldn’t help the disappointment in her. How was she so foolish to think that Ella is a dull fool? Camera lights kept flashing on Ella as she kept breaking the record, which in high jump she took the lead to, including other sports activities. The environment changed immediately to win exciting one all of a sudden, Ella has broken the record and created history. Jeff smiled at her and gave her a thumb up for the job well done.

The boys took over after the girls, and they took part In the same sporting activities that the girls did too. Unfortunately, Eric missed it to Jeff, who won the competition in the boy’s categories.

Ella’s name was being chanted as the game changer and the queen of sports. Everyone couldn’t help smile, but Josephine couldn’t hold her anger for losing to q girl who knows nothing. She kept feeling bad for not being prepared for Ella. She was ready for Mirabel because she knows her weak point, not Ella.

Soon the result was with the officials. Every other game took place as usual. Most parents smiled, seeing their children performing.
Mr. Lanz couldn’t hold his happiness as he embraced her. Jeff, too smiled at her, including Eric.
The result was announced as they looked to see Mirabel running to Ella, shouting her name in happiness.

“Yes, you made it, girl, you did it, “she shouted, hugging her real tight while many people looked at her, feeling shocked, knowing that she’s the girl that passed away some minutes ago.
“You made it Ella, you broke the record and created history. I love you, girl, “She said and kissed her on the forehead.

Ella couldn’t help the fact that Mrs. Roseline hates her in all-around. She sat down thinking critically on hw3 life just then Mirabel arrived.
“Girl, you look dull and weak. Please brightened up, “she pleaded, but Ella only nods her head.
“Looking at you, Ella, I see the ability in you. I see you as the record-breaker and the game-changer. Why not take over “? Mirabel said, but Ella didn’t say a word.

“I’m sorry you are wrong. I can’t. “
“Yes, you can.”
“No, I can’t. “
“Yes, you can, Ella, please, ” Mirabel begged.
“What if I fail you guys? What if I lose? What if I disappoint our mistress “? She said.
“No, you won’t, Ella. We believe in you. “
“then what will we be doing now “? she asked.

“I think I know what to do. Since your name is not on the list and my name is, I will discuss Witt Mrs. Roseline to arrange for a doctor and medical team to take care of the students in case anyone faints or sustains injuries which the doctor will be the one you will bring after explaining what will happen to him.

Immediately they will want to commence the competition I will faint while they will rush me our pretending to take me to the hospital and then Jeff will give the official your name as the new competitor.”

The camera lights couldn’t stop flashing on the two students who happen to be the winner of the competition Ella and Jeff. The governor walked down to them, had a handshake Witt them, and then, as instructed after the two of them had been announced as the winner, gave them the gold medal and had them the trophy.

It was time for the winners to sat something as they hand over the microphone to Ella. The sad and shocked expression on people’s faces could be seen. Everyone’s happy faces turned to a sad one.

All the teachers stood up, looking at each other in s sad way. Mr. Pius, the principal too, wasn’t smiling. Rachel and Josephine were now smiling. Everything stood still but looking at the faces of people who knew Ella, none of them was happy. Ella stood with the microphone for some minutes without knowing what to say.
Mirabel, Eric, and others were all sad.

Mrs. Roseline whispered to Mr. Pius, the principal, while the governor didn’t understand what was happening why the sudden change of faces instantly.
Everyone saw Ella’s sad face as she held the microphone without knowing what to say and how to start, but then something unexpected happened.

Chapter 30

The atmosphere was calm and silent as everyone waited for Ella to say something which she didn’t even say anything. The officials, sports director, guest, and other dignitaries couldn’t withstand that a grown up girl like Ella is wasting their time with common a word of thank you.

Mr. Pius sees the incident and remembers who Ella is, that if she continues, her wrong English will spoil everything for him. If she continues, the government will blame him for hearing the girl in his school speaking English that Is not even found In the dictionary.

Already Rachel had begun giggling, mocking Ella, whom they knew that she couldn’t make with her English.
Many students began shouting her name, knowing her real identity. Ella wasn’t surprised, though. Jeff couldn’t help to smile.

“I’m sorry you have wasted our time. Please, hand over the microphone to your next partner, ” The Mc said while Ella smiled, and then everyone wondered why she’s smiling instead of being sad because she can’t even say anything talkless of making a long correct English.

The silence that creeps over the environment once again as Ella blew air into the microphone makes it to send the sound out to the speaker.

“With due respect to the governor of our great state who took time to organized tgus to see the hidden skills in the lives of students, my Ernest appreciation goes to those that made me feel rejected so that I will be able to succeed, my thanks also to the staffs, teachers, and students of vision high school who did everything possible to see me through. Mrs. Roseline, my thanks again to you for time, and ” she paused and take a deep breath.

Everyone was standing speechless. Everyone who stood there couldn’t move an inch; they kept looking at the young girl called Ella, who shocked everyone. Mr. Pius couldn’t believe his ears, Mrs. Roseline adjusted from her seat, and her eyes were out of the socket. Rachel couldn’t withstand the sudden heartbeat that came into her heart as the fear of losing grab her.

Josephine stood mouth open, watching how fluent and right words kept flowing out of Ella’s mouth instead of the wrong and rubbish that always comes out. Mirabel was shocked that she couldn’t help smile, shouting Ella’s name to continue Witt her speech and shame the devil.

Tears of happiness could be seen flowing down her cheeks. Eric looked down. How could he be so foolish not to know that Ella was pretending all this while? Little did he know that the girl called Ella has the potentials to make things happen.

Mr. Lanz’s heart leaped for joy for the sudden change of her daughter, whom he’s impressed in the new turn around. Looking at Jeff, her teacher, he smiled.
” I’m using this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Almighty God for the grace and strength he gave to me to succeed, even when I know nothing, he stood by me as a father. I can’t forget to thank my real family in school who make me a hero today, Eric, Mirabel, Jeff. I love you all.

I can’t forget further but always appreciates what you have before you start complaining. “Ella ended her speech while everywhere became silent that even a pin is dropped, the sound will be heard.

Nobody moved as all were shocked to see the girl they have been mocking making then proud, not only the students but the teachers too had made life more miserable for Ella. Mr. Pius regretted his actions, including some of the teachers who could be seen in a shocking state. None knew the cause of the sudden silence except the people of vision school.
The microphone was given to Jeff, too, to say a word.

“I’m impressed in what am seeing today, all thanks to God that he made “THE UNEXPECTED ” to happen today, your excellency permit me to use this medium to say a huge thank you to you for organizing this sports fiesta for us.

Thank you, sir, and to everyone including the staffs of this great school, learn to appreciate what you have no matter what happens ” Jeff ended his speech without taking much of their time, but his words hunt some of the teachers cause they are also the cause of what Ella went through in school.

Mr. Pius walked slowly to the podium and then collected the microphone in a slow and gentle Wat everyone looked at him, wondering what happened has to say in such mode.

“Though this is not the right place or right time for me to say this but let me say it to clear my conscience. I’m deeply for this great event that took place now, and the most shocking part is our competitors who happen to do the undoable, which some people find it challenging to do. Ella has made us proud in everything which everyone knew, but now we are glad.

Shouts and screams filled the atmosphere as Ella and Jeff stepped down from the podium like newly wedded couples. Simultaneously, camera lights kept flashing on the both of them, thus making them smile the more, especially Ella, who didn’t even know that everything is for a reason. Mirabel rushed her and in no time embraced each other in happiness.

“With due respect to all the citizens of this great state and school, the winners of today’s competition will represent their school in the coming stars competition, and the winners will represent the states and the winner in the state will be given an award and scholarship to study overseas in any university of their choice, so sit up and then keep going in grace.

As for Ella, the record break and the history creator, nothing much to say than to ask you to do more in the state’s level,” he said and handed over the microphone to the Mc while his escort followed him from behind, releasing seven gunshots in the air.

Truly Ella had broken the record, which had never been seen in visions school s before. Her sports result was the best in history.

“Seeing you were standing there back then there without saying anything made, my heart sank into my stomach. I felt your pains, not knowing that you had something in store for me. Ella, you are a genius, “Mirabel said as they embrace each other once again.

“You know in life. Sometimes we need to take different dimensions to see how far we can go and how the environment we are living in is,” Ella said while Mirabel nodded her head in agreement.
“All thanks to my lecturer,” Ella said, smiling while Jeff smiled too.

“My able student thank you so very much,” Jeff said as they both chuckled.
“I’m lost here, please, ” Mirabel complained.
“Don’t worry. We will find you, ” Ella joked as they burst out laughing.

Ella’s news, the dumb girl, suddenly made her school proud of her, and what she can do spread all over the locality, teaching people great lessons in life on how to treat another human being.

Two days’ rest was given to high school students’ vision to round up everything for examination to start.
Also, Ella was prepared for the exam, including the competition, which is around the corner.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are “? Jeff asked as they sat in the cold night as the breeze kept blowing.
“Yes, I knew it even when you don’t say it.

I have not seen a guy as wonderful as you are. Jeff, you stood by me to see me through. You stood by me to make me succeed. Jeff, I can’t love you less for such love and understanding even when I wasn’t speaking the right English but falling in love with you makes everything different and perfect, Jeff. I love you, Jeff,” she said and embraced him tightly. Jeff, too controlled his mind and temper.
“I love you, Ella Lanz. “

“I love you beyond imagination, Jeff, “she said as he kissed her on the lips, which she reciprocated.
Time was running very fast, and things were happening, and the time for Ella and Jeff to represent their school was at the corner as they all kept watch.

“Let’s go for practice. Our time is almost going, “Jeff said to the smiling Ella that agreed almost immediately, and they left.
“Too bad we can’t represent the school anymore,” Rachel said in a sad tone.
“That girl is a devil in human form, ” Josephine complained bitterly.

“What should we do? we need to push her out of the track and then take over, or else she will do her worse,” Rachel said as Josephine reasoned what she said.
“So what do we do now?”.

“We need to clear the path and take over. If Ella is not found anymore, they will call on one of us to take her place. It’s so bad she wants to take over from us,” she said.
“But what about Jeff “?
“Don’t worry. I know how to handle him too “.

Jeff and Ella could be seen jogging in the field in their sporting clothes. They both looked neat and perfect for each other.
“Don’t make me lose control here, Ella,” Jeff said.
“You won’t, “she replied, smiling.

They kept moving from one sport activity to the other, and just as they wanted to rest for the day, it was becoming dark already. Unfortunately for them, just as Jeff grabbed his jacket to go, looking up, he saw two hefty men Witt muscles before him. Before he could say, Jack, one of them had already carried Ella on his shoulder as she struggled to free herself. At the same time, Jeff tried to help, but it was not easy for him alone.
“Let’s move, “one of the men ordered.

“No, we should do it here. He needs to watch us probably clap for us,” the leader said as they forcefully lay Ella down, who tries her best to free herself, but it was too late.
Jeff watched them tore Ella’s clothes, leaving some parts of her body exposed; her small secret parts could be seen as Jeff was like running mad.

“Raw meat, we go chop you today,” one of them said, taking off his clothes, revealing his long erected backside already while the other two held Ella on the leg and one held her bands to prevent her from escaping and to make easy penetrating for the boss.

Jeff hit them hard on the face, but unfortunately, one of them used a bus gun and then hit him on the head as he passed out while the blood flows freely. Seeing that, Ella screamed, but it was of no use as the man finally tore her skirt, leaving her red panties only in view. He licked his lips seductively and then slowly climbed on top of Ella.

Chapter 31

Looking at the wall clock, the time reads 12:07 am as Ella woke up sweating profusely though the room was dark, her breathing rate could be heard moving from ordinary to abnormal like a woman in labor room trying to push out the baby. With fear written all over Ella’s face, she switched on the bedside lamp. Never in her life has she such a nightmare that almost made her scream out loud in reality.

The fear of dying in terms of competing grab her as she sat down only in her nightdress, which was transparent enough for one to see her white panties under.

She grabbed her phone trying to call Jeff to tell him to be careful, just then she glanced at the wall clock seeing how late the hour was, she dropped the phone back and tried to sleep but she couldn’t due to the fear but eventually sleep took her unaware at around 5:45 am.

Jeff woke up smiling as the event of the previous crossed into his heart. Even to forget about Ella in a second was something he can’t do.
He walked to the sitting room first to see the older man called his father, Mr. Kenz sitting on the couch probably he won’t be going to work for the day.
” Good morning, dad,” he greeted, yawning, and stretching his body.

“Good morning Jeff, you are still in bed “? He asked as Jeff nodded his head in a yes gesture.
“Remember this early morning is the right hour for you to train yourself, just jogging for 1 hour is enough. Here you are yawning food, ” Mr. Kenz said as Jeff sat down next to him, smiling.

“Trust your boy, dad. I’m still strong to win the competition even when I’m not trained,” he boasts, smiling.
“You talk as if I don’t know you again Jeff, you better train cause the schools you guys are competition is 100% stronger than you guys,” Mr. Kenz said as Jeff patted him on the shoulder and then walked back to his room.
The weather was neither bot nor cold, but it was neutral as usual.

Gentle sat down only in singlets, he was not well dressed, but handsome bus face makes everything look real as if he’s a model (like one of my dude called savior who will soon become a model and future artist God’s grace). Richard was with him as usual.
“Guy, you are so lazy, too,” Richard said, smiling.

“You mean lazy? Don’t use lazy say I’m too dull, ” Gentle joked as they both laugh.
“Come to think of it, man, why not get yourself a girlfriend “? He asked.
“Man, you know I’m not that person that loves girl, if I try it, I will end up hating a girl at last, and it won’t be perfect,” he said as Richard sighed. Seriously getting to be told about Gentle, the guy is so gentle as his name implies no too many friends except Richard, the head boy.

” There’s no harm in giving it a try, remember you helped me out in this. And to be sincere, Mirabel is the best I can see, for now, give it a try, oga,” Richard said as gentle looked down and finally spoke up.
” I don’t know what this girl is using on me and why I am having these strange feelings, ” Gentle said.
“You are on the point mehn, speak up for thy servant heareth, ” Richard said as they both giggled.

“It’s Josephine, man. The girl is from Mirabel’s class. She damn is killing me with thoughts and everything. Guy, I was not planning for this, but…” he paused.
“But what, man, just give it in and give it a try,” Richard said.

Ella set out to meet up with Jeff at their meeting point as usual. As said, the neutral weather seems to be pleasant and excellent for two new couples to hang out.
Cars could be seen speeding on the road, and some matching the brake as the tires kept making a screeching sound rolling on the tarred road.

” I’m so scared, Jeff,” Ella said to Jeff, who was now sitting next to her in the same fence as he kept watched like a watchdog in a compound.
” What do you mean, Ella “? He asked, now looking at her.
“I’m scared about the competition Jeff, it’s seems something is wrong somewhere,” She said in a teary voice that sounds just like that of a newborn pussy cat who is yawning for the mother.

“Tell me what is not right about the competition,” he requested. Ella took time to narrate her dream to him, which seems interesting according to the information Jeff had been carrying for a long time as a secret to himself. He smiled and drew Ella close to himself, looking deep into her eyes, and then smiled.

“Fear not, for I am with you always says the Lord,” he quoted, and they both laughed.
“When did you become a preacher “?
“Soon, you will see my ministry,” he joked as Ella couldn’t help to laugh and forget her worries, which were on the ground.

“Ella, I’m always there to protect you. I will do everything within my power to make sure that you are safe. You mean a lot to me, so as long as I am with you, nothing will harm you, neither will anything happened to you,” he assured as Ella nodded her head in a yes gesture, and then he smiled and kissed her on the forehead.
“My cute queen, I will love you till eternity,” Jeff added.
“No eternity is too short. Just love me till we get to heaven,” she joked.

“Remember, vision high school is also in this competition, so we need not lose the game to them. A considerable reward is awaiting the winning team and each competitor, so fasten tour seat belt and let the vehicle move, “Mr. Andrew, the principal general of ” STARS COLLEGE “said, facing his students who were all dressed in their long blue and white uniform watching him speak.

“For the girls, a new girl is said to be more powerful than Rachel and Josephine who had broken the record that had never been in visions school, so study to show yourself approve for this competition,” he said and dismissed them as they all moved to their different classes.

Jack, a handsome dude, could be seen smiling at the mention of the sports competition. He is said to be the school hero who always takes the lead for the school in terms of competition. He walked around the school with his hands in his pockets, looking cute. Same height Witt Jeff and the same complexion ladies are dying for, especially Gift, find it challenging to have him.

” The name vision school sounds familiar to me. Let’s just keep watch and see who they are,” he said as they smiled With Talent, who is also a boy just like him.

The temperature was now high as people on the streets used umbrellas to cover their heads to avoid the sun’s direct heat.
“Meda could be seen in her school dress walking on the road with two of her other friends returning from school. She stopped and then looked at her friends.

“I need to visit my friend from vision school to see how she’s doing. They are on break due to the preparation of the sporting fiesta, “she announced as they agreed and walked past her, then she moved to Rachel’s house.

“Girl, how are you doing “? Rachel immediately asked Meda to take her rest and then finish a cool bottle of water and then sigh in a sign of relief as if she’s returning from a long day journey.

“I’m a good girl. What’s up with you, girl? You look dull and weak “? She said as Josephine smiled.
“It’s nothing, girl,” she lied.
“Is it about the competition? And by the way, who is competing “? She asked.
“It’s a new girl called Ella,” she announced.

“I’ve heard her history and everything. I will like to meet her, ” Meda said, looking at Josephine.
“Please, will you do me a favor by trying not to mention her name here again “? She begged, and Meda accepted, and then silence took over also.
” Meda, are you competing “? She asked.

“Yes, I’m one of the competitors,” she said as Josephine smiled.
” I will like you to help me then,” Josephine said.

Vision high school resumed school after some day’s break, organized by the school management. Ella and everyone was present once again, continuing their usual reading stuff.

Gentle had been trying so hard to approach Josephine, but he couldn’t due to the fear of being insulted because she’s known as the wrong type who does not relate that much with people. But her behavior makes it hard for one to associate with both of them. Gently does not know why he’s having strange feelings for her, but in everything, there must be a reason behind it.

“Guys, how prepared are you for the competition “? Eric asked the two competitors.
“More than ever ready, ” Jeff boast as they all laughed.
“See who is making noise here,” Mirabel added.
The four friends kept making jokes as they laughed randomly. Forgetting that they are still in school, which is only two days left for Jeff and Ella.

“Ella, you know why everything is happening this way? Why they choose you in everything. Why are you a genius “? Mr. Lanz, the father asked, sitting next to her as she negatively shook her head.

“It’s just because you are your mother. Your mother was just like you, which I’m a team of sports and everything in life, I’ve loved her since childhood, but my selfishness killed her ” Mr. Lanz Witt teary eyes walking to the picture that was on the wall having Mrs. Lanz on it.

Ella, Mr. Lanz, and the mother could be seen in the picture smiling as the mother held Ella on the hand.
Mr. Lanz’s tears began dropping, remembering how his wife died a painful death while he kept watching her die.

“Dad, stop blaming yourself for her death. It happened just unexpectedly,” Ella said, assuring him that all will be well soon.

The day finally arrived which the sports fiesta was set aside to be held for the students to show off their skills.
Everything was set and everything in place, vision high was ever ready likewise other schools competing.

A long white bus could be seen parked at the far end of the school, which does not belong to the school, followed Witt the police van which was two and some policemen could be seen with their guns walking around.

“Make us proud, Ella and Jeff. We hope to see you do your best, ” Mr. Pius, the principal, said in the bus office, giving them a handshake as they walked out to where the bus was packed. All the students gathered to witness how they were going to move. Eric, Mirabel, and others were there. The competition was for them to camp for two days and on the third day they compete.

Jeff shook hand with Eric and then embraced Mirabel, Ella did the same thing, and the car engine was turned on as Jeff claimed in followed by Ella, then the door was closed as the car zoomed off while Jeff waved at his students.
“To thy tents, oh Israel, ” Mr. Anderson announced as they all giggled.

The long bus could be seen speeding along the express road, which had only Ella and Jeff jn it, just as the driver didn’t expect another long bus with full speed overtook him instantly, thus making him jerk in fear as he struggled not to lose control, screams of people was heard on the road as a collision sound was heard, just as they driver looked from the window the unexpected happened.

Chapter 32

The sound of the moving vehicle could be heard as its speed could not be calculated. Ella glanced at Jeff in fear showing how frightened she was. Jeff pulled her to himself, which she rested her head on his shoulder.

The long bus finally came to a halt; the environment was so excellent. It was a stadium which they are to lodge and camp for two days, and on the third day, they compete. The electric bulb was illuminated everywhere, making it so comfortable that security guards were everywhere, including some watchdogs. Other students from other schools were there already. They moved around freely.

Ella grabs her bag, which contains a feeling of her stuff. She walked into the immediate environment while Jeff followed from behind.
Some boys who saw Ella couldn’t take their eyes off her due to how beautiful she was without artificial makeup.

Ella and Jeff finally locate their tents, which they were to launch in the meantime. Ella, due to how weak she was, sat down on the mattress.
Jeff took time to study the environment; other schools were still coming, making the environment more crowded than before.

“They are much, Jeff. Can we do this “? Ella asked, and Jeff smiled.
“Yes, we can. What we need to do is to believe in ourselves. Let’s have fun outside,” Jeff announced as they both walked outside to meet the eyes of boys lost in Ella’s body.
“They are dying for you,” Jeff whispered to her as they both laughed out their nerves.

“You are not serious,” she replied. Meanwhile, Meda stood at a distance to monitor them. She looked like a spy sent on a mission to spy out a land. Her dress was q flowing red gown, which added to her beauty also.

Soon the bell came on for dinner, it was already 7:54 pm as darkness took over the city, but in the stadium where the kids were, nothing like darkness could be detected due to how the place was well managed and arranged.

“Good evening, our great citizens, once again I’m pleased to talk with you also concerning the grand sports fiesta that is coming. Your children are out there trying to make us proud. We will do our best with them too. Thank you, ” The governor said as the TV went blank again, displaying other things.

Ella got her food, which was bread with coffee and income, to make them feel at home for the night. Meda had been trying to have a conversation with her but found it difficult since Ella is always with Jeff.

Soon everyone was done with food as a gathered, making a fire in front of their tents to play moonlight game, which they found interesting. Ella and Jeff set out to search for firewood to use, and Meda grabbed that opportunity to follow them, searching for the same thing.

“Hey,” Meda waved at Ella while she smiled and waved back. Jeff moved away, allowing them to have their lady’s conversation as usual.
“You look like you are from visions high school, “Meda asked, and Ella nodded her head in a yes gesture.

“Well, I don’t know you that much, but we will get to know each other very soon,” Ella added, and just then, Jeff passed them with th3 firewood as Ella followed.
Meda smiled to herself, having what she needed.

Back to the city where darkness took over.
Mirabel could be seen lying on Richard’s laps, looking at the shining stars in the sky, which the cool breeze kept blowing her hair backward.
She looked worried, and Richard noticed it.
“Why are you looking dull, Mirabel “? He asked.

“It’s all about the competition. I have this strange feeling that something will happen to Ella, which I’m scared of,” she said with teary eyes looking, s5 Richard.
“When did you become a priest, Mirabel “? Richard asked.

“You won’t just understand. Everything seems not right the way I’m feeling. I’ve never felt like this. It is like those guys are not safe out there; it is like someone is after them. I can sense it, “she said, looking at Richard in the eye.
“Calm down, baby, everything will be fine, don’t worry too much, “he added and kissed her forehead while she laid back on his lap.
Gentle had been trying to talk to Josephine but couldn’t due to how scared he was, thinking that she will disgrace him.

The news of the students participating in the sporting fiesta was all around the city as it kept showing on the TV, making sure nobody missed out that particular day.

Next day…
All the competitors were seen in front of their tents dressed in white shorts and white polo doing some regular exercise to help build their body for the competition.
Jeff and Ella took it more seriously, and they even added more time to themselves. Meda watched them and then walked up to them, smiling.

“Can I join you guys, please “? She asked.
“We are all one. You are free to join us,” Jeff said as Meda smiled and joined them in the exercise.
“Are you Jeff Kenz “? She asked while Jeff looked at her before he finally answered.
“Yes, I am. “

” Your news and firms are everywhere, “she said as Jeff smiled.
“Thank you,” he replied while he left her with Ella to answer his call.
“Hello, dad. “
“How are you doing, son “? He asked.
“I’m fine, dad,” he replied as they talked about random stuff and then ended the call.
Meda happens to be so close to Jeff and Ella, thus making her stick to them as if they had known each other for a long time.

Having a pleasant time with Meda was not bad. Ella and Jeff took her now as sister and partner, believing she’s a good companion.
Time was flying fast, and everything kept moving as the competition day was approaching. It’s only one day left. The next day will be the competition.

The crowd was uncountable, cheering and making noise, screaming just like football fans who always make noise for their fans. That was the same thing that happened. Everyone one seated, and the crowds were much. All the competitors were dressed in different uniforms according to what number they picked so that there will be no confusion likewise distraction.

Jeff could be seen standing with Ella on the same line, while Meda stood with Jack, his partner, on the same line, including other schools who did the same.
Eric watched Ella and Jeff standing at a spot they were waiting for the whistle to be blown for them to commence. Mirabel, Eric, Mr. Pius, Rachel, gentle and other people from vision school were present there, including parents of the competitors.

Tracks were cleared as the officials and referees to their regular stand and position.
Six other boys from other schools were selected to stand on these different tracks while Jeff stood as the 7th man. He looked up to see his principal and other teachers giving him a thumb to make them proud. He smiled. Looking at Josephine, he could see the envy and dangerous looks she was giving him.

He concentrated on the competition, leaving her to be, without knowing the cause his vision became blurry bit by bit, he still stands firm as if nothing happened to him. His idea was more blurry than before as he blinked his eyes to have a clear vision, but it was too late. Just then, the referee did his work.

“On your tracks, get set, ready, go…… He shouted at last, and everyone was expecting to see all of them moved at a time, but unfortunately, Jeff fell instantly and lost consciousness while Ella screamed in fear.
“No…” Eric screams in fear and shock and then woke up; that was when he knew it was a dream, but this dream is so powerful about what’s happening now, which means it can come true if care is not taken.

He glanced at the wall clock and then picked his phone and dialed Jeff’s number, which he picked up on the second beep.
“Thank God you are still awake, Jeff,” he said in a hurry.
“Why do you sound like this, Eric? Is anything the matter “? He asked, detecting it from his voice.

“Yes, man, you need to be careful out there, man. Everything is not perfect, boss,” Eric said, breathing hard as Jeff smiled.
“You know I’m always careful, man,” Jeff said.

“I know, but you have to be extra careful because I see you guys lose the competition, “he added while Jeff didn’t take that.
“You believe in a dream? Why not take some drugs “? He joked but hearing how serious Eric sounded made him think that he was not kidding and that thing is out of hand.
“Okay, man, “he said and ended the call.

Since Jeff trusts people so much that he finds Meda to be a true friend, he’s not suspecting her of anything. They are just like brothers and sisters from different mothers. Meda is always with them, catching fun and doing the rest of other things with them, which they found to be a true friend.
Jeff kept the secret to himself, praying her overcomes such.
Finally, finally, the long awaited day arrived in full.

Chapter 33

Everything was set just for the main competition to start. The governor, who was the main organizer of the sporting fiesta, was seated on an expensive chair while his men stood behind him, all Witt their guns waiting to shoot when commanded.

They were in the upper part, and no one was allowed there. Only the governor and his fellow entourage were there.
Looking at the down stairs everywhere was filled with both students and teachers from different schools, even guests from other places and other top people who came to witness the great event of the day. Mr. Pius, the principal of vision school, was seen with his long white trouser and w pair of glasses in his eyes, looking around as if he missed something.

Eric and Jane were seated next to each other while Mirabel and Richard, the head boy, sat close to each other, giving each other romantic eye contact.
Soon the whistle came on while all the competitors came out from the different tents they had w break to be strong in the competition.

Ella came out in her sports outfit looking more hot and sexy while Jeff allowed the crowd to feed their eyes on him as if he’s the hero of the world or the winner of the competition already.

Cheers and shout filled the environment seeing their representatives coming out neat and beautiful. Mirabel couldn’t hold her happiness as she shouted Ella’s name, who looked in her direction and smiled while she gave her a thumb up.

The referee took time to explain the game rules to every competitor in the game to make sure they value the rule more than their lives because if you miss any, you are disqualified, which is damn scary.
After all the referee’s talking and other officials who came to judge the game to see the best winners.
All the participants took the time to do some exercise while others did some jogging.

They were six schools to compete in the competition, which were the top schools in the states.
“Now listen up everyone, when you hear your name, you take your track, ” the referee announced as all paid attention to their names.

“It’s the girls first before the boys. Here are the names,” he continued.
“Jane Austin kings academy, Mia Khalifa nobles high school, Ella Lanz vision high school, Victoria Alex Vein Miles college, Beatrice Dave heaven’s Dew college and Meda Anderson Stars college, “the referee said while the girls took their position but looking at stars college line, nobody was there thus causing another moment of shock as the principal stood up in annoyance and angry mode.

“Where is Meda “? He asked nobody in particular, and that was when Jack noticed her absence, Which he knew nothing about.
Josephine, too, looked around to see her, but she was nowhere to be found.
Everything stood still, and everything went silent, thus waiting for the working team to say something: the officials and the governor.
“I think there should be replacement of the missing students,” the referee said.

“Yeah, I think so, ” stars high school principal added while the other principal stood up in anger and pain.
“Never! The lost sheep must be found to represent their school while the others should be in their places,” Mr. Pius said in anger, and the arguments were too much as the government finally spoke up.

“No changes everything has been in place, so the competitors shouldn’t be joking around. Since she was here, as said by one of the competitors, I think the security need to search around for her, but the game needs to start now,” he said and dropped the microphone. At the same time, the men carried out his order.

Josephine could be seen looking so restless and angry, she looked around, but Meda was nowhere to be found, even the security agencies came back with the news that Meda is nowhere to be found, which was strange. Other competitors were present how come she disappeared?
Without them wastage, the governor commanded for the competition’s commencement, which the order was carried out within a twinkle of an eye.

State College felt sad not seeing their representative. Meda was known to be the best amongst the best. How come she’s absent? Where could she be? Like Ella, Jeff was surprised who saw Meda the previous night during the dinner night that everyone was celebrating.

The referee’s voice got them back to reality, which he commanded them to be on track. Ella could hear her heartbeat increasing while she held her heart. Looking at Mirabel again, she smiled at her and gave her an assurance smile. Eric, too, gave her a thumb up while she smiled. All their students encouraged her as she smiled and then concentrated again.
The competitors were far taller and more balanced than Ella.

” on your tracks, get set, ready… go,” he shouted, and like a troop of soldiers going to attack Boko Haram, they moved with full speed, not allowing one to pass the other while the audience kept encouraging them.
At first, all of them were on their tracks but in the same position while running.

Ella inserted another gear and topped them, which made everyone screamed. It was a 1000 meter race that will exhaust their breath. They were already breathing fast due to the long-distance, while Ella gave them a little gap before she proceeded.

The shout of victory from vision school filled everywhere as the student, without waiting for the final race, jumped up In happiness and excitement that Ella will win. Just then, she stumbled and fell so hard that her face was on the floor. Mr. Pius stood up in alert, likewise, others who were now silent. After Ella fell, Jane took the lead from the king’s academy while Victoria Alex from vein miles school followed.

“Ella Noooooo, please be fast, get up and do your best ” she was feeling the pains while others were still going, and it was only remaining two rounds for the race to end.
Ella stood up, walking like a dog who has been deprived of its leg. Ella was not walking well.

“Go girl Ella ” Mirabel shouted; meanwhile, all her opponents were far from them. Ella shook her head negatively, walking to the line to step down the field, but she still maintained her track.
Everyone looked disappointed, especially Jeff, who stood and watched her walking in pain and agony shook his head disappointedly.

Remembering all the suffering, all the mocking, all the shame and pains she went through just for the sake of school and the competition.
Josephine was smiling now that Ella Was out of the game while other students from other schools encouraged their team.

Remembering all this, Ella turned back in anger and no fear in her eyes. She was in her immediate sense and self.
The Ella that has never be seen was seen running with her full speed and last strength as if she’s running for her life, the speed which Ella carried made everyone to stand up in shock wondering where she’s from while the rest of the competitors were now weak looking back to see the healthy Ella coming for them.
Jeff smiled at such w brave girl called Ella. Mirabel couldn’t hold her happiness and excitement.
“Go, girl, go,” she shouted.

“What a brave girl,” the governor said, nodding his head in agreement. The stadium couldn’t contain people again as the shout and scream of Ella’s name were just unbelievable.

The whistle for the final round kept sounding and sounding while Victoria was still carrying the lead. Ella couldn’t meet up with her last strength everything she was panting and breathing so hard.

The end line was just a few meters away from the competitors while Ella put on her very best, she passed Jane who was the 4th on the line and then in no time she passed Beatrice who was the 3rd, the shouts and scream of students couldn’t help as Ella overtook the 2nd person who was Mia and then just before the ending line Victoria and Ella’s legs crossed the line at the same time.

Chapter 34

Mirabel could be seen standing at a corner with Eric looking worried and restless. It seems the both of them had the same feelings.
” That Josephine of a thing, she looks as if she’s hiding something from someone, ” Mirabel said to Eric, who almost said the same thing too.

“Maybe we need to visit her and warn her strictly never to try anything rubbish or else the problem will be worse,” Eric said as Mike agreed and the both of them left to Josephine’s house immediately.

Josephine could be seen only on red pants alone, which she was the only one in the house due to the hotness of the hour. The sun was so high that none could comprehend it. Josephine paced around her room with her phone on the hand ringing, but none picked it. Eric and Mirabel couldn’t be seen walking like soldiers to Josephine’s house, getting to the door. Their heart calms down, hearing Josephine speaking on the phone with someone else.

“Hello Meda, what has been holding you? Don’t tell me you’ve not it yet say to the competition is tomorrow na “. Josephine said while Eric looked at Mirabel in the eyes that says, “I TOLD YOU SHE’S UP TO SOMETHING. “
“Everything will be done during the dinner night this evening. Trust me. I’m going to bring Jeff and Ella down. They now believe in me and trust me, “she said.

Darkness took over as usual, but the students that went for the sports fiesta were in great light, just as recorded in the Bible. Meda sat with Ella ND Jeff while the other students were enjoying making crazy noise in the environment. They were served several kinds of drinks and refreshments. Meda was looking for the opportunity to carry out her mission.

Thank goodness she was at ease as she stood up and excused herself. Walking to the restroom, she grabbed the doorknob and twisted it open, then closed it back. It was a bit far from where their tents. Just then, the door cracked open with force as Meda startle, but It was too late as Eric and Richard, the head boy from vision school, entered, looking angrily at Meda.

“I’m sorry we need to do this. You caused it, ” Richard said, and Meda wanted to scream, but they threatened her to obey.
They tie Meda inside the restroom, making sure she does not escape. They used something to cover her mouth so that she won’t shoot nor make noise.
They closed the door back, locked it from outside, and threw the key away, leaving the environment immediately through another route they took in.
Presently Meda is in the restroom held captive by the two guys.

Richard smiled, looking at Eric while others watched the game happily praying Ella comes up with her strength never in almost all the games she kept arriving at the ending point at the same time with Victoria.
Different sports activities took place, and Ella happens to be trying her best, which got the crowd cheering and shouting her name in victory. The boy’s turn came, and Jeff tried his best, but Jack was just so mighty and stronger than him.

Everything was done quick and fast as time was flying, all the sports activities had been completed, thus waiting for the results to come up.
“Please, the results are what happens. No cheat, please, bear with us and no sign of inpatient, ” the referee said while the crowd agreed, and the DJ did its work by entertaining people.
Soon they came up with the results as fast as possible, after which the governor said some few words relating to what he said the last time.

Everywhere was filled with crazy noise from schools shouting and singing their song of victory.
“Without taking much of our time, here is the final results for the final competition, which seemed toughed but solved at last, “he said and take deep breaths while everyone listened carefully, especially Mr. Pius from vision school, expecting a right turn up.

“So so unfortunate that some people came bracket while some even took the last position, so with due respect allow me to bring to you the winner of this great competition “he paused and took s breath.

“The last person on my list who carries the total of 100 points is Beatrice Dave from heaven’s Dew college, the 4th position goes to Mia Khalifa from NOBLES HIGH SCHOOL, the 3rd position goes to Jane Austin from THE KINGS COLLEGE, the 2nd position goes to Ella Lanz from VISION HIGH SCHOOL, and the overall winner is no other than Victoria Alex from HEAVEN’S DEW COLLEGE.,” he said and went down, Ella could be seen looking down in fear, pain, agony and even restless.

Her physical appearance changed while Josephine smiled from where she sat. Everyone from heaven’s dew college couldn’t help to celebrate their hero who made them proud. Mr. Pius was so disappointed, likewise other staff in vision high school. Ella finds it difficult to believe that she had loosed after everything.

No, it can’t be. Just before they could say anything, the chief recorder/the judge was seen running back to the podium with his materials back to the crowd and then tried to calm everyone down as everywhere became silent instantly with the microphone in his hand.

” I…” he paused and stopped, looking at everyone’s face to see different faces.
“I am sorry… I… We… ” he paused and then stopped again, leaving everyone in suspense.

Chapter 35

Everywhere became silent, instantly waiting for the old but young chief judge who stood like a little boy who got lost on a long journey.
Ella couldn’t take her eyes off the older man to hear his final decision.

Meanwhile, the rest of the people celebrating their victorious winner had stopped making merry, giving the judge a deadly look warning him not to do anything like rubbish in the game to save his life and that of his family.
Jack knew very well that they have loosed, and there’s no way he could win without Meda competing with the girls when it was their turn.

“We are sorry we… The chief judge paused, opening the pages of the book as if he’s lost in the evil forest. Looking at the crowd once again to see their surprised look, he cleared his throat and continue.

“During the recording, we mistook Victoria’s result as Ella’s own, from what we witnessed, Ella took the 1st position, so adding everything together for the final results it is found that Ella Lanz, who is from vision high school broke the record again taking the competition on her head, create another history for the generation to be used and remember her name in case she dies.

The result is now clear and clean, Ella Lanz wins this competition taking the 1st position with the total points of 580, while Victoria took the 2nd position with 578,” he announced.

In no time, Mr. Pius could be seen smiling from his seat while the rest of the vision high school students rushed Ella, taking her on their shoulders. Mrs. Roseline couldn’t stop herself from shedding tears seeing the girl she abused, not speaking correctly, the girl she mocked, the girl she rejected and seeing her broke the record broke her heart.

Even Mr. Pius couldn’t withstand the Joy in his heart that finally Ella, the dumb girl as he took her, has broken the record again in history.

The celebration wasn’t even complete. Ella was carried high up by their fellow students. Jeff smiled at her and wink at her while she couldn’t stop smiling.
Josephine didn’t know what to do since she has loosed in everything. Without knowing what to do and how confused she was, she walked to Ella in a confused state, Jeff seeing her, wondering where she was heading.

Josephine is not a type that relates to that much. She stopped before Ella while Ella watched her steps, with tears in her eyes, regretting all her actions from the start till the end. Ella seeing that action, knew that all is not well.

“I’m sorry, Ella, for everything, for hating you for nothing,” she apologized as tears rolled down her cheek. Ella was touched from the heart; she pitied her, knowing that she was not the cause.

“I don’t have anything in mind with you. I’ve forgiven you for a long time.
Rachel walked down to her too, apologizing, and in no time, they embrace each other while others like Jeffery, Mirabel, Eric, Richard Gentle join in the reunion, and then all the students join.
“Hip! Hip! Hip! “

“Hurray,” they all shouted, celebrating their victory caused by Ella, the poor girl but dumb who happens to be so intelligent but pretended as if she’s nothing to gain real people by her side.
Meda could be seen walking down from the othe4 far end side, looking so weak and dull as if she will faint in the next 1 hour.

She was so weak as she walked down, there is a sign of sorry, looking at Ella and Jeff, who nodded their heads at her telling her that she’s forgiven after they told her the story of how they got to know her plans and how they defeated her.

After everything, Ella was honored by everyone both in school and everywhere as her firm spread all around the city. Her pictures and everything kept on displaying on billboards, TV sets, and radio stations broadcast her name. She was feeling like the queen of the universe.

Seeing that no one was fit for the position, vision high school management had no other option that gives Ella the head girl while Jeff became the head boy, thus making visions high school to be in peace and rest for everyone, both old and young, who come across the school premises.

Ella won the scholarship to further her education at the university of her choice. It was a pleasant time for THE SCHOOL GIRL ” who broke the record and did everything best to put everything in order.

The whole city voted for Ella to be the leader of the school and all the organizations. Jeff was proud of who he had by his side.

The governor sponsored Ella in everything making sure that she does not lack anything good in life. Which the cause of the celebration.
Everything became normal until one beautiful hot afternoon something happened.

Final episode

8 years later…
Ella had grown so big which she became 28 years, still looking pretty and beautiful.
She could be seen sitting in her office with her eyeglasses while her security was tight, standing behind her like the queen of England.

After Ella had broken the record, her name had gone viral worldwide, and successfully she gained the opportunity to study overseas, which she did medical and surgery successfully.
The governor couldn’t help to always appreciate her for making the states among the top states being honored by the country.

Vision high school was no longer the way it was before because of Ella; new things came into the school, which was imported overseas for the cause of teaching the students to be successful even without stress.

“Are you sure you will still do this “? Mirabel asked Ella sitting opposite her in her office. All of them were dressed in black suits like bankers.
“Yes, I’m sure,” She replied.

Jeff, the young man, took over his father’s company, which the man struggled to build just for him, he wasn’t lazy, neither was he poor, but he maintained everyday life.
“I missed that girl a lot, ” Jeff said to Eric, who smiled but deep down, she was feeling pain for letting Ella go just with a common mistake which she hid her normal identity.

“She’s no longer a girl man, she’s a woman,” he replied, laughing while Jeff followed and then paused, looking at him sincerely.

“What of your own, when am I expecting her, or let me say who is the lucky girl “? He asked.
” You will know her very soon,” he replied.

Josephine could be seen walking on the road ever since she finished school. Unfortunately, her parents died in a car accident who was her strength and source of income. Since then, she has been struggling to survive and then find life so difficult and mean for her to cope. The sun had scorched her to the extent her skin became dark entirely.

Jack, the boy from stare college who competed in the sports fiesta too, happens to have feelings for Rachel since the day he set his eyes on her but finds it difficult because Nelson still had her.

Life became meaningful for Ella as many learned many lessons from her life, how she was foolish to arrive at where she was heading to.
Ella became famous and a celebrity.

Cars could be seen speeding along in the tarred road, many tried to overtake others while the rest drove calmly like gentlemen, looking up you there stood a big billboard with the image of the smiling Ella with her name altogether, and we’ll write in it.

She was contesting for the seat of the governor. That’s what she wanted for the rest of her life, to help the poor, to provide Justice for the innocent, to help build a greater and better nation, to achieve her aim of making the state a peaceful one, not a place for riots.

Small children could be seen looking at her on the billboard. They smiled and then continued playing as if they had seen Ella before.

After everything was done and so much trial in everything, Ella came out victorious, winning 5 good opponents competing for power (Governor) in the state. She came out victorious and winner.
The celebration of victory didn’t even end in the low stage but also to a greater place.

Ella could be seen smiling as camera lights flashed on her smiling face. The crowd was much both young and old, men and women, poor and rich. Security was all over her guarding her as if their lives depend on it.

Ella stood before the crowd in a way she was bold enough to address them as their newly elected governor in the state. She had broken the record again. Ella, to be frank, I can describe her as the records breaker. She had also broken another record of becoming the youngest female governor in the states, which has never happened.

It’s so challenging for her to be a successful governor at her age, which was amazing.
The children couldn’t help to smile back at her. Smiles never depart from Ella’s lips for the rest of her life.

“My great people, I’m honored today to stand before you. She paused and took a break as camera lights flashed on her face, live camera, her face seen on the TV, radio, everything that is electronic and can bring out sound.

“I’m pleased to have you by my side, your support, tour care, your time, your days, your sacrifice to see me through and put me in this position. Though things seem tough, I went through a lot to survive. I saw pains, I saw hell, but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my goals…. She took another breath as tears could be seen running down her eyes.

Mrs. Roseline couldn’t help her tears gland as it activated by itself, and tears began pouring from where she watched Ella on the TV giving speech, the girl she so much hates, the girl she took as dumb, the girl, her mind and soul, hate with a passion, now the girl is successful and leading her, what a world. Truly the earth is rotating. She cried out loud.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I will never forget your love and care. I will never forget any of you. Both young and old, poor and rich, sick and healthy, you are all in my plan. I will make sure I do everything in my power to secure and provide for all of you. I love you all, and I won’t forget this day,” She said and stepped out from the microphone as the crowd shouts and cheered her name.

“We love you too! They kept shouting and screaming her name, victoriously.
“That’s my proud and able daughter,” Mr. Lanz said from his sitting room, watching the news from where he sat.
It was a joyful and joyous day for Ella for her dream to come to reality. All her friends couldn’t help to celebrate with her.

The crowds kept pushing forward to touch Ella and feel her skin, which the security prevented them from. Out of nowhere, Jeff could be seen struggling with the crowd to get to where Ella stood. Thus, the crowd was giving him a tough time to get there, getting there the security didn’t even care to listen to him, and they ordered him to return that none is allowed to have anything to do with the governor since she has just resumed duty.

Ella sighed. Jeff struggling with her men, she signaled them to let go of him, which they did. Jeff finally stood before Ella, so he was not afraid. People kept watching the next thing that will happen: both those present and those watching it from TV.
Everywhere became calm, instantly waiting for Jeff to speak, but instead, he fell with one of his legs on the ground, looking up to Ella, seeing how shocked she was.

“Will feelings unexplainable in my heart, please will you allow me to be the president of your heart while you be the governor of the states “?Jeff asked with a sparkling ring in his hands while Ella covered her mouth in shock while the crowd kept shouting.

“Will you marry me, Ella Lanz “? Jeff asked again.
“Yes, I will, “she replied as Jeff inserted the ring in her finger while the crowd gave them great shouts and screams, and the cameramen didn’t stop doing their work as they embrace each other.

Ella finally found Josephine on the road during her tour, in which she had an accident. She saved her life and then gave her the position of the Minister for Education.

Richard finally got married to Mirabel while Eric finally married Meda, the girl from state college, Gentle finally got married to Josephine, his heartbeat, and they lived happily after. The schoolgirl became the helper of the helpless.


Written By: Daniel Etim Jnr

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