A Romantic School Love Story (High School Crush)

High School Crush – School Love Story: Every student has a high school crush or love story. It’s widespread at this time because craziness and emotion are overloaded in this age. Today we will know about such kind of love story that is exciting and romantic. Let’s begin!

High School Crush
By: Queen Nikky
Genre: Romance, Drama, Action, Hot

Episode 1
(Dear David)

Oh, we are resuming again, oh no. I hate school, and I don’t know why. Well, I always get to see my handsome Dave every morning lol. Hi, my name is Nikky. I have a crush on this my ice cube neighbor who happens to be my classmate since class 1, but he won’t notice me now we are in ss1. Oh god, let David see me this term.

After breakfast and some words of advice from my parents, I finally wave goodbye to them. There I met David outside ready for school looking so handsome in his white shirt and blue trouser accompanied by the little bow tie.

Wow, as usual, David, you are always gorgeous, and I’m not looking bad either in my short blue skirt and white short sleeve shirt.

Lovely dream high school here I come. “ good morning dave” I greet him, but he just waves at me. “ happy resumption day,” I said, but he just nodded. “ how was your holiday?” I asked, and he finally opens his mouth.

“ Can you just keep quiet for a while?” he said, and he walks faster.
That’s the problem with him even though we are neighbors, but he always walks faster. Too fast, hmm.

What should I do to make Dave love me? Confess? Oh yes, maybe I will but not now.

Oh, I miss LDHS so much oh, especially my partner in crime. My best friend Janelle, that talkative girl, I miss her so much.

After assembly, there is not much work, so we just use the time to clean the surroundings like sweeping and parking some leaves that fell from the peach tree.

“ Partner in crime I miss you o, the senior school uniform really good on you,” I said, and Janelle smiled. “ and you are not looking bad either oh I miss you I hope we work hard now that we are in senior school now” Janelle replied, and we both laughed.

I’m not so good with my studies, so I’m always low in my math but another subject I think I’m trying while Janelle is an average student but my Dave?

I think Janelle and Dave will be in the science department while I? I’m stuck in the arts forever. I promise myself that I will work hard to impress my David; maybe he can give me a chance.

I just don’t know why I hate reading I don’t remember ehn. If I hate reading, then how can I cope with school work? Any girl that comes close to David will face my wrath no matter what.

“ David how cool we are in the same class again,” I said to him when we were sweeping the leaves, but he shakes his head. When will David learn how to reply to people when they talk its unfair o.

He is so weird now that I think about it. I’m funnier. I have a crush on him for three years now I’m still longing for more, or is it because we live close to each other?

“ Nikky!” I heard Eric yell behind me.
Eric is one of my classmates; he always sticks around me, calling me his boss. That guy is from a comfortable home, so he is a celebrity. I ignore him, and I face David.

“ I like you,” I said, but to my horror, he replied I don’t like you. Oh, god, David! Nobody should hold me o I must faint today issa must.
David reject me again…

Episode 2
(Rainy Day)

That answer sounds like a slap in my face, or is it that I’m too fast forward? In this Africa, it always takes strength and courage for a girl to ask a guy out herself why she won’t David see my courage? Then I will work harder with my study.

We have a group in our class, which consists of me, Janelle, David, Eric, and Chris. The lousy Chris, lovely but aggressive Janelle, celebrity but cool-headed Eric, cool, handsome but mute David lol and attractive pretty Nikky lol. Its not a study group, but we always hang out together.

After the first period, I want to talk to David but was interrupted by the class monitor isabella.

“ David, can you please explain this problem to me” she stares at him seductively. I want to stand up but was stopped by Janelle. After explaining whatever the problem is to her, I heard, “ can we hang out after school?

You know I’m always busy with the teachers maybe you can call me when you are going home since our house is not far so I won’t be late for my lunch again” I swear I feel like slapping her.

“ You of all people should know that our house is not near to each other at all and besides if you don’t want to be late for your lunch discipline your yourself so you will get out of the school early, I don’t walk with undisciplined people ” he replied coldly.

At that time, I can’t hold my laughter anymore, so I can’t help but laugh. You will always be mine. Isabella walks away sadly, but who she epp? Lol.

I think I like the cold side today lol. I did a high five to Janelle.
“ So you haven’t get rid of your one-sided love bah,” Janelle asked.

“ Can you? Who is more perverted between me who have a crush on my classmate and you who have a crush on our school doctor?” I asked, and she hit me playfully.

Doctor ken is our school doctor; actually, he is too handsome to be a doctor. Janelle fell for him the day he treats her leg when she fell from the peach tree.

Since then, Janelle has been behaving like something always visiting the school clinic when there is nothing wrong with her just to see her dear doctor lol.

“ Stop ” she smiles.
“ I kinda like how David shun Isabella today I can’t stop laughing. That girl ” I said, and Janelle and I laughed together.

I don’t know what happened, but I feel like laughing right now. Maybe its the way David shun Isabella, or I’m just happy.

Ring ring
I’m going home! Oh, let me wait for dave oh there he is.
“ dave,” I called, and he looks at my direction.

“ Let’s go home together,” I said again, and he doesn’t respond; instead, he just walks to where I am, and we started walking together. He didn’t talk, and that’s one of the things I hate about his others. I like them.

After walking for a while, the rain that has threatened heaven and earth since started pouring out its anger slowly, and something unexpected happened, David grabbed my hands, and we ran together. Hey, this rain, you sure know when I need you.

Running can’t solve it, our house is too far, and I’m tired, so we stop under a mango tree at least to take cover.
“ hatchia,” I sneezed.

“ Are you feeling cold?” he asked, and I nodded.
He did the most unexpected thing…
Guess what he did?

Episode 3
(I think I will love maths)

He gave me a warm hug; my heart almost jumps out of my chest. I felt my legs going numb.

The rain stopped after a while. I couldn’t move or do anything. David waved at me, but I’m too carried away to do anything.

“ Hello? Is the cold affecting your brain” he smiled, and if not for my combined strength, I would have faint.

“ Let’s go na,” he said, and when I find my voice, okay was all I can say.
I waved goodbye at him when we reach their flat, and I have to walk to ours, but all he does is nod his head. I think this guy is a lizard in his first life.

I live with my parents with no siblings at all. You may think I’m spoilt, but no, my parents are strict. They believe I’m the only one they have, so they have to give me the best.

David has a younger brother Sammy.
Sammy is a jovial boy, and we were best friends. He knows I like his brother, so he will always report which girl his brother is seeing and what they discussed together lol I have an informant.

Unlike David, he is not cold or arrogant or something, even though I’m older than him and we play together, he doesn’t see that as a way to disrespect me.

After eating my lunch, which is always a bowl of garri or cornflakes, I took my phone to Facebook before I start reading, and luckily David is also online. I send him a hi, but he didn’t reply to me.

I just log out switch off my phone when he didn’t reply to me.
No matter how I study maths, I just can’t understand it. When will I be looking someone’s X when I don’t know Y? I swear math is complicated. My love for maths ended when they started adding letters.

When I couldn’t find the X, I closed my textbook and notebook, and I use it as a pillow.

Oh my, I slept for three hours? The maths teacher will blast the hell out of my head tomorrow, so let me just do awkward to the answer he cannot kill me, please.

The next day David did not even wait for me, so I have to walk to school alone.
As expected, the maths teacher freak out whatever who he epp? Freaking out as if math is the only subject in the world.

But I hate other students laughing at me, especially that witch named Isabella trying to get closer to David at all costs. I wonder what they use to do together in physics and chemistry class when I’m not there, or should I switch to science class?

Oh, I like the arts better at least I won’t be calculating all the time. I don’t have to worry. I got Janelle watching my Dave for me.

Ring ring
We are going home again! Yeah! No maths assignment, only literature and English assignments.

“ if you want I can help you in your maths,” a voice which even if I’m in a trance or something I will recognize it said behind me. You might want to know who I’m talking about. Its no one but my Dave.

Math is bringing David and me together. I think I will love maths.

Episode 4
(So Annoying)

Thank you maths you are bringing me and dave together.
“Really?” I asked to confirm.

“ Yes, I can give you a hand you know. It’s embarrassing to watch you get insulted by the teacher ” Although we’ve known each other for too long, this is the longest sentence he has ever said to me. I’m so happy.

“ Wait for me I have to do something in the lab,” he said.
Okay, was all I could say.

There was no rain, but I wish there is so he can hug me again.
I have to do my literature and English assignment first before I go for my maths lesson from the best maths teacher in the world.

“ Oh Nikky you look so happy,” Janelle said, dragging me aside when I was waiting for David to come out of the lab.

“ Hey I’m always happy” I hit her playfully.
“ But not like this did something happen between you and David? ” she asked.

“ Yes, but you don’t have to know unless you gist me about your one-sided love ” I replied, making a mocking face.

“ Seriously I can’t believe this my friend is now keeping secrets from me bah? I want to cry. Crying crying crying.”

“ Seriously this your crying stuff won’t work with me today” I smiled, and I know that will provoke her lol don’t mind Janelle she is my one and only town crier she can cry for Africa I think she was a mermaid in her first life, but it is a pity her tears won’t turn to pearls.

“ I’m sorry I kept you waiting ” I heard David’s voice behind me. Wow, how can the world get brighter whenever he appears?

“ Bye Janelle ”
“ Bye”

“ How can she leave when we have so much to discuss that girl and her manners,” she thought I wouldn’t hear, but I hear though Janelle.

“What’s with you today? Nikky you look so you know happy” Sammy too? Seriously why is everyone asking me that? It’s not as if it’s obvious.

After lunch and my literature in English assignment, I quickly rush to David’s house; its the same house, though.

“ Sammy is your brother home?” I ask Sammy, who was doing his assignment outside.

“ Yep he is waiting for you,” he said with a smile.
Seriously? Does David wait for me? Am I in a trance or something?

“ You are late” his voice brought me back from my little world of imagination.
“ I was doing my literature in English assignment ” I replied, dropping my textbook and notebook.

He starts with the quadratic equation, 2x²+9x+6
“ What is x?” he asked.

“ x is a letter,” I replied, and he looks at me with that kind of are you kidding me? eyes

“ Oh okay I don’t know,” I replied, feeling irritated. Did he have to look down on me like this? I’m also brilliant. It’s just that we use it differently.

“ then let’s find x,” he said, and he started writing ways of solving a quadratic equation.

The factorization method, completing the square method, formula method, and graph method. Wow, he looks so cute while solving maths.

Episode 5
(What’s That?)

The short lesson ends quickly cos its only maths. I’m just happy looking at him although it’s for a short time. Many things happen today, and I’m ready to put them in my diary.

Oh, my mom is home.
“ Where are you since? I’ve been in this house for over 1hr and I couldn’t find you,” she said immediately I set my foot in our flat.

“ I went to solve some problems with David” I answered her questions while changing my footwear.

“ Really? You guys are really getting close it’s okay if you date,” my mom said jokingly.

“ Mom! Is that not too early? Ah seriously ” I can’t believe what my mom said, or did she know I have a soft spot for Dave? No, my mom won’t know.

“ Whatever I’m sure his mom will support it too you guys should take it slowly o,” she said, and I almost faint.
“ Mom seriously when did you turn to a love doctor? I can’t believe this what’s for dinner?” I asked, and she smiled.

“ That’s what you and David have together he likes food too,” my mom added.
“ Mom!”

“ Stop moving me if you don’t like him why are you getting worked up?”
I don’t understand my mom anymore, oh geesh! I rushed to my room, holding my maths textbook.

I take a cold shower cos the heat is too. Much I swear maybe its what mom said that is roasting me inside.
The next morning.

“ Hey, boss!” Eric yelled behind me.
“ Oh, good morning,” Janelle also said, hugging me.
“ Now I’m all left out,” we heard Chris’s voice behind us.

“ Hi David,” I hear a familiar voice greeting David, but he just nods.
Lol, isabella stop stressing yourself, David will never look at you. I’m betting my voice on that. Oh no, my voice? That’s what I like most about myself.

After the assembly, our class teacher, a lady in her late 20s, came to call the attendance and advised us about not breaking the school rules and some stuff too well. I’m not interested.

When David and isabella were leaving for physics class, I asked Janelle to look after him if possible sit beside him so Isabella won’t get a chance to look at him.

The government teacher came, and he taught us some basic government concepts: power, authority, and legitimacy. The class was, and I like it when I’m doing something I like most, and that is arts subjects.

Both literature in English and government are all my favorite subject, and I like the English language too, but I don’t like raising my hands too much in the class I’m always scared.

The next period is for civic education, so all science students were inside the class to be able to concentrate on my David very well.

I dip my hands into my bag to find a pen cos the one I was using is no more working then I see a small piece of paper.

The contents in it go thus.
I’ve been keeping the beautiful love I have for you in a little prison. Now its time for me to let it out so the small jail will be free. My love for you can’t be compared to anything in this world. It’s like the rarest pearl in the ocean.

You are the rarest gem I’ve ever seen, a lady with a good heart and personality, every time I look at you, I always get this beautiful feeling that I’ve seen my true love.

That’s it. I can’t reread it. Who the hell wrote this letter? Dave? No, it’s not possible he will rather die, but I’ve never received any love letter in my life. Ah, that was a heart attack no one has ever confessed to me before.

Episode 6
(Love Letter)

I showed Janelle the letter, and her jaw drops immediately. This is not David’s writing and not for Eric or Chris too, but who the hell wrote this? I can’t even figure it out, and my head is spinning now.

Janelle told me to take it easy, but how can I make it easy when an unknown person writes a love letter to me, how can I? I’m not taking anything easy.

“ I’m very sure the writer is not David or Chris or even Eric but who? Who the hell write this letter? ” I yelled, and Janelle covers my mouth.
She drags me outside.

“ Why do you like embarrassing yourself ehn? You think the writer will just expose himself like that? ” Janelle asked.

After that, I kept mute cos I don’t know what to say.

Ring ring
Time to run home, I couldn’t wait for David cause I can’t look at his face.
After tending to my assignments, I take a cold shower, and I wear a plain top and a bum short.

I thought David would be home, and that would allow me to have fresh air because he would not even get out of the house again.
I immediately stepped out of our flat, almost ran back inside, but I’m too shocked.

“ David you are just coming ” I manage to say when I finally found my voice.

‘ Yes after combing everywhere in lovely dream high school just to look for you ’

What? David, look for me! Wow, that’s cool. I try to explain the situation, but the guy just walks away, leaving me to argue with my conscience.
Oh, what did I do?

I didn’t know that he will be angry if I did not wait for him.
His temper is too hot for my liking, but at least I love him like that.
Whatever, my mom came late today, and I didn’t mind at least I got time to sort my head out.

She brought some corn home, but due to my sour mood, I reject my favorite snack.

I couldn’t set my head straight. I use almost two hours to wash my school uniform. I use a whole hour to clean the plate. Everything is just something I can’t explain. I mean, why David will look for me?

Why? I can’t understand, or did he miss me? No way someone as cold as stone.

Later at night, around 9:06 pm, I sneak out of the house when my parents are sleeping to get some fresh air.

I took two corns from the one I rejected earlier.

I sat down in front of the room that separates our flat and David’s. I heard a footstep, and it sounds as if it’s coming to my direction, oh god, please save me. I don’t want to die now.

I was praying as the sound get louder only to find Dave standing in front of me. He froze
“ oh, you scared me. What are you doing outside by this time of the night? ” he asked with a terrified voice.

I didn’t know David can be afraid of something, but he is a human being.
“ The same thing you are doing,” I replied with a feigned frown.

“ I don’t know about you but I came to get some fresh air,” he said after a long yawn.
“ me too ” I replied.

“ Have you found your secret admirer? Wow you are really something for someone to write a love letter to you ” he said, and it sounds some kind of irritating.
“ I don’t deserve love letters? ” I asked

“ Mteew I would rather solve calculus than use my precious time to write a love letter to you ” he smirked.
“ What kind of statement is that? ” I asked angrily.

“ I can’t write a love letter to you because ” he tried to say, but I shove one of my corn into his mouth, and I rush inside our flat, but I ran back to take my corn later.
I don’t joke with corn.

Episode 7
(Stupid Imagination)

I couldn’t sleep at all, still eating the first corn, and after eating it, I want to eat the other when I remember I shove it into David’s mouth earlier. Well, whatever I started eating it though, but The more I look at this, the more it seems like an indirect kiss.

I quickly get rid of my wild imaginations. I promptly eat everything, whatever I can’t let him get into my head again.

The next morning I was early, so David and I will not cross paths.
But the cat my mouse is running away from stood like a stumbling block in my face already waiting for me; what is this?

I didn’t talk, and he didn’t either. We just walk in silence till we get to school.

“I’m sorry,” he said when we get to the school gate.
Oh, my goodness! Today issa party almighty invincible David apologize lemme start dancing which soap did I use to bath today? I better keep using it. The David I know will never talk to me, not to speak of apologies.

“ For what? ” I quickly feign ignorance.
“ What I said yesterday you know I was just joking I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” he said, and my heart melts.

My people, please tell me I heard wrong just tell me I heard wrong. David told me he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. There is no paradise compared to this. The butterflies that always flutter in my stomach multiply in thousands fold.

I was so happy that I didn’t notice when Janelle was greeting me.
She struck me, and I gain my senses but still smiling like an idiot.

“ What’s the occasion this morning?” Janelle asked, and I’m still smiling like a sheep.

“ Hey people will think you are mad ” she hit me.
“ Am I smiling? Me smiling? ” my smile is now turning to giggles.
“ Hope you didn’t fall and hit your brain? ” she asked while I laughed.

“ Oh okay something must be wrong with you ” Janelle concluded.
“ Actually for the first time in my life David apologize to me ” I blushed.

“ For what? ” Janelle asked, and I told her everything. She also smiled, saying I’ve made a lot of progress.

“ My queen Janelle how are you? ” Chris said behind us then Janelle hiss.
“ what’s going on between you guys? ” I asked.
“ Janelle is my queen just like you are a queen to Eric,” Chris said, and I hit him.

“ What if David hears you? ” I said as I pull his ears.
“ What you girls don’t know is that you are blinded by your one-sided crush that you can’t see the one who truly loves you,” he said, but I don’t find it funny.

“ Seriously Nikky are you going to stand here talking with a senseless person? ” Janelle said angrily, and that’s when I know the statement was meant for her. Poor Chris, we are in the same boat as a one-sided crush.

“ Hi David ” I hear that stupid annoying voice I hate so much.
Isabella! Why do you have to ruin my happy day?

As expected, David ignores her. Sisi Bella can never get my boo because he is mine and mine always. Oh, that’s a wild imagination though he was never mine.

Anyway, Isabella clap for yourself, you have succeeded in ruining my happy mood. Congratulations.

Episode 8
(Loyal Dog)

Some people deserve to be slapped, I swear. If not, she is the class monitor. I would have to pick up a fight and ruin her face.

During the break, Janelle and I went to the school supermarket to find David and Chris buying things. It seems I’m dreaming but David waves Hi I swear I’ve picked my happy mood again, I’m so excited.

I bought four packs of chips, but immediately I drop it in the basket David snatch two from me, and he returns it.

“ If you eat too many chips you will soon get fat I don’t like fat girls,” he said as he walks away. For some moment, I lost my voice David care about me?

I laughed so much that Janelle thought I’m crazy, but hell no, I’m not mad. I’m just too happy my David is caring about me.

I walk into the class, holding my chips oh yea, we have mathematics, but wait, why should I be happy about having maths? Am I crazy? Maybe because the sweetest of all teachers are teaching me.

“ Wow Nikky you have improved a little keep it up,” the maths teacher said, and David wink at me. Yay! David is the sweetest of all.

We walk home together, and he even walks me to our flat, waving me goodbye.
“ what’s up today? ” Sammy asked.

“ Nothing much ” I smiled.
“ I told you, my brother is fragile you will soon win him over,” Samuel said, and I nod my head. He already likes me; what he did today touch my heart.

I went to our flat again to eat some food before heading out to find Isabella and David talking to each other.

What is this witch doing in our house, well when you are so desperate, there is nothing you won’t do.

“ Nikky you are late again now let’s start,” David said, and I saw Isabella’s face turn sour.

“ Bella can you please leave I have something better to attend to than to discuss something silly with you,” he said, and I think that’s somehow rude.

“ She is something better? Oh my god, David are you sending me away because of her? ” she vibrates as she says every word.

“ She is the best thing ” David corrects her and butterflies rush to my stomach, a wave of happiness swept through me. David said I’m the best thing.

“ What? Is it because she always agrees to whatever you say like a loyal dog? I can also be your dog ” Isabella pleaded.

“ Hey handy Bella it is good if you think of yourself as a dog but I’m not a dog okay? What loyal dog ” for the first time I talk angrily.

She walks away, and I’m so happy, but what does David mean I’m the best thing?
After the lesson, I want to confess again, but I guess it has no meaning since I’ve done it before, and he rejects me.

I quickly wash my uniform, and my mom is early today, and she saw me smiling.
“ tell me did something happen between you too? ” my mom asked.

Episode 9

“Mom the rice is burning,” I said, trying to distract her. To my amusement, she removes the rice from fire, and she asks me the same thing again.
“ mom there is someone at the door I will go get it ” I want to rush out of the kitchen when she stops me.

“ Shut up my friend and answer me ” she yelled.
“ Nothing ” I replied without a single calmness in my voice.

“ It did something did happen. Now, what is it ” she smirks.
“ I said nothing happened why won’t you believe me? If you think David will date me you are just having hopeless dreams because he is too cold for that ” I replied.

“ He will soon soften just take things slowly okay? ” I pinch my cheeks.
“ Mom!! Which things should we take slowly? ” oh my mouth! Who are we?

“ I said it. We? You will make a great couple just complete your high school first okay ” she concluded, leaving me to argue with the plate I’m washing.

My father uses to come late at night, and we are not close, not like my mom, who used to ask everything that happens between me and my crush.

My parents are adorable, and I wish to have a home-like theirs. They don’t seize to show each other affection even with me around, and I respect them a lot.

The next day happens to be Friday, so no much school work, but today’s sun is as if God wants to punish….?

So hot that its frying me. “ Janelle my queen ” Chris yells behind us, and Janelle frowns.

“ What is it you want today? Please don’t provoke me ” Janelle said, still frowning.

“ Hey cool down. I just call you a queen now you should be excited ” Chris said sadly.

“ Hey bestie,” Eric said, and we did hi-five.

“ Should we hang out together this afternoon?” Eric asked.
“ I’m in,” Chris said.

“ No only Nikky and i ” Eric shun him.
“ Really? Ok then ” I replied.
“ Should we hang out too my queen? ” Chris smiled.

“ You talk rubbish every time I don’t want to hear a word from you again!” Janelle yells at the poor guy.

After school, Eric and I went to some places that are new to me. Wow, Eric is cool. I agree, and he is sweet but not like my Dave sha.

He knew everything I like, and he doesn’t cease to amaze me.
“ as my bestie, I’m giving you this,” he said, giving me a small box.

I open it to find a beautiful pink watch. It’s so pretty! The more I think about it, the more it looks like a date, but Eric, just like David, will not say anything.

Eric’s driver drops me in front of our house, and after saying goodbye, he left.

“ Where have you been? ” David asked with arms akimbo immediately I enter the compound. Since when did David start caring about my movement?

“ Eric and I went to have fun ” I replied excitedly.
“ Wow, you are there having fun when I’m here waiting for you to come for your lesson? Really bravo Nikky ” he claps his hands.
Wait for o what is wrong with David.

Episode 10
(Romeo & Juliet)

The lesson is kind of I don’t know awkward instead of his sweet way of teaching today is aggressive, but I’m just smiling.

“ You must have had great fun that you are smiling like that wow,” he said.
“ its really great fun ” I replied.

“ That he even give you a watch? ”
Oh my, how did he know?

“ Concentrate on your workings and stop thinking about how I knew he gave you a watch,” he said like a monitoring wizard.

“ Whatever but wait why are you so worked up with this watch?” I asked him, and he shoots me one of his cold stares.

After the most boring lesson I’ve ever had, I wash up and wash my school uniform.

Three weeks pass, and the friendship between Eric and me grew even Janelle suspects something, but we are not in any kind of relationship. He knows I like David so that he won’t step beyond his boundary.

After that lesson three weeks ago, David avoids me like he uses to even the experiences is some kind sour, but I still stick to him like a forever glue.

“ David, why are you avoiding me? ” I asked him on a faithful afternoon immediately. He entered the compound I was already standing like an immovable tree in front of him blocking him luckily, our parents are not home.

“ Move away ” he tries shoving me away, but I still stood there like that immovable tree.
“ I won’t if you won’t tell me why ”

“ Then get ready to become a statue please get out of my way ” he shoves me away.
“ Nikky you forget your purse ” Eric pant hard as he walks into our compound.
“ oh Eric thanks my memory is some kind of you know today,” I said, and he nodded.

“ Anyway since you are home already can we hang out again? ” he said, and before I can answer, David’s voice cuts in like a sharp knife.

“ She has a tutorial with me ” David turn to us.
“ Really? She will have the tutorial tomorrow, for now, leave my girl alone ” Eric smile. But wait for his girl? Is he by chance referring to me?

“ We are having a test next tomorrow remember? ” David tries to defend. I was like, what is wrong these two?.

“ Leave my girl today you both live together na ” Eric took my hand, and David took the other.

“ And who says she is your girl? ” David sounds angry.
“ Nikky is my girl so let go ”

At this time, I don’t even know what to do at all. I think David is my Romeo, but which type of Juliet has two Romeos? Juliet cannot have two abi what have I gotten myself into?

This is not nice at all. I’m confused, and the two Romeos are not helping either; they refuse to let go of my hands.

“ Can you guys please let go? ”
“ He should I will not! ” David yelled.

Episode 11

“ Mummy’s here,” I said, and they release me at once. Eeww. Both of them are dangerous zone, I swear.
I won’t hang out with Eric, and I won’t study with David if that will make it even.

“ It is your fault now she won’t go out with me ” Eric hissed.
“ And who do you think you are to come to our house and take her anywhere?

You better get going because the Nikky I know will not come out again. Bye, please close the gate when you leave,” David smiled, walking to their apartment.
“ seriously ” Eric hiss again as he left the building.

Phone rings
“ Hello, my dear, your father and I are going on an outing remember your aunt Cindy’s wedding? Just stay with Stella(David’s mom) for today, but if you think you can sleep alone, you can, but please lock the doors, okay?

And don’t try anything stupid with Dave o I don’t want teenage pregnancy if you get pregnant you are on your o ” my mom sound too happy on the phone but teenage pregnancy?

Seriously what’s my mom thinking? I can’t believe this.
Teenage pregnancy my ass But wait, did she mean I’m going to stay with David’s parent today? They are not home too I heard them talking about an outing this morning.

Nikky’s parent is already sitting at the event when her father notices a familiar figure.
“ honey I think I saw Mr. Augustine right now ” Nikky’s father inform his wife.

“ Hey, sweetheart why would Dave’s father be here but wait is that not Stella? ” lia said, and they quickly called their neighbours.

“ Seriously I didn’t know you guys won’t be at home too I just couldn’t help it I have to come to my sister’s wedding,” lia said, breaking the silence.

“ Oh, that means? We left two adolescents all alone eish! ” Stella exclaimed.
“ If I knew you are also going somewhere I would have taken her along but what do we do? I told Nikky to sleep with you guys. So that means Nikky and Dave are at home together alone? ” Cecilia, try hard not to scream.

“ Don’t let us think awkwardly Samuel is there too but I don’t know what my hot-blooded son is capable of doing ” Stella shook her head.

“ Alright don’t let us think like teenagers they will be okay? ” Mr Augustine (David’s father) said for the first time.

The narration continues by me…
I knock the door, and Samuel opens it for me.

“ oh sis why are you here? ” Samuel asked.
“ oh, my parents are not home so they told me to stay with you guys don’t tell me aunt is also not at home? ” I reply with an additional question.

“ yes the left for elder uncle’s wedding well you can come in ”
I enter the house, and I sat down on the couch, but wait I’m going to sleep with two guys, and I can’t sleep alone, what do I do?

“ What is she doing here? ”

Episode 12
(Let’s, Cook)

“ What do you mean what I’m doing here? My mom told me to stay at your house ” I replied to his question.

“ And can’t you see that my parents are not at home too? You still came here? What kind of a lady does not have fear? Imagine what I can do to you ” David, sound, you know I can’t explain.

“ I try to think but I can’t sleep alone and you can’t do anything Samuel is here and we are not even going to sleep in the same room why are you so worked up? ” I said with mouth twisted.

“ Of course are you even a girl? ” David said, and instantly I became angry.
“ If I’m not a girl then what am I? A guy? I can’t believe this ”
“ Either one you are I don’t see you like a girl,” he said.

“ Well at least Eric l me as one to write a love letter to me who cares about you? ” I explode with all the anger I’ve been saving.

“ Is that one even a guy? What would he see in someone like you?! ” he shouted.

“ Ah then is he a girl? He is even taller and handsome than you why do you feel you are on top of the world?! ” I yelled back at him.

All this while Samuel keeps quiet, enjoying every of our little drama.
“ You guys should stop fighting ” he tries to intervene.

“ Stay out of it!! ” David and I yelled together.
“ Handsome than me? Why is he handsome than me?! ”

“ Because he is! Because I say so! You are so cold that you are ugly in my eyes.”
“ Then you are so blind ”

“ I’m not the one who is blind Isabella is the one that is blind you psycho ”
“ Why am I a psycho? Are you not the one who always says I’m handsome? Then you are blind then! ”

“ Oh, this psycho! When did I say that? ”
“ Why are you calling me psycho?! If I’m a psycho then you are empty brain!!! ” David yells so loud that Samuel covets his ears.

“ Yes, I agree I’m a person with no brains but you are real psycho a psycho! ” I said, and I sat down again. I mean, why is he like this? Oh, I’m so hungry.

“ I’m hungry ” I hear David said behind me.
“ then let’s cook,” I said, holding my empty stomach.

“ As if she knows how to cook ” he whispered.
“ I know how to cook, I’m a great cook ” I try to defend myself.

“ I will cook you are so stupid in everything so how will you have the brain to cook? ” that’s an insult okay I’m letting our royal chef David cook today while I sit and watch TV.

“ Actually it’s his first time cooking,” Samuel said immediately David went into the kitchen.
What?! Ewww, hope I won’t have indigestion today?

Well since he is so smart to let him try hmm I’ve been cooking for almost two years now, and I know how to cook everything I know how to eat, and someone said I don’t have a brain? Well, let’s see his cookings.

“ Uhm Dave please can I boil the rice while you cook the stew? ” I ask, and he nods his head like that red-headed lizard.

I quickly put the rice on fire with the right amount of salt before I got back to the sitting room.

Episode 13
(Zip It Up)

“ Food is ready,” David said, placing the bowl of soup on the dining table.
I’ve already placed the cooler of rice earlier, and Samuel arranged the plates.

The stew looks some kind of forget it.
Everyone has rice on their plate but now remains who will taste the stew first.

“ Samuel you go first,” David said.
“ No aren’t you the chef taste it na,” I said with a low tone.

“ I’ve tasted it so much in the kitchen that I almost ate everything,” David said without sharing a glance with me.
“ Oh really Samuel goes first,” I said, feeling scared.

“ Oh no, sis you go first Since you like him so much won’t you be delighted to taste the first meal cooked by my brother?

You taste it. First, I will eat after you have to take a bite.” Samuel replied. Oh no with something that looks like a mixture of prayer and curse I brought the spoon to my mouth and I smiled sadly. You know that kind of smile that you will be crying inside.

Those two grab their spoons too, and they ate whatever the rubbish is because I’m sure it’s not a soup again. We spat it out together.

“ But David why na? Just tell me why you hate me so much that you want to kill me? Why na bhet why? Hmm? Vinegar inside stew? Is it a sin to love you so much?” I cried.

“ I’m sorry ” He muttered.
“ Even if I’m stupid and I don’t have a single brain. I can’t put vinegar in your soup bhet why? What did I do so much, ” I sniffed?

“ Okay I will make another one,” I said when I finally gain my strength. Ah, David is pitiful he got A1 in everything but got an F9 in cooking. Even I the supposed idiot can cook with my eyes closed.

After 20 mins I’m done after eating, I gave David a wicked frown before I retire to the couch.

Next morning
“ Ah, you are so loud! ” David shouted because I’m singing in the bathroom.

“ What? Why are you there in the first place but wait are you spying on me?” I yelled back.

“ What? Me spy on you? It’s not as if you are attractive ” he hisses before he walks away. Seriously I don’t know why I suddenly hate him.

“ Since you don’t see me as a girl you must be a tree, with all these curves at my young age what kind of a guy reject me? ” I hiss loudly for him to hear.

After dressing up, I had a hard time zipping up my gown, but I don’t want to call David and Samuel has gone out to play. Well, he doesn’t see me as a girl, so what? What if he knows I don’t use to wear bras? Oh, no wetin mtcheew shey I will kill myself ni it’s just my back na let me call him.

“ Why should I zip your dress up for you? Do you even have pride? ” he said.

“ Why? You said you don’t see me like a lady why getting worked up? ” I twist my mouth.

“ What do you think I am? A tree? ” he shouted.

“ Of course you are like a big iroko tree in my eyes ”
“ hey! I’m not a tree okay you are a girl and I’m a guy I can’t do this ” he pats my head after shouting.

“ Eiyyy you must have some weird thought going on your mind just zip the thing up ” I remove his hands from his pocket then I turn my back.

Episode 14
(I’m So Sad)

After pleading and pleading he eventually did it.
“ But which kind of a girl doesn’t wear a bra? ” he asked suddenly but how did he notice? This guy is something.

“ You are something how did you know if a lady doesn’t wear a bra? Seriously anyway I’m outta here I have to see Janelle and probably Eric ” I slam the door on his face.

“ Oh, girlfriend your parent is not at home did you sleep with the aunt? ” Janelle is already waiting for me. I didn’t know.

“ Where did you sleep? ” she asked.
“ Aunt is not at home but I slept in their house ” I replied.

“ What?! You spend the night with Dave?! ” she places a palm on her mouth.
“ hey stop thinking dirty Samuel was there too ”
“ ah! Oh, this dress you always have a hard time zipping it up who help you? ” Janelle can ask questions.
“ David ”

“ what? Why would he? Are you that shameless? ”
“ whatever he almost kill me yesterday ”
“ what? As for how ” she said hands akimbo.
“ he put vinegar in the stew ”

“ what? He is something so he can’t even cook? ” Janelle laughed.
That day is stressful, Janelle kept dragging me everywhere it is after evening she let me go where my mom is at home already.
“ do you have fun? ” she asked.

“ With who? Someone that almost kill me? ” I hiss.
“ kill you? Oh my god don’t let it be what I’m thinking ” my mom said with a stern voice.

“ seriously why is everyone thinking strange like this? He almost kill me because he put vinegar in the stew ” Ewww I have to explain so she can believe me.

“ oh is that it? I don’t know he can be so bad at cooking oh ” my mom twist her mouth in the manner I use to twist mine.
I retire to bed later that night.

I feel like I’m alive since David is not with me, But wait am I forgetting him? It will be cold, and I will get to think with my head, but I doubt if that will be possible.

School is enjoyable today, without maths teacher harassing me, with Eric treating me to lunch and with Janelle by my side, but why do I feel like something is missing? Forget it.

Ring ring
I’m going home because we are in the middle of the exam so no much work but did David read during the weekend? He must have he must. Speaking of the devil here he comes.

“ oh Nikky I will be right back please wait for me but if you don’t see me after five minutes check me in the class okay? ” he said. Who told him I would wait for him? Let me wait. He is my prince charming, after all.

After seven minutes I still can’t find David what is wrong then I started going to the class.

In the class
David and Isabella are in the middle of the discussion, which seems very serious. From the look on Isabella’s eyes, it seems she is begging David for something, and she saw Nikky coming from afar then she quickly hug. David tries to get her off him, but she held on tight.

Nikky saw them, and she turns back immediately crying her eyes out.

The narration continues by me.
Seriously why Isabella? Why her? Why not me? Why Isabella? I thought you said I’m the best thing but why will you hug her.
“ Nikky I can explain ” he tries to say, but I cut it.

“ You don’t have to I’m nothing to you, right? You even said you don’t see me as a girl but you Bella is a girl in your eyes? But why?

I love you openly for three years, but you did not even look at me, but you hug Isabella do you know how much that hurts?! ” my tears rush like a river as I say every word.

“it’s not like that hear me out ” he tries to hold my hands, but I snap it away.
“ just get lost and stop making things hard for me, you didn’t like me, and I’m not a girl your eyes just like Isabella said I’m your loyal dog just, please get lost!

I don’t want to see you again! David stops making things hard for me. I’m not your plaything! Don’t talk to me! Don’t appear in front of me yet! ”
It hurts, and I’m so sad.

Episode 15
(I’m Okay )

“ Nikky I don’t hate you,” he said again provoking me more.
“ But you like Bella, so get out of my sight don’t appear in my face till the end of this exam.

And for a holiday I will travel and be the handmaid of my aunt who just got married so keep your distance from me we are no more friends.
” I concluded before running home.

After the exam like I said, I spent my holiday with my aunt and its so much fun that I like them, but I have to go back home.

The first person I saw when I enter the compound is David. But why this guy? And guess what? Isabella is behind him. I just walk away from his face, and I enter our flat. Oh, I miss my room and my teddy bear.

Resumption day
“ Hey, girl I miss you a happy new year,” Janelle said, hugging me.
“ I miss you too same to you ” I pinch her cheeks.

“ Oh where is Dave? ” she asked.
“ Why should I know? ” seriously making me angry on a Monday morning.

“ You always follow him around,” Janelle said.
I hiss then I left her to argue with whatever she will like to discuss with.

The first week of resumption is boring, and I don’t know why mteww. On Friday I couldn’t find my purse I search every nook and cranny of the school and even Janelle look for it everywhere we still couldn’t find it.

And my transport money is there, I told my parent that I don’t want to trek again and they started giving me transport money but will I trek today.

I just don’t have a choice o trekked along with Janelle Eric and Chris, but it’s not that long before they leave me alone.

If David is here, we would have walked together, but things happen to be that way well, I can’t blame faith.
If we were meant to be together, we would surely be.

“ Nikky ” I heard his voice again, or am I hallucinating? No, I heard it.
“ Wait you are taking the wrong route,” he said then I raise my head. Its true this is not the right way.

Before I know it, we are walking together, which I’m not comfortable with.
“ Nikky this is not good for you let’s get back together,” he said.
“ You are making a mistake we were never together don’t you get it?! ” I started walking faster.

“ I know you. You can’t continue with this and I don’t like seeing you sad like this ”
This guy seriously is getting on my nerves.
“ I’m okay ”

“ No, you are not ”
“ What do you even know? I’m okay and can you please stop making things harder for me? ” I said when we get home, and I rush to our flat.

Throughout the weekend, I didn’t get out of my room only coming out to run errands, and I make sure I avoid him like a strange plague.

For about six weeks, this continues until my mom calls me to have a dialogue with me because I am just looking sick and sad, walking like a zombie around the house.

“ Nikky I want you to tell me the truth, before your holiday you will cry alone in your room waking up in the morning with dark circles, during the holiday your aunt call me that you are just forcing yourself to smile and now the dark circles of thing still continue to wait what is happening? Are you having problems in school or with Dave? ” mom asked.

“ Mom I’m okay,” I said, blinking back my tears.

Episode 16
(The Game)

“ You are not okay tell me the truth ” my mom press harder.
I explain everything from the beginning to the end.

“ What?! You are just an idiot! When he wants to explain the situation why didn’t you hear him out? Are you that stupid? When a guy is telling you he can explain he is telling he likes you and that situation is a mistake can’t you see ”

Seriously I don’t even know whose side my mom is on. Hmm after that I did not also listen to anything she said again.

My mom makes sure David and I trek to school together, and you won’t believe me, it is so awkward.
“ About that day I did not do it Isabella did it to hurt you,” he said, starting a conversation.
“ What?! Hey don’t try to lie against that girl I know you did it ”

“ I swear ” he tries to hold my hands, but I bite him hard. He groans in pain, begging me to let go of his hand.
“ What was that for?! ” he cried.

“ That is for hugging another girl except me ” I mock him with my tongue.
“ Do you want me to hug you? ” he asked.
“ Forget it ”

He eventually hugs me, and it felt so warm immediately he let go I saw Janelle and Chris looking at us with what is happening eyes “it’s not what you are thinking ” I said.

“ Yes, it is what you are thinking,” David said, putting his arms on my shoulder.

“ I hope your mouth won’t put us into trouble. I always like the quiet David because once you open your mouth nonsense always comes out of it ” I said through clenched teeth.

“ What do you mean nonsense? My IQ is greater than yours ”
“ And you put vinegar in stew,”

I said, and he quickly holds my lips to stop me from saying anything with the other hand, he drags me to the class.
“ What was that for? It’s not that I’m lying ” I said, twisting my mouth.

“ I don’t know what to do with you again we just got back together now we are fighting ”

Seriously what does he mean by back together? Are we in some kind of relationship? Or are we dating? Or he likes me?

Not long our class teacher enters the class, and after calling the attendance, she told us we are going for an excursion at a game reserve. Yay! I love game reserves.

The day came, and everyone is looking fabulous Isabella I guess too.
On the way, we sang in the school bus that the driver told us to keep quiet.
We were to use two days and one night there.

After walking and learning seeing some fascinating things in what seems like a forest to me.
Everything seems dull, and the teacher seems to notice this.

“ I have a very interesting game for you guys are you interested? ” our class teacher announced.
We don’t have a choice, do we? We agree with whatever the game is.

“ You are to group yourself into groups and a group will consist of four people two boys and two girls now to be fair, you have to dip your hands into the jar there and if four people have the same color then a group has been formed you are to find at least four pegs in that forest ” she explained. I think the game will be exciting.

I dip my hands with a prayer that I will in the same group as David. Fortunately, David Eric and I are in the same group.
Guess the fourth person…

Episode 17
(Game Change It All)

Why will Isabella be in our group? Mteew I prefer Janelle instead of this ugly looking dry western witch.
The game starts, the first group to make it back to our cabin will win a prize as per our class teacher.

We started our journey in the forest, careful not to get lost. I’m furious because Isabella is just clinging to David now and then which is making me fume with that kind of flame you know.

Suddenly we started hearing some kind of sounds like that of a wild animal. I’m so scared it gets louder then David grabs my and Eric grab Isabella when it seems that whatever the animal is coming to our direction.

David and I slip on a semi cliff filled with dried grass, and we roll and roll until a rock hit my arm. Eric and Isabella ran and ran that they didn’t even notice we fell.

My arm hurts so much, and it is bleeding. David unbuttons his shirt, and my eyes grew wide in shock.
“ Idiot it’s not what you are thinking ” he knocks my head.
“ Auch that hurts ” I cried.

He wraps his shirt around my arms to stop the bleeding, and he rests my head on his shoulder.
“ I am in love with an idiot,” he said.

“ What? So that’s why you won’t look at me anyway who is that idiot so I can ruin her face ” I frown my face.

“ then get ready to ruin your face because you are the one ” he smiled.
What? So David loves me? Wow, I don’t know what to say…

“ Since when? ” I asked curiously you know I have to understand when na.
“ The day I set my eyes on you ”

“ But why did you reject me? ” I hit him playfully.
“ Because your confession sounds like a joke. I mean how will you just tell me you like me like that ” he pinches my cheeks.

“ But do you know how much I was hurt that day if not for Janelle I will have commit suicide and when I saw Isabella hugging you my heart shattered in pieces ” a tear escape from my eyes.

He uses his free hand to wipe my tear then he held my head in his hands, and he plants a kiss on my lips. Am I dreaming?

If I’m dreaming, please let me wake up, but I don’t want to wake up, and I kissed him back losing ourselves into the world of love as we kiss deeper.

Narrated by Isabella
“ Eric stop I’m so tired,” I told Eric when I almost fell. He is still holding my hands, but why didn’t I notice him before?

He is so handsome and tall, and he has a dimple making his smile look like a shining pearl. Yes, I have a crush on Dave, but Eric caught all my heart today. He made me fell helplessly in love.

“ Oh anyway where is Dave and Nikky,” he asked, breathing hard.
“ Oh, I don’t think they are near? Dave!! Nikky!! What if the wolf catch them? ” I said with fear showing in my tone.
“ Shut up nothing is wrong with them and I think they are safe,” he said with a calm voice.

“ I think I will look for dave,” I said, but eric holds my hands. Do you need to see how my heart melt is this how it feels to be really in love?

“ Are you going to leave me for him too? ” he said.
“ Who? And what do you mean? ” I didn’t know what he meant.
“ Nikky left me for him and you too? ”

Oh, this guy is pitiful hmm. He pulls me hard that I sat on his lap. My heart almost jumps out of my mouth, beating so hard that my chest couldn’t take it.

“ I love you Isabella the last time I confront you for hurting her I realize the hidden beauty inside you I love you ” He confessed.

“ I don’t know what draws me to you but anything that is it must be a strong okra soup Eric I love you too,” I said as tears filled my eyes.

He hugs me so tight that I like the warmth.

Episode 18
(Love Is Strange)

The narration continues by me.
I couldn’t explain the feeling, but I like it so much that oh I’m short of words.
David and I walk together as we found every peg, and that means our group won.

We found Eric and Isabella in a romantic mood hmm are you thinking what I’m thinking? Wow, Isabella looks so pretty when she smiles, and they both look good together.

We made it back before other groups, and we also found the peg and guess what the prize is? Nothing lol. Our class teacher just wants us to enjoy ourselves, and I enjoy my self except for my bruised arm lol.

Here come the aggressive couples and guess? Chris and Janelle. They are fighting, and I know they love each other. Janelle confessed to me earlier, but whether she told Chris or not, I don’t know.

The night was fun, we made a bonfire, and we sang I resting on David’s shoulder and eric and Isabella’s hands we were clamped together.janelle and Chris are flirting with each other.

Do you know the reason why Janelle let go of her crush? That’s because she found out doctor ken is dating our class teacher, so she decided to make the adult have their fun.

Wow, can you see how a little game changes our love life? It’s so cool.
During the weekend, when my mom caught David and I smiling at each other, she asks questions as usual.

“ Nothing is happening between us its just that he change a little” I quickly deny the allegations.
“ I don’t think so you guys are strange,” she said.

“ Mom there’s nothing strange about just that he started treating me well because we are neighbors ” I smiled.

“ Oh look at that smile just take things slow okay? I was also a teenager like you. Stella and I attend the same school so that’s why we were still best friends not knowing one day will come when our families will live together ” she said, kissing my forehead.
“ OK mom ”

David and I wash our uniform together not like how you are thinking o but you know at the same time and not far from each other.
“ I love you ” he whispered.

“ Hey our moms are at home,” I said shyly splashing water on his body.
“ it doesn’t matter ” he splashes water on my body too and before we know it, that’s how we waste the water we supposed to use to wash clothes.

We went to the tap to fetch another water again, and our clothes are very wet.

“ Do you know it is your fault? ” he said, pinching my cheeks.
“ Two of them are funny,” David’s mom told my mom.

“ They grow up so fast ” my mom replied from where both of them were watching us before they enter the kitchen.

“ It is your fault why will you tell me you love me?” I said, hitting him with a cloth, but he caught it, and he pulls me closer, and we end up in a hug position.

“ Because I love you,” he said, kissing me I smiled, but that silly smile faded when I saw my mom and his mom starring at us with a shocked expression. He saw them too, eh? Not knowing what to do, we started moving in circles then Omo sees race!

I took the right David took a left.
That awkward moment when parents caught their kids dating father lord, please take my soul.

Episode 19

“ Mom it’s not what you are thinking I can explain,” I said immediately my mom enter the house.

“ I’m listening explain the kiss,” she said you know African parents. Chai, I’m in the soup.

“It’s kind of awkward mom how can I explain a kiss? Mom, can you please understand? ” I said, closing one eye.

“ Understand what?! I suspect it but why didn’t you tell me the truth? You know I’m your best friend, you are not supposed to hide anything from me. You guys look great together, but you have to take it to slow you know you are just

No relationship till you finish high school ” my mom concluded.
“ But what if I lose him? ” I asked, feeling concerned.

“ I’m sure Stella will guard him with all her strength so you don’t have to worry my dear okay? Just take things really slow and don’t let your feelings get into your heads okay ” she said, and I smiled.

David and I are just smiling at each other as we trek to school. There is a difference between the mood of being together and laughing together, and just walking with someone who always left me behind.
We hold hands as we smile at each other, allowing love to fill the air for us.

“ Good morning ” I hear Isabella and eric chorused behind us. “ I told you to hold my hands like they did why won’t you?

Can’t you see how love is flying in the air between them ” Isabella yell at Eric? “ Do I have to hold your hands, so you believe I love you?” eric asked.

But wait o what’s wrong with this couple? “ If I know you won’t be so romantic like dave I would have left you for him. David, can we be together? ” Isabella said, and my eyes turn red immediately with anger.

“ Nikky can we be together? ” eric also asked, and I can feel David even boiling in anger.

“ There is no way! ” David and I chorused.
“ We are just joking after all I can’t let Nikky snatch eric from me this time,” Isabella said.

“ And I won’t let David snatch you from me this time too ” eric added.
“ oh look at this couple,” I said.
“ well, my sunshine let’s move,” David said, holding my hands.

Love is a beautiful feeling if you allow it to rule your heart. I’m talking about pure love not obsessed with love or lust love. If you are obsessed with someone, you might end up losing the person.

If you lust after someone, you will satisfy your lust one day feeling nothing for the person, but when you are talking about pure or true love.

That is letting go when you know you can’t make your partner happy or you are not the one for them or believing in that love and fighting every obstacle to protecting that love.

I found out my crush is not a crush but pure love. I allow myself to love myself. Then I allow my heart to open to Dave. I’m not the one who is only crushing on him, but he is crushing on me too.

My senior secondary school days are filled with happiness, not only me but my friends too. Immediately we gained admission into higher institutions. David and I went on a date together, and our parents are happy about it.

The small company my father and his father run together is now big, having many branches across the nation.

We were once neighbours, and we are still neighbours because our parents build their mansions close to each other so there is no way that strong family bond will break.

Episode 20 (Final)
(Issa Wedding Something)

Years later we are still in touch with Eric Isabella Janelle and Chris. And now that we are adults and currently working on our own. We hang out when we have some free time.

One faithful afternoon Janelle called me.
“ Hi girlfriend ” Janelle sounded too happy.

“ Janelle I’m busy right now I will call you later I need to edit this,” I said disappointing her. I work in a media company, and I’m now a reporter (my dream). David is a surgeon, Janelle, a gynaecologist, Isabella is a general doctor and eric run his father’s company, and Chris is a lawyer. You can imagine how busy we are always, but we don’t fail to hang out every weekend taunting each other about our schooldays.

I gave Janelle a call after I’ve sorted out everything I need to sort out. “ I want you to follow me to a bridal shop I need to pick a wedding gown,” she said.

“ What?! So you are getting married? And you didn’t let us know? Its unfair o Nelly ” I called her with her nickname.

“ So you are expecting I will be lord of rings bah? He proposed a year ago na ” she said.

“ Oh, I remember I wonder when this Mr man will propose too ” I smiled referring to David.

“ We are getting married next month because of my busy schedule ” she laughed.

“ Wow, where should I meet you? Let’s go together I need to choose a beautiful dress for you and a dress for me too cause I will be your maid of honor” I said happily.

“ That’s my friend meet me at the hospital ” she ended the call.
Janelle hugged me immediately she saw me. I’m just happy for her.

I taunt her with old-time how she and Chris use to fight, how she always tells him he is saying rubbish. Now she is marrying that man who used to say nonsense how funny.

After choosing the perfect dress for her, she came out looking so gorgeous that Chris is almost faint.

“ Is this Janelle? ” he asked with his mouth full in shock.
“ No your grandfather’s ghost ” Janelle replied funnily.
“ Wow you look so beautiful the dress is just sparkling on you ” Chris added while Janelle blush.

The wedding finally came, it was a white wedding, so it was held in the church. My friend is just looking gorgeous wearing that smile oh I want to get married too. Isabella Eric and David were present also.

After saying their vows now exchanging rings is next but the problem is where the ring is? We started searching for it which arouse murmurs from the people present. I found a ring box on David. Isabella found one on Eric, the bride and groom also found theirs.

What is happening? After exchanging the rings the couple kissed and I stared at David smiling, he also smiled, but he surprised when he kneels at the same time eric also kneels in front of Isabella.

“ Will you marry me? My queen ” they both pronounce it together, opening the small box in it is a diamond ring sparkling.

A tear escape from my eyes. I look at Isabella, who also returns the glance.
“ Yes!! ” like a miracle we both said together.

I stretch my hand, and he put the ring on my ring finger. I’m so happy. I can see isabella, also smiling.
The bride and the groom were even jealous.

A shout of kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Were heard in every angle in the church he pull me up then he kissed me passionately.

Four months later, David and I get married, isabella and Eric get married a month after ours.

“ Mom that was so interesting ” my eight-year-old daughter Laura said.
“ Should I start again?” I asked, and she nods her head.

“ Don’t tell me you are still narrating those lies to her I didn’t put vinegar in the soup ” David said immediately I finish the story.

“ You did I’m not lying the taste was horrible and I still remember ” I mock him with my tongue.

“ I thought it was cooking oil ” he scratched his head while our daughter burst into loud laughter.
“ you really put it there you did ” laura mock him with her tongue.

“ I didn’t ” he try to deny.
“ you did you just say so you said you thought it was cooking oil,” laura said, and I burst out into loud laughter.

“ Anyhow my princess,” he said lovingly to laura.
“ And me? ” I asked jealously.

“ You are always my queen ”
Love is perfect when you allow it in your heart, and that’s my story.

~The End~

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