Best Love Story To Read (Blue Flame)

Blue Flame – Best Love Story To Read: Love is the color of life and a magical feeling of our mind. Today, I show you the true love story with action, romance, fantasy, horror, etc. Let’s start! 

Name: Blue Flame
(Evil Beauty)
By: Queen Nikky


Love can sometimes be cruel, evil, and excellent and lovely at the same time. The blue flame is the most beautiful flame, and it is also the hottest flame. It hurts the most when tampered with, and the wound doesn’t heal quickly.

That seems to be the fate of Emilia, a young beautiful, talented girl. She is the most beautiful and the kindest girl in the village of Akuna.

Everyone worships her beauty, and she was blessed with a fair yellow skin that looks like the sun’s mirror, she was given black hair as black as night itself, she is not too busty or too slim her body looks more of an athlete. Her round plump face, which always brightens whenever she smiles is enough to hypnotize a man or even make a lady a lesbi*n.

In the eyes of people, she is kind, but there lies an evil secret that will change her forever.


Emilia: the beautiful offspring of the ancient fire goddess who killed her lover.
Wisdom: Emilia’s boyfriend or fiance, he runs a cosmetics company in Lagos.
Onyin: Emilia’s childhood friend and wisdom’s cousin
Amanda: Wisdom’s ex-girlfriend who later unlock the hotness of the flame.
Passion: the goddess of love Emilia’s grandmother and a friend to the ancient goddess of fire.
Damilola: wisdom’s secretary

Esther and tinuke: Emilia’s new friends in Lagos.
Kenny: Onyin’s admirer.
Magnus: A fire subordinate who was assigned to monitor Emilia.
Emilie: Emilia’s grandmother and ancient goddess of fire.
Seline: goddess of deceit the main villain.

Episode 1

Under a mango tree, some men can be seen discussing, and from the look on their faces, it seems they were friends. One of them just came back from Lagos to celebrate Christmas with his parent, and the others were happy to see him before they started talking about a beautiful maiden called Emilia.

“ Emilia is the most beautiful lady I’ve ever set my eyes on I swear she always makes my heart flutter anytime I see her” wisdom the guy who just returns from Lagos said, and others laughed.
“ what do you think? Each time she comes closer and I see that beautiful big eyes I always forget my mind elsewhere ” Osei another one said.

“ Osei you forget your mind I always forget my body and soul, I can’t count the time Abena and I fought because of Emilia but the thing is none of us can even get closer to her because we are too scared” Tutu a hardworking farmer with three kids also pour out his mind.

“ Here she comes ” wisdom announced, sighting Emilia from afar. There she is swinging her hips that were decorated with beads, and her footsteps look like those of the ancient English queen. Her small “ adire” dress flowing like no one cares in the windy footpath.

The men lose their minds sighting her with her two maids carrying two baskets of banana. They are probably coming from the farm, and she always wears a smile no matter what happens.

She has a lot of male friends, and wisdom is sure among them. It is evident from the look on her face that her eyes always trail the young educated man, but she is too shy to let anyone know of her feelings.

“ Hi, Emilia ” wisdom called, and she smiled, flashing her set of teeth that define white snow perfectly.
“ Hi, wisdom I guess you are having fun with your friends?” Emilia replied shyly.
“ Of course can we see for a moment?” wisdom requested.

“ No not today o, mama will be angry if I come late ” Emilia rejected.
“ But you can wait for me under the udara tree there tomorrow morning ” she whispered in his ears. Then she starts going swinging her hips, and her beads didn’t stop making noise.

“ congratulations wisdom you need to take me to that dibia that do that jazz for you o” osei said jokingly.
“ I don’t have any dibia anywhere,” wisdom said, and they laughed.
“ the great goddess of beauty Emilia talk to wisdom? Seriously I don’t know what to say,” Tutu said, and they laugh again.

After talking about men’s things for a while, they leave for their respective homes. Emilia gets home that day, smiling as usual, but there is something different from this smile. Her parents were ordinary people in Akunta.

They are not too needy or luxurious, but they were respected in society.
Emilia, since she was little love hearing tales about the city, especially the one they call Lagos, dreams of going to Benin, aba, Enugu, Lagos, and the famous big city Ibadan.

She long to follow her mates to Lagos, especially her best friend Mazi udo’s daughter onyin.
Onyin never fails to tell Emilia tales about the strange cities.
She told Emilia the cars the tiled road and the night’s sun( lol light bulb) serve as the sun in the night for Lagosians.

“ So you mean there is actually a sun at night in Lagos?” Emilia asked when onyin came to visit her one day.
“ Of course not only one sun but many, every room in my uncle’s house has its own sun and you can even control it by pressing something like plastic on the wall,” Onyin said, licking the udara Emilia gave her earlier.

“ Hmm? You can control the sun? Chai one day you will take me to Lagos one day,” Emilia said, smiling.
“ You know in Lagos there are many types of strange things, eh? You see, there is a what can I call it?

Don’t worry. I will tell you whenever I remember the name. You can see white men on it waving at you; if not, I will miss you. I will have stay in Lagos and finally, go to school and become educated like wisdom,” onyin said, and Emilia sigh.

“ I want to go to school too but my parent are not rich like yours and we don’t have anyone in Lagos that I can stay with you are so lucky onyin, I want to be like you but I can’t,” Emilia said sadly.

“ You are saying that? Well, life is never unfair you know? God knows all that before he gave you your beauty maybe you will find a prince charming like wisdom who will take you to lagos,” onyin said in a gossip manner.

“ What? Hey, my friend stop that o I don’t want trouble o beside I like the village sef I just want to go to those cities to see what you are telling with my own korokoro eyes,” Emilia said and they both laugh.

“ You will soon find your wisdom like this Lagos song, I’m looking for my johnny ” onyin said, and the two friends laugh.

“ Which johnny are you looking for? The palmwine tapper bah? Mazi udo will kill you,” Emilia asked.
“ Oh I wish I have your beauty,” onyin said, and Emilia frowned.
“ You know onyinye be careful about what you wish for sometimes, not all that glitters is gold,” Emilia warned.

Q: Why did Emilia warn her friend like that?

Episode 2

“ My child I want to tell you a story,” Emilia’s grandmother said a night after onyin visit her.
“ I’m all ears grandma,” Emilia said, opening both her mind and ears.

“ You see a long time ago in this Akunta there use to live a fire goddess, and she is gorgeous but evil, she owns the blue flame, hottest and prettiest of all flames. Not that she is intentionally harmful, but her flame made her be. She wants to live among humans concealing her nature.

She fell in love with a mere mortal; there love so beautiful that everyone in this village wishes for that kind of love, even my mother. Still, something wrong later happens to a happy marriage. The fire goddess became terrible to the extent of killing her husband. According to my mother, her husband cheated on her with one of the ugly maidens, and the goddess took it as an insult. Hence, she destroyed her husband and the maidens, including herself,” the grandma narrated.

“ But why will she destroy herself?” Emilia asked, feeling sorry for the poor goddess.
“ You know the blue flame is beautiful and evil, the evil in her mind grows worse and it ends up consuming her whole mind then she explodes into the air ” grandma explained.

“ It is such a tragedy, but flames are easy to hurt humans why?” Emilia asked.
“ Because humans hurt the flame before, have you ever wonder why blue flame is the hottest and the most beautiful?” grandma throws another question at Emilia.

“ Because it is an evil beauty,” Emilia replied bluntly.
“ Exactly now my daughter its time to sleep, I don’t want to hear you grunt when you parents are waking you up tomorrow ”

‘‘Okay, grandma goodnight.’’

‘‘ Goodnight, my daughter ’’

The next morning as promised, Emilia sneaks out to meet wisdom under the udara tree. She left without her nosy maids, although there are servants in the house, Emilia prefers going to the farm and working tirelessly rather than sitting alone in the house.

‘‘ Good morning wisdom, you wanted to see me ’’ Emilia greets.

‘‘ Morning Emilia, I just want to tell you something that has been keeping my heart busy ’’ wisdom reply.
‘‘ go on.’’

‘‘Emilia I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I want you to be my girlfriend ’’ wisdom blurt out silently thinking Emilia will react negatively, but she just laughs

“ Wisdom is such a joker I don’t know you can be interested in an ordinary village girl like me a whole Lagos boy,” Emilia said shyly, not sure of what she heard from wisdom earlier.

“ Hey I’m not joking Emilia I love you, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life, no Lagos girl can compare with your beauty,” wisdom said Emilia blushed.

“ I bet Lagos girls are beautiful but nothing to compare with a village girl like me” Emilia blush again.

“ I know you love me Emily please accept my heart,” wisdom added.

‘‘ Emily? Ok, I don’t know how to say this, but yes,’’ Emilia couldn’t take it anymore. She ran away shyly.

“ Oh, she agreed she actually agreed,” wisdom smiled happily.

‘’This one you are smiling what is the matter? ’ onyin asks her friend.

“ He asks me out he actually asks me out,” Emilia blush as she whispers the words to onyin.

“ you mean wisdom ask you out? Chim o my friend will go to Lagos o” onyin said happily and they both laugh.

“ So when are you guys getting married? ” onyin and shook her head surprisingly.

“ Hey, onyin, how can you push me into marriage like that? I’m still young na marriage is not something you jump into na’ Emilia hit her friend playfully.

‘‘ Whatever you say ’’

Emilia keeps blushing and laughing around the house, and this got her parents worried because she has never laughed like this before.

‘ What is wrong with Emilia I’ve seen her so happy like this before,” Emilia’s mother said, and her grandmother smile.

‘‘ Amarachi, when you fell in love with my son Uchena how did you feel then? ’’ grandma asked.

‘‘ So you mean Emilia is in love? But with who? So we her parent couldn’t even make her laugh and smile like that, but this random man came, and our daughter started acting like that? Love sometimes is something ’’ Amara Emilia’s mother replied.

At night Emilia couldn’t sleep; she dreamt about the fire goddess and all sorts of things. So she went to her grandmother’s room to ask questions about the strange fire goddess.

“ Grandma, what was the name of the fire goddess? ” Emilia asked, and her grandmother smiled.

‘‘ The birthmark on your chest has it ever shone blue before? ’ grandma replied, her question with another question.

‘’ No, but please answer my question now ’ Emilia pleaded.

“ Well her name is Emilie.”

Episode 3

‘‘ Is it my imagination, but that sounds like my name, or doesn’t it? ’ Emilia said, and her grandma smiled.

‘‘ You know you are beautiful, right? And that beauty is what you inherit from your maternal grandmother who was the fire goddess, and she didn’t transfer her powers to your mother because she fears Amara will become like her so none of her descendants will not make the same mistake as hers ’’ grandma smiled.

‘‘ Grandma, I can’t understand anything you said now you mean the fire goddess Emilie is my maternal grandmother? And I’m a descendant of the blue flame? That’s why I’m too beautiful like the goddess? ’ no doubt Emilia is confused about her newfound identity she can’t just believe it what if she has powers like the goddess? No, that’s not possible because she didn’t want to hurt him in any way.

The next morning she met with wisdom under the udara tree again.

‘‘ My love, what is the matter with you? You look so sad ’ wisdom said. True Emilia is sad but not about the fire goddess of a thing but the fact that sense may soon leave for Lagos. He is a businessman. He only came to the village to celebrate Christmas with his parents.

‘‘ I’m just worried that someday you will leave for Lagos, and I will be here alone ’’ Emilia replied sadly.

‘’ You don’t have to worry about my sunshine. I will never forget, and after arranging our wedding, I will take you to Lagos with me, okay? ’

‘‘ Sunshine? Hmm, did I look like the sun that much? ’’ Emilia giggled.

‘’ Do you think if you are to be in competition with the sun for the brightness, you won’t win?” Wisdom praised, and Emilia couldn’t help but blush.

“ The sun is brighter and beautiful just like the eyes you used to look at me with love,” Emilia replied, and wisdom couldn’t help but smile too.

The two lovers stare at each other in a lovely manner, and wisdom broke the silence with a kiss, which makes Emilia’s stomach twist as butterflies keep flying in her heart.

The kiss lasted for some minutes, and when they finally break the kiss, Emilia rush home shyly she couldn’t picture in her mind that the mighty wisdom that is always cold to ladies will ask her out not to talk of kissing her. She has always love sense from afar since childhood.

When wisdom left for Lagos, she couldn’t get rid of the one-sided crush, but when wisdom return to the village after so many years to celebrate Christmas with his parents. She rekindles her feelings for him, and now here she is the supreme wisdom’s girlfriend. What attracts him to her is something Emilia couldn’t understand, or is it her beauty?

For the first time, she thanks God for giving her such a beauty. Because if not for her beauty, wisdom couldn’t have located her.

Since then, the love birds can be seen on every path in the village. It’s like they don’t care about what the villagers may say or do. All that matters to them is that they are in love and believe nothing can. Separate them in this life.

Their love life got tongues wavering in the village anywhere you see Emilia; you must see wisdom no matter how even if Emilia wants to fetch water, sense must accompany her smiling and play together. Onyin is the happiest she like seeing her friend pleased like this.

Whenever the maidens want to get close to the wisdom, she always stands protectively like a paid bodyguard. Abusing the hell out of ladies that try to badmouth Emilia like calling her a witch or mermaid. She would tell them if they wish to be that beautiful, they should die and be born as a mermaid in the next life.

Wisdom and his heartthrob were sitting under a mango tree not far from wisdom’s house unknown to them Emilia’s grandmother is watching them.
‘‘ Mother Rena, I hope history does not repeat itself. Emilia is so dear to me ’’ the grandma prayed silently.

Episode 4

The grandma prayed silently and unknown to Emilia; her tiny birthmark is slowly producing light. Just a matter of time and it will shine, and this is because she is getting closer to wisdom and the love she found. Day by day, she is getting more beautiful as her birthmark expands.

She and wisdom sat under the udara tree, and the atmosphere is awkward.
‘’ I’m going to Lagos tomorrow’s wisdom finally break the silence.

‘‘What do you say? You are going to Lagos?’’ Emilia said emotionally.

‘’ Yes, believe me, Emily, I don’t want to leave you, but my business is there, my love I will come back for you ’ wisdom said, holding Emilia’s hand.

‘‘ You will come back for me? Wisdom, will you? I don’t even know when you will come back probably next Christmas, but how will I live? It is even better for you to be invincible like you were before than to leave me like this it hurts wisdom ’’ Emilia said, and her invisible birthmark shone a little but not that bright.

‘’ Emily pl.. ’ he tries to say, but Emilia cut the sentence from him.

‘‘ Don’t call me Emily wisdom. My name is Emilia, not Emily, okay?! ’’ Emilia cried.

‘‘ Okay, Emilia, I swear I’m coming back from you. Nothing can take me from you. I will surely come for our marriage’’ wisdom assure her, but she won’t stop crying.

‘ OK I will wait for you always my love but please don’t leave me alone here ’ Emilia sniffs, but wisdom kisses her so she will stop crying. She stops crying, and she rushes home without saying goodbye.

‘‘ so she won’t say goodbye? ’’ wisdom muttered under his breath.

Emilia cried all night; she couldn’t bear not seeing wisdom for even a day not to talk of a week or even a month. Her birthmark shone so brightly that her eyes turn blue; her skin also turns pale blue, and her hair becomes a little longer.

She didn’t notice this, then her body became normal again, and she became weak. The sleep that refuses to come earlier is now engulfing her whole body. In the dream, she had an idea, she saw herself more beautiful with blue flames surrounding, and she was burning an unknown lady smiling wickedly at wisdom who pleaded for the freedom of the lady. Still, Emilia won’t take any of his pleas.

She burns the lady leaving an unforgettable scar on her face. She wants to move closer to wisdom, still with the rage in her eyes before she wakes up suddenly.

The dream terrifies her, so she stands up still in the blackness of night, surprised to see her grandmother outside sitting in front of her (Emilia’s) room.

‘‘ Grandma, what are you doing here? ’’ she called.

‘‘ Your birthmark shone, right? It shone, am I right? ’’ grandma asked.

‘‘ That… How did you know? It shone, and I have an evil dream too,” Emilia replied, feeling strange. Her hair has some strands of blue, but they disappeared before she notices them.

‘‘ Oh mother Rena, what have you done? You promised not to send any immortal to this place again, but why? ’’ Grandma exclaimed.

‘‘ Grandma, what did you mean? The god of immortals transfers the power of the goddess of fire to me? But why? Why me why? I don’t want to hurt wisdom ’’ Emilia cried.

‘‘ I know, but there is nothing you can do Emilia you look like her too much, and I didn’t see this coming either, but if you trust wisdom you won’t become a monster, and you won’t make the same mistake Emilie made several years ago just trust him, and all will be good my daughter I will teach you some basic steps so you won’t hurt people with your flames ’’ grandma explained and Emilia only nodded.

Suddenly grandma change to a wonderful young lady.
‘‘ Wow,’’ Emilia exclaimed.

‘‘ For now, call me passion, I’m your maternal grandmother’s friend, and I’m the goddess of love ’’ passion said. ( find about passion in my next story. )

Passion created a portal leading to a beautiful place. The relief seems calm and beautiful. Emilia must admit she had never seen a place like this.

Episode 5

‘‘ Grandma, where is this place? ’’ Emilia asked.

‘‘ Emilia, I have to protect you and make you use your magic wisely and not hurt anyone, as Emilie did in the past magic, are for helping people and not destroying them. You have to use your beautiful blue flame to touch people’s lives before it becomes the hottest for you.

You know its a miracle you were born the high constellation promise not to send any god or goddess to earth again after what happened to Emilie, but I still don’t get why they send you ’’ passion said placing her chin on her palm. Emilia still can’t believe this is her grandmother standing before her.

She is lovely, but they look nothing alike because of Emilia’s sun yellow skin and her black hair, but passion’s skin is milky and pale, and her hair is brown.

‘‘ I couldn’t change the future, still lost in my form of magic I watch amarachi, Emilie’s daughter and my son uchenna my son fell in love and they give birth to you I know that the mix of the magic of love and flame power will cause a stir in you and if care is taken your dark side will be stronger than that of Emilie because the other side of love is hatred.

Emilie and I are princesses in a different world of magic, and we are different from each other too. Her dark side is to burn with her fire, but mine is crueler some because once my magic turns to hatred, nothing can stop me, I will destroy the world. Still, now that you have half of my powers, I’m afraid something terrible may happen if you lose your trust in the person you love ’’ passion added, and Emilia listened with rapt attention. Who would think that her grandmother is the goddess of love? And very beautiful like this.

‘‘You mean wisdom? ’’ Emilia asked.

‘‘ Yes, the wisdom he is the key to unlocking your dark side, he unlocks your good side, and if you keep trusting him, you won’t need to fear your dark side.’

‘‘ Okay, I will keep trusting him, but what should I do when he soon leaves me? Should I still trust him? ’’ Emilia asked, and passion nodded.

‘’ No matter how much you love someone, if there is no trust, it’s like using a basket to fetch water. You know you won’t get anything but just stressing yourself.

I’ve made people fall in love with my potion, but the love potion is just an elusion once true love is involved the magic of the spell breaks and this the same with love and trust once there is no trust the magic of real love fade away just like the smoke of the fire. Enough of the talk, let’s start your training’ passion remove her robe.

She told Emilia to calm down and think positively and not to think of anything that angers her or make her sad or else the flames she would produce will burn both Emilia and passion, but thankfully passion has enchanted love shield.

She told Emilia to spread her hands and imagine flames coming out of her body. Emilia tries and tries then her body starts physical transformation. Her body turns to pale blue, and her black hair turns to the ocean color. But she looks more of a beast than beautiful, her real self, and it is scary.

Flames started spreading through her body, and the blue flames start consuming her soul. Passion can feel the high energy surrounding her granddaughter.

‘ Welcome, Emilia, the blue flame descendant!’’ passion’s voice echoed in the whole place. All living creatures bowed when they hear Emilie’s name. ‘‘ The great fire goddess we fear your name.

We shall bow to you, for we are scared of getting burned with the great name. We will dance when we hear your name, for we are happy the great healer is back. For in you, we believe in, and we dare not anger your spirit.

The great goddess of love the beauty of every time. The one who holds the true definition of love in her heart every time
The one whom when she pleases make people fall in love. Thank you passion for bringing our savior, and we the magical creatures shall always support you every time’’ the voice of every creature in the place chants as the bow down to Emilia.

‘’ Thank you passion ’ Emilia said, not knowing exactly what to say.

‘’ Anything for my friend’s passion replied…

‘‘ Passion I mean grandma, let’s go home. I have a hunch that it will soon be dawn ’’ Emilia said, and passion agrees. She creates the portal again, and Emilia finds herself on her bed. It was like a dream, but she remembers what passion taught her. Not to hurt humans and to do good with her powers, she feels weak. It must be from draining her energy earlier.

She leaves herself to the hands of sleep, and she woke up very late. Passion must have told her parents not to disturb her sleep. It seems amarachi also knows that Emilia has gained her grandmother’s power and freaks her out to even think about it.

Episode 6

‘‘ Where is Emilia? ’’ wisdom ask onyin. He had told her earlier to bring Emilia secretly so he can say goodbye properly.

‘‘ She is still sleeping I guess I haven’t seen her this morning. Too strange her servants told me she is sleeping’’ onyin replied, feeling her friend’s pain. She thought maybe Emilia had cried all night that she is just sleeping.

‘‘ Please watch over her and make sure she is not sad I will surely come back for her. You can take this you know how to operate it right? ’’ wisdom said, handing a cell phone to onyin.

‘‘ A little, I will make sure I call you if Emilia misses you, and please call too ’’ onyin collect the phone, still squeezing her face.

‘‘ Okay, bye, I will come back, okay? Little cousin don’t frown like that I’m not going forever,’ Wisdom said, and onyin smiled. She waves goodbye to her cousin as the driver starts the car, and they drive along the muddy road.

‘‘ I feel Emilia’s pain, but there is nothing he can do. He has to take care of his business. Let me check this thing. How do I use it? ’ onyin said, checking the phone out. She rushes to Emilia’s house to find her yawning. It seems she just woke up from her looks, rough hair, and face.

‘’ Onyin, you are here ’ Emilia yawned.

‘’ Is it my eyes or my imagination? You are acting and looking strange today. First, you woke up late, which is unlike you second, your skin looks pale. Why? ’ Onyin said with a concerned look…

‘‘ Wisdom is gone? ’’ Emilia asked, then her eyes caught little strands of blue hair while she is scratching her hair. She wonders why her body is changing then she remembers the power of blue flame inside her.

‘‘ Yes, he asks me to call him with this if you miss him, and he will always call when he misses you too ’’ Onyin said, showing Emilia the phone.

‘‘ Really? Can I call him with this? ’’

Immortal kingdom
In the castle of a beautiful kingdom on another planet, situated on the high, glorious golden throne, is the ancient fire goddess Emilie with her subordinate Magnus standing before her.

“ Magnus you are going to earth right now to stop my granddaughter from engaging in that dangerous thing called love ” Emilie ordered, but Magnus is still standing.

“ My queen but Emilia has done nothing wrong and besides its too late she already has blue flame inside her,” Magnus said, but instead of a reply, Emilie throws a big blue flame ball at him, which hit him badly.

“ You dare question me? Did you forget who made me who I am? A human turn my beautiful flame to an evil one. Do you know how the earth is? It is a place filled with stupid believes and superstitions. ” she yelled.
“ I’m sorry your majesty ” he apologize in agony.

“ But may I ask a question? ” he said, and Emilie’s crystal blue eyes shine in anger immediately before it cools down again.

“ If it won’t land you in trouble,” she said, using her beautiful hands decorated with jewelry to detangle her hair.
“ My queen why did you allow Amara your daughter to fall in love,” Magnus asked, and Emilie burst into loud laughter that shakes the kingdom to its roots.

“ Because she is useless because of what her father did to me I made sure I remove every ounce of my magic from her but this her daughter Emilia seems to have the pure blue flame and that’s why I want you to stop her from falling in love deeper because I don’t want her to end up like me. I’m sure you won’t want to have an aggressive queen like me again ” Emilie said, and Magnus agrees.

“ Behind her evil manners, there is a loving heart if only humans were not that ungrateful how can he still have eyes for another one when he has the most beautiful flame,” Magnus thought.

“ I heard that! ” Emilie shouted, and he almost loses his balance.
“ She sure is fearful,” he thought again.

“ I heard that too ” she shouted again.
“ Sweet Rena (the god of immortals) ” Magnus whispered.
Now he is going to the human world to stop the young goddess from going deeper in love.

Unknown to him when he was making the spell, he made a little mistake, so instead of Akunta village, the portal took him to Lagos.

Episode 7

Lagos city
Brent cosmetics company
“ Ah, finally I’m back at my work ” wisdom said as his driver drop him at his company.
“ Welcome sir ” Damilola, his Yoruba secretary, greets him.

“ Oh you are looking beautiful today dammy,” he said, and Damilola smiled.
“ Oh, miss Amanda ask of you,” Damilola informed him.
“ Next time Dammy you don’t tell me that first, you ask about how my vacation was,” he said with a sour face.

“ Okay, I’m sorry sir how was your vacation? ” Damilola corrected.
“ It was fun ” he smiled, thinking about Emilia.

“ Oh, I guess miss Onyinyechi must have made your vacation right? ” Damilola asked.
“ No not onyin, I found a perfect lady ” wisdom said, and Damilola smiled.

“ I guess you are finally in love any way I will get you a coffee latte right? ” she asked, and he nodded.
“ I’m going to go on another vacation ” he winks.

“ To see this perfect lady? ” Damilola teased.
“ Of course you get it ” wisdom snap his finger.
“ Okay I will get your coffee now ” Damilola announced before making her exit.

Akunta village
“ I have this feeling that wisdom will soon come and take you to lagos ” onyin said, and Emilia hit her playfully.
“ no, be only take na took ” Emilia mocked.

“ You will soon see when my cousin finally marry you hey what is happening to you! ” onyin exclaimed when she notices Emilia’s sudden change. Her skin is now very pale, and her eyes are crystal blue just like her grandmother’s, her hair that is as black as night before is now blue, and she resembles the exact image of her grandmother Emilie.

“ Emilie you just made a foolish mistake by sending Magnus here ” Passion, Emilia’s paternal grandmother said, feeling the presence of the goddess of fire subordinate.

“ What do you mean? ” Emilia asked, flashing her crystal blue eyes.
“It’s just you a bit strange, you look pale and your hair is crystal blue color same as your eyes ” onyin said, covering her mouth and just a flash Emilia returns to normal.

“ I can’t believe it Emilia you are back to normal maybe I’m just imagining nonsense ” onyin laughed at her stupidity.
“ Maybe you are imagining wrong things,” emila laughed, knowing perfectly well what onyinyechi means.

Phone rings
“ Oh wisdom is calling ” onyin announced, and Emilia smiled. Onyin picks the call immediately.
“ Hello, my love ” wisdom’s voice sounds lovely on the phone that Emilia started blushing.

“ My wisdom I can’t believe I’m hearing your voice right now how is Lagos? ”Emilia asked.
“ Lagos is fine but I wish you are here with me Emily oh I’m sorry you told me not to call you that,” wisdom said, and Emilia laughed.

“ Hey, anything you call me is fine my love,” she said shyly.
“ Really? ”

“ Yes, my love sorry I talk to you that way I was just carried away by my own emotions,” Emilia said with a calm voice.
“ Its okay Emily I’m coming to the village soon to take you with me my love ” wisdom sound so happy.

“ Really? You will take me to Lagos? But on one condition only will follow us ” Emilia shouted happily.
“ Anything you say my love onyin is my cousin after all and I’ve been begging her to come to Lagos before but now she won’t have a choice but to agree ” wisdom replied.

“ Oh, you this girl is actually taking me to Lagos bah? Is unfair o but anywhere you go I go ” onyin hit Emilia playfully.

“ I’m hanging up my love kisses ” wisdom hangs up smiling, but his smile fades when he sights his main problem in front of him. The lady who claims to love him but left him for someone else in school is now crawling back because he is now wealthy.

“ Did I heard wrong? Or did you just call someone else your love ” Amanda fumes angrily?
“ What do you think it is? I’ve found the love of my life. I’m finally in love ” wisdom laughed, provoking Amanda.

Episode 8

“ Wisdom have you forgotten no lady can take you away from me? Because I’m the most beautiful lady on earth ” Amanda boasts.

“ Japaa please stop making noise here you are so ugly that even Damilola is even prettier than you not to talk of my sunshine even the light of the sun is competing with her beauty because she is the goddess of beauty itself ” wisdom praises Emilia.

“ What? So it is your secretary bah Damilola! come here immediately! ” Amanda yelled.
“ Yes ma’am,” Damilola enter the office, and wisdom gave her a wink.

“ How dare you flirt with wisdom?! Answer me! ” Amanda yelled.
“ madam please calm down I’m not the perfect one who is so beautiful that my boss can’t stop thinking about her ” Damilola smiled.

“ What?! ” Amanda exclaimed.
“ Is she that beautiful? ” she asked.

“ She is so beautiful that even the sun competes with her beauty ” wisdom replied.

“ I’ve been your friend for over five years you never look at me and this stranger just came and snatch all your heart I won’t let her have you I promise you ” she cried before she storms out of the office.

Akunta village
Emila can be seen pacing around her room, smiling, thinking about wisdom.
“ Emilia what’s the occasion,” her grandmother asked her in her goddess form.
“ Grandma you can’t show your true self here remember we are not in our meeting place,” emila said.

“ It doesn’t matter no one knows who I am they will just think I am a stranger,” passion told her.
“ I can see you are thinking about your love” passion smiled.

“ How did you know? ” Emilia asked.
“ Well I’m the goddess of love,” passion said proudly.
“ Oh, I forgot,” Emilia said.

“ Well, I just want to tell you I’m going back to the immortal realm ” passion drop the bomb.
“ What?! Grandma, you are leaving me alone? Don’t go ” Emilia cried like a baby.
“ Hey we can get in touch in the waterfall you are an immortal too you can visit anytime just don’t let your maternal grandmother see you,” passion said with deep emotions.

Emilia is now weeping badly like a baby, she didn’t want her grandmother to leave her, but there is nothing she can do.

Passion left her to cry on her own. Ten minutes later, Emilia heard her mother’s cry, and she rushed out immediately.
She saw her mother crying like a baby.

“ Chim oh! Mother, please don’t leave me alone please don’t leave me now ” Amarachi shouted as she rolls on the ground.
“ So she is gone? ” Emilia cried louder.
“ So she is gone? So soon?! ” she cried even louder. People are now rushing to their house after hearing the cries of mother and daughter.

All efforts to calm Emilia down prove abortive, then passion appears to her in her standard form.
“ if you let your emotions get into your head you will end you’re loosing yourself so stop yourself before you reveal your identity ” passion warned her before she finally calms down.

Minutes later onyin rushed into their compound, holding the phone, which means wisdom just called, she gave wisdom a call to tell him about the incident.

“ She can’t talk to you right now her grandma just died,” onyin said, holding back her tears.
“ What? But she was healthy then! ” wisdom exclaimed.

“ That’s how we see it o,” onyin said.
“ Emilia must be so sad right now ” wisdom replied.
“ She is not crying again just looking like a dummy ” onyin’s tears finally escaped.

“ Oh, may her soul rest in peace,” wisdom said before hanging up.
“ Dammy please cancel all my schedule for this week I’m going to the village,” he told his secretary.

“ But why? Don’t tell me you are missing the lady ” she teased, but wisdom isn’t ready for all that.
“ Her grandma just died and I have to be with her ” wisdom announces then she nodded.
“ Oh I imagine how sad the young lady must be may her soul rest in peace,” Damilola said emotionally.

Magnus arrives at Lagos, marveling at the beauty of the city when passion appears to him.
“ My lady! ” Magnus exclaimed.

“ Magnus what are you doing here? Remember the high constellation doesn’t allow immortals on earth anymore if mother Rena knew about this you know what will happen ” passion said.

“ I know but my queen sent me here ” he replied.
“ To monitor Emilia? She doesn’t need to do that she should leave the poor girl alone ” passion said with a calm voice.

“ But she insists she doesn’t want her granddaughter to become like her ” Magnus raise his head for the first time.
“ Magnus, I know what Emilie is thinking. She just wants to get Emilia on her side so they can destroy the world together.

I wonder what the high constellation was thinking when the send another blue flame to this world, now it is all complicated because just like Emile’s blood runs on her mine also run in her body so only one mistake and she will destroy everything ”

Episode 9

Wisdom arrives a day later, the was already buried. Uchena, Emilia’s father, was significantly affected, but he is a man, so he can’t cry.

Emilia refuses to let anybody in her room even onyin, but when wisdom came, she eventually opens the door.
“ Emilia calm down I know how you feel but just put your mind at rest even if you cry from today till tomorrow she won’t wake up hmm my love tears doesn’t fit you,” wisdom said, pulling her into a hug.

“ I didn’t know that she will be gone so soon she promises she will be present on my wedding day ” Emilia cried into wisdom’s hand.

“ You know death is inevitable so just calm down ” wisdom pat her head.
A night later, Emilia creates a portal just like passion taught her, and she went to the immortal realm.
She is already in her original form, a replica of the evil fire goddess. She met passion playing the flute with a sweet melody. She sat down beside her, enjoying the cool breeze.

“ You need to be careful now Emilia, Emilie is planning something really evil. Remember she is now evil and she may want you to take over her ” passion said stopping the music.
“ But can’t she just leave me alone? ” Emilia asked angrily.

“ No I won’t leave you alone,” Emilie said behind her.
“ Long time no see the goddess of love ” she added, flaunting her elegant gown.
“ Emilie leaves her alone she is already in love,” passion said in defense.

“ Well your music brought me here I didn’t know the young flame will be with you ” the darkness in Emilie’s body is immeasurable.
“ But wait what was mother Rena thinking when she made another blue flame is she by chance trying to stop me? ” she let out a wicked laugh.

“ Well someone has to stop you and I will make sure Emilia doesn’t become like you ” passion also laughed.
“ Passion stop talking nonsense. She already got into the dangerous thing you call love now how won’t she become like me? ” Emilie laughed.

“ Well I will never become like you I won’t allow the dark side of blue flame into my heart,” Emilia said for the first time contributing to the dialogue.
“ We shall see,” Emilie said with a frown.

Emilie vanishes after she learned about what is in Emilia’s heart. She is so furious, and in that anger, she destroyed some of her subordinates.
A month later, the burial was arranged. Wisdom who left for Lagos came back after the burial arrangements to cheer Emilia up.

“ My love do you want to go to Lagos? ” wisdom asked on a sunny afternoon.
“ Yes of course,” she said happily, filling her beautiful face with smiles which wisdom had not seen in weeks.
“ Oh thank God o my Emilia just smiled,” wisdom said in a joking manner, which made Emilia hit him playfully.

“ So you think I’m an ice cube that doesn’t know how to smile? ” she said.
“ No it’s just that you are always bright and beautiful when you smile,” he said.
“ Ohh my wisdom ”

“ My baby,” he said cutely, but it angers Emilia.
“ Hey I’m not a baby,” Emilia said angrily.
“ No I’m not saying you are a small baby I mean you are my ba*e ” wisdom smilies, but Emilia can’t get any of it right.

“ ba*e? It still sounds like baby I don’t like it ” Emilia said, removing wisdom’s hand from her shoulder.
“ Emilia we are leaving next week, you know currently the model I’m using for my products is behaving abnormally acting like she is the most beautiful lady in the world not knowing that there is a beauty goddess like you here so I will give you a job when we get to Lagos ” wisdom announced and Emilia’s face beams with smiles.

Brent cosmetics
Damilola was busy singing helplessly by Tatiana manaois when Amanda walks in, announcing her presence with the clicking of her shoes. Amanda can be seen in front of Damilola, wisdom’s secretary holding some paper works.

“ I’m canceling our contract ” Amanda announced, and Damilola gasped in shock.
“ what? But it is not yet time for its renewal you are going to loose yourself miss Amanda can you please take it easy? Our company is going to loose much because of this habit of yours ” Damilola tries to calm her down.

“ Hey who are you to order me around? Hermia cosmetics has given me an offer so I’m out of here tell your boss ” Amanda blow her gum.
“ Miss amanda this table you are shaking is glass o and not even ordinary glass its a glass table with eggs on top ” Damilola warned.

“ I don’t care the table should crash ” Amanda replied bluntly.
“ Alright when my boss arrives we will sort it out,” Damilola said.
“ If I can’t have him then he should find another model,” Amanda hisses.

Episode 10

“ Wisdom bia Lezia nwam nwachi anya nke oma take care of my daughter o ” Amarachi told wisdom the day he is set to take Emilia to Lagos.
“ she have dream of going to school but we couldn’t let her go but please make sure she is safe ” her father also added.

“ don’t worry mom and dad I promise Emilia will go to school and she will be working in my company too and I also promise to protect her even if it cost my life ” wisdom said softly.
Emilia couldn’t talk because she is emotional, and she is already missing her parents.

They left for Lagos with onyin, and they arrive at wisdom’s apartment in the evening. Emilia was almost faint at the sight of the mansion. She has never set her eyes on something so beautiful like that before.

Amanda’s room
“ I’m sure he won’t find any lady as beautiful as me so he won’t have a choice but to call me back poor wisdom ” Amanda laughed as she paced around her room with full smiles on her face.
“ what if that lady is really pretty than me? No it can’t be to look like this I spend money on many surgeries so there’s no way she would afford those ” she laughed harder.

Unknown to her, she is just deceiving herself; wisdom did not even care. She cancels the contract; he is only looking forward to making Emilia take her place quickly. He hired a private tutor for Emilia and onyin even though onyin did not want to study, but whatever Emilia does, she will surely do it. Onyin is naturally beautiful but not like Emilia, the beauty goddess.

Magnus is still searching for Emilia under Emilie’s order, but he always can’t find her, but he felt she is closer now that she is also in Lagos.
He manages to disguise himself among humans, and since his powers are still intact, having money is a simple task, he wants to find Emilia at all cost.

Passion on her own has returned to the immortal realm watching her granddaughter, but she visits the high constellation to ask why they made another fire goddess.

The high constellation consists of mother Rena, elder Karen, elder kuda, and father, Zeus.

“ passion the reason why we created another fire goddess is the same reason we made you a goddess of love ” Father Zeus said…
“ you mean? ” passion asked.

“ to stop Emilie and for you to correct your sister’s doing ” mother, Rena replied to her question.

“ but why is it that I’m the one who always clean up Seline’s deed? It’s unfair she is the goddess of deceit ” passion said with a sad voice.
“ because you are the goddess of love and she is your sister so you have to clean her mess with the new goddess of fire’s help you can both restore light to Emilie remember she is still in touch with your sister seline the goddess of deceit ” elder kuda said.

“ you all know Seline hate me don’t you? But why will you choose me for this mission and the way I’m looking at Emilie the darkness have consumed every part of her making her unable to see light ” passion claimed.

“ well you have a great job to do then passion ” mother Rena sighs.
“ I’ll see what I can do ” passion replied with a sigh too.

Emilia is doing well with wisdom, but she misses her parents and her two nosy servants. Those girls choose to serve her because of her beauty, she regards them as friends, but they always call her “my lady,” although it felt awkward at first she is gotten used to it.

“ Emilia this one you are serious with books I hope you won’t be a professor soon ” onyin teased one evening after their tutor left.

“ well I wish to I don’t know why I suddenly like reading,” Emilia smiled.
“ you always want to study since your eyes started tracing wisdom and you wish to be educated just like him now you have the chance I know you won’t let it go ” onyin chuckled.

Emilia and onyin passed their SSCE in flying colors. This incredible wisdom, how can a village girl make SSCE like that which just a few months classes he is more than impressed, Emilia did jamb, and onyin follow her steps.

The day for Emilia to finally take Amanda’s place, Although Emilia is still in the tertiary institution wisdom, persuades her to give modeling a try.
She agrees to everything wisdom says on one condition that onyin also does the same.

Amanda heard that the new model is as beautiful as a goddess even without makeup, and it infuriated her that she made up her mind to see that new model at any cost.

Wisdom and Emilia just arrived at Brent cosmetics to sign the agreement even onyin can’t help but smile as she saw her best friend and her cousin with love filling the air for them.

“ you know what Emilia? I like seeing this smile a lot now you have grown from that village girl who wears “adire” and beads to a city girl that wears elegant dresses now, you didn’t only upgrade yourself, you also upgrade me too.

You made me see the importance of education, and I’m thankful for that, and any force that wants to break you and my brother will never succeed,” Onyin said, and Emilia and wisdom can’t help but smile.
“ I found her at last ”

Episode 11

“ I found her at last ” Magnus said immediately. He felt Emilia’s presence. Emilia also felt it, and her smile quickly fades into an invisible frown.

“ My love, what is wrong with you? You were smiling just now ” wisdom said immediately he noticed Emilia’s mood.
“ Onyin and wisdom can you please wait I need to check something,” Emilia said with a different tone, which is somehow thicker than her usual tone.

“ What? You don’t know anywhere around here where are you going Emily? ” wisdom asked, but before he could get a reply emilia rush out of the building.

She hides behind a bus so people won’t know about her teleporting powers. She disappears immediately to a small bush, not too far from wisdom’s workplace.
“ I saw that lady now she disappeared ” a little girl who manages to catch a glimpse of Emilia told her mom.

“ You must be seeing things ” her mom laugh it off.
“ Where did she go? Did you find her? ” wisdom asked onyin, who was panting from running after Emilia.

“ No where could she have run to? I have never seen her walk so fast ” onyin said, holding her chest.
“ Seriously I can’t believe this maybe she is in the restroom I will try her number ” wisdom took out his phone to dial Emilia’s number but was not available.

“ Come out you coward I’m not afraid of you coward ” Emilia yelled.
“ Wow, you guys really look alike and got the same nasty like temper I hope you don’t become bad like her ” Magnus chuckled when he suddenly appears to Emilia.

“ Who? And what nonsense are you saying? Blue man? ” Emilia said angrily calling Magnus blue man because his skin is as blue as the sea.

“ Oh, blue man? Well, at least I’m handsome than your human boyfriend my blue princess ” Magnus taunt her, which made her transform into her blue flame form with the most beautiful sight Magnus has ever seen. Maybe it is because she comes from both the lineage of elder kuda and father Zeus that Venus, the beautiful goddess, gave her so much beauty.
Yes, Venus must be sleeping when she is making Emilia’s face Magnus thought.

“ Mr blue man I got no time but I will leave a warning stop following me or I will destroy both you and your queen ” Emilia warned.
“ You see Emilia if you turn your back on your fellow god and goddess because of a human you will regret it because humans always change just like seasons ” Magnus sounds dangerous for the first time.

“ Aren’t we suppose to protect them? Humans? Isn’t that what magic was made for? ” Emilia asked.
“ But they are no worth it imagine what they did to your grandma. So join us and let’s destroy the human world together ” Magnus said with some strange spell making Emilia some kind of sleepy, but she caught him.

“ Tripodal flower efff you think you can get me with that childish spell? Well, I’m not ready for a child’s play you better take my warning seriously. Hurt just one human I mean one human and I won’t hesitate to cripple your force remember I have the love blood running in my vein just as much as a blue flame too ” Emilia made her final statement.

“ You can’t threaten me flame princess I’m more experienced than you,” Magnus said, creating a big ball with his blue flame ring, but Emilia just stood there, closing her eyes. Magnus attacks her with the ring, but it stops midway, bouncing back to him the sender.

The flame hit him badly that he felt his shoulder blade lose some tendons.
“ I’m sorry Mr blue man but I fight fire with fire ” Emilia chuckled before she disappeared.

“ ahh, protective circle? That was so strong for the first time in my life I know how my blood tastes like because of one immature blue flame descendant ” Magnus yelled angrily.

“ Magnus I’m warning you I swear ” her voice echoed the whole place.

“ now she is using my power against me? Goodness Rena, I will make sure by next time I drag her by her hair to the palace of flames ” Magnus roared angrily.

Wisdom and onyin couldn’t find Emilia, but she called them, which surprise them.
As she made her way into the building, many employees almost fell just by staring at the magnificent beauty in front of them.

Even the manager that suppose to present the contract stammered while explaining the terms and conditions.
Wisdom almost laughed when he saw how both males and females were losing their minds because of Emilia.
Damilola couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful woman in front of her, and she knew exactly why her boss fell in love with her.

Even without makeup, this lady still looks wonderfully beautiful.
“ Oh, I just want to see how beautiful this lady will look,” Amanda proudly told Damilola.
“ They are signing the contract you will have to wait,” Damilola said while arranging some files absentmindedly.

“ Oh? Guess I will have to wait ” Amanda smiled just then Emilia and wisdom came out of the office.
Amanda can’t just believe her eyes. How can someone be so beautiful? Is she a mami water? Siren or a witch? All these thoughts ran through her mind like wildfire.

Episode 12

“ My queen this is not funny again I can’t follow Emilia around anymore ” Magnus complained to Emilie, who was just smiling like no man’s business.

“ What happened? Did she attack you? ” Emilie asked.
“ The thing is my queen she is so powerful that I can’t control her imagine she fight me with my magic! I just set my shoulder in place who knows what part of my body is next? ” Magnus cried.

“ Magnus shut up! Shut up! Just shut your mouth! She fought fire with fire? How interesting passion must have taught her greatly since she was my pixie she knows everything about me ” Emilie yelled.

“ My queen please do something about it please,” Magnus cried again.
“ Magnus I said shut up! ” Emilie yelled.

“ Mr blue man Mr blue man I hate that nickname she gave me maybe you should watch her yourself I can’t do this again,” Magnus said with a shaky voice.

“ You dare?! ” Emilie shouted with rage in her eyes.
“ No no no my queen I didn’t mean to ” Magnus pleaded then a massive fireball land on his shoulder the same shoulder Emilia dislocated moments ago.

“ Ohhh ” he groaned in pain, but Emilie didn’t care.
With few tendons holding his bones from falling, he staggered away to put his shoulder in place again.

“ It must be surgery. She must have done surgery to look like that,” Amanda thought nodding her head.
“ Why is it that everything about me is the surgery? ” Emilia asked, shaking Amanda’s thought.
“ What? How do you know what I’m thinking? I didn’t say that aloud did I? ” Amanda said with a surprised expression.

“ That’s what you said immediately you enter this building ” Damilola back Emilia up.
“ Well, Amanda what are you doing here? ” wisdom asked, and she grunts.

“ I came to renew the contract,” she said with shame written all over her face.
“ We just renew your contract with the goddess of beauty,” wisdom said, which provoke Amanda.

“ Wisdom don’t you love me anymore? I was your girlfriend then remember? is it because of her beauty? Well, I will ruin her face right now ” Amanda try to hit Emilia and before wisdom can say any words Emilia defend herself “ let that dirty hands touch my face and you will know the difference between fire and flame I promise you ” Emilia said in a tone which frightens Amanda.

“ Not only she is beautiful she got a nasty mouth too I can’t believe this ” Amanda hisses.
“ The one who got a nasty mouth is you not me Amanda try to sort out your emotions and don’t involve me okay? I don’t like doing what I will regret ” Emilia said in a calm voice.

“ Time for the shoot Miss Amanda can you please excuse us? ” Damilola interrupts them.
Amanda storm out of the building, angrily cursing the hell out of Emilia.
She took her iPhone 6 from her bag to give one of her friends Nkechi a call.

“ Nkechi we need to talk ” Amanda yelled.
“ hey don’t block the ear I will use to listen to whatever you want to say with this your noise na na wa o ” Nkechi said.

“ My friend it is really over between me and wisdom it is over he has a new girlfriend whose beauty is like that of the sun ” Amanda cried.

“ Yours is like that of a moon, bah? Amanda, I have nothing to say about this. If you have stayed by his side, then he won’t have the chance to meet this new girl beautiful or no beautiful because he loved you so much, but did you?

You left him because he was weak and now wealth don come he even give you a job because you know he doesn’t love you and you can’t accept it you told him to find another model breaking his heart more now that he found a woman who made him know love again you are angry bah?

If you are angry, jump into a well. That’s what I call karma, my friend. You reap what you sow. ” Nkechi said before Amanda cut the phone angrily.

“ Who does she think she is? President’s daughter? Well, she will have wisdom na soon very soon she will have sense and wisdom idiot ndi ara ” Nkechi laughed before playing candy crush with her phone.
“ Wisdom I must have you at any cost you are mine ” Amanda swears.

“ Well if you can’t handle Emilia I will have to do it myself,” Emilie said to Magnus, who was still struggling to heal his shoulder.

“ As, As you wish my queen,” Magnus stammered.
Emilia is alone in her room thinking about wisdom then she stands up to look at herself in the mirror when her fire-flame grandmother appears in the mirror.

“ Ha because your subordinate failed to follow me you want to do it yourself? (laughs) grandma, you see I told you I will never follow you ” Emilia said with a scorn face.

“ Emilia you still have a chance to embrace me now or I won’t spare you any mercy ” Emilie smiled, and Emilia also return it with loud laughter before she smashes the mirror with her fist.

“ I will never follow you! I swear with Rena! ” Emilia yelled, then she felt her body changing. Before she can control it, wisdom enters her room.

Episode 13

“ What the hell just happened here? ” wisdom asked Emilia, who was trying to hide her identity from him.

He looks at the broken mirror then Emilia’s wrist red as blood itself.
“ Don’t worry about my wisdom I will pack everything?” Emilia said immediately she regains herself.

“ What happened? ” wisdom asked again.

“ I just have a nightmare so I thought I saw something in the mirror that’s why I smash it ” Emilia lied…
“ Really? Are you sure? ”
“ Yes ”

An hour later…

“ Onyin don’t you think Emilia is some kind of strange? ” wisdom asked.
“ Nothing is wrong with her but I’ve never seen her so angry too ” onyin replied with a worried look.

“ I curse the day I met and fall for Amanda ever since she shows up Emilia has been like that first she left to an unknown place then all this? ” wisdom said angrily.

“ What did she do again?” onyin asked with a concerned look.
“ I think she got angry and she broke the mirror in her room to pieces ” wisdom clench his fist.

“ She is not angry that’s what she does whenever she scared of something her reflection always scare her ” onyin yawned lazily.

“ She said she had a nightmare I wonder when she slept that she started having a nightmare ” wisdom said with a calm voice.

“ Sir!! Madam! Miss Emilia! Miss Emilia! ” the maid stammered, unable to repeat another word.

“ What is wrong with her?” wisdom barked at the poor girl.

“ Calm down Ana just say the word ” onyin pat her shoulder while wisdom started feeling uneasy, not caring about his poor maid.

“ She just fainted and she… she.. she is so hot I can’t even touch her ” the maid cried.

“ What?! ” onyin and wisdom exclaimed together.

Emilia is lying on the floor hot like hell itself; wisdom tries to touch her but unable to because she is too hot.

Passion knew that something was wrong with Emilia, so she thought that she had no choice but to visit her temporarily.

She suddenly burst into wisdom’s living room when the latter is about to call a doctor. She forgot to tell Emilia the effect flame can have on her if she often uses Passion’s magic.
The one she uses on Magnus earlier is no doubt the love magic shield.

The two magic that runs in her veins affects each other too. So passion brought the cure to flame sickness, but if Emilia uses her flame side too much, she can also have the frozen illness.

She needs some cold or icy things so she won’t explode, and she has to make sure she doesn’t consume too many tricky things so she won’t freeze(Emilia can be so funny at times).

“ Don’t call the doctor she will be fine ” passion rushed to Emilia’s body, and she lifts her surprising wisdom and onyin how she can raise that hot body. How can she even touch her?

“ Well, that was fun! ” Emilia suddenly shouted, which surprised everyone, including passion.
“ What was fun? ” passion manage to ask.

“ Oh grand- I mean you are passion now oh? ” she suddenly remembers wisdom, and onyin might be there; in fact, they are there.
“ Emilia, what is happening here? Who is she? ” wisdom asked, noticing passion is just as beautiful as Emilia.

“ She is a friend, remember the time I went to register for my post utme? I met her then,” Emilia lied, and passion shook her head.

Oh, nice meeting you, I’m wisdom ” wisdom introduces himself.
Passion ” passion manage to say, still recovering from the lies Emilia told earlier.

What a lovely name,” Onyin said and passion blush.
Emilia, can we talk in private? ” passion said, breaking the awkward silence.
Okay,” Emilia wink at wisdom.

Passion led her outside with a frown on her face.
What happened today? Tell me everything,” passion ordered her.

Before I tell you anything, promise me something,” Emilia said with anger mixed soft voice.
Anything you want,” passion replied.

Warn that wicked witch that calls herself my grandmother that she should stop monitoring me. She should stop following me around ” Emilia closes her eyes, trying to suppress her anger.

Did she? But I warned Magnus the other time ” passion thought.

For her subordinate, I sent him back as a gift to her” Emilia let out a wicked grin remembering how she hurt Magnus earlier.

Emilia, you are not like this before what happened? You don’t derive pleasure by hurting others. I know you I raised you ” confused about the person in front of her passion wonder if this is Emilia or Emilie.

Yes, I’ve changed, I know, but I didn’t know-how. Immediately I felt the presence of that foxy lady. I started getting angry, something I haven’t felt for years.

I suddenly feel like protecting wisdom from that lady or even Emilie and her subordinate. I don’t want anything to happen to him ” Emilia looks away from the passion because she is not sure what she might do to her only best friend.

“ Meet me at the waterfall tonight I have something I want to show you I just found something ” passion place her hand on Emilia’s shoulder.

Episode 14

In a dark coven, a shadow appeared to Seline, the deceit goddess who has been waiting for so long.
Mother Griffin,” Seline called.

How is everything going? Did you get the font of blue flame? ” Griffin, the shadow asked.

No Emilie has become worse. I think the flame has been taken from her,” Seline bow slightly in shame.

What?! By my nosy sister Rena? ” the Shadow formed an appearance of a human.

I didn’t know my plan won’t work the last time,” Seline said with regret in her tone.

Years ago
Emilie, a young goddess, visits the earth for the first time and likes what she saw. She told the high constellation that she would like to stay with humans for a long time, and they agreed with her. She fell in love with a handsome man in Akunta village, and she gave birth to a baby girl they named Amarachi.

Shortly after the birth of Amara, Griffin, mother Rena’s twin was stripped of her powers including her body because she killed many humans just because she wants to have the font of blue flame which will make her more powerful than
Rena, but she was found out by elder Karen, who reports her to their father Zeus immediately. Since Griffin can’t do anything to get the flame again, she manages to make Seline get it for her.

Seline personally is jealous of Emilie’s happy life with the humans, so plant her seed in Emilie’s heart. She made her doubt her husband, and she turns the doubt in truth by turning herself to an ugly woman, and she cast a spell on
Emilie’s husband which made him forget Emilie temporarily.

But when Emilie find out things didn’t go as Seline planned. Everything went wrong. After all, Emilie’s dark side was unlocked, which made getting the font of the flame impossible for Seline because Emilie went mad, and she ends up killing a human with her magic.

But I think getting blue flame is somehow near, Rena makes another blue flame descendant, and she happens to be Emilie’s granddaughter. Her name is Emilia,” Seline smirked as she thought about her plan.

What are you thinking, Seline? ” The shadow shouted, cutting through Seline’s thought.

Nothing mother Griffin ” she wears a fake smile, which shows she is hiding something.

Don’t even think of betraying me Seline, and you know what I can do,” the shadow warned. Seline got out of the coven immediately.

I provide her with virgins every month to get better now I have to get the blue flame for her? Not in this world, I’m going to use it for myself,” Seline said with a wicked grin.

At the waterfall, Emilia waits for passion for what seems like forever. She wants to leave, but when she heard Passion’s flute’s sound, she turned looking at the beautiful goddess dressed in her sense of fashion.

Emilia, I noticed you are now acting like humans ” passion stop playing her flute, then she turn it to a ruby jewelry place on her chest.

Do you mean? Emilia frowned.

The look you gave me now can kill you know ” passion joked, but she continued.

You now lie, get angry and frowns which I’ve never seen you do before seriously Emilia why are you becoming like this? Anyway, I just found something that makes me sad” Emilia’s face widened in shock immediately so passion can be sorrowful? Emilia couldn’t believe it.

Hey, I know what you think you think I can’t be sad? Yes, I can be when I see something make me sad, not primarily what I just found out” passion let a tear escape from her eyes, and Emilia couldn’t help but pity her. Whatever passion found out must have shaken her, for a whole goddess of love to cry like this Emilia new that thing is huge.

What is it you found out? ” Emilia cleared her throat after asking the question. She suddenly lost her voice for a reason she didn’t know about.

My sister was behind whatever that happened to Emilie in the past. She believed me it breaks my heart to tell you that you also need to be careful now that she knows of your identity Emilia, Emilie no longer has the power of the blue flame. Still, you do what she is looking for is with you, and you have to protect it with everything you got” passion finally told Emilia about the burdens she will have to carry from now on.

Emilia sighs she didn’t expect this before, and this is something she can’t even place her mind on, trusting and protecting wisdom is one thing now protecting her magic from a goddess she knew nothing of really got her weak mind.

What I mean is to protect wisdom from that lady ” passion broke the awkward silence.

Do you mean? I don’t get you,” Emilia asked again, this getting out of hand.

Amanda, that foxy lady, will soon join forces with Seline so she can have wisdom, and you know what that means. Once you lose yourself boom, Seline will have the flame, and Amanda will have wisdom.”
I still don’t get you ”

Episode 15

I’m telling you what will happen in the future, that foxy lady Amanda will join forces with Seline, my sister! ”
What?! That is serious why did she even need the blue flame? ” Emilia asked curiously.
That I don’t know ” passion sighs.

And I will have to find out,” Emilia whispered, and passion stared at her with a questioning look.
What is the most powerful magic here in the immortal realm? ” Emilia asked passion shook her head because she didn’t remember, but she eventually speaks up when she remembered.

They are six. The first one is the dragon flame, the second is sun third one fourth moon one is happy, and the fifth one is love, and the last one is blue flame ” passion replied with beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

This blue flame is indeed powerful, and that is why Seline wants it because she will never get her hands on the dragon flame, not while I’m still alive ” Emilia smirked, which surprise passion.

But you are not the keeper of the dragon flame ” passion elucidated, but Emilia’s smirk turns to a wide grin.
Well, I smell it on someone, and he didn’t seem to know anything, so I’m protecting that person,” Emilia laughed.

Who is the person? ” passion asked.
I will tell you but not in this place we are being watched, Emilia whispered.
I know Seline is watching us with the marble eye ” Passion raised her hand and a white light emanating from it, blocking Seline’s view.

Sister, you are going to pay for this! Seline said angrily after her watchdog was blocked.
She paces around her cover, cursing passion now and then.

Laura, their elder sister, let out a loud laugh, she is probably watching Passion’s magic work on two cute humans, and Laura can’t help but spice it up with happiness, and she is happy doing that because she is the goddess of joy.

All this makes Seline angrier even watching flora as she watered her plant. She hates everything about her sisters, including Venus, who always takes her time to give beauty to anyone she wishes. They all irritate her. Still, she always carries all anger out on passion because passion is younger.

She hates passion and even passion know about that, and the fact that passion’s magic is part of the six most powerful magic makes her angrier.

She paced around her throne room, shaking her head, thinking of a way to get to Emilia without being noticed, but she hasn’t found one. This time she wants real combat, not some kind of tricky way she used on Emilie, she tries to activate her watchdog, but it seems Passion’s magic effects it badly, and she hates her more for that, she threw the globe like object away angrily.

Here you go again cursing passion if I may guess, Laura said behind her she has been watching the whole time.

This time she won’t get away with this,” Seline shouted, not minding her elder sister’s presence. Laura let out one of her beautiful smiles before it turns to a frown. For the goddess of happiness to frown, it means she is really angry.

Laura clenches her fist, and without warning, an unknown force raises Seline strangling her with full force.
Bother passion once again, and it will be more than this,” Laura said before releasing Seline, who loudly hit the ground.

Why do you like passion so much? Seline cried in pain just a moment before her wounds healed.
Because she is loveable,” Laura said before vanishing into thin air.

Aww, you are making my plants sick ” Flora frowned at Seline moments after Laura left.
Leave passion alone or make you ugly I mean it ” Venus’s voice rang in Seline’s head.

The three sisters always hang out together, looking after Passion and Seline, but Seline turns out bad.
Am I not loveable too? Why passion and not me? Mother Rena, what did I do so wrong,” Seline cried, but her pixie shook her head.

Emilia and onyin can be seen under a tree on the campus getting fresh air. Not too long, two beautiful young ladies came to join them.

Hi, beauty goddess. I want to have a word with you,” Esther one of the girls said, and onyin raised her eyebrow, giving them one of her cold stares.

I hope you two are not here to harass her again for hanging with your guys? She has a fiance already,” Onyin said in defense because about three ladies came to harass Emilia a week ago because of the fear they might lose their boyfriend.

No, we want to be friends,” Tinuke the other girl said, and the first one nodded.
She is so beautiful that we wonder which anti-aging cream she is using so we can start using it too,” Esther said shyly.

I don’t use it,” Emilia replied, raising her head.
No? Did you get surgery? ” Tinuke asked, becoming more curious.
That again? No,” Emilia said.

Then Natural beauty? ” Esther’s face brighten in shock.
Correct,” onyin said.
I told you, didn’t I, and she is even a model for Brent cosmetics I said you,” Tinuke whispered to Esther.

Can we be friends we want to be friends with a celeb ” both said almost together.
Emilia smiled, Raising her head, she saw Passion, and she excused herself from the girls.
I know the keeper of the dragon flame. It is wisdom. Am I wrong? ” Passion said with a smile and Emilia’s face can be best described as shocked!

Episode 16

How did you know ” After finding her voice which lost to shock earlier Emilia asked?
Instinct, you said you are protecting the keeper of dragon flame, and who are you protecting? Not anyone, but wisdom, am I wrong? ” Passion laughed.

You are a real goddess,” Emilia gave her a thumb up.
Well, how is life in Lagos? ” passion gave her a wink.
Well, aside from that foxy lady, everything is fine,” Emilia chuckled.

I have to go now. Bye, darling,” passion said before she vanishes into thin air.
Emilia went back to her friends after passion left, and they gist about guys and knowing each other more, and they end it with jokes.

A guy sat under a tree pressing his phone, obviously chatting with one of his girlfriends.
Not long, his friend came to meet him, looking very angry.

Ade, I heard you want to do yahoo plus,” his friend Kenny yelled at him. If not, there were not many people around Ade who would have been in big soup because, for the next three months, he would be talking on the whole campus.
Yes, and so? ” Ade replied calmly, then Kenny shook His head.

You see that one no concern me if you don’t want me to curse you with Ogun, sango, and esu better give me my money,” Kenny said with argue with me and die eyes.

” Wait guy are you sure you are okay? ” Ade asked, provoking Kenny more.
“ You see Ade since you want to do yahoo plus I no say make you no do it but please pay my own money before you run mad ” Kenny said with a calmer tone.

“ What do you mean I will run mad?! ” Ade flared up at him.
“ If you like do yahoo multiplication e no concern me sha pay my 20k that’s what I know,” Kenny said, clapping his hand as he means it.

“ I’m going to pay you to double when I’m .. ” Ade tries to say Kenny cut in.

“ When you are rich bah? My guy, it seems you are high abeg … Give … Me… My ” Kenny’s raised voice suddenly went calm after he sights Emilia and Onyin with their two other friends he loses his mind immediately.
“ That ba*e get curves o ” Kenny whispered, referring to onyin.

“ But I like that beautiful figure,” Ade said, referring to Emilia.

“ See front and back perfectly made yeh I swear I can die for this ” Kenny licked his lips, still looking at onyin.
The girls get closer, and Emilia wink at Kenny, knowing what is on his mind.
Unknown to others, she gave Kenny the sign that onyin is single. He should try his luck.

“ How can she read my mind? ” Kenny thought.
“ That’s what we call goddess ” Ade whispered.
While the girls were busy gisting Emilia suddenly pop in a topic.

“ Onyin my friend remember those guys we met earlier? ” Emilia said with a smile.
“ Yes, what happened to them? ” Onyin asked in, can I say rude manner?.

“ I think one of them like you ” Emilia whispered like a gossiper. Onyin burst into laughter, and she held her stomach with her hands, still laughing.

“ Have you been doing what I always do to you? ” onyin asked, confusing Emilia.
“ you mean ”

“ I mean guys always come to me giving me money to help them talk to you and I always spend it ” onyin laughed.
“ What?! ” Emilia Tinuke and Esther shouted together.

“ So you have been collecting my bride price behind your cousin’s back hey if wisdom comes to know about this he is going to kill you,” Emilia said, and onyin laughed again.

“ oops I never did that did I? Well I always tell them you said you are not interested that’s all actually Emilia your beauty is making money for me so I’m asking if you are doing the same ” onyin asked and Emilia chuckled.

“ No I notice he kept looking at you so I gave him the impression that you are single he should try his luck,” Emilia said, and for about fifteen minutes onyin couldn’t find her voice.

“ What?! Emilia that’s sheer wickedness how can you do that? ” Onyin said with bloodshot eyes and the other girls laughed.
“ Seriously I think Emilia is better you collect money she didn’t so you don’t have to be angry,” Tinuke said, provoking onyin.

Back to the guys, Kenny still hadn’t forgotten his money when Ade said he is going to do yahoo so he will be able to date Emilia, which attracts a slap from Kenny.

“ Before you do your yahoo plus or even multiplication or division abeg my money,” Kenny said after the slap.

“ Your wahala too much I will pay you tomorrow,” Ade said in defeat, knowing he is a coward.
In Amanda’s room, she lay on her bed remembering her happy times with wisdom when they were in school, if she had not chosen money over love, then she would have been happy with wisdom till now, but she still vows to have wisdom back at all cost.

“ Come Amanda come to me I will get you wisdom ” a voice whispered to her.
“ Who are you? ” Amanda said with a shaky voice.

Q: Who do you think is the one calling Amanda?

Episode 17

“ Amanda comes to me I will get you wisdom,” the voice repeated terrifying Amanda more.

“ But I don’t know you and I can’t see you where are you? ” Amanda is already shaking, praying to god to save her from this mess.

“ I’m Seline a goddess and I’m ready to help you have wisdom take my hand and let’s destroy Emilia together,” Seline said, still in her invisible voice.

“ Really? But what do you want? ” Amanda said after finding her lost voice.
“ I want to get rid of Emilia that’s what I want,” Seline said, followed by loud laughter.

“ Do we have a deal? ” Seline asked when it seems Amanda won’t answer.
“ Yes I will finally have my wisdom again,” Amanda said happily.

Wisdom and Emilia went on a date to celebrate their one year together, and Onyin was left alone at home having no choice but to press her phone all night. She suddenly remembers the guy Emilia told her earlier.
She manages to see the guy, and she remembers how handsome he is.

At the restaurant, wisdom, and Emilia stare at each other, but Emilia felt a third presence. She turns to see the passion behind them in her invisible form smiling at them.

Passion returns the glance, and without even guessing, Emilia knew passion is doing what she knows how to do best.
Without warning, Emilia block Passion’s magic, but passion smiled, and she continued.

“ I know every love magic so you can’t stop me we are both love goddess I may not know anything about blue flame but you using it too much will awaken that dragon you know what I mean ” passion whispered and Emilia smiled.

Flora’s garden
Flora is busy connecting her mind with nature when laura and Venus drag Seline forcefully there.
“ what? You caught her again (pause) offense this time ” flora asked, and Venus grinned.

“ I think its time to make her ugly but temporarily I always keep promises and you know that Seline. Why did you meet with that human? ” Venus asked angrily.
“ To hurt Emilia or passion am I right? ” Laura said, still smiling as ever Seline was shocked at the mention of that name Emilia she wonders how her sisters knew about her.

“ Thinking about how we get to know? ” Venus grinned.
“ Is there anything my plants won’t tell me? Obviously, nothing Seline I know what you did to Emilie and passion and o know what passion is up to now ” Flora smiled her green face blooming like a flower.

“ Damn you sisters ” Seline muttered.
“ what did you just say? ” a wild orchid asked, blowing its petals at Seline, which made her sneeze countless times.

“ Damn us? What you just tried passion doesn’t stand a chance to even pronounce the d not even talk of the damn ” laura yelled at her.

“ That’s because she is a stupid pixie, no matter how much of a goddess she is to you guys she will always be a pixie to me I will no longer tolerate you guy’s bossiness again I’m a goddess just like you and you three being my sisters doesn’t mean you can control me! ” Seline yelled at them, trying to disappear, but she couldn’t understand why she can’t do it.

“ Hey you are in my palace where do you think you are going? ” flora appeared In front of her blasting her away with the root of anidn dust.

“ You dare talk to us that way? You? Seline? Seriously can’t believe this ” Venus’s eyes change to crystal blue activating her aggressiveness.

“ You will pay for this! Wait till I got my hand on the blue flame ” Seline muttered silently, still recovering from the root of anidn.
“ I regret ever wanting a sister ” Venus sigh.

Wisdom dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a diamond ring after that, his knees presenting the ring in front of Emilia.

“ Ifeoma my beautiful moonlight, Emili_a my world I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart will you marry me? ” wisdom asked with a smile.

“ I …. I … I.. don’t know what to say but yes wisdom I will marry you. Yes, I will marry you,” Emilia yelled, which attracted everyone’s attention at the restaurant.

“ Wow, congratulations,” a lady said with a smile.
“ You are a lucky guy you know she is damn beautiful ” a guy pat wisdom’s shoulder.
“ I love you ifeoma ” wisdom said softly.
“ I love you too wisdom ” Emilia replied.

“ Such a cute couple ”

Episode 18

The entire staff of Brent cosmetics heard about the news, and they were happy about it.
Amanda heard too, and she got angry at Seline for deceiving her.

“ You liar you said you will help me have wisdom back but what did you do? Nothing you are just a baseless ghost wandering around ” Amanda yelled at Seline when she appeared in her room again.

“ You got to respect me you, weak human! I’m not here to joke around and when I say something I mean it and I’m not a ghost! ” Seline yelled back, still not revealing herself, which frightens Amanda a lot.
Even if she wants to let Amanda see her face, she can’t at the moment. Venus has taken away her beauty temporarily.

“ But they are now planning to get married! What are you going to do about that? ” Amanda elucidated.
“ Goddess of fire can’t win this time again I Seline will never allow that I will make sure I see the end of Emilia I won’t let that blue flame weakling get away this time,” Seline thought.

“ It seems you are the weakling here ” Emilie’s voice cut through her thought just like a sharp knife.
“ You think you can fool Emilia too? No, because she is too smart ” Emilie added

“ Amanda please excuse me ” trying not to reveal her uneasiness to the mortal she quickly excuses herself because she is the only one that can hear Emilie.
She appeared at the waterfall looking for Emilie, and she found her right in front of her.

“ Look who we have here student of Lucifer Seline goddess of deceit ” Emilie let out a mockery smile.
“ Emilie you don’t know whom you are toying with ” Seline tries to hide her fears, but Emilie can see it clearly.

“ Who is it? Is it not the stupid goddess who wants to betray Rena by looking for the font of evil beauty? Oops, I heard you are working with Griffin(move close to her and almost in a whisper) with your personality I think you want it for yourself you are no match for my granddaughter accept the fact ” Emilie move away from her still smiling.

“ You lose didn’t you? ” Seline said, still trying to make her stand.
“ And you didn’t win either we are both losers ” Emilie wave at her making her exit.

“ You are going to pay ” Seline muttered.
“ I heard that but keep your payments to yourself you can’t get the blue flame ” Emilie’s voice laughed in Seline’s head.
“ I swear Emilie I will get the blue flame since I know what she loves most ” she laughed while Emilie ignores her.

Emilia and Onyin were in the studio busy with a photoshoot.
After the tiring posing and smiling, they finally get a break.

“ I swear Emilia you shouldn’t be working again you will soon be wisdom’s wife ” Onyin chuckled.
“ Just tell me where wisdom will find another model as beautiful as me? ” Emilia smiled.

“ You are right to work till your beauty fade away ” onyin frowns.
“ Na you sabi o ” Emilia said, and they both laughed.
Amanda walks into the building, and from the look on her face, she is looking for wisdom, trying to tell him something.

“ I’ve always known that girl is not human and I will use this opportunity to separate them,” Amanda thought to herself.

Luckily she found wisdom which is coming from a board meeting.
“ And can you tell me why you are here? ” wisdom asked her, and she almost faint in shock.

“ Wisdom I want to tell you something about Emilia she isn’t what you think she is ” Amanda rush every word, but wisdom is not ready to even hear her out.

“ Can you please make your exit? ” wisdom said, pointing to the elevator.
“ Wisdom I’m telling the truth hear me put Emilia is not human she is evil ” Amanda claimed.

“ Miss please get out,” wisdom said, getting angry.
“ I swear wisdom she is an evil fire goddess believe me,” Amanda said, which makes wisdom angrier.

“ Dammy what are you doing call the securities to throw this b***h out of my company now! ” wisdom scowled, which frightened Damilola herself.

Later that day, although wisdom did not believe Amanda, he still wonders why Emilia refuses to make eye contact with him, could it be true that she is an evil fire goddess. All these go on his mind refusing to believe anything that he heard today.

“ Wisdom ” Emilia called softly.
“ Ifeo.. ” he hadn’t completed the word when he saw the opposite image of Emilia.

“ What she said is true I’m a goddess of blue flame,” Emilia said, tucking her blue hair at the back of her ear.
“ You are really evil,” wisdom said with a shaky voice.

“ I’m not evil wisdom ” Emilia tries to move close to him, but he moves farther.
“ But why didn’t you tell me this? ” he yelled.

“ Will you believe me? ” Emilia asked.
“ No and I will never this is not my Emilia I hate the one in front of me you are not my ifeoma get out of my sight my Emilia will never keep things from me! ” he shouted. Emilia took three steps backward before she vanishes into thin air.

Q.1: Is it getting hot?
Q.2: Did you feel the heat?

Episode 19

“ Wisdom you are really a fool! I thought you are smart but you don’t even have a brain! Anyway find Emilia for me or else you will never see me again ” Onyin threatened after learning the truth.

“ She disappeared how can I find her I can’t!” wisdom replied angrily.
“ I can’t believe you are this stupid! ” onyin yelled.

“ Can you just stop calling me names? ” wisdom yelled back at his cousin.

“ You deserve every name I called you and I’m going to call you more anu ohia you this disgusting bush animal ” onyin keep yelling and crying. Wisdom sigh he knew he wouldn’t forgive himself if he loses Emilia, he shouldn’t have done that he shouldn’t have said those things now he hates himself and that foxy bitch Amanda for causing all this.

While onyin keep calling him names, he cried silently secretly, hoping Emilia will just come back.

Emilia appeared in Amanda’s room, just like how she left wisdom.
She tucks her hair behind her ear again before flashing her almond-shaped crystal blue eyes.

“ Amanda do you know who I am? ” she asked Amanda, who is too frightened to do anything.
“ The evil fire goddess ” moments after swallowing lumps in her throat she finally speaks.

“ Good but you don’t know how evil I can be. I won’t use my flame on you because I know Seline’s intention which she will never succeed but I will teach you how to keep your mouth shut ” Emilia raises her hands, but passion blocks her with her magical staff.

“ Stop it Emilia you are not allowed to hurt anyone with your power ” passion yelled at her.
“ But I’m going to hurt her ” Emilia roared at the love goddess, which surprises her.

“ Amanda next time I will tear you limb by limb take care for now ” Emilia wink at her before vanishing with passion.

“ Emilia if you become like me you will regret it greatly,” Emilie said behind them immediately. They appeared at the waterfall.

“ Wait since when did you start being on my side? ” Emilia asks with a frown.
“ I found out that humans are not the main source of our problem but a bad egg among us that’s causing troubles I’m sorry for all I did to you guys especially you Emilia,” Emilie said while all Emilia did is the grunt.

“ She is saying the truth Emilia I know Emilie for so long that I always know her emotions” passion pat Emilia’s shoulder, and she finally let out a smile.

“ But passion why did you stop me? I hate that woman and I swear I’m going to make Seline pay for this!! ” Emilia shouted.

“ Now you are talking. There is only one way to get to Seline and that’s if you have the dragon flame. Centuries ago there is a tradition among the fire folks, the dragon prince and blue flame princess always get married to each other until your grandmother went against that rule by falling in love with a human, the only way you can defeat Seline is to marry a dragon prince ” passion read out from a slate she was holding.

“ But what about her human lover? ” Emilie asked curiously.
“ If that’s it then I will marry him,” Emilia said with a smile.

“ I’m telling you oritel will not marry you,” Emilie said jokingly…
“ This time I’m going to reveal Oritel’s evil deed,” passion said with a smirk.

“ Evil deeds? That’s funny passion if only Keitel is alive,” Emilie said, ignoring them.
“ Keitel is dead? ” passion asked, Oritel and Keitel were the princes of dragon flame clan, Keitel was betrothed to
Emilie and that make him the successor to the throne because any dragon prince that marries a blue flame princess must become the king of fire folks.

But Oritel, his brother, is mad at this because he wants Emilie and the throne. Keitel disappeared a day before his wedding. The small gods assume he went to the human world, so automatically Emilie became Oritel’s bride, but she ran away, leaving Oritel alone.

She went to the human world to look for Keitel, but she didn’t find him but found his look-alike whom she fell for. The only difference is that the look-alike is a human and that human she later destroyed.

“ I assume so because I couldn’t find him in the human world ” Emilie wipe her tears.

“ Emilia please come back to me I love you the way you are I was scared when I saw you Emily please understand me ifeoma I’m begging you,” wisdom said as his tears soak his pillow.

“ Wisdom your fever is high you are burning up auch so hot ” onyin said after placing her hand on his forehead.
“ I’m going to call the doctor,” Onyin said, but wisdom shook his head negatively.
“ I will only go to the hospital when Emilia comes back ” wisdom said with a shaky voice.

“ I thought I heard my name ” Emilia suddenly appear in the room.
“ I will leave you guys to solve whatever whatever ” Onyin let out a mischievous grin.
“ I don’t want to see you ” wisdom frown after onyin’s exit.

“ Me either ” Emilia said with an emotionless face.
“ Go get out go back to where you came from! ” wisdom yelled at her.
“ Really? Then thanks ” Emilia smirked.

“ No, don’t leave! I can’t live without your wisdom said, holding her hand firmly fully determine to follow Emilia wherever she disappears too, and they must go together.

His expression became stagnant and sober at the same time when Emilia remained bemused without any plan of moving which increases his breathing rate filled with missed feelings, and he pulls her slowly close to him, and he planted a
deep kiss on her lips, which lasted for some moment.

Their breathing rate increased drastically, and sweat started protruding on their faces with the soberness being replaced with an innocent expression, then trailed down slowly to her Emelia bre*st touching them emotionally, leaving Emelia to savor the sweet sensation of their little play.

He licks her ear lib slowly with his tongue, which ignites some electrocuted urges on Emilia, making him want him more. Her legs suddenly started shaking on the ground like a person with epilepsy at the earlier period due to the sweetness of the sensation being passed onto her by wisdom touch.

He trailed further with his tongue from her ear to her neck then he pulled off the thin fabric from her body like the
gentleman, he is (or let me say tearing it Nikky the bad shield lol).

He spends more time passing more sensations on her nip*les before trailing the kisses down her navel, which made Emilia arch her back and made her hungry for more of the sweet romance section.

Her moans slowly became more audible and intense. At the same time, the bulge in his trouser slowly started growing harder and more significant than what Emilia had ever imagined, and they both fell on the bed.

He kissed her again, assuring her with his innocent gaze that he won’t hurt her since it’s her first time. He will never leave her, and Emilia undresses him with her hands shaking in fear freeing the huge demon from his short, and she gasps loudly, staring at it seductively and yearning for it more.

“Please do it now I can’t take it anymore.” She uttered in a voice that seems less coherent and shy, but she said it anyway when the urge has gotten far higher than what she could control.

Emilia let out a painful moan when he enters her slowly, and he paused a little for her to familiarize herself with her new home, and he went in again slowly in out till became less painful and full of sweetness for Emelia as
seen in her expression and her moans, which became very audible yearning for more.

Episode 20

Emilie can be seen in front of a vast castle bigger than hers, but her villa is beautiful. She is wearing a cloak that covers her entire body, including her face. She tried to enter the castle but was stopped by some guards.
“ halt ” one of the fireguards stop her, and she stopped immediately.

“ Who are you? Unmask yourself ” another one said, but she stood there angrily determine to crush them, but she thinks about her mission, so her mind became peaceful.

“ What are you doing here? Emilie? Or should I say, my runaway bride? ” King Oritel said, the guards couldn’t notice her scent, but within one glance, he knew the stranger is Emilie.

“ Call me anyone you like Oritel I’m here to ask you the same question do you have anything to do with Keitel’s death? ” Emilie asked, folding her hands her emerald eyes were gleaming intoxicating Oritel.

“ Your eyes are still as beautiful as ever ” Oritel, who was staring at Emilie’s eyes, replied, which made Emilie growl, and the blazing red flames surrounding the castle rise higher surprising Oritel himself because he has never seen anything like that before.

“ You are not the keeper of blue flame anymore? Why this darkness?” Oritel asked with a surprise mixed smirk.
“ Answer my question!! ” Emilie roared, rising the flames in two folds.
“ I did not kill Oritel our goddamned mother did!! ” Oritel yelled.

“ Griffin? But she is not Keitel’s mother she stole him from mother Rena but why will she kill him? ” Emilie ask, almost crying.

“ Because she wants the dragon flame for herself and as if that’s not enough I heard she is now working with the goddess of deceit trying to get the blue which I think they did not succeed,” Oritel said like a reasonable being for the first time.

“ Do you think Keitel went to the human world? ” Emilie asked, but Oritel’s mind is far away.
“ maybe but Emilie you have overstayed your welcome now get out of my kingdom I told you what you need to know so out before my anger grows ” Oritel roared.

“ I will leave but I’m still coming back,” Emilie said before vanishing into thin air.
“ Sera find the new keeper of the blue flame for me she must be my bride ” Oritel command his subordinate.
“ yes, sire ” the young lady bowed before Oritel leave his throne room angrily.

Wisdom and Emilia lay on the bed, cuddling each other after making love.
“ Tell me about you,” wisdom asked, breaking the awkward silence.
“ What? I’m exhausted ” Emilia yawned lazily.

“ That thing fire goddess ” wisdom said.
“ Oh? Fire goddess? I’m not a fire goddess I’m just a keeper of the blue flame ” Emilia replied.
“ I don’t understand ”

“ My maternal grandmother is the goddess of fire and at the same timekeeper of blue flame but Seline that deceit monster tricked her into killing her human husband and that’s why I was sent here to be the new keeper and you are right I’m also a goddess of fire” Emilia chuckled as she explains every detail.

“ Oh but Seline may trick you too into killing me,” wisdom said, rolling his eyes.
“ That’s not going to happen I have my grandma I mean passion by my side ” Emilia replied softly.

“ Who is this passion? she came here the other time too,” wisdom asked, and Emilia smiled.
“ She is someone you know,” she rolled to the other side, leaving wisdom to wander in his thoughts.

Sera search through every nook and cranny of their planet, but she couldn’t find any ounce of blue flame but just the stupid scent. She couldn’t find the real flame on the earth of flames. She checked the planet of moon and sunlight still nothing, so she decided to check the human world.

She asks her maid to follow her, and immediately, they land on earth. She senses the blue flame strongly, but another force blocks it so she couldn’t trace the direction.

Emilia is faceless, she couldn’t see her face, and this confuses her. No one has ever blocked her investigation before, but this power is greater than what she can breakthrough, and that could only mean one thing the keeper will soon get married to a human.

“ Sera!! ” Oritel’s voice thundered, jerking her involuntarily.
“ Have you find her? ” Oritel asked.

“ No she is faceless but I think she is getting married soon sire ” she replied immediately. She appeared at the court. That’s why Oritel, like her, her speed cannot be matched.
“ What?! You must find her the keeper of blue flame this time must be my bride ” Oritel growled.

Episode 21

Amanda sat in front of her mirror, angrily calling Seline.
When Seline finally come she stand up facing the figure

“ Seline I want to hurt her tell me what can kill her,” Amanda asked, rubbing her two palms together. Seline finds a little sense in what Amanda asked her if she hurt Emilia. She might be able to take the blue flame from her, finally without stress.

“ There’s only one thing that the fire folks fear most that are realga and ashes it burns them just how fire burns us ” Seline said after much thought.

“ Realga? And ashes don’t worry I will prepare it ” Amanda smirked.
“ Let’s look forward to achieving our wants Amanda you have wisdom I have Emilia,” Seline said before she disappears.

“ Good morning my love ” wisdom said, kissing Emilia’s forehead.
“ Oh, its morning already? Ahh,” Emilia said, yawning lazily.

“ Yes, my love let’s go to work,” wisdom said, and Emilia grunt before standing up.
After washing up wisdom and Emilia got out of the room only to find Onyin staring at them with a naughty smile.
“ Good morning our beautiful couples your breakfast is set, we made sure we include the most romantic theme so enjoy

” Onyin said, ushering them to the table.
‘ Onyin you are really something this morning ’ Emilia chuckled.

“ And one more thing make sure you eat everything for the sake of my unborn grand cousin okay? ” Onyin said naughtily.
“ Unborn what?! ” Wisdom almost spilled his juice, staring at Onyin with suspicious eyes.

“ Be careful cus don’t spill your juice enjoy I will be waiting for you at Brent bye don’t be too late the body cream will be modeled today ” Onyin picked her bag, rushing out of the house.
“ Your cousin is too funny ” Emilia laughed.

“ Is she not your friend? She always listens to you Emilia ” wisdom rubs his forehead, Onyin’s words got him because he is thinking about the same thing lol.
After the meal, they went to work together, holding hands and smiling, but that smile disappears when they find Amanda waiting for them.

“ What are you doing here? ” Wisdom asked angrily.
“ Am not here for war I just want to apologize to Emilia about what I said to her I’m sorry ” Amanda said with a sad face but smirked inside. She is carrying realga and ashes.

She insists she wants to talk to Emilia privately even though wisdom is against it, but Emilia ends up following her outside the building around a corner where no one will see.

Without Emilia knowing, she dips her hands into the realga, and she throws some at Emilia. Emilia yelled in pain, holding her disfigured face Amanda try to run away. Still, she held her with an invisible force, holding her pain she musters the remaining fire in her body hottest of all but not the blue flame she places her palm on Amanda face burning her badly, Emilia’s face will heal with time, but Amanda’s face will never be same again.

She left her a large unforgettable scar before Seline can get to kidnap the weak Emilia, wisdom who heard Amanda’s cries rush out only to find Emilia holding her face in pain. Her body was disfigured badly, Onyin shrieked at the sight of this, but before they can do anything. Oritel’s messenger drag Emilia away.

“ Let me go!! Let go of me!! ” Emilia yelled still in pain, trying to free herself from her abductors.
Passion arrived a little earlier than Seline, and she saw what Emilia did to Amanda.

“ That face will never go back to the way it was anything the fire beings did while they are hurt are often permanent ” Passion shook her head, looking at Amanda’s face.

“ Well that’s good for her but some guys took Emilia away just now ” Wisdom sigh.

“Oritel!! Emilia will never be your bride! Never! I have something that can make her feel less pain apply this on her face while I find Emilia ” passion said, giving them a creamy substance.
She went to Emilie’s kingdom to report to her what Oritel did to their granddaughter.

“ Oritel took Emilia? And she was hurt by a human too? Oritel you must pay! ” Emilie shouted, standing up angrily.

She took the red goddess with her, but before they get to dragon, clan Seline is already there negotiating with Oritel about sharing the blue flame. Still, Oritel disagrees, and being the tricky goddess she is, she made Oritel agree, but not knowing his brother’s love charm is already on Emilia.

Still, in her weak state, the evil flame was taken away from Emilia by Seline.

She laughed wickedly, giving Oritel or his mother Griffin nothing she vanished, and she uses it for herself.
At home, wisdom couldn’t sleep, but something made him fall asleep.

He dreamt about his past as prince Keitel.

Episode 22

“ I will keep your dragon for you and I will give you a new face on one condition you will go to earth without your memories,” Mother Rena told Keitel a night before his wedding with Emilie.

“ I agree to that thank you mom please do everything to protect my flame I will come back for it,” Keitel said, and his memories and flame were taken from him, making him a new being named Wisdom.

Wisdom woke up suddenly remembering his past his hair color has changed to sunset yellow and his eyes to the gold that’s his real self a big dragon came from nowhere circling him he pet his dragon making his way to his kingdom because he felt that’s where his love the present blue flame keeper is.

“ Where is my granddaughter Oritel ” Emilie shouted, and flames respond to her, which frightened Oritel.

“ Your granddaughter? Oh, the keeper is your granddaughter? I don’t know I wouldn’t have but we have bigger problems now Seline took the font of blue flame ” Oritel’s voice shakes as he speaks.

“ Damn you Oritel damn you! That being with you her dark side is very bad I’m telling you I still feel an ounce of blue flame with her ” passion yelled for the first time Emilie saw the monster side of Passion.

Seline grew more powerful, and she even traps griffin shadow in a rock where everyone will step on it.
Her three sisters were no match for her, but she couldn’t do anything to them they also have their protective shield, which prevents her from using the evil flame on them.

Emilia’s dark side activates when Seline is using the blue flame to hurt others.

At the constellation council, the elders watched in awe as Seline is destroying many things.
“ Rena do something this goddess will destroy everything before we know it ” elder kuda shouted.
“ you are the creator of the flame beings control them Rena ” Zeus shouted when it seems Rena is not listening to them.

“ That is out of hand I can’t use Keitel’s dragon flame ” Rena yelled back at them.
“ Then use realga! ” her husband yelled again.

“ Zeus that will be like erasing blue flame out of existence and I can’t!! ” Rena said with a calm voice.
“ Then I’m giving you the options use the dragon flame or realga I can’t watch all I created being destroyed by a demi-goddess,” Zeus said, banging the ruby table.

“ If you break that thing I can’t do anything,” Rena said while she is opening the chest, she kept the dragon flame, but she found nothing.

“ Did they took the dragon flame too? This chest is empty ” Rena said while others sigh in shock.
“ but that means My Keitel is back Keitel regain his memories,” Rena said joyously.
She knew Emilia, and the blue flame keeper will soon get her flame back once the dragon flame keeper returns.

“ Bring Emilia to me only her know how to control the blue flame Seline doesn’t stand a chance ” Emilie yelled Oritel.

“ Alright I will do just that ” Oritel is a coward, and his facial expression said it all.
Keitel knowing his kingdom More than anyone else he sneaks into castle to where Emilia is lying down helplessly, her darkness is spreading really fast her hair is no longer the blue of the ocean but now dark blue, her fingers are growing some little claws.

Keitel(Wisdom) looks at her, and he shakes his head pitifully. He hates himself for remembering himself a little too late.

He looks at his love charm on Emilia’s right hand. It’s now fading, but he burns that part replacing it with another one.
Emilia growled when she noticed the sudden movement on her body, and she did not recognize wisdom at all. The lovely eyes have now become darker with a killer gaze.

When Keitel notices some fire guards are coming, he made himself invincible.
They drag Emilia to court with all their might, and during the process of struggle, they end up tearing the thin fabric covering Keitel’s charm on her left arm.

“ Is that not Keitel’s love charm ” Emilie gasp looking at the flower-like tattoo.
“ I’m not seeing things its the one ” passion said after her, but they were interrupted by the wicked laughter of Seline.

“ I’m here to wipe all fire beings in this kingdom including that stupid sister of mine I will be your queen because I have the most powerful flame with me right now” Seline laughed harder.

“ Seline, you make me laugh you can’t hurt me with my flame I own it remember? Unless you want to die give back that flame now!” Emilia’s voice sparks lightning everywhere.

Emilie and passion were surprised by this action; the new love charm really helps her get her senses, and Keitel is proud of his bride once again.

Final Episode

“ What nonsense is she talking about? You this powerless fire idiot ” Seline fired at Emilia keep calm even though she doesn’t have her power now, she is still in control.

Keitel is still in his invincible mode is ready to unleash his dragon if anything goes wrong with Emilia.
Seline fired a blazing hot fireball at her, but Emilia controls it, hitting Seline instead.
Seline fell weak. Her head is spinning to give others work to do creatures from the contaminated vortex of flame started trooping inside the palace.

Keitel knew these creatures he fought them before the only thing that can stop them is his dragon, but he still wants to watch what his coward brother is capable of doing.
Emilia and Seline fought and fought, and none is losing none is winning, then Emilia remembers that Seline is not that good at physical battles.

The love magic inside of Emilia is helping when Seline fire one of the evil flame at her. She always sends it back, and she still carries one of her red magic as a combo.

This hit Seline badly. Emilia throws a kick that lands on Seline’s abdomen. She throws a few punches, all hitting Seline’s face before holding her with her hair. She kicks her directly on her chest region, breaking some ribs before piercing her heart. Seline’s face reddened. She couldn’t take the pains anymore. She spat some blood, but she is not giving up.

When it occurs to Emilia that she won’t give up, she mixed physical attack with magic.
Holding her red light, she hit Seline again directly with her hands.

She dragged her by the hair flying to the sky she kicked her and Seline land with a loud thud.
Weak and still not ready to give up, Seline flew upwards where Emilia is already waiting for her before she can try any spell Emilia kick her chest again this time she didn’t allow her to fall back. Instead, she sucks the blue flame out of her.

Regaining, her evil magic Emilia is set to destroy Seline and anyone who comes her way.
She picked Seline up again. She treats her head to right punches disfiguring her face badly.

“ I told you you can’t harm me with my flame, didn’t I? ” Emilia said, punching Seline’s face again.
Blood gushes out of her nose and eyes, but still, Emilia is even not leaving her alone she is set to eradicate her.

“ That’s for realga I felt I can’t punish Amanda alone I have to punish you too for making me look ugly in front of the man I love,” Emilia said, and Keitel almost laughs aloud, but he thinks Emilia is taking things too hard.

“ Don’t you pity Seline? Her face is badly ruined. Even if she causes all this she is still my daughter ” Elder Karen pleaded, but the other elders are not caring about anything.

“ She knows she is your daughter before hurting two goddesses didn’t she know? ” Laura said with a smile on her face.
“ But still she is your sister! ” Karen yelled.
“ I warned her as a sister but now she’s a mess with the wrong person let her pay for it,” Laura said nonchalantly.

“ And nothing can change the fact that she is the student of lucifer ” Venus shrugs her shoulder.
Laura is also a high ranked goddess, so she always attends the constellation meeting as well as Emilie, but Emilie is not present; she is busy battling with creatures of the contaminated vortex of flame.

Emilie Oritel and passion couldn’t retake the creatures of the vortex, they are exhausted, but Keitel strip himself of his invisible form.

“ You will go back to where you came from obeying the command of the lord of your vortex now!!!! ” Keitel roared at the creatures, and they obey him by turning to dust immediately.

“ Keitel my love ” Emilie called, but he smiled.
“ long time no see Emily suspend the greetings I need to save my love,” Keitel said, shattering Emilie’s heart.

“ He loves Emilia? No wonder he plants his love charm on her body ” passion said, but Emilie breaks down In tears.
“ Emilia stop!! ” wisdom shouted at Emilia, who is holding an almost lifeless Seline.

“ Who are you to stop me? No one stops me I’m going to destroy her!!! ” blinded by rage, Emilia fails to recognize Keitel as wisdom.

“ Then fight me,” Keitel said, and Emilia smiled. She is ready to deal with any force that protects Seline but was surprised when she saw the dragon, and she knew for once that the man is her love.

The dragon moves freely around her in a soothing way, and she inhales the scent of blazing fire.
“ I told you, you are not evil your flame is just the prettiest” came Keitel’s lovely voice and she rushed to hug him right away.

“ You saved me I love you ” Emilia cried.
“ you saved me too I love you Emilia,” Keitel said, calling her name.

~The End~


“ So all of you are supernatural leaving only me? ” Onyin said with a hiss.
“ Don’t you like being a human? ” Emilia asked, stepping out of her wedding gown, she already chooses that one.
“ I want to be like both of you ” Onyin cried.

“ Do you want to follow us to the fire kingdom? We are getting married there tomorrow before earth’s wedding ” wisdom asked, and her face beams with smiles.

“ I will follow you ” Onyin replied happily. The two love birds stare at each other, and they smile.
After the wedding in the fire castle, wisdom gave the dragon flame to his brother, and Emilia gave the blue flame to her grandma Emilie. They have decided to live as healthy couples without having to become king and queen.

The wedding on earth is a memorable one; also, the couples couldn’t believe they are saying I do. Amanda also came with her disfigured face. She learned her lesson already, so she went with a good heart.

Damilola found perfect makeup for her to cover everything, so Amanda looks almost as if nothing happened.
Seline is trapped in the underworld, but her next mission won’t be flame again, it will be her sister’s passion.

If you emjoy the story then plese comment us and let us about it. Thanks for reading it.

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