True Love Story (Trapped By Love)

Love Story

Hi story lover, I think this story is mind-blowing and unique based on true love. It reflects our real life. You are going to enjoying it by reading it. So no more intro, let’s start our story! 

The Story Of True Love

It was in the early hour of the morning that Tessy laid facing the ceiling. A mere looking at the room, you will know that it’s a female room due to certain things found in the room, a big dressing mirror, and other female stuff like that.

Tessy laid on her bed, facing the ceiling. Her long brown hair covered her eyes as she flings it backward to have a clear view. The cool breeze was blowing, and the sweet scent of food was coming out from the kitchen. Mrs. Jerald Bailey was preparing food for her daughter.

Episode 1

“Tessy, what are you still doing in there “? Mrs. Jerald yelled from the kitchen in a loud tone that Tessy will hear. Reality struck Tessy that she has not even taken her bath yet talkless of dressing up, she stood up from the bed, taking off her clothes just leaving her white panties on.

Hairs could be seen on her belly, adding more beauty to it. She had a fair complexion as she dashed into the bathroom to have a quick shower. In less than ten minutes, she was out tieing a white towel from her secret region to her thighs.

She applied some lotion, went straight to the wardrobe looking for suitable clothing to wear. Soon her eyes caught a pink handless gown, and she preferred that one as she took it and then put it on.
Doing all the female stuff they used to do in the room, and she came out of her room looking so hot and beautiful as her shoes kept making noise.

“What took you so long, Tessy “? Mrs. Jerald asked without looking at her, still concentrating on the food that was on fire.

“Mom in done now, so no need to talk too much,” she said and pecked her from behind. Walking to the counter, she poured herself a cup of hot coffee and then empty the content and drop the cup down.
“My daughter, it’s your first day in high school. I need to tell you some things and how you sh…. “
“I know, mom, I won’t disappoint you ” she cut her mother short without allowing her to finish her speech.
“See Tessy, and high school life is different from…
“Mom, I know please, if you keep talking now, I will be late, and that will not be good at all,” she said smiling, and her mom returned the smile.

“Okay, just have your breakfast first before you leave,” she said, setting the table as they both sat down, scooping their food as the spoon kept making noise with the plates without a word from both of them.

“Wow, what am I missing here,” Jerold said from the door coming in. Seeing him, Tessy smiled more and stood up, walking towards him. They hug each other, and then he pecked him on the cheek.
“Come join us,” Tessy said, leading him to the dining table.

“Good morning, mom,” Jerold greeted and hugged Mrs. Jerald as she reciprocated.
“Welcome, my son, you are here at the right time, “she said, and he chuckled.
Jerold is Tessy’s boyfriend. They have good times with each other, and the bottom parents know about it. Tessy is 21 while Jerold is 23, which makes the two of them a perfect match for each other.
Jerold sat down, and Tessy couldn’t help than keep smiling at him and giving him secret glances. He noticed it but waved it off.

“Let’s go, or you will be late ” Jerold break the silence as she stood up, clearing the table and packing some of her stuff, which Jerold and her mom helped her with some of it.

They head out the room to where the car is packed outside, opening the boo,y put the stuff,s and closed it back.
Jerold enters the driver seat while Tessy enters the front, and her mom in the back as he inserts the key in the ignition and then set the car in motion heading to the busy road.

Jerold matched the break, and they all emerged from the car, taking her belongings to the main campus. “Room 212” Tessy kept saying it while walking and checking the number. That’s her room she will be staying, soon she found the number pushed the door open and headed inside. Getting inside, she found two other ladies sitting on the bed playing Naija. One was wearing a pair of jean bump short while the other was wearing a short skirt that stopped below her knees.

“Hey, good morning, ” Tessy greeted, dropping her belongings while Jerold did the same. The smell of cigarette and its smoke was all over the room, and it was Juliet who kept blowing the smoke out, and the cigarette was in her mouth.
“Who are you guys “? Tessy asked.
“We should be the one asking you that, “Juliet said, looking at her.
” Fine, I’m Tessy by name, and this is the room. I am going to stay. That’s my mom there and that Jerold,” she explained, pointing Jerold and her mom.

“That’s cool. Do you mind having a taste of this “? Juliet said, walking to her, stretching the cigarette to her.
“No, thank you k, don’t take that,” she said, smiling.
“Okay, anyway, I’m Juliet by name, and that’s Evelyn over there,” she explained.

“Tessy excused me a minute outside,” she said, and her looks alone could be described that she’s not happy with what she sees, the people that her daughter will be staying with within the school.
“Tessy, I’m not okay with this, your roommate,” she said out.
“I knew it, mom, that you are going to say it, but mom trusts me. It’s still the same me I won’t change. I know how to handle this,” she said, smiling, holding her mom on the shoulder.
“Are you sure, Tessy? She asked, and she nodded in a yes gesture.

“Trust me, mom, I can handle this,” she replied.
“Come here, Tessy,” she said, spreading her hands as they embrace each other.
“I love this your clothe, Jerold, ” Juliet said, licking her lips and blowing a kiss to the air.
“Thank you, dear,” he replied, smiling just then. Tessy and her mom returned, and after a series of talks, they bade her goodbye heading to the door as Tessy followed them to see them off.
“I will miss you dearly,” Jerold said, looking into her eyes.

“I know that and me too,” she replied.
“Please take care of yourself,” he said, and she nodded her head as they embrace each other.
“Bye,” she said, waving her hand at them as they zoomed off to the busy road again. She exhales and then returned to her room.
“You have a cute brother Tessy,” Juliet said.
” Oh, that I’m sorry he’s my boyfriend, not my brother,” she replied and sat down on the bed.

Episode 2

Tessy woke up and looked through the window to see many students walking into the school environment. She has overslept as she double tab her phone. The time boldly displayed 3:15 pm. She had a lecture by 3:30. She quickly jumped up from the bed, throwing away the duvet she used in covering herself. Evelyn and Juliet had already left though they are not in the same department.

She quickly rushed into the bathroom, took a quick shower without doing much makeup but wearing a simple gown that stopped on her knees. She grabs her books and biro pen and heads out of the door.

She wasn’t familiar with the environment because she’s new to the environment, looking at the busy school compound as students kept booming ours from nowhere. It confused her more, and she didn’t watch her steps as she hit her leg on a hard stone, and she fell instantly feeling the pains as her gown flew open.

“Here, take my hand, ” Desmond and Raymond said at the same time, stretching their hands to her at the same time. None of them knew Tessy before. Raymond saw Tessy falling, so he decided to go help her up, likewise Desmond too. Teddy was confused as she didn’t know who’s hand to accept. Both of them were not ready to withdraw their hands.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine,” she replied, trying to stand up but fall again to the ground, thus keeping the two guys hanging in the air. She didn’t want to hurt any of them, so she decided to do it her way not to hurt them.

She finally stood up, dusting herself, picked up her books, and walked out of them. Just then, reality struck her that she didn’t know her destination, and they were the only people to help her out. She quickly turned back to them.
“Please, I’m new here. Can you help me to the economics department “? she asked, looking at both of them.

“Let me take you there,” they said at the same time again, thus confusing her the more. The whole thing seems like a drama to her. She didn’t understand what was happening; neither did she know who’s hand to accept.
“Are you guys kidding me? What’s happening? She asked as the two guys glanced at each other, exchanging a deadly glare.

“Okay fine, don’t worry, I will find my way to where I’m going,” she concluded and walked out, and her phone began ringing instantly, she took it out and looked at the screen to see that it was Jerold that was calling. She smiled and slid the phone to the receiver’s side as she smiled.
“Hey, lover boy, how are you? She asked just immediately.
“I’m right, and you? he replied.

The looks on the two guys’ faces could be described as jealousy.
“I’ll call you back. I’m heading to lecture now,” she said and hung the call.
She was still looking for the right place to enter when she finally saw Juliet and Evelyn walking holding hands together with each other at a far distance, she shouted their names, but that was crazy cause they won’t hear her due to the noises. People turned, looking at her, wondering whether she’s on her excellent senses to be standing there shouting.

She started running towards Juliet and Evelyn, and she finally caught up with them, breathing hard and panting like an animal who escaped from its prey. Juliet and Evelyn were startled seeing her like that, thinking that someone is after her.

“Who’s after you? Juliet asked.
“Thank God I’ve found you,” she replied, holding her chest.
“What’s it? Speak up cause you are making us scared,” Evelyn said, looking at her expecting an answer from her.
“It’s nothing, I was just looking for the right direction to get to the economics department, but none care to help me,” she said, and Juliet chuckled.

“And that’s why you are panting like this, come let me show you there cause time is against us,” she said, leading the way, already it was 3:59 pm, which means that she’s late.

Please ma’am, can I come in”? Tessy asked, standing at the door expecting an answer from the lecturer. She didn’t pay any attention to her as she continues writing on the board. She stood there, feeling embarrassed as some people laughed at her silly act. She thinks that she’s still in secondary school that you will take permission before entering the class, not knowing that you just enter like that in the lecture hall without any consent.

She has been standing for 5 minutes without the lecturer caring to say a word to her or asking her to come in.
A lady sitting by the door snapped her finger at her to come in as she ambled as her shoe kept making noise. She was boiling in anger for such embark on her first day in school. She sat down with the girl and brought out her pen to write.

“Here, you don’t take permission before entering the class. You just enter like that,” she whispered to her so as not to attract people’s attention.
“Okay, thanks,” she replied.

” By the way, I’m Patricia by name, a 100 level student,” the fair lady said.
“I’m Tessy by name, same 100 level studying economics, thanks for helping me or else I would have still been standing there,” she replied, and Patricia smiled.
“You can count on me anytime,” she replied, and they both concentrate on the board.

Tessy exhales as she dropped her books on her bed. The day was so stressful. Her first day in school was not pleasant at all as the incident of the day flossed back into her memory, all thanks to Patricia, who helped her out. She owed her a lot.

She undressed immediately, and then the thought of the two handsome guys who happened to help her out when she fell earlier pop into her memory as she smiled. It’s weird, though, for the both to offer help to her. She didn’t want to hurt any of them so, ignoring them was the best idea for her to do.

She remembered the fair one telling her that he’s Raymond, while the one that had brown skin with gap teeth happens to be Desmond.
Just as she was reflecting on the day’s issue her phone began ringing, she looked at the screen, and it was boldly written UNKNOWN ” she slid the call and picked it, and deep masculine voice sounded on the other end.
“Hello, Tessy, “the voice called.

“Yes, hello, please, who’s this”? She asked.
“It’s me, Raymond, “the voice sounded on the phone, and Tessy was shocked. How did he get her number? Who gave it to him? Her hands were vibrating as she wondered where he got her number from.
“How did you know my name? And how did you get my number? She asked, hoping that he answered her.

Episode 3

Before Tessy could say another word, Raymond had already ended the call, thus returning the rest of her questions to her throat.
“What is this! She yells as she sat on the bed thinking of the next thing, just then her phone beep and the green light blink telling her it’s a message, she clicked it open “Meet me at the school cafeteria by 6:00 pm ” the message reads.

“This dude is not serious. How can I just meet him like that? Is he my father or who? She hissed and threw them a phone to the bed and then fell on the bed dozing to deep sleep.
Juliet and Evelyn came back to meet Tessy sleeping. They just mind their own business by sitting on their different bed, discussing how the day went.

Tessy woke up, sweating profusely as she checked her time. It reads 6:30 pm; ah had 12 missed called three from Jerold, three from her mom, and six from Raymond. Seeing Raymond get too, she hissed and then tried to call Jerold first without even exchanging pleasantry with her roommates.
“Hey, Tessy whatsup? Juliet asked, feeling a bit nervous.

“Oh am sorry guys, I didn’t notice your presence,” she pleaded.
“Whatever,” Juliet replied, heading to the kitchen to find something for her stomach.

Tessy dialed Jerold’s number. First, it rang but no response, just as she was about dialing it the second time, a text message entered again. “You want to be stubborn, right?

You better open the door cause I’m at your door, ” the message reads and Tessy gasps for air, wondering what Raymond is up to. She stood up wearing just a headless top to check whether Raymond is really at her door. Opening the door, she found Raymond outside, neatly dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt coupled with a white cap to match. Tessy quickly closed back the door, leaning on it as her heartbeat increased.

“You better open the door and come out now,” Raymond said from the outside with his hands in his trousers pocket.
“Who’s that Tessy, ” Evelyn asked, looking at her.
“A stalker,” she replied, thinking whether to open up or not.
“A stalker? Evelyn asked, and she nodded her head in a yes gesture. Evelyn wondered who the stalker was as she walked to the door, trying to open it.

“No, please don’t open it! Tessy yelled, but it was too late cause she has already opened the door.
Seeing who’s at the door was a surprise to Evelyn.
“Raymond? She called softly.
“Yeah, you better tell that your roommate to come out here or I enter there and get her,” he said. Raymond is a cute guy, and he is the son of the Vice-Chancellor of the college. Evelyn entered the house again to meet Tessy sitting on the bed with her pillow.

“You better go out now, oo, or you will miss this opportunity, ” Evelyn said, eyeing her.
” Tell him to leave me alone. I’m already dating,” she responded.
“Did he tell you that he wants to go on a date with you “? She asked, but Tessy kept mute.
“Listen, it’s a great opportunity. He’s the son of the Vice-Chancellor. You have to give it a try,” Evy said
“I love Jerold, and I’m not ready for anything silly that will hurt him, ” Tessy responded, and Evelyn sat down on the bed and placed her hands on her shoulders. Our story of true love never falls.

“I know Tessy, but you just have to hear him out first, “she said and stood up. After what seems like an eternity that Raymond is not ready to go except he sees Tessy. She stood up and dressed up and walked outside to meet him.
“Good girl now follows me to my car,” he said, pointing to where his car is parked.
“But you said that we would meet in the school cafeteria “? She asked, folding her arms.
“We are going in my car, so don’t question me,” he replied. After so much argument, she later followed him, and they zoom off.

The cafeteria was filled with people as Raymond located a quiet corner with a round table and two chairs.
“What will you take “? He’s asked her.
“I’m fine and okay. Can you please tell me why you called me here “? She asked without looking at him. The waitress was still standing without them saying anything to her.
“Bring two hot coffee,” he ordered.
“For who and who? Don’t even do it o cause I won’t drink it. The waitress had already left after being told what to bring.

“Please tell me why I’m here and how you get my number, my name, and my location,” she asked, looking at him as he took a sip from his coffee and then placed it on the table again.
“You want to know it “? He asked, and she nodded her head.

“Good. The day you fell, your complimentary card fell, followed by your document which I picked and was about giving it to you, but you walked out on me,” he explained.

Hearing that Tessy’s heart skipped, that document is what she has been looking for sweating but couldn’t find it, and here is Raymond telling her that he’s with it, what a complicated situation.
“Em… Em… I mean, where is it? She asked as Raymond brought out the document and showed it to her as she tried to collect it.

“Hey, take it slowly. Do you want it? Then come to my house tomorrow by 3:00 pm and get it,” he said, and before she could say, Jack, he was out of sight heading to the door. She wanted to tell him that she has a lecture by that time, but he was nowhere to be found.

The document that is with Raymond is crucial, especially if she’s schooling in that school, and without the papers, she can’t be regarded as a student of the school and will be restricted from certain things.

Many things kept flying into her memory right then, thinking of the next thing to do whether to go or not. But why is Raymond asking her to come and get it in his house? Why not give her here? She asked herself and stood up, heading to the door too.

Desmond was sitting next to them at the following table. The cab that covered his face couldn’t recognize him, so he heard all their conversation as his heart sink into his stomach. He has been trying to get to Tessy, but Raymond is trying to be fast than him to get to that position. He was not ready to give up so easily. He took his last sip from his drink and stood up, trailing Tessy from behind without her knowledge.

Tessy collapsed on the bed after the long journey. She took off her clothes, leaving her with her black bra only and black pants; it was as if she belonged to the kingdom of the blacks with all her things were in black.
Since they were only females in the room, she didn’t need to hide anything cause they all have the same thing in common.

“How did it go”? Evelyn asked.
” Worse,” she replied, pinking her phone. It was apparent that she was online chatting without paying attention to her as the notification sound keep sounding. Just then, a knock sounded from the door. Since Juliet was outside receiving a cool breeze, she thinks that it’s Juliet that is at the door.

“Come in, Juliet, the door is open,” she said, still concentrating on her phone, and the door cracked open, and Desmond walked in. Seeing Desmond, she jerked from the bed, throwing her cellphone aside as she struggled with the bed sheet to cover her nakedness for Desmond not to see anything, but already he had seen all.
“How do you get here, and who are you looking for “? She asked.

“I followed you from the cafeteria, and it’s you I’m looking for,” he replied boldly.
“Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into “? She asked herself. Just then, the door opened again, and another guy entered. Standing at the door, seeing the new guy that just joined, Tessy let out a scream that filled the room.

Episode 4

Tessy was frozen seeing her mom at the door, but it was not a big deal cause she did nothing. The problem is that she won’t take it that way.
“Tessy! Mrs. Jerald called, shaking her head.
“No, mom, I can explain. It’s not how you are thinking,” she defended, giving Desmond a deadly look for causing her the problem.

“Quickly come outside no,w ” the mother ordered, and without time wastage, Tessy was out of the room to settle issues with her mom, but Desmond was not helping matters at all cause he didn’t mind he was still standing there.
He needs to talk to Tessy.

“You came here just a few days ago. Does it mean that you came here to act a porn movie “? Mrs. Jerald asked, spreading her hands wide.
“Mom, it’s not like I came to act a porn movie. The guy just came uninvited to collect his lesson note,” she replied stammering.
“It better be so cause I won’t take any nonsense from you,” she fired at her, which she smiled in response.

Desmond was still standing back to the hostel, waiting for her to return. Just then, the door opened, and she entered, closing it back.
“Don’t tell me you are still here “? She asked.
“Does it seems like it’s my ghost that you are seeing “?he joked, smiling at her.
“Who’s smiling with you here” she replied, folding her hands and having a straight face without smiling.
“Wow, I like your angry face. You can still keep it that way,” he said with his hands in his trouser pocket.

” I need to talk to you, Tessy, outside,” he said and walked out, which make her sigh of the stress in college, how guys are already giving her hectic time.
She later went out to meet Desmond, who was still outside, getting there. She stood at a distance giving the both of them space not to gain to each other.
“I’m here,” she said out.

“Good girl, I just wanted to know whether you will be chanced tomorrow for us to have lunch together. “ He broke the s. Just which Tessy chuckled, remembering that Raymond also invited her to his house, just as she was anticipating her phone vibrated, and the green message light beep.

She unlocked the phone and look at the message content “67 Malaysia road, if u are late then consider another punishment ” she read it, and the anger in her rise of which Desmond noticed it.

“I gotta go now,” she broke the silence and then walked out from him.
“To Raymond’s house, I guess, “? Desmond said, and she stopped at her track and then looked back at him.
How did he know that she will be going to Raymond’s house? Who told him? Are they planning this together? What is even happening? She asked herself all those questions and then entered her room again.

The street was bright due to the presence of the street light. The taxi just dropped Tessy as she looked at the unfamiliar environment. She was wearing a long red gown with her long hair on her backside.
She was just at Raymond’s gate.

A mere looking at it, you will know that it smells like money cause the wall near the entrance has a scanner that scans you before entering the house. It’s been days, and Tessy didn’t care to call Jerold, which was terrible, and she has been missing his calls.

Swing herself at Raymond’s gate, she wondered what she was doing there but suddenly recall that she’s there for her missing documents, she walked to the gate and just as she was about pressing the doorbell a voice came from inside of the house, and it was loud and clear which was from a microphone.

“Come in, Tessy,” the voice sounded, and she could detect that it’s the proud guy voice called Raymond she stepped inside and was wow with the looks, no wonder he is behaving like God because his father is damn rich.

“Welcome to my small palace,” Raymond brag about himself.
“Thank you,” she replied and checked her wristwatch to be sure of when to go.
“What!? 10:00pm. No please, it’s late. Give me my documents, let me go” she broke the silence, but Raymond didn’t say a word but rather chuckled, which got Tessy irritated.
“What is funny here, “she asked him.

“It’s just that you are funny,” he replied and climbed the bed without repeating anything, and the room was so silent neither did Tessy repeat a word. Raymond laid facing the ceiling. The silence was just too much as Tessy finally broke it.

“Raymond, please let me have my documents,” she pleaded. He still didn’t say anything, which got Tessy angry.
“Fine, have it to yourself,” she said. I’m angry tone and picked her bag, heading to the door.
“Wait! “Raymond’s voice sounded from the bed, which made her stop on her tracks without looking back at him. Raymond climbed down from the bed, opened his bedside drawer bringing out the documents, and walked close to her. In a way, she adjusted back to the door, stretching her hands to him for the papers.
“Let me have it please,” she said, stretching her hands to him, and Raymond was now wearing a baby face which she has not seen before.

“On one condition that I will give you,” he replied, hiding the documents in his back.
“What’s that? She asked angrily.
“Tessy, you are beautiful,” he said as his eyes keep trailing her body, which she didn’t want to happen, and his eyes finally rested on her lips.

“Thank you for the compliment, please can I have it now? She said, and Raymond walked closer to her. She adjusted backward until her body hit the wall, which no space was left for her again to move. She was vibrating physically, hoping that he doesn’t do what she is thinking too.

“Please stop! She fired at him, but it seems he was deaf. His two hands rested on the wall guiding Tessy, and they were now closer to each other.
“Please let’s have lunch tomorrow ” he broke the silence, and Tessy was kind of confused about what is happening. Desmond asked her to go for lunch with him, and now it’s Raymond’s turn, or does it mean all the mind is trying to play pranks with her.

“there’s no way I’m coming she replied, folding her hands.
“Please, Tessy, “he pleaded to look directly into her eyes, which she looked back at his.
“Okay, fine, maybe I will, just give me what belongs to me,” she said, and Raymond handed her the document. She tried to walk away as Raymond grab her on her waist, and she froze.

Their lips were now close to each other. Looking at each other, Raymond slowly leans forward, bringing his lips closer to her own. She tried to resist it, but it was too late as their lips finally joined with each other, Raymond kissed her.

She didn’t respond to it at first but finally responded to it, kissing him back, which Raymond smiled, rubbing her back, and immediately pulled away from the kiss. What has come over me? She asked herself as she ran out of the house.

“No…! Tessy coming back, it’s too late to go alone, please, “Raymond shouted, and she stopped, it’s true that it was late cause the time was midnight. She turned and walked back to him.
“Please spend the night here. We have a guest room. Please don’t go now. It’s dangerous “, he said pleadingly as Tessy looked at him after a series of arguments accepted to the sleepover.

7:00 am was the time as Tessy rushed out for school to meet up with her lectures. She was in a hurry, not looking forward and watching her tracks, still thinking about the night event. How could she possibly kissed Raymond back? How will he take her?

As a slut or what? She asked herself, but it was too late for her to recall that she was still walking on the road as she bumped into a figure and was about falling when the person grabbed her on the waist as she regained balance looking at the person rescued her.

Episode 5

Tessy looked closely to see Desmond holding her on the waist, and his eyes fixed on her own. They stayed like that for a minute before she realized that he was still holding her and that she has a lecture to attend.

“Thanks, please let me go,” she said, looking into his eyes as he looked into her own too before finally letting her go. She tried to walk away when Desmond hold her back as she turned and looked at him, seeing the pleadingly look on his face, she knew that he still wants her to go with him for lunch.

“Tessy, please remember what I said yesterday. Please, I will send you the address on where to meet me, please,” he said, looking at her.
“Did I tell you that I’ve agreed yet “?she said, a little bit harsh.
“that’s too harsh for a lady to say. Just try. Hope to see you there, “he said and walked away while Tessy kept looking at his retrieving image.

“Why are these two people disturbing me at a time? Maybe I will start hiding from them to avoid any embarrassment, “she said and hurries down to the lecture hall.
Everywhere was full except one sit near, which happens to be next to Patricia. She settled down, brought out her notepad and other writing materials to start writing.
“Hey, Patricia, we meet again,” she said.

“Yeah, Tessy, a nice thing you are not late to class today, “she said, and they both chuckled at her statement.
Tessy phone beep in alert as she slid it open looking at the message from Jerold “College life has taken away your time from me.

You missed my calls without calling me back even to text me is a problem now. I guess it’s over enjoyment ” the message reads and Tessy frown but deep down she knew that Jerold is telling the truth cause it’s up to a week she started school but didn’t call Jerold. She slid her phone inside her jean pocket and concentrated on what was on the board.

Tessy was so tired after several lectures, and she slumps on her bed to relax from the stress of the day. Her stomach was telling her to fill it, but no food was in the house. She started yawning cause she was starving and tired. The time was already 4:43 pm which she did not have any other lecture for the day.
Her phone started ringing, and it was her mom when she smiled and picked the call.

“Hi, mom.”
“Yew baby, how are you doing “? Mrs. Jerald asked on the phone.
“I’m a fine mom, and you “? She asked.
“I’m fine too, sweetheart, but Jerold is not happy with you,” Mrs. Jerald said.
“Mom, I know, but it’s not my fault. It’s overstressing. Please, I will make it up to him, I promise, “she said
“Okay, dear, but please don’t do anything that will hurt him.”
“Okay, mom, I’ve heard you.”

“Bye, sweetheart, and please take your studies seriously.”
“Okay, mom, bye,” she replied and ended the call. Just then, two messages beep in simultaneously, one message from Desmond and one message from Raymond. She opened Raymond’s own first.
“Hey pretty, remember 6:00 pm today at “High class joint, I will be expecting you ” the text ended, and she scrolls over to Desmond’s own.

“Please, Tessy, I will be expecting you by 6:00 pm, and please don’t keep me waiting. I will send you the address soon,” the message ended. Tessy was so confused she was nervous cause the two people want her at the same time, she didn’t want to do anything silly as she kept her phone and then head to the kitchen to prepare herself something to eat, but she wanted to try Raymond own out.

Tessy was dressed in a long white gown and a pair of flat shoes that added to her beauty. She was described as a queen herself. She looked stunning as she stepped out of the house, locking the door, her phone beep and it was the message from Desmond “High-class joint please meet me there now I’m there ” the message reads as she was wondering whether to go or not.

Why are the two people at the same place and same time? Could it be that they want to use her? Could it be that they want to trick her? Many thoughts were flying in her head as she kept thinking about the situation’s outcome. Fine, I know what to do,” she said and boarded a taxi to “HIGH-CLASS JOINTS.”

Raymond kept glancing at the door and, at the same time, looking at his wristwatch to check the time whether Tessy will still be coming or not coming again. The time was already 6; 15 pm but Tessy was not found. The music that played in the house made the house comfortable for customers to enjoy their stay. Blue bulb light illuminated the house, likewise the AC that made it more relaxed than it was supposed to be.

Desmond also walked into that same joint and then sighted an empty table that has two chairs. Expecting Tessy too, he sat down there again. He was in simple clothing, black polo back trousers, and a black face cap as if he belonged to the black family.

Just then, Tessy stepped into the environment, scanning it very well, the place was cool for her liking, and everything was just okay and normal. She stood at the door and then stepped inside the house and was welcomed by the pleasant scent that emerged from the house and the lovely song that played along.

Her eyes instantly caught Raymond glancing at his wristwatch occasionally, and she knew that it’s here that he’s expecting. Her eyes also saw Desmond, who was sitting at the far end of the house, looking down and sipping his drink as if he’s not expecting anyone.

She was disturbed cause the two guys being at the same place. If she accepts one and rejects one, they will end up fighting for her, and she didn’t want that to happen. It’s high time I make my own decision before things get out of hand,” she said to herself just then Raymond’s eye caught with her own, he signaled her to come to his table, she started walking towards Raymond table when someone grabs her from behind.
“Hey Tessy, what are you doing here,” Patricia said.

“Hi, Patricia, what are you doing here too”? She replied to her question with a question.
“I’m here to see my boyfriend, and he’s there,” she said, pointing to a particular site, but the sit was empty as nobody was found there again.

“Who are you talking about? nobody is there,” Tessy said, and Patricia was shocked too because when she entered, the guy was there, and now he’s nowhere to be found.
“Excuse me, Tessy, I’ll be back soon,” she said and ran out of the joint in search of her boyfriend.

Looking again, she couldn’t find Raymond on his seat, and the seat was empty, it was the only Desmond that was still there, she didn’t come there for Desmond, so she decided to take her to leave. She proceeded to the door when Desmond’s eyes caught her own, she averted it and looked elsewhere for him not to see her, but it was too late cause he had already seen her.

“Please don’t stand there and keep me waiting. Just come over. I’m waiting, “TGE’s message reads, and she looks up to see Desmond looking at her to come. She finally walked to his seat. She sat down, folding her hands and looking down, pressing her phone.
“What will you like to take? He asked.

“Thank you, and I’m okay,” she replied, and Desmond frown.
“What “?
“I say I’m okay, and I won’t take anything,” she replied a bit harshly, and Desmond gulp down the lump that was in his throat.
“Okay, fine, no problem,” he said, and sh3 continue pressing her phone.
“Tessy, “he called in a soft and romantic voice, and she looked up to meet his gaze.
Desmond holds her in both hands, looking at her in the eye.
“Tessy, you are so beautiful. “
“Thank you.”

” I don’t have much to say but, I want to tell you that you are such an angel, dear. The first-day k saw you, I could think straight again. And all my heart longed for you, Tessy, and you are the one that captures my heart.

Please, Tessy, give me a chance to love you, give me a chance to show you, love, give me a chance to be the man in your life. I promise never to hurt you, “he confessed, looking at her as she looked down, expecting to hear her response, but she was quiet all through.

“Please, Tessy says something,” he pleaded.
“I’ve heard you, Desmond, but…
“But what Tessy “? he cut her in.

“Nothing, sorry, I’m not ready for it,” she said, looking away to avoid his angry eyes.
“Tessy! ” another masculine voice called her from her back. She turned to see the most shockest person she didn’t expect to see by then.
“Jerold! what are you doing here? I mean, who are you looking for “she stammered, and Jerold shook his head in disappointment.
“No, let’s leave here. I can explain it. Please don’t create a scene “she but him short, dragging him out of the joint.

Episode 6

“Tessy, what’s this, and why are you here”? Jerold asked after she had to drag him to a cool place.
“Jerold, it’s not what you think, “she pleaded.
“Then explain it for me to understand, “Jerold bark in anger, and Tessy could detect it from his voice and his actions.
“Jerold, I’m sorry you met me at the wrong place, but that shouldn’t mean that you should judge me according to where you meet me,” she said, looking into his eyes.

“Can we settle this at my place, please”? Teddy pleaded, and Jerold was confused, but she had known and trusted Tessy for a long time and knowing very well that she can’t cheat on him, so he decided to let it go that way.
“Tessy, you know I love you, and seeing you with another guy being so close is just like that. He will take you away from me, and I don’t feel comfortable with it,” he said, holding her two cheeks and looking into her eyes.

Tessy returned the eye contact, thus creating more forum for their love to flow in the air. Slowly they lean to each other until their lips finally meet, Tessy’s lips were moistened, and the pink area showed very clear. They kissed for what seems like an eternity or that they will never see each other again, but that was true because Jerold has loosed her.

Jerold finally broke up from the kiss, looking unsatisfied, but that was not the main place it should have been done.
“I gotta go, Tessy. I have something to attend to,” he said.
“Okay, dear. Bye. “
“I love you, Tessy. “
“I love you, Jerold,” she said as Jerold walked out of sight.

“Stay away from that girl dude, she’s mine,” Raymond barked, looking at Desmond, who didn’t even care whether he’s talking to him or not.
“And what if I refuse to adhere to your instruction? What will happen, “? He asks, sipping his drink.

“You will have yourself to blame for it, man,” Raymond threatened.
“Don’t you think it’s a silly thing for guys to fight over a lady? Why not allow her to make her own choice? Desmond asked, standing up to look at him in the face.

“I repeat myself stay away from that girl or…
“Or what “? Desmond cut him short before he knew what was happening. Raymond sends out a punch, but Desmond was so fast to catch his hand in the air.
“Not so fast, dude,” Desmond said, bringing down his hand.
“It’s a silly thing for two guys to agree over an issue, especially coming to girls stuff, so I’m not a fool. Enjoy your day,” Desmond said and walked away from him, leaving him behind.

“Hey, girl WhatsUp with you? You have been busy these days even to stay in the room. We don’t find you again, gist us,” Juliet said, looking at Tessy lying on the bed facing the ceiling.
“Babe says something, and we are waiting to hear you, or did they taste you without paying you “? Evelyn added, and Tessy looked at her in angry eyes.

“It has not gotten to that extent girls, stop deceiving yourself. The point is just that I’m confused, “she said
“Confused about what? Tell us, and we are here to help you,” Evelyn said, adjusting to where Tessy was.
“Hmm, okay, the situation is just complicated because two guys are after me and at the same time making things hard for me to understand,” she said, looking at Evy and Julie.
“You mean Desmond and Raymond “?Evy asked, and she nodded.

“And how did you get to know”? Tessy asked in the alert.
“Have you forgotten so soon that they both came here looking for you “? Evy said, and Tessy remembered it.
“Oh, I remember now, sorry for that, but I’m really confused they are troubling me,” she said, and Evy held her on the shoulder, looking at her.

“But who do you love amongst the two of them “? she asked, and the question caught Tessy unaware because she wasn’t expecting such a question yet. Seeing that there was no response from her, Evelyn decided to let it go.
“Okay, I think you should follow your heart and let your heart decide it,” she said out loud.
“Yeah, you are right,” Tessy concluded.

“But as for me, I think I will go for Raymond cause he is damn rich, and his father is the vice-chancellor. He can even help us with some stuff, ” Juliet ranted out, and Tessy couldn’t help to smile at her funny attitude.
“Shut up there, Juliet, it’s not all about money. It’s about what you feel for each other, “Evelyn said.
“I know, but Raymond is the best…” she said again.
“Shut up. Who told you that”? Evelyn fired.

“Shut up too. Who are you to command me “? Juliet said, standing up and facing Evelyn as if they are about to fight an intercontinental championship in wrestling.
“Hey girls, that’s enough. I think that’s okay, it’s my case, and I will settle it not for you guys to fight over it, “Tessy said, and they both space from each other after exchanging deadly glare between each other.

Patricia could be seen pacing up and down with her phone on her ear, trying to reach someone, but it was not going through.
“What’s this all about? How could Raymond possibly invited me, and now he is nowhere to be found? Is this how his friends go on a date with their girls? He better changes oo or else,” Patricia said, resting on the wall.

She has been waiting in a high-class joint expecting to see Raymond, who invited her there, but Raymond was nowhere to be found. It was already getting late which she didn’t like it a bit just then Raymond came from behind and hold her on the waist which made her to startled in fear.

And after seeing that it’s Raymond her mode changed to that angry one again, probably Raymond understood why she’s like that. He doesn’t need a soothsayer to tell him why, so he went ahead in apologizing.

“Baby, I’m sorry for keeping you are waiting for long. I’ve been busy with my dad in the office,” he said, and Patricia didn’t seem to buy the idea.
“Come on, babe, I say I’m sorry, please,” he pleaded again, looking into her eyes and holding her two hands.

“Why must you always come up with excuses when it gets to me “? She asked, and he was quiet for a while.
“Where you not the one I saw earlier this evening in this same joint which happens to escape immediately I entered “? She asked, looking at him to find the truth. Instead of that, Raymond frowned.

“What are you trying to tell me now? That I was here earlier and after seeing you, I ran away? Is that it “? He asked, raising his voice a little, which made Patricia adjusted backward.
“Did the person wear this type of clothing? He asked, turning for her to see his clothes. After examining it, Patricia noticed that it was not the same as the other person’s wear, so she wore an apologizing look.

“It’s obvious that you are tired of this thing cause you are full of complaint,” he said angrily.
“I’m sorry Raymond, it has not gotten to that, I love you still as before, and nothing can change that story of true love,” she said, and Raymond smiled after hearing that.

“Can we go now “? He asked, spreading his hands.
“Sure, we are good to go, “she replied.
“Then smile for me,” he said, and Patricia let out a charming smile, which made Raymond chuckle.
“That’s my girl, let’s go,” he said, and they walked hand in hand inside the joint.

7:50 pm…
The night was already dark and scary due to different sounds made by the animals, both aquatic and terrestrial. Every part of the street was dark, including some hostels, which happened to be only candlelight illuminating the room. But in a particular busy where the darkness took over, a fire was burning with firewood’s help, which lighted the environment.

Deep inside the bush, where nobody could think that people were there, Raymond could be found standing in the middle of a circle made by heavy and strong guys who sat down around the fire as if they wanted to play moonlight play in the night. All were dressed in red from head to toe, which means that something is happening at that particular hour of the night.

“We are poisonous than poison!
“Dragonlords “! Raymond shouted again.
“We are poisonous than poison! They shouted in response.
“We are poisonous than poison! They all chorused and then exchange hands with each other and then returned to their seats again.

“I summoned this great meeting because of what’s on the ground and that it should be solved with immediate effects,” Raymond said, looking at every one of them.
Dragonlords was known to be the most notorious and worst cultist gang on the campus, but the secret is that nobody knew that Raymond was the only son of the vice-chancellor.

None can ever think of it even if such a person is being told, and they will not believe because Raymond is one of the cool types who doesn’t talk much nor make trouble but little did they knew that he is more dangerous than they thought.

“Capone, we are ready to handle and carry out the mission, ” Lighter said, who happens to be one of them who had broken teeth and a skull hairstyle. He was not smiling nor laughing.
“There’s this new girl that I’m crushing on, but it seems like one rat is also crushing on her too. “
“Who be that cockkkkkkk to crow when the boss and Capone is on stage, Capone nothing do you, we dey your back,” arrow concurred.

“So let’s be ready to in case he refuses to listen to my warning so that we will strike when it’s time to do so,” he said and sat down on the ground while silence took over, and sooner did they smoke began to filled the area as they began smoking like never before.

Desmond not home, his day was bad, thinking that Tessy will accept him, but due to how he sees things, it will not be easy for him to have her as his own. He changed into his nightwear, not minding to eat because he had already filled himself in the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Desmond is an orphan who struggled to send himself to school cause his parents died while he was in jss1 in secondary school, so he had a passion for education that was why he wasn’t ready for defeat.

He did all via best to make sure that he makes it in life no matter how much it will cost him. He finally jumped on the bed and covered himself with an image duvet while Tessy’s image appears in his memory again. He sighed and closed his eyes to erase the picture. He switched off the bedside lamp and drifted to deep sleep.

Episode 7

Days run into weeks, and things were going on smoothly. This time around, Tessy had become so close to Raymond than Desmond. She has not even given Desmond time again to discuss with her talk less of having his time. At the same time, Patricia was not herself. She felt that Raymond is cheating on her, of which she didn’t know the person that Raymond is cheating on her.

On the other end, Jerold has been communicating with Tessy like never before, which Tessy didn’t even understand.
Juliet and Evelyn have been monitoring Tessy’s movements to be close to Raymond than Desmond, but they didn’t have anything to say since it’s her life, let her be.

“Hey, babe, where are you dressing to “? Juliet asked, seeing Tessy in a hurry standing before the small dressing mirror doing some makeup.
“To somewhere, “she replied, still concentrating on her makeup.
“And where could that be “? Evelyn asked.
“And why do you care to know? Are you my mom”?she asked Evelyn, who was now looking at her.
“I think it’s Raymond you want to visit, right “? She asked, and Tessy was quiet as she picked her handbag and headed out of the room.

“Be careful, Tessy “! Evelyn yelled from inside cause she knew how dangerous her decision might be.
Tessy boarded a cab, which stopped and winded down the glass.
“Texas roadhouse,” she said and hopped in, relaxing on the sit nodding her head to the music that was playing inside the car, which she enjoyed it. Tessy’s long drive was enjoyable because of the sweet and melodic tracks the driver played inside the car.

“Yeah, stop there. I’m okay,” she said, pointing to a massive gate that was right in front of her. She stepped down and paid the taxi man as he drove away, she looked at the address and looked satisfied. She walked near the gate, and a guy was relaxing on the wall with his back on the wall, he had a white cap on, and his face was on the floor. His two hands were folded, and Tessy walked closer to the guy.

“Hi, please excuse me,” she said, and the guy nods his head without looking up.
“Please, is this Mr. Richard’s house “? She asked, and he nodded, and just then, the guy lifts his face to Tessy’s most significant shock. It was Desmond. She adjusted backward in fear.

“Desmond? what are you doing here? Are you stalking me “?she asked in fear. Just then, the gate open and Raymond walked out wearing only a white singlet and a pair of jean trousers. His facial expression showed that he was furious seeing Desmond at his gate, waiting for the same girl he was expecting.

Seeing Raymond, Tessy ran to his back and stayed there looking out at Desmond, who didn’t even care.

“The explanation is sure now, Desmond, I think so you should find your way home,” Raymond said, mocking Desmond, who didn’t shake nor move. A woman was nothing for Desmond. It’s him that has been surviving all this while without a woman. It’s not now that he will die when a woman has rejected him, but he truly loves her. Since she’s not ready for him, he has no choice but to back off.

“Tessy !” he called, stretching his hands to her, but she ignored it.
“I’m sorry, Desmond,” she said, shaking her head as Desmond left immediately.
“Welcome, baby,” Raymond said, leading her inside the house as the house was just superb.
“Feel at home, what can I offer you,” he asked.

“I think a chill juice is okay for now, “she said, sitting down on the couch as Raymond left for her offer and returned soon with her proposal and placed it on the table as he poured it into two glasses giving one to Tessy and took one.
“Thank you. “
“You are welcome,” she said.

“Dude, forget about this girl I’ve told you already. Just calm down, bro,” Mike said to Desmond, who just returned from his journey. Mike is Desmond’s roommate, with who they have been staying for so many years, and they all like brothers to each other.

“Bro, I know, but I like that girl a lot, ” Desmond said with his hands on his head in a confused state.
“I know, bro, but you have to let it go. You don’t need to drag a girl with a guy. What If the guy is dangerous and you lose your life because of a mere girl” Mike said, and Desmond find truth in what he said as he relaxed on the couch.

“Take it easy, bro. Think no more,” he said, patting Desmond on the shoulder as he nodded his head in agreement.
“Let’s toast for your usual self, bro, ” Mike said, bringing out red wine and pop it as it makes a loud sound in the air. He poured it into two glasses as they lift it to the air.

“Wow, to the best paddy man I ever have called Desmond, ” Mike said, lifting his cup. Desmond said the same with Mike’s name in it as they both drink and smiled, and Desmond didn’t even remember whether he was the same guy that came back home moody because Mike was doing a great job by entertaining him with jokes as they both laughed out loud.

“Babe, I’m having a strange feeling about this Tessy relationship with Raymond, ” Evelyn exclaimed out to Juliet.
“Me too, but I think nothing is going to happen. She will take care of herself,” she assured her and continue with cutting her nails.

“Babe, why saying that Raymond is cheating on you “? Angelina asked Patricia, who was busy sniffing, and tears were formed in her eyes. They were in Patricia’s room because she invited her over.
“He’s not picking my calls, neither is he is inviting me over as usual, ” Patricia said in a shaky voice, and Angelina can easily detect that she’s hurt.

“Babe, it’s okay, don’t kill yourself because of a man. Let’s just follow him slowly and see what he’s up to,” Angelina said as Patricia cried on her shoulders.

Tessy was enjoying her life with Raymond without thinking twice. Raymond’s phone vibrated and it was a call from Patricia, he ignored it for the first time, and it kept on ringing, disturbing him, and Tessy didn’t like it.
“Pick your call now,” Tessy said, trying to touch the phone, but Raymond stopped her from doing so.

“It’s not important. It’s one of my friends,” he lied, stroking her hair as she rested her head on his chest.
The day was becoming dark. It was already 7:00 pm. Tessy has spent more hours than expected in Raymond’s house.
She announced her departure, and Raymond walked her to the road and boarded a cab for her pecking her goodbye on the forehead.

Tessy entered the lecture hall as early as 7:45 am. She located her seat near Patricia but was surprised to see that Patricia was not in a useful mode even her eyes were red, showing that she has been crying for love.
She settled down on her seat, placing her hand across Patricia’s shoulder.

“Hey babe, what’s wrong? Why the sad mode and red eyes “? Tessy asked.
“My eyes are red “? She asked, and Tessy nodded in a yes gesture.
“Oh, something flew into my eyes on my way to the lecture, ” she lied to her, and Tessy could easily detect that she’s lying.

“I’m your sister and friend Patricia. You can count on me anytime. Now tell me what’s the problem, what’s bothering you “? She asked again and fresh tears formed in Patricia’s eyes also.
“Hey babe, chill down, tell me what the matter is, please don’t cry, “she said, cleaning away her tears.
“Tessy, I’m hurt,” she began, and Tessy was listening.

” The guy I trusted and loved so much, the guy that I so much cherished cheated on me,” she exclaimed out, almost crying and resting on her shoulders. Reality struck Tessy that she has also treated someone like that, she has made someone undergo heartbreak too, which is Jerold, and she regretted it.
“Oh my gosh, that’s the worst of it all baby, I’m sorry, babe, that’s too bad, but you need to be strong for me, babe, “she said.

“I know, but I didn’t expect it so soon. After everything we shared, he decided to dump me just like that,” she cried, and Tessy knew that she’s hurt to the last extent that if care is not taken, she can harm herself.
“And if I may be asked, who could that be? What’s his name? Tessy asked as if she would beat him for Patricia because seeing her hurt is terrible.
“His name is Ray…

“Good morning class, ” the rest of the words was returned to her stomach with the presence of the lecturer who just entered the class, and everywhere was silent, thus making the hall to be quiet.

Episode 8

The rest of the lecture was so dull to Patricia as all her thoughts were on Raymond and how he dumped her just like that without any reason after using her. The tears that were held in her eyes were bound to drop anytime soon if care is not taken.

On the other hand, Tessy wondered who Patricia was trying to refer to as the person that cheated on her because the name wanted to sound like that of Raymond, but the lecturer distracted her from telling her the person’s name.

Could it be the same Raymond that I know? No, it couldn’t be because he said to me that he hasn’t date any girl before,” Tessy said to herself and then stood up, heading to the door with her books, trying so hard to tell Patricia not to kill herself because of a man.

Desmond was now concentrating more on his studies, and he has forgotten about Tessy so soon to the extent that even if he’s being told that he once fell in love with such a girl, he couldn’t believe it. Mike, his best friend, was doing an excellent job by encouraging him to sit tight in academics that he can be the man all the world will be looking for one day through education.

“Hey man, you look bright today. What’s the matter “?Mike asked after a handshake with Desmond, who was busy doing some assignments on his notes.

“It’s nothing bro, I’m just my normal self as usual,” he replied, and Mike didn’t take that as an answer.
“And I guess that you are in love again with another girl, ” Mike said, smiling, hoping to hear Desmond saying yes, but he stopped writing and looked at him, chuckling.

“In love? When my father has told me not to fall in love again but rather concentrate on my studies,” he said smiling, and Mike knew where he was driving, thus making him smile along with him.
“If I may ask, who is this your father “? he asked.

“Who else do you think? If not you,” he said aloud, and they both end up laughing together.
“You are not serious, and I don’t blame you, silly boy,” Mike said in response as he drops his school bag and relaxes on the bed.

The taxi dropped Tessy at her father’s compound, whom she lost some years ago, the environment has not changed, and everything seems the same. She scanned the environment as she stepped inside the vast compound after being welcomed by the cool breeze that blows from inside the compound. She just decided to visit her mom though she didn’t inform her about it. She just wanted it to be a surprise to her which she knows that Mrs. Jerald always likes surprising things.

“Hello, anyone home “? she said, holding the doorknob and turn it down to see her mom on the cushion relaxing and watching TV.
“Hey mom,” she called, walking to her, and Mrs. Jerald spread her hands wide to welcome her daughter, who just visited her, and they embrace each other, feeling the family bond again.

“You didn’t inform me that you were coming, dear. “
“I just wanted it to be a surprise to you, mom. “
“So how’s school and everything, my baby girl “? Mrs. Jerald asked, sipping her drink and pouring it into another glass for Tessy, who didn’t hesitate to take it.

“Mom, everything is going on fine, and school is full of stress, mom,” she replied, and she nodded her head in collaboration. After discussing rando,m stuffs Mrs. Jerald entered th3 kitchen with her daughter to prepare lunch that they both will eat. They were done after 30 minutes, which was just fried rice with delicious stuff that accompanied it.

Only the sound of spoons that were heard making noise in the dining room where mother and daughter were eating, Mrs. Jerald kept glancing at her daughter bit by bit, and she finally broke the silence.
“Baby girl, when last did you guys called each other or meet “? She asked, and Tessy didn’t understand.
“Me and who, mom “? She asked.

“You and Jerold, of course,” Mrs. Jerald replied, thus making her face reality now, and her mom noticed that from her actions and behavior that all is not going well. However, Jerold complained to her some time ago. She thought that it was resolved, not knowing that the situation was still the same. Now here is her daughter Tessy being haunted by her action.

“Talk to me, Tessy. I’m your mom,” she said.
“Mom, we are fine, and everything is going on fine,” she replied, faking a smile, but deep down, she was hunt by her speech and words.

“Are you sure, Tessy “? She asked, and she nodded her head in a yes gesture.
“Are you sure, Tessy “? A male voice said from behind them, which startled both of them. I and of course, they knew who the voice belonged to. It’s Jerold that owns the voice.

They both turned to see Jerold standing and leaning on the wall. He overheard everything, and Tessy response to her mom’s question. Tessy’s heart began racing fast, and fear enveloped her. Jerold walked down from where he stood to where they both were sitting.

“Tessy, are you sure of what you just said “? Jerold asked, and the house was as silent as a graveyard. Teddy couldn’t find her voice, neither she couldn’t withstand Jerold presence. She knew that she had betrayed his love for her, and she’s not worthy to stand with him anymore.

“I’m sorry, mom. I gotta go,” she said and grabbed her bag, running out of the house as fast as her legs could carry her.
“Tessy! Jerold and Mrs. Jerald shouted that Jerold ran after her immediately, she was out of sight, but Jerold kept running until he found her on the road.

“Tessy, please wait,” he said, walking close to her. He loved her though she betrayed him.
“Jerold, I’m so sorry it’s coming late. I wanted to tell you earlier since that day we met. I didn’t plan for us to end up this way, but it’s not my fault. Jerold, I’m sorry. I know you loved me, and I love you too, but you have not been giving me the time I needed, you have not been giving me the love I needed, you have not been showing me the care I needed.

You choose your carrier over our love, Jerold. I’m sorry it’s over between us. I’ve found someone else that is less busy, so I’m sorry, Jerold, it’s over between us,” she said, and the tears finally dropped.

Jerold watched her speaking as if he was dreaming or as if she was drunk but she was not and she was telling him her heart, which was so hard for him to believe. He so much loved and cherished her, and she’s his first love, and he knew that she was cheating on him, but he accepted it that way. He didn’t want it to end so soon, but here is Tessy telling him that all is over.

Jerold couldn’t believe his ears as he couldn’t move nor say anything. His eyes were fixed on Tessy, who was now looking at the floor after telling him her heart. The pains were just unbearable for Jerold, but he controlled it for the sake of being a man. His eyes were wet with tears, and everything was just meaningless to him at that moment. Tessy wave down q cab, who stopped, and she hopped in, telling him her destination after waving at Jerold.
“Bye, Jerold, I need to go,” she said, and the car zooms off.

“Tessy “! He yelled, but she was out of sight. That pain alone was so unbearable to Jerold.
Tessy was sniffing inside the taxi as the man finally dropped her in school, she paid the man. She left for her hostel. Getting there, she greeted her roommates and jumped on the bed after noticing that her eyes are red and swollen without them knowing the cause but decided to let it go for now. They just need to allow her to get some rest.

Tessy’s ringing phone brought her back from her dream world, and it was Raymond calling her though she was not herself. She didn’t hesitate to pick the call. It was Raymond’s birthday, and it was going to be a boom and wow because of his personality and who his father is.

He always celebrates it every year, and none dare to miss it because it’s still impressive. He always celebrates it in his father’s house, just some meter away from the school.
“Hello, cutie,” Raymond’s voice sounded on the phone.
“Yeah, Raymond. “

“Remember tonight, “? He asked in a lovely tone.
“Yeah, I know about that, and I can’t forget it. I will be there in no time,” she replied.
“Okay, take care, see you soon,” he said and hung up the call.
Tessy sat on the bed, now fully awake, as she walked into the bathroom to have a quick shower to attend her new boo to be a birthday party.

“Man, today is Raymond’s birthday. I hope you will be there “? Mike asked Desmond, who seems uninterested.
“No, bro, I won’t be chanced,” he replied without looking at him.
“Come on, bro, I know it’s because of that girl stuff. Chill man and focus on life. Don’t allow anything to weigh you down,” Mike said, and after so many arguments, Desmond decided to follow him to the party when the time comes.

Cool music played in Raymond’s compound, the blue light that illuminated the area could be seen rotating at each interval. The evening breeze as cold, the loud music that blasts out, or the foreign speakers were calm and mode changing.

Chairs surrounded the swimming pool, the color was blue, and the high table was there even the stage do some students who can sing who will perform live was also there too. Security was so tight to enable safety. People began coming gradually, especially the students, and sooner the arena was filled with so many people that it couldn’t contain many people again.

Though she was feeling hurt in the heart, Patricia still decided to go to the party just to set her eyes on her one-time love, who happens to cheat on her but got the shockest news of her life. She was struggling with the security men to pass into the venue, but he was not allowed to enter after being told that it’s the order of their boss, Raymond, that they are working on.

“I’m sorry, miss Patricia, you can’t enter the venue. Our boss instructed us not to allow you in, ” one of the men who were dressed in black voiced out to Patricia, who felt her legs weak and she felt embarrassed already because some people’s eyes were now feeding on her as if she’s acting a movie. She couldn’t bear the pain again as she ran out of the place, crying her eyes out.

Episode 9

The music playing was a cool one at Raymond’s party. Sooner did Tessy arrive wearing a long white gown and a gold necklace added to her earrings. She was looking extremely hot in the dress as all the male attention drifted to her, wondering who she is.

Raymond was not wrong in his dress. He had a gold earring on his left ear and was dressed in white shorts and polo with his name stamp on it.

Drinks filled everywhere as they all drank and satisfied themselves. They pop the wines, and the sound blast in the air. Guys were chanting his name like never before. His father, too, was present, and he invited some of his friends to his son’s birthday party, who were top government officials.

Patricia got to the house. Her tears were like an endless river that the man she loved most had dumped her and even made life more miserable for her to bear. She collapsed on the bed and drifted to a long sleep.

“Hey, I need your attention, everyone,” the MC voice said aloud on the speaker, which made everywhere to be silent as all listen to what he has to say. A special sit was decorated and located in an outlying area where lights of different colors were rotating, and that was where Raymond was sitting. Smiles didn’t depart from his lips, and camera lights were flashing at him at all intervals.

Tessy, who was also sitting in the crowd looking at Raymond, smiled, increasing her heartbeat. Raymond was smelling money all through.

After the donations being made by the guest, which was a significant amount of money, Raymond was finally called to the stage to say a word or two to thank those who honored his invitation. People screamed his name, and some snap him using their phones. Raymond was so pleased as he stepped on the podium and everywhere became calm once again to listen to what he has to say.

“Let me start by saying a very big thank you to all of you who are here to celebrate with me as I become a year older. I’m grateful, but before I say anything else, I will request Tessy Jerald to come forward and stand by my side,” Raymond voiced out.

Tessy couldn’t help a smile as she walked through the crowd walking towards the podium, and finally climb it standing next to Raymond, who crossed his hands on his shoulder, holding the microphone with one hand. They looked much Like, and they were a perfect match for each other.

Mike glanced at Desmond to see him being jealous of Raymond and Tessy, so he tapped him on the shoulder, bringing him back to reality.
“Man, don’t be jealous. Your turn is coming,” he Assured Desmond, who didn’t bother to reply to him but kept looking at the two new love birds.

“So I’m pleased to have this pretty damsel by my side, and I must say that I’m lucky. I don’t have much to say than to say enjoy your stay here ” he ended his speech, and he was being applauded as he stepped down with Tessy behind him, holding hands together. He looked at Tessy knew the eyes and placed a soft kiss on her lips that she reciprocated to it without minding the crowd.

Raymond walked around the place with Tessy, who didn’t help than a smile, and camera lights kept flashing on the both of them. Some ladies were even crushing on Raymond, praying that he noticed it, and some wished to be like Tessy, who’s always by his side.

Security was following her from behind just in case of any emergency. He sighed. Desmond and Mike were sitting at one angle though they didn’t drink anything nor eat, but seeing them there, especially Desmond, his nose changed instantly to an angry one as he walked to the both of them.

“Hey, what are you doing here, dude, and who invited you here,” he said aloud to Desmond, who didn’t even care to look at him so as not to look as if he’s talking to him.
“Man, I’m talking to you. What are you doing here ” he asked for the second time, thus increasing his angry mode, and he tightened his fist, ready to react anytime.

“Calm down, Raymond, don’t create a scene. It’s your day,” Tessy said, slowly looking at him in seductive eyes, hoping he listens to her, but he ignored it.
“Dude, I told you that I’m not coming, but you forced me here now see the insult and embarrassment I’m seeing,” he said to Mike, who knew that he was the cause of Desmond’s embarrassment.
“Calm down, man I invited him,” Mike said In a low tone.
“And who are you to invite someone to my party “? He asked, raising his voice, and it attracted people’s attention who wondered what was happening.

“Now leave this place now “! He ordered in a deep but commanding voice.
“I will go but know that you are just enjoying this for a short period. You are not Mr. Louis’s son. You were newly adopted because he lost his son some years back. Don’t you think that the boy will one day be found and you will be helpless “? He said and chuckled, then continue.

“The funniest part is that the guy is schooling in this same school, but they don’t know each other, he doesn’t know how his father and his father doesn’t know him. That’s the news I heard, and I hope you know it too, so don’t be a too proud man,” he said, and the words affected Raymond.

It could be visibly seen as his hands tighten in a fist as if he’s in a wrestling field. That’s the third time he hears that news. Could it be true that’s Mr. Louis is not his biological father?

He was so angry at the instant Desmond to open his mouth and say such to him, he felt like squeezing him in his palms until he does, but he didn’t have such power.
“Guards, get him out of here,” he commanded.

“Hey, stop there, none of you should come close to me, or you will regret it, ” Desmond said, standing up.
“Take it easy,” Tessy said, caressing him on the chest.
“I say now, “! He commanded as they walked to Desmond, trying to hold him. Desmond sends a heavy blow to one of them, which landed directly on his nose as blood rushed out, and he landed on the floor, seeing that others retreated backward.
Desmond stood up, followed by Mike as they both left the place immediately.

The party was finally over as everyone retired to their different hostels to enjoy their sleep, not after being filled with food and drinks; they left to prepare for their lectures the next day.

Raymond was still angry and mad at the same time, Desmond words were hunting him real hard, and it was the truth though, he walked to and fro in the house without resting as he kept pondering on Desmond’s words.

Tessy seeing his mode had left to her room though Raymond didn’t plan on letting her go for the night, it was a night that Raymond planned to make pleasurable to Tessy, but Desmond showed up from nowhere and ruined everything.
He couldn’t bear it anymore as he placed a call to his partners in crime, asking them to tighten their seat belt for the upcoming event. He slept off.

The day was bright as usual as everyone began their daily duties to gather for themselves, so were the students preparing themselves for the day’s lectures. Tessy was not left out, too, though.

On the other hand, Jerold had been fighting with the breakup. He was looking pale and unhealthy because he loves Tessy; he couldn’t stand to see her with another man. He was hurt, he tried calling her several times, but her number wasn’t going through though her phone was on, Jerold’s call couldn’t reach her.

Mike and Desmond were on their way to the lecture hall. They were dressed in a pair of white long sleeves and black trousers, which they tucked in as if they were working in the bank. Mike was a bit taller than Desmond, but Desmond had a nice and attractive body structure. His beards made it all that he’s a handsome guy.

“Guy, the way you talked to Raymond yesterday was a blast, ” Mike struck a conversation.
“And he deserves more than that cause he’s an idiot, just because of a lady he wants to embarrass his fellow guy. “ Desmond said and continue without repeating a single word as they both walked to the lecture hall.

8:00 pm same day…
The house was so hot for the two guys Mike and Desmond, as they were sitting outside receiving a cool breeze just with their singlets on. The environment was so dark and scary, but they didn’t mind cause they were guys.
” I think we should take a stroll downtown, Desmond, ” Mike suggested, and Desmond too liked the idea as they both dressed up, locking the door, and head down the streets to have an excellent time.

Desmond was a wise guy, which Mike didn’t know nor understand, but he was a devil in his way though he doesn’t look like one. They all had fun in the streets walking and gisting about random stuff as the street lights kept reflecting on them, Desmond checked his time, and it reads 10:00 pm, which means they have spent two hours on tour.

“Man, it’s late. Let’s go,” Desmond voiced out, and without time wastage, they both left for the house. On the way, the environment was so dark and scary; look, they didn’t have any light with them. They were still walking when they heard people following them on the back without them knowing who they are, but Desmond knew who they are which Mike didn’t know.

“Stop p there the both of you “! The voice commanded, which was so deep and scary.
They didn’t mind as Desmond continued walking, Mike already was shaking in fear, and Desmond noticed it and chuckle as if only he knew who he is.

“I said stop there “! The voice came again, and they finally stopped turning back to see ten big hefty guys all dressed in black and on their head are red beret and axe on their hands as they walk towards the two guys.

Mike, this time around, was bound to fainting cause he was so afraid and frightened.
“How dare you speak to the dragon lord’s king when he speaks, “? The leader said, walking towards them this time around, very close to Desmond as he kept hitting the axe in his hands.
“Today marks your end of the stay on the universe,” he said.

“Get them,”! He commanded. Just as they were speaking, Desmond let out loud laughter, which startled all of them, and wondered what was funny at that time. Desmond didn’t look scared a bit after all they said and all their threats. He kept on laughing until he couldn’t laugh again.

He stopped laughing and looked at all of them from head to toe.
They were all annoyed as they walked in annoyance towards him, just then, another group of ten hefty guys wearing red and green berets came from behind and surrounded Desmond, and they were in the middle as the two groups covered them.

Episode 10

The dragons were surprised to see the axemen also present there. They were also the second most robust fraternity on the campus. Mike and Desmond were in the middle while the two groups surrounded them. Mike feared that Desmond also belonged to one fraternity, thus generating more fear in him.

Desmond drags Mike out of the circle, walking out on the two teams leaving them to fight their battle, which was not small.
The fight between the axemen and the dragon lords was not an easy thing. Five men were killed from the dragon lord’s side, while four men were looked at from the axe men’s side as they all fought for their lives.

Mike couldn’t say a word to Desmond since they got home, he was still shocked, and Desmond noticed it. Could it be that all this while he has been living with a cultist?

Does it mean that Desmond too belongs to the axe men fraternity?. All these questions were running through his head, but no answer to it. He finally summoned the courage to ask Desmond about it.
“Man, what was that”? He asked in a shaky voice.

“What was what “? Desmond returned the question. Of course, he knew what he means, but he needed him to say it correctly.
“I mean, who were those guys back there that rescued us, those with red and green “? He asked, expecting an answer from
“And why do you want to know “? He returned the question.
“I demand to know what’s happening and who I’m walking with as a friend. Don’t tell me that you are the leader of that gang “? Mike said in an angry tone.

“Yes, man, I am. I’m the leader of the axemen fraternity,” he said aloud, and Mike shifted in fear because he couldn’t believe it that all this while Desmond belonged to a secret group which he doesn’t know anything about. Of course, Desmond noticed that he is disappointed in him, so he sighs and calms him down for the explanation.
“It all happened a few weeks ago,” he said.

Desmond returned from the lecture, and he was in a limp mode looking down because of Tessy’s thought. He loved that girl, but she chose Raymond over him, which made him go mad. On the way, he came across Austin, his childhood friend, who he didn’t even expect to see by then.

“Hey Desmond, ” Austin called, walking towards him, and just then, Desmond noticed that it’s Austin too.
“Austin, “? He called softly.
“Yeah, man, it’s me,” he replied as they shook hands with each other and embrace each other, which they missed for a long time, and Austin noticed his dull mode, which he later asked him.
” man, you look dull and weak whatsup? What’s the problem ” he asked.

“Dude, it’s all about one girl like that has made my day dull,” he said and took time to explain everything to Austin, including the girl’s name and the guy he chooses over him.
“What and who do you say it’s the guy he chooses you over “? Austin asked t9 be sure that’s it’s not the same Raymond he knew.

“I said it’s Raymond, the only son of the school chancellor, ” Desmond repeats it, and just then, Austin was shocked hearing who Desmond has gone in contact with.
“Man, that guy is so dangerous. He is a green snake,” Austin said out.
“What do you mean by that “? Desmond asked.

“Man, I’m just asking you to be careful since you’re my man. The guy is dangerous, he’s the leader in the dragon lords fraternity, and he is not to be joked with, ” Austin said aloud, and Desmond was shocked hearing that Raymond, who is a gentleman, can join such a gang.
” How did you know, man “?
“It’s easy to know when you are the same person as me,” Austin said, and the word confused him the more of what he meant by that.

“Don’t be the confused man. We need to talk,” he said, holding his hand to a nearby joint which he took time and explained everything to Desmond that he’s one of the leaders in the most substantial cult I’m the campus and he has got to know Raymond and his team since from the very beginning, but he’s not to be trusted.
“Don’t be afraid, man, my men will always be following you to anywhere you go if he wants to misbehave, which I know he will, ” Austin said, assuring Desmond.

Desmond explained everything to Mike, who was just dumbfounded and stunned. He couldn’t speak nor do anything because he was confused that Desmond is a gang leader.

“Man, you scared the hell out of me by telling me that you are one of them,” Mike said and punch him on the shoulder, which. He ends up laughing, which means that Austin’s men rescued him, and they were following him in case of anything. Desmond does not belong to any fraternity.

One week passed, and Tessy’s relationship with Raymond was growing so fast and healthy that people noticed it, but Patricia was still in darkness because she didn’t know what was happening at all.
The thought of Raymond was still in her heart. She missed him so very much that she couldn’t just concentrate on her studies.

Patricia was in a hurry to go down to her friend’s house, which she was beyond time. She was in haste. Her books were in her armpits while sh3 kept glancing at her wristwatch to check her time to meet up with where she’s going.
She didn’t even know when she bumped into someone, and her books fell to the floor, she too was on the ground as she winces in pain trying to stand up.

“How dare you, we’re you blind “? Patricia asked, looking at the handsome guy that stood before her. She didn’t want to be carried away by his handsome look. He was with a red polo and black jeans trouser, on his face was a black face cap.
“Were you blind young man? Patricia said in an angry tone, which she was at fault, but she didn’t admit that.

“I should be the one asking you that miss, you bump into me while looking at your wristwatch, and here you are telling me something else,” Desmond said to Patricia, who was still on the floor without thinking of standing up.
“I’m sorry, miss, ” Desmond apologized, stretching his hands to her, but she ignored it, standing up on her own dusting her clothes.

“I’m sorry once again,” Desmond apologized again, and Patricia spat on his face and send him a hot slap, which came with a repeated echo.
“That’s for making me fall,” she said and walked away.
Desmond was really boiling in anger as he tightened his fist, but Patricia was nowhere to be found as she shook her buttocks left and right and then vanished.

“Dragon Lords “!
” We are poisonous than a snake,” they responded after it was being said by Raymond, who was not happy about his men that were being killed, and he declared war between the dragon lords and the axemen fraternity, arrow stood up.
“Dragonlords. “
“We are poisonous than a snake,” they responded.

“We all know that’s it’s in the law of our fraternity that all laws and rules must be observed. So with that, there’s an issue on the ground,” he concluded.
“And what could that be “?

“It was written, and we all have been doing it, so we are still going to do it. It was said that any member of dragon lords that have a girlfriend that before anything is done, it’s us that will have a taste of her body before the guy tastes it, ” arrow said, and the rest concurred with him.
“So in this case, I hereby said that the needful should be done. We all know that there’s a new girl that’s here, so it’s our turn to carry out the rule that governs the dragon lord’s fraternity “.

Episode 11

The argument was just too much between Raymond and his boys, who say that the rules must be appropriately followed without partiality.
Raymond couldn’t hold his anger anymore as he speaks up in an angry tone.
“Enough of this “! He shouted in anger, which made the whole place to be silent.

“I am the Supreme here, and what so ever I say must be final, and it is final,” Raymond said, looking at every one of them. Arrow stood up in anger too, facing him eyeball to eyeball, remembering what happened to his girlfriend, the girl she so much loved and cherished how their fellow gang members, including Raymond, had physical relation with her until she dies.

Her blood was hurting him badly. He felt bad for everything that happened to Elaine, his girlfriend, who died due to the dragon lords’ rules that his fellow gang members must first test anyone who has a girlfriend before he can have a taste of her.

“Who do to you think you are? We all made this rule, and we must follow it, no breaking of the dragon lord’s rules, remember “! Arrow said in a deep but angry voice, which got Raymond wondering where he got such effrontery form to speak with him boldly without fear of being killed.

“My word is final cause I’m the leader of the dragon lords,” he said, trying to sit down but seeing all his boys standing up in unison means that there’s a problem somewhere.
“Capon, we all know that no law in this fraternity should be broken, and here you are, trying to break it. We must follow the rules, ” Spider said, and all of them concurred.

Before Raymond knew what was happening, arrow signaled the spider, using his finger and two other people to bring her, Raymond’s eyes pop out of its socket, seeing Tessy being tied both feet and hands, and her mouth was covered with tape.

“What “? Raymond asked in an angry tone bringing out his pistol, but it was too late because others had already pointed their own on his head, ready to pull the trigger.
“I’m sorry, capon, but we must follow the rules. Nobody is above the law of the dragon lords fraternity. Untie her and undress her immediately, ” arrow ordered, and his men carried out the order while Raymond was fuming in anger with his pistol in his hand.

“Babe, where could Tessy be since the morning she left for the lecture “? Juliet asked Evelyn, who spread her hands wide without knowing what to say.
“It’s strange to me too because this almost 7:00 pm, and she’s not found. Where could she possibly be? Evelyn returned the question to Juliet.

“She always knows everything. Maybe she’s with her boyfriend, Raymond “.
“Oh, I almost forgot that she has a boyfriend. You are right dear, maybe that’s where she is, ” Evelyn concurred, but she was still having strange feelings about this, which she didn’t even understand the meaning of it.

Jerold was tired of waiting to see whether Tessy will return, but his stay was in vain cause she has made her decision, and there’s no going back again. All these days without Tessy was hell to Jerold, he was looking unkept, slim, and his beards were overgrown. He starved himself, refusing to eat because of her.

Jerold was ready to move on with his life. No matter how it’s going to be, he is determined to face it.
“Hello ma, I’m on my way, and I will be there soon,” Jerold said on the phone and stood up, looking at his image in the vast mirror. He shook his head negatively cause that was not his image in the mirror. It was just his reflection.

“Oh my God, what’s happening to Tessy? She’s not picking my calls since morning,” Mrs. Jerald complained, redialing her number for the umpteenth time placing on her ears, but she still got the same response that the number not reachable.

She walked to and fro in the house cause no Tessy number has never been off for once, she senses trouble, but she was not sure of it. She kept walking around the house with the thought that nothing should happen to her only daughter because she’s all she has.

Mrs. Jerald decided to check on her daughter in school. She set the car in motion heading to the school. On getting there, she quickly matched the break and opened the door walking like a man being pursued by a ghost inside the school where her daughter’s room is located.

“I’m sorry ma, we have not seen her since morning, and it’s unlike her ” Evelyn explained everything to Mrs. Jerald after she had told them too how her number was not reachable.
“What is happening “? She asked in fear.

“Calm down ma, Tessy is not a kid. She will take care of herself, and she will be back,” Juliet assured Mrs. Jerald, to whom the assurance seems okay to her too.
“Okay, dear, just give me a call when she returns, ” Mrs. Jerald said to Evelyn, who nodded her head in a yes gesture as she writes down her number for them bedding them goodbye.

“Bro, I’m still surprised at your explanation you gave me the other day. It still seems to me,” Mike said to Desmond, who was sitting on his bed with just a singlet, hearing the quietness in the room instead of Desmond’s answer. Mike looked to see Desmond lost in thought as he was no longer concentrating on the ceiling.

“Desmond! Desmond! Desmond! He called for the third time before he jerked from his thoughts, scratching his head.
“Desmond, what’s wrong with you since you came back from the lecture today “? Mike asked.
“Bro, it’s a long story. “

“Then make it short, and do t tell me that those guys blocked you again today “?
“If it’s that one, it would have been better than this one, “Desmond said, and Mike wondered why he said so
“Bro, I’m eager to hear. Please tell me something, ” Mike requested.
“I was slapped by a girl today on my way returning from the lecture,” he voiced out, and Mike couldn’t control his laughter anymore as he let out a loud laugh that filled the house.

“But wait, just a girl slapped you, and you are like this”? He asked.
“It’s not the slap that pained me. If it’s the slap, it would have been better, but what pains me most is that I don’t know her before,” Desmond said. Mike was shocked because it seems Desmond is losing his senses.

How can he possibly sit such that it’s not the slap that pained him, but he does not know the lady, so he placed it on his neck to be sure that he is feeling fine?
“Eyah, sorry, it’s obvious that malaria is worrying. Please go and treat it. That’s the only problem you are having. Please have some rest for now,” Mike said, mocking him as he didn’t mind but continue thinking.

Tessy was now lying on the floor with tears in her eyes, she has been begging them for hours nowadays, but it seems they are all deaf that they don’t want to listen to her. She looked at Raymond and regretted ever accepting him to her life, only if she had known who he is.

Tears were flowing in her eyes as she kept shedding it, looking at Raymond for help. Still, it was not coming, and she was now lying half-naked with just her black pant only, her chest was so tempting and erected that sight of it alone can make one go mad instantly, Raymond couldn’t withstand the sight again as he tightened his fist in anger ready to strike anytime soon.

Tessy was half-naked. She had only her secrets were exposed and other of her body parts, she was shaking and vibrating, her breathing rate increased from normal to abnormal.
“Spider, you go first. It’s your turn, ” arrow ordered. Still, their gunpoint was at Raymond, who was always thinking about what to do to save the life of that poor girl called Tessy.

The spider immediately undressed his boxers alone, while his long dik dangled in his fighter showing that the erected dik needs a solution. He was about climbing on top of Tessy when the unexpected happened.

Episode 12

The gunshots that resound in the air drew the dragon lord’s attention to where the gun came from. Seeing the axemen in the group all dressed in their uniform striking in their ghetto, they are there to avenge their boys who were killed by the dragon lords.

Raymond took that as an opportunity to save Tessy.
“Cover me, “! Raymond shouted as his boys covered him, shooting at the axe men too, Raymond stood at one corner shooting, but his eyes didn’t depart from the helpless Tessy whom he was planning on how to save. And what his explanation will be, he was brought back to reality when he heard a spider screaming in pain, holding his arm, which blood was running down, and the axemen were shooting him.

“Take her away,” arrow ordered as they carried Tessy away while some stood their ground to defend others, the gunshot was heard, and it was deafening since it was night. But none dare to come out and look at who is shooting cause they all knew that it’s the work of two fraternities fighting for one thing or the other.

Desmond was seen waiting at a corner with his back leaning on the wall. He had a cap that covered his face, making it hard for you to know it’s him unless you study his physical appearance. He was looking left and right at every interval. It’s obvious he’s waiting for someone to pass and waiting for someone.

Desmond has stood there close to 30 minutes waiting for someone to know who the person is or his plans. He had a face cap that covered his face, which made it impossible for one to identify him as Desmond. He kept glancing at his wristwatch, which means that his time was fast going.

Just as he was waiting, Patricia emerged from the lecture hall wearing a long red gown that stopped below her knees. She was in a hurry as she walked so fast, seeing the person Desmond was waiting for, he began to make a move slowly to where Patricia was walking.

He brought out his phone, pretending to be pressing it, but he wasn’t. Just as Patricia was walking, they both bump into each other, and her books fell to the floor while Desmond was so angry, but still, his face wasn’t exposed. He was fuming in anger, pretending to be angry when he’s not.

“What nonsense is this young lady”? He asked in an angry tone.
“I’m sorry it wasn’t intentional,” Patricia pleaded, and Desmond smiled that it was going on well the way he planned it.
“Watch your steps, young lady, next time,” he fired at her.
“I’m sorry once again,” she apologized.
But Desmond didn’t feel satisfied.

“Young lady, you can’t even apologize after what you did, see. Now you’ve dirty my clothes,” Desmond said angrily.
“I apologized already that it wasn’t intentional. I’m sorry,” she apologized again for the last time bending to pick need books on the floor. Still, Desmond had already decided it stretching it to her to collect, which she did.
“Thank you,” she appreciated. Just as she was about walking away, Desmond holds her hand as she stopped wondering what the problem was. Desmond was now smiling.

“Did you ever think that you will apologize to me too “? Desmond asked, and Patricia didn’t understand what he meant by that, thus making her confused.
“Sorry, I don’t understand, ” Patricia said.
“Look here,” Desmond said, taking off his face cap, and that was the time Patricia knew that Desmond has paid to need back for what she did to him the previous day.
“It’s called payback,” Desmond voiced out, and before he knew what was happening, Patricia held him on the collar and sent a slap to him, but he was too fast to dodge the slap as he struggled and freed himself from her grip, running away.

Patricia didn’t mind as she pursued him too, it’s apparent that he was playing over her intelligence and was angry, she kept following him, but he was faster than her and couldn’t find him anymore.
“So the idiot tricked me and planned everything. He even collided with me intentionally and asked me to apologize. I will teach him a lesson the next time I see him,” she said and walked away.

Mrs. Jerald was restless in the house as she kept walking to and fro. She has been expecting a call from her daughter’s roommates that her daughter is found, but nothing happened. She kept glancing at her phone whether it will vibrate or ring, but it wasn’t happening, which increased her fear.

She tried Tessy’s number again, and it was switched off as usual, so her fear increased the more. She wasn’t ready to lose her because she’s the only failing she has now, but it’s so hard the way things are going on.

Reality struck her that since the day Jerold left their house after being denied by her daughter Tessy, she hasn’t called him, which was terrible, and she thought of calling him now because this was the right time. She dialed his number and put the phone on speaker, placing it on her ear.

Jerold was busy playing Soccer on his phone, he was beginning to get over Tessy bit by bit, but the feelings for here was still intact. Just then, Mrs. Jerald call entered his phone. Looking at the screen boldly written” Mother,” wondering what could cause the call, he slides the phone to the receiver side and placed it on his ears.
“Hello, mom, good day,” he greeted.
“Yes, Jerold, how are you doing “?
“I’m fine, mom and you “?

“I’m fine too, my son but… ” she said and paused, and Jerold could detect that all is not well at all.
“Mom but what “? He asked.
“When last did you call or speak with Tessy “? She asked.

“Mom, is that why you are worried”? He asked as the sad memories flooded back to his memory, the hurtful words Tessy said to her that day and how she broke up with him just like that. He was feeling bad but decided to summon his courage and speak to her.

“My son, Tessy, is nowhere to be found for the past two days, and her number is not going through, which is strange to me. And the worst part is that nobody knows here whereabouts,” Mrs. Jerald said on the phone, almost crying. Her voice was sober, and Jerold knew that it’s serious.
“What “? He shouted on the phone.

“That’s what happened, my son. I’m really confused,” Mrs. Jerald said.
“Mom, where are you now? I will be on my way to the house,” Jerold said, ending the call picking up the car key and head out of the house. He set the car in motion.

“Babe whatsup? Why are you smiling ” Angelina asked Patricia, who was busy smiling at the ceiling, the same Patricia that was like killing herself days ago because of Raymond?
“Am I smiling? She returned the question.

“No, you are not. You are crying. Now tell me what the cause is, ” Angelina said.
“What asking, and why do you want to know “? Patricia returned the question.
“Because we all know that for the past two weeks, you were like killing yourself because of Raymond, and now you are smiling, which I have not seen for days. Now tell me, what’s the secret, ” Angelina asked, adjusting close to her to hear what she has to say.

Truly Raymond had hurt her and was like killing herself for him, the sad memories came back again as fresh tears formed in her eyes, she prevented them from dropping, it was not easy for her bear, but she has to face life and move on with it no matter where it’s leading her to and how it’s treating her. Angelina noticed that she’s sober and regretted ever asking her about it.

“I’m sorry dear if my question based brought back sad memories,” she apologized.
“It’s nothing dear,” she replied, cleaning her tears as a smile crossed her lips again, remembering Desmond’s funny attitude that took place some few minutes ago. She loved his comic character, but she planned on teaching him a lesson for playing over her intelligence.

Tessy found herself in an uncompleted building. The house looked scattered and unkempt, with things littered on the ground. Her life is messed up. She regretted ever accepting Raymond into her life and dumping Jerold just like that. Her life was miserable now.

She wished to see her mom at least before she dies, she wishes to tell Jerold am sorry before she dies, she wishes to bade some people goodbye before she dies, but she is not going to withstand ten good men coming into her and the pains of it all, remembering all that a drop of tear fell from her eyes as she blinked it praying that it all be a dream, but it wasn’t, it was happening real and direct.

Episode 13

Patricia waited for Desmond to leave the hall, she has been tracking him, and of course, Desmond fully knew that she would come for the payback, so he had his other plans.

He stood at a corner watching Patricia, who was waiting for him to pass to teach him a lesson. He decided not to go until Patricia left the place. It seems Patricia was not going to move cause it was about 30 minutes still no sign of Patricia going home, seeing that Desmond secretly tips toed from where he hid not to be seen by Patricia, after escaping from her view, he started laughing after running to a far distance which will not be easy for Patricia to get to him.

“What? How did you get there “? She asked surprisingly, seeing Desmond at the other end.
“It’s called Magic. Come catch me if you can, ” Desmond said, walking away from her as she kept glancing at him to see whether he will look back, but he didn’t.

“Mom, what do you say that happened to Tessy “? Jerold asked, throwing his car key to the table to listen tocwm want Mrs. Jerald has to say.
“It’s a long story, my son, “she said.
“Please make it a little bit short for me,” Jerold asked her mom, who sighed, cleaning her eyes to explain things to Jerold.

“It all started the day I called her, but she didn’t pick my calls neither did she returned it, so I suggested going to her school and give her a surprise visit maybe she will like it, but on getting there, I got the most shocking news that Tessy my daughter is nowhere to be found for the past two days.

“Mom, you are telling now that Tessy just got disappeared without nobody knowing her whereabouts.
“Mom, no time to waste again, let’s go look for her,” he concluded and carried up to his car key, followed by Mrs. Jerald, who watched him silently wondering what could have made her daughter say no to a cute and hard-working like Jerold. She tightened her seat belt, and he set the car in motion into the main road.

“Capon will be here anytime from now to take the girl away, so let’s discuss how we are going to do with this girl,” poison said, and arrow has them order I, which they carried out just immediately. Everyone who saw Jerald thought he was mad due to how and where he parked his car a d started running on foot to Tessy’s room but still got 5ge same response from Juliet and Evelyn, who pitied her poor mom because of the mess her daughter has gotten herself into.

6:00 pm same day…
Desmond was on a black pair of jeans trouser and a red polo walking down the streets when his eyes finally caught that of Patricia, who was coming from the opposite direction looking at both people. Desmond walked past her, which she didn’t know that it’s him. While Desmond knew fully that it’s her, she waves down a taxi.
“I’m going to flexing city,” she said and hopped in while the driver zooms off to the direction he’s being told.

Desmond paid the man, and he zoomed away. He stepped into the auditorium, and the place was a bit cool, with Romantic music playing inside the building. He sighted Patricia from a distance taking her drinks. He wondered what she was doing there all alone and why he’s taking alcoholic drinks, which did not help her at all but somewhat increased her rate of fear.

Desmond walked to her, firstly trying to look at her I. The eyes, but she kept flinching her hairs backward, not allowing her face to be seen. Just as Desmond was about to leave, he heard a loud slap from where he stood. He turned to see Patricia holding in cheek, which was burning in pain. The guys were busy laughing and mocking her, which got Desmond annoyed and turned his back, walking to where Patricia was crying deep serious, holding her cheeks.

Episode 14

Desmond walked slowly to them, fuming in anger. What he hates most is what those guys just did. He hates seeing a lady being maltreated by a guy talkless of laying hands on a lady. He tightened his fist, walking towards them, and his eyes already were showing anger burning like anger. Patricia turned back to see Desmond standing right beside him while she still held her cheek, rubbing it to get rid of the pains.

“Why lay your finger at her “? Desmond asked in anger tightening his fist and snatching his teeth.
Mentor turned slowly to see Desmond standing next to him, fuming in anger him and he froze in shock immediately seeing the least person he didn’t even expect. The mentor is one of Raymond’s gang, the dragon lords, and Desmond’s issue, and his Capone flashed back into his memory as he recalled all that happened.
“Why did you touch her “? Desmond asked for the second time, and he could detect the fear in Mentor’s action, even when he pretended that nothing is wrong.

“Man, I’m sorry it’s a mistake,” he apologized, lying.
“Laying your hands on a lady is a mistake “? Desmond asked, walking close to him with his fist tighten, seeing that he adjusted backward in fear. Action stood up too to defend Mentor.
“Take it, easy man, he’s sorry, it won’t happen next time again. Please let him be,” Action pleaded on behalf of the mentor who also claimed.

“Apologize to her before anything else,” Desmond said, and without time wastage, the mentor apologized to her, who accepted the apology walking out with Desmond.
“Never lay your hands again, I never mean again,” he said and walked out with Patricia following behind.
“Do you still want the payback “? Desmond asked, chuckling, and Patricia knew where he was driving to, so she smiled.

“Of course, you tricked me, and I’m still mad at you no matter how you helped me just now. Get ready for my payback,” she said, almost knocking Desmond on the head playfully, and he dodged it holding her hands looking into her eyes.
“Don’t even try that guy, don’t look at me in those eyes cause I knew what it means, and it won’t work, ” Patricia said, looking down to avoid his gaze, and Desmond noticed it without another thought. He walked out on her, heading to the street, just about to board a taxi.

“Hey! Hey, wait, ” Patricia yells at Desmond, who turned to look at her and wait for her arrival.
“At least since we are not friends, you don’t care to know my name, ” Patricia said.
“I’m Desmond,” he said with a straight face trying to enter the taxi again, and Patricia prevented him from entering.
“At least please be friendly,” she said, and Desmond chuckled if this not the same girl that wanted to kill him so days ago.
“I’m sorry, no, I can’t be friends. I’m a wicked type,” Desmond said and entered the taxi as the man zooms off, and Patricia kept looking in the direction, wondering how he behaved like that.

After all, searching and looking for Tessy, and still, the result was negative, Jerold and Mrs. Jerald left disappointed that Mrs. Jerald was bound to having a heart attack if serious care is not taken.
Along the express road, which car was passing at high speed while some at low speed, some were even trafficking to branch, Mr. Lonnie Raymond’s father was speeding on the road which his car looked expensively beautiful.

His phone began beeping and looking at the screen, and he saw the unexpected, Raymond holding a gun with a lady hold captive.
“What “? He exclaimed and matched the break. In shock, and he took off his eyeglass to be sure that it’s his son that’s on the screen, and behold, it was him.

He couldn’t believe his sight as he exhales deeply, he, scroll over to the next multimedia message and saw a picture of a pretty girl of 23 years which was Tessy on the phone screen and the message attached to the picture reads “The girl on the picture is said to be your son’s boyfriend and she got missing on your son’s birthday and she’s nowhere to be found, tell your son to provide her or he will face the penalty for it” the message reads.

Raymond’s father couldn’t control his anger as he threw the phone to the passenger seat in the car and accelerated the car again back into the highway in anger heading straight to the house.

Tessy was facing real hell in the hands of the arrow, who didn’t want to taste her yet but waiting for his fellow members in the fraternity to be present before they all did it at the same time.

“Please let me go. I promise I will give it to you anytime you want it, but please let me go. My mom is anxious about me, and she might die, ” Tessy pleaded in tears running her two hands in the air pleading.

Still, the arrow was busy smoking cigarettes as he of the smoke on her face and let out loud laughter, grabbing her on the neck. He pushed her to the bed, admiring her beauty. He was lost looking at her. He didn’t want to wait again for his colleagues to be there before he did it.

It’s his chance cause Tessy is held captive in his own house, which no one else knew except the members of the dragon lords fraternity. Arrow house was located inside the forest, but it was the best building ever seen in a forest.

He knew what makes him choose to build a house inside a forest cause he is a notorious man. He unzips his trousers revealing the long hungry prick dangling in his pants left and right. Seeing that Tessy pleaded the more, the tears kept running down uncontrollably.

“Please don’t do this to me. I’m still a virgin,” she pleaded, and that got arrow annoyed the more as the incident of how Raymond raped his girlfriend to death flashed back into his memory.
“When he killed my girlfriend, did he care? When he raped her till death, even when she was pleading with him, did he care? It’s the law of our fraternity, and we must carry it on,” he said in anger.
“Who do you mean “? Tessy asked, looking confused.

“I’m talking about Raymond, your boyfriend, he raped my girlfriend till death, I loved that girl with all my heart, but she ended up that because of the cruel rule of the fraternity,” he said as his eyes moistened with tears in it.
“Sorry for that, please let me go, ” Tessy said again, and arrow hates hearing the word sorry. It’s just like telling him to kill me.

Arrow eyes turned to red instantly as he removed his boxers, standing stark naked before she and Tessy let out a scream seeing his long erected dik starring at her, it was too big for her to bear, she shouted in fear and shock. Arrow pounced on her, tearing every single clothes of her apart, leaving her naked too as he began the journey.

Episode 15

Just as the arrow pounced on Tessy, the door flung open, and his team members entered, banging the door from behind, breathing like people who are being pursued by a native doctor. Arrow jumped up in alert, covering himself with the duvet to cover his nakedness. However, he didn’t do the forbidden, yet his long erected dik could b3 easily seen on the duvet dangling and slowly going down, hearing the bad news that’s on the ground.

“Whatsup guys, why the run and everything “? he asked them, spreading his hands on the air.
“The Corps is on their way down here,” the mentor said, and arrow narrowed his brows in shock, hearing that Tessy smiled a bit, knowing that her life is now in safe hands.

“Don’t even think of it, ” arrow cautioned her from the look on her face that’s she’s now smiling. He walked to the cupboard, removed his pistol and put it in his front pocket, then head out of the house in the forest after tying Tessy down to prevent her from escaping, and her mouth was covered to avoid her too from shouting. The dragonlords went out to confront the Corps unknowingly that treats corps had taken another route leading to that same house they left.

Mike was reading when Desmond entered the room and banged the door from behind, leaning on it in a way Mike was startled and afraid. Looking back at Desmond, the expression on his face shows it all that all is not well.
“Dude, what’s up, ” Mike said, walking to him and stretching his hand for a shake, but he refused to take the hand as he slowly walked to the bed, looking down.

“Don’t tell me it’s her again. Please tell me a different story, ” Mike said.
“I’m a sorry man, it’s still here, and this time around, it was different,” Desmond said again, looking up to meet Mike’s eyes feeding on him as if he just committed an unwanted crime.
“What’s it, man,” Mike asked.

“Man, it’s a long story, but all I can remember is that she slapped me the first day, and now, she’s trying to n3 nice after my payback,” Desmond voiced out.
“What are you trying to say now? That she was begging you today.
“Exactly, “! You are right. That’s what happened, ” Desmond said after explaining everything to Mike, and it seems to be funny as he heard it, but it was real.
“You better go and look for her now,” Mike said and chuckle, concentrating on his assignment while Desmond looked down, feeling embarrassed, but that was the truth.

Jerold expected to hear the good news about Tessy’s return, but the result still stands negatively as he heard nothing about it.
Tessy was the only thing that was on his mind. Though she cheated on him, he still loves her more.

The more he tries to forget her, the more he tries to forget, the more the feelings keep increasing. So he decided to let the light continue burning like a flame of fire. He picked his car key, rushing and heading to where the car is packed? He entered it and zoomed off.
Arrow and his boys scanned the whole environment to be sure that no tress is left as he signaled them to pass over to the other side.

Tessy struggled to get rid of the rope, but it was not easy cause t was too stronger.
She feared greatly, trying to be fiend, but the voice came again this time around with a loud bang on the door. Tessy was dumbed but looking at the door and gave her hope as she shouted in happiness, wondering how they got to know where she is.

Episode 16

“You shouldn’t have done it that way babe, it now seems as if you are taking things too far,” Angelina said to Patricia, who explained everything to her and how and what they discussed with Desmond.
“But I was just trying to be friendly with him, ” Patricia explained, hoping that her response will be okay with Angelina.

“I know, but I’m just warning you to be careful so as not to be hurt again like what Raymond did to you, and I’m not okay with those that their names end with mond,” she said, looking into her eyes.
“What if he doesn’t love you as you think “? Angelina continued seeing how weak and hopeless Patricia was.
“I know he loves me too, but…
“But what, Patricia? What? Please be careful I won’t stand to see you hurt again, never. If he loved you, he would have made a move up till now, ” Angelina explained, and seeing the truth in words, Patricia leaned on her shoulders, sniffing as they hug each other.

“Yes, you are right, but I love her more, I know I’ve taken too much time, but I was waiting for the right time,” a voice sounded from outside, gaining their attention, they disengage looking at the direction the voice came from and to their greatest shock there stood there handsome Desmond leaning on the door. He heard everything they all said.

Patricia stood up in alert, checking whether she’s naked or fully covered.
“Wait, how did you get here in the first place,” Patricia asked, feeling shy.
“Love made it simple for me to locate you. I love you, Patricia,” Desmond said boldly.

Jerold was busy making calls to have information about how Tessy’s case is going.
“yeah, D. P. O, how’s the case going “? He asked, placing the phone on his ear.
“My boys are working on that, don’t worry, it will be solved soon,” he assured, and Jerold ended the call having it clear that Tessy will soon be found.

Raymond’s father was also looking for his son Raymond, a big mess to him. He has dragged his name on the mud. How could he join a secret cult and have someone’s daughter kidnapped?

He reported the case to the cops too that Raymond is wanted, they carried out the order with immediate effect. It was a bad day for Raymond because it’s three teams looking for him, the axemen, his father’s policemen, and Jerold police officers looking for just one person called Raymond.

Tessy was so weak to carry herself up after being untied by the cops, and they looked into arrow’s wardrobe to find a shirt for her to wear and cover her nakedness, which she covered herself immediately, feeling shy.

“What’s the meaning of this? Why playing tricks with me “? Arrow barked at his fellow guys angrily for such a thing.
“No, it’s not a joke. They were after us, and I can’t know where they went, “the mentor explained, bringing out his pistol.

“Let it better not be a joke oo because if it is, you will have your life for it to pay, ” arrow said angrily, and just then he knew that there’s another route that leads to his house, in alert he shouted.
“Let’s go this way, boys”! Arrow ordered, taking the lead running to the route the cops took. It was going to be a big war between the two teams who are going to exchange bullets.

The cops came out with Tessy, she was well covered, and she was in the middle. The cops make sure that she’s safe. The speed arrow and his men were carrying so as Tessy would not be taken away by the cops, they were at a very high speed, but their speed retarded immediately they saw the cops leading Tessy out of the house.

“Go down, everybody “! He ordered his men, who took their cover on the bush, positioning Their pistol well to shoot. Seeing that, the cops ordered for Tessy to be covered so as the bullet should not get to her. Two officers carried out the order while others waited for their riffles to fire when the order was being passed.
“Surrender now or never, ” Sir James commanded, who was the leader of the cops.
“Never “! Arrow voiced our loud too from his hiding place with a deep voice. He wasn’t ready for defeat, so as the cops.
Soon bullets began flying in the air between the two teams who were not ready to allow the other foot to defeat them.

Patricia stood to watch Desmond like a ghost. Seeing him in her house when she didn’t even expect it was like a dream to her, and how he even got to know her location was another story. Hearing the confession Desmond made earlier was like she was hallucinating.

They looked at each other in eyes which were filled with love and strength as they began walking slowly towards each other, still looking into each other’s eyes as they slowly stopped before each other in a way they were so close to each other so that their lips were not far from each other.
“I’ve loved you, Patricia, for a while now,” Desmond said again, holding her palms.

Episode 17

The gun battle between the cops and the dragon lords finally ended which the cops killed 2 of the dragon lord’s men, and they killed one cop. Arrow escaped from them but not after a bullet caught him on his shoulder, which he used to run, blood was running down the place the bullet hit, and he didn’t care but kept running.

Raymond, too, was hiding hearing the news that his father wants him arrested. The news had already gone viral that Raymond, the vice chancellor’s son, is an evil and cruel cultist who happens to be the Capone.

The house went silent for a while immediately. Desmond confessed his love to Patricia, who didn’t know how it even started. The eye look was just too much, and the room’s silence can cause everything to be heard from a far distance. Tears were already formed in Patricia’s eyes as she looked away, preventing it from dropping. Angelina noticed it, and she had to speak on behalf of her friend, to which she stood up immediately.

“I’m sorry, you need to allow her to rest for now,” Angelina said to Desmond, who didn’t understand it.
“What did you say”? He asked again to be sure he heard her well though he heard it but needed the confirmation.

“I sat. Let her be, for now, and she’s not ready for anything,” she replied, looking at Patricia, who nodded her head in a yes gesture and disengaged her hands from his walking down to the window sight looking away so as not to be carried away by Desmond handsomeness. But deep down, she felt like hugging him and never letting him go. She loved him too, which makes it perfect, but she had to control herself in the meantime.

“Yes, Desmond, she’s right. You have to go,” she added, still looking outside the window.
“What do you mean I have to go,” he asked but got no response as Patricia sniff.
“Please just leave first. We will talk some other day,” Patricia said, looking at him this time around, and Desmond felt hurt deep down but has to control it. He was, at the same time, feeling angry but pretended.

“But I overheard you saying you loved me too “? He stopped and looked at her, and Patricia didn’t know what to say again as she exchanged eye contact with Angelina, who understood what she meant.

“Fine, I’ve heard you, I’m leaving,” he announced, and just as he turned to leave, the door was kicked open by a strong leg which seems so powerful, there stood arrow before Desmond with his shoulder being tied with clothing and it was soaked with blood. Be stood there pointing the pistol at Desmond, ready to pull the trigger. The girls were already killed with fear as they vibrate, shaking. In fear, they all hide behind Desmond.

“Hello, mister Desmond, we meet again, ” arrow said in a mockery tone, but Desmond didn’t say anything cause he was busy strategizing on how to get the gun from him.
“What are you doing here, and who are you here for “? Desmond asked.
“And who are you to ask me such a question “? Arrow fired back in anger, not minding his blood that was wasting.

“I demand to know, ” Desmond spoke again boldly to him.
“I’m here for that crazy over there,” he replied, pointing the gun to Patricia, who looked up in fear seeing that he was referring to her. Arrow had discovered that Patricia and Raymond were dating secretly without their knowledge before they broke up. He’s here to take his revenge on how Raymond killed his girlfriend by rape. The transfer aggression was just too much.

The silence in the room was just too much as arrow cracked the gun and was about pulling the trigger when Desmond pounced on him, and they both landed on the floor. Desmond sends him a punch on the jaw, which caught him unaware, and blood started dripping down. Arrow rolled over and was on top of Desmond.

He sent him a heavy punch too on the nose, which blood s Te started oozing out. The ladies were just screaming and crying, and though the arrow was wound, he still got power. He sent Desmond a different blow, which landed on his body.

Desmond was now weak and had no help. He was still struggling with the arrow, and the gun was now far from both of them.
“Kick the gun away, Patricia,” Desmond said to her, sounding weak. Patricia was just shaking in fear, not knowing whether to run or carry out the order.

Arrow sent Desmond the last punch, which got him dumb immediately. He stood up and picked the pistol.
“I’m sorry, dude, I have to finish what I started,” he said, pointing the gun at Desmond, who kicked him in the balls immediately, and he fell to the ground groaning in pain.

Desmond stood up, slowly staggering.
“Run! Patricia, run and save your life “! He shouted on top of his voice, and the Two girls ran out of the house immediately.
Arrow was crying in pain, rolling on the floor.

“I will be there now,” Mr. Louis said and matched the accelerator as the car increased its speed on the highway. He just received the news that Raymond is about to be caught, and they need his presence, which he had to be there.

Arrow had struggled up from the floor and picked up the pistol again, pursuing Desmond, who was now running helplessly on the street as he winced in pain. Mr. Louis was at s high speed on the road as he kept glancing at the car mirror. Just then, Desmond appeared on the road from nowhere on the track Mr. Louis was driving.

“No! ” Mr. Louis shouted on top of his voice as he matched the break, and the car made a screeching sound. Still, it didn’t stop as it hit Desmond in sway he flew on the air as landed him on the floor as he hit his head on s big rock on the road and he lost consciousness immediately as blood kept coming out in his mouth, nose and everywhere was filled with blood.
Mr. Louis alighted the car in a hurry.

Episode 18

Mr. Louis ran out of the car instantly, leaving the door open to check on the guy he just knocked down. Desmond was lying lifelessly on the floor as blood kept soaking his clothes bit by bit, his eyes were closed, and his breathing rate decreased, meaning that he has just some low percentage of survival if care is not taken.

Seeing this, Mr. Louis cried for help which the people who witnessed the accident helped him carry Desmond to his car, blood-soaked everywhere, which Desmond loosed.

Mr. Louis zoomed to the hospital on alert, forgetting about his son’s case called Raymond. His speed showed that he was in danger. He didn’t want the boy to die cause he knew the suffering in raising a child. He kept glancing at the car mirror to see whether Desmond is still breathing, which he was still breathing but slowly.

Arrow had escaped immediately the car hit Desmond. He ran deep inside the bush without knowing his direction. Darkness began taking over the atmosphere, thereby making the environment dark.

He didn’t stop running cause he knew that the cops are still after him and his fellow gang members, the memory of how mentor and his fellow gang members how they were killed a few hours ago kept flooding back into his memory as he shook his head pitifully regretting how he ends up joining the bad gang after his father’s last word on the planet earth.

“My son, college life is not easy to live but please make sure you don’t join a lousy gang. Please make your mom proud of you, son,” Mr. Stanley said and gave up the ghost. Remembering the advice his father gave him before dying, a drop of tear trickle down his eyes. He stopped running and sat on a rock. In the bush this time around, darkness has covered everywhere as he sat down, breathing heavily.

Patricia and Angelina didn’t know whether to return to the house or not because of the earlier incident. They were terrified of dying.
“Babe, that house is not safe for us” Angelina broke the silence. They were sitting in a restaurant which they ran and hide in the afternoon because of the fear.
“But why are they after us “? Patricia said, almost in tears.

“You mean us? He said he’s after you, not us, ” Angelina corrected.
“What have I done, and who is he? I’m scared for my life is in danger oo” Patricia said, almost crying, and Angelina felt for her too. She’s like a sister to her, and she hates seeing her hurt.
“But wait, why did he mention Raymond when he was talking “? Angelina asked, thereby causing another silence that generated between them both.
“Could it be what I’m thinking “? Patricia asked.
“What’s that “?
“Could Raymond be a gangster? I mean a cultist “? She whispered to Angelina, who jerked in shock, looking at her to be sure she heard her well.

Mrs. Jerald was walking helplessly to and fro in the house, expecting to see her daughter Tessy and hear from her. Just then, the door cracked open, and there stood before an image which she can’t recall who she is. Mrs. Jerald stood, looking at her, the cops were behind the lady standing at the door, she looked pale and unkempt, she was skinny, and a bruise was on her face.

“Mom,” Tessy called, running to embrace her mother with tears in her eyes. Mrs. Jerald reciprocated the hug, which lasted for so long. She thought she would never see her again, and she thought she’d gone forever. The family reunion was a great one as they hold each other, not ready to let go. Mr. Anderson cleared his throat to gain their attention.

“Madam, here is your daughter, and for the guy, we are still working on getting him under our custody,” Mr. Anderson, the second in command of the cops, assured Mrs. Jerald, who nodded her head with happiness in her heart that her daughter is found and alive though she’s not looking good, the fact that she’s happening is the best priority.

“Thank you, officer, I’m grateful, and I owe you a lot, ” Mrs. Jerald expressed her gratitude as the cops left.
“Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you,” Tessy said and broke down in tears holding her mom on the clothing.
“It’s okay, baby, at least for now, save the explanation, ” Mrs. Jerald said, leading her to the bathroom to have a cool and quick shower, which she didn’t have for days now.

Jerold just received a call from Mr. Anderson that Tessy is found alive, which was a testimony to him assuring him that Raymond will be brought to justice for such an evil act.
He stood up, taking a sip of his drink, and then exhale in peace as he walked deeper into his room.

Mike has been trying Desmond’s number for the past five times, but nobody picks the call though the phone rang no response. He was surprised because Desmond has never ignored his calls before.

Desmond left for the lecture in the morning, and up till the time at 8:00 pm, he hasn’t returned, which is unlike him. Mike was anxious, remembering that the dragon lord’s fraternity was after he added to his fear as he was afraid whether they have succeeded in killing him.
He kept on trying his number but still no response, so he threw his phone on the bed, expecting to be called back by Desmond after seeing his call.

Patricia had finally returned to the house, though the two of them were scared whether arrow the bad guy will return, but they had no option than to return to the house no matter what it is. Just then, reality struck her that they ran and left arrow and Desmond struggling with the gun. Seeing the bloodstains on the floor, her eyes widened in shock as he squats down slowly.

” Oh my God, Where is Desmond”? She asked in alert, looking at the bloodstains on the floor, gaining Angelina’s presence.
“Oh my God, where could he be? I hope he’s safe,” she added.
“Nothing should happen to him,” she added in return, sniffing, and Angelina noticed that her mode has changed and she’s down.

“He’s fine, don’t worry, ” Angelina assured her as a smile crossed her lips.
“Thank you, she responded smiling just then a strange ringing tone starting ringing gaining their attention as they all looked to the ground to see a phone ringing which didn’t belong to any of them, Patricia bend down to pick it, she saw Desmond picture as the wallpaper on it.
“Oh my God, his phone is here,” she added, and the phone started ringing again. She slid to the receiver side, placing it on her ear.

Arrow woke up alert, looking at the environment seeing it very dark. Reality struck him that he has slept off due to stress and pain. She has lost more blood, and the wound was paining him. He was still there feeling pain when he heard leaves making a raging sound from the ground.

He looked up to see a touch light series pointing to a particular direction reality struck him that the cops are still after him. He crawled slowly on the floor to gain balance. The cops were so close to him that any mistake he’s caught. Seeing that he’s a bit far from them, he stood up, trying to run as he stumbled and fell, groaning in pain.

“There he is, get him,” Mr. Anderson ordered as the cops with their torch pursued arrow; without torchlight, he stood up and began to run, not knowing where he is heading to.

He kept running, panting, and breathing hard. He kept glancing back to see the cops are not ready to give up on the race, just then collided with someone else, and they both pointed the gun at each other. A light flashed on the arrow’s face.

“Arrow, is that you “? Raymond asked, looking closely at him as they both drop down their pistol breathing out.
“What are you doing here “? He asked.
“Are you asking me the cops are after me”? Arrow replied.
“Me too, I’m finished. My dad wants me captured again. I’m dead. If you just escaped this one, I will fly out, ” Arrow said.
“Here they are, go go go “! Mr. Anderson shouted, commanding his men as they all went after the two criminals.
“Man, go, let’s go, ” Arrow announced, and they both began running without knowing where they are heading to.

Mr. Louis had been driving for a long time without seeing any hospital that will admit the guy he knocked down, blood had already soaked his clothes, he finally saw “SAINT CHARLES HOSPITAL “boldly written as he matched the break retarding the car, he alighted the car opening the door, and the huge gate was rolled open as he drove inside the hug environment.

“Nurse! He shouted as the nurses came out with the stretcher carrying Desmond from the car and placed him on the stretcher. It was unbelievable that Desmond had stopped breathing, and his eyes were opened a bit. The wound on his head was nothing to write home about as the gap was a big one. Mr. Louis was looking at the boy he knocked down that he was no longer breathing.

“Could he be dead? Many thoughts were in his head as they rolled Desmond inside. He was really scared of killing someone’s child. Desmond was no longer breathing. The doctors ran up and down to save Desmond’s life. Mr. Louis sat down, glancing at his wristwatch. He was so tired as he slept off.
He woke up at the sound of the doctor calling him.
“How is he “? He asked just immediately, and the doctor shook his head pitifully, looking at him.
“I’m sorry, sir, we try our best but…
“But what “? Mr. Louis cut him short.

Episode 19

“Doctor, what are you trying to tell me, “? I Louis asked, adjusting his eyeglass to have a clear view of the young doctor.
“Sir, we tried our best, but we lost him,” he said, shaking his head negatively and seriously. Desmond had loose so much blood, and he has just left work some percentage of survival.

“Wait, you mean the guy is dead “? He asked again to be sure, and the doctor nodded his head in a yes gesture.
“No, no! No! It can’t be, ” Mr. Louis said, walking up and down, thinking of what to do next.

His son called Raymond got him into this big mess because if he hadn’t committed any crime, he would be in the office doing his work, and he would not have killed the guy.
“Doctor, please do anything you can. I promise you I will pay you any money you require, but please try and save the guy for me,” Mr. Louis pleaded.
“Let’s see what’s going to happen.

Desmond was lying lifeless as he has already covered wort a long white sheet that only feet were seen. He was surrounded and about to be taken to the mortuary department when the doctor entered again for the second time.

He looked at the machines that were connected to his body from head to toe. It was beeping, and some were even showing red lights as it kept making some sounds. Doctor Pius looked at Desmond for the last time, thinking if there’s a way to bring him back to life, but he trusted God for a miracle.

“Get me my gloves,” he said to the nearby nurse who stood by him with all the necessary things he required, which were later brought to him.
With immediate effect, he began doing what he thinks was the best idea to bring the young man back to life, and it was fruitless and meaningless because Desmond was not responding to it.

He tried and tried, but the results remain negative. Meanwhile, Mr. Louis was walking up and down, not knowing who to call and what to do at that instant. His long black tie, he loosed it and then relaxed on the visitor’s chair before he dozes off again to a deep slumber.

It was already 10:00 pm as all the doctor’s efforts went in vain. He took off the gloves, wash his hands, and then changed into his other clothes.
“Cover him,” he ordered and walked away.

Mike couldn’t bear it anymore, wondering where Desmond was. His instincts told him that all is not going well, but he needed confirmation before, earlier a girl picked Desmond’s called, telling him that he misplaced his phone in their noise without telling him the secret. Her voice said it all that things are not going on well worth Desmond, or does it mean that I’m overthinking of the guy?

“Let’s see what tomorrow brings,” he said and covered himself with the duvet and then switched off the lights that illuminated the building before sleeping off to the land of the unknown.
The cops were not ready to let the two criminals escaped. They were still after them just to make are they are brought to justice. Raymond and arrow had been running without rest. They decided to relax after making sure that the cops are out of sight.

Just then, the cops appeared again from nowhere, this time around, they were many, and they came with police officers more than how they were before.

Raymond and arrow were still on their tracks without knowing where they were going until Raymond heard a scream loud to him and turned to see the arrow going down into a long and thorn cliff which his echoes filled the bush they were running it was just like a first because of the presence in the bush leaving only Raymond alone In the forest to continue the cops were still after him.

“Arrow! ” he called loudly, but only the repetition of his echoed that filled the forest. He looks up to the sky and looking at the moon, and he made a promise to God.
“Father Lord, please, I beg of you, if you allow me to survive this one, I’m going to serve you eternally,” he lamented, looking at the moon and then looked down back to the ground.

“Desmond, please talk to me. What’s the problem “? Mike said, stretching his hands to Desmond for a handshake. He ignored it and adjusted backward with tears in his eyes and blood all over his mouth. He kept walking back.
“Desmond, what’s this? Please let’s get out of here now before he says, “Mike said, but Desmond didn’t mind as he kept going back, and this time around, blood started coming out of his mouth.

“I’m sorry, Mike, we can’t be together anymore,” he said, letting the tears fall.
“Pleases Desmond doesn’t say a thing like that. Are you possessed, or you are drunk “? Mike asked again.
“No, I’m not Mike. Goodbye, my best friend, and say goodbye to everyone, ” Desmond said and disappeared, and Mike shouted in alert, adjusting backward.

“Nooooo! Mike shouted, waking up from sleep as the scary nightmare kept reflecting in his memory. He checked his time to see 1:27 am. How fear increased the more as he sat on the bed, thinking of the dream h3 just had, he wasn’t ready to lose someone, especially someone as unique as Desmond.

“Oh lord, please let it nor be so tg3 guy had suffered a lot, please help him out,” he lamented though he doesn’t know how to pray. He believes in prayer as he carried his phone to call Desmond’s number again, and it was picked up on the second trial.

“Hello miss, please sorry to disturb; where can I get the phone tomorrow morning “? Mike asked.
“Come to waterline street. You will see me there,” she said on the phone.
“And I guess you are Patricia he always tells me about “? He asked, and they both giggled, forgetting their sorrows.

“Till tomorrow,” he said and ended the call, praying that Desmonds should be saved for him because he knew he had suffered a lot in terms of school stuff. He shook his head and laid down sleeping.
7:00m was, already and Mike dressed to visit Patricia I’m the house to gain the truth from her.

Episode 20

Mr. Louis left in the morning for work, he slept in the hospital to make sure that the young boy is saved, but the report was still the same. A young guy of just 32 years, he knocked down dead without knowing his relatives nor anyone that knows him. What a bad day.

Mike left early in the morning to where Tessy directed him the previous night. Desmond was more than a friend to him, so he needed to know where he was.

“Hello, Patricia, I’m outside, please, ” Mike said and ended the call after being told that she’s coming out. He waited for a few minutes before Patricia emerged wearing a long handles pink gown, Lo her sight alone was stunning because Patricia was so charming and awesomely awesome. He didn’t want to be carried away by her beauty, but his main aim was to hear about Desmond and where he is.

“Hi,” Patricia greeted after getting close to him.
“Hi, I guess you are Patricia “? Mike asked, scanning her, and she nodded her head in a yes gesture.
“Please, let’s just go to the house first before any explanation,” she said, leading the way to her house as Mike followed her from behind.

Tessy had finished dressing up after explaining everything that happened to her mom. Her mom advised her to visit Jerold and explained the same thing, which was why she was dressing up to go and explain the same thing to Jerold herself. She looked at herself in the mirror to see herself as charming and attractive, though not the same way she used to be before the incident.

“Mom, I’m leaving, “! She yelled from her, which got her mom’s attention from the kitchen.
“Explain everything to him from how it starts. I know how will understand everything, ” Mrs. Jerald advice as she pecked her on the forehead and left.
“I love you, mom. “
“I love you too,” she replied as Tessy left.

Evelyn and Juliet didn’t understand what was happening again because, since then, they haven’t heard from Tessy’s mother to know how far the issue has gone. The case was not an easy one, though, but they just wish all will be well soon before it’s too late.

“Babe, do you think Tessy will survive this “? Evelyn asked.
“I pray she survive this too cause it’s getting out of hand, ” Juliet said, cutting her nails and chewing bubble gum at the same time.
“I didn’t know that Raymond is this wicked until now,” Juliet said, breaking the silence again.
“Me neither. No one knows how wicked he was until now. We just have to be careful, babe,” She replied.

Mr. Louis got home looking worried, and the time was pacing up and down in the lonely house, thinking about the guy lying lifeless in the hospital. The case was just too much for him to bear. If not for the case of his son Raymond he wouldn’t have gotten into this big mess.

He went directly into his room without wasting. He undresses and walks into the cool shower, and allows the cold water to run on his body as he forgets his worries. After a long while, he dressed up to go back to the hospital to check on Desmond.

After explaining everything to Desmond how they fought with arrow struggling with the gun, and how they came back seeing blood all over the floor. Mike couldn’t believe it, he just hopes everything will turn out to be a dream, but It wasn’t.

He stood up, standing at the window looking outside with thoughts that filled his head whether Desmond is still alive or not. Patricia was down because she had started loving the guy already, so he prayed nothing bad happened to him.

“Hi Jerold, ” Tessy greeted, looking down and feeling shy to look at Jerold in the face, and Jerold understands it too that she will be feeling guilty. He opened the door wide to enter as she entered, and Jerold closed it back, leaning on the door.

Tessy stood there, not moving again as she was filled with guilt. She started playing with her fingernails bending her head in one direction. The house was filled with silence as none of them said a word to each other.

“Jerold,” she called slowly, looking at him on the face.
“Tessy,” he replied, looking at her too, and none repeated anything as the silence also over again, they stayed like that for some minutes exchanging looks.

Mr. Louis arrived at the hospital dressed in long black sleeves and long black trousers too. He immediately walked to the doctor’s office. He met him going through some of the documents.
“Good day, doctor,” Mr. Louis greeted, thus making him lookup.
“Good day, sir, welcome,” he replied, stretching his hands for a handshake as Mr. Louis accepted his hand.
“How’s the case, sir “? He asked, feeling weak again.

“Sorry, sir, the report is still the same, we have tried our best, and he was to be moved to the mortuary. We were just waiting for you,” the doctor said.
” No, sorry to interrupt, the boy can’t die just like that, please doctor helps me any amount it requires I will give e it to you. Just save his life first,” Mr. Louis said, feeling concerned.

“It’s not about money, sir, but we have tried our best but no positive report. I just don’t know what else to do.”
“I believe in God, doctor, he saves lives, and I think the life of this young boy is in his hands. Please, doctor, for the last time, do something,” Mr. Louis pleaded as the doctor shook his head for such faith the man had hoped that it works out too. He stood up and carried his code, walking to the ward Desmond was lying.
“Thank you, doctor,” Mr. Louis said.

” welcome in advance,” he said and walked away.
Getting to the ward, everywhere was busy as the nurses walked up and down to deliver their messages and errands. The young doctor stood near Desmond’s bed after ordering for the appropriate equipment to be used. He pressed him on the chest, looking at the meter but no sig.

He shocked him so many times, but the response was still the same, he tried different methods and ways he knew, but nothing changed. After a whole 1 hour nothing happened, he removed the gloves and everything as he walked out looking disappointed. He was thinking of what to tell Mr. Louis again that the report is still negative. He entered his office and closed the door from behind. His looks alone can show that the result was negative.

“How did it go, doctor”? Mr. Louis Asked, standing up in alert.
“I’m sorry I…
Before he could complete his speech, the door was opened with full force as his name was being shouted from the outside. A nurse came in dressing and panting at the same, breathing hard.

“What’s it, Mary,” he asked.
“Sir, the guy,” she replied.
“What happened to him “? He asked, looking tensed up as Mr. Louis looked at her too to hear her out.
“He just coughed and opened his eyes and closes it back instantly,” she narrated.

Episode 21

Without being told the second time, immediately, Mr. Louis heard that Desmond just opened his eyes and closed it back. He knelt, thanking God seriously.
“Doctor, let’s go and meet him, ” Mr. Louis said aloud.
“Calm down, sir. You need to take it easy. I know you are excited but take it slowly, ” doctor Willie said, smiling while taking some necessary things required before they left the office.

“Jerold,” Tessy called softly, looking at him, but he turned his back on her facing the wall. He didn’t want to say anything cause she has hurt him to the extent he didn’t even expect.
“I know how you are feeling right now, but I came to say that I’m sorry, Jerold, it wasn’t my fault too…

“Whose fault was it, Tessy, tell me whose fault “? Jerold bark at her with red eyes, and in a way, she has not seen him before. She was scared in the mode Jerold was because this is the first time she sees him in such mode, which means that he’s angry. Tessy adjusted backward because Jerold was looking at her angrily without blinking his eyes, making Tessy scared of his next action, his fist was tightened, and his jaws were strong like someone fighting boxing.

Tessy’s fear increased the more seeing in such a state. She walked back further to him, trying to touch him, but he backward.
“Jerold, I was trapped by love. It just happened like a flash, please, I’m deeply sorry. That’s all I’m asking for, just for forgiveness.

“Because I have a fragile heart, that makes you cheat on me and later come back for the breakup, right “? Jerold said as tears were already formed know Tessy’s eyes. She blinked her eyes, trying to prevent it from dropping.
“I went through hell, Tessy, and you made me go through hell just because of you. Have you thought about how hurtful I always feel remembering the last word you told me, “? Jerold said, looking more angrier than he was.

“I’m wrong, I know, I’m a shit and spit, I know, but I just need your forgiveness, Jerold. Just forgive me, please. I’m deeply sorry,” Tessy begged while the tears that were formed finally dropped as she tried to clean it. Jerold noticed it, but he decided to pay her back by keeping silent.

They stayed like that for the next ten minutes without any of them saying anything. Tessy seeing that Jerold was not ready to forgive her, she was hopeless as she turned to hold the doorknob, ready to twist it down.

“Jerold, I’m leaving,” she said, opening the door fully, but Jerold paid a deaf ear to her as he was backing her. She left and closed the door back, forcefully leaning on the door from outside. Jerold finally collapses on the cushion as he stood up, just immediately scattering everything that’s before him.

He pushed the glasses and flowers in the house as it spread into pieces, his hand was bleeding, but he wasn’t caring. Tessy, who was outside, heard it too, she understood what just happened inside the room, she sniffs knowing fully well that he has hurt him badly. She wiped her eyes and head out of the house, opening the hug gate and step outside.

Seeing Tessy before him, he felt like carrying her up, kissing her, and hugging her for returning, but she had hurt him badly. He needed to pay her back by keeping silent on her. That way will be much better than laying his hands on her, which is not right.

He sat down on the floor after scattering everything on the floor, he looked at his hand to see it bleeding, and that was when he was feeling th3 pains, he stood up heading to the bathroom to wash the wound.

Doctor Willie had finished examining Desmond’s body, which was lying still lifeless. He was surprised at the result he got again. He looked at nursery ego told him that Desmond opened his eyes to be sure she said it. The results didn’t prove that.

Maybe she saw it in her dreamland, or she was hallucinating because of Desmond’s handsomeness. He kept on shaking his head negatively as Mr. Louis wondered what it means, but he couldn’t figure it out.
“Are you sure that this man opened his eyes and shut it back again “? Doctor Willie asked the nurse who told him the news.

“Yew sir, I’m sure of what I saw and everything. He opened the eyes and shut it back again,” she explained, and the whole thing seems like a drama to Mr. Louis.
“What’s happening here, doctor,” Mr. Louis asked as he looked from the nurse to the doctor.
“Nothing serious, sir, but I’m just surprised at the result. I just got her3 now. The report doesn’t say so, ” doctor Willie explained.

“Since yesterday didn’t you find anything useful, I mean, how can we contact his relatives “? Mr. Louis asked.
“You are right, sir, we found a piece of paper which contained a letter. Maybe he wrote it for his friend,” Doctor Willie said, bringing out the paper and unfold it, looking into the content again as Mr. Louis looked at it too. Seeing the contents, he shook his head negatively.

“Let’s call the number that’s there,” Mr. Louis suggested.
“Yeah, just do it, sir, ” Doctor Willie said as Mr. Louis dialed the number and placed it on his ears, waiting for the call to be answered.

Mike didn’t even understand the story he heard. It didn’t make sense to him because Desmond could not just get lost like that without dropping him anything or telling him about it, so he found it hard to believe the story.

Just as he was still thinking in Patricia’s room, his ringing phone brought him back to reality while he took it out, looking at the screen to see an unknown number. He didn’t want to pick at first, but remembering ’sDesmond’s case that he might use another phone to call him since his phone is there with them, he reluctantly picked up the call putting it on speaker.

“Hello,” said Doctor Willie, who collected the phone from Mr. Louis to speak with Mike alone.
“Yes, good afternoon, sir, please, who am I speaking with “? He asked. Still, the phone was on speaker as Patricia and Angelina kept silent to hear the conversation out.

“This is Doctor Willie, and your presence is kindly requested in SAINT CHARLES HOSPITAL today,” he said just immediately, and that alone made Mike be confused. How can his presence be requested just like that without reason?
“Sorry, sir, to ask, why am I requested to be there “? He asks calmly.

“To identify a body, ” Doctor Willie said, exchanging looks with Mr. Louis. Immediately at the mention of to identify a body, Mike’s nerves failed him as he screamed.
“Desmond!!! ” he shouted on the phone as that was when reality struck all of them that Desmond is the body they want him to come and identify. Hearing the shout of the name Desmond from the other end and the tone the guy was using got the two people looking at each other.

“Sir, I will be there just now,” he said, hanging the call as he slides the phone back to his trouser pocket. Hearing that Desmond is in the hospital got Patricia worried immediately. She was broken. Mike rushed to the door and grabbed the knob to twist it but was distracted by Patricia’s voice.
“Wait! “she shouted as Mike stopped looking back at him.

“I’m sorry, but I will follow you,” she said calmly.
“I’m sorry to Patricia, but you can’t follow me. I will handle everything,” he said, trying to close the door again, but Patricia held it with her hands, preventing from completing it.

“Please allow me to come and see him, “? She begged, but Mike wasn’t ready for that she nodded his head negatively and banged the door on her, rushing to the main road to board a cab to the hospital.

He waved down one cab, which stopped just immediately, and he hopes, trying to close the door, but the door was being held by a strong hand preventing him from closing it. He looked out to see Patricia holding the car door. He was surprised because he didn’t know that she’s following him.

“I told you to stay back,” he fired angrily at her.
“And I also told you I’m following you,” she said to him, seeing that she’s not ready to go back and he if he continues arguing he might be late and probably Desmond could lose his life, he allowed the door and Patricia hop in closing it back again as they both looked at the road praying in their different minds that all should be well worth Desmond.

The taxi just dropped them. Mike paid him off and rushed inside, followed by Patricia, who was trailing. The way both of them were walking, one could easily detect that all is not well.
With speed be carrying, Mike would have bombed into a nurse holding a tray full of medicine.
“Hi, excuse me, I’m looking for Doctor Willie,” Mike said to the fair nurse.

“Just take your left-hand side, and you will find yourself there,” the nurse replied.
“Thank you,” he said and left, without time wastage. He was there. He knocked on the door, and after being told to enter, he turned the doorknob and entered. The person he saw was like making him faint, wondering what he’s doing there. Patricia joined from behind also, seeing the vice-chancellor of the school both were surprised and a bit scared.

“Good afternoon, sir,” Mike greeted.
“Good afternoon. I guess you are Mike, right “? He asked, glancing at him, and he nodded his head in a yes gesture.
“Do you know one Desmond “? He asked, and hearing the name Desmond proved that what his instincts told him was right.

Episode 22

“Doctor, what happened to him “? Mike asked immediately, feeling his body temperature rising to abnormal.
“Calm down, boy,” Doctor Willie said to Mike, who didn’t seem to listen to him. All that was running through his mind that moment was to set his eyes on Desmond to see and know how he’s fairing.

Patricia wasn’t left out, too, as she also wanted to set her eyes on Desmond. After explaining everything to the two teenagers who seem eager to hear the doctor out, hearing the word that Desmond is in a coma for the past two days without opening his eyes nor any sign that he’s still alive. Mike didn’t wait to hear anything again. He ran out of the doctor’s office, heading to Desmond’s ward without knowing where it’s located.

He ran around the premises like a mad dog, Doctor Willie and Sir Louis ran out also looking for him, they understand how he felt that instant, but he shouldn’t take it that way. Mike was still running when he bumped into the nurses wheeling a dead body to the mortuary section, seeing that Mike stopped and unveiled the person to be sure that it’s not Desmond’s body.

“Mike, “! Patricia shouted. Seeing how he was behaving, he stopped and looked back to see the three of them staring at him like a dog who lost direction.
“Mike, calm down. Everything will be okay soon, ” Doctor Willie assured him.
“Just take me to him please, I just want to see Desmond,” he pleaded, and without time wastage, Doctor Willie took the both of them to the ward Desmond’s body was taken care of. Series of machines connected to his body were beeping and making noise. Some were showing a red light. Desmond’s body was lying there without moving nor shaking. His mouth was covered with oxygen to enable him to survive even when hope is not there.

“Desmond !!! He shouted, running to the bed where Desmond laid be shook him, but his body wasn’t moving.
“No, Desmond, talk to me. This is not our promise we made to each other to stand with each other in times of temptations. Why do you want to forgive up now? Please talk to me,” he kept talking, and words were flowing out or his mouth unstoppable, Patricia already couldn’t move or say anything, but the tears already were ready to drop. She felt the pains of Mike. Doctor Willie and Mr. Louis pity the poor boy.

“Doctor, please tell me that Desmond is going to be fine anytime soon,” Mike said again, looking in the direction. Doctor Willie looked down, knowing fully well the question is not supposed to be answered now, especially now that Mike is really in bad condition about Desmond’s case. He shook his head negatively.

“I’m sorry, but we are trying our best, he has only 5% of survival, but we don’t know yet. The major thing is that he needs blood because he has lost much blood,” Doctor Willie said, bringing down his voice.
“Doctor, I’m ready to be the donor. Please do something. He’s the only one I got, ” Mike said with his eyes wet.
“We need to carry out some test to see whether the blood will match or not. We need to go to the lab and carry out the test before anything else, ” Doctor Willie said as Mike stood up immediately.

“Where’s the lab doctor? Let’s go; I’m ready,” he said, leading the way out of the ward without knowing the lab. Doctor Willie was shocked to see how grown-up man behaved like that because his friend means they are more than a friend to each other as he followed him from behind.

“Mom, he hates me. He’s not ready to forgive me,” Tessy said, crying on her mom’s shoulder.
“Tessy Jerold, don’t hate you. I know him. He’s just recovering from the heartbreak and pain you have him. He will get over it and come back,” Mrs. Jerald assured her daughter, cleaning her tears.
“Are you sure, mom “? She asked.

“Of course, he will come back. I know Jerold, ” Mrs. Jerald said, pulling her into a hug as she rested on her mom’s shoulder.
“Thanks, mom, you are the best. I love you, ” Tessy voiced out.
“I love you more, baby,” she replied, kissing her on the forehead.

Jerold didn’t know what else to do, like the thought of calling Tessy came across his mind, he picked his phone trying to call Tessy, but he dropped the phone back, leaning on the wall. His head kept spinning, remembering the hurtful words Tessy said to him, but that’s the past. He needs to let the past go and focus on the present and what the future holds.

“Tessy, I had forgiven you a long time ago, but I can’t tell you. I want you to feel my pains too,” he said to himself as he opened his fridge, bringing out a chill bottle of vodka and opened it, then pour the content down his throat as the cold feelings kept him going to the land of the unknown.

Since the day Desmond was knocked down, Raymond nor arrow was not seen, and the cops too were not tired of doing their jobs as they kept searching everywhere for them.

Raymond and Co were living in s forest waiting for the right day to come and out and travel out of the country. They wanted everyone to forget about that issue before they even thought of coming out, except that they will face lif3 imprisonment because the cops will make sure they face it, especially Raymond because his father wanted him arrested.

After the test was conducted and carried out in the hospital laboratory, Mike’s blood didn’t match Desmond’s.
“Here is the result, Mr. Mike, ” Doctor Willie said, giving the result to him. Looking at the contents, Mike was disappointed.

“Doctor just used it, whether it matches or not. It will work,” he said, wearing an assuring face.
“You can’t come and tell me what to do in my work. I do what I know is right,” doctor Willie said.
“What are you trying to tell me now? That you will allow my best friend to die because of one specific boring rules!? He said, holding him on the collar.

“Better do something and save my friend’s life, or this hospital will not contain us,” he said, leaving him.
“Calm down, Mike, please, ” Patricia begged.

“Don’t tell me to calm down. See my friend there lying helplessly and hopelessly without the hope of surviving, and he is busy wasting our time with some shit,” Mike said angrily, glaring at Doctor Willie.
Seeing that the thing was getting out of hand, Mr. Louis decided to say something about the case.

“Mike, I understand how you are feeling now, but calm down and allow the doctor to do his work. This is his field, so allow him to concentrate, ” Mr. Louis said, patting him on the shoulder. Mike was just worried without asking what happened to Desmond that he was admitted to the hospital only then his memory came back, and the question flew into his head.

“Sorry Doctor, Who brought him here, and what did the person say? Was he shot or knocked down by a car “? He asked, and Mr. Louis knew where he was heading to, so he adjusted his eyeglasses, looking at Mike.
“Well, he was brought here by a man who happens to knocked him down with his car when he carelessly crossed the road without looking back,” Willie explained to him.

“Who was this careless driver that just hit him without caring to know how he’s fairing whether he’s alive or not, ” he asks, feeling his blood boiling in anger.
“Here I am, Mike, am the careless driver that knocked your friend down, ” Mr. Louis said as Mike’s attention drifted to him, and slowly his anger died down bit by bit.

“I was in a hurry to go to the police custody because of the case of my son called Raymond. I hope you are aware of it,” he asked, and Mike nodded his head in a yes gesture, and he began.

“I was so angry for Raymond to drag my name in the mud alongside with his fellow gang members, so before I knew what was happening, I saw an image trying to cross the road with blood all over his mouth, and another man with a gun was pursuing him before I knew what happened he crosses the road immediately without looking back, and I tried applying my break, but it was too late for that ” Mr. Louis explained looking at the poor boy lying hopelessly.

Mike, also didn’t know what else to say nor to do. He kept looking up and down, and the silence in the room was just too much.
“Check my blood whether it will match his own, ” Patricia said, breaking the silence as everyone stared at her.
“Why the look now? Did I say anything wrong, or did I just committed a crime “? She asked.
“Let’s proceed to the lab, ” Doctor Willie said as he leads the way, and Patricia followed.

Episode 23

Doctor Willie carried out the test, but the result was still the same thing as Mike’s.
“Sorry, dear, we can’t use your blood, ” Doctor Willie said out.
“Doctor, why, “? Mike didn’t even allow Patricia to say it as he did the talking.

“The blood doesn’t match. We need a donor that the blood will match. Kindly bring more people to try out, and the note doesn’t waste time cause we are running out of time, ” Doctor Willie said as Mike was speechless. Mr. Louis, too, was speechless cause the whole thing was just out of hand. He didn’t expect the turn out to be that way.
” Doctor, I’m sorry if my blood and that of Patricia doesn’t match that of Desmond, that means that nothing will be done and none will donate the blood,” he said, looking at the Doctor.

“Why saying so? Doesn’t he have parents or any relatives “? Doctor Willie asked, and the sad expression on Mike’s face could be easily read, and Mr. Louis understood what that means instantly but adverted his eyes from him.
“Doctor, this young man lying lifeless here struggled to survive since he was 5 years, he went through hell just to be in school, and now it seems as if he wants to stop halfway without achieving his goals,” Mike said, feeling heartbroken again but praying that the Lord should perform a miracle instantly.
“You mean the guy lost his parents at the age of 5? Or what a sad story, ” Mr. Louis said, remembering the same thing that happened to him.

It was 11:00 pm, and the night was so dark, and sounds of the crickets were heard from the nearby bush, no sign of car no human being was found outside at the late hour of the night.

Mr. Louis and his 5-year-old son Alex was still watching TV in the parlor, he wasn’t wealthy, but the house looked nice and fresh. He crossed his legs on the table, watching the cartoon that was displaying. He always likes watching cartoons with his 5-year-old son, who still forced him to watch it with him.

“Dad, look at what Tom is doing to Jerry, ” little Alex said to his father, who smiled at him.
“Let’s see what Jerry will do to him in return,” Mr. Louis said, adjusting while his son lay on his labs laughing at his father for sighting Jerry.

“Where’s your mother, Alex “? Mr. Louis asked.
“Did you know the woman doesn’t like kid’s movies like we do because we are both kids? She’s in her room, dad, ” Alex joked, calling his father a kid also as they both end up laughing. Seriously Mr. Louis loved his only son pretty much to the extent he can’t even stay a day without taking him out for shopping.

“You are silly, Alex, Oya let’s see what’s going to happen, ” Mr. Louis said, concentrating on the TV screen. Both of them were focused on the TV screen, and nothing by that time could distract them because they were so mean in the movie.

Mr. Louis smelled something to be burning, and he looked up to see something that looks like smoke, but he wasn’t sure that it was smoke, so he decided to continue watching. The smoke became harder this time, and already fire had begun bit by bit. Before they knew what was happening, the fire was now unquenchable.

“Dad! Look at that, ” little Alex shouted, pointing to the window that was being destroyed by the fire already. Mr. Louis stood up in alert, adjusting backward because the fire was now more fierce and destructive. He looked for a possible way to quench it, but nothing was there to help. He heard the wife screaming in her room.

He left in alert running as fast as his legs could carry him, but on getting to the room, the door was already consumed, the wife was crying and shouting his name at the same time calling him for help, he loved her much and hearing her crying for help when he’s around was like killing him.

He hit the door, but it wasn’t opening because it was locked from inside. He hit it again and again, using his legs until the door finally broke. He entered to see his wife already on the floor coughing, smoke was everywhere.

“No! Dear, please talk to me, dear, don’t go and leave us. Little Alex is waiting for both of us, and please stay strong for us,” Mr. Louis cried, but it was too late as she gave up the ghost.

Mr. Louis carried her in his arms, trying to leave the room unknowingly to him. There was a full liter of fuel in the room. The fire was about quenching when it got to the fuel side, and it exploded carrying the two people on the air and jamb him on the wall real hard, he was bleeding already the fire caught him on the clothing as he struggled to quench it, but it was of no use as the fire burn him too.

Little Alex was tired of waiting for his dad to return, he didn’t even know what was happening inside, but all he heard was his father’s voice shouting and screaming, he ran out of the house to the dark street crying for help. Due to how dark the night was, the dogs that were securities in the road started barking at him and pursuing him at the same time.

Alex had no option than to run. He didn’t even know where he was heading to, be ran inside the thick first without knowing his destination and unluckily for him he fell into the deep cliff that had water running on the down part, luckily the water carried him and dropped him at the seashore in another community entirely which he didn’t know anyone in that area.

Me Louis body and that of his wife was taken to the hospital the next day, and luckily for him, he survived, but his wife died, he asked everyone about his son, but none seems to know his whereabouts. The news alone just made him unstable. After another five years of mourning his son and wife, he decided to adopt a son without marrying another wife. That was how he got Raymond.

Mr. Louis finished telling his story. Everyone in the house was touched, especially Patricia and Mike, who knew that he went through a lot.
“I will look for a donor. I know how it feels to lose an important person. I will try my best to find a donor,” Mr. Louis said, and Mike was a bit relieved.

Two weeks later…
Everything was still the same cause nothing changed, Mr. Louis has tried his best to look forward donor, but he found that the blood matched.
Patricia decided to pay Desmond a visit to the hospital in the hot hour of the afternoon.

She opened the ward door and enter still Desmond was not moving nor having any sign of life, she sat beside him and took his hand in his caressing it slowly staring at him, his handsome face was still there, and nothing changed about it. She spent 3 hours with Desmond in the ward lamenting some words that seem like a prayer to God, expecting a miracle.

“Desmond, please just wake up for the sake of Mike and everyone who loves you. Please, Desmond, we all love you. Wake up and be strong for us,” Patricia said, still looking at Desmond. She was tired of talking, and she was fragile. She placed her head on Desmond’s shoulder and dozed off to deep sleep.
Patricia woke up at the tone of her ringing tone. She checked to see the caller be Angelina. She checked the time, and it was late already.

“Oh my God, I overslept, it’s almost 7:00 pm since 4:00 pm Angelina will be mad at me,” she voiced outstanding up from where she sat, she looked at Desmond for the last time, then head out of the room.
Mike, too, kept visiting the hospital to hear whether there will be a changed story, but the story remained the same.

Mr. Louis was on his way to the hospital, likewise Mike and Patricia too. Patricia and Mike were now good. She is a good girl with a fragile heart. It shows how much she wants Desmond alive.
“Mike, he will be fine, don’t worry, ” Patricia assured Mike inside the taxi, patting him on the shoulder, and he nodded his head in agreement looking at her.

“Thank you for your help and everything,” he replied, and Patricia smiled.
They got to the hospital, and both came down and settled the taxi man before he drove away, and they walked inside the hospital.
On getting inside the doctor’s office, the Doctor and Mr. Louis were already there discussing.
“Good afternoon, doctor,” they both greeted.

“Yeah, welcome,” he replied, concentrating with Mr. Louis. After what seems like an eternity to Patricia and Mike, who sat like a tied dog and goat without saying anything, Mike finally broke the silence.
“Sir, no donor has been found yet, “? He asked.
“Yes, Micheal, all the donors were negative. None of them matched with that of Desmond.
“What if they rest your blood, sir “? Patricia asked, thus generating another minute of silence in the room as if they were observing a dead person.

“You know that’s impossible. It can’t match with his own. I have not known him before talkless of knowing where he’s from, so my blood won’t match, ” Mr. Louis said, looking at Patricia, who suggested.
“Everything is based on the trial. Why not try it and let’s see the results and if the result proves wrong and so be it” Mike added, looking at the doctor to hear from him, but he was mute. Mr. Louis sighed, thinking about the decision.

“Why can that be possible when the two of you that know him carried out a test and none of your blood matched? How then will mine match when I’ve not known him before “? Mr. Louis asked again. The room was silent once again as they kept looking from one person to another expecting to hear a word or two, but none came out.
“Okay, fine, I’ve heard you. I’ll give it a try,” Mr. Louis said as a smile crossed Patricia’s lips as if Mr. Louis’s blood will match.

“Thank you, sir,” she said.
“For what “? Mr. Louis asked, spreading his hands.
“For accepting to give it a try, “she replied, smiling, and Mr. Louis joined and smiled.
“You are funny, the doctor; let’s proceed, ” Mr. Louis said as Doctor Willie took him to the lab to carry out a test with Mr. Louis’s blood whether it will match or not.
He placed him in the theater and carried out the test.

Episode 24

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Tessy couldn’t believe that Jerold was this heartless after all her pleadings and everything. Jerold had not called nor visited her. She knew Jerold to be the kind of man who doesn’t joke when it comes to seeing a teardrop from a woman’s eyes, but it was not so again.

Jerold has changed because she made him went through hell.
Back to Jerold, he has been planning on visiting Tessy at least to tell her that she’s, forgiven, but he wasn’t chanced at all due to running errands from left to right.
“Mom, you said he would come back, but he’s not, ” Tessy said to her mom, wearing a teary face, and Mrs. Jerald understands how much she felt for him.

“Tessy, you hurt that poor boy. He’s going through emotional pains,” Mrs. Jerald replied.
“Mom, I know, but…
“Tessy understand, what if he was the one that did this to you? How will you feel? Won’t you be heartbroken “? Mrs. J. She said, standing up heading to the kitchen. Tessy knew that her mom was right. She had hurt Jerold to the last extent, but she needed then was just forgiveness. She fixed her eyes on her nails, playing with it, and then a drop of tear fell from her eyes, and she cleaned it away, standing up to her room.

Back to the hospital Doctor, Willie was down with the test he carried out to see whether Mr. Louis’s blood matched Desmond’s. He carried the result out, heading to his office. The situation was just complicated because all hope was gone.
Seeing Doctor Louis, who just emerged from the lab, both Mike and Patricia ran to him.
“Doctor, how is the result? How did it go “? Patricia asked, and without time wastage, Doctor Willie hand over the result to Patricia, who couldn’t believe it as she showed it to Mike.

“Not again, Doctor. What is happening? Does it mean no one’s blood is going to match with that of Desmond, this is unbelievable, and I’ve not seen anything like this before,” Patricia said angrily, folding her hands across her chest’s part as they went up instantly.

“What are you trying to say? That I’m responsible for the happening”? He asked in a furious rage, and Patricia kept silent, instantly seeing the fierce look he was giving her.
“Doctor, all I am trying to say is that you can’t just allow Desmond to die like that. Please do something to save him because…

“I’ve tried my best young lady, I’ve used all my techniques as a doctor and how I was being taught, but it seems nothing wants to work out. So nothing else to be done, ” Doctor replied as he sat down on his chair, rotating left and right. All this while Mike was silent as all his thought drifted back to how he and Desmond have been together as brothers. Desmond was just like a father to him. He only couldn’t lose him like that, something needs to be done before it’s too late.

“Bro, on your wedding day, I will be glad to be the nice best man that will collect the bride and marry, ” Mike said to Mike, who couldn’t stop laughing at his joke. All this flashed back to Mike’s memory as he smiled, feeling weak and unstable. If it were to donate anything like a kidney to Desmond, he would have done it to prove how much he loved Desmond.

He opened his eyes to find that Patricia wasn’t in the room, thinking that she might be tired. He left the office after glaring at Doctor Willie, thinking that she’s at the exit but getting there, Patricia was not there. He moved over to Desmond’s ward immediately and turned the door open to see Patricia uttering some audible words to Desmonwhose’s eyes were closed. She holds him in hand.

“Desmond, please wake up for the sake of Mike, he loves you, and we all love you. The doctor says you can’t survive this. Still, I’m proving him wrong, please wake up and prove him wrong, wake up and prove to the world that you are strong, wake up and let’s have fun just for once before toy goes back,” Patricia said in tears, cleaning her eyes as Mike who was listening to her too from the door felt bad. He walked closer to where she was and touched her on the shoulder as she looked up to see him looking down at her.

“It’s okay, Patricia, he will be fine, ” Mike assured.
“For how long, Mike, everyone kept saying this, but it’s not happening. I need Desmond back. I want him to tell me he loves me for the second time to hear. I’m eager to hold him in my arms and share lovely moments with Mike. I just discovered how much I’m in love with Desmond.

However, he hasn’t given me the chance to tell him that I’m ready for him, I’m prepared for him, ” Patricia said, bursting out crying on Mike’s shoulder, who was busy consoling her that all will be well soon. After some minutes of staying in the room watching Desmond’s immovable body lying there, they finally left the room, heading home together.

Raymond was looking so unkempt. He has been wearing one clothes for a month because of the cops and his dad’s fear. He and arrow had been hiding in the forest, making the wild animals and other domestic animals their meats both day and night.

His beards overgrown, and he looked so pale, likewise arrow too. Both of them were now facing how wicked and cruel life is without thinking about how they have been treating other students and killing most of them.
“Man, I need to be out of here. I’m tired; I’m ready for the cops,” arrow said angrily, tightening his grip.
“Me either, but we need patience,” Raymond added.

“For how long, Ray, tell me for how long. I’m tired of staying here. Let’s strike and face it how it’s going to be at the end,” arrow said, hitting his chest with his hands standing up, and looked around the environment.
“I know, dude, but before anything, I need to see Doctor Willie first, “Raymond said, leaning on a big tree in the forest.
“What for “? Arrow asked.

“It’s none of your businessmen. I will handle this myself,” he said, walking away from him deep inside the forest for the lunch of the day. A full-grown man just became animals living in the forest eating leaves and grasses without having q good sleep.
Arrow was starting to regret how he joined the bad gang after being warned severally by her mom. She pitied the older woman.

“Mom, I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you. This is not the way you wanted me to be. Please forgive me wherever you are, ” arrow said to himself, doing the Catholic sign of the cross though he was not a Catholic member.
The semester exam was about to start, and all the students were busy preparing for their exams. Likewise, Juliet and Evelyn didn’t stop surprising guys with their hot and attractive dressing, which they didn’t stop wearing every day.

“Babe, I’ve heard that Tessy has been found and Raymond also was a cult member, they wanted to rape Tessy, but everything happened so fast that she escaped it. Now the cops are after Raymond and all his team members. He will surely suffer, ” Juliet said, applying her make up sitting before the huge dressing mirror, checking herself out.
“That means we need to pay Tessy a surprising visit. As for the rest of the story, it’s for another day, ” Evelyn replied, pressing her phone.

Juliet was not dressed; her secret part was dangling left and right due to a series of turning and movements she made with her body. It looked attractive and standing firm and balanced. Water was still dripping down her body. She was about to apply the cream when Evelyn spoke up.

“Let me help you with that,” she said, standing up walking to where Juliet sat. She collected the cream staring at her chest’s part, licking her lips seductively, and Juliet noticed it already. She’s used to it.

She applied the cream on her hand, taking it to her body. She moved her hands rhythmically around her body, making a series of movements still rubbing her. She moved to her sercet region, then pressed it and fond it, making Juliet let out a soft moan.

“Let’s do it at once, and it’s been a while, ” Evelyn said to her licking her lips adjusting towards her. Juliet had started making some audible sound this time around, too, telling how she also felt at that time.
“I told you, let’s initiate that girl, but you told me to wait until the right time. Who knows whether she’s gone for good, “Juliet said in a whisper.

“She’s not the only girl on this campus, babe, and we still have people to initiate, let’s have fun,” she said as Juliet kisses her, and she reciprocates, taking off her dress standing stalk naked just like Juliet. They both decided each other licking their saliva they both began going to the wonderland.
Tessy only saw the right side of them without seeing the bad side. She was lucky because she had escaped their plans.

Patricia kept visiting the hospital to check on Desmond. She kept staying with him less than an hour before always leaving. She didn’t even believe that Desmond couldn’t just make a move or cough up till then, thus making it hard for her to believe that Desmond is genuinely dead.

Mr. Louis, too, didn’t stop checking on the poor boy.
“Doctor, what’s happening? It seems you are not serious. In this case, I’m beginning to suspect you,” Mr. Louis fired at him on a hot afternoon after returning from his office to see him looking unconcerned.
“What do you expect me to do, sir “? He asked, standing up.
“You need to save lives and people. That was wasting you were meant for,” Mr. Louis said to him angrily, hitting the table.

“But I’ve tried my best, sir, ” Doctor Willie said.
“There’s none of the best you have tried. You did nothing. You are just looking unconcerned,” Mr. Louis fired at him, adjusting his glasses looking at him.
“Sir, you can’t just come and start telling me what to do and what not to do. It’s my profession, and I know what’s best, ” Doctor Willie said.

“Just pray nothing happens to that poor boy, or I will make sure this hospital is closed down,” Mr. Louis said angrily, and he was so mean he banged the office door leaving the office angrily.

He entered his car and zoom off with full on the highway.
“It’s time to go out, dude ” I need to see Doctor Willie before it’s too late,” Raymond said, taking all his belongings, standing in a position to move.
“You still not want to tell me who is Doctor Willie and how you are related to him, ” arrow asked as Raymond glared at him.

“I told you it’s none of your business, and it still stands so. It’s my secret,” Raymond said.
“Remember, it’s one of your secrets that got me here,” he mocked at him as they both were walking out of the forest.
Patricia was in her room when her phone started ringing instantly. She took it, looking at the screen to see Mike’s name boldly written on it. She picked it, putting it on speaker.

“Hello Patricia, we need to talk. Come to the house now,” he said and hung the call without allowing her to say anything. It seems urgent to Patricia, and she needed to be there to hear Mike out. She dressed up, picked up her phone, heading to Mike’s house.

Mike was lying when a soft knock sounded on the door, and he knew it was Patricia. He stood up, sitting on the bed.
“Come In, the door is open,” he said from inside while Patricia pushed the door open, coming fully inside the house. After exchanging pleasantry and other necessary things, as usual, Patricia spoke up.
“You sounded so urgent on the phone. What’s it, Mike,” Patricia asked.

“I’m suspecting the doctor, ” Mike voiced out, looking at her.
“How? And what do you mean by that “? Patricia asked, adjusting to hearing him well enough.
“From the story, Mr. Louis told at the hospital, and the one Desmond told me. The two of them have something in common, but it seems like the doctor is hiding something from us “.

Episode 25

Desmond finally hit the tarred road with an arrow, not after checking for the road to be clear before crossing to the other side. They took time studying the environment before making any move so as not to be suspected by s some people who don’t know that it’s them the cops are looking for.

Tessy was in her room with her earphones in her ears. She was busy swinging her head left and right according to the song’s rhythm playing on her phone. She kept humming the song and later followed, singing the song along, feeling excited due to its lyrics.

“I’m off to work. Tessy takes care of the house,” Mrs. Jerald said, closing the door from behind. She kept enjoying herself with the music, a knock sounded on the door again after few minutes that her mom has left, she didn’t hear it, so the knock came also this time around harder than it was before and that was when her attention was drifted to the door.

“Who’s there? Come in, the door is open,” she replied and paused the music that was playing. Jerold pushed the door open, walking fully inside. She jumped up from the bed because she wasn’t expecting him, she thought that he had given up on her so she was surprised seeing Jerold at his door looking so handsome and neat in his plain trouser and a red polo neatly stamped “JEROLD.” She didn’t repeat anything though she felt his eyes on her. She was so ashamed to say anything.

Raymond’s name has been erased from her memory a long time ago since the incident happened, so she doesn’t know if such a person is in existence or has once fallen in love with her. Jerold walked to her, standing close to her in a way the both of them were so close to each other.

Tessy was in her bumbshort, which shows her full view, making her look more charming and attractive. She slides her hair backward to have a clear view of Jerold, who was standing before her, without saying anything. She felt her heartbeat increased.

“Jerold,” she called slowly, looking at him as Jerold returned the look.
“I said I’m sorry for everything,” she said pleadingly.
“I know, and I’ve heard that before that’s why I’m here,” Jerold replied, going straight to the point.
” I’ve forgiven you, Tessy,” he voiced out, thus making her heart to skip and leap for joy, he could see the happy expression written all over her face, but she controlled herself.
“Jerold that you so very much, thank you, and once again, I’m sorry. Everything happened so fast,” she repeated, playing with her fingers.

“Goodbye, Tessy, I gotta go now,” he said, opening the door and walking out of the room and closing it from the outside. Tessy knew very well that she has messed up, and Jerold is no longer interested in her anymore. He just came to say that she’s forgiven only without adding anything to it “?

She asked herself, collapsing on the bed, she was expecting a hug from him, which she has missed for a long time, and she wanted to hear that word “I love you,” which she had not heard for a long time, but Jerold didn’t do any of that instead he did the opposite of it.

She felt her heart beating for Jerold, the same guy he told months ago that it’s over between them. Now her heart and soul are longing for him. She sat down thinking about her whole and miserable life.

I Louis was fed up with the mess after his threats to Doctor Willie. He didn’t even care to act in any way at all. He doesn’t know the dark side of the man called Mr. Louis. He was sitting in his parlor well dressed in a pair of suits, as usual, and it seems he was about going to work, but it didn’t work. Carrying his phone, he dialed a number and placed it on his ear, allowing It to ring as the call was answered on the fourth beep.
“Hello, sir.”

“Yes, sir, good afternoon, my chancellor,” the receiver said.
“Please am I speaking with the commissioner of police in the highest zonal level “? Mr. Louis asked in an impatient mode.
“Yes, you are,” he replied.
“Please, I need your to send me your men for emergency case by 7:00 pm please, ” Mr. Louis requested
“Request granted, sir, they will be there. Just send the address,” he replied.
“Thank you, sir, and I will send the address right away. “

“You are welcome. Police are your friend,” he replied as Mr. Louis ended the call, typing the address to send it to the commander in chief of the police force. He clicked the sender button after typing everything and forward the address to him.

“How is the case, Patri “? Angelina asked Patricia, who was lost in thought though she was physically present, her mind was far from the place. Seeing that she had no response to the question, she taps her on the shoulder, bringing her back to the land of reality.

“Are you okay, Patri? Please don’t overthink pleasure to avoid high blood pressure. Desmond will be fine,” she replied as she nodded her head smiling.
“Who told you I’m thinking about Desmond “? She asked, smiling.
“Who doesn’t know who has stolen your medulla and heart way if not Desmond, ” Angelina said aloud.

“If that’s what you are thinking, that means that you are wrong,” she replied, chuckling, looking at Angelina to hear her response.
“And do you know I will surely tell him when she wakes up “? Angelina joked, and they both end up laughing and forgot about their worries as Certified Daniel Etim Jnr always did and make people forget about their worries in his group called “THE STORY PALACE. “

“You are not serious,” Patricia said, hitting her on the shoulder as she groaned in pain.
“You hit me, “? She said, standing up as Patricia stood up, running the door.
“Caught me if you can,” she replied laughing, Angelina kept mute then walked slowly to the bed as if she has forgotten about it, just then she walked back to the bed and Angelina jumped up, catching her on the waist as the both of them fell on the bed.
“Yeah, I caught you,” she replied, holding her firm.

Raymond and arrow had finished freshening up in the house though they were not staying in the house. Both of them were lodging in a hotel in the same room. Raymond was busy dressing up in one of the new dress he bought earlier in the boutique.

He applied his perfume then stood at the mirror, scanning himself well to see the error. After everything, he took his black face cap and covered his head, making it cover his face too so that he won’t be recognized that easily.

“What’s this dressing all about “? Where are you heading to “? Arrow asked, sitting on the bed.
“No time for silly question, dude, it’s none of your business. I’ve said this over and over again, so don’t stress me,” he replied, still concentrating on the window.

“Okay, I’ve heard from you. I hope you are not making plans to give me to the cops cause if it’s that, I will make sure the bullet passes through your skull before they got me, ” arrow replied.
“If you like, I’m going somewhere, so If you feel like coming, you are free but two things involved. Cover your face well with cap, and don’t leave your pistol behind, ” Raymond instructed as arrow stood up dressing also, and boom, they both left the house.

The night was a bit bright due to some electrical lights in the streets that illuminated the whole area. Mr. Louis was on his way to the hospital, likewise Raymond and arrow too. His car was fully seen speeding on the highway. He later brought the car to a halt after reaching his destination. He alighted the car heading to the doctor’s office directly.

He pushed the door open with full force and stormed inside the office with an angry look. His face showed it all that he didn’t come for peace. He stood before the doctor, watching him eyeball to eyeball.
“Doctor Willie, you are trying my patience, and I’m smelling something fishy In this case,” Mr. Louis said, looking dangerously at him.

“What could that be, Mr. Louis “? Doctor Willie asked, standing up from his seat and looking back at Mr. Louis as they both stared at each other angrily.

“You are trying to play upon my intelligence, Doctor, and I’m warning you,” he fired, and the door flung open instantly, revealing Mike and Patricia, who were shocked seeing how the two men were looking at each other Mike understood what was happening.

Hence, he had no option other than to keep quiet. Both of them kept quiet, watching the whole drama. Just then, the door flung open again, and the cops came into view. They were 5 in number and all dressed in their uniforms.

“Doctor Willie, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent,” Sir Lancelot said, ordering his men to handcuff him.
“What for the officer? Why came into my office and arrested me just like that without reason, officer”? Doctor Willie said, looking confused.

“You need explanations? You need it, “? He asked, and Doctor Willie nodded his head in a yes gesture. Mr. Louis has explained everything to Sir Lancelot how everyone he brought to donate their blood to Desmond turns out to be negative. Sir Lancelot was a doctor too. Though he joined the force due to some circumstances, he is a fully matured Doctor Who knows everything.

They lead him to the lab where the test was carried on. Sir Lancelot took off his police uniform wearing the lab coat to carry out the test himself. He first started with Mike, who came out to be negative, and later proceeds to Patricia, who got the same report and got to Mr. Louis. He paused, looking at him.
“Are you sure you will try this, sir “? He asked, and Mr. Louis nodded in agreement.
“No need for you to try, sir,” Sir Lancelot said and all this while Doctor Willie was shaking and vibrating. He was physically sweating without anyone knowing the cause.
Without time wastage Sir Lancelot proceed to that of Mr. Louis.

Episode 26

Sir Lancelot carried out the test in Mr. Louis’s body; everyone was waiting to hear its result. The looks on Sir Lancelot’s face showed that a severe had been unleashed.
“Where is the boy “? Sir Lancelot asked Doctor Who knew that the truth had been found.
“He’s inward 121,” he replied, trembling.

“Sir, will you donate your blood to the boy? Your blood is a perfect match to his, ” Sir Lancelot replied, thus creating a moment of silence in the room as everyone’s attention drifted to Doctor Willie. It’s obvious he lied, and they all needed an explanation for it. He looked down to avoid the angry eyes of Mr. Louis, which was feeding on him.

“Doctor, how could you lie “? Patricia asked, feeling her tears of joy forming in her eyes. Mike was not himself. He was fuming in deep anger. His face expression changed instantly to the one of an angry lion, his tightened his fist before the knew what was happening Mike sent Doctor Willie a strong and heavy punch that landed him on one of the laboratory bed.

“You wanted my brother dead? After much of my pleading to save him, you are an animal,” he fired at him as the cops held him tight.
“Calm down, and we will handle this young boy. Just thank God all is okay now, ” Sir Lancelot said, bringing his eyes to look at Doctor Willie, who was bleeding seriously.

“You deserve even more than that for playing with your license. Now tell me, what didn’t you want to save this poor boy ” he fired at him. He wasn’t ready to say anything, so Sir Lancelot orders his men to show him how to talk.
Raymond arrived at the hospital that night.

His cap covered his face, likewise arrow who followed him from behind. Without time wastage, he moved over to where the doctor’s office e is located, knocking on the door, heard no sound or voice asking him to go in. He twisted the knob down and pulled the door open to find the office empty.
“I think he’s in that crazy ward. Today marks his end, idiot. He thinks he can come and take my place just like that, ” Raymond said, bringing out the deadly drug Doctor Willie sent him to buy to inject Desmond for him to die instantly.

“Man, just be careful,” arrow added before they proceed to Desmond’s ward.
Doctor Willie was seriously bleeding this time around. He refused to mention why he wanted Desmond dead and sent him. They were still trying to get the answers from him. The room went silent immediately as if they knew there; something is going to happen. Raymond got close to the door.

He listened very well to sure he’s the only one in the ward.
“Doctor, “? Raymond called from outside because the door was locked from inside, they all went dumb, and Sir Lancelot signaled Doctor Willie to talk. Of course, Doctor Willie knows who was at the door because of the mission they had that day, but it was so unlucky for him that he’s being caught.

“Doctor Willie am here with the drug, ” Raymond added, and Sir Lancelot orders his men to take a perfect stand. Though he didn’t know the person, he was sure it was not an ordinary case.
Slowly Doctor Willie walked to the door to open the door. He was being guarded and followed from behind. He was handcuffed. He slowly unlocked the door from behind.

“We are running out of time, the doctor. Let’s carry out everything,” Raymond said just immediately, Doctor Willie was trying to eye him, but he didn’t understand.
“Doctor, you are taking me far, or you allow me to do it my way “? He said, rubbing his bald head. He pushed Doctor Willie out of the way to reveal a group of police cops with their riffles. Instantly without waiting for anyone to tell him, he jamb the door back, which hit Doctor Willie.

“Who was there “? Sir Lancelot asked gently. The door was far away from them so that they couldn’t hear them. Meanwhile, Raymond’s heart was racing so fast, thinking of how he would have got caught by the cops, which is the last thing he doesn’t want to happen.

“I always tell you to be careful,” arrow said as Raymond looked at him.
“Do you know if it’s a set up from the doctor ” arrow added, and Raymond found sense in the word, thus giving more chance to think?

Doctor Willie was badly wounded since he wasn’t ready to tell the cops the truth. Sir Lancelot handed Doctor Willie to his men while he went to do the necessary for Desmond to come back to life. The transfusion was successful as Sir Lancelot carried it out.

“Let’s see how the case will be in the next 10 hours,” he said to Mike and Patricia, who nodded their heads.
“Take him away!” he ordered his men as they drag sir Willie away with blood all over him.

Mr. Louis was lying in the laboratory after the transfusion. The room was cold and fit as he was asleep due to the blood he had loosed to Desmond. His eyes were shut while his breathing rate was a slow one.

” I sense trouble somewhere. We need to get rid of that idiot before he wakes up, or else I’m doom,” Raymond said to arrow pacing up and down in the room. The bright light that was illuminating the room shone on his forehead.
“We need back up for the work, or else we will be doom,” arrow added while Raymond sat down.

Early in the morning, Tessy woke up, stretching her body and yawning. She stood up, heading to the bathroom for a quick shower. She checked the wall clock to see 7:40 am. She stood on the cold water and shower in her like an early morning shower from above.

She closed her eyes, allowing the water to do its work. After 30 minutes, she stepped into her room to do the usual makeup. Just then, a soft knock sounded on her door. It was too early for a knock to sound on her door, so she was surprised.

“Mom,”? She called softly, but no response came. She stood up, holding on to her towel, which she tied across her chest, walking to the door, she grabbed the doorknob and twisted it down to reveal handsome Jerold standing before her. His nerves failed her, and she was weak.

She couldn’t move nor talk. They kept and maintained that position. Jerold stood there with his hands in his pocket, looking more charming and handsome. The atmosphere moved from regular to a lovely one as love filled the air.

The looks on Jerold’s eyes showed love. He bends his neck to one corner looking at Tessy, who was busy holding her towel well, wondering what he wants.
“I love you, Tessy ” Jerold broke the silence with a smile on his face. Tessy couldn’t believe her ears. Her heart was no longer stable as it kept increasing its beating rate. The tears were already formed, ready to drop. Jerold opened his arms wide as she ran to him and embraced him, crying on his shoulder.
“I’ve learned that everyone has their past lives; it was part of your past life, Tessy. I love you,” Jerold said as Tessy was busy sniffing.

Mike and Patricia were sitting next to Desmond to see the miracle that will happen. They didn’t sleep for the last night they were guarding Desmond. Mike felt Patricia’s love for Desmond and prayed he love her back the way she does.
It has pass 10 hours already, Sir Lancelot said, but nothing happened, no sign of Desmond waking up nor moving his body, thus increasing the fear in them.

Meanwhile, no doctor was there to do anything in case of emergency cause Doctor Willie is already in custody answering questions. Sir Louis coughed, waking up after the long sleep.

He looked to find himself on the hospital bed and was wearing a patient’s clothing. Just then, he recalled what happened the previous day. He stood up, heading out of the ward to Desmond ward, opening the door. He found Mike and Patricia beside sitting next to Desmond. Seeing him, Mike stood up, rushing to him.

‘You are awake sir, how are you feeling now “? He asked.
“A little okay,” he replied.
“What did the doctor said, “? He asked.
‘He said that he still be awake in the next 10 hours, but this is exactly 15 hours without any sign of life,” he replied, looking back at Desmond again to see the outcome of the situation, which got then worried also. Just as he was still talking to me, Louis Desmond coughed and began vibrating instantly. The machines were beeping, which was connected to his body.

It was so serious, Mike rushed to his side, likewise Patricia trying to calm down the situation, but he kept vibrating the more. He kept shaking the bed and shaking until he stopped and went dumb instantly.
“Doctor, “! Patricia shouted on top of her voice, but no help came.

Episode 27

Doctor Willie was retained in the police cell. They needed more evidence to carry his case to a higher level.
Raymond and arrow were preparing to visit the hospital to get rid of both Desmond and Doctor Willie, and thinking Doctor Willie betrayed him. Raymond took his pistol, likewise the arrow, who was ready to strike.

The news got to the cops that Raymond is around, and they have reinforced their team in search of Raymond, which was unknown to him.
“Babe, please be fast. Let’s go, ” Juliet said to Evelyn, who was busy wearing her heels to visit Tessy in the house.
Tessy wasn’t ready to let go of Jerold. She holds him wrapping his arms around him as she felt her heart beating.
“Jerold, “? She called softly, still hugging him.
” I’m sorry,” she pleaded again, disengaging from the hug and looking into his eyes.

Patricia ran out of the ward with full force to look for help from outside. Nurse Abigail who heard the shouts, came into the ward seeing how the atmosphere was. She came into the ward, and Mike grabs her on the clothing.
“Please do something, ” Mike shouted at her as she stood there, thinking of what next to do.
Sir Louis took his phone and dialed Sir Lancelot’s number, which rang instantly, and he picked up on the second beep.
“Hello sir, please sir, we need your help, please. The boy just coughed and then went still again without moving, ” Sir Louis said aloud.

“I will be there right away,” he said, ending the call.
The room’s atmosphere was so hot as Mike kept pacing up and down, thinking of what would happen next.

Patricia, too, wasn’t in a good mode. She was also praying for Desmond to wake up. After 30 minutes, Sir Lancelot arrived at the hospital, walking straight to the ward Desmond was. He twisted the door open, and everything was being explained to him from the start. He took out some required things needed. He conducted a test on him as Mike kept looking at what the result will be.

Sir Lancelot took off his gloves and other things he used to conduct the test.
“He will be fine, Sir,” Sir Lancelot said to him, who kept mute but paid close attention to him.
“Sir, “? Mike called him, drawing his attention.
“Are you sure he’s going to be fine “? He asked him which Sir Lancelot nodded his head in agreement. The excitement that filled the house was just unexplainable.

Raymond arrived at the hospital with arrow fully dressed in black attire with their face not covered but had a face cap that covered their faces.
The long gown was rolling on the floor as they proceeded to the doctor’s ward.
“Sir, we got them to trap. They are now in Saint Charles Hospital,” one of the cops said in his walking talkie.
“Good, get our team ready, let’s strike with immediate effect,” Sir Lancelot said over the phone as he took his. Belongings were heading out of the ward after assuring them that all will be well.
“Yes, sir, ” he replied.

“Let’s go, sergeants,” he ordered as they all enter the Toyota Hilux and zoom to the hospital.
Raymond scanned everywhere before entering the doctor’s office. He kicked the door, and Jr opened it immediately. He pointed his pistol directly but found the office empty. Thinking that he’s in Desmond’s ward, they birthday proceeded to the ward.
He knocked on the softly.

“Yes, come in,” sir, Louis replied. Hearing the voice, it sounded familiar to Raymond. He wasn’t sure if it’s true because there’s nothing his father could do in the hospital.
With his pistol in his hand well-positioned, Raymond kicked the door with force in a way the wall vibrated due to the force that was applied on the door.

Sir Louis couldn’t believe who his eyes caught, his son Raymond was before him pointing his pistol at him even Raymond too was shocked seeing Mr. Louis because he wasn’t expecting him at that moment he aimed to kill Desmond and Doctor Willie, but that will not stop him from doing his work.

Mike was boiling in anger as for Patricia, and she was shaking and vibrating physically, seeing Raymond, her first love, with a gun pointing directly at his father. She was shocked because she has never seen Raymond in such mode before.
“Raymond “? She called softly.

“Yes, Patricia, we finally meet again but in the wrong way,” he said while his face was directly at Desmond lying on the bed.
“Get down now, “! He ordered, but Sir Louis was not moving an inch, even Mike, but Patricia was already on the floor.
“Where’s Doctor Willie “? He asked nobody in particular as none gave him the response.
“I say get down now “! He ordered angrily, but Mike proved stubborn even Sir Louis, which got the arrow mad, he pulls the trigger and released one bullet, but Mike dodges it.

“Please Mike, let’s obey him and do as he has said, ” Patricia begged from the floor she was with her face covered.
“It’s too bad someone will not be alive to see his real father,” Raymond said, drifting his attention to Desmond, which the word got sir Louis confused, thinking of what he meant by such.

“Time is going, ” arrow said to Raymond, who walked slowly towards Desmond’s bed, looking closely at him.
“Am sorry, man, I need to end it this way,” Raymond said, ready to pull the trigger. Sir Louis hit him hard on the head with a nearby stool as he fell, and blood started running down his head.
Angrily arrow pulled the trigger and released the bullet towards Sir Louis as the bullet caught him on the shoulder. Sir Louis groaned in pain, rolling on the ground.

Mike sees that stood up with full force to attack the arrow. The door cracked open instantly as the cops surrounded them.
“Your hands on your head, ” Sir Lancelot ordered as arrow stood in awe, wondering how he got trapped so easily.
Without time wastage, they handcuff the both of them, dragging them out of the ward to the police vehicle.
Sir Louis was admitted instantly.

Desmond slowly opened his eyes to find himself in a strange environment after so many days and weeks, which seemed strange. He looked around to see a figure covering her face on his bed. He sat up.
“Who are you “? Desmond asked softly, feeling a sharp pain crossing his chest. Patricia woke up to the sound of the voice she heard. Seeing Desmond awake sitting on the bed, she couldn’t hold her happiness as she jumped on him, not minding his current situation.

“Mike! Mike! He’s awake,” she shouted, running out of the ward to Sir Louis ward to tell Mike of the latest news.
“Mike, he’s awake,” she said to Mike, who ran out instantly following her from behind. He pushed the door open forcefully to see Desmond looking and scanning the environment.
“Dude, you are awake, “? He asked, smiling and sitting next to him.

“Where am I “? Desmond asked, looking the both of them from one to another.
“Man relaxes, you are safe. Just thank God for your health, “Mike said.
“Who are you? What are you doing here “? Desmond asked, looking strangely at the both of them as Mike and Patricia exchanged a surprised glance at each other.

Episode 28

Mike was confused at what was happening, and making the issue worse, Desmond kept looking at the both of them strangely as a baby girl looking at her mom to breastfeed her.

“Now tell us what happened back then in the hospital “? Sir Lancelot asked Doctor Willie, who was now sitting before him with bruises on his face as a criminal being caught in the act of rape. He was not ready to talk, and Sir Lancelot was prepared by all means to make him talk by force.

Sir Lancelot gave him a hot slap that turned his face backward, making her rub her cheeks in pain.
“You were to serve our country and save people’s lives, that was why you were called doctor, but you came and do the opposite of it, now tell us why and who sent you, ” Sir Lancelot said as the camera was now pointing at the both of them to capture what is happening in the room.

Back to the other end where Raymond and arrow were being held, looking at Raymond specifically, he could easily see the bruises on his arms, face, and most of all, his back, which was stamped with an electric iron giving him tough times. Due to how the cops suffered before arresting them, they need to torture them very well.

Tessy opened the door to see Juliet and Evelyn standing at the door. She almost shouted loud due to the unexpected visit.
She jumped on Evelyn, thus making her stagger so as not to fall.
She opened the door wide for all of them to enter, which they did. The scent that accompanied them was so fabulous.
“How are you guys doing “? Tessy asked, pouring the red wine into three glasses as she lives it up to them.
“We are fine, but we missed you,” Evelyn said almost immediately as Tessy giggled.

“Okay, by the way, how did you locate me “? She asked, waiting to hear the response.
“It’s as simple a thing as possible. We just asked about the girl who got lost a month ago,” Juliet replied, thus making her remember her pains and heartbreak even all she passed through because of Raymond. Juliet noticed her change of mode, and she understood why.
“Babe, take it easy. What happened “? Juliet asked, dropping her cup and adjusting forward to hear her explanations and what she has to say.

Patricia left for her house as her eyes were reddish, seeing her mode from the door. Angelina rushed her.
“Babe, what’s it? What happened to Desmond”? She asked just immediately as Patricia dropped her bag and collapsed on the bed, flinging her long hair backward to have a clear view. The room’s silence was just too much, as if they were observing w moment of silence to Desmond, which wasn’t so.
“You are making me scared, please dear, talk to me, ” Angelina begged, and she sighed.

“Babe, a miracle happened, and another miracle happened at the same time today in the hospital,” Patricia said the confusing Angelina the more as the surprised expression could be seen on her face.
“And what do you mean by that “? She asked, looking straight into her eyes.
“Babe miraculously sir Louis blood matched with that of Desmond, and he is alive now,” she explained, thus making Angelina jump up in excitement.

“And why are you sad now? You should be happy,” Angelina said, shaking her on the shoulder.
“The sad part is that Desmond doesn’t know me again,” she explained bitterly.
“What do you mean by that, Patricia “?

“He woke up first scanning everywhere and after he asked us what happened to him which we knew that he wouldn’t recall, but the shockest part is that he asked me who I am,” she explained sadly.
“Do you know if he’s joking “? Angelina asked.

“I’m telling you real-life something, and you are talking about jokes, you till the time I left the hospital he kept staring at the both of us strangely asking us who we are and he seems to be nonstable ” Patricia explained further, and Angelina understood what was happening.
“No, this is not happening, no, it’s not happening, ” Angelina said, and Patricia kept looking at her strangely, wondering what she meant by that.

“What do you mean “? She asked.
“Babe Desmond is suffering from Amnesia,” she said.
“You mean memory loss “? She asked again to be sure that’s the meaning.
“Yes, dear,” Angelina replied

Sir Louis opened his eyes slowly trying to get up but withdrew back feeling a sharp pain on his arm, he looked to see his arm with a bandage, and he later recalled what happened, thus bringing back his memory about Desmond.

Back to the cell, Sir Willie was tortured to the extent he finally speaks up after seeing that the cops are not ready to let him go except tell them the truth.
“I was sent to kill Desmond any day he comes to the hospital in any way, even wounded or not,” Doctor Willie explained with blood dripping on his mouth. The camera captured everything as Sir Lancelot wrote down what he said.
“Who sent you “? He asked, bringing back his attention to him.
“I was sent by Raymond Louis “? He explained.

“Why did he sent you to kill an innocent soul for no reason as a professional doctor that you are “? Sir Lancelot asked, still writing down the essential points that will be needful in the law court.
“He said that according to the way Desmond is, it looks like he is sir Louis missing son who got missing, and he doesn’t want anyone to take his place as Mr. Louis, son, ” Doctor Willie explained.

“Did the test you conducted prove so? And was that why you fake the hospital report “? In a furious rage, Sir Lancelot asked him how wicked and cruel he is not to allow a missing son to reunite with his missing father finally.

Mike put a call to Sir Lancelot telling him about Desmond’s current situation as he couldn’t bear it alone. Sir Lancelot promised to be there in a while.

Tessy finished explaining everything that happened to her in the case of her love for Raymond.
“I warned you to be careful of the choice you make, ” Evelyn said.
“I thought that he was the right man, not knowing that he’s a wicked being, ” Tessy explained bitterly.

“We understand everything. We just thank God that you are alive and safe now. So what about him? Where is he “?
“The cops are still searching for him cause he disappeared after the incident,” she explained.
“We hope to see you soon in school,” Evelyn said, standing up, ready to leave.
“You are leaving so soon, “?

“Yes, we have overstayed.”
“Thanks for your visit. I gladly appreciate it. See you soon,” she said, leading them and escorting them to the park which they boarded a cap heading home after promising to visit her any day again.

Raymond was suffering because the cops didn’t take it lightly with him. They tortured him from one way to the other. They did several things to him, and seeing that he will soon pass out if it continues like that, he decided to speak up.
” I sent Doctor Willie to kill Desmond instead of saving him,” he said
“What “?
“Yes, I did that,” he added, feeling the hotness on his body as it kept burning him where the iron was placed on his back.

After ordering the hospital, Sir Lancelot arrived at the hospital to employ another experienced doctor to handle patients until Doctor Willie’s case is settled.
He walked straight to Desmond’s ward, and after being told what happened, he carried out his test as Desmond was busy sleeping. After the test, the same his head negatively, looking at Mike as Mike stood up to hear him out.
“Mike, it’s so sad that your friend is now suffering from another sickness entirely,” Sir Lancelot explained.
“Sir, what could that be, sir “? He asked.

“He’s suffering from Amnesia Mike memory loss,” he explained.
“Doctor, is there no way to solve this issue “? Mike asked.
“You guys need to stay around. He needs to see familiar things and people that he has seen that will help much, ” Sir Lancelot replied as he drops his gloves taking off his glasses.

Episode 29

“What is happening here “? Jerold asked, fuming in anger when he got to his father’s company after hearing the news that his current secretary has been sacked without his notice. His reaction alone could tell that something is going on between them, but it wasn’t so.

“I need to be consulted before any decision is taken, ” Jerold said angrily, hitting his fist on the glass table.
“We are sorry it was the manager’s decision, ” young Adele said, rubbing his two palms together like q baby who is begging the mother for forgiveness. Meanwhile, Jerold was busy pressing his phone as he placed it on his ears.
“Come back to the office now and resume your work,” he said angrily on the phone, ending the call immediately.

“You not to be a doctor for Christ’s sake, how could you? Because of money wants a family who got loss years back not to be united “?sir Alexander said angrily, squeezing his two ears.
“Get ready to rot in jail, fool,” he said, banging the door from behind walking away from doctor Willie who was now thinking about what fate will decide.

Patricia woke and yawning, she turned to the other side, trying to touch Angelina, but she was already awake.
She stood up, stretching her body. She took up her flip flops to the bathroom for a quick shower. The scent alone that filled the house at that moment could be described as a pleasant one. Patricia smiled, allowing the water to run down her body, still inhaling the sweet scent coming out of the kitchen. It’s no other person handwork than Angelina, that’s why she so much loves her.

She stepped out of the bathroom tub after what seems like 30 minutes pass. The dry towel was already soaked with water as Patricia cleaned her body.
“Babe, see you later. I’m off,” she said hurriedly after dressing up, looking more charming and attractive than never before. She stood there with her hands on her waist, talking to Angelina.

“heading to where “? She asked, facing her this time around without thinking about what’s on fire.
“To check on Desmond, of course,” Patricia just immediately not allowing her to land.

“I knew it, but please stay back from the hospital for a while. It may help you. You don’t have to do this way. I know you like him but don’t make it look like you are forcing yourself on someone.

Let him value you and love you the more, ” Angelina said, turning back to the pot that was steaming on fire. Seeing the truth in what Angelina just wait, Patricia dropped her bag on the kitchen counter and relaxed on it.
“Thanks, babe, you are one in a million. What would I have done without you,” she said, and they both hugged each other.

“It’s nothing. What are friends for? It’s my duty to protect you do the rightful thing,” Angelina replied, smiling.
“I knew you are hungry, and you are not ready to admit it. Let’s have a taste of the salty food,” Angelina joked as Patricia hot her on the shoulder.

Mike watched Desmond sleep silently on the hospital bed like a baby, his handsome face, but his memory was lost. How could he possibly make it returned to normal immediately after it had been damaged? He has been waiting and expecting to see Patricia, but she was nowhere to be found, unlike her. She always arrives earlier before him, but here he is, and she’s not got.
He was beginning to get disturbed and bored since Desmond didn’t even move with his body or head.

Placing the phone on his ears to called Patricia, who was not yesterday.

Sir Lancelot arrived at his office as two police officers ran after him.
“Sorry, every information is set for the case of Doctor Willie,” said the first officer.
“Good set everything I place tomorrow the case starts.
“Sir, we still need more evidence for this case because of the evidence, ” the second cop said.
“Carry out more investigation if that’s the case, ” Sir Lancelot ordered immediately. They saluted him leaving the office.

Sir Louis woke up with a slight pain on his head, which was playing like the Methodist drums playing, the environment looked strange to him at first, but he was he stood up in his hospital clothes heading to Desmond’s ward.

Just as he entered, an alert entered his phone, beeping and showing the green light for a message. “Meet me at my office this evening, ” the message reads, and it was from Sir Lancelot.
Looking at Desmond from head to toe, he resembled someone familiar to him, but he can’t recall when and where he met such a person.

“Mike, how’s “? Sir Louis asked.
“No improvement, sir,” he replied, relaxing on one of the cushions.
“It’s still the same,” he replied just then. Desmond woke up, yawning and stretching his body. Sir Louis and Mike exchange glance with sir Louis, decided to see if it’s true.
” Desmond,”? Mike called and kept looking strangely at the both of them, from Mike to sir Louis, who shook his head negatively, seeing that there’s no change at all.

“What can you remember anything, Desmond”? Mike asked, adjusting closer to him, but he kept looking at him as he’s cursing him without saying q word.
“I’ll be right back. I need to see someone, ” sir Louis said, leaving the both of them to have s excellent time together.
Mike kept saying familiar things to Desmond, whether that would help him regain his memory, but the situation was still the same.

Sir Louis arrived, parked his car in the garage, and walked out. After being saluted by several police officers, he heads straight to Sir Lancelot’s office. He placed a soft knock on the door, waiting for a command to come in. Just as he was anticipating, he heard Sir Lancelot’s voice from inside asking him to come in.
“Have a seat, ” Sir Lancelot said after the both of them shook hands together.

“Thank you,” Mr. Louis replied as he draws out a sit setting his ass on it.
” Just give me a minute, ” Sir Lancelot said, rounding up what he has done and looked at sir Louis. He spoke up.
“Sir, once again, I need you to tell me everything that happened the day your child got missing, ” Sir Lancelot said as Mr. Louis didn’t understand the language. The confused look could be easily seen on his face, thereby telling Sir Lancelot that he doesn’t understand what he’s trying to say to him.

“Sir, we need more strong and heavy evidence for the case of Doctor Willie and Raymond, your son. The case is a very dangerous one, ” Sir Lancelot said, expecting to hear from Mr. Louis.
Which he later narrated everything again, starting from the beginning till the end to him.
Which made Sir Lancelot suggestions to be right. He was right though, even the report of the test h3 Carried out proved it. He needed strong evidence from Mr. Louis to be sure that everything is okay, now he has gotten it, and he is satisfied.

Back to the hospital, Mike has been trying his best to start a friendly conversation with Desmond to see how it will be, but everything ends up like a mess as Desmond kept saying things out of the line.
He kept smiling at every interval.

“Desmond,”? Mike called, and he turned, looking at him without answering nor saying anything.
“Do you know me “? He asked, feeling his throat getting dry because of too much talking, and Desmond shook his head negatively.
“I know you not. Who are you “? He asked, speaking up for the first time since the incident.
Mike tried his best to key into the tune he thinks is the best way to bring back Desmond’s memory, but it seems it didn’t work out the way he was planning.

Raymond and arrow both of them were seriously tortured in the police cell. Bruises were already over their faces, especially Raymond, who was the primary target. Still, his deadly face could be seen.
The news got to Tessy that Raymond was arrested some days ago. She didn’t know what to do but believed that he’s properly taken care of how it was supposed to be in the police cell.

Patricia was tired of staying in the house without seeing Desmond. He wants to see that cute guy, watch him sleep soundly, and watch over him not to be taken away.
Angelina was in the bathroom, taking her bath. Patricia tiptoed out of the house with her heels in her hands; running out of the house, getting to the road, she boarded a cab.
“Saint Charles hospital,” she said immediately to the taxi man entering the car as they drove away.

Episode 30

Patricia got to the hospital still with her heels in her hands, running inside Desmond’s ward with full force, making Mike jerk up in fear, wondering who is after her.
Seeing the shoes in her hands, he didn’t understand what was happening. He looked strangely at Patricia, expecting an explanation from her, but instead of saying a word, she wore her heels, walking to where Desmond was.

Angelina emerged from the bathroom after her bath. She used the towel to clean her wet body that water was dripping down.
“Babe, where can we go…” she paused, looking at where Patricia sat, but she was nowhere to be found. She shook her head in disbelief that Patricia has finally escaped from the house to check on Desmond after being warned but, she smelt love in the air, praying that she also finds a man after her heart and who will also, in turn, love her back.

After explaining the whole thing to Sir Louis, Sir Lancelot didn’t take what Sir Lancelot said as truth, but it is left for a time.
After shaking hands with Sir Lancelot, Mr. Louis stood up, walking to the door. He stopped on his track, looking back at Sir Lancelot.

“Once again, thank you, I owe you a lot,” he said, still holding the doorknob.
“It’s our duty to save lives, not to destroy. You are welcome, Louis,” Sir Lancelot said, giving Mr. Louis a thumb up.
It was just a few days left for Doctor Willie to face the people to tell his reasons why he wanted Desmond’s death, according to Raymond’s words as a professional doctor like him whose duty is to save lives, but he did the opposite of it.

His looks were really bad as her body weight reduced, he couldn’t eat nor drink thinking oh, what to say to the crowd on that day because if care is not taken he will be hanged. Remembering what happened to some people earlier, he witnessed it not as easy as they suffered before they were finally destroyed.
“I said it, but you kept telling me that you got everything in control now. What’s, is happening “? Arrow asked, raising his voice in an angry tone feeling the hotness and suffering he had seen because of Raymond’s case.

Saint Charles hospital was there without a doctor to take care of patients, but with doctor Lancelot on Desmond’s side, everything was bound to be calm and great.
Patricia sat down on the bed, watching Desmond as he coughed, waking up from sleep. He looked around, seeing Patricia, who was busy staring at him, likes a newborn baby who couldn’t stay without the mother.

“Desmond, “? She called, waiting to see his reaction, but he stood up with full force and grabbed her the neck angrily as Mike rushed to her sight to rescue her.
“I don’t know you, take me home j don’t belong here,” Desmond shouted on top of his voice, standing up from the bed, taking off the hospital clothes, walking to the door to move away. Mike had to prevent him by blocking him on the way.

Patricia already had started crying that Desmond, even in that situation, is not responding to treatment upon all the doctor’s effort. All seems lost.
Mike tried to stop Desmond, but a sharp and powerful punch landed on his face, making him groan in pain as he looked at Desmond, who in turn looked at him.

“I don’t know you, so please stay away from me,” Desmond said as Mike stay calm.
“Even me?? You don’t know me, “? Patricia asked, and Desmond shook his head in a yes gesture, making the already formed tears in her eyes finally formed.
Mike tried bus best to calm Patricia down that everything would be fine, but his effort was fruitless as she didn’t listen to him.

Tessy was sitting in the parlor as the cold AC kept blowing the house, making it cool.
She was watching a TV program which the news came on instantly, she picked up the TV remote just as Desmond’s case was about displaying she pressed the power off button and the TV went off immediately, she crossed her legs on the table feeling relaxed and calm with her juice in a glass cup sipping it bit by bit.

Just then her phone vibrated, and it was Juliet calling her, he picked the phone again, hearing the ringing tone, she put it on a loudspeaker placing it on he4 ears.
“Hello, where are you now “? Juliet asked her on the phone, which she didn’t understand.
“Yes, I’m home. What’s it “? She asked.

“Turn on your CBB news and see what is happening, do it now,” she said and ended the call as Tessy picked up the remote again, turning on the TV. Seeing Raymond and arrow on the screen, she threw away the remote, shouting and vibrating. She was happy that the cops have finally got Raymond. It was her happiness, but the next thing that displayed on the screen made her weak instantly.

Desmond’s picture was shown with the caption that says “RAYMOND LOUIS WANTS DESMOND DEAD” there she shouted on top of her voice, remembering immediately that there was a man called Desmond who disturbed. She quickly stood up wearing her heels and clothes, heading to saint Charles hospital after seeing the address on the screen. She started praying that he survives, but her prayers were late already.

Sir Louis arrived at the hospital with Sir Lancelot, heading straight to Desmond’s ward to see how he’s fairing. Opening the door, there was Desmond standing right in front of Mike. It seems they had quarrels, but they were not sure. The two older men glanced at each other and back to the teenage boys in the room who didn’t understand what was happening.

“Desmond,”? Sir Lancelot called softly as he turned slowly, looking at him. Just then, the door flung open again, instantly revealing Tessy, who was panting and breathing hard. Her breathing rate was nothing to write home about. She was physically sweating, and her hairs were scattered seeing Tessy. Patricia wondered what was happening likewise, the two men except for Mike, who knew her. She looked to see Desmond standing at a spot she called softly.

Just then, Desmond held his head firmly with his two hands. He began screaming and shouting so loud, still holding his head as it kept spinning and turning, images kept displaying and appearing, but it was so blurry that he couldn’t figure the face. He kept shouting and screaming, holding his head. Everyone in the house was dumped, not knowing what to do because they didn’t understand what was happening.
“No…! ” Desmond shouted on top of his voice, which brought repeated echoes in the house. He collapsed on the bed.

Episode 31

The room went silent immediately, just as Desmond collapsed on the bed. Sir Lancelot rushed to his side, calling the nurses to bring the appropriate injection that will be given to him to calm him down. Without time wastage, the nurses returned with the injection handing it to Sir Lancelot, who collected it from them, filled the syringe with the liquid, and injected Desmond.

Meanwhile, Patricia’s heart racing so fast thinking about how it happened that even when Desmond was awake, he couldn’t recognize her, but he recognized a stranger immediately, which she couldn’t understand. She didn’t even care to look at the strange LR. Still, due to how it so much disturbed her, she turned to see that Tessy was the girl who just entered who brought about Desmond’s current situation.

“Tessy, “? She called, bending her neck to have a clear view of her to be sure it’s her. The rest of the men didn’t care about their conversation. All their concentration was on Desmond to see what will happen next if he runs mad, which they were ready to catch him in case he tries to run, or if his senses will be restored, so the two ladies’ conversation was meaningless to them.

“Patricia, “? Tessy also called, walking close to her. The surprised looked on her face showed how surprised she is.
“What are you doing here “? Patricia asked Tessy feeling her heartbeat increasing, or was Desmond trying to play on her too after suffering from that of Raymond.
“I should be the one asking you that. What are you doing here “? Tessy smiling but seeing that Patricia was not smiling, her smile vanished immediately.

“I came to check on Desmond,” Patricia replied, looking at Tessy’s lips to see the truth from there.
“How do you know him “? Tessy asked without waiting for Patricia to say anything else.
“We are just close friends, how about you “? She asked as her heartbeat increased, praying that it should not be what she’s thinking. It happens to be what she’s thinking. She will never fall in love so quickly again. She waited like a little child patiently to hear what she has to say.

Tessy took time to tell her how it all started from the beginning until the end even told her how Raymond betrayed her, which she fell so quickly for. After explaining everything to her, they both see that they are on the same side.

The court was filled with hundreds of people present to witness what will happen in the case of Doctor Willie, who, instead of saving w soul, tried to kill.

“I need to see you in my office, sir, ” Sir Lancelot said as they both left for his office. Leading the way, he kept on shaking his head occasionally. Sir Louis seeing how tensed up he was, wondered what could be the problem.
“Have a seat, sir,” Sir Lancelot said, relaxing on his office chair as Mr. Louis drag a sit and then relax on it.

“Sir, I will start by asking you a question. For how many years now have your little Alex got missing,” he asked, thus making Mr. Louis be confused about the cause of the discussion because it has already been discussed some days back. Still, for the doctor requesting the story again, he didn’t know why, but he had to answer as a man.
“Why ask the question again, sorry “?

“For confirmation sake and safety purposes,” Sir Lancelot said.
“How? Who’s safety “? He asked again, but Sir Lancelot was not ready for too many questions as he drew out a drawer containing w zeal documents. He opened it and removed the plain sheet with something written on it, probably a test result. It looked like a movie to Mr. Louis everything that was happening, and he didn’t even understand what was happening.

He took out the result and handed it over to Mr. Louis, who collected it and looked closely at the contents. He didn’t understand how it was written, so he looked at Sir Lancelot to see him staring at him.
“What is this “? He asked, adjusting his seat.

“It’s your test results, sir, ” Sir Lancelot explained to him. Still, the confused look was on his face.
“I know it’s my test results, but how about this one? Who owns it “? He asked the other paper to Doctor Lancelot, who collected it and then stretched it back to him as he managed it.

“That’s the boy test results, and that’s you. Now, look at the contents. What is different “? He said to him, looking elsewhere. Mr. Louis took time to studied everything, which happens to be almost the same thing. Doctor Lancelot’s eyes were still on Mr. Louis, thinking of his fate if he sees the main results.
“Everything here is the same “? He asked as Doctor Lancelot nodded his head in a yes gesture. He drew out another test result, which he carried out to be sure he’s not tormenting Raymond but trying to figure out the truth from him.
“DNA test results “?

“Yes, sir, I’m afraid to say this, but I will say it in any way. From the test and everything, we’ve carried on Desmond’s blood and the one of yours. Sir, it’s true that Desmond is your missing Alex of 5 years old,” he said, looking at Mr. Louis to see his reaction. Just then, a sharp pain crossed Mr. Louis’s heart immediately.
“Doctor, if this is a joke, you better stop it before it gets of hand,” he said to Sir Lancelot, who was not laughing nor smiling.

“Sir Desmond is your true biological son who got missing years ago,” he said out loud. Mr. Louis’s heart started racing so fast; the happiness that filled his heart was just unimaginable.
He stood up instantly, walking out of the ward with full speed, as Doctor Lancelot tried to call him but later decided to let him reach his destination.

He opened Desmond’s ward to see him lying peacefully sleeping. Mike and others were nowhere to be found. Maybe they are trying to solve some issues.
Mr. Louis took a step of faith, walking near Desmond’s, praying in his heart for it to be true because he couldn’t just believe it.

“Son, if you are my son. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you, sorry for not finding you the time you got missing. I love you, son, we love you, mom loves though she’s gone, and I love you,” he said, drying the tears that were waiting to drop anytime soon.

He pecked Desmond on the cheek and sat down behind him to watch his son, whom he would have killed through an accident if not for God. He didn’t know how to start appreciating God or telling him to thank you for saving my life.
“Doctor Willie, tell us nothing but the truth because it’s the truth that will save you.”

Back to the hospital, Mike, Patricia, and Tessy came back to see Mr. Louis, shedding tears, which were nothing less than tears of joy for seeing his missing son.
Seeing how sober Mr. Louis was, Patricia rushed to his side to be sure Desmond is still alive. She placed her hands on his chest to feel it moving.

“What’s it, sir “? Mike asked as he drew forward, likewise Tessy too. Mr. Louis handed over the test results to Mike, who collected it and looked into it with excitement. He dropped the paper looking back at Mr. Louis.
“Sir, you are Desmond’s father, and Desmond is your missing son “? Mike asked as Mr. Louis nodded his head positively. So all this while Raymond was just an adopted child enjoy what he didn’t sow while the real son is suffering somewhere without knowing himself.

The joy was unspeakable. Mike rushed to Mr. Louis, giving him a firm handshake of happiness.
The noises and the jubilation was just too much, especially Mike, who was so glad that finally Desmond is no longer suffering instead will be enjoying.

He slowly opened his eyes and moved his body, feeling a little headache, seeing him Mr. Louis stood up immediately on the bed as Desmond sat up too. Mike was busy smiling. Desmond sat on the bed holding his neck, looking at everyone from first to the last in the room. Patricia, again, wasn’t stable as she kept praying he should remember her.

“Mike, is that you “? Desmond called softly, looking closely at Michael.
Yes, Desmond, it’s me,” he replied as he rushed to his side and embraced him do tight in a brotherly way. Micheal has missed him so very much, all thanks to God that he is alive now.

“Tessy, “? He called out, but she was afraid to go near him due to how and what she did to him. Mike has her s go-ahead nod to come and embrace Desmond. She walked like a shy baby girl going to apologize to her mom. She stopped, and a teardrop fell from her eyes.

“Desmond, I’m so sorry,” she pleaded in a shaky voice. Then the tears finally fell as she embraces him so tight. Patricia was already jealous about the way she was embracing him. They finally disengaged as Tessy cleaned her wet eyes.
“Who’s she “? Desmond asked Mike, pointing his finger at Patricia as she felt embarrassed that Desmond had recalled everyone but couldn’t recognize her. She swallowed the lump in her throat.
“Desmond, you said you couldn’t recall her “? Mike asked already. Patricia was feeling weak and teary.

“So Desmond, you don’t know me again “? She asked, sniffing, remembering how she spent her precious time to be with him when he was unconscious and how she sacrificed everything for him just to see that he’s okay. Now he can’t remember her again, what’s the essence of her stay there? She ran, heading to the door sniffing. Just as she grabbed the doorknob to twist it down, Desmond called her back.

“Patricia,” called out. Hearing the voice, she had so much missed, hearing the deep voice and the love in it made her stop in her tracks as she turned back to see whether it’s Desmond that called her or not.
She stood there looking at him.
“Who wouldn’t have recalled my own Patricia? The only trouble maker I know, I was just pulling your legs, come over here,” he said, spreading his two hands wide as Mike smiled.

Patricia heard it, she felt relaxed, she felt joy in her heart, she felt happy, but the joke was just so expensive.
Without time wastage, she remembered down to where Desmond sat and embrace him tight, feeling the moment, she didn’t feel like letting go, but she needs to. It was an excellent event as Desmond’s memory returned.

Looking up, he saw Mr. Louis and wondered what he was doing right in front of him.
Mike explained everything to him that sir Louis is the one who mistakenly knocked him down in his car and that he has been there to see that he survives at last.
Desmond was so pleased though he couldn’t believe that he had stayed that long without opening his eyes and other things.

He looked at Mike again and smiled. They both missed each other. All this while smile didn’t depart from Sir Louis’s mouth as he had finally found his missing son. Mike and Tessy were on Desmond’s left hand while Patricia and sir Louis were on his left-hand side.

Desmond was talking to Mike, who didn’t tell him about his real identity, when he heard his name being called, a name which none knew, not even Mike except his father, a name which his father loved calling him back then, for the past 36 years he had missed the name so much.

He looked around but couldn’t see someone familiar that knew the name, making him wonder if he’s hallucinating, which was not so. That instant, he started missing his parents, remembering that tragic night what happened and praying deep down to meet his parents on that day.

He started talking afresh with Mike when the name came again ” Alex The Super Coke ” he looked around to see Mr. Louis smiling at him which he didn’t know why he was smiling, but it looked as if he saw his mouth moving.
“Who called me “? He asked and the three of them, Tessy, Mike and Patricia pointed their hands at sir Louis.
“It’s your father that called you,” they said in unison.

Episode 32 – Finale

Doctor Willie was found guilty of killing a soul instead of saving a soul according to his profession, but he did the opposite. Many pieces of evidence were provided from Sir Lancelot to prove everything they said against doctor Willie to be true. He didn’t say anything nor has anything to say.

The house was so silent as everyone was waiting to hear the final judgment and what will be done to Doctor Willie was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with hard labor while Raymond and arrow were sentenced to life imprisonment.

“My son comes here, and it’s me, your father, ” Mr. Louis said as tears were already formed in his eyes, Desmond wasn’t ready to be told that the man in front of him is his father, the man he has seen in school is his father it was not easy for him to believe it.

He looked at Mike, and Mike gave him the go-ahead nod to embracing his father, but he averted his eyes instantly, standing up from the bed and stood at the window looking outside. Patricia was touched even Tessy, who knew the power of reunion and how let feels.

“Mike is this true “? He asked Mike, who spread his hands wide.
“The results prove it true, ” Mike replied as he returned his gaze to Mr. Louis who’s hand was still hanging in the air, ready for a hug.
“I can’t believe you are my dad. My dad and mom died a long time ago,” he said, almost breaking down in tears.
“I know it happened that way during the fire outbreak, but I survived it, and your mom wasn’t able,” Mr. Louis said, walking close to Desmond, who was now starting to believe that it’s true as the memories came back in a fierce way replaying in his memory, how it all happened and he loosed his parents in a fire outbreak.

Tears were formed in Desmond’s eyes, already seeing that he wasn’t ready to admit that he’s his father. Mr. Louis took off his wristwatch and showed him the mark he had since childhood, and he has been showing it to his little boy back then as a mark he will use to recognize him in case of anything, and here comes that time.

“Little Alex, here is what I have been showing you,” he said, showing him the mark, hearing his childhood name, which he changed his brows narrowed in shock as he walked to Mr. Louis slowly.
“Dad? Is this you? My soothsayer “? He asked to make Mr. Louis chuckle because that’s the name his little Alex likes calling him back then.

“Yes, my hero, I’m the one, I’m here come here,” Mr. Louis said, spreading out his hands as Desmond ran in and embraced his father so tight like never before, he wasn’t ready to let go. They both cried on each other’s shoulders; it was a peaceful and happy moment for the two missing families to reunite finally. Tessy cleaned her eyes. She was crying for the reunion of the family, even Patricia. The happiest person was Mike because finally, his buddy has seen his real dad. He gave Desmond a thumb up for a perfect time for a perfect reunion.

“Oh, what did I missed here “? Sir Lancelot asked as he walked in from the door. Desmond disengaged from his father, smiling at Doctor Lancelot because he has been told how sir Lancelot saved his life while Doctor Willie was trying to play wisely.
“Dad, I missed you,” Desmond said, still couldn’t believe that it is happening real. He walked to Sir Lancelot and mostly looked at him.

“Thank you, sir, for saving my life,” he said and embraced him so tight.
The atmosphere in the room was so fantastic for everyone for the great reunion.
“What about Raymond “? Mike asked Sir Lancelot, who took his seat.
“He and doctor Willie are facing their penalty in prison,” he explained as they all chuckled.

Two weeks later…
Desmond was finally discharged from the hospital without time wastage that same day. Sir Louis ordered Desmond things to be moved to his own house. Desmond was busy parking his stuff, still smiling that Mr. Louis is his birth father.
” Leave those things there, let’s move; I’ll get you new stuff,” Mr. Louis said to Desmond, who tried to carry his stiffs outside.

“Dad, those are special and also expensive,” he said, trying to continue as Mr. Louis dragged him away from where he stood.
“We need to go, son, and it’s already late. Let’s move,” Mr. Louis said as he grabbed the doorknob, ready to twist it anytime soon.
Desmond looked at Mike smiling at him from the corner he stood watching him, seriously he was really happy for Desmond to discover his real identity and who he is.

“Man, I’m so happy for you,” Mike said, standing next to Desmond, who was now reflecting on how his life was with Mike always by his side as a brother, a true friend, an adviser, and everything. Mike was just like everything to him. He couldn’t forget him so easily. He thought of how life would have been without Desmond. Truly he was just like his second brother.
“Dude, I’ve cherished our friendship so much. You’ve done much more than that I would have done to you. You stood by my side in times of trouble and pain. I can’t love you less, bro, and you are one in a million. I want you to…”
“Shhhh, don’t talk too much. Dad is waiting. Why not join him? We will talk some other time ” Mike cut him short to save Mr. Louis time. Desmond looked back at his father to see him looked at him too.
“Dad, please, I want to…

“Don’t say anything, Mike better get that your ass up and follow me. People are waiting for your arrival,” Mr. Louis said as Mike looked at Desmond and Desmond to his father.
“Dad, “?
“Son,”? Mr. Louis said, looking at him.
“Sir,”? Mike called, looking near at Mr. Louis.

“You heard me, well young hero, just as he has said you are his hero. Without you and your help, I wouldn’t have found him, so you two are brothers. Now get up from there, let’s go to the house that is waiting to welcome us all back,” Mr. Louis said as Mike’s heart skipped.
“Wow, dad, thank you, thank you so very much. I love you, dad,” he said, embracing him.

It’s been a week since Mike and Desmond moved to their new home with Mr. Louis Desmond’s father. They were like cat and dog. Staying together with each other was just a fantastic thing for Mike and Desmond to come together.
The house was just amazing.

“Dude, how about Patricia? When last did you call her,”? Mike asked him, lying on the bed with his phone in his hand. His masculine body was just amazing, just like that of Desmond, who was busy looking at the ceiling as someone who was expecting a manner to fall from heaven. He didn’t say anything, and Mike turned to see that he’s lost In thought and he didn’t hear him, he shook him, and he jerks up in alert.

“Man Whatsup with you? You’ve been acting dull since morning. What is it? Mike asked, sitting on the bed.
“Bro, I don’t know what to do now but relax. I will tell you later,” he replied, patting Mike on the shoulder. He picked his phone and walked to the mirror, looking at his image, and then smiled like a little kid who has just been given cabin biscuits.

He walked out of the room, heading to the parlor. He grabbed the remote and then sat down to watch the ongoing TV program. It was still boring to him. He switched it off again and then walked outside of the house to receive fresh air.
He relaxed on the wall, still thinking which none glue what he was thinking about. He folded his arms, leaning on the wall.

Patricia couldn’t believe that he doesn’t even care to call him or visit him since Desmond left the hospital. A sharp pain crossed her heart. The phone she was holding to call him she has missed him, but it will be silly for her to call him instead of calling her. It’s obvious all men are the same; he was just a player just like Raymond. He’s the same. She kept moving up and down in the house, heading to nowhere in particular, but all her thought was on Desmond.

Desmond was well dressed in black jeans, trousers, and a white long sleeve shirt with a pair of glasses in his eyes, and the car key was jingling in his hands. He checked his wristwatch at every interval.

“Mike, let’s go. We’ll be late,” Desmond said, rechecking his time. Mike didn’t have a clue where he wanted to go. He insisted on him to follow him to where he wants to go. He emerged from the room, too, dressed in the same dress code as Desmond, which made them looked like twins. Without time wastage, they both head out of the room as they proceeded to the car garage.

” Patricia was not feeling well at all. She was burning. Her body temperature was so hot as she covered herself with a duvet. The worst part is that Angelina was not around to help her out. She was shivering. Just then, a knock sounded on the door. She wasn’t expecting anyone at that time.

“Who is there “? She asked, standing up, but no response came. The knock sounded again for the second time. Still, no voice came out. She began to tremble. She walked to the opened it, and there stood Desmond before her, his Prince Charming. Her heart melted, but she was furious at him. It’s so childish for him to abandon her for the past days.
“You don’t want me to come in “? Desmond asked, spreading his hands in the air as Patricia gave him space. He entered the house, scanning it.

“What are you doing here, Desmond “? Patricia asked, not looking at him.
“Why do you ask me such a question”? Desmond replied, taking off his glasses.
“Because I don’t think you know me, it’s up to two weeks now you left the hospital without checking nor calling to hear from me,” she said with a shaky voice, which tears were already formed in her eyes.

“It’s obvious your heart belongs to someone else. You just came to lie to me,” Patricia said, sniffing.
“You are right, Patricia, my heart beats for someone else, my heart belongs to someone else, and guess what? My heart is for Tessy ” Desmond dropped the bomb. She wished she didn’t hear him well, he just said it now that he’s in love with Tessy not her, he loves another not her, her heart was like failing her, her vision became blurry due to tears, her throat was dry instantly. She wished death should just come now, she wished she could just strangle him to death now.

She was backing Desmond hearing such from him was just like dying. She was burning in anger added to her health issue, the heartbreak, the time wasted, and her precious heart being destroyed.
” Desmond, I hate you right now. I hate everything in me.

You are a fool to play someone’s heart get out “! She shouted on top of her voice, screaming, turning around. She found Desmond on his knees with a sparkling ring in his hand. He was just looking directly into her eyes. Her voice heartbeat increased, her legs were weakened, her headache arrived, Desmond was just looking at him and what she saw she couldn’t believe it.

“Patricia, I can’t say much, but all I can say to round up everything is that you have changed my world, Patricia, you were there for me even when I have announced the death.

You stood by me. You loved me even when I didn’t tell you much about myself. You are the kind of woman I need. Please, Patricia, I love you, please will you marry me “? Mike asked, looking directly into her eyes. Patricia couldn’t believe that it’s the same Desmond once told him trash is now trying to say to him something else, or is it true?

Patricia kept mute without saying a word but felt her heart rate increasing. She looked at Desmond to see the sincerity in them.
“Please, Patricia, be my wife, ” Desmond asked again as Patricia’s eyes were moist with tears.
“Will you marry me please he asked again for the third time.
“Yes, Desmond, I will marry you,” she replied, covering her mouth with her hands. Desmond slide the ring into her finger, then stood up and embraced her as they both have a good time with each other.

“Why do you always like starting a serious business with a joke “? Patricia asked, smiling, and disengaging from her.
“Because you made me fell in love with jokingly,” he replied as Patricia laughed out loud and hit him on the shoulder.
“I love you, dear, but you almost make me faint.”
“I love you more, my angel,” he replied, giggling.

Jerold finally engaged Tessy too, but for Mike, he didn’t find his true love yet until she later discovered that Angelina Patricia’s fiend was the best choice for him. Mike and Angelina became unexpected lovers, and honestly, they were all “TRAPPED BY LOVE.”


Writer: Daniel Etim

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