Sad Love Story (The Crazy Girl)

A Love Story

Our love is like a swing where ups and down always happen. We can not predict love and our future life. We think that our love will be memorable and comfortable to improve, but it’s different. Everybody has a different love story. Today we are reading a love story that can hurt your mind. So let’s start!


Have you come across a trouble maker before? Nah I don’t think you have met Skyler. She’s a crazy trouble maker who has a thing for mischief. Folks call her beautiful trouble. Skyler Cortez is pretty trouble who derives joy in making trouble with everyone.

She is an award-winning boxer. She has gone to juvenile like countless times for making trouble. Her parents are tired of her. She was transferred from one school to another. Well, South Korea became her last bus stop. Things changed when she got into trouble with Kim Taehyung school’s most handsome guy.

He never speaks to anyone, cold-hearted not moved by anything he’s introverted yet feared by everyone except one person.

She was the first person that got into his bad book. What will happen between these two?
Meet jungkook Taehyung younger brother, and he’s the biggest womanizer in school.
Second most handsome guy after the first meeting with Skyler was trouble.
He suddenly wanted to have her by all means.

EPISODE 1 – First Meet

I tied a rope to the bag of wax and tied the rope to Jake’s door. Jake is my little brother, and I love to prank him, he’s going to cry all day. I tipped toe back to my room and ran to the bathroom. Well, I just resumed Hilton high today. Mom insisted I go else I hate going to school. Oops sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.

I’m Skyler Cortez popularly known as the goddess of trouble. It’s my blood. I can’t stop making trouble. Even the cops are tired of me. I came out of the bathroom, naked only to hear Jake’s screams.

“Mom!” He yelled out loud.
I couldn’t control my laughter as I cleaned up and wore a rugged Jean and a baggy top. Slide my legs into my sneakers and picked up my bag before walking out of my room majestically. Mom had gotten a bike for me as compensation so I can go to school. I went straight to dinner and pulled out a chair.

Dad was seated reading a magazine, but I acted like I didn’t see him. “What’s your problem sky, didn’t you see your Dad?” Mom barked.
” Oh, please don’t ruin my mood Mom. Good morning Mr Cortez.” I greeted sarcastically.
Dad hates me so much, so why should I respect him.
” Why did you put a bag filled with wax over Jake’s door, huh? Are you out of your mind or what? ” Dad lashed out.
” Hey, Mr Cortez you don’t get to raise your voice at me. And secondly, I don’t know what you are talking about. ” I lied munching on my egg sandwich.

” Calm down, honey, let me talk to her.” Mom said Calmly.
“Talk to who? Look, Margret, it’s either you take this thing back to wherever you picked her from cause I know she’s not my blood. My child will never be a hooligan like this one seating here. ” He spat.
Mom was becoming sober.

” Look Mr Cortez it’s better you get comfortable cause this daughter of yours is not going anywhere. Bye. ” I said mockingly and took his egg sandwich before walking out of the house. Yeah, that’s how messed up my family is.
I got on my tsunami bike and rode out of the house. You know that feeling when your father hates you so much? Yeah, that’s how it is with my family.

This school was so crowned with folks moving up and fro. Gosh, these Korean girls look like dolls with too much makeup. I rode into the school as my eyes were on me. I saw a free parking lot and parked my bike and step down.

Just then, an ugly looking guy parked his car and walked towards me.
“Hey, you move the goddammn bike outta my spot.” He said proudly. I removed the bubble gum In my mouth and placed it on his car Bonet. It turns out there’s another ugly looking guy in the car.
In my eyes, Korean guys are never cute.

“Are you mad? Do you even know who you’re talking to?” He yelled angrily.
Folks had begun to gather around us.
” Do I look like I give a damn about you? Even if you’re the president’s son, I’ll still slap some sense into your head if I have to. ” I smirked evilly as everyone gasps.

The other ugly step out of the car, there was a striking resemblance I guess that’s his brother.
“You better watch that stupid tongue of yours or am gonna rip it off.” He growled.

” Watch your balls too, or a-gonna rip it off.” I moved closer and spat into my palm before rubbing it on his shirt.
I could tell he was super angry and would blow up any minute.
The other ugly must be a dummy, he has been there since and not uttered a single word.

“Oh, and one more thing, your six inches is not alive anymore.” I chuckled softly and brought out another bubble gum.
” You’ll pay for this humiliation! You mess with Kim jeon jungkook and go Scott free. ” He muttered dryly.

” Niggaaa you can’t do more than a dead rat. By the way, you smell like shit.” I winked and bounced off.
The crowd moved back as they kept murmuring things to themselves. I guess they’re scared of those ugly people but am not. Trust me have seen worst things than them. Their ugly face doesn’t scare me.
I better find the principal’s office.

EPISODE 2 – Challenge Me

Seriously I hate Korean folks, and they’re so ugly and proud too. I hope they’re ready for the sky. I walked around the whole place till I found the principal’s office. I Walk into the office without knocking, and I sat down proudly and place my leg on his desk.

“What’s wrong with you, miss? Kindly take your feet off my desk.” He groaned softly.
” Nice to meet you too,” I said, chewing gum in annoyingly.
The principal is a middle-aged man with bald hair and big spectacle looking like an Australian cattle.
“Behave yourself miss Skyler, or you gonna get yourself into some serious trouble.” He warned.
Well, I have some tricks off my sleeve.

” Okay I’ll be of good behaviour but how about I tell your wife how you’re sleeping with your neighbour’s daughter and also one your staff? You know I want to repent from my sins, and it won’t be good if I lie.” I said casually as his face went dry.
” How did I know.” he stammered

“Have got eyes everywhere,” I said proudly making her uncomfortable. To honest, I don’t have eyes anywhere. I just guessed it, and it was true.
This is my lucky day. “Please don’t tell my wife anything, she’ll kill me if she finds out.” He pleaded.

” Okay fine since am a good child of God I won’t tell her, but you’ll have to make sure no one comes in my way in this school. Make me untouchable, and we’re good to go.” I winked at him.
He took a tissue and wiped off his sweaty forehead.

” Okay fine I accept your offer just don’t tell her anything.” He said Calmly.
” I cross my heart and hope to die.” I smiled wickedly.
“Here’s your textbooks and your map… have a nice day.” He faked a smile.
“Who needs a map when I can do whatever I want.” I stood up and walked out of his office.

My eyes caught sight of a fire extinguisher which gave me a brilliant idea.
One thing for sure, I always go around with all my stuff’s. I opened my backpack and brought out a rope and a bibble glass.
I picked up the fire extinguisher and tied it just above the principal’s door.
I fixed the bibble glass by the doorknob and tied the rope to it. He won’t know what hit him.

I Walked around and found my class which was B 13. Immediately I stepped into the class; all eyes were on me.
It turns out the math teacher was already in class who cares tho. I wanted walking to a seat at the back when she stopped.
“Hey, you come back here!” She barked.

I turned to her direction and tried to mimic her.
“Who me? I thought you were talking to your shadow.” I asked and walked closer to her as the class burst into laughter.
Some were murmuring things to themselves.

“You must be out of your mind. I guess you’re the new transfer student, huh. Well, you stay in detention class for the whole day. While she was busy talking, I stylishly stepped on her dress and acted like I was listening to her.
” Sorry, miss I didn’t see anyone while entering the class.” I lied, and the class started laughing again.

” You American! How dare you talk to me in that manner.” She groaned and wanted walking away from me when her dress ripped off.
She fell to the ground in shame as the whole class roar with laughter.
“Oops” I made a funny face.

She stood up and ran out of the class, and the whole class started laughing so hard. Well, I didn’t do it for their entertainment. I walked quietly to the back seat as folks kept saying stuff I don’t care about.
I sat down and brought out a lollipop. I unwrapped it and sneaked the plastic into the pocket of the guy seated in front of me.

“I won’t do that if I were you.” He mumbled without looking at me.
” Oops, I thought that was a trash can,” I smirked playfully. There was still a bubble gum in my mouth. I removed it and placed it on his hair.
He turned and glared hard at me. Oh, it was the brother to the angry baboon at the parking lot.

“Behave yourself!” He spat with bloodshot eyes.
“Nice to meet you ugly.” I smiled sheepishly.
He groaned and stood up he wanted walking through the back door. I placed my legs on the way. He stumbled and fell in the process. The entire class gasps as they all because so silent.

What? Why is everyone staring at me like a fish?
It’s not as if I killed someone.
He stood up slowly as he became even angrier.
What do you think is going to happen? In one day she got into trouble with two brothers.
The sky is super troublesome.

EPISODE 3 – Brave Girl

Kim taehyung V
This lousy is trying to get on my nerves, but she won’t get to see the real me.
Unlike jungkook, I don’t battle words with girls like her. I stood up and smirked evilly.
“Oops am sorry it wasn’t intentional.” She said, faking a smile.
I turned to the rest of the class, and they all went back to their seat.
They know better not to poke their nose in my business.

I walked quietly through the back door and went straight to our private class which was just a few blocks away from the main class.
Jk was already in class sulking.
“Hey, bro.” I sat down quietly and brought out my phone. My best friend is my phone. I can’t do without it.
” How dare that lowlife to humiliate me in front of the whole school. ” He said in between clenched teeth.
That’s jk for you. He doesn’t like being humiliated.

I’m Kim Taehyung V. A billionaire musician. Popular Korean model. Won the award of the most beautiful face in the world twice in a roll.
Unlike jk, I don’t really like girls; for some reasons, I hate having a conversation with ladies talk more of having them around me. After what their kind did to me I vow not to have anything to do with them.

Jungkook is my younger brother; he’s a man whoreeeee. He doesn’t go a day without screwing someone’s daughter in the school bathroom, closet or locker room, but he dare not bring them home.
“Relax JK it’s not a big deal just let it be,” I advised.
“Are you saying this V? Like seriously she has to pay for publicly insulting me. ” He lashed out angrily.

” Do you know she also humiliates me in class today?” I raised my eyebrow.
“What did she do to you, and what did you tell her?” He asked eagerly. He should know better than anyone that I don’t feel comfortable around girls.
“She made me eat dirt.. well, I didn’t say anything to her. You know how I feel about her species. ” I said calmly going through some photos of me sent me the agency I work for.

“Are you kidding me now?! Don’t tell me you’re scared of that brat.” He said rudely, but I wasn’t moved.
” Whatever. ” I rolled my eyes.
He glares at me as he made a phone call and asked his boys to get the new girl to him tonight.
“Seriously you’re losing it, man. I think her words got to you deep. Am off I have something to do.” I said and left him to himself.
I went straight to the secret garden in school no one knows about this place except Jk.

I Walked around quietly and sat down on the branch of an oak tree.
I want to sing something. The idea has been playing in my head for some time now.
Let’s go,
It’s the most beautiful time of the year.
Lights fill the streets, spreading so much cheer.
I should be playing in the winter snow. But I’ma be under the mistletoe. I don’t want to miss out on holiday.
But I can’t stop staring at your face. I should be playing in the winter snow. But I’ma be under the mistletoe.
With you, shawty with you.
With you, under the mistletoe.
Everyone’s gathering around the fire.
Chestnuts roasting like a hot July.
I should be chilling with my folks, I know.
But I’ma be under the mistletoe.
Word on the street, Santa’s coming tonight.
Reindeer’s flying through the sky so high
I should be making a list, I know.
But I’ma be under the mistletoe.
With you, shawty with you.

I was cut off by someone clapping.
I turned immediately and found that new girl standing not far from where I stood.
What is she doing here?

After the incident with the ugly boy, I left class and decided to wander around the school premises.
Maybe look for a secret hideout. I Walked for a while when I heard someone singing with an angelic voice.
This is so nice. The lyrics are heartwarming.
Am sure the voice belongs to a lady. I Walked towards the direction it was coming from.

To my greatest surprise, it was the same guy from earlier.
OMG, he has a killer voice. I listened to him, sing quietly. I couldn’t hold my excitement. I decided to applaud him.
He stopped singing and turned towards me angrily.
I don’t get why he’s always angry.
“Wow, a nice voice you have there.” I complimented, but he glared hard at me.
” Why are you following me, miss?” He said in between clenched teeth.
“Hey, mister I wasn’t following. Heard someone singing I decided to compliment him or her I didn’t know it was this ugly face. Too bad, your voice is horrible.” I rolled my eyes at him.

He frowned deeply and stood without saying anything and wanted walking away, but he held him by the hand and stopped him.
“By the way, you should smile often it will help reshape your face to a beautiful one,” I said and let go of him.

He looked at me with a straight face and walked away. Seriously I don’t get why everyone in the school is scared of him and am not. The only person is afraid of is JoJo the fatty who is my cellmate. Trust me, JoJo is very big and scary.

The bell rang, and I walked quietly to my locker and picked up my backpack as everyone kept pointing at me and murmuring.
It seems they have a habit of gossiping in this school. I walked past all of them with a smirk plastered on my face.

I went to where my bike his and got on it before riding away. I hadn’t gotten anywhere close to my house when my motorcycle broke down. This is strange: how can it just stop working in the middle of nowhere.

I stepped down and parked the bike properly before checking to see what’s wrong. Unfortunately, someone had poured soda into the fuel tank.
This is unbelievable now I have to board a cab, and I don’t have any money on me. Trekking is not an option.

Suddenly I saw some goons walking towards me. Maybe they can help.
“Hey can you help me with my bike?” I asked, and they burst into laughter.
Okay now am get it.
” We’ll help you beautiful right after we had taken turns with you.” The one who I presume to be the leader said.

“Woa nice ass. Too bad we can’t see her private part clearly because of the rubbish shirt she’s putting on.” The other one ran his eyes all over my body lustfully.
I wish these people know who Skyler Cortez is then they won’t bother coming closer to me. But first I have to play along.

“Oh, no am trapped somebody helps me,” I said sarcastically and pulled out a tissue paper and waved it on the air like I was going to surrender.
“Don’t worry, we gonna take it steady, so we can both enjoy it.” The leader said lustfully and licked his lips.

I secretly sneaked my hand into my bag and got hold of the chilli pepper. I opened it and poured it all over their eyes before taking to heels. I know they won’t be able to see again after this.
Let’s see how they’re going to catch me and touch. I ran all the way home. By the time I got home, I was exhausted.

EPISODE 4 – Need Help

I can’t believe I ran that far, I was so tired by the time I got to the house.
Will go back for my bike but not right now. I Walk sluggishly to the l living room only to meet mom seated on the couch, looking into space. Apart from JoJo am also scared of Mom, and I love her so much.

“Mom is home,” I mumbled.
She turned towards me and smiled weakly. I knew instantly that something was wrong.
“Are you okay Mom? Who upset you.”, I asked angrily ready to pounce on them.
“Oh no, it’s nothing I want to talk to you, dear come to have a seat. ” She made my seat beside her.

” Am all your mom tell me what’s bugging you. ” I said Calmly.
” I worried about you, dear, I don’t like this attitude of yours. The principal had called me today that you had set a fire extinguisher at his door to prank him and also publicly disgraced your class teacher. Is this true? ” She asked sadly.

” Mom I was just having fun. ” I rolled my eyes.
” Look sky, there are other ways to the fun but not looking for trouble. I don’t want you to get hurt, my dear. ” She touched my hair, and I was unable to say anything.
” You have gone to jail five good times, and I won’t want it to repeat itself, am your Mother baby I get hurt whenever you get into trouble…

” I want you to promise me right here and right now that you won’t make trouble with anyone again. Your Dad has threatened to throw me out of the house because of you. Please am begging you sky promise me you won’t look for trouble anymore. ” She sobbed.
I was touched. I hate seeing mom in tears, and I hate being the reason for her tear.

“Mom” It came out like a whisper.
“Please, dear, I want you to stop all your boyish attitude and focus more on school for my sake, please. ” She sobbed even more.

” Okay, fine mom I promise, just stop crying, please. ” I blinked back my tears.
I don’t think I can ever be on good terms with Mr Cortez.
“Come here, dear.” She pulled me into a hug. We stayed like that for a while before disengaging from the hug.
“I made your favourite spaghetti meatball. ” She smiled as I wiped off her tears.

” Thanks, Mom let go freshen up,” I said and rushed upstairs to my room. This is it sky you just have to limit trouble making and try focusing on getting good grades. I took a shower and change into something comfortable before jogging downstairs to the dinner. Jake was seated already munching on his lunch.

I pulled his cheek playfully before taking a seat. He glared hard at me before focusing on his meal. I guess he’s not gotten over the wax prank yet. We ate quietly. Jake didn’t even spare me a glance.

I stood up and went upstairs to get my Jacket. Need to get my bike back home. I know you all are wondering what chilli pepper is doing in my bag. Well, I always get prepared for anything. I went to the garage and picked up a gallon of fuel before leaving the house.

The next morning.
I got dressed up in a baggy Jean and a white tank top. I packed my hair in a bun and wore my sneakers before walking out of my room.
Mom was happy to see me well dressed today. Dad snort and focused on his breakfast.

“Good morning dearies am off bye mom. I love you.” I peeked her cheeks and took a sandwich before walking away.
I had fixed my bike last night so it should be fine. I got on, rode away. I hate looking girlish but what choice do I have. That doesn’t mean there’s no chilli pepper in my bag. If anyone tries shit with me am going to give them a taste of my Chili’s.

I rode into the school premises and parked my bike somewhere to avoid drama. I don’t get me this Korean dolls like staring at me. The last time I checked is not the only American here. Maybe it’s part of their tradition to stare. I hung my backpack and walked proudly to my locker only to meet angry stickers all over my locker: so many lipstick stains and negative words Written all over it.

“Who did this! “I yelled everyone became scared only an ugly looking doll decided to speak up.
” I did so what are you gonna do?” She said casually as she walked towards me with minions who’re probably scared of me.
“Hey Korean BBQ I don’t know you, and you don’t know me! Kindly take everything off.” I said trying so hard to control my anger.

” Oh, so she speaks the trouble maker is calm today. And if I don’t take it off what will you do?” She asked proudly. I looked at her ugly face thinking of all the bad things I could do to her then I remembered mom but still am going to teach her a lesson.
“This is just a warning for you to stay away from my jungkook.” she smirked.

“I said, take it off!” I growled.
Her minions ran away, out of fear leaving me and her alone.
“You can’t force me to do it.” She said fearlessly.
“Ever had of seven positions in seven minutes?” I asked.
She looked at me, confused before answering.
“No, what does that mean?” She asked I could tell she was becoming scared but didn’t wanna show it.

“Wait, let me show you.” I grabbed her by the shirt and used her lips to clean the whole thing. The next was her face then her shirt and her hair till my locker was looking good.
“You!” She roared like a wounded lion only she’s not a lion but a wounded chicken.
“Yeah have had that a lot,” I smirked evilly as I dropped my backpack and took out my sketch pad.

” You’ll pay dearly for this do you know who my father is? Just wait and see.” She retorted and scribbled away.
Good riddance.
I took my sketch pad and went to the garden I saw yesterday. I don’t feel like attending classes today because I am scared I might hurt someone. I walked quietly to the park and sat down on the clean grass. I saw a beautiful butterfly I decided to draw a butterfly. Apart from being a pain in the ass, I love sketching.

I had drawn so many cartoon character—all my favourites. I was busy sketching that I didn’t notice someone was in the garden too. “Hey you what are you doing here?” He groans. This guy again? I don’t get why I keep seeing his ugly face everywhere I go. “Oh hi,” I muttered dryly as I focused on what I was drawing.

“Kindly go away I don’t welcome visitors here.” He barked at me.
“Take a chill pills. I didn’t know anyone was here plus I just came to relax that’s all.” I explained calmly.
” Whatever. Just know your limits.” He said and stood a small fountain without saying anything to me.
It’s like I don’t even exist in his world. How can you be in the same place with someone and don’t say anything?

“Do you have a name?” I asked him.
He scoffed and looked at me with a straight face and looked away.
” My name doesn’t matter to you.” He said coldly.
“What’s your problem? I was just trying to be friendly.” I rolled my eyes and perfected my work. He didn’t say anything as he held his chest and groaned softly. At first, I thought he was joking till he started coughing out blood OMG. I stood up immediately and rushed to his side.

He fell to the ground holding his chest in pain. Have seen this before, I think I know what’s wrong with him.
It’s called cardiogenic shock. This stuff killed my sister Carrie.
He was finding it hard to breathe or say anything.

I helped him up and made him rest his back on the oak tree. There’s a syrup for it. I better check his bag. I went through his backpack, and luckily I found it and injected him immediately. A few minutes later, he became calm but unable to move. I made him lay down on the grass and used his backpack as support.
“You’ll be fine in few seconds,” I said and sat down close to him and focused on my sketch. Hmmm so V has a weakness too.

EPISODE 5 – Gorgeous Girl

Kim Taehyung
Gosh, I’m made. This has been my little secret. I lived the life of an introvert all because I don’t want anyone to see my weak side.
This freak just did I pray she doesn’t tell the whole school about it.
I stood and picked up my backpack without saying anything.
“You must not say this to anyone,” I said Sternly.

“Huh? Are you sure you’re okay? Nah you have something in your brain. A simple thank you would do. ” She glared hard at me.
” What were you expecting? A hand wrote thank you or a banner for you? Don’t expect any favours from me. ” I said and walked away, leaving her boiling in anger.

On my way, I bumped into Kim Mia. The busy school body. Always everywhere maybe because her dad is the prime minister Kim Namjeon.
I wasn’t schooling her before she was also transferred here a few days ago so that she could be close to me.

Have been through a lot because of her that I won’t go into details.
Kim Mia was my ex-girlfriend tho she’s still telling the whole school we’re still dating.
I wanted to ignore her, but she stopped me.
“What were you doing with that lowlife, huh?” She asked as she owns me.
” That’s none of your concern now if you don’t mind I have somewhere to be. ” I shunned her and moved away.

” Look V stop acting like you don’t love me anymore. I know you do. Okay, I admit I made a mistake and am sorry please let’s end this and go back to the way we were. ” She said proudly, and that’s my problem with her.
She feels nobody is better than her. She can hurt me whenever she feels like and comes back because she knows I love her.

“Stop this drama Mia and get outta my way,” I said in between clenched teeth.
” I won’t go anywhere V stop pushing me away. I came back to Korea all because of you, my love.” She said and tried touching my face, but I pushed her away.

“Get away from me. I don’t love you, and I’ll never will.” I barked at her and walked away angrily.

I walked to the VIP parking lot and got into my sports car and drove out of the school. I don’t think I can stay A little bit in school.
Girls are so annoying.

Is this ugly freak for real? I just saved his, and all he could was walking away not even a thank you.
You see why I hate Koreans they’re so full of themselves.
I picked up my sketch pad and left the garden. It was time for biochemistry class.

I took out the things I’ll be needing and went straight to the class. Oops turns out am Abit late. I walked quietly into the class as everyone kept staring at me and whispering to themselves. The problem with these ugly beings that they have nothing to do other than exchanging glances. I went over to the seat at the back, but someone placed his or her on the way, and I fell to the floor.

The whole class roar with laughter. I pity for whoever did This.
“Take a seat miss Cortez.” The teacher said.
I cleaned my dress and took a seat at the back but not before identifying the culprit turns out it’s the fool from earlier.
It seems she has not learned her lessons. Well, I have something for her.
I waited patiently for the class to the over.

Didn’t see Mr grumpy throughout I guess he left. I went to my locker and picked up my backpack and walked towards the parking lot and got on my bike. I rode out of school, but I didn’t go home yet. I waited somewhere for that luckily I sighted her car from afar. I rode a few meters and stopped my bike in front of the road.

Her car came to a halt in front of me. She stepped out angrily and walked towards me.
“Hey, you! What do you think you’re doing? If you wanna get yourself killed, then it’s not going to be my car now get out of the way .” She barked at me.

I smirked evilly and stepped down from my bike. “I warned you not to mess with me, right?” I smiled and moved closer to her as she became scared. “Stay away from me!” She said, Abit frightened.
“Yeah, of course,e I’ll write after I do what I want,” I smirked evilly and brought out a scissor from my bag.
She became terrified.

“What do you wanna do with that.” She shuttered.
I grabbed hold her and led her to her car.
Made her seat down before cutting off her hair. I gave a sexy haircut before leaving her to morn her rubbish hair.
“This is just little of what I can do to you. Stay out of my way or going to have yourself to blame.” I said sternly and got on my bike before riding away.

EPISODE 6 – Eye Contact

Kim Mia
Omg, I can’t believe she did this to me. My hair is badly ruined. Am going to make her pay for this. She’s going to leave Korea for good. I entered my car and drove home in tears. I got home shortly and didn’t bother parking my car. I rushed into the house in tears. Daddy was in his study room. He got tensed when he saw me in tears.

” Daddy!!” I cried and rushed into his arms.
“Omg Mia, what happened to your hair?” He asked with concern.
” Daddy it was that American. She did this to me simply because I told her to stay away from my Tae. ” I lied and cried even more. Dad became infuriated.
” What? Does she know who your father is? How dare she? ” He groans as he rocked my back.

” She humiliated me in front of the whole school and told them she was going to take my Tae away from me. ” I added more sugar to it.
” Don’t cry, okay? Am going to get thrown out of the city for hurting my baby. ” He assured me.

I smiled wickedly. That newbie doesn’t know what’s in for her.
“Thanks so much, Dad.” I kissed his cheek.
“It’s okay, my child. You should go to the salon and something done to your hair. ” He said and patted my shoulder.
” Okay Daddy, I’ll be upstairs,” I said and left his study room. I can’t wait for that newbie to be kicked out of School.

It was another beautiful morning, and I was trying so hard to mind my business today. But that doesn’t mean I won’t break any leg if necessary.
Am skipping breakfast today.

I left home without saying anything to mom because her husband was around and his hatred for me only increased.
Today I was looking more girlie, and I got my hair dyed pink.
Pink and black are my favourite colours. I hung my headset and rode out of the house.

I rode into school, but something was wrong. Everyone was gathered just after the gate all glaring hard at me.
What’s this drama again?
I stopped my bike and set down and walk towards the crowd. It seems someone was in the middle. They all parted ways, and I met face to face with that crazy girl.

Or it seems she got a fake hair to cover her nice hair cut. There were some people which I don’t know standing around, and lots of securities are all over the place.
“That’s the witch Everyone. She tried to kill me yesterday.” She accused me. Wait for what?
Everyone started raining insults on me, but I stood my ground chewing gum.

“So you’re the lowlife that tried to humiliate my child, huh? ” A middle-aged man said as his securities got round me.
” What are you waiting for guys! Finish her.” She shouted as everyone started throwing food, garbage, and all sorts of this at me, including water.
I used my palm to cover my face so it won’t get injured. It seems these people don’t know me. I can’t be broken that easily. They stopped and stared at me a confused expression. I stared back with a smirk plastered on my face.

“Are you done?” I chuckled softly.
Someone came with dirty water and splashed it all over my body. I know the person that did that; it was one of Kim Mia’s minions. She should get ready cause am coming for her soon.

“You all are so pathetic. Do you think you can bend me to your will just like you do to all the commoners here? am not even a commoner still, I can handle all of you one by one.” I giggled, and they got even more confused.
” For your information miss, you are at this moment expelled from Hilton high.” One of the men in the suit said.

” And who gave you the right to do that without my permission?” A familiar voice said from behind.
I turned to the direction and saw that grumpy guy again.
“But V …”
“Stop Jung who asked you to do anything in my school without my permission, huh? Did you ask miss Mia here which she did? No, you decided to punish the innocent. I could fire you for this.” he said and stood beside me.

Omg, Mr grumpy owns the school? Wow, this is huge. He’s even defending me. This guy has a serious mental problem.
” Am sorry sir but she was the one at fault you know the rules.” The principal defended. Am also coming for him too.

” Shut up, fool!! Don’t talk when I am talking. You’re busy pointing fingers at her, but you failed to realise Kim Mia’s mistakes. Mia should be punished instead of her.” He said coldly, and the whole school turned to Kim Mia
Who became scared of what the angry mob can do to her.

Her father left school with his securities in shame.
Kim Mia was humiliated by the students. She ran away in tears.
“Here have this.” Mr grumpy said and handed me a tissue.
I took it and wiped off the dirt on my face.
“Thank you.”, I mumbled.
” Don’t thank me I just returned the favour.” He said coldly and walked away.
What’s his problem, huh?

EPISODE 7 – Sweet Conversation

Is this guy for real? He was helpful just now he changed to being cold again.
I never asked for favours tho.
“Hey, hold up!” I ran after him, but he refused to stop had to stop him by holding his arm.

“I already told you I don’t need your thank you. ” He shoved me off.
” What’s your problem, huh? One minute you this the next thing you’re something else. Tell me who you’re niggaaaaa. ” I lashed out angrily.
He just stood there staring at me.

” You heard me niggaaaaa, who are you? Or what you think of yourself. ” I spat. I don’t know what’s his problem even if he owns the school doesn’t mean he should always act cold.
“Are you done?” He asked all of a sudden, getting me confused.
” Huh? “Confused.
” Have a nice day, miss. ” He said coldly and walked away.

I Huff loud and walked towards the locker room. I took a shower and tied a towel around my chest. What am I going to wear? I didn’t bring any extra clothing to school.
“Here have this.” He stretched forth a shopping bag.
I looked at him then back to the bag.
” Am I can’t accept this until you tell me what exactly is your problem.” I rolled my eyes at him.

” I thought you might need some fresh new clothes.” He said and dropped it before leaving me in the locker room.
Gush not again. This guy is acting like a ghost. Always everywhere and don’t talk to anyone. Who does that?

I picked up the bag and went through the content. It was a beautiful white dress with real diamonds embedded on the edges.
This is one of Annabelle collection. Super expensive. Eww, I hate dresses but not that I have a choice tho.
I wore it and repacked my hair in a princess Darth. It was a short dress that stopped just above my knee. It clings to my body, bringing out all my shape.
I hate this.

Huh? there’s a silver stiletto attached to it.
Oh no, I hate looking girlish. I groaned and wore them and took a deep breath before walking out of the locker room as all eyes turned towards me.
Reasons why I hate looking girlish. Am going to kiss I mean to kill him for this. I Walked angrily to class thinking of all the possible things I would do to three people today.

Kim Taehyung
She’s right, and I should stop trying to help if I don’t want to talk to her.
I just find myself doing it. I even ordered a dress for her. Yuck! That’s unlike me.

Am just trying to return the favour. I stayed in my private class and watched everyone on the big screen. How do you think I know what everyone was doing. Somehow I only wanted to manage that new girl sees where she was present. I got her name from the principal who told me her name was Skyler Cortez.

American blood hmmm excellent, She’s interesting tho and hilarious. I cracked when I saw what she did to Mia.
She walked out of the locker room, looking so breathtaking.
Snap out oft V.
I was so tempted to go out and make Kim Mia even jealous and probably stay away from me.

I have an idea. I have to do it even if I don’t want to. She seems like a cool girl and would definitely help me, but first I need to do this. I stood up and walked out of the class. She’s the hallway. I Walked proudly towards her as everyone fixed their gaze at me.

“I thought you were not gonna wear it.”, I whisper audibly.
“Do I have a choice?” She rolled her eyes at me.
” You should avoid getting into trouble. I might be there to save you next time.”, I smirked playfully.

” You haven’t answered my questions. Why are you always giving me cold shoulders and secondly you still owe me a thank you for saving you. You’re so mean and PR…
I cut her off with a kiss. Her eyes widened in shock. I could hear cameras clicking sounds, but I don’t care.

EPISODE 8 – First Kiss

What the heck? How dare he steal my first kiss. I forcefully pushed him away as he students to evacuate the hallway.
Oh my gosh. My anger was enormously rising.
“How dare you steal my first kiss!” I gave a hot slap, but he didn’t budge. I kept slapping angrily as tears gathered up in my eyes.
“I….” I gave him another slap shutting him up.

I gave him countless slaps before he grabbed hold of my hands.
“I won’t ever forgive you for this. What do you about yourself, huh? You feel because you’re the owner of the school you can start treating Everyone as trash.” I yelled out loud angrily.

” Listen miss am sorry okay? You were talking too much I just had to shut you up.” He explained Calmly, not feeling remorseful.
” To hell with you ugly looking guy.” I yanked off his hands from mine and walked away angrily.

Am so angry right now, and someone has to be punished for my anger. Just then I remembered the that poured me dirty water. Well, I’ll have to skip class for today and plan my attack very well. I stayed up on the last floor of the school library and watched her movement from up there. I waited patiently for her, and luckily she walked out of b15 proudly. I came out of the building and stood in front of her.

“Hey, you get out of my way I don’t have time for lowlifes like you.” She said rudely.
” Do you know the problem with ugly looking plastic dolls like you? You have zero brains and lots of makeup on, but still, You’re never going to be beautiful but don’t worry, I have something for you.” I grinned evilly.
” What are you saying, huh? Stay the hell away from me.” She groaned fearlessly.

I grabbed hold of her hair aggressively making her wince in pain. I dragged her to the isolated building at the back of the building. I tied her to a chair which I had placed there.
“Let me go!”

“Oh, you still have the mouth to talk, right? Let’s see if you still going to be able to talk.” I smirked evilly as I brought out my beautiful scissor.
Yeah, she’s also going to get a haircut. I gave a sexy haircut. I trimmed off her front and back hair leaving the middle hair. Jeez, she looks like a roster chicken.

“Now it’s time for some tattoo. Do you know joker? Don’t worry, you going to look like him very much.”
I brought out my paper spray colour and sprayed it all over her face.
She was crying seriously.
I did beautiful makeup, making her look like a joker.

“Please forgive me am never gonna cross paths with you ever again.” She pleaded.
I took pictures of her and uploaded it on the school group chat.
“This is a message to the rest of your gang, including Kim Mia. Tell them am coming for them one after the other.” I said, and set her free. She ran away, scared. I sat down on the floor, laughing my ass out.

She looks so much like joker’s wife, Harleen Quincy.
Gosh, I feel better now. Next stop is principal Randall. That disgusting man tried to get me kicked out of the school.
I looked at the pictures one more time and burst into laughter. This is hilarious.

EPISODE 9 – Romantic Moments

Kim Taehyung
How and when I kissed her was a surprise to me. Yuck! I can’t believe I stoop to that level. It’s not my fault tho she talks too much, but still, I was wrong and needs to apologise for my silly behaviour.

Wait! How do I apologise? Haven’t done that before. JK had gone to Canada for an urgent meeting. He can’t be of help to me. Plus he hates the new girl.
“Seriously V you’re a confused being. One hand I can’t stand her parrot mouth, and on the other hand, I want to apologise to her. I walked quietly to my office and sat down on the waiting chair.

I was contemplating on how to get to listen to me. The buzzing sound of my phone disrupted my thoughts.
It was a call from Dad. What does he want? I hesitated before picking up the call.
Annyeong. ” I said in Korean. What is this non-sense am hearing V?” He barked at me.
I knew instantly that Mia and her father are at work. I don’t understand you, Dad. ” I muttered dryly.

Why are you refusing to get back with Kim Mia? Do you know how much she loves you? Yet you refused to get married to her. “
Huh? Marry who? Mia would never cease to amaze me.
Am not getting married to anyone at least, not Kim Mia. I don’t think I’ll be able to love someone like her. “I said sternly.
He hates it when I decide to sound harsh. Let’s just say he’s scared of me in some aspects.

Then you’ll have to get married to someone else you know you can’t be CEO of Skynet until you’re married. ” He explained Calmly.
Let me worry about that, Dad.” I grumpily said.
What should I tell Kim Namjeon?”
Anything you can, but one thing is for sure Kim Mia can never pass as a wife. “

Okay, I trust your judgement. How are you doing today? I mean your health. Any recent attacks? ” He asked.
Yeah but am fine. Talk later, and Dad is in the middle of something important. ” I said, and hang up.
Sometimes to be rich is stressful.
I stood up and walked out of the office only to bump into that trouble maker.

“You again? I thought I told you to stay away from me. ” She went on and on ranting about it.
I stood still watching her lips move super fast as she spoke. Seriously it’s no biggie if I kissed her.

She punched me on the abdomen, which I didn’t feel. Why does she love talking too much? I noticed Kim Mia walking towards our direction. I placed my palm on her mouth and slammed her against the wall enable her to stop talking.

We stayed that close and silent. We locked eyes for a while. She stares at me, innocently with her lips parted slightly. I must say she looks beautiful and sexy too. Amidst all the nuisance, there’s a pretty lady. Our faces were so close my hot breath fanned her face. MIA saw us and became infuriated. “Gosh I hate you both, and I promise to make you pay for this! ” She yelled angrily and ran away.
” Let me go, you freak!! ” She shouted at me.
” It’s either you shut your mouth or am going to kiss you again. ” I smirked evilly.

She went mute instantly. That’s good. I think I know her weakness now. I let go of her and walked away from her.
She glared hard at me and did the ‘V’ sign.

EPISODE 10 – Fun Time

Eww, that guy is unpredictable. Luckily I was able to escape from him. If he had tried to kiss me again, I would have cut off his balls. I Walked towards the school basement. It’s time for some fireworks. I know for a fact that there might be some firecrackers. Back in LA firecrackers are make use of during an annual celebration.

I got as many firecrackers I could find. I hid it in my backpack before heading to class. Fortunately, the teacher had not come yet. Everyone focused their gaze on me as I walked quietly to a seat at the back. They were all murmuring things to themselves while some were waving at me happily. Not until today, they were never nice to me.

Oh, now I get it. Simply because I kissed that grumpy guy everyone wants to act friendly. I brought out my sketch pad and started playing with it. Suddenly a blonde hair girl Walked towards me with a smile. Oh brother. I rolled my eyes dramatically, waiting to hear what she has to say.
“Hi.” She waved.
“Hey,” I muttered dryly.
“Erm, I’m Christiane a new student and you?” She extended her hand for a handshake which I ignored.
” I’m someone you don’t wanna get involved with,” I smirked evilly as I kept drawing.
” Relax I didn’t come here to make friends simply because you kissed Kim Taehyung. “

” He kissed me not the other way round. Plus I don’t make friends.” I shoved her off, but she seems determined to get my attention.
“Well sort of but please just listen to me. I like it. You have a great personality and is fearless. You made me realise that whether poor or rich we’re the same, and shouldn’t feel oppressed by anyone no matter what. “She sat down beside me.

” Wow wow, great sermon. The real question is, can you keep up with me?” I dropped my sketch pad and placed my hands on my thighs.
” I’ll try. Success isn’t achieved in one day.” She said smartly.
“Okay, you have proven to be a smart girl.

Now to be fully accepted to be my friend, there’s something you’ll have to do. You can call it initiation.” I grinned wickedly as I saw Kim Mia walked into class with two new minions.

Am yet to see joker’s wife, maybe she ran away or prolly decided to get a photoshoot with her nice hair cut.
“Yeep!! I’ll do anything you ask me to do. Just tell me.” She squeaks excitedly.
” Good. Look over there. I guess you know that proud peacockkkkkkk and I don’t get along. ” I brought out a substance from my backpack and handed it to her.
“I want you empty this content on her body without being detected by anyone. You can do it now that the class is crowded.” I smirked evilly.
” Okay, I’ll do it if that’s gonna make you accept me as your friend.” She took the substance from me and stood up.
“Good luck, hun.” I winked at her.
She smiled and walked towards Kim Mia. This is going to be a blast. Don’t worry, you going to find out what’s in the substance soon. She walked towards Kim Mia and intentionally collided with her, and Kim Mia fell in the process.
My apprentice acted like she wanted to help up and emptied the content on her.
“Am so sorry.” She apologised.
“Get lost, stupid girl.” Kim Mia lashed out at her.
She walked back to all smiles.
” You’re doing well, my dear. Come have a seat and watch the show.” I grinned from ear to ear.
” Erm what’s in the substance?” she asked curiously.
” Oh, that’s C4 inching powder.” I giggled.
Almost immediately, Kim Mia started with scratching her hair then her neck.
My apprentice and I couldn’t hold our laughter as Kim Mia body was inching pretty bad. She had to be rushed out of the class by her minions.
“Gosh, I should crown you the queen of mischief. You’re so good at it.” She praises me.
“Yeah yeah, you got that right. Come with me. You still have a lot to learn.” I said and walked out of the class through the back door while she trails behind.
“Where are we going to miss ?”
” It’s Skyler sky for short two words baby girl principal Randall.” I grinned evilly as I rubbed my Palm together.
” Oh yeah! Am so game.”
I sneaked to the principal’s office and. He was busy sleeping on duty.
My apprentice had brought a bowl which I had put the firecrackers into it. We kept it under his desk and lit it before running out of the office. We stood behind the door, waiting for it to go up. And it did.

Principal Randall dumped out of his chair and lay down flat thinking it was gunshots. We covered our mouths to muffled our laughter. This is just so funny. We ran away from the office to the locker room, where we laugh out loud. Yeah, that’s what I am talking about.

EPISODE 11 – Marry Me

Kim Taehyung
I watched from the projector as this new girl dealt with Kim Mia and the principal. I must say she’s the queen of mischief.
I clasp hands watching her closely with kin interest. Am so interested in her mischief all of a sudden. I picked up my phone and called my attorney.

He picked up on the second ring.
Good day young master. ” He greeted from the other side.
Morning Mr Hoseok. ” I mumbled as I focused my attention on the projector.

Skyler is in the locker room alongside her new apprentice.
Was about giving you a call sir when your call came in. ” He stated.
Okay good, is the documents ready?” I asked.
Yes, sire. Have you found a suitable girl for it?”
Yeah, have found a girl. Get Everyone at Skynet ready we’re coming in soon. ” I said Sternly.

Great I’ll get to work now. ” He said and hung up.
Let’s see what you have to offer miss Skyler Cortez. I went through her file, which I had gotten from the police. Well, I have contacts in high places. I can get anything I want with just one phone call.

Got the file Incase she refused to my offer. I unwrap a bubble gum from its pack and toss it into my mouth. I’m convinced she’s the right person for this, even though she’s full of mischief.

Skyler Cortez
“That was an awesome babe.” Christiane squeak.
“Yeah yeah and you did great too. You have been promoted from apprenticeship to BFF. “I said with a smirk.
She squeaked excitedly and hugged me. Seriously it’s been a while since someone hugged me.

“Thank you thank you!” She screamed excitedly.
“Come on, girl it’s cool. I am glad I finally got a friend. Let’s go to class. ” I smiled as we walked to class happily.
Kim Mia was yet to return to class. We took our prospective seats at the back, enjoying the view from here.

I decided to check the school group chat. I died of laughter as joker’s wife was getting so many comments on her beautiful haircut.
It turns out her name is Jaesoo. Pathetic name. The teacher came in shortly and began a lecture immediately.

It was my favourite subject which was social studies. I listened with kin interest when all of a sudden, some men dressed up in suit Walk into the class. Mr Edward stopped his lecture immediately and stepped aside. I guess they’re here for serious business.
“Where’s Skyler Cortez!” The one at the middle asked.
At first, I didn’t want to say anything, but the whole class turned to my direction had to raise my hand.
“Come with us please.” He said.

I nodded as I stood up and picked up my backpack.
” Be right back, babe. ” I assured Chris as I walked quietly towards them.
They led me out of the classroom to a different route I never knew about. I thought I explored the whole school how come I didn’t see this hallway. I was led to an office door and knocked. I heard a familiar go in, and they did.

What the heck!! It’s that stalker that stole my first kiss.
” You! Don’t tell me you brought me here to meet with this guy.”, I growled at them.
” You May leave now guys. ” He spoke calmly.
” Okay, Boss. They bow in respect and Left us together.
“I seriously don’t know what’s your problem.” I cursed.
” You’re my problem miss Sky, kindly seat down for I have something important to talk about after that you can go back to being aggressive.” He said with a smirk.

He had this aura lurking around him that I can’t even understand myself. I Huffed loudly and took a seat.
“State your problems, Mr grumpy.” I rolled my eyes.
“I don’t have much time, so I’ll just go straight to the point. Have been observing you since the very day you came here.

And I know you’re the only one that can work for me because you and Mia don’t get along. ” He scoffs and looked at me with an expressionless face.
” So? I don’t work for anyone but myself.” I spat.

“Oh yeah, you’ll work for me once I am done unless you want to get into trouble again or probably go to prison. ” He chuckled softly…
The wait is this niggaaaaa trying to blackmail me?.
“Fine tell me what you want me to do,” I said in between clenched teeth.
” I want you to Marry me!” He said with a smirk plastered on his face.

EPISODE 12 – Mind Reader

Kim Taehyung
Call it whatever you want but have got bigger plans.
Have crossed checked every lady I could come across. She’s the only person that doesn’t seem enticed by material things.
“What did you just say?” She asked furiously.

“I want you to marry me note it’s not a request plus it’s not those lovie dovie marriages miss it’s strictly business. ” I reminded her.
” How do you want your punch, huh? Because I am going to reshape your face. ” She growled.
“You can do whatever you want right after I finish what I want to say. ” I shoved her off.

” Niggaaa what do you think of yourself, huh? Some guy who thinks he can get what by just trying to blackmail them. Besides, you have nothing against me. ” She lashed out, but I seem less concerned.
There’s something she doesn’t know about me yet.

When I want something, I go to an extreme length to get it. I took out my tablet and played the video clip of her trying to put firecrackers in the principal’s office. Jaesoo’s haircut which led her to quit schooling. It was all because of my involvement that the cops have not come to raid the school yet.

” I also have some of your criminal records with this few evidence you’re going to jail for good because I know this is your last chance one more arrest boom you’re not coming back. Am sure you won’t want to break your mom’s heart. ” I outlined. Her face went thinned with frustration.

” How did you get this video?” She asked, unable to believe her eyes.
“How I got those clips doesn’t matter. You have just 24hours to think about it and convince your family members too. Where are done here miss kindly leave my office? ” I dismissed her.
She was still in shock, unable to believe that I just placed her problems in front of her.

Not that I had a choice. To make her agree to this had to give her something to think about.
She walked out of my office quietly. I know you think I am cruel good girls don’t deserve to be handled with so many emotions. I brought out a pack of cigarettes and placed one in my mouth and lit it. I relaxed my head on the chair as I puff out vapour.

I am still not able to believe what just happened right now. My legs had become weak, had to stay in the locker room to avoid unnecessary drama. What do I do now? He just placed me on a tight spot. If I object, then I’ll be sent to jail. Mom is going to die of high blood pressure.

But still, how do I convince mom? Am so messed up right now. I facepalmed myself thinking about the possibility of the situation. The cops had warned me not to return there else that’s going to be the last straw. I stood up and went to the bathroom.

I splashed water on my face before walking back to the locker room. Christiane was in the locker room already.
“There you’re! Been looking all over for you.” She said with concern.
“But I wasn’t kidnapped Missy, so you don’t have to be worried about me. “, I said in savagery.

” What happened out there? Where did those men in suit take you to? “
” Oh it was someone that wanted to discuss something about work with me, it’s nothing tho. ” I said coldly.
” okay cool let’s go to the cafeteria and have some lasagna. ” She smiled and wanted to pull me along, but I jerked off my hand.

” Am sorry, but I think I’ll pass,” I muttered dryly.
“Oh come on don’t be a spoiler. Let’s go asap.” She smirked.
” I just said I’ll pass Chris. ” I said menacingly.
” Hmm okay, fine see ya later.” I sighed and rested my head on the wall.

EPISODE 13 – Bad Time

Skyler’s POV
I left school early today and went straight home. If I don’t think properly am going to ggg myself.
“Honey, are you okay?” Mom asked as I stepped in.
Dad was seated watching TV, but he paid less attention to me.
” Am fine mom,” I muttered dryly as I went upstairs.

I Walked sluggishly into my room and slumped on the bed.
Think sky think. There has to be something, am too young to get trapped with a man, especially not Korean dolls.
A knock landed on my door.
“Skyler darling are you okay?” It was the mom.
“I wanna be left alone, mom. Just go away.” I Mumbled.

Hearing her worried voice made things even more complicated for me.
Mom is going to die of depression if I go to jail. All this year’s she has been holding on pretty good, but I doubt if she can anymore.
I love her and won’t want her to thinking and crying all because of me.
” Sky Please talk to mommy.” She insisted.

“I’m a fine mom. Just go back to your husband. ” I dismissed her.
” Fine, I’ll go but please just come down and have lunch. “She said sadly and walked away. Have never been this tensed about something before.
I tried to close my eyes, but his words kept playing in my head.
Will mom ever accept this?

Kim Taehyung
“Do you think she’ll accept it?” My friend Jimin asked.
” Oh yeah, she’ll. Not that I left her with a choice.” I smirked.
“But I still feel you were a bit hard on her.come on just because she’s a trouble maker doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings,” Jimin added.
” Oh God Jimin spare the sermon.

Do I even look like I care? I don’t feel pity for her. I just want you to use her to get my mandatory meeting with the board of directors and also the CEO seat. That’s what I am concerned about not some crazy trouble maker.” I lashed out.

” Think about it, V she’s not a commodity. You can’t force someone to get married to you for your selfish desires.” He rolled his eyes dramatically.
” What choice do I have a man? Besides it’s 50/50 she scratches my back I scratch her back. Am also doing her a favour. ” I mumbled as I puff out vapour.

” Hmm V am so done with you. What about Kim Mia she’s a girl with class…
“Don’t you dare mention that name here unless you wanna lose a tooth? In case you don’t know Skyler Cortez is ten folds better than Mia.” I groaned and stood up.

” Fine, you win. Am sorry.” He apologised.
” Whatever just get lost, you suck!” I said coldly. He stood up and left. I stood by the glass view watching the whole city from up here.

Sometimes one has to take the risk to achieve something great. Am going against my principle of not wanting to be around any lady just because I want to be CEO Skynet. I know blackmailing her was wrong but I just have to get to her one way or the other. I hope she agrees to it.

EPISODE 14 – Our Dreams

Skyler’s POV
It was another dull day and on this day am going to make the most significant decision of my life.
I stretched lazily and crawled out of bed. Didn’t sleep much last night, I wish I could skip school and sleep Abit.

I dragged my lazy self to the bathroom and did my morning routine. Today am going to be dressing Abit girlish. Every decision comes with changes. I wore a pink floral gown that stopped just before my knees.

Mom is going to be happy to see me in female clothing. I packed my hair in a ponytail this time around. Left my room only to bump into dad at the staircase. He glared at me before greasing his shoulder with mine and walked away.

I don’t get why he hates me with passion. Descended from the stairs and walked towards the dinner.
“Wow sweetie you look stunning.” Mom complimented and swung me around.

I giggled as she did that. Whatever I am going to do today is for Mom.
She deserves to be happy.
“Oh come on mom you know how ridiculous I look in female clothing. ” I nagged as I shoved some bread into my mouth…
” You look like the gummy bears in the Bahamas. “Jake said and stuck out his tongue.

” Am gonna cut off your tongue and feed it to John’s dog.” I groaned softly.
She stopped talking immediately…
” Sweetie you don’t have to be too hard on your brother.” Mom said Calmly.
” Can I borrow your car mom?”

” Yes, sure, honey, but what about your bike is something wrong with it?”
” Nothing just lend me your car, “I said and grabbed the car keys without permission.
I gulped down my cup of tea and stood up.
” Mom off sees you guys later.” I ruffle Jake’s hair before walking away.
I entered the car and drove out of the house.

Kim Taehyung V
I stayed in my office watching every activity in school, waiting for that new girl to ride in with her bike.
Surprisingly she drove into school in a Porsche. I stood up from my seat and walked out of the office.

I went straight to the parking lot and stood in an open space. She stepped out of the car and walked towards me.
Another surprise of the day she’s looking all girlish and cute tho. She walked towards me quietly and calmed too. Seriously I never knew she could be this calm.

” I guess you have made a permanent solution to this right?” I smirked evilly as I shoved my hands deep into my pocket.
She kept quiet for some seconds before speaking up.
” Is it a contract marriage or marriage for life?” She asked.

“You know very well I can’t be a husband to someone like you. We’re going to be Married in-between one year, and after that one year, we go our separate ways. Oh and don’t worry it’s going to be a court wedding plus you going to have half of my property.” I explained in the coldest way I can.
” Okay fine, I accept.” She mumbled.
I acted like I didn’t hear her.
“Say again.” I moved closer.

The students are slowly gathering around, including Mia and her minions.
Let’s make this more fun. Shall we? I went down on one knee and brought out a ring box. A diamond ring I had bought yesterday.
“I said I accept to marry you.” She yelled out as everyone gasps.
The whole school turned silent immediately, and not even a pin drop could be heard.

” Thank you so much, my darling, you don’t know how happy you have made me.” I acted up and faked a smile before sliding the ring into her finger. I stood up and swung her around as everyone started taking pictures. It’s just a matter of seconds before these pictures go viral.
Kim Mia screamed out loud before running away from there.
Yeah, that’s better.

EPISODE 15 – Family & Love

Kim Mia
Argh! I screamed out loud and smashed my phone angrily how dare V tried to humiliate me. He’s mine, and I won’t give up on something I want. Not even a stupid American can take him away from me. I don’t mind going to any extent even if it means taking her out of the way.
Gosh, I hate her.

This guy is so full of drama just because the whole school is watching he’s trying to act like he was actually in love with me. The only part of the drama that I enjoyed was when Kim Mia ran away angrily. Am sure she’s going to cry her ass out. The whole students were busy taking photos; some were recording.

He moved closer and pulled me to him by the waist. His face was so close as his hot breath fanned my face.
I closed my eyes like he was going to kiss me, and I might not be able to fight back. He moved his face to my ear and bit my ear lobe teasingly sending dangling feeling all over me.

“You had better behave yourself. you don’t want the whole school to start suspecting you.” He whispered into my ear and moved, away Smiling to the camera. I feel like killing him right now, but what choice do I have?
One thing for sure going toa makes sure we both suffer in this marriage.

Contract marriage or not we’ll both show who’s the boss. He let go of my waist when the students had begun to dismiss. I punched him on the cheek when anyone wasn’t looking.
” I hate you,” I shouted at him.
“I love you too.” He smirked and licked his lips as nothing happened.
Is this niggaaaaa for real?
“Hey, stay away from me!”
“Say hello to your mom tell her I’ll be at your house tomorrow.” He said coldly and walked pass me.

I drove into the house quite tired and angry. I know for a fact that the news had already reached my family.
Am seriously scared of how mom is going to react to all of this. I let out a sigh and stepped out of the car.

I walked quietly to the entrance door and got in. The whole family were seated in the living room; it was apparent they’re waiting for my arrival.
“Good day, Mom, I need to talk about something,” I Mumbled.
“Yes, we need to talk about the stunt you pulled at school today.” She lashed out.

” Calm down sweetie let’s hear her out. Sky, my baby, come to have your seat.” Dad said, grinning from ear to ear.
Mom was also shocked to the bone.
” Dad, are you sure you’re okay?” I furrowed my brows.

“Yes, honey did you hit your head somewhere?” Mom placed her palm on his forehead to feel his temperature; my guess is he’s okay.
“No sweetie am fine am just happy.

So Sky, why don’t you tell us about Kim Taehyung who proposed to you on TV.” He beamed happily.
Oh, so this is what this is all about.
“Oh, you saw it. Well, Kim Taehyung indeed wants to get married to me.” I blurted out.

” Come here, honey you know marriage is not just child’s play it’s another version of your life, a life where you get to answer another man’s name and away from your family. ” Mom lectured.
” Yes, I know all this Mom and that why I had accepted to get married to him,” I said casually.

” Wow, that’s good news dear am so happy my daughter is getting married to a multi-billionaire,” Dad said.
I got infuriated and glared at him.

“Hey, Mr Cortez just because I bare your name doesn’t mean am your daughter plus you don’t have to be happy for me. I don’t need the happiness of greedy people.” I said rudely.

” Come on, Sky, you don’t have to be hard on him. Remember he’s still your father whether you like it or not.” Mom cautioned.
” Well, he’ll never be. Get ready Mom Kim Taehyung is coming to the house tomorrow. I’ll be in my room if you need me.” I said coldly and race upstairs to my room.
Hmmm, But this Mr Cortez nawa.

CHAPTER 16 – Love Song

Kim Taehyung
“What has come over you, V!” Jk barked at me.
“Nothing much just that have made my decision, and it’s final,” I said with a shrug.
” Look, man, you can’t get married to that stupid girl you know I can’t stand her.” He yelled at me.

” Hey watch it JK your grudges with her doesn’t matter to me so mind how you speak to me.” I roared showing superiority.
” Whatever V suit yourself am outta here.” He walked out on me.
I don’t get why he can’t see his grudges against her. I know for a fact that JK is obsessed with her. I know he’s going to try everything to get to her. Looks like am just going to protect her from him.

He has been so furious ever since he saw the pictures of us on the news channel. Well, don’t care all I care about is my company and my music industry nothing else matters. I felt the urge to sing out the lyrics that has been ringing in my head.
I went over to my room and picked up my guitar.

[Verse 1: Outlines of your eyes and visions of you. Girl, I think I need a minute.
To figure out what is, what isn’t. These choices and voices, they’re all in my head.
Sometimes you make me feel crazy. Sometimes I swear I think you hate me like, uh.
I need a walk. I need a walk. I need to get out of here because I need to know. [Chorus:
Who are you? Because you’re not the girl, I fell in love with, baby. Who are you? Because something has changed, you’re not the same, and I hate it. I, I’m sick of waiting for love, love. I, I know that you’re not the one, one.
Feelin’ hypnotised by the words that you said. Don’t lie to me. I just get in my head. When the morning comes, you’re still in my bed, But it’s so, so cold. Who are you?
Because you’re not the girl, I fell in love with.
Who are you? Because you’re not the girl, I fell in love with, baby.
Who are you? (Who are you?) Because something has changed, you’re not the same, and I hate it. It’s a sad story of love.
I’m sick of waiting for love, love. I know that you’re not the one, one.

I stopped singing and dropped the guitar. Feel so good after singing out my heart.
This song tells a haunted love story—Mine too.

It’s time to visit my future in-laws. I walked quietly to the bathroom and took a shower before coming out with a towel around my waist and my hair dripping wet only to meet the unthinkable on my bed.

EPISODE 17 – The Couple

Kim Taehyung
I came out shortly only to meet Kim Mia stack naked on my bed. How did this loose girl get into my house?
“WTF who let the mad dog into my house!” I roared angrily.
” Oh come on sweetie don’t act you don’t want it. I remember when you beg me for this. ” She said seductively and stood up before walking towards me. I stood there glaring hard at her.

” I won’t ask again Mia who let you into my house,” I growled.
“Relax sweetie pie. I love you too much to let you get married to that girl. It has always been me and me only just one mistake, and you shoved me aside.

“She ran her fingers through my chest Down to d**k area. I grabbed hold of her hand before she could even think of touching it. I dragged her out of my room and dumped her outside the gate naked.

“This is last warning for you Mia I don’t wanna ever see your disgusting face anywhere near my fiancee and me. “I spat and left her there without any clothing. She should have thought of that before entering my room naked.

I already died once because of her, but I won’t ever repeat that mistake of failing again. I went back upstairs to my room and changed into a multicolour Armani suit and tie. A black leather belt and mirror shoe to go with. I dyed my hair Golden Making me look extremely cute with a smile I left my room.

Skyler’s POV
“What’s wrong my dear you look tensed, are you okay?” Mom asked as she felt my temperature.
” Nothing mom am fine. V should be here soon.” I changed the topic.
“That’s why am here we need to get you to prepare for this starting from your outfits. ” She said and kept some beautiful looking dresses on the bed.
God, I hate dresses.

“But mom I’m fine with my jeans and a top,” I whined.
” No baby it’s not okay. ” I said and went over to my closet and started going through all my stuff’s.

She brought out so many dresses I never thought I had.
“You look beautiful, so peach should be the perfect colour for you. Plus we have to get your hair dyed to black.” She and brought out my black hair shampoo. She dragged me to the bathroom.

“Wow, you looking stunning I bet he won’t be able to take his eyes off you.” Mom complimented.
” Thanks, Mom,” I Mumbled.
To be honest, o don’t recognise me after the magical transformation done by Mom.
“I’ll downstairs honey.” She said and walked out of my room.
I hate black hairdo, but what choice do I have? I stood up and walked out of my room. This is Sky there’s no turning back from this. I descended from the stairs, and the first person I made eye contact with was my soon to be husband.

His eyes never left mine as he looked at me all over, and it’s kind of making me feel uncomfortable.
Kim Taehyung don’t even stare at me so why today? Or maybe he’s trying to show my mom he’s in love with me.
Fake love.
I must confess he’s very handsome. Yeah, I remember I once called him ugly.

“Come here, honey and go seat beside your future husband,” Dad said, showing off his fake love.
I glared at him before taking my seat close to V. “You look beautiful barbie doll.” He whispered.
” You’re more than just ugly. i wish there’s another name for beast.” I showed off my white set of teeth.
” Awww look them, honey, they look so cute and happy too.” Mom squeaks excitedly.

Her husband nodded affirmatively. “So Mr and Mrs Cortez I would like to ask for your permission to take my wife to be out.” He said like a gentleman.
” Oh no, you don’t have to ask us for anything you’re free to go with her,” Dad said, grinning from ear to ear.

Jesus, what’s his problem? ” Shall we?” He stretched out his hand, which glared at then back to his face before taking it. He led me outside to the parking lot and helped me into the car before driving out of the house.

EPISODE 18 – Sad Love

Kim Taehyung
I took her to one of the fanciest restaurant downtowns I know for a fact the press would be everywhere.
JK might have tipped them off. I know what he can do. Throughout the drive, she neither said anything, so did I.
She was glaring through the rare view. I chuckled softly as I glare even hard at her.

“You’re so impossible.” She rolled her eyes at me.
” I love you too, baby.” I tried to get on her nerves.
She pinched my arms with so much aggression, but I acted like I didn’t felt it. “Seriously? What are you now? Hulk or Thor.” She frowns deeply.
“I’m your future hubby to be.” I winked at her.

She Huffed. I drove into the parking lot of the restaurant just as I thought the press is everywhere.
The rush towards my car as they started throwing questions at Sky and me.
“Are you ready to do this?” I asked.
“Yeah, I think so. ” She mumbled.
Stepped out of the car and so did she.

I held on to her hand tightly as they gathered around us.
Mr Kim, what can you possibly tell us about your supposed wedding. ” A female reporter asked.
” Yes, I am getting married to the woman of my dreams,” I said casually and looked at Sky. She looked away immediately.
Do you love her or you just want to get married to her for the sake of your company. ” Another one asked.

” You know when finding that special someone nothing else matters, including wealth. My special someone is Skyler Cortez, my fiancee and yes I do love her a lot. I hope that answers all your right questions day. ” I said and dragged her along.

They kept asking more questions, but I signalled the securities in the restaurant to get them out of place.
Sky jerked off my hand from hers.
“What was that for, huh? Did you call the press here to sweet talk them so they can think you’re a perfect fiance? ” She lashed out angrily.
I stood there with my hands shoved deep into my pocket.

“Hey I didn’t call the press here plus they needed answers, and I had to take action. ” I simply said.
” Oh, don’t give me that! You’re such a pathetic liar. I hate you so much. ” She half yelled.

” I love you more barbie doll. ” She wanted to slap me, but I caught her hand halfway and pulled her closer before crashing my lips on hers. Her eyes widened in shock.
I just have to shut her up she talks too much.

Kim Jungkook
” What do you suggest we do baby?” Mia said as she ran her fingers all over my body.
” I seriously don’t know what to do. V is acting stubborn, and it’s kinda strange,” I Mumbled as I watched the news.

He even went as far as telling the press that he’s in love with her.
“We have to try harder please I don’t want to lose V, or I stand to lose everything.” She rested her head on my shoulder and peeked my cheek.
” I don’t know what to think of possibly. Have you tried seducing him?” I asked and made her face me and kiss her lightly.

“I did and trusted me; it didn’t go well. All my life haven’t seen V this aggressive. He’s doing all he can to protect her.” She bit my bottom lip playfully.

Me and Kim Mia have been having an affair for a while now even when she was dating V I was secretly screwing her ass.
“I feel there’s more this than we thought. Am afraid if we don’t act fast we stand to lose everything of interest to us.” I rubbed my temple.
I think it’s time I step into the picture. I have something off my sleeve. I wanted Mia to be one V would get married to so I can make her my pawn.

EPISODE 19 – The Wedding

Skyler’s POV
I so badly want to push him away and punch his jaw but I can’t. My knees had become so weak.
He broke the kiss as he strangely looked at me. ” Won’t you like slap me or even punch me?” He smirked evilly.

“Shut up. You think I don’t want to do it? I simply don’t wanna draw unnecessary attention to myself. ” I cursed underneath.
” Let’s get on with it, shall we? ” He said and led me inside the restaurant, which seems empty.

“Why is this place empty?” I asked, aware of the fact that we were the only ones in the restaurant.
” Don’t I have the right to some privacy in my property? ” He raised his eyebrows.
Oh, I see. It turns out he’s more wealthy than I thought.

” Next thing I’ll hear is that you own the airport and the seaport. “I rolled my eyes dramatically.
” Quit whining and seat down, will you? ” He pulled out a chair for me.
I sat down, and so did he.
He clapped his hands, and the whole catering team came running towards us.
“Ladies first.” He smiled out dimples.
“Lasagna,” I muttered dryly.
” Just lasagna? Come on, and you’re a wife to a billionaire order whatever you want. ” He said proudly, and that’s what I hard.

” I’m okay with that! ” I said sternly.
“Suit yourself Barbie doll.” He chuckled softly as he ordered his meal.
” What did you even bring me here for?” I asked getting bored already.
“What else to get to know my soon to be bride and also want to finalise the deal. ” He said and clapped his hands.
A man in his mid sixty came running towards us with a briefcase.

” Attorney Jin Pyo meet Skyler Cortez.” He said.
“Hello, Miss Skyler. ” He said and shook hands with me.
He sat down opposite my soon to be husband.
“This my lawyer barbie doll. He’s here to finalise the deal which includes some signing of legal documents. “He said and commanded the attorney who nodded and brought out some documents from his briefcase.

“Sign here please?” He said and handed it over to Kim Taehyung.
He signed and handed it over to me and showed me where to sign.
“Sign here.” He handed me the pen, and I signed.
He collected the documents from me and kept it aside.
“Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Kim, you’re legally married.” The attorney said, blowing me off guard.

I jumped out of my seat immediately.
“What? ” I growled.
I can’t believe he just tricked me. This wasn’t the type of wedding I was expecting.

“I know if I had told you about this, you would say no had to handle things my way. By signing those documents, you have a power of attorney to my property. Everything is yours. ” He said.
“To hell with your property. I don’t need any of that. How can you get married to me without telling my parents? ” I half yelled.
” Well, I did. ” He smiled.

That’s just my problem with him. He tends to smile in a difficult situation.
” You mean to say my family knows about this and kept quiet about it? ” I asked, unable to believe what I just heard.
” Yes, as a matter of fact, I paid Mr Cortez 60 billion.” He said nonchalantly.
” Sixty billion dollars? ” I yelled immediately.

EPISODE 20 – Love Fever

Kim Taehyung
Is this girl serious right now? How can you just pass out simply because of sixty billion dollars? Mean it’s not a big deal. Luckily I caught her on time and held her like a child in my arms.
I must confess she looks so cute even in this vulnerable condition.
She groans softly as she flushed her eyes open.
“Where am I?” She grumbled.
“Heaven,” I said sarcastically.
” You’re so unbelievable. Can you take me home am feeling dizzy?” She said Calmly.

I nodded and carried her in bridal style to the parking lot.
I kept her in the back seat before driving out of place.”
I took her to my main mansion. The servants came running towards me, but I ignored them and took her upstairs to my room. Her eyes were still closed as I kept her on the bed. Had already asked my housekeeper to give the doctor a call he should be here soon.

I brought out my phone and dialled someone’s Number.
Hello Boss. “
Hey, I want you to go to any fancy boutique and get me some female clothing. ” I went straight to the point.
Okay, copy that boss. Anything else?”
No. ” I hang up.

A knock landed on the door as I Mumbled a come in.
It was the doctor, and he walked towards Sky. He knows me as a man of few words, so he doesn’t bother asking me anything.
He checked her temperature and did some regular check-up.
“She’s burning up, sir. She has a fever.” He announced as he examined her eyes.

” Then do something about it or consider this job of yours gone.” With that, I left him in the room and went downstairs.
Why won’t she burn up when she’s always up to one mischief or the other. She’s so troublesome that she doesn’t have time for herself.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and got bottled water from the fridge.
“Do you like her that much?” I heard Mrs Lee voice.
She’s my housekeeper and like a mother to me.
“Excuse me, ma?” I asked, confused.
“Come on, V I know you very well, and I know when you’re tensed. ” She smiled.
” You’re getting it all wrong ma’am she’s just my contract wife nothing much I can’t love anyone again. ” I said coldly and drank from my water.

” Look son you don’t have to pretend or hide it. Deep down, you know what I am talking about. I know you too well to know when you’re tensed about someone when you are worried about them, it’s because you love them.

I know you’ll deny it but my child you just have to let love lead don’t be a shadow of your past. ” She said with a smile and peeked my cheek. I stood there, unable to say anything. I don’t even know what to think right now.

EPISODE 21 – Love Is Still Going To Blossom

I woke up with a throbbing headache. Gosh, what happened?
“Finally you’re awake.” I heard Tae’s deep voice.
This is not my room.
” Where am I? “I asked faintly.
“Where else if not for your husband’s house.” He smirked evilly.
Wait !! I quickly checked myself to see if anything was off.
“Who changed my clothes.” I half yelled.
The last thing I remembered was being dressed up in a blue dress. How did I end up in lingerie?
“Oh, that.” He said nonchalantly.
“Yes, that!”

” Well had to pull it off because it was getting in the way.” He winked.
” Getting in the way of what?? ” I was slowly getting infuriated. Hope he didn’t take advantage of me in my unconscious state?
“You know better. Last night you were all over me begging me to do with you. And I did. ” Be grinned from ear to ear.

My eyes almost left their socket as I screamed out loud.
I charged towards him and threw my Feist at him, but he caught it halfway.
“How dare you!!” I said in a sober tone. I can’t imagine losing my virginity this way.
” Relax Barbie doll I didn’t do anything.” He chuckled softly.
I inhaled deeply. Thank goodness.
“You’re such an stupid.” I gave him a slap for lying to me.
” Really? Can a stupid do this? ” He said and slammed me against the wall.
Oh no, not again. His face was so close to mine. I could feel his hot breath on my skin.

He brought his lips to my neck and planted soft kisses all over my neckline. My knees had become weak. I couldn’t do anything other than let him take over. He trailed kisses around my neck and left so many hickeys.
I tried so hard to resist it, but something inside of me doesn’t want this to stop.

” What are you doing to me Skyler CORTEZ!” He groans softly. He claimed my lips as he kissed me slowly but tenderly.
His lips are so damn soft gosh. I don’t know how or when, but I found my arms around his neck.
Someone cleared their throat, making us pull away.
It was a woman in her mid sixty. I looked away shyly.
Tae scratches his head nervously.

“Get ready Sky you’ll be unveiled as the bride of business tycoon tomorrow. ” He managed to say and walked away from the awkward situation. The lady had been Smiling all through.
“Erm good day ma’am.” I shuttered.
“Hello, child, how are you feeling now.” She held my hand and led me to the bed.
“Am better now.”. I Mumbled unable to maintain eye contact with her.
“Oh, I can see that already.” She chuckled.
My cheeks had gone red.
” You know he loves you, right?” She said, getting me confused.
“Am sorry who?”
“V. For years now haven’t seen him care for any lady the way he cared for you. You should have seen how worried he was when you passed out.” She said with a beautiful smile.

Lol, this is what they call mission impossible how can the proud idiot love someone like me. Love is nowhere in my dictionary.
“Am sorry ma’am you must have gotten it all wrong. That jerk can’t love me.” I rolled my eyes.
” But you love him!”
” What !?

EPISODE 22 – Successful Woman

” But you love him?” She Chuckled.
“What?? No! I would instead soak myself in a pile of shit than love someone like Tae. ” I said menacingly.

” Hmm okay take care of yourself dear bye. “She stood up and left.
Between that was a relief. She was trying to put tension on me. I laid down for a while before stepping into the bathroom. I took a shower and got clad in a royal bathrobe. Was humming to a song as I walked quietly to the room only to meet Tae seated comfortably.

“And what is it you want?” I asked with folded arms.
“I want you. ” He said with a deep voice. For a moment, I blushed.
“I thought this room was for me only why are you here? ” I asked, getting angry.
” This is my bedroom too, and I can’t possibly abandon my bed for you. So we are going to share the bed. ” He smirked evilly.
” No thanks, I’ll just make use of another room. ” I said with an eye roll.
I walked quietly to the room opposite his, but strangely enough, it was locked.

I checked the other ones it was also locked.
“Oh, come on!” I banged on the door.
“It’s no use barbie doll. Just come to bed now you need to rest.” He said and walked towards his bedroom.
” Ah,” I banged on the door again like a raging madwoman.

Kim Taehyung has been unveiled as the CEO of Skynet.
It all came right, thanks to yours truly. Now I am a successful woman beside him according to the press. We drove together to school quietly. He was busy on his phone. I was busy with my phone too.

The car came to a halt as a student were slowly gathering around us. He stepped out of the vehicle first will I followed suit. I can’t believe this man bought me so many female clothing. I seriously hate it, but I just have to wear them.

The students kept saying things like aww she’s so pretty. Omg is that the new girl? Oppa is so handsome. Stupid dolls. I rolled my eyes at them.
” Step aside, everyone.” He said in between clenched teeth and the students moved away immediately.
He went his way, leaving me standing there.
This guy is seriously mad.
“Well well well it isn’t the fake bride of my boyfriend. ” She clapped her hands.
” I don’t have time for you, Kim Mia.” I tried to shove her off, but she’s adamant about getting on my nerves.
For a few days now have been trying so hard to suppress my troublemaking self.
“I have all the time in the world. What are you waiting for boys to grab her! ” She half yelled, and some hefty guys grab me and drag me along.
I pity her because these guys can’t stop me from killing her.

EPISODE 23 – Dear Ex

They dragged me to the isolated building on the school premises.
Too bad they just dug their own grave. It’s the same building I kept all my stuff.
Including my beautiful scissor.
” It was so easy to catch Mrs tigress. Where’s your lover boy now? ” She made a mockery of me, but unknowingly she was making a mockery of herself. They pushed me to the ground, and I fell right at the spot I hid my pepper spray.

“Oh trust me, my lover boy is right where he belongs. Scared I took him away from you without breaking a sweat? Taehyung is mine and is going to hold on to him forever; you won’t be able to cast a glance. Pathetic. “I said, buying more time before I could reach for it.

She foamed Angrily and wanted to hit me, but I held her hand and twisted it backwards.
Oops, I just broke a bone. She screamed out in pain. Her puppets charged towards me. I grabbed hold of my pepper spray and gave them something to think about.
I know they might not see again. I made sure I spray more than enough into their eyes.

” You’ll pay for this, I promise you.” She yelled out in pain.
” I would like to see you try. Don’t you get it, Mia? I don’t love you anymore, why can’t you just accept the fact that I love Sky. ” Tae said from behind.
How did he find me?
I gave the guys kicks right in the forbidden zone.
They fell in pain.
” What do I do with this girl,” I mumbled as I went through my old stuff and brought out my scissor and glue.
” Don’t do anything Sky let’s go.” Tae insisted but am not done yet.
” Relax, hubby, you’re no fun.” I rolled my eyes at him.

I scraped off her fake hair revealing her bald skull. I glued the hair I removed around her face like a moustache.
“Wow, you look beautiful. Or I mean handsome.” I giggled happily.
“Can we go now? “
” Oh, yes, baby. ” I peeked his cheek in front of her. That should give her a heart attack.

She glared at me with bloodshot eyes.
“You have some serious problem, Sky,” Tae said with a chuckle.
” Oh! But you just told your crazy ex you love me.” I cockkkkkkked my brows.
” You wish!” He smirked playfully.
We stopped dead on our tracks when my brother in law, which I hate stood in front of us.

” Oh, so the prodigal son comes to school,” I said mockingly.
“What do you want now, JK? ” Tae said in between clenched teeth.
” Calm down bro I just came to apologise to your beautiful wife nothing much. ” He said, Smiling sheepishly.

Episode 24 – Calm Girl

Kim Taehyung
JK apologising to Sky? How come I don’t buy his bullshit.
“Look Skyler, I know me, and you didn’t start on good terms. My brother’s happiness matters to me. I am sorry, and I want us to start over again. ” He said Smiling. Does he even know her name? This is serious.
I glanced over at Sky. She had a smirk on. “Okay, I forgive you.” Sky said nonchalantly.
“You do? “I and jk said simultaneously.
This is unbelievable.

“Yes, of course, he’s my brother in law, so I forgive him. ” She simply said. ” Alright, thanks to catching you later gotta go. “Jk said and walked away. ” What was that for? ” I pinned her to the nearest wall.
What are you talking about? “

” Acting so innocent when deep down, you’re a wolf in sheep clothing. Hope you’re not planning to hurt my brother because you are going to regret you ever did. “I let go of her and walked away.

Later that day.
I was busy with my PC she walked past me and stepped into the bathroom.
I sighed softly and left what I was doing before joining her in the bathroom.
“What are you doing here?” She growled at me.
“Ssh. ” I placed a finger on her lips.
She was yet to step in the bathtub.

I slowly loosen up her bathrobe, revealing her sexy body.
Her lips were trembling. I brought my face closer and whisper into her ear.
“Relax,” I whispered and helped her into the tub.
I scrub her body gently as she looked at me intensely.
” Am sorry for yelling unnecessary at you,” I mumbled as I ran my fingers through her smooth skin.
She closed her eyes and relaxed into the tub.

” I understand.” She responded with a sexy voice.
I took her out of the tub and helped with her bathrobe.
I carried her up and walked towards the bed.
” I need to tell you something.” I started.
” Okay am listening. “

” Will be going on a business trip tomorrow won’t be back till after three days. Will Mrs lee take care of you, okay? ” I explained.
” Oh, okay, I understand. ” She said in a calm tone.
To be honest, haven’t seen her this calm.
And why is she shy all of a sudden?
“You should get some sleep okay?”I tucked her into bed before going back to the work I was doing.
Seriously I don’t feel like travelling at the moment, but I just must go duty calls.

Kim Jungkook
” Is everything ready?” I asked one of my boys.
” Yes, the boss should be out of the house tomorrow morning. ” He responded.
” Good. You may leave. ” I dismissed him.
Have successfully been able to lure V out of the house by giving him a fake phone call about a business trip in settle. This my chance to go after the forbidden fruit.

I know Tae for the fact that he won’t ever tolerate a loose girl. I am going to make it look like she brought the guys into his mansion to intimate her.

EPISODE 25 – Missing Time

Skyler’s POV
V was all dressed up, ready to leave for his business trip.
Deep down, I wish he doesn’t have to go. Not that am going to miss him, and I’m going to miss tunting him for two days.
“So?” He said as he got to his car. Had to follow him to the car with Mrs Lee strangely staring at us.

“So? I guess I am supposed to say goodbye?” I rolled my eyes.
” You’re silly. Should I get you anything while coming? ” He chuckled.
” Some chocolate bar would do. Take care of your ugly self. ” I Smirked.
” Alright, I’ll.” He said and drove out of the house.
I walked back into the house and went straight to the living room.
” Would you like anything, dear?” Mrs Lee had asked.
I nodded negatively.

” Okay, I’ll be out for a while be back before you know it. Have to check on my kids. ” She said Calmly.
” Good ma’am say hello to them for me. ” I said as I focused on the drama that was being played.
Mrs Lee had left, so it’s just me myself and I in the big house.
I feel so bored right now, how about some little fun. I stood up and decided to explore the building Abit. Oh, we have a neighbour. Nice one. I was still staring at the building next block.

A kid stuck her head out of the window and showed me a ‘bad sign.
Wow wow. I went back inside and looked for so many plastic bags. I went to the kitchen and filled them with mashed potatoes. I took it to the spot I was standing earlier.

I started throwing them in the neighbours compound.
I made sure I aim for the kid’s window before firing. The house is now painted with beautiful mashed potatoes.
I giggled and ran upstairs to my room. Needs some sleep.

I was laying down with my eyes closed, but I could hear some sounds coming from downstairs. Maybe Mrs Lee is back. The door to my room was pulled open that was when I decided to open my eyes. It was some strange guys. They were all wearing mask.
“What the heck are you doing here!” I half yelled.

“Wow, the boss she’s wonderful just like you described.” One of them said.
” I told you.” The boss, whose voice sounds familiar.
” If you know what’s good for you all you had better leave else you gonna regret ever coming here,” I said and stood up fully.

They tried to rip off my clothes, but I fought them off. Unfortunately, there were too many of them I couldn’t fight off all them. They grabbed hold of me and pinned me down after ripping off my clothes. Tears roll down my cheeks for I know what’s about to happen next.

Kim Taehyung
Why do I feel like something is wrong? I was at the airport but refused to board the plane.
Something tells me this business trip isn’t meant to be. How come I only got a call from one representative yet any of my board members don’t know about it? Almost immediately, my phone beeped. I brought it out and glanced at it.
Oh no. The security sensor had been triggered.
I raced to my car and drove off at high speed. I hope nothing had happened to her.

EPISODE 26 – Mysterious Moments

Skyler’s POV
I won’t give up that easily I wasn’t taught to give up a fight. I kicked the one standing in front of me and bit the one holding me. He let off my immediately as he yelled out in pain.

“This! Just bite me.” He held the spot which was bleeding already.
I grabbed the vase and threw it at them. I kept holding anything I could lay my hands on. I was caught unaware from behind by a different person. I didn’t see him there.

He gave me a slap that sent me flying to the ground.
Grabbed hold of my hair aggressively and slammed me the bed. I kept trying to fight my way through till I became weary.

They tied up my hands against the bed while one was holding up a camera recording everything.
He brought his lips closer to my face, but I ended up biting off his ear.

He yelled out in pain and backed off.
Even if I am tied up, there’s no way letting them succeed.
“You American!” He roared and wanted to smack me when someone caught hold of his hand and punched him on the abdomen.

Kim Taehyung
I drove like a mad man to my mansion and just as suspected someone had broken into my house.
I dialled the 911 before walking into the house. All the antique and electronics had been ruined.

I heard someone screamed from upstairs. That’s not Skyler’s voice.
I raced upstairs to my room just in time to stop that stupid from touching her.

The four goons rounded me. Even with my eyes closed, I can still take them down. One of them seems to be looking for a route to escape, but that’s not going to work. I grabbed hold of him and gave him a hard punch.
The rest tried to attack at once, but I ended up breaking their arms and legs.
Let’s see how they’re going to escape now. I untied Sky, and she hugged me tightly.

“Relax, Barbie doll am here,” I whisper audibly.
” It was terrible. This niggaaaaas are going to pay dearly in my way. ” She said coldly and broke the hug.
” Before that let’s see who’s behind the masks. ” I said and went over to remove their masks.
WTF the three thugs are Jk’s boys.
Wait! I hope it’s not what I am thinking?
I turned towards the last one who was trying to avoid getting exposed.
I forcefully took the mask off and guessed who was behind the mask.
“Jungkook? How dare you!” I growled and tossed him across the room, Angrily. He grunts, unable to fight back because of his broken arms and legs.

” How dare you even tried to lay your filthy hands on her? Are you crazy?! ” I gave him a hard kick.
He coughs out blood as he was in severe pain.
I trusted him. He’s my better half my best friend how he could do this?
“Brother please you’re hurting me.” He managed to say as I gave him another punch to shut him up.

” Am hurting you yeah! You don’t want me to hurt you, but you had the nerves to hurt someone special to me. ” I blurted out before I could stop myself.
” That’s enough, V I think I have the best punishment for all of them.” Sky said grinning from ear to ear.
“You’re a disgrace to the Kims trust me I’ll make sure the family hears about this, but In the primary time, I’ll let barbie doll handle it in her way. ” I spat.
I feel like strangling someone’s child. Wow, did you hear what Kim said?

EPISODE 27 – Pure Love

Skyler’s POV
Am going to make sure I make him suffer forever trying to hurt me.
“Let’s see what I can do for fun,” I said I went through all my prank stuff.
V had helped me move him out of to the stable. That’s the perfect place for people like him.

” And do you think am scared of your petty punishment? Go ahead and do what you want. ” He still has a mouth to talk.
” Shut up JK or am gonna have to do it forcefully,” Tae said in between clenched teeth.
“I know you’ll say anything in favour of your sire. I’ll never be submissive to any lady. ” He was still making noise when I sprayed his eyes with pepper spray.

That’s just phasing one of his punishment. He shouted and fell to the group as he tried to get it, out of his eyes.
I pulled off his trousers and added some inching powder—the best quality. Inching powder doesn’t go well with heat, so I wore his trouser back.
He was now fairing for his eyes and forbidden zone.
I would pay a million dollars to see the look on his pathetic face as he rolled over the place.

” Be right back barbie doll, and I think the cops are here. ” V said and walked away. I know he must be angry and won’t say it.
He came back shortly with the cops, but the unexpected happened.
” Officer please take me away from this woman I don’t wanna die. ” Jk pleaded as he crawled to the inspector’s feet.
The inspector was sure as hell surprised.

“Take him away.” The inspector said, and his boys took him away. He happily followed them as long as he is away from me. It was just Tae and me, he walked back into his mansion, leaving me there. I guess he’s having a hard time with what just happened. I took all my stuff and hid it somewhere in the stable before walking away.

Kim Taehyung V
I went upstairs to one of the master’s bedroom. I poured myself some tequila shots and gulped down everything. How could he stoop so low as to try to rape Skyler? I don’t even know what to say to her or how even to look her in the eyes. I ran my fingers through my hair frustratedly.

I don’t get why I feel pained. My heart always skips a beat whenever she’s very close to me. Maybe am going insane I can’t even think straight.
“There you’re.” I heard her sweet voice.
” How did you know I was here,” I asked.
” Well, the door was slightly open, and you were nowhere to be found. Are you okay?” She. Moved closer and sat down beside me.

I sighed tiredly as I made sure not to break eye contact with her.
My eyes fell on her intoxicated bloodshot lips.
” I’m fine whenever you are,” I whisper audibly and claim her lips in mine.
She responded to the kiss immediately and deepened it as we kissed passionately.

EPISODE 28 – Love You Unconditionally

Skyler’s POV
When he had crashed his lips on mine, it was then I realised that I was in love with him.
Mrs Lee was right after all. I can’t hide it anymore. I encircled my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss as he made me lay down. We kissed like never before, and he planted soft kisses all over my face down to my neckline.

He left hickeys on my neck. I moan softly as his lips found my ear lobe.
It sent dangling feeling down my body. He fondles with his hair as he brought his lips to my cleavage, pressing kisses all over it. He used his tongue to tease my belly button. I shuttered into his touch. My hands found its way to his shirt as I pulled it off his body. He unhooked my bra and tossed it aside. A moan escaped my mouth as his lips came in contact with my ttssss. I closed my eyes as I felt his hands on my panties. He pulled it down slowly.

Soon I was naked and fragile in front of me him. He stared at me for a moment before claiming my lips again and pulled off his shorts. This is it sky there’s no going back. I encircled my long legs around his waist as he slowly got into me. I held on to him tightly as my fingers dug deep into his skin.
Yeah, am still a virgin.
He stopped immediately he noticed I was in pain.
” Am sorry for hurting you barbie doll, maybe I should stop.” He whispered audibly kissing my eyes.
He was looking worried. I shook my head, telling him not to stop.
He made sure not to hurt me as he moved in and out of me, tenderly.

Kim Taehyung
And we had physical relation, no we made love. It was different from anything have ever done before. Feel bad because she’s a virgin I’m scared I might have hurt her. I carried her in my arms into the bathroom and mixed a bath for her before coming back into the room. I took care of the sheets that were stained with blood.
When she was done, I took to the bed and wore her one of my shirts before tucking her into bed. She looked weary and paled too.

I need to do something about it. Made sure she was asleep before planting a kiss on her forehead. I got dressed and left the room, bumped into Mrs Lee.

” I told you, my boy, you can’t run away from the love you can’t fight it will only get stronger. ” She said with a smile like she was reading my thoughts.
” Are you some sort of psychic now ?” I scoff.
” I know you’re scared she might break you just the way Mia did, but I can tell you Skyler is the only person that can love you unconditionally. Don’t be scared dear and let love lead. “She said brilliantly.
I sighed and looked at her. Maybe she was right, Skyler is different from all the girls.
” Okay, thanks ma’am you’re the best,” I said and pulled her into a hug.

EPISODE 29 – Heart Of Love

Skyler’s POV
I woke up feeling pain down there. I could barely move my legs. I was clad in V’s shirt.
Where’s V he’s nowhere in the room.
” Good morning dear.” Mrs Lee walked into the room with a tray.
” Morning ma’am, where’s V.,” I asked.
Gosh, my head hurts pretty much.
” He didn’t say where he was going but am sure he’s gonna be back soon.” She said politely as she dropped the breakfast beside me. My mind drifted off to last night, and I can’t believe we did it.

I must say it was beautiful, although it was painful at first.
” Are you okay dear?” Mrs Lee asked jerking me out of my thoughts.
“Erm… I’m fine .” I said, Smiling sheepishly.
” You know you look happy whenever you’re with Taehyung. Always make my boy happy; it’s been a while since I’ve last seen him this happy. ” She said Calmly as she placed her palm on mine.

” I’ll try my best,” I said shyly.
“Well, eat something, okay?” She smiled before walking away.
Wow, Maybe Mrs Lee is some sort of psychic. It’s like she was reading my mind. I pulled the tray closer. Hmm, pancakes french press and eggs sausage. Am one hell of a caffeine lover.

I managed to get out of bed and walked sluggishly into the bathroom. Mixed a bath and stepped into the jacuzzi tub.
I closed my eyes as the water came in contact with my skin gush it’s so cold. I stayed like that for a while before washing up. Wore my bathrobe and stepped out of the bathroom. V is not back yet I wonder where he went that too so early. I went to the wardrobe and picked out one of the numerous dresses he bought for me.

Been indoors all day and it’s been hours since V went out and am starting to get worried.
What if something terrible had happened to him. I tried his cellphone, but it was off getting me more worried.

Where could he be? Just then a knock landed on my door. I jumped out of bed hurriedly and went over to the door, but there’s no one there only a beautiful looking note. I picked up and read out its content. ‘ follow the rose petals.’ it reads.

Rose petals? I looked around, and I found it.
The trail leads towards the hallway. I found another note by the vase.
‘One of the most amazing feelings in the world is having someone fall in love with you who you thought you never had a chance with. What is seek is right before you.’
I SMiled and held it close to my heart. I looked around the place and found a small box. I opened it and found another note.

‘Sometimes its not the person you miss, but the feelings and moments you have when you were with them. The roses will take you to your heart desires.’ It reads.
Wow V is full of suspense.
I followed the trail and landed by the entrance of a beautiful garden which I never knew it existed. I saw another note hanging on the flowers.
‘ YOU have no idea how fast my heart beats when I SEE YOU. 8 billion people in this world, and I only want you. Heart changes, I know they do, but this heart always belongs to You. what is seek is standing before you.’
This time I was blushing hard. I looked around the garden and found him standing by the far end.

EPISODE 30 – Love & Life

Kim Taehyung
I went away because I wanted to make things right.
Sky deserve something better than just a contract marriage.
I’ve realised soon enough that my happiness lies with her and I don’t think I’ll ever be happy if I don’t do the right thing.

I made arrangements with Mrs Lee to make sure she stays indoors.
I left rose petals to the garden and also left enough clues for her to be able to locate me.
Let’s just hope she takes the bait. I waited for her in the garden holding a diamond ring box in my hand.

Yeah, I bought a new ring. This ring is going to define my new love life. Saw her standing by the lilies. She was smiling to herself when she got my clues. And then she saw me standing there holding up a ring box and a projector just beside me showing this ‘ will you marry me? ‘

She gasps as she ran into my arms, we fell to the ground in the process.
” Easy there my gummy bear.” I chuckled softly and lifted her.
” Don’t scare me like that.” She pouts childishly.

” You thought I was going to leave you? Was I going to change after taking your virginity? Never. ” I said and went down on one knee.
” What are you doing V?” She raised her eyebrows.
” What I should have done for a long time.

I know everything started as a contract marriage, but then I realised that all this while I was making a fool out of myself. Let me tell you a little secret—my life rocks because of you.
“It’s filled with laughter, fun, and so much excitement feels great. I keep myself busy with things to do every time I pause, I still think of you.” I paused and opened the box.

” Skyler Cortez, will you marry me for the second time? ” I chuckled at my words.
” Shut up and slide in the ring knucklehead. ” She giggled like a baby as I slide the ring into her finger.
I stood up and lifted her off the ground.
” I love you so much, my crazy trouble maker.” I peeked her cheeks.
” My grumpy lover, my love for you, is endless. I hope we grow old together. ” She said and crashed her lips on mine.

It’s amazing how one day someone walks into your life, then the next day you wonder how you lived without them.
One of the best feelings in the world is when you hug the person you love, and they hug you tighter.

Live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words. Never give up on something you believe in, Because that something can change your everything. If things don’t happen by your wish, make them happen by your will.
If you want to find love, then look right in front of you. The one that laughs at your stupid jokes and always there for you. Just open your eyes. Love is a form of AMNESIA when a girl forgets there are 1.2 billion other guys in the world.

Love is to think about someone else more times in a day than you feel about yourself.
The difference between like, love and in love is the same difference between for now, for a while and forever.

Please comment about the sad story of love which you can not forget.

Love doesn’t need a reason. Pure love will come from the heart without cause, and it’ll stay every season.
Do you know what’s the one wrong thing we all do when we fall in love? WE EXPECT, and it just ruins everything.


Author: M. MULIKAT

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