Cute Short Romantic Bedtime Story

Cute Short Love Story – Short Romantic Bedtime Story: In this story, you can find romance, suspense, drama, and mystery. It’s a triangle love story that is very unpredictable. So let’s start to read!


What happens when twins impish sisters fall for the same?. It became the wildest affection: Diana’s heart was filled with nothing but Derrick’s image: his cute straight look and pure blue eyes. She wished nothing more decadent than to swim in those beautiful eyes.

Unfortunately, it was dawn on her when she found out her twin sister was carrying the same task. It felt more like an ugly dream to Diana. But it was too real to be a dream. Her heart slithered within her chest, and she felt a pang of hatred sprang down to her spine when she saw him kissing Donna. She couldn’t help but pull the trigger.

Derrick Jimmy was the correct definition of a wonk and a loner. He was a business tycoon, and that made him famous all over the city and beyond. He never smiles. He was always sad and restless. He hated himself with sincerity. Because there was a big sad story about him. But everything changed when that clumsy girl came into his picture.

Ryan’s life was painted in black by Darrell Lee, her cunning uncle. He is just the devil. He was made without emotion. He was a beast among the beasts. He only smiles when people cried. He only laughs after a murder mission.
Ryan was turned into a slave in her father’s house.

She was just a robot to Darrell Lee. That was huge enough to make her hate herself. But Ryan always had her ways to smile. His image was her pain killer. Those blue eyes and that sweet frown on his face kept her smiling. Darrell Lee became more furious when he found out Ryan was crushing on his worst rival. He decided to murder her:

  • Do you think Diana will end up with Derrick after killing her sister?
  • What’s the big sad story about Derrick Jimmy? And who was that clumsy girl that changed his life?
  • Do you think Darrell will succeed in ruining Ryan’s dream?


It’s filled with action, romance, misery, inspiration.
You can’t afford to miss this!

Chapter 1 – My Feelings

~ Ryan ~
A nervous smile escaped my lips, and I hissed out in frustration. I took hold of a deep breath, and my lung gasped. My eyes scanned around the sitting room, and I sighed, feeling haunted.
OK, why am I so scared today?

I hurried a step towards the stairs, and my heart raced madly. I’ve never felt like this before. I’m not scared of Darrell’s torture: I’m addicted to him bulling the daylight out of me. I’m just his robot, and he’s my uncle. I respect him a lot, but I’m never scared of his madness. But, today’s practically different. I gulped down my worries and made to climb the stairs:

“Hey!” His horror voice shot into my ears & I shivered to its black effect.
I genuflected and spun immediately. He walked out of the kitchen with a mug of creamy hot coffee resting in his palm.
“Sneaking into the house?” Darrell asked, walking towards me.
“y-yes…No!” I stuttered, and he parked in front of me.
“And where are you coming from?”
“I’m just back from school,” I said.
“Wow,” he sipped from his mug.

“You’re ten minutes late, do you realize that fact?” He asked.
“I’m sorry, I have hurt on my feet, and I couldn’t walk as usual.”
“Sometimes, you amazed me, wetly. You seem to be growing stronger in your lying skills every day.”
“I’m not lying.”

“I can pull off my shoes so that you can see for yourself.”
“I’m truly hurt,” I said, amidst tears. He smiled and inched closer. I shut my eyes when I felt a hot thick liquid galloped from my shoulder down my cleavages. My face squeezed, and I winced, feeling the hot coffee burned into my soft flesh mercilessly.
“Sorry!” He said & I opened my eyes.
“I hate liars,” he uttered, and I blinked. Those pending tears find their way out without circumstance.
“Now, where’s nick?” He asked.
“I’ve not seen him,” I ignored the black pain sinking into my young flesh and replied at once. “I’m about going out when he comes back. pass this dawn message to him,” he smiled. “Tell him, I wanna feed on his flesh tonight,” he concluded, and with that, he was gone, God!

I breathed out and stared at my burned skin. A sad hissed crept out of my lips, and slowly, I grabbed my backpack and then rushed up to my room.
Where’s my aid-box?

Hi, I’m Ryan swagger, and I am 19. I’m finally through with highschool today. Nick is my brother, and practically he’s just 15. We lost our parents a few years ago, and life hasn’t been fair since then. We’re just the true definition of sadness because Darrel is always ready to make that happen. He’s only happy when we’re sad and hurt.

Our father trusted him so much and made him the managing director of his business. Unfortunately, he died, and Darrell took over everything. We became slaves and strangers in our father’s home. We became stranded in our home, and we became beggars to our inheritance. It was such a sad life for us. But we can’t stop smiling, that’s strange right?

Sometimes, If life can’t favor you: then try and select yourself: We all have a reason to smile. Yeah, at least one. Nick drives his happiness staring at the cobwebs and the tiny spiders striding here and there. It’s peculiar, but he found it thrilling.

And I as well drive my happiness from Derrick’s image. I’m pretty sure I can’t have him. But having him in my dreams was good enough to send excitement down my spine. He’s just too cute to be human. When sadness seems to overthrow me, staring at his blue eyes brought reason to defeat my despair.

I parked my stuff into the box and smiled halfway.
“TELL HIM, and I’M GONNA FEED ON HIS FLESH TONIGHT” Darrell’s voice came flooding through my mind.
For real?
I’m losing Nick, huh??
“Darrell, please tell me you’re kidding.”
“Tell me you blurted that”
“Please, God, Darrell can have anything but not my brother’s life. He’s all mom and dad left for me,” I prayed silently, and I felt the core of my heart grew heavier every second.
I huff and grabbed the box, stood, and walked myself out of my room after a quick shower.
I dumbed the aid-box and headed out to scrub the wall, dress the garden, and clear the whole house.
Nick, where the is you?

~ Diana ~
I strolled into mom’s room, and she smiled at me. Wow, she’s just in her pajamas. I inched closer, bent, and kissed her forehead then down to her nostrils. Her skin slouched in pleasure when my lips finally met hers. We kissed passionately, and I ran my palm around her waistline in a teasing form.
“Oh y-yes,” a soft moan escaped her lips, and I giggled, pulling away.
“What was that for? ” she asked.
“Good evening, kiss, I guess,” I smiled.
“And you just set me on fire.”

“Come on, mom! Don’t tell me your daughter got you aroused?” I asked, sitting beside her.
“Of course, yeah. Because she’s too hot! I mean…” She was saying.
“Oh! Shhh!” I cut her short.
“Stop lusting after me.. I’m not a gay, okay!” I said, giggling.
“Oh, same here… But you always have your ways in making me feel like a naughty mom or something.”
“That’s because you never stop me when I want to.”
“I can’t resist you, huh,” she lamented.
“Then, I would always make you wet.”
“Ah, then I’ll rape you some-day.”
“Ouch, mom, you can’t do that, can you?” I asked, chuckling.

“Well, if my emotion asks me to. I’ll have my way,” she said and glared at me.
“I’ve lost my mom to naughtiness.”
“Come on,” she laughed.
“I’m just kidding,” she said.
“Jeez, you don’t have to masks your feeling. We’re not Africans, right?”
“Yeah, we’re not,” she said.
“So, can I tease you now?”
“It’s ugly to start what you can’t finish,” she said.
“Really? ” I asked with a raised brows.
“Yeah. Besides, where’s your sister?”

“She’s in her room. Chatting with a new hot guy.”
“Huh, she’s just too into boys,” mom commented. “Awww! She’s not. Perhaps she’s just flirting,” I said.
“Diana!” Donna called, running into mom’s room. Okay, what’s it?.
“Dad’s back, I can’t wait to watch you suck on that ragged cockkkkkkk” she exclaimed, and mom glared at me then back to her.
“Come on, mom, it’s a bet between dad and me,” I said at once.
“I’m lost,” she said.
“OK, Dad and I had a bit lately… Can you imaging he said- I can’t arouse a real man?”
“Yeah, mom,” Donna sighed.
” that’s why you girls planned on sucking on your dad’s cockkkkkkk?”
“No, mom, don’t get it wrong.”
“Yeah, I just wanna prove him wrong.”
“That’s crazy,” mom sighed.

“Yeah, but I’m not sucking on his because I’m winning already,” I said.
“Jeez,” Donna chuckled.
“Come on, mom, trust me if I won this bet. I’m going to hold 50% of dad’s salaries for five months,” I smiled.
“And what if you lose?” She asked.
“Then she’s gonna give dad an oral…,” Donna chipped in.
“I won’t accept that game,” mom fired.
“Please “
“Yeah. Please, mom, Diana is a good seducer. I’m sure she’s going to won.”
“I’m not sure. Because I know who he is,” mom said.
“Trust me, I’m gonna give him a crazy strip dance, and he would fall for it.”
“Yeah, mom… With naughty lyrics that can turn him wild,” Donna added. “I’m gonna allow this on one condition… “
“Yeah, I know. Where you’re driving to, ” I said.
“25%. Right? ” Donna asked.
“Yeah. That’s cool,” mom smiled.
“And also a deal.”
“Hi, kids, daddy is home. ” we heard dad shouting downstairs, and we all rushed out.

~ Ryan ~
I arranged Darrell’s dinner on the table and rushed up to my room. I’ve not seen Nick, and I’m losing my slack patient slowly. I checked the time: approximately Darrell would be home any moment from now. I breathed out and strolled into the bathroom. I tossed off the towel on my waist and stared at my flesh, filled with scars. Scars that can’t be removed and wound that can’t be healed.

Even if it finally healed, no antidote can erase the scars. Unknowingly, my arm stupidly brushed against my cleavages, and I hissed in pain and traced my gaze over to the spot. Sometimes I wish my life could just fly away. But no way Life isn’t fair.

Every creature has challenges and also what thrilled them. And I have mine too, so there’s no reason to hate my life, right?. Darrell is my challenge, and Derrick is my thriller. That means I’m living in everyday life, right?. I wiped my tears, turned on the shower, and then winced in pains as the warm water ran through my wound and scars.

I walked out of the bathroom after my shower. Tears cloud my eyes, and I struggled to scrutinize my way to the dressing table. I stumbled on the stool, and I almost fall. I carefully made my balance, wiped my e, yes, and sat on the seat. Unconsciously I applied my cream, took my drugs, and wore my nighties. Weakly I slumped on the bed, and my bones flipped against each other in dismay.

My heart skipped when I heard Darrell’s car drove in. Fear gripped me tightly, and I jolted out of my bed. I was feeling the pending nightmare to come sticking to my flesh. I know I’m doomed!

I wish I could just lock up my door and stay in my room. But I can’t. I have to go and have a bit from his meal to prove it’s not poised. Like a flash, I dashed downstairs and leaned on the wall, probably waiting for him to storms in. Finally, he staggered in, and my eyes popped out in fear. His eyes glowed fiercely.

What’s he into? It’s not normal for human eyes to glow.
“Where’s Nickolas?”
“Don’t tell me you ask him to run away?” He asked and pulled out his pocketknife.
“Please,” I pleaded, but it falls on daft ears. He’s determined. I made it to run, but it was too late when I felt a sharp blade pierced into mine.

What happens next?
Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 2 – Love Game

~ Ryan ~
“Arrrr!” I screamed out and scurried backward, holding tight to the spot where his knife had stabbed deeply in my arm. My breath poured out as blood gushed out wetly.

“It’s crazy you wanna save a soul. When yours is not safe,” he fumed. “Now, are you ready to answer me?” He yelled, and I winced in black pains trooping through my dried veins gigantically.
“Where’s Nickolas?” He yelled.
“I’ve not seen him. I’m certain.” I was cut short by a hard kick sending me on my butt.

“You’re not ready.. to let loose the truth. Then you would take his place,” he fumed, and his eyes turned red. With a slight wink, he kicked my Tommy, and I tumbled against the hard floor. “Ouch!” I groaned and struggled to stand. He angrily pulled up his knife, bent against me, and pressed my head against the hard floor safely.
“You died instead…” He said and made to stab.
“Stop!” A voice shouted and pulled Darrell off me. I breathed out and turned sadly.
Mr 47!
‘He’s saving me, huh?

“Tell me why I shouldn’t pull this into her ass,” Darrell yelled, pointing out his pocketknife.
“She’s not our target yet, and nick is our target, remember,” Mr 47 said calmly, and I groaned inwardly.
“But she deserves it for asking Nickolas to run away,” he snapped.
“We got to the city. We would find him,” Mr 47 said. Darrell shot me a deadly glance, and I genuflect.
“And what the matter, is she still doing here?” He spatted, visibly angered.
“She’s still here, hub?” Mr 47 asked, turning his head. I breathed out and genuflected again. “Get out, you coward,” he yelled. I need to leave before he changes his mind. I hurried towards the stairs and took it with immediate effect.

“Ah!” I whimpered, walking into my room after collecting my aid-box.
I dragged out the stool, sat on it, and began working on my arm. Thank goodness, it’s not in-depth as I expected.
I hissed out, pouring some more chemicals into the spot. God! It hurt like mad causing me to pouted in pain.

~ Donna ~
I collected the remote from the center table and smiled as my soft finger pouched on the play-key. The sound system seems to be reluctant at first.
We were seated happily in the spacious sitting room after dinner. Finally, it was time for Dad and Diana’s bet. Mom sat next to dad while I sat next to Diana.

Slowly, the whole sitting room was filled with the craziest music I’ve even heard. Diana must have dug so hard to get this sensual song. Gosh, She’s winning already.
She smiled and stepped in, kicking the center table away. “Gosh, this song is crazy,” mom commented.
“Yeah, but she’s still the loser I know,” dad said, parting his legs repeatedly.
“Ouch!” Diana groaned.

“Come on, sis, you can do it,” I teased.
“Yeah, I can always do anything my emotion asked me to,” she sighed.
“Start!” Dad shouted, and she pulled off her rope. Her palms moved slowly from her shoulders down to her cleavages.
Her hips twisted seductively as she tweaked to the beat rhythmically. Flipping her palms round about her young cloth-less body was huge enough to drive a gay crazy.

Gosh, I can’t help but laughed out with mom while dad kept parting his legs repeatedly. I was watching Diana’s body keenly.
“You’ve only twenty minutes. You’ve spent eight out of it,” dad giggled.
“Poor Diana!” He smirked, still parting.

~ Diana ~
I squeezed my breast through my bra. I guess that will help here. My hands roamed around my body as I tweaked with all my might. Ohh, my eyes glued between his legs as he kept parting.
God, this man must be pop or something worse than that.

“Ten minutes are gone,” dad shouted, and a victorious smiled plastered on his cheeks. Donna and mom kept laughing, and I was getting pissed up.
What’s funny? I’m trying to win. And all they could do was to laugh, that’s annoying, right?. I breathed out, tweaking a-bit faster but still slow.
“Ah! Diana!” Mom teased.

“I’m getting wet for you. Ohh, ” she tickled herself and giggled. I rolled my eyes and glanced at dad.
Awww! He’s not parting again. I smiled secretly and ground my ass back and forth, sending a shiver down my spine. Ahh, these lyrics are even getting me wet. I tweaked more naughtily, and dad went silent.
He wasn’t parting.
He wasn’t speaking.
He was just staring keenly.

Seem I’m winning already. I beamed and glanced around. Donna winked and flashed a smile.
“Fifteen minutes are gone, ” dad said with a cracky hoarse voice. I began to grind into the air repeatedly, and I was getting wet like mad.

“Diana!” Mom moaned out, caressing her breast with her gown on. I glanced back at dad, and he sighed, pressing his legs together. I giggled inwardly. Of course, I’m getting somewhere, right?.
“Eighteen minutes went, ” Donna giggled, and I tweaked more wildly.
“Ufff, I lose,” dad said, and I giggled, falling on the couch.
“Jeez, my panties are well soaked,” mom hissed out. “Come on, and this is fun,” Donna sighed.

“I win already, ” I screamed and sprang to my feet like a winner I am.
“Honey… Come with me immediately,” dad said and ran upstairs. I smiled and turned towards mom. “You’re a badass,” she glared at me lustfully. “Jeez, my panties are pretty ruined, ” I sighed.
“Same here,” Donna sighed.

“Awww!…” I groaned.
“Honey!” Dad shouted from upstairs.
“You should go, help yourself.”
“Yeah, dad’s waiting, ” Donna added and sighed. “OK, then. Thank you for making him. Wanna screw me.”
“I can’t remember when last we had physical relation,” she added, picking a step.
“Yeah. That’s because he works too hard,” Donna sighed.
“I wouldn’t want you guys to Marry a wonk like him.”
“Come on, and dad’s not a wonk,” Donna protested.
“He is,” mom said.
“He’s not,” Donna said.
“He is.”
“He’s not”
“He is.”
“He’s not”

“I’m calling Maria right the way, ” dad shouted from upstairs, and we laughed.
“No way, not when I’m still alive,” mom shouted back and rushed towards the stairs speedily.
“Hey!” I called out, and she paused.
“Stupid both of you,” she spits and head-on. “Good night, mom,” Donna shouted, but she was gone.
“It’s late already, goodnight,” she bid.

“Yeah, sweet dream” I smiled as she hugged me. I kissed her cheeks, and we disengaged then dashed to out different rooms.
“Gosh, I can’t believe I did that,” I sighed and clad in my nightie after a quick shower. Donna is right. THAT WAS FUN. I adjusted myself comfortably on the bed and blinked my eyes shut then slipped into dreamland. After muttering: “JESUS PRAY FOR ME,” yeah, I was too tired to pray.

~ Ryan ~
I walked out of the bathroom slowly, dragging myself into my bedroom. My eyes glued to my fresh hurt as I sat on the bed after slipping into my nightgown.
“Kaww-kaww!!” A slow knock came from my window, and I glanced over at once. OK, what’s it? I breathed out and walked over to the window.
I rolled away from the curtain slightly, and my jaw clenched to what I saw.
“Hey! It’s my nick,” he whispered, and I quickly opened my window. He struggled and climbed into my room. I watched him with horror as he unhooked the rope from the window and turned to face me.
“Uh, sorry I left without.”
“Where did you went to?” I asked, and he sighed, pulling his backpack off his back. “I went hunting,” he sighed.

“Nickolas!!” I called out.
“What?” He asked, plopping on my bed. “For good ten hours?”
“Yeah, there’s this incomplete building. I was stuck into it, hunting my ass out,” he exclaimed.
“Come on, it was fun,” he added.
“Fun? “
“Because the whole building was filled with cobwebs and creepy spiders,” he smiled.
“I’m sorry if I kept you worried,” he winked. “Of course you did,” I sighed.
“Oh! Next time don’t worry about me.”
“What’s that” his eyes glued to my arm. He stood up and held my arm, staring keenly.
“Darrell did this to you, right?” He asked, and I nodded.
“I can’t let him go scoff free this time.”
“I don’t get it,” I said sadly.

“He has bitten more than he can chew,” he fumed and opened his backpack. My eyes widened when he pulled out a gun.
“Nickolas!” I called out.
“I can’t let him swim with our blood again. I need to end his badass.”
“Please, nick, throw that away.”
“Yeah, that’s after I kill Darrell.”.
“You can fight him. He’s the devil.”
“I’m also a devil too,” he sighed and picked a step.
“Where are you going.”
“To kill Darrell, of course,” he said with that. He was gone.
Please save him.

What happened to Nickolas? He’s not this hard and bold. I breathed out and inched towards his backpack.
My jaw clenched in shock.
I cringed to my feet when I heard the gunshot.
“Bam!” I heard it over and over again.

Chapter 3 – Triangle Love

~ Nick ~
I stared at his lifeless body fall slowly. How dare him, tried to stop me from getting into Darrell’s room. My eyes burned steadily, and I spit walking into his room.

My index finger pressed against the trigger as I crept in vigorously. Ufff! I sighed and scanned around his bedroom. He’s not at home already, huh?. Slowly, I turned and walked out furiously. How come he’s not at home, I won’t have hesitated to pull the trigger at his head. He’s such a badass who deserves to die the worst death ever, and I’m ready to fetch it out for him.

I can’t count how huge my hatred for him has deepened. But I hate him with vast passion. He’s the devil, and the only dumpass would love a ‘thing’ like him. I breathed out and dragged the guard’s body out of the way. He won’t have experienced this if only he let me in peacefully. But he tried to stop me. Angrily, I shot the daylight out of him. I politely conceal his body under the sofa and head upstairs:
“Nickolas!” Ryan called, looking perplexed.
“I’m sorry,” I said, walking into her room.
“What happened? I mean the gunshot.”
“I shot one of ɦiร guard, who tried to play smart with me,” I replied silently.
“You shot an innocent guard?”
“Come on, and he’s not. He tried to stop me from getting into Darrell’s room. Can you imaging that “
“And did you find him? ” she asked.
“No, he’s out,” I Sat on her bed.
“That’s it. You just worsen everything. He’s going to slay us like a chicken.”

“It’s already worst when our so-called parents chose to leave us under a monster.”
“I don’t care. what’s the use of life when happiness is gone?” I added.
“Lemme pretend I never heard you called mom and dad ‘so-called parents’. That’s rude” Ryan sighed and sat too.
“I just hate my life, and dad is the cause,” I said and leaned on the wall serenely.
“Nickolas, don’t say that. Life isn’t fair. Everyone has a sad district, too,” she said sadly.
“And mine is worst and worst. Can you imagine, my hope is broken, my happiness is consumed by sadness, and my life is taken away from me. How I wish dad loves us the way he claimed, ” I said sadly.
“Mom and dad love us. Nick, they truly do,” she protested.
“Yet they leave us under a monster. Was that what you called love? “
“You and I know they never wanna die. You knew it, Nickolas.”
“I knew nothing. All I know was, they hate us and happily walked away without saying goodbye.”
“Stop this madness! ” she yelled.

“You owe dad an apology for all you just said,” she added.
“Like I care.” I hissed out. If dad and mom truly love us, I’m pretty sure they won’t have hesitated to say goodbye, they won’t have faded away so soon, they won’t have left when we need them most. But they happily died and vanished away into thin air.
“What’s that in your backpack? “
“Spiders,” I sighed, sitting upright.
“You have to stop playing with these tiny creatures. They are dangerous if bitten.”

“Well, I’ve been waiting for them to bits me.”
“I can’t wait to become a spidey” I smiled, and she stared at me weirdly.
“Come on, Ryan, and it’s cool to be spiderman. Having enormous power to fight Darrell’s madness and protect you.”
“Who told you, after a bit from a spider, the victim would become a spiderman?”
“Ah, that was what happened to Peter Parker. A radioactive spider bit him.”
“Who’s Peter Parker? “
“He’s my role model, the first spiderman. He never loves school.”
“Was that why you hate school too? “
“Maybe yeah.”
“Was he a fan of spider before the bit?”
“Jeez, enough of the questions.”
“OK. You have to be care full.”
“Yeah. I’ll,” I sighed slowly.
“It’s been while we visit mom and dad. Let’s go drop a flower for them.”
“I’m done with them. Yeah, you heard me right.”

“Come on, please, you can’t be done with people who truly love you,” she said.
“Love indeed.”
“I’m sorry, maybe I’m not coming with you,” I said.
“Please, for my sake… Please “
“‘You always promised to make me happy, right?”
“Yeah, I did, ” I nodded.
“Then come with me… Please “
“Okay. But not tonight, please, it’s late already, ” I said pleadingly.
“I miss them. And I might not survive the night without seeing them “
“I’m goodly tired already.”
“Please, Nickolas “
“Uh,” I groaned.
“You don’t have to make me regret promising you from the first place.”
“Oh, sorry. Help me this time. I promised it wouldn’t repeat itself.”
“Yeah, well stamped,” she smiled and dragged me off her bed.
“We’re passing through the window then.”
“Nickolas, I can’t- “
“No argument,” I cut in and connected the rope. I gave her ‘let’s look,’ and she shook her head sideways.
“Nickolas, this is kinda risky,” she complained. “ouch, yet it’s the only way. Those guards won’t let us out through the door.”
“Cheer up. It’s safe with me here,” I added with a cheering look. Jeez, girls are just too weak. They quickly get scared over a shiny thing.
“I’m gonna led the way,” I said, climbed over impishly and slipped down in a slow-full manner.

~ Ryan ~
I took a deep breath and watched him slipping down. Serenely he got to the floor and waved at me. Can I do this?.
“Come on, sis, you can do it,” he said as if he just read my mind. I scoff slowly and gulps down my fears. I climbed over the window, held the well-connected rope, and felt myself slipping down like a criminal or something. I tightened my grip on the rope to decreased my speeds, and it worked.

This is somewhat fun. Slowly, I got down and inched away from the rope.
“You see, that’s how it feels like to be a spiderman” Nickolas smiled through the dark.” Yeah, that was kinda fun,” I sighed, and we picked a step.
“Uh, the flowers,” Nickolas whispered.
“Jeez, I left them on the bed…Ouch.”
“Relax, I’m gonna go get them.”
“Really? ” I asked, but he was gone. Like a flash, he crawled up speedily, and in no time, he slipped down with those flowers. He hands me two and holds two.
“Let’s go then,” I said, and he nodded.

We walk into the cemetery in silence.
“Wait! ” nick whispered, and we halt at once. He stared weirdly at a spot and turned to face me.
“Do you saw them?”
“Saw who?”
“Those couple sitting on dad and mom’s grave? ” he said, and I glanced around keenly.
“You saw people-“

“I saw them. One sitting on mom’s grave while the other sat on dad’s “
“Maybe that’s your freaky imagination because I didn’t see anyone,” I said.
“Oh, I wish you saw them,” he sighed.
“Come on, let’s go,” I said, dragging him towards our parent’s grave. We got over and genuflected.
“Dad, mom,” I began.

” I love both of you. I miss both of you. Your departure has caused us nothing but pains and regret. Our lives have been taken away from us literally because you guys aren’t more. We lived every day of our life in hopelessness and bitterness.

We’re turned into trash. Uncle Darrell is Բuɳɗ of hurting us. He played a prank on our life and kicked us like a ball. We wish you guys are here to watch how your beautiful kid suffers deliberately. We truly miss both of you. I have nothing but a tiny flower. Please accept it. Remember, I love you all” I wiped my tears and dropped my flower on both graves.
“What is love without care? It’s ugly to believe you all love us-” he was saying, but I hit him. “If you don’t have anything to say, then back up, ” I half-yelled, and he sighed.
“Have this… Accept it,” he threw his flowers on both graves and sat on dad’s grave.
“What are you doing? ” I asked.
“Let’s spend the night here,” he said.
“Yeah, if they truly love us, then it’s safe with them,” he sighed.
“Come’ on, Nick, let’s get out of here already, ” I said swiftly.
“OK. Let’s shoot a wish,” he exclaimed.
“This late?” I asked.
“Yeah, the mood is up.”
“I wish things turn around for our good, and I ended up with Derrick, ” I wanted, staring at the mood keenly.
“Mine is huge and very long… You have to sit,” he said, and my jaw clenched.
“Dear mood, I’m filled with a bunch of wishes. Please grant them. Firstly I wish to get a bit from a radioactive spider. Secondly. I wish.”

~ Darrell ~
I halted the car and beamed wildly. Finally, the hick is gone: one-thing I hate most is competitors. I can’t just watch them glow. The fool thinks he can beat me down and move on scoffs free. How I wish he knows that’s what I hate most. I always want to be the best.

That’s why I killed my brother and took over his dawn business, which has fetched me immense fame throughout the state and beyond. What I don’t like is it I killed. I smiled warmly and stepped out of the car, then head towards the porch. The door opens, and I staggered in. Slowly I harts to a familiar smell.

I can’t remember splashing that pathetic thing’s blood on myself. I analyzed myself critically and sniffed again. I made to took the stairs but stopped when I caught a glimpse of a body lying under the sofa:
I inched closer, and my jaw dropped slackly. He was shot on the forehead. Quickly I grabbed my phone and typed swiftly. (?47! Someone is hunting down our team. I came home just to found one of the guards hugely shot. Come over now?) I clicked on the send button curiously and waited keenly.
I collected a stick of cigarette and lit it fervently. I puffed out a thick smoke after a long sip and glances at my screen. (Stay safe. I’m on my way, boss?) I threw my phone on the sofa and sipped from the cigarette again and again.

“What happened? Who shot him?” Forty-seven asked. We summoned all the guards in the spacious sitting room, interrogating them crudely.
“Honestly, none of us is in the building when it happens. Except for Tedd, who was shot,” one of the guards said.
“We heard the gunshot and rushed in. But found no ant….” Another added.
“We thought it was just a-“
“Shout off!” I yelled.

“You all are dead. How can another gunman sneaks into my real estate and snatched a soul?” I asked.
“That explains it. You all aren’t competent in your official duties. ” 47 said and pulled out his gun.
“Please, we’re sure no one sneaks into the building.”
“I hate liars,” I shouted.
“And what happens to him, got drunk and shot himself? ” 47 asked.
“Probably, that explains it. No one sneaks in,” one of the guards said and earned a shot from 47. He moved his gun to the next, and a voice stopped him. We turned, and my jaw clenched.
He stood firmly with a gun in his hands.
“I shot him,” he said.

Chapter 4 – Confession Of Love

~ Nickolas ~
“I shot him,” I said, and Darrell’s jaw clenched slightly. He exchanged a glance with Mr 47 and turned back to me. I guess he’s still in shock or something.
“Sure, let’s end the game. My life is worthless, and you’re the cause. I’ve had enough from you. Pull the trigger now, or it run late,” I said, sending a pang of jolts down his spine.
“How dare you!” Forty-seven fumed in rage.

“Back off, you bulldog.”
“You’re nothing richer than a guard in this house. You hold no right to spits when uncle and nephew are talking,” I yelled, and he winked angrily. Probably waiting for a death sentence from Darrell. I smiled, making both of them exchanged a glance over and over again.
“Stop spending time. Pull the trigger. Pull it!”
“Go ahead and shoot me. Kill me now!”
“Nickolas! ” Darrell finally spokes out slowly, dropping his dawn gun.
“What has come over you?”

“I wanna die in your hands the way you killed my parents,” I said, and he sighed.
“Come on, boss, just one word, and he’s gone,” 47 smirked strangely.
“Shoot him,” Darrell finally ordered.

~ Ryan ~
My heart flipped against my chest as I listened vividly. What has come over him?. I’m sure that’s not Nickolas. The Nickolas I know isn’t bold and fearless. He’ was a weakling and feared Darrell like mad. But there he was yelling at Darrell like his pet.
I sighed and shut my eyes, probably waiting for the gun shoot to fill the estate, but none was heard. My eyes cracked open without my consent when the door flung opened, and Nickolas rushed in, shutting the door behind.
“Nickolas! ” I gasped, and he smiled.
“Sometimes it’s better we accept defeat and hug our fate,” he said.
“What are you saying? “
“I’m sorry. I know this would hurt you madly, but I have to do it,” he said, sitting beside me. He didn’t seem to be scared.
“Do what? “
“Give out my life for your ransom.”
“Come on.”
“Please, you promised to be beside me. Don’t do this to me.”
“I mean well for you. And I will always be beside you,” he said.
“I don’t understand.”
“That’s the point. You can’t understand now,” he said and cupped my face.
“I love you. I wished I can stay with you as planned, but that’s not safe.”
“I will be fine. And if I’m fine, you would be fine too,” he said.
“Ryan! “A deep horror voice shot into the room. “Come open this dawn door.”
“Now!” Darrell yelled.
“Please let’s escape through the window,” I whispered slowly.
“No, just watch,” he said and grabbed his gun.
“Open this door!” Darrell yelled.
“Bye,” I tried to drag him back, but his wrists slipped out my hands.he inched towards the door and jammed it open.

The Next Dɑy
~ Nickolas ~
I took a deep breath and relaxed on the soft car seat as 47 rolled behind the wheels. He smirked at me, and I smiled back.
“You’re brave,” he said.
The rest of the ride was filled with silence. We got to a tiny path, and he parked the car. Few guards pulled me out of the car, and I sighed slowly. I watched them dragged me into thick woods, and I gulped sadly. I can’t believe I’m leaving the world today.

I can’t believe today mark my last day on earth. I can’t. My eyes won’t see Ryan again. I can’t think she wouldn’t see and hear from me again. She’s going to be hurt, and nothing can’t heal her. I pray she ended up with Derrick and be happy. What about me?. My dream is already cut short. There’s no way I can escape from here. I was jolted back to reality when 47 cockkkkkkked his gun.

“Hey!” he smirked and tilted my chin with his index finger, starring into my eyes. “You called me a bulldog,” he smirked. “And that’s what you’re. You can have your way this time, but I promise to be back for both of you,” I said, and he headed our heads together. I winced in deep pains, and he smirked.
“Goodbye,” he smirked, and that was the last second I took my last breath.

~ Diana ~
My heart skipped, and I stepped out of the car. Ok, what’s wrong with the car?. I sighed and hopped into the car and tried to ignite it. I climbed down when my efforts are not fetching any fruits.
Ahhh, I was getting stranded softly behind the tiny path. Now I’m beginning to regret heading out for this drive today. I turned slowly when a car parked beside me in a lonely way. My eyes glued to the vehicle and watch his steps out of the car slowly.

“Hey, hi! ” he smirked. He’ was huge and looked beautiful. His transparent T-shirt revealed his muscular chest and his pack-filled Tommy:
“Checking me out?” He asked, and I jolted out of my stupid thought.
“Uhm! Not really. Just stranded, I mean my car,” I said.
“That’s sad. Hey, pretty car, didn’t you have any respect for an angel?” He said, hitting the car, and I chuckled. He’s such a flirty type:” that’s crazy,” I smiled.
“Sure, don’t worry. I’m going to fix your pretty stubborn car right the way.”
“Really ?”

“Yeah, really,” he smirked strangely.
I watched him work in the car politely.
“Are you a mechanic or something? ” I asked slowly but still awkward. He looked up and smirked. OK, he loves smirking:
“Not really. But I had just to save a pretty Angel,” he said, and I rolled my eyes. “Believe me, and I’ve never helped anyone morally. But I can’t resist the urge to help you over and over again.”
“Really? “
“Yeah, You’re wonderful with the hottest figures I’ve ever seen. Trust what I can fell for your fragrant.”
“Done,” he said and ignited the car at once. What a magic. I sighed, and he turned it off.
“Thanks,” I said, and he nodded.
“Stays save pretty angel,” he said and turned to leave. He’s strange!
“Hey. I’m Diana,” I said, feeling a bit awkward. “Oh, my bad,” he turned back.
“I’m 47,” he said.
“That’s not a name,” I said.
“No, it is. My name”
“Yeah. Mr 47,” he s, aid, and I sighed.
“Alright. Mr 47. Nice meeting you.”
“Your welcome. Your card?”

A little hurt crept across my head, and I hissed out irritatingly.
Stupid tequila!
Just two glass, and I’m already feeling tipsy. I threw the glass away and took a long sip from the bottle. I was gulping slowly. The door slightly opens, and my housekeeper walks in. He stared at me weirdly and shook his head sideways.
“Sir, I guess you have had enough of the drink,” he said.
“I’m not complaining,” I said and gulped again from the bottle. I’m addicted to alcohol, but I’ve never tried this. Thanks, whoever drops it in my collection.
“I’m sorry. But you’re getting drunk already. You’re-“
“Get out,” I yelled, and he walked out, shutting the door behind. I hate my life. I hate it with passion. I don’t mind hurting myself. What’s the use of energy when happiness is gone. I sniffed and gulped from the bottle repeatedly.
The door slightly opened and I hissed angrily: ok, what’s wrong with him.

“I said get-” I paused to the sight of Jeremy and dropped the bottle.
“Drinking your ass out?” He asked and sat slowly beside me.
“As usual,” I said.
“Hey! Derrick, you’re not helping yourself. Stop sticking to the mud and move on.”
“Wishes moving on is as easy as you recount.”
“Of course. You can. First and foremost, you have to forgive yourself and move on.” He said.

“I’ve tried to put myself together. I’ve tried so hard, but I can’t seem to get over my fate,” I lamented.
“That’s the point. Put this behind you. It’s for three years now. Not three months.”
“Three years isn’t enough to mourn my parents. At least not when they mean everything to me,” I said.
“Yeah. But that’s not an option, not even an idea,” he sighed.
“Because you had no idea how it feels to lose someone you loved, ” I said, and he smirked strangely.
“Really?” He asked.

“Oh. Sorry but for daddy’s sake, move on,” he said, and I sighed.
“Guess what!” He giggled happily.
“I’m not guessing anything. If you got the news, drop it.”
“Or you rather keep it,” I said and tried to gulp from the bottle. He snatched and dumped it between his legs:
“Alright, all our rivals are down,” he said.

“Wow, but that’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard from you.”
“Jeez, I’m not kidding,” he said, slit his briefcase opened, and I watched him searched through it. Slowly he brought out some files and hands it over to me politely.
“That’s it, so perfect,” he smiled. I flipped through the files carefully:
“This is great. When did you become a magician,” I asked, handing the files back to him? He giggled happily.
“Well, a few months ago,” he said, concealing the files.
“Congrats. I appreciate your effort,” I said, and he blushed.
“Thanks,” he smiled.
“You’re the best Heckman anyone can ever wish for.”
“Hey, don’t compliment me… Becos I won’t thank you,” he laughs, and I forced a grin. He’s friendly and loyal.
“We’re going out tonight. Don’t even make a sound because I won’t take no for an answer,” he said.
“Don’t say anything, sir,” he added, and I rolled my eyes.
“OK, like we have any relevant meeting?” I asked.
“Meeting or no meeting, we’re going out that’s period,” he said and winked:

~ Diana ~
“Like seriously, that dude is bizarre.”
“Yeah, of course. How can a normal being called himself 47,” Donna asked.
“Is he a gangster or something?”
“Oops! I don’t know. All I know was he scent good, rich and hot,” I said.
“Jeez, you’re falling for that stranger already.”
“No. I’m just honest here. He helped me fix my car. That explains the fact that he worth it.”
“One night stand with you? “
“Come on, Donna. Stop being silly. You know I can’t allow any dude into my pant except Derrick Lee, ” I smirked.

“Wait!” She froze for a while, and I moved my eyelashes twice.
“You’re crushing on Derrick Lee, too, huh?” She asked, totally surprised.
“Yeah. Any shity thing about that?”
“No, it’s just that I’m crushing on him too.”
“We’re crushing on the same dude all this while, and yet we never admit it?”
“That’s crazy,” I sighed.

“I love him, and I’m not letting go of my crush on him,” Donna said slowly.
Is she for real?
“Same here. I’m not letting go either.”
“Then both twin sisters will date the same guy,” she said.
“No way!”
“Yes, way.”
“No way,” I yelled, and she huffs slowly.
“OK, this way. Between Donna and Diana, the first to have a chat with Derrick Lee. Would date him how about that? ” mom asked, walking in. I sighed and turned to face her as she took her seat behind Donna.

“Yeah, That will be perfect,” Donna said. “And you?” Mom asked.
“Nice, I’m in,” I said colly. I dare not lose the chance to chat him up first.
“Who’s a going to party tonight? ” Donna asked, waving her hands.
“I’m here, ” mom shouted, and we laughed. “I’m in too,” I said.
“Good, I’ve booked our ticket already,” Donna said happily.

Later That Night
~ Donna ~
The party was really wow, and we sat behind a glitter round table drinking our ass out. A hot guy walked over to our table. He looks good and dressed nicely.
“Hey ladies,” he said, slightly drunk.
“Hey,” Diana and I said at once.

“Can I? ” he asked, pointing onto the empty seat. “Sure,” I sighed, and he sat.
“Well, I’m Jeremy ” he stretched out his hands toward Diana, and she skipped it goodly.” I don’t welcome stranger,” she said a bit rudely. OK, why is she acting cruelly?
“Oh, sorry. And you, same vision?” He asked, facing me.
“Yes, we’re a twin and that’s our-“
“Hey, stop,” I said slowly.
“I welcome stranger, okay, ” I added.
“Wow! That’s great. I’m Jeremy.”

“I’m Donna, and she’s my big twinnie. Named Diana, ” we shook hands, and Diana glared at me. Who cares? She can flash for all she cares.
“Nice to meet ya all,” he said, releasing his hand. “Nice too,” I said, and Diana sighed irritatingly.
“Hi, Diana, I’m sorry, but I’m not a bad stranger, okay.”
“And I do not give slack dawn to your explanation,” she snapped.
“Come on, Diana, that’s rude,” I said.
“As I care,” she hissed.

“OK… Let’s said my presence irritates your twin sister. Maybe I’m out of here.”
“I’m sorry for everything. She’s not this mean but-“
“Oh, I understand. The alcohol maybe she’s getting tipsy already.”
“What?” Diana spat and sprang to her feet. She glared at him, and he walked away slowly.
“Stupid,” she caused.

“What, that’s rude. I mean is not like he did anything wrong.”
“I hate his guts, I hate any poor thing” she sighed and sat back.
“Jeez, that’s not normal. You barely know him.”
“Yeah. But his name doesn’t ring any bell at all,” she said and sipped from her glasses.
“Hey!” A deep voice interrupted us, and we turned.
“Excuse me, miss: my boss wanna see you ” I look up at the huge man standing behind me near. He was dressed in black with dark glasses on.
A guard!

“Who’s your BOSS?” Diana asked rudely.
“He’s over there, please.”
“She’s not coming.”

“I’m coming with him,” I said, and her jaw clenched slightly.
“Thanks,” the guard said and led the way. I followed him slowly behind. Swiftly we stroll over to the edge of the spacious hall, and my jaw dropped.
Guess who I saw!!
“Derrick Lee! ” I screamed and lost my balance, hitting my butt on the hard floor.
“Ouch! “

Chapter 5 – Emotional Life

~ Donna ~
My lips pouted in excitement, and I sighed out to succor myself. His pure blue eyes met mine, and I blushed softly.
“Hey there!” Jeremy said, stretching his hand to help me up. I beamed, and he helped me stood carefully. He’s nothing more prosperous than a gentleman. Awww!

My eyes glued to Derrick as Jeremy guided my ass over to an empty seat beside Derrick. OK, what’s happening?. I sat, and for some weird reason, I felt nervous and ended up squeezing my palms together, probably like a teenager. This feeling is mad.
“Oops!. Derrick, meet Donna, my good friend,” Jeremy blurted out, and my jaw clenched. We just met a few minutes ago, and he’s calling me his good friend, huh?
“Oh-oh!” Derrick muttered with his official voice.
“And Donna met my boss, Derrick Lee.”

“Hi, Donna, nice meeting you,” Derrick said slowly.
“Nice to meet you too. It has always been my prominent dream.”
“Oh, really? ” he turned to face me.
“Yeah, seriously… I -” I trailed off when his phone rang.
“Oh, excuse me, I gat to take this,” he walked out, and I sighed.
“Sure, you’re kinda surprised, right? ” Jeremy asked.
“Yeah, it’s obvious we barely know each other-“

“You’re right. But here’s what I saw in you. You’re blessed with a good heart… Typically people like you deserve the best.”
“Ah, thanks.”

“Yeah, let’s play along .. I’m sure you wouldn’t regret this,” he said, and I nodded.” Thanks “
“You’re welcome ” we smiled at Derrick as he took his seat. I sighed out and made to steal a glance from Derrick, but he caught politely.

“Sorry,” he said slowly, and I rolled my eyes. My heartbeat stupidly inside my chest, and I wished I could yell at her. I’m scared everyone here might hear my heartbeat, and that’s going to make me clumsy.
“You need this?” Derrick asked, and I shook my head sideways. I can’t afford any, at least not when I’m beside my crush. Getting drunk tonight with be the worst option ever. I watched him sipped from the glass slowly, and I huff.
“Let’s get outta here.”

~ Darrell ~
I sat in the darkroom, probably waiting for 47. I haven’t heard from him since he left to get rid of that son of a bad. It’s obvious he kept nothing against me, but I hate his father. I hated everything that comes out of my nightmare. My hatred for him has no limit. It was built on a high place right inside my heart. I hate him with passion. My so-called dad was the cause of my hatred for him.
“You’re nothing richer than trash!”

“I don’t know what made you so dumb but trust me, it worked”
“Do you practice being stupid?”
“You’re a jerk without a dream.”
“I rather have a RAM for a son than a THING like you.”

“You can’t be like swagger, not even in your next life. You’re a curse to this home.” My heart cried bitterly as dad’s words came flooding through my hot mind. He hated me for no reason and made a beast out of me. He instigated the war between swagger and I. Tho, swagger, was too careless to realize the vast hostility between us. He loved and trusted me, but I hated him uncontrollably.

The door flung opened, and 47 walked in. His dark brown eyes glowed, and that evil smirks plastered on his lips. I let go of the cigarette’s trash off my mouth, and it fell stupidly on the floor. I watched him inched closer and crushed the crumb of the cigarette with his rigid footwear. I inhaled out slowly, and he sniffed wildly.
“Done!” He said slowly.
“He’s ghosted,” he added and smirk.

“Your evidence,” I asked, and he tossed out his phone. I watched him scroll through his phone for some creepy seconds and handed It over to me. Slowly, I grabbed the phone and repeatedly stared at Nicholas’s body. His head was pretty ruined, and he laid in his blood. Obviously, dead. I sighed, and a wicked smiled of hatred crept across my lips. My eyes roamed around the darkroom, and for the very first time overages, I felt like dancing. Of course, I was madly elated and overjoyed.

I mean, who wouldn’t be happy after getting rid of their enemy. I gulped and let loose of playful laughter. Then hands over 47’s phone back to him.
“Good and a very nice job,” I said slowly.
“Yeah, boss,” 47 sighed.

“But why didn’t you come with us?” Forty-seven added, and my eyes staggered here and there. “Because he was my family member,” I said slowly.
“And it’s kinda ugly to harm your family members yourself.. Because only animals do that,” I added slowly, and he nodded. “Come on, we need to celebrate this,” I said, and he hailed loudly. Yeah, we’re madly happy.

~ Ryan ~
I was woken by Darrell’s car as he pulled into the estate fiercely. My palm crept across my cheeks to find some dried tears sticking to my flesh. I’ve sobbed every strength in me. Because I’m sure, Nickolas was gone. Was going to the land of no return. He has already pushed away abruptly. I sighed and climbed out of my bed, feeling my heartbeat danced steadily. I’m too weak to sob. Like a flash, I rushed downstairs, and my fears aggravated.

Darrell was already at the dining table. He hated to wait. I staggered toward him and genuflected.
“What took you so long? I mean, I’ve been waiting here for aged,” he spits.
Oh God, please save me this time!
“I’m sorry… I was”
“Carry out your task, Else, I lash my wrath on you,” he fumed, and I winced to his words, which were sharper than a sword. I inched closer, and slowly, I’d a bit from his meal and dragged away slightly. I watched him devoured his dinner with that wicked smile. That smile that only appeared after he murdered a soul sticking to his lips. I wished I could collapse and sob bitterly because that smile on his lips just confirmed my imagination.
Nickolas is killed!

He’s no more. I won’t see him again!
His body must have been trashed away!
Please help me out of here!
“Ryan!! ” he shouted, pushing me out of my thought.
“Yes, sir,” I genuflected.
“Nickolas is dead!” He said slowly.
OK, why’s he trying to force tears out of my eyes?.

“I killed him because I hate everything that came outta cunning swagger,” he added.
“My dad wasn’t cunning. He wasn’t, ” I shouted, mad.
“He was. Because he thought he was way better and smarter than me.”
“Yet he made you the managing director of his business,” I shouted.
“Yeah. He did, and that was the point.”
“My dad loved and trusted you. He picked you out the street and nursed you into something relevant… Now you turn out to-“
“One more word. And you’re dead.”

“Yeah. I was from the street, but who fooled you into believing I wasn’t relevant? “
“I was relevant to myself then.”
“And why do you hate my dad. Why?”
“Nice question.”

“Because your so-called late grandpa pushed me.”
“He practically instigated the hatred by loving swagger more than he loved me. And I hate the idea.”
“I got intimidated by dad’s words, and I was more like trash. But then I still love my brother. I still love swagger because I was counting on him for my survival.”
“Unfortunately for me, I was accused, and swagger tends to hate me. He joined dad’s, your grandpa. To threaten the daylight out of me.”
“Accused about what? ” I asked.
“Accused over having physical with swagger’s girlfriend.”
“And you didn’t.”
“Yeah. I didn’t. It was a set up by your grandpa to kill the bond between swagger and me. Of course, he succeeded, and I tried to let swagger understand the fact that I was Innocent, but he never gave me a listening ear.”
“That was the beginning of my hatred.”
“But why would grandpa hates you so much?”

“Because I was sluggish, a true definition of a spoilt-brat. But trust me, I have just been a kid then. but he was adamant and expected me to quit all form of childish-ness and acts equally like swagger, which was already five years older than me.” He said, and I felt pathetic for him, sometimes we need to let go and listen to people to get the hidden reason behind their ugly action. I sighed and watched him pushed away his meal.

“So, what happens next? ” I became currently curious to dig out the hidden reason behind his madness.
“When I felt I wasn’t what dad wants. I tend out to leave: there I met Maldon Mason. And he made me what I am today. A beast among beasts.”
“Who’s Maldon Mason? “

“He was a legend in the Mafia world. The tougher human with a devilish heart. I guess God ran out of emotions. The day he created him. Because Mason was made without one.”
“How did you met him?”
“Enough of these silly questions and answers. Now get out,” he yelled, and a hot shiver ran down my spine.
“Sorry “
I muttered and headed upstairs. I was filled up. His stories were so complicated. If dad truly hated him as he claimed. There’s no way he would let him into his business. My dad in question always love and admired Darrell. But I’m confused. Those words were too real and touching. I sighed and slumped on the bed after a quick prayer.

~ Donna ~
I smiled to text, and with a flash wink, I replied esthetically. It was a message from Derrick Lee. He seemed to have to get along with my presence. The perfect step every creature is worth taking. Is nothing more decadent than to hug your fate and move on? I’m glad he took my advice, and he’s putting everything behind him. Tho, he was reluctant at first.
“Chatting with him?” I turned to sight Diana stood behind me. She had no expression on.

“Yeah, he was asking If I can come over to his place,” I sighed and faced her fully.
“Oh?” She asked sarcastically.
“Yeah,” I said and sat on the bed. She chuckled slightly and muttered.
“Are you guys dating already? ” she asked and smiled.
“Jeez, we only met a few days ago. But I’m sure sooner or later We’re-” I was cut short with annoying laughter.

OK… Why’s she trying to sink into my skins? She has been acting weird since I told her about Derrick and me. Could she be jealous? Well, we wouldn’t be?
“What made you think sooner or later. He’s going to fell for you?” She asked and crossed her arm.
“Well, I only guess. I’m not too sure myself, ” I said, and she smiled scornfully.” I’m sorry. You can’t have him. Not even with love portion.”
“Excuse me?”
“Yeah… You don’t worth him.” She laughed, and I huff in frustration. Most haters are people close to you.
“Yeah, Maybe, ” I muttered.
“Good night,” she said and walked out.
She’s drunk or what? I sighed and peered back at my screen. Ouch, five new messages from Derrick.

~ Ryan ~
“Please, Derrick. I won’t hesitate to sell out my kidney if that’s the only way. To learn how to sing. Please don’t walk out on me,” I scream heavily, and he turned. Those blue eyes pierced into mine as he steps closer. A frightful smile escaped my lips, and my heartbeat erratically. Oh, tiny sweat form on my red cheek as I blushed softly and stupidly.

“OK, sing and dance for me, “he said.
“What’s my gain if I do all that?”
“You will earn a kiss from me,” he said.

I sprang to my feet and began to sing. Dancing drunk-fully to the hilarious song.
“Cut… Cut. Enough” he shouted, and I reluctantly held myself from dancing.
“Bye,” he said and turned to leave.
“My kiss,” I scream heartily.
“Please, Derrick. I need a kiss. I need it badly. Don’t walk out. Come kiss me first,” I scream swiftly, and he pulled me into a tight hug.
“Please, Kiss me. Don’t stop,” I scream happily and pouts crazily. Just when I thought. I’m going to kiss, Derrick. My door broke open, and I jolted out the Dreamlands. My breath poured out as Darrell stood staring at me with hatred and bitterness.

“You don’t wanna kiss me… But you wanna kiss Derrick right,” his voice shot into the atmosphere, and I snuffed.
“It’s ugly to kiss you. You’re my uncle. “
“Shhh!” He cut in and fell on me.
“No way, Darrell.” I cried as he tried to steal a kiss from me. His healthy palms pressed me against the soft bed. His lips planted a kiss on my neck. He was trying to seduce me. I cringed my legs, and it met him between his legs.” Ouch,” he groaned and rolled away. Slowly, I jumped out the bed. My fist grabbed Derrick’s tiny photo clutching to my wall, and I pulled it into my palm. I connected the rope and slipped down. Aggressively, I heard him ordered his guards to get me. OK…

I tried to climb the fence, but I fall abruptly. I shouldn’t have done that. Now I’m dead. I gulped and tried again. Painfully, I climbed over the fence and fall on the other side. “Climb over and get her” I heard countless footsteps rushing towards the spot. I sighed and took my heel.

I made to cross a broad street when a car pulled me. My head landed hard on the hard road. My legs hurt badly. Broken. Everything began to get blurry when someone walked out of the car. His blue eyes, his cute straight look. His firm and muscular body pushed me to readjust my sight.
Holy God!
I can’t belie-
“She’s dead,” I heard them said, and everything fades away.

Final Chapter – The Couple

~ Writer’s POV ~
Derrick rescued Ryan after she got hit by his dawn car. Abruptly he rushed her over to his private doctor for treatment, and she got fully recovered after a month. He promised to take her back to her parents but was disappointed when Ryan told him about her sad life and wouldn’t like to be humiliated any longer:
“Just take me as a maid or a housekeeper. I promise to be loyal,” Ryan pleaded. Without hesitation, Derrick accepted her proposal, but Jeremy was against the idea brutally:
“How can you just pick someone up in the street and licensed her to stays in your house?” Jeremy asked Derrick when they got over to Derrick’s without.
“Well, maybe because she’s harmless.”
“Harmless?. that’s what you can’t tell because you rarely know her name.”
“She’s Ryan swagger.”
“Her dad was murdered, and she has been through bad time. She needed the help,” Derrick said slowly. The argument went on and on, but Derrick was adamant and wouldn’t let go:

It has been a month now, and Donna was deeply in love with Derrick. She couldn’t believe her eyes went Derrick told her about his feeling, she collapsed on his arm out of excitement, her heart melted inside her chest and she grows endlessly. She was heartily happy.

But since that very day. A region of war was built between her and Diana. Diana couldn’t control her massive jealousy and selfishness: she loved Derrick, and she wasn’t ready to lose him to anyone. She had tried picking a fight with Donna over unnecessary issues, but Donna was too lame to fight and avoided the scene factually.
That fateful day Diana couldn’t hold back her temper. She furiously slapped Donna over nothing. Perhaps because she walked into her room without knocking:
“I hate you with so much passion,” Diana would always say. After so many attempts to thwart Donna from Derrick and her efforts became worthless, she couldn’t bit back her ire:
“My sister is dating the man of my dream. What should I do?” Diana asked 47 after driving down to his place:
“Pay a bill, and I will take her life,” 47 said. “I don’t want her dead,” she said.

“Oh, get her paralyzed.”
“He loves her and would still marry her in a wheelchair.”
“Then get her blind because no man would love to marry a blind woman.”
“That’s great. But make her paralyzed and blind,” she concluded, and they went on with some chitchat:

A week later, Donna’s heart skipped heavily. She felt bothered and depressed; her happiness was hugely affected by her sister’s madness. She was sick and tired of life; she truly loves Derrick, but she loves her twin sister. She felt sad and self-centered if Derrick would be the cause of ‘we’re done’ between her and Diana. She missed their friendship. That beautiful friendship between the twin. She ignored it madly and letting go of Derrick was what she found so heavy to try.

“I can’t allow love to come between us.”
“She’s my sister, right?”
“And her happiness should be my happiness, right?”
After a dispute over a dispute, Donna decided to let go;
“I’m sorry… For hurting your emotions. I’m ready to let go.”
“Please forgive me,” Donna said, sending a shiver down Diana’s spine.
“I’m sorry for been mean to you lately. I can’t help it. I love him,” Diana said slowly, and they hugged.
“I understand, ” Donna said amidst tears.
“Congrats, kid. We are happy you guys sort thing out, ” their parents said, walking into the sitting room:

After a refreshment of friendships between Donna and Diana, sadly, Donna drove down to Derrick’s place. While Diana quickly picked her phone to call 47 not to hurt Donna again. Unfortunate for her, 47’s number wasn’t goings through after a few hours, she got a call from 47:
“Hey, I’ve been trying to reach you,” she said. “Oops! My phone would always be off when I’m on a mission,” he recounts.
Diana’s heart skipped, and she sighed.
“Please, we’ve sort things out. Don’t hurt her again.”
‘Ouch! She’s hurt already. I’m sorry I just had to shot her dead because Derrick’s guards were vast obstacles.”
“Yeah, she’s dead,” 47 said and hung off.
Derrick held unto her lifeless body. He felt his heart grew heavy in every past second but refused to fall off.
The only one who gave him happiness was gone. He can’t think of anything else than to get himself killed.

A months later, Ryan was cleaning the house as usual, but today she had the chance to sneaks into Derrick’s private music studio. She was amazed by what she saw. She sat and began to sing, then roll her fingers on the major and minor keys: of course, she was playing the piano as she sang.
“That’s beautiful,” she sprang to her feet as the voice shot into her ears.
Since that day, Derrick began to like and admired her. But he can’t love again. Tho Diana has been forcing herself on him, but he knew falling in love would be the last thing to do.

Three months have gone, and Ryan was madly in love with Derrick but couldn’t find the courage to express her feeling: she was just a housekeeper, but yet Diana kept trying to forces herself on Derrick.

A year later, Ryan couldn’t hold back her feeling she decided to confess her love to Derrick.
”I’ve always loved you too. But I’m scared.
Because everyone I loved.
I ended up losing them.
I am a curse to people’s lives. And I cant tagged you in my world of sorrow.”
“I promised we would get over it.”
When it happened, Diana became mad when she found out Derrick is in love with that clumsy girl.

She planned to kill her too. One week later, Derrick and Ryan happily walk into a grocery store to get some stuff.
A gun mad tried to shot Ryan but was blocked by a spiderman. They stood in awe as they watched the spiderman beat the daylight out of the gunman and turned to walk away.
“Please stop,” Derrick called out.
“Who are you,” he asked the spiderman.
“Why do you choose to risk your life to protect us?”

“Because saving lives is my hobby,” he said and jumped away.
Life was sad for Derrick and Ryan, but that spiderman always showed up to protect them.
Jeremy finals accepted Derrick’s friendship with Ryan. Softly they became good friends.
Donna keeps striving, but she kept losing as well.

That day Jeremy found out about Ryan. He was shocked. His late dad was Mr swagger’s lawyer. He holds every document of late Mr swagger’s business in his private office:
He broke the news to Ryan, and she was pleased. She wishes Nickolas was still alive. But he was gone.
Now that she holds the original documents to her late father’s business. She decided to sue Darrell and take over his father’s place, Derrick and Jeremy accepted the idea.

One week later, 47 was sent to kill Ryan as usual. When he almost has his way that young spiderman appeared and got him into a coma. The cops were called, and 47 were arrested.

Diana couldn’t stand it any longer. She decided to shot herself when the news of 47 go to her.
Darrell was arrested after 47’s open confession. Ryan couldn’t hold back but added her case, which earned Darrell and 47 to be sentenced to death.

Finally, mile recovered his memory. He pulled away from the mask from his head, and Ryan was shocked. They ran into each other arms and hugged tight.
“You finally became a spiderman?” Ryan asked happily.
“Yeah,” Nickolas smiled.
“And you ended up with Derrick?” he asked, still smiling.
“Yeah “
They smiled and hugged again.
A few years later, Ryan got married to Derrick, and Nickolas, who was now mile, became the most superior spiderman in town, dealing with culprit like mad.



Selfishness Can Hurt You More Than Anything. Let Go Of It.
Diana Killed Her Sister Out Of Selfishness, But Yet She Didn’t Have Derrick.
Darrell Killed His Brother Because Of Selfishness But Yet He Earned Nothing But Death.
Please Don’t Allow Selfishness To Ruins Your Life Accept Defeat And Move On.

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I’m Sorry, The Book Was Cut Short. But At Least I Have Summarizes The Whole Book To Erase The Suspense.

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